General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 11, 2022 on GH

Brendan Byrne had a deadly encounter with Harmony. Spencer shared a secret with Cameron. Ava called off the vow renewal. Sonny tried to defuse a tense situation. Brando saved the day. Finn enlisted Chase's help. Phyllis made a decision about her future. Sam broke Dante's trust. Smoltz accepted Michael's offer.
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Spencer shared a secret with Cameron, armed men invaded Charlie's, and Sam broke Dante's trust
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Ava and Nikolas receive advice

Ava and Nikolas receive advice

Monday, April 11, 2022

Carly invited Sam into her office at Metro Court. They chatted about the video and the fact that Trina hadn't committed the offense. Carly wanted proof that Esme had been responsible. She was hoping that Sam would be able to find out about the police department's evidence, since she had been "sleeping with a cop." Carly apologized for being blunt. Sam clarified that she and Dante weren't just sleeping together but were in a relationship.

Sam added that Dante wasn't the lead detective on the case, and he didn't discuss it with her. She did know that the evidence had pointed to Trina. Carly replied that the evidence was wrong. She had known Trina for a long time, and Trina was loving, smart, and kind. She considered Esme to be smart and overconfident. Sam agreed that Esme was a manipulator, and Carly wondered who Esme would go after next. She knew that Esme had made the video and planted the phone.

Sam maintained that she couldn't ask Dante about privileged information, and Carly understood. Carly said she thought that Esme was dangerous. Sam said she suspected that Victor had been thinking that Esme could prove to be useful. Sam apologized for making a comment indicating that Carly no longer had anyone in her life, but Carly thought that while there could be new possibilities, she was focused on the kids. She appreciated Sam allowing her to vent. Sam reassured Carly that Josslyn and Cameron would be okay, and they agreed it wouldn't be okay for Esme.

Out in the restaurant area, Nina argued with Michael and Willow. She informed them that she would be exercising her rights as a grandparent. She would prove that she loved Wiley. Willow thought that Nina had something to prove, and Nina continued to plead with Willow to compromise. Nina said that Wiley would win, and that was all that mattered. She said she preferred to settle matters without lawyers and court. Willow indicated that she sided with Michael. Nina warned that she knew how to finish a fight, and Michael chimed in that they also had resources.

Nearby, Brendan stopped a waiter to ask about Nina's identity as well as that of Michael and Willow. He asked the waiter to take a photo of him with Nina in the background. He was happy to hear the identity of the others when the shot also included them.

Alexis found Harmony sitting on a bench alone in the dark at Pier 5 when she arrived to catch a launch to Spoon Island. Harmony claimed that she enjoyed sitting and looking at the boats in order to reflect, but she flashed back to her previous conversation with Brendan in the same spot. Alexis noted that she'd heard about Harmony's job search with Carly, and Harmony replied that she had to leave Alexis' house, since it contained bad memories. She had a flashback of her late-night injection of drugs into Neil.

Alexis made it clear that she and Harmony had to put their pasts behind them. Harmony indicated that the past had a way of catching up. Harmony was horrified when she received a photo of Brendan in a text message. The photo showed Nina, Michael, and Willow in the background. Alexis could tell that something was wrong and offered to help. Harmony stressed that no one could do anything. She urged Alexis to visit Nikolas as they heard the launch's signal. Alexis recalled a conversation she'd had with Harmony saying that she owed Nina.

At the police station, Dante urged Rory, the new cop, to "light a fire" under forensics in order for Dante to receive the report he'd been waiting for. Rory took off, and Jordan urged Dante to "cut him some slack" because Rory was a rookie just out of the academy. The assistant district attorney, Arden, approached them and asked if there was any new evidence in Trina's case. She needed more, since her case was only based on circumstantial evidence. She wanted to prosecute to the "fullest extent of the law." After telling her there was nothing new, Jordan and Dante headed to the interrogation room to talk.

Jordan admitted that there was a conflict of interest for her. It was her job to work the case for the district attorney, but she didn't believe that Trina was guilty. Dante noted that everyone who knew Trina knew she was innocent, even though the evidence pointed to her. He confessed that he was on "Team Trina," even though officially, he had to be objective. They agreed that they needed to find something in order to exonerate Trina.

Jordan admitted that arresting Trina was the hardest thing she'd ever done. She said Trina was clearly innocent. Rory returned with the report for Dante, who immediately handed it to Jordan to open. As Rory left but remained at the door to listen, Jordan and Dante discussed how the case wasn't looking good. They went over what they had so far. The new evidence indicated that the phone in question had been used to make an online purchase with Trina's credit card. It had been a download from a fine arts site, which had included images by the artist Richard Molyneaux.

Dante indicated that credit card information could easily be stolen, and Trina had been framed. Jordan believed that Arden would have enough evidence to convict Trina. Dante closed the door. Jordan wanted to go with Dante's gut instinct. She thought that Esme was a "classic mean girl" who couldn't be underestimated. They had one shot to nail her.

Sam arrived and asked Rory to tell Dante that she was there, however Dante and Jordan emerged from the interrogation room. Sam announced that she wanted pizza, but Dante offered to take her out for something nicer. He asked Rory to email the latest evidence to Arden. Sam eyed the envelope as everyone said goodbye.

As Ava finished up a phone call at the art gallery, she was excited and surprised to see Trina. She admitted that she hadn't expected to see the young woman, but Trina assured her that she hadn't been hiding out. She explained that she had spent time with family, and she'd had some good conversations with Marshall. Trina offered to take over, and she suggested that Ava go home. Ava replied that she wanted to stay because Nikolas wasn't alone.

Trina was appalled to learn that Spencer and Esme had moved back to Wyndemere, and she acknowledged that she had expected them to get back together. Ava informed her that Esme was not pregnant, and it didn't appear that Esme and Spencer were back together, due to separate bedrooms. Ava admitted that she was responsible for their presence, although it hadn't been her idea. She disclosed that she had gone to Sonny, who had arranged a "private chat" with Esme. It had backfired, and Nikolas and Spencer had rescued her. Ava admitted that she was able to keep an eye on Esme.

Trina was upset over the fact that Ava and Nikolas had broken up because of her, although Ava assured her that it was just an "extreme difference of opinion." Ava shouted that Esme was a "conniving little snake." Ava was furious that the teens had been allowed to move in without consulting her. She had moved out but then had returned home to a separate room. Trina thought that Ava was only giving Esme and Spencer what they wanted, and Ava couldn't jeopardize her relationship with Nikolas. Trina thought that Ava should show Esme that she wouldn't win, and Ava's marriage was stronger than ever.

Ava thought there was an issue of trust with Nikolas, as he'd proven by not consulting her about the teens moving home. Trina asked Ava if she had consulted Nikolas before speaking to Sonny. She thought that Ava was giving Esme more to work with. Ava appreciated Trina's insight. She added that if Trina was uncomfortable with Spencer working at the gallery, she would speak to the judge about having Spencer's restitution done elsewhere. Trina didn't think she had to decide right away, and she urged Ava to return home to show Esme she couldn't get between Ava and Nikolas.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was happy to find a spread set out on the coffee table. He assumed it had been Ava's doing, but Spencer told him that Ava was working late. Esme announced that she was responsible, and she thought it was the least she could do for Nikolas after ruining his life. Nikolas claimed his marriage was "rock solid," and Spencer maintained that Esme had to stay at Wyndemere to remain safe. Esme noted that she was only a guest.

Spencer answered the door when Alexis arrived, and he told her that things were tense. In the library, Nikolas and Esme wondered who was at the door. Esme stated that she felt for Nikolas, and she offered to move herself into a cottage on the grounds. She hated to see the family in pain. Spencer and Alexis entered the room, and Esme noted that Alexis had made the Invader a "must-read" with the latest story.

Suddenly, Spencer announced that he needed air. Nikolas was opposed to Spencer leaving their guest, but Spencer was sure that Alexis knew he loved her. He said they could catch up at another time. Esme chased after Spencer, who glared at her. Esme talked about how the night reminded her of the night they'd met. Spencer said he planned on taking the launch to the gallery to see Ava because he needed to get out. He planned on making restitution in some other way in order not to see Trina. Esme smiled happily.

In the library, Alexis accused Nikolas of avoiding her. She had heard that he and Ava were living separately, and she wanted to know why Esme was there. Nikolas explained that Esme had been terrified after Sonny had threatened her, but Alexis was amused. Nikolas thought that Esme deserved a second chance, but Ava thought that Nikolas was being controlling, just like his father. Esme eavesdropped as Nikolas retorted that he was nothing like his father. Alexis admitted that she was no better, as she judged Nikolas. She agreed that while Nikolas wasn't cruel like his father, he had had a bad childhood. He would drive Spencer away while trying to fix it and would end up lonely and unlovable like his father.

Back at Metro Court, Brendan interrupted Nina, Willow, and Michael. Nina informed him they were in the middle of a conversation, but Brendan declared that he represented Green Light Investments. He had an offer for Aurora, which could be a "game-changer." Harmony walked off the elevator and spotted them. Brendan wanted to do business, but Michael exclaimed that he didn't do business with strangers.

Just then, Brendan received a text message from Harmony, which read, "You win." Brendan left the group and headed for the elevator. He murmured to Harmony that she knew where to find him. As he stepped onto the elevator, Willow ran up to Harmony and asked if she knew the man. Harmony denied that she did and stated that the man had muttered that Harmony had been in his way. Carly showed up and was surprised to see Harmony again after their interview. Harmony claimed that she was meeting Alexis but had left her phone in the car. She rushed to the elevator and left.

Carly and Willow approached Nina and Michael. Nina announced that she had hired a lawyer because of a lack of compromise. She wanted to see Wiley as much as Carly did. "So much for Wiley's best interests, huh?" Carly asked. Nina snapped that Wiley having his grandmother was in his best interest, but Carly noted that Wiley didn't miss Nina. She thought that Nina's move was all about Nina, and Michael and Willow would defend their rights. Nina was sure that a judge would have sympathy for her after she'd been excluded from her daughter's life. Michael shouted that a judge would get to know the real Nina.

Harmony met Brendan at the pier. She begged him to stay away from her daughter. Brendan replied that Willow wasn't her daughter, and he ordered her to "pay up." "You'll get what's coming to you," Harmony replied.

Spencer arrived at the gallery and called out for Ava. Instead, he came face to face with Trina.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the subway shooting in New York, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, April 13, and picked up where the Monday, April 11, episode concluded.

Esme opens up to Nikolas about her past

Esme opens up to Nikolas about her past

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

In Metro Court's restaurant, Liesl, Scott, Britt, and Nina were gathered at a table. Nina was disappointed that Britt hadn't been able to join Nina at the spa, but Britt explained that she'd been stuck at work. Liesl grumbled that Britt worked too much, but Britt warned her mother that she wasn't in the mood for one of Liesl's rants. Liesl let the matter drop because she was happy that she could enjoy a dinner with her family, even if Maxie hadn't been able to join them. Scott offered to leave if Liesl wanted time alone with Britt and Nina, but Liesl insisted that Scott was part of the family.

Moments later, Ava approached the table and asked for a moment of Scott's time because Ava had an urgent matter to discuss with him. Reluctantly, Scott excused himself and followed Ava to the seating area. Ava explained that she wanted Spencer to find another job to pay his restitution because she didn't want Spencer working with Trina at the gallery. Scott warned Ava that the judge wouldn't care about two teens fighting, but Ava argued that Trina had been falsely accused, and Spencer kept defending the enemy.

Meanwhile, Dante and Sam arrived at the restaurant. Sam assured Dante that she would have been happy with pizza, but Dante insisted on having a nice dinner. After they shared a kiss, Dante and Sam settled down at the bar and ordered a drink. Sam knew that Dante was troubled, because she had seen how tense he had been at the police station. Dante explained that some cases were harder than others, which Sam realized was Dante's way of saying that he had concerns about Trina's case.

As if on cue, Ava marched up and asked for a word with Dante. Dante followed Ava to the corner at the end of the bar. Ava cut to the chase by suggesting that he not waste time building a case against Trina. Dante explained that he wasn't the lead detective on the case, but Ava insisted that Jordan had lost her mind if Jordan thought Trina would make a sex tape of anyone, especially Trina's best friends. Ava demanded that the police investigate Esme Prince before Trina ended up in prison.

After Ava stormed off, Dante returned to the bar. Sam had overheard the exchange, and she regretted that she hadn't backed Dante up because Ava had been out of line. Dante agreed, but he admitted that Ava had been right. Sam was relieved that Dante didn't think Trina had been responsible for the sex tape, but Dante explained that he couldn't let his feelings get in the way of justice. Dante assured Sam that he would do everything in his power to make certain that the right person was punished for the crime.

At Liesl's table, Nina perked up when Liesl asked Britt about the matchmaker service. Britt was not happy with the direction of the conversation, but she promised that she had filled out a lengthy questionnaire. Nina regretted that she couldn't stay for dinner and hear all about it, but Nina had promised to meet Phyllis. However, Nina asked Britt to let her know when Britt met Mr. Right. After Nina left, Scott returned to the table. Scott apologized for the interruption, but he reminded Liesl that a lawyer was always on call, especially for the clients who paid well.

Liesl admitted that Scott's work ethic was "strangely sexy." Britt was not amused when Liesl and Scott shared a passionate kiss, and she excused herself on the pretext of getting a drink. Britt escaped the seating area with a glass of wine and checked her phone. She opened a text message from Society Setups, notifying her that they had six matches for Britt. Britt clicked on the link, but she was not impressed with the first option. However, the second match was more promising.

Later, Liesl waved Dante over. Liesl wanted Dante to arrest Sonny for threatening Scott. Dante invited Scott to file a complaint, but Scott assured Dante that it would not be necessary. However, Scott advised Dante to keep a close eye on Sonny.

At the bar, Sam heard Dante's phone ring, and she pulled it out of his jacket pocket. When she saw that he had received an email from Rory, she easily figured out the passcode to unlock the phone and access the email. Sam opened the email just as Dante returned to the bar and caught her with his phone.

Britt returned to the table as Scott and Liesl were saying goodbye. After Scott left, Britt told her mother that she was happy that Liesl had found love. Liesl wanted the same kind of love for Britt, so Britt admitted that she had heard from the matchmaking service. Liesl was delighted when Britt handed her cell phone to her mother for Liesl to look over the matches.

At Charlie's Pub, Brando and Sasha were on their phones, checking real estate listings. They were excited that they were able to afford their dream home because Deception's stock had made Sasha a wealthy woman. Sonny entered, and he approached the couple to congratulate Sasha on the marriage and welcome her to the family. When Phyllis joined Sonny, Sonny introduced her to Brando and Sasha. Phyllis assured the newlyweds that their drinks were on the house, but the mood quickly shifted when Phyllis offered her condolences on the loss of Brando and Sasha's son.

After Sonny and Phyllis walked to the bar, Brando asked if Sasha was okay. Sasha assured him that Phyllis' condolences hadn't upset her because Sasha thought about Liam all the time. Sasha quickly changed the subject by asking if Brando had invited Sonny to the reception party. Brando admitted that he hadn't had an opportunity, but he assured Sasha that he would extend the invitation. Sasha was irritated by the delay.

At the bar, Sonny conceded that a person never got over losing a child. Phyllis agreed, but she was happy that Brando and Sasha had each other to lean on. Sonny shifted gears because he wanted to know how Phyllis had been doing. Phyllis was pleased that business had been booming, but Sonny wondered if she missed Nixon Falls. Phyllis explained that she missed her friends, but Nixon Falls felt like the past. Phyllis insisted that Port Charles was her home. Satisfied, Sonny revealed that he had a favor to ask. He wanted Phyllis to take Charlie's Pub off his hands.

Meanwhile, Nina entered the pub. She saw Sonny and Phyllis at the bar, but she decided to stop at Brando and Sasha's table to congratulate Sasha on Deception's success and the speech that Sasha had given at the party. A few minutes later, Nina approached the bar as Phyllis explained that she couldn't afford to buy Charlie's Pub. Sonny disagreed because he intended to sell the pub to Phyllis for $100. Phyllis argued that pub was worth far more, and she appealed to Nina to help talk sense into Sonny, but Nina was firmly on Sonny's side. Nina admitted that she wanted Phyllis to have a good reason to stay in Port Charles.

Eventually, Phyllis agreed to Sonny's generous offer. When Phyllis mentioned that she had to drop off the nightly deposit at the bank, Sonny insisted that his bodyguard accompany Phyllis to keep her safe.

At Brando and Sasha's table, Sasha wondered if she and Brando wanted the responsibility of taking care of a yard. She suggested that a condominium might be a better option. Brando admitted that he hadn't thought that far ahead. Sasha became defensive because she feared that Brando regretted that they had gotten married so quickly. Brando assured Sasha that it had felt right, and there had been no reason to waste time thinking about it. Sasha worried that she might have pushed Brando, but he made it clear that he had married her because he loved her.

Later, Sonny told Nina about Scott's visit and his threat to subpoena Sonny, but Nina assured Sonny that she would not let that happen. Sonny and Nina decided to lock up while they waited for Phyllis and Frank to return. Nina walked to the door, but two masked gunmen pushed their way inside and made it clear that it was a robbery.

At the Webber home, Cameron and Josslyn were studying, but Josslyn was distracted. She resented that the resident advisor had asked if she felt safe rooming with Trina. Josslyn insisted that not only was Trina her best friend, but Trina had not been responsible for posting the video. Cameron agreed, which was why he thought it was imperative that they find proof that Esme had made the video. Cameron tried to lift Josslyn's spirits by offering Josslyn some of Aiden's award-winning carrot and ginger cookies. Cameron acknowledged that it was a strange sounding combination, but he promised that they were "oddly delicious."

Later, the teens took a break from studying and cuddled on the sofa. Cameron kissed Josslyn, but she suddenly pulled back because she heard a noise. Josslyn was certain someone was in the house, so Cameron jumped up and did a quick search. However, he reported that they were alone. Cameron feared that he might have rushed things with Josslyn, but she assured him that she had wanted the kiss. Relieved, Cameron went to hug Josslyn, but she tensed.

Josslyn promised that she felt safe with Cameron. Before he could reply, his phone rang, and he was surprised when he saw who the caller was. He answered the phone and had a brief exchange as Josslyn listened. Afterwards, Cameron revealed that the director of Lila's Kids had informed him that he would not be able to work as a camp counselor for the daycare over the summer because of the video. Josslyn realized that Esme had gotten everything that Esme had wanted.

Cameron and Josslyn returned to the sofa, but Cameron admitted that he was not the best company. He was tired, and he had a test the following morning. Josslyn packed up her things, and Cameron promised to make it up to her. Josslyn hated what Esme had put them through, and she was determined to prove Esme's guilt. Cameron assured her that they would. Cameron and Josslyn shared a quick kiss and hugged, but Josslyn's expression was troubled.

At the Jerome Gallery, Spencer was startled when he saw Trina. He asked what she was doing there, so she pointed out that -- unlike Spencer -- Ava knew that Trina was innocent. Spencer explained that he hadn't meant it like that. He had been expecting to find Ava. Trina informed him that Ava was not there, and she ordered him to leave. Spencer refused because he wanted to know that Trina was okay.

Trina angrily reminded Spencer that she had been arrested for something that she hadn't done. Spencer suggested that they start over because seeing her had caught him by surprise. Spencer acknowledged that he had behaved inappropriately, but he admitted that he was worried about Trina. Trina couldn't understand how he could be concerned and accusatory at the same time. Trina asked if he truly believed that she had recorded her best friends during an intimate moment and humiliated them in public, but Spencer didn't answer. Trina suggested that perhaps it was the only way for him to close his eyes to the truth and stay with Esme despite everything Esme had done.

Spencer explained that his relationship with Esme was complicated, but Trina disagreed because Esme was not pregnant. Spencer reminded Trina that Trina had been at the cabin, and by her own admission, she did not recall what had happened. Trina argued that she was certain that she hadn't been walking around with a burner phone in case she'd wanted to record her friends having sex. Trina reminded Spencer that she had been with him -- at his mother's graveside -- when the video had been uploaded. Alarmed, Spencer asked if Trina had told Scott that Spencer was her alibi.

Trina assured Spencer that his secret remained safe; she hadn't told anyone about him sneaking out of Spring Ridge. Spencer was grateful, but Trina warned him that she would tell the truth if necessary because she refused to go to jail. Spencer assured Trina that he didn't expect her to go to jail for him, but she was curious how far he would go to defend Esme. Spencer fantasized telling Trina the truth -- that he was pretending to stand by Esme in the hopes of finding proof of Esme's guilt because he was falling in love with Trina -- but he chose to remain silent.

Instead, Spencer told Trina that he hated what she was going through, but he couldn't blame Esme for everything that was wrong with Trina's life. Furious, Trina yelled at Spencer to get out.

At Wyndemere, Esme found Nikolas alone in the living room. Esme knew that Alexis didn't want her there, but Nikolas reminded Esme that it was not up to Alexis. Esme was grateful for Nikolas' support, and she promised to help heal Nikolas and Spencer's relationship. Nikolas was confident that he and his son had made progress. Esme wasn't surprised because she could see what a great father Nikolas was. Esme admitted that Spencer had no idea how lucky he was to have a father like Nikolas, but Nikolas reminded her that he had made plenty of mistakes.

Esme argued that it was clear that Nikolas and Spencer had an unbreakable bond. She confessed that she often wondered what kind of bond she might have had with her birth parents if they had raised her. Nikolas was curious if she remembered them, but Esme explained that she'd been an infant at the time of her adoption. Esme revealed that she had lost her adoptive parents, too, and it had been hard growing up without a mother who knew her. Esme realized that her adoptive parents hadn't left her intentionally -- their deaths had been "unexpected" and "tragic" -- but she felt like her birth parents had thrown her away.

Esme wondered if she would have been worthy of her birth parents' love. Nikolas insisted that children should never have to earn love. He pointed out that she had no idea why she had been given up for adoption, and it was possible that her parents had loved and wanted to keep Esme. "Like your mother couldn't be a part of your childhood?" Esme asked. Nikolas conceded that he hadn't met his mother until he had been a teen. Esme admitted that Spencer had mentioned it, and it had been nice to talk to someone who understood what it was like to have a lonely childhood.

Nikolas frowned because he recalled that Esme had adopted brothers and sisters. Esme explained that she had never been close to her adopted siblings, especially after their parents had died. According to Esme, she had only been close to her nanny, Maggie. However, Esme had lost touch with Maggie when Esme had been shipped off to boarding school and Maggie had moved on to another job. Esme was certain that Maggie and Spencer would have liked each other if they had met.

Later, Ava arrived home. She was curious where Esme had "slithered" off to. Nikolas assured his wife that Esme was still in residence, and he shared that he and Esme had had an interesting conversation about Esme's childhood. Ava wondered how much of Esme's tale of woe Nikolas had believed. "I pretended to buy all of it," Nikolas answered. Surprised, Ava asked if his strategy was to offer a sympathetic ear so Esme would open up to him.

Nikolas reminded Ava that the more they knew, the better it would be. Ava said she knew more about Esme than she cared to. Nikolas offered to make Ava a drink, but she declined because she was headed to bed. Nikolas stood behind Ava and wrapped his arms around her as he offered to join her, but Ava reminded him that he was not welcome in her bed. Nikolas wondered what would happen after their vow renewal, but Ava informed him that there wouldn't be one as long as Esme lived under their roof.

In Esme's bedroom, Esme opened a box and pulled out a stack of old letters. She pulled one off the top and opened it. It was from Maggie. Maggie questioned the wisdom of Esme going to New York and having any contact with Esme's father.

Spencer shares his plan with Cameron

Spencer shares his plan with Cameron

Thursday, April 14, 2022

At Volonino's, Austin offered to spot Chase during his workout, but Chase refused. Spinelli approached and began to disparage Austin until Maxie and Brook Lynn arrived. The women walked over to the men, and Maxie pulled Spinelli and Austin aside for a "chat." Left alone, Chase commended Brook Lynn on Deception's success, and he said he felt bad about letting her down about singing the song. Brook Lynn replied shortly that she didn't want to jeopardize him getting off his suspension, and she walked off.

Maxie pleaded with Spinelli to give Austin a chance, as he was a good man. Spinelli replied that Austin wasn't worthy of her, and she reminded him that he always thought that. She added that she liked Austin and wanted to see where things went. She asked if he could accept that, and he answered that he would have to.

Austin approached Chase and asked if he wanted to talk, but Chase refused. Austin talked about how he regretted taking advantage of Chase's situation with Willow. He insisted that it wasn't behavior he wanted to repeat. Chase gave in and briefly explained that he'd accidentally insulted Brook Lynn, and he feared that she was done with him.

Brook Lynn informed Maxie that Chase had apologized to her, but Maxie could tell that something was still wrong. Ignoring the question, Brook Lynn led the way to Austin and Chase and said that their class had probably already started. Chase proposed that they get smoothies, and Austin asked Maxie for help finding his wallet first. Chase wondered how it had felt for Brook Lynn to hear her song at the party, and she agreed to tell him in exchange for a smoothie.

At Charlie's, Nina and Sonny were startled as two masked, gun-wielding men burst inside. Hands up, Sonny insisted that nothing needed to happen, so they could take what they wanted and go. Outside, Sasha couldn't believe that they'd forgotten to invite Sonny to their reception. Brando stopped short and saw the scene unfolding inside Charlie's. He directed Sasha to call the police as he creeped up to the bar.

One of the masked men demanded that Sonny and Nina surrender the till and their wallets and jewelry. Nina handed over her clutch and attempted to cover her necklace. Sonny informed the masked man following him behind the bar that the day's profits had been deposited, so there wasn't much cash. Sonny spotted Brando outside and stopped what he was doing. Just then, Brando stormed inside and tackled the gunman near the door as Sonny attacked the one behind the bar with him. Brando disarmed his gunman, and Nina grabbed the gun. Sonny tossed his gunman over the bar, and the robbers writhed in pain on the floor. Sonny commended Brando on a job well done.

At the Metro Court bar, Sam had just forwarded the email from the PCPD to herself on Dante's phone when Dante returned and asked what she was doing. As she admitted to Dante what she was doing, Carly overheard and approached to explain that it was her fault. Drew arrived and pulled Carly away and out of the restaurant. An angry Dante had never thought he would have to guard his phone, and he'd thought that had and Sam could trust each other. He explained that he would get privileged information that she couldn't see, and that had nothing to do with how he felt about her.

Dante's phone went off, and after listening for a few moments, he told the caller that he would be right there. He left without saying anything to Sam. A few minutes later, Spinelli arrived and saw a melancholy Sam sitting at the bar alone. She lamented that she'd ruined her relationship, and she told Spinelli what had happened. He insisted the mistake could be fixed and that Dante couldn't stay mad at her. He advised her to not make the same mistake he had and to let Dante know that he came first.

Outside the restaurant, Carly insisted to Drew that she'd just wanted to explain to Dante that she'd put Sam up to snooping. Drew reminded her that inserting herself in others' situations never worked out. She confided that she felt like she was losing her mind, and she talked about Josslyn's situation. She was resisting the urge to try to fix things for Josslyn, but she wanted to take Esme down. Drew understood, as he'd felt the same about Peter. He figured that he would go after Victor at some point, but he wouldn't devote his life to it.

Carly related that she didn't know what her life looked like without Sonny, and she'd been putting her energy into "anything and everything else" to avoid thinking about it. She figured that she would invest the energy into herself for once. A few minutes later, Carly and Drew had beers, and he toasted to resilience, something that they had in common. However, she wished that life could be easy once in a while.

Brando stood outside Charlie's with a shaken Sasha as the cops escorted the gunmen out in handcuffs. Sasha demanded that Brando not make doing that sort of thing a habit, and he promised. Inside, Nina thanked Sonny for protecting her, and he promised to always protect her. Dante approached and wondered if the two were up to answering questions. As they talked, Sasha and Brando entered so that Brando could talk to Dante. Sasha dug in her purse and swallowed the pill that she retrieved. Nina walked over, and Sasha couldn't imagine how terrified Nina had been. Nina related that they'd wanted her necklace, but Sasha insisted that a mother's love could never be stolen.

Dante, Brando, and Sonny speculated about whether or not the robbers knew that Sonny owned Charlie's. An officer summoned Dante outside, so he walked away. Sonny was glad that Brando had returned, but he wondered why. Brando answered that he and Sasha had forgotten to invite Sonny to their reception. Sonny couldn't wait to celebrate the couple.

When Dante returned, Sasha wondered how much longer he needed Brando, as she wasn't feeling well. He advised her that Brando could just go to the PCPD the next day to give his statement. Nina observed how shaken up Sasha was. Sasha replied that, after losing Liam, she wouldn't have survived losing Brando, too. Dante instructed a cop to tell Jordan that he would have an update for her soon. Just then, his phone went off, and it was a text from Sam. She said, "I messed up. I'm sorry and I promise to do better."

Brando confided in Sonny about some "chit-chat" he'd heard about the garage. The perception was that Sonny's "base of power" wasn't what it used to be, so "up-and-comers" sensed an opening. Sonny admitted that his operation was stretched thin, so that "every lowlife punk" would think it was open season. Brando wondered what Sonny planned to do. "Remind everyone that I'm the boss," he growled.

Josslyn arrived at the gallery and asked Trina what had happened. Trina told Josslyn about Spencer's visit and how much his betrayal hurt. A short while later, the two arrived outside Kelly's, but Trina was unsure about going in. Josslyn reasoned that hiding would make things worse, and she thought it would be good for Trina's case for them to be seen together, anyway. Once inside and with food, the girls talked about how to "nail" Esme and how Josslyn and Cameron would make it through the rough patch.

Just then, Josslyn noticed someone staring at them from the counter. She stormed over to him and demanded to know what he was staring at. He insisted that it wasn't what she thought, and Trina approached and confirmed that she knew him. He apologized for staring. Trina introduced Josslyn to Rory, a kind cop at the PCPD. Josslyn apologized for yelling at him, but he was glad that Trina had friends looking out for her.

Rory advised Trina to keep her chin up, and he paid his bill and left. Trina thanked an extremely embarrassed Josslyn for making her feel normal again. Josslyn thought that Spencer didn't deserve friendship from either of them and that Cameron would agree. She went on that her loyalty was to Trina, and her days of enabling Spencer were over.

"What do you want?" Cameron demanded when he opened his front door to Spencer. Spencer was in need of a friend, but Cameron replied that Spencer was in the wrong place for that. Spencer knew that he'd said hurtful things to Trina, but he insisted that it was complicated. Cameron blew up at Spencer about how he was an ass, and Cameron insisted that he wanted nothing to do with Spencer after how Spencer had treated Trina. "I know Esme did it!" Spencer yelled suddenly.

Spencer insisted that he'd always believed in Trina's innocence, but he was trying to lower Esme's guard so he could get something to exonerate Trina. Cameron thought that Spencer should tell Trina that. Spencer said he feared that Trina would tell Scott or Ava, and it would get back to Esme. Cameron apologized for blowing up at Spencer, but Spencer conceded that he had been an ass. He added that Josslyn couldn't know, either, as his was a "solo operation."

Cameron protested, but Spencer made him swear to keep it secret. Cameron reluctantly agreed, but he warned that Spencer had better find something on Esme that would exonerate Trina. He added that it would be the last time he would stick his neck out for Spencer, so Spencer had better not make him regret it.

Harmony goes to extremes to protect her secret

Harmony goes to extremes to protect her secret

Friday, April 15, 2022

Outside Kelly's Diner, Laura and Aiden shared a table together. Aiden stared at his phone and researched the history of Ouija boards. Aiden was disappointed when Laura said that Ouija boards were only a game and weren't real. Laura wondered why Aiden was interested in Ouija.

Lucy approached and greeted Laura, and the two spent a few moments catching up. Lucy recalled that Laura had once been a partner in Deception, back in the early 2000s, and she thanked Laura for her support. Lucy added that she loved having Laura's support, given all the years the two had known each other.

When Laura stepped inside Kelly's for a cup of coffee, Aiden asked Lucy if she believed in spirits. Lucy recalled that she'd always been a New Age enthusiast, and she said she thought the universe had many different realms within it. Lucy said she believed in the spiritual world and in spirits that kept people "on the right path." Lucy said that her approach to spiritualism was to put forth positive vibes into the universe. Lucy complimented Aiden on his inquiring mind and thanked him for the conversation.

Laura rejoined Aiden at their table. Aiden said he wanted to stop by Logan's on the way home to buy a present for Kevin, and Laura agreed. With Laura's back turned, Aiden returned to his phone and purchased a Ouija board online.

At Elizabeth's house, Finn stopped by to check on Elizabeth. Elizabeth said she couldn't find peace until her stalker had been apprehended. Finn insisted that Elizabeth not stay by herself, and when her doorbell rang, Elizabeth was surprised that Chase walked directly into her home and apologized for being late. Finn told Elizabeth that he had thought of the idea to have Chase stay with her. Finn reasoned that Chase needed to keep busy while he was still on suspension from the police force, but Elizabeth claimed she didn't need a "babysitter." Chase told Elizabeth not to think of it as babysitting, and he said he could help find out who had been trying to scare Elizabeth and her family.

Chase mentioned that he had dug into who else could be responsible. He mentioned that Heather Webber, Franco's biological mother, had been confined to Ferncliff since 2018 and hadn't received a single visitor since. Elizabeth said that whoever the stalker was, it had to be someone close to her, because they knew intimate details of her marriage to Franco.

Elizabeth blamed herself for having taken a sleeping pill to get some rest on the night of the stalker's most recent break-in. Chase surmised that there was another way to catch the stalker, and he reached for something in his bag. "We catch them on camera," Chase said.

Chase explained that the cameras he planned to install were all motion-sensor and would detect any movement. Elizabeth thought the idea of using cameras was invasive and over the top, but she agreed to sacrifice some privacy if it meant catching the person responsible.

At Charlie's Pub, Carly stopped by to ask Sonny if he thought the previous night's robbery had been a sign that Sonny's enemies smelled blood in the water. Carly again brought up what Nina had done to Sonny by having kept his identify from him in Nixon Falls. Carly suggested that because Sonny hadn't punished Nina, it might have sent a message to his enemies that Sonny had "weakened."

Sonny told Carly that the Five Families were down to just two: the Corinthos family and the Wu family. Carly claimed she didn't want to know his business because she was no longer married to Sonny. When Sonny asked what Carly had wanted, Carly said she wanted his word that Donna and Avery would be safe and protected.

Sonny told Carly that while he thought Nina should be a part of Wiley's life, he would side with Michael if Michael thought otherwise. Carly remarked that she wished Sonny had taken his family's side from the very beginning where Nina was concerned. Sonny was tired of having to rehash everything that had happened since his return from Nixon Falls. Phyllis came down from the storage room upstairs and told Sonny that she'd found more empty cans of club soda. Sonny mentioned to Carly that he'd cut back on drinking because alcohol didn't mix well with his bipolar medication. Carly recalled that she'd tried to warn Sonny about that for years, and she wanted to know what had gotten him to change. "Let me guess," Carly said.

Sonny said his decision to not drink as much had nothing to do with Nina, and he walked away from Carly. After Sonny left, Phyllis confided to Carly that she had vouched for Nina's character to Harmony. Carly was stunned when Phyllis told her that Harmony or "Lorraine" had once worked in the same building as Phyllis in New York many years before.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis invited Nina to join her for a one-on-one conversation. Alexis asked if Nina had any idea why Harmony felt she owed Nina anything. Nina was perplexed, and Alexis wondered whether there was something more. Nina swore that she was just as in the dark about Harmony's motives as Alexis was. Just then, Smoltz interrupted. Smoltz stunned Nina when he said that he'd just spoken to Michael and Willow about everything Nina had done to their family in the past year. He asked Nina to comment. An irate Nina stormed out of the room.

With Nina gone, Alexis told Smoltz she had no intention of running his story, but Smoltz told Alexis that she would change her mind once she heard what he had to say. Smoltz explained that to his way of thinking, Nina had effectively kidnapped Sonny for the entire time he'd spent away from his family in Nixon Falls. He added that Nina was attempting to traumatize the whole family all over again by taking Michael and Willow to court over Wiley. Smoltz thought that if Alexis didn't know the names of the people involved in his story, she would be more willing to encourage the piece.

Alexis admitted that Smoltz was right and agreed to let him write the story, but only if Smoltz used an even hand and focused on the human element in a non-exploitative way as well as allowing Nina to tell her side of the story. Alexis added that if Smoltz did anything underhanded, she would kill the story. Smoltz said he understood and would agree to Alexis' terms.

At Metro Court, Willow spotted a frantic Harmony and went to ask Harmony where she was headed and why she was in such a hurry. Willow attempted to warn Harmony that there was a good chance Harmony's past could be dredged up and used against her, since Michael and Willow were set to square off against Nina in court. Willow told Harmony that she was proud of Harmony for having owned up to her mistakes, and she added that she forgave Harmony. Harmony hugged Willow closely. "I just want you to always remember that you are the most important thing to me in this world, okay?" Harmony said as she fought back tears.

Back at their table, Michael told Willow that he'd realized Harmony had Wiley's best interests at heart. Just then, an angry Nina stormed up to their table and confronted Michael and Willow about Smoltz's story. Nina accused Willow, in particular, of crossing over to "the dark side," and she wanted Willow to admit that she'd engaged in a smear campaign. Nina tried to goad Willow by asking if such tactics were the kind of values Willow wanted to teach Wiley, but Willow refuted Nina.

Willow tore into Nina and recalled that Nina had watched an entire family grieve a supposedly dead man whom Nina had known was alive and had kept quiet about for months. Willow then accused Nina of being a homewrecker and of having spread lies all over town. "I'm not going to let you play the victim any longer. I am onto you, and so is my mom," Willow said.

Willow said she was tired of trying to be diplomatic to Nina and was finished with trying to make peace with her. Michael told Nina that her actions had led him and Willow to where they were then, including the decision to go to court.

Harmony met Brendan somewhere at an isolated outdoor area in town and kept her eye on the syringe in her purse. Brendan attempted to blackmail Harmony and demanded she pay him the money he wanted in exchange for keeping Willow's true birth mother a secret. The two argued, and Brendan pushed Harmony to the ground. "What the hell?" Brendan said as he noticed the loaded syringe that had fallen out of Harmony's purse as it laid on the ground.

Brendan recovered the syringe and recalled that his family had never understood why Neil had started to use heroin, because Neil had never used drugs. "Neil never shot himself up. It was you! You killed my brother, didn't you?" an angry Brendan demanded.

Brendan wanted Harmony to admit she had killed Neil, and he remarked that his family had blamed Alexis for Neil's death. Harmony pleaded with Brendan to listen to her, but Brendan refused. Brendan accidentally dropped the syringe from his hand, and he and Harmony reached for it. On the ground, Harmony began to strangle Brendan. Brendan lost his footing. Harmony shoved him, and Brendan appeared to fall over a cliff.

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