General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 18, 2022 on GH

Alexis made a grisly discovery. Carly caught Harmony trying to burn incriminating evidence. Selina held up her end of the bargain with Curtis. Marshall decided to leave town. Family and friends gathered to celebrate Ned adopting Leo. Spencer and Cameron landed in hot water. Valentin and Anna shared a passionate kiss. Sonny made a power move. Chase was hurt while he was surveilling Liz's home.
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Alexis made a grisly discovery, Marshall decided to leave town, and Valentin and Anna shared a passionate kiss
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Selina goes forward with her plans for Curtis and Brad

Selina goes forward with her plans for Curtis and Brad

Monday, April 18, 2022

Brad carried a tray full of food to a table where Britt was sitting outside of General Hospital. He plopped the tray down and announced that he was ready to help his "bestie" find the love of her life. They began to swipe through the profile photos of matches on Britt's phone, but she found fault with each man. Britt claimed it was overwhelming, and she wanted to take Brad to the Savoy instead so that he might find someone for himself.

Talk turned to Brad's interview with Terry, and Britt claimed that she and Terry hadn't had a chance to talk about it. She urged Brad to do nothing more about it. Brad was grateful for the orderly interview, and Britt was full of excuses for the job offer not moving forward yet. She thought that Terry had been open to hiring Brad, but she flashed back to a conversation she'd had with Selina. She suggested that Brad do something better with his life. She thought it was the perfect opportunity for Brad to start over and do something he'd dreamed of instead of a "crappy version" of his old life.

Brad didn't think he was qualified for anything else, and his only other choice would be to work for his aunt. He didn't think that anything good would come from working for Selina. Britt received a phone notice from the matchmaker site and quickly changed the subject back to dating. She thought it was hopeless and that she had no time for a real relationship. Her last one had been while she'd been on the run, and there was no Mr. Perfect for her. Brad suggested Mr. Sufficient instead, and they each wished happiness for the other.

Elizabeth stood at the nurses' station and called out to Portia, who was engrossed with her phone. Elizabeth reported that there was a problem, and she proceeded to tell Portia that Portia hadn't written her notes out for a discharged patient. Portia wanted Elizabeth to work with what she had, and the pair began to argue. Elizabeth reminded Portia that she wasn't responsible for a doctor not doing her job properly. Finally, Portia admitted in a shaky voice that Elizabeth was right; she'd been too consumed with Trina's problem.

Portia realized that Elizabeth had problems, too, and Elizabeth filled her in on her stalker. Portia maintained that she owed Elizabeth an apology, and the women cleared the air. Portia received an alert about a patient and had to go.

As Finn cleaned up a room after a meeting, Alexis apologized for being late. She explained that she had had to deal with a "pushy freelancer." She went on to tell Finn that she had invited Harmony to live with her because Harmony had been a good friend. Finn frowned, and Alexis quickly assured him it was temporary. She added that she was uncomfortable with Harmony seeming to know her way around the house due to her past with Dawn of Day and Kristina's involvement. She said she'd thought that she knew Harmony well, but apparently, she did not.

Finn noted that speaking of an "unwanted presence," he and Elizabeth were having complications due to a stalker. He admitted that he felt helpless, and it had been hard on their relationship. He also said he felt responsible. Alexis suggested that Kevin might be able to help Elizabeth.

Later, Finn bumped into Elizabeth in the corridor. She told him that there had been no unidentified fingerprints on the destroyed painting, and the police were unable to determine where the paint that damaged the painting had been bought. She wished she could remember something and hadn't taken a sleeping pill. Finn thought there might be a way, and he suggested that she talk to Kevin, who was trained in memory recovery. Elizabeth agreed to think about it. She said she was exhausted and thought she would ask if she could take a personal day.

Anna welcomed Laura into her house, where Felicia and Robert were already waiting. Anna provided an update on her trip, and she noted that Jennifer Smith had been arrested for Luke's murder. Jennifer had also had the Ice Princess in her possession and had had a connection to the cable car inspector who had caused the accident. There had been no evidence that Jennifer had been working with Victor. The group proceeded to discuss the issue of whether Jennifer was really guilty or innocent. Laura didn't think it sounded right, and she thought it all seemed more like a "Cassadine move."

Anna agreed that she and Felicia had also been skeptical. Laura and Anna were of the mind that Cassadines knew how to point the evidence elsewhere. Laura revealed that Victor had asked if they could band together to protect the family, and Anna reminded everyone that Victor had wanted to use Drew, Luke had died, and the Ice Princess had been stolen. She didn't think it was all a coincidence, no matter what the WSB thought. Robert suggested that Anna use her relationship and closeness to Valentin for the "greater good." Laura and Felicia were amused at Robert's description.

Anna wanted the subject changed, and she mentioned that Jennifer had claimed there'd been a man in her room who had planted the diamond. Felicia added that a bartender had confirmed the man's existence. Anna said she wouldn't rule anything out.

As Harmony stood outside Room 819 at Metro Court, a maid approached her and asked if she was a guest. Harmony replied that she was and noted that she had misplaced her key. She fumbled around in her oversized purse and finally located it. She held the key envelope up to the maid who proceeded on her way. Harmony opened the door and walked into the dark room. Shortly after, she emerged with a file folder. She riffled through the papers inside it, briefly looked at one titled "Psychiatric Evaluation," and replaced the band that held the file together. It was marked Harmony Miller. She stuffed the folder into her purse.

At the bar, Harmony ordered a drink and admitted to the bartender that she'd had a rough day. She sat down and thought about her encounter with Brendan. She pulled the folder from her purse and heaved a sigh of relief. As she placed the folder back into the purse, Willow called out. She was surprised to see Harmony, who claimed that she had returned to the restaurant to unwind. She asked Willow to join her. Willow confessed that she was there to study, and she wanted soup, since she didn't feel well. Harmony announced that she would be there for Willow as long as she could be. Willow wanted clarification and asked if Harmony would be going somewhere.

Harmony said she was proud of Willow for all that she had been doing and assumed that Willow wouldn't have much free time. Willow appreciated Harmony's attempt at rebuilding their relationship because Willow hadn't made it easy for her. Harmony broke down and noted that the past kept hanging over them. Willow replied that she had forgiven Harmony, who thought it was more than she deserved. Harmony added that trouble kept following her, and it was right up to Willow's doorstep. Willow asked if it had anything to do with Brendan.

Harmony stated that she had met Brendan at Alexis' office, and when he had spoken to her at the elevator, it hadn't been important. Willow thought that Harmony needed help, but Harmony declared that she was able to look after herself and Willow. She exclaimed that everything she'd done had been for Willow. "What have you done?" Willow asked.

Curtis reflected on his conversation with Selina as he sat on a bench at the pier. He was surprised to see Jordan who informed him that she had just departed the launch on a return trip from Spoon Island. She had tried to follow up with Esme and Spencer on the video case, but the staff had informed her that the teens wouldn't speak to her without a lawyer present. Jordan insisted that there was no justice without the truth. Curtis thought that Port Charles was lucky to have Jordan, and they continued to make small talk.

Curtis claimed to be sitting there to clear his head in the fresh air. Jordan confirmed that they were okay, and she warned him not to let Spencer and Esme get under his skin if he decided to go to Spoon Island. She added that his own new family needed him. Jordan departed, and Curtis heard another voice. "I thought she would never leave," proclaimed Selina. She proceeded to tell Curtis that her people had accessed the Witness Protection files, and there had been nothing on Marshall. He had not been in Witness Protection.

Curtis wanted a copy of the sealed records, and Selina confirmed that she had them. She would not turn them over to Curtis until he held up his end of their deal. She showed him the file on her phone. "Have your club ready for me," she said.

Alexis walked into her office at the Invader and was surprised to see Valentin sitting behind her desk. They shared a hug, and Valentin announced that he was better than ever. He revealed that he had sent Charlotte away to boarding school. He was also impressed with the changes at the paper. He stated that he thought a media company in the family could be useful and that his father agreed. Valentin admitted he liked Victor's "notion of family unity."

Alexis replied that Victor wasn't being paternal but hungry. She wanted Valentin to tell Victor that "we do not have a family paper." She wondered what Victor wanted with it. "Greater good," Valentin guessed. "Said no Cassadine ever," Alexis replied. Valentin didn't want Alexis to turn her back on the family, but she reminded him that she had daughters and hopefully Valentin. "You will always have me," he replied. "Not if Victor's attached," Alexis stressed. "You can't pick your family," Valentin reminded her. "On the contrary. You have to," Alexis concluded.

Back at the hospital, Jordan spotted Portia and called out to her. She offered to help with the media who had been giving Trina a difficult time, according to Curtis. Portia declared that Jordan could dismiss the charges, and Jordan wished that she could. Portia snapped that if Jordan meant it, she wouldn't have arrested Trina in the first place. Jordan insisted that it was her job, but Portia recalled how Jordan had made allowances for her own family. Portia accused Jordan of suddenly having to play it straight, and she asked if it was personal.

Elizabeth answered a call at the nurses' station. "Don't forget me," the male voice uttered. Elizabeth was startled until the man also said that he was in Room 1011, and he needed a blanket.

As Brad and Britt chatted, Britt revealed that she had something to tell Brad. Selina interrupted them and announced that she had good news. She had a job for Brad that would be starting immediately. "We have much to discuss," she proclaimed as she looked at Britt. Brad jumped up and joined his aunt as she walked away.

As Robert left Anna's house, Valentin arrived. Robert called Valentin "devil incarnate," and Valentin asked Anna if they'd been talking about him. She admitted that they had been. Valentin said he had missed Anna and hadn't stopped thinking about her.

Alexis wandered onto the pier and suddenly recoiled in horror. There was a male body floating in the water.

Valentin and Anna kiss

Valentin and Anna kiss

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

At Volonino's Gym, Michael told Drew that Nina had decided to take Michael and Willow to court for visitation rights to see Wiley. Drew encouraged Michael to take out his frustrations with Nina in the boxing ring. Michael then asked what Drew's future looked like. Drew admitted he was uncertain of his future and hadn't found his "sweet spot" yet.

Also at the gym, T.J. told Marshall that Stella's recovery in the hospital was going well. T.J. confided that he was worried about Stella's mental health and asked if Marshall knew what was on her mind. Marshall said that Stella wouldn't confide in him, but T.J. remembered that Marshall and Stella had had their heads together right before Stella had collapsed.

Marshall and T.J. bonded over their respective loves: music and medicine. Later, Marshall approached Drew and said he was interested in the job that Drew had offered. Drew apologized and informed Marshall that the board had already given the job to another candidate. Marshall said it was hard not to wonder if Drew had ever had any intention of giving him a job. When T.J. approached, Marshall quickly surmised that Drew and Curtis had gotten all the information they'd needed about him.

Marshall told T.J. that Curtis and Drew had come up with the idea of a fake job interview to get a background check on Marshall. Drew didn't deny Marshall's accusations and let Marshall speak his peace. A visibly distraught Marshall left.

At the hospital, a heated Portia accused Jordan of making things personal with Portia's family and wondered if the reason was because of Jordan's former marriage to Curtis. Curtis arrived in time to break up the confrontation before it escalated further, and he encouraged Portia and Jordan to take their issues into Portia's office. Jordan resented the notion that her feelings for Curtis could impact something as important as the investigation or Trina's guilt or innocence. "So, you do still have feelings for Curtis?" Portia asked.

Curtis tried to assure Portia that all three of them were only trying to do right by Trina, but a visibly upset Portia choked back tears and left the room. Alone, Jordan told Curtis that she was doing everything in her power to get to the bottom of the investigation and determine Trina's innocence. Curtis started to ask Jordan about her "feelings" for him, but Jordan's phone rang, so she left.

Later, Portia rejoined Curtis in her office and apologized for having caused a scene at the hospital, as well as for making Trina's arrest about Jordan and Curtis' past relationship. Curtis assured Portia there was no need to apologize. Portia confided that she had been overthinking everything since Trina's arrest.

Portia remembered she'd forgotten to ask why Curtis had gone to the hospital. Curtis said it had to do with family and referred to Marshall. Just then, Curtis got a call from Drew, who told Curtis that Marshall had caught on to the idea that the job interview had been a setup.

At Kelly's Diner, Spencer was talking with Cameron about his plan to bust Esme as being the person behind the sex tape when Josslyn and Trina walked in. Josslyn and Trina confronted Spencer about why he was at Kelly's. Josslyn accused Spencer of hurting Trina, but Spencer adamantly insisted he wanted to help Trina.

Josslyn told Spencer he had no right to still call Trina a friend after what Esme had done to Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron. Spencer remarked that someday, Josslyn would be embarrassed that she'd assumed the worst about him. Seeing from afar that things were getting heated, Britt interrupted and told Spencer it was time for the two of them to go somewhere else.

When Spencer left with Britt, Josslyn told Cameron that she had no empathy for Spencer because he was under Esme's spell. Trina told Josslyn that she needed some air. Josslyn then confronted Cameron about sticking up for Spencer and for letting Spencer keep his job at the diner. "Whose side are you on?" Josslyn asked Cameron.

Cameron told Josslyn he was only on the side of the truth, but Josslyn wanted Cameron to promise that he would not put Spencer back on the work schedule. Cameron told Josslyn and Trina that perhaps they should both find another place to hang out if Spencer working at Kelly's was a problem for them.

Josslyn was furious that Cameron wasn't backing her demands about Spencer. Josslyn then remarked that Cameron was siding with Spencer because "guys always forgive each other." Cameron didn't think it was fair that Josslyn had put him in the same category with all guys his age. Josslyn said she could never be civil to Spencer after he'd stood by Esme. "You could if you actually knew what he was up to!" Cameron said.

At Metro Court, Britt took Spencer to lunch and grabbed a table inside the restaurant. Britt wanted to know why Spencer's friends would think he didn't care what happened to them. Spencer told Britt it was because they all thought Esme was responsible for the sex tape. Britt asked if Spencer believed that Trina had filmed and released the video of Josslyn and Cameron. Spencer said it didn't matter if he chose to believe Trina or Esme because both insisted they were innocent, and one would end up hurt in the end. Britt sympathized with Spencer for trying to do the right thing, even if it meant people would hate him.

Britt encouraged Spencer to trust his gut, no matter the fallout. Spencer recalled that Britt had always been there for him as a friend, ever since he'd been a kid. Spencer added that having Britt in his life had made a world of difference to him. Britt took Spencer by the hand. "Whatever mistakes you've made, you are worthy of love. Remember that," Britt said. "Only if you do, too," Spencer told Britt.

Also at Metro Court, Harmony told Willow that she was proud of Willow for being so close to graduation from nursing school. Willow, in turn, said she was proud of Harmony for moving on from her past and putting her mistakes behind her. Willow asked if Harmony could find the time to take Wiley to the aquarium, and Harmony happily agreed. Willow gave Harmony a hug and left to find Michael before her hospital shift started.

Alone at the bar, a tipsy Harmony wandered off to the bathroom and left her purse containing the file she'd stolen from Brendon behind. Later, Alexis went to ask for a cranberry and soda from the bartender when a drunken Harmony stumbled back to the bar. "No! She'll have what I'm having," Harmony insisted to a stunned Alexis.

At Pier 54 on the waterfront, Alexis had been horrified to discover that the dead man's body floating in the water was none other than Brendon Byrne. Jordan asked if Alexis had known Brendon, and Alexis admitted that she had known him as Neil's brother. Jordan questioned Alexis about Brendon and what business he would have had with Alexis, since the two had never been on the best of terms since Neil's death.

Alexis started to leave, but Jordan stopped her again. Alexis, tired of Jordan's questions, abruptly announced that if Jordan continued to press for answers, Jordan would have to contact Alexis' lawyer, Diane.

After Alexis left, Jordan and Rory noticed red markings near Brendon's trachea. Jordan surmised that the injuries had been sustained before his death. Rory said the marks on Brendan's trachea were consistent with someone's fingers and wondered when Brendan had been grabbed. "The answer may tell us whether this was suicide, an accident, or straight-up murder," Jordan said.

At Anna's house, Valentin brought Anna an expensive bottle of Bordeaux. Valentin admitted that he felt better since he was with Anna, and he apologized that he hadn't stayed in touch after his stay in the hospital. Valentin then congratulated Anna for having stopped Peter.

Anna told Valentin that Peter had become almost a mirror image of Faison. Valentin tried to assure Anna that Peter couldn't have been redeemed, and he offered that Anna and Felicia had done the world a favor by putting Peter in the ground. Still, Anna admitted that she'd had a hard time reconciling that she hadn't called for help when Peter had been shot. Valentin told Anna that she was a hero in his eyes and that he would have done the same thing Anna had done when Peter had been dying. "That last breath that Peter took, I would have enjoyed watching him take it," Valentin said.

Anna didn't think she was a hero, but Valentin insisted otherwise. Valentin surmised that in the end, Anna had weighed her misgivings over letting Peter die against her desire to end the torment Peter had caused others, all while sacrificing her own peace of mind to do so. Valentin told Anna that he had no problems making impossible decisions and then flashed back to overhearing Anna and Felicia talking about the man they'd found in Jennifer Smith's room in French Polynesia, "Francois Olivier." Valentin said he would never judge Anna for making the call she'd made, and he hoped Anna would never judge him.

Anna told Valentin there was never any judgment between them and that she even trusted Valentin. She admitted that it was nice to have Valentin back and that she'd missed him while he'd been away. Valentin wished that he'd been with Anna when Peter had died, but Anna said Peter's death was something she'd had to watch over personally. Valentin offered that his presence when Peter died would have been fitting after all he and Anna had done to take Peter down. Anna admitted that all she had wanted to see when she'd looked up from Peter that night had been Valentin's face.

Anna walked Valentin to the door and complimented Valentin for his new tan. Anna bid Valentin farewell and was surprised by a sudden knock on her door. Anna opened the door, and Valentin promptly swept her into a deep and passionate kiss before he left for real.

Alexis sees a different side of Harmony

Alexis sees a different side of Harmony

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

At Kelly's, Cameron insisted that both Josslyn and Trina were wrong about Spencer. Josslyn argued that Spencer had convinced himself of Trina's guilt because Spencer was too weak and too shallow to stand up to Esme. Josslyn warned Cameron that if he didn't call Spencer out, it was as good as defending Spencer. Spencer entered Kelly's as Cameron assured Josslyn that she and Trina would see things differently if they knew what Cameron knew. "And what is that?" Josslyn asked.

Before Cameron could reply, Spencer spoke up. Cameron insisted that it was time for Josslyn and Trina to learn the truth. Spencer agreed, but he didn't get a chance to say more because Officer Cabrera entered. Trina was surprised to see Rory, and she asked if he had been following her, because Rory seemed to show up at Kelly's whenever she was there. Rory explained that he had stopped by to get some good coffee for the squad because it had been a long day.

After Rory walked away, Spencer accused Josslyn of conspiring with Trina to frame Esme for posting revenge porn. Furious, Cameron punched Spencer and knocked Spencer to the ground. Rory saw the altercation and quickly interceded. Josslyn insisted that Cameron had been provoked, but Rory placed Cameron in handcuffs. Spencer tried to use the Cassadine name to pressure Rory into letting Cameron go, but things quickly escalated when Spencer slapped the police officer during Spencer's tirade.

Spencer claimed the slap had been an accident, but Rory arrested Spencer for assaulting a police officer. Josslyn called Diane and left a message with an assistant for Diane to call back. Trina followed Rory outside and pleaded with him to let Cameron go. Spencer asked about him. Trina admitted that she despised Spencer, but she was certain that Spencer hadn't meant to hit Rory. Rory explained that he was obligated to take action because the police commissioner had made it clear that it would be a dereliction of duty for Rory to ignore a crime that he had witnessed.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was having a drink when Esme entered the living room. She was curious if Ava was working late, but Nikolas admitted that his wife hadn't shared her schedule. Esme assured Nikolas that things would get better between him and Ava when the couple renewed their vows, but Nikolas revealed that the ceremony had been called off. Esme could barely contain her delight, but she managed to feign concern for Nikolas. Esme made a show of blaming herself for Nikolas' troubles, and she offered to leave, but Nikolas insisted that it wouldn't fix things because something had changed between him and Ava.

Esme assured Nikolas that he and Ava would recapture the magic, but Nikolas explained that the trust had been broken. Esme pretended to empathize, but she seized the opportunity to express her gratitude that Nikolas and Spencer believed in her innocence. Esme reminded him that all the evidence pointed to Trina and that Esme hadn't been in the cabin when the illicit recording had been made. Nikolas revealed that Jordan had stopped to question Spencer and Esme about the recording, but Nikolas had instructed the staff to tell Jordan that neither Spencer nor Esme would talk to the police without an attorney. Esme thanked Nikolas for protecting her because she was certain that Jordan would prefer to build a case against Esme rather than Trina.

Esme pretended to get upset at the idea that Jordan might turn Nikolas and Spencer against Esme, but Nikolas assured Esme there was nothing to worry about. Esme stepped close to Nikolas, reached for his hand, and brought it to up her cheek as she softly thanked him. Nikolas dropped his hand, and Esme confided that Spencer was still a child in many ways because Spencer's emotions tended to swing like a pendulum. Esme appreciated Nikolas' maturity and experience, and she hated the idea of Jordan making Nikolas think the worst of Esme. Nikolas agreed that his son was naïve, but Nikolas hadn't forgotten how Esme had helped Spencer terrorize Ava.

Esme's smile vanished, and she assured Nikolas that she could explain. Nikolas told her it wasn't necessary because Esme wasn't the only person who had been driven by demons to do desperate things. Esme agreed that she and Nikolas were alike. Nikolas confided that Laura feared that he would never outgrow it, but it was not too late for Esme. Nikolas said he knew the difference between a lonely heart and a wicked one. "Which one am I?" Esme asked.

Ignoring the question, Nikolas reminded Esme that Ava believed in Trina's innocence. Esme knew that she wouldn't be able to change Ava's mind, but Esme wanted to know what Nikolas thought. Nikolas carefully explained that Sonny and Ava were in no position to judge Esme -- no one was. Esme smiled, but she pretended to be concerned about the strain she had put on Nikolas' marriage. Esme insisted that it would be best if he put her on a launch and sent her back to Kelly's, but Nikolas refused to put Esme in danger. Esme continued to push back until Nikolas insisted that she stay. Satisfied, Esme promised that she would not run out on Nikolas -- and Spencer.

At the Port Charles Grill, Ava asked about Nina's big news. Nina revealed that Scott had filed the paperwork to petition the court for visitation with Wiley. Ava was curious what Sonny had to say about Nina's decision. As if on cue, Sonny entered the restaurant while talking on his phone. Moments later, Laura arrived. Sonny ended his call as Laura walked up and greeted him, and the two sat down at a table. Sonny smiled when he saw Nina across the room.

Ava saw the exchange between Sonny and Nina, and she repeated her question. Nina recalled telling Sonny that she would understand if Sonny supported Michael in court. Nina claimed that she didn't expect Sonny to take a side, but Ava warned Nina that Scott might call Sonny to the witness stand. Nina made it clear that she would fire Scott if he tried. Ava was surprised that Nina was so protective of Sonny, but Nina smiled and reminded Ava that Sonny had saved the day at Charlie's Pub. Ava admitted that the robbery wouldn't have happened during the days when Julian had owned the bar.

Surprised, Nina asked if Ava was suggesting that the gunmen hadn't been afraid of Sonny. Ava pointed out that both she and Nina knew that Nixon Falls had changed Sonny, and it wouldn't surprise Ava if word had gotten out. Nina argued that Ava hadn't seen Sonny and Brando in action. "Those punks didn't stand a chance," Nina said. Ava smiled because it was clear that Ava and Nina had more in common than Ava had realized; neither could resist a bad boy. Nina admitted that she had kissed a lot of frogs, but she had never found her prince.

Ava promised that Nina hadn't missed out. Ava told Nina about Ava's request for Sonny to have a talk with Esme. Surprised, Nina argued that Sonny would never hurt a teenager. Ava explained that she had hoped Sonny would intimidate Esme into confessing, but Nikolas had interceded, and Esme had seized the opportunity to play the "poor innocent waif." Ava was furious that Nikolas had moved Esme into Wyndemere without discussing it with Ava first. Nina was distracted when her phone rang, and she saw that it was Phyllis.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Laura discussed the robbery at Charlie's Pub. Sonny assured Laura that the two gunmen wouldn't be a problem again. Laura wished that she could say the same about Luke's killer. She filled Sonny in about Jennifer Smith's arrest. Sonny was surprised because there was a big difference between being hung up on someone and killing them. Laura agreed but said Jennifer had been caught with the Ice Princess. Sonny pointed out that the case was closed, but Laura reminded Sonny that Victor also had a connection to the Ice Princess and that Victor had been talking about a mystery plan that had been put into motion.

Sonny agreed to have Brick look into things, and he promised that Laura would be the first to learn what Brick uncovered. Laura decided to talk to Sonny about Esme's brief abduction. Sonny said he refused to let what had happened to Josslyn go unchallenged, but Laura trusted the justice system to sort things out. Sonny argued that Trina might end up in prison while Nikolas protected Esme on Spoon Island. Laura reminded Sonny that Trina would have an opportunity to prove her innocence at trial, but Sonny warned Laura that Esme might make that difficult for Trina.

Laura cautioned Sonny to stay away from Esme because he would be the first suspect if anything happened to her. Laura vowed to make certain that Robert prosecuted Sonny to the fullest extent of the law, but Sonny assured Laura that it would not be necessary because he promised not to touch a hair on Esme's head. Moments later, Nina approached the table to tell Sonny that Phyllis had learned that the two gunmen were back out on the street. Stunned, Laura called Jordan, who confirmed that the gunmen had been released. Laura excused herself, but she stopped at Ava's table.

Ava glanced at Sonny and Nina as she asked what the chances were that the couple would work out. Laura suggested that if Nikolas and Ava had found happiness, then anything was possible. Laura knew there was a lot of tension between Nikolas and Ava at home, but Ava clarified that Wyndemere had become nothing more than a boarding house. Ava complained about "that French devil," but Laura reminded Ava that at least Esme was not pregnant. Laura steered the conversation to the upcoming vow renewal, but Ava informed Laura that the ceremony had been canceled.

Ava explained that her biggest issue was not with Esme or even Spencer -- it was with Nikolas because he had acted out of selfishness and arrogance when he had invited Esme to move in. Laura claimed that they were Cassadine traits, and Victor's arrival had only made things worse. Ava hoped if they rid themselves of Victor, he would take Esme with him. Laura promised to take care of Victor, but she didn't want Ava to give up on Nikolas. Laura believed that Ava was strong enough to stand up to anything that threatened Ava's marriage, so she advised Ava to go home and make clear to Nikolas that he had to show Ava that Ava could trust him.

At Sonny's table, Nina realized that he hadn't been surprised by the news about the two gunmen. Sonny explained that he had his sources, and he had learned that the gunmen's bail had been paid by deep pockets. Nina had questions, but Sonny downplayed the threat the gunmen had posed. Nina had no idea how things had been between Sonny and Carly, but Nina assured him that it wasn't necessary to protect Nina. Nina knew both Sonny and "Mike," and she believed that both were Sonny.

Sonny pointed out that Nina was a contradiction, too; she fought tooth and nail for visitation with Wiley, but she also wanted to protect Sonny from having to testify. Nina accused Sonny of trying to change the subject. She wanted answers about the gunmen. Just then, Sonny's pone pinged with a text message. Sonny explained that he had to leave, but he promised to return.

A short time later, Sonny approached a car in an alley. His bodyguard Frank popped open the trunk to reveal one of the gunmen. The man's hands and feet had been bound, and duct tape covered his mouth as he stared up at Sonny in terror. Sonny chuckled and promised that the frightened man would soon join his partner. Sonny stepped back, and Frank slammed the trunk closed. Sonny returned to the restaurant. Ava and Laura had left, but Nina was waiting.

Nina admitted that she had to get home because she had a meeting with Scott in the morning. Sonny offered to walk Nina out. Once again, Nina asked about the gunmen, but Sonny asked her to trust him; the men had gotten the message.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Alexis asked how much Harmony had had to drink. Harmony drunkenly admitted that it hadn't been nearly enough, and she invited Alexis to join her. Harmony promised that one drink wouldn't kill Alexis. Alexis briefly recalled finding Brendan Byrne's body floating in the harbor, but she pushed the memory away and stared at the drink. Harmony reminded Alexis that the drink would help Alexis forget her troubles, but Alexis pushed the drink away and asked the bartender to put everything on her tab and close out the account because Alexis and Harmony were leaving. Harmony insisted that it wasn't necessary to pay because it was more than Harmony deserved.

Alexis sarcastically suggested that they both belonged in Pentonville, but Harmony bristled. "Don't say that," Harmony shouted. Taken aback, Alexis asked if something was troubling Harmony. Harmony recalled the violent encounter with Brendan at Rana Point. Shaken by the memory, Harmony grabbed the large bag with her patient file hidden inside and announced that she intended to call a cab.

Alexis assured Harmony that it wasn't necessary because Alexis would drive Harmony home. Harmony stubbornly objected, but Carly walked up and asked if there was a problem. Alexis explained that Harmony had been overserved. Carly offered to give Harmony a room in the hotel or to call Willow, but Harmony was adamant that Carly not call Willow. Alexis saw Sam, and she walked over to greet her daughter. Alexis admitted that it had been a long day, but she was reluctant to share any details because Alexis wanted to get Harmony home.

After Carly promised to have Harmony's car dropped off at Alexis' house, Harmony reluctantly left with Alexis. Sam admitted that she was not okay with Harmony's behavior. However, Sam's hands were tied because Alexis had credited Harmony for keeping Alexis from drinking on New Year's Eve. Carly wanted to give Harmony the benefit of the doubt because Harmony was Willow's mother, but Carly worried that Harmony's drinking might not be good for Alexis.

The conversation turned to Carly's request for Sam to help Trina and how it had caused problems for Sam and Dante. Sam took full responsibility for snooping through Dante's phone, but Carly blamed herself for putting Sam on the spot. Sam admitted that she hadn't read the details of the email, but the CSU had found more evidence tying Trina to the crime. Carly feared the worst because Diane had warned Carly that the assistant district attorney was tough. Sam complained that sometimes the law had nothing to do with justice.

Carly agreed, and she pointed to Nina's petition for visitation with Wiley as a perfect example. Sam reminded Carly that a petition wasn't a guarantee, but Carly argued that Nina had a gift for convincing people that Nina was a "misunderstood saint." Carly told Sam about Sonny's decision to stop drinking and Nina's role in the decision. Sam empathized that Carly couldn't make a clean break from Sonny, so Sam suggested that she and Carly spend the evening throwing hatchets. Carly agreed, but Carly decided to drop off Harmony's car on the way to give Sam an opportunity to check on Alexis.

Meanwhile, Harmony entered Alexis' house as Alexis followed. Harmony recalled slipping into the house and murdering Neil, but she pushed the memory away as Alexis offered to brew some coffee. Harmony remained intoxicated and agitated as she clutched the bag close to her chest. Worried, Alexis tried to get Harmony to open up about what had upset Harmony, but Harmony would only reveal that she was terrified. Harmony began to ramble about Rana Point seeming like a peaceful place to reflect but that appearances were deceiving.

Alexis asked if Harmony had confessed to Willow that Harmony was not Willow's biological mother. Harmony revealed that she hadn't, but Harmony intended to because Willow was bound to learn the truth. Alexis promised that it wouldn't be from Alexis. Harmony was shocked when Alexis changed the subject by revealing that Alexis had found Brandan's body floating in the harbor. Harmony grew increasingly upset as Alexis talked about what had transpired on the pier with Jordan. Harmony jumped when she heard a knock at the door because she was certain that the police had arrived to arrest her.

It was Carly and Sam. Relieved, Harmony began to sway. Carly reached out to keep Harmony steady. Harmony blamed it on being drunk, so Alexis and Sam decided to go to the kitchen to brew coffee and fetch some water for Harmony. In the hallway, Alexis acknowledged that Sam might have been right about Harmony.

In the living room, Carly suggested that Harmony step outside for some fresh air. Harmony couldn't understand why Carly would be nice to her, but Carly explained that that Willow was family. "Wish she was mine," Harmony replied. Carly frowned.

Marshall decides to leave town

Marshall decides to leave town

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Epiphany met up with Marshall at the café, and he wanted to tell her in person that he was leaving town. She wondered if something had happened with Curtis, and he explained that Curtis didn't seem to want a relationship on terms that Marshall could accept. He figured that he should have stayed gone. Epiphany scolded him for running off again, and she urged him to fight for the family he claimed to love.

At the Savoy, Maxie was on the phone with Austin. She learned that he couldn't meet her there due to an emergency at the hospital. When she was off the phone, she hoped Britt was having better luck on her date. Spinelli appeared in front of her and did a turn like a model, wanting to show off his new outfit. She made a few adjustments and called it perfection. She told Spinelli about needing a distraction from wanting to crash Britt's date to see what the match looked like. Spinelli didn't think "one peek" would hurt, and the two ran out of the club.

Britt was sitting alone at the bar at the Port Charles Grill when a man approached to sit next to her. She informed him that the seat was taken, and he walked away. "If he ever shows up," she muttered into her glass of wine. She thought she might actually be relieved if her date didn't show up.

Across the room, a woman named Mia talked to Drew about Aurora and what he wanted out of life. She was surprised to learn that, between the office and adventures, he would choose the office. He explained that he'd done adventures, and not everyone returned from them. He also wanted to make the most of his life in Port Charles. Her next question was whether he'd choose Aurora or ELQ. He replied that she'd given him a lot to think about. They shook hands, and she left.

Drew spotted Britt at the bar, and she jokingly wondered if he ended all dates with a handshake. He explained that Mia was an executive coach who helped people get the most out of their businesses. She thought that it was best to trust one's own instincts, as advice sometimes led one down the wrong path. He intuited that she'd gotten some bad advice, and she told Drew about Liesl signing her up for the matchmaking service. He related that he also had well-meaning loved ones pressuring him, and she was glad that she wasn't the only one struggling to figure things out.

Just then, Maxie and Spinelli burst into the restaurant, and Maxie squealed about how amazing it was that Drew was Britt's match. Britt explained that they'd just run into each other, as she'd been stood up. Spinelli was loudly shocked that anyone would stand Britt up, and he defended the science of matchmaking. He urged her not to give up hope. Maxie quickly decided that they needed to leave, so Spinelli followed her out. Britt and Drew got another drink and toasted to "an uncertain future and all it might bring."

Outside, Maxie wondered why Spinelli had been acting so strangely about Britt and her matchmaking fail. She questioned if Spinelli was interesting in Britt, but Spinelli denied it. Maxie asked if Spinelli was interested in joining the matchmaking service himself.

At the Savoy, Curtis made sure that everything was all right with Selina's poker game. She replied that she didn't anticipate any problems, but she knew to expect the unexpected. Just then, Sonny arrived, and he approached Selina as Curtis walked off. She'd heard about the robbery and hoped everyone was all right. Sonny replied, "I took care of it." He spotted an uncomfortable-looking Brad enter the room and go over to Curtis.

Brad informed Curtis that one of the players wanted a drink that the Savoy didn't have. Selina went over to Brad and instructed him to go buy it, so Brad left. She made her way back to Sonny, who thought that giving Brad a job was a "big mistake." She insisted that Brad would do as she said. Sonny wanted to greet the poker players, but Selina asked that he not interrupt the game. Brad returned a few minutes later and informed Selina that he'd gotten the beer for Judge Abbott. She scolded him for saying a player's name in public. She expected him to learn fast and never make the same mistake twice. She advised him not to let the beer get warm, so he went to the back with it.

T.J. arrived at the Savoy and found Curtis. They talked about Marshall and what had happened with Drew at the gym. Curtis had a feeling they would soon find out what Marshall was hiding. Sonny approached and asked for a minute with Curtis, so T.J. excused himself to the bar. Sonny observed that Curtis had found a way to access the information he needed. "It's just business," Curtis replied.

Sonny went back over to Selina to say goodbye, and he left. Curtis followed and reminded Selina that she owed him Marshall's sealed police records. She promised that he would get the records first thing in the morning, and she went back to the game.

At Elizabeth's, Chase watched the footage of the security cameras on his phone. Finn descended the stairs and asked Chase to tell Elizabeth to call Finn when she woke up. Chase promised to find out who was terrorizing her, and Finn left. A short while later, Aiden arrived home, and he explained to Chase that he'd biked over from Laura's. He asked for Chase's help with a school project, and he took a Ouija board out of his backpack. He thought that, since the house was older than Laura's apartment, he would have more luck finding spirits there.

When everything was set up, Aiden gave a skeptical Chase instructions on what to do. Aiden called out, asking if anyone had a message for him, and he asked for Franco. Just then, the candle on the table blew out. Chase turned the lights on and explained it away as a breeze. Aiden insisted that it was Franco trying to contact him. Chase told Aiden that he'd put cameras around so that he could catch whoever was really scaring the family. A few minutes later, Chase divulged that Kevin would be there soon to get Aiden, and he urged Aiden not to worry.

At the police station, Rory explained the night's events to Jordan, who was surprised that Cameron and Spencer had been arrested. He maintained that he was following procedure and that, while Cameron had cooperated, Spencer had not. "Who does he think he is?" Rory said with a laugh. Just then, Laura arrived and asked where her grandsons were. A spooked Rory insisted that he hadn't known of the boys' relation to Laura, who had been Spencer's phone call. Finn arrived and revealed that he'd been Cameron's.

Inside their holding cells, Cameron and Spencer argued about the night's events. Finally, Spencer decided that he just wanted to get out so he could get back to his plan. "What plan?" Laura asked as she arrived. She assured Cameron that Finn was waiting upstairs as an officer let him out of his cell. When he was gone, Spencer asked if he was going to be let out. Laura sternly told him that she was tempted to leave him there.

A few minutes later, Cameron and Spencer explained what had happened to Jordan and Rory. Jordan assured Cameron that he was free to go, since Spencer wasn't pressing charges. Cameron asked about Spencer, but Finn urged him to go. When they were gone, Spencer wondered what was going to happen to him, and Jordan revealed that it would be up to Rory. Rory decided to let Spencer off with a warning and left the room. Laura hoped that Spencer realized how lucky he'd gotten, and Jordan pronounced Spencer free to go.

When Jordan was gone, Laura demanded to know how Spencer had provoked Cameron, as Cameron wasn't a violent person. Spencer assured her that he and Cameron had straightened everything out, and they were good. Next time a cop told him to do something, she ordered him to just do it.

Finn signed for Cameron's personal effects, and Cameron immediately looked at his phone. He had a text from Josslyn asking if he was all right. He responded that he'd just gotten out, and he asked her to call him. Finn put in a call to Chase and explained the situation to him. He added that Cameron was hungry, so they would be stopping for food on their way back. Chase briefly told Finn about Aiden's visit home.

Later, Chase was asleep on the couch when a loud clattering woke him up. He looked at the security footage on his phone and ran off. A few minutes later, Cameron and Finn arrived home, and Cameron thanked Finn for picking him up. When they went into the house and turned the lights on, they found an unconscious Chase on the floor.

Curtis confronts Marshall

Curtis confronts Marshall

Friday, April 22, 2022

Ben massaged Ciara's feet as they relaxed in their apartment. "It is nice to have a little alone time, isn't it?" Ciara said. Clyde returned with a large bunch of blue balloons. "I just had to do something to celebrate us having a baby boy," Clyde said. With a grin, Clyde suggested that they name the baby Clyde Benjamin Weston Jr. Ciara noted that the baby was not Clyde's son, so he could not be a junior.

"It don't matter. Whatever you name the little guy, I'm going to love him to death," Clyde said. Clyde said he wanted to give his grandson everything he had been unable to give to Ben. "We hope we didn't hurt your feelings," Ciara said. Clyde announced that he had a date. When Ciara inquired about the timing of the date, Clyde realized that Ben and Ciara wanted a night alone. With a cackle, Clyde said he would find something to do, and he left.

In the hospital, Lani held Eli's hand, and she told him about the twins. "Jules and Carver, they miss you so much. Baby, please, please, wake up," Lani pleaded. As Lani started to weep, Tripp handed her a tissue. While Lani dried her eyes, Tripp examined Eli. "Any change?" Lani asked. Tripp explained that Eli's number on the Glasgow coma evaluation scale had not changed. Lani thanked Tripp for his kindness.

"I wasn't expecting that," Lani admitted. Lani noted that she was surprised that Tripp had been so kind to her after how Chanel and Allie had hurt him. "I hope you know that Chanel feels terrible that you got hurt in all this," Lani said. "I feel bad, too. I said some mean things to her, and what happened was my fault," Tripp said. Tripp asked Lani if she needed anything.

"Bring my husband back," Lani said. "I wish I could, but Eli's stable. His condition isn't deteriorating. I've seen comatose patients regain consciousness after months and months. Don't give up," Tripp said. Lani thanked Tripp "for giving me hope."

As Paulina babysat the twins in her apartment, Jules cried. "I know you miss your daddy, I know you want your pacifier. I can't find the damn thing. You need to sleep. Grandma Paulina needs a glass of wine," Paulina said. Paulina called T.R., and she left him a voicemail. "You said that you'd help out with the twins tonight. Where the hell are you?" Paulina said. At the Salem Inn, T.R. slept in his bed as a syringe lay on the floor nearby.

In Paulina's living room, there was a knock at the door. Paulina yelled, "The door is open." Abe walked in, and with a chuckle, Paulina admitted she had been expecting T.R. "I needed help with the kids, and he volunteered," Paulina explained. Abe said he had dropped by with a gift. When Abe pulled Jules's missing pacifier out of his pocket, Paulina gasped, and she returned the pacifier to Jules.

"If that doesn't put her to sleep, I don't know what I'll do," Paulina said. Abe informed Paulina that Jules liked it when people sang "My Girl" to her. Paulina urged Abe to sing. After a serenade, the babies drifted off to sleep while Abe and Paulina talked. Paulina yawned. "Maybe I don't have what it takes to be a grandma," Paulina said. Abe assured Paulina that she was great. With a sigh, Paulina said she was worried about Eli. Paulina thanked Abe for stopping by for a visit.

"It means the world to me," Paulina said. As Paulina and Abe hugged, a peck on the cheek became a full kiss on the lips. Abe pulled away. "I'm sorry," Abe whispered. Abe explained that part of him would always love Paulina, but he was hesitant to risk his heart again. Paulina apologized. "I guess I was telling myself that we might be able to get past what happened. It looks like I was wrong," Paulina admitted.

"It doesn't mean that you can't call me any time that Jules and Carver get to be too much for you. I will drop whatever I'm doing and come straight here. I mean that," Abe said. Paulina thanked Abe. Abe said goodnight, and he left.

Beth went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Johnny, but E.J. answered the door. E.J. explained that he did not know if Johnny would ever return to Salem. "So, he just took off and didn't let any member of the cast know?" Beth asked. "Or any member of his family," E.J. added. E.J. promised to tell Johnny that Beth had stopped by if Johnny called him.

After Beth left the DiMera mansion, she went to T.R.'s room at the Salem Inn. Inside, a groggy T.R. woke up. T.R. hid his drug works in a drawer, and he stumbled to the door to answer it. "What the hell has gotten into you?" T.R. barked. Beth told T.R. that Johnny had left town. "Why didn't you tell me?" Beth asked. T.R. admitted that he had not known about Johnny's departure.

As T.R. swayed on his feet, Beth said, "You're high as a kite, aren't you?" T.R. told Beth to relax because he could direct the movie without Johnny's help. "What if the investors pull out when they find out [Johnny] is no longer attached?" Beth asked.

"I can get my hands on [Paulina's] money once I marry her," T.R. reminded Beth. Beth told T.R. that Paulina was not a fool. "I can make that problem go away. Just like I did with my daughter's cop husband," T.R. muttered.

"What the hell does that mean?" Beth asked. Beth accused T.R. of having shot Eli. Furious, T.R. warned Beth to keep her mouth shut. As T.R. calmed, he looked at his watch, and he realized he was late to meet up with Paulina. Beth advised T.R. to clean up his act then she left in a huff.

When T.R. arrived at Paulina's apartment, Paulina noted that the twins were already asleep. T.R. lied and said he had been stuck on a conference call. "Whatever," Paulina muttered. T.R. asked why Paulina looked down. "Abraham stopped by. I made a damn fool of myself," Paulina said. Paulina told T.R. what had happened with Abe.

"I have to face that [Abe] is never going to trust me again," Paulina said. "I know what that feels like. To believe that you don't deserve another chance when you want that chance so badly," T.R. said. Paulina asked T.R. what he meant. T.R. explained that he would do anything to prove himself to Paulina. Paulina asked T.R. what he wanted to prove. "That I'm not the man that I was back then. I'll never hurt you again," T.R. said. T.R. leaned in close, and he asked Paulina for another chance. Paulina let T.R. kiss her.

After Abe left Paulina's place, he delivered dinner to Lani at the hospital. "It's so hard to keep seeing [Eli] like this," Lani whispered. "You know, you don't have to be here all the time," Abe said. With a nod yes, Lani said she spent most of her time with the kids, but she felt like she needed to be with Eli as much as she could. "I have to keep telling Eli how much I love him and how much I want him back," Lani said. Lani cried in Abe's arms.

Beth walked in with flowers. "I hope I'm not interrupting," Beth said. Lani introduced Beth to Abe, and then Abe left for home. Confused, Lani asked Beth why she was there. "I just can't stop thinking about your poor husband," Beth explained. Beth reminded Lani that she had spoken to Eli before the shooting. "He seemed like such a nice guy," Beth said. Beth thought about T.R.'s confession and warning. "There is something I need to tell you," Beth said.

Clyde went to the DiMera mansion to talk to E.J. about a business proposition. "My offer to help you leave Salem is on the condition [that] you never come back. I have no interest in forming any sort of partnership with you," E.J. said. Clyde stressed that he would not leave Salem. "If we could make a deal, it could work out very well for you, too," Clyde said. Clyde offered to run a business with E.J. as a silent partner.

"I know how you make silent partners. With a bullet in the back," E.J. said. "Those days are over," Clyde said with a chuckle. E.J. asked Clyde about the business, and Clyde mentioned that the local drug dealer had overdosed. "Drugs? I have no intention of getting involved in that," E.J. hissed. E.J. added that he believed Clyde wanted to get leverage over him so that E.J. could not go to the police about the shooting. Clyde played dumb.

"The deal that we made at Statesville still stands. You don't tell anyone about my part in what happened to you, I watch your back," Clyde said. "I'll keep quiet. At least for now," E.J. said. E.J. told Clyde that he had no interest in a business partnership with Clyde in the future. When E.J. asked Clyde to leave, Clyde said he had promised to give Ben and Ciara privacy for the night. Clyde sat on the couch, and he turned on the TV.

In the DiMera crypt, an exhausted Johnny weakly called out for help as he remained chained to the pillar. "I'm here, G!" Chanel called out as she burst into the crypt. Johnny asked Chanel to unlock the chains, and she said they needed a key. Johnny asked Chanel to go to the house and get help instead. "I have to tell you something first. It's about Allie," Chanel said. Chanel told Johnny about the gender cake. Frustrated, Johnny said he was more concerned with his captivity than cake.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but Allie is possessed!" Chanel said. "I know that already!" Johnny shouted. Johnny added that he had never stopped loving Chanel. "I never should have given up on you. I'm so sorry," Chanel said. Johnny told Chanel not to apologize. With a nod, Chanel announced that she would go get help. Johnny sighed with relief. The devil's laugh echoed in the crypt as it transformed from Chanel into Allie. "Gotcha," devil Allie said.

"So, you're not Chanel," Johnny whispered. "Did you really think Chanel would come to your rescue?" devil Allie asked. Devil Allie told Johnny that Chanel hated him. "Once Chanel finds out the truth, we're going to get back together," Johnny said. Devil Allie reminded Johnny that he was chained up in a crypt. "I'd face reality if I were you," devil Allie advised. Devil Allie gagged Johnny then called Chanel with Johnny's phone.

Devil Allie spoke in Johnny's voice on the phone as a helpless Johnny listened to the conversation on speakerphone. "I know you probably don't care, but my brother-in-law is in a coma, so I really don't give a damn about anything you have to say," Chanel said. In Johnny's voice, the devil told Chanel that he was in Italy and had signed the divorce papers.

"And my lawyer says I don't have to pay a penny of alimony. I hear Allie dumped you, too. Nobody seems to want you, Chanel," "Johnny" said. "I can't believe I ever loved you," Chanel said. After Chanel ended the call, devil Allie smiled at Johnny. "I told you. She's not coming to your rescue. No one is," devil Allie said. Devil Allie pulled the gag off of Johnny's mouth.

"You should have believed me when I told you Chanel was done with you. Last time you broke her heart, she had sex with Allie. I wonder what she's going to do this time?" devil Allie said. With a sigh, the devil announced that it needed to check on its baby. Johnny warned the devil to stay away from Henry.

"Not Henry, you moron. I'm talking about Ciara's baby. I have big plans for that little boy," devil Allie said. "Please, don't do anything to that baby," Johnny pleaded. Devil Allie explained that it had no plans to hurt the baby, but the devil did want to take out Ben. "[Ben] is getting in my way," devil Allie said.

"You're going to kill Ben?" Johnny yelled. Devil Allie told Johnny to worry about Chanel instead. "You leave her alone!" Johnny shouted. With a grin, devil Allie projected the image of Chanel at the hospital on the wall like a film.

At the hospital, an emotional Chanel paced. Tripp saw her, and he asked what was wrong. "Like you care, you jerk," Chanel snapped. "Okay. I had that coming. I had no business going off on you," Tripp said. Tripp said he had had time to think, and he hoped that Allie and Chanel would be happy together. "We're not together, and we never will be," Chanel said. Confused, Tripp asked what had happened. "Allie dumped me. Even faster than her brother did," Chanel explained.

In the DiMera crypt, Johnny watched the projection on the wall of the conversation between Chanel and Tripp. Chanel told Tripp, "[Allie did not look at me like] a human being who was hurting because of her." "No wonder you're not in good shape," Tripp said. Chanel told Tripp that Johnny had called her to tease her about what Allie had done.

"I could never stand that little punk. I don't know what you saw in him," Tripp said. "Well, I don't see it anymore. He and his sister, they did a number on me, and I just wish I never met either one of them," Chanel whispered. "I'm with you there," Tripp agreed. Tripp told Chanel that he was off duty, and he asked her if she wanted to get a drink.

"I'm here to see Lani," Chanel said. "Some other time," Tripp said. As Tripp started to walk away, Chanel noted that she was in no shape to see her sister. "So, why the hell not?" Chanel said. At the DiMera crypt, devil Allie leaned in close to Johnny. "You're not going to like this next part," devil Allie said. With a pat on Johnny's shoulder, the devil walked out.

Ben and Ciara sat in their living room and discussed when they had first started talking about having children. Ben admitted that he regretted he had not been on board with the idea from the start. "Who cares? You got over it, and now you're looking at this beautiful adventure with open eyes," Ciara said. "Having this baby is one of the two best things that has ever, ever, ever happened to me," Ben said.

Talk turned to baby names, and Ben reminded Ciara about their shared dream of the future. "We named our kid Bo," Ben said. "I'd really like to name him after my father," Ciara confessed. When Ciara asked what Clyde would think, Ben told Ciara that Clyde was irrelevant. Ben and Ciara agreed to name their son Bo.

"I really wish I got to know your dad," Ben said. "Me, too. I miss him more and more every day. But it's like I can feel him rooting for us and little baby Bo," Ciara said. Devil Allie knocked on the door. When Ben let devil Allie in, she explained that she wanted to make up for the cake debacle.

"The party cake was not your fault," Ciara insisted. "It was Chanel's, true, but still," devil Allie lied. Devil Allie gave Ciara a bag of tea, and she explained it had helped her through the final weeks of her pregnancy with Henry. "I could really use a good night's rest," Ciara admitted.

When the tea was ready, Ciara noted that it was delicious. "And it is already working. I'm already feeling kind of sleepy," Ciara said. Devil Allie smiled. "That's what it is supposed to do," devil Allie said. Ciara announced that she was ready for bed, and Ben helped her into the bedroom.

In the living room, devil Allie pulled a vial of liquid out of her purse. "Once I get rid of daddy, I'll have mommy all to myself," devil Allie whispered. Devil Allie placed drops from the vial into a mug of tea. When Ben returned, he said, "Ciara's sleeping like a baby." Devil Allie said she had made tea for Ben, as well, and she handed him the mug. "You're going to love how this makes you feel," devil Allie said.

At the DiMera crypt, the devil's movie projection of Chanel continued. Johnny watched Chanel and Tripp drink a toast at the bar in the square. "To the evil twins. They deserve each other," Chanel said. "I'll drink to that," Tripp agreed. Chanel suggested another round of drinks. "That doesn't seem like the sensible thing," Tripp said. "Yeah, but so what," Chanel noted. As Tripp called out for another round of shots, Johnny grimaced as he watched the devil vision projection.

"To having fun," Tripp said. "I mean, why should Allie and Johnny get to have all of it and not us?" Chanel said. Tripp agreed, and he suggested that he and Chanel should continue to have fun. After a few more shots, Tripp wiped the liquor off Chanel's chin. "Better now?" Chanel asked. "You look amazing," Tripp whispered. In the crypt, Johnny's eyes widened as he watched in horror. Tripp kissed Chanel.

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