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Carly learned Harmony's secret. Harmony tried to kill both Carly and Alexis at Rana Point, but Carly and Alexis gained the upper hand. A photographer caught Sasha taking pills. Sasha struck Harmony with her car as Sasha tried to evade the photographer. The security cameras in Elizabeth's house were discovered to have been jammed during Chase's assault. Curtis confronted Marshall when Curtis uncovered the truth about Marshall's past. Michael cut Sonny out of his life.
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Carly learned Harmony's secret, but paid a price, and a fleeing Harmony was struck by Sasha's car
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Harmony's lies begin to fall apart

Harmony's lies begin to fall apart

Monday, April 25, 2022

Brook Lynn was surprised to find Chase standing with a bouquet of flowers after she opened the front door at the Quartermaine residence. He apologized for being late, but he explained that a situation had caused him to be knocked out and left with a concussion. Brook Lynn began to caress his face anxiously. They were poised for a kiss when Michael walked in and asked to speak to Brook Lynn about ELQ.

Michael promised to keep things brief. He told Brook Lynn that he and Drew had spoken about merging Aurora and ELQ in order to obtain Valentin's shares, but Michael was concerned with Ned's reaction to it. He didn't want Ned to think that Michael was rocking the boat. Brook Lynn guessed that Michael wanted her to keep an eye on Ned. She was appreciative of the family dynamic and wished that she had been able to take advantage of it before declaring her pregnancy.

After Michael departed, Brook Lynn and Chase reminisced about their co-parenting as they looked at a photo of Bailey. Chase admitted that it had been fun, and he missed it. He was sorry about hurting Brook Lynn, although Brook Lynn confessed that there had been some truth to his words. Chase admitted that he could trust and count on Brook Lynn because they understood each other. Just as they were about to kiss, they were interrupted again. Leo demanded to know why Chase had missed his party.

Brook Lynn explained that Chase had had to help someone else, and Leo wondered if Chase liked them better. Chase replied that others needed him, too, but there would always be someone else to cover for him. Leo revealed that he hadn't been able to perform his poem at his party, and Chase guessed there had been too many people. He urged the boy to pretend that there was only one person in front of him.

Leo revealed that he and Chase had listened to Brook Lynn's demos, and Chase had even sung them. Brook Lynn was surprised. Chase asked Leo to recite his poem, and Leo proceeded to do so. Brook Lynn was moved.

Willow was surprised when Sonny turned up at the gatehouse to speak to her. He explained that Carly had always provided the bridge between him and Michael in the past, and he hoped that Willow would be able to convey how much Sonny loved Michael. At that moment, Michael walked in and glared at Sonny angrily. Sonny explained that he didn't like the distance between them, and he apologized for putting Willow in the middle.

Sonny thought there was too much love to throw everything away, but Michael accused Sonny of being solely responsible for all that had transpired. Sonny thought they were alike, and they lashed out and later had regrets. Michael hated the way that Sonny had treated Carly, but Sonny insisted that he had tried to work things out. He thought that Carly could have given it more time, and he reminded Michael of the time he'd walked in on Carly and Jax in bed.

Michael and Sonny began to argue, and voices were raised. Sonny thought Michael was acting like a child, and Michael pointed out that Sonny was no longer honorable and loyal. Sonny wanted Michael to meet him halfway, but Michael wanted to be done with Sonny. He wanted nothing to do with his father. Sonny stated that some words couldn't be taken back, but Michael didn't care.

Michael vowed to redeem the family name, and it would be like Sonny had never existed. Sonny replied that he would always love Michael. He wouldn't forget what had been said, and Michael would have to beg him for forgiveness. "Don't hold your breath," Michael retorted. "I won't," Sonny replied. "Goodbye, son," Sonny uttered once he was outside.

Jordan, Elizabeth, and Finn sat on the couch at Elizabeth's place and discussed the events of the previous evening. Jordan wanted to view the video from the cameras that Chase had set up, and she learned that the police would be able to do so remotely. She thought there should be concern, and she asked Elizabeth if there could be any other suspects not discussed. Elizabeth assured her there were none, and she had changed the locks on her door.

Jordan didn't think the perpetrator wanted to cause harm to anyone. Finn believed that the suspect had wanted Chase to go away. Shortly after a phone call, Jordan learned that the cameras had been jammed, and there would be nothing to report. After Jordan had gone, Finn declared that he didn't want Elizabeth to stay alone, and they began to loudly disagree.

Aiden walked in, and he announced that Franco had been behind the series of events. The boy believed that Franco was angry that the family had grown close to Finn. He suggested they ask Franco about it. Elizabeth didn't believe that Franco would want to frighten them, and Finn suggested that suspects who might be alive should be checked out first. Elizabeth sent Aiden upstairs to collect more clothing for his stay at Laura's apartment. Elizabeth and Finn hugged; she appreciated his taking over. Finn was sure it all had nothing to do with ghosts. Elizabeth recalled all the incidents.

At the pier, Curtis noted that Marshall had missed the boat, and Curtis wanted to talk to his father. He had Marshall's sealed arrest records, and he was angry that no presumed terrible crime to drive Marshall away had been committed. Marshall was incensed that Curtis had obtained the records illegally, but Curtis insisted he'd had no other choice. Marshall snapped that Curtis had not respected his privacy, and he thought that Curtis should be more focused on the future, not the past. Curtis replied that he'd thought that Marshall had had enemies who could have been a danger to the family.

Marshall pointed out that he'd never said that he'd been in Witness Protection, and Curtis insisted that the truth of Marshall's arrest for a protest that had gotten out of control did not justify Marshall's "ghosting" of the family. Marshall insisted that Curtis hadn't been in his shoes. Curtis noted that Marshall had been remanded to a mental institution, but there had been no diagnosis in the file. Marshall refused to discuss it. Curtis couldn't believe that Marshall had thought it best to walk off and leave his family.

Marshall said that he had done what had been best. He proposed that he had actually given the family a gift by leaving and had made a mistake by returning. Curtis was grateful that Marshall had returned, and he wanted his father present for an opportunity to start over. He asked Marshall about his treatment, but Marshall snapped that Curtis could consult the file. If there were no answers, then Curtis was out of luck because Marshall would not be providing answers. He stormed off.

Alexis sat at her desk at the Invader and thought about her conversations with Harmony. Diane knocked on the door and walked inside. Alexis admitted that she had been thinking about whether she should run Smoltz's article about Willow and Michael. Diane preferred that the article be run, and Alexis informed her that Harmony had asked her not to run it. Diane guessed that the article would eventually reveal that Harmony was not related to Willow.

Alexis stated that she hadn't given Harmony an answer, but Diane suggested that Alexis kick Harmony out of the house. Alexis stressed that Harmony had been her friend when she'd needed one, and she wanted to help Harmony. Diane reminded Alexis of the last time she'd gone with her instincts to help someone, and Alexis sighed. She had lied for Neil and ruined everything.

Diane didn't want Alexis to sabotage herself because Alexis was not indebted to Harmony for life. She thought that Harmony was troubled, and it wasn't Alexis' job to fix her. Alexis wanted to help Harmony, and Diane suggested that Alexis put Harmony up at Metro Court temporarily and pay for a deposit on a new apartment. Alexis liked the sound of that, and she asked Diane to get in touch with Lucy regarding the apartment search.

As Harmony began to burn her papers in the fireplace at Alexis' house, Carly walked in. Harmony stated that she was trying to rid herself of some old papers and didn't have a shredder. Carly asked about a relationship with Nina, and Harmony replied that they were only connected because of Wiley. Carly mentioned that Harmony had stated that she owed Nina, and Harmony quickly declared that she had misspoken. She hardly knew Carly and wondered why Carly was questioning her.

Carly thought that Harmony had seemed jumpy, and she wondered if Nina had been blackmailing her due to their contact in the past. Harmony insisted that she had only known of Nina through working for someone else. She claimed she felt bad for Nina because a mother would do anything to be with their child. Carly noted that Harmony had also suggested that Willow wasn't her daughter, but Harmony brushed Carly off and made it clear that they had been separated for a while. She changed the subject and offered to get Carly a drink after Harmony fetched her phone upstairs.

Carly wandered over to Harmony's file folder and found a piece of paper remaining inside. The paper referred to Harmony claiming that she'd done nothing wrong and had rationalized keeping her child. Carly opened her mouth in disbelief and turned toward the fireplace. She began to poke through the burned papers and found one that had Dr. Neil Byrne's letterhead on top.

Harmony descended the stairs, holding a hypodermic needle behind her back. Carly noted the papers that appeared to be from a session with Neil, and she read aloud, "Harmony suffers from intense guilt about the child." Harmony proclaimed that it was private, but Carly kept reading. Harmony shouted that it was all lies, and Neil had been a drug addict. Carly thought the papers proved that Willow was not Harmony's biological daughter. Suddenly, Harmony jumped at Carly, and the women began to struggle. The needle fell to the floor, and both reached out for it.

Later, Alexis returned home and found her house in disarray. She called out for Harmony and attempted to reach her on the phone. Alexis left a message and found some papers in the fireplace. When she received a phone call from Diane, Alexis informed her that her house was wrecked, and Harmony's car was in the driveway. She was afraid that Harmony had had a breakdown. When Alexis recalled Harmony talking about the peacefulness of Rana Point, she knew where she'd find her.

Harmony sat in a car in a stupor and ignored the phone. She appeared to be bruised. Carly lay unconscious in the trunk of the car as Harmony looked out over the cliff.

Harmony reaches a point of no return

Harmony reaches a point of no return

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

At Nina's place, Smoltz arrived and badgered Nina for a comment on his upcoming series of articles. Sasha arrived and bluntly told Smoltz to leave Nina's room. When Smoltz left, Nina noticed that Sasha looked worried. Nina asked what was on Sasha's mind, and Sasha confided that she'd been worried ever since Brando had run into Charlie's Pub to help stop the robbery attempt. Nina confirmed that the robbers had made bail, and she said that Sonny had "taken care" of them. Sasha wanted to know if Sonny had had the robbers killed.

Sasha told Nina that she needed to decide for herself if Nina wanted to know about Sonny's "business." Sasha then asked if Nina wanted to be involved in Sonny's day-to-day life. Nina said she did and added that it was the first time she'd admitted to herself out loud that she wanted to be in a relationship with Sonny.

Nina then asked how Sasha was. Sasha said she was trying to focus on the future but that she'd paid a deep price for her past mistakes. Sasha brought up her history with drug use. A worried Nina asked if Sasha believed that Liam's death had somehow been a "punishment" of sorts for Sasha's past mistakes. Nina begged Sasha to never believe that Liam's death had been Sasha's fault. Nina hugged Sasha and told her that she was loved by "so many" people, beginning with Brando.

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael told Willow that the argument he'd had with Sonny had been a long time coming. Willow asked if Michael was really prepared to cut Sonny out of his life. Michael recalled that he'd been too young to understand the pain Sonny had caused Carly by having cheated on her when Michael had been a kid. Michael added that since he'd become a father, he understood how "destructive and selfish" Sonny's ways were. Michael said he didn't want the same thing for Wiley and that he wanted Wiley to be proud of the name Corinthos. "What I want to do is remove the stain from our family name and tear down my father's corrupt empire that he built on greed and violence," Michael said.

Willow told Michael that he had a right to be furious with Sonny, but cutting Sonny out of his life was extreme. Willow couldn't help but think of her own situation with Harmony and confided that she'd missed out on a lot by not having a mom in her life. Willow added that she didn't want Michael to face the same pain with Sonny.

Michael insisted he was tired of sugarcoating who Sonny was and what he did, and he told Willow that Sonny's real business was organized crime and racketeering. Michael asked if he and Willow really wanted Wiley to look up to a man who did those things for a living. While Michael insisted he wasn't blameless, he added that nothing he'd ever done compared to what Sonny had done to his family. Willow hugged Michael and apologized that the rift was tearing his family apart.

Michael held Willow on the couch, and she assured him that she would always be on his side. Willow then cautioned Michael to guard against the very ruthlessness that Michael claimed he hated to see in Sonny. "You're a good man, but Sonny was at one time, too. I don't want you to become the very thing you're trying to protect Wiley from," Willow said.

At Volonino's Gym, Sonny took out his frustration after his argument with Michael on a punching bag. Dante walked in and brought up the two men who'd robbed Charlie's Pub, but Sonny asked Dante if he could speak with his son instead of a cop.

Sonny confided that Michael had said he didn't want Sonny in his life. Dante told Sonny that he understood Michael's perspective, and Sonny thought both of his sons viewed him in the worst possible light. Dante told Sonny that he wasn't taking sides, but he encouraged Sonny to view Nina from Michael's perspective. Dante surmised that Nina had done things that were not only questionable but perhaps illegal. Sonny told Dante that no one was perfect and that neither he nor anyone should judge someone until they'd walked in that person's shoes.

Dante said that Sonny could be a "real prickly son of a bitch" with a mean temper. As evidence, Dante mentioned that Sonny had just lit into him, all because Dante had said he could understand Michael's point of view. Just then, Dante's phone rang. Dante hoped that after he returned, he and Sonny could both cool down.

Brando entered the gym. Sensing that something was amiss, he asked if Sonny was okay. Sonny told Brando about his fight with Michael and said that in spite of everything Sonny had done in his life, Michael had had the audacity to say that he was ashamed of the Corinthos name. Sonny said that he'd always tried to give all of his kids a better life than he'd had. "If you ask me, that's part of the problem," Brando said.

Sonny wasn't in the mood to have another argument with a family member, but Brando assured Sonny that he agreed with Sonny. Brando thought Michael's black-and-white perspective toward Sonny and Nina was na´ve, and Brando offered that Michael's attitude was a direct result of the privileged life Sonny had provided Michael. Brando recalled that Michael had always had either Sonny or the Quartermaines to back him up his entire life, and since Sonny had chosen his own happiness, Michael felt betrayed. Brando added that he felt Michael owed Sonny more respect.

Brando encouraged Sonny to believe that Michael would calm down and come to his senses. Just then, Dante returned and assured Sonny that even though he understood Michael's point of view, it didn't mean that Dante would judge Sonny for wanting Nina in his life. Sonny apologized to Dante for his previous outburst. Dante encouraged Sonny to repair his relationship with Michael before one of them said something that went too far and couldn't be taken back. "I think you may be a few hours too late for that warning. Michael and I have already gone beyond that point," Sonny admitted.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth told Finn that she wouldn't reconsider Finn's idea for Elizabeth to move in with him and Violet. Elizabeth spurned Finn's offer because she said she didn't want to put Violet in harm's way. Elizabeth announced her intentions to find a room at Metro Court.

Later, at Metro Court, Lucy greeted Elizabeth and Finn. Elizabeth told Lucy that she'd learned that Aiden had questioned Lucy about the spiritual world. Lucy and Finn disagreed about the existence of spirits, but Elizabeth told Lucy that she knew Lucy's intentions had been good. Finn left to take some of Elizabeth's belongings to her room.

Alone with Lucy, Elizabeth confided that she felt she'd been hearing things. Elizabeth told Lucy about answering the nurses' phone at the hospital and hearing a patient say, "Don't forget me" -- the same message the intruder had painted on a piece of artwork in Elizabeth's house. Lucy asked if Elizabeth had had other moments like that one. "Wait. Do you think I was talking to a ghost? Do you think Franco's trying to contact me?" Elizabeth asked.

Lucy encouraged Elizabeth to not be afraid of the supernatural. Lucy asked if Elizabeth could look at them in a different way and take comfort in the idea that perhaps Franco was still with her in spirit. Elizabeth said that Lucy's theory was a stretch because Chase had been hurt. Lucy hinted for a psychic to go to Elizabeth's house and see if the psychic could sense a presence.

Finn rejoined Lucy and Elizabeth and announced that Elizabeth's room was ready. When Lucy left, Finn said he thought he'd been too hard on Lucy despite his feelings that Lucy's beliefs in the supernatural were "total nonsense." Elizabeth no longer seemed as certain as Finn was. Finn expressed his belief that science and common sense would ultimately lead them to the answers they sought.

At Rana Point, Harmony drove the car to the edge of the cliff with an unconscious Carly in the back. Harmony picked up a heavy rock and placed it on the brake pad of the car. She planned to move Carly's body into the driver's seat so that people would believe Carly had mistakenly driven the car off the cliff. Harmony stopped when she spotted Alexis in the woods.

Alexis recalled to Harmony that she'd found her living room torn apart when she'd gotten home from work and added that she only wanted to help Harmony. Alexis said that she'd recognized Neil's handwriting on the papers she'd found in the fireplace, and she demanded to know how Harmony had gotten Neil's file. Harmony told Alexis that Brendon had blackmailed her and that she'd had to stop him. Alexis asked if Harmony had killed Brendon.

Harmony explained that Brendon had found Neil's files and learned the truth about Willow's real birth mother. Harmony said that when Neil had lost his license, his guilty conscience about the things that Harmony had confided to him in private had gotten the better of him. She added that Neil had planned to tell the police about Harmony's past. Alexis recalled that Neil's death due to an overdose had never made sense to her because she'd never witnessed Neil use drugs. Alexis was horrified with the realization that Harmony had killed Neil. "Oh, my God, Harmony. You're out of your mind. You killed two people," Alexis said.

Just then, Alexis heard the sound of a thud coming from inside the car and asked if someone was in the car. Harmony tried to assure Alexis that she was leaving town, and Alexis said she wouldn't stop Harmony. As soon as Harmony got into the driver's seat, Alexis raced to the back of the car and was stunned to find Carly. Alexis asked Harmony what Carly had to do with anything. Harmony said that Carly had stopped by Alexis' house and had seen Neil's notes about Harmony.

"She knew too much. And now you do, too. I can't let you leave," Harmony told Alexis.

The role of Alexis was played on this date by Stephanie Erb.

Harmony steps into a collision course with Sasha's car

Harmony steps into a collision course with Sasha's car

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Finn took Violet to a nail salon. Excited because it was her first time, Violet asked if her father had ever had a manicure. He admitted that he hadn't, so she insisted that he get his nails done, too. Nearby, Ava smiled when she overheard the exchange. "First time for everything," Ava told Finn. Finn greeted Ava, and Violet complimented the color of Ava's nails.

Violet was delighted when she learned that she could add designs like rainbows and unicorns. After Violet scampered off to select a design for her nails, Ava confessed that it was never too soon to experience the finer things in life. Finn explained that the manicure was a special treat to celebrate Violet being named the "Class Helper of the Week" at school. As Violet sat down for her manicure, Finn and Ava chatted about their children. Ava advised Finn to enjoy the special moments in life with Violet.

Violet perked up when she heard Ava mention pedicures. Finn pretended to be annoyed as he thanked Ava for putting the idea into Violet's head because he was certain his daughter would want a pedicure next. Ava smiled because she could tell that Finn was a good father. Finn confessed that it was easy to spoil his daughter; the hard part was protecting Violet from harm. Ava empathized because she had almost left the country to keep Avery safe.

Later, Ava complimented Violet's nails, while Finn had his manicure. He held up his hand as he decided that lavender was his color. Ava and Violet giggled.

At Volonino's, Sonny emerged from the locker room while Curtis pummeled a punching bag. "Whoever he is, you must hate him a lot," Sonny said. Curtis paused his workout to greet Sonny. Moments later, Dante joined them. However, Dante received a call that he was needed at the hospital. Sonny asked if there was trouble, but Dante was cryptic as he told his father that he would let Sonny know.

After Dante left, Curtis imagined that it was frustrating to have a son with a badge who didn't share information. Sonny explained that he and Dante knew where they stood with each other -- much like Curtis and Marshall. A few minutes later, Brando walked out, but Nina called asking to see Brando about Sasha. After Brando left, Curtis tossed Sonny a set of boxing gloves and invited Sonny to join him, but Sonny declined because he had already worked out. However, Sonny seized the opportunity to discuss Curtis' new partnership with Selina. Curtis pointed out that Sonny and Selina were partners, too, but Sonny clarified that he considered Selina a business associate.

Sonny steered the conversation back to Marshall, so Curtis questioned why Sonny had a sudden interest in Marshall. Sonny conceded that Marshall intrigued him because the first time that Sonny had met Curtis' father, Marshall had made his dislike for Sonny clear. Sonny said he had the impression that Marshall had met Sonny at another time. Curtis was curious why Sonny had turned down Curtis' request for information about Marshall's past. Sonny recalled seeing the label of Marshall's prescription bottle when Marshall had dropped it at the hospital, but Sonny kept the memory to himself.

Sonny suggested that sometimes the past should remain in the past. Curtis confessed that if he didn't know better, he would think that Sonny was deliberately keeping something from him. Sonny smiled, but he shifted gears. Sonny knew how much Nina valued her friendship with Curtis, and Sonny wanted Curtis to know that Sonny had no intention of muscling in on the Savoy. Sonny also hoped that everything worked out between Curtis and Marshall, but Curtis admitted that it was too late because Marshall had left town. Sonny offered to track Marshall down for Curtis, but Curtis asked why Sonny cared.

Sonny explained that he knew what it was like for a father and son to stop trusting each other. Sonny admitted that his two sons meant the world to him, but they'd had their differences over the years, and they had burned some bridges. Sonny acknowledged that some bridges had been repaired, but not all. Sonny conceded that only Curtis knew if things could be repaired between Curtis and Marshall, but he encouraged Curtis not to give up if there was a chance to fix things.

At General Hospital, Dante approached Rory. Rory stood guard outside a hospital room and reported that the patient had been seriously injured. When T.J. stepped into the hallway, Dante dismissed Rory. T.J. revealed that the patient was awake but disoriented. Dante followed T.J. into the patient's room. On the bed was one of the gunmen from the robbery at Charlie's Pub.

T.J. started to make introductions, but Dante assured T.J. that Dante and Eric were well acquainted. Dante questioned Eric about Eric's partner's whereabouts, but Eric remained silent. When Dante asked about the assault, Eric remembered waking up in the trunk of a car and seeing Sonny loom over him. However, Eric refused to answer Dante's questions.

At Volonino's, Sonny wrapped up a phone call with his daughter Avery by promising to take everything necessary to make ice cream sundaes the following day. As Sonny put his phone away, Dante returned to the gym to fetch a bag that Dante had left behind. Sonny asked about the trip to the hospital, so Dante revealed that one of the gunmen from the robbery had suffered a broken arm, lost tooth, and blood loss. Dante added that Eric had no memory of the assault or who had dropped Eric off at the emergency room. Sonny reminded Dante that Sonny knew from personal experience that memory was a fragile thing, but Dante wasn't fooled.

Dante wanted to know if Sonny had any information about Eric's assault, but Sonny insisted that Sonny had been the victim. Dante realized that his father wouldn't shed any light on the situation, so he assured Sonny that the men had gotten the message. Dante made it clear that it should be the end of things. Sonny pointed out that it was a dangerous world, but the Port Charles Police Department was lucky to have a good man like Dante working for them.

At the Savoy, Portia approached the bar and asked if Curtis was around. N'neka explained that Curtis had sent a text message that he would be in late, but she invited Portia to leave a message. Portia appreciated the offer, but she had left several messages with Curtis already. Nearby, Drew overheard the exchange. He admitted that he'd been looking for Curtis, too.

After ordering drinks, Drew and Portia retreated to a quiet corner to talk. They agreed that Curtis' silence had something to do with Marshall leaving town. Portia told Drew about Trina's encounter with Marshall on the pier when Marshall had explained his reasons for leaving. Portia suspected that Drew knew what had prompted Marshall's change of heart about settling down and getting to know Marshall's family. Drew told Portia about his job offer to Marshall, and Marshall's discovery that it had been a ploy to dig into Marshall's past. Drew conceded that it had backfired because nothing noteworthy had been uncovered, and Marshall had felt used.

Portia was skeptical that it had been enough to drive Marshall away. Drew suggested that perhaps Curtis had discovered something else that had prompted Curtis to confront Marshall. Drew assured Portia that Curtis' only motivation had been to safeguard Portia and Trina from whatever trouble might have followed Marshall to Port Charles. Drew urged Portia not to judge Curtis too harshly, but Portia reminded Drew that it might have cost Curtis his father. Drew explained that Curtis had been certain that Marshall had been hiding something, but Portia argued that Marshall was a musician who carried around a clarinet in his case, not a machine gun.

Drew suggested that if that had been the case, Marshall wouldn't have been so secretive, and he implied that Marshall had been on the run from something in the past. Portia was disappointed that Curtis hadn't let her help search for answers, but Drew insisted that the less Portia knew, the better, especially if there had been danger in Marshall's past. Portia conceded that Curtis' silence made sense if Curtis knew why Marshall had left town.

Moments later, Curtis entered the bar. Curtis apologized for worrying both Drew and Portia. Drew tactfully excused himself and left. Curtis sat down and told Portia that they needed to talk. Portia agreed.

At the hospital, a nurse directed a deliveryman to T.J. T.J. signed for a large box, but he quickly realized that there hadn't been a return address. T.J. opened the package. Inside was Marshall's clarinet case and a card addressed to T.J. The card explained that the clarinet was a gift from Marshall. Touched by the gesture, T.J. smiled.

At Nina's penthouse, Nina greeted Brando and thanked him for his timely intervention at Charlie's Pub during the robbery. A humble Brando attributed it to being in the wrong place at the right time. Nina pointed out that most people ran from trouble, but Brando had run into it. She admitted that it was part of the reason why she had reached out to him. Nina explained that Sasha had been shaken by the incident because Sasha was terrified of losing Brando.

Brando assured Nina that Sasha knew it wouldn't happen again because he had no intention of taking unnecessary risks. Brando reminded Nina that he wasn't a police officer or a part of Sonny's organization. Nina explained that Brando and Sasha had suffered a tremendous loss, but their recovery might not be the same. Nina knew the unbearable pain of losing a child, and she understood that it was the kind of pain that never went away. Nina suddenly realized that she might be projecting her own loss onto Sasha, but Brando suggested that it was because Sasha was the daughter that Nina never had.

Brando assured Nina that Sasha deeply regretted deceiving Nina. Nina conceded that she and Sasha had both done things they regretted, but she asked Brando to make certain that Sasha focused on herself because Sasha had a lot to be proud of. Brando agreed, but he admitted that the wealth could never take the place of Liam -- nothing ever would. Nina confessed that she feared that Sasha had kept things bottled inside, and it had taken an emotional toll on Sasha more than anyone realized. Nina wanted to help. Brando readily accepted the offer.

On the patio of Metro Court's gardens, Lucy, Maxie, Brook Lynn, and Gladys were gathered to celebrate the success of Deception. Lucy raised a glass and thanked everyone for their hard work. Gladys asked why she hadn't been given a stock share, but Lucy reminded Gladys that Gladys had received a pay raise. Brook Lynn suggested that Gladys "mooch" off Gladys' rich daughter-in-law. Lucy deftly switched gears by asking what Maxie intended to do with the money. Maxie assured the ladies that she intended to put money away for her children's education.

Brook Lynn noticed Maxie checking her phone, so Maxie confessed that Austin had planned on joining them, but he was an hour late. Meanwhile, Gladys spotted Sasha. Gladys jumped up and ran to hug her daughter-in-law. Sasha pasted on a smile and offered to buy the next round of drinks. Lucy teasingly asked if "Mr. Gilmore" would object to Sasha spending money, but Sasha assured Lucy that "Mr. Brando Corbin" had his own identity. Gladys was pleased with Sasha's defense.

Moments later, Maxie and Brook Lynn excused themselves to freshen up. Nearby, a server called someone to report that the "Face of Deception" was living it up with the top brass in Metro Court's gardens, and the party had just gotten started.

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn stopped Maxie and asked if it had seemed like Sasha had been pretending to be enjoying herself. Maxie said she had noticed it, too. Brook Lynn wondered if Brando might be having trouble handling Sasha's newfound wealth. The conversation quickly turned to Austin and to Brook Lynn's certainty that he was only interested in money. Maxie defended Austin because he'd only filed the lawsuit to force the Quartermaines to recognize his father's place in the family. Maxie wanted to know why Brook Lynn had changed her mind about giving Austin a second chance.

Brook Lynn admitted that she knew from personal experience that men were only interested in her trust fund -- and helping her to spend it. For Maxie's sake, Brook Lynn hoped that she was wrong about Austin. As if on cue, Austin walked up. Austin explained that he had been delayed by a patient at the hospital and heavy traffic. Austin's smile faded when he noticed the tension between Maxie and Brook Lynn.

At the garden's patio, a photographer paid the server for tipping him off to Sasha's whereabouts. At the table, Sasha admitted that she was glad to have an opportunity to unwind. Sasha's mood quickly soured when the photographer approached the table and started to take photos of Sasha as he instructed her to smile. Lucy and Gladys tried to shoo the annoying photographer away, but he refused to stop taking photos of Sasha. Austin, Maxie, and Brook Lynn joined the group, but the photographer continued to hound Sasha with the camera.

Shaken by the ordeal, Sasha fled the table. She stopped running when she found herself in a quiet area of the garden. She quickly pulled out her pills, but the photographer soon caught up with her, and he resumed snapping photos. "Is that on the menu?" he asked. Startled, Sasha dropped the pills and covered her face as she begged the man to leave her alone. He refused.

At the table, Austin invited Maxie to dinner, but Maxie was worried about Sasha. Brook Lynn promised to look after Sasha. Maxie and Brook Lynn were surprised when Austin suggested that he and Maxie grab some beer and chicken wings on the way to Maxie's place. Just then, Sasha returned to the table with the photographer hot on Sasha's heels. Austin quickly blocked the photographer from getting a clear shot of Sasha, while Gladys snatched the camera out of the man's hand and removed the memory card. The photographer was furious when Gladys returned the camera and he realized all his photographs were gone.

After Gladys and Sasha left, Lucy praised Gladys for looking out for Sasha. Maxie and Brook Lynn wanted to check on Sasha, but Lucy advised them against it. Lucy decided to call it a night and paid the tab because they had a busy day ahead of them the following morning. After Lucy left, Austin had a change of heart about going to Maxie's place. He suggested that he and Maxie head upstairs to have dinner on the terrace. Austin and Maxie left arm in arm.

At Rana Point, Alexis was stunned when she saw Carly unconscious in the back of the car. Harmony realized that Alexis had to die, too. "This is how you show your love for Willow? By killing me and Carly?" Alexis asked. Harmony tearfully insisted that it wasn't what she wanted, but Alexis wondered where it would end. Alexis asked how many people had to die to keep Harmony's secret buried. "As many as it takes," Harmony answered.

Harmony lunged at Alexis and shoved Alexis against the side of the car. Alexis managed to shove Harmony to the ground. Alexis confronted Harmony about murdering both Neil and Brendon Byrne, but Harmony was unapologetic and beyond being reasoned with. Harmony grabbed a large rock as she stood and ran toward Alexis, but Carly suddenly appeared and intercepted Harmony. A brief struggle ensued, but Carly gained the upper hand when she knocked Harmony to the ground. Despite Harmony's pleas, Alexis called for help. Before Alexis or Carly could act, Harmony fled into the woods.

Carly wanted to go after Harmony because Carly was certain that Harmony would head straight to Willow and Wiley, but Carly was too weak from Harmony's injection. Alexis refused to leave Carly alone. A short time later, Rory arrived. He assured both Alexis and Carly that paramedics were on the way. Carly had no idea what had been in the syringe, but Carly credited Alexis with saving her life. Alexis was grateful for Carly's intervention, too. Alexis and Carly filled Rory in about Harmony's crime, and they warned him that Harmony would make her way to the Quartermaine mansion.

On the highway, Sasha was driving with Gladys in the passenger seat. Both ladies were concerned because the photographer had been aggressively following them while flashing his lights and honking his horn. Sasha attempted to speed away just as Harmony emerged from the woods and into the path of Sasha's car. Sasha and Gladys screamed as Sasha slammed on the brakes and swerved to avoid colliding with Harmony.

The photographer continues to harass Sasha

The photographer continues to harass Sasha

Thursday, April 28, 2022

In horror, Sasha and Gladys leaned over the body of the person on the ground that Sasha had hit with her car. "Oh, man, look what you did!" taunted Felty, the photographer. He began to give Sasha a hard time as Gladys tried in vain to call for an ambulance. Felty grabbed the phone to handle the ambulance, while Gladys and Sasha turned the person over. They were stunned to see that it was Harmony. Sasha began to perform CPR as Felty continued to snap his camera.

Finally, an ambulance arrived, and Harmony was wheeled off. One of the EMTs complimented Sasha for saving Harmony's life. Felty declared that he would either sell his photos to show that Sasha had been a hero, or he would sell them as a tragedy. He also wanted his memory card returned. Sasha refused to deal with him, and she and the photographer's loud argument grew physical.

At Wyndemere, Esme found Spencer on the phone, asking someone for a favor. "What favor is that?" Esme asked Spencer when he ended the call. Spencer told her that he had asked Cameron to watch what he said around Esme. "There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you," the teen lied. He added that he was heading out to the gallery to start his "menial tasks" after hours in order to avoid Trina and Ava. He kissed her on the cheek. "It has always been us against the world," he said.

In the library, Nikolas attempted to reach Ava on the phone as he looked at the table that had been set for two. Shortly after, Ava replied via text message that she had other plans and told him not to wait up. Nikolas exploded. He shouted that his effort had been a waste. He overturned the table, and glasses and dishware crashed to the floor. Esme gasped as she walked in and began to pick up some fallen items. She blamed herself and couldn't understand why Ava didn't appreciate Nikolas. Esme hoped for a partner with the same passion and loyalty as Nikolas. She picked up his phone and grasped his hand as she returned it to him.

Esme said it wasn't fair that she and Nikolas were stuck in a house without the love they needed. They were surprised when Laura walked in and commented that no one was stuck. She added that Esme no longer needed to hide. Laura had spoken to Sonny, who had maintained that Esme had nothing to fear. Laura declared that Sonny's word was his bond, and everyone could resume their normal lives with Esme moving out. "Let's not be too hasty!" Nikolas said.

Nikolas stated that Esme and Spencer were unable to support themselves. Esme revealed that Spencer had had a falling-out with Cameron and was unable to return to Kelly's to work. Laura was familiar, as she had been Spencer's first phone call from jail. Esme wanted to speak to Spencer, and she hugged Laura gleefully on her way out. Nikolas appreciated Laura's stopping by. "And not a minute too soon, it seems," Laura replied. She mentioned the "close moment" between Nikolas and Esme. Nikolas insisted that he had been upset over Ava while consoling Esme at the same time.

Laura thought that Nikolas should be consoling his wife instead. She was also worried about Spencer, who had been fighting with his friends and was isolated. She urged Nikolas to get Esme out of the house because she was the one responsible for everyone's strained relationships. Nikolas felt that Esme only wanted to be loved, and he was confident that she and Spencer would rebuild just as he and Ava would. Laura thought Nikolas was being na´ve and noted that he had a "scorpion under your roof." Nikolas declared that no one was more important than Ava and Spencer. Laura admired Nikolas' resolve.

Trina heard a noise while she was working at the art gallery. She quickly went through her purse and retrieved a can of pepper spray. It was Rory, who told her to put her weapon down. He said he had noticed that the front door wasn't locked, and he was there on Jordan's orders to keep watch over Trina because of the media. She accused him of overreacting to her friend Cameron, although Rory confided that he had to do things by the book. Trina thought he took his job too seriously.

Rory asked for something to drink before heading back to sit in his car. When Trina returned with a bottle of water, she found Rory staring at a painting. They began a discussion of artwork, and Rory decided that he saw hope in the painting, though he knew nothing about art. Just then, Spencer walked in and threw out some of his own art knowledge. Trina demanded to know why he was there.

Spencer announced that he was there to work. Rory was less than amicable and referred to Spencer as the mayor's grandson. Trina declared that she would leave as soon as she finished up. Rory headed out, and Spencer asked Trina why she was hanging out with the cop. She explained that she was Rory's assignment, and she began to argue with Spencer. She was angry that he had used his position as the mayor's grandson. Spencer tried to defend himself while Trina made it clear that she had lots to lose. She said Spencer was her least important concern.

Spencer thought that Trina knew him well, and Trina accused him of abandoning her. He stated that he was there because he had had to leave the house. She asked if he was running from his "beloved Esme." Spencer confessed that he missed working at Kelly's and being productive, and Trina urged him to return. She stated that she would give Spencer his "to-do list" before leaving so he could "run home to your phony, twisted witch you consider the love of your life." "Esme is anything but that," Spencer replied. Esme walked in at that moment.

Portia and Curtis sat at a table in a corner of the Savoy. She said she had been worried about him. Curtis replied that he had found and then lost his father. They'd had a confrontation after Curtis had discovered Marshall's secrets, and Marshall had been upset and left town. Portia wondered if Marshall had been more upset over his loss of privacy or Curtis using Drew in the process. She had heard about the job application. Curtis insisted he'd done it for his loved ones. He said he'd learned that Marshall had never been in Witness Protection or tied to organized crime. He'd been arrested for a protest rally and sentenced to a mental institution.

Portia wanted to know why Curtis hadn't shared how he'd obtained the information, and Curtis was evasive. Portia wished that Curtis trusted her. Curtis insisted that he'd been concerned about Marshall's past, and he had obtained the sealed arrest records. Portia thought that Marshall had a right to keep his mental health private, and she also didn't want to lose Curtis over his unexplained method of obtaining records. She wanted their future to come first. Curtis assured her that their future was most important, and he didn't think Marshall wanted to be found. Curtis insisted he cared about Portia and Trina, even though Trina wasn't his.

Willow and Michael greeted Dante at the Metro Court Gardens. Dante apologized for Sam not being there and confessed he felt like a third wheel. They made small talk, and Dante mentioned that he'd seen Sonny. Willow tactfully announced that she wanted to check up on Wiley, and she left to make a phone call. Dante wanted to hear Michael's side of things, but Michael replied that it was between him and Sonny.

Dante pointed out that Sonny had been undergoing changes. Willow returned, and Dante received a work phone call. He had to leave, and Michael and Willow sat at a table for dinner. Dante reminded Michael that they would always be brothers. Michael told Willow that he was in a "funk" after Dante had mentioned Sonny. He declared that it was a rare night out for them, though, and they kissed. Michael received a phone call from Carly, who asked that they get to the ER right away.

At the scene of the accident, Dante broke up the fight between Sasha and Felty. Gladys stepped aside to call Brando. Felty claimed he needed medical attention after the fight, and Dante urged him to drive himself to the hospital. Sasha explained that Felty had been chasing her in the car, she had tried to get away, and Harmony had run in front of her car. Dante suggested that Gladys take Sasha to the hospital to be checked for shock, and he told them to show up at the police station the following day for statements.

By the time Dante had gone, Sasha was hysterical. Gladys tried to reassure her, although she pointed out that Sasha had been speeding. Gladys wondered what was on the memory card, but she told Sasha that she still had it in her possession. Sasha flashed back to dropping her pills on the floor in front of the photographer. Sasha felt that she owed Willow an explanation.

Sam found Alexis at the hospital, where T.J. revealed that Harmony had attacked both Alexis and Carly. Alexis updated Sam. Amy and Jordan were in Carly's examination room, where Carly begged Jordan to find Harmony because she was a danger to Willow and Wiley. She added that Harmony had been desperate to keep her secret. Carly also told Jordan about the paper she'd found in Alexis' fireplace with Neil's letterhead. Jordan asked about the attack at Rana Point.

Carly recalled the conversation she'd had with Harmony, who had stated she owed Nina. Jordan thought that Carly knew something more that she wasn't talking about, and while she pressed for answers, Carly insisted that she didn't know anything. Carly was worried about Willow and her family. Jordan received a phone call about the accident. Both Carly and Alexis were checked out and ready to leave the hospital.

Alexis thanked Carly for saving her life, although Carly felt the same about Alexis. Alexis hoped that Harmony would be found. Just then, a gurney carrying Harmony was wheeled into the emergency room. Jordan announced that Harmony had been hit by a car. Willow and Michael arrived as Sam, Carly, Alexis, and Jordan stood by.

Carly calmed Willow down, but Willow asked what Carly knew, as that had not been the reason for Carly's call. Carly and Alexis explained that they had been with Harmony earlier. Carly was asked about the wound on her face, but Harmony was wheeled out of an exam room on the way to surgery. Sasha and Gladys arrived as Willow wondered who could have hit her mother.

In another exam room, Felty whined about his stolen memory card. He declared that he had been attacked. Dante was not moved as Felty spoke about pressing charges. Dante noted that Sasha would also be able to press charges for assault and harassment in addition to the illegal vehicle pursuit. Felty changed his mind as Dante ordered him not to go anywhere. Amy handed Felty a Band-Aid and smiled as she left. Felty called Smoltz and announced that he had what the journalist wanted.

Willow wants answers about Harmony

Willow wants answers about Harmony

Friday, April 29, 2022

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tried to surprise Ava with Champagne. Ava told Nikolas that her mind couldn't be changed so long as Esme stayed at Wyndemere. Nikolas then shared the news that Laura had assured him that Sonny would not harm Esme.

Since Esme could return to the mainland, Ava demanded that Nikolas make Esme leave Wyndemere immediately. Nikolas said he wouldn't have Esme sent away in the middle of the night and was worried about how Esme would support herself without full access to her trust fund. Nikolas tried to assure Ava that once Esme left, all of his and Ava's problems would go away. Ava disagreed and told Nikolas that she didn't trust him. Nikolas told Ava their problems weren't about trust and said that Ava's real issue was that Nikolas had chosen Spencer over Ava.

Nikolas and Ava argued passionately about Nikolas' decision to invite Esme to stay at Wyndemere. Ava mentioned that she had considered filing for divorce and told Nikolas that the reason she hadn't moved forward with the proceedings was that she still loved him. Nikolas said he didn't believe Ava. "Believe it," Ava said as she put her arms around Nikolas and kissed him.

Nikolas and Ava continued to kiss and fell onto the couch in the foyer. Ava surmised that their problems wouldn't go away if they had sex. Nikolas offered to do whatever he needed to make things right between him and Ava. Nikolas asked Ava to trust him, but Ava reminded Nikolas that trust was something that was earned and built over time. Ava then told Nikolas that he couldn't fix their problems with a handful of grand gestures. Ava walked away from Nikolas and out of the foyer.

At the Jerome Art Gallery, Trina asked Spencer to clarify whether she had been wrong about Esme being a "twisted witch" or the love of Spencer's life, while Esme stood in the shadows and eavesdropped. Spencer refused to answer Trina directly, and Trina told Spencer that he'd thrown away their friendship for "some psycho girlfriend." Esme then interrupted them. "I'm not the psycho, Trina. You are," Esme said.

Spencer wanted to know why Esme had gone to the gallery, and Esme announced that Laura had said that Sonny would back down and not pose a threat to Esme. A heated Esme got in Trina's face and continued to accuse Trina of having been responsible for the sex tape. Trina warned that everyone would soon see Esme for who -- and what -- Esme really was.

Trina left the room as Spencer as Esme talked. Spencer apologized to Esme for having taken things slowly in getting their relationship on track for a second chance. After Trina reentered the room and eavesdropped on Esme and Spencer's conversation, Esme said that she couldn't help but think about Trina. Esme called Trina a "back-stabbing snake," and Spencer yelled for Esme to not talk about Trina in such a way.

Spencer offered that all the stress Esme had over Trina couldn't be good for Esme, and he encouraged Esme to let it go. Esme calmed down a bit but insisted that she was a victim of Trina. Spencer then asked Esme if she trusted him. Esme said she did. "Then trust me when I say this. This is all gonna be over soon. And when it is, you and Trina will never have to see each other ever again," Spencer said. Esme seemed relieved and fell into Spencer's arms.

At the hospital, Carly told Bobbie over the phone that she was fine and that her injuries had been minor. Josslyn arrived and was relieved that Carly was fine. Josslyn then asked Carly why she'd been in the E.R. to begin with. Carly told a stunned Josslyn everything that had happened at Rana Point. Josslyn was confused by why Harmony had attacked Carly in the first place. Carly flashed back to Harmony's attempt to burn Neil's confidential file that stated Willow wasn't Harmony's biological daughter. Carly told Josslyn that she'd learned something that Harmony had desperately tried to keep secret.

Carly was apprehensive about telling Willow that Harmony wasn't Willow's biological mom, but Josslyn asked if the night could get that much worse. Josslyn's phone rang, and she excused herself to take a call. Just then, Gladys stopped by and told Carly that Sasha had been the one who'd struck Harmony.

Gladys confided in Carly that she was worried about Sasha's state of mind because the accident had occurred not long after Liam's tragic death. Carly assured Gladys that they would get Sasha through any hard times ahead. Gladys then mentioned that Sasha had acted like "a different person" with the photographer.

Josslyn returned, and after Gladys left, Carly asked Josslyn for a hug. Carly told Josslyn that she loved her and was grateful to have her. Josslyn told Carly that there would never be a good time to tell Willow what Carly had learned about Harmony.

In the hospital chapel, Willow asked Michael to stay with her and pondered why Harmony had been on the highway so late at night. Willow said she would never be able to forgive herself if Harmony died. Willow then recalled that she had forgiven Harmony for the things Harmony had done under Shiloh's manipulation. "For the first time in a very long time, I started to feel my mother's love. I'm not ready to be without it again," Willow said as she sobbed to Michael.

Michael told Willow that he knew Harmony to be a fighter and said that Harmony would find a way to fight to pull through for Willow's sake. Willow told Michael that she wanted answers about the accident. Just then, Sasha and Brando entered the chapel. Sasha asked Willow if the two of them could talk alone. Michael and Brando went out into the hallway.

In the hallway, Michael and Brando encountered Smoltz, who blithely called Sasha "The Face of Collision." Brando erupted and had to be restrained by Michael. After Smoltz tried to hide behind his First Amendment rights as a journalist, Brando gathered his composure and calmly recalled that he had fought for the military to protect Smoltz's First Amendment rights. Brando explained that the First Amendment only protected Smoltz and others from government censorship.

Brando confidently walked up to Smoltz and asked if he looked like "the government." Smoltz said no. "Which means that the government won't protect you if I catch you so much as breathing the same air as my wife. I will personally make sure that you are incapable of writing any story ever again. I doubt the journalism world would miss you. Not that they'd ever be able to find you if they did," Brando told a frightened Smoltz.

After Smoltz hurried away, Brando confided to Michael that Sasha had been the one who'd struck Harmony with Sasha's car. Brando explained that Sasha had been chased by a sleazy photographer and that Harmony had run onto the road. Michael felt horrible for Sasha. "Sasha might not know the full story, but I've got a feeling my mom does," Michael added.

Back inside the chapel, Sasha fought through her emotions and delicately explained to Willow that Harmony had run in front of the car. Sasha apologized profusely to Willow, who asked if Sasha had been with Carly and Alexis. When Sasha said she hadn't, Willow said she needed to ask Sasha a question that might sound strange. "Did it seem like my mom jumped in front of your car on purpose?" Willow asked.

Sasha said that while the accident had happened very fast, she felt that Harmony simply hadn't seen Sasha's car. Willow said she only wanted some of the events of the night to make sense. Willow wondered again why Harmony had been in the woods and why she'd stumbled onto the road in the first place.

Just then, Carly entered and asked Sasha for a moment alone with Willow.

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