General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 2, 2022 on GH

Harmony made a deathbed confession to Carly. Willow learned the truth about Harmony's crimes. Gladys vowed to protect Sasha. Liz was shaken by another unsettling incident. Terry and Amy clashed. Chet returned to Port Charles. Martin and Lucy went public with their relationship. Dex approached Sonny for a job.
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Harmony made a deathbed confession to Carly, and Willow learned the truth about Harmony's crimes
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Harmony opens her eyes following a difficult surgery

Harmony opens her eyes following a difficult surgery

Monday, May 2, 2022

At Maxie's apartment, Mac and Felicia watched over Bailey and doted on their granddaughter. Felicia recalled that she and Mac had babysat Maxie and Georgie when they'd been little. Mac grew bittersweet and said he wished he could go back in time to relive those days.

Felicia pointed out that Mac had never been a biological father to Maxie, Georgie, and Robin. Mac told Felicia that it had never mattered to him that the three weren't his biological children. Felicia thought Mac had always wanted a child of his own and asked if he really felt that way. "What are we talking about here?" Mac asked.

Before they could continue their discussion, Mac and Felicia were interrupted by Maxie, who arrived home from her date with Austin. Out in the hallway, Mac told Felicia that he couldn't ask for anything more in life than to spend more time with their grandchildren.

At Metro Court, Finn surprised Elizabeth with flowers and said he'd booked the room next to hers. Finn then reminded Elizabeth that she'd always been brave for everyone in her life and that it was okay to admit she needed someone. Finn offered to be that person and said he "owed" Elizabeth. When Elizabeth asked why, Finn recalled that Elizabeth had shown nothing but kindness and support when Finn had thought he had killed Peter and when Finn had rushed to find a cure to save Chase.

Finn asked Elizabeth how she had really been holding up. Elizabeth admitted that she was "freaked out" and wanted nothing more than to go home to her three boys and to "forget this nightmare ever happened." Finn pulled out a deck of cards and suggested he and Elizabeth play Slapjack. As they played, Elizabeth mentioned that she felt she'd heard voices. Finn asked if someone had tried to contact Elizabeth.

Elizabeth mentioned the patient who'd called the nurses' station to ask for a pillow and that he'd said, "Don't forget me" -- the same words the intruder had written in Elizabeth's house. Elizabeth said she was no longer sure what to think, between Aiden's Ouija board and Lucy's beliefs in the supernatural. Finn said he couldn't imagine that anyone else would have been able to handle everything Elizabeth had shouldered. Finn said he was in awe of Elizabeth. Finn and Elizabeth kissed.

At the Savoy, Sonny turned and saw Nina behind him at the bar. Sonny admitted that he sometimes wondered what life would have been like in Nixon Falls after a hard day. Nina asked if Sonny had had a hard day, and Sonny flashed back to his argument with Michael. Sonny said it was nothing he couldn't handle. Liesl arrived and abruptly rushed Nina to a table that Liesl had reserved for them nearby.

After Nina joined Liesl, Spinelli greeted Sonny at the bar and offered to buy Sonny a drink. Spinelli mentioned a new business venture that he hoped to launch. Sonny noticed Spinelli's platinum credit card and surmised that Spinelli had a lot going on. Sonny said he'd seen the way Spinelli had stared at Maxie. He then encouraged Spinelli to follow his heart and to tell whoever he loved what they meant to him before it was too late.

At their table, Nina demanded to know why Liesl had pulled her away from Sonny in such a hurry. Liesl mentioned all the things that Sonny had done to Scott over the years and said that if anything happened to "mein Scott," Sonny would personally feel Liesl's wrath. "Mob hits and gunfights will be pleasant memories compared to my vengeance," Liesl said.

Britt joined Liesl and Nina. Britt said that it had been a punch in the gut to see Willow in agony over the prospect of losing "her mother." Britt said she couldn't help but be reminded that no one ever had as much as time as they thought they had with a loved one. With that, Nina and Liesl agreed to stop their argument over Scott and Sonny because life was too short to stay mad at people they both loved. Nina left the table for another drink.

When Nina left, Liesl told Britt that she knew Britt's diagnosis weighed heavily on her but that it would be a waste if Britt were to deny herself happiness moving forward. Britt promised Liesl that she would continue to look for a date. Liesl left for home, and Nina arrived back at the table. Britt told Nina that she'd had a long day at the hospital and needed to get home, too. With Nina alone at the table, Sonny came over and asked if the seat was taken. "It is now," Nina said and smiled at Sonny.

Earlier at the Savoy, Austin and Maxie had watched Spinelli awkwardly attempt to introduce himself to a stranger, to no avail. Maxie told Austin that Spinelli had been trying too hard since Spinelli's divorce. Maxie called for Spinelli to join them, and Austin offered to take Spinelli on a kayaking adventure. Spinelli begrudgingly agreed after Maxie encouraged him.

Later, at Maxie's apartment, Austin thanked Maxie for a lovely evening and asked for another date the following night. Maxie started to ramble about Spinelli and then her children. Austin told Maxie that if she didn't want to hang out, all she had to do was say so.

In the hospital chapel, Willow asked Carly why Harmony had been in such an isolated area as Rana Point. Carly then proceeded to tell Willow that Harmony had attacked Carly and Alexis. "What would be so bad that my mom would attack you?" Willow wondered.

Willow was stunned as Carly recalled Harmony's reactions. Willow asked Carly what secret Harmony had tried to keep and promised that she could handle it, whatever it was. Just then, Britt walked into the chapel with an update. Britt told Willow that Harmony had pulled through surgery but that Harmony had suffered significant internal bleeding, as well as damage to multiple organs. Britt told Willow she could visit Harmony but added that Harmony was unconscious. Willow lit a candle in the chapel for Harmony then left to see Harmony.

Also at the hospital, Alexis confided in Sam about Harmony. Alexis said she wanted closure and admitted she wouldn't find it if Harmony died. Sam chased down a doctor on staff, passed herself off as Harmony's niece, and said that Alexis was Harmony's sister. Sam was able to learn that Harmony was out of surgery, as well as learn Harmony's room number.

Alexis sneaked into Harmony's room and told an unconscious Harmony that she was furious at her. Alexis recalled that she had stood up for Harmony when everyone had encouraged Alexis to dump Harmony as a friend. Alexis wondered if any part of Harmony had ever been real and surmised that Harmony could have had a relationship with Willow that was based on honesty. Just then, Willow and Michael entered the room.

Alexis left the room, and Michael offered Willow some privacy. Alone in Harmony's room, Willow confessed that she had never stopped loving Harmony, even when it had hurt. Willow then held Harmony's hand and begged Harmony to wake up. "I still love you. Isn't that worth living for?" Willow asked.

As Willow started to sob, Harmony opened her eyes. A tear fell down Harmony's cheek as she saw Willow.

Willow questions why her mother would attack anyone

Willow questions why her mother would attack anyone

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie explained that she wanted to see Austin two nights in a row but that she didn't want to ask Mac and Felicia to babysit again. Maxie said that being a parent to three kids didn't leave her with much free time. Austin said he felt Maxie was looking for an excuse to push him away.

Maxie denied that she had wanted to push Austin away and recalled everything she had been through in the past year with Peter. Still, Maxie conceded that Austin had a valid point, and she said that a new relationship was the last thing she needed. Austin offered that he and Maxie could go back to being friends. "To hell with that," Maxie said, and she flung her arms around Austin for a long kiss.

As they kissed, Maxie and Austin were interrupted by Georgie, who was upset to find Austin at the apartment. Austin said it was time for him to leave. Maxie walked Austin to the door and told him goodnight as Georgie looked on with disapproval.

At Metro Court, Lucy entered Martin's room as the two planned a steamy night of romance. Lucy and Martin made love, and afterward, Lucy confided that she had missed Martin. Lucy said the best part about Martin's return and the launch of Deception as a public company was that she and Martin could take their relationship public. Lucy encouraged Martin to dump Valentin as Martin's only client, but Martin was hesitant. Lucy asked if Martin had a problem with going public with their relationship.

Martin denied that he wanted to keep their affair hidden, but he expressed his desire to remain financially independent in lieu of Lucy's recent windfall with Deception. Martin then said he was tired of kowtowing to Valentin. "I can always find another client. I just don't think I can find another you," Martin said.

Later, Lucy and Martin stepped off the elevator and encountered Valentin. Martin boasted that he and Lucy were indeed an item and assured Valentin that Martin's clients were never the subject of "pillow talk." Martin added that he would be sorry to see Valentin go as a client if Valentin felt uncomfortable watching his lawyer and close business associate become involved.

Valentin told Martin that Martin and Lucy made a happy couple, and Valentin wished them all the best. When Martin asked if that meant Valentin was still his client, Valentin assured Martin that he was. Valentin told Lucy that she would have his blessing as long as Valentin could count on Lucy's support at ELQ. Lucy assured Valentin that she'd been happy with his work with the company and that she had no plans to withdraw her support. Valentin bid them a good evening and left.

In Elizabeth's room at Metro Court, Elizabeth and Finn kissed on the sofa before Elizabeth's phone rang. Afterward, Finn started to leave to go to his room next door. Elizabeth gave Finn a key in case she called and needed his help. Finn told Elizabeth to make sure she latched the door to her room after he left. Just as Finn left, Elizabeth's phone rang again. Elizabeth answered but forgot to latch the door.

Later, Elizabeth showered and was startled to discover that the room had been trashed and that someone had ripped open the couch pillows and cut through the furniture in her room. Elizabeth yelled for Finn, who rushed in. Rory and the police arrived shortly after Finn to take Elizabeth's statement and to look for clues. Elizabeth admitted that she'd forgotten to latch the door.

Elizabeth and Finn went to the dining room area of Metro Court and ran into Lucy. Lucy invited Elizabeth and Finn to join her and Martin. Elizabeth remembered that she'd left her phone in the room, and Finn offered to get it. When Finn left, Lucy asked what Elizabeth would do next. Elizabeth told Lucy that she felt the police might be "out of their depth on this case." Elizabeth then asked Lucy for the name of the spirit reader Lucy had mentioned.

Back in Elizabeth's room, Rory told Finn that Elizabeth's room was out of the security cameras' range but confirmed that no one had entered or exited the elevator on the floor of the room. Rory told Finn that the police were searching the hotel's vacant rooms because the intruder could have hidden in one of them. Finn told Rory that there had to be something the police had missed because it was impossible to break into someone's room, vanish, and leave no evidence.

At the Savoy, Nina invited Sonny to join her table. When Nina learned that Sonny hadn't spoken to Michael, she told Sonny that Harmony had been involved in a terrible accident and was in the ICU. Nina encouraged Sonny to join Michael at the hospital, but Sonny told Nina that he wouldn't be welcomed there.

Sonny recalled his and Michael's awful fight and said that things had been said that couldn't be forgotten or forgiven. Nina refused to believe that and encouraged Sonny to seek reconciliation. Sonny expressed his disbelief that someone fighting for their life that was so close to Michael and Willow didn't warrant a phone call, but Sonny reasoned that it was no longer his place to check in on Michael.

Sonny told Nina that he'd felt great since he'd quit drinking. When all the patrons at the Savoy had gone home, Sonny told Nina to dance with him. Sonny and Nina danced passionately and intensely and held each other close. After Sonny and Nina danced, N'neka and a co-worker applauded. Sonny and Nina thanked each other for the dance and bade each other goodnight. Both stared longingly at each other before Nina left.

At the hospital, T.J. gave Willow, Michael, and Carly the news that Harmony was still in critical condition. T.J. cautioned Willow about the importance of keeping Harmony calm.

In the waiting room, Michael brought Carly orange juice and a snack. Michael confessed that he felt Willow would be off without Harmony and said that it was hard whenever a parent betrayed their children's love. Carly quickly surmised that Michael was referring to Sonny and told Michael that despite the divorce, she still wanted Michael to have a relationship with Sonny. Michael reiterated that he didn't want Sonny's support and would not accept it even if Sonny offered.

In Harmony's room, Willow told Harmony to keep fighting and said that they could get through whatever had happened that night. Harmony opened her eyes. "Willow, I'm so, so sorry," Harmony managed to say through her strained voice. Harmony told Willow that she had loved being Willow's mom, and she said she had to tell Willow something. Harmony then became anxious, and Willow had to leave the room.

Michael and Carly joined Willow outside Harmony's room, where Willow begged Carly to say whatever Carly had been about to tell Willow earlier in the night. Carly deferred and told Willow that she needed to focus on Harmony. T.J. joined them and informed them that Harmony had only needed a sedative for the time being.

Carly encouraged Willow to go for a walk with Michael, and Willow agreed. Not long after they left, Harmony awoke and motioned for Carly to join Harmony in her room. Inside, Carly told Harmony that Willow knew that Harmony had tried to kill Carly and Alexis, but Carly added that Willow didn't know why. Carly then told Harmony that she'd held back for Willow's sake.

Harmony tried to speak but couldn't get the words out. Carly said she would find someone to help Harmony communicate.

"N-N-Nina," Harmony muttered to a confused Carly.

Carly promises to honor Harmony's dying wish

Carly promises to honor Harmony's dying wish

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

At Anna's house, Anna and Robert debated what to watch. Anna wanted to find something on a streaming service, while Robert suggested a classic movie. Anna chuckled because they'd gone from staring down assassins to fighting over what to watch. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Robert suspected trouble because of the late hour, so he accompanied her to the door. It was Mac and Felicia. Felicia asked if it was a bad time, but Anna invited the couple inside.

Anna offered to open a bottle of wine, while Robert preferred single-malt scotch. Felicia wasn't interested in alcohol; she wanted to enjoy the nice evening and stargaze. Felicia marched outside, and Anna followed. Robert and Mac remained in the living room.

Outside, Felicia looked up at the night sky and questioned if a particular constellation was the Big Dipper or Little Dipper. Anna sensed something was troubling Felicia. Felicia revealed there would be a lunar eclipse at the end of the month, and it was often referred to as a Blood Moon. Felicia explained that in some cultures, a Blood Moon was considered a bad omen for pregnant women. "Well, that counts us out," Anna said. Anna's smile faded when she noticed Felicia's expression.

Stunned, Anna asked if Felicia was pregnant. Felicia quickly clarified that she wasn't, but Felicia suspected Mac wanted a baby. Anna blamed it on spending time with Bailey because Bailey was a wonderful baby, but Felicia explained it was more than that. Felicia reminded Anna that Felicia and Mac had never raised a child together. Anna asked if Mac had expressed an interest in adoption, and what Felicia wanted. Felicia admitted that she and Mac had not discussed it, but Felicia pointed out that she had three grandchildren.

Anna assured Felicia that Felicia was young at heart in all the ways that mattered, but she encouraged Felicia to discuss it with Mac. Anna promised that she would always be in Felicia's corner -- whatever Felicia decided. Felicia was grateful for the support, and she conceded that she might be overreacting.

In the living room, Mac talked about spending time with Bailey. Robert admitted that the best part of being a grandparent was being able to return the child when they were done playing. Robert was shocked when Mac shared his suspicion that Felicia might want a baby. Robert poured two glasses of scotch and handed one to Mac. Robert tried to lighten the mood by telling a joke about an old man becoming a father and not knowing whose diaper to change, but Mac was not amused.

Robert switched gears by thanking Mac for raising Robin. Mac assured his brother that raising Robin had been one of the ultimate joys of Mac's life, and Mac would always think of both Maxie and Georgie as his daughters. However, Mac pointed out that he and Felicia had never raised a child together. Robert asked if Mac wanted to have a baby. Mac evaded the question by suggesting he might be mistaken about everything. Robert pointed out that the only way to find out what Felicia wanted was for Mac to talk to Felicia.

Just then, Anna and Felicia returned to the living room. Anna offered Felicia a glass of wine, but Felicia declined because it was late. Robert joked that Felicia and Mac should get all the sleep they could, prompting Felicia to question Robert about the odd remark. Mac glared at his brother, but Robert deftly covered his slip by reminding Felicia that Mac's job with the police department meant that Mac was on call 24/7.

After Mac and Felicia left, Mac stopped to look up at the stars. Felicia giggled when he questioned if a particular constellation was the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper. Felicia asked if it would be wrong to make a wish on a constellation they weren't certain about. Mac didn't think so. Satisfied, Felicia hooked her pinky around Mac's, and they closed their eyes as they both made a wish. Afterwards, Mac started to say something, but Felicia warned him not to say anything, or his wish wouldn't be granted.

Inside the house, Anna and Robert toasted to Felicia and Mac. "May they get everything they wish for," Anna said. As Anna sipped her wine, Robert suggested that whoever controlled the remote would get to select the movie. Anna made a mad dash for the sofa.

At Harborview Towers, Sonny stood before his penthouse door, but his thoughts were on earlier in the evening when he had danced with Nina at the Savoy. Sonny pushed the memory away when he heard his bodyguard ask if Sonny was okay. Sonny explained that he'd recently been advised to "carpe diem." Frank smiled in understanding because he knew it was Latin for "seize the day." Frank took his position guarding the front door as Sonny entered the penthouse.

A short time later, Sonny invited Frank to join him for dinner. Sonny had made pasta and meatballs. Frank declined because he was working. Disappointed, Sonny returned to the living room and flopped down on the sofa. Within minutes, Sonny fell asleep. He woke up in Nixon Falls at the firehouse where he and Nina had danced. It was nighttime, and a fire crackled in a firepit. Sonny brightened when Lenny greeted him, but Lenny was not impressed with Sonny's wardrobe.

Lenny handed Sonny a black Stetson hat similar to the white hat Lenny wore. When Lenny asked what Sonny wanted to drink, Sonny requested a club soda. Lenny realized they had a lot to catch up on. The two men sat down, and Sonny filled Lenny in about Sonny's return to Port Charles and the divorce that had followed. According to Lenny, death was easy compared to divorce. Lenny pointed out that Phyllis could still put flowers on his grave, and her memories of them were warm and affectionate.

The conversation turned to Sonny's children. Sonny explained that both Avery and Donna were young, but Carly had made certain to visit the girls often. However, Sonny admitted that his relationship with Michael had become strained. Lenny urged Sonny not to give up on Michael, and Sonny assured his old friend that he wouldn't. Lenny beamed with approval when Sonny opined about Nina. Lenny was pleased that Sonny had found the "gumption" to be honest about his feelings for Nina. Sonny likened his relationship with Nina to a slow dance.

Lenny warned Sonny not to waste time, waiting for the right moment. Sonny wondered what the secret was to the kind of love Lenny and Phyllis had shared. Lenny admitted there hadn't been a secret; a person just needed to give more than they received. Lenny explained if both people in the relationship did that, then they couldn't lose. Sonny credited Nina for giving Sonny the gift of not having to choose sides. Lenny was impressed, but he was curious what Sonny had given Nina in return.

Sonny agreed that he owed Nina because she had put Sonny ahead of her own interests. Sonny was eager to return home, but he didn't know how to get there. Sonny turned to Lenny for guidance, but Lenny was gone. Moments later, Sonny cried out for Lenny as he woke up in his penthouse. Frank rushed in to check on Sonny, but Sonny assured his bodyguard that everything was fine. After Frank left, Sonny called Nina, but the call went to her voicemail. He admitted that he'd been happy to see her earlier, and he couldn't wait to see her again soon.

At Charlie's Pub, Phyllis greeted Nina. The two women were alone in the bar as they walked to one of the tables. Nina told Phyllis about Harmony's accident, but Nina admitted she didn't know the details. Phyllis conceded that life was short, and they needed to grab every bit of joy from it while they could. Nina agreed, and her thoughts drifted to the slow dance with Sonny at the Savoy.

After Phyllis fetched a cup of tea for Nina, Nina confided that she felt hopeful about having a future with Sonny. Both ladies looked up when Valentin entered. Valentin apologized for intruding, but the sign had indicated that the bar was open for business. Phyllis and Nina invited Valentin to join them. After Valentin sat down, Phyllis disappeared into the kitchen to fix a cup of tea for Valentin.

Nina asked about Charlotte. Valentin was pleasantly surprised when he realized Nina had stayed in touch with Charlotte at boarding school. Nina smiled, but she confessed that she hadn't thought he'd had it in him to be parted from Charlotte. Valentin confessed that it hadn't been easy, but everything had changed when Peter had abducted Charlotte. Valentin said he had been determined to get Charlotte far away from Port Charles -- and Victor. Nina was curious why Valentin had agreed to let his father drop Charlotte off at boarding school, especially since Charlotte had wished it had been Valentin.

Valentin explained that he'd been recuperating, and he had thought his father could be trusted with the deed. Nina assured Valentin that he could always count on her to help with Charlotte. Valentin promised to keep it in mind. Nina smiled. She knew it had been difficult for Valentin to part with Charlotte, especially after what had transpired with Bailey. Valentin agreed it had been hard to learn that Bailey was not his daughter, but it had been the best way to safeguard the baby from Peter. Nina empathized because she knew what it was like to discover the child she loved wasn't hers.

Valentin assured Nina that he deeply regretted hiring Sasha to pose as Nina's daughter, but Nina promised she had put it behind her. Nina conceded it was ironic that Nelle had been under her nose the whole time, but it was Carly's decision to keep the truth from Nina that had set off a chain of events that continued to that very day. Valentin wondered if Sonny was a link in the chain Nina had mentioned. Nina insisted that what she and Sonny had shared had been left in Nixon Falls, but Valentin didn't believe her. He pointed out that her voice changed whenever she spoke Sonny's name.

Valentin promised Nina that whatever happened, she could always count on him if she needed him. Nina smiled as she tossed his words back at him by promising to keep it in mind.

After Valentin and Nina left, Phyllis locked up. She straightened one of the tables, but she froze when she felt Lenny walk up behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. Phyllis closed her eyes and took in the moment. When she turned in Lenny's arms to look up at him, Lenny was gone. Phyllis' expression filled with sadness.

In the hospital's waiting area, Michael tried to distract Willow by talking about their trip to Paris. He was eager to show her a museum dedicated to Monet and a park near the museum that rivaled Central Park. Willow smiled wistfully because the park sounded like a place Wiley would love, especially if there were dogs. Michael agreed that their son adored dogs.

Meanwhile, Brando and Sasha exited the elevator and approached the waiting area. Sasha offered to leave if Willow didn't want her company, but Willow asked her friends to stay. Brando and Sasha sat down as Willow gave them an update on Harmony. Sasha was happy to hear Harmony was awake because it meant there was hope for recovery.

Later, Sasha stood in the bathroom as she stared at a pillbox filled with red capsules in the palm of her hand. Sasha snapped the pillbox closed and glared at her reflection in the mirror. She reminded herself that she had been lucky she hadn't taken a pill before the accident because it would have been found in her system. Sasha insisted she'd been given a second chance, and she warned herself not to blow it. Sasha marched over to the toilet, dropped the pills into the bowl, and flushed it. Moments later, Brando knocked on the bathroom door.

In the waiting area, Willow recalled how she had distanced herself from Harmony to protect herself. Michael assured Willow she'd had every right to do what had been necessary. Willow explained that her mother might be dying, and she felt it on her heart all the times she could have spent time with Harmony and all the things she could have said to her mother. Willow said it had been the right decision at the time, but she couldn't help but think about the missed opportunities.

Nearby, Brando admitted that the hospital was a painful reminder of what he and Sasha had lost. He hoped Willow received better news than he and Sasha had. Sasha agreed.

In the ICU, Carly couldn't make sense of what Harmony had said. Harmony was weak as she struggled to speak. Harmony implored Carly to protect Willow, no matter the cost. Carly agreed, but Carly didn't understand what Willow was in danger from. Harmony's eyes filled with tears as she expressed her regret for attacking Carly. Concerned about Harmony's emotional state, Carly tried to calm Harmony down. Harmony was too agitated because she regretted not telling the truth when she'd had the chance.

Carly promised she understood because Carly had been raised by an adoptive mother. Carly advised Harmony that the longer Harmony waited to tell Willow the truth, the harder it would be. Harmony admitted that if she had been brave enough to be honest with Willow, then there might have been more time, and things might have been different. However, things had gone too far, and Willow was no longer safe. Harmony insisted that "she" loved too much and too hard, and "she" was obsessive and possessive. Harmony feared that "she" would try to take Willow away from Michael because "she" was dangerous."

Carly realized Harmony knew who Willow's biological mother was. Harmony confirmed it was someone Willow despised and didn't trust. Harmony revealed that Willow had had a twin sister -- Nelle. Carly was stunned by the revelation because it meant Nina was Willow's biological mother. Harmony begged Carly to protect Willow from Nina because Nina's love would smother Willow. Carly was reluctant to make any promises, and Harmony's vitals suddenly crashed and the alarms on the machines went off.

Moments later, T.J. ran into the room, followed by two nurses with a crash cart. T.J. desperately tried to save Harmony by using a defibrillator and administering CPR., but Harmony flatlined. Eventually, T.J. called Harmony's time of death. A shocked Carly watched from the hallway.

A few minutes later, Carly went to the waiting room to fetch Michael and Willow. T.J. exited Harmony's hospital room as Willow arrived. Willow began to weep as T.J. broke the news to her that Harmony had died. Willow wanted to see Harmony, so T.J. told her to take all the time she needed. Michael accompanied Willow into Harmony's hospital room. Willow forgave her mother, and she admitted she had loved Harmony more than Harmony had realized.

Willow's smile was bittersweet as she recalled a long-before picnic in a Colorado meadow with Harmony when Harmony had braided Willow's hair and decorated it with flowers. Willow vowed to share those special memories with Wiley.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sasha's worst fears were realized when T.J. broke the news that Willow would need her friends to lean on.

Dante gives Willow shocking news

Dante gives Willow shocking news

Thursday, May 5, 2022

At Finn's place, Violet hosted a tea party with Chase. Brook Lynn arrived with lightsabers for May the 4th and asked if she could join Chase and Violet. Brook Lynn watched lovingly as Chase and Violet played with the lightsabers.

Chase and Brook Lynn both regretted that they'd missed seeing Star Wars on May the 4th, and Brook Lynn suggested the two have their own screening of the movie soon. After Violet excused herself to clean up the tea party, Chase encouraged Brook Lynn to continue her songwriting career. Brook Lynn remarked that Chase was a pro at being a detective, and Chase told Brook Lynn that she needed to gain some of that same faith in herself.

Brook Lynn vowed to become more self-confident. Violet returned, and Chase had the idea for him and Brook Lynn to take Violet and Leo to dinner at Kelly's. "It's a date," Brook Lynn and Violet said in succession.

At Volonino's Gym, Sonny caught up with Chet, who'd just returned from a trip to the Middle East. Chet said he had a lot to look forward to on his return home and mentioned "Dex," a friend he'd recommended take over his role when Chet was away.

Dante arrived and told Sonny the news that Carly and Alexis had been attacked by Harmony the previous night. Dante informed Sonny that Harmony had died shortly after she'd been struck by a car. Sonny reached for his phone to call Carly but stopped himself. Sonny expressed his regret that Carly hadn't called him with the news first. Sonny told Dante he would always care for Carly, but Sonny said he thought Carly wouldn't want to have anything to do with him for the rest of his life. Sonny added that the fact that neither Carly nor Michael had reached out to him after someone had tried to kill Carly sent a message.

Dante asked if Sonny had been taking care of himself because of all that Sonny had been through, having lost his marriage, his best friend, and his relationship with Michael. Dante expressed his concern that Sonny could become isolated and vulnerable. Sonny assured Dante that he was handling himself. Dante left for the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Willow.

After Dante left, Chet rejoined Sonny with Dex, who told Sonny that he'd like to stay on the staff at the gym. Sonny told Dex that he admired Dex's work ethic and attitude, but there were no job openings at the gym. Sonny went to leave a voice message for Carly but was interrupted when a sparring match in the ring turned into a full-blown fight. Dex jumped into the ring and promptly broke up the fight. Dex's actions impressed Sonny, who reconsidered Dex's offer and told him to come by Sonny's office later to talk about Dex's future.

At the hospital, Britt tried to lift T.J.'s spirits after the loss of his first patient. T.J. confided that it was a worse feeling than he'd ever imagined, and he admitted he felt angry and "useless." T.J. said he wanted to scream. Britt encouraged T.J. to take care of himself.

When T.J. said he wished he could compartmentalize his emotions, Britt said that as co-chief of staff, she didn't want robots on her staff. Britt said she wanted doctors who used their hearts as well as their heads. T.J. said that while he'd done all he could to save Harmony, he'd felt helpless when he'd had to tell Willow that Harmony had died. Britt suggested T.J. not internalize every loss and offered T.J. the rest of the day off.

At the nail salon at the Metro Court, Terry welcomed Elizabeth for a mani-pedi. Terry revealed that their mani-pedi had been paid for by Finn. Elizabeth insisted that she was "handling things," but Terry knew better and encouraged Elizabeth to open up to her. Elizabeth confided to Terry that Aiden believed Elizabeth's stalker was Franco's ghost. Terry asked if Elizabeth really believed she was being stalked by a ghost, and just then, Amy walked in. Amy saw Elizabeth and Terry and quickly turned to leave, but Elizabeth called out to Amy.

Terry was annoyed to see Amy, who said she felt that Terry was always picking on her. When Terry reminded Amy that she was supposed to be at the hospital on a double shift, Amy said she had worked with T.J. the night before and was distraught after they'd lost a patient. Amy told Terry she didn't like the way Terry was doing her job and petulantly said that she would go directly to Monica to complain. Terry encouraged Amy to file a complaint with the board and accused Amy of trying to ruin her day off.

After Amy stormed off, Terry said she'd had to call Amy out more than once for Amy's unprofessional behavior on staff. Elizabeth changed the subject to ask about Terry's "secret lover." Elizabeth wanted to know who he was, but Terry didn't want to reveal the man's identity because she didn't want to jinx anything. The conversation then turned back to Elizabeth's stalker. Elizabeth asked if Terry would accompany her somewhere later, and Terry agreed.

Later, Terry dropped Elizabeth off at the hospital in time for Elizabeth to start her shift. Terry then spotted Britt and asked if she'd known that Amy had canceled her second shift to get a manicure. Britt was happy for Amy because of Amy's rough night. Britt looked at Terry's outfit. "That's not what you're wearing on your date, is it?" Britt asked as both women smiled.

Terry said she was going home to change, and Britt joked that Terry didn't care for unsolicited advice. Britt added that she had another piece of advice for Terry: to forget about Amy, the hospital, and everything else. Terry joked that Britt wasn't as annoying as Terry thought she'd be.

Alone in the hospital corridor, Elizabeth called someone named Chelsea and mentioned that Lucy had recommended her. Elizabeth told Chelsea that she wanted to make an appointment because she needed help to "explain the unexplainable."

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Carly told Michael that Willow would need their strength to lean on, given what the future held. Carly warned Michael that he needed to be careful what he said around Wiley and added that the press would be all over the story of Harmony's death. Michael said he didn't know how to protect Willow from the fallout.

Michael wondered what had pushed Harmony to extremes and admitted that he probably hadn't helped. Michael thought if he'd been more accepting of Harmony that she might have turned out differently. Carly reminded Michael that Harmony had made her own choices.

Just then, Dante arrived as Willow descended the stairs. Dante told Willow that he had more information on Harmony if Willow was ready for it. Willow asked what secret Harmony had tried to hide. "Harmony had killed before," Dante told her.

Dante told a stunned Willow that the police had evidence that Harmony had killed both Brendon and Neil Byrne. Dante then told Willow that Harmony had committed a crime years before and had gone to great lengths to hide it. Dante told Willow the crime had to do with Harmony's past -- as well as Willow's.

Carly told Willow that Harmony had revealed a secret that Neil had kept in his notes through the years. Willow asked what the secret was and pleaded for someone to tell her. "Harmony was not your biological mother," Dante told a stunned Willow.

Carly then flashed back to Harmony's dying confession that Willow had been Nelle's twin and that Nina was Willow's biological daughter.

Willow wonders who her real birth mother is

Willow wonders who her real birth mother is

Friday, May 6, 2022

At Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Dex arrived for his meeting with Sonny. Dex handed Sonny a copy of his resume, which Sonny promptly tore up. Sonny told Dex that he didn't need resumes and that he relied on his instincts instead. Sonny told Dex that the most important thing in Sonny's business was trust. "If that's a problem, then we stop right now," Sonny said.

Sonny informed Dex that he needed to know Dex would be able to take orders and follow them, and for Dex to never think he knew better than Sonny. Sonny complimented Dex for having broken up the fight at the gym earlier. Sonny told Dex that being tough could only get a person so far and that being smart was the better way. Sonny was impressed by Dex's attitude but wouldn't make any promises to bring Dex into his business.

Just then, Frank arrived and escorted Brando into Sonny's office. Sonny asked about Sasha, and Brando confirmed that he needed Sonny's help. Sonny encouraged Brando to be respectful when Sasha said that she was okay, but that if there were any warning signs to not ignore them. Brando remembered his wedding vows and said he'd make sure that if Sasha fell, he would catch her.

At the hospital, a jittery Sasha learned she was fine after T.J announced the results of her CT scan. When T.J. left the exam room, Sasha frantically tore through her purse. The photographer who'd chased Sasha the previous night entered the room and startled Sasha.

Sasha yelled for the photographer to leave. The photographer told Sasha that the pills he'd seen in her possession the previous night hadn't been for migraines. He then told Sasha that he only wanted his memory card back and would forget about the compromising photos he'd taken of Sasha. The photographer added that he had "connections" and strongly implied that those connections were tied to drugs. He texted Sasha his number and encouraged Sasha to give him a call.

Also at the hospital, Curtis encountered Jordan. Curtis said he was there to talk to T.J. about Marshall because T.J. liked Marshall. Curtis thought T.J. was entitled to know the truth about who Marshall was. Curtis then told Jordan he'd had to find someone else to help locate the confidential file on Marshall that Jordan had refused to help with. Jordan demanded to know how Curtis obtained the sealed file.

Curtis surmised that Jordan seemed to care more about how he'd found out about Marshall's past instead of what he'd found. Jordan told Curtis that she still cared about him and asked if it had been worth whatever price Curtis had paid to find out what he wanted to learn about Marshall. "Marshall? What about him?" T.J. said after he'd overheard the two.

Jordan greeted T.J. with a hug and then left to get back to her work. Curtis told T.J. that he wanted to talk about Marshall. T.J. then showed Curtis the gift Marshall had sent along with a card. Curtis read Marshall's note to T.J. out loud, and T.J. asked if Curtis knew what the note meant. "It means your grandfather left town because of me," Curtis said.

Near the elevator doors, Jordan ran into Dante, who'd just come from the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion. Jordan told Dante that she had a pressing job for him. Dante asked what might be more pressing than finding out that Harmony wasn't Willow's birth mother. "Finding out who was," Jordan said.

Jordan told Dante to learn everything he could about Harmony's life before she'd come to Port Charles. Jordan added that somewhere out there, a mother was missing her daughter.

At the Metro Court gardens outside, Gladys went to insert the photographer's memory card into her laptop. Valentin asked if he could be of assistance. Valentin ignored Gladys' pleas that she didn't need any help and looked at the laptop screen. Valentin noticed one of the photos the photographer had taken of Sasha.

Valentin said he and Gladys both knew that Sasha hadn't struck Harmony on purpose. "But in the wrong hands, these photos tell a decidedly different story," Valentin said as he showed Gladys a photo of Sasha near the mess of pills that had spilled from Sasha's purse.

Gladys told Valentin that a doctor had prescribed medication for Sasha to help her cope with the loss of Liam. Valentin was sympathetic, but he reminded Gladys that Sasha had a history of drug abuse. Valentin was concerned because Sasha was his business partner and represented a large part of Valentin's investment. Still, Gladys told Valentin that she trusted Sasha. Gladys left and went to an empty table nearby.

Sasha soon joined Gladys at the table. Sasha flashed back to having flushed her pills and then told Gladys not to throw the memory card away. Sasha said the photographer might leave them alone if they gave back the memory card. Gladys said that as Sasha's mother-in-law, she would protect Sasha. Gladys added that Sasha that she could tell her anything. Sasha thanked Gladys for looking out for her but encouraged Gladys to return the memory card as a gesture of good faith. Sasha left to get back to work. When Sasha left, Gladys stared at the memory card.

At Marta & Chloe, the Metro Court nail salon, Nina stormed in and interrupted Scott's facial treatment. Nina revealed that she'd received an advance copy of the five-part series the Invader was scheduled to run. Scott assured Nina that her case would be decided in court and not on the front page of the Invader. Scott mentioned Harmony's death and quipped that compared to Harmony, Nina was like Mother Teresa. Scott felt he and Nina should go to Michael and Willow's lawyer and announce that they'd let the judge decide whose behavior was better for Wiley's sake: Nina's, or that of a double murderer.

Just then, Diane entered the salon and brought up Nina's documented history of emotional and mental instability. Diane encouraged Nina to withdraw her claim, but Nina refused to back down. Nina told Diane that if Michael and Willow insisted on dragging her through the mud, Nina would return the favor. As Diane went to leave, Nina said that Wiley shouldn't be punished because of Willow's pain. "Nina, you seem to think that depriving Wiley of your presence would be a punishment. The court may not agree with you," Diane said.

When Diane left, Scott and Nina agreed that it was time for all-out war against Michael and Willow. Nina felt that Willow was "too good to be true" and told Scott there had to be something about Willow they could uncover. Nina told Scott to keep digging until he found it.

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Carly confirmed that Harmony had said that Willow wasn't her biological daughter. Dante told Willow the PCPD would do everything in its power to make sure Willow got answers. Carly told Willow that the reason Harmony had attacked Carly and Alexis on Rana Point was because Harmony's secret had started to come out.

Willow then recalled that Harmony had had a difficult time finding Willow's birth certificate. Dante told Willow that Willow's real birth certificate had never existed and that the one Harmony had given Willow had been forged. Carly then explained that Willow had been taken as an infant and given to someone else. "What else don't I know? Everything I ever thought about my childhood is a lie," Willow said.

Willow pleaded for Carly to tell her if Harmony had confided why Harmony had lied about being Willow's birth mother. Carly flashed back to the promise she'd made on Harmony's deathbed to look after Willow. Dante wanted Willow to take a DNA test to rule out any blood relation between Willow and Harmony, and Willow said she needed time to digest everything she'd learned. Dante agreed to come back the next day. Dante apologized for having been the bearer of bad news and left. Carly got up to leave as well and hugged Michael and Willow. Before she left, Carly told Willow that she'd promised Harmony she would protect Willow. When Carly left, Willow was left to ponder Carly's comment. "Protect me from what?" Willow said.

Willow told Michael she couldn't help but ask herself the same question. "If Harmony isn't my birth mother, who is?" Willow said.

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