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After a shocking realization, Liz checked into Shadybrook. Marshall recovered from his injuries and reconciled with his family. Victor returned to Port Charles. Sonny took the stand on Nina's behalf. Carly postponed picking up the results of the DNA test. Chet received an unexpected job offer. Chase refused to help Brook Lynn.
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Nina's hearing got underway with Sonny testifying on her behalf and Michael being asked about Claudia Zacchara's violent death
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Nina, Willow, and Michael have a confrontation

Nina, Willow, and Michael have a confrontation

Monday, May 23, 2022

Sonny and Dante met for coffee at the outdoor dining area at General Hospital. They grabbed a table and sat down. Sonny revealed that he would be going to the court hearing but wouldn't be testifying for Michael. Dante was surprised to hear that Sonny would be supporting Nina's rights to see her grandson. Dante felt that Michael had the right to protect his son, while Sonny thought that Michael was angry and blamed Sonny for what had transpired with Carly. "Like father, like son," Dante replied.

Sonny confessed that he had been ready to defend Michael, but Michael had rejected Sonny and all he stood for. Dante accused Sonny of crossing the line, and he pointed out that Nina had a history of questionable behavior. He thought that Michael had been through a lot and had been "circling the wagons" after what he saw as a threat. Dante thought that Sonny should act like a father and wait until after the petition hearing to do anything, or he could lose Michael and Wiley for good.

Sonny insisted that Michael had already made it clear that Sonny had lost them. Dante replied that Michael still loved Sonny as much as Sonny loved Michael. He wanted Sonny to think about it.

Inside, Chase asked Finn about Elizabeth's condition. Finn acknowledged that it was complicated, and he filled Chase in on the possibility of sleepwalking just as Kevin stepped off the elevator. Kevin was on his way to see Elizabeth.

In Elizabeth's room, Terry informed Elizabeth that her blood work was normal, and Elizabeth insisted she was fine. She continued to pack up her things. "Am I losing my mind?" Elizabeth asked. Terry retrieved Finn, and Kevin informed the others that Elizabeth's sleep medication could be the culprit. Finn was sure that Elizabeth would never intentionally hurt anyone in her sleepwalking condition. "Tell that to Chase," Elizabeth said.

Shortly after, Elizabeth was packed and ready to go. She apologized to Chase for having given him a concussion. Terry and Kevin had more test results; Elizabeth's MRI was normal. Further discussion of the sleeping pills and their effects were discussed. Elizabeth wondered if the problem could be deeper, and Kevin agreed that it could be emotional. Elizabeth was concerned about harming her kids. Terry admitted to Chase that she hoped as a friend that things could be figured out.

Elizabeth confessed that she didn't want to close her eyes again. Finn wondered if her actions would stop, since she'd become aware of what she had been doing. Kevin stated that they needed the root cause for her actions, or it could happen again. Elizabeth vowed to protect her family.

Drew found Brook Lynn in the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion as she ended a call with her lawyer. Willow and Michael walked in prior to leaving for the hearing, and Drew offered to watch Wiley. Ned, dressed in tennis attire, walked in and accused everyone of having another meeting without him. He was embarrassed to be reminded of the hearing, and he wished Willow and Michael luck. After they left, Brook Lynn told Ned and Drew that they needed to stick together. "We certainly do," Ned replied as he glared at Drew.

Ned claimed he had been joking about his meeting remark, but he exclaimed that he was still opposed to the merger. He felt that he was the best choice to lead the company, but Drew remarked that Ned had no media experience. The men began to bicker as Ned proclaimed that he had a long history with the company. Brook Lynn finally shouted at them to stop. She wondered if it really mattered who would replace Valentin, and Drew agreed with her. Ned had to change his clothes for work and left the room.

Brook Lynn complained that they should all be fighting together. She told Drew about Linc's return to town, and how the issues with ELQ had been born from her desire to get rid of Linc. She said she had only just learned that Linc owned all her songs and demos, and she saw no way out. Drew thought it would be a good idea for Brook Lynn to write new songs and move on. Brook Lynn admitted that she had done that, and she enjoyed her new job with Deception.

Brook Lynn received an email and announced that Linc had actually sold one of her songs. She played the demo and was disgusted with the way it sounded. Drew told her she had to fight, and Brook Lynn made a phone call. She wanted someone's help. When Ned returned, Drew was eating. He told Ned that Brook Lynn had run out, but it was up to her to tell Ned about it. The guys began to argue again, but Ned had to get to the office. Sarcastically, he stated that he was the only Quartermaine who actually worked at ELQ.

As Carly had a private session with her yoga teacher, she noted that she thought it would do her some good before the hearing. Brad and Britt arrived early for class. Brad was exhausted and confessed that he had been out late, running errands for his Aunt Selina. He assured Britt that he wasn't a "drug mule." They walked inside as Carly finished up, and Brad asked to speak to Carly, who wanted nothing to do with him. Brad spoke, anyway, and he told Carly that he loved Wiley and regretted his previous actions.

Carly accused Brad of putting everything in motion, and she brushed past him to leave. Britt attempted to speak, but Carly ordered her to stay out of it. Brad informed Carly that it could all be a replay of what had happened to Michael and A.J., and he added that the truth always won out. He thought that eventually, Wiley would want a relationship with Nina. Carly suggested that Wiley might be grateful that he didn't have one after he heard about the damage Nina had created. Carly urged Britt to get better friends because Brad was an idiot.

"He can be, but right now, he kind of has a point," Britt replied. Carly stated that Britt shouldn't agree with Brad. Britt declared that as Nina's cousin, she wanted Nina to be able to see Wiley, although she understood Carly's point. She knew that Nina wouldn't give up, and Wiley was sure to have questions in the future. Carly flashed back to conversations with Drew regarding Willow's mother as Britt proclaimed that there had to be a way to settle things.

After Carly left, Britt asked Brad about his courage. He replied that he had learned from his aunt, and he admitted that he had been enjoying his new job. He thanked Britt for her encouragement. She looked at him uncomfortably.

Maxie quizzed Nina on her feelings about the hearing as they arrived at the courtroom. Nina confessed that she had some punches to throw. Maxie was glad to see that Nina was determined, although she thought that Michael was a decent person. Nina maintained that she had tried to compromise, and Sonny didn't think she should walk away, either. Maxie mentioned the drink that Bobbie had tossed on Nina, and Nina explained that Sonny had looked after her. Nina thought there was a chance for her and Sonny even though his family hated her; they cared about each other, and Sonny was willing to testify on her behalf.

Willow and Michael had arrived and stood just outside the door, listening. They stormed in, and Michael asked about Sonny. Nina informed him that Sonny was done supporting Michael. Maxie urged everyone to act like an adult, but Willow replied that there was no place in Wiley's life for Nina. Maxie didn't think there was a limit on how many people could love a child, and Michael immediately questioned whether that would have held true for Peter in Bailey's life.

Maxie insisted that was different, but Michael declared that shared DNA didn't make a family. He added that Willow was Wiley's mother. Nina wondered if that held true for Harmony as Willow's mother, although she quickly regretted her remark. Willow stated that her memories wouldn't change, as Nina asked about Willow's biological parents.

Willow accused Nina of assuming that Willow had been stolen, and she suggested that she had been given away. Nina began to tell Michael and Willow off until Maxie interrupted. She had received a call that James was sick, and she had to pick him up at school. She pulled Nina aside and urged her to stay away from Michael and Willow because Nina was making things worse.

Nina apologized to Willow for going too far, and she was sorry about Harmony. Willow thought that Nina only had fake remorse, and she told Nina to save her breath. Nina asked if Willow and Michael ever made mistakes, but Michael replied that Nina had a pattern. He said they had to protect Wiley. "Regardless on how it affects the rest of your family?" Nina asked. Sonny walked in just then. Carly was on her way in when she received a text message that her test results were ready.

At the hospital in Brooklyn, T.J. and Curtis clutched coffee cups as they waited for news on Marshall. T.J. explained that the knife had cut close to an artery, but he had something else to discuss. He'd gone to Marshall's hotel and, using the key card to get in, found something in Marshall's room. Before he was able to provide details, the doctor approached them. He spoke in general terms, as neither man was on an approved list, but he stated that Marshall was stable. He was weak from blood loss, but the doctor was encouraged.

After the doctor had gone, T.J. revealed that he had found an antipsychotic medication in Marshall's room. He and Curtis discussed the drug, although T.J. admitted that he couldn't provide specific information without Marshall's diagnosis. Curtis stated that Marshall had refused to discuss anything with him, but T.J. surmised that the drugs were the right ones to have been taken in the past, as mental health hadn't been understood then.

Curtis confessed that the more he knew about Marshall, the more questions he had. Just then, he was summoned to Marshall's examination room, where he found an unconscious Marshall in bed. Curtis drew the curtain closed and began to talk. He confessed that he would have preferred to have had his father in his life, even if Marshall had been struggling. He knew that Marshall had wanted to protect them. Curtis wondered if he was to blame for Marshall's not telling the truth. He wanted Marshall to wake up. Curtis wanted to make things up to Marshall. He continued to implore Marshall to wake up, and suddenly, Marshall opened his eyes. Marshall looked around frantically. He seemed unable to place his surroundings. "It's your son," Curtis said.

Brook Lynn met with Chase at the outdoor dining area. She wanted him to help her to take her life back.

Sonny takes the stand to testify on Nina's behalf

Sonny takes the stand to testify on Nina's behalf

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Outside at the Metro Court gardens, Brook Lynn told Chase that she wanted her old songs back. Brook Lynn said that she needed a Plan B option because she couldn't sue Linc due to the binding nature of the contract she'd signed, and she asked for Chase's help. Brook Lynn asked Chase to follow Linc to see if Chase could find something shady to help her get her music back, but Chase refused because Brook Lynn's plan was against the law.

Brook Lynn surprised Chase when she referred to her songs as her "babies." Brook Lynn explained that she'd created the songs, nurtured them, cried when they had failed, and celebrated when they'd been genius. "That explains it. You're not just mourning your songs. You're mourning Bailey," Chase said.

Brook Lynn insisted that her quest to get her songs back had only been about taking back control of her life. When Chase said that he couldn't help take down Linc, Brook Lynn got up and said she that would help herself.

At the Brooklyn hospital, Marshall was thrilled to see Curtis at his bedside when Marshall woke up from surgery. Marshall said that he'd been afraid he'd never see Curtis or his family again, and Curtis assured Marshall that neither of them was going anywhere. An emotional Curtis said that he only wanted Marshall to come home to his family where Marshall belonged. Curtis said there was nothing Marshall could do that would scare Curtis off or turn him against Marshall. "You're my father, Marshall Ashford. Flesh and blood. Nothing comes between us, unless we let it," Curtis said.

T.J. and Stella entered the room and greeted Marshall. Stella encouraged Marshall to return to Port Charles with them. Out in the hallway, T.J. shared with Stella that Marshall had a prescription for antipsychotic medicine, and he asked Stella to tell more about what she knew of Marshall. Stella reminded Curtis and T.J. that it wasn't her story to tell -- only Marshall's.

In the lobby of the hospital, Marshall admitted that he'd been less than honest about his past and said that he was ready to come clean. Before Marshall could say any more, his doctor wheeled him away for a last round of scans before Marshall could be discharged. Marshall beamed when the doctor said that Marshall could go home after the tests. "That's exactly where I'm going -- home, with my family," Marshall said.

In the picnic area, Gregory took Violet on an afternoon picnic. Gregory tossed a frisbee that hit Alexis, who joined Gregory on a park bench. Gregory picked up a copy of the Invader and admitted that he wasn't a fan of the paper. Gregory said that he'd been unimpressed by Smoltz's series of articles on Nina, and he accused Alexis of wanting to have journalism both ways. Alexis said that she'd bent over backwards to spotlight both sides of Smoltz's story on Nina. Violet rushed over and told Gregory that she didn't think he was playing nice.

Alexis and Gregory explained that their argument was like two people on a seesaw, and they agreed to disagree. Alexis encouraged Gregory to express his opinion in his own written op-ed column in the Intruder. Before Gregory could give an answer, his phone chimed, and he and Violet left to meet Finn.

In Elizabeth's room at the hospital, Elizabeth said she felt she was a threat to everyone in her life and that it was necessary for her to go away for treatment. Laura entered and told Elizabeth that everything would be okay and that Elizabeth's loved ones would find a place for Elizabeth to receive the proper care she needed if the resources at the hospital weren't enough. Elizabeth wept as she told Cameron that it wasn't safe for their family to be together. "I know it's awful and it's scary, and it makes me feel so out of control, but it's the truth. And I refuse to let whatever this is harm you or your brothers," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth told Finn that she needed to have his backing on her decision to seek help away from Port Charles. Finn didn't see the benefit of keeping Elizabeth from her family and the people he felt could help her the most. Laura reminded Finn that they all had to do what was best for Elizabeth. Kevin suggested that Shadybrook would be a good place to begin Elizabeth's treatment.

Laura suggested that she, Kevin, and Cameron leave the room to give Elizabeth and Finn some privacy. Elizabeth wondered if there was something deep inside of her that felt threatened by Finn. "As scary as this is and as much as I want you to hold my hand through all of this, you just can't," Elizabeth said.

Finn agreed not to let his feelings for Elizabeth interfere in her recovery, and he told Elizabeth that he would miss her while she was away at Shadybrook. Laura, Kevin, and Cameron returned to the room, and Cameron promised to make sure Aiden and Jake behaved while their mom was away. Laura said that all of Elizabeth's friends and family were proud of Elizabeth.

Later, Gregory and Violet joined Finn at the hospital. Elizabeth gave Violet, Cameron, and Finn all a hug as she prepared to leave for Shadybrook. "Tell my boys I love them and that I'll be home as soon as I can," Elizabeth said through tears in Finn's arms. Elizabeth stepped onto the elevator with Laura and Kevin and held Cameron's hand as the elevator door closed.

At the courthouse, Nina tried to talk Sonny out of testifying on her behalf because it could damage Sonny and Michael's relationship permanently. Carly rallied behind Michael and Willow, and Scott and Diane arrived to break up the tension between the two sides before it escalated further. Sonny noticeably sat behind Nina in court as Carly, who sat behind Michael and Willow, glared at him from across the room.

Nina took the stand under oath to explain why she wanted visitation rights to Wiley. Nina told the court that she'd enjoyed her time spent with Wiley, and she swore that she was a good grandmother. Scott asked Nina about Wiley's other grandmother, Harmony, and he tried to shame Michael and Willow for having allowed Harmony to visit Wiley, given that Harmony had killed two men.

Diane began her cross-examination of Nina. Nina claimed that if she'd only known that Nelle had been her daughter, Nelle might not have turned out to be the person she'd been. Diane accused Nina of being delusional to think that Nina would have made any difference in Nelle's life. Diane then said that Nina's petition was simply an act of revenge, and she accused Nina of not having Wiley's best interest in mind.

Diane brought up what had happened in Nixon Falls and reminded the court that Nina had kept the knowledge that Sonny had been alive to herself and had not shared it with either Sonny or his family. Diane again accused Nina of revenge because Carly had kept Nelle's identity a secret from Nina.

Nina said that what had happened in Nixon Falls was "complicated," but she admitted that she'd lied and kept Sonny from his family. Nina said that everyone lied and that being a liar didn't make her an unfit grandparent. Diane said that Nina had already had her chance to "make things right" and had blown it. Nina stepped down from the stand, and the judge asked if anyone else wanted to speak on Nina's behalf. "Get me on the stand!" Sonny adamantly instructed Scott.

Scott announced that he had one more witness to call. "Sonny Corinthos to the stand," Scott said as Diane, Michael, Willow, and Carly looked on in disbelief.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, May 26, and picked up where the Tuesday, May 24, episode concluded.

The hearing continues

The hearing continues

Thursday, May 26, 2022

At the hospital, Amy promised someone on the phone that she would call them back to make sure that everything was working out like they'd discussed. Chet arrived, and Amy could tell that he was preoccupied. He revealed that a recruiter from the veterans' hospital had called him about the Director of Mental Health Outreach job that he'd thought he wasn't qualified for. He added that someone had to have submitted his information, because he hadn't applied. He told his sister that he started in a few days, but the job was in Chicago.

Amy was ecstatic for Chet, but he informed her that he'd been seeing someone. "This is the first I'm hearing of this," she replied, and she acted dismayed to learn that Chet had been seeing Terry. She thought that a relationship that new wasn't worth throwing away his dream job for. He remembered how he'd been in a bad place when he'd met Terry and how she'd snapped him out of it. He figured he should break the news to Terry, so he asked for a rain check on lunch and walked away. Amy's phone went off. She told the caller that Chet was going to take the job, and she thanked them for looking at his résumé.

Nikolas followed Britt through the halls of the hospital, demanding an update on Elizabeth, but Britt cited HIPAA laws. Nikolas talked about how generous of a donor he was to the hospital, and Britt informed him that he was even more entitled than Spencer. Terry approached and asked if there was a problem, and Nikolas explained his problem with Britt. Without giving up any confidential information, Terry assured Nikolas that Elizabeth would be able to update Nikolas very soon.

"See how easy that was?" Nikolas asked. Britt reminded him that Terry was friends with Elizabeth, but Britt wasn't. He wondered if Britt even had any friends. Britt advised him to only return if he was injured or dying, and he left. Terry asked what was going on with Britt, and they made their way to Terry's office. Britt briefly explained her run-in with Spencer and figured she shouldn't let him get to her. She conceded that Spencer and Nikolas were right about her being alone.

Britt related that she was going to an in-person singles event, and she invited Terry along. Terry agreed to go as a wing woman, but she confided that she was seeing someone. Britt wanted all the details, but Terry explained that it was too new to go public. Britt had to go, but she offered her services if Terry or Elizabeth needed anything. She left, and Chet arrived a few minutes later with something to tell Terry.

Britt bumped into Amy and thought she was supposed to be having lunch with her brother. Amy replied that he had to talk to the woman he'd been seeing about something. Britt sighed that it was always all about having someone special to pass the time with, and she walked away.

At Wyndemere, Esme proposed that she and Spencer go on a picnic and invite Nikolas. Spencer replied that he would love to, but they needed to start packing. He revealed that Ava had agreed to give him an allowance from his trust fund if he and Esme moved out of Wyndemere. Esme wondered if that meant he was ready to share a bed with her again, but he figured that they could afford a place with two bedrooms.

Nikolas arrived home and told Spencer and Esme about Elizabeth. Spencer wanted to go check on Cameron before he had to go to the gallery. Esme figured that her presence would make things worse, so Spencer left without her. Nikolas assured a clearly upset Esme that Spencer would choose her in the end, and she replied that she would miss talking to Nikolas when she and Spencer moved out. She told him about Spencer's deal with Ava, and Nikolas bolted from the room. Esme called out that she hoped she hadn't caused any trouble, and she smiled. She poured herself a drink and muttered, "It won't be long now."

At the Metro Court bar, Ava excitedly told the bartender about an important deal she'd just closed. He asked if she wanted a martini to celebrate, and she accepted. Just then, Victor arrived, and Ava told him how much he'd missed. As she sipped her martini, she told him about Luke's killer being arrested, and she figured that it would be a weight off of his shoulders.

Victor hoped he hadn't missed Nikolas and Ava's vow renewal, and she revealed that she and Nikolas might be done, anyway. She talked about Esme and how fooled Nikolas was by her. She added that Esme's presence had exposed a lack of trust between Nikolas and Ava, and she thought that she deserved better. Victor thought that if Nikolas couldn't recognize or appreciate how remarkable Ava was, he was a fool. Just then, Nikolas arrived.

Cameron arrived outside Kelly's just as Josslyn did. She revealed that she'd figured out a way to stop Esme and prove Trina's innocence. Noticing how unenthusiastic he was, she asked what was wrong. He told her about Elizabeth and how he was terrified that she wouldn't get better. Spencer arrived, and Josslyn rolled her eyes and went inside Kelly's.

Spencer told Cameron that he'd heard about Elizabeth, and he promised that he would be there for whatever Cameron needed. Cameron appreciated the offer, and Spencer left. Josslyn returned and mentioned how weird it was that Spencer was such a good friend to Cameron and not Trina. She went on about her plan to neutralize Esme, which involved breaking Spencer and Esme up. Cameron replied that they couldn't do that. He begged to not talk about Esme for one day, and he went into the diner.

Rory approached Trina at the gallery, wanting to check on her on his day off. She replied that she was "far from okay, but managing," citing the Title IX report. He admitted that it was a new thing for him, as he hadn't gone to college. He continued that after seeing the expense college would be, he'd looked for other ways to achieve what he wanted to do. He said he'd become a cop to make a difference and right wrong, the first being what was happening to Trina.

Trina was ready to wrap things up at the gallery so she could go find a distraction. Rory invited her to the Museum of Natural History, but she wasn't in the mood. He proposed going to the pool, but she didn't want to mess up his life by being seen with him. She said she knew that there was no rule against fraternizing with suspects; however, he was new to the force, and it would definitely be frowned upon. He thought he could handle it, but she graciously declined. He figured he could look around at some art while he was there, and Spencer arrived just in time to see them together.

In the courtroom, Sonny was sworn in, and Scott asked about Sonny's relationship with Nina in Nixon Falls. Sonny briefly explained how he'd gotten to Nixon Falls and the nature of his relationship with Nina. He added that he hadn't known who he'd been, and he'd stopped trying and wanting to find out before Nina had arrived. He continued that Nina would pay for her mistakes for the rest of her life, but he'd made peace and forgiven her. He believed that Nina deserved to be a part of Wiley's life. Diane quietly assured Michael not to worry and got up for her turn to question Sonny.

Through Diane's questioning, Sonny revealed that knowing he'd had a family might have changed his mind about wanting to find them. Speaking of family, Diane wanted to talk about Avery's entry into the world, and she ended up explaining to the judge what Nina had done. Sonny commented that Nina had been unwell at the time, and she'd had a breakdown just like he'd had before. He believed that Nina had healed and grown. Diane went on that Sonny's family members were also victims of Nina's, so she wondered why Sonny's judgment about Nina should be trusted. "That's enough," Sonny said.

Sonny stepped down, and the judge asked Scott to call his next witness. Scott called Michael up to the stand, and Michael wondered what Scott was up to. Diane told Michael to answer honestly, and she would handle the rest. Michael was sworn in, and Scott approached him. Since the hearing seemed to be revolving around ethics, Scott asked Michael to tell the court what had happened with Claudia.

Esme sets her sights on Nikolas

Esme sets her sights on Nikolas

Friday, May 27, 2022

In the courtroom, Scott recalled that Michael had killed Claudia Zacchara many years earlier, and he wanted to know how Michael was fit to be a parent if Nina wasn't. Scott stated that when Michael had found Claudia, Michael had picked up an axe to bash Claudia's head. Scott then turned his attention to how Michael had gotten custody of Avery from Sonny and went on to accuse Michael of having "stolen" Avery.

Scott suggested that perhaps the real person Wiley needed protection from was Michael. Michael said that Nina had caused nothing but misery for his family and that Nina was only interested in herself. Michael added that Nina believed the world had caused all of her and Nelle's problems.

Scott tried to suggest that Nelle might have been afraid that Michael could have done to Nelle what he'd done to Claudia. Diane objected, but Scott pointed to Michael's demeanor on the stand and the obvious anger on Michael's face. "Do you think that's the look that Claudia saw right before he bashed her head in?" Scott asked dramatically.

Diane then questioned Michael about the six-month gap between when Nina had first seen Sonny in Nixon Falls and the date on which her deceit had been uncovered. Diane wanted to know how many times during that span Nina had asked to see Wiley, and Michael said that it had only been twice. Michael then recalled that Nina had once told Wiley that Willow wasn't Wiley's real mother and that Nelle was.

Diane asked Michael the real reason he opposed Nina's visitation request. Michael said that Nina had consistently been untruthful to Michael and Willow, and he added that Nina had a history with emotional instability and that Nina seemed more invested in redeeming Nelle than in Wiley's well-being.

Diane then entered into evidence the criminal records of both Michael and Nelle and told the judge to interpret them for herself. The judge called a recess and asked to see Scott and Diane in her chambers. Before Scott left, he told Nina that he would be lucky to practice law in a food court by the time the trial was over.

Sonny stayed behind and brushed his hand against Nina's face, just as Carly stopped by. Sonny walked out of the courtroom, and in the lobby, Michael stared at Sonny and looked ready to erupt. Carly rushed to convince Michael that nothing Scott had said in court was true and that Scott had only tried to take attention away from Nina. Michael said that he'd still have to answer Wiley's questions about Michael's past one day.

Willow went back inside the courtroom just as Nina told Liesl over the phone that she'd have time for a cup of coffee. Willow grabbed Nina by the arm and spun her around. "You're not going anywhere!" Willow angrily told Nina.

At the hospital in Terry's office, Chet told Terry that he'd received an offer for a job that he hadn't applied for, as Amy eavesdropped outside the office door. Chet told Terry that the new job was in Chicago. Just then, Amy burst into Terry's office and told Chet that he couldn't take the job.

Amy confessed that she'd put Chet up for the job with the hope of separating Chet and Terry. Amy said she'd gotten carried away with the thought of Terry being in Amy's life both at work and away from work. Amy said she'd changed her mind once she'd heard Chet say what he'd been missing in his life. Amy apologized for having interfered and begged Chet to forgive her, and she ran out of the room in tears. Chet said he didn't see how he could take the job in Chicago, and Terry countered that she didn't see how Chet could afford not to.

At the Jerome Art Gallery, Spencer saw Trina with Rory. After Rory left, Spencer told Trina that Ava had agreed to let Spencer withdraw money from his trust fund if he and Esme moved out of Wyndemere. Spencer and Trina argued, and Trina left.

Later, at the Metro Court pool, Trina spotted Rory shirtless after he'd gotten out of the pool and was transfixed by the sight of Rory's body. Rory invited Trina to join him and said that he'd reserved a lounge chair for Trina. Rory ordered non-alcoholic drinks for him and Trina. Trina thanked Rory for the drink, for the lounge chair, and for the company Rory had provided her.

At Wyndemere, Esme left a voice message for Spencer and asked him to come home soon. "Before I get into trouble," Esme said after she hung up, and she smiled. Esme then wrote a letter to Maggie and said that Maggie's worry had been misplaced and that everything in Port Charles was going well. Esme wrote that even though she didn't have everything she wanted yet, she was well on her way.

Spencer arrived home, visibly irate, and Esme quickly surmised that Spencer's anger had to do with Trina. Esme wanted to know why every encounter between Spencer and Trina triggered Spencer. Spencer told Esme to drop it and offered to take her on a ride, but Esme demanded that they continue the conversation. Esme told Spencer that she might not be at the mansion when he returned if he walked out the door.

Spencer accused Esme of having resorted to an ultimatum when Esme hadn't gotten her way. Esme countered that being taken for granted didn't work for her, and she said that Spencer should know better than to assume that everyone would always stick around. Spencer left for a ride and said that he couldn't talk to Esme with the way she'd been behaving. Spencer slammed the door on his way out.

At the Metro Court bar, Nikolas was surprised to see Victor back in town and asked to speak to Ava alone. Victor thought he should stick around in case Nikolas and Ava needed "a referee -- or a field medic." Victor reminded Nikolas and Ava that all married couples went through rough patches. Nikolas said that Ava had driven Spencer away, just as he'd started to get closer to Spencer.

Victor felt that Spencer could mature faster if Spencer was closer to his family, and he added that the family had weathered worse than Ava and Nikolas' feud. Victor encouraged Nikolas and Ava to find a compromise, but neither would budge. Victor left but said he wanted to meet soon for a proper reunion with the entire family. "Don't muck this up, nephew," Victor told Nikolas.

After Victor left, Nikolas asked Ava what they should do about the impasse in their marriage. Ava felt that she'd done her part by having given her and Nikolas the time and space needed to fix their marriage. Nikolas felt that Spencer had begun to slowly accept Nikolas and Ava's relationship. Ava told Nikolas that the two of them had bigger problems than just Spencer or Esme. Nikolas said that Ava wanted to make him choose between her and Spencer, and between his marriage and his family. Ava told Nikolas that perhaps she had a choice to make, too, and she threatened to walk away from her marriage.

Ava told Nikolas that their marriage no longer worked for her. Nikolas said that he and Ava both loved each other, but he denied their marital problems were all his fault. Ava said that Nikolas would crawl back to Ava because she was the best thing that had happened to him. Ava said she hoped that Nikolas would come to the same realization before it was too late.

Later, Victor returned and brought Ava a fresh martini. Victor was concerned that things hadn't gone well between Ava and Nikolas, but he felt that Nikolas would be back. Ava told Victor that her marriage might be at an end. Just as Ava finished sharing her worry with Victor, Nikolas burst through the main room back at Wyndemere and poured himself a strong drink. Esme watched Nikolas from a distance and smiled an evil grin.

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