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Marshall revealed that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Mac and Felicia had an encounter with Ryan. Dex was revealed to be secretly working for Michael. Spinelli was in cahoots with Zelda -- the face of Society Setups. Gladys reluctantly kept Sasha's secret. Finn took Violet and her cousins on a camping trip. Trina received bad news. Nikolas told Ava that he wanted a divorce.
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Dex was secretly working for Michael, Spinelli was in cahoots with Zelda, and Trina received bad news
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Marshall has answers for Curtis

Marshall has answers for Curtis

Monday, June 6, 2022

"I love him!" Leo exclaimed in the Quartermaine stables as he fawned over his new horse. Olivia told Ned how happy she was about Leo liking his new present. Ned said he knew that equestrian therapy was good for kids with autism, but Leo just looked like a kid getting a horse. Olivia suggested that she and Leo head to the house for some carrots for the horse, and after they were gone, Ned told the horse that he trusted the horse to look after his son. Just then, Valentin arrived with a large box.

Valentin was impressed with the horse and announced that he had some equestrian gear that had belonged to Charlotte. Ned wondered about Valentin's real reason for his visit, and Valentin admitted that he wanted to discuss their working together at ELQ. Valentin reminded Ned that he had made an offer but hadn't heard back. Ned declared that he had been living with the consequences of putting ELQ before his family, such as what had happened with Brook Lynn selling her shares to Valentin. He thought that Valentin had betrayed the family, but Valentin replied that Ned was the one being betrayed.

Valentin stated that Drew and Michael would give Ned a meaningless title, and Ned needed to be in a good financial position for his family. He added that Ned needed to have power and respect, and he would be able to guarantee a suitable role other than CEO. Valentin said he was willing to be on equal footing with Ned, because he felt that 50 percent of something would be better than 100 percent of nothing. Olivia and Leo returned, and Olivia appreciated Valentin's gesture, whatever his motives might be. Leo was thrilled with the clothing.

Valentin left after telling Ned to let him know if Ned needed anything, and Olivia sent Leo back to the house for some sugar cubes for the horse. She explained that Valentin had been good for Bailey and Leo, but she wanted Ned to sleep with one eye open because Valentin was up to something. She thought that the Quartermaines always argued about ELQ, but Ned felt like he was on the outside. Olivia suggested that Ned speak to Drew and Michael and make a deal. She noted that she was always right.

Carly found Drew by the pool at Metro Court, and he noted her good mood. She told him that there were "blue skies ahead." They saw Michael and Willow walk in, and Drew noted that it was a relief that Willow wasn't Nina's daughter. Willow announced that Wiley had a swim class, and she and Michael would relax for a short time. Drew wanted to speak to Michael, and they went over to a separate table. Carly guessed that the custody battle had taken its toll on Willow, who grumbled that Nina should have respected her wishes. She was angry. Carly flashed back to the reveal of the DNA test and noted that Willow got to choose who would be in Wiley's life.

Willow indicated that she had reached a decision regarding her search for her biological mother. She noted that biology didn't make family, and Nina had gone to extremes to win. Willow said she didn't want to look for someone who could be as bad for her as Nina was for Wiley, and she had all the family she needed. Carly got choked up but noted that Willow was making the right decision.

Drew and Michael spoke about not being able to get Ned on board with their plan to make him COO. Drew pointed out that Ned needed to be respected, and he listened to Michael complain about Sonny. Drew thought that Michael sounded like his father. Michael revealed that he planned to "crush" Sonny and to let him know that Michael was the one behind it. "Then he can get around to dying," Michael concluded. Michael didn't think he'd regret it, and he added that he had something planned, but it didn't involve Drew.

Drew preferred to talk about the Aurora stock that had been difficult to increase in value. Just then, Valentin showed up, and Drew noted how "chipper" Valentin seemed to be for getting voted out. Valentin replied that it was possible to lose the round but still win the match. Drew proclaimed that he had no intention of losing, but Valentin snapped that no one ever intended to lose, but someone had to. "Maybe you," Valentin said. "Back at you," Michael retorted. "That's the spirit!" Valentin exclaimed as Drew and Michael walked away.

Drew and Michael returned to Carly and Willow. Michael divulged that Valentin was planning something, and he could no longer relax. Willow felt the same way, and they departed to catch the rest of Wiley's class. Drew wondered if Willow felt okay, and Carly told him that Willow had Nina in her head. Drew was glad that Nina had turned out to not be related to anyone. He thought that Willow was lucky to have Carly as a friend, although Carly said that she wasn't that great. Drew noted that Carly had helped him a lot, too. Carly voiced her desire to help save ELQ from Valentin.

At Shady Brook, Laura told Elizabeth that she looked well rested. Elizabeth admitted that it was the first good sleep that she'd had in a long time. Laura noted that it would take a few days for the sleeping pills to get out of Elizabeth's system, and she could even experience withdrawal. Elizabeth was in disbelief that she would have noticed her condition in a patient but had not noticed it in herself. Finn arrived unexpectedly with a bouquet of flowers that he admitted to having purchased in a convenience store nearby.

Elizabeth seemed annoyed, and she confessed that she was confused. She said she had asked Finn not to visit, but Finn said he didn't want her to think that he had abandoned her. He claimed he didn't want to hurt her. Elizabeth replied that he was hurting her. She explained that she was scared of hurting someone she loved, although Laura stressed that it was all a side effect of the pills. Elizabeth had learned that she suffered from dissociative fugue that had been caused by the pills. The psychological problem hadn't been determined yet, but something was broken and needed to be fixed.

Finn apologized if he had rushed Elizabeth into moving on. She told him that he always made her feel that everything was okay, but she thought that if he was around, she would not resolve any problems. Finn decided it was best to leave, and Laura volunteered to walk him out. He stated that he would stay away, but he wasn't giving up.

Out in the hallway, Finn lamented that it all felt like it was his fault. Laura stressed that Elizabeth hadn't meant that, and Laura understood it all, having been where Elizabeth was. Laura said she had suffered from a mental illness, also, and her family had triggered her trauma of a repressed memory. Finn wondered if Elizabeth's problem could be the result of something other than her losing her husband. Laura urged him to respect Elizabeth's request.

Back in the meeting area, Laura suggested that Elizabeth put the flowers in her room. Elizabeth was worried that she would be charged with a crime for setting fire to Franco's studio. She was also concerned about her attack on Chase. Laura did her best to reassure Elizabeth and asked if it was all due to something more than the sleeping pills. She realized that Elizabeth had been on the pills for a year. She asked Elizabeth if something had happened more recently. Elizabeth seemed thoughtful but suddenly declared that she wanted to lie down. She thanked Laura for visiting.

Curtis arrived home with Marshall in tow, and Portia was happy to see them. She asked about Marshall's condition, and Stella made it clear that Portia had asked as family, not as a doctor. Stella took Marshall to his room, and Portia was excited that Curtis had found his father. Curtis didn't feel like a hero because he had broken his father's trust in the first place. He said he had just wanted to make things right, and he had pushed Marshall away. Portia maintained that trust was earned, and Marshall hadn't given Curtis any reason to trust him.

Curtis showed Portia the drugs he had found in Marshall's room, and Portia offered to look them over. Curtis realized that he had violated Marshall's privacy, and he would wait for Marshall to tell him about it. Stella returned, and Portia was ready to leave. Stella apologized for not being honest in the past, but she had thought it was Marshall's story to tell. Portia kissed Curtis goodbye. Curtis declared himself lucky to have Portia, who had "stepped up" for the family. Stella asked when he might make things official.

Curtis was annoyed, but Stella insisted that Portia had shown herself to be a true member of the family. He had several excuses, although Portia pointed out that they had purchased their home together. Stella urged him not to waste time because it wouldn't wait -- she and Marshall had learned that. Curtis mentioned his divorce from Jordan, and Stella began to act strangely. She claimed it was the excitement of the past few days.

Marshall returned to the living room and admitted that he felt terrified. He said it was time to give Curtis answers. Marshall, Curtis, and Stella sat down. Marshall instantly cleared Irene of any blame. He said he had pressured Curtis' mother to go along with him because he had thought it was for the best. After he had returned from Vietnam, he had been disillusioned about everything, and he hadn't even returned to his music. He had needed a purpose, and he'd found it in protesting.

Marshall had protested many things, as long as there had been injustice. Then he had found his music again, but he'd been paranoid. He'd thought that he'd been watched. Curtis noted that the government always kept tabs on protesters, and Marshall explained that he'd been involved with the police, and he'd had an episode. He had been dropped off at a psych ward for observation and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

At General Hospital, Terry received a text message from Chet that he'd landed. Before she was able to consider the message, she spotted T.J. She was surprised to see him, and he informed her that he couldn't begin to tell her everything that had happened with his family. Terry preferred that he not work but do observation only. She looked down at her phone and a photo of Chet.

Soon after, Finn bumped into Terry, and he confessed that Elizabeth wouldn't tell him how she was doing. Terry couldn't believe that Elizabeth had asked him to leave, but Finn explained the situation. Terry was certain the couple would find their way back to each other once Elizabeth worked through her grief. Finn divulged that he thought it was more than grief. Terry wondered if anyone had reached out to Elizabeth's parents, and Finn thought it was time.

Portia ran into T.J., and she was also surprised to see him. He noted that Marshall had promised to provide Curtis with answers, and he hoped that would help Curtis to heal.

Michael receives an unwelcome visitor

Michael receives an unwelcome visitor

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

At Curtis and Portia's house, Marshall told Curtis that he'd been diagnosed with schizophrenia years earlier. Marshall shared that he'd had no other breaks from reality and that he'd stayed on his medications over the years. Marshall confided that he'd been afraid of the man he might have become if he'd stayed behind.

Marshall said that he'd been worried that he might become someone who was unmoored. Marshall recalled that he'd also worried what would happen if his medications were to have stopped working, and he said that he'd feared becoming the type of father that Curtis and Thomas wouldn't have deserved.

Marshall sobbed and told Curtis that he was sorry for having hurt Curtis and Thomas, but he hadn't known what else to do at the time. Marshall went to get some rest, but Curtis had one more question. Curtis recalled that Marshall had said he'd never had an episode or relapse since his diagnosis. "How come you didn't come back years ago? Why now?" Curtis asked.

Marshall said that he'd kept his eye on Curtis through the years but had never dared to approach his son. Marshall mentioned the Savoy and said that when Curtis had opened up a music club, it had been like a message from God. Marshall apologized for being late, but he added that he was with Curtis and had no intention of leaving. Marshall and Curtis hugged one another closely, and Marshall told a happy Stella to join them.

In Britt's room at Metro Court, Britt awoke with a terrible hangover and was surprised to find Liesl and Brad in her room. Brad told Britt that he and Liesl were there to stage an intervention. Britt was in no mood for an intervention, but to Britt's horror, Liesl said that Britt's actions at the pool had caused Britt to become a meme on social media.

Brad said that Britt hadn't been herself for a long time, and he reminded Britt that she was one of the strongest people he knew. Liesl then told Brad to leave. After Brad left, Liesl told Britt that she saw her only living child "flailing." Liesl said that Britt was letting life pass her by. Britt told Liesl that she wanted a man in her life that she could trust with her darkest secrets -- especially with the secret of Britt's Huntington's disease.

Liesl reminded Britt of the friends and family who would all miss Britt if she were gone. Liesl said that she woke up every morning, grateful for every moment she still had with Britt, and she asked when Britt would ever feel the same way. Upset, Liesl left Britt's room and slammed the door.

At the Metro Court pool, Carly asked Drew to let her help Drew and Michael save ELQ from Valentin. Drew tried to rebuff Carly's offer, but Carly reminded Drew that Aurora was a publicly traded company and that she could buy into the company, regardless of Drew's approval. Carly then recalled that Edward had been a very nice man deep down, but she said that Drew was more like Lila than Edward. "And there's no better compliment than that," Carly said with a smile.

Drew told Carly that he wished he'd known Lila, but he knew enough about Lila to know that Carly was sincere. Drew asked if Carly would have backed down from her offer if it had been Jason who'd asked her to. Carly said that she wouldn't have because she had always ignored Jason's advice. Carly said that her offer to buy into ELQ was because Michael was her son and because it was the least Carly could do to "settle up" with Drew. Drew asked what debt Carly thought she needed to repay.

Carly flashed back to when she'd told Drew that she'd gotten the DNA results back from the hospital and that Nina was not Willow's mother. Instead, Carly apologized to Drew for having accidentally sabotaged his plan to catch Victor trying to reactivate Drew's programming. Carly recalled that she wasn't sure where her friendship with Drew had been when Drew had left Port Charles, but she admitted that she was happy to have him back in her life. Drew agreed to let Carly invest as long as she agreed to tell Drew when he began to act more like Edward and less like Lila.

At Volonino's Gym, Sonny told Brando that he had testified on Nina's behalf at the custody hearing. Sonny reasoned that nothing could be done to help repair his relationship with Michael and that things were only going to get worse between him and Michael. Dex interrupted and told Sonny that they had problems.

Sonny went to speak with Dex in a corner, where Dex told Sonny that their latest coffee shipment had been held up the previous night. Sonny wanted to know what else was wrong, and Dex said that someone had tried to cut into Sonny's market share. He added that Sonny officially had competition. Dex said that several vendors had canceled their orders for Corinthos Coffee. Dex said he felt it was a sign of things to come, and he wondered about Sonny's business relationship with Selina. Sonny said that he and Selina understood one another, and he added that he felt he knew who was behind the events.

Dex's phone rang, and Sonny told him to take the call. Sonny walked over to a punching bag and unloaded on it. Brando jokingly asked if Sonny still wanted to spar. Sonny declined the offer and told Brando that he felt someone had already taken a swing at him. "My own son," Sonny said.

Sonny told Brando that Michael felt that Sonny had abandoned his family, but Sonny added that Michael only saw what Michael wanted to see. Sonny thought it was ironic and recalled that when Michael had gotten together with Willow, Willow had still been married to Chase. "He only makes allowances for himself but not for his own dad," Sonny said as his voice started to break.

When Sonny walked away, Brando noticed that Dex had been staring at him and Sonny. Brando asked Dex if there was a problem. Dex responded that it was nothing he couldn't solve, and he patted the pistol tucked away in the back of his jeans.

In the stables at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael stopped by to talk to Ned. Michael said that Ned always stood up for his family, and Michael added that ELQ would remain under the family's control because of Ned's loyalties. Michael came with a gift for Ned, who reminded Michael that they had more than gifts to discuss. Ned said that neither Michael nor Drew had offered Ned anything more than a meaningless title with the new company, and he asked Michael for the title of CEO. Michael said that the title of CEO was off the table, and he wanted to know what other counteroffers Ned had in mind.

Ned proposed to Michael the idea of the title "co-president," with Ned, Michael, and Drew all sharing the title. Ned proposed that the three men all share power and divide responsibilities, with each one overseeing a division of the company that aligned with their best abilities. Ned's proposal was that the final decisions come down to a vote between him, Michael, and Drew. Ned felt the offer was equitable and a sign of good faith that the three men could move forward together in the future.

Michael said that he didn't think Drew would go for Ned's proposal because of the risk Drew would take on the Aurora side of the merger. Ned got heated and told Michael that Drew had never even worked at ELQ. Things got more heated when Michael said that he'd been CEO of ELQ for years while Ned had toured and played music. Ned retaliated and said that before Michael had been in the executive suite, Ned had changed Michael's diapers. Ned stormed out of the stables and glared at Valentin's name in his phone's contacts list once outside.

After Ned left, Michael stood in the stables and made a phone call to Drew. After Michael hung up, he turned and was startled to see Dex staring and smiling at Michael. "Can I help you?" Michael asked. "Hope so," Dex said.

Dex is revealed to have a surprising connection to Michael

Dex is revealed to have a surprising connection to Michael

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Selina handed Sonny his share of the profits from the card games at the Savoy. Sonny was curious why Selina hadn't sent a lackey, so she admitted that she needed to discuss a business matter with him. Selina asked if Sonny had heard about the harbor master's recent retirement. She explained that Vince had been her point person when her shipments had passed through Port Charles, and Sonny had assured Selina easy passage for her merchandise. Without Vince, Selina worried that things might change.

Sonny assured Selina that he would handle things. It was his territory, and he controlled it. Selina promised that she had meant no disrespect, but she was aware that Sonny had a new competitor in the coffee business. Selina reminded Sonny that they had agreed to keep each other informed about any possible threats, but Sonny insisted that he had things under control. Selina wanted details, but he warned her to back off.

In Britt's hotel suite, Britt was on the phone with her attorney. She demanded that the video of her at the charity event be taken off the Internet. Britt explained that it had been taken without her knowledge or consent, and it was a threat to her career and reputation. Britt ordered her attorney to find a legal means to fix things before both she and the attorney were out of a job. After Britt showered and dressed, she called her mother, but Liesl's voicemail picked up.

Britt vowed to keep calling until Liesl answered because both Britt and Liesl had said things that they shouldn't have. Britt admitted that Liesl had been right; life was short. Britt asked her mother to return the call.

At Metro Court's pool, Cody chuckled as he viewed a GIF on his phone of Britt crawling out of the pool during the charity event.

Nearby, Brad greeted Brook Lynn, and he apologized for not talking to her during the charity event. Brook Lynn told Brad to get to the point. Brad said he knew that Brook Lynn was active on social media, and he wondered if she had seen the GIF from the charity event. Brook Lynn laughed because she had seen the GIF of Britt "wasted." Brook Lynn suspected that Brad knew all about it, since he had been the one refilling Britt's drinks. Brad insisted that he'd been trying to be a good friend, but Brook Lynn argued that friends didn't allow their friends to make a spectacle of themselves ranting about the futility of love.

Brook Lynn credited "the parachute guy" with saving Britt from further embarrassment. Brook Lynn was stunned when Brad confessed that he had been responsible for the viral GIF, but he explained that he had been tipsy when he had sent it to someone. Brook Lynn couldn't believe that Brad would do something like that to his best friend, but Brad argued that it had just been one GIF in a whole world of GIFs. Brook Lynn's attention strayed when she noticed Cody talking to a waiter. Brad conceded that Cody looked good in clothes, too.

Brook Lynn quickly averted her gaze when Cody noticed the attention. Cody approached the table and asked if he could join the pair. Flustered, Brad invited Cody to sit, and a round of introductions was made. Brook Lynn reluctantly excused herself when she received a text message about a business matter. After Brook Lynn left, Cody and Brad struck up a conversation about Cody's memorable entrance at the charity event. Cody mentioned Britt's tumble into the pool just as Britt walked up.

Britt was not amused, and she blamed Cody for the embarrassing spectacle. Britt demanded to know why Cody was not in jail, but Cody informed Britt that he hadn't done anything wrong. Cody advised Britt to remain hydrated after a night of too much alcohol, and he offered to order a bottle of water. He started to charge it to his hotel room until he realized that he had already checked out. Brad instructed the waiter to add the water to Selina Wu's tab. Annoyed, Britt asked for a private word with Brad.

Brad followed Britt to an empty table where Britt asked why Brad hated her. She said he had made her a laughingstock on the Internet, and he had been friendly with Cody. Britt was also curious when Brad had started being okay with using Selina's money. Brad assured Britt that he didn't hate her, but he remined Britt that Cody hadn't intended to knock Britt into the pool. Britt disagreed because Cody had dropped out of the sky in an unsafe manner. "Unsafe, but spectacular," Brad replied.

Frustrated, Britt confronted Brad about recording her during the charity event, but Brad claimed that he had done it for posterity. When the conversation turned to Liesl, Brad defended Britt's mother. Brad conceded that it had been wrong for him to send the video to anyone and acknowledged that being "lubricated" hadn't been an excuse, but Brad admitted that sometimes Britt made it impossible. Britt had no idea what Brad meant, so Brad explained that it had been clear for some time that something other than Jason's death had been troubling Britt.

Britt confirmed that Brad was right, but Cody walked up before Britt could elaborate. Cody asked if Britt was done yelling at Brad. Annoyed, Britt informed Cody that it didn't concern him, and she advised Cody to leave before she decided to sue him for bodily harm. Cody looked Britt up and down as he assured her that -- from what he could see -- her body hadn't been harmed. Britt was disgusted, but Cody was unapologetic.

Cody said he preferred to be nice to people rather than bark at people like Britt did. Britt was taken aback when he referred to her as "Dr. Westbourne," and she demanded to know how he knew her name. Cody laughed as he pulled out his phone and showed her the infamous GIF of Britt. Britt's temper flared, and she threatened to toss Cody's phone into the pool if he showed her the GIF one more time.

Everyone fell silent when Selina walked up. "Wu," Britt said in a curt tone. Selina looked at Cody, prompting Cody to introduce himself as Cody Bell, and he quickly added that he was merely passing through town. Selina reminded Brad that they had a meeting, so Brad followed his aunt to a nearby vacant table. Britt glared at Cody, but he made it clear that he had no intention of leaving until he was paid. Britt advised Cody to wait for his employer elsewhere.

After Cody walked away, Britt checked her phone, and she saw several messages from the hospital's board. Britt decided to call Terry, but the call went to voicemail. Britt was certain that Terry was avoiding her, too. Britt explained that she would not be in -- for obvious reasons -- and she apologized if Terry had been stuck fielding calls from the hospital's board. Britt ended the call, and Cody sat down on a pool chair beside her. Dejected, Britt admitted that the "debacle" had ruined her life and her reputation. When Britt mentioned suing, Cody offered encouragement.

Meanwhile, Selina praised Brad for accomplishing all the tasks she had set for him. Brad confessed that he had enjoyed the job more than he had expected. Pleased, Selina admitted that she had a knack for matching people with the job best suited for them. Brad told his aunt that he was ready for more and to make a real contribution to her business. Selina explained to Brad that he wasn't ready, but he assured her that he was up to the challenge. Selina revealed that she had been let down by family in the past, but she offered Brad a chance to prove himself.

At Brando and Sasha's apartment, Gladys lounged in the living room as Sasha emerged from the bedroom. Gladys asked if Sasha was going somewhere. Irritated, Sasha entered the kitchen and grabbed a glass to fill it with water. Sasha's mood didn't improve when she noticed that Gladys had been eating the cookies that Sasha had picked up for the Deception staff in gratitude for all their hard work. Gladys apologized, but she pointed out that she was part of the staff. Sasha decided to run out for more cookies, which prompted Gladys to insist on tagging along. Sasha balked, and she reminded Gladys that Gladys had not been invited to move in to act as Sasha's warden.

Gladys explained that she was concerned about Sasha because Gladys had seen how easy it had been for someone to tempt Sasha with drugs. Gladys refused to let Sasha fall back into addiction. Sasha was adamant that she wouldn't take the bait again, but Gladys argued that she had to keep a close eye on Sasha, since Sasha refused to tell Brando about the relapse. Sasha promised that it wouldn't happen again, but Gladys knew better because she had been down the same road in the past with Brando. Sasha reminded Gladys that it was Sasha's choice whether or not to remain sober.

Sasha insisted that Gladys couldn't stop Sasha from getting drugs if it was what Sasha wanted because they were incredibly easy to obtain. Gladys refused to back down. Sasha assured Gladys that the laced drugs from Cyrus had been a wake-up call, and Sasha intended to stay clean. Gladys didn't think having backup would hurt Sasha. Sasha knew Gladys meant well and was motivated by love, but Sasha promised that she had a handle on things.

A knock on the door provided a momentary distraction. Sasha was surprised when she found a box on her doorstep that had been forwarded from her old apartment. However, Sasha's smile vanished when she opened the box and discovered that it contained a pair of shoes for a child. Sasha had been pregnant when she had purchased the shoes for Liam, and she had completely forgotten that the gift had been put on back order. Sasha tearfully explained that she had assumed Liam would grow into the shoes. Gladys was relieved when another knock on the door heralded Brook Lynn's arrival.

Brook Lynn immediately noticed that Sasha was upset, so Gladys quickly filled Brook Lynn in about the unexpected delivery. Sasha promised that she was fine, but neither Gladys nor Brook Lynn believed her. Sasha refused to discuss it, and Brook Lynn let the matter drop. Brook Lynn explained that she had stopped by because the "Home and Heart Shopping Channel" had offered Deception an hour slot. Sasha was delighted by the news until Gladys mentioned that the popular channel often sold out inventory within minutes, leaving the hosts and their guests to carry the show for the rest of the segment.

Brook Lynn assured Sasha that Lucy and Maxie would make certain sufficient inventory would be ordered and available and that Sasha could focus on demonstrating and promoting the cosmetics line. Sasha's hands trembled as she excused herself and fled to the bathroom. Brook Lynn picked up on Gladys' concern, and she asked how Sasha was really doing. Gladys admitted that Sasha had been blindsided by the delivery of Liam's shoes.

Brook Lynn recalled how she and Chase had packed up Bailey's things when Bailey had gone home with Maxie. Weeks later, Brook Lynn had been in the Quartermaine mansion's nursery, looking for one of Wiley's toys, when she'd been reminded of Bailey. Brook Lynn had searched the drawers and closet until she had found one of Bailey's stuffed animals. Brook Lynn admitted that losing Bailey had been difficult, but she couldn't imagine how hard it was on Sasha to be reminded of Liam. Gladys decided to check on Sasha, but Brook Lynn sensed that something else was going on. Gladys managed to evade Brook Lynn's probing questions until Sasha returned to the living room.

Sasha claimed that she had felt overwhelmed by the prospect of appearing on the shopping channel, but it had helped to splash some cold water on her face. Brook Lynn promised to ease Sasha's jitters by helping Sasha prepare for the appearance. The ladies sat down to get to work, but Sasha assured Gladys that it wasn't necessary for Gladys to stay. Gladys refused to budge.

At Volonino's Gym, Dante asked if Sonny was around. Brando admitted that Sonny had left, but Brando was curious if Dante had met Dex. Brando confided that he had concerns about Sonny's new hire because of a tense exchange Brando had witnessed between Sonny and Dex when Michael's name had been mentioned. Dante assured Brando that Sonny wouldn't hurt Michael. Brando agreed but said Dex was another matter. Brando worried that Dex viewed Michael as a problem that needed to be handled.

At the Quartermaine stables, Michael was surprised when he saw Dex standing in the doorway. Dex assured Michael that no one had seen him, so Michael advised Dex to leave in the same manner. Dex accused Michael of being rude. Michael pointed out that it was private property, and Dex had no business being there. Just then, Dante and Brando rushed into the stable. Michael claimed that he had no idea who Dex was or why the man was on his property.

Brando informed Michael that Dex worked for Sonny. Dex realized that it was time to leave, so Brando walked out with Dex. Dante questioned Michael about Dex's visit, but Michael wasn't impressed with Dante's act of brotherly concern. Dante argued that it had been clear that Dex had intended to intimidate or assault Michael to send a message because Michael had been behind Sonny's recent business setbacks. Dante warned Michael that going after Sonny would only make things worse.

Michael accused Dante of siding with Sonny. Dante explained that he just wanted to keep the peace, but it was Michael -- not Sonny -- who kept escalating things. Furious, Michael reminded Dante that Sonny had testified on Nina's behalf, and Sonny had sat on Nina's side of the courtroom. Michael hadn't been surprised by Sonny's choice but admitted it had still felt like a betrayal. Michael said he had also been furious with Scott's suggestion that Michael had bludgeoned a helpless Claudia Zacchara and that Nelle had been justified in hiding Wiley.

Michael insisted that Sonny had betrayed not just Michael, but also the family, himself, and the code -- family first -- that Sonny had instilled in Michael since childhood. According to Michael, Sonny had proven that Sonny didn't care about family. Dante asked how messing up Sonny's business balanced the scales, but Michael reminded Dante that Michael hadn't done anything illegal. Dante disagreed because a harbor master had lost his job. Michael argued that the man had been on the take, and it surprised Michael that Dante had a problem with that.

Michael was tired of Sonny always getting his way while everyone else paid the price. Michael wanted Wiley to grow up the son of a successful businessman not the grandson of a mobster. Dante asked if Michael wanted Wiley to grow up the son of a successful businessman who was obsessed with revenge. Dante warned Michael that Michael would never be done with Sonny if Michael's entire life revolved around revenge.

At Pozzulo's, Brando filled Sonny in about Dex's encounter with Michael. Furious, Sonny informed Dex that family -- including Michael -- was off-limits. Dex assured Sonny that he understood, but Sonny ordered Dex to wait. After Tony led Dex away, Sonny asked Brando about Dex. Brando admitted that something about Dex's attitude had rubbed him the wrong way. Sonny thanked Brando for everything. After Brando left, Sonny made it clear that Dex was only to follow orders, but Dex admitted that it was not good enough for him.

Dex explained that Sonny needed someone who could anticipate problems and deal with them head-on, so Sonny wouldn't have to. Sonny said he barely knew Dex and certainly didn't trust him yet. Dex apologized, and he acknowledged that he had gone too far by visiting Michael. Dex explained that he had hoped to impress Sonny by taking the initiative, but Dex hadn't thought things through. Dex implored Sonny for another chance to prove himself. Sonny appreciated Dex's enthusiasm but said Dex had to learn to listen and obey Sonny's orders to gain Sonny's trust.

Later, Dante stopped by to visit his father. Sonny revealed that Brando had told him about what had transpired between Michael and Dex. Sonny promised that he had set Dex straight, and Dex had been put on notice. Sonny was confident that Dex would not step out of line again.

Meanwhile, Michael stood in his warehouse as he spoke to Drew on the phone. Michael explained that he had something to attend to, but he would talk to Drew soon. After Michael put his phone away, Dex stepped out of the shadows. Michael asked if everything was okay. "Sure thing, boss," Dex answered. Dex explained that he had smoothed things over with Sonny. Michael warned Dex not to go near the Quartermaine estate or Michael's family again. Dex chuckled at the irony because Michael had hired Dex to take down Michael's father.

At Brando and Sasha's apartment, Gladys caught Sasha with a bottle of pills. Gladys knocked the bottle out of Sasha's hands, and pills scattered on the floor. Moments later, Brando arrived home. He stopped short when he saw the pills on the floor.

Zelda has an offer for Britt

Zelda has an offer for Britt

Thursday, June 9, 2022

At the Metro Court pool, Cody informed Britt that he was just "a cog in the corporate wheel." He urged her to instead sue the Metro Court hotel for not protecting his landing zone like they should have, or Society Setups for engineering the stunt. He continued that he would get a "good lawyer and a killer witness" that had a direct connection with Society Setups. "You mean you?" Britt asked skeptically. He thought that Zelda Telesco, the company's matchmaker, cared more about money than getting people dates. He assured her that, if subpoenaed, he'd have to talk about how his concerns about the stunt had gone unheeded. He thought that she would win a big settlement, and she assumed that he'd want a cut. "I know what motivates you," she said, and she pushed him into the pool.

Cody climbed out of the pool as Zelda arrived, and she revealed that she'd been looking for both Cody and Britt. She wanted to talk to Britt, so Cody went to dry off. Zelda wanted to discuss the events of the previous day, and Britt cried that she would never live it down. Zelda offered Britt six free months of Society Setups and being the company's first priority. Cody returned and asked for his check. Zelda handed it to him and left. Cody opened the envelope and saw that he'd been shorted $500. She instructed him to sue and find a "killer witness," and she left.

Sam arrived at the Metro Court restaurant to give Carly an update on her investigation into Esme. Just then, Spinelli arrived in yet another new outfit. They talked about the eventful night at the pool the previous night until his phone rang, and he ran off to answer it. Sam and Carly agreed that something was "off" with Spinelli. Agreeing to talk about it later, Sam informed Carly that she'd found a lead in a former nanny of Esme's named Maggie Fitzgerald. She added that the nanny was somewhere in London, but Sam hadn't located her yet. Sam promised to share anything Carly needed to know.

Sam and Carly looked over at Spinelli, who was at a table with an unknown man. Sam thought that he was trying to be someone he wasn't, but he'd assured her that he wasn't into anything dangerous. They noticed that the conversation between the men got more volatile, and they wondered if they should step in. The man left, and Sam and Carly approached Spinelli. Sam knew that he was in trouble and demanded that he tell them what was going on. He claimed that he'd started therapy after his break-up with Ellie, and the therapist had sent a collections agent after him over a billing issue. He assured them that it had been resolved, and he ran out of the restaurant.

Neither Sam nor Carly bought Spinelli's explanation. Carly thought that they needed to take him out and get him to open up. Sam agreed to speak with him, as it wasn't like him to keep things from her.

Outside the Metro Court hotel, Zelda assured Spinelli that Britt would no longer be a problem. Spinelli handed her a wad of cash and reminded her that no one could know what he was really up to.

In the foyer at Wyndemere, Spencer asked if Esme was going to stay. She figured that she would, since things were better between them, and they shared a kiss. He hoped that she had no regrets about agreeing to live with Nikolas and Ava. She replied that Nikolas was "wonderful," so she had no regrets.

In the living room, Nikolas was thinking about his tryst with Esme when Ava entered the room. She wondered what he was thinking about, and he replied that there had been a lot on his mind since the previous day. He remarked that she'd been gone early that morning, and she told him that she'd had some work to do at the gallery. He said that it was just nice to share a bed with her again, and she agreed that it was an important step.

Esme and Spencer entered the room, and Nikolas asked if they had plans for the day. Spencer answered that they were going to go car shopping and run some other errands. However, Ava didn't want anyone leaving until they could hash things out. Ava wanted everyone to make a sincere effort to get along while cohabitating, and Spencer and Esme agreed. She added that Spencer's allowance would depend on the behavior of both of them, and Esme protested loudly.

Esme warned Ava not to try to control her. "Watch the money dry up," Ava stated. While Spencer didn't agree with Ava changing the terms of their agreement at the last minute, he promised that he and Esme would be on their best behavior. Esme insisted that she only wanted the best for everyone, and she ran out. Ava wanted a drink, and Nikolas left the room to get ice. With the new deal, Spencer demanded to be let out of his restitution at the gallery, as his working with Trina would only provoke Esme. Ava didn't care about Esme's feelings, but Spencer figured she cared about Trina's. Ava realized that Spencer was more invested in Trina than he was in Esme.

In the foyer, Nikolas happened upon Esme, who'd hoped that he would find her. He told her that their time together wasn't going to mean anything. Esme replied that she cared for him, and she didn't want what had happened to complicate his life. He wondered if she needed him to pick anything up at the pharmacy for her, and she assured him that it had been taken care of. She informed him that if he decided to change his mind and tell Ava the truth, she would support him.

Josslyn arrived at the gallery and announced to Trina that they were leaving Port Charles. She babbled on about studying abroad with Trina the next spring in Europe. However, Trina reminded Josslyn that she could be expelled or in jail by then. Josslyn thought she was just giving Trina something positive to look forward to. Trina related that she'd told Rory that she needed a distraction. Josslyn hung on to every word as Trina talked about spending time with Rory. Josslyn promised that she and Rory would be there for Trina, no matter what happened. Trina asked why Josslyn had left Cameron out.

Josslyn believed that there was something Cameron was keeping from her about Spencer and Esme, and she feared that it was something that could help Trina. She figured that they didn't need Cameron's help, and they could break Spencer and Esme up on their own. Trina reminded Josslyn that they were "playing the long game," and they needed to think of something "out of the box." Just then, their phones went off, and they learned that the Title IX decision had been made.

Sasha grabbed a bottle of pills out of her purse and opened it. Gladys approached and slapped them out of her hand just as Brando walked in the door. Sasha insisted that it was just aspirin for her headache, and Brando demanded to know what Gladys had thought Sasha had been taking. Sasha revealed that Gladys believed Sasha had relapsed. Gladys admitted that some of Sasha's behavior had triggered memories of when Brando had struggled with addiction. He questioned why no one had told him. Sasha answered that she hadn't wanted to worry him, and Gladys had done her a favor by keeping quiet.

Brando suddenly realized why Gladys had moved in, and he assured Sasha that they would talk to Kevin and find a good rehab facility. Sasha insisted that she didn't need any of it, and Gladys urged him to listen to Sasha. Brando was angry at Gladys for lying to him, but she reminded him of all the lies he'd told her back when he'd been using. She related that she'd seen the same signs in Sasha, and she hadn't wanted to fail Sasha the way she'd failed Brando. Brando asked for minute with Sasha, so Gladys left.

Brando informed Sasha that he intended to stick to his "for better or worse" vows. Sasha admitted that she was struggling, but she wasn't using. While she couldn't say that she was always happy, her life was filled with more good than bad, and he was her "drug of choice." Brando suggested postponing their reception, as it was just another stressful event to add to her plate. She countered that celebrating their marriage would only make her happy, so they agreed to push forward with it. They embraced as Gladys returned, and Sasha mouthed "thank you" to her mother-in-law.

Nikolas tells Ava that he wants a divorce

Nikolas tells Ava that he wants a divorce

Friday, June 3, 2022

Outside Curtis and Portia's house, Rory dropped Trina off at her home. The two thanked each other for a nice evening, and Rory said that he couldn't wait to spend more time with Trina. Taggert and Portia opened the door, and Taggert asked Trina who her friend was. Portia invited Rory in and made conversation with him and Trina. Taggert kept a skeptical eye on Rory, who complimented Taggert on having helped Jordan arrest Cyrus Renault. Taggert said that he'd had to break the law in order to take Cyrus down, and he asked if Rory liked breaking the law.

Portia chided Taggert for trying to "interrogate" Rory, but Taggert told Rory that there were written and unwritten rules. Rory shared that he'd taken an oath as an officer to uphold the law, and he said that nowhere in the rules was it against the law for Rory to spend time with Trina. Rory looked at Trina when he told Portia that he wanted to find more time for the things he enjoyed. Taggert was displeased by Rory's comment. After Rory left, Trina was giddy and told Portia more about Rory.

At the cemetery, Sonny found Nina's necklace at Nelle's grave. Sonny was worried about Nina's state of mind and feared she might do something extreme. Just then, Nina arrived at the cemetery. Sonny said he was sorry that the judge had ruled against Nina in court and then showed Nina the necklace she'd dropped at Nelle's grave. Nina asked for the necklace, and Sonny said that he wasn't going to let Nina go. Nina claimed that she couldn't stay in Port Charles because her mistakes had finally caught up with her and because she'd lost Wiley.

Sonny said that Michael and Willow couldn't keep Wiley away from Nina forever, but Nina surmised that she'd missed her chance of ever getting back what Madeline had stolen from her. Nina pleaded with Sonny to give the necklace back to her because it was the only thing she still had by which to remember Wiley and Nelle. Sonny gave Nina the necklace but asked Nina a question before she left. "How do you think Wiley is going to feel when he finds out that you gave up on him?" Sonny asked.

Nina denied that she was giving up on Wiley but swore that it hurt her too much to live in the same town as her grandson and to not be able to spend time with him. Sonny said that Nina could still have a life with Wiley, but only if she chose to stay in Port Charles. Nina agreed to stay for Wiley, and Sonny told Nina that she'd made the right choice.

Sonny assured Nina that she wouldn't have to handle things alone, and he reminded Nina that she had Sonny, Phyllis, and other friends. Nina admitted that she didn't know how she would watch Wiley grow up without her or how she would live without Wiley. Sonny put his arms around Nina as she began to sob.

At Charlie's Pub, Dante and Cody recalled their childhoods and how long they'd known each other. Cody told Sam that both he and Dante had been bad influences when they'd been younger. Cody went to get a drink, and Sam wondered why Dante had never mentioned Cody. Sam said that Cody seemed like a good guy, and Dante replied that Cody was good at getting into trouble.

Cody asked how Dante and Sam had met and how long they'd been together. Dante recalled that Sam had been a family friend for years and that Jason had been Dante's father's best friend. Cody was surprised that Dante had found his father, and Cody wanted to know who he was. Dante told Cody that his father owned Corinthos Coffee. "Your dad is Sonny Corinthos?" Cody asked.

Cody lightheartedly said that Sonny made a mean coffee bean. Cody then told Dante that he was happy Dante had made a great life for himself with a good job and a family. Sam told Cody of a job that she might know about if Cody was interested. Sam remarked that Scout and Danny spent a lot of time around horses at their grandmother's, and she wondered if Cody had experience managing and grooming horses after Cody had mentioned that he'd ridden horses out west. Sam offered to help get Cody's foot in the door, but Dante thought it wasn't the best idea. Cody politely turned down Sam's offer before he and Dante shared a stern look into one another's eyes.

At the Metro Court pool, Josslyn met Cameron, who said he'd taken a second job at the pool when Elizabeth had been sent to Shadybrook. Cameron and Josslyn spotted Adam, a student who'd tried to hit on Josslyn after the sex tape had been uploaded. Adam gave Josslyn a sincere and heartfelt apology and confided that he'd read Josslyn's story in the Invader. Adam said that it had changed his outlook, and he commended Josslyn and Cameron for their bravery in going forward with the story. Josslyn accepted Adam's apology.

When Adam left, Josslyn assured Cameron that they'd made the right decision by having agreed to the article because it had changed some people's minds. Cameron was glad to see Josslyn begin to get some closure, but Josslyn said that she would not get any true closure until Esme paid for her crimes.

At Wyndemere, Ava told Nikolas that a divorce was the last thing she wanted, and she asked Nikolas if they could find their way back together. Ava shared that she'd had some time to think and to put things into perspective. Ava said that it would take more than just an argument to sever her relationship with Nikolas. Nikolas flashed back to him and Esme having sex and then turned to look at Ava. Nikolas said that when Ava had walked out, he'd thought their marriage had been over. Ava said that her life with Nikolas had been wonderful, and she vowed not to let Esme and Spencer bring her marriage down. As a gesture of good faith, Ava offered to give Spencer his weekly trust fund allowance on the condition that Spencer remain at Wyndemere so that Spencer and Nikolas could rebuild their relationship.

Also at Wyndemere, Spencer told Esme that he was sorry for how bad things had gotten between the two of them. Spencer took Esme by the hand and asked if she could forgive him. Esme told Spencer that things weren't that simple. Esme recalled that she'd stood by Spencer's side, no matter what, and said that she deserved better. "Your father reminded me of that, among other things," Esme said as she flashed back to her and Nikolas having sex.

Esme said that Nikolas had talked her into staying at Wyndemere and that he'd given her a new perspective on things. Spencer claimed he was ready to do whatever it took to make his and Esme's relationship work. Spencer begged Esme to forgive him, and Esme said she did.

Later, Spencer and Esme joined Nikolas and Ava in the main room at the mansion. Ava told Spencer of her plan for his weekly trust fund allowance. Ava shared that Nikolas had told her about the struggles Esme and Spencer faced in their relationship. Ava quipped that she was certain Esme would find another family to terrorize. Esme gleefully told Ava that Esme and Spencer had worked everything out. Ava said the most important thing to her was for Nikolas and Spencer to work out their problems. Spencer and Ava left the main room. Alone in the main room, Esme stared seductively at Nikolas. "I thought they'd never leave," she said.

Nikolas told Esme that what had happened between them could never come to light. Esme said she agreed. When Nikolas left, Esme smiled and rolled her eyes.

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