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Cameron saw Finn in a different light. Austin secretly met with a mystery person. Sonny told Nina how he envisioned his future. Carly admitted to Drew that she was ready to move forward with her life. Selina was not pleased with Cody's winnings during a card game. Chase was arrested for assaulting Linc. Josslyn and Trina found trouble in a dive bar.
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Austin secretly met with a mystery person, Josslyn and Trina found trouble in a dive bar, and Selina took issue with Cody
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Esme informs Ryan that her plan will work

Esme informs Ryan that her plan will work

Monday, June 13, 2022

Drew and Michael talked about business as they sat poolside at Metro Court. Carly spotted them and joined them. Drew noted that ELQ's worth had been "skyrocketing," and Carly admitted that she had bought up a quantity of shares. Michael was annoyed, and Drew confessed that he couldn't have stopped Carly. He noted that Carly had been responsible for most of the recently purchased shares. Michael explained that he hadn't wanted his mother to take the risk, and she only admitted to having taken a calculated one.

Drew, Michael, and Carly shared a toast to business, and Carly added that she wanted to be rid of Valentin. Once Carly had departed, Michael made it clear that he needed "all hands on deck" as he watched Lucy's entrance. He was concerned about Carly's large investment as well as Ned. He and Drew approached Lucy. Michael fetched Lucy a drink, and the guys flattered her until she asked what their pitch was about. They admitted they wanted Lucy's support at ELQ in the upcoming vote.

Drew and Michael gave Lucy numerous reasons for changing her vote to their side, but Lucy wondered what might be in it for her. Drew revealed that Aurora and ELQ would be merging, and Deception would be the benefactor. Lucy promised to think about it.

Sonny sat at Metro Court's bar and finished up a phone call with Dex. Nearby, Jordan approached Valentin and Martin, who were sitting at a table. She sat down and informed Martin that Cyrus had not been responsible for the attack on Martin and Laura. She agreed that there could still be a threat, and Laura was aware. Jordan headed to the bar, and Valentin urged Martin to admit that he was worried. Martin claimed that he wasn't, but Valentin offered full- time security to his attorney.

Martin declined the offer but confessed that he would do anything to protect Laura. Valentin stated that he would go to great lengths to protect family. Martin suggested that Valentin think about a Plan B in the event that he did not win the election at ELQ. Valentin insisted that he wasn't worried because he believed that the vote would go his way and that Ned would go along with it. Martin noted that Valentin had had "a good run" and didn't need the company.

Valentin was angry and explained how ELQ had been his salvation after Ava and Nikolas had taken Wyndemere from him. He and Martin agreed that "failure is not an option." Valentin wanted Martin to make certain that Lucy was on his side. Martin stated that he would make sure to persuade Lucy to vote her one percent for Valentin. Valentin declared that those who thought they could control him would be in for a "hell of a reckoning."

Jordan sat at the bar to say hello to Sonny. He told her about his ship full of coffee that had been sitting in the harbor without moving. Jordan suggested that he speak to the harbor master, as it wasn't her domain. She wasn't familiar with the reason for the holdup, and she thought that something else was bothering Sonny. She asked about the hearing. They compared Michael and T.J. and how much T.J. had changed since he'd arrived in town.

Jordan urged Sonny not to give up. Carly arrived to speak to Sonny, and Jordan told Sonny that his stalemate would end soon if Sonny remained tenacious. Carly asked about Trina, and Jordan replied that she had nothing new to relate. She again told Sonny not to give up.

Carly led Sonny to her office, where they discussed Donna and Avery. Carly mentioned that Josslyn had spent time with them, and Sonny said that Josslyn was like a daughter to him. He noted that Michael had claimed that Sonny had thrown away his relationship with his kids. Carly agreed.

At Kelly's, Spencer told Laura that he had decided to stay at Wyndemere in order to collect his allowance. Laura was shocked and confused, and Spencer agreed that that was a normal reaction. He confessed that he had planned on making up with Nikolas, anyway, and that was not part of the deal. He added that his priorities had changed, and money was no longer at the top. He didn't like Ava, but she was important to the people who mattered, and he could live with it. Laura was happy, and she asked about Esme.

Laura said that Esme's presence wouldn't make things easier for anyone, but Spencer confided that he planned on making sure that Esme was not in the way. He said he also wouldn't let money cloud his judgment. Spencer asked about Elizabeth, and Laura suggested that he speak to Cameron about his mother. She gave him some tips, as Spencer felt uneasy about it. Spencer also stated that he would never have a friendship with Trina as long as Esme was around.

Laura noted that Spencer had chosen Esme. Spencer claimed that he hadn't wanted to, but Esme had forced him. Laura thought it was because Esme was alone in the world, and neither she nor Spencer had mothers. She told Spencer that he could have empathy without the control, and Spencer guessed that the key to Esme was her past. Laura thought that Spencer and Nikolas had good hearts. She and Spencer shared a hug, and Spencer insisted that he would be the man Laura had always said he would be.

At Wyndemere, Ava gushed that she wanted to be open and honest with Nikolas, who replied that he wanted a divorce. He didn't think they could save a dead marriage. Ava didn't understand, and Nikolas explained that in order to move forward, they had to let go. He wanted to "clean the slate" and remarry. He wanted them to be on equal footing. Ava was worried that if they untied the knot, they might not be able to tie a new one.

Ava reminded Nikolas that they would still have their history, but Nikolas believed that it was the best way to go forward. Laura knocked on the door and walked inside. She was glad to see Ava and Nikolas together. Ava admitted that she and Nikolas were ready to move forward. Laura was pleased until she heard that a divorce would be the first order of business.

At General Hospital, Esme informed Ryan that she had been patiently waiting for Ava to hear the news about Nikolas' betrayal. Ryan grabbed her hand and squeezed hard as Esme gasped in pain. Outside in the hallway, Felicia spoke with the guards, who allowed her into Ryan's room. "Just who do you think you're fooling?" she asked as she looked into Ryan's eyes. She stated that Ryan's eyes gave him away. Esme jumped to his defense, and she quickly asked Ryan if he wanted the woman to be there. Ryan blinked once for yes. Felicia noted that if he was still able to share his thoughts, then he was just as dangerous as ever.

Felicia and Esme were curt with each other as they introduced themselves. Felicia noticed the letter board with which Ryan communicated with Esme. Felicia informed Esme that she and Ryan went "way back," and she made it clear that Ryan was a homicidal psychopath. Esme referred to Ryan as doctor, but Felicia quickly made it known that he had lost his license in the past. She added that Ryan had always been good at getting what he wanted, and Ryan had stalked her for years.

Esme confirmed that with Ryan, and she held up the letter chart. She translated Ryan's thought to read, "You're the bomb." Felicia exclaimed that Ryan had released an explosive at her wedding. She spoke about Ryan's murder of Ava's daughter and wondered what he would do to Esme. "I'll bear that in mind," Esme retorted. Felicia wanted Ryan to know that many of his intended victims were still standing, and she warned Esme not to allow Ryan to get into her head because he would discard and kill her. Felicia stormed out.

Esme turned to Ryan and admonished him for leaving out details from the past. Ryan noted that Felicia was one of his greatest disappointments, and he didn't want Esme to end up on the same list. He wanted to know why Esme hadn't told Ava about Nikolas. Esme insisted that that would have revealed her agenda, and that would have made Ava and Nikolas stronger. She said needed to make sure that Ava and Nikolas' split was permanent, and she thought that her plan would work the best. Ryan was anxious to move on. "What I have planned will blow that family apart once and for all!" Esme proclaimed.

Soon after, Felicia waited for Maxie and Bailey. She watched as Ryan was wheeled out of his room. They stared at each other, and Felicia's eyes widened.

Spencer greeted Esme at Kelly's. He announced that he had given his notice, and they were each other's family. He said he wanted to be with her. They hugged, although Spencer frowned behind her back.

Sonny asks Nina to spend the night with him

Sonny asks Nina to spend the night with him

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

At Kelly's Diner, Josslyn told Trina that Cameron's decision to go camping with his brothers and Finn's family was another example that she and Cameron weren't in sync. Josslyn then spotted Spinelli and said that she and Trina didn't need Cameron. Spinelli joined Josslyn and Trina and said that he'd tried to find something to link Esme to the sex tape, but his work hadn't turned up anything. Trina asked about the serial number of the phone Esme had used to frame Trina, but Spinelli said that according to the serial number, the phone didn't exist.

Josslyn surmised that the phone had been stolen by Esme, and Trina wondered where someone would go to buy a stolen phone. Spinelli received a text and became distracted, but he accidentally blurted out that there was a bar where two underage girls could purchase such a phone. Spinelli urged Josslyn and Trina not to go near the bar because it was shady. After Spinelli left, Trina and Josslyn immediately headed for the bar Spinelli had tried to warn them away from.

In the woods in Pautuck, Elizabeth's three boys joined Finn and his family for their camping trip. Finn noticed that Cameron was upset, and Cameron shared with Finn that the reason was because of the Title IX report's findings against Trina. Finn was sympathetic to Cameron's mood and asked Gregory for his help.

Gregory went to try to strike up a rapport with Cameron, who opened up to Gregory. Gregory said that as a college professor, he was familiar with Title IX rules, and he offered to help Cameron with any answers Cameron might need. Gregory shared what he knew with Cameron. Gregory later rejoined Finn and said that he felt Cameron had appreciated Gregory's advice. Finn said he felt Cameron didn't want Finn's help, but Gregory encouraged Finn to give Cameron time to come around.

Also in the woods in Pautuck, Maxie joined Austin for a night of camping. Austin was surprised to see Maxie, who recalled a camping trip she'd gone on years earlier with her sister, Georgie. The memory of her trip with Georgie when they'd been children helped Maxie set up a tent. Austin produced a book that had belonged to his dad, Jimmy Lee, that contained every trail and campsite in the woods. Austin said that whenever he was in the woods, it was as if his father was there with him. Maxie and Austin held hands and said they were glad to be with one another. Maxie found sticks to make s'mores, and unbeknownst to her, someone had been spying on her and Austin in the woods the entire night.

At the Savoy, Nina and Britt commiserated over their recent bad luck. Britt expressed sympathy for how the results of Nina's visitation trial had gone. Nina said that what had convinced her not to leave town was that Sonny had said Nina couldn't abandon Wiley. Britt received several texts from Brad, and she told Nina that Brad had been the one who'd turned Britt into an internet meme and GIF. Nina expressed worry that Britt seemed down on herself.

Later, Cody joined Britt at the bar and told her that he would be leaving town that night. Cody tried to talk Britt into filing a lawsuit against Society Setups, but Britt refused and told Cody to handle things himself if he had a problem with the company.

Earlier, at the Metro Court pool, Cody and Zelda had argued over Cody's lack of pay for the parachute landing as part of the Society Setups party. Dante arrived with Sam and quickly settled the dispute when he ushered Cody away.

Dante and Sam then took Cody to the Savoy. Dante bought Cody a drink and asked if Cody was pressed for cash. Cody denied that he was having any money trouble and said that he lived paycheck to paycheck and from town to town. Dante offered to help Cody with a $500 loan but Cody refused. Cody revealed that he had plans for the future and mentioned that it involved buying his own ranch near Watkins Glen.

After Cody left, Britt walked by Dante and Sam at their table. Britt asked how Dante had ended up friends with a "second-rate con man" such as Cody. After Britt left, Sam admitted she'd wondered the same thing.

Later, Cody went to back to the Metro Court to follow Zelda. Cody lurked as he saw Zelda go into a hotel room with Spinelli.

At Carly's office at Metro Court, Carly told Sonny that she agreed with Michael's belief that Sonny had thrown away his family for Nina. Carly was furious that Sonny had sat in the courtroom and listened to Scott attack Michael's character, and that Sonny had then gone to comfort Nina and not Michael. "Your son absorbed a vicious attack, and you consoled the woman who initiated it. I don't know you anymore," Carly told Sonny.

Carly added that the Sonny she'd fought for and had married five times would have never sided with Nina over Michael. Carly became emotional and remarked that Sonny had a family who'd adored him and that he'd thrown them away. Sonny countered that he had begged Carly to stay with him. Sonny said that sleeping with Nina had been a mistake, and he apologized through tears that he had hurt Carly, who claimed that she had never given up on them and that she'd only asked Sonny for time. Carly accused Sonny of having lied to her for months. "And you wouldn't know anything about lying?" Sonny quipped.

Sonny recalled that when he'd returned home, he'd found his wife married to his best friend. Carly said that she and Jason hadn't developed feelings for one another overnight and that it had taken a year. Sonny said that the lies Nina had told were wrong, but the connection he shared with her in Nixon Falls hadn't simply vanished when he'd returned to Port Charles.

Sonny mentioned that Michael was openly trying to take Sonny down, and he accused Carly of being a cheerleader to Michael's efforts. Carly said that Michael was a grown man and that it was Michael's right if he wanted to cut Sonny out of his life. Carly then brought up Donna and said that as a mother to a young girl, it was Carly's responsibility to look after her. "You're not keeping Donna from me...are you?" Sonny asked gravely.

Carly said that she'd never keep Donna from Sonny, but only for Donna's sake. Carly added that Donna was the only connection that she and Sonny shared anymore, and she told Sonny to live his life while Carly lived hers. Resigned, Sonny left Carly's office. Later, Sonny went looking for Nina at the Savoy, and he asked if Nina would stay with him for the night.

Austin secretly meets with a mystery person

Austin secretly meets with a mystery person

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Josslyn and Trina entered the dive bar that Spinelli had mentioned. Trina regretted that she and Josslyn hadn't stopped off to pick up fake tattoos to help them better blend in with the clientele. Josslyn agreed the bar was not her vibe, but she was certain it was the sort of place where Esme had found the untraceable cell phone, especially since it was close to Spring Ridge, where Esme worked. As the girls debated their next move, an older man approached them and asked if they were lost. Josslyn and Trina explained that they were from out of town, but they had heard about the bar and had decided to check it out. The man asked to see their IDs, and each girl presented a fake driver's license.

The man was not impressed with the forgeries, so Trina explained that she and Josslyn had heard that they could get better fake IDs from someone in the bar. The man pointed to another man behind the bar, but he advised Josslyn and Trina to make it quick. Josslyn and Trina approached the man behind the bar and explained they needed two fake IDs and an untraceable phone with working email, Internet service, and a camera. The man warned Josslyn that it would cost her $1000, but she assured him that it wouldn't be a problem.

Trina explained that she and Josslyn had been burned in the past, so Trina wanted to make certain that the man was the same one who had helped their friend. Trina showed the man a picture of Esme, and he confirmed that he had sold Esme a cell phone several months earlier. Before Josslyn could question him further, a sleazy bald man walked up behind Trina and Josslyn and draped his arms on their shoulders. The bald man recognized the girls because he'd seen them on the news, and he never forgot a "pretty face." The bald man warned the man behind the bar that Trina's father was a cop, and Josslyn was the "PCU campus porn queen."

Furious, Josslyn shoved the bald man away from her, but he turned nastier. The man who had checked Josslyn and Trina's IDs quickly interceded, but the bald man took a swing at him. Josslyn and Trina were horrified when a fight quickly broke out amongst the patrons. Moments later, Josslyn and Trina heard the sound of approaching police sirens.

At Metro Court hotel, Cody lurked in the hallway as he spied on Zelda entering a room. Moments later, Spinelli emerged from the room to park a food cart next to his door. Spinelli took a last bite of food and returned to the room. Cody quietly crept to the closed door and pressed his ear to it as Zelda assured Spinelli that she had handled the situation with Britt without exposing what was really going on.

A short time later, Spinelli exited the hotel room. Cody called out to Spinelli. Spinelli was surprised when Cody revealed that he knew what was going on between Spinelli and Zelda, and Cody would keep silent for a price. After Spinelli took care of Cody's demands, he returned to report to Zelda that they had a problem. "Mr. Bell is going to be an issue," Spinelli said.

At Chase's apartment, Chase munched on a bowl of cereal as he watched a game on television. When Brook Lynn called to ask where Chase was, he apologized. He promised to join her as soon as possible. Later, Chase arrived at Metro Court's pool, where Brook Lynn waited. He told her about the exciting end of the game, but Brook Lynn was focused on Linc and Selina near the bar. Chase was disappointed when he realized that Brook Lynn had had an ulterior motive for inviting him to the pool.

Brook Lynn explained that she had seen Linc check in earlier, and she had suspected that he might go to the pool. Brook Lynn was certain, after seeing him with Selina, that Linc was up to no good. Chase reminded Brook Lynn that Selina had never been convicted of anything, and it was not a crime for Linc to associate with Selina. Brook Lynn was surprised that Chase's "detective's intuition" hadn't tingled, but Chase accused Brook Lynn of looking for a reason to go after Linc.

Brook Lynn argued that she didn't need to look for a reason because Linc holding her songs hostage was sufficient. Chase pointed out that he had agreed to help Brook Lynn under the condition that she would let Chase take the lead because it was important to do things the right way. Brook Lynn explained that to most people, music was something to listen to when they were bored, but to her, it was much more. It was home, it grounded her, and it gave her purpose. Brook Lynn confided that ever since her mother had taken her to Tower Records for a Jets cassette, music had been Brook Lynn's life.

Brook Lynn credited Chase with helping her understand that -- even though she had lost her voice -- she could still participate in that part of her life through songwriting. Just then, Linc spotted Brook Lynn, and he approached her. Chase's temper flared when Linc referred to Brook Lynn as "my favorite personal ATM," but Brook Lynn demanded to know what Linc was doing in Port Charles. Linc revealed that he'd been taking meetings about Brook Lynn's catalog of music, and he was amazed how much more valuable they were without Brook Lynn's name attached to them. Chase ordered Linc to take a walk, but Linc was unapologetic.

Linc continued to make crude comments as he took off his jacket and dropped it on a lounge chair. After Linc walked to the bar, Chase pulled on his shirt and followed the vulgar music producer. As the two men exchanged heated words, Brook Lynn covertly searched the pockets of Linc's jacket. She found a business card from the Savoy with writing on the back that included a time and a password that read "vesper."

After Chase ran Linc off, Brook Lynn told him what she had found in Linc's pocket. Chase was not pleased that Brook Lynn had taken such a risk, but Brook Lynn argued that it had been necessary because Linc was up to no good. Brook Lynn wanted to go to the Savoy to check things out, but Chase explained that they couldn't rush into anything because it would be reckless and counterproductive. Brook Lynn pretended to agree, but when Chase went to the bar to fetch them a round of drinks, Brook Lynn left.

At the Savoy, Curtis read a text message from Selina letting him know that she had made some last-minute arrangements for the night. Curtis put his phone away when he saw T.J. walk up. T.J. explained that he had stopped by the house to check on Marshall, and Stella had mentioned that Curtis had left for work. T.J. admitted that Marshall had told him everything, and T.J. had been concerned about Curtis. Curtis conceded that Marshall's diagnosis of schizophrenia had been a lot to process. T.J. agreed that it had been a lot to take in, even for a doctor like T.J.

Curtis realized there had been a lot of medical advances, but it was a complicated diagnosis. Curtis couldn't imagine how difficult it had been for Marshall to receive the diagnosis four decades earlier. T.J. pointed out that at least Curtis knew that Marshall had walked away from the family to protect Curtis and Thomas from himself. It had been an act of love rather than neglect. T.J. was surprised that Curtis hadn't taken time off from work to deal with things, but Curtis explained that he had something going on.

Moments later, Selina arrived. After Curtis reluctantly introduced Selina to his nephew, Curtis asked T.J. to order drinks for him and T.J. Curtis waited until T.J. walked away to let Selina know that he had received her text message. Selina was pleased that there hadn't been any problems during Curtis' abrupt absence to attend to a family matter. She informed him that there would be a "very influential" player joining the card game for the first time later that evening. Curtis assured her that everything was ready.

Selina realized that Curtis didn't view her as a friend, but she let him know that she could provide an ear -- as an ally -- if he needed to vent. Selina reminded Curtis that their businesses were dependent on each other, and she would help if he needed it. After Selina walked away, Curtis joined T.J. at the bar. T.J. wanted to discuss Marshall, but Curtis explained that he wasn't ready. T.J. decided to let the matter drop and go home, but he promised to stop by Curtis' house in the morning. Curtis thanked T.J. for understanding.

Meanwhile, Selina ushered Linc to a private room in the back of the Savoy. At the entrance, Brook Lynn stopped to look at her phone as a call from Chase went to voicemail. After checking her appearance, Brook Lynn approached the bar.

Elsewhere in the Savoy, Sonny asked if Nina had plans for the evening. She admitted that she'd been on her way home, so he asked Nina to stay. Nina hesitated, but Sonny promised to make it worth her while. Nina smiled as Sonny took her hand and led her to a nearby table. After their drinks were served, Nina offered a toast, but Sonny reminded her that it was bad luck to toast with water. Nina took a sip of her wine as she assured him that she'd had all the bad luck a person was allotted for a lifetime, even if she was to blame for most of it,

Sonny was confident that Nina's luck would soon turn around because the worst was behind her. There were no more secrets or betrayals, and Sonny thought it was time for him and Nina to stop denying what was between them. Nina grew quiet, prompting Sonny to ask if he had said something wrong. Nina assured Sonny that he hadn't, but she had noticed that even Sonny's own son hadn't acknowledged their existence. Sonny glanced over at Dante's table, and the two men exchanged a friendly nod.

Sonny explained that Dante was enjoying the evening with Sam, but Nina need not worry because Dante had been "very nonjudgmental" about everything. Nina was skeptical because she doubted that Dante was okay with everything that had been said or with Nina. Sonny suggested that he and Nina go somewhere more their speed. Nina readily agreed.

A short time later, Nina's spirits lifted as she and Sonny entered Charlie's Pub. Sonny secured a table while Nina fetched their drinks. When Nina sat down, she admitted that Charlie's wasn't the Tan-O, but it was close enough. Sonny agreed. Nina thought it was their own "pocket universe," where all the reasons they shouldn't be together disappeared. However, she realized that it was just a fantasy because she and Sonny could never go back to how things "used to be."

Sonny reminded Nina that everything was out in the open, and they had an opportunity to decide what happened next for them. Sonny kissed Nina. Afterwards, Nina asked about Sonny's newfound wisdom. He admitted that he had made peace with the idea that his life was moving forward, and he intended for it to look more like his life in Nixon Falls than his past life in Port Charles. Sonny explained there was no going backwards for him, and Carly had made it crystal clear that they were done. Alarmed, Nina asked if Sonny had kissed her because he had gotten into an argument with his ex-wife.

At the Savoy, Sam asked Dante to tell her about Dante and Cody's younger days at summer camp. Dante explained that Olivia had been concerned that Dante would follow in Tommy Fazio's footsteps when Dante's friend had been caught for shoplifting. The incident had prompted Olivia to send Dante to camp, which had appealed to Dante because it meant that he would be away from his mother and his large extended family. Until camp, Dante admitted his idea of nature had been playing stickball in a church parking lot.

Dante conceded that the camp counselors had offered limited supervision and that most of the kids at the camp had been from the city like Dante, but Cody had been one of the few country kids. Dante had noticed that Cody had been comfortable with nature, so Dante had decided to take pointers from Cody. Dante fondly recalled that he and Cody had had good times, and Cody had taught Dante to be comfortable around horses. Dante explained that horses could sense human emotion, and it had been easy for Dante to see that Cody was a good person. Sam realized that Cody had layers. Dante acknowledged that Cody might be a "screw-up," but Dante assured Sam that Cody had a heart of gold.

Later, Dante and Sam prepared to leave, but Cody returned, eager to get the party started. Dante pointed out that Cody had cut out on them hours earlier, and Dante and Sam were ready to call it a night. Disappointed, Cody went to the bar and asked N'neka if Brad was around. N'neka directed Cody to a back room. Cody thanked her and followed her directions. He stopped in the hallway to check his money. He smiled at the thick stack of hundred-dollar bills as he proceeded to the private room.

In the Pautuck woods, Cameron, Jake, Aiden, Wyatt, and Violet were gathered around a fire, while Finn and Gregory stood nearby, keeping an eye on things. Finn worried that he might have overstepped by asking his father to talk to Cameron, but Gregory assured Finn that Cameron had appreciated the advice. Finn was relieved because Cameron had a lot on his shoulders. Gregory was confident that Cameron was strong enough to carry the weight because Cameron had Finn to help. Finn doubted that Cameron wanted Finn's help.

By the fire, Cameron offered to help Aiden with the guitar, but Aiden told his brother to back off because Aiden was determined to learn how to play the instrument on his own. Cameron explained that he had only intended to help, but Aiden didn't care. Jake tried to play peacemaker, but Aiden explained that it was necessary to learn things on his own because Cameron was away at school, and their mother might not return home. Finn quietly pulled Wyatt aside to ask for Wyatt's help in finding a way to include Aiden. Wyatt promised to take care of everything. Moments later, Aiden perked up when Wyatt asked Aiden to help select songs for the campfire sing-along.

Cameron waited until Finn was alone to thank Finn for sending Gregory to talk to Cameron. Cameron knew Finn had done it because Finn cared about Elizabeth and her sons. Finn admitted that it was true, and Finn appreciated that Cameron and his brothers had welcomed Violet into the family fold. Cameron smiled as he glanced at his young cousin. Cameron apologized for lashing out at Finn because Cameron knew Finn only wanted the best for Elizabeth.

Cameron confided that he was scared, and he realized that both Jake and Aiden felt the same. Finn conceded that he was also afraid, but Finn promised that they would all get through it together. Cameron's smile was genuine as he shook Finn's hand.

Nearby, Austin and Maxie collected sticks for toasting marshmallows. Austin talked about his love for s'mores as a mystery person spied on the pair. Maxie was startled when she heard a rustling noise. Austin had heard it, but he assured Maxie it was nothing to worry about because nature was noisy. Maxie vowed to stop watching old slasher movies before bed. Austin decided to investigate, but Maxie refused to stay behind.

Moments later, Gregory and Violet emerged from the woods. "Boo," Violet said. Violet giggled when she realized that Austin and Maxie had mistaken Violet and her grandfather for a bear. Maxie smiled good naturedly because she had overreacted, but she admitted she hadn't expected anyone to wander away from the campsite. Gregory apologized for the scare. Austin smiled as he announced that he would clean the sticks so they could start making s'mores.

Maxie smiled as she watched how sweet Austin was with Violet. Soon after, everyone gathered around the campfire with their sticks. They toasted marshmallows and made s'mores, while Cameron sang and Wyatt strummed the guitar. Everyone was all smiles as they enjoyed the sing-along, but Maxie frowned when she noticed that Austin had wandered away.

Austin entered a clearing and called out to someone. A mystery person stepped into the clearing, and Austin sternly informed the person to leave Maxie, her friends, and her family out of it the next time they wanted to talk to Austin. "What do you want?" Austin asked in a curt tone.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Friday, June 17, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 15, episode concluded.

Chase is arrested after defending Brook Lynn

Chase is arrested after defending Brook Lynn

Friday, June 17, 2022

At the Metro Court pool, Carly enjoyed a glimpse as a shirtless Drew finished swimming. Carly shared that she'd had a rough day. Drew couldn't believe that Sonny had allowed Scott to attack Michael on the stand, nor that Sonny had comforted Nina when Scott had finished. Carly said she felt furious and devastated, but also "weirdly grateful" because Sonny's actions had made her realize the man she'd loved was gone.

Carly said that Sonny had always been able to make her feel angrier than anyone, and she added that when she'd seen Sonny earlier in the day, she'd been surprised by the anger she hadn't felt. Drew called it a wake-up call, and Carly said she felt free of Sonny once and for all.

Drew suggested that he and Carly skinny-dip, but Carly instead put her feet in the water with Drew. Carly stared into Drew's eyes and said she knew a good thing when she saw it. Later, Drew jumped back into the pool. Carly turned to walk away and thanked Drew for the celebration. Drew said that as far as he was concerned, the celebration was only getting started.

At Charlie's Pub, Nina asked if Sonny had only kissed her because he'd gotten into a fight with Carly. Sonny assured Nina that he hadn't been thinking of Carly when he'd kissed Nina. Nina said she'd had no idea that Scott would attack Michael's character so aggressively in court. Nina claimed that watching Scott attack Michael had made her sick to her stomach because she'd been certain that she'd lose Sonny over it. Nina couldn't believe that Sonny had stayed beside her after Scott had finished attacking Michael. Sonny took Nina by the hand and recalled how hurt Nina had looked in court, and he said that all he'd wanted to do in that moment had been to comfort Nina.

Nina said that Sonny's gesture of touching her cheek in court had meant more to Nina than Sonny could ever know. Sonny said he didn't regret the gesture at all, but Carly had viewed it as Sonny having approved of Scott's attack on Michael. Sonny shared that he'd always felt he and Carly would stay connected because of their kids, but he told Nina that Carly had said she didn't know Sonny anymore. Sonny said that things had indeed changed since his time in Nixon Falls, and he said Nina was the only person in his life who seemed to understand him.

Nina could tell that Sonny was hurt, and she asked him to talk to her. Sonny said that he was tired of having to apologize for being who he was. Nina said that she was tired of hurting, too. Nina kissed Sonny's hand and told him that he made her happy and that she wanted to embrace that happiness. Sonny asked how they should start, and Nina told him they should start slowly.

Nina said that Sonny was unlike any man she'd ever known, and she added that she wanted to build something real between them. Sonny said he was okay with taking things slowly. On her way out, Nina promised to call Sonny.

At a drive-in theater, Valentin surprised Anna with a date to see the classic film Notorious. Anna raved about Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman and her love of noir films. Valentin noted that it was his and Anna's first official date, and he scoffed when Anna said the movie was romantic. "A libeled lady and a charismatic rogue on a spy mission, falling for each other," Anna said. "What's not to love?" Valentin asked.

Anna received a message from work, which prompted Valentin to ask about Jennifer Smith's arrest. Anna said she hadn't been able to locate or confirm the identify of "Francois," the Frenchman that Valentin had impersonated in French Polynesia.

Valentin suggested that "Francois" wasn't real and that Jennifer had made up the story as a red herring. Valentin asked what Anna felt about the case, but Anna said she couldn't share her feelings about a police matter with a civilian. Anna then wondered if her date with Valentin had been a tactic to get more information out of her. Valentin seemed both hurt and angry by Anna's suggestion.

At the Highsider, the dive bar that Josslyn and Trina had sneaked into, the two friends tried to make a run for the exit before Rory came in and asked what they were doing there. Trina said that they'd gone to the bar to prove that Esme had purchased the phone that she'd use to record Josslyn and Cameron having sex. Rory asked to see Trina and Josslyn's IDs but later said that he'd let Trina and Josslyn off with a warning.

Rory got a call about another disturbance in town. He went to leave but not before he made sure Trina and Josslyn had a ride home. After Rory left, Josslyn and Trina found their rideshare. Trina remarked that Rory had done her and Josslyn a huge favor. Josslyn scoffed and said that Rory had done Trina a favor because he liked her. Trina felt that Rory liked her, too.

At the Savoy, Brad informed Selina of a problem with the poker game. Selina was displeased that Brad hadn't vetted the player first. Just then, Cody arrived and introduced himself as the mystery player. Selina called for one of her bodyguards, and she wanted to speak with Cody outside the bar. In the alley, Selina accused Cody of having cut into her profits and having ruined the game. Selina instructed one of her men to give Cody a beating, and afterward, Selina recovered the money that Cody had won. Selina warned that Cody was still in her debt. After Selina left, Britt spotted Cody on the ground in pain.

Britt checked on Cody's health in the alley. Britt warned that Cody might have a concussion and told him to not fall asleep. Britt turned to walk away but stayed behind to tend to Cody. Britt told Cody he had severe damage to his ribs, and she helped Cody to his feet. Britt offered to drive Cody to the hospital, but Cody said he couldn't afford a visit there. Cody then said he knew someone who could help and that the person owed him.

Also at the Savoy, Chase scolded Brook Lynn for having followed Linc to the club. Brook Lynn said her plan was to catch Linc in the act of something illegal and then to blackmail Linc into signing the rights to Brook Lynn's music back to her. Chase warned Brook Lynn that her actions could blow up in her face.

Brook Lynn spotted Linc after Britt had laughed at Linc's pickup lines. Linc received a call from Korea and told a music producer that he could change the lyrics to one of Brook Lynn's songs for Korean pop radio. Brook Lynn snatched the phone from Linc and said the song belonged to her and that she would go to court to protect her music.

Linc grabbed Brook Lynn by the arm and demanded she return his phone. Linc scoffed that if Brook Lynn didn't return his phone, he'd sell all of her music to a porn producer to use for soundtracks. Linc went a step further and told Brook Lynn that pornography was a market she should explore. "You can't sing anymore, but there are other ways to perform. Like lying on your back," Linc quipped. Just then, Chase punched Linc.

After the punch, Rory showed up and asked for details. Brook Lynn suggested that she and Chase slip away undetected, but Chase refused to leave and said that would only make things worse. Rory greeted Chase and told him that he'd admired Chase's work as a detective. Chase said that Rory had a witness to his assault of Linc, as well as a victim who wanted to press charges. Rory had no other choice but to place Chase under arrest for assault and battery. Brook Lynn stared at Chase with a look of remorse that she'd gotten Chase involved.

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