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Kevin had Esme fired from Spring Ridge. Cody learned about Britt's criminal past. Cyrus was transferred to Pentonville Prison. Laura faced opposition from a group called Friends of Port Charles. Liesl turned down Scott's proposal of marriage. Valentin took Anna on a date. Valentin managed to retain control of ELQ with Ned's support.
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Cyrus mounted a campaign to oust Laura as mayor, and Kevin blocked Esme from visiting Ryan
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Kevin catches Esme in a lie

Kevin catches Esme in a lie

Monday, June 20, 2022

Felicia and Mac encountered Laura and Martin sitting at a table in the outdoor Metro Court restaurant. They declined an invitation to sit and made their way to their own table. Laura and Martin discussed Jordan's reveal that Cyrus hadn't been responsible for their attempted murders, and Laura confessed that she was certain that Victor had been behind it. She thought that Victor had been after her, and Martin had happened to be there.

Laura admitted that she couldn't prove it as she took a sip of her red wine. She added that she believed that Victor had also "had a hand" in Luke's murder although the WSB had held Jennifer Smith for the crime. She declared that Jennifer would have never killed Luke, and Laura aimed to prove it had been Victor. She thought that she might be able to have Victor deported, as he met the definition of "moral turpitude." She wanted Victor away from Spencer and Nikolas and a "mysterious project."

Nearby, Felicia wanted Mac to order Champagne in order to toast to Bailey's good health, to accept that being grandparents was enough, and to her having given Ryan a "dressing down." "You did what?" Mac gasped. Felicia admitted to an angry Mac that her old emotions had been "dredged up" after she'd seen Ryan up close and helpless. He had needed to know that she had won, and she had found it liberating. Ryan couldn't do anything to her, she said.

Victor found Spencer working at Kelly's, and Spencer disclosed that it would be his last shift. He added that work was no longer his first priority, but he would be staying close to home. He refused to divulge more, but Victor offered to help. Spencer locked the front door as he cleaned up and revealed that he would be staying home in order to collect his allowance. Victor was happy to hear that things had changed and would be looking up for "family unity." Spencer explained that Esme would remain with him for good reason.

Spencer thought that Ava had been waiting for Esme to "trip up," and Victor was concerned that Esme might hold up the reconciliation between Spencer and Nikolas. Spencer pointed out that Victor and Laura were very different but often in agreement. Victor maintained that he and Spencer's grandmother only wanted what was best for Spencer, so they did agree at times. Spencer stated that he needed Esme, and he wanted everyone to see her for the person that she really was.

Victor urged Spencer not to allow Esme to get pregnant, and Spencer admitted that he'd learned his lesson. He revealed that he was out to find Esme's biological parents because he thought that Esme would give anything to learn their identity. He hoped the parents would provide Esme with support. Victor was worried that it could backfire, but Spencer promised to check them out. He thought that he was the one in the best position to follow it through -- except for Victor, and he asked for Victor's help. Victor wasn't sure that he wanted to, but he eventually agreed.

Esme stopped by Kevin's office at General Hospital and asked for his insight for her future. She announced that she had been accepted to Port Charles University, and psychology was her passion. She wanted Kevin's expertise on a topic she had chosen to study regarding Ryan. She wanted to "wow" the psych programming admissions panel. Kevin found her choice "compelling," but he declined to help. He reminded her that he had barred her from seeing Ryan because Ryan was dangerous. He added that the decision had been professional and not personal.

Esme was angry and believed that Kevin would help a different student. Kevin suggested that Esme use the "exaggeration technique" on someone else. He also urged her to find a different case to study. Esme asked if Ryan's "attachment style" was avoidant or anxious. Kevin clarified that Ryan was a psychopath, but she mentioned the fact that both Kevin and Ryan had imprisoned each other at one time. Kevin thought that Esme should change her field of study if she was unable to see the difference.

Esme asked if Ryan had ever had an attachment to anyone, and she wondered if Ryan's issues could be hereditary. She explained that she had never known her biological parents, and she had wondered what had been inherited. She had alienated many people in town. Kevin stated that Esme was not like Ryan, who needed people's adoration and terror. He said that Ryan had the talent to make people believe anything, and that was why Kevin had barred Esme from seeing Ryan at Spring Ridge. Kevin was late to dinner and had to leave.

Trina was on the phone with Josslyn as she arrived home and inserted her key into the front door lock. She assured Josslyn that no one needed to know what had happened at the biker bar, but as she walked inside, Portia, Curtis, and Taggert rose from the sofa. They were upset over what had happened with school and were ready to fight. Trina assured them that she was "better than okay," but the older adults were all suspicious. "I think there's a chance things might work out in my favor," Trina declared.

Trina explained that there was something to explore that the cops had missed. She didn't want the cops involved. Curtis guessed that Trina and Josslyn had investigated on their own. Trina was forced to reveal what had happened at the biker bar called the Highsider. Portia, Taggert, and Curtis couldn't hide how upset they were, but Trina stood up for her actions. She assured them it had paid off, and Portia agreed because Trina had found a lead to Esme's buying the phone. Portia wasn't disappointed in Trina's actions, although Taggert stated that he was. Portia insisted that Trina had helped herself, and they should all be proud.

Taggert agreed that he was proud but scared. He and Portia went off to the kitchen to order pizza and prepare snacks. Curtis asked Trina if her experience had been terrifying, and she confessed that it could have "gone south." Curtis maintained that he would have done the same thing. "You've got guts!" he exclaimed.

Later, Portia, Taggert, Curtis, and Trina continued to discuss Trina's evening as they enjoyed a meal. Trina stressed that she and Josslyn couldn't do much else on their own, and the bartender had learned that she was the daughter of an ex-cop. She doubted that he would answer questions. Curtis noted that she had a former policeman and a private investigator at her disposal. "He may be in the wind, but not for long," Taggert said.

As Valentin and Anna sat in the car at the drive-in movie, she wondered if they had anything in common besides espionage. Valentin noted that they weren't in a dangerous situation, but he was nervous in case he disappointed her. He admitted that Felicia had given him a difficult time about avoiding Anna, but he said he had been busy. He pulled Anna close. It had had nothing to do with her, he said. He said Felicia had also asked him if he was serious, and he was. He and Anna kissed. Valentin suggested that the second film be skipped, and he added that he would do anything that Anna wanted.

Esme knocked on the locked door of Kelly's, and Spencer urged Victor not to say anything about their discussion. Spencer unlocked the door, and Victor said hello before leaving. He watched the young couple hug from outside.

Kevin arrived at the Metro Court restaurant, and Mac and Felicia quickly joined him and Laura as Martin left. Mac revealed that Felicia had had a confrontation with Ryan, and Mac was upset because Ryan was still a threat. Laura understood Felicia's motive. Felicia mentioned Ryan's aide Esme who had been good at translating Ryan's thoughts. Kevin and Laura exchanged a look as they and Mac told Felicia about Esme. Laura noted that Esme was "allergic to the word no," and Kevin announced that he had something to take care of. Laura explained that Esme had been restricted from seeing Ryan, but she had found a way around it. "That can't be good," Felicia said.

A short while later, Valentin returned to his car with a large bucket of buttered popcorn. Anna noted that he had received a text message while he'd been gone, but she stated that she hadn't looked at it. Valentin looked at the message and frowned. It was a message from Martin, and it read, "We need to talk about your father." Valentin told Anna it was about an ELQ vote. He asked her about a second date, and she accepted. She was ready to watch the second movie on the bill, Casablanca. As he bit into a kernel, Valentin noted that both the film and the popcorn were from 1942.

Kevin arrived at Kelly's and bumped into Victor, who was leaving. Victor thought that Kevin looked angry and hoped it wasn't directed at Spencer. Kevin assured him it was for the company that Spencer kept. Esme saw Kevin through the door and urged Spencer to take his time collecting his belongings from the back. Esme walked outside and told Kevin the place was closed. Kevin declared that she had lied to him. He had warned her to stay away from Ryan. He said he had taken actions to terminate her internship and to bar her from Spring Ridge. Esme was livid as Kevin informed her that she would never see Ryan again.

Back at Metro Court, Laura excused herself from the table as she received a phone call. It was Alexis, who told her that something was wrong. Something catastrophic was about to happen, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, June 22, and picked up where the Monday, June 20, episode concluded.

Laura deals with a crisis that leads to Cyrus

Laura deals with a crisis that leads to Cyrus

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

This episode was General Hospital's 15,000th episode.

At General Hospital, Laura exited her car. She smiled as she looked at the hospital's entrance, and she thought, "All my life, this place has been a sanctuary, a place where I felt safe and welcome -- almost a second home. And today will be no different, no matter what trouble I'm facing."

At the nurses' station, Portia helped Epiphany study for a test by asking questions with multiple choice answers. Britt blurted out the answer to one of the questions at the same time as Epiphany, but Epiphany had answered the question correctly. Epiphany whooped with delight just as Laura arrived. Laura let Epiphany know that she was rooting for Epiphany to pass the MCATs. Touched, Epiphany thanked the mayor.

As Laura made her way to the elevator, Portia asked if Laura would be attending the softball game later that afternoon. Laura had no intention of missing the Port Charles tradition. After Laura entered the elevator, Britt admitted that it was impossible to tell that Laura was a "dead woman walking." In the elevator, Laura's smile faded.

Meanwhile, Sonny gingerly sat down next to Violet. Violet asked if he needed an ice pack, but he promised he was fine; he'd overdone it boxing. Sonny asked about Violet's rash, and she revealed it was poison oak. Finn walked up and reminded his daughter not to scratch the rash. Violet argued that she'd seen Chase scratch his rash, but Finn asked if she recalled what would happen if they lived their lives like Chase.

"We'd only have half a jar of pickles in the fridge," Finn and Violet said in unison. Sonny laughed, and he advised Violet to listen to her father because Finn was smart. Finn scolded Sonny for ignoring Finn's advice about boxing. Sonny took a page out of Violet's book by blaming Chase. Moments later, Laura joined the trio, and Finn enlisted the mayor's help to persuade Violet not to scratch the rash.

Sonny took an opportunity to pull Laura aside to ask her about the article in the Invader. Laura assured Sonny that she was fine. Finn knew that Laura had a lot on her plate, so he offered to take Elizabeth's boys to visit their mother. Finn promised to wait in the car while the boys were with Elizabeth, but Laura assured Finn that she had things well in hand. After Laura walked away, Finn admitted that she hadn't seemed stressed. "She's got this, right?" Finn asked. Sonny was confident that Laura had things under control, but it wouldn't hurt to have a backup plan.

Nearby, Laura greeted her husband. When Kevin asked how she was doing, she admitted that she was so nervous that she felt sick. Kevin reminded his wife that she was surrounded by people who loved her -- including Kevin. Laura warned him that crying would be a bad look for her. Kevin disagreed, but he asked if she was ready. Laura nodded. "You got this," Kevin said.

In the hospital's conference room, Sam, Curtis, Carly, Alexis, Scott, Mac, and Robert were gathered as Laura and Kevin entered. Scott welcomed Laura to the first meeting of the committee to save Laura's hide. Carly suggested that they get down to business, but Laura insisted that Mac leave. Mac objected, but Laura reminded him that it was a political -- not a criminal -- matter, and Laura couldn't afford any appearance of impropriety. Curtis assured Mac that Curtis and Sam would pick up the slack.

After Mac left, Laura and her supporters sat down as Robert proposed they figure out how the circus had started. Alexis defended her decision to publish the op-ed letter because it had been legitimate news. Robert scoffed because he thought the op-ed had been "a crock." Scott agreed with Robert's assessment, and Scott went a step further by speculating that the signatures collected for the petition to remove Laura as mayor hadn't reached the threshold to put a recall on the ballot.

Kevin was forced to admit that Scott was wrong. Robert accused the op-ed's anonymous author of being biased. Scott agreed. Laura couldn't hide how hurt she was by the inflammatory op-ed and that enough signatures had been collected to trigger a recall election. Alexis felt bad for printing the op-ed, but Laura assured Alexis that it had been the right thing to do because the op-ed was protected by free speech.

Kevin suggested they focus on strategizing how to respond to the allegations. Scott revealed that he had a four-point plan: Alexis would run Laura's rebuttal in the Invader, Scott and Robert would devise a legal strategy before the recall made it to the ballot, they would find a way to win over the hearts and minds of the citizens of Port Charles, and they would uncover who was behind Friends of Port Charles.

After Alexis, Carly, Sam, Curtis, Robert, and Kevin left to get to work, Laura thanked Scott for pulling out all the stops to help her. Scott admitted that she was important to him for a lot of reasons. Laura smiled as she and Scott reminisced about their wedding decades earlier. Laura was touched by Scott's loyalty to her, but she said she didn't want him to land in hot water with Liesl. Scott assured Laura there was no need to worry, and Liesl had helped him with a special project.

In a flashback of the previous evening, Liesl was at Kelly's, where she approached a woman working for Friends of Port Charles who had been collecting signatures for the petition to recall Laura as mayor. Liesl pretended to be interested in the petition because she had a long list of complaints about the mayor. As Liesl listed her grievances, Liesl dragged the woman outside to show the woman an example of how Laura had failed the town. Once the coast was clear, Scott approached the woman's table and snapped photos of the pages of signatures the woman had left behind.

Scott showed Laura the printed photos of the signatures, but Laura decided that she didn't want to know how Scott and Liesl had obtained them. Scott agreed that it would be best for Laura not to know, but he pointed out a particular signature he had circled. Laura was stunned when she read the name.

A short time later, Laura entered the break room and confronted Bobbie. Laura asked how long Bobbie had been wanting to even the score. Bobbie was unapologetic as she admitted that she'd been wanting payback ever since Lucy had "allegedly" struck Bobbie out with a wonky spitball. Bobbie vowed to slam a line-drive out of left field later that day. Laura realized that Bobbie had been talking about softball. Laura showed Bobbie the signature on the petition, and Bobbie confirmed that it was her signature.

According to Bobbie, she had signed a petition to save the whales, not to remove Laura as mayor. Bobbie realized that it had been a bait-and-switch. Bobbie assured Laura that she would never do that to Laura after everything they'd been through in over four decades of knowing each other. Laura recalled their rocky beginning when Laura had gone to Scott's apartment to make amends over a misunderstanding, and Bobbie had answered the door.

In the flashback, Bobbie's blouse was partially unbuttoned, and she taunted Laura that Scott had turned to someone else for comfort. Laura was devastated, especially when Bobbie told Laura that Laura couldn't stay because three would be a crowd for what Bobbie and Scott had planned for the night.

In present time, Bobbie conceded that she and Laura had been young, and they had both foolishly believed the world had revolved around Scott. Laura agreed. The conversation turned to Friends of Port Charles as Bobbie promised that the group's view was a minority opinion. Laura admitted that she had put her heart and soul into the job, but she worried that it might not have been enough. Laura pointed to the signatures on the petition as proof that a significant number of people were unhappy, but Bobbie questioned the validity of the signatures, since her signature had been obtained under nefarious circumstances.

Laura conceded that Bobbie had a point, especially since the op-ed had seemed like a personal attack. Bobbie promised that she would always have Laura's back. Grateful, Laura hugged Bobbie.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned, Olivia, Michael, and Brook Lynn each raised their glass of Bloody Mary as Ned officially opened the family meeting with a toast. Ned was eager to discuss a plan of action for the upcoming softball game because Ned wanted to restore their family's honor. Just then, Carly and Sam marched in. Carly insisted that the Quartermaines had never had any honor to begin with.

Olivia was not amused. Carly cut to the chase as she demanded that Ned confess to writing the op-ed about Laura. Ned denied that he had written it, and Olivia confirmed that her husband had moved on from politics long before. Michael understood his mother's suspicions, since the Quartermaines had a reputation. Olivia conceded that the Quartermaines had their "fatal" flaws, but she insisted that the family had a big heart and always helped each other.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny answered a knock on his office door. It was Selina. Selina's smile was guarded when she saw Curtis standing by Sonny's desk. Curtis asked if Selina was aware that her nephew had volunteered to work for Friends of Port Charles. To Sonny and Curtis' surprise, Selina readily revealed that she had volunteered Brad for the job.

Sonny explained that Laura was a friend of his, and he expected Selina to get her people to back off from the group working to recall Laura. "Next time you need a favor, I'll remember this," Sonny said. Selina assured Sonny that she would do as he had asked. Satisfied, Sonny and Curtis questioned Selina about who was behind the organization.

At Metro Court's pool, Alexis, Ava, Nikolas, Victor, and Spencer were assembled around a table and dressed for the softball game. Victor raised his glass and offered a toast to the Cassadines. He anticipated dominating the game. As Laura arrived, she heard what Victor had said. "Like you tried to dominate the world once?" Laura asked. Laura warned Victor that as long as she drew breath, she would not allow him to succeed.

After Nikolas and Spencer greeted Laura with affectionate hugs, Alexis asked Victor about the op-ed. Victor denied penning the letter. Victor insisted that he considered Laura a member of his family because she was his nephew's mother. Ava admitted that she could see Victor wielding a poison pen, and Alexis reminded everyone of Victor's preference for poison. Victor explained that he would never go after Laura by writing an anonymous op-ed; he'd happily put his name on it. Nikolas defended his uncle because Victor was wise enough to know that going after Laura would be the quickest way to unite the family against Victor.

Laura was distracted when her phone rang. It was Curtis. Curtis explained that he had good news and bad news; Curtis and Sonny had picked up the trail of the person who had penned the op-ed, but Laura wouldn't like where the trail had led them.

At Pentonville Prison, Laura entered the visitor's room, sat down, and picked up the phone's receiver as a prisoner was escorted in. Cyrus smiled as he sat down and picked up the phone on his side of the glass. Cyrus was happy to see his sister, and he assumed that she had read his letter. Laura was curious why Cyrus hadn't openly taken credit for the op-ed, so he reminded her that people tended to take a person less seriously when they learned the person was locked up in prison. Also, Cyrus thought the quest to find the author would provide Laura an opportunity to revisit the enemies she had made over the years.

Laura asked if Cyrus was the head of Friends of Port Charles, but he revealed he was merely an advisor. He pointed out that he was not in a position to run a grassroots campaign from prison. Laura wanted to know who was behind the organization, but Cyrus would only tell her that it was a group of "ordinary like-minded citizens" who wanted to make Port Charles a better place. Cyrus claimed that the concerned citizens wanted to elect someone who was better suited to the task of running the city because crime was on the rise; Sonny and Selina ran roughshod over the police department, which was filled with Laura's cronies; and major corporations like ELQ and Cassadine Industries were fleecing taxpayers.

Cyrus insisted that everyday people were tired of paying more in taxes to prop up aging institutions like General Hospital, and the families of Port Charles yearned for a North Star to show them the way. Cyrus was curious when Laura had last gone to church, but she assured her brother that her religious preferences were not a problem for the people of Port Charles. Cyrus laughed because -- since Laura's election -- she had presided over more conflict and bloodshed than prosperity. Laura wondered why -- if Friends of Port Charles were of such high moral standard -- they had chosen a convicted felon to advise them.

Furious, Cyrus smacked the glass as he informed Laura that it was God's -- not Laura's -- place to judge him. Laura jumped back. Cyrus angrily accused Laura of taking far too much pleasure in condemning him while she continued to sin freely, and he urged her to turn back to the path of righteousness. Laura pointed out that Cyrus talked a lot about God, but she was curious where God had been when Cyrus had written the scathing and embarrassing op-ed attacking her. Cyrus admitted that he'd spent his life hating; he was unable to change his nature on a dime, but he was trying.

Laura tearfully told her brother that she forgave him, and she thanked him for watching out for Port Charles. Stunned, Cyrus was unable to speak. He hung up the phone and averted his gaze as his eyes welled up with tears. Laura stood and walked to the door, but she turned back to look at her brother. Cyrus began to cry as he watched Laura leave. In the hallway, Laura took a moment to gather herself.

At the nurses' station, Curtis handed Portia a cap with the Savoy's name printed on the front for the softball game. Portia was delighted by the gift. Curtis admitted that he had some news to share. He revealed that Cyrus had been transferred from Flatland Federal Prison to Pentonville, but Jordan had assured Curtis that she was working with the warden to make certain that Cyrus remained locked up. Portia took the news in stride because she refused to let Cyrus ruin an otherwise beautiful day.

Meanwhile, Finn and Violet greeted Chase. Violet reported that she had gotten some medicine for her rash, and Chase revealed that his rash had cleared up on its own. Violet was curious if her uncle had practiced his swing because she expected him to hit two home runs at the game.

At the nurses' station, Britt reminded Epiphany to bring her A-game to the softball game. Epiphany assured Britt that she always did, especially when the proceeds of the game went to the Stone Cates AIDS wing. Britt hated to deal with red tape, but she acknowledged that the hospital did a lot of great work for the community.

At Pozzulo's, Selina assured Sonny that she would have never given Friends of Port Charles her support if she had known that Cyrus had been behind the organization. Sonny was glad to hear it because Mayor Collins was the best thing to happen to Port Charles in a long time.

At Kelly's, Robert told Scott that the Friends of Port Charles website hadn't made any mention of Cyrus. Robert's hands were tied without the official connection. Robert recalled that back in the day, Robert and Luke would have ridden in cowboy-style and taken out a couple of Cassadines without any problem. Mac and Kevin approached the table. Scott thought they should break out the zip ties to deal with Cyrus, but Kevin assured Scott that it wasn't necessary to go to "DEFCON 1" yet. Mac agreed, especially since Liesl might have an issue with Scott riding to Laura's rescue.

Scott insisted that no one told him what to do. Scott was confident that Liesl wouldn't have a problem with him helping Laura, but Robert, Mac, and Kevin were skeptical. Annoyed, Scott stormed out.

At the nail salon, Laura arrived as Anna, Felicia, and Bobbie were in the middle of getting pedicures. Anna questioned the wisdom of having a pedicure before the softball game, but Felicia and Bobbie dismissed Anna's concerns. The ladies looked up when Lucy and Liesl arrived. Liesl took one look at the gathering and decided that it had been a bad idea to stop by the salon, but Lucy refused to let Liesl leave. Lucy and Bobbie exchanged stilted greetings, and the conversation quickly turned to the previous year's softball game, when Bobbie accused Lucy of cheating.

As Lucy and Bobbie argued, Scott's name was mentioned because he had refereed the softball game in question. Lucy insisted that Bobbie was jealous that Lucy had remained close to their ex, but Bobbie advised Liesl not to turn her back on Lucy. Liesl assured everyone that Liesl was a "proud, capable, and ravishing woman" that any man would be lucky to have. "If Scott can't see that then he can leck mich am..." Liesl said just as Scott entered.

Scott stopped short when he saw all the ladies, and he apologized for interrupting their "beautification." To everyone's surprise, Scott dropped to his knee in front of Liesl. Scott acknowledged that it had been wrong of him not to keep Liesl on the same page about helping Laura, but he assured Liesl that Liesl meant everything to him. Scott admitted that he had been lost until he'd met Liesl. Scott asked Liesl to make things official by marrying him, but Liesl told him no because she was already his. Satisfied, Scott kissed Liesl.

Later, Laura and Maxie arrived at Shadybrook to visit Elizabeth. Maxie had no idea why she was there, but Laura reminded Maxie that Maxie had wanted to visit Elizabeth because Lulu was unable to. Maxie admitted that it was true, but Maxie worried that Elizabeth might not want to see Maxie, since they weren't close. Laura advised Maxie to just let Elizabeth know that Maxie cared, and Laura suggested that Maxie start by showing Elizabeth the cosmetics that Maxie had brought. As Maxie laid out an array of beauty products, Elizabeth entered the visitors' lounge. Elizabeth and Laura exchanged a hug, but Elizabeth was surprised to see Maxie.

Maxie explained that Deception wished Elizabeth well, and the beauty products were a gift to help Elizabeth during her stay. Elizabeth smiled with appreciation, but she turned to Laura for an update on the boys. Laura assured Elizabeth that everyone had stepped up to help with Elizabeth's sons, and Carly had given the boys a free pass to Metro Court's pool, so Elizabeth's sons spent a lot of time swimming. Elizabeth worried that it might be too much work for Laura, but Laura reminded Elizabeth that Finn and Violet helped out, and Scott had even checked in on the boys. Laura assured Elizabeth that Elizabeth was loved and supported.

Maxie was confident that Elizabeth would get better soon. Laura agreed, and she pointed out that one day, Elizabeth would be in a position to pay it forward when someone else needed help. Laura believed that everyone's willingness to help each other made Port Charles special.

Later, Laura entered Charlie's Pub, but no one was there. She looked around and smiled, and just then, people began to file in after the softball game. Family and friends happily greeted Laura with hugs. Sonny was disappointed that Laura had missed the game, but she explained that she had been on an errand. Sonny assumed that everything had worked out because Laura appeared happy. Laura confided that it might be one of her best days. When Alexis joined them, Laura revealed that she was ready to publish a rebuttal.

As everyone mingled and enjoyed each other's company, Laura thought about what she wanted to say to the people of Port Charles. She conceded that Friends of Port Charles hadn't been entirely wrong because Port Charles was not perfect. In their haste to point out what was wrong with Port Charles, the organization had failed to acknowledge the good things like the police who kept the streets safe and made the citizens feel welcomed. Laura thought about the nurses and doctors at the city's fine medical institutions like General Hospital and Mercy, and the small businesses in Port Charles's charming and historic downtown. Laura also reflected about the mom-and-pop businesses like Charlie's and Kelly's, where she had gone after school when she'd been growing up.

Laura thought that decades later, Laura's children and grandchildren had followed in her footsteps. Laura believed that the city's community was strong. Their soup kitchen had never run out of supplies, including firewood, which ensured that no one went cold in the winter. Laura was proud to be a citizen of Port Charles because they weren't just a town; they were a family that took care of each other.

Just then, Kevin proposed a toast to Laura because she was a beacon of light to the community. Sonny insisted that Laura was the best mayor the town had ever seen, and Curtis praised Laura for being a wonderful friend. Nikolas and Spencer applauded Laura for being a great mother and role model, and Bobbie assured Laura that she would always consider Laura a sister-in-law. Laura was moved by all the touching words.

Laura thought, "If I lose this recall, so be it. And if the person who replaces me is another son or daughter of Port Charles -- a lifer like me -- I know we will continue to grow. In new ways perhaps, but hopefully always to our betterment."

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Friday, June 24, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 22, episode concluded.

Michael and Drew's plans go up in smoke

Michael and Drew's plans go up in smoke

Friday, June 24, 2022

At Kelly's Diner, Dante asked who'd beaten Cody, but Cody refused to name anyone. Dante offered to spot his old friend some cash, but Cody refused. Dante was surprised that Britt had stopped to help Cody at all, and he recalled that he and Britt shared a bad history between them.

Dante recalled that years earlier, Britt had conspired with Liesl to steal Lulu's embryo and that Britt had had it implanted into herself. Dante added that Britt's father was Cesar Faison. Dante got up to leave. Cody went to follow but fell back into his chair. Cody reluctantly agreed to let Dante drive him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Brad gave Britt croissants from Eckert's Bakery in an attempt to apologize for having turned Britt into a meme on social media. Britt had something she wanted to talk to someone about, and Brad asked her to confide in him. Britt told Brad about the night she'd found Cody beaten in an alley behind the Savoy, and she wondered who'd been responsible.

Brad shared that Cody had been beaten after he'd won big at Selina's poker game. Brad then said he had his own question to ask Britt. Brad recalled the morning of his and Liesl's attempted intervention in Britt's room, and he wanted to know what had been bothering Britt. Just then, the phone in Britt's office rang, and she left to visit a new patient.

Britt sighed when she saw that Cody was the patient. As Britt attended to Cody's injuries, Cody shared that Dante had told him about Britt's father. Cody remarked that it had to be tough to live down Faison's reputation. Britt was in no mood to talk about her father and hurried out of the room once she finished the exam.

By the nurses' station, Brad told Britt that he was there for her, no matter what she had going on. Britt hugged Brad and thanked him for his support. Britt claimed that she'd had a chance to think about it and said that everything was fine. Britt promised to let Brad know if anything changed.

Cody rejoined Dante by the nurses' station and said that Britt had ordered him to take things easy. Dante gave Cody a key to his place and said he was glad that Cody would stick around. After Dante left, Cody approached Britt again and told her that he'd found a reason to stay in Port Charles.

At Kelly's Diner, Brook Lynn went for a cup of coffee and was upset to run into Linc, who gloated that he'd sold another of Brook Lynn's songs to a company to use as a commercial jingle. Brook Lynn offered to work with Linc again if he'd recant his accusation against Chase. Linc refused Brook Lynn's offer and said the only thing he wanted was to see Chase lose his job. Linc smugly walked past Brook Lynn and out of the diner.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan surprised Chase when she said that she'd spoken to Linc and that Linc had agreed to drop criminal charges. Chase was briefly relieved, but Jordan quickly told him that Linc still wanted Chase to lose his job.

Jordan added that Linc planned to file a complaint with the Civilian Review Board and that the board's decision could be censure or dismissal. Jordan said that Chase couldn't keep his head involved whenever it came to Brook Lynn. "Answer me this, Detective. Why shouldn't I fire you right now?" Jordan asked.

Later, Brook Lynn went to the police station and found Chase outside Jordan's office. The two stared at one another as Brook Lynn waited for Chase to give her news about his job.

At the Metro Court pool, Valentin walked past Carly and Olivia and grabbed a beach chair. Martin joined Valentin and observed that his client looked eerily calm. Valentin said he was certain that Ned would back him at the shareholders meeting later that day to avoid Ned being frozen out of ELQ altogether.

Martin said he had an update on Valentin's family, and Valentin demanded to know what Martin knew about the Cassadines. Martin told Valentin about Laura's plan to have Victor deported for moral turpitude. Valentin seemed angry over the news and stormed off to attend the shareholders meeting.

Nearby at the pool, Carly raved that business looked good for the summer. Olivia was distracted by the shareholders meeting that was about to take place at ELQ, and she hoped that Michael and Drew would oust Valentin as CEO. Carly said that she was proud of Michael and that she also had a stake in ELQ because she'd recently become a major shareholder of Aurora.

Carly believed that once the merger was finalized, Aurora's stock would skyrocket. Olivia thought Drew's idea to merge Aurora and ELQ was brilliant. Carly felt the same way and shared that the merger was why she'd sold her half of the Metro Court to raise capital to help Michael and Drew. "I'm sorry. You did what, now?" a stunned Olivia asked.

Carly explained that she had sold her half of the Metro Court to a venture company to get the money to help Michael and Drew. Carly said she would have more than enough money to buy back her half of the hotel because Aurora's stock had been gaining value by the hour. Olivia still thought the idea was risky.

Carly told Olivia that she was planning a vacation, and she hoped that Michael, Willow, and Wiley would accompany her and Donna. Carly added that she might build a hotel empire and make the Metro Court an international brand. Olivia quipped that Carly was suddenly quite an optimist. "After the year I've had, things are finally going my way," Carly boasted.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael told Willow that he couldn't wait for Valentin to be ousted as CEO. Willow appeared exhausted and said it was because Wiley had woken her early that morning to ask for pancakes. Drew came into the room and toasted Michael. "To the day everything changes," Drew said.

Ned and Lucy entered. Lucy said she was glad to see the heads of the Quartermaine family together, and she remarked how times had changed. Lucy sipped coffee and stunned Ned when she said the Quartermaines owed Valentin their thanks.

Ned wondered what the family could possibly thank Valentin for. Lucy noted that ELQ had not only thrived under Valentin but that Valentin had also united everyone together against a common enemy. Lucy encouraged Ned to think of all they could accomplish if the Quartermaines worked together. Lucy thought that if Valentin were ousted, all the family's infighting that Edward had once cultivated would only resurface.

Out in the foyer, Willow started to walk up the staircase to check on Wiley but became dizzy after only a step up the stairs. Later, Willow rejoined Michael and the rest of the family in the main room. Michael asked if Willow was okay. Before she had a chance to answer, Ned welcomed Pascal Everett, the family's lawyer, into the room. A smiling Valentin also entered the room and was confident the meeting wouldn't last long.

Valentin called the meeting to order, and Drew formally made a motion to remove Valentin as CEO. Michael seconded the motion, and Valentin announced that he'd like to make a statement on his behalf. Valentin said that ELQ had grown significantly during his time as CEO and that the merger between Aurora and ELQ had been proposed only to make Drew a majority shareholder. Valentin cautioned that that reason was dangerous for moving forward with plans for any merger.

Valentin then turned things over to Pascal, who asked for a vote from those present. Valentin voted no, and Drew and Michael voted yes. Pascal then asked for Ned's vote. Ned hesitated and then stunned everyone gathered when he voted no. Between Drew and Michael's votes, and Valentin and Ned's votes, Pascal announced there was an even split. Michael fumed at Ned and claimed the idea had been Ned's because Ned had wanted to force Valentin out as CEO. Valentin noted that the meeting wasn't over because everyone hadn't finished voting.

Pascal called on Lucy and said that she had the tie-breaking vote, as bequeathed to her from her marriage to Alan. Lucy smiled and seemed giddy. "Would you look at that? The last time I had a vote, I felt a wee bit of pressure. But this time, I get to vote my conscience. I vote N-O, no!" Lucy said.

Pascal announced in front of a stunned Michael and Drew that the vote had failed and that Valentin would remain as CEO. Valentin then said it was time for the next order of business. "The rumored merger between Aurora Media and ELQ. It is not happening!" Valentin defiantly told Michael and Drew.

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