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Selina offered to help Curtis. Spencer put his plan into motion. Esme took steps to silence Oz. Sasha decided to seek outpatient treatment. Sonny ordered Dex to pick up Felty. Cody struck out with Britt. Austin had an encounter with a mystery man who delivered a message. Spinelli confided in Maxie.
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Trina's trial began, T.J. worried Willow might be ill, and Spencer told Esme he'd tell her the identity of her mother if she exonerated Trina
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Spencer tells Esme that he located her mother

Spencer tells Esme that he located her mother

Monday, July 18, 2022

Brando paced around the sauna at Volonino's gym while T.J. tried to get him to relax. Brando exclaimed that Sasha had been lying to him for months, and he wondered how he could not have noticed that she'd been using drugs again. T.J. urged him not to blame himself, but Brando asked if he could trust his wife going forward, even if he loved her. T.J. declared that Sasha loved Brando, too, and he was confident that things would work out.

Sonny and Dante sparred in the boxing ring until Dante asked if Sonny was trying to kill him. Sonny replied that he "got into it with Nina" over Carly. Father and son discussed Carly's loss of her half of the Metro Court, and Sonny added that he hated the way things had been. Dante clarified that Sonny had not chosen the way things had happened to him, although he did get to choose what followed.

Dante admired Sonny for holding Nina accountable for her actions and not hating her at the same time. He thought that was the only way to heal, and he knew about that from his own homecoming and subsequent struggle. Dante added that everything changed after a return. Sonny explained that Nina was upset that he had tried to help Carly, but Nina had bought the half of the hotel herself. After Carly's refusal to accept it, Nina had decided to keep it, Sonny concluded. He stated that Nina believed there were three people in their relationship. Dante confirmed that was true. Dante explained that Carly and Michael would not forget about Nina's actions of hiding Sonny.

Dante informed Sonny that Michael would be stopping by, and he wondered if Sonny would want to leave. Sonny declared that it was his gym. Just then, Michael walked in, and he announced that Willow was pregnant. He was glad to tell Sonny that Sonny would have no part in the baby's life. Dante unsuccessfully tried to stop Michael, and Sonny asked if he was being erased.

Michael proceeded to tell Sonny off, and Dex rushed in as the shouting match between the two men began. Michael asked if Dex was Sonny's attack dog, and Michael turned and challenged Dex instead. "You should respect your father," Dex said. Dante and Sonny tried to get Michael and Dex apart before things got out of hand. Brando rushed in at that moment to help. "Sonny gave you an order. I suggest you follow it or deal with me," Brando said to Dex as he pushed him away.

Sonny informed Brando that he and Michael were finished, and Dante beckoned Michael to the side and reminded him that the gym belonged to Sonny. He wondered if Michael had been excited to share the news with him or if he had hoped that Sonny would be there. Michael cited his reasons for not having a relationship with Sonny, and the talk eventually turned to Michael's good news. Dante was excited to be an uncle again.

Dex headed outside, and Brando wondered if Sonny wanted to talk about it. Sonny urged Brando to take care of his own problems and family. Brando replied that Sonny was family, but Sonny said that he could look after himself. Dex returned with ice for Sonny's hands.

As Nina cleaned up Nathan's headstone at the cemetery, she received a phone call from Olivia. Nina was annoyed that Olivia had only given her an hour's notice for a staff meeting at Metro Court. Liesl showed up and heard Nina's portion of the conversation. "Career change?" she asked Nina. The women sat on a nearby bench, and Nina related the turn of events regarding her purchase of half of the hotel. Nina added that it might have ended her relationship with Sonny.

Nina explained that Sonny had believed her ownership to be spiteful, and she pointed out how Sonny continued to rush to Carly's rescue. Nina thought of it as a great business opportunity. Liesl noted that there would be less of a chance for Crimson to be evicted. Nina agreed, and she proclaimed that she had offered to give the hotel back to Carly. She thought that both of them were 50 percent to blame in the entire fiasco. Liesl smiled and stated that Nina had 100 percent satisfaction. Liesl thought that if Nina was at peace with her reasoning, then she shouldn't worry about her life. Nina said she wanted Sonny in her life, but she was concerned that there would be nothing but misery.

Willow visited Jonah's grave and told him about a new baby. Wistfully, she said that she always thought about Jonah and wished he was there. She said he would always be with her. Nina and Liesl overheard and asked Willow if she was pregnant. Willow replied that it was none of their business, but she was. She refused to respond to questions concerning Wiley. She received a phone call and dashed off. "Another win for Carly," Nina remarked. "She may be down, but that woman will never be out," Nina added.

At Wyndemere, Esme wanted to head to the bedroom with Spencer, but he revealed that he had a surprise for her. "I found your birth mother," he announced. He told her that Victor and his WSB connections had helped him. Esme was incredulous. Spencer explained that everyone had a price, and a nun at the church where Esme had attempted to get information previously had remembered something. He declared that Esme's mother was in Portugal. He clarified that he knew nothing about Esme's father.

Spencer went on to say that he had gotten the idea to search after seeing Esme's treasured letters from her nanny, Maggie. Esme said she was still angry about that, and Spencer apologized. He said he had been looking since, and he thought it had been a good way to apologize. Esme said she had assumed that her mother would never be located, but she didn't know if she could believe that it was real. Spencer disclosed that he'd had a DNA test done, and he had the only proof that Esme would need. He handed her an envelope.

Esme opened the envelope and looked at it in awe. She shrieked and hugged Spencer. She noted that there were no names listed, but she was happy that he had done that for her. Spencer replied that the names had not been listed for confidentiality reasons, but Esme was the last person he'd done it for. He verified that Victor knew nothing and would take direction from Spencer. Spencer had given Esme what she wanted, and in order for her to get names, he wanted Trina's freedom in return.

Trina's trial was due to start, and Carly found Diane in the courtroom. Diane stated that Scott had prepped the case well, and she was ready to "poke holes" in the A.D.A.'s case. Josslyn arrived and declared that she was doing fine; she just wanted Trina to be exonerated. Trina, Portia, and Taggert stood in the hallway. Trina was worried about being sent to prison, and her parents did their best to reassure her. They called her a strong, kickass, innocent young woman. When Curtis showed up, he confessed that his lead hadn't "panned out." Curtis apologized to Portia, but she was grateful for his efforts. They all headed into the courtroom.

Trina told Diane that she was "freaking out," and she was surprised when Ava consoled her with a hug. Ava also had Trina's necklace that she had had to pick up, and she fastened it around Trina's neck. She declared that she would "go to the ends of the earth" for Trina.

Josslyn asked Carly about her last day at Metro Court, but Carly didn't want to discuss it. Josslyn was ready to testify. Josslyn wondered where Cameron was, and he finally showed up. He explained that Elizabeth couldn't make it because his brother was sick. Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina shared a group hug as the adults looked on and spoke about the teens' bond. "Esme Prince will regret the day she ever messed with our kids," Carly proclaimed. Diane gave Josslyn and Cameron last-minute instructions for their turns on the stand.

Judge Young took his seat, and A.D.A. Arden gave her opening statement. She declared her intent to prove Trina's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Cameron took the stand first, and Arden pressed him on his relationship with Trina prior to his dating Josslyn. She asked how Trina felt about it. Diane was granted an objection, and Cameron explained that he and Trina were best friends. He stated that only Trina had remained during the evening in question.

Diane took over questioning, and Cameron explained that he and Trina had never actually dated and had only shared a couple of kisses years prior to his dating Josslyn. He stated that he believed Trina and believed in Trina.

Josslyn was called to the stand next, and she was asked to recount the events of the day and evening of the video recording. Josslyn wanted to explain the drinking game that the teens had taken part in along with Esme and Spencer. Arden insisted on yes or no answers to her questions, and Josslyn steadfastly insisted on talking in detail.

Arden requested that Josslyn be named a hostile witness. She asked if Trina had been upset with Josslyn and Cameron dating. Josslyn replied that she didn't remember all the details of the game because of the drinking. The judge reminded Arden that Josslyn was the victim. Josslyn stated that Esme and Spencer had left after Josslyn had called the "lying snake" Esme out. Josslyn noted that the game had been designed for Trina to drink, and she had gotten sick.

Josslyn described how Trina had gone to her room, but Josslyn had checked on her through the door. She admitted that she hadn't seen Trina again that evening. She also admitted that she and Cameron had left the house for some air. Josslyn stressed that she trusted Trina.

Willow got to General Hospital and saw T.J., who wanted to speak to her. They entered a private room, and T.J. disclosed that he had additional test results from the day that Willow had fainted. He wanted to discuss them.

Spencer directly accuses Esme of framing Trina

Spencer directly accuses Esme of framing Trina

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

At the hospital, T.J. told Willow that she had an elevated white blood cell count. Willow noted that high white blood cell counts were common in pregnant women, but T.J. said he didn't think Willow's test results had anything to do with her pregnancy. T.J. recalled that Willow had fainted months earlier at the hospital -- long before her pregnancy. Willow worried that something was wrong with her, but T.J. encouraged her to be patient.

Michael arrived to meet Willow for her first OB/GYN appointment with Britt, who congratulated them both. In the room, Michael and Willow listened to their baby's heartbeat. Afterward, Michael asked if Willow was okay. Willow said she'd never been happier, but her face told a different story.

Later, by the nurses' station, T.J. told Britt that he needed to see her in his office to give Britt the full details about Willow.

In the sauna at Volonino's Gym, Dante learned that Cody had a scheduled date with Britt, and he joked that Britt was like "forbidden fruit" to Cody. Cody replied that there was no fun if there was no danger in taking a risk, and he asked why he shouldn't go out with Britt. Cody remarked that Britt was a beautiful and successful doctor and that she'd taken care of him after the beating he'd suffered by Selina's people at the Savoy.

Dante said he knew that Cody hadn't changed at all when Cody had arrived in town. Cody remarked that Dante was different from the kid he'd known in Bensonhurst. Dante said he'd grown up and that Cody should consider doing the same. Cody remarked that while he didn't have a family or a steady job like Dante, he was growing up in his own way and would prove it to Dante. Dante mockingly said that he hoped Cody's date with Britt didn't end in a Dumpster fire.

In the courtroom, Diane noted that there was a difference between recording a sex tape and the crime of revenge porn. One was made with consent and the other wasn't, Diane specified. Josslyn grew emotional on the stand when she told Diane and the jury about her years-long friendship with Trina, and she said that Trina would never have recorded or uploaded a sex tape of anyone. Josslyn thought the phone that had been used to record her and Cameron had been a black-market phone, and she remarked that there was only one person who could have made the recording. "It's Esme Prince," Josslyn said.

The prosecution objected and pointed out that Esme had never been charged with a crime and wasn't the one on trial. Before Diane ended her questions, Josslyn stated that Trina had been her roommate during their freshman year at Port Charles University and that she'd be her roommate during their sophomore year, as well. Josslyn was excused as a witness.

Jordan was called to testify, and she told the prosecution that Trina's credit card had been used to purchase images by an artist using the phone. Jordan was forced to admit that the only person the evidence seemed to tie the phone to was Trina. Diane cross-examined Jordan, who said there was no way to identify the source of the anonymous tip. Jordan added that it was possible someone could have left a false anonymous tip.

Diane then asked Jordan about Trina's behavior when Trina had been questioned by the police. Jordan recalled that Trina had been cooperative and had even waived the right to an attorney. Diane made a point of saying that Trina had opened the bag and given Jordan the phone of her own volition without having been asked to. Diane surmised that Trina's behavior on the day of Trina's arrest didn't fit with how a guilty person would act, and Jordan agreed. "Trina did not act anything at all like a guilty person. Her main goal was to be helpful," Jordan stated.

After Jordan stepped down, the prosecution called Rory as its next witness. Rory was asked about the two underage girls who had been at the Highsider bar. Under oath, Rory was forced to admit the two girls were Josslyn and Trina. Rory was shown a rap sheet for Oz, the bartender who'd been arrested at the Highsider. Rory read Oz's arrest record aloud and noted that Oz had a record of having dealt in stolen electronics -- namely black-market phones.

During her cross-examination, Diane asked Rory directly if Trina and Josslyn had gone to the bar to purchase a black-market phone. "No. They were looking for the bartender, Oz Haggerty, to ID Esme Prince," Rory said.

Diane had no further questions. The judge called for an adjournment. Out in the lobby, Curtis was confident there was enough room for reasonable doubt. Portia held Trina and encouraged her to stay strong.

At Wyndemere, Spencer told Esme that they both knew Trina hadn't recorded or distributed the sex tape. "Because you did," Spencer said as he finally accused Esme directly.

Spencer recalled that he'd once loved Esme and had genuine feelings for her. He told Esme that when the two of them had returned to Port Charles to wreck Nikolas' marriage to Ava, Esme had "raised the stakes by a thousand" when she had torched Ava's car and placed Kiki's hospital ID next to the car. Spencer recalled how fast Esme had been to blame Trina for the sex tape. "You are the one who made that video, and you are the one who distributed it to the world. It was you all along!" Spencer screamed at Esme.

Esme tried to gaslight Spencer by saying that she had stood by his side even when Spencer's own father had "turned his back" on Spencer. Esme claimed she couldn't have planted the phone at the cabin because she and Spencer had left the cabin together. Spencer recalled a brief time at the cabin when Esme had been the only person not in the living room. Spencer reasoned that because Esme had been by herself, she would have had plenty of time to go into Cameron and Josslyn's bedroom to set up the phone she'd used to record them.

Esme scoffed and said that Spencer had no proof, but Spencer remembered that he'd forgotten something at the cabin when they'd left in a rush and that it had given Esme a convenient excuse to return to the cabin and retrieve the phone she'd used. Esme claimed there was no way she could have known that Trina would pass out from alcohol, and she asked if Spencer thought she was psychic. Spencer flashed back to the bottle of pills he'd found in one of Esme's shoe boxes. "Not psychic, Esme. You're psycho," Spencer declared.

Spencer said that Esme had known Trina would pass out because Esme had spiked Trina's drink. He added that he'd taken the pills to the hospital and had Britt analyze them. Spencer recalled that Britt had warned him the pills could even be fatal if they were mixed with alcohol. Spencer put his arm on Esme's shoulder. "You still think I'm bluffing?" he asked sternly.

Spencer remarked that since Esme had been smart enough to frame Trina, she was also smart enough to clear Trina without incriminating herself. Spencer offered Esme the chance to help clear Trina's name. "So, what is more important to you? Ruining Trina's life or finding your mother?" Spencer asked.

Spencer demanded an answer, but Esme said she had a lot to think about. Esme reminded Spencer that she wasn't the one on trial, and she said that if Spencer went to Trina with his information, Spencer would never get what he wanted. "If it comes to finding out who my mother is or hurting you the way that you have hurt me, don't be so sure you'll know what I choose," Esme said as she slammed the door.

Out in the foyer, Esme appeared rattled and worried by the confrontation she'd had with Spencer.

Cody tries to woo Britt, but her defenses are up

Cody tries to woo Britt, but her defenses are up

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn stood in the kitchen doorway to the patio as she left Chase a voicemail message. She told him she was frustrated by his silence, and she hoped he hadn't had second thoughts about their agreement. Brook Lynn made it clear she expected to see Chase at the Haunted Star in half an hour. After she disconnected the call, Michael and Willow entered the kitchen. Brook Lynn asked if she could count on them to attend Chase's debut at the Haunted Star, but Michael and Willow admitted it had slipped their minds.

Brook Lynn's disappointment turned to joy when Michael revealed that Willow was pregnant. Brook Lynn insisted the happy parents celebrate by exposing their unborn baby to the cultural arts. Willow agreed that babies loved music, so Michael relented. A short time later, Michael joined Willow in the kitchen to let her know that the coast was clear for them to leave because the nanny was reading to Wiley. Willow's smile faded when Michael asked about her next OB appointment because he wanted to be there for it.

Willow assured Michael it wasn't necessary to attend every doctor appointment, but he disagreed. Michael wanted things to be different with their new baby because both Wiley and Jonah's births had been traumatic. Michael admitted it was a bit strange not to have a threat looming over them, but he was grateful they had an opportunity to enjoy Willow's pregnancy.

At Volonino's, Finn held a punching bag as Chase pummeled it. Eventually, Finn was insistant on a break because he knew something was troubling Chase. Chase reluctantly admitted he had agreed to meet Brook Lynn at the Haunted Star for Open Mic Night. Intrigued, Finn asked what time, but Chase was surprised Finn didn't have any plans with Elizabeth. Finn explained that Elizabeth was spending time with her sons.

Finn wanted to talk about Chase's performance, but Chase revealed it wouldn't happen. Chase turned the conversation back to Finn. Finn conceded he had concerns about Elizabeth because her return home had been too smooth, and everything felt too good to be true.

A short time later, Chase retrieved his misplaced phone, and he showed Finn the numerous text messages and voicemails that Brook Lynn had left. Brook Lynn's final text message had threatened to hunt Chase down if he failed to show at the Haunted Star. Finn was curious why Chase was reluctant to perform, prompting Chase to admit that he was afraid the audience wouldn't like him. Finn was certain Chase would do great.

Chase recalled his conversation with Brook Lynn about her plan to take down Linc, so he decided to tell Finn that Brook Lynn had a plan to get back at her former music producer. Finn was eager to help in any way possible. Chase sarcastically asked for a medical excuse, but Finn advised Chase to instead be honest with Brook Lynn.

At the Quartermaine stables, Cody called Spinelli, hoping to gain insight into Britt's likes and dislikes before their date. Spinelli refused to help Cody deceive Britt. After Spinelli disconnected the call, Cody grumbled under his breath that he would have to "wing it." Just then, Britt knocked on the door and called out to Cody. She was curious what he'd been talking about.

Startled, Cody told Britt it wasn't important. He was curious why she was early, so Britt admitted she had wanted to get their date over with. Cody invited her into his humble abode. Britt was impressed with the stables, but she couldn't imagine living with horses. Cody explained there was an apartment above the stables. It was Britt's turn to be surprised when Cody announced that they would be dining under the stars because he had ordered dinner from Metro Court. Cody explained he knew how busy doctors were, and he wanted her to have a chance to relax.

Britt tensed when Cody asked if she was ready for a riding lesson. She reminded him that she didn't like horses, but Cody was adamant she give Comet a chance. Cody insisted Comet was a gentle horse because he belonged to a child. Britt warned Cody that she didn't appreciate him not listening to her, but he insisted she might as well be dead if she was opposed to new experiences. To Cody's surprise, Britt agreed he was right. She slowly approached Comet, but the horse snorted before Britt could stroke him.

Britt jumped back. She was certain the horse disliked her, but Cody assured Britt that she was wrong. He urged her to try again, but she refused. Cody continued to prod Britt until she threatened to leave. Realizing he had pushed her too far, Cody asked her to stay. Britt couldn't understand why Cody would want to spend time with her when it was clear that he only saw her faults. Cody confessed that -- every once in a while -- he saw a glimpse of a woman who was smart, funny, and passionate about life. Cody wanted to get to know that side of Britt better.

A short time later, Britt and Cody were seated at a small table outside. As they sipped on wine, Cody suggested he and Britt get to know each other better. Britt asked Cody about the places he had lived. His answer was vague as he told her that he had lived wherever there were mountains or prairies. Cody asked about Britt's travels, and she mentioned traveling around the world on vacations and during her time as an international fugitive. However, Britt admitted that -- unlike Cody -- she didn't like a nomadic lifestyle.

Cody assured Britt that he was ready to put down roots. He claimed he was looking for a partner to grow old with, and maybe raise a couple of kids. Britt immediately tensed because she had no idea what Zelda had been thinking by matching her with Cody. Confused, Cody asked what he had missed, but Britt accused Cody of being a disappointment because instead of telling exciting stories about his travels, he was only interested in sitting on a porch and rocking himself to sleep. Britt wished Cody well with his boring wife, and she hoped his wife gave him dozens of children.

"I don't even want any kids," Cody shouted. Britt froze in her tracks and accused Cody of playing games. Cody denied it, but Britt didn't believe him. Cody explained that kids weren't a high priority for him, but he was open to it if it was something his wife wanted. Britt was not fooled. Britt was certain Cody only said what he thought she wanted to hear.

In Sasha's hospital room, Sasha paced the room as she waited to be discharged. She asked Brando to check on the paperwork again, but he didn't think it would be a good idea to pester the hospital staff. Moments later, Nina entered the room with a bag of clean clothes and other personal items for Sasha. Brando tactfully excused himself to give the ladies some privacy. Sasha thanked Nina for everything, but Nina suggested they talk.

Sasha made it clear that she would be going home, and she warned Nina not to try to stop her. Nina assured Sasha that she understood Sasha's desire to go home, but Nina thought it was worth discussing Sasha's options. Sasha denied she had a problem, and she promised that she knew it had been a mistake to take the pills. Nina empathized because Nina knew what it was like to lose a child, but Nina said she had also received much-needed help from Shadybrook when Nina had needed it. Sasha explained that she couldn't think of anything worse than obsessing about her problems, but Dr. Sheffer had scheduled outpatient therapy for Sasha.

Sasha recognized she needed help and vowed to get it, but she insisted the worst was behind her. After Sasha freshened up and changed, her cell phone rang. Nina picked it up and saw it was Willow, but Sasha let the call go to voicemail. Sasha revealed that she had heard about Willow's pregnancy. Nina nodded in understanding because Nina knew the news had been hard for Sasha to hear.

Sasha opened up about her breakdown on television. Sasha didn't recall much, but she distinctly remembered seeing Liam. Sasha acknowledged that the drugs had triggered the hallucination, but the feelings that Sasha had experienced had been real. Sasha tearfully admitted she'd wished she could stay in the mirage because it had been incredibly vivid. Sasha recalled what it had been like to hold Liam in her arms, his weight, warmth, breath, and beautiful smile. Nina pulled Sasha into her arms as Sasha wept.

Sasha feared Nina thought Sasha was crazy, but Nina insisted it was understandable that Sasha would want her baby back. However, Nina advised Sasha to discuss it during Sasha's next appointment with Dr. Sheffer.

At the nurses' station, Sonny caught up with Brando. Brando's smile faded when he saw Dex standing behind Sonny, so Dex quietly stepped away to give Sonny and Brando privacy. Sonny asked about Sasha. Brando filled Sonny in about Dr. Sheffer's recommendation for Sasha to seek further treatment at Shadybrook and Sasha's refusal to go to rehab. Brando explained that the drugs were out of Sasha's system, and she hadn't suffered any heart damage like the previous time; however, he felt the drugs had just been a symptom.

Sonny was curious if Brando and Sasha had talked about Liam. Brando admitted he had tried, but it had been impossible to be both supportive and honest. Sonny reminded Brando that it was important for Brando to take care of himself. Brando agreed, and he admitted it helped talking to Sonny. Sonny promised to always be there for Brando, and Brando assured his cousin the feeling was mutual. Sonny shifted gears because he wanted to know the name of the person who had supplied Sasha with the illicit drugs.

"Felty," Brando said. Pleased, Sonny vowed to make certain Felty never gave anyone -- including Sasha -- any drugs again. Sonny stepped away to give Dex orders to pick up Felty. Sonny told Dex it was an opportunity for Dex to prove that Dex could follow orders. Brando was not pleased when he realized Dex had been dispatched to take care of Felty, but he trusted Sonny to handle things.

A short time later, Brando returned to Sasha's hospital room. Nina perked up when Brando mentioned running into Sonny. After Nina said her goodbyes and left, Sasha asked about her discharge papers. Brando assured Sasha the paperwork was being processed, and he promised he wouldn't do anything behind her back. Sasha relaxed.

After Sasha was cleared to leave, she and Brando walked to the elevator, hand in hand. Sasha was eager to get home, but Brando worried that she was mad at him. Sasha assured Brando that he had done exactly what she had needed him to do. Brando promised he would always be there for Sasha. Sasha said she believed him, and she proved it with a kiss.

On the Haunted Star, Mac was taking care of last-minute preparations for the evening's entertainment. He was delighted when Maxie walked up and greeted him because Felicia had been too sick to attend. Maxie wished Mac luck by telling him to break a leg. Moments later, Austin walked up.

After Austin and Mac exchanged greetings, Austin and Maxie found a table to sit at. Maxie apologized for the change of plans, but Austin assured her that he didn't mind supporting her family. Maxie promised they would have their romantic date soon. Maxie's smile vanished when Spinelli arrived, greeted them, and sat down. Maxie asked Austin to fetch a round of drinks.

After Austin left, Maxie demanded to know if Spinelli was stalking her. Spinelli denied it, but Maxie was certain Spinelli was hiding something. Maxie was surprised when Spinelli confessed that he didn't think Austin was Maxie's perfect match. Maxie insisted it wasn't Spinelli's call to make, and she expected Spinelli to be nice to Austin because Austin was a good man.

Nearby, Mac asked Austin for help with one of the performer's names. Mac was impressed when Austin easily pronounced it. Austin explained that a Ukrainian arachnologist had visited Pautuck to study a local spider, and Mina Muzyczka had spelled her name the same way.

At the bar, Epiphany thanked Marshall for inviting her out, but she was eager to get back to her studies for the MCATs. Marshall assured Epiphany the break would do her good, so she agreed to stay for a drink. Marshall insisted that she also sing a song.

Austin returned to his table with drinks. Maxie waved to Brook Lynn, but Brook Lynn was on a mission to find Chase. To Brook Lynn's relief, Chase caught up to Brook Lynn at the bar. Brook Lynn started to lecture Chase about being late until she noticed that he was dressed casually in a hooded sweatshirt. Before Chase could explain, Linc sauntered over. Linc didn't waste time taunting Brook Lynn by feigning concern about her watching people perform and being reminded of all she had lost.

Brook Lynn assured Linc she was better than ever because she had found something she wanted more than fame. Linc's eyes landed on Chase. "Would that be you?" Linc asked. Chase confirmed he was there to perform. Linc advised Chase to be careful because the crowd might be brutal. After Linc walked away, Brook Lynn breathed a sigh of relief.

Brook Lynn confessed she had been afraid Chase had been there to turn her down. Chase said Linc was the most disgusting person he had ever met, so Chase wanted to give Brook Lynn the satisfaction of taking Linc down. Delighted, Brook Lynn asked Chase to follow her.

At the microphone, Mac introduced the first performer -- Epiphany. Epiphany's powerful performance left the crowd roaring with applause. Afterwards, Chase took the stage. He started off rocky but quickly captivated the audience. At the bar, Finn and Brook Lynn watched. Brook Lynn glowed with pride.

Meanwhile, Austin received a text message from someone who demanded that Austin meet them on the starboard deck, or they would fetch Austin. Austin quickly excused himself. Maxie assumed the text message had been from the hospital.

At the bar, Brook Lynn assured Chase that his performance had been amazing. Finn also offered his brother praise, and Michael and Willow stopped to offer Chase their congratulations. After Finn followed Michael and Willow out, Chase wondered if Linc had taken the bait. Brook Lynn decided to find out by making herself scare. It didn't take long for Linc to approach Chase.

Linc conceded that Chase's performance had been great. Linc was curious if Chase had ever considered a career in music. Nearby, Brook Lynn smiled as she watched Linc and Chase.

Meanwhile, Epiphany decided it was time to go home, but she admitted Marshall had been right about music being good for the soul. Marshall sang Epiphany's praises as a singer, and she accused him of being a smooth talker. However, Epiphany's smile made it clear she appreciated the flattery.

On the starboard deck, Austin was confronted by a slim man with a bald head. Austin insisted he couldn't be seen with the mystery man, which Austin had made clear during their encounter at the campsite. "What the hell are you doing here?" Austin asked.

At the hospital, Sonny exited the elevator and answered his phone. It was Dex reporting that Felty had been located. Sonny reminded Dex that Dex knew what to do. Sonny ended the call with a promise to join Dex shortly

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Due to an ABC News special report, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Friday, July 22, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 20, episode concluded.

Curtis gets a lead thanks to a tip from Selina

Curtis gets a lead thanks to a tip from Selina

Friday, July 22, 2022

Outside the stables at the Quartermaine mansion, Cody tried to salvage his date with Britt, who poured her drink over his head. Britt left and went to the Haunted Star.

Alone in the stables, Cody recalled that Britt had called him a "counterfeit Casanova." Cody remarked that given what he'd been up to, Britt might not be wrong. Afterwards, Cody called Britt to apologize for having botched their date, and he said he wanted a chance to make it up to her.

At the Haunted Star, Linc complimented Chase's singing, and he suggested that the two could work together. Linc said that he could make Chase a star with the right manager. "Then it's a good thing he has me," Brook Lynn said.

Brook Lynn boasted that she was Chase's manager. In front of Linc, Chase and Brook Lynn staged an argument to make Linc believe that Chase might want him for a manager. Linc suggested that Chase give both Linc and Brook Lynn 30 days to compete against one another to become Chase's manager. Chase "agreed," and after Linc left, Brook Lynn gave Chase a wink.

Later, Chase and Brook Lynn complimented each other for how they'd acted out their respective parts to trick Linc. Brook Lynn said that she and Chase made a good team. "We sure do," Chase said as he and Brook Lynn stared at each other longingly.

Also at the Haunted Star, Spinelli told an angry Maxie that Austin wasn't who she thought he was. When Maxie pressed Spinelli, he claimed that Austin was a decent man but that Maxie had no future with Austin. Maxie noted that Spinelli had been behaving strangely for weeks, and she demanded to know what was wrong with him.

Spinelli told Maxie that he owned Society Setups and that he'd founded it as his "brainchild." According to Spinelli, Zelda was only a figurehead and a public face for the company. Spinelli said he had discovered an algorithm that made his service superior to other dating sites. Maxie seemed put off.

Maxie asked why Spinelli hadn't put his own face on the company. Spinelli confided his insecurities to Maxie, and he described himself as "awkward" and "idiosyncratic." Maxie told Spinelli that she'd always liked those traits in him, and she encouraged him to be true to himself.

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Austin met with the slim, bald-headed stranger, who said that Austin's "time was up." Austin said that he didn't answer to the stranger, who quipped that Austin answered to the bald man's boss. The stranger read a message from his phone that had been addressed to Austin. "Your gambit in Port Charles has failed. It's time to return to the fold," it read.

The stranger threatened Austin with "consequences" if Austin failed to return to Pautuck, and he mentioned that Maxie was still inside the yacht. Just then, Britt walked onto the deck and stared at Austin and the stranger. Britt's arrival caused the stranger to leave.

Britt and Austin had a conversation about dating, and Britt recounted how predictably disastrous her date with Cody had been. Britt wondered what the point of dating even was. Austin shared that Britt didn't have to date anyone unless she wanted to, and he said that she could remain single.

Later, Britt asked why Spinelli continued to support a "stupid service" like Society Setups. Britt then mentioned the idea of suing Society Setups to put the company out of business. Spinelli and Maxie quickly tried to talk Britt out of a lawsuit. Austin reminded Britt that it was her life and that she didn't have to share it with anyone.

At Curtis and Portia's home, Curtis told Portia that Oz had seemingly disappeared, but he added that he'd bribed a clerk at Oz's motel to leave Oz's door unlocked so that Curtis could search the room. Curtis hoped he would find something there to help Trina's case.

Marshall tried to reassure Portia that Trina would be fine. Curtis said that he would always look after Trina as if Trina was Curtis' own daughter. Curtis left for Oz's motel, and he promised to tell Portia what he found. On his way out of the house, Curtis asked Marshall to stay with Portia and to keep her company.

Not far from the house, Curtis met with Selina in a parked car. Selina told Curtis that what his family had been through was terrible and that Trina was above reproach. Curtis wondered why Selina had driven by, and Selina said she was there to help.

Selina added that she knew the identity of the man who'd sold the black-market phone. Curtis was taken aback when Selina revealed that she owned the Highsider bar, where Oz had worked. Selina strongly encouraged Curtis not to refuse her help and to fight to ensure Trina's freedom.

Back inside the house, Marshall encouraged Portia not to think about the evidence against Trina and to consider what all was on Trina's side, such as her reputation, her good grades, an unblemished history with the law, and the fact that the two people that had been filmed in the sex tape had both testified to Trina's innocence.

Portia worried about the emotional toll the trial had already taken on Trina, and she wondered if Trina was capable of all the stress. Marshall said that as someone who suffered from mental illness, he had never witnessed any signs of mental struggles in Trina. Marshall sensed Portia's concerns, and he put a hand on her to comfort her. "If Trina needs our help, we're gonna make sure she gets it," Marshall said as Portia took his hand with hers.

Marshall shared that he thought Curtis was worried that Marshall's mental illness might be hereditary. A nervous Portia noted that while schizophrenia tended to run in families, she thought Curtis had asked out of genuine concern for Marshall. Portia surmised that if Curtis truly suffered from schizophrenia, he would have already shown signs of it.

Portia said she hoped the jury would see Trina for the person she was instead of the false narrative that could land Trina in prison. Marshall boasted that Curtis' tracking skills had been second to none. "By this time tomorrow, Trina's nightmare could be over," Marshall opined.

In Oz's dingy room, Esme told Oz that she and Spencer had broken up and that she no longer had access to money. Oz remarked that Esme couldn't afford Oz's silence. Oz said that he might as well let the people who'd asked him about Esme know about her. Esme scoffed and asked what Oz could possibly offer them. Oz told Esme to leave, but Esme got an idea.

Esme issued a flattering apology and started to flirt with Oz. She complimented him on his background that she said she'd learned about through social media. Esme was able to get Oz to give her a description of the two men who'd asked Oz about the person he'd sold the black-market phone to. Esme quickly deduced that the two men had been Curtis and Marshall.

Esme sat beside Oz on the sofa and asked him for a drink. After downing her drink in one gulp, Esme proclaimed that she was done with "boys," and she briefly made out with the much older Oz. Esme implied that she was interested in having sex with Oz, and she asked him to top off her drink. When Oz readily agreed and left the room, Esme wiped her lips in disgust.

When Oz returned, Esme encouraged him to finish his drink. Oz drank and quickly became incoherent. He asked what Esme had done to him before he passed out on her shoulder. A disgusted Esme got up to move Oz off her when she was started by a knock on the door. Curtis stood outside the room.

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