General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 25, 2022 on GH

Esme paid Ryan a visit. Nikolas confessed to Ava about his sexual encounter with Esme. Ava and Esme had an explosive confrontation. Spencer gave Trina an alibi. Josslyn caught Sonny and Dex beating up Felty. Felty told Smoltz about Sasha's drug use the night Harmony had died. Sasha decided to forgo therapy. Valentin made a partial confession to Anna.
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Esme asked Ryan about her mother, Nikolas told Ava he'd had sex with Esme, Spencer gave Trina an alibi, and Sasha decided to forgo therapy
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Sonny and Dex seek revenge on Felty

Sonny and Dex seek revenge on Felty

Monday, July 25, 2022

Esme sat on the sofa with a woozy Oz. She told him he didn't look well as he suddenly keeled over onto her shoulder. Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the front door as Curtis called out for Oz. Esme stood up quickly as she grew frightened. By the time Curtis kicked in the door, Oz was slumped on the sofa, and Esme was hiding in the bedroom. Curtis tried to rouse Oz. He asked what drugs the man had taken. "She gave me something," Oz mumbled. Curtis called for an ambulance, and Oz passed out again.

Soon after, Oz was wheeled out on a stretcher, and Curtis announced that he wanted to check out the apartment. The cop in attendance declared that it was a crime scene, and Curtis was prohibited from searching.

Anna met with Valentin by the Metro Court pool. He had a rose and Champagne waiting for her, and they sat down at a high-top table. Valentin toasted to "the most beautiful sight I have ever seen," but Anna quickly stood up after they clinked glasses. "I can't do this," she exclaimed. She declared that she couldn't deal with Valentin's dishonesty.

Valentin pleaded with Anna to sit back down. He confessed to only lying to her by omission. Anna revealed that she had checked on him and had learned that he hadn't been at the clinic for the entire time that he had claimed to be there. She admitted that she wasn't proud of checking up on him, and she had wanted to trust him; however, she'd felt a need to verify his story. Valentin claimed that he had moved to a second clinic after being diagnosed and treated for a serious staph infection. He said he had done it all for Charlotte and had trusted Victor to look after her.

Valentin went on to say that both Laura and Nina had been busy and involved, and Victor had been equipped to protect Charlotte with her being a possible target. It was the same reason that she'd been shipped to boarding school. Anna seemed skeptical and reminded him that she had been through the same scenario with Robin in the past. She stressed that she could have helped Valentin. He stated that he had been helpless and ill, and he hadn't wanted Anna to see him.

Anna said that she and Valentin were not the same people that they'd been in the past, and she had seen him grow and change. She wondered if they would ever trust each other. She declared that Valentin hadn't been the same since his return. She had seen darkness in his eyes. Valentin liked that Anna could read him, and he stated that he liked her. He was worried that it would hurt when he lost her due to a thousand possible reasons. Anna didn't want to think about that, and they shared a kiss.

Ava and Nikolas met in the Metro Court lobby, where she urged him to allow her to only have two drinks and not three. She told him that Trina's trial had gone badly. They were interrupted when Spencer asked to join them. He assured them that Esme didn't know that he was there, and he wanted to know about the trial. Ava thought that Spencer would be happy that the trial hadn't gone well because he had been loyal to Esme, but Spencer denied that was true. Nikolas had a flashback to his tryst with Esme.

As Ava began to give details on Trina's trial, Esme arrived but remained out of sight. Instead, she sent a text message to Nikolas and asked him to meet her either in front of the others or in her location. Nikolas claimed that he had some Cassadine business to tend to, and he headed to Esme's spot. Ava told Spencer that Josslyn's attempt to help Trina had only made things worse.

Nikolas met with Esme, and she started off by announcing that she wanted her internship at Spring Ridge restored. She proceeded to say that their secret had been weighing on her, and she thought it was time to "come clean." She whined that her life was up in the air due to the internship, which led to her getting into her school program, and she needed the truth to be revealed. Nikolas promised to see to Esme's internship and school needs the following day. He reminded her that their secret was a one-time thing. Esme gave him a hug.

Nikolas returned to Ava and Spencer as she was filling in the details on Trina and Josslyn's foray into the bar to check on the black-market phone. Spencer hoped that the trial would only get better, while Ava cited the need for a miracle witness.

Dex roughed up Felty as they tumbled down some stairs in an unknown location. Sonny followed and announced that Felty had been exploiting Sasha. Sonny added that people who disappointed him tended to disappear. Felty replied that Sasha had asked for the drugs, and Sonny slugged him. Felty screamed as Dex continued to pummel him and almost threw him down a flight of stairs. Instead, Dex threw him to the ground and began to kick him.

Sonny threatened to bury Felty where no one would be able to find him, and Dex grabbed a belt and began to beat Felty with it. "A bullet would be letting you off too easy," Sonny stated. Suddenly, Josslyn appeared. She told Sonny that he was "going down" because she had recorded everything. She explained that she'd had a bad day, had gone for a run, and had seen Sonny walking down a "sketchy alley." She had decided to follow him and couldn't believe what she'd witnessed. She confessed that her day had just gotten better.

Josslyn turned to leave, and Sonny followed her. She announced her intention to go to the cops. Before too long, Josslyn and Sonny were having a shouting match over Sonny's transgressions and the pain and hurt to his family. She reminded him that his young daughters had been without him while he had been gone, and they could continue to be without him. Josslyn didn't want to hear Sonny's excuses about the beating, and she proclaimed that it was his fault, just as his choice to sleep with Nina had been. Sonny suggested that Josslyn could see a difference between punishing just him as opposed to her siblings if he would go to jail.

Sonny left, and Dex tried to defend himself to Josslyn, also. She demanded that he keep his distance from her, and she revealed that she had pepper spray. Dex declared that it hadn't been his idea, and he hadn't had a choice. He said he would be arrested, too. Josslyn thought that he should have considered that before taking a job with a gangster. Dex flashed to a previous conversation with his boss, Michael.

Dex confided that his work situation was complicated, and he had only been hoping to scare Felty. He told Josslyn why Felty had been beaten up, although Josslyn suggested that Sonny had lied about it. She asked Dex if he would have stopped Sonny from killing Felty, and Dex didn't know. He was glad that he hadn't been faced with the choice. He continued to draw closer to Josslyn. He maintained that he would go to prison, while Sonny would get off. He had never done anything to Josslyn, although he knew that she wanted to get back at Sonny.

Dex made it clear that his life would be ruined, and he pleaded with Josslyn not to turn in the video. Hesitantly, Josslyn deleted the recording. She called Dex an idiot for working for Sonny. She left, and Dex leaned over the railing to look down at an unconscious Felty. "Guess we both got lucky tonight," he said.

Molly found T.J. at General Hospital and handed him a health drink. She complained about the trial and the broken legal system. She said she had thought it would work when she'd decided to help on the case, but ADA Arden had pulled strings to move her off the case. She was sick of the politics. T.J. was glad that Molly wasn't arguing the case to put Trina away. She admitted to fighting a losing battle to try to change things from the inside.

Soon after, Oz was wheeled into emergency, and T.J. tended to him. Molly spotted Curtis' arrival, and he admitted he was checking on Oz. He explained the situation to Molly, and they discussed Oz's potential as a witness in Trina's trial. T.J. joined them, but a nurse called out that Oz was coding, and he rushed back into the room.

T.J. revealed that Oz would be going to the ICU after being put into a medically induced coma. He could not provide any additional details. Curtis mentioned that Oz had stated that a woman had given him something, and he believed that Esme had tried to shut Oz up. He noted that he had witnessed Oz traveling to Spoon Island previously, where he had probably met up with Esme. He was concerned that Trina was running out of time.

At the nurses' station, Deanna received a phone call from Esme, who professed to be Oz's daughter calling from Oregon. She wanted information on her father's condition. Deanna was unable to provide much in the way of information, and she attempted to get a phone number in order for a doctor to call back. Deanna stated that Oz was unconscious but stable. Esme hung up and smiled broadly.

Carly welcomed Drew into her house, where Michael and Willow were waiting. Willow announced her pregnancy, and Drew was thrilled. Champagne was poured for everyone except Willow who received a sparkling drink. The group discussed the failed merger, and Michael blamed it all on Ned. He promised Carly it was a setback, and they would reclaim what she'd lost. Carly told Willow that she was thankful for Wiley, and Willow's pregnancy gave her far more joy than Nelle's pregnancy. The group made toasts to family and poured more Champagne. Michael and Willow left, and Drew thought that he should go, too.

"If you have to," Carly replied. Drew made it clear that he didn't have to do anything, and they poured more Champagne. They toasted to the new baby. Carly confessed that she was happy, but she would go all day between "fury and frustration." She was still grateful, and it was all just a setback, as Michael had stated. She suddenly felt bad for complaining after all that Drew had gone through in the past, but he declared that he had it good. He added that things could always get better.

Just as Carly and Drew got close enough for a kiss, Sonny rushed inside. He told Carly to get her daughter under control, and he detailed the incident that Josslyn had witnessed and recorded. Carly wondered what Sonny wanted Carly to do about it. Sonny wanted her to call Josslyn and tell her to delete the recording, but Carly reminded him that Josslyn was an adult. They began to bicker until Drew stepped in and ordered Sonny to leave. Carly emphasized that it was her house, not Sonny's, and he couldn't tell her what to do.

Sonny exclaimed that Carly had lost the hotel, and there was lots more to lose. He left. Carly was happy that she had Sonny where she wanted him.

Willow and Michael wandered into the Quartermaine stables, where they talked about Drew's reaction to the pregnancy. They agreed that Carly seemed happy and good, and Willow asked Michael if that would allow some grace toward Sonny. She thought that Michael could drop his vendetta because it wasn't good for him. Michael claimed that it wasn't about revenge and that he was only doing what was right. He said he didn't want Sonny in his life, and there was nothing but happiness in their future. Willow recalled the conversation with T.J. about her test results.

Spencer tells Esme that her time is up

Spencer tells Esme that her time is up

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

At the Corinthos mansion, Carly asked Josslyn about her hostile run-in with Sonny. Josslyn recalled that she'd seen Sonny and Dex give Felty a beating. Josslyn said that Sonny had "trashed" their family. Because of that, she wanted to know why she should look the other way when she'd seen Sonny break the law.

Carly reminded her oldest daughter that it wouldn't be fair for Donna and Avery to lose their father to prison. Josslyn recycled one of Michael's talking points about the life Sonny lived -- a lifestyle that Josslyn said put Donna and Avery at risk. Carly said she couldn't worry about Josslyn "going after" Sonny.

Josslyn said that Carly could relax because Dex had convinced Josslyn to delete the recording. Josslyn added that anyone who chose to work for Sonny was an "idiot," including Jason. She added that perhaps Carly had also been an idiot. According to Josslyn, Carly had always stood by Sonny, but Sonny hadn't done the same for Carly.

Josslyn continued to parrot Michael's talking points, and she surmised that her brother had been right about everything with regard to Sonny. Carly said that she wouldn't defend Sonny, but she wanted them all to coexist for Donna and Avery's sake. Carly believed that Josslyn's tantrum at Sonny had been because Josslyn had needed to regain control after Josslyn had lost it on the stand when Arden had weaponized Josslyn's words against Trina. Josslyn regretted her testimony, but Carly assured Josslyn that she'd shown true loyalty. Carly and Josslyn left for Trina's trial.

At the Metro Court pool, Nina encountered a young bartender who told Nina that he only took orders from Olivia. Sonny walked in unannounced and defended Nina. The bartender apologized to Nina, who quickly accepted. When the bartender left, Sonny said that a hostile situation with an employee had been precisely what Sonny had warned Nina about.

Sonny and Nina soon found themselves in a tense argument. Nina said she needed to know that Sonny always had her back and that it hadn't felt that way when it came to Nina's purchase of half of Metro Court. Sonny said he felt that Nina had made a mistake. "I'm always going to be straight with you, Nina. You know that, even if you don't like what I say. If you can't deal with that, this is not going to work," Sonny said.

Sonny claimed he didn't want to fight and that he'd only come to see Nina because he hadn't liked the way the two had left things the previous day. Nina told Sonny that she didn't need him to "coddle" her, and she again brought Carly's name into their relationship. Sonny recalled that he and Carly had said far worse things to one another than whatever harsh words Nina and Sonny had exchanged. Nina told Sonny that she wanted no part of a relationship that resembled anything like Sonny's relationship with Carly.

Sonny said that if he and Nina wanted a relationship together, they both would have to stop making comparisons to Carly. Sonny took Nina by the hand, and he said that what they had was special. Nina asked for Sonny's loyalty.

Sonny said that Carly would always be a part of his life because she was the mother of his children. "It's never just going to be the two of us. But I can live with that because you mean that much to me. What you have to decide is how much I mean to you," Sonny told Nina as he slowly got up and walked away.

In the foyer at Wyndemere, Ava opened an envelope that contained her and Nikolas' divorce papers. Nikolas told Ava that he couldn't sign them. Ava was confused by Nikolas' change of mind, but she was thrilled that the two had decided to call off their divorce, even if the "divorce" had only been symbolic. Ava left for Trina's trial as Nikolas breathed a sigh of relief.

Also at Wyndemere, Spencer was dressed in a suit and tie, and he told Esme that her time was up. Esme said she wasn't sure that Spencer's offer to help Trina was worth it because, as Esme viewed things, Trina was the reason Esme had lost Spencer.

Spencer told Esme that he'd come to realize the two had never shared true love with one another because of Esme's lies and the way she had manipulated Spencer's friends. Spencer told Esme to figure out a way to free Trina before it was too late.

Nikolas entered the room and told Esme that he had managed to get her internship at Spring Ridge restored. Esme was delighted, and she rushed to hug an uncomfortable Nikolas. Esme left the room. Alone in the main room of the mansion, Spencer was surprised that Nikolas had made such an effort for Esme. Nikolas said that he hadn't been the best father to Spencer, and he admitted that he'd caused Spencer a lot of pain. Nikolas called himself a "flawed man," and he asked Spencer to always remember that Nikolas loved Spencer. Spencer replied that both men were flawed and that everything was okay.

Nikolas and Spencer's close moment was interrupted when Esme returned to announce that she was set to resume her internship. Spencer demanded that Esme accompany him to the courtroom. Esme assured Spencer that she would be at the trial, but she first placed an urgent call to Spring Ridge. Esme told the person on the other end of the call that she needed to speak to Ryan. "It's urgent," Esme said.

Later, after Spencer and Esme had left Wyndemere, Nikolas was surprised to receive a visit from Jordan, who announced that she was there on official police business. "I'd like to ask you a few questions about your recent visitor," Jordan said.

In the courtroom, Taggert comforted Trina and encouraged her to think positively about the trial. Rory then told Trina that he was upset with himself that he'd jeopardized Trina's defense with his testimony. Rory said he'd stand with Trina for the rest of the trial. Arden, the assistant district attorney, overheard Rory's remarks, and she demanded to speak with Rory immediately.

Arden scolded Rory for "cavorting" with a defendant, and she made a thinly veiled threat when she asked if Rory was ready for the consequences of his actions. Nearby, Trina worried if Rory would be reprimanded by Arden. Taggert reminded Trina that she and Rory had known that complications could arise when they'd started spending time together. Afterwards, Taggert sat next to Rory and thanked him for being a good friend to Trina. "Just for the record... you and me? Still not friends," Taggert quipped to Rory with a slight grin.

Later, Taggert's phone rang, and he was surprised when Portia said she had an emergency at work. Portia was visibly upset about how her absence from Trina's trial might make Trina feel. Taggert assured Portia that he would take care of their daughter.

Earlier, at the hospital, Portia had asked Curtis how he'd been able to find Oz. Jordan had arrived and demanded that Curtis give the commissioner the same answer. Jordan asked how Curtis had stumbled upon Oz's body.

Curtis shared that he'd tracked the black-market phone that Jordan had initially found in Trina's purse, and that he'd hoped to prove that Oz had sold the same phone to Esme. Curtis recalled that he and Marshall had confronted Oz and that Oz had left for Wyndemere. Curtis shared his belief that Esme had helped Oz leave Spoon Island undetected. "And now, here he is, in a coma, with information that could clear my daughter," Portia added.

Curtis said that he knew Esme to be capable of serious misdeeds, but he added that attempted murder was a new realm. Jordan agreed to investigate how Oz had ended up in the hospital, discreetly and without having to notify Arden. Curtis and Portia thanked Jordan for her help. When Jordan and Portia left, Curtis stayed close by to keep a watch over Oz.

Ryan tells Esme about his relationship with her mother

Ryan tells Esme about his relationship with her mother

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

At Wyndemere, Jordan questioned Nikolas about a recent visitor to the island. Nikolas assumed Jordan had been referring to Esme, so he reminded Jordan that Esme was a guest. Jordan asked if Esme -- or anyone else on the island -- had been in the market for black-market goods. Jordan asked about everyone's whereabout the previous day. Nikolas revealed that he and Spencer had spent most of the morning at the hospital, and Ava had attended Trina's trial.

According to Nikolas, only the staff and Esme had been at Wyndemere, but he conceded he had no idea if Esme had left, since he was not Esme's jailer. Jordan told Nikolas about Oz Haggerty's visit to Spoon Island and that no one had seen Oz return to the mainland. Jordan was curious if there was another way off the island, but Nikolas wanted to know why Jordan was asking. Jordan revealed that Oz had ended up in the hospital with a drug overdose, and she suspected Oz had supplied an unregistered cell phone to the person Oz had obtained the drugs from.

Nikolas realized Jordan had been referring to the phone used to record Cameron and Josslyn. Jordan divulged that new information suggested Oz's testimony might have impacted Trina's trial, but Oz had ended up in a medically induced coma. Jordan thought the timing was suspicious, especially since there was a report that Oz had had a visitor before his collapse. Nikolas asked if Esme was involved. Jordan refused to say, but she made it clear that she would need to speak with Esme if Esme had talked to Oz the previous day.

After Jordan left, Nikolas recalled confronting Esme at Charlie's Pub about terrorizing Ava and how Esme had expressed regret over her misguided attempt to help Spencer. Nikolas remembered another incident when Esme had taunted Ava about Sonny having custody of Avery and Trina being a surrogate daughter to replace Kiki. Nikolas also recalled how adamant Esme had been about Trina's guilt and how Esme had recently threatened to tell Ava and Spencer about Esme and Nikolas' sexual encounter in the turret room.

Nikolas realized that Esme might pose an immediate danger to his marriage, so he decided to go to the courthouse to stop Esme before it was too late. Just then, Victor arrived home, and he quickly noticed how agitated his nephew was. Nikolas explained that he had to get to Ava because Nikolas had made a mess of things. Victor had no trouble reading between the lines, and he was horrified that Nikolas had slept with Esme. Nikolas didn't care because Nikolas feared Esme intended to blow Nikolas and Ava's future "to hell."

As Victor poured himself a drink, Nikolas filled his uncle in about Esme's assortment of crimes, including the possible drug overdose of the man who had sold Esme the burner phone. Nikolas insisted they had to find a way to stop Esme before both Ava and Spencer were hurt. Victor assured Nikolas that Ava and Spencer need never know about the illicit affair. Victor decided -- as the head of the family -- that Esme would no longer enjoy Cassadine hospitality, and she would be evicted for good. Victor pulled out his phone, but Nikolas quickly clarified that he hadn't asked for drastic action. Surprised, Victor wondered why Nikolas would let Esme jeopardize everything, but Nikolas admitted that Esme was not to blame for the liaison.

Nikolas took full responsibility for sleeping with Esme, and he regretted not following his first instinct to confess to Ava right away. Victor found Nikolas' attack of conscience tedious because Esme was a "vengeful Lolita" who had exploited her friends and drugged a man into a catatonic stupor. Victor said they would all be safer if Esme were eliminated, but Nikolas refused to risk losing Spencer again. Victor pointed out that it might happen regardless, but Nikolas had no intention of going down a path he couldn't return from.

Victor warned Nikolas it was too late because that ship had left the port and was on a collision course with the iceberg. Nikolas was not amused. Nikolas refused to fall back into old patterns because he wanted to honor his mother and to make his family proud by facing up to his failings. Nikolas explained that he was done lying and compounding his mistakes with Ava. Victor thought it was foolish, but he agreed to take his nephew to the courthouse.

At Metro Court's pool, Cody handed the bartender some cash and thanked him for the tip. Aaron assured Cody that he would call whenever "she" was there.

Nearby, Maxie and Britt sat down at a table. Cody made a beeline for the table and feigned surprise at seeing Britt. Britt didn't bother to hide her annoyance. Maxie invited Cody to join them, but Britt objected. Cody warned Britt to be careful because if he hadn't known better, he would think Britt was trying to avoid him, especially since she hadn't returned any of his text messages or phone calls. Britt made it clear it had been deliberate. Surprised by the exchange, Maxie asked what she had missed.

Britt reluctantly admitted that Cody had been her date through Society Setups. Maxie recalled Britt mentioning the disastrous date, so Cody took full responsibility for the fiasco. Skeptical, Britt asked if he was sincere or simply saying what he thought Britt wanted to hear. Cody promised he meant it, and he asked for an opportunity to make amends. Britt agreed to send a text message with her answer.

Cody's frustration mounted, so Maxie asked him to fetch a round of drinks. Britt ordered a nonalcoholic beverage, since she had to work later. After Cody walked away, Maxie called Britt out because it was clear that Cody had gotten under Britt's skin. Britt insisted Cody was arrogant, infuriating, and persistent. Britt scoffed at the matchmaking service because Britt and Cody were the opposite of a match, but Maxie disagreed.

Moments later, Cody returned with the drinks. Britt continued to grumble about Cody, so he asked what it would take to start over with Britt. Maxie quickly excused herself to give Cody and Britt privacy. Cody apologized to Britt. He admitted he had tried too hard by attempting to be someone he thought Britt wanted rather than focusing on getting to know the real Britt. Cody promised it wouldn't happen again.

Britt was unmoved, and she refused to go out with Cody again, even if he were the last man on earth. Cody accused Britt of not letting anyone get close to her, but she clarified that it was only Cody. Frustrated, Cody threw Britt's outburst during the mixer in her face. Britt's temper flared, and she stormed off just as Maxie returned to the table. Cody realized he had once again messed up. He admitted that he had no idea how to read Britt, so he continually walked into Britt's baits.

Maxie blamed it on chemistry. Maxie explained that Britt wanted someone who accepted Britt at both her best and her worst. Cody was confident he was that man, but he had no idea how to show Britt. Cody hoped Maxie would be of assistance. Cody showed Maxie a makeshift passport. Cody revealed he had made the passport to give to Britt as a tribute to their adventurous sides.

Maxie opened the passport and saw Cody had penciled in the first destination as the Quartermaine stables, where Cody hoped to share a first dance with Britt. Cody admitted he wanted to fill the passport with various special firsts as he and Britt got to know each other. However, he realized it was a corny idea. Maxie agreed, but she also thought it was sweet. Maxie advised Cody to have two copies on hand because Britt would hate it at first but would quickly grow to love the idea. Cody asked if Maxie would give the passport to Britt, but Maxie refused to get in the middle. Maxie advised Cody to be himself and to give Britt the gift himself.

At the hospital, Jordan approached Britt and asked if Oz Haggerty's toxicology tests were back, but Britt explained that she would need a court order or warrant to share the information with Jordan. Jordan tried another approach by asking if Britt could confirm the paramedic's report, which had stated that Oz had overdosed on prescription pain medication. "Maybe," Britt said. Britt was curious why Curtis had taken up residence outside of Oz's hospital room, so Jordan confided that Oz might have relevant information about a case important to Curtis. Britt realized it had to do with Trina's trial.

Britt confirmed that Oz had suffered "acute opioid intoxication," which had been ingested with alcohol. Jordan questioned Britt about Oz's prescriptions, but Britt was prohibited from disclosing what medications had been prescribed to a patient. However, Britt was able to confirm that Oz hadn't had a prescription for pain medication. Britt admitted Jordan hadn't been the only one to recently ask about the pain medication, and she worried that Oz's overdose might not be an isolated incident. Jordan confided that her interest was less about the prescription and more about Trina's trial.

However, Jordan was curious who else had been asking about the pain medication. Britt recalled Spencer's visit to her office and his questions about the powerful prescription, but Britt kept the information to herself. Jordan was certain Britt was protecting someone, but Britt remained silent. Jordan reminded Britt that Trina's freedom was at stake.

At the courthouse, Josslyn and Rory watched at Trina approached Spencer. Spencer assured Trina he was there for her, but she didn't believe him because he was a witness for the prosecution. Spencer promised to tell the truth, but Trina wondered if Spencer meant the actual truth or the gospel according to Esme. Before Spencer could reply, A.D.A. Arden approached Spencer. After Trina walked away, A.D.A. Arden asked where Esme was. Spencer assured the A.D.A. that Esme would arrive soon.

Meanwhile, Trina received a comforting hug from Josslyn. Trina admitted the worst part about seeing Spencer was thinking for a split-second that he was there to tell Trina that he had Trina's back.

Elsewhere in the courtroom, Taggert asked if Ava had any idea what Spencer planned to say on the witness stand. Ava admitted that she no idea because Spencer hadn't mentioned being called as a witness. Ava wondered if there had been any word from Portia. Taggert explained that Portia was dealing with an emergency at the hospital. Ava was confident that Trina would understand.

A short time later, the trial resumed, with Spencer taking the witness stand. A.D.A. Arden asked Spencer about the trip to the cabin. During the testimony, A.D.A. Arden made a few snide remarks about Trina, prompting the judge to give the attorney a stern warning. Spencer answered the questions, but he made a point of mentioning that Esme had spent time alone in a bedroom before Spencer and Esme had departed the cabin.

During recess, Trina blasted Spencer by accusing him of helping Esme. Spencer reminded Trina that he'd been subpoenaed, but Trina felt betrayed. Rory fetched Trina, and he reminded Trina that Spencer was not worth it. Trina agreed. Diane pulled Trina aside to let both Trina and Taggert know that Spencer had given them something they hadn't had earlier. Diane looked forward to Esme taking the witness stand.

Nearby, Rory regretted his testimony the previous day, but Josslyn assured Rory that Trina didn't blame Rory. Josslyn promised Rory had no reason to worry about Trina, but Spencer was a different matter. Josslyn explained that Spencer had been Trina's friend, but Spencer had taken Esme's side. Josslyn doubted Trina would ever forgive Spencer.

In the courtroom, Ava revealed she was onto Spencer. He'd had an opportunity to give Esme an ironclad alibi, but he hadn't. Spencer suggested he was an idiot, but Ava wasn't fooled. She said Spencer was many things, but he was not an idiot. Ava admitted Spencer's move begged the question of whose side Spencer was really on.

At Spring Ridge, Esme entered Ryan's room and closed the door. She told her father that she needed help. Ryan assured her there was no need for a sad face because together, they could accomplish anything they put their minds to. Esme relaxed and thanked her father. Ryan was curious where Esme had been, so she filled him in about Kevin's decision to have her internship revoked and her access to Ryan denied. Ryan complained about family being more trouble than they were worth, but Esme hoped Ryan hadn't been referring to her.

Ryan shifted gears because he wondered how Esme had managed to get in to see him. Esme credited Nikolas, but Ryan's good humor faded when he realized that Esme had blackmailed Nikolas by threatening to tell Ava and Spencer about the tryst. Ryan worried that he and Esme had lost the advantage because Nikolas might feel compelled to confess to Ava. Esme bristled when Ryan accused her of being shortsighted. She warned her father to tread with caution because her shortsightedness had gotten her into Shadybrook.

Ryan conceded that Esme was right. Satisfied, Esme shared her suspicions about Felicia's involvement in Kevin's decision to block Esme from seeing Ryan. Ryan assured Esme that both Kevin and Felicia would be dealt with just like anyone else who stood in Ryan and Esme's way. Until then, Ryan thought it would be best for Esme to put some distance between herself and the Cassadines. Esme explained it wasn't that simple because Spencer wanted Esme to exonerate Trina in exchange for information.

Ryan was furious that Esme had played with the "gang of kids" like spiders in a jar and that she had to pay the price. Ryan demanded to know what information Spencer had. Esme became distracted when her phone alerted her to a new text message. Ryan snatched Esme's phone out of her hand and read the text message from Spencer reminding Esme what he expected from her. Esme revealed that Spencer had tracked down her mother's identity.

Ryan decided Esme was compromised and no longer of use to him. Annoyed, Esme asked if their relationship was transactional. She told Ryan about her talk with Kevin and Kevin's insistence that Ryan was unable to form genuine attachments to people. Ryan realized his mistake, and he assured Esme that he cared about her. Esme didn't believe Ryan because he never asked what she wanted. Ryan promised he cared.

Esme asked Ryan to tell her who her mother was, or she vowed to get the information from Spencer. Ryan was certain Spencer was bluffing, but Esme explained that Victor had tracked the information down. Ryan conceded that Victor had considerable resources, but Ryan hadn't been able to find Esme's mother, so he doubted Victor had been successful. Esme revealed that Spencer had a DNA test. Ryan was livid that Esme had consented to a DNA test, but she assured her father that Spencer had obtained the samples without her knowledge.

According to Ryan, his relationship with Esme's mother had been unorthodox and shrouded in mystery. He said he had never met her family or friends, and Ryan hadn't even known her real name. Esme feared her parents' relationship had been a "hookup," but Ryan assured Esme it had been much more than that. He said Esme's mother had understood Ryan, and she had accepted him. He said that when Esme's mother had disappeared, he had looked everywhere for her, to no avail.

Ryan warned Esme not to trust Spencer. Esme mentioned leaving town, but Ryan made it clear that he wouldn't permit it. Esme was curious what Ryan would do if she disobeyed him. Ryan warned Esme she would once again become an orphan. Esme refused to go to jail, and she threatened to trade information about Ryan to avoid spending time behind bars. Ryan stood up, but Esme didn't flinch as she stared him down.

To Esme's surprise, Ryan approached and wrapped his arms around her. Esme melted as her father hugged her. Ryan assured Esme that Kevin had been wrong. Ryan denied being an unfeeling monster because Esme's mother had meant everything to him, and so did their daughter. Esme tearfully asked why Ryan hadn't told her sooner. Ryan explained that that time of his life had been painful because Esme's mother had been the only person Ryan had been able to be himself with, but she had walked away.

Esme vowed to never betray her father or to walk away from him. Ryan believed her, but cautioned, “there’s no place that you can go, no place you can run, no place on Earth that I wouldn’t find you.” He promised one day they would reunite with her mother. Esme cried happy tears as Ryan hugged her again. Afterwards, Ryan reminded Esme that Nikolas and Ava's marriage couldn't survive Nikolas' infidelity, or all Ryan and Esme's efforts would have been for nothing.

Moments later, A.D.A. Arden called Esme. Esme took the call. Esme explained she'd been dealing with a family matter, but A.D.A. Arden didn't care. A.D.A. Arden warned Esme that Esme would face contempt charges if Esme failed to show up at court. After Esme disconnected the call, Ryan reminded Esme not to play into Spencer's hands, but Esme refused to make any promises.

Nikolas tells Ava the truth

Nikolas tells Ava the truth

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Dante and Mac finished up axe-throwing, and Mac mentioned an undercover mission in Manhattan that Dante had turned down. Dante replied that, as a single dad, he wanted to stay local. Mac replied that it was also important for Dante to consider his future, and Mac talked about Dante taking over as chief of detectives one day. Just then, Sam arrived and advised Mac to check his texts. Mac learned that he and Felicia were needed for babysitting duty. He assured Dante and Sam that they would reschedule their double date, and he left.

Dante thought that he and Sam needed to talk about their future, and he got down on one knee. He got back up and handed her the phone she'd dropped, and he could tell that something was wrong. She informed him of his blunder, and they agreed that they weren't yet ready for marriage. Dante did think that they were ready to move in together, which surprised Sam. She admitted that she loved their life, so she hadn't thought about it. He had to go, so she promised to think about it, and he left.

At the hospital, T.J. examined Felty and assured the man that he didn't have a concussion. T.J. knew that the cops would want to talk to Felty. A short while later, Dante arrived and asked Felty what had happened. Felty replied that he'd been mugged, but Dante noticed that Felty still had his phone and wallet. Felty added that he wouldn't talk to the cops, anyway, so Dante left.

Brando and Sasha arrived at the hospital for Sasha's first therapy session. Brando wanted to wait for her, but she insisted that he go. Michael and Willow arrived, and Willow and Sasha checked in about their recent health scares. Michael revealed that they had good news, but he hesitated. Sasha assured them that she knew that Willow was pregnant, and she was very happy for them. After hugging Sasha, Willow excused herself. Sasha suggested that Brando go, too, so he kissed her and left. Michael understood that Sasha was feeling overwhelmed, and Sasha related that she just wanted everything to go back to normal.

Willow talked to T.J. about the additional tests he wanted to run on her. She asked him not to tell Michael anything, as she didn't want to worry him if nothing turned out to be wrong. Willow returned to Sasha, and Michael excused himself. Willow and Sasha talked about the pregnancy and embraced. Just then, Smoltz entered and asked if Willow had forgiven Sasha for "mowing down" Harmony. Willow shot back that it had been a tragic accident, and she threatened Smoltz with her lawyer. Sasha called him a "disgusting vulture," and he left. "Nothing he said was a lie," Sasha said shakily. Willow insisted that she knew that Sasha wasn't responsible for Harmony's death, and she hoped Sasha knew that, too.

Down the hall, a maintenance man put signs up on the elevators, marking them as out of order.

Smoltz entered Felty's room and wondered who Felty had crossed. Felty replied that he had a big story in mind. He suggested that Sasha could have been on drugs the night she'd hit Harmony.

At Volonino's, Sonny and Dex discussed what they'd done to Felty, and Dex wondered how anyone could say that Sonny had gone "soft." Dex promised that if Sonny ever needed something done, he was Sonny's guy. Just then, Brando arrived, and Dex left. Brando admitted that he was worried about Sasha. Sonny instructed Brando to show Sasha that Brando wasn't going anywhere.

"Hey, boss," Dex said as he met up with Michael in the hospital stairwell. Michael warned Dex about calling Michael "boss," as they shouldn't even be meeting in public, but he wanted a progress report. Dex reported that he had Sonny "right where we want him." He updated Michael on Felty and the run-in with Josslyn. Michael ordered Dex to stay away from Josslyn. Since Sonny was probably grateful to Dex, Michael advised Dex to build off the gratitude, but to not be too eager. He instructed Dex to be like a son, as Sonny loved giving advice and having people look up to him. "It's time he faces the consequences," Michael concluded. Just then, Brando entered the stairwell and was puzzled to see Michael and Dex together.

When Esme arrived at the courthouse, A.D.A. Arden demanded to know where Esme had been. Esme answered with attitude that Trina wasn't the center of the universe. Arden wanted to go over Esme's testimony, but Ava approached and assured Arden that Esme always made sure that her lies sounded natural. Arden walked away to answer a call, and Esme and Ava were left to attack each other. Ava finally turned to walk away, but Esme called out that she could destroy Ava's world. "Try it. I dare you," Ava replied, getting into Esme's face. Esme talked about how Ava didn't know Nikolas like she thought she did. Just as Ava asked for an explanation, Nikolas arrived and halted the conversation. "Have a nice chat with your wife," Esme said as she breezed past them.

A few minutes later, Nikolas and Ava went into an empty conference room, and she demanded that he tell her what was going on. He tearfully told her that he loved her, but he'd made a huge mistake. He revealed that, when he'd thought their relationship had been over, he'd slept with Esme, but he'd regretted it immediately. She remembered arriving home one day to find the sitting room door closed and locked and then finding him disheveled behind it. He knew that he'd been stupid and weak, and he moved forward to touch her. "Never again. You've touched me for the last time," she growled. She was disgusted by him, and she promised to "burn you to the ground." She glared and him and stormed out. He looked at pictures of them together on his phone, and he refused to lose her without a fight.

In the courtroom, Taggert asked Diane how much Spencer's testimony had hurt Trina's case. Diane assured him that Spencer had given them an opening, and she planned to take full advantage. Across the room, Spencer sent Esme yet another text asking where she was. Not far away, Josslyn observed that Esme wasn't there. Rory asked if Trina needed anything, and she replied that she wanted a time machine back to before she'd met Spencer.

Esme finally arrived, and Spencer demanded to know if she was going to exonerate Trina in exchange for information about Esme's birth mother. "No deal," Esme replied, and she vowed to find a different way to find her birth mother.

The trial began with Esme on the stand. Through Arden's questioning, Esme explained that they'd all been drinking that night at the cabin, and Trina had been the most affected by it. She continued that Trina had been upset with Josslyn and Cameron, and she'd stumbled off to her room. A short while later, Diane got up to question Esme. Through questioning, Diane found out that Esme had also left the room after the argument between the friends, which would have given her plenty of time to plant the phone. Diane also discovered that the trip had been Esme's idea, and that she'd orchestrated everything. Diane continued that Esme didn't get along with Spencer's friends, which had to have been frustrating.

Josslyn whispered to Rory that Diane had cracked Esme's mask, and Rory prayed that it was enough. The judge called for a brief recess. Diane explained to Trina and her supporters that Trina would be called to the stand to defend herself. Taggert wasn't sure that it was a good idea, but Trina insisted that it was her future on the line, so she wanted to defend it. Josslyn urged Trina to tell everything, and they thought back to talking about Spencer being Trina's alibi.

Josslyn approached Spencer and wondered where his girlfriend was. Spencer revealed that Esme was no longer his girlfriend. Josslyn wondered if he'd finally realized how crazy Esme was, and he answered that he'd known for a while. She shot back that he didn't act like, but he muttered that it didn't matter because his plan hadn't worked. Diane walked by, and Spencer left a puzzled Josslyn to follow Diane out. Outside the courtroom, Spencer insisted to Diane that he could fix things for Trina. A few minutes later, Diane warned him that his plan would put him in jeopardy, but he decided that he needed to do it.

Inside the courtroom, the trial was back in session. Diane informed Trina and her supporters that there was a "slight change in plans." She called Spencer back up to the stand, to everyone's confusion.

At Wyndemere, Esme moved quickly to pack all of her things. She opened a hidden book and took a piece of paper out of it. She stuffed the paper into an envelope and put it in her suitcase. Just then, Ava arrived home and muttered, "You conniving little whore."

Ava issues a grave threat to Esme

Ava issues a grave threat to Esme

Friday, July 29, 2022

At Volonino's Gym, Sonny told Brick that he thought he'd found Jason's replacement in Dex. Brick wanted to know why Sonny was so impressed by Dex. Sonny said that Dex reminded him of a young Jason and a young Stone Cates. Brick warned Sonny to be careful because many people were opportunistic.

Dex entered the gym, and Sonny introduced him to Brick. Sonny asked for an update on Felty, and Dex let it slip that the police had shown up. Sonny was alarmed that Dex had spoken to the police, but Dex said he hadn't told Dante anything. Sonny remarked that Dex had done the right thing, just as Dex had done with Josslyn. Brick asked what Josslyn had to do with anything. Brick was taken aback when Sonny recalled that Josslyn had threatened to take the footage she'd recorded of Felty's beating to the police.

Dex left, and afterwards, Brick voiced his concerns that Dex was "too cocky, flippant, and reckless." Brick said he would do a full background check on Dex. Sonny agreed, but he suggested they give Dex a chance to prove himself on a "trial by fire" basis.

At the hospital, Sasha was relieved that Willow still considered her a friend. Willow assured Sasha that the two of them would always have each other's backs. T.J. appeared and met Willow for her appointment, and the two headed to an exam room together.

T.J. told Willow that he needed another blood sample. Willow asked T.J. to tell her specifically what T.J. was worried he might find in Willow's sample. Later, Michael entered, and he wondered why T.J. had been attending to Willow instead of Britt, Willow's OB/GYN. Willow said that T.J. was only being a good friend.

Michael and Willow held hands and talked about their "wonderful" life ahead and how great things would be, moving forward. Michael's phone chimed, and he told Willow a lie and said that he had something to take care of with "work."

In an alley, Michael met with Dex again. Dex wanted to make sure that Michael had thrown Brando off Dex's trail after Brando had walked in on Michael with Dex in the hospital corridor earlier. Dex mentioned that Brick would soon dig into Dex's past. Michael thought it was a good sign that Dex was moving closer to Sonny's inner circle if Brick was doing a background check.

Also at the hospital, Brando arrived to escort Sasha to her appointment, but Sasha quipped that she was "all talked out." Sasha refused to seek help, and she said that Brando and Gladys were "smothering" her. Brando told Sasha that she needed to talk to a doctor because she was an addict, and she needed to get at the root cause of her addiction. "Stop trying to control my every move!" Sasha screamed. "Given the way that our life is spiraling out of control, maybe somebody does need to control you," Brando yelled back.

Brando tried to apologize, but Sasha walked away and said she needed her space. In the stairwell of the hospital, Sasha received a text from Sienna, who asked if Sasha wanted to blow off steam later that night. "Sure -- I'll meet you anywhere!" Sasha readily replied.

In the courtroom, Diane stunned everyone when she called Spencer back to the stand as a witness for the defense. Under oath, Spencer said that he knew for a fact that Trina hadn't distributed the sex tape because she'd been with Spencer when the video had been released through email. Spencer was forced to admit that he had arranged for a "day pass" from Spring Ridge and that Trina had seen Spencer shortly afterwards.

Diane asked how Spencer had been able to leave Spring Ridge, undetected. Spencer admitted that someone on the staff at Spring Ridge had been bribed. When Diane asked what had been so important on the day that Spencer had left, Spencer said that it had been the anniversary of his mother's death.

Spencer recalled that he'd always put flowers on Courtney's grave but that he hadn't been able to do so in past years because he'd been away at boarding school in France. Spencer said the thought of not visiting Courtney's grave on the anniversary of her death had been "incredibly painful."

Diane asked if Spencer realized that he could be jeopardizing his freedom for having escaped from Spring Ridge without proper authorization. "I know that. But at a certain point, you have to stop doing the easy thing, and you have to start doing the right thing," an emotional Spencer said through tears.

Diane asked who could have recorded Josslyn and Cameron if Trina and Spencer hadn't. "There was no outside staff. It had to be someone who was staying at the cabin," Spencer said. "Who?" Diane asked. "My girlfriend at the time, Esme Prince," Spencer said as Trina's friends and family looked on in relief.

On cross-examination, Arden reiterated that Spencer hadn't been with Trina when the sex tape had been filmed. Arden then asked Spencer if he had heard of scheduled emails that could be sent at a later hour from when they'd been composed. Arden then had an email sent from her phone to both the judge and to Diane to establish that it was possible that a person didn't have to be present at the time when an email such as the one that contained the sex tape had been uploaded.

Diane objected and said there was no proof to suggest that the video had been sent through a scheduled email. Spencer was excused from the stand as the judge ordered both counsels to approach the bench. Spencer went to apologize Trina, and he surmised that his testimony hadn't worked. Nearby, Nikolas asked to talk to Spencer, and he said that it was important.

At Wyndemere, Ava confronted Esme about Esme's sexual tryst with Nikolas. Ava said that sleeping with Spencer's father had been low and "beyond tacky," even for Esme. Esme remarked that it had also been tacky that Ava had once slept with Morgan Corinthos and then Morgan's father when Morgan hadn't been much older than Esme.

Ava was taken aback that Esme had even known about her past relationship with Morgan. Esme said that she had done her research. Ava said that she'd had Esme pegged for months and that she knew that Esme had been the one who'd come up with the idea to torch Ava's car and to put Kiki's badge next to the car. Ava said that Spencer might be self-centered, but he wasn't a psychopath. Ava added that it wasn't enough that Esme had set the car on fire, but Esme had also placed Kiki's identification next to the car. Ava called Esme's actions "sadistic."

Ava then remarked that only a "demented mind" would make a sex tape of Cameron and Josslyn and then frame Trina for revenge porn. Ava added that even having done all of that, Esme had still found it necessary to seduce Nikolas. Esme laughed and said that Nikolas hadn't needed to be seduced, given that Ava had "emasculated" Nikolas.

Esme accused Ava of having abandoned both Julian and Kiki before their deaths. Ava called Esme a stalker, and she recalled all the ways that Esme had attacked her and how it had all felt so personal. Ava surmised that there had to be more to the story for why Esme hated Ava, and she wondered how Esme had known about Kiki's affair with Griffin Monroe and Ava's past with Morgan. Esme again claimed that she'd only done her research. "That's not it. I'm onto something. I know it. I can feel it," Ava said.

Ava wondered why Esme had been so quick to jump at the chance to help Spencer torture Ava, who demanded that Esme do the right thing and to go to the courtroom to exonerate Trina. Esme asked why she would agree to Ava's request, and she stated that she had no desire to be a fugitive for the rest of her life. "Oh, darling girl. You misunderstand me. If you don't admit you framed Trina, I will make sure that nobody ever finds you... at least not while you're still breathing," Ava gravely warned Esme.

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