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After falling from the parapet, Esme vanished. Nikolas took steps to help Ava. Spencer was arrested. Trina's trial wrapped up. Josslyn learned about Cameron and Spencer's secret. Sasha was charged with attempted murder. Willow had a bone marrow biopsy in secret to confirm if she had leukemia. Elizabeth had an unsettling flashback. Britt agreed to give Cody another chance.
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Esme vanished after a fall from the parapet, Spencer was arrested, Willow had a biopsy, and Elizabeth had an unsettling flashback
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Trina makes a confession on the stand

Trina makes a confession on the stand

Monday, August 1, 2022

In front of Kelly's, Michael spoke to someone on the phone and told them to "get it done" Sam overheard as she arrived and deemed him to be a demanding boss. She sat down at one of the tables and assumed that Michael had been dealing with Aurora. Michael replied that that was true, and he proceeded to tell her how bad he felt for having let her down. He knew that Aurora had been Sam and Drew's dream.

Sam declared that Aurora had originally been for Scout in the past, and she knew that Michael would do what he could for it. Michael shared the news about Willow's pregnancy, and a thrilled Sam extended her congratulations. They spoke about how different the experience was compared to Michael's first child with Nelle. Michael emphasized that he had "nothing but hope for the future." He was surprised that Dante hadn't said anything to Sam but assumed that his brother had been "waiting for the green light."

Sam confessed that Dante had lots going on in his head with day-to-day events like negotiating between Sonny and Michael, for one thing. She alluded to their next steps, but when Michael asked her about it curiously, she claimed to be speaking in the abstract. She said she and Dante had been taking things slowly. She listed all their activities and jobs and mentioned her heavy caseload. She revealed that she had just received a tip that she thought would lead to a break in Trina's case.

At the Metro Court pool, a couple of women on chaise lounges eyed Mac as he completed his laps in the pool. Felicia sat nearby and couldn't help overhearing the women's admiring comments about her husband. She stood up quickly and announced that she was Mrs. Silver Fox before heading over to Mac to make out with him as he got out of the pool. Mac didn't believe the women had been admiring him, and he noted that he got the same thing whenever he was out with Felicia.

Felicia and Mac spoke about his asking Dante to take over as chief of detectives, but Mac assured Felicia that it was only down the road. He said he had no intention of retiring yet. He spoke of his many careers over the years and wondered what would be next. He shared that Dante was focused on many events in his own life, but Mac wanted someone good to replace him when the time arose. He claimed he had only wanted to "plant the seed."

Mac admitted that he had enjoyed hosting the open mic night at the Haunted Star and confessed that he missed running the Floating Rib. Felicia revealed that she had enjoyed honing her P.I. skills lately with Anna and Sam, and the couple agreed that they were still young at heart. Mac suggested that Felicia might be able to help Sam with her caseload. Felicia maintained that Sam hadn't mentioned anything about that, but she could definitely help out. She added that there was no conflict in the recent case she'd helped on because she wasn't connected to the biological parents in the case.

At General Hospital, T.J. asked Willow why she hadn't said anything to Michael about her health status, but Willow explained that she needed to have her test results first. She explained that Michael had been going through a lot, although T.J. thought that Willow had a lot on her own plate, as well. He refused to predict a diagnosis. Just then, he received a message and announced that he had to check on a patient. He headed to the nurses' station, where he made a call to page the oncology doctor on call becaue he wanted a consult. After meeting with the doctor, T.J. was informed that his diagnosis was correct. Back in the exam room, Willow assured her baby that things would be okay.

Elizabeth and Finn were out of breath after walking the stairs with the elevators out of service. Elizabeth stated that she was grateful to be back and was fully recovered. Finn was wary and explained that even addicts were always in recovery and not recovered. He assured her that it was okay to need more time off. Elizabeth declared that she was ready to work and feel normal, and the worst was behind her.

Finn felt that he owed Elizabeth an apology if he had smothered her. He admitted that his last relationship had been destroyed by secrets, and he needed to find the right balance with someone he loved. Elizabeth looked at him in surprise. "What did you just say?" she asked. Finn stammered awkwardly and replied that he really, really cared about her. He repeated that he loved her and was in love with her. Elizabeth was speechless, but she received a message from T.J. and had to see him.

T.J. asked Elizabeth to print out some paperwork for a patient. He continued to talk to Dr. Singh about options for the patient, but Willow emerged from her room and spotted the doctors in a serious discussion. T.J. returned to Willow, and she demanded to know if the doctors had been talking about her. Willow knew who the other doctor was, and she said she could handle it. She asked T.J. if he believed that she had cancer. T.J. admitted that he was worried that Willow had leukemia.

As Finn leaned on a desk to catch his breath, he was startled when Elizabeth emerged from the stairwell. He began to tell her that there was no pressure, but she leaned over and kissed him. "I love you," she said. "You do?" Finn asked. They agreed to meet up after her shift. Elizabeth headed back to the stairwell, and Finn raised his arms in triumph.

Elizabeth began to descend the stairs and dropped her pen. She imagined that she saw Peter lying on the floor, and she dropped the folder. Papers flew out everywhere as she sat down on the step gingerly.

Trina's trial was in recess, and Portia asked her daughter why she'd kept her meeting with Spencer a secret. Trina explained that she'd hoped that Spencer would tell the truth eventually, and she had been worried about his prison escape. Taggert suggested that it had been enough to cast reasonable doubt. Diane agreed that their case had made progress, but it wasn't foolproof. Portia was upset that Trina had kept the secret.

Rory and Josslyn approached Trina, who insisted that she had always planned on saying something. She admitted that she couldn't understand why Spencer had divulged the information, but Josslyn suggested that he had seen the toll the trial had taken on Trina. Diane pulled Trina aside and informed her that she would be next up on the stand, although the questioning would take a different direction than planned. Diane said it might be more personal. Trina declared that she knew what to do. Diane admired Trina's strength and confidence, and she exclaimed that Trina needed to be a heroine in her own story. Trina repeated that belief to her parents.

Nikolas and Spencer stepped out into the hallway. Nikolas was concerned that Spencer might have thrown away his freedom. Spencer confessed that his believing in Esme had all been an act. Nikolas replied that Spencer should have told him, but Spencer related that he hadn't wanted to share with too many people in case Esme found out. He said she was smart and twisted things. Nikolas flashed back to his tryst with Esme and announced that had he known, things would have been different. Spencer said he needed to get back to court. Nikolas had something important to discuss, but Spencer suggested that it wait.

At Wyndemere, Ava demanded that Esme tell the truth in court, but Esme wasn't interested in being a fugitive, which was what would happen. Ava handed down an ultimatum that Esme confess -- or no one would find her. Ava noted that she had killed for a lot less. She made it clear that Trina was like a daughter to her and would not go to prison. Esme wondered where Ava's devotion to Kiki had been, and she taunted Ava for trying to fill the void.

Esme continued that Ava had driven both Kiki and Nikolas away, but Kiki had been driven to her death. Ava slapped Esme's face hard and drew blood on her mouth. Esme dropped the brown envelope that she'd been holding. "You've been begging for that for months," Ava declared. Esme retorted that she wasn't afraid of Ava, but Ava insisted that the walls were closing in on the poor little rich girl who would never be loved.

Esme announced that she was done with Ava, who happened to spot the envelope on the floor and grabbed it. She asked if Esme had forgotten something. It was Ava's turn to taunt Esme, who flashed back to writing to her nanny, Maggie, that she was on her way to getting what she wanted. Esme tried to snatch the envelope out of Ava's hand as Ava flaunted it. She guessed it contained something juicy, and she noted Esme's rage and fear. As Ava began to open it, Esme tackled her, and the women fell to the ground.

Ava and Esme continued to have a violent fight as they wrestled each other, and each tried to take possession of the envelope.

Back at the courthouse, Nikolas kept trying to talk to Spencer, who only wanted to get back into the courtroom. It was resolved when Nikolas received a phone call. Someone was calling about the commotion at Wyndemere.

"Let's win this!" Diane exclaimed. The judge returned, and Trina was called to the stand. Diane began to question Trina, who verified Spencer's remarks about their meeting at the time that the video had been released. Trina spoke about how she'd hoped that other evidence would have emerged that would have helped her to avoid revealing that meeting. Diane asked why Spencer's future had been put ahead of Trina's. Diane speculated that it might have been an act of love. Spencer looked at Trina fondly as tears rolled down Trina's face.

Diane asked Trina about her involvement with Cameron, and Trina explained that they had only kissed twice and had decided to be friends. She confessed that she had feelings for someone else, and that person was Spencer Cassadine. Spencer smiled, Portia closed her eyes in dismay, and Josslyn turned to take a peek at Rory.

As Nikolas rushed into Wyndemere, the fight between Ava and Esme spilled out onto the parapet. As the women continued to struggle, Esme suddenly tumbled over the wall.

With no sign of Esme, Nikolas vows to protect Ava

With no sign of Esme, Nikolas vows to protect Ava

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

At the hospital in Terry's office, Terry confirmed that Willow's blood work was consistent with leukemia patients. An anxious Willow agreed to have the bone-marrow biopsy performed as soon as possible, and Britt and Terry took Willow to an exam room. After the biopsy, Terry told Willow that she'd put a rush on the test results. Later, Willow found Michael near the elevator. Michael remarked that Willow seemed off. Willow said that nothing about her tests was worth repeating.

In the hospital stairwell, Elizabeth flashed back to having seen Peter unconscious at the bottom of the stairs the previous summer. Elizabeth dropped the folder in her hand slowly, as if in a trance. She flashed back to a child's voice. "Daddy? Mommy?" the little girl's voice called.

Elizabeth stared up at the stairs and saw Finn, who asked what had happened. Finn reached for Elizabeth's hand, and she snapped out of her trance. Later, in Finn's office, Elizabeth reflected on what had happened in the stairwell. Finn tried to push Elizabeth to take a physical and neurological exam, and he told Elizabeth to agree to the tests for her kids if she wouldn't agree to them for herself. "How dare you accuse me of not being able to take care of my kids... I'm not broken. I have to get back to work," Elizabeth said adamantly as she walked out.

On her way out of Finn's office, Elizabeth walked past Terry without saying hello. Finn declared that there was something "very wrong" with Elizabeth.

At Wyndemere, Nicholas and Ava were horrified by the sound of Esme's scream as she fell over the wall of the parapet and into the waters below. Ava wasn't able to spot Esme anywhere, and she rushed to call 9-1-1. Nikolas ran after Ava, and he pleaded with her to not call the police. Nikolas told a panicked Ava to go to the master bedroom and to not let anyone in while Nikolas cleared the room of any sign of Ava and Esme's fight.

Upstairs in the room, Ava noticed a cut near her throat. Nikolas walked in and said he'd found the spot where Esme had fallen, and that Esme hadn't been there. Nikolas showed Ava one of Esme's shoes that he'd found near where she had landed. Nikolas supposed that Esme had either drowned or broken her neck during the fall. "If Esme does live, what would she say? What really happened between the two of you?" Nikolas asked Ava.

Ava recalled that she'd returned to Wyndemere to pack up her things and that she'd run into Esme and confronted her. Nikolas tried to assure Ava that there hadn't been any witnesses who'd seen Ava and Esme fight, and he said that even if Esme survived, it would only be Esme's word against Ava's. Ava thought her DNA would be found all over Esme's body.

Nikolas and Ava sought to strategize. Nikolas said the two had to be on the same page. Ava quipped that their answers could not involve the police. Ava was worried that Spencer might have his own questions about why Esme had left town, but Nikolas reasoned that Ava could just say she'd never seen Esme because no one would expect Esme to confide in Ava, anyway.

Nikolas vowed to hide Esme's suitcase so that no one would ever find it, and he told Ava that no one needed to know about the fight. "Nikolas, what if Esme turns up alive?" Ava asked.

Nikolas assured Ava that the truth about Esme's fall would stay between the two of them. "I promise I will not let anything happen to you," Nikolas told Ava, who seemed uncertain.

Also at the hospital, Curtis and Jordan traded information about Oz. Curtis remarked that before Oz had lost consciousness, Oz had said that "she" had given him something. Curtis believed the person Oz had referred to was Esme.

Jordan told Curtis that according to Britt, Oz had acute opioid intoxication. Jordan recalled that Britt had also told her that someone had approached Britt to help identify a drug. Jordan said the drug Oz had ingested had been the same one that had been brought to Britt. When Curtis asked who'd asked Britt about the drug, Jordan told Curtis that it had been Spencer.

Curtis thought the timing wasn't coincidental. Jordan noted that Britt had said the drug could be fatal if taken with alcohol, which had also appeared in Oz's bloodstream. Curtis wondered if perhaps Spencer had seen someone behave strangely after having taken the pills mixed with alcohol, such as Trina.

Curtis noted that Trina had gotten sick and had blacked out after only one drink at the cabin. Jordan and Curtis both admitted that to black out after one drink was unusual. Jordan told Curtis that Esme was their best lead. Just then, Jordan's phone rang. After she hung up, Jordan told Curtis that something had come up and that it might have major repercussions for Trina.

After Jordan left, Curtis asked T.J. if Oz could be brought out of a medically induced coma. T.J. said he wasn't authorized to make such a drastic decision for a patient and that, even if he were, Oz would just as likely die.

In the courtroom, Trina admitted under oath that she had been attracted to Spencer for months. Diane asked if Trina had ever wanted to harm any of Trina's friends. Trina said she would never harm any of her friends, especially Cameron and Josslyn.

On cross-examination, Trina said she had fallen ill after only one drink at the cabin. Arden asked how the phone used to make the sex tape had been found in Trina's possession. Trina declared that she had been set up and that Esme had put the black-market phone in Trina's purse. Trina said her purse hadn't always been in her sight, such as when she'd gone to visit Spencer at Spring Ridge -- the same day Trina claimed that Esme had been working as an intern.

Arden produced a list of guests as well as people who'd been on staff at Spring Ridge on the day of Trina's visit, and she noted that Esme's name was absent from the list. On a redirect, Diane asked if Esme and Josslyn had been friends. Trina listed all the ways Josslyn had made it clear that she'd despised Esme from the moment Esme had first arrived in Port Charles.

Trina testified that Esme had threatened Josslyn, and she recalled that Esme had said Josslyn would be "sorry" that Josslyn had crossed Esme. Diane asked Trina if Josslyn had been sorry when Esme had uploaded the sex tape. Arden objected, and Diane withdrew the question. Diane asked Trina again if Trina would ever harm any of her friends. "Never," Trina answered.

In her closing argument, Diane reminded the jury that no one had seen Trina purchase the black-market phone nor send the email with the uploaded sex tape. Diane called the evidence against Trina circumstantial, and she did her best to remind the jury that Esme had had the means, motive, and opportunity -- more so than Trina had.

Afterwards, Taggert and Portia hugged Trina, who caught a glimpse of Spencer smiling at her. Before Spencer could get near Trina, Josslyn blocked him and said that Spencer had done a nice thing for Trina. Josslyn said she hadn't thought Spencer had had the "guts" to testify that he felt Esme had framed Trina. When Spencer said that Esme was no longer his girlfriend, a giddy Josslyn said she'd pay money to see Esme's face when Esme found out what Spencer had said in court about Trina.

Trina eventually made her way over to Spencer, and she said she owed him an apology for having lost her temper with him. Spencer said that Trina owed him nothing, and he admitted he should have spoken up from the start. Trina asked when Spencer had figured out that Esme was the one behind the revenge porn video. Just then, Jordan entered the courtroom.

Jordan announced that Spencer was under arrest for having escaped a minimum-security prison when he'd been assigned to Spring Ridge. Trina reminded Jordan that Spencer had gone back to Spring Ridge right away, and she pleaded with Jordan to not arrest Spencer.

Nikolas lays the groundwork to explain Esme's disappearance

Nikolas lays the groundwork to explain Esme's disappearance

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

At Kelly's, Cameron was working when Josslyn arrived. After they exchanged greetings, Cameron asked Josslyn for an update on Trina's trial, so she told him about Spencer's surprising testimony. Josslyn noticed that Cameron didn't seem surprised by Spencer's sudden turnaround. Josslyn was stunned when Cameron revealed that Spencer had realized the truth when Trina had been arrested, and Spencer had pretended to go along with Esme's lies in an effort to gather incriminating evidence that would prove Esme had framed Trina. Josslyn was hurt that Cameron had kept the secret from her, but Cameron insisted it had been necessary to keep Esme from finding out and fleeing town before Spencer could exonerate Trina.

Josslyn pointed out that Spencer had trusted Cameron with the secret, but Cameron admitted that he had forced it out of Spencer. Cameron assured Josslyn he had wanted to tell her, but Spencer had made Cameron promise to keep quiet. Josslyn didn't care. She told him that she'd had a right to know because she was Cameron's girlfriend. Cameron was apologetic, but Josslyn reminded him the secret had been for nothing because Spencer had failed to find any solid evidence implicating Esme.

Josslyn had no idea why Esme would even trust Spencer with the truth, so Cameron told Josslyn about Spencer's offer to trade information about Esme's biological mother for Esme's help to exonerate Trina. Cameron admitted it had been a bluff, but Spencer had been certain that Esme had wanted to find her mother more than framing Trina. Josslyn wasn't impressed because Spencer had obviously been wrong about Esme. Josslyn was certain she could have found another way to help Trina if Spencer and Cameron had included Josslyn in their plans. Josslyn assured Cameron that she didn't blame him, but she insisted they would have to work together moving forward if they hoped to take down Esme.

Meanwhile, Rory took Trina to Metro Court's pool. Trina was delighted when she realized they were the only people there. However, she admitted she couldn't stop thinking about Spencer and why Spencer would risk his freedom to give her an alibi. Rory thought it was obvious; Spencer had wanted to help.

After Rory fetched drinks, Trina told him that she had apologized to Spencer for lashing out at Spencer after Spencer's initial testimony. Trina said she had been surprised by Spencer's reaction because he had implied that he had never believed in Trina's guilt. Trina couldn't understand why -- if that had been true -- Spencer had stayed with Esme. Trina suddenly realized Rory might not appreciate hearing her talk about Spencer, but Rory assured Trina it was fine because Spencer's testimony had been a big deal, and Trina was still trying to process everything.

Trina didn't know what to make of Spencer's actions -- or Rory's. Confused, Rory asked what Trina was talking about. Trina admitted she'd been referring to the kiss she and Rory had shared and how awkward it might be for Rory to hear her talk about another guy. Rory promised he could handle it, but she questioned what kind of future she and Rory had if she was found guilty, especially since he was a police officer. Trina suspected Rory might want to remain just friends, but Rory wondered what had given her that idea.

Trina pointed out that Rory hadn't been bothered by her talking about another guy, and she might be headed to jail. Trina promised her feelings wouldn't be hurt if he wanted to stay friends, but Rory confessed he was "totally into" Trina. Trina was skeptical, so Rory admitted he wouldn't shed a tear if Spencer fell into a hole and disappeared, but Rory was happy to listen if Trina need to talk about Spencer's testimony. Touched, Trina admitted Rory was a nice guy.

Rory encouraged Trina to be optimistic about the outcome of the trial, but Trina explained that she couldn't get her hopes up because she would be crushed if she was found guilty. Trina slipped off her shoes, walked to the pool, and sat on the edge while her feet dangled in the water. Rory joined her. He assured Trina that she had been great on the stand, and even though A.D.A. Arden had a reputation for being tough, Trina shouldn't sell herself short because Trina had given the jury an opportunity to see the real Trina rather than a "moustache-twirling villain" who had been out to humiliate her friends.

Trina was grateful she'd had a chance to tell her side of things and to let the jury know how much Esme had hated Josslyn. Rory commended Diane for doing a great job establishing that Esme had had the means, opportunity, and a strong motive for recording Cameron and Josslyn. Trina took comfort in knowing she had done everything possible to help herself. Rory kissed Trina. Afterwards, Trina realized she had been wrong about Rory; he was interested in her. "Told you," Rory said.

Outside of Kelly's, Smoltz met up with Sienna. Sienna insisted they hurry because Sasha was waiting, but Smoltz was confident Sasha would wait, especially if Sasha thought Sienna had drugs for Sasha. Smoltz reminded Sienna to call him before she met up with Sasha -- so he could listen in on Sienna and Sasha's conversation. He also asked Sienna to steer the conversation to the night of the accident and to get Sasha to confess to being high on drugs when Harmony Miller had been struck. Smoltz said he would even be satisfied if Sienna could get Sasha to admit that Sasha had been using drugs.

Smoltz promised to keep Sienna's name out of it and to pay Sienna $500 for her trouble. Sienna questioned why Smoltz had it in for Sasha, but he assured Sienna it was just business. Smoltz said he intended to make Sasha infamous.

In Metro Court Gardens, Nina warmly greeted Sasha, and she asked how Sasha had been doing. Sasha became defensive because she was tired of telling everyone that she was fine, but she immediately regretted her outburst and apologized to Nina because Sasha knew Nina had meant well. Nina felt bad for Sasha, and she steered the conversation away from Sasha by grumbling about trying to learn the ropes of the hotel business and Olivia's lack of welcome.

As Nina led Sasha to a table, she asked where Brando was. Sasha admitted she and Brando had needed a break from each other, but she assured Nina there was no need for concern. Nina offered to keep Sasha company, but Sasha explained it wasn't necessary because Sasha had plans to meet up with Sienna Colby. Nina recognized the name of the makeup artist, but Nina didn't know Sienna personally. The conversation returned to Brando, and Sasha confessed that she and Brando had argued because he had been hovering.

Nina knew it wasn't fun to live under a microscope, but she reminded Sasha that Brando had been on the set when Sasha had had a breakdown, and Brando had been the one who had put Sasha on the 72-hour psychiatric hold. It was clear to Nina that Brando was worried, but Sasha argued that she had simply been overwhelmed. Sasha blamed her breakdown on taking on too much too soon after Liam's death, but she promised to be more careful in the future.

Just then, Sienna approached Sasha's table. After Nina left, Sienna apologized for being late. Sasha confessed that she'd been surprised to hear from Sienna, but Sasha was eager to have some fun. Meanwhile, Smoltz sat in a car listening to Sienna and Sasha's conversation. He was pleased when Sienna pointedly asked if Sasha needed anything. When Sasha mentioned having fun, Sienna invited Sasha to head to the bathroom, and Sienna would follow.

Sasha didn't take Sienna up on the offer. Instead, the two women chatted amicably until Sienna asked about Sasha's car accident. Sienna claimed to be a true crime junkie, so she had been fascinated to learn about Harmony's homicidal past. Sienna insisted Sasha had done the world a favor, but Sasha disagreed because the accident had been a tragedy, no matter who the victim had been. Sienna agreed, but she was curious about what had happened. Sienna asked if Harmony had stepped in front of Sasha's car, but Sasha decided it had been a mistake to meet with Sienna. When Sasha stood to leave, Sienna quickly apologized.

Sasha wished Sienna luck finding someone to discuss her true crime obsession with. After Sasha left, Sienna went to Smoltz's car to collect her money. Smoltz refused to pay Sienna because she had failed to get Sasha to reveal anything useful. As Sienna and Smoltz argued, Sasha stormed up to the driver's side of the car and confronted Smoltz and Sienna.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas entered the master bedroom. He assured Ava that the sitting room had been cleaned up, and there were no signs of Ava and Esme's fight. Ava asked if Nikolas was certain Esme wasn't near the area where Esme had dropped from the parapet. Nikolas glanced at Esme's bloody shoe that had been placed on a towel on top of the bed as he admitted he'd only found the single shoe. Nikolas told Ava it would best if they proceeded as if Esme had perished, so he had taken steps to lay the groundwork to make it appear Esme had left town.

Nikolas was confident no one would question Esme taking off. "Oh, Esme took off all right. She went straight over the parapet," Ava said. Nikolas tried to comfort Ava with a hug, but she shoved him away. Ava reminded Nikolas that she had vowed he would never touch her again, but he assured her that he merely wanted to help. Ava insisted she was better off on her own than with a man who had betrayed her, but Nikolas reminded Ava how damaging it might look if Esme's body surfaced.

Ava denied that she had pushed Esme. Ava explained that she and Esme had been fighting over a letter, and Esme had snatched it out of Ava's hand. According to Ava, Esme's own momentum had taken Esme over the parapet. Nikolas assured Ava that he believed her, but Ava's hatred for Esme had been well known. Ava refused to accept Nikolas' help because he'd had sex with Esme, had lied to Ava for weeks, and had sex with Ava after sleeping with Esme.

Ava vowed that she would never forgive Nikolas, but he advised his wife to think carefully because it might raise questions if Ava walked out on him on the heels of Esme's disappearance. Nikolas feared the police might consider Ava's anger over his infidelity with Esme a motive for murder, especially since the staff had been concerned enough about Ava and Esme's heated exchange to call him.

Nikolas tensed when his cell phone rang, and he saw the call was from the police station. It was Spencer asking his father for help. After a brief exchange, Nikolas disconnected the call and told Ava about Spencer's arrest. Ava was surprised that Spencer had tried to help Trina by risking Spencer's own freedom. Nikolas promised to return as soon as possible, but Ava assured Nikolas there was no rush because she would not be there.

Nikolas implored Ava to reconsider. He promised to spend the rest of his life apologizing for sleeping with Esme, but he urged Ava to set aside her anger and accept his help. Ava informed Nikolas that anyone stupid enough -- and weak enough -- to sleep with his son's manipulative girlfriend was a liability. Ava was confident that she could take care of herself, but Nikolas begged Ava not to do anything rash.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan ordered a police officer to remove Spencer's handcuffs. Spencer thanked Jordan, but she was curious why Spencer had given Trina an alibi, knowing he would be admitting to escaping from prison. Spencer explained that he had wanted to give the jury enough reasonable doubt to acquit Trina. Jordan reminded Spencer that he was likely headed back to prison, whether Trina was acquitted or not.

Jordan escorted Spencer to the interrogation room. Spencer expressed his gratitude for the privacy. Jordan was aware of the sacrifice Spencer had made to help Trina, so she offered Spencer an opportunity to tell his side of things. Spencer refused to share the details of how he had escaped from Spring Ridge, but he volunteered that he had left the minimum-security facility to visit his mother's grave on the anniversary of Courtney's passing.

A short time later, Nikolas and Martin arrived. Jordan agreed to let Nikolas have a few minutes alone with Spencer, so Martin took the opportunity to plead Spencer's case and remind Jordan that Spencer had been a model prisoner at Spring Ridge. Jordan advised Martin to save it for the judge. Martin asked Jordan to help speed the process along because Martin hoped to get Spencer on the night court docket.

In the interrogation room, Nikolas admitted he'd been afraid Spencer would face consequences for Spencer's testimony. Spencer asked his father for a favor; Spencer wanted Nikolas to make certain Esme didn't leave town. Nikolas couldn't believe that Spencer still had feelings for Esme, so Spencer clarified that he only felt anger and contempt for Esme. However, Spencer believed that as long as Esme was in town, there was hope for Trina. Reluctantly, Nikolas told his son that Esme had already left town.

Later, Spencer was informed that he would have to spend the night in jail because his case wouldn't go before a judge until the morning. Nikolas asked Jordan to release Spencer into Nikolas' custody, but Jordan couldn't make an exception for Spencer. Spencer assured his father that he would be fine, but Spencer asked Nikolas to find Esme because Esme was the key to vindicating Trina.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Brando told Sonny that Sasha hadn't returned any of Brando's text messages or phone calls, and Brando feared he would make things worse if he tried to track his wife down. After Sonny poured them each a cup of coffee, Brando opened up about his argument with Sasha. Brando assured Sonny that Brando had regretted his harsh words and had apologized, but Sasha had accused Brando of being controlling. He said she had insisted on needing some space.

Sonny advised Brando to respect Sasha's wishes, but Brando confided that he worried about Sasha buying drugs. To Sonny's surprise, Brando asked if Sonny could spare one of his men to keep an eye on Sasha, but Sonny pointed out that Brando was asking Sonny to spy on Brando's wife. Brando realized Sonny was right. Sonny thought Brando had great instincts, so Sonny advised Brando to trust what Brando's gut told him.

Later, Ava stopped by to ask for Sonny's help. Ava explained that Trina's trial had wrapped up, and the jury would be asked to deliberate in the morning. Sonny knew things didn't look good for Trina. Ava agreed, but she refused to sit around waiting. Ava wanted to be certain that Trina would be acquitted. Sonny pointed out that the best chance of that would be for the guilty party to confess. Sonny offered to have a talk with Esme, but Ava explained that Esme had left town. Sonny was confident that his people could find her.

Ava argued that there wasn't enough time to find Esme, but Sonny sensed Ava was hiding something. Ava insisted they focus on Trina's future. Ava wanted Sonny to promise to help Trina. Sonny assured Ava he would take care of it. After Ava left, Sonny called Dex. Sonny explained that he had a job for Dex.

At Metro Court Gardens, Brando asked if Nina had seen Sasha. Nina revealed that Sasha had met up with a friend earlier, but Brando was concerned because he couldn't find his wife. Nina suggested he check the pool. After Brando left, Ava called out a greeting to Nina. Ava decided Nina had taken to co-owning the hotel like "a duck to water." Nina was surprised when Ava mentioned taking a room at the hotel. Ava was vague about her reasons for checking into the hotel, but Nina suspected it had something to do with Trina's trial. Ava confessed she was confident Trina would not be going to prison.

A short time later, Brando returned from the pool area. He hadn't found Sasha, but he was curious how his wife had seemed when Nina had seen Sasha. Nina admitted that Sasha had told her about the argument with Brando, and Nina had had a sense that Sasha was not okay.

Sasha is arrested

Sasha is arrested

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Portia arrived at the hospital and found Curtis and T.J. in a serious conversation. She told them about that day in court. Curtis assured Portia that Jordan was trying to connect Esme to the bartender. Portia wondered if Oz was going to wake up soon, and T.J. replied that the man was being slowly woken up. Portia was upset, as the jury started deliberations the next day, and "our best hope is lying in a coma." She thought that there had to be another way to prove Trina's innocence. When she was met with silence from the men, she demanded that they tell her what was going on.

In a nearby office, T.J. explained to Portia that they could wake Oz up faster by giving him a drug that would directly counteract the drugs that had kept him in the coma. However, Portia called the "solution" dangerous and unethical, and she refused to let him do it. T.J.'s phone went off, and he announced that he had to check on a patient. Portia thanked him for being willing to risk his career for Trina, and he left.

Curtis was surprised that Portia had shut the solution down so quickly, and he realized that she was going to wake Oz up herself. She vowed to face the consequences, as long as Trina was safe and happy. Curtis promised not to stand in her way, but he wouldn't let her do it alone, as he wanted to help her to defend their family. She relented, and they embraced.

Carly arrived at Kelly's just as Josslyn was on her way out, but she coaxed her daughter into staying for a milkshake. A short while later, as they drank their milkshakes, Josslyn told Carly about that day in court, as well as Spencer's plan and Cameron's lies about it. Josslyn added that there had been no chance of success with the plan, and she was shocked that Cameron hadn't been able to see that.

In his office, Sonny was on the phone with Brick. He informed Brick that he had an assignment for Dex that would prove whether or not Dex belonged in the business. When he hung up the phone, there was a knock on the door, and Dex entered the room. Sonny explained that the job he had for Dex would determine how much more responsibility Dex would get. "Whatever it is, I'm in," Dex replied.

Sonny showed Dex a picture on his phone of Beckett Reed, the jury foreman of "a trial I'm interested in." He instructed Dex that he wanted Trina to go free. In exchange, Beckett had family members with health issues, so he probably needed help with medical bills. If the man refused, Sonny instructed Dex to remind Beckett of all he had to lose. Dex wondered why Sonny was interested in the trial, and Sonny reminded him that "no questions asked" was part of the job. He did explain that Trina was a good girl who was innocent. "Let me know when it's done," Sonny said, and Dex left.

A short while later, Dex sat down across from Beckett outside of Kelly's. He wanted to talk about Trina's trial, but Beckett insisted that he wasn't allowed to discuss it. A few minutes later, Dex had Beckett backed up against the wall, and he made sure that Beckett understood why it was important to do as Dex's boss asked. Beckett nodded and said that he was supposed to find Trina not guilty. Josslyn emerged from Kelly's and recognized Beckett from Trina's jury. Beckett cried that he couldn't be seen with anyone connected to the case and ran off. Josslyn chastised Dex for doing Sonny's bidding and assumed that Sonny had sent him to intimidate Beckett. Dex had nothing to say, and Josslyn went back inside.

Josslyn returned to Carly and told her mother what she'd witnessed outside. Josslyn was initially against juror tampering, but after talking it out, she conceded that it was the right thing "on some level." Carly informed Josslyn that life was shades of gray, and she wondered what Josslyn was going to do about what she'd seen. "Nothing," Josslyn eventually answered.

There was a knock on Sonny's door, and Frank entered. "Is it done?" Sonny asked. A few minutes later, Dex returned, and he explained what had happened with Beckett, including Josslyn's intrusion. Sonny thanked him for the update, and Dex left. Frank assured Sonny that he'd seen the entire thing, and Dex hadn't left anything out. Outside the office, Dex left a message for Michael about wanting to meet to renegotiate their deal.

Sienna got into Smoltz's car and asked for her money. However, he advised that she would only get paid when she succeeded in getting Sasha to admit she'd been high when she'd hit Harmony. He figured that the "tiniest thing" would push her over, since she was obviously on edge. Just then, Sasha appeared next to the car and demanded to know why they were setting her up. Smoltz promised to drop the "Harmony angle" if Sasha admitted on record to falling off the wagon. She ordered him to leave her alone, but he reasoned that "trainwrecks sell."

Smoltz wondered if Sasha had started using again when her kid had died. Sasha ran off crying as Sienna blasted Smoltz for being so insensitive. Just then, Sasha picked up a sign and began to smash Smoltz's windshield with it while screaming, and Sienna ran off. Brando arrived and yelled at Sasha to stop. He took the sign from her and grabbed her in a bear hug to get her to stop. As she cried, Smoltz explained that he'd just been trying to confirm that she'd been high when she'd run Harmony down, but being her latest victim was much better. He said he couldn't wait to publish the story. Brando warned him to stop talking, or they would be the last words he would ever speak.

At the police station, Dante apologized to Jordan for turning down a case that Jordan had offered him, as he couldn't leave Rocco again. He wanted to focus on assignments closer to home, but he worried that it would derail his career advancement. As a fellow single parent, Jordan said she understood and promised to keep an eye out for more local assignments. She admitted that she wasn't sure whether or not she would take her undercover job if she had to do it again. If he ever wanted to talk about his future, personal or professional, she advised him that her door was always open. A cop approached and informed them that there was a call from the Metro Court hotel about an altercation with some "high-profile" people including Sasha and a local reporter. Dante and the cop left for the hotel.

Dante arrived at the hotel garage a short while later and asked what was going on. Smoltz talked about how he couldn't wait to sue, so Dante asked for his side of the story. Smoltz replied that Sasha was insane, and he had the dashcam footage to prove it. He added that he would be pressing charges. Dante, who was skeptical that Smoltz hadn't provoked Sasha, looked down on Smoltz for being the kind of guy who kicked a woman when she was down. Smoltz reminded Dante that destruction of property was a crime, and he wondered if Dante was going to let her go free.

Brando asked Sasha if she could give a statement to Dante, but her tear-stained face just silently stared off in the distance. Brando asked Dante if he could get Sasha to the police station the next day to give a statement. Dante regretfully replied that he would if he could, but he couldn't let Sasha go, since Smoltz was going to press charges.

Back at the police station, Brando insisted that Sasha needed help as Dante sat Sasha down in the interrogation room. Dante insisted that he wanted to help Sasha, and Sasha only replied that she was "so tired." When Dante returned, Brando said he knew that Smoltz had to have done something to make Sasha snap. Jordan mentioned that they still had to book Sasha, but Brando begged them to let her go, as he feared that she wouldn't make it.

As Sasha was booked into the system, Brando put a call in to Sonny. He told Sonny what was going on with Sasha, and Sonny decided to call Diane. He wanted to meet Brando at the police station, but Brando replied that there was nothing else that could be done that night. He promised to keep Sonny updated, and he hung up.

Brando continued to plead with Dante and Jordan to see that Sasha wasn't in her right mind and needed help. He feared that she would be traumatized and never recover from spending the night in jail. Dante promised Brando that they would look after Sasha. Sasha emerged from the interrogation room after being booked, and a cop escorted her down to the holding cells. Brando called out that he would get her out of there as soon as he could.

Sasha faces a bleak future

Sasha faces a bleak future

Friday, August 5, 2022

At the Metro Court pool, Chase asked Dante about his chances to return to the police force. Dante said the chances were slim, but he encouraged Chase to not give up. Linc appeared, and he said that Chase had other options besides being a cop. Chase asked Dante for a moment alone with Linc, who revealed that he'd already booked Chase a gig at the Savoy.

Later, Brook Lynn walked in on Linc's attempts to woo Chase to his side. Linc said that he'd taken steps to advance Chase's career and to provide an instant revenue stream for Chase. Brook Lynn said her "plan" for Chase would mean more money in the long run instead of the instant cash flow that Linc had promised. Brook Lynn told Chase to think things over, and she left to chat with Dante nearby. Dante told Brook Lynn that he knew a scheme when he saw one, and he pleaded with Brook Lynn to be honest with him. "What the hell do you two have cooking?" Dante asked Brook Lynn.

Meanwhile, Chase said that Linc's proposal sounded great and that he would have his lawyers look at the paperwork once Linc sent it over. Linc remarked that Chase was convincing but not convincing enough. Chase said he wasn't sure what Linc had meant. "Don't play a player. I know Brook Lynn, and I know what she's really up to," Linc said.

Earlier, in the Deception office, Lucy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn had gathered to discuss how to move forward with the company's image and with how to help Sasha. Lucy said she wasn't sure they could do both. Maxie dictated a press release that vowed to support mental health, and she hoped the press release would inspire empathy.

Brook Lynn left, and Lucy said that the three women had some tough decisions to make with regard to Sasha. Lucy suggested they find a new public face of Deception -- at least temporarily. Lucy feared that the company could go broke otherwise, and she surmised that a change was best for their business model.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Sasha sat in a zombie-like trance. Nearby, in the lobby, Martin joined Brando and Gladys, and he said that Sasha faced a litany of charges, including one for attempted murder. Brando asked how Sasha could beat the charges. Martin explained that some charges could be thrown out, while others couldn't be, and he noted that the dashboard camera footage had painted Sasha as a violent, out-of-control person. Martin said that Sasha had completely shut down when he'd interviewed her, and he added that it appeared Sasha had actively sought to avoid the help she needed.

Martin surmised that Sasha would need to demonstrate her commitment to extensive therapy and to take a more active part in her own defense. Martin then had an idea for how to help Sasha avoid prison, and he asked if Brando would agree to a legal guardianship or conservatorship. In making the case for a guardianship, Martin explained, he could claim that Sasha was legally incapable of taking care of herself.

Brando asked if Sasha would have to agree to the guardianship. Martin said that Sasha's consent wouldn't be a requirement if it was proven that Sasha was incapable of making decisions for herself. Later, Sasha joined Martin and Brando in the lobby. Brando assured Sasha that everything would be okay. "For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, I got you, okay?" Brando told Sasha, and he hugged her closely.

Outdoors in the picnic area, Gregory met with Alexis to discuss the reaction to Gregory's op-ed piece in the Invader. Alexis admitted that many readers tended to favor Gregory's point of view. Gregory reminded Alexis that their bet had been that if Gregory won, Alexis would take more of his suggestions.

Gregory brought up Sasha's arrest, and he wondered why there hadn't been a report of it in the Invader, given that a reporter from the paper had been attacked. Alexis said that Smoltz wasn't just any reporter and that for all Alexis knew, Smoltz had crossed a line that no reporter should cross. Alexis added that there was a human element to the story, and she said she had to look at the "big picture" as it applied to Sasha.

Alexis said that if they merely went with "the facts" about Sasha, it would be a disservice to both Sasha and to the readers. Gregory scoffed and wondered if Alexis had planned to present "alternative facts." Alexis clarified that she had meant that the story needed context. Alexis recalled everything that Sasha had been through in the past year, and she said it would be considered character assassination if the Invader didn't put all of it into context.

Gregory admired Alexis' point of view, and he admitted that Sasha's story couldn't be told without Sasha's state of mind presented as a mitigating factor. Gregory said that Alexis had been wise to take a more nuanced approach. Alexis worried about possible HIPAA violations if she printed some of the details of Sasha's drug addiction. Gregory said he had some ideas, and Alexis took out a pen and a legal pad. Alexis claimed that she would only listen to Gregory's advice for Sasha's sake.

At the Metro Court gardens, Sam met Spinelli for lunch, and she noticed that Spinelli was distracted. Sam asked why Spinelli had eavesdropped on a nearby conversation between Britt and Cody. Spinelli called Cody a "scoundrel of ill repute." Sam mentioned a trip that she and Spinelli had planned to take, but Spinelli said he was too preoccupied with his work. "Work. I'm so glad you brought that up. What is it that you do these days?" Sam asked pointedly.

Spinelli dodged the question, and he asked about Sam's relationship with Dante. Sam shared that Dante had invited her, Danny, and Scout to move in. Spinelli thought that was good news, but Sam was unsure. Sam reasoned that things were "already good," and she wondered if it was wise to change things up so much.

Later, Maxie joined Sam and Spinelli, and she noticed Britt with Cody. Maxie said that Cody seemed like a nice man, and Sam agreed. "You both could not be more wrong," Spinelli said, and he left in a rush.

Also at the Metro Court gardens, Britt had been approached by Cody. Britt strongly and pointedly told Cody that she wanted nothing to do with him -- again. Cody accused Britt of having high standards, and he said that Britt punished people when they failed to live up to those standards. Britt admitted that Cody was right. Cody surprised Britt when he handed her an envelope with what he claimed was a gift. Britt opened the envelope, which proposed a do-over for another date. Britt agreed on the stipulation that she would choose where they dined.

After Britt left, Sam remarked that Spinelli had been distracted earlier during their conversation. Sam said that Spinelli had spent a lot of time staring at Cody. Maxie asked if Cody knew of any reason why Spinelli would have something against Cody. "No, not a clue," Cody claimed.

Later, at the pool, Spinelli pleaded with Britt to not go out with Cody again.

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