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Ava signed the divorce papers, but Nikolas refused. Spencer faced three months in Pentonville. Curtis and Portia decided to take matters into their own hands. Cody made a shocking claim. Kristina received a promotion. Anna blackmailed Martin. Valentin turned down Drew's offer.
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Cody claimed to be Dominique Stanton's son, Valentin rejected Drew's offer to  neutralize Victor, and Spencer faced time in Pentonville
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Cody threatens Spinelli

Cody threatens Spinelli

Monday, August 8, 2022

Dex stepped into Michael's car at an undisclosed location in order to avoid being seen. Dex announced that he deserved a raise after Sonny's request to threaten civilians. He informed Michael that Sonny wanted Trina's trial to have a certain outcome, and Michael guessed what had happened. Dex pointed out that jury tampering was a felony, and he suggested that Michael find a third party to tip off the judge.

Michael sighed. He replied that he couldn't do what Dex had requested, but Dex would get a bonus. Dex was angry, but Michael declared that he couldn't do anything at Trina's expense. He reminded Dex that Josslyn was the victim, and no one could go through another trial. The disagreement escalated, and Dex got out of the car. Michael called him back and praised Dex for having proven himself to Sonny. Dex thought it would depend on whether the jury received the message.

Willow perused the computer at the nurses' station at General Hospital. She was disgusted that her test results were still pending. As Ava walked up to the desk, she asked Willow if something was wrong. Willow claimed to be trying to "wrap up loose ends" before her graduation later in the day. Ava congratulated her and revealed that a member of her household had been missing. Willow offered to check the recent hospital admissions.

Willow searched the database and informed Ava that there were no Jane Does listed. She asked for the person's name but was interrupted when a doctor made a request. Ava leaned over to look at the computer but didn't see Esme's name. Willow returned, and the women spoke briefly. "You just never know when your number's up," Ava stated. Willow fled the desk, and Ava followed.

Willow proclaimed that she had morning sickness, and she agreed with Ava's assessment that the family was ecstatic. Suddenly, as Willow spoke of her own happiness, she began to cry. Ava hugged Willow until Willow pulled away and apologized. She pointed to her hormones as the reason for her tears. Ava understood, and she noted how she would have given anything to have protected Kiki but would do what she could for Avery. Ava hoped that Willow would do the same for Wiley and the new baby because both Willow and Ava understood the loss of a child.

Michael arrived, took one look at Willow's face, and accused Ava of doing something to his wife. Willow assured him that he had it wrong, and she thanked Ava for their talk. Ava congratulated them on the new baby and told Willow to take care of herself. Ava walked away, and Michael wanted Willow to talk to him. He asked if there was something he should know. Willow replied that Ava had been very helpful. Willow said that she needed to do what was best for their baby, no matter what it took. She and Michael shared a hug, but Michael was confused.

As Ava walked away, her phone rang. It was Nikolas. "What do you want?" she answered. She told him that he had no right to ask where she'd spent the night and informed him that there was no record of Esme at the hospital. She added that Esme could be anywhere.

At Metro Court, Nina thanked Chef Jamika for stopping by. Nina explained that she wanted to make the Metro Court restaurant the best restaurant in the east. She wanted to add Jamika to her staff as a celebrity chef and suggested they could have Saturday night tastings of seasonal and organic food. Jamika liked the idea and told Nina that she would consider it. As they shook hands, Liesl arrived and complimented Nina on her abilities. Nina confessed that the staff was still Team Carly.

Liesl presented Nina with a gift as they sat down at a table. Nina opened the box and looked at the gift curiously. Liesl explained that it was Japanese and called a tanto. It was a type of sheathed knife that Liesl suggested would be good to use for opening mail or for any other event. "Leave it to my Aunt Liesl to say congratulations with samurai steel," Nina declared. She hoped she'd never use it in anger, although Liesl urged her to never "turn the other cheek." Liesl wanted Nina to stop apologizing for falling in love with Carly's husband.

Nina was angry about Carly always winning and expecting another grandchild, but Nina had decided to go after what she wanted herself. She complained that Carly would always be around and in Sonny's life because they would be co-parents forever. Liesl told Nina to walk away if need be, but she thought that Sonny should tell Carly to get her own table instead of joining in on a table of three. Nina professed that things had been easier in Nixon Falls, and she still saw the man that Sonny had been there.

Nina admitted that she still loved Sonny more than ever. Liesl warned her to be careful because Sonny had five children and an ex who wasn't really an ex. Nina said that she heard what Liesl was saying, and Nina hugged her aunt. Liesl suggested that the gift never be far away from Nina, who looked it over after Liesl had gone.

Sonny walked into Charlie's Pub as Kristina finished up a phone call. Sonny applauded her for her handling of a delivery, and he congratulated her on being promoted to manager. After Kristina questioned him, Sonny promised that he'd had nothing to do with the promotion. She exclaimed that she had a good example to follow for her work ethic, and Sonny proceeded to point out that Alexis was a good role model. Kristina clarified that she had been talking about Sonny.

Kristina declared that Sonny had always been around for her and had never turned his back. She couldn't speak for her siblings in their actions toward him. Sonny wondered why Kristina never mentioned Nina, but she stated that what Nina had done to the family was not okay, Kristina couldn't judge. Kristina confessed to having made her own bad calls. Sonny wanted Kristina's respect and said that her opinion mattered. She replied that Sonny had her respect, and she asked if Nina mattered to him.

Sonny confessed that Nina did matter, although things were different from the way they'd been in Nixon Falls. He added that Carly would always be a part of his life, but he wasn't sure that Nina could accept that. Kristina felt responsible for the evening that Carly had found Sonny and Nina together, but Sonny didn't want her to blame herself. He was insistent that everyone made choices. Kristina only wanted Sonny to be happy. Sonny stressed that Kristina's support meant everything to him, and they hugged. Kristina reminded him that he had always been loving and loyal to her and hadn't judged her. She concluded that he could count on her. They joked that they were stuck with each other.

Soon after, Dex ran inside, looking for his boss. He encountered Kristina, who asked who the boss might be. He spotted Sonny, and Kristina declared that she was his daughter. Sonny explained that Dex was a new hire. In private, Dex offered to pursue the jury's deliberations, but Sonny revealed that he had informants at the courthouse. As Nina walked in, Sonny told Dex to take the rest of the day off.

Kristina welcomed Nina cheerfully, and Nina was shocked at Kristina's demeanor. Kristina offered to leave Nina and Sonny alone. Sonny explained that his relationship with Kristina was complicated, but they had each other's backs. Sonny disclosed that Phyllis wasn't around, but Nina replied that he would do.

At the Metro Court pool, Spinelli insisted that Britt not go out with Cody again. Britt wondered why it was so important to Spinelli, and he continued to plead with her. She wondered what he knew that she didn't.

At the gardens nearby, Sam and Maxie told Cody to go easy on Spinelli when he tried to find out about Spinelli's dirty looks. Cody assured them that he didn't want any enemies, and after he left, Sam asked Maxie why Spinelli had been acting so oddly around Cody.

Maxie replied that Spinelli was shy, but Sam didn't buy it. Maxie asked Sam about Dante, and she said that things were great. Sam revealed that Dante wanted to move in together, and sadly, Maxie agreed that Dante had to move on from Lulu. Sam quickly proclaimed that it had just been an idea as Maxie peppered her with questions. Sam changed the subject and proposed that Cody might need backup.

Back at the pool, Spinelli told Britt that there was too much at stake, and Cody overheard as he approached them. He announced that his ears had been burning. Britt disclosed that Spinelli had warned her to stay away from Cody, and Cody suggested that he and Spinelli should tell the truth. Sam and Maxie joined them, and Cody maintained that Spinelli wanted Britt for himself.

Elsewhere near the pool, Brook Lynn told Dante that she only wanted to promote Chase as a pop star, but Dante thought it was strange. He thought it was less about Chase and more about Brook Lynn trying to "stick it" to Linc. Brook Lynn said that their views were different, but Dante pointed out that Quartermaines always plotted and schemed, while Chase didn't have that gene. He reminded Brook Lynn that Chase wanted to get his badge back.

Brook Lynn argued that Chase wasn't so "squeaky clean," and she pointed out many of his deeds. Dante argued that all of Chase's deeds had been for the good, and he deserved better. He wanted Brook Lynn to leave Chase out of her scheme.

Close by, Linc tried to persuade Chase that Brook Lynn was up to something. He thought that her music had her wearing her heart on her sleeve, and he thought she'd found her someone in Chase. Linc made it clear that business and romance never ended well, as he knew full well after trying to work with Brook Lynn. Chase was certain that Brook Lynn would never mix both. Linc continued to try to work on Chase to sign with him. He detailed his plans. Brook Lynn approached them and announced that the competition should end.

Chase asked why Brook Lynn had changed her mind, and she asked Chase if he felt exploited. Linc laughed and left. Chase revealed that Linc had stated that Brook Lynn had feelings for Chase and couldn't separate business from her feelings. Brook Lynn quickly retorted that Chase shouldn't believe Linc. She turned away but turned back and looked into Chase's eyes. She grabbed his arms, and the pair awkward stared at each other closely. After some discussion, the two agreed to keep at their plan.

Dante joined the group with Spinelli and Cody and heard the latest reveal about Spinelli. Maxie thought it was funny, and Spinelli himself called Cody's theory preposterous. Spinelli and Cody rushed off to talk in private while Maxie told Britt, Sam, and Dante that Spinelli had been lonely. Britt revealed that she had seen photos of a woman that Spinelli had been dating through Society Setups, but the others were suspicious, especially after hearing that the woman spoke three made-up languages like Spinelli.

Maxie suggested that Spinelli had been trying to make Britt jealous, but Britt denied that any of that was true. Maxie and Sam weren't concerned, and Sam told Britt to focus on Cody or "kick that cowboy to the curb."

Spinelli and Cody reached the Metro Court restaurant lobby, and Cody spoke about saving Spinelli. He reminded Spinelli that he could tell Britt the truth about Spinelli being behind Society Setups and also illegally violating people's privacy, including those not even signed up with the dating application. He added that it was up to Spinelli to either "come clean" with Britt, which would force the Feds to delve into Spinelli's methods, or pretend that he really had feelings for Britt.

Anna asks Felicia for advice

Anna asks Felicia for advice

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Sonny and Nina had another conversation about their future. Sonny asked Nina if she'd decided whether she could live with Carly being a constant presence in their lives. Nina said that her and Sonny's relationship had changed because they no longer lived in the "bubble" that Nixon Falls had provided for the two of them.

Sonny and Nina agreed they couldn't reenact what their relationship had been in Nixon Falls, but Sonny said they could build on it if Nina was willing to take a chance. Just then, Smoltz appeared and tried to push both Sonny and Nina's buttons. Sonny made a move to attack Smoltz, but Smoltz scurried away. Nina said that Smoltz was proof that she and Sonny couldn't avoid the rest of the world.

Sonny assured Nina that what they had was real and that their feelings couldn't be separated. Nina took Sonny by the hand, and she declared that she was ready to move forward. "I'm welcoming it. You know why? Because you're worth it. I promise you, I am going to be brave from now on. I am damn proud to be with you, Sonny Corinthos. I'm yours, if you'll still have me," Nina said, and she and Sonny shared a warm kiss.

At the Metro Court pool, Cody continued his dogged pursuit of Britt. Liesl appeared and asked who Cody was. Britt asked for a moment alone with Liesl, and she berated Liesl for having interfered in Britt's love life. Liesl swore that she'd been friendly with Cody, and she seemed to be as big a cheerleader for Cody as Maxie and Sam had been.

Liesl temporarily left, but she returned moments later with Scott. Liesl introduced Scott to Cody, who took one of Scott's business cards and flippantly tossed it aside. Cody then made a startling move. "I have been wanting to do this for a very long time," Cody said, and he stunned Liesl and Britt when he punched Scott in the face.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly met with Mia to discuss Carly's options regarding her future. Afterward, Carly invited Drew to join her for another round of one-on-one time over drinks. Drew said his goal was to go after what he wanted. Carly asked what Drew had meant. "No more Mr. Nice Guy," Drew responded.

Carly asked Drew to promise not to model himself after Edward. Drew said that he would remain true to himself. Carly expressed that she needed to figure out what would be next for her, and Drew said there would be no stopping Carly once she did.

Also at the Metro Court, Sam and Dante sat nearby at the bar and talked about Dante's offer to have Sam, Danny, and Scout move in with him. Sam said the offer had caught her by surprise, and she had questions, such as where the two would live. Sam admitted that she was not comfortable at Dante's place because it had been Lulu's home.

Sam said that Lulu hadn't just been Dante's ex-wife and that Dante and Lulu still had plenty of business left. Dante agreed that Lulu's life was unfinished until she came out of her coma, and he admitted that he still missed Lulu. "I'm probably always going to miss her, but that part of us that was a couple, that was already over. She had moved on. Please don't let Lulu come between us. I don't want to lose you," Dante told Sam.

Sam assured Dante that she wouldn't leave their relationship over Lulu, and she surmised that she and Dante still had things to work out. Dante said he was a patient man, and he asked Sam to let him know whenever she felt like moving in with him. Sam and Dante said they loved one another, and Dante left after receiving a text from the police station.

After Dante left, Sam spotted Drew and Carly at their table nearby. Drew and Carly were cackling.

Elsewhere at the Metro Court, Victor had a phone conversation with the governor. He demanded the governor go easy on Spencer in light of Spencer's admission that he'd broken the law when he'd escaped from Spring Ridge to visit Courtney's grave.

Valentin joined Victor, who said that he'd had a conversation with Charlotte earlier in the morning. Valentin asked why Victor continued to keep Charlotte as a bargaining chip when Valentin had lived up to all of Victor's demands. "But have you, really? Then why is Laura Collins still alive?" Victor asked.

Victor also asked about Anna. Valentin said Anna had been "dealt with," and he swore that he'd covered his tracks about his trip to Tahiti to frame Jennifer Smith for Luke's murder and for the theft of the Ice Princess. Satisfied for the time being, Victor left.

Afterwards, Drew accosted Valentin and said that the two men needed to get a few things straight.

Earlier, at the Metro Court gardens, Ava had announced in front of Scott that she would give Nikolas exactly what Nikolas had wanted, and she signed their divorce papers. Nikolas said he wouldn't sign. Ava reluctantly agreed to talk to Nikolas in private after Nikolas said he had something to share about Trina. Nikolas revealed that Spencer had worked to set up Esme in order to exonerate Trina. Nikolas was worried because Spencer had vowed to not give up on locating Esme. Nikolas said that was reason enough for him and Ava to stay married.

Nikolas believed that Esme was dead, and he reminded Ava that, as her husband, he could not be compelled to testify against her. Scott reappeared, and he wanted to know what Ava had decided. Ava said she wouldn't sign the divorce papers and would instead hold on to them -- "for now." Scott groused that at least he'd gotten some billable hours and that he could afford a new motorcycle he'd wanted. "You take care of this lovely lady because she's very precious to me," Scott said.

After Scott left, Ava said she hated to admit that Nikolas had a point for why the two should stay married, but she insisted that it was only out of her own self-interests. Nikolas suggested that he and Ava return home, but Ava rebuffed Nikolas' offer. Ava said she would accept Nikolas' help, but she refused to live at Wyndemere after what Nikolas had done. Nikolas asked what his explanation would be for Ava's absence from Wyndemere. "That's your problem. Figure it out," Ava said tersely.

At the yoga studio, Felicia offered to help Anna learn the truth about Valentin's whereabouts after he'd checked himself out of the clinic. Anna admitted that she wasn't satisfied with Valentin's explanation regarding his whereabouts. Anna said that she enjoyed spending time with Valentin, and she wondered if she'd merely been searching for an excuse to not get close to Valentin after her most recent breakup.

Anna asked for Felicia's opinion, and Felicia encouraged Anna to follow her instincts. Felicia pressed Anna about whether Anna was satisfied with Valentin's explanation. Anna admitted she wasn't, and Felicia encouraged Anna to go after the answers that Anna sought. Anna thanked Felicia for her encouragement. Anna added that her gut told her that whatever Valentin had been holding back was important. "Whatever Valentin is hiding, I need to find out what it is," Anna said.

Cody has a shocking connection to Scott's beloved dead wife

Cody has a shocking connection to Scott's beloved dead wife

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

At the local nail salon, Maxie watched as Spinelli squirmed in a chair and carried on, while a nail technician gave him a pedicure. Maxie asked him to stop making a scene, but Spinelli was too ticklish. Maxie apologized to the nail technician. Afterwards, Maxie made a point of giving the young woman a generous tip. Amazed by the results, Spinelli admitted it had been a life-changing experience, and he regretted not doing it sooner.

Maxie cut to the chase because she wanted to know why Spinelli hadn't told her about his feelings for Britt. Spinelli realized the real reason Maxie had extended an invitation to the salon. Maxie claimed she wouldn't have had to resort to trickery if he'd been up-front from the start. Maxie wanted an answer, but Spinelli recalled his conversation with Cody when Cody had threatened to expose the truth about Society Setups' software program if Spinelli didn't go along with Cody's cover story and convincing everyone that Spinelli had a crush on Britt.

Reluctantly, Spinelli claimed his newfound feelings for Britt had been a recent development. Maxie was skeptical. Maxie assured him that she loved Britt, but Maxie couldn't understand how Spinelli's algorithm had paired Spinelli and Britt when the two were so different from each other. Spinelli reminded Maxie that opposites attracted, but Maxie wasn't convinced. Frustrated, Spinelli insisted it didn't matter, since Britt had made it clear his feelings weren't reciprocated. Maxie told Spinelli not to give up if the algorithm had matched them.

Spinelli quickly clarified that he had not used the matchmaking program on his own profile. Maxie was stunned. She wondered why he wouldn't want to know who the love of his life was if the program could tell him. Before Spinelli could reply, Maxie's cell phone alerted her to a call. As Maxie warmly greeted Austin, Spinelli quietly asked what would happen if the algorithm matched him with someone he could never have. Maxie didn't hear Spinelli, and his expression turned sad as she excused herself to talk to Austin.

At Charlie's Pub, Sonny and Nina shared a tender kiss. Afterwards, Sonny asked if it had been worth the wait. Nina smiled as she confessed that she had nearly forgotten what it had felt like. She teasingly told him that she had a really short memory. Sonny was happy to remind her, and he kissed her again.

After the kiss, Nina breathlessly told Sonny that he should list the impressive skill on his résumé. The two bantered back and forth until Sonny asked if she had plans the following evening. Nina assured him she was free, but she let him know that she didn't have any plans for later that evening. Sonny explained that he had something to take care of, but he offered to walk Nina out.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Dante entered the interrogation room with a bag from Kelly's. Spencer held up his handcuffed wrists as he insisted the restraints hadn't been necessary. Dante explained that A.D.A. Arden had disagreed, since Spencer had a history of escaping. Spencer argued that he'd only left Spring Ridge for a few hours to pay his respects on the anniversary of his mother's passing, but Dante wasn't moved. Dante warned Spencer that escaping from Spring Ridge had been one thing, but Pentonville would be quite a different story. Spencer refused to discuss it without an attorney present.

Dante explained that he only intended to deliver a sandwich, courtesy of Cameron. Spencer claimed he wasn't hungry, but Dante advised Spencer to eat because the kitchen at Pentonville wasn't good. When Spencer stubbornly refused, Dante mentioned Laura and that she might feel compelled to return home and leave her mother in the lurch. As Spencer dug into the bag, Dante revealed that Martin had been talking to D.A. Scorpio, but Spencer claimed he could take care of himself.

Dante wasn't fooled by Spencer's false bravado, but he switched tactics by talking about Spencer's confession at Trina's trial. Spencer was curious if it would have helped if Spencer had spoken up sooner. Dante conceded it likely wouldn't have because A.D.A. Arden would have used the same argument as she had in court. Spencer agreed, but he hoped his effort to help had meant something to Trina. Moments later, a police officer knocked on the door and announced that Spencer had a visitor.

Dante returned to the squad room, where Sonny was waiting. Dante warned Sonny that Spencer had a "go-it-alone attitude," but Sonny was confident he could help Spencer. Dante escorted Sonny to the interrogation room, informed Spencer that the Pentonville bus would leave in an hour, and left to give Sonny and Spencer privacy.

Spencer asked how bad things would be in Pentonville. Sonny explained it would not be as bad as Spencer imagined, but it wouldn't be like Spring Ridge. Spencer explained that he would likely have to serve out the remainder of his sentence -- one month -- at Pentonville. Sonny assured Spencer that Sonny's guys on the inside had put the word out that Spencer was untouchable. Sonny promised that Sonny's men would look out for Spencer, but Spencer would need to keep his head down, keep his mouth shut, and not make any trouble for anyone because Sonny's men weren't bodyguards and wouldn't always be around.

Spencer promised to heed Sonny's advice. Pleased, Sonny praised Spencer for having had the courage to help Trina, but Spencer worried it had been in vain because the jury might still find Trina guilty. Spencer confided to Sonny that Jordan had suggested Spencer reveal the names of the people who had facilitated Spencer's escape from Spring Ridge in the hopes of reducing his sentence. Sonny empathized with Spencer's dilemma, but Sonny advised Spencer to ask himself if Spencer's loved ones stood to gain more if Spencer's accomplice went free or if Spencer did.

In the squad room, a police officer informed Dante of a disturbance at Metro Court. Dante decided to check things out.

At Metro Court Gardens, Nikolas insisted he and Ava might as well be divorced if they were living apart. Ava assured him it was fine with her, and she reminded him that she had already signed the divorce papers. Ava explained that if she had to choose between keeping company with Cassadines or convicts, she'd pick the convicts. Alexis arrived in time to hear Ava. "We're not all bad," Alexis said. Ava acknowledged that Alexis was "the exception," but Nikolas was "the rule."

After Ava left, Nikolas and Alexis exchanged greetings and sat down. Alexis asked about Nikolas and Ava's tiff, but Nikolas dismissed it as "typical marital strife." He tried to deflect by mentioning Alexis' rocky relationship with Julian, but Alexis refused to take the bait. Nikolas assured his aunt that he and Ava would work things out because Ava was smart, in love with Nikolas, and too pragmatic to let their marriage die over a "stupid mistake."

Alexis reminded Nikolas that Ava was also proud, vain, and too scornful to let a stupid mistake pass, so Nikolas should watch his back. "Duly noted," Nikolas said. He shifted gears because he was curious why Alexis had wanted to see him, but Alexis was confused because she had received a message to meet Nikolas. Just then, Victor sauntered up and apologized for the deception; Victor had arranged the family meeting. Nikolas suspected Victor wanted to discuss Spencer's arrest because A.D.A. Arden intended to ship Spencer off to Pentonville.

Alexis assured both Nikolas and Victor that she would visit Spencer, but Victor was confident they could keep Spencer out of Pentonville by utilizing the mighty power of the press. Alexis refused to deploy the Invader to help Spencer because it would destroy the newspaper's credibility, and it would backfire on Spencer. Alexis pointed out that Trina was on trial for a crime neither Spencer nor the victims believed Trina had committed. Alexis asked both men to imagine the uproar if a young white man was set free for a crime he had committed, while a young Black woman was sent to prison for a crime she hadn't committed.

Alexis was certain the blowback would be a "category five," and it would land on Nikolas and Victor for orchestrating it. Alexis warned that it would also alienate Spencer from both men. However, Alexis revealed that she had assigned one of her reporters to make a case against Esme. Alexis cautioned that the story was too early to print, but Nikolas feared it wouldn't matter because Esme had already left town. Surprised, Alexis asked where Esme had gone, and Nikolas claimed he had no idea.

Alexis was confident Esme's decision to flee might work in Trina's favor. Victor decided to focus on trying to keep Spencer out of jail, while Alexis worked on the story. After Victor left, Alexis asked whose idea it had been to pressure her to use the Invader to help Spencer. Nikolas asked if it mattered. Alexis said it did -- especially to Laura. Nikolas admitted it had been Victor's idea, but Nikolas had been completely on board, and he refused to apologize for wanting to help his son. Nikolas was certain Alexis would feel the same if one of her daughters were in Spencer's shoes.

At Metro Court's bar, Ava ordered a martini. Moments later, Nina walked up. Nina rattled on about blue skies and "fluffy" clouds and how the weather had been like something out of a storybook. "Are you on something?" Ava asked. Nina was unapologetically happy, but Nina could see Ava had had a bad day.

Ava deftly steered the conversation back to Nina because it was clear to Ava that Nina and Sonny were finally over their hump. Ava was happy for her friend because Ava had worried the flame between Nina and Sonny had flickered and died. Nina confessed that it might have if Nina hadn't finally accepted that Carly would always be a "gnat" in Sonny's life, but Nina was confident there were ways to handle gnats.

After Nina and Ava ordered another round of drinks, Ava advised Nina to be careful because some gnats were sneaky pests that could irritate a person, and it might make Nina reevaluate how much Sonny's love meant to Nina. Nina wasn't worried, but she was curious what had happened between Ava and Nikolas since the last time Nina and Ava had spoken. "The question is, what hasn't happened?" Ava said. Nina asked if Ava wanted to talk about it, but Ava declined because she didn't want to make Nina an "accessory after the fact."

Ava wanted to focus on Nina because Ava was glad that her friend was basking in the warm light of new love. "Cheers to that," Ava said as she raised her martini glass.

In the nearby seating area, Drew wanted to talk to Valentin, but Valentin had other commitments. Valentin turned to leave, but Drew reached for Valentin's shoulder. "I'm not asking," Drew explained. Valentin suspected it was another ploy for Drew to get his hands on ELQ, but Drew explained that he had something to discuss with Valentin that would benefit both of them.

Drew reminded Valentin that ELQ would only remain in Valentin's hands until Danny was old enough to reclaim Danny's shares from Valentin. Valentin was hopeful that, by then, Danny would see things Ned's way and decide not to mess with success. Drew acknowledged that anything was possible because Drew's family was wildly chaotic. However, Drew pointed out that the Cassadines were famously predictable. Valentin smirked because it was not how he would describe the Cassadines. Drew was surprised, since one or two Cassadines were always either in trouble or causing it -- often to each other.

Drew was curious what it would mean to Valentin to have one less Cassadine around, stirring up trouble. Startled, Valentin asked if Drew was offering to eliminate a member of Valentin's family. Drew clarified that it wouldn't be permanently or a random Cassadine. "I can get you Victor," Drew said. Valentin was shocked that Drew would suggest tearing down Valentin's own father, but Drew was surprised that Valentin would acknowledge Victor as a father.

Drew said he knew what it was like to be a father to Scout and the things he would do to make his daughter happy. Drew told Valentin it had nearly killed Drew to be apart from Scout, and Victor had been partly to blame for that. Drew asked if Valentin's relationship with Victor was anything like what Drew had with Scout. Valentin conceded that his family didn't fit Drew's narrow and "very American" concept, but Valentin was curious what it would cost him if he were to agree to Drew's offer. Drew wanted ELQ, but he refused to elaborate on how to deal with Victor until Drew was certain Valentin had accepted Drew's terms.

Drew pointed out that Valentin could easily go to Victor with Drew's proposal to make it appear Valentin was loyal to Victor. Drew knew Valentin was loyal, but to Charlotte and Anna, not to Victor. Drew recalled the conversation he'd had with Valentin on Cassadine Island when Drew and Valentin had been imprisoned together, so Drew was certain Valentin would not want a dangerous "megalomaniac" like Victor running around. Drew told Valentin to think things over, and to decide what it was worth to Valentin to ensure that Victor was not a threat to Valentin's family.

Drew started to leave, but Valentin asked Drew to wait. Valentin reminded Drew that what had transpired between Drew and Victor was in the past. Valentin urged Drew not to let himself drift back into Victor's sights because Victor was ruthless. Valentin warned Drew that if Victor decided Drew couldn't be intimidated, Victor would target those closest to Drew. "Trust me, I know," Valentin said.

At Charlie's Pub, Martin called Lucy to let her know that he was waiting for her. However, Martin decided he wanted time alone with Lucy to unwind, so he told her that he would meet her at her place. After Martin ended the call, Anna approached him. Martin was surprised when Anna revealed that she had followed him from the courthouse. She invited him to have a seat with a promise that it would be worth his while.

Anna explained that she was certain Valentin had been hiding something, and she needed Martin's help to get to the bottom of it. Martin refused to get involved, and he reminded her it would be malpractice if he betrayed his client. Anna said she didn't care. She threatened to tell his three ex-wives about the assets Martin had hidden during each divorce. Anna confessed that she'd been impressed with Martin's creative accounting, but it hadn't been good enough to fool the scrutiny of the WSB. Martin tried to call Anna's bluff, but she made it clear she wouldn't hesitate to call the ex-wives' attorneys.

Martin insisted he'd been more than generous with his ex-wives, but he'd had an invalid mother to care for. Martin argued that each of his wives had been deeply flawed, especially the third one, but he was unable to help Anna because Valentin hadn't mentioned having any secrets. Anna acknowledged it was possible that Valentin hadn't shared the secret with Martin, but Martin was in a perfect position to get information from Valentin. Anna asked Martin to stay close to Valentin, and she would coach Martin on what to uncover.

Martin feared it would ruin him, but Anna warned him that cheating his ex-wives -- especially the third one -- would ruin Martin, too. Anna promised to protect Martin if he agreed to help her.

At Metro Court's pool, Britt demanded to know why Cody had punched Scott. Liesl checked on Scott, who feared his nose might have been broken. Cody was unrepentant and eager to finish what he had started. "It's been a long time coming," Cody said. Furious, Liesl kneed Cody in the groin and yanked his arm behind his back. "Mess with my bull, get my horns," Liesl said in a menacing voice.

Cody claimed the fight was between Cody and Scott, but Scott had no idea who Cody was. To everyone's surprise, Cody revealed that he might have called Scott "Dad" in another lifetime. Britt and Liesl looked to Scott for answers, but Scott was certain Cody was not his son, and Scott was prepared to take a DNA test to prove it. Cody assured everyone that Scott was not his father, but Scott knew Cody's mother. Scott was curious who Cody's mother was.

Cody revealed his mother was Dominique Stanton. Stunned, Scott insisted it was impossible because Scott's dead wife had only had one child -- Serena. Britt asked if Liesl had known about Dominique. To Scott's surprise, Liesl admitted that she had known about the woman who had been the first Face of Deception. Scott explained that he had never wanted to talk about Dominique's death because it had been horrible, slow, and painful. However, Scott was adamant that Dominique hadn't had any children besides their daughter.

Cody explained that Dominique had given Cody up for adoption before she had met Scott. Scott suddenly recalled that Cody's last name was Bell, which had been the name of the family who had worked for Dominique's father on the Serenity Estate where Dominique had grown up. Cody confirmed that the Bells had raised him, and Cody hadn't learned about his mother until after Dominique had died and his mother's inheritance had been gone. Scott suspected Cody's true intentions had been to get his hands on Dominique's money, but Scott warned Cody to stay away from Serena.

Cody admitted he respected Serena's commitment to her cause, but he was disappointed that she had squandered her fortune on saving whales. Despite that, Cody intended to get what he was due. Moments later, Dante arrived. Liesl immediately accused Cody of assaulting Scott, so Dante was forced to arrest Cody.

Portia makes a decision about whether or not to wake Oz

Portia makes a decision about whether or not to wake Oz

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Lucy joined Martin at Charlie's and purred, "Wait until you see what I have on underneath." He proposed that they leave so he could find out, but she was starving and needed food first. He told her that he needed to leave town for a short while, and he invited her along with him. He reluctantly told her about Anna blackmailing him to break his attorney-client privilege. Lucy believed that the truth would set him free, so he confessed his economic issue with his ex-wives and added that the client in question was Valentin. "I'll help you pack," she replied. She informed him that she couldn't join him, as she had too much going on with Deception.

Maxie joined Austin at the Metro Court restaurant and apologized for being late, as she'd treated Spinelli to a pedicure. She told Austin about Spinelli's feelings for Britt, and Austin was shocked. Changing the subject, Austin talked about how Georgie was the only child he wasn't able to get on good terms with. He excitedly handed Maxie a brochure for a water park so they could spend time together. Maxie wondered if he was ready for a family, but he wanted to see if he would fit in. Just then, Austin got a phone call, and he got up from the table to get it.

When Austin returned, he revealed that there had been an incident at one of his cabins in Pautuck, so he needed to go up there for a few days. He hoped to be done in time for the weekend with Maxie and the kids. She offered to go visit Pautuck with the kids, but he didn't want her to waste the time, as he would be distracted by other problems. Lucy arrived just as Austin kissed Maxie and left, and Maxie ranted to Lucy about Austin's sudden exit. She thought the timing was too convenient, and she wondered if Austin was having second thought about their relationship.

In the PCPD interrogation room, Sonny asked if Spencer was going to be the sacrificial lamb or if he was going to sacrifice someone else. Spencer decided that he was the only one responsible for his escape. He appreciated Sonny's protection and survival tips, and he hoped that Sonny would do better than Spencer had at getting Esme to confess. Sonny promised that he was doing everything he could for Trina. He reminded Spencer to keep his head down and mouth shut, and Sonny left.

Later, Martin sat down with Spencer, who asked, "How long?" Martin replied that it was up to Spencer. Martin had talked to Robert; Spencer could either name his accomplices and get ten days in Spring Ridge, or he could stay quiet and get three months in Pentonville. Martin hoped that Spencer would take the deal, and he knew what Laura would want Spencer to do. Spencer countered that he'd rarely been held accountable for the things he'd done, so he was going to be a man and take responsibility.

Martin was incensed that Spencer would cover for Victor. Spencer likened one of his great-uncles trying to get him to "narc" on another great-uncle to something out of Greek mythology. "So be it, Apollo," Martin replied, and he wondered what it would take for Spencer to flip on "Hades." "No deal," Spencer stated, and a disappointed Martin handed Spencer the correct papers to sign. He informed Spencer that he would report to Pentonville in two weeks, but he offered to call Nikolas or Laura for help deciding. Spencer insisted that he needed no family, including Martin, to weigh in on his decision. He continued that, as Martin's client, his mind was made up, and he signed the papers.

Josslyn and Trina enjoyed the nice day at the pool, and Trina appreciated Josslyn's attempt at distraction. The girls stared as Dex emerged from the pool, and he waved at Josslyn. He approached the girls, and he asked if Josslyn could forget about what had happened the day before. Dex and Trina introduced themselves, and Dex walked away. Trina wondered who Dex was and what had happened the day before. Josslyn answered that Dex worked for Sonny, and she'd run into him a couple times. Across the room, Dex made a phone call and said, "There's something you should know."

A short while later, Sonny arrived. He asked Dex if Josslyn had told Trina about the jury tampering, but Dex didn't think so. He said he'd figured that Sonny would want to handle the situation. As Josslyn and Trina gushed about Trina's last time hanging out with Rory, Sonny approached, and Josslyn glared at him. Sonny wanted to let Trina know that she had people pulling for her. Sonny suggested that Dex get lunch for Trina, but she wasn't hungry. He replied that Dex would keep her company while he talked with Josslyn, and Josslyn got up to follow Sonny. Just then, Trina's phone went off, and she listened to a voicemail.

Across the room, Sonny told Josslyn not to concern herself with Dex's errand the day before. He said that as much as she wanted to hurt Sonny, he knew that she didn't want to hurt Trina. Josslyn conceded that, while she would never forgive Sonny for what he'd done to Carly, she was grateful for what he'd done for Trina. Just then, Dex approached and told Josslyn that Trina needed her. When Josslyn was gone, Dex confided that the jury was going to be back with a decision soon. Sonny commented that they were about to find out how strong Dex's "powers of persuasion" were.

Josslyn returned to Trina, and Trina informed Josslyn that Diane believed the jury would soon be back with a verdict. Josslyn assured Trina that Diane had done a great job establishing reasonable doubt, so the jury would do the right thing. If not, they would appeal, but Trina reminded Josslyn that she would still be in prison. "I just thought I had more time," Trina said, and Josslyn hugged her friend.

In Portia's office at the hospital, Portia told Curtis that it was "now or never" in regard to waking Oz up. When they reached Oz's room, they were surprised to see Jordan and Rory in front of the door. Jordan promised that, as Oz's guard, Rory would notify them when Oz woke up. Jordan also informed them that she'd tried to call Esme in for questioning, but it seemed like the girl had left town. Jordan urged Portia and Curtis to take care of themselves, as Oz was in good hands.

Jordan wanted to talk to Rory about Trina. She knew that he'd been a spectator at Trina's trial, and it was clear that he was familiar with Trina and her family. With Oz potentially being a key witness in Trina's case, she wondered if he could put his badge above his feelings for Trina.

Back in Portia's office, Portia and Curtis speculated on where Esme could be, but Portia knew that Oz was the only thing that could make a difference in Trina's case. Curtis knew that Oz would never be unguarded, so he suggested a distraction. However, since only Portia had a legitimate reason to be in the patient's room, she decided that she needed to try to wake him up on her own. They talked about the many ways things could go wrong, but Portia thought that the risk was worth the reward.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Austin entered. He commented that everyone was "abuzz" about the cop in front of a patient's room. Portia updated Austin on why the patient needed a guard, and he thanked her for the answer. He noticed that Portia and Curtis seemed edgy, and she reminded him of their family issues. He expressed his hope that things would go their way, and he left.

Curtis realized that everyone's eyes were on Oz's room, so the timing felt off. "If not now, when?" Portia responded. Just then, her phone went off, and she answered it to Diane. She listened for a minute and then hung up. She reported that Diane kept getting Trina's voicemail, so she'd called Portia to let her know that the jury would likely be back with a verdict soon. Curtis revealed that he'd intended to suggest that they sleep on it, but there was no time to wait. Portia decided that, to save Trina, she needed to wake Oz up "right now."

Austin was on the phone as he walked down the hall in the hospital. He told Mason to stop hassling him, as he'd just stopped off at work. "You win, I'll drop everything," he finally said, and he directed Mason to "tell her I'm on my way."

Portia prepares to risk everything to help Trina

Portia prepares to risk everything to help Trina

Friday, August 12, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Scott, Liesl, and Britt talked about Cody's bombshell revelation. Scott said he was reluctant to believe that Dominique had had a child other than Serena because he and Dominique had shared everything together. Liesl felt that Scott either hadn't known Dominique as well as he'd thought, or Dominique had only tried to protect Cody.

Scott mentioned Leopold Taub, the deceased cartel member, and Britt wondered why the name sounded familiar. Liesl revealed that Leopold and Faison had once had dealings. Scott reasoned that the ability to protect Cody from Leopold, Faison, and Harlan Barrett would have been a good reason for Dominique and the Stantons to have given Cody to the Bells. Britt thought the story fit together -- perhaps too well.

Liesl and Britt wondered if Cody had made up his story in an attempt to extract money from Scott. Scott said there was no money for Cody to gain because Dominique had left everything to Serena. Scott added that Serena had spent all the money on her environmental work. Britt offered to arrange a DNA test to prove that Cody was truly Dominque's son, but Scott said it wasn't necessary. "I saw in his eyes the same thing I see in Serena's eyes: Dominque's eyes," Scott said.

Liesl wondered what Scott planned to do. Scott replied that he had to ask himself what Dominique would have wanted him to do. Scott gave Liesl a kiss, and he left the pub.

After Scott left, Liesl told Britt that she was proud of Scott for having done the right thing by Dominique, and she shared that she had never felt true love until she'd met Scott. Liesl tried to assure Britt that her daughter could find true love, but Britt disagreed and called herself "damaged goods." Liesl reminded Britt that everyone was "damaged goods" in some way, and she encouraged Britt not to give up.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Dante questioned Cody about having assaulted Scott. Dante wondered if the only reason that Cody had arrived in Port Charles had been to confront Scott about Dominique and the inheritance Cody claimed Scott had stolen. Cody said he'd only recently learned that Dominique had been his mother. Cody claimed that months earlier, Katherine Bell had confessed on her deathbed that Dominique had been Cody's biological mother.

Cody bemoaned that he hadn't grown up in Serenity, the Stanton family mansion, and he wondered if Dominique had ever thought about him. He recalled that when Dominique had died, Serenity had been sold, and the proceeds had gone to Scott. Cody wondered why Dominique had never told Scott about him. "Hold on. Are you mad at Scott Baldwin, or are you mad at your mother for what she did to you?" Dante asked.

Later, in the lobby of the police station, Scott arrived, and he surprised Cody when he announced that he'd decided not to press charges. Dante released Cody from police custody. Scott said that he and Dominque had spent a lot of time together after they'd learned about the inoperable brain tumor that Dominique had died from. Scott added that Dominique had to have had her reasons for keeping Cody's identify a secret.

In Portia's office at the hospital, Curtis had a plan to distract Rory long enough so that Portia could sneak into Oz's room and give Oz an injection that, if all went according to plan, would awaken Oz from his medically induced coma. Desperate to help Trina, Portia agreed.

Outside Oz's room, Jordan asked if Rory could remain neutral about Trina, given Rory's budding friendship with Trina. Rory assured Jordan that he could keep both his professionalism and his ethics intact. Rory told Jordan that if anything changed in Oz's condition, Jordan would be his first call.

Nearby, Trina was increasingly pessimistic about her chances of being found not guilty. T.J. tried to comfort Trina, who asked if the doctors could bring Oz out of his coma soon. Trina surmised that T.J. had the ability to force Oz to wake up.

Just then, Portia and Curtis arrived. Curtis gave Portia an excuse to leave in order to jumpstart their plan. Not long afterward, Portia arrived outside Oz's room and tried to enter. Rory said that he couldn't allow Portia inside because her name wasn't on the list of approved visitors. Portia rejoined Curtis and Trina, and she signaled to Curtis that their plan had hit a snag because of Rory's presence outside Oz's room.

Nearby, Jordan eavesdropped on Curtis, Portia, and Trina, and she overheard Portia tell Trina that nothing was impossible when it came to Oz. Portia hugged Curtis, and she whispered that she had to find another way to enter Oz's room. Portia pleaded with Curtis to get Trina out of the hospital. Jordan continued to observe Portia's odd behavior from afar.

After Portia walked away, Trina remarked that her mom's behavior had seemed weird. Curtis nervously tried to explain that Portia had a lot on her mind. Jordan overheard Curtis say that Portia had to "focus on her patients."

Jordan left to get on the elevator. As she stood alone in the elevator, Jordan flashed back to an earlier conversation that she'd had with T.J., who'd told Jordan that he'd shared with Curtis and Portia a plan that would have forced Oz out of his coma and that Portia had dissuaded T.J. Jordan also flashed back an earlier conversation with Rory, who'd called to tell Jordan that Portia had attempted to visit Oz's room.

Suddenly, Jordan pulled the emergency alarm inside the elevator. A loud siren blared throughout the hospital, and it caused Rory and other nearby officers to head in the direction of the elevator.

As soon as Rory left his post, Portia quietly sneaked into Oz's room. Portia closed the blinds and looked at Oz. "You can save my daughter. You're the only one who can," an emotional Portia said.

Portia reached into her pocket and produced a syringe, and her whole body started to shake.

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