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Willow learned she had leukemia, but she decided to delay telling Michael. The charges against Trina were dropped. Victor assisted Nikolas and Ava by making it appear Esme was in the south of France. Sonny discovered that Dex had been keeping secrets. Elizabeth had another unsettling flashback, and Finn reached out to Elizabeth's mother.
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The charges against Trina were dropped. Willow learned she had leukemia. Victor helped make it appear that Esme was in France.
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Oz wakes up; the jury reaches a decision

Oz wakes up; the jury reaches a decision

Monday, August 15, 2022

At General Hospital, the alarm sounded loudly as Jordan called out to Rory that she was stuck in the elevator and alone. He assured her that he would get help. "Take your time," Jordan said. Elizabeth told Finn how happy she was to be where she was supposed to be. At the same time, Portia cried and shook as she tried to get Oz to wake up. When there was no response, she finally filled her syringe and inserted it into his I.V.

Portia begged Oz to wake up as the alarm blared. Suddenly, his monitor began to beep, and she fled the room. She suspected that Oz might be waking up. Jordan sat on the floor of the elevator and spoke to Rory via phone. He told her that maintenance was working on the stuck elevator.

Elizabeth flashed back to the day she'd had her incident in the stairwell and announced that the elevator had been down the previous day. She and Finn headed back to the nurses' station, and he asked her to confirm that she was okay. Trina worried that she couldn't find Portia and told Curtis that it felt like there was something that Portia hadn't said.

Elizabeth ran to Oz's room, and Portia pretended that she had just arrived. They went into the room, and Elizabeth checked the monitor. She announced that Oz seemed to be waking up. Elizabeth called to Oz to open his eyes, and he finally did. She quizzed him on his name and the date and voiced her intent to find his doctor. Portia asked if she could remain behind to talk to Oz. Elizabeth refused at first, but she confessed that it would take her a minute to locate the doctor with the inoperable elevator.

Portia sat by Oz's side and held up her phone. She was set to record Oz as she questioned him. She wanted the name of the person who had drugged him. Oz was confused, and she filled in details. She revealed that he had ODed, and she begged him to remember. "That little bitch!" Oz blurted out.

Finn stopped into Terry's office and sat down. He declared that Elizabeth was not better, and he told Terry about Elizabeth's panic attack in the stairwell. He said he had found her to be unresponsive, and he believed that her issues had been caused by more than just sleeping pills. He pointed out that Elizabeth always ignored talk of her parents or shut down whenever they had been mentioned. Terry stated that Elizabeth's sister had been a "suck-up," and Elizabeth had been a typical rebellious teen. Terry reminded Finn that she hadn't been around Elizabeth all the time, and she didn't know anything that might help.

The elevator was fixed. The maintenance man grumbled that he couldn't find any problems as Jordan stepped off and nodded to Curtis. Trina received a phone call from Diane that the jury was back. Trina was upset that Portia wasn't around, and she left her mother a message. Curtis stopped Rory from looking for Portia, and Jordan asked him to drive Trina home to get changed but to not go inside the house. She told him to get her to the courthouse. Curtis hugged Trina and told her not to worry.

Elizabeth ran into Jordan and Curtis and told them about Oz. They headed to Oz's room and found Portia shouting at the patient as she demanded that he provide her with answers. Jordan ordered Portia to back away in order to allow Jordan to do her job. Curtis related that the jury was in, and Trina needed Portia. He stepped out to the hallway to phone Diane to let her know that Oz was awake. Jordan questioned Oz; she asked him who had tried to kill him to stop him from talking. "I want a lawyer," Oz stated.

As Elizabeth walked into Terry's office to share the news about Oz, she was surprised to see Terry chatting with Finn. Elizabeth guessed they had been talking about her, and she made her feelings about it known. She accused them of talking behind her back, although Finn offered to say the same things in front of her. He stated that he was worried about her, and they began to argue. Elizabeth denied that anything was bothering her, and she reminded him of a possible aversion to stairwells. She added that she was ready to move on. Finn wondered if it was in the same way that she'd moved on from her parents.

Elizabeth snapped that her parents weren't part of her life, and she needed Finn to respect that. She told him that if he mentioned them again, the two of them would be done. She stormed out of the office. Terry noted that if Elizabeth's problem involved her family, there would be no hope of Elizabeth opening up. Finn thought it was time to talk to someone else about it.

Portia and Curtis paced in the corridor. Rory returned and announced that he'd dropped Trina off at the courthouse. He ran to Oz's room. Portia admitted that she was sorry for having pushed Oz so hard, and she thought she should get to the courthouse. Curtis offered to drive her, but just then, Jordan emerged from the patient's room. Curtis asked if Oz had been willing to talk.

Cameron met up with Josslyn at the Metro Court pool. She told him that the jury was expected back shortly, and she guessed that the futures of Trina and Spencer were up in the air. She admitted that she hadn't told Trina about Spencer's working to trap Esme all along because she hadn't had the chance. She added that other things had come up. Cameron was surprised that Spencer hadn't told Trina yet, either, and Cameron wanted Trina to know the truth.

Josslyn was curt to Cameron, and he asked if she was still mad at him. She admitted that while he wasn't like Sonny, she didn't expect him to keep things from her again. Josslyn revealed that she and Trina liked Rory, who appeared to be a "good guy." Cameron replied that Spencer was a good guy, too. Dex appeared and stopped to ask Josslyn if Trina was okay. Josslyn smirked at Cameron, who looked at her curiously.

Cameron asked Dex how he knew Trina, and Josslyn introduced the guys to each other. Josslyn didn't have any news for Dex. Dex left, and Cameron sarcastically said it was nice for Dex to be concerned about someone he'd just met. He suggested that Dex was interested in Josslyn. She flashed back to running into Dex when he'd been talking to a juror, and she told Cameron about it. Cameron declared that jury tampering was illegal, but he thought it might help Trina. Josslyn received a text message from Trina, and they left as Dex looked on.

Nikolas greeted Spencer and Victor as they walked into Wyndemere. Spencer announced that Martin had gotten him a plea deal, but he'd turned it down. He added that the price was too high because he would have had to name names on who had helped him escape Spring Ridge. Nikolas guessed that Spencer was covering for Victor, and he lost his temper. He yelled at Victor, who defended himself by stating that he'd done what Spencer had wanted him to do. Spencer revealed that he'd already signed a deal, and Sonny had informed him that his people would look out for Spencer at Pentonville.

Nikolas laughed sarcastically, but Victor was proud of Spencer for facing up to his actions. Spencer asked Victor for a favor. "Find Esme," he said.

Nikolas fixed himself a drink. Victor thought it was too early, and he noted that Spencer had taken off in a hurry. He declared that Sonny wasn't the only one with connections, and Spencer would be well looked after. "Wow, yeah. It's too bad he can't get reward points," Nikolas said. Victor commented that Spencer was more mature, but Nikolas thought his son was too na´ve to resent that Victor only cared about himself with his actions. Victor compared it to Nikolas having sex with Spencer's girlfriend. He suspected that Nikolas was hiding something, and he asked where Esme was.

Nikolas assumed that Esme had left town because no one had seen her. Victor asked why Ava wasn't around, and Nikolas proclaimed that Ava had believed that he had been taking Esme's side. He maintained that Esme had left after realizing that Spencer had been "onto her." Victor made it clear that Spencer had asked him to find Esme, but Nikolas insisted that he couldn't do that.

Nikolas stated that he had paid Esme to leave because he hadn't wanted Spencer and Ava to know about his mistake. Victor replied that he wouldn't want Spencer's sacrifice to be in vain, and he continued to press Nikolas for answers. "She's dead," Nikolas finally uttered.

Trina rushed into the courtroom and found Diane. Trina confessed that she was nervous, and Diane assured her that they would appeal if the jury found her guilty. Spencer walked in and told Trina that he'd had to confess, and Trina wondered when Spencer had decided that she was innocent. Before Spencer could tell her anything, Taggert walked in and ordered Spencer to get away from Trina. He hugged his daughter.

Josslyn arrived and also hugged Trina. She revealed that Cameron had had to pick up his brother and couldn't be there. As the judge arrived, Diane received a phone call from Curtis regarding Oz waking up. Diane immediately announced that she had new evidence that would prove Trina's innocence. She wanted an extension. Arden did her best to object as Diane defended her right in the case. The judge agreed with Diane, but Arden continued to challenge the move. Diane confessed that Oz had been in a coma and hadn't been questioned yet.

Dex took a seat as both sides continued to make their cases, and the judge decided that the decision had been reached. The jury was called in. Dex and the jury foreman that he had spoken to locked eyes. The judge asked the foreman for the jury's decision in the case.

Trina is exonerated in court

Trina is exonerated in court

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

In the courtroom, the jury foreman announced that the jury had reached a verdict in Trina's case. Just then, Robert burst in, and he called for an immediate halt to the court's proceedings. Robert announced that a new witness had stepped forward in the case. Despite Arden's continued over-the-top objections and blatant attempts to override Robert, her own boss, the judge agreed to allow the witness' testimony. The witness was wheeled in shortly afterwards, and it was revealed to be Oz.

On the stand, Oz testified that he'd confronted Esme about the trial and that Esme had drugged him. Oz also testified that he'd sold the black-market phone that had been used to frame Trina to Esme. When Diane showed Oz a photo of Esme and asked him to formally identify Esme, Oz confirmed that the woman in the photo was Esme. Oz then testified that he had never sold a similar black-market phone to Trina.

After a whispered discussion with Robert, Arden reluctantly stood up and announced that the district attorney's office would drop all charges against Trina in light of the new evidence. The courtroom erupted in jubilation, and the judge dismissed the case.

Taggert, Portia, and Curtis rushed to hug Trina, who cried and expressed her relief that the trial had gone in her favor. From the back row of the courtroom, Spencer stared at Trina and smiled widely. Ava and Josslyn also hugged Trina. Rory congratulated Trina on her freedom, and he asked if he could see Trina later. "Text me!" Trina said assuredly.

Josslyn joined Spencer in the back row. The two friends since childhood talked about all Spencer had done to help clear Trina's name. Josslyn encouraged Spencer to tell Trina the truth about everything he'd done. Spencer approached Trina, and he shared his relief that Trina had been exonerated. "See, if you were to tell me that a couple of days ago, I wouldn't believe you. Are you finally going to tell me what changed?" Trina asked. "Everything," Spencer replied with a smile.

Out in the lobby, Diane told Robert that he'd done the right thing by having dropped all charges against Trina. Diane added that Robert was a credit to his community and to his office. Robert joked that he'd never received two compliments from Diane in one day. Diane smiled and told Robert not to get used to it.

Also in the lobby, Ava overheard Curtis tell Portia that Jordan had just left the courtroom for Wyndemere. Curtis said that Jordan was "hellbent" to find Esme, and Ava's face grew worried instantly.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas lied to Victor and tried to claim that he'd killed Esme. Nikolas claimed that he'd struggled with Esme before she'd fallen off the parapet and into the waters below, and he noted that he hadn't found Esme's body. Victor asked how Nikolas was certain that Esme had died.

Victor said that Nikolas' story made no sense, and he demanded to know who Nikolas was protecting. Nikolas confessed that Ava had learned that Nikolas and Esme had had sex. Nikolas told Victor that Ava and Esme had fought before Esme had fallen over the parapet. "I admit I like Ava. She fits right into this family. That said, she's now a threat. And all threats have to be eliminated," Victor declared.

Nikolas exploded, and he threatened to kill Victor if Victor went after Ava. Victor calmed Nikolas, and he wondered what would happen if Esme resurfaced. Victor said that even if Esme had truly died, her body was bound to wash ashore. "When it does, all the evidence is going to point to Ava. You have to turn Ava in, or I will!" Victor swore.

Nikolas said that if Victor went to the police, Spencer would also find out about Nikolas' affair with Esme. Victor agreed with Nikolas, and he said that the two had to work to destroy all of Esme's belongings. Nikolas went to retrieve Esme's things. Just then, the doorbell rang. Victor went to hide Esme's luggage. Nikolas answered the door, and he was surprised to find Jordan and two officers. Jordan produced a warrant to search the premises of Wyndemere.

At the hospital in the chief of staff's office, Terry confirmed that Willow had leukemia. Willow was beside herself in disbelief, and she asked what the news of her diagnosis meant for her unborn child. Britt said that Willow's case was complicated due to her pregnancy.

Britt and Terry noted that they'd detected Willow's cancer early, and the two doctors added that they would need to schedule follow-up appointments. Terry encouraged Willow to discuss the news of her diagnosis with Michael and other loved ones. Terry offered to call someone to pick Willow up, but Willow refused. Before she left the hospital, Willow promised she would be in touch the following day.

At the Metro Court pool, Michael had planned a surprise graduation party for Willow. Carly and Drew worked on decorations, and the two continued their months-long flirtation. Drew later told Michael that he believed he'd found a way to oust Valentin as the head of ELQ.

Later, Willow arrived at the pool, and she was surprised by Michael's gesture. Michael quickly surmised that something was wrong with Willow, and he asked her for answers.

Nearby, Olivia complained to Carly that she'd encountered Sonny and Nina downstairs in the bar on a date earlier. Olivia was dismayed that Carly wasn't fazed by the news. Carly said she had everything she needed in the company that surrounded her at the pool -- namely Michael and Wiley. Olivia spotted Drew, became starry-eyed, and all but begged Carly to pursue a relationship with Drew.

Carly received a news alert on her phone that Trina had been cleared. Carly was able to celebrate the news for only a few seconds before Olivia jumped back in and continued to try to play matchmaker and push Carly onto Drew. Olivia received a call about Leo, and she had to leave. Afterwards, Carly seemed distant with Drew, who looked puzzled.

Earlier, at the Metro Court bar, Sonny and Nina sat side by side for their latest outing. Nina wanted to get a table for her and Sonny to have dinner. Just then, Olivia appeared, and she became hysterical at the sight of Nina together with Sonny.

Olivia blasted Nina, and she claimed that Nina had used her position as co-owner of Metro Court to warrant special favors. Olivia stormed off in a huff. Alone at the bar, Sonny declared that it was his and Nina's first date, and he claimed that the two had always made things "interesting." Sonny's phone rang, and he left to follow up on some news he'd received from Brick. The two touched and kissed at the bar, and Sonny said he would call Nina later.

After Sonny left the bar, he returned Brick's call. Sonny asked what Brick had learned about Dex's background. Later, Sonny met with Dex in an undisclosed alleyway. Dex said that he had news to share with Sonny. "I've got some news about you, too. It's not good," Sonny said gravely, and he leaned in close to Dex's face.

Victor gives Nikolas and Ava a helping hand with Jordan

Victor gives Nikolas and Ava a helping hand with Jordan

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

At Pozzulo's, Frank shoved Dex into Sonny's office. Dex warned Frank to watch it, but both Sonny and Frank ignored Dex. After Sonny dismissed Frank, Sonny confronted Dex about lying to Sonny. Surprised, Dex refused to take the blame for the charges being dropped against Trina, but Sonny clarified that he knew about Dex being discharged from the military for assaulting a superior officer. Sonny questioned why he should trust Dex to respect the chain of command in Sonny's organization when Dex had failed to do so in the military.

Sonny agreed to give Dex an opportunity to explain himself. Dex opened up about his abusive childhood at the hands of two violent older brothers, and parents who had written the fights off as boys being boys despite Dex nearly landing in the hospital five separate times. According to Dex, Dex had enlisted in the military to get away from his dysfunctional family, and after a tour in Afghanistan, Dex had ended up in Germany. Dex had soon discovered that his superior officer had been a "complete jerk" with a reputation for being toxic with his soldiers -- and worse to the man's own family.

Dex admitted the messed-up part was that everyone had whispered about the superior officer's violence, but no one had done anything about it -- until Dex. Dex had no idea if the altercation had gotten "the son of a bitch" to stop abusing the man's wife and children, but Dex had taken comfort in knowing that his superior officer's family had known that someone had tried to help them. Dex explained that he'd been offered a discharge in exchange for keeping the incident under wraps and avoiding an investigation. Dex didn't have any regrets, and Sonny empathized because Sonny had also suffered an abusive childhood.

Sonny remained undecided about what to do with Dex, but Dex suggested it might help if Sonny saw how the jury had voted for Trina. Dex dropped the slip of paper from the jury's foreman on the corner of Sonny's desk and left. Sonny picked up the paper and read the jury's verdict.

At the courthouse, Ava overheard Curtis tell Portia that Jordan had gone to Wyndemere because Jordan was on a mission to find Esme. Alarmed, Ava raced out of the courthouse.

In the courtroom, Spencer admitted he was relieved that Trina had been exonerated. Trina was curious if he was finally ready to tell her what had changed his mind about Esme. "Everything," Spencer said. Spencer was eager to fill Trina in, but he had difficulty finding the right words. Just then, Portia and Curtis called out to Trina to let her know they were headed back to the house. Portia was eager to celebrate Trina's victory with Trina and Trina's friends, but Trina wanted time to finish her conversation with Spencer.

Portia and Curtis left to get things ready at the house, but Cameron and Josslyn decided to wait for Trina. While Cameron and Josslyn stood in the back of the courtroom, Trina asked Spencer about the fallout from his testimony. She was stunned when he revealed that he would be going to Pentonville for three months, but he assured Trina that he had no regrets. Trina couldn't understand why Spencer had needlessly risked his freedom after months of pretending to believe Esme's lies. Unfortunately for Spencer, Rory entered the courtroom. "Bad time?" Rory asked.

Trina assured Rory that his timing had been perfect. Trina turned back to Spencer, and she assured him that she was sorry Spencer had to serve time in jail for helping her, but Trina was glad that Spencer's eyes had been opened to Esme's true nature. Trina admitted she wished it had happened sooner for both Spencer and Trina's sakes.

After Trina and Rory left, Josslyn insisted that Trina had a right to know everything, but Spencer had to take accountability for his lies and enabling Esme. Spencer argued that he had tried to fix things, but Josslyn was curious why it had been so important for Spencer to be the one to save Trina. Spencer confessed that he loved Trina. Cameron insisted that if that was true, it was more important than ever for Spencer to be honest with Trina.

In the hallway, Rory surprised Trina with a gift that he hoped wasn't too corny. Trina smiled when he handed her a package of "Cola Crisps," which had been the snack he had given Trina when they had first met in the interrogation room. Trina was touched, and she assured him the gift had been the right amount of corny. Rory smiled, and he admitted he would like to see what the future had in store for him and Trina. Trina kissed Rory.

After the kiss, Trina asked if she was Rory's girlfriend, but Rory turned the question around on Trina. Trina suggested he walk her to her place, and they would take it from there. Nearby, Spencer's expression was dejected as he watched Trina and Rory leave hand in hand. When Spencer returned to the courtroom, Cameron asked how things had gone with Trina. Spencer explained that he had been unable to talk to Trina because Trina and Rory had kissed, and they had wondered if they should refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Cameron reminded Spencer that Trina didn't have all the information, but Spencer was adamant that Trina never know because Trina deserved to be happy. Spencer recognized that he could not give Trina what she needed because Spencer had lied and given Trina nothing but grief. Spencer refused to step on Trina's happiness, especially since Spencer was headed to jail for three months. Josslyn thought Spencer owed Trina the truth, and she refused to keep Trina in the dark indefinitely. Spencer asked if Josslyn thought Trina would be happier knowing the truth.

At Portia and Curtis' house, Portia and Curtis enjoyed a glass of wine as they reveled in the outcome of Trina's trial. Portia credited Curtis and Marshall for making Trina's victory possible by tracking down Oz Haggerty. Curtis explained that he considered Portia family, and he felt the same about Trina. Curtis realized that Taggert was Trina's father, but Curtis intended to love Trina as if Trina were Curtis' daughter, too. Portia smiled awkwardly, but she remained silent as Curtis kissed her. A short time later, Trina and Rory arrived. Rory offered to leave, but Trina invited Rory to stay.

Curtis revealed that Marshall and Aunt Stella were on their way over, and Portia announced that Taggert had stopped by the Port Charles Grill to pick up a feast. Curtis decided to text message T.J. an invitation to the celebration. When Josslyn joined the party, Portia stood back and took in the gathering, but Portia's expression was clouded with concern. Meanwhile, Josslyn watched as Trina and Rory smiled at each other over beverages.

At the courthouse, Cameron and Spencer walked out together.

On Spoon Island, Jordan informed Nikolas that she was there on official business regarding Esme. Victor told Jordan it wasn't a good time, but Jordan produced a warrant to search Wyndemere. Jordan was curious how Nikolas wanted to handle things. "The easy way or the hard way?" Jordan asked. Nikolas invited Jordan inside as he assured Jordan that Nikolas wanted Esme found as much as Jordan did.

Jordan filled Nikolas and Victor in about the developments at Trina's trial and that Esme had become a person of interest in the revenge porn. Victor suggested it explained why Esme had skipped town. After Victor led several police officers to Esme's bedroom, Jordan questioned Nikolas about the last time he'd seen Esme. Nikolas insisted he'd already told Jordan everything, but Jordan wanted to review things again because Cameron and Josslyn deserved justice. Nikolas explained that he'd seen Esme a few days earlier, but he had no idea where Esme had gone.

Jordan asked if Esme was close to anyone, but Nikolas revealed that Esme's adoptive parents were dead, and Esme hadn't been close to the rest of Esme's adoptive family. Jordan wondered if Nikolas had been the last person to see Esme. "No, I was," Ava said. Ava entered the living room as she assured Jordan that nothing would make Ava happier than for Esme to pay for Esme's crimes. Ava suggested Esme had left town because Esme had gotten wind of Oz's testimony.

Jordan wanted to know about Ava and Esme's final encounter, so Ava revealed that Esme had packed a suitcase, and it had appeared to Ava that Esme had been planning to run. Ava advised Jordan not to underestimate Esme, but Jordan resumed her search of the premises. A short time later, Jordan received a call. After a short exchange, Jordan ordered her police officers to wrap things up because the search was over.

Nikolas and Ava were eager to know if something had happened. Jordan explained that Esme had posted a long rant on Esme's social media page, trashing Trina's acquittal, and the post had been geo-tracked to the south of France. Jordan intended to contact the French authorities to assist in the search for Esme. After Jordan left, Nikolas retrieved Esme's suitcase that had been stashed in the bushes on the terrace. Ava warned Nikolas that Esme remained a threat because Esme could report the altercation she'd had with Ava on the parapet.

Moments later, Victor entered the room. Fearing that Victor had overheard her, Ava tried to do damage control, but Victor assured Ava it wasn't necessary because Victor knew everything. Ava was furious at Nikolas for sharing their secret with Victor, but Victor reminded Ava that Nikolas was a terrible liar. Victor explained that he had reached out to an old contact from Victor's days at the WSB who had owed Victor a favor, and the contact had hacked into Esme's social media page and typed the posts. Victor warned Nikolas and Ava that the posts wouldn't hold up to close scrutiny, but it would buy them time to destroy any incriminating evidence.

Victor advised Nikolas and Ava to find a way to get on the same page, but Ava bristled. Victor was confident Ava would find a way because nothing motivated forgiveness quicker than mutual jeopardy. Victor insisted that Nikolas and Ava present a united front because both Nikolas and Ava were in trouble. Ava glared at Nikolas.

Later, Nikolas stood on the cliffs of Spoon Island as he dumped the contents of Esme's suitcase into a burn barrel. Ava and Victor walked up as Nikolas doused everything with lighter fluid, including the letter Esme's nanny had written to Esme. Ava and Victor watched somberly as Nikolas struck a match and lit Esme's possessions on fire.

At Metro Court's pool, Willow was startled when she realized it had been decorated for a party. Michael greeted Willow, and he explained that it was a surprise party to celebrate Willow's graduation from nursing school. However, he noticed the panicked expression on Willow's face, prompting him to ask what was troubling her. Willow quickly brushed it off as having too much on her mind. Before Michael could question Willow further, Olivia, T.J., Brook Lynn, Drew, and Wiley walked out. Wiley held up a banner he'd made for his mother.

After Wiley hugged Willow and the guests happily congratulated her, Willow tried to put on a brave front. However, Olivia mentioned Willow's long future as a nurse. Willow excused herself by claiming to be queasy from morning sickness. After Willow ran out, Michael asked Brook Lynn to keep an eye on Wiley. Brook Lynn wondered if it was something they had said, but T.J.'s expression filled with concern.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Carly set a large cake box on the bar so she could pick up the candles she had dropped, but Nina beat Carly to it. Nina handed Carly the candles, but Nina didn't waste time reminding Carly that the hotel's kitchen was restricted to managers and employees -- not customers. "Really? Is that how it's going to be?" Carly asked. Carly explained that the cake was for Willow's graduation party at the pool, and Olivia had given Carly permission to fetch the cake from the kitchen.

Carly accused Nina of lording it over Carly that Carly's half of the hotel belonged to Nina, but Nina denied it. Nina claimed she had a right to know what was going on in the hotel, but Carly argued that Olivia was Carly's best friend, and Carly had a right to go wherever Carly pleased. Nina acknowledged that she disliked Carly as much as Carly disliked Nina, but Nina wanted to make peace with Carly, since Nina and Sonny were together. Carly chuckled at the idea that Sonny and Nina were an official couple because it had taken Nina a year and a half to finally get what Nina had wanted.

Carly grumbled under her breath about Sonny and Nina celebrating in Carly's hotel, but Nina heard. Nina made a point of reminding Carly that the hotel no longer belonged to Carly. Carly advised Nina not to get too comfortable because Nina wouldn't own the hotel for long. Nina laughed because she imagined it would take Carly a few decades to amass the money needed to buy back Nina's half of the hotel. Carly accused Nina of taunting Carly by gloating about Nina's "big win."

Carly suggested it was refreshing for Nina to show Nina's true colors after feigning being gracious to Sonny. Nina countered that Carly had lost both Sonny and the hotel, so when Carly resorted to spitting venom, Carly had to aim up, not down. Carly's temper flared, but she picked up the cake box and followed Nina to a private alcove. Carly insisted Nina and Sonny deserved each other because Sonny and Nina had convinced themselves that they were the heroes in their own stories.

Nina decided to not waste her time asking Carly to be civil, but Nina wanted to know if Carly and Nina could agree not to engage each other for Donna's sake. Carly made it clear that Nina would never have a relationship with Carly and Sonny's daughter -- ever. Carly vowed that Nina's relationship with Donna would be as nonexistent as Nina's relationship with Wiley. Carly also took delight informing Nina that Willow was pregnant.

Nina's tone filled with bitterness as she congratulated Carly on the family addition. Nina promised that she had no desire to intrude on Carly's family because it was clear that Nina was not welcome, especially since Willow had "eliminated and replaced" Nina's daughter from Wiley's life. Carly recalled looking at the DNA test confirming that Nina was Willow's biological mother, but Carly kept the secret to herself.

"No one did that to you, Nina. You did this to yourself," Carly said. Carly thought it was a shame that Nina didn't realize Nina deserved everything Nina had been getting. Nina remained silent as she watched Carly walk away.

On the restaurant's balcony, Michael caught up with Willow, and he became concerned when he realized she had been crying. Willow assured him she was fine, and she blamed her emotional state on pregnancy hormones and feeling overwhelmed by the surprise party. She asked Michael to return to their guests and assure everyone that she would join them shortly. Michael was reluctant to leave Willow alone, but she promised she was fine and needed a moment to compose herself.

A short time later, T.J. tracked Willow down. He suspected Willow was troubled because of his suspicions that she had leukemia, so Willow revealed that Britt and Terry had confirmed T.J.'s diagnosis. T.J. felt bad for Willow, but he urged her to talk to Michael. Willow explained that she wanted to give Michael and Wiley one more night of happiness, and she promised to talk to Michael after her consultation with Britt and Terry the following day. T.J. conceded that oncology and obstetrics were not his field of expertise, but he assured Willow that Britt and Terry were a great team.

Moments later, T.J. received a text message from Curtis. Willow was delighted when T.J. reported that the charges against Trina had been dropped. Willow urged T.J. to go to his family, and she walked him to the elevator. T.J. offered Willow words of encouragement. Neither T.J. nor Willow realized Nina had been watching them.

At the pool, Carly filled Olivia in about Carly's encounter with Nina. Carly assured Olivia that Nina was welcome to Sonny, prompting Olivia to ask about Carly and Drew. Carly was adamant that Drew was a friend, and Carly refused to risk the friendship when Carly had already lost Jason. Olivia was certain there was more between Carly and Drew, but Carly recalled lying to Drew at the courthouse when he had asked about Nina and Willow's DNA test. Carly brushed the memory away when Olivia admitted that Carly always had a "great big silly grin" whenever Drew was near, but Carly claimed it was because Carly had finally found peace.

Carly glanced at Drew, and the two exchanged smiles. Moments later, Drew approached the table. After Olivia excused herself, Drew mentioned that Mia had reached out to him to ask for Carly's contact information because Mia had organized a corporate retreat in Aruba to coach clients. Carly was interested in the getaway, but she was curious if Drew would be going. Drew admitted he wasn't, but he didn't want his decision to influence Carly. Carly agreed to think it over because it would be a fresh start, and she was eager to see what was out there for her.

A short time later, Willow returned to the party. Willow pasted on a smile as everyone congratulated her. Nearby, Nina hovered in the background.

Chase chooses a look for his performance

Chase chooses a look for his performance

Thursday, August 18, 2022

At the pool, Finn, Chase, and Gregory watched as Violet did flips in the water. Gregory wondered if Chase had heard from the Civic Review Complaint Board, and Chase answered that Dante said it didn't look good. However, Chase said he was hoping to embark on a new career. He informed them that he was supposed to meet with Brook Lynn to talk strategy for his upcoming performance at the Savoy. He had to go, but Gregory stopped him to reassure him and shake his hand. Chase found a check in his hand and only accepted it at Gregory's insistence that it was a loan.

When Chase was gone, Gregory proposed to Finn that they go camping again, and Finn could invite Elizabeth and the boys. Finn told Gregory about his recent tense interactions with Elizabeth, and Gregory thought it was best not to push her. He said that disregarding Elizabeth's wishes could cost Finn the relationship. However, Finn admitted that, while losing her would hurt, he could stand losing her if he knew that she would be all right in the end.

In a room at the hospital, Elizabeth checked out Scott's nose. She assured him that it wasn't broken, just badly bruised. Britt entered the room, and Scott advised her to stay away from Cody. While he believed Cody's story, he still didn't trust him. Britt revealed that she hadn't yet made up her mind about Cody, but she probably wouldn't take relationship advice from Scott. When she was gone, Scott muttered that he wished Britt had inherited Liesl's good taste in men.

Scott told Elizabeth about Cody's family history, and he concluded that he thought Cody was just a "money-grubber." Elizabeth replied that people couldn't help who their parents were, and Scott realized that they were no longer talking about Cody. He wondered if her parents were trying to contact her again, but she snapped at him that everyone needed to stay out of her business. She immediately apologized for snapping and stared off into the distance. Scott assured her that she had a lot of support, and he left.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth was cleaning up the hospital room when she had a sudden flashback. She remembered being in the hospital stairwell and telling someone to stay away from her father. She suddenly snapped out of the vision to find that she'd crushed a test tube in her hand, which was bleeding.

Around the corner, Maxie bumped into Britt and assured her that Spinelli had a crush on Britt but would no longer be pursuing her. Maxie assumed he was just lonely, so she'd let him down gently for Britt. She wondered if Britt had scheduled a second date with Cody. Britt told Maxie about Cody's family history and concluded that she didn't need the drama. Maxie advised Britt to give Cody the opportunity to explain himself. Britt hugged Maxie and thanked her for the good advice. Britt promised to return the favor one day and walked away. Maxie muttered to herself that she might need the favor soon.

In the Quartermaine stable, Cody and Olivia discussed Cody and Dante's camp days as Dante listened, unseen. Olivia talked about how grateful she was that Dante had a friend around. Cody had something to tell her that he feared would change her opinion, and he told her about his family history. She admitted that, while they'd been before her time in Port Charles, she'd heard stories of both the Bell and Stanton families. He understood if she no longer felt comfortable with him living there, but she insisted that he was family.

Dante entered the stable, and Olivia was disappointed that he'd arrested Cody. She at least hoped that Dante would help Cody out of the situation, but Cody assured her that Scott wasn't pressing charges, anyway. When Olivia was gone, Dante demanded to know what else Cody was hiding. Cody promised that he posed no danger to Dante's family, and he would try not to put Dante in any more compromising positions. Dante realized that he'd never properly thanked Cody for what he'd done for Dante, but Britt interrupted them.

Dante and Cody covered by joking about their camp days, and Dante left. Britt talked to Cody about how complicated things were between them and how she understood why he'd punched Scott, but she said she didn't like it. He wondered if she was there to call things off or to give him a second chance. Britt insisted that she needed more of an explanation from him if they were going to have a second date.

Ned entered the Quartermaine kitchen and found a box of costumes on the table, and Brook Lynn and Leo were laughing at an old photo album of his. Leo scolded his dad for never telling him that Ned had been a "rock star," and Ned told Leo about Eddie Maine. Brook Lynn explained that she was looking for inspiration for her new musical act, and Leo exclaimed that she was going to make Chase a star. She added that Linc had gotten Chase a gig at the Savoy, and Ned was concerned that she was still going after Linc. She just asked for his support, and when he agreed, she asked him to be another set of eyes.

Chase arrived, and Leo, clad in a hat, sunglasses, and a boa, exclaimed that they were having a fashion show. Olivia entered the kitchen and got excited for a fashion show. Chase reluctantly agreed, and he tried on several outfits while Brook Lynn took photos. The family was looking through photos of all the vetoed looks when Ned suddenly got an idea and left the room. He returned with something on a hanger covered in a garment bag, and he beckoned Chase to follow him.

A few minutes later, Ned introduced Chase, who entered in Ned's Eddie Maine outfit of leather pants, boots, and deep cut black shirt. Ned, Leo, Olivia, and Brook Lynn quietly conferred, and then all four gave thumbs-up. "Now lose the shirt!" Olivia yelled.

A short while later, Dante entered the kitchen and asked Olivia if he'd missed the fashion show. He revealed that he was there to find out what Brook Lynn was really up to, as she always had another angle. She advised him to turn his "cop brain" off, as sometimes "what you see if what you get."

Anna, Valentin, and Victor were sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant when Lucy arrived. She approached the table and told Anna that she wished she had a companion to dine with. She advised Anna to hold on to hers. Victor invited Lucy to join them, but she politely declined. Valentin asked Lucy where Martin was, as he couldn't get ahold of his lawyer. Lucy replied that Martin was on an "impromptu trip" that had been beyond his control.

Lucy walked off, and Victor was charmed by her, but Valentin called her "trouble in heels." Just then, Anna claimed to get a phone call, and she ran off to answer it. Victor commented that it was polite to turn phones off during meals, but Valentin reminded him that Anna was on call with the WSB, who wasn't polite. Victor didn't know what Valentin saw in Anna, and Valentin responded that it wasn't necessary for Victor and Anna to like each other. Valentin insisted that Anna had moved past being suspicious of Valentin, but Victor still believed that everyone in the family needed to be wiser about the company they kept.

Outside the restaurant, Anna found Lucy, who'd known that the "super spy" would follow. Anna demanded to know where Martin was, but Lucy only threatened to tell Valentin what Anna was up to. Anna grabbed Lucy's arm and asked, "Do you really want to do that?" "Let go of my arm and find out," Lucy replied. Anna warned Lucy that if Lucy kept telling people what Anna was up to, the IRS would be waiting for Martin when he got back.

Suddenly getting intense, Anna harshly informed Lucy that she didn't care about their history and that Lucy had better not stand in Anna's way of Martin. Lucy swore that she didn't know anything about Martin's whereabouts, and she insisted that Martin kept Valentin at arm's length, so he probably didn't know much about Valentin. Lucy pointed out that Valentin and Victor had been "thick as thieves lately." Anna warned Lucy not to run off, as she would hunt Lucy down, and Anna stormed back into the restaurant.

When Anna returned, she explained to Valentin and Victor that Emma had just finished her first year at college, and Anna had promised her a car. Victor wanted to know Lucy's story, as he thought Martin was a fool to leave her alone.

Lucy walked by the table and waited for the elevator. When it opened, Scott emerged, and the two bumped right into each other. Lucy took the sunglasses off of his face and wondered who had punched him. "A blast from the past," Scott replied. He said that he needed to talk to her about Britt's new boyfriend, Cody Bell. "Did you say Bell?" Lucy asked in shock.

Finn attempts to contact Elizabeth's family member

Finn attempts to contact Elizabeth's family member

Friday, August 19, 2022

In the stables at the Quartermaine mansion, Britt was upset that Cody hadn't mentioned that their fathers, Faison and Leopold Taub, respectively, had known one another. Cody claimed he hadn't known Leopold had been his father until Katherine's deathbed confession.

Cody asked Britt if Faison had ever mentioned Leopold. Britt noted that she hadn't even learned Faison had been her father until years after any association with Leopold. Cody changed the subject back to his first run-in with Britt when he'd parachuted into the pool, and he remarked how gorgeous Britt had looked from the moment he'd seen her.

Britt and Cody shared a laugh when she thought about the GIF of her coming out of the pool. Britt said that the reason she had not sued Cody was because it would only give the meme a rebirth. Cody, confident in himself, said that he didn't buy Britt's excuse.

Britt and Cody thought back to the night that Britt had tended to Cody's wounds after his beating at the Savoy. Cody said he'd never properly thanked Britt for her help, and he offered to take her to a picnic at the Quartermaines' the following day. Britt accepted, and the two shook hands. Outside the stables, Britt smiled.

Outside Kelly's Diner, Kristina, Molly, and Sam joined Alexis for a family lunch. Molly pondered a career change, and she thought of leaving the district attorney's office to become a lawyer. Kristina shared that she'd gotten a promotion at Charlie's Pub. Sam was quiet, and Alexis surmised that something was wrong. Sam said that things had been different since Dante had suggested that he and Sam move in.

Sam wondered how she could move in with Dante when Lulu's presence was still in the home. Alexis suggested that perhaps Dante had left Lulu's belongings up for Rocco's sake, but Sam noted that it was still awkward. Alexis said she hadn't seen Sam and Dante as happy as they'd become since before they'd started seeing one another, and she encouraged Sam to work past her reservations. Sam hugged Alexis.

After Sam left, Gregory appeared and started to go inside Kelly's, but Violet spotted Alexis at the tables outside. Gregory seemed to be hurt that Alexis had told Finn that Gregory had "pestered" her with Gregory's suggestions for the Invader. Alexis tried to put Gregory at ease, and she invited him and Violet to join her, Kristina, and Molly.

Violet innocently asked if Alexis liked Gregory. Alexis admitted that she liked Gregory's writing and that he was never boring. Alexis encouraged Gregory to enjoy the attention he'd received from his op-ed in the Invader. Gregory said that he'd only tried to fight for fairness in journalism.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia told Dante that Cody had helped Leo prepare for a role in an upcoming Quartermaine family picnic fundraiser. Olivia mentioned that she had saved an invite for both Dante and Sam, and she surmised from Dante's face and body language that something was amiss. Olivia asked Dante to share what was on his mind. "I think I messed up with Sam," Dante said.

Dante expressed regret that he'd asked Sam to move in, and he admitted that he still had to work through his feelings for Lulu. Olivia recalled that Lulu had moved on from Dante, but Dante wondered if he'd moved on from Lulu. Dante admitted that a part of him felt responsible for Lulu's coma. Olivia reminded Dante that what had happened to Lulu had only been the fault of Cyrus and Julian. Olivia encouraged Dante to live in the present and not in the past.

Dante shared that he'd felt he'd made a mess of things with Sam since he'd asked her to move in. Olivia suggested that Dante stick to his true feelings. "I love her, Ma. I want to trust her and support her, and just try and make her as happy as she's made me," Dante professed, and just then, Sam appeared in the doorway of the kitchen with a smile.

Olivia left to give Dante and Sam some time alone. Dante shared that Leo was excited to play the role of Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream at the picnic fundraiser. Dante said he would be excited if Sam would accompany him. Sam readily agreed to go with Dante. The two got tongue-tied before Sam told Dante to speak first. Dante said the two didn't have to rush into anything together and that they could take things slowly. As Dante and Sam hugged, Sam seemed uncertain.

At the Metro Court pool, Maxie encouraged Spinelli to forget about his "crush" on Britt and to move on with someone new. Just then, Austin appeared, and Spinelli's face turned sour. Austin said his business in Pautuck hadn't taken long, and he proclaimed that he was "back for good." Maxie asked both Austin and Spinelli to escort her to the Quartermaines' picnic fundraiser. Just then, the bald-headed man Austin had encountered previously at the Haunted Star appeared. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?" the man said.

Austin introduced the man as his cousin Mason from Pautuck. Unaware of Mason's true identity or his reason for having visited Austin, Maxie invited Mason to attend the Quartermaine picnic. Mason remarked that it was too bad that Austin had missed out on the Quartermaines' wealth. Austin went to leave with Maxie, but Spinelli asked Maxie for a moment alone. Alone with Mason, Austin said he wouldn't allow Mason to attend the picnic.

At the hospital, T.J. saw Elizabeth's hand covered in blood from the test tube that she'd crushed. T.J. bandaged Elizabeth's hand, and he gave her the rest of the day off. T.J. called the radiology department to schedule a follow-up visit for Elizabeth to have her hand looked at.

By the nurses' station, Elizabeth stared at the door that led to the stairs. She imagined that she had opened the door, gone to the top of the stairs, looked down, and then fallen face forward down the stairs. T.J. broke Elizabeth out of her trance when he said that the radiology department was ready to see her.

Later, in the exam room, Finn asked what had happened to Elizabeth's hand. Elizabeth claimed that she'd gotten so angry at all the time the two had spent apart that she'd crushed the test tube out of frustration. Finn again tried to pressure Elizabeth to talk about something from Elizabeth's past. "Stick to infectious diseases, doctor. Leave the psychology to Kevin," Elizabeth told Finn.

Elizabeth reminded Finn that she had told him repeatedly that she was fine, and she asked Finn not to try to fight her anymore on the subject. The two kissed, and Elizabeth left to go home.

Alone in the exam room, Finn recalled a previous conversation with Gregory, who'd warned Finn that disregarding Elizabeth's wishes and boundaries could cost Finn his relationship with Elizabeth. Finn yet again went directly against Elizabeth's wishes when he placed a phone call to one of Elizabeth's loved ones. Finn told a receptionist, "I need a consult with Dr. Webber about someone we have in common."

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