General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 22, 2022 on GH

Chase and Brook Lynn shared a kiss. Dante and Sam cleared the air between them. Portia happily accepted Curtis' proposal of marriage. Jordan figured out Portia's secret. Spencer learned that Nikolas had slept with Esme. Elizabeth discovered Finn had been in touch with her sister Sarah. Ava was attacked with a meat hook.
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A mystery person attacked Ava with a fish hook. Curtis proposed to Portia. Passion ignited between Drew and Carly. Spencer learned of Nikolas' tryst with Esme.
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Curtis is ready to take the plunge with Portia

Curtis is ready to take the plunge with Portia

Monday, August 22, 2022

As they walked through the park, Sonny invited Nina to accompany him to the hospital benefit picnic at the Quartermaine mansion. He said he had been invited as a large benefactor. Nina asked if he wanted her to go in order to "stick it to the Q's" or if her presence would be an added bonus. She winked at him, and he chuckled. He clarified that he only wanted her to be his date, and he promised not to allow anyone to disrespect her. Nina declined his invitation, although Sonny whined that he didn't want to go alone.

Nina pointed out that Michael would confront Sonny, and then Carly would confront her. She also suspected that everyone would try to keep her from Wiley, and Olivia would want to tell her off.

Portia and Curtis sat in the pool at Metro Court and spoke about the "sound of contentment." Portia thanked Curtis for his support during Trina's ordeal, and Curtis confessed that he wanted to be by Portia's side for the rest of their lives. He asked to discuss their future. After they got out of the pool, they spotted Marshall, and he stopped to chat. Marshall revealed that he had picked up a gig at the gardens, and he was there to discuss some last-minute details before a checkup at the hospital.

Portia, Curtis, and Marshall talked about an upcoming party for Trina. Portia thanked Marshall for convincing Trina to plead not guilty, and Marshall referred to his own bad decisions in the past. Curtis wanted to move forward, and the talk turned to Marshall's schizophrenia. He wondered if Curtis had pursued genetic counseling. Portia noted that Curtis was past the age of onset, and Curtis revealed that he would test if he had children in his future. Gleefully, Marshall asked if he would be having more grandchildren.

At Kelly's, Spencer sat at a table with Ava. She asked what his angle had been after coming forward at Trina's trial. Spencer confessed that he had always been "Team Trina." Ava noted that Trina hadn't known that, and Spencer had hurt her. She snapped that all Cassadine men were alike; they hurt someone and then apologized. She wanted honesty from Spencer, who pointed out that Ava was the most deceitful person he knew.

Ava snarled at Spencer that she had truths that would "lay you to waste." She proceeded to say that she wasn't the person who had caused the rift between Spencer and Nikolas, but before she could go any further, Nikolas walked in and interrupted her. He declared that Ava would end up hurting herself and not Spencer. Ava asked Nikolas if he was threatening her. Nikolas reminded her that Spencer would be leaving for Pentonville, and Esme had gone.

"Good riddance!" Spencer said. He was only sorry that Esme wouldn't be around to pay for what she had done. Ava looked at Nikolas and told Spencer that guards wouldn't be able to protect him around the clock, even with Sonny's declaration of aid. She wanted Spencer to be careful. Spencer was startled and commented that he would start thinking that Ava cared about him. He told her to do what she wanted with his trust fund, since he wouldn't be around. He walked out of the eatery.

Nikolas thanked Ava for not saying anything about Esme. He also thought that Ava would have to move back to Wyndemere in order to convince the world that they were happy. Ava reluctantly agreed, although she said it would only be for the outside. While inside, she wanted him to leave her "the hell alone." Nikolas also announced that he wanted Ava to attend the hospital benefit picnic with him because he thought they should make an appearance.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Dante, Brook Lynn, Olivia, Michael, and Leo were preparing for the first annual picnic to benefit the children's wing at the hospital. Dex knocked on the door and announced that he had Sonny's raffle contribution with him. It was an espresso machine with a year's supply of coffee. Olivia invited him to have something to eat, and Brook Lynn introduced herself.

While everyone was busy, Michael expressed his displeasure at Dex's appearance at the house. Dex explained that Sonny was angry, and Michael's plan might go down in flames. They took their conversation to the pool house where Dex told Michael about Sonny's anger at hearing that Dex had been discharged from the service in order to avoid a court martial. Michael felt that Sonny would cool off. He stated that Dex had been hired due to his past because Sonny would have wished that he could have done what Dex had done in an abusive situation, and that would make him trust Dex.

Back at the house, Leo invited Dante to his play, and talk centered on that. Olivia noted that Dante needed the type of therapy that Leo had received regarding communication skills. She suggested he go outside and help Sam. Olivia told Brook Lynn about Dante asking Sam to move in with him, and they agreed that he needed a Sicilian Thunderbolt. The women told Leo about the special recipe that Nonna Tuccia had created in order to unite reluctant lovers. Leo was able to compare it to his Shakespearean play.

Brook Lynn agreed it could be scary taking the next step, and it would be nice to get a nudge. Shortly after, Dante ranted to Brook Lynn about Olivia, and he asked about Chase. He wondered if Brook Lynn was still using Chase to get to Linc. Brook Lynn insisted that she would never do that. Later, Leo had the ingredients written down for a Sicilian Thunderbolt in order to help Sam and Dante. He had the needed flower in his hand.

Willow ran into T.J. at the hospital before her meeting with Britt. She confessed that she hadn't told Michael about her condition. She headed to her meeting as Jordan stepped off the elevator. Jordan wanted to have lunch with T.J., but she sensed that he was trying to get rid of her. He admitted that was true because he didn't want her running into Marshall. Jordan noted that the man was apparently in town to stay, and she couldn't keep avoiding him.

Jordan explained that she wanted to "clear the air" with Marshall, and she expected to bump into him eventually. She and T.J. set a time to meet for lunch just as Marshall walked through the corridor doors. T.J. introduced his mother to his grandfather, and Marshall stated that he had been waiting for the day. T.J. wanted to smooth things over, but Jordan sent him on his way. Marshall declared that Jordan hadn't done right by his son, but he couldn't judge, as he hadn't done right, either. He confessed that he originally had very "unchristianlike" things to say to Jordan, but he thought that he had been responsible for his son's death.

Willow met with Britt. She admitted she was terrified. Britt poured her a glass of water as Willow said that she had done some research. She expressed fear that chemo would hurt her baby or cause her to lose it. She understood that it would be safer in the second trimester, and she wanted to wait for treatment. Britt didn't agree with a delay, but Willow vowed to not lose another child. Britt replied that the cancer was trying to kill Willow, and they had to stop it. They discussed pros and cons of waiting.

Willow didn't think that Britt could understand if she hadn't lost a child or had kids in her future. Britt exclaimed that there was no guarantee that Willow would even carry the baby to term if she waited for treatment. She suggested that Willow get a second opinion. Upon questioning from Willow, Britt revealed that she'd had a previous patient in similar circumstances. The baby had survived, but the mother had died. Willow wanted time to think and to speak to Michael. Britt made it clear that there would be fewer options if Willow waited.

As Britt looked at photos of Ben and rued the day that Lulu and Dante had changed his name to Rocco, there was a knock on her door. It was Spencer, who wanted to apologize again. He admitted that he hadn't been able to tell her the truth the first time he'd apologized. Britt was impressed with Spencer's deeds, and Spencer assured her he'd be okay. He wanted to make sure their relationship was good. He added that Trina didn't know the truth and never would. He admitted he had never had her and had never deserved her, but he wanted Trina to be happy.

Sonny met with Dex at the park, and he was angry for seeing Dex there. Sonny yelled at him for lying. Dex insisted that he hadn't thought his past would be relevant to the job, and he promised not to keep anything from Sonny again. Sonny confirmed that Dex wasn't fired yet.

Back at the pool after Marshall had gone, Portia and Curtis sat down with drinks. Curtis wanted to talk about kids. Suddenly, he announced that he had spotted something in the pool, and he dove in. Portia waited for him on the pool's edge. Curtis emerged from underwater and held up an engagement ring. "Our future," he said.

Nina observed T.J. talking on the phone with Molly and joking that they'd probably never have a meal together again. Nina flashed back to a hug between T.J. and Willow.

Willow returned home. Michael sensed that something was wrong. Willow announced that she had something to tell him.

The inaugural Quartermaine fundraiser picnic begins

The inaugural Quartermaine fundraiser picnic begins

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

At the hospital, Marshall and Jordan both became emotional when they started to reminisce about Thomas' death years earlier. Marshall opened up to Jordan about his diagnosis, and he worried that he'd genetically passed his schizophrenia down to Thomas.

Marshall asked if Jordan had seen any signs of schizophrenia in Thomas when the two had been married. Jordan recalled that Thomas had suffered from PTSD, and she said that if anyone was to blame for Thomas' death, it was Jordan because of her affair with Shawn.

Marshall noticed that Jordan still struggled with Thomas' death, and he related that he'd struggled, too, until he'd reunited with his family in Port Charles. Marshall assured Jordan that he would never judge her and that he'd forgiven Jordan's mistakes. Jordan and Marshall bonded over T.J., and the two said they were glad they'd met one another.

At the Metro Court pool, Curtis asked Portia to marry him, while T.J. started to record the proposal nearby. A crowd of people started to gather as Curtis waited for an answer. After a long speech, Portia finally said yes, and the crowd erupted in applause. T.J. was ecstatic, and he rushed over to wish Curtis and Portia good luck.

At a table by the pool, Curtis and Portia drank Champagne to toast to their happiness. The two kissed, and when they looked up, they saw Jordan at their table. Jordan congratulated Curtis and Portia, and she said that she was genuinely happy for the two of them. Portia hugged Jordan, and she said that Jordan's remarks had meant a lot to Portia. Jordan told Curtis that his happiness was all she'd ever wanted. Curtis replied that he wanted the same thing for Jordan.

Later, Portia received an urgent call. Portia found a private corner and told someone that she had waited weeks for an appointment for genetic counseling. Just then, Jordan inadvertently stumbled upon Portia, and she overheard the last thing Portia had said about genetic counseling. "No, it's not concerning me. It's concerning my daughter," Portia said.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Willow was prepared to share the news of her leukemia diagnosis with Michael. Instead, Michael spotted Sonny outside. Michael confronted Sonny and said that Sonny was not welcome at the picnic. Sonny said that he would not tolerate Michael's disrespect of Nina. Michael slammed the door in Sonny's face, and Sonny opened the door to go inside. "If you ever do that again, it will be the last time you ever close a door," Sonny threatened.

Willow deescalated the tension between Sonny and Michael, and Sonny left. Michael asked Willow to tell him her news, but the two were interrupted when Olivia brought Wiley into the room. Willow decided to hold off on sharing her news with Michael, and the two left with Wiley. After Michael and Willow left, Ava appeared from the back of the gatehouse.

Afterward, Ava sat on the sofa in the gatehouse, where she encountered Sonny. The two shared a warm moment when they bonded over Avery and again when Ava thanked Sonny for having done everything he had to help exonerate Trina. Sonny remarked that it was a shame that Esme had left town, and he recalled that Ava had said Esme would never be found. Sonny wanted to know more about Esme's whereabouts.

Just then, Nikolas appeared, and he told Sonny to leave Ava alone because Ava didn't know anything about Esme. Sonny cautioned Nikolas not to take another step in Sonny's direction. Nikolas warned that there would be "consequences" if Sonny refused to stay away from Ava. "I'm gonna tell you what I told your uncle. Take your best shot! See what happens!" Sonny yelled.

Ava escorted Nikolas outside, and she scolded him for having provoked Sonny. Ava said that Nikolas' outburst had been about his personal issues with Sonny instead of Nikolas having gone to Ava's rescue. Nikolas said that he would always go to Ava's rescue. "I know I messed up, but I love you. I will always be there for you," Nikolas vowed.

Outside, in the picnic area of the Quartermaine mansion, Willow shared a blanket with Terry and watched Wiley play. Willow confided that she had decided to postpone treatment until she reached her second trimester. Terry supported Willow's decision, and she surmised that Willow hadn't told her family.

Willow confirmed that she would wait until she started treatment to tell Michael. Terry tried to encourage Willow to tell Michael the truth and to begin treatment as soon as possible, but Willow refused and vowed that her decision was the best choice for her family.

Also outside in the picnic area, Drew had invited Carly to attend the picnic. Drew and Carly agreed to be each other's partners in a three-legged race with Brook Lynn and Chase. Ned gathered everyone for the start of the race, which Drew and Carly won after Brook Lynn and Chase tripped. Afterward, Brook Lynn congratulated Carly, and she rushed Carly into the mansion to ask if Carly and Drew were "a thing."

Carly insisted that she and Drew were only friends, but Brook Lynn thought there was something more between them. Brook Lynn encouraged Carly to "go for it" with Drew. "Oh, like you're going for it with Chase? Anyone with eyes can see the way you guys look at each other," Carly said to Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn tried to downplay her months-long attraction to Chase, but Carly surmised that Brook Lynn wanted something besides friendship with Chase. Brook Lynn changed the subject, and she encouraged Carly to tell Drew about Carly's feelings before things became too complicated. Carly said that Brook Lynn had offered some great advice, and she encouraged Brook Lynn to follow the advice herself.

In the kitchen, Leo had mixed a bowl of the Sicilian Thunderbolt "love potion," and Sam walked in to greet both Dante and Leo. Dante asked if Sam wanted to join him outside, but she hurried away instead. Leo told Dante to not worry because Sam wouldn't be mad at Dante for much longer. Leo started to pour the drink into a series of Solo cups. Leo brought the drinks outside to a picnic table, and one by one, everyone reached for a cup.

Back in the kitchen, Sonny recalled how long he'd known Olivia, and he asked if Olivia could be happy for him. Olivia expressed that while she wanted Sonny to be happy, she wished he'd found it with anyone besides Nina. Sonny said that life sometimes chose who people were with.

Just then, Leo rushed into the kitchen and told Olivia that he needed to talk to her. After Sonny left, Leo confessed that he'd made the Sicilian Thunderbolt recipe for Dante and Sam. Leo revealed that he'd put the cups down and that when he'd come back later, all the cups had been drunk. Leo worried that he'd made a mistake.

Back outside, Chase asked Sam if she'd seen Brook Lynn. Chase noticed that Sam looked lonely and sad. Chase offered to be a friend to Sam, who suddenly smiled affectionately up at Chase. Nearby, Brook Lynn ran into Dante, and she flashed the same affectionate smile at Dante.

Nearby, Nikolas invited Ava to play cornball. The two drank the Sicilian Thunderbolt drink, and they seemed happier than they'd been since Ava had learned about Nikolas' affair with Esme. Carly and Drew sipped from their cups, and Carly stared longingly at Drew.

Jordan figures out what Portia is hiding

Jordan figures out what Portia is hiding

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

At Kelly's, Trina and Rory sat at a cozy table by the window as they held hands and sipped on their drinks. Rory confessed that he could get used to spending time with Trina, but she worried that he might be bored, since he was no longer forbidden from seeing her. Rory tried to lighten the mood by assuring Trina that he didn't buy sodas for just any beautiful woman he met in the interrogation room, but Trina explained that things felt lopsided. Trina pointed out that Rory knew about her life and her hobbies and had even met her family, but she knew nothing about him. Rory worried that Trina might find him boring, but she disagreed -- unless he had a stamp collection.

Trina was stunned when Rory revealed that he had been working on a graphic novel. She was curious why he hadn't mentioned being an artist sooner, but he was quick to clarify that he "doodled." Trina was eager to hear more about Rory's hidden talents, so he confided that he enjoyed cooking, and he'd love to invite her to his place for dinner. Trina was impressed because Rory was a physically active man, he had artistic ambition, and he cooked.

At Metro Court's pool, Portia stood in a quiet alcove as she spoke on the phone, trying to schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor. Portia explained that there were concerns about her daughter's paternal line.

Nearby, Jordan overheard Portia on the phone. Jordan was reminded of an exchange she'd had with Portia at the Savoy when Jordan had asked if Portia had talked to Trina about the things Portia had mentioned the day that Portia and Jordan had nearly died. Jordan recalled that Portia had wanted Trina to know something important about Taggert. Jordan pushed the memory away as Portia ended the call and walked away. Moments later, Spencer bumped into Jordan, and he immediately sensed that something was wrong. Jordan claimed she'd had too much sun.

Meanwhile, Anna entered the pool area as she had a tense exchange with Lucy on the phone about Victor and the Quartermaine charity picnic. Anna's frustration mounted when the line suddenly went dead. Before Anna could call Lucy back, Curtis called out to Anna. Curtis was surprised to see "the hardest working woman in international law enforcement" taking the day off. Anna smiled and shifted gears because she'd been happy to hear that the charges against Trina had been dropped.

Curtis revealed that his family had a lot to celebrate, including his engagement to Portia. Anna was happy for Curtis, and she offered her congratulations. Moments later, Portia walked up. At Anna's prodding, Portia showed off her beautiful engagement ring and shared the details of Curtis' romantic proposal. Curtis promised there was more waiting for Portia at home. Unfortunately, Curtis was forced to excuse himself when his phone rang. Portia took the opportunity to thank Anna for being gracious, especially since Anna and Jordan were close friends.

Before Anna could reply, Curtis returned with bad news. Curtis explained that the celebration would have to wait because he had to take care of something that required his immediate attention. Portia promised she understood, and she gave him a quick kiss. After Curtis left, Anna acknowledged Jordan was a good friend, but Anna was confident everyone had moved on from the divorce. Anna assured Portia that she was genuinely happy for Curtis and Portia.

Just then, Jordan walked up, and she agreed with Anna. Touched by the support, Portia vowed to spend the rest of her life making Curtis happy. The conversation took an uncomfortable turn when Jordan reminded Portia that Curtis valued transparency more than anything. Jordan admitted that she hoped Portia wouldn't make the same mistake Jordan had made because Jordan had kept too many important things from Curtis. Portia thanked Jordan for the advice, but Portia insisted Portia and Curtis tried not to keep secrets from each other.

Moments later, Spencer walked up and handed Jordan a glass of water. Portia seized the opportunity to ask for a private word with Spencer, and the two walked away. Anna apologized for not reaching out to Jordan sooner, but Jordan assured Anna it was fine. Anna noticed that Jordan's gaze had strayed to Portia, so Anna took the opportunity to question Jordan about Jordan's advice to Portia. Jordan asked what Anna would do if Anna knew something that would deeply impact an ex's relationship. Anna explained that it was important for Jordan to examine Jordan's reasons for wanting to reveal the information before deciding whether or not to share it.

Nearby, Spencer assured Portia the last thing he wanted was to add to her stress. Portia admitted that she hadn't completely changed her mind about Spencer, but she appreciated the sacrifice he had made to help Trina. Spencer said he was grateful. Portia warned Spencer that Trina had moved on from the trial, from what Esme had done, and from Spencer. Portia made it clear that Trina was finally happy, and Portia did not want Spencer ruining that.

Portia suddenly beamed with joy when she saw Trina and Rory walk up. After a polite greeting, Spencer excused himself and walked over to a lounge chair. Portia led Trina and Rory to a nearby table, where she shared the news about Curtis' proposal. Trina was happy for her mother, and Rory offered his congratulations. The celebration was cut short when Portia's phone rang. After Portia left, Trina excused herself and approached Spencer.

Trina asked if Spencer had heard from the district attorney, but Spencer shook his head. Spencer explained that he was expected to report to Pentonville in three days. Trina was upset because she thought it was unfair that Spencer's sentence had been extended. Rory offered to help by talking to a friend about getting Spencer assigned to work in Pentonville's library. Trina was touched by the offer, but Spencer rolled his eyes.

At the hospital, Portia met with the genetic counselor to discuss Trina's case. The genetic counselor explained that she would need Trina's consent to run the tests, and she could only discuss the results of the genetic testing with Trina.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Olivia assured Leo that he hadn't done anything wrong, but she wished her son had talked to her before making a love potion for Dante and Sam. Olivia promised Leo the ingredients of the love potion had been harmless, but Leo remained concerned because the wrong people might drink it, which meant the wrong people would fall in love. Olivia explained that in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Tatiana the fairy queen thought she had been in love with Bottom, but they had been wrong for each other. According to Olivia, the course of true love was never smooth, but -- like in the play -- the universe always righted itself in the end.

Ned entered the kitchen as Olivia and Leo discussed Leo's concerns. Ned was curious what was troubling Leo, so Leo told his father about the "Sicilian Thunderbolt." Ned recognized the name of the concoction Olivia had tried to give him when Ned had suffered from shingles. Olivia conceded the potion had many uses, but Leo clarified that he'd made a love potion. Olivia explained that Leo had made a batch, and people at the picnic had drunk it. Leo continued to worry, prompting Olivia to send up a prayer to her Nonna to set things right.

Ned reminded Leo the Shakespearean play had also taught a valuable lesson about the dangers of trying to manipulate people's feelings. Leo took the warning to heart, and Ned was satisfied that his son had learned his lesson. After Leo scampered off to check on the results of the potion, Ned called Olivia out for believing the love potion worked. Olivia insisted there was plenty of magic in the world, and Ned needed to learn how to recognize it. Olivia told Ned the story about her Nonna's love for the local butcher, who had been promised to the milkman's daughter.

Olivia credited the love potion with making it possible for her Nonna and the butcher to fall in love, move away, and start their own family. Ned was curious if Olivia had given him the love potion. "As if we needed it," Olivia said. Olivia smiled and kissed Ned.

In the library, Brook Lynn greeted Dante. She took a sip from her drink, as he returned her smile and took a deep drink from his plastic cup. They both made an effort to appear as if they'd been having fun, but they quickly dropped the pretense because they knew each other too well. Dante admitted he and Sam might have hit a roadblock.

Later, Brook Lynn ran into Chase on the patio as she left the library. She told Chase that he had just missed Dante, but Chase revealed that he'd been looking for her. Brook Lynn was startled when Chase accused her of being "pigheaded," brash, and impossible to understand from one moment to the next. Hurt, Brook Lynn called Chase a "Pollyanna choirboy" with a questionable sense of fashion. To Brook Lynn's surprise, Chase admitted that she was also caring, passionate, and incredibly sexy. "And I've been falling for you for a long time now," Chase said.

Chase explained that he hadn't wanted to miss another opportunity to tell Brook Lynn how he felt, even if she felt different. Brook Lynn made her feelings clear by kissing Chase. The passionate kiss ended when Chase pulled away and asked if she had heard a noise. Brook Lynn suggested it had been a very large mosquito, but Leo popped up from behind a chair and informed the adults he was not a mosquito. Brook Lynn gently chastised Leo for eavesdropping, but Leo argued that Chase and Brook Lynn had been kissing, not talking.

Brook Lynn's smile vanished when Leo confessed that Chase and Brook Lynn had drunk a love potion that Leo had made. Brook Lynn was horrified when she realized Leo had been referring to the Sicilian Thunderbolt, but Chase thought it was amusing. He whispered, "thank you," to Leo. After Leo walked away, Chase was eager to pick up where he and Brook Lynn had left off, but Brook Lynn was concerned about the love potion. Brook Lynn insisted Nonna Tuccia's recipes had a reputation because Nonna Tuccia had had a gift. Chase argued that the potion hadn't made him kiss Brook Lynn because he'd had feelings for her for a long time.

Brook Lynn believed Chase, but she questioned if what they were feeling was real. She suggested that perhaps what Chase truly felt was gratitude because she had been helping him embark on a new career, but he was offended that she would think he didn't know his own feelings. Brook Lynn assured him that she would love nothing more than for their feelings to be real, but she didn't know how they could be certain they were.

Elsewhere on the property, Dante ran into Sam as she was headed to the stables to fetch her phone, which she had left there. When Sam mentioned how much she liked the stables, Dante suggested he should have asked her to move into the stables with him. "Ouch," Sam said. Dante immediately regretted the bad joke, but Sam knew it had been more than that because she had hurt Dante. Dante assured Sam that he understood it had been too much too soon, and it had pushed her away.

Sam pointed out that she was there with Dante. Dante was eager to fix things, so he promised not to discuss Sam moving in with him until she was ready. Sam confessed that she might not ever be ready because she had gotten stuck inside her own head. Dante wondered if it had anything to do with Lulu. Sam admitted that she kept thinking she couldn't measure up to Dante's memories of Lulu. Dante assured Sam that she was wrong, and the offer for her to move in with him would always be open.

Sam suggested that she and Dante control their own fate. "Let's do it," Sam said. Dante asked if she was certain. Sam nodded, and Dante hugged her. However, Dante admitted that he didn't want Sam and her kids to move in with him and Rocco.

At the boathouse, Drew manned the barbeque grill. He invited Carly to be his sous chef, but she told him it was not why she was there. The two engaged in flirtatious banter until Carly worked up the courage to ask if Drew had been flirting with her. She told him about Olivia and Brook Lynn's certainty that he had a crush on her, so Carly wanted to know where Drew stood. Drew turned the question around on Carly, but rather than answer, Carly decided they should just let it drop and pretend she hadn't said anything.

Drew reached for Carly's hand to stop her from walking away. He acknowledged that Olivia and Brook Lynn had seen sparks because he had been flirting with Carly. Carly was surprised that he had confirmed it, so Drew pushed Carly to be honest, too. Carly explained that she hadn't let herself consider Drew as anything more than a friend because Drew was Sam's ex and Jason's brother. Drew hadn't realized those things had been holding Carly back, but she was curious what had been holding Drew back. Drew confessed that he'd been reluctant to make the move because she'd been in the middle of a divorce.

In the park, Curtis greeted Selina. Selina was eager to congratulate Curtis on the outcome of Trina's dramatic trial. Curtis conceded that everyone was relieved, but Selina could have just as easily sent Curtis a message. Selina informed him that their visit was a message because she had wanted to express in person how pleased she'd been that her tip on where to find Oz Haggerty had paid off. Curtis assured Selina he'd been grateful for her assistance, but she wanted to know how far that gratitude extended.

Curtis decided to cut to the chase by asking what Selina wanted. Selina revealed the Savoy would soon be in receipt of an import, and Selina's people would take possession of the shipment when it arrived from the docks. Curtis wanted to know more about the shipment, but Selina doubted Curtis was prepared to pay the price for the knowledge by deepening their arrangement. Curtis agreed, so Selina explained that she expected his staff to be discreet. Curtis made it clear that he and his staff would not be involved, and he did not want any illegal goods trafficked through the Savoy.

Selina assured Curtis that she appreciated their friendship, but Curtis questioned that, since she'd been strong-arming him. Selina reminded Curtis that she had helped him with Trina. Selina acknowledged that she and Curtis might have different definitions of friendship, but they could both agree it was better to have Selina as an ally rather than an adversary. Before she departed, Selina made a veiled threat about Curtis' family's continued good fortune. Curtis realized he was in too deep.

Spencer overhears a bombshell

Spencer overhears a bombshell

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Carly and Drew shared a kiss by the boathouse, and Drew wondered if they should be doing that. Carly replied that she didn't know and didn't care. The two kissed their way into the boathouse, and Carly slammed the door shut. As a fire raged on the grill outside, Drew marveled over how many times he'd pictured it, and Carly agreed.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, an unhappy Olivia was on the phone. Sonny entered and wondered what was going on, and she informed him that the desserts for the picnic had gone missing. Yuri entered and announced that the delivery truck wasn't there yet. She showed her copy of the order to Sonny, who noticed that she'd accidentally had the order being delivered to the hotel instead. Just then, an alarm went off on Olivia's phone, and she saw that there was a fire at the boathouse. She and Sonny ran out to deal with it.

At the Metro Court pool, Nina, Liesl, and Scott were content to not be at the Quartermaine picnic. Just then, a hotel employee ran in and told Nina that there was a disaster. She revealed that there had been a huge delivery of ready-made desserts, and the new chef was threatening to quit over it. Nina calmed the woman down, and she realized that the desserts probably belonged to the picnic. She instructed the woman to explain the mistake to the chef, and the woman left. Liesl suggested that Nina "ride to the rescue" and take the desserts to the picnic herself, and Scott agreed. Nina called them both evil, but she liked the plan, so the three left.

A short while later, Nina arrived in the Quartermaine kitchen and asked Leo where to find Olivia. Yuri entered and informed Nina that Olivia and Sonny had gone to put out a fire at the boathouse. A terrified Nina ran out of the house.

Sonny and Olivia arrived at the boathouse, and Sonny quickly shoveled dirt onto the fire on the grill. Inside the boathouse, Carly and Drew heard yelling and burst from the boathouse. Olivia demanded to know who had been on grill duty, and Drew took the blame. He and Carly apologized for getting distracted. Just then, Nina ran in and jumped into Sonny's arms, grateful that he was all right. She suddenly realized that she was overreacting and informed Olivia that she had the desserts meant for the picnic. Sonny offered to help Nina unload them from her car, and they left.

Carly and Drew retrieved cleaning supplies from the boathouse and got to work on the grill. Carly talked about how scary fire could be, but Drew thought it was beautiful. She mentioned how much damage fire could cause, and Drew wondered if she was talking about fire safety or them. She admitted that, while part of her hadn't wanted to stop what they'd been doing in the boathouse, part of her was grateful for the step back. While she wanted to figure out whether or not she was willing to risk their friendship, she told him that he was "a hell of a kisser," and she left.

Sonny told Nina that she'd saved the day with the desserts, but she countered that he'd saved the day by putting out the fire. Nina said she had noticed that there had been a "vibe" between Carly and Drew, but Sonny brushed it off as their own business. He continued that he'd rather talk about her and how glad he was that she was there. The two shared a kiss.

In the kitchen, Olivia and Leo ate s'mores. Leo still wondered who'd drunk the Sicilian Thunderbolt. She replied that, if he'd made it the exact way that Nonna had made it, there could be two "lovestruck picnic-goers" wandering around.

Nikolas entered the stables and lamented Ava taking off on him. "I don't blame Ava," Nikolas heard someone say. Spencer continued that no one wanted to put their heart out there just to have it crushed. Nikolas assumed that Spencer was talking about Trina. Spencer revealed that he hadn't told her the truth, she'd moved on, and he was happy for her.

Spencer guessed no one would miss him while he was in Pentonville, but Nikolas insisted that he would. He knew that Spencer had hidden out in the stables because he felt carefree while riding. He proposed a trip to Greece once Spencer got out, and they could go feast and ride horses on the beach. "It's a nice picture. I just can't see it," Spencer replied tearfully, and he left.

Ava found Victor making a drink in the Quartermaine living room. "You read my mind," she said, and he handed her a martini. He invited her to sit so they could "reach an understanding." She replied that every time she got close to Nikolas, he proved that he was a typical Cassadine. Victor admitted that his family was complicated, but he was sure that hers was the same. "I don't pretend to be a saint," she said, and Victor commented that she just wanted to be married to one. She shot back that she wanted to be married to someone who didn't sleep with his son's girlfriend.

Victor didn't condone what Nikolas had done, but he conceded that Esme was definitely capable of taking advantage of a weak moment. He added that Esme "is" manipulative, and Ava corrected him, "Was." "From your lips," Victor toasted. He sensed that Ava was afraid of something, and he intuited that it was being hurt again. He said his focus was keeping the family intact, and while he was disappointed in Nikolas, he warned her that attacking one Cassadine meant attacking them all. He wondered if she'd rather be an enemy or family, and she reminded him that she had no one else to turn to.

Just then, Nikolas entered the room, and Ava turned to leave so that he could talk to Victor. Both men insisted that she stay. Victor pulled out a cigar and said that he was going outside, anyway. "On a night like this, anything is possible. Even new beginnings," he concluded, and he left.

Victor bumped into Spencer outside, and he was surprised to see his great-nephew. Spencer replied that he should have stayed home, as everyone was either avoiding him or feeling sorry for him. He reasoned that Nikolas had said all the right things, and Victor assumed that Spencer had pushed him away. Spencer responded that there was nothing Nikolas could do, but Victor urged him to think about whether or not there was anything Spencer could do for Nikolas.

Ava told Nikolas about her conversation with Victor about being an enemy or family. Nikolas insisted that they could still make their marriage work, as he still loved her, and he believed that she still loved him, too. He continued that he wasn't trying to erase what he'd done, but he urged her to remember the good times so they could build on them. He wondered if she was willing to take a leap of faith with him, and he kissed her. She pulled away and stated that it was too late. She informed him that he had broken their marriage the moment he'd had sex with Esme. Right at that moment, Spencer entered the room.

Finn and Elizabeth arrived at the picnic, and Terry was glad to see them. Elizabeth apologized for being hard on them both before. She added that she and Finn were in a great place. Finn agreed, but he thought back to calling Elizabeth's sister behind her back. Elizabeth wondered if Terry had heard from Chet. Terry replied that he was doing well, and she was happy for him. Terry said she hoped the two enjoyed the picnic, and she walked away. Elizabeth said that Terry was putting on a brave front, and she talked about how lucky she was to have Finn.

Scott and Liesl approached, and Liesl snidely commented on Finn wearing black to a picnic. Scott chimed in that he didn't care what Finn wore as long as he put a smile on Elizabeth's face. When Finn and Elizabeth were gone, Liesl complained about all the people there, as she wanted Scott all to herself. "That can be arranged," he purred, and he led her away. When they finally had some privacy, Liesl caught sight of Victor approaching. Victor said he hoped he wasn't interrupting anything, and Liesl shot back that she hoped he found some poison ivy. Scott wondered where she wanted to go, and she answered, "Anywhere but here." The two walked off as Victor smirked.

Finn and Elizabeth entered the stables, and he took his phone out. She reminded him that he wasn't on call, and she put his phone on the table. The two shared a passionate kiss, and when they broke apart, Elizabeth commented that he hadn't kissed her like that in a while. "Shame on me," he replied. He wished that he had the words to tell her what she meant to him, and he said he just wanted her to feel safe and happy. She insisted that she did because of him.

Finn and Elizabeth shared another passionate kiss. Elizabeth thought that there had to be a blanket around somewhere. Catching her meaning, Finn ran off to find a blanket. Elizabeth closed the stable door as his phone began to ring. She was shocked to look at the phone and see a call from Sarah Webber.

Terry and Yuri bumped into each other and smiled. Earlier, both had taken cups of Leo's lemonade at the same time and smiled at each other. Yuri realized that he didn't know her name, and they introduced themselves. He offered his arm to her. She linked her arm through his, and they walked toward the picnic.

Ava is viciously attacked by an unknown assailant

Ava is viciously attacked by an unknown assailant

Friday, August 26, 2022

At the Metro Court pool, Yuri joined Terry for a quiet evening alone. Yuri and Terry got to know each other better, and the two talked about their lives and backgrounds. Terry accidentally dropped her necklace into the pool, and Yuri surprised her when he jumped in to retrieve it. After Yuri had fished out the necklace, he placed it around Terry's neck. Both Yuri and Terry were happy to be in each other's presence.

Outside at the Quartermaine picnic, Mac learned from Felicia, Anna, and Lucy that Dominique had given birth to Cody. Mac went with Felicia to find Cody, and the two discovered Cody alone with Britt.

Mac recalled that he'd known Dominique intimately, and he added that he saw plenty of Dominique in Cody. Mac said that Dominique had been a good person, and he and Felicia left. Afterwards, Felicia said that Mac had lied to Cody. Mac reasoned that Cody had enough "mother issues" to work out without the need for Mac to further complicate things.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Victor asked for Valentin's help to get the Cassadine family back in order. Valentin noted that Nikolas, Spencer, and Ava all hated Valentin -- with justification, Valentin said. Victor threatened Valentin when he said that Charlotte's temporary stay in boarding school could become permanent.

Just then, Lucy appeared, and Victor was instantly smitten. Valentin fumed, and he wanted Lucy out of the kitchen. Victor tried to flatter and charm Lucy. Valentin mentioned that Martin was out of town, and he said that Martin wouldn't appreciate Victor and Lucy cozying up to each other. While Lucy pretended to need help opening a pickle jar, Valentin took a photo of Lucy and Victor, and he threatened to send it to Martin.

Lucy said goodnight to Victor. When Lucy was out of earshot, Victor expressed his desire to have Lucy all to himself. Victor asked Valentin to delete the photo of Victor and Lucy, and Valentin agreed. "Charlotte would be proud," Victor remarked as he left the kitchen.

Later, Lucy met with Anna, who demanded to know how Lucy's conversation with Victor had gone. Lucy confided that Victor had fallen for her "hook, line, and pickles." Lucy said that she'd noticed the tension between Victor and Valentin and that it had been palpable. Lucy surmised that Victor had Valentin on a short leash.

In the stables at the Quartermaine mansion, Elizabeth was furious when she learned that Finn had contacted her sister Sarah Webber. Elizabeth went to leave, but Finn demanded that Elizabeth stay and face the burden she had been carrying. Elizabeth reminded Finn that she had never asked for his help. "Yet somehow you're still meddling in my life," Elizabeth noted.

Finn admitted that he'd gone against Elizabeth's wishes and boundaries once again, and he tried to claim that he'd done so out of concern for his daughter, Violet. Elizabeth said that any distress she had was her own burden to carry. Finn quipped that it was clear Elizabeth had a problem.

Finn tried to bring Elizabeth's three children into the argument, and he wondered how Cameron, Jake, and Aiden felt to see Elizabeth struggling. Despite knowing that Elizabeth's parents were a major trigger, Finn then brought up Jeff again. Elizabeth pleaded with Finn to not talk about Jeff and to leave her alone. Finn said that he would not leave Elizabeth alone, and he referenced his past demons with addiction and the need to not be in denial. "You're not my doctor! You're not my anything," Elizabeth exclaimed, and she ran out of the stables.

Later after Elizabeth had left, she noticed a mysterious cut on her forehead. Elizabeth recalled Finn's remark about Jeff, and she had another flashback to when she had confronted the mystery woman atop a staircase at a young age.

"Stay away from my father!" Elizabeth remembered her younger self saying. "Stay out of it. Your father wouldn't want you involved," the mystery woman had replied. "Don't talk about my father. See what happens if you do!" a young Elizabeth had responded.

Also at the picnic outside, Austin and Maxie were interrupted by Mason. Austin asked for some time alone with Mason. After Maxie left, Austin placed Mason in a chokehold. "I'm only gonna say this one time. You leave Maxie and her family out of this, or the pain that you're feeling right now will not be fleeting," Austin told Mason.

In the main room of the Quartermaine mansion, Spencer overheard Ava say that Nikolas had had sex with Esme. Spencer was devastated, and he demanded to know the truth. "Father, I need to know. Tell me if this is just another one of Ava's lies. I know who she is, and I know who you are. You're my dad. Please, please, say something!" Spencer pleaded.

Spencer was horrified when Nikolas admitted that he'd had sex with Esme months earlier. Ava and Nikolas started to yell at one another. Nikolas accused Ava of having wrecked his relationship with Spencer because Ava had never gotten the chance to heal her relationship with Kiki before Kiki's death. Ava slapped Nikolas and left.

Outside in the picnic area, a tipsy Ava wandered off and stumbled upon the confrontation between Austin and Mason. By then, Mason had surprised Austin when he'd brought a knife to Austin's throat. Mason demanded Austin's cooperation. "When I call, you answer. And it will be, 'Yes, sir' and 'Thank you, sir,' when I give you instructions. Got it?" Mason asked. "Loud and clear," said Ava, who had overheard at least part of the argument between Austin and Mason.

Ava formally said hello to Austin and Mason, and she said that she'd only gone for a refill. After Ava left, Austin told Mason not to worry about whatever Ava might have overheard. Mason cryptically replied that he wasn't one to worry, and he went to hunt down Ava.

Back inside the mansion, Spencer sobbed as he pleaded with Nikolas to say that Nikolas had never slept with Esme. Spencer asked how long Nikolas and Esme's affair had lasted. Nikolas noted that it had only happened once. Nikolas said he hadn't told Spencer because he hadn't wanted to hurt his son. Spencer said that he wanted Nikolas to call the affair with Esme what it was: a betrayal. Spencer then listed all the ways that he said Nikolas had betrayed him through the years -- including the years Nikolas had let Spencer believe Nikolas was dead.

Nikolas said that he would never forgive himself for having let Spencer believe Nikolas was dead. Nikolas asked how his mistake with Esme had been worse than his decision to not tell Spencer that Nikolas had been alive years earlier. Spencer said the worst part about Nikolas' sexual tryst with Esme was that Spencer had already stopped loving Esme. "But you, I loved you. You are my dad. You meant everything to me. No longer," Spencer said with a tone of finality.

Spencer said that everything he'd done, even his mistakes, had been to bring him and Nikolas closer together. "I thought that I knew who you were. I really did. I thought I knew, but I don't. I'm done with you," Spencer said, and he walked out of the mansion.

Later, in the picnic area, Victor found a heavily inebriated Spencer, who had resumed yelling at Nikolas. Victor overheard Spencer say that he was officially letting Nikolas go. Spencer left in a hurry. "What the hell just happened?" Victor asked. "Ava happened," Nikolas groused.

Nearby, Mason searched the Quartermaine residence, and he vowed again to silence Ava despite Austin's continued pleas to the contrary.

Outside the boathouse in a thickening fog, Ava walked alone. Inside the boathouse, a mysterious figure put on a pair of gloves and reached for a sharp hook on the wall. As a drunken Ava toasted to divorce, the person with the gloved hand sneaked up behind Ava, reached around her body, and plunged the hook into the lower left quadrant of Ava's abdomen.

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