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Lucy made a decision about Sasha's future at Deception. Sasha was offered her freedom in exchange for Brando being appointed her guardian. Ava woke up, but her memory of the attack was hazy. Valentin told Anna about Charlotte's abduction. Elizabeth opened up to Finn about losing time and her brief flashbacks of childhood memories. Dante and Sam made plans to move in together.
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Ava woke up, but her memory of the attack was hazy. Valentin told Anna about Charlotte's abduction. Elizabeth opened up about her brief flashbacks of childhood memories.
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The picnic ends with a gruesome discovery

The picnic ends with a gruesome discovery

Monday, August 29, 2022

At the Quartermaine picnic, Josslyn encouraged Michael on the phone to have his evening with Willow while she babysat for Wiley at the main house. Once she ended the call, she turned and informed Nina that Nina was not welcome. Josslyn said that she hadn't told Michael about Nina's presence and was capable of throwing Nina out herself. Nina clarified that she was there with Olivia's party desserts, and Sonny confirmed that as he walked into the room. He urged Josslyn to be civil like her mother had taught her, but Josslyn retorted that Carly had also taught her how to deal with a "backstabbing bitch." Josslyn added that she was only tolerating Sonny because he'd helped Trina. She stormed out.

Nina declared that no one wanted her there, and she didn't want another confrontation. Sonny stated that Josslyn and Michael had been unfair, rude, and sad, but he and others wanted Nina to stay. Sonny added that they could go back to his place once Dex arrived with papers that had to be signed. Anna walked in and asked to speak to Sonny, and Nina stepped out. Anna wondered if Sonny had any information on Victor and illegal activities. She believed that Victor had an agenda.

Sonny replied that he would give Anna information if he had any, and the only thing he knew was that apparently Victor had helped Spencer to escape from prison. He said he didn't have proof, though. Sonny added that he had always told Spencer that loyalty was important, and he'd been impressed that Spencer had been taking responsibility for his actions. Anna told Sonny that Spencer was lucky to have Sonny as a role model, and Sonny appreciated it. He said that some of his family members wouldn't agree.

Anna commiserated over Sonny's circumstances, as she'd had her own history with Robert. Sonny noted that Anna and Robert were still friends, but Carly would never accept Nina. Anna thought that Sonny was only following his heart.

In another part of the house, Finn and Valentin ran into each other as they looked for Elizabeth and Anna. They heard groans and ran outside. Spencer was staggering in their direction and exclaimed that he never wanted to see his father again. Valentin fetched a glass of water, and inside, he and Finn tended to the intoxicated young man. Spencer blamed Valentin for his initial problems that had caused Nikolas to play dead. Finn wrapped his arm around Spencer on the sofa. Valentin said that he was sorry, and he left. Spencer commented that he hated Valentin, and Finn agreed that he wasn't a fan.

Spencer admitted that he couldn't blame Valentin for everything, and he laughed. He exclaimed that his father had either changed or had never been real. Finn replied that he'd had his own father issues, and he had learned that fathers weren't superhuman but occasionally screwed up. He concluded that it didn't mean they loved their kids any less. Victor found Spencer and Finn and insisted on looking after Spencer himself. Finn tried to resist and stated that he had been making some "headway." Victor acknowledged that he knew why Spencer was upset.

After Finn had gone, Spencer headed to the alcohol cart. He informed Victor that he didn't want a lecture on an "error in judgment." Olivia walked in and reminded the men that the festivities were outside. Victor replied that they'd needed a break, and Olivia confessed that the benefit had been an ordeal. She said she had some things to look after, and she went on her way. Victor wondered why she seemed "out of sorts."

Spencer laughed sarcastically when he learned that Victor knew about Nikolas and Esme, and Victor was horrified to hear that Spencer had heard about it from Ava. Spencer wanted to leave, but Victor was afraid that Spencer would tell someone about Nikolas and Esme. Spencer assured him that the news would make him look bad, and he wasn't that drunk. He also confessed that he remembered "next to nothing" of the evening.

Outside the stable, Felicia reminded Mac that he and Dominque had been a couple, and she thought that he should tell Cody before someone else did. Mac still couldn't believe that Dominque had had a son and kept it secret. He didn't think it sounded like the woman he'd known. He wondered why Dominque wouldn't have reclaimed her son after Taub's death. Felicia pondered whether Dominque had even known she'd had a son because she'd been at Shady Brook, and she suggested that Taub could have taken the baby.

Mac didn't buy Felicia's idea because Taub had been after control and Dominque's money, and the baby would have given Taub that and more. Mac recalled Dominque as being happy after Shady Brook and wanting to get on with her life.

Inside the stable, Britt slapped Cody after he kissed her, which took him by surprise. He pointed out that it had been a "damn good kiss." Britt explained that the slap hadn't been based on the quality but rather the fact that he'd tried to distract her. She demanded to know why he'd been fascinated with her brother and father. Cody refused to believe that Britt hadn't liked the kiss and wasn't attracted to him. He pointed out what he believed to be their mutual interests.

Britt was quiet and confessed that she was attracted to Cody. "Nothing is more terrifying than liking someone," she said. Cody couldn't understand why it would be scary, and she told him how she'd been comfortably honest with someone who'd gotten killed. She continued that the kiss had made her feel something, but that would always lead to pain. Cody suggested they kiss again to test her theory. They did, and Britt declared that she was still scared, but she would risk another date with him.

Nikolas found Elizabeth sitting on the lawn with a cut on her head. She asked him what had happened as he helped her to stand up. She recalled arguing with Finn in the stable about his phone call to Sarah. She continued that Finn had been supportive of her previously, but he'd been fixated on her parents and had suspected her of hiding something. She had a flashback to being told to keep away from someone's father and realized it was happening again; she was losing time. She told Nikolas she had been having memories that didn't make sense and had suffered from vertigo. She blamed Finn for pressuring her.

Elizabeth said she didn't think a relationship could work when there was a lack of trust. Nikolas agreed and admitted he'd been referring to Ava. He explained that they'd been trying to overcome trust issues, but it had been impossible. He had blamed himself for some of it, but Ava had just committed the worst betrayal of all. "We're definitely over," Nikolas said.

Just then, Finn walked over to them and asked to speak to Elizabeth. He asked about the scrape on her forehead. Nikolas intervened, but Finn suggested that Nikolas check on Spencer instead. Nikolas admitted he didn't think he was the right person to do that, and he didn't want to leave Elizabeth and Finn alone. Finn said he was sorry for going behind Elizabeth's back, but she just glared at him.

Elsewhere, Valentin happened upon Nina, and he began to quote a poem to her. Nina finished it, and they acknowledged that it was not Shakespeare but Lord Byron. They were surprised to find each other at the party, and Nina confessed she'd had a run-in with Josslyn. Valentin remarked that he'd had his own with Spencer. He asked about the hotel, and Nina agreed that she did have some "buyer's remorse." She added that Sonny had been good about it, and he'd been a realist by her side.

Ava groaned as she lay on the ground outside the boathouse. She grabbed at her mid-section as the blood oozed out. She attempted to call out for help, to no avail, until Josslyn walked by and spotted her. Ava begged the panic-stricken Josslyn not to leave. Josslyn managed to run into the boathouse for a towel that she used to apply pressure to the wound. She screamed for help as Ava lost consciousness, and Dex found them. Josslyn demanded that he apply the pressure and give her his phone.

Josslyn called for an ambulance, but Dex didn't think there was time to wait. He ran inside and grabbed another cloth, which he used to tie around the towel as a pressure bandage. He explained that he'd had experience in Afghanistan, and there was no time to lose. He suggested they move Ava to his car for a trip to the hospital.

Olivia found Mac and Felicia outside the stables and told them she'd received a call about an attack on the property. She didn't know exactly where it had happened. Mac quickly phoned the police department for information.

Inside the house, Anna received a phone call from Jordan about the attack.

Olivia, Felicia, and Mac wandered around the property. Mac spotted the blood on the boathouse patio and phoned the forensics unit. Soon after, as the location was marked as a crime scene, other partygoers arrived. Mac indicated that he would need statements from everyone including Spencer, Victor, Finn, Elizabeth, and Nikolas. Victor looked around shifty-eyed.

At the hospital, Ava was wheeled into the ER as staff tended to her. As she proceeded to the OR, Dex and Josslyn walked in, all covered in blood. Josslyn pointed out that Dex would be responsible if Ava pulled through. He replied that they both would be.

Back at the Quartermaines', Anna and Valentin went over the few details that they knew about the attack. Anna wondered if it had been criminal or intelligence and if Victor had been involved. She received a text message from Jordan, who revealed that Ava had been the victim.

Jordan searches for answers about Ava's stabbing

Jordan searches for answers about Ava's stabbing

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

In his room at Metro Court, a hungover Spencer heard loud sounds of someone repeatedly banging on his door. "This better be a damn emergency!" Spencer yelled after he'd gotten to his feet. "It is a damn emergency!" Victor said sternly after Spencer had opened the door.

Both Victor and Spencer accused one another of having been the person responsible for Ava's stabbing. Spencer quipped that Victor had known that Ava had become a "liability." Victor, in turn, complimented Spencer for having deflected suspicion away from Spencer.

"Let me lay it all out for you. Ava controls your fortune, your money. In other words, she controls you. She flung your father and girlfriend's betrayal in your face, which turned your world on its axis yesterday. Your rage drove you to consume an obscene amount of alcohol, loosening your inhibitions. The attack was up close and personal. You see, my dear nephew, you have as much reason to kill Ava as anyone," Victor said.

Spencer eventually convinced Victor of Spencer's innocence. Spencer then gleefully wondered if Nikolas might have stabbed Ava. Victor said that it was possible, and he quipped that Nikolas might be the one who needed protection. Spencer wondered why Nikolas deserved protection, and Victor reminded Spencer that Nikolas was still Spencer's father.

Victor said the Cassadines held one another accountable "in-house," and he encouraged Spencer to omit any references to Nikolas and Esme having had sex when Spencer gave his statement to the police. Victor hinted that he would give Spencer control of his trust fund if Spencer agreed to keep quiet about Nikolas' affair with Esme. Spencer wondered what Ava would say when she woke up. "Assuming she does, you leave Ava to me," Victor said assuredly.

Spencer was hesitant to agree, and Victor wondered why Spencer had gone to great lengths to mislead Esme if Spencer wouldn't also agree to mislead the police. Victor's indirect reference to Trina's trial caused Spencer to worry about Trina's reaction to the news of Ava's stabbing. Spencer rushed out of the room to find and comfort Trina at the hospital.

At the hospital, a frantic Nikolas pleaded with Jordan for an update on Ava's condition. Jordan went to ask a nearby nurse for an update. Just then, Nina, who had spent the night at the hospital with Sonny, approached, and she asked for an update on Ava, as well. Nikolas saw Sonny, and the two men got into an argument over Sonny's presence at the hospital.

Jordan interrupted Sonny and Nikolas before the two men could escalate things further. Jordan announced that Ava was in post-op recovery from the stab wound. Nikolas, Sonny, and Nina were all relieved.

Jordan asked to speak to Nikolas in private, and Sonny told Nina that he would visit Avery before he met back up with Nina at the hospital. Before Sonny left, Sonny and Nina observed an animated Nikolas behaving strangely with Jordan.

Nearby, a distraught Nikolas tried to leave for coffee, but Jordan stopped him, and she asked Nikolas to walk her through everything that had happened before Ava's stabbing. Jordan asked if Ava had seemed upset. Nikolas flashed back to his argument with Ava the previous night, and he tried to stonewall Jordan, who quickly surmised that Nikolas was being resistant.

Just then, a nurse appeared and said that Ava would need to be kept hospitalized. Nikolas, Jordan, and Nina learned that Ava was in serious but stable condition. Nikolas asked to see Ava, and the nurse allowed him into her room. Nina stayed behind, and she begged Jordan to find the person who had hurt Ava.

Later, Sonny arrived back at the hospital with Avery, and he introduced Avery to Nina. Avery took an instant liking to Nina, who told Sonny that she would wait at the hospital to see Ava. Sonny asked if he and Avery could join Nina to wait together, and Nina agreed.

In Ava's room, Nikolas pulled up a chair. "If you'd only listened to me, Ava, it would have never come to this," Nikolas said.

Outside Ava's room, Trina, who had gone to the hospital with Josslyn and Dex, looked into the room with concern for Ava. Spencer arrived, and he softly put his hand on Trina's shoulders. Trina turned to face Spencer, who said that he'd gone to the hospital just for Trina. "You're here for me?" a surprised Trina said. "Always," Spencer said firmly.

In the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn and Drew gave their statements to a detective regarding their whereabouts when Ava had been stabbed. Brook Lynn noticed that Drew was antsy, and he revealed that Carly was the reason why.

Brook Lynn shared that she and Chase were officially together, and she encouraged Drew to not make the same mistakes Brook Lynn had made with Chase in waiting too long to express feelings for the person he loved. Drew thanked Brook Lynn for her advice.

After Drew left, Brook Lynn's phone rang. Brook Lynn stared at her phone, and she smiled at once. "I was just thinking about you," Brook Lynn told Chase.

Earlier, in the kitchen of the Corinthos mansion, Carly flashed back to her kiss with Drew the previous night. Josslyn arrived in the kitchen, and she confided that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about the shock of having found Ava stabbed and unconscious. Trina knocked on the door, and she shared that Port Charles University had dropped the Title IX lawsuit against her. Josslyn then gave Trina the bad news about Ava's stabbing.

Trina was worried about Ava's condition, and she confided to Josslyn that she didn't know what she would do without Ava. Josslyn hugged and consoled Trina. Avery was brought downstairs into the kitchen for breakfast. Avery said that she wanted Sonny's pancakes for breakfast. Just then, Sonny appeared and greeted Avery with a warm smile.

Alone in the kitchen, Sonny and Carly sat down with Avery. Sonny and Carly explained to Avery that Ava had been hurt the previous night, and they assured Avery that Ava would be fine. Avery asked to see Ava, and Carly said that Avery wasn't old enough to visit the part of the hospital where Ava was. "Then can I see daddy Nikolas?" Avery asked.

Carly offered Sonny her car so that Sonny could take Avery to see Nikolas. Later, after Sonny had left with Avery, Drew knocked on the door and stared in at Carly. Carly let Drew in, and they both said their kiss had been the only thing either one of them had thought about.

In Finn's office at the hospital, Elizabeth appeared after she lamented that Finn had blown up her phone with messages since their argument the previous night. Finn wanted to know what Elizabeth might have seen when Ava had been stabbed. Elizabeth said that she couldn't recall, and she added that she needed some time to herself.

Elizabeth reminded Finn that he had once again violated her boundaries. Finn "apologized" yet again, and he asked to know how he could make things right. "You can't," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth told Finn that she hated how Finn had used her three boys against her, and she noted that Finn was not a psychologist. Elizabeth remarked that just because she had shared some things about her personal life with Finn, it did not give Finn the right to try to control her. Finn claimed that he had one last thing to say to Elizabeth, and he claimed he would leave her alone forever if she would hear him out.

Finn made another promise that he would try not to control Elizabeth, who said she needed time to think before she made a decision on whether to break up with Finn. Elizabeth pleaded with Finn to let her work through her troubles by herself.

No sooner had Elizabeth made the plea than she grew worried, and she started to tell Finn about her blackout the previous night. Just then, Jordan entered and said that she had been searching for Elizabeth.

Jordan wanted to get Elizabeth and Finn's statements about what they'd witnessed the previous night at the Quartermaine estate. Elizabeth seemed worried that she'd been responsible. Jordan said the time of Ava's attack had been around 9:45 to 10 p.m., and she asked a worried Elizabeth to recall where Elizabeth had been.

Nikolas provides Elizabeth -- and himself -- an alibi

Nikolas provides Elizabeth -- and himself -- an alibi

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

At the hospital, Brando asked if Sasha was okay, but she had no idea how she felt. Brando assured her that things would be better once the meeting was behind them and she had an opportunity to tell the judge that she had done everything possible to take full responsibility for her actions. Sasha worried the judge might still consider her a threat to the community and send her to prison for a long time. She was furious that Smoltz and Sienna had set her up, but Brando urged Sasha to focus on what was necessary to ensure Sasha returned home to her loved ones at the end of the day.

Moments later, Dr. Rubin opened the door and greeted her new patient. Brando and Sasha followed Dr. Rubin into the office, and the conversation quickly turned to Sasha's options. Dr. Rubin promised that everything would be entirely up to Sasha, but Dr. Rubin believed it was in Sasha's best interest to follow Dr. Rubin's recommendation. Sasha admitted she was confused because she'd been under the impression the meeting had been a psychiatric examination.

Dr. Rubin asked if Brando had properly explained things to Sasha. Reluctantly, Brando revealed that Martin had suggested Sasha could avoid jail time by agreeing to let the court appoint Brando as Sasha's guardian. Furious, Sasha insisted she was not a child who was unable to take care of herself. Dr. Rubin assured Sasha it would send a message to the judge that Sasha recognized a need for help, but Sasha argued that it would give Brando the power to make every decision for Sasha. Brando promised he would always get Sasha's consent, but he urged Sasha to consider the conservatorship because it was the only way to avoid going to jail.

At Metro Court, Lucy knocked on Valentin's door. He greeted Lucy by asking if she had been looking for pickles. "Always," Lucy said. She marched into his suite as she explained that she had Deception business to discuss with him. Valentin suspected it had to do with Sasha's decision to plead guilty to assault and battery of the reporter. Lucy felt bad for Sasha, but Lucy recognized that what happened in a courtroom was different than the court of public opinion.

Lucy admitted that Sasha's actions had tarnished Deception's brand, so it was best for all involved that Sasha be let go. Valentin pointed out that he was an investor and not involved in the day-to-day operation of the company, but Lucy explained that her partners worried that the decision to part ways with Sasha might send Sasha over the edge. Valentin agreed it was a possibility. The conversation took an unexpected turn when Valentin mentioned Martin.

Lucy demanded that Valentin not send the incriminating photo of Lucy and Victor to Martin. Valentin realized it was the real reason for Lucy's visit, so Lucy confessed that she'd been worried about Martin since Martin had left town. Valentin was skeptical because she hadn't seemed concerned about Martin when Victor had been fawning all over Lucy during the picnic. Lucy argued that she cared deeply for Martin, but Valentin thought she had a funny way of showing it.

"You did everything but bite Victor's gherkin," Valentin said. Lucy insisted it had been a perfectly innocent encounter, but Valentin argued that Lucy was anything but "perfectly innocent" -- the same as Victor. Lucy assured Valentin that despite how things might appear, her loyalty was to Martin. Valentin suggested if Lucy wasn't interested in his father, then she was trying to get information from Victor.

Lucy had a flashback to the picnic and her argument with Anna when Anna had demanded that Lucy exploit Victor's interest in Lucy to gain information about Valentin. Anna had promised to keep Martin's secrets from falling into the wrong hands in exchange for Lucy's help. Lucy pushed the memory away, and she returned to the topic of Sasha. Moments later, Lucy left, but Valentin was close behind her.

At Metro Court's pool, Victor spotted Anna, so he invited her to join him. Anna agreed because -- despite their differences -- they both cared about Valentin. Anna had also wanted an opportunity to thank Victor for the change in Valentin since Valentin's convalescence. Anna confessed that Valentin seemed like a new man, and she was certain Victor had been responsible for the transformation. Victor suggested perhaps Valentin had realized that Valentin had family, but Anna pointed out that Valentin had always had family.

Victor clarified that he'd been referring to family that Valentin had been close to. "You?" Anna asked. Victor assured her that nothing meant more to him than family, and he pointed to Nikolas and Spencer, who were at the hospital, awaiting word on Ava as an example of family closing ranks when a situation demanded it. Victor insisted the Cassadines were no different than any other family. "Doubt our loyalty at your own peril," Victor said. Anna asked if that was a threat, but he assured her it had simply been a statement of fact.

Victor questioned the real motive for Anna's friendly overture, but she reminded Victor that Victor and Valentin had barely been on speaking terms when Valentin had left town, yet that had changed once Valentin had returned. Anna wondered why things had suddenly changed. Victor deflected by reminding her of the importance of family to him, and he mentioned Charlotte. Anna was curious why Charlotte hadn't returned home for a visit during summer break, but Victor explained that Charlotte had begged Valentin to stay at boarding school so she could enjoy a recently donated state-of-the-art equestrian center.

Anna's smile faded, but Victor seemed unaware as he announced that he had to get to the hospital to check on Ava. After Victor left, Anna placed a call to an associate to find out the name of the benefactor who had donated the equestrian center at Charlotte's school. After Anna ended the call, she spotted Lucy. Lucy was not happy to see Anna because Valentin had accused Lucy of throwing herself at Victor. Anna thought it was wonderful news because it meant the plan had worked, but Lucy made it clear that she would not betray Martin. Anna assured Lucy that Lucy just needed to keep Victor on a string for a little while longer because Anna was close to uncovering things.

Nearby, Valentin watched the tense exchange between Anna and Lucy. A short time later, Anna was reading Budapest Crossing by Pierce Rupp when Valentin snatched the book out of her hand and sat on a lounge chair next to her. "It seems we aren't being as honest with each other as we claim to be. Are we, darling?" Valentin said.

Nearby, Sasha entered the pool area, but an employee stopped Sasha to ask if Sasha was the Face of Deception. Sasha smiled and offered to take a selfie with the young woman.

At Carly's house, Carly fetched Drew a cup of coffee. He admitted that he'd been thinking a lot about the previous night, so she confessed that it had been on her mind, too. Drew said he respected Carly's desire to take some time to think things through, but he worried that they might miss a chance at something special. Drew admitted that what they had shared had been amazing, and he felt like they were on the brink of something incredible. To Drew's surprise, Carly said she had been as deeply affected by what had transpired at the boathouse as he had been.

Drew agreed that it had felt right between him and Carly, but she confessed that she was afraid how things might end. Carly suggested Drew didn't know her because she didn't know herself. "That's a load of crap," Drew said. Drew was certain Carly knew exactly who she was. Carly explained that four things had defined her three years earlier: her marriage to Sonny, her children, her friendship with Jason, and her hotel.

However, three of the four things in Carly's life were gone. Carly acknowledged that losing Jason had been out of her control because Jason had died, and people were not guaranteed to always be a part of a person's life. However, Carly blamed herself for the breakdown of her marriage and losing the hotel. Drew argued that Sonny had returned from Nixon Falls a different man from the man that Carly had married. Carly agreed that it was true.

Drew reminded Carly that he knew from personal experience how something could force a person to reevaluate what was important to them, but Drew had seen the toll Sonny's shift in priorities had taken on Carly. Drew knew that Carly had spent a large chunk of her life in a marriage that hadn't always been easy; however, she had given it her all, and it was gone. Carly was deeply moved that Drew understood how the end of her marriage had been a big loss for her. She admitted that she had felt as if she'd been screaming out loud, but no one had heard her, let alone seen her. "I see you," Drew said.

Carly assured Drew that she didn't want to hold on to that part of her life, but it was nice to get credit for going through it. Drew lightened the mood by telling Carly that he had a trophy for her in the car, but he would need to clean it off before he gave it to her. Carly chuckled, and she thanked Drew. Carly pointed out that the good news was that she would get to figure things out without three core pieces, but she needed to do it alone. Drew was disappointed, but Carly explained it was necessary because she didn't want to rebound again.

Carly told Drew that her decision to invest with Drew and Michael had been a knee-jerk reaction because something awful had happened, and Carly had hoped to counter things by doing something positive, which had led Carly to make a risky investment. Carly promised Drew that her reluctance to start a romantic relationship with him had nothing to do with money but was rather a desire to not mess things up with Drew. Drew wasn't ready to give up, but Carly insisted she didn't want to hide from everything she had lost by turning to Drew.

Carly explained that she wanted to be with Drew for the right reasons, but she had no idea who she was without Sonny and Jason because they had been a big part of her life since she'd been 22 years old. Carly intended to be alone for a while, but Drew suspected Carly was afraid of something else. He gently caressed the side of her face as he assured her that she didn't have to be afraid of him. Drew slowly leaned forward and tenderly kissed her. Afterwards, he silently left.

Outside Ava's hospital room, Spencer told Trina how sorry he was about Ava's situation. He admitted that he mostly felt bad for Trina because he knew how deeply the tragedy had hurt her. Trina was surprised when Spencer admitted that he was there for her. "Always," Spencer said. Spencer acknowledged that despite everything, Ava was also family, which Victor had drilled into him was important. Trina mentioned Nikolas, but Spencer balked at the idea of showing his father support.

Trina asked Spencer what had changed, because things had seemed good between Spencer and his father. Spencer admitted nothing had changed, which had been the problem. Spencer insisted his father was still the same Nikolas Cassadine who was out for himself. "Everyone else be damned," Spencer said. Trina suspected Nikolas had hurt Spencer, and she offered to listen if Spencer needed to talk. Trina reached for Spencer's hand, but he slowly pulled away as he reminded her that it was no longer her problem.

In Ava's hospital room, Nikolas was upset that Ava hadn't listened to him. "It wouldn't have come to this," he said. Nikolas looked at his unconscious wife in the hospital bed. He admitted it had seemed as if Ava had been at peace for the first time since Esme had poisoned things between him and Ava; things might have gone differently, but it was too late. Nikolas sat down next to Ava's bed, but he hated seeing his wife suffer. He stood up to adjust Ava's pillow just as Trina appeared in the doorway. "What are you doing?" Trina asked.

Nikolas ignored the suspicion in Trina's tone as he greeted her. However, Trina remained leery of Nikolas, and she made it clear that Ava was important to her. Trina asked if there had been any updates about the attack, but Nikolas explained Ava had had her fair share of enemies, so finding the culprit might prove difficult. "But not impossible," Trina said. Trina questioned the timing of the attack, and Nikolas admitted he had, too. Nikolas was certain the assailant had hated Ava because it had been a vicious attack, but Trina argued that someone who had once loved Ava might have been responsible for hurting her.

In Finn's office, Jordan told Finn and Elizabeth that the amount of blood at the crime scene indicated that Ava had been assaulted a few minutes before Ava had been discovered, which meant there was a short window of the time for the attack. According to Jordan, Ava had been attacked between 9:45 and 10:00 p.m. Finn realized that had been around the time he'd run into Maxie. Jordan was curious where Elizabeth had been at the time of the attack and if Elizabeth had been near the boathouse, but Elizabeth explained that she'd been upset and not paying attention to where she'd been walking.

Finn explained that he and Elizabeth had had an argument over something he'd done. Finn also filled Jordan in about his encounter with Spencer and Valentin at the Quartermaine house -- and Victor's arrival right before Finn had left. Jordan resumed questioning Elizabeth about Elizabeth's whereabouts, but Elizabeth explained that she had no idea where she'd been because it had been dark, and the estate was vast. Jordan wasn't satisfied because Jordan needed to account for everyone to figure out what had happened to Ava. Alarmed, Elizabeth asked if she was considered a suspect.

Finn advised Elizabeth not to answer any questions without an attorney present, and he asked Jordan to leave. Jordan insisted she was on Elizabeth's side, and Jordan's intention had been to eliminate Elizabeth from any possible suspicion, so it was important to know where Elizabeth had been at the time of the attack. "I can help with that," Nikolas said. All heads turned to Nikolas, who stood in the doorway.

Nikolas revealed that he had been with Elizabeth at the time of Ava's attack. Elizabeth recalled running into Nikolas and Nikolas' concern about the scrape on Elizabeth's forehead. Elizabeth remembered how disoriented she'd been and that she'd lost time between leaving the stables and running into Nikolas. Elizabeth pushed the memory away as Jordan questioned Nikolas about the alibi and why he hadn't said anything sooner. Nikolas claimed he had only realized in hindsight where his encounter with Elizabeth had fit on the timeline.

Elizabeth asked Nikolas for news on Ava. He admitted that his wife was still unconscious, but Elizabeth was certain Ava would pull through because Ava was strong. Finn asked if Jordan had what she needed. After Jordan left, Finn closed the door. "Okay, what was that all about?" Finn asked.

Nikolas feigned innocence, but Finn was certain Nikolas had been keeping things from him. Before Nikolas could reply, Finn's phone chimed with a text message. After Finn left to attend to a patient in the emergency room, Elizabeth confronted Nikolas about covering for her. Nikolas had no regrets because he was certain Elizabeth hadn't attacked Ava. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that someone had, prompting Nikolas to ask if she was implying that he had tried to kill his wife. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she hadn't, but she questioned why he would give Elizabeth an alibi.

Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that she was important to him, and they had a long past. He told her that he didn't want the police to waste their time looking at her while the real culprit was on the loose. Moments later, Finn returned, so Nikolas left to check on Ava. Finn wondered if Nikolas had covered for Elizabeth to help her or to help himself, but Elizabeth was adamant that Nikolas hadn't hurt Ava. Finn questioned why Nikolas hadn't spoken up sooner and why Elizabeth hadn't said anything about being with Nikolas when Ava had been attacked.

Outside Ava's hospital room, Victor asked Spencer for an update on Ava, but Spencer was curious why Victor was there. Spencer suspected Victor hoped Ava wouldn't wake up. Just then, Jordan approached the two Cassadine men. Jordan had heard from someone who had been working at the Quartermaine picnic, and the person had shared something interesting about Spencer. Jordan was curious where Spencer had been at the time someone had tried to kill Spencer's stepmother, but Victor resented the implication behind the question.

Jordan backed down because the witness had revealed that Spencer had been three sheets to the wind and getting sick in the bathroom at the time of the attack. Victor wasn't surprised, since Spencer faced 90 days in jail. Jordan acknowledged that Spencer's inebriated state meant he was not a reliable witness. Moments later, Nikolas walked up. Nikolas was not pleased to see Jordan questioning his son, especially since Ava's attacker was still roaming free.

In Ava's hospital room, Trina tearfully told Ava how much Ava meant to Trina. Trina admitted that she would change nothing about their friendship, and she begged Ava to wake up because Trina still needed Ava. Trina promised Ava that Ava was not alone, and Trina revealed that Ava's family was there and waiting for Ava to wake up -- including Spencer. Moments later, the alarms on Ava's monitors began to go off.

Elizabeth admits that something is wrong with her

Elizabeth admits that something is wrong with her

Thursday, September 1, 2022

In Valentin's room at the Metro Court hotel, Valentin said he knew that he and Anna were keeping secrets from each other, and he thought that it was time to stop. He knew that she'd sent Lucy to try to get information about him, but he insisted that he'd been secretive for a good reason. Anna asked if Charlotte was in danger, and he answered that Victor had her. He explained that, after saving Charlotte from Peter, Victor had taken her to see Valentin at the clinic. As soon as they'd left, Victor had put Charlotte into a "state-of-the-art, high-security" boarding school where Valentin was not allowed to have any contact with Charlotte other than calls and texts. He concluded that Victor had made it clear that he would hurt Charlotte if Valentin didn't do everything Victor asked of him.

Anna promised to help get Charlotte home, but she and Valentin would have to take Victor down. She assumed that he'd been the French captain who had framed Jennifer, and he confirmed it. She wanted to call the WSB so the innocent woman could go free, but Valentin demanded that she not, as Victor would know that Valentin had talked. She agreed to keep everything between them, and she promised that they would figure things out together.

Drew entered the Savoy, needing a distraction, so Curtis and Portia broke the news of their engagement. Drew happily congratulated them, and they went on to tell him about all of Trina's good news. Portia had to check on some patients before Trina's party that night, so she left. Curtis asked Drew what the real reason for his visit was. Drew told Curtis all about Carly from the beginning, concluding with the fact that she wanted to sort her own life out first. Curtis thought she was right and suggested that Drew do the same.

Curtis explained that Drew had only done things for others since he'd gotten back, so he hadn't been moving forward with his own life. Curtis thought that Drew should make sure that Carly was as ready to move on as Drew was, even if it took a while, and Drew thanked Curtis for the good advice. Drew believed that he could give Carly whatever time she needed.

In Finn's office, Finn wondered why Elizabeth hadn't told him about running into Nikolas the night before. She revealed that Nikolas was lying, as they hadn't been together for as long as he'd said. She admitted that she'd lost time again, and she needed help. Finn promised that they would figure it out together. He didn't think that she'd hurt Ava because she'd had no reason to, but Elizabeth thought that anything was possible.

Elizabeth confided in Finn about the "fragment of a memory" she'd been having involving her teenaged self yelling at a woman to "stay away from my father." She realized that she'd had the memory every time someone had confronted her about what was going on with her. She continued that she'd been trying to fight it, but she couldn't do it anymore, and she needed to face whatever memory her mind was blocking. Finn promised that she wasn't alone, and he embraced her.

Trina sat with an unconscious Ava and assured her that she wasn't alone. Just then, the machines in the room began to sound, and Trina ran out to get Ava some help. A short while later, Dr. Valero emerged from Ava's room and announced that he'd stabilized her low blood pressure with medication. He believed that she would wake up soon. Trina excused herself to go to the vending machine, and Spencer went with her.

Victor was checking on Nikolas when Jordan approached with questions for Victor. When Nikolas went into Ava's room, Jordan challenged that several witnesses contradicted Victor's statement that he'd been with Spencer during Ava's attack. She wondered if anyone could confirm his whereabouts. Victor commended Jordan for her pursuit of justice, but he informed her that his family needed him. Jordan warned that she would be following up with him.

At Ava's bedside, Nikolas hoped that Ava could tell them what she'd seen once she woke up. Jordan entered the room as Ava began to wake up, and Ava angrily yelled Nikolas' name. Nikolas didn't think that Ava was ready to talk to Jordan yet, but Jordan assured him that she'd gotten the green light from Ava's doctor. He protested, but Ava groggily insisted that she wanted to talk. She only remembered going to the boathouse for a minute alone and then pain, and it was all a blur after that. She did remember trying to call out for help, and Jordan informed her that Josslyn had saved Ava's life.

Jordan asked what had happened before Ava's trip to the boathouse, and she remembered her fight with Nikolas about Spencer. Jordan wondered how heated the argument had gotten, but Nikolas insisted that he hadn't stabbed his wife. Jordan inquired about why Nikolas had lied about Ava being upset before the attack. He answered that Cassadines were traditionally dramatic, and he'd assumed that Jordan had meant someone outside the family. He regretted the fight and that he hadn't been there for Ava. Ava was tired, so Jordan agreed to pick things up when Ava was stronger. Jordan promised to talk to Nikolas again, and she left.

Nikolas talked about how scared he'd been when he'd heard that Ava had been attacked. Ava shrank away from him and mentioned all the things they'd said to each other the night before. He couldn't believe that she thought he'd attacked her, and he insisted that he would never hurt her. She told him that she was tired and wanted to be alone, so he left her to rest.

Portia arrived at the hospital and found Trina and Spencer on a bench with their vending machine snacks. Trina told Portia what had happened with Ava, and she wondered if Portia would be upset if they canceled the party. Portia knew that, when Ava woke up, she would tell Trina that she should have had the party. Portia insisted that it was time for Trina to focus on herself.

Victor pulled Spencer aside and told him about Jordan's "continuous insinuations disguised as questions." He added that if she didn't stop, she would learn the hard way about crossing a Cassadine. Spencer didn't want to continue to protect Nikolas, but Victor insisted that they protected their own. Victor reminded Spencer that Nikolas also had an airtight alibi. Spencer figured that, since Nikolas obviously hadn't attacked Ava, there was no reason to withhold the truth about Nikolas sleeping with Esme.

As Spencer and Victor listened in, Jordan approached Trina and Portia and informed them that Ava had woken up. Trina excitedly ran off to text Josslyn. Spencer walked over to Jordan, intending to tell her about Nikolas, but Victor loudly interrupted him with niceties and pulled Spencer away. Trina returned and wondered if there was enough time to get some of Ava's stuff to her before the party. Portia thought it would be cutting it close, but Trina could take Portia's car.

Around the corner, Victor sternly stated to Spencer that nothing about their family was relevant to the authorities. Spencer countered that Nikolas' betrayal was relevant to Trina, as knowing why Esme had left town could help to find her. Victor warned that it would just complicate things, and he warned Spencer not to invite more trouble, as Spencer was in enough already.

Carly was thinking about her last conversation with Drew when Bobbie entered the house. They talked about Ava and Avery, and Carly related that it wasn't a good time for her to go to a leadership seminar in Aruba. Bobbie thought that she was using Ava as an excuse not to go, but Carly didn't want to go while her life was so complicated. She confessed that she had feelings for Jason's brother, and Bobbie informed her that everyone already knew. Bobbie didn't know why it was such a big deal, but Carly thought that getting involved with Drew could be a mistake.

Bobbie thought that Carly was scared that Drew might not be as forgiving as Jason. Carly thought back to the DNA test she'd run on Nina and Willow. She shook herself out of it and said that she didn't want to use Drew as a crutch to get over everything that had happened. "You can't help who you fall for," Bobbie advised, but Carly was reluctant to potentially lose another friend.

Carly got a text from Josslyn and informed Bobbie that Ava was going to be all right. "Good, now you can go to the seminar," Bobbie replied. Carly was trying to be sensible, and she thought that Bobbie would be proud of her for that. Bobbie answered that Carly acted on impulse, and she was looking for a reason not to leap. She thought that Carly could find happiness with a new career and a new man. When Bobbie was gone, Carly took the pamphlet for the seminar off the refrigerator and looked at it.

Ava discloses a secret to Nina

Ava discloses a secret to Nina

Friday, September 2, 2022

At the Metro Court pool, Chase kissed Brook Lynn as the sun went down over Port Charles. Chase was happy to finally be able to share his love for Brook Lynn. The two kissed again, and Linc appeared.

Chase surprised Linc when he announced that he and Brook Lynn were dating. Linc reminded Chase that the two had a meeting, but Chase said he wanted nothing to do with Linc. Chase added that he'd made up his mind to hire Brook Lynn as his manager. Linc told Chase to be prepared for a career as a wedding singer, and he stormed off.

Afterwards, Brook Lynn discussed her and Chase's plan to ruin Linc. Chase thought the hardest part of the plan would be to make Chase a star, but Brook Lynn was confident that it would easy. Brook Lynn and Chase wrapped their arms around each other, and the two kissed.

Chase asked how Brook Lynn planned to get Chase in front of a crowd. Just then, Brook Lynn noticed Sonny and Nina nearby. "I have an idea. Trust me," Brook Lynn said.

Also at the pool, Sam asked if Dante and Rocco could move in with her the following day. Dante wanted to make sure that Sam was ready, and Sam confirmed that she was. Dante said he would always make time for his and Sam's relationship, and he and Sam kissed.

Sam asked about the investigation into Ava's stabbing, and Dante said that whoever had stabbed Ava had taken a risk because of the number of people at the Quartermaine picnic. Sam wondered if the stabbing had been a crime of passion. Before they left the pool, Dante suggested he and Sam get a pizza and begin packing things to move into Sam's place.

In the kitchen of the Corinthos mansion, Cameron wondered where Spencer had been during Ava's attack. Josslyn shared that Spencer had gotten drunk at the Quartermaine picnic, and she wondered if she and Cameron should check on Spencer.

Josslyn's phone rang, and Josslyn revealed that Avery had called to ask Josslyn to bring a charm bracelet that Ava had given Avery. Josslyn left for the hospital, and Cameron said that he would visit Spencer.

At the hospital, Sonny instructed Dex to stand guard outside Ava's room. Michael, who had been staring at the two nearby, appeared, and he baselessly accused Sonny of having been responsible in some way for Ava's stabbing. "Have you considered that maybe Ava was targeted because of her connection to you?" Michael asked.

Sonny reminded Michael that Ava's attack had happened on the Quartermaines' property, and he added that perhaps Michael's "other family" needed better security. Michael expressed his wish that the hospital reconsider its ties with Sonny, who reminded Michael that Sonny's money had funded many things at the hospital.

In Ava's room at the hospital, Ava shared that she was glad Nina had stopped by to visit. Nina asked why Ava hadn't wanted to see Nikolas, and Ava confided that Nikolas had had sex with Esme.

Nina posited that it wasn't like Ava to not make either Nikolas or Esme pay. Ava flashed back to having pushed Esme over the parapet at Wyndemere. Ava then told Nina that it hadn't been the "right time." Nina surmised that Ava had been talking about something specific, and she encouraged Ava to confide in her.

Ava became emotional as she pleaded with Nina to not tell anyone that Nikolas had cheated on Ava with someone as young as Esme because of how embarrassed Ava might feel. Nina took Ava's hand, and she lovingly assured Ava that she wouldn't tell anyone. Ava confided that Nikolas had said that he and Ava both "needed" one another. Nina thought there was something that Ava hadn't told her, and she asked Ava what it was.

Just then, Sonny entered the room, and he remarked that things had suddenly gotten quiet. Sonny asked if Ava had any idea who had attacked her, and Ava said she didn't know.

After Sonny and Nina left Ava's room, Frank, Sonny's bodyguard, went inside. Frank assured Ava that he wouldn't let anyone into her room that wasn't on the list of approved visitors Frank had on his phone. Ava asked if Nikolas was on the list, and Frank confirmed that he was. "He shouldn't be. Take my husband's name off," Ava demanded.

Later, at the pool, Sonny couldn't shake his belief that he had walked in on Nina and Ava having a tense conversation. Nina told Sonny that Ava had been through a bad ordeal. "You know that's not it. Tell me the truth. What were you and Ava talking about?" Sonny asked.

At the hospital, Dex told Josslyn that Avery's charm bracelet might have already been taken to the Dumpsters by a janitor. Josslyn asked Dex if he knew where the hospital Dumpsters were. The two made their way to the Dumpsters, and Josslyn stepped on a crate. Intent to search for the bracelet, Josslyn asked Dex if he would help her.

In Terry's office at the hospital, Terry expressed concern for Willow, who earlier had looked as if she might faint in the hallway. Terry reminded Willow that Willow had leukemia -- something Willow seemed to downplay. Willow said she felt that Terry was trying to pressure her to tell Michael about her diagnosis. Michael knocked on Terry's door, and he asked if he had interrupted something.

Instead of telling Michael the truth about her diagnosis, Willow claimed that she'd been so caught up in getting her nursing degree that she had tried to do too many things at once. Willow added that she had talked to Terry about cutting back her hours at the hospital.

Willow placed an uncomfortable Terry in the position of having to lie for Willow, who told Michael that her goal was "to be 100 percent when this is done." Terry's phone rang, and Michael and Willow left.

In his room at Metro Court, Spencer dreamed that he'd walked into the Savoy and called out for Trina. Instead, Spencer dreamed that he'd seen Esme, who tormented Spencer about having taken both Trina and Nikolas away from Spencer.

In the dream, Esme gloated that Spencer had hardly been her first lover and that Spencer had to have known he hadn't been "experienced enough" for Esme. Spencer replied that the thought of touching Esme physically repulsed him.

In the dream, Esme told Spencer that she'd made sure that Trina would never want him. "Enjoy Pentonville! I'm sure you're going to make a ton of friends," Esme said laughingly to Spencer. As Esme disappeared from Spencer's vision, Spencer heard the continued sound of Esme's mocking laughter before Spencer bolted upright out of his bed.

Spencer then sat at the foot of his bed and started to write a letter to Trina. "Dear Trina... I want you to know the truth. I wasn't going to tell you. I figured you're better off without me in your life, but I need you to know. From the moment I walked into that interrogation room after you had been arrested, I knew you were innocent. Despite what I said, I believe in you. I always have," the letter read.

Cameron knocked on Spencer's door, and Spencer hid the letter under his pillow before he let Cameron into the room. Spencer admitted that the thought of going to Pentonville terrified him. Cameron tried to encourage Spencer, and he offered to stay and to play video games with Spencer. Spencer became visibly pained when Cameron revealed that Trina was hosting a party to celebrate her freedom, as well as the dismissal of the Title IX investigation into her.

Spencer told Cameron that he would see Cameron "in a few months." Cameron assured Spencer that he was planning to visit Spencer in prison. "You are?" Spencer asked. "You're my friend, aren't you?" Cameron replied. "Yeah, I am," Spencer said, and the two hugged one another closely.

After Cameron left, Spencer dressed in a full suit and tie. Spencer took the letter out from under the pillow, and he closed the door behind him and left.

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