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Spencer reported to serve his sentence at Pentonville. Trina was told the truth about Spencer's efforts to clear her name. Dante moved in with Sam. Maxie learned that Cody might be Mac's son. Willow had a vivid nightmare about Nelle. Mason passed along orders to Austin. Sasha had another public meltdown.
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Trina learned of Spencer's efforts to clear her name. Dante moved in with Sam. Maxie learned Cody might be Mac's son. Willow had a vivid nightmare about Nelle.
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Sasha has another meltdown

Sasha has another meltdown

Monday, September 5, 2022

At the Metro Court pool, Brook Lynn asked for Chase's trust, while nearby, Sonny tried to find out what Nina had been talking about with Ava. Nina thought that Sonny should understand that things discussed needed to stay between her and Ava, much like Sonny's own request for privacy in some matters. He thought Ava was in trouble, and he wanted to know as Avery's father. He thought the women had seemed troubled. Nina replied that she had things on her mind, while Ava had been upset about her attack.

Brook Lynn and Chase interrupted Sonny and Nina's conversation. Brook Lynn revealed that she and Chase were officially "a thing," and Sonny congratulated her. Brook Lynn suggested a double date, but Sonny asked about the favor that Brook Lynn wanted from him because he knew her well. At first, Brook Lynn insisted that she wanted some quality time with Sonny and his "second life's partner," but she quickly confessed that she did want a favor. She explained that she had chosen to be a behind-the-scenes "force" like her mother in the music business.

Brook Lynn went on to say that she had been managing Chase, and she hoped that Sonny could use his connections to get Chase some gigs. Chase asked to speak to Brook Lynn, but she wanted Sonny's answer. He agreed that he knew people, but he had thought that Brook Lynn had wanted to teach Linc a lesson. She explained her plan, and Sonny said he was on board.

Chase spoke up and complained that he had only seen a music career as a sabbatical from the police force. He wanted to go back to being a cop. Sonny explained that his contacts were related to his coffee business, but Chase thought that was thin ice and wouldn't look good in the eyes of the police. He added that he couldn't jeopardize a chance of going back. Nina spoke up and stated that she would talk to Curtis at the Savoy, and Chase replied that that would be okay.

Nina asked Sonny to go to the Savoy with her in order to congratulate Curtis, and they left. Chase was angry at Brook Lynn, although she reminded him that things had worked out with Nina. He accused Brook Lynn of going too far, and she had never asked him about it; he couldn't be associated with the mob. He ordered her not to put him in a compromising situation again, and she promised. They shared a hug.

At the trash dump behind General Hospital, Dex suggested that Josslyn buy Avery a new bracelet, but he reluctantly agreed to dive into the bin with her in order to help search for the jewelry. As they went through the bags, the talk turned to family. Dex confessed that he did have siblings, although they didn't get along. He said he was glad to have arrived in Port Charles. Suddenly, Josslyn's foot got stuck, and she tumbled further into the bin. As she stumbled and fell, Dex fell along with her. He landed on top of her in the bottom of the bin.

Dex and Josslyn stared into each other's eyes but proceeded to get up and resume their search. Josslyn shouted with glee when she found the bracelet, and she refused Dex's hand in climbing out. She declared that she would go home and clean the bracelet and shower before heading to Trina's party. Dex removed his T-shirt and noted that it had been helpful to dress in layers. Josslyn teased him, but he reminded her that he had removed his top shirt in order to help her. They joked about the odor, and as Josslyn took off, Dex told her to have a good time at the party. He watched her go.

At the hospital, T.J. spotted Brando sitting on a bench, alone and sullen. He commented that he'd seen Brando in the same spot much earlier, and he offered to talk. T.J. took a seat next to Brando, who exclaimed that Sasha was in trouble, and he didn't know how to help her. He told T.J. about the solution that had been offered to Sasha, but he thought that he had crossed the line with his wife. T.J. offered his support as Brando summarized the rash decisions, the problem with drugs, the attack on Smoltz's car, and the public psychiatric breakdown that Sasha had had. He added that Martin had suggested a conservatorship with Brando as conservator.

Brando explained that Sasha had been angry about not being consulted, and she had snapped. T.J. admitted that he wasn't surprised. Brando confessed that he had been ashamed about the decision and had never said anything to Sasha prior to her meeting with Dr. Rubin. Brando thought that he had never given Sasha a chance, and T.J. suggested Brando talk with his wife and not to T.J. Brando checked his calendar and recalled that Sasha had a Deception meeting, and he was supposed to meet her. T.J. offered to give him a lift to the Port Charles Grill.

Sasha and Lucy met at the Port Charles Grill. Sasha was glad that Lucy had set it up, and she asked what would be on the meeting agenda. Lucy confessed that she wanted to discuss Sasha's future with Deception, and she was glad they had met in a different spot. Sasha was confused, and Lucy clarified that the company had been vulnerable due to Sasha's behavior and had taken a hit. She suggested that Sasha "take a step back" until she was well. Sasha insisted she was fine, but she agreed to take some time off for the fall and winter sessions.

Lucy replied that she needed more, and Sasha lost her temper. Lucy didn't think it was responsible for Sasha to make rash decisions that could affect the company, even though she was an equity partner. Sasha wondered if Lucy wanted to force her out and demanded an answer when Lucy remained quiet. Eventually, Lucy stressed that Sasha's finances could be put in a trust until she was better. Sasha wondered who would decide, and Lucy maintained that Sasha would either consent, or she would be voted out.

Sasha slammed the table. "Hell no!" she shouted. She yelled that she wouldn't step back and be a "phony figurehead." Lucy tried to get Sasha to speak more softly because they didn't need another public spectacle. Instead, Sasha stood up and began to scream at Lucy. Other patrons whipped out their phones and began to record as Lucy tried to tell Sasha that she thought of Sasha as a daughter. She wouldn't allow Sasha to ruin what had taken her so long to build.

Sasha continued to scream and yell and told Lucy to "go to hell." A nearby diner proclaimed that he was catching "another meltdown from the basket case of Deception" as he held up his phone. Sasha grabbed the phone and screeched at everyone in the restaurant. She dropped the phone on the floor and stomped on it as a manager grabbed onto her and asked her to leave. Sasha shouted for him to let go just as Brando walked in. Lucy apologized to the manager, and Brando grabbed Sasha in a hug. She began to sob as they sank to the floor. She cried that she needed help, and she wasn't okay.

Taggert and Portia arrived at the Savoy for Trina's private party as Curtis gave last-minute instructions to his staff. Trina arrived with Rory and was in awe of the shiny decorations around the club. Taggert and Jordan congratulated Portia on her engagement, and Jordan wondered if there was a problem with her being in attendance. Portia responded that she didn't hold Jordan responsible for the investigation in Trina's case. Portia saw Spencer walk in, and she headed in his direction.

Jordan hoped that she would act the same as Portia, and Taggert maintained that it was time to "leave the past in the past." Jordan flashed back to overhearing Portia's phone call to a geneticist about her daughter and admitted that she wasn't sure that was possible.

Cameron hugged Trina and confessed that he didn't know where Josslyn was, as he had expected her to arrive first. As Spencer walked in, he saw Rory and Trina making out. Rory saw Spencer and told Trina about it. Portia asked if Trina needed anything, but she replied that she wanted time alone with Spencer because she wanted to make sure that everyone had a fun night. Spencer looked at the envelope addressed to Trina and put it back in his pocket. Trina made her way over, and Spencer declared that he had wanted to congratulate her before leaving for Pentonville, because they were friends. Trina replied that they were not.

Spencer reminded Trina that they had been friends in the past, but Trina made it clear that things had changed. She stated that she needed to heal, although she wouldn't forget his attempt to provide her with an alibi while endangering himself. She thought they needed to move on. They hugged, and Trina wished him the best. Spencer pulled the envelope from his pocket and looked at it again.

Shortly after, Cameron found Spencer sitting alone at a table and looking at the envelope. He asked if Spencer was okay, and Spencer stated that he was about to leave. He admitted that the envelope contained his confession to Trina because he'd thought she'd forgive him. He thought it was stupid, but Cameron disagreed. He thought Trina deserved to know the truth, and he thought it was better to find out in person. Spencer pointed out that he had thought the same, since he'd shown up uninvited.

Marshall congratulated Curtis on his engagement, and they chatted about how things had worked out due to Trina's trial.

Jordan and Taggert continued to chat. He admitted to being happy that he got the chance to watch Trina grow up. He declared that she was her own person who wanted to save the world and was not like him or Portia. He wondered where she got it from. Jordan turned to look at Curtis.

Portia chatted with Marshall, who revealed that Epiphany had had to study. He added that Epiphany had been supportive when he'd revealed his diagnosis to her. He wondered how things might have turned out if he'd been honest early on.

Curtis spotted Nina and Sonny walk in. She congratulated him and went to talk to Portia. Curtis made an excuse to walk away from Sonny, who guessed that Curtis saw him as crashing the party. He wanted to clear the air and thought that Curtis was still angry at him for not investigating Marshall's arrest record. Curtis proclaimed that he couldn't depend on Sonny, but Sonny insisted that Curtis was unaware of what Sonny had done to protect Curtis' family. He wanted to work it out, but Curtis did not like Sonny's rules. Marshall asked if there was a problem.

Trina was impressed with Rory's dancing. He mentioned a police banquet that everyone would be attending with their significant others. Trina replied that she had learned not to waste time and to take the leap. She was okay with it. They kissed again while Spencer looked on. Rory jumped up to get some water, and Trina and Spencer saw each other again. She called out to him as he turned to leave. He dropped the envelope. "What is this?" Trina asked as she picked it up.

Josslyn arrived and kissed Cameron hello. He asked if she had gone home to change her clothes. She said that she had, and Cameron noticed that she had completely changed her outfit. Josslyn explained that she had been "Dumpster diving" in search of Avery's bracelet. Cameron called her a "certified badass." He wondered why she hadn't called him to help.

T.J. hugged Jordan and mentioned that he'd had to give someone a ride. He revealed that Stella was on her way, and he was happy that she had been seeing the world. He remembered when her DNA test had matched her up incorrectly with someone local.

Nina receives the surprise of a lifetime

Nina receives the surprise of a lifetime

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

In the gatehouse of the Quartermaine mansion, Willow dreamed that Nelle had murdered Michael and Carly. In the nightmare, Nelle had said that she was Wiley's only mother, and she disappeared with Wiley. Willow sat upright in bed, alone and terrified.

Downstairs, Willow rushed to find Michael. Willow told Michael and Carly about her dream, and the two comforted Willow. Michael tried to assure Willow that she would have a stress-free pregnancy. Willow dressed, and she told Michael that she wanted to get some fresh air.

After Willow left, Carly noted that it had been two years since Nelle had died. A restless Michael tried to call Willow, but the call went to voicemail. Michael thought that Willow might have gone to Nelle's grave, and he noted that Willow could meet face to face with Nina. Michael started to leave, but Wiley stopped him and said that he'd had a bad dream. Wiley begged Michael to stay, and Carly volunteered to check on Willow.

At the cemetery, Nina had brought fresh flowers to Nelle's grave. Nina talked aloud to Nelle, whose spirit suddenly appeared to Nina. "I'm literally living rent-free in your head. Hi, Mom," Nelle said.

Nelle thanked Nina for "doing the Lord's work" in Nixon Falls when Nina had purposefully kept Sonny from Carly and his family. Nina shared that her deepest regret was that she hadn't been able to protect Nelle as a child from Frank Benson. Nelle said that Nina would have given her the love Nelle had needed. Nelle added that she might have followed in Nina's footsteps to become the editor of Crimson and to make Carly and Michael suffer.

Nina said that punishing Carly and Michael hadn't been what Nina had wanted. Nelle then insisted that Nina had had every opportunity to be a mother to Nelle and that Nina had pushed Nelle away. Nina sobbed and cried out that she hadn't known that Nelle had been her daughter.

Just then, Willow appeared in the cemetery. Willow apologized for having intruded, and she surprised Nina when she said that she'd gone to the cemetery to visit Nelle's grave. Carly eavesdropped nearby, and Nina and Willow soon got into another argument over Wiley. "Get off your damn high horse. I am sorry that Nelle did these horrible things to you, but it has made you so self-righteous that you can't acknowledge anyone else's pain but your own!" Nina told Willow.

Just then, Carly arrived to serve as Willow's caporegime. Carly accused Nina of having tried to rewrite Nelle's history, and she said the only reason everyone was safe was because Nelle had died. Willow huffed that it had been a mistake to go to the cemetery. After Willow left, Nina said that she had only gone to the cemetery to have a private moment with Nelle. Carly continued to berate Nina, and she said that Nelle and Nina were exactly alike because nothing had ever been either one's fault.

Carly listed Nelle's past crimes one by one, including the fact that Nelle had switched Wiley for Willow's dead baby. "Nelle used someone's dead infant as a prop. How proud you must be," Carly told Nina.

Carly left, and Nina stood alone. "It didn't have to be this way," Nina said.

At the Savoy, Marshall asked Sonny to leave. Sonny agreed to give Curtis and Marshall space. Afterwards, Marshall warned Curtis about people of Sonny's "type," but Curtis assured Marshall that he didn't have the same business dealings with Sonny that others had.

Later, Selina invited Sonny to sit and have a drink. Selina asked if Sonny had been made to feel unwelcome at the Savoy, but Sonny downplayed his squabbles with Curtis. Selina recalled that she and Sonny had known each other for years, and she told Sonny to never hesitate to reach out to her if there was ever a way to strengthen their ties.

Sonny asked about Selina's business relationship with Curtis, and Selina remarked that she'd been thrilled with her dealings at the Savoy. Sonny suggested that both he and Selina leave and let Curtis get back to his family. "You know what they say about a good man. They have their limits," Sonny whispered to Selina. Sonny and Selina left together.

Off to their own corner at the Savoy, Trina demanded to know the contents of the letter that Spencer had dropped. Spencer asked Trina to give the letter back to him, since Trina had said that she and Spencer were no longer friends. Trina said that she hadn't meant it when she'd said they weren't friends, but she added that their friendship had become toxic.

Spencer said that he should have been up-front with both Trina and Esme in order to save them all from everything that had taken place. "I understand why we can't be friends anymore. I messed up your life, and I will always regret that," Spencer told Trina.

Trina and Spencer both wished that things were different. Spencer excused himself, and he took the letter with him. Afterwards, Spencer was seen outside the club, setting fire to the letter he'd written to Trina.

Also at the Savoy, Stella noticed Portia's engagement ring. Portia confirmed that she and Curtis were engaged, and Stella officially welcomed Portia into her family. Curtis and Portia then asked Stella to marry them. Curtis said that Stella had to "go online, fill out some paperwork, and register with the clerk." When Portia added that Stella would then "just need to drop it in the mail," Stella flashed back to, months earlier, having grabbed the envelope that contained Jordan and Curtis' divorce papers from Jordan's office before Stella had collapsed at Kelly's Diner.

Stella said that marrying Curtis and Portia would be an honor. Curtis remarked that he had never received official proof of his divorce from Jordan. Stella laughed nervously, and she encouraged Curtis to look into the matter. Curtis went to ask Jordan if she had received a final copy of their divorce papers. Jordan wasn't sure, but she agreed to check.

Later, Jordan watched as Taggert and Trina shared a warm father/daughter moment. Taggert left the club, and Jordan asked Trina if she had ever completed a DNA genealogy test. Trina asked why Jordan wanted to know. Before Jordan could answer, Curtis took to the microphone to thank everyone for having gone to the Savoy. Curtis then welcomed their entertainer for the night, and he introduced Cameron and Cameron's band. Cameron dedicated his song to Trina.

The song "Darling, Darling," by band the The Runarounds, featuring William Lipton (Cameron Webber), was performed live.

Maxie learns that Cody might be Mac's son

Maxie learns that Cody might be Mac's son

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

At Dante and Sam's penthouse, Dante and Cody carried in boxes as Sam organized the process. Dante showed off an amusing welcome mat that Dante had picked up for their home, so Sam tactfully offered to put it in the rotation. Pleased, Dante embraced her, and she welcomed him home. Dante smiled as he kissed her.

A short time later, Sonny arrived with a large pan of lasagna as a housewarming gift. Frank stood guard by the open door as Dante introduced Cody to Sonny. Cody was surprised to learn that Sonny lived across the hall from Dante and Sam. Sam took the lasagna to the kitchen, and Dante followed her with a box of kitchen items. Sonny decided to take the opportunity to have a chat with Cody and set some things straight.

Sonny was happy that Dante had reconnected with an old friend, but Sonny was also aware that something had been going on between Cody and Spinelli. Sonny acknowledged that Spinelli was "strange," but Sonny was fond of Spinelli. He said he didn't want Cody exploiting a good person like Spinelli. Cody assured Sonny that nothing was going on, and he promised not to bother Spinelli again.

Moments later, Dante and Sam returned. Cody announced that he had to leave, but he congratulated Dante and Sam, and he offered to help if they needed anything else. After Cody left, Sonny announced that he had a meeting to get to. Sam was disappointed that Sonny was unable to stay for dinner, but Dante looked forward to other evenings with his father. Sonny hoped the invitation included a plus-one, because Nina would be staying at the penthouse with Sonny. Sam warned Sonny that Carly might occasionally stop by, but Dante assured both Sonny and Sam that they would make things work because it was what family did.

After Sonny left, Dante and Sam decided to celebrate by opening a bottle of Champagne. After they sat on the sofa, Dante worried it might have been a mistake to indulge in Champagne, but Sam reminded him they had all the time in the world to unpack. Dante smiled because Sam was right. She admitted that she wanted him to feel like the penthouse was his home rather than her place with his things in it. Dante assured Sam that he felt at home, and he was confident that Rocco would quickly settle in. Delighted, Sam grabbed Dante's welcome mat, and she switched it out with the one at the front door.

At Metro Court's pool, Lucy asked a pool attendant to rub sunscreen on her shoulders. She closed her eyes and smiled as warm hands massaged the lotion into her shoulders, but she immediately tensed when she realized Victor had taken over the task from the attendant. Lucy feigned a smile as she greeted Victor, but she warned him that another woman might have called the authorities if he had touched her without permission. Victor seemed unaware of Lucy's unease as he gently caressed her arm and teasingly referred to himself as an apprentice learning the ropes of working at the pool.

Lucy hid her disdain for the flirtatious banter by steering the conversation to Ava's attack. Victor vowed that the person responsible for the assault would pay. Lucy was surprised that he cared, but Victor insisted an attack on one Cassadine was an attack on the entire family. Victor resumed his seduction by stroking the side of her face as he revealed that he'd made reservations for an al fresco dinner. Lucy was careful to hide her discomfort at his touch as she expressed her concern that Martin might not see it as a harmless dinner. Lucy reminded Victor that Valentin and Martin were close, but Victor assured her that he would see to it that Valentin's lips were sealed.

Lucy argued that the town was filled with gossips who took particular delight in talking about Lucy, so she insisted on keeping her "friendship" with Victor in the "light of day." Victor was not pleased, and he accused her of sending mixed signals. Lucy assured Victor they had been on the same page at the picnic; however, she had been down a similar road in the past, and it had ended in disaster. Victor promised things would be different, but he suspected Scott had poisoned her against Victor because Scott still harbored ill will against Victor.

Victor decided to offer Lucy a compromise by making it a "business lunch" instead of a romantic dinner. Reluctantly, Lucy agreed. She started to leave to change, but Victor grabbed her wrist. His expression turned stormy as he warned her not to waste his time. Startled, Lucy assured him that she wouldn't. Satisfied, Victor flashed a charming smile and kissed her hand.

At the cemetery, Robert looked at Peter August's headstone, which had been covered with graffiti. Moments later, Anna walked up. She was curious why Robert had asked to meet there, so Robert confessed that it always brightened his day to see Peter's grave. Anna didn't know whether to find that funny or disturbing. She glanced at the headstone and asked if Robert had been responsible for the damage. Robert denied it, but he admitted he had been tempted.

Robert and Anna sat on a nearby bench and chatted about their granddaughter. Neither Robert nor Anna could believe Emma was old enough to be in college. However, the conversation soon turned to why Anna had asked to see Robert. Anna wanted the list from his little black book. Anna explained that she needed all the names of every contact Robert had ever encountered during his days as a spy. Robert reminded her that he held his black book in high esteem because it had never been hacked, suffered a glitch, or accidentally lost data.

Anna assured Robert that she appreciated how special the black book was, but he pointed out that she remained in good standing with the World Security Bureau. Anna admitted that she had made a few discreet inquiries, but it was imperative that her investigation remain off the record. Robert demanded to know what Anna was working on. He assured her that she could trust him.

"Victor Cassadine is going down," Anna said. Robert was eager to help, but Anna insisted Robert couldn't get involved. She explained that she couldn't risk any collateral damage because there were innocent lives at stake. Robert thought it was all the more reason for the WSB to be involved, but Anna disagreed because she and the WSB had different views on the value of human life. Robert suspected Anna was protecting Valentin. Anna refused to discuss it.

Robert agreed to give Anna the black book, but he had one condition. Robert trusted Anna to take care of herself, but he was old school. He placed a quarter in the palm of Anna's hand because cell phones could be lost, broken, or confiscated. Anna reminded Robert that pay phones were obsolete, but Robert trusted her to find one if she needed his help. Robert warned her that getting Victor wouldn't be the end of her problems because Valentin was not the kind of man who could escape his past. Robert knew the world would be a better place without Victor, but Anna would still have a fundamental problem with Valentin.

After Robert left, Anna took a deep breath. "He's gone," Anna said. Seconds later, Lucy emerged from the bushes. Lucy made it clear that she was through helping Anna, but Anna wanted to know what had happened. Lucy told Anna about Victor's invitation to a business lunch. Delighted, Anna insisted that Lucy attend the lunch because Anna was confident that Lucy could get what Anna needed without compromising Martin.

At the Port Charles Grill, Valentin greeted Alexis as he took a seat at her table. Alexis was curious what Valentin wanted, but he wondered why she thought he had an ulterior motive for seeing her. Alexis reminded Valentin that she could always tell when a Cassadine was holding something back. Valentin pointed out that she was a Cassadine, too. However, he admitted she was his favorite Cassadine because she didn't care about private islands or settling old scores.

Valentin said he respected Alexis for building a life for herself, and for torching it to the ground and rebuilding it better than it had been before. Alexis pointed out that Valentin had done the same thing, but she wondered if he intended to screw everything up by doing his father's bidding. Valentin pretended he had no idea what she was talking about, but Alexis knew better. She asked if he was following Victor's orders, because Victor had asked Alexis to use the Invader's resources to help Nikolas and Spencer.

Alexis acknowledged that Nikolas was flawed, but she doubted Nikolas would ever harm Ava, and she was certain that Victor felt the same way. Valentin explained that Victor was more concerned about the public's perception of Nikolas, but Alexis wanted to know why Valentin had agreed to be Victor's mouthpiece. Rather than answer, Valentin asked Alexis to consider Victor's point of view. Alexis agreed to talk to Victor, but Valentin stopped Alexis from leaving because Victor was "otherwise engaged."

Valentin offered to pick up Alexis' tab, and he made another appeal. Valentin admitted that he believed the Invader could help guide the police in the direction of the person who had attacked Ava instead of wasting time focused on Nikolas. Alexis knew Victor was only interested in drawing the focus away from the Cassadines. Valentin agreed, but he pointed out that it wouldn't have been the first time that someone had become obsessed with Ava. Alexis conceded it was a fair point, but she wondered when Valentin had started to care about the Cassadine legacy.

Rather than wait for an answer, Alexis agreed to consider Valentin's request. Alexis turned the conservation to a lighter topic because she hadn't seen Charlotte in a while, and she was curious how Valentin's daughter had been doing. Valentin smiled politely as he admitted that Charlotte had been enjoying the summer at boarding school. Alexis imagined he missed Charlotte. Valentin assured Alexis that it wouldn't be for much longer. Alexis assumed Valentin planned a visit with Charlotte, but Valentin changed the subject by assuring Alexis that he hadn't intended for her to compromise her journalistic integrity.

Valentin explained that Cassadines had to look out for each other because no one else would. "I couldn't have said it better myself," Victor said. Valentin glared at his father. Alexis pointedly advised Valentin to do what was best for his family, and she would do the same for hers. After Alexis left, Victor announced that he was there for a meeting. Valentin said nothing as he marched out.

Victor sat down at a table and picked up the menu. Moments later, Sonny sat down.

At the hospital, Mac approached Austin and Britt at the nurses' station. He asked if the doctors had a minute to answer some questions, and Britt assumed it had something to do with Ava's attack. She informed Mac that she had given the police a statement, but Mac revealed that had hoped to put together a physical and emotional profile on the person who had attacked Ava. Britt advised Mac to talk to a psychiatrist, but Mac explained that he had questions about a few people on the picnic's guest list. Britt was surprised when Mac asked about Cody Bell. Austin explained that he knew only what Maxie had told him about Cody, and he excused himself to attend to a patient.

Britt was curious if Mac suspected Cody of attacking Ava. Mac carefully explained that Cody wasn't a suspect -- Cody was a person of interest. "For you or the police?" Britt asked. Britt admitted that she knew Mac had been friends with Cody's mother, and she wondered if that was the reason for Mac's inquiry. Rather than answer, Mac thanked Britt for her time and left.

Meanwhile, Austin entered an examination room, but he stopped short when he saw Mason. Mason told Austin it was time for them to go home, but Austin insisted home was in Port Charles. However, Austin advised Mason to hightail it out of town before the police asked questions. Mason had no idea what Austin was talking about, but Austin reminded Mason that Mason had threatened to kill Ava shortly before Ava had been stabbed. "Is that why you're here? To finish what you started?" Austin asked.

Mason denied attacking Ava, and he reminded Austin that they had been together at the picnic. Austin argued that they hadn't been together the whole night. Mason was adamant that he hadn't stabbed Ava, but Mason had business to discuss with Austin. Mason revealed that a patient would be checking into the hospital the following week, and Austin was expected to take a special interest in the case. Austin refused to take orders from Mason, but Mason clarified that the orders weren't from him. "I don't take orders from her, either," Austin said.

Mason warned Austin that it wasn't wise for Austin to defy any orders. Just then, Britt burst through the door, looking for Austin. She immediately recognized Mason, and Austin was forced to introduce his cousin to Britt. Mason flirted with Britt as he shook her hand, and he thanked Austin for the referral. After Mason left, Britt's polite smile vanished. "What the hell was that?" Britt asked.

Britt questioned Austin's claim that Mason was Austin's cousin because she recalled seeing Mason on the Haunted Star during open mic night when Austin had claimed Mason had been a stranger asking for a light. Austin admitted that he sometimes wished Mason was not his cousin. Britt knew what that was like. After Austin returned to work, Cody caught up with Britt in the hallway. Cody was curious why Britt had sent a text message asking to see him.

Britt demanded to know what kind of trouble Cody was in. Cody followed Britt to the exam room, where she filled him in about Mac's questions. Cody had no idea who Mac was until Britt reminded him that Cody had met Mac at the picnic, and Mac had known Dominique.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Austin approached Mason. Austin made it clear he did not want Mason there, but Mason argued that it didn't change anything. Mason assured Austin there was nothing to worry about as long as Austin followed instructions.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie was grateful to see her mother. Felicia was delighted to step in for the babysitter who had canceled at the last minute, because Felicia would get to spend time with her grandchildren. Maxie explained that James was at Lila's Kids and Bailey was napping. Moments later, Maxie received a text message from Sam. Maxie explained that she was supposed to help Dante with moving in, but Cody had it covered.

The conversation took an unexpected turn for Maxie when she mentioned that she might have been interested in Cody if she wasn't already involved with Austin. Felicia sternly warned Maxie it would be a bad idea. Maxie immediately sensed her mother was hiding something. Reluctantly, Felicia explained there was a possibility that Mac was Cody's father. Maxie was stunned as Felicia told Maxie about the deathbed confession from Cody's adoptive mother and about Mac and Dominique's love affair during Dominique's marriage to Leopold Taub.

Felicia revealed that Leopold had been a terrible man who had been quite a bit older than Dominique, and she disclosed how he had kept Dominique a prisoner in her home until he had shipped her off to Shadybrook for six months. Felicia explained that Dominique had been cut off from the world until Leopold had died and that Dominique had reunited with Mac, but the relationship hadn't lasted. Maxie realized that Felicia suspected Dominique had given birth to Cody during Dominique's time at Shadybrook.

Moments later, Mac arrived to help Felicia babysit the grandkids. Maxie cut to the chase by asking Mac about Cody. Mac pointed out that it wasn't a certainty that Cody was his son until they had a DNA test, but Mac wasn't sure he wanted to know. Mac explained that he had a hard time accepting that he had a son he had known nothing about. According to Mac, Dominique had been a bright light -- sweet, kind, and genuine -- but Leopold had treated her like property.

Mac admitted that he'd been relieved when Leopold had shipped Dominique off to Shadybrook because it had meant that she would be safe from Leopold's abuse. Maxie admitted that Dominique didn't sound like the kind of woman who would give a child up for adoption and forget about him. Mac agreed, and he was certain that Dominique hadn't known. Felicia suggested Dominique had been drugged and told that anything related to the baby had been a hallucination.

Felicia was certain that Leopold would have kept the child if Cody had been Leopold's son because it would have given Leopold a firmer hold on Dominique's fortune. However, if the child had been Mac's son, Leopold would have removed the obstacle by giving the child to the Bells for adoption. Mac agreed, and he was adamant that Dominique hadn't known about the baby. Mac decided he needed to know more before he made a decision, because the secret would blow Cody's world apart.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption. Regular programming resumed on Friday, September 9, and picked up where the Tuesday, September 7, episode concluded.

Spencer arrives at Pentonville

Spencer arrives at Pentonville

Friday, September 9, 2022

At Maxie's apartment, Felicia encouraged Mac to do some research into Cody's background. Maxie wanted to know why Mac seemed uninterested to learn whether Cody was his son. Mac asked that the subject be dropped, but both Maxie and Felicia persisted. Mac said that he was concerned about what such a revelation could do to their family.

Maxie left to meet Britt at the hospital. Alone with Felicia, Mac confided that he was afraid of change. Mac recalled his and Felicia's life together, and he said the two had finally achieved some peace. Felicia agreed with Mac, but she swore that she would never begrudge Mac for being a parent to Cody if it turned out that Cody was indeed Mac's son.

Felicia wondered if there was another reason why Mac seemed resistant to welcome Cody into their family. Mac said that Cody was still a stranger, and Felicia suggested that they get to know Cody. Felicia vowed to support any decision that Mac made.

At the hospital, Cody wondered about the types of questions Mac had been asking about him. Britt thought that Mac's questions had been to eliminate Cody as a suspect in Ava's stabbing. Later, Maxie arrived, and she and Britt encouraged Cody to talk to Mac about Cody's whereabouts on the night of the stabbing.

Cody left, and Maxie said that perhaps Britt should move on from Cody. Britt didn't think it was a big deal if Cody wasn't truly a suspect in Ava's stabbing. Maxie remarked that while Cody might not have attacked Ava, it was clear that Cody was up to no good.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Sam asked about Cody as she helped Dante unpack. Sam recalled that she had done a lot of things that she regretted in her life, and she was certain that Cody could say the same about himself. Still, Sam thought that she was a good judge of character, and she felt that Cody was a decent person.

Later, Sam and Dante teased one another about their decision to move in together. Sam and Dante kissed, and they held one another. Afterwards, Dante and Sam got on the couch, and the two prepared to make love.

At the Port Charles Grill, Sonny claimed that Victor had caused nothing but trouble since Victor's return to Port Charles. The two discussed Ava's stabbing. Victor reminded Sonny that Ava had made numerous enemies over the years and that it was impossible to keep an exact list. Sonny insinuated that perhaps Nikolas had had something to do with Ava's stabbing, but Victor was adamant that Nikolas was innocent.

Sonny said that he had learned that Ava had been staying at Metro Court before the stabbing, which Sonny found strange, given that Esme had vanished. Sonny asked if Victor knew anything about Esme's disappearance, and Victor remarked that he could ask Sonny the same question. "If I find out right now that you or Nikolas had anything to do with hurting Ava, you're gonna answer to me," Sonny said.

Victor said that he and Sonny didn't have to be adversaries and that the two men shared family together. Victor said that he would stop being a gentleman if Sonny continued to cast aspersions on the Cassadine name. Sonny got up to leave. "Stay away from Avery's mother, and don't let me have to call you again," Sonny threatened Victor.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Nikolas was adamant that he be allowed to visit Spencer. Jordan agreed, but she said that Nikolas would need to schedule a formal interview with the police to give more details about his actions on the night of Ava's stabbing. Jordan encouraged Nikolas to have his lawyer present for the interview.

Nikolas entered the interrogation room, and Spencer loudly yelled for him to leave. Spencer threatened to tell Jordan what Nikolas and Ava had argued about on the night of Ava's attack if Nikolas refused to leave. Just then, Victor arrived. "You will do no such thing! You will continue to remain silent, Spencer. Is that understood?" Victor yelled.

Spencer assured Victor that he hadn't told anyone about Nikolas and Ava's argument. While the three men gathered, Spencer learned that Sonny had had Nikolas barred from Ava's room. Spencer said that perhaps everyone had started to see Nikolas for who Nikolas truly was.

Nikolas asked if Spencer really believed that Nikolas had been responsible for Ava's attack. Spencer revealed that he knew that Nikolas had been responsible for Hayden Barnes's shooting many years earlier. As Spencer grew more heated, Victor demanded that Spencer and Nikolas compose themselves in order for Victor to "fix" things.

Victor said there was no hurdle the Cassadines couldn't clear if they all stuck together, and he encouraged Nikolas to leave. Before he left, Nikolas told Spencer that he would never give up on Spencer, no matter how many times Spencer pushed him away.

Just then, Rory appeared, and he told Spencer that the transport van to Pentonville had arrived and that it was time for Spencer to say goodbye. Spencer walked out of the interrogation room and saw no one except Jordan and Rory in the lobby. Spencer told Victor that he'd hoped more people would have shown up to support him before he left for prison.

Later, Victor and Nikolas met at the Port Charles Grill. Nikolas said he couldn't believe that both Spencer and Victor believed that Nikolas was capable of hurting Ava. Victor said the family had more pressing issues to worry about, and he mentioned that Sonny had questioned him about Esme's disappearance.

In Ava's room at the hospital, Ava and Trina were thrilled to see one another. Ava asked if Trina had enjoyed her vindication. Trina told Ava about the party her parents had thrown to celebrate her freedom. Ava asked how the party had gone, and Trina recalled that Spencer had shown up.

Trina admitted that she was as confused as ever about Spencer's motives and feelings for her. Ava said she had something important to tell Trina. "Sweetheart, according to Spencer, he knew all along that you were innocent. It was all a ruse. He only stayed with Esme to help prove that you were innocent," Ava said.

Ava said that Spencer had carried a torch for Trina for a long time. When Trina wondered why Spencer hadn't told her, Ava surmised that Esme might have made Trina suffer even more if Spencer had told the truth. Ava said that while Spencer was spoiled and entitled, he genuinely cared about Trina. Ava told Trina that whoever Trina chose needed to be worthy of Trina's love and trust. Trina promised that she would keep Ava informed of her decision, and she hurried off to search for Spencer.

After Trina left, Sonny arrived at the hospital to check on Ava. Ava was grateful to Sonny for the security he had provided. Sonny was genuinely concerned about Ava, and he asked if Ava had any idea who had attacked her. Sonny thought there was something that Ava wasn't telling him. "Who am I protecting you from, Ava?" Sonny asked.

Back at the Port Charles Police Station, Trina burst into the lobby in search of Spencer. Trina was hurt and saddened when Rory told her that she had just missed Spencer.

Later, at Pentonville, Spencer watched as the door slammed shut on his cell. Spencer, clad in an orange jumpsuit, stared out of his prison cell.

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