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A brush with the killer left Diane clinging to life. Spinelli confessed to Sam. Austin complied with Mason's demands. Cody learned that Mac might be his father. Sonny tried to force a confession from Dex. Jordan urged Portia to tell the truth about Trina's paternity before it was too late. Valentin and Anna made love.
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A brush with the killer left Diane clinging to life. Cody learned that Mac might be his father. Sonny tried to force a confession from Dex. Jordan urged Portia to tell the truth about Trina's paternity.
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The hook-wielding killer stabs a third victim

The hook-wielding killer stabs a third victim

Monday, September 26, 2022

Anna and Valentin arrived at her house after their mission on the Haunted Star. Anna declared that she owed him shoes after their failure, but Valentin looked down at his feet and called his one missing shoe a win because they were together.

As Valentin got the fire going, Anna changed out of her damp clothes and into a robe. She returned with two glasses of scotch and apologized for not having a robe for Valentin. He told her that she was beautiful, but she wanted to know how he was feeling. She confessed that she'd been in the same position as him with her own daughter, Robin, and she knew how he was feeling about trying to keep Charlotte safe. Valentin admitted that fear for his daughter and rage at Victor had been keeping him sane.

Valentin told Anna about Charlotte's conception and how selfish he'd been because his daughter would always have a target on her back because of him. He added that he wouldn't change things, and Anna replied that it was the same for her and Robin. They spoke of how they'd changed after having children, although Valentin thought that only Anna had changed for the better. They spoke about the ends justifying the means. Anna admitted that she was for it on occasion while Valentin called it his "guiding principle."

Valentin said he only wanted to keep Charlotte safe and admitted that he would kill his father if he had to. He stated that he hadn't done so earlier because of Anna; he would have had to kill Lucy and then Anna. Valentin proclaimed that he'd loved Anna since he'd first laid eyes on her, and they shared a kiss. They headed to the bedroom. Valentin wanted to take things slowly, but Anna told him "next time." They fell to the bed and made love.

At General Hospital, Nikolas held an envelope out to Ava, who insisted that he couldn't buy her love. He replied that it was proof of his love, and she ripped the envelope open. Nikolas professed that his life was in Ava's hands. Ava began to read the card out loud. Nikolas had confessed to being responsible for Esme's disappearance because he had killed her.

Ava declared that it wasn't true, but Nikolas insisted he'd done it to protect Ava. He wanted to make sure that Ava wouldn't suffer. Ava reminded him that she was in a great deal of pain from his having hurt and humiliated her, but Nikolas wanted her to put his statement away until she needed it. Ava made it clear that she needed much more than that, and she grabbed her phone. She wanted something that wasn't faked or forged. She wanted Nikolas to read his own confession out loud as she recorded it.

Nikolas agreed, and he added that he had pushed Esme from the parapet after having sex with her. He continued that he shouldn't have given in because Esme had used it to destroy his marriage and his relationship with his son. He concluded that he had regretted not doing it sooner. Ava appreciated it, and Nikolas smiled. He thought that he had made progress with Ava, and he expected her to be back in his arms again He handed her a chocolate truffle and departed. Ava was overcome with emotion as she unwrapped it and bit into it.

At the nurses' station, Britt informed Terry that she had another date with Cody. They eyed the flowers on the counter, and Terry read the card. They were from Yuri. Finn arrived and wanted to speak to Terry. Britt began to question Finn about the toxicology report, but Terry said goodbye to her. After she was gone, Finn addressed the toxicology report and noted that he was waiting for the antidote to arrive for possible future use.

Robert, Felicia, and Mac shared a table at Metro Court. The guys wanted to discuss the hook attacks, but Felicia wanted a break. She spotted Cody at the bar and suggested a change of topic. Mac wondered if Cody had been following them, and Felicia suspected that Cody felt the same way about them.

At the bar, Cody ordered a beer and some Champagne for Britt, but he spotted the group and wondered if they were stalking him. He phoned Britt and tried to persuade her to go bowling instead, but she declined. She announced that she was wearing a dress and heels and preferred their original plan of meeting at Metro Court.

Robert was confused about Mac and Felicia's interest in Cody and wondered if Mac wanted to question him. Britt arrived and headed to Cody at the bar. Britt told him that she was ready for her drink, and Cody suggested the burger joint instead. He admitted that it was the group at the nearby table that annoyed him. Britt revealed that Robert was Mac's brother and the district attorney.

In the lounge, Alexis and Gregory discussed tracking down Brando's killer, and Alexis announced that she was ready to start.

There were streaks of blood on the counter at Brando's garage. Diane lay unconscious on the floor. When Alexis and Gregory arrived, they were surprised to find the front door open. They ventured inside and found Diane on the floor with Dex leaning over her. Gregory shouted for Dex to get away, but Dex continued to apply pressure. He shouted that he'd already called for help, but Alexis phoned it in, anyway.

At Metro Court, Mac received a message about another attack. He left for the garage, and Robert headed to the hospital. Felicia assured her husband that she could get a ride-share.

At the bar, Britt asked Cody if he felt better after watching the Scorpio brothers leave. He said no, and he made it clear that he was not a good match with law enforcement, just like Britt. She replied that she had been reformed. Felicia joined them, and Cody announced his annoyance at the constant attention of Robert and Mac being after him. Felicia assured Cody that Mac had been doing his job, and there was nothing to worry about. Cody wondered if he was being investigated because Mac had known Cody's mother.

Felicia insisted that Cody needed to talk to Mac because he had known Dominque, but Cody emphasized that Scott had known her better. Britt agreed with Felicia's assessment that the date had been ruined, and Felicia once again suggested that Cody talk to Mac. She wrote down Mac's cell phone number on a scrap of paper. Felicia told the bartender to put the drinks on her tab, since she'd ruined the date, but Cody didn't accept. He wanted to know what was being hidden from him. Felicia urged him to talk to Mac if he wanted the truth.

Britt declared the date to be over, although she understood. She kissed Cody on the cheek and left. The bartender reminded Cody of the piece of paper, and Cody picked it up.

At the hospital, Finn wanted to talk about Elizabeth, and he told Terry the latest without going into detail. Terry was happy that Finn was there to help Elizabeth through it.

Mac arrived at the garage as Diane was placed on a stretcher. Alexis and Gregory wanted to get to the hospital, but Gregory noted that Dex's quick thinking had helped to save Diane's life. Mac couldn't believe that Dex was at the scene again, and he asked why Dex was there. He noted that Dex had been nearby at all of the attacks, and he wanted to question him. Alexis urged Dex to tell the truth, and Mac thought it was good advice. Dex refused to speak without a lawyer present, and he was escorted to the station.

At the hospital, Diane was wheeled into emergency, followed closely by Gregory and Alexis. Gregory explained that they had gone to the garage to speak to Brando's assistant and had found Diane. Robert noted that all of the victims had had one thing in common, and that was Sonny Corinthos.

After examination, Terry announced that the wounds were comparable to the other victims, and Diane would need surgery. Gregory grabbed Alexis' hand. She told him that she'd known Diane forever, and Diane had always been in her corner. Alexis thought it was time to talk to the killer, and she demanded that Gregory accompany her to the newspaper.

Soon after, Terry had some results. She told Finn that Diane had been stabbed with the same substance that had killed Brando. Finn received notice that the antivenom was available, and he rushed off to save Diane.

Sonny takes Dex for a mysterious drive

Sonny takes Dex for a mysterious drive

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

At Sasha and Brando's apartment, Sonny and Nina tried to comfort Sasha and Gladys. Sonny hugged Sasha, who thanked Sonny for his help. On Sonny's way out, Nina asked Sonny what Sasha would do about the guardianship without Brando. Before he could answer, Sonny received a call from Alexis, who told Sonny that Diane had been stabbed.

After Sonny left, Gladys showed Sasha old photos of Brando from her phone. Gladys was remorseful that she and Brando hadn't always gotten along. Sasha remarked that she was completely alone without Brando. Gladys took Sasha by the hand. "You and I became family the second you married my son. That doesn't change now. So, I got news for you, kid. You are stuck with me," Gladys said.

Sasha smiled, and she said she was glad that Gladys considered her family. Gladys suggested the two make plans for Brando's funeral. Later, Gladys revealed that the funeral home had refused to take Sasha's card because of a hold that had been placed due to the guardianship. Nina offered to give them her own bank card. Sasha and Gladys thanked Nina for her help, and Nina said that the two should get used to her help because Nina wasn't going anywhere.

In Jacksonville, Carly was surprised when Drew appeared outside her hotel room. Inside, the two talked about Brando's death. Drew assured Carly that her children were safe in Port Charles. Carly told Drew she appreciated that he'd flown to Jacksonville to check on her.

Carly told Drew about the city's plans to move Virginia's grave and others to make room for a new beach parkway. Carly shared that she'd been told she had no legal standing because she wasn't a resident of Jacksonville. Drew encouraged Carly to keep fighting, and he said there were other ways to enact change. Drew said that he would use Aurora to help Carly in her fight, and he and Carly toasted to the plan.

Drew remarked that it had gotten late and that he needed to find a hotel room. Carly invited Drew to stay with her as a guest on the couch. Drew was hesitant, but Carly pleaded, and Drew agreed to stay.

At the hospital, Portia told Curtis that Diane had been stabbed. Portia told Curtis that Jordan hadn't been pleased that Portia had condoned the hospital leak to the Invader. Jordan appeared, and she asked for Portia's help.

Curtis stayed behind by the nurses' station when Sonny arrived to ask for an update on Diane. Curtis said that Diane was in surgery. Sonny was surprised that Curtis had told him, given the recent thaw in their friendship. Curtis said that he owed Sonny because Marshall had told Curtis that Sonny had learned that Marshall was on antipsychotic medication and that Sonny had kept quiet.

In Portia's office, Portia told Jordan that Diane's wounds had been consistent with Ava and Brando's. Portia shared that the hook used on Diane had contained the same venom found in Brando's system. Portia added that Finn had located an anti-venom, but Jordan admitted she had something more on her mind. "The last time our victim survived, our assailant made sure the next strike would kill. I doubt this will be any different," Jordan said.

Outside Portia's office, Jordan called Rory, and she asked him to stand guard outside Diane's door.

Back in the hallway, Curtis shared with Portia that Jordan had said something strange. Curtis recalled that Jordan had wondered if a person could truly know another person, and he added that it had been as if Jordan thought that Curtis and Portia were keeping secrets from each other. Curtis said he was certain that Jordan had projected, and he declared that he and Portia were "as solid as it gets."

Curtis called Jordan a "poor thing," and he said that because Jordan had kept secrets from him, Jordan thought that everyone else had secrets, too. A nervous Portia said there was something she had to take care of, and she left to confront Jordan.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Dante questioned Dex about Diane's stabbing. Dex said that he'd been outside the garage when Diane had been attacked. Dante wondered how Dex hadn't seen anyone enter the garage, and he suggested that Dex had lied.

Dante remarked that Dex had been in the vicinity of all three attacks, but an animated Dex swore that he was being truthful. Dex reminded Dante that Dex had given first aid help to both Ava and Diane. Dante left the room, and he encouraged Dex to call a lawyer. Instead, Dex called Sonny. "I'm in trouble. I need your help," Dex said.

Sonny arrived at the police station. Dante told Sonny that Dex had been at the scene during all three attacks. Sonny entered the interrogation room, and Dex proclaimed his innocence. Sonny stared at Dex, and he seemed to ponder whether Dex had told the truth.

Just then, Dante and Jordan entered. Sonny wanted to know if Dex was under arrest. Neither Dante nor Jordan said anything. "That's a no. Come on, let's go," Sonny told Dex.

Jordan was surprised the police had nothing to hold Dex on. Jordan shared her suspicion that there was something "off" about Dex, and she encouraged Dante to continue to dig into Dex's past.

Later, Jordan was in her office when an angry Portia stormed in. "Curtis told me about your little divorce chat. How dare you?" Portia snarled.

At the hatchet range, Cameron and Josslyn joined Trina and Rory on a double date. Josslyn said that she was happy Trina had ended up with Rory instead of Spencer. Trina replied that she was happier than she'd ever been and that she hoped for a "fun and uncomplicated" relationship.

The double date came to a halt when Rory received Jordan's phone call about Diane's attack. Rory gave everyone the news, and he shared that a suspect had been brought in for questioning. Rory made Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron promise they would all go home together. As Rory left, Josslyn begged Rory to tell him who the suspect had been. "All I can tell you is it's someone who's been questioned before and has been spotted at all three crime scenes," Rory said.

After Rory left, Josslyn remembered having warned Dex that the police had wanted to question him after one of the previous attacks. Josslyn went to leave for the hospital to get an update on Diane. Alone, Cameron called out Trina for having avoided him since Trina had learned that Cameron had covered for Spencer. Cameron said that Trina had every right to be mad. "Good, because I am," Trina shared.

Trina assured Cameron that she wouldn't hold on to a grudge against him. Cameron said that he'd been torn between two people he'd cared about, and he asked if Trina had ever experienced anything similar. Trina flashed back to when Josslyn had told her that she'd been alone with Dex. "Yeah, I guess I have," Trina said in response to Cameron's question.

Later, Josslyn arrived at the police station. Dante told Josslyn that Dex had been brought in for questioning and that Dex had already left with Sonny.

After Sonny had left the interrogation room with Dex, Sonny ordered Dex to go for a ride with him. Dex got into a car with Sonny, and he thanked Sonny for the ride home. Unbeknownst to Dex, Sonny had other ideas. "We're gonna make a stop first," Sonny said menacingly.

Jordan confronts Portia about Trina's paternity

Jordan confronts Portia about Trina's paternity

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie apologized about the change in plans, but Austin assured her that he enjoyed spending a quiet evening in. Maxie promised she and Austin would get some alone time once Georgie settled down and fell asleep like James and Bailey Lu had. Austin kissed Maxie just as Spinelli emerged from Georgie's bedroom. Spinelli rolled his eyes. Afterwards, Spinelli cleared his throat and let Maxie know Georgie was ready for her goodnight kiss from Maxie. Maxie thanked Spinelli, and she asked him to keep her updated on Diane's condition.

After Spinelli left, he stopped in the hallway for a calming breath, but his tension quickly returned when he heard Cody call out to him. Spinelli's mood didn't improve when Cody revealed he was there to see Maxie. Spinelli objected, but Cody advised Spinelli to be nicer because Cody knew Spinelli's secrets. Spinelli argued he had already bought Cody's silence, but Cody warned Spinelli to stay out of Cody's way.

In the apartment, Maxie returned from tucking in Georgie. She assured Austin that Georgie would get over her "shyness" around Austin, but he promised he understood. Austin leaned down to kiss Maxie, but they were interrupted by a knock on the door. "Hi, sis," Cody said when Maxie opened the door. Maxie was momentarily shocked by the greeting, but she quickly recovered and invited Cody inside. The two men introduced themselves, and Cody perked up when he learned Austin was a Gatlin.

Maxie asked why Cody had called her "sis." She assumed it was because Cody had talked to Mac, but Cody was confused. "Wait. You really think Mac Scorpio is my dad?" Cody asked. Maxie reminded Cody that he'd been the one to refer to her as "sis," so Cody admitted he'd been bluffing. Cody explained he was there to get answers from Maxie, but she urged him to talk to Mac. Cody refused, and he pushed until Maxie agreed to share what she knew.

Maxie revealed that Mac had met and fallen in love with Dominique while Mac had been on the run. According to Maxie, Dominique had been married to Leopold Taub at the time, and Leopold had been part of a cartel. Maxie admitted she was fuzzy on some of the details, but she knew Dominique had reunited with Mac after Leopold's death. Maxie assured Cody that Mac had never known about Dominique's baby, but Cody was skeptical. Annoyed, Maxie assured Cody he would be lucky to have Mac as a father.

Maxie urged Cody to talk to Mac, but Cody declined. Maxie didn't understand Cody's attitude because Mac was a wonderful person compared to Leopold. Maxie couldn't understand why Cody would want to be Leopold's son.

At the police station, Jordan was startled when Portia stormed into Jordan's office and slammed the door shut. Portia angrily confronted Jordan about the misplaced divorce papers. "Jordan, how dare you?" Portia asked. Jordan was taken aback, but Portia accused Jordan of insinuating herself into Curtis' life and trying to make him doubt Portia. "If Curtis doubts you, then you're doing that all on your own," Jordan said.

Portia was tired of the games, so she invited Jordan to speak her mind. "All right, then. Is Curtis Trina's father?" Jordan asked. Portia warned Jordan that Trina was none of Jordan's business, but Jordan disagreed because Portia was the one who had barged into Jordan's office. Jordan insisted that both Curtis and Trina deserved to know the truth, but Portia argued that she didn't need a lecture from Jordan. Jordan promised she was not the enemy, but she warned Portia that the truth had a way of getting out.

Portia deflected by demanding to know what Jordan's feelings were for Curtis. Portia was certain Jordan wanted Curtis back, but Jordan promised it had been an oversight that the divorce papers hadn't been sent in. Jordan insisted she had no desire to make Curtis' life more difficult, but Portia didn't believe Jordan because Jordan had been hinting to Curtis that Portia had been lying. Jordan circled back to her original question about Trina's paternity because Jordan thought it had been telling that Portia hadn't denied anything.

Portia argued that she didn't owe Jordan an answer, but Taggert had been Trina's father from the start. Jordan reminded Portia of the confession Portia had made when Jordan and Portia had been trapped in a basement and on the verge of dying. Jordan also revealed that she knew about Portia's attempts to get genetic counseling for Trina. Jordan wondered if it was because Portia was afraid Trina had inherited schizophrenia from Curtis' side of the family. Portia demanded to know if Jordan had used Jordan's position as police commissioner to illegally access Portia's medical files. Jordan denied the accusation, and she disclosed that she had learned about it by accident.

Jordan advised Portia to take a good look at Portia's own actions. Portia insisted she loved Curtis, but Jordan warned Portia that Portia couldn't marry Curtis while the secret hung over Curtis and Portia. "Is that a threat?" Portia asked. Portia admitted it had sounded as if Jordan intended to tell Curtis about Trina if Portia didn't.

At the hospital, Curtis saw Ava gingerly making her way around the nurses' station as she clutched her injured side with one hand and held onto her I.V. pole with the other. Ava explained that she couldn't go home until she made a couple of laps around the nurses' station. However, Ava admitted she needed a rest, prompting Curtis to help her to a nearby bench. When the conversation turned to Ava's attack, Curtis revealed that Diane had been the killer's latest victim.

Moments later, Trina walked up and greeted Ava. Curtis was alarmed when he realized Trina was not with her friends. He reminded Trina it was too dangerous to go out alone at night when a killer was on the loose. Just then, Taggert caught up with his daughter after parking the car. Curtis was embarrassed when he realized Trina hadn't been alone. Taggert picked up on the tension, but Ava tactfully asked Trina to help Ava back to her hospital room. After Ava and Trina left, Taggert asked what he had walked into.

Curtis confessed that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Curtis assured Taggert that he had no intention of overstepping, but Curtis had been concerned about Trina's safety. Taggert promised it was okay, and he conceded it was a shame Curtis had never had children because Curtis had great fatherly instincts. The two men fetched a cup of coffee as they discussed the recent slew of attacks by the hook-wielding killer. Curtis hoped Diane survived the surgery and identified her attacker because the weapon used in the attacks indicated the killer had acted out of rage.

Taggert revealed that he had tried to persuade Trina to leave town until the killer was caught, but Trina had refused because she had been eager to get back on track at school. Curtis didn't blame Trina for not wanting to disrupt the start of her sophomore year after the rough summer she had endured. Taggert chuckled, and he jokingly suggested he take weekdays with Trina, and Curtis take the weekends, so they would have Trina covered around the clock. Curtis admitted it might be the best way to keep Trina safe in Port Charles. Taggert was curious what Curtis had in mind, so Curtis instructed Taggert to keep Trina at the hospital after her visit with Ava.

In Ava's hospital room, Trina handed Ava a glass of water as Ava settled into bed. Ava was curious if Trina had sent Ava a text message asking to visit because Trina wanted to talk about Rory or Spencer. Trina filled Ava in about Cameron's confession that Spencer had told Cameron about the plot to expose Esme and sworn Cameron to secrecy. Trina assured Ava that Cameron had apologized, and Trina had forgiven him. Ava was pleased.

The conversation took a turn when Trina grumbled about the way Curtis had "jumped on" Trina earlier. Ava assured Trina that Curtis was concerned about Trina's safety, but Trina remained annoyed. Trina admitted she resented how Curtis treated Trina like a twelve-year-old. Ava advised Trina to be patient because Curtis had no experience with children, but Trina insisted she could take care of herself. Trina also pointed out that she had her parents to turn to if she needed help. Ava reminded Trina that Trina also had Ava -- and Curtis.

A short time later, Trina approached Taggert and Curtis in the hallway. Trina explained that Ava was resting, so Trina wanted to check on Diane. Taggert agreed to accompany Trina. After Taggert and Trina walked away, Curtis paid Ava a visit. Curtis explained that he needed Ava's help to keep Trina safe. Ava was surprised when he asked her to fire Trina, but Ava realized it would be for the best because of the danger posed by the killer. After Ava made a quick phone call, she assured Curtis everything had been taken care of.

Later, Trina entered Ava's hospital room. Trina noticed right away that Ava was upset. Ava confessed that she could no longer be Trina's boss.

Meanwhile, Sam and Michael exchanged a hug in a hospital waiting area. Afterwards, they talked about Diane's surgery as they waited for an update. Michael knew Alexis and Diane were best friends, so he asked how Alexis had been handling things. Sam admitted her mother was at the Invader, focused on finding a way to help Diane. Michael wondered why Diane had been alone at Brando's garage, but Sam revealed Diane had not been alone -- Dex had been there, too.

Sam told Michael about the grisly scene Alexis and Gregory had walked in on. Alarmed, Michael asked if the police had questioned Dex, but Sam had no idea.

A short time later, Michael was on the phone with someone at the police station, trying to find out if Dex had been questioned. Nearby, Spinelli greeted Sam. Spinelli and Sam talked about Diane, and Spinelli wondered if it had been a crime of opportunity or if Diane had been targeted. Just then, Michael joined Spinelli and Sam to let Sam know that Michael had to leave and clear up a misunderstanding. Sam promised to call Michael with an update when Diane was out of surgery.

After Michael left, Sam asked how Spinelli had handled the news about Diane with Georgie. Spinelli admitted he'd told his daughter that Diane was in the hospital, but he hadn't elaborated. Spinelli beamed with pride as he talked about his daughter and her love for his favorite science-fiction movie series. Sam smiled because it was clear Spinelli was a great father. Spinelli credited Georgie for being a wonderful child and Maxie for being an amazing co-parent. Sam hoped Maxie was okay alone at the apartment, waiting for news about Diane, but Spinelli revealed that Austin was with Maxie.

Spinelli talked to Sam about Georgie's dislike of Austin, but Sam questioned if Georgie might have been influenced by Spinelli's obvious disdain for Maxie's boyfriend. Spinelli conceded it was possible, but he was adamant that his daughter was a good judge of character. Sam heard the ring of jealousy in Spinelli's tone when he talked about Maxie and Austin, so Spinelli confessed that he still had feelings for Maxie. However, Spinelli feared the time wasn't right because Maxie had moved on with Austin.

The conversation turned to Society Setups, and Spinelli confided he'd been tempted to see if Maxie was his perfect match. Sam wondered how it would be possible, since Maxie wasn't a member of the matchmaking site. To Spinelli's surprise, Sam confessed that she questioned Zelda's skill as a matchmaker. He immediately defended the success of the site and the "hundreds" of matches made, but Sam was suspicious of his passionate defense. Reluctantly, Spinelli revealed that Zelda Telesco was a front for the real owner of Society Setups -- Spinelli. However, he warned Sam it needed to remain a secret, or he would end up in federal prison.

In the interrogation room, Dante looked over photos of the hook-wielding killer's recent crime scenes. Moments later, a police officer knocked on the door to let Dante know Josslyn has asked to see Dante. Dante put the photos away and closed the files. When the police officer returned with Josslyn, Dante handed the man one of the files with instructions to give it to Jordan.

Josslyn explained that she wanted to talk to Dante about Brando, but Dante reminded her that he couldn't discuss an ongoing investigation. Josslyn clarified that she had evidence to share. However, she couldn't make sense of Brando's attack. "Why him and not me?" Josslyn asked. Dante assured Josslyn they had no reason to believe she had been the target, but Josslyn reminded him that Ava, Brando, and Diane were all connected to Sonny. Dante shifted gears by asking what evidence she had.

Josslyn described hearing a jingling sound like "metal pieces rattling together" when she had entered the alley behind Charlie's. Dante wondered if it might have been a homeless person kicking cans around the Dumpster, but Josslyn quickly dismissed the possibility. She insisted no one had been in the alley. "Except for maybe Dex," Dante said. Josslyn was certain Dex had not been in the alley, but Dante wasn't convinced.

Dante opened Brando's case file as he told Josslyn that Brando had mentioned hearing a similar sound to the one she had described. Dante added that Dex had been in the military, and Dex always wore a set of dog tags around his neck. Josslyn recalled seeing Dex's dog tags at the pool when she had returned Dex's sunglasses, and Dante asked if it was possible that both Brando and Josslyn had heard Dex's dog tags. Josslyn remained convinced of Dex's innocence, so Dante shifted gears by asking what Dex had been wearing the night of Ava's attack.

Josslyn remembered Dex wearing a white T-shirt, but she didn't recall seeing his dog tags. When Josslyn mentioned that Dex's shirt had been clean, Dante frowned and checked his notes.

At Pozzulo's, Dex's hands were bound together and tied to a rope hanging from a beam inside a walk-in freezer. One of Sonny's henchmen stood guard as Sonny approached Dex. Dex pleaded with Sonny to believe him, but Sonny wondered why he should believe anything out of Dex's lying mouth. Dex insisted he had found Diane when he had locked up as Sonny had instructed, but Sonny didn't believe Dex. Sonny was disappointed that Dex hadn't taken Sonny seriously. "That's a huge mistake. Huge!" Sonny shouted.

Later, Dex grunted in pain as Sonny's henchman delivered several powerful punches to Dex's midsection. After Sonny told Ray to stop, Sonny gave Dex another opportunity to confess to attacking Ava, Brando, and Diane, but Dex insisted he was not a killer. Sonny was not satisfied. Sonny demanded to know why Dex had wanted to work for Sonny's organization, so Dex claimed that he had seen how everyone had respected Sonny. Sonny wasn't fooled because he recalled how pushy Dex had been. Dex insisted he had admired Sonny, and Dex had wanted to learn from Sonny.

Sonny asked why Dex had been so eager to visit the Quartermaine estate the night of Ava's attack. Dex thought about his clandestine meeting with Michael in the boathouse, but Dex decided not to tell Sonny. Sonny grew weary of questioning Dex, so he announced it was time to enlist the help of someone who was known to get results. Moments later, a menacing man carrying a medical bag entered the freezer. Sonny revealed that Carver had been recommended by Madame Wu.

Just then, Frank knocked on the door and asked for a word with Sonny. Moments later, Sonny announced that Ray would stand guard at the door while Carver got acquainted with Dex. After Sonny left, Dex warned Carver that it would be a mistake to hurt Dex because Dex hadn't attacked anyone. Carver removed a large knife from the bag and approached Dex. Carver was pleased that Dex talked a lot without saying anything useful because Carver liked to take his time.

In the restaurant, Sonny greeted Michael. Michael cut to the chase because Ava, Brando, and Diane were all connected to Sonny. Sonny assured Michael that everything was being handled, but Michael wanted to know if Sonny knew who the killer was. Sonny didn't answer, so Michael revealed that he had heard Dex had been questioned by the police, and Sonny had picked Dex up. Michael asked if Sonny had helped Dex because Dex worked for Sonny or if Sonny had picked Dex up because Sonny intended to deal with Dex himself.

Sonny reminded Michael that Michael had cut ties with Sonny, but Michael insisted he had a right to know what was going on because Michael cared about Sasha, Brando was family, and Ava was Avery's mother. Michael was curious why the police had questioned Sonny's driver but not Sonny, who was the common denominator of all three victims. Sonny was curious what Dex was to Michael, and why Michael cared about what happened to Dex.

Mac and Cody finally talk

Mac and Cody finally talk

Thursday, September 29, 2022

At the hospital, Spinelli confided in Sam that he was doomed to spend his life in a federal prison, but she reminded him that creating a dating site wasn't illegal. He explained that he'd written an algorithm to match people as perfectly as possible, but he'd wanted to "cast a wider net" outside of Society Setups. He admitted that he'd been able to access every person's digital footprint all over the world and learn every aspect of their lives. "You're screwed," Sam told him.

Sam advised Spinelli to shut the site down immediately, but he talked about how happy his clients were. He thought that he was helping to change the world for the better. "Tell that to Britt and her string of losers," Sam commented. Spinelli clarified that Britt had met them on a "beta version" of the algorithm that he'd since refined. Sam couldn't believe that Britt's perfect match was Cody. Spinelli confessed that Cody had coerced him into it, and he wasn't sure that Cody's reasons were entirely romantic.

In Jordan's office, Portia questioned whether or not Jordan would tell Curtis of her suspicions that Trina was Curtis' daughter if Portia didn't. Jordan insisted that she didn't want to blow up Portia and Curtis' relationship, but she wanted Curtis to be happy. Portia reminded Jordan that Taggert would also be affected, so she thought that everything should go on the way it had been. Jordan thought that was "wishful thinking." Jordan knew how Curtis dealt with secrets and lies, and she didn't want Portia to repeat Jordan's mistakes. Portia warned Jordan to stay out of her business, as Portia would handle her life her way.

Minutes later, Dante was going over evidence from the hook attacks when Jordan entered. Dante admitted that he didn't think that Dex was the attacker, but he told her about the jingling sound Josslyn and Brando had heard and that it could have been Dex's dog tags. He added that he had people recanvassing the crime scenes and searching Dex's apartment. He continued that Josslyn didn't think Dex was guilty, and he trusted her good instincts.

A short while later, Jordan was back in her office, thinking about her conversation with Portia. Dante entered and advised her that he was leaving, but his phone would be on if she needed anything. She said she just hoped Diane would be able to tell them something when she woke up. Dante left.

Marshall and Epiphany got off the elevator at the hospital, laughing and holding hands. Curtis, who was standing right next to the elevator, wondered if his father was there for a check-up. Epiphany excused herself to go back to work, and Marshall explained that he was there to provide some music therapy. As Marshall shined his clarinet, he asked why Curtis and Portia hadn't set a wedding date yet. Curtis told his father about the snafu with the divorce papers then excused himself. Epiphany approached and asked if everything was all right. "I don't know," Marshall admitted.

In Ava's hospital room, Ava explained to Trina that she would close the gallery until the attacker was caught, as neither of them was safe. Trina insisted that she could run it until Ava was better, as she knew how to defend herself. However, Ava talked about how she'd helped Trina get a different internship, and she handed Trina a letter. Trina was amazed that she'd gotten a prestigious fellowship at the Port Charles Museum of Fine Arts. Ava revealed that Curtis had set it in motion, and just then, Curtis entered the room. He explained that the security was better there than at the gallery. Trina asked to talk to Curtis outside the room, so they left.

Epiphany entered the room a short while later, and Ava wondered when she could leave the hospital. She added that she would settle for some fresh air and moonlight. "That can be arranged," Epiphany replied. A few minutes later, Epiphany wheeled Ava down the hall and found Marshall playing his clarinet.

Trina told Curtis that, while she appreciated the opportunity, she couldn't accept it. He wondered why, and she replied, "Because you didn't ask me first." She reminded him that she wasn't a kid, and he didn't get to make decisions about her life. As Portia was passing through, she heard Trina say that not even Taggert could do that, and Curtis was certainly not her father.

Portia approached, and Trina and Curtis explained the situation. He begged Trina not to turn the fellowship down because she was mad at him. "I have a lot to think about," she stated, and she walked away. Curtis explained that he just wanted Trina to know that she could count on him, too, and he hugged Portia, who thought about her conversation with Jordan.

At the hospital, Mac informed Felicia that Diane was still in surgery. She urged him to return home with her, but he said he couldn't. He wanted her to tell him what had happened with Cody after Mac had left the Metro Court restaurant. "I have a better idea," she said, and she pulled him along.

At Maxie's, Maxie insisted that Mac would be "a huge step up" if he was Cody's father and not Leopold. Cody was unsure about having a cop as a father, and Austin understood being leery about family. Just then, Austin's phone went off, and it was a text saying, "You know what you have to do." He announced that he had to go to the hospital. He kissed Maxie and opened the door just as Mac and Felicia arrived. "Is this a bad time?" Felicia wondered. "Depends on who you ask," Austin replied, and he left.

Mac and Felicia entered the apartment, and Maxie urged Cody, "This is your chance." Cody said he had thought that Mac was eyeing him as a suspect, but he admitted that he knew the real reason for Mac's questions. Maxie insisted that her family was the best, and Cody had nothing to lose by finding out. Cody replied that he didn't want to be disappointed, but Felicia urged him to find out for sure. "It's time for a DNA test," Maxie stated.

Austin arrived at the hospital, and Amy was surprised to see him, as he was off. Austin claimed that he was covering for someone, and he went over to Mason. Austin insisted that he was quitting, but Mason replied that Austin couldn't quit a family business. Austin asserted that he was done after that night, as all his debts would be repaid. "It's doesn't work like that," Mason told him. Amy called Austin over, and Mason murmured, "Showtime."

A man stood at the nurses' station to check in, and Austin offered to take the man to an exam room himself. In the exam room, Austin asked the man, named Gordon, questions about his medical history. However, Mason entered and ordered Austin not to worry about the background information. "You know what to do," Mason said. Austin took out a syringe and advised Gordon to "lay back. Lucky you, you won't feel a thing."

At Pozzulo's, Sonny demanded to know why Michael cared about what happened to Dex. Michael replied that he knew what Sonny did with people Sonny suspected of targeting his family. Sonny told Frank to take a break, so he left. Sonny and Michael argued over Sonny's methods, but Sonny concluded that he didn't care if his way of protecting his family "offends your delicate sensibilities." He added that Michael barely knew Dex, but Michael thought that the real killer was still out there. Sonny said that Dex was his employee, and if Dex was innocent, he had nothing to worry about.

In the warehouse, Carver informed a tied-up Dex that they could do things the easy way or the hard way, but either way, Dex would start talking. There was a knock on the door, and Carver let Frank in. Frank informed Carver that it was time for a break, so the two left. Dex took the opportunity to try to get Carver's knives. A few minutes later, just as he had gotten them closer, he was hit in the face with a bucket full of water. Carver grabbed a knife and got closer, but Dex kicked him back. "You surprised me. That won't happen again," Carver told him. "Stay away, freak," Dex yelled. Carver claimed that he was going to enjoy his work that day.

As Sonny and Michael were finishing their conversation, Frank popped his head in and announced that Josslyn was there to see Sonny. Josslyn entered and asked to see Dex. She explained that she'd heard that Dex had left the PCPD with Sonny and that she believed he was innocent. She went on to say that the timing of the attacks didn't line up with when Dex had arrived and that he'd been in a clean white shirt when he'd arrived to help her with Ava. Sonny thought it was nice that she was looking out for Dex, and he would let Dex know the next time he saw Dex. He asked Frank to take Josslyn wherever she wanted to go, but Michael insisted that he would take her, and they left.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door of the warehouse, and Carver opened the door to Sonny. Sonny explained that they were in a "holding pattern" while he did some fact-checking. He advised Carver to stay on call, and he left. "Saved by the bell. At least for now," Carver said to Dex. He promised to be back to finish what he'd started, and he grabbed his knives and left. Sonny returned to the restaurant, deep in thought.

Spencer is attacked in Pentonville

Spencer is attacked in Pentonville

Friday, September 30, 2022

At Metro Court, Nina told Sonny that she planned to ask Ava to stay with her. Sonny groused that Ava needed to get away from Nikolas because the two were toxic. Nina reminded Sonny that their own "cheering section" was roughly the same size as Nikolas and Ava's.

Selina approached, and she offered her condolences on Brando's death. Nina received a text, and she excused herself. Alone with Sonny, Selina noted that the attacker's victims had all been tied to Sonny. Selina added that all of her resources were at Sonny's disposal.

At Chase's apartment, Brook Lynn walked in on a shirtless Chase. The two shared a passionate kiss, and Chase wanted to make love. Instead, Brook Lynn told Chase to save his energy for his upcoming performance at the Savoy. Later, Brook Lynn took a trash bag and threw away almost all the food in Chase's apartment. She then invited Chase to breakfast.

At Anna's house, Anna and Valentin woke up in bed together after having made love the previous night. Valentin told Anna that he wanted to remember the moment forever. Valentin's phone chimed, and he received a text from Charlotte, who sent a selfie and told Valentin that she loved and missed him.

Anna reminded Valentin that his and Charlotte's separation wasn't permanent, and she asked Valentin to trust her. "Are you with me?" Anna asked. "To the ends of the earth, darling," Valentin replied softly.

Later, at Metro Court, Anna and Valentin encountered Nina. Anna congratulated Nina on being co-owner of Metro Court. Nina said she was glad that both Valentin and Anna looked happy, and she left. "I think she's the answer. Nina's the one. She can help us get to Victor," Valentin told Anna after Nina was out of sight.

At Pentonville, Victor visited a despondent Spencer. Victor was alarmed and furious to learn that Spencer had been threatened and harassed despite the protection that Victor and Sonny had arranged. Spencer asked about Ava's recovery. Victor noted that Spencer hadn't asked about Nikolas, and Spencer said that Nikolas was the last person he'd wanted to discuss. When Victor asked why Spencer had asked about Ava, Spencer revealed that it was because of Trina.

Spencer added that none of his friends had visited him in prison and that Victor was his first visitor. Victor regretted that he had not visited sooner, and Spencer added that the only people who cared about him were Victor, Laura, and Britt. Victor then offered to deliver a message to Trina on Spencer's behalf. Spencer declined Victor's offer, and he said the only reason he'd asked about Trina was because of the attacker.

Victor told Spencer to focus on himself, and he turned the topic of the conversation back onto family and specifically Nikolas. Spencer remarked that Nikolas hadn't even visited him in prison. Victor offered to bridge the gap between Spencer and Nikolas, but Spencer again refused.

Spencer thanked Victor for having visited him. Victor pleaded with Spencer to keep his chin up and to watch his back. Later, in the prison library, a middle-aged inmate with dark hair startled Spencer when he knocked a book from Spencer's hand. "What the hell?" Spencer asked. "That was long overdue," the inmate replied.

The inmate ordered Spencer to pick up the book. Spencer refused, and the inmate proceeded to bash Spencer in the face with another book. Spencer fell onto the floor.

At the hospital, an angry Nikolas confronted Finn about having gone to Ava's room with Elizabeth. Nikolas said that Finn had put Elizabeth in danger when he'd told Ava that Elizabeth had blacked out on the night of Ava's attack. Nikolas wondered if Finn cared about Elizabeth at all. "All of her turmoil started with you. You're the reason she's so messed up!" Nikolas posited.

Finn made a move to physically attack Nikolas, but Alexis and Gregory appeared in time to intercede before things escalated further. Alexis ordered Nikolas to follow her off to the side for a private conversation. Alexis proceeded to tell Nikolas to keep his temper.

Nikolas later remarked that he'd seen Alexis' op-ed in the Intruder, and he complimented her for having published the open letter to the attacker. A nervous Alexis said that if the letter backfired, it would put everyone they cared about in danger.

After Alexis left, Victor appeared. "Nikolas, it's time you stepped up as a father. Your son needs you now more than ever," Victor declared.

In Ava's room, Elizabeth congratulated Ava on being given a discharge. Ava thanked Elizabeth for having told her the truth about Nikolas' whereabouts on the night of Ava's attack. Elizabeth shared that the Nikolas she had grown up with would have given Elizabeth an alibi, no matter the circumstances, but she added that she'd had doubts about Nikolas on the night Ava had been stabbed.

Elizabeth recalled that Nikolas had been through dark times when he and Elizabeth had grown up. Elizabeth warned that things weren't always easy with Nikolas, but she said that his love was unwavering. Before Elizabeth left, Ava asked if Elizabeth was okay.

Ava said she didn't blame Elizabeth for having not told the police about Elizabeth's blackout on the night of Ava's stabbing. Elizabeth flashed back to the woman at the foot of the stairs, and she rushed out of the room. Later, in the hallway, Elizabeth saw Gregory. Elizabeth asked how well Gregory had known Finn's ex-wife, Reiko.

Back in Ava's room, Nina asked Ava to move in with her. Nikolas appeared with Victor, and he told Nina that the offer wasn't necessary because Ava would be going home with Nikolas. Ava stunned Nikolas when she announced that she was going home with Nina.

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