General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 3, 2022 on GH

The Hook struck again. Esme resurfaced, but she denied being the hook-wielding killer. Diane revealed she'd been attacked by a woman. Nina saw a tender moment between T.J. and Willow. Elizabeth talked to Terry about Reiko. Josslyn rescued Dex, but Dex refused to press charges against Sonny. Spencer received a helping hand from Cyrus. Victor demanded Nikolas divorce Ava.
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The Hook struck again. Esme resurfaced and denied being the killer. Diane revealed she'd been attacked by a woman. Spencer received a helping hand from Cyrus. Victor demanded Nikolas divorce Ava.
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Spencer runs into a familiar face in Pentonville

Spencer runs into a familiar face in Pentonville

Monday, October 3, 2022

In the Deception office, Sasha told Maxie that she needed a dress for Brando's funeral, and Maxie promised to help. After Maxie picked out a dress for Sasha, Maxie shared with Sasha what Maxie had gone through after Nathan had died. Maxie hugged and consoled Sasha.

In Jacksonville, Carly told Drew that she hadn't been able to sleep the night before because of a dream she'd had about Virginia's grave. Carly thought she should call Diane for advice. Drew then told Carly about Diane's stabbing. Carly wanted to return to Port Charles, but Drew talked Carly into staying in Jacksonville.

Drew said that he'd arranged for a reporter from Aurora to interview Carly, and he encouraged Carly to sell the public on how much Virginia had meant to Carly. Drew warned that Carly's past would be brought into the spotlight, but Carly assured Drew that she could handle any scrutiny about her past. Drew went to make Carly a plate of breakfast food that he'd ordered. Afterwards, Carly thanked Drew for his help.

In the prison library at Pentonville, Spencer fell to the floor after having been hit in the face with a book by a fellow inmate. The inmate said that Spencer had used Spencer's connections to get a job in the library -- a job the inmate said he'd waited years for.

The inmate threatened to cause Spencer even more harm. Just then, a man's voice called out. "He who commits violence against his brother shall be covered in shame and destroyed forever," the man said loudly. Spencer looked up to find that the man was Cyrus Renault.

Cyrus demanded that the inmate leave Spencer alone, and the inmate did as Cyrus had ordered. After the inmate left, Cyrus shared that the inmate had been nicknamed "Book" because he'd once bludgeoned a man to death with an Oxford Dictionary. Spencer accused Cyrus of having orchestrated the attack so that Cyrus could come to Spencer's rescue as a way of ensuring that Spencer owed Cyrus a favor.

Cyrus tried to assure Spencer that he wasn't a threat to Spencer's safety, and he added that while Spencer had protection courtesy of Victor and Sonny in Pentonville, it wouldn't necessarily guarantee that Spencer was entirely safe. Cyrus said that he had ways to protect Spencer "from within" and that all Spencer had to do was ask.

At the hospital, Finn told Robert and Alexis that the antivenom protocol he'd used on Diane seemed to have worked. Robert and Alexis were relieved. After delivering the news, Finn pulled Elizabeth away with the excuse that he needed her help to check Diane's pulse.

In Diane's room, Finn told Elizabeth about his encounter with Nikolas. Elizabeth recalled that she and Nikolas had once been very close, and she suggested that the feelings a person had for a former love never truly went away.

Nearby, Alexis thanked Gregory for having kept her company. Alexis tried to assure Gregory that she was fine. Gregory left to track down Finn. Later, Finn continued to gossip about Elizabeth behind her back to Gregory, who shared that Elizabeth had asked him about Reiko. Finn wondered why Elizabeth would ask about his ex-wife.

At Pozzulo's Restaurant, Dante asked Sonny where Dex was. Before Sonny could answer, Kristina arrived with one of Sonny's goons, and she asked Sonny to reinstate Dex as her security detail. Sonny said that until they found out who'd been behind the attacks, Kristina would have to trust whoever Sonny assigned to her.

Kristina left for Charlie's Pub. Afterwards, Sonny asked if Dante felt that Kristina had been right about Dex. Dante said that he and the police had done a search of Dex's apartment earlier and that they'd found no sign of Dex. "You wouldn't have anything to share about that, would you?" Dante asked.

Dante's phone rang, and Dante informed Sonny that Diane was out of surgery. Dante left for the hospital to get an update on Diane from Robert. Sonny accompanied Dante, and Robert shared that Diane was recovering in the ICU. Robert said that the victims all had one thing in common. Sonny accused Robert of wanting to blame all the attacks on Sonny, but Robert said he only wanted to find the person responsible before they killed again. Sonny said that he wanted the same thing.

At Charlie's Pub, Josslyn complained to Trina that she had not been able to find Dex. Trina wondered why Josslyn cared so much about Dex. Trina's phone chimed, and she told Josslyn that Rory had asked if Trina was available. Trina said that Rory was out of town at a comic book convention. Josslyn wondered if Trina and Rory were at a point where they felt comfortable sharing a hotel, causing Trina to recall the night at the cabin months earlier. Trina marveled at how Esme had vanished.

Josslyn revealed that she and Cameron had decided to visit Spencer in Pentonville, and she asked if Trina wanted to accompany them. Trina said she thought it was best not to visit Spencer, and Josslyn wondered what Trina would have said to Spencer if Trina had arrived at the police station in time to catch Spencer before he'd left for Pentonville.

Kristina appeared, and she told Josslyn that Dante hadn't ruled Dex out as a suspect. Kristina said that she thought Dante's suspicions of Dex had trickled down to Sonny. Kristina excused herself to take food orders, and Josslyn surmised that Dex was in trouble if Sonny felt that Dex had been responsible for the attacks. Josslyn rushed out of the pub.

Later, at Pozzulo's, Josslyn encountered "Carver," the man Sonny had hired to torture the truth out of Dex with a butcher knife.

Esme resurfaces in Port Charles

Esme resurfaces in Port Charles

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

In Jacksonville, Carly and Drew stood in front of the high school Carly had attended. Carly talked about her friendship with Reese, and she said the two had deeply loved one another until Reese's death.

Carly recalled her argument with Reese on the day Reese had died. Carly said that when Reese had deliberately driven away to leave Carly behind after their fight, Carly had yelled that she hoped Reese would crash her car. Seconds later, Carly noted, Reese had been hit by a semi and died instantly.

Drew reassured an emotional Carly that she couldn't have been the cause of the accident, but Carly noted that she had contributed to Reese's state of mind when Reese had angrily driven away. Carly said that Reese would have never turned her back on Carly if Reese hadn't learned that Carly had slept with Reese's father.

Drew said that it hadn't been Carly's fault that Reese's father had initiated sex with a then-16-year-old Carly, and he wondered why Carly still blamed herself for the encounter. Carly said that she'd initially felt "flattered" by Reese's father's attention. Drew reminded Carly that Reese's father had been a predator.

Drew claimed that Carly had run from the memory of Reese's father her entire life, and he pleaded with Carly to let go. After listening to Drew, Carly agreed that what had happened hadn't been her fault.

At Metro Court, Valentin asked Michael to leave Aurora and to return to ELQ full-time. Michael was surprised by the offer. Valentin said that he trusted Michael because Michael would always put the good of ELQ first. Just then, Josslyn arrived, and she asked to speak to Michael. Before Valentin left, he encouraged Michael to think about the offer. Afterwards, Josslyn told Michael that Sonny was holding Dex somewhere at Pozzulo's.

At Pozzulo's Restaurant, Dex had grown weak and seemed borderline delirious when he started to sing the national anthem. Michael and Josslyn stormed into the restaurant. Michael threatened to call the police if Carver didn't allow Michael and Josslyn to search the restaurant.

Josslyn entered the freezer, and she freed Dex. Josslyn and Dex returned to the main lobby of the restaurant. Carver said that none of them -- Michael, Josslyn, or Dex -- would leave until Sonny said they could leave. Josslyn threatened to call the police. Just then, Sonny arrived. "Oh, hey, Dad. Look what we found in your freezer," Michael said as he pointed to Dex.

At the hospital, T.J. told Robert, Sonny, and Dante that Diane was out of surgery. Robert went to question Diane in her room, and a groggy Diane asked Robert to speak to Sonny in an effort to help jog her memory. Sonny, Robert, and Dante then listened as Diane recalled the night she'd been stabbed.

Diane remembered that Dex had only been at the garage before the attack, and she added that the garage had been empty when she'd returned with Sasha's guardianship papers. Diane said that she'd turned around and seen who'd attacked her. "She came right after me with a hook," Diane said.

Robert, Sonny, and Dante were stunned when Diane stated that her attacker had been a female. Dante pressed Diane for the attacker's age and hair color. Diane could only recall that the attacker had worn a dark hood or cloak. Robert pressed Diane to remember more.

T.J. entered the room, and he said that Robert, Sonny, and Dante would have to leave because Diane had too many visitors. After the three left, T.J. encouraged Diane to rest. Diane fretted that she couldn't recall her attacker's precise face, but T.J. tried to persuade Diane to be patient.

At Shadybrook, Ava confronted Ryan. Ava stood mere inches from Ryan's face, and she taunted him. Ava recalled that, years earlier, Ryan had used a hook on one of his victims, and she wondered if Ryan would use a hook on her if he could get out of his chair.

Ava continued to goad Ryan, unaware that Ryan was not "locked in" as he'd claimed to be for months. Ava mentioned Esme's name, and Ryan's eyes lit up. Ava speculated that Esme had seen a "kindred spirit" in Ryan, and she gloated that Esme was "gone for good."

Ava recalled that Esme had disappeared at the height of Trina's trial, and she added that she was glad that Esme was gone. "Wyndemere can be a very dangerous place if you don't watch your step, and Esme, well, she failed to watch hers. You know, I doubt that anyone will ever see Esme again," Ava said. Just then, Ryan clenched his left fist in a rage.

Outside Kelly's Diner, Victor told Nikolas to divorce Ava at once. Nikolas said he wouldn't divorce Ava. "Oh, Nikolas. You seem to be under the misapprehension that you have a choice in the matter. You don't," Victor said reassuringly.

Nikolas said that Victor had no control over him, and he said he wouldn't be intimidated. Victor said that Nikolas was "way out of his league" as far as Ava was concerned, and he reminded Nikolas that Ava had refused to return to Wyndemere with Nikolas because Nikolas had had sex with Esme. Nikolas said that he'd found a way to prove his love to Ava.

Victor asked Nikolas to explain, but Nikolas said that Victor would have to trust him. Just then, Valentin appeared, and Nikolas told both Victor and Valentin to go to hell. Valentin produced the document that Nikolas had signed and given to Ava that stated that Nikolas had been solely responsible for Esme's disappearance.

An angry Victor demanded to know why Nikolas had written the letter. Nikolas explained that he had been trying to protect Ava. Victor accused Nikolas of having an "obsession" with Ava, and said Nikolas had abandoned both his son and his principles for Ava. Nikolas argued that Ava would never turn him in to the police because she loved him, but Victor remarked that it was too late to test Nikolas' theory.

Victor suggested that Ava had already begun to realize that her marriage was "toxic." Victor claimed he would make Ava a "generous divorce settlement offer." Nikolas growled that he would never agree to divorce Ava. Valentin stepped forward and suggested that Nikolas wasn't necessary. If Nikolas were to disappear that way Esme had, Valentin noted that Spencer would inherit the Cassadine fortune.

Victor agreed that if Nikolas were "intractable," Spencer made for a great alternate option. Victor remarked that "accidents do happen," a not-so-veiled threat against Nikolas' life. Nikolas was crushed that Victor was forcing him to choose his own life over Ava. Victor countered that if Nikolas were dead, there was no way he could be with Ava. Nikolas whispered that he loved Ava. Victor told Nikolas that "Love is a luxury. Survival is essential."

Nikolas begrudgingly agreed to Victor's demands. Just then, a stranger cloaked in dark clothes lurked in the background at Kelly's and started to eavesdrop on the conversation between Nikolas, Victor, and Valentin. The stranger's clothing looked similar to the clothing Diane had described her attacker as having worn. The stranger turned around, and her face became clear. It was Esme Prince.

Michael and Dex reach a new agreement

Michael and Dex reach a new agreement

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

At the cemetery, Carly and Drew stood beside Virginia's grave as Carly talked to a reporter about the Jacksonville Beautification Guild's plan to move the cemetery to make way for a highway and access to the beach. Carly explained that the people buried in the cemetery were from working class families who lacked the resources to fight the plans. The reporter -- a woman named Tara -- asked if Carly had Aurora Media's support, so Drew confirmed that Carly had his backing. Tara was curious where Carly had been ten months earlier when the issue had been up for debate and why anyone should listen to Carly.

Carly revealed that her best friend had taken care of Virginia's funeral arrangements and paid the yearly maintenance expenses until Jason's passing. Drew explained that the notice about the plans for the cemetery hadn't been forwarded to Carly from his brother's estate, but Tara suggested Carly might have learned about the plans if Carly had visited Virginia's grave more often. Carly argued it didn't make the cause any less worthy. According to Carly, the city had chosen to move the cemetery to protect other areas from commercial developments because the wealthy always protected what they had at the expense of those less fortunate. Satisfied, Tara thanked Carly and Drew for their time. Tara was confident the interview would be aired on the evening news, but she warned Carly to expect some pushback.

After Tara and the cameraman left, Carly told Drew about the first time she'd seen the spot Jason had picked out for Virginia. Carly had loved that Virginia's grave was close enough to the ocean to feel the ocean breeze. She regretted that she hadn't acted sooner to stop the plans for the cemetery, but Drew reminded Carly what she had told Tara. Carly appreciated Drew's support, and she assured him that Virginia had been a good woman. Carly remembered Virginia as a kind and loving person who had had terrible taste in men but who had been far more forgiving than Carly.

Carly believed Virginia had deserved much more than life had given her. Carly glanced at the headstone as she talked about Virginia's decision to keep the last name of Benson despite Frank walking out on the family. She suddenly realized she'd done the same thing by keeping Sonny's last name. Drew suggested Carly had remained a Corinthos because of Sonny and because so much of Carly's career had been tied to the Corinthos name, but Carly admitted she was ready to become someone else. Drew was curious what name Carly would like to go by, but Carly had no idea.

Carly asked if Drew had ever been tempted to take the Quartermaine name. Drew explained that he was proud of his time as a Navy SEAL, so he had no desire to distance himself from his life as Chief Andrew Cain. Carly confessed she was ready to distance herself from Sonny, but she had no interest in going back to her maiden name of Benson. Just then, Drew's cell phone rang. Drew greeted Tara and put the call on speaker.

Tara assured Drew and Carly that Carly's interview would air that evening, but the story had been picked up by a rival network who had already aired an interview. Tara promised to text message Drew a link to the online article. After the call, Drew handed his phone to Carly to click on the link. Carly read parts of the scathing article aloud, which detailed Carly's ties to Ruby Anderson, Carly's history of erratic and violent behavior, and Carly's time in a sanitarium. The article also implied Carly had been the cause of the car accident that had left two Jacksonville teens dead and another teen in a coma. "Yeah, they're coming after me," Carly said.

At Spring Ridge, Ava sat in Ryan's cell as she reminded him how treacherous Wyndemere could be, especially for someone who didn't watch their step. Ryan's hand slowly balled into a tight fist as Ava speculated that Esme would never be seen again. Ava didn't notice Ryan's clenched fist, but she saw rage clouding his expression, despite his effort to hide his emotions. Ryan quickly relaxed his hand, but Ava decided to err on the side of caution. Ava stood to leave, but she stopped at the door to let Ryan know that she would talk to Kevin about scheduling a neurology exam to make certain Ryan's condition was unchanged.

After Ava left, Ryan relaxed. "Oh, Ava, my love. What have you done to my daughter?" Ryan asked. He closed his eyes and indulged in a fantasy in which Ava returned and discovered he was mobile. In the fantasy, Ryan lunged for Ava's throat and took her hostage. He told Ava that Esme was his daughter and that he would avenge his daughter's death after he "loved" Ava one last time. Fantasy-Ryan kissed Ava, and she melted into his arms. Ryan's eyes snapped open, and the fantasy evaporated.

At the hospital, Nina bumped into Curtis. The two friends exchanged a warm hug, and Nina revealed that she'd been on her way to sign the paperwork to confirm Metro Court would host the 2023 Nurses Ball. Nina reminded Curtis that Metro Court was also a perfect wedding venue. Curtis smiled because it was clear that running Metro Court suited Nina. Nina said that she had expected pushback from Olivia and the staff, but not from Sonny's children -- Josslyn, in particular.

Curtis empathized because he knew how tough it was to fight against a determined young woman who had decided "you're in the wrong." Curtis told Nina about his troubles with Trina and how his efforts to safeguard Trina had blown up in his face. Nina assured Curtis that Trina was lucky to have a loving and supportive stepfather like Curtis. Curtis thanked Nina for the support, even though she was clearly biased.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Willow frowned when she saw the results of her latest bloodwork. Concerned, T.J. asked if Willow was okay. Willow started to assure him that she was fine, but she changed her mind. She admitted that her numbers continued to go in the wrong direction. T.J. wasn't surprised, but he was curious what she intended to do about it. Willow insisted she just needed a few more weeks until she was in her second trimester and her baby was developed enough for Willow to safely begin treatment.

T.J. remained concerned because Willow continued to put a huge strain on herself by acting like nothing was wrong and working a grueling schedule. Willow thanked T.J. for his opinion, but her tone was harsh. T.J. explained that he considered Willow a friend, and her choices scared him. Frustrated, Willow insisted that she just wanted to give her baby the best chance at being born healthy, and she had kept the secret only because she knew Michael would insist on her getting treatment right away. T.J. assured Willow that he didn't want to argue. He vowed to keep his promise to support whatever she decided.

Grateful, Willow hugged T.J. just as Nina rounded the corner. Nina stopped short when she saw Willow and T.J., but she quickly ducked out of sight before she was spotted. Meanwhile, Willow thanked T.J. for his understanding. Willow explained that she knew what it was like to lose a child, and she couldn't go through it again. T.J. assured Willow that he had faith in her fighting spirit, and he was confident that she would beat the cancer. Willow hugged T.J. again, and she admitted that his support meant everything to her.

Shortly afterwards, Willow walked past Nina. Nina noticed that Willow was smiling, so she asked if Willow had received good news. Willow claimed she'd been thinking about "work stuff," but it was time for Willow to go home. Willow started to walk away, but Nina was hot on Willow's heels as she praised Willow for juggling work and raising a child while being pregnant. Willow reminded Nina that plenty of women worked, but Nina pointed out that Willow didn't have to because Michael would be happy to support Willow.

Willow insisted she had worked hard for her degree, and Willow enjoyed working. Nina feigned concern when she noticed that Willow looked pale. "What's here at the hospital that's so compelling you can't seem to tear yourself away from it?" Nina asked. Willow frowned because she had no idea what kind of drama Nina was trying to start, but Willow opted for the simplest answer. "GH needs nurses," Willow said.

Willow pointed out that it was none of Nina's business, but Nina disagreed because Michael and Willow had accused Nina of being a threat to Wiley's safety and happy home life with two committed parents as justification for banishing Nina from Wiley's life. Willow assured Nina that Michael and Willow remained committed, but Nina smirked. Nina warned Willow that rumors and gossip had a tendency to spread like wildfire. Willow was stunned when Nina revealed that she'd seen the "incredibly intimate embrace" between Willow and T.J. earlier.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Curtis greeted his nephew. T.J. admitted that he needed Curtis' advice. T.J. kept things vague as he explained that a friend had been going down a risky path, and T.J. had been warned to back off when T.J. had tried to intervene. Curtis confessed it was going around, and he told T.J. about Trina's reaction when Curtis had turned to Ava for help with Trina. Curtis feared all the progress he'd made with Trina was gone, and he was back to square one.

To Curtis' surprise, T.J. disagreed because T.J. doubted Trina would stay mad at Curtis for long. Curtis thought T.J. was too optimistic, but T.J. was certain Trina would be cheering both Curtis and Portia on at the wedding because Trina already loved her future stepfather.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny found Josslyn, Michael, and Dex waiting for him. Carver hovered near the door. "Hey, Dad, look what we found in your freezer," Michael said. Michael pointed in Dex's direction, but Carver stepped forward and informed Sonny that Michael and Josslyn had threatened to call the police. Josslyn was unapologetic because she was certain Dante would want to know that Sonny had ordered Carver to torture Dex with knives. Michael was disgusted by Sonny's actions, and he wondered if Sonny thought Dante and Kristina approve of Sonny having Dex tortured.

Sonny assured everyone they were free to leave because Diane had woken up, and she had identified her attacker as a woman. Josslyn remained determined to call Dante, but Dex made it clear that he would not press charges against Sonny. Infuriated, Josslyn stormed out. Seconds later, Dex also left. "What happened to you?" Michael said. Michael didn't bother to wait for an answer.

After Michael left, Sonny glared at Carver. "What's with the knives?" Sonny asked. Carver reminded Sonny that Sonny had wanted a confession, but Sonny clarified that he had wanted the truth from Dex. Sonny was furious that Carver had used a knife on someone in Sonny's name without Sonny's consent or knowledge, but Carver remained unapologetic.

Outside Kelly's, Esme was shrouded in a dark hooded sweatshirt and black slacks as she lurked in the shadows and spied on Trina. Trina sat at a table as she left voicemail messages for both Ava and Josslyn. A short time later, Ava arrived. After Trina and Ava hugged, they sat down to sip the coffee. Trina was shocked when Ava mentioned visiting Ryan, but Ava explained it had been necessary because Ryan had once used a hook to kill one of his victims. Ava said she had needed assurance that Ryan hadn't been behind the attack, so she'd gone to check on Ryan.

Trina was relieved when Ava assured her that Ryan's condition remained unchanged. Trina urged Ava to take things easy because Trina didn't know what she would do without Ava. Moments later, Josslyn walked up as Ava received a call from the police. As Ava stepped aside to take the call, Josslyn greeted Trina. Josslyn started to tell Trina about Dex, but Ava returned and announced that Diane had woken up.

Trina was stunned when Ava revealed that Diane had been attacked by a woman. Josslyn admitted that Sonny had told Josslyn earlier. Josslyn told both Trina and Ava about Sonny's suspicion that Dex had been behind the attack. Surprised, Ava cut her visit with Trina short and left. Trina cut to the chase and asked Josslyn about what was really going on with Dex. Josslyn admitted she was disappointed that Dex had refused to press charges against Sonny, but Trina suggested that perhaps Dex didn't hate Sonny the way Josslyn wanted Dex to.

Josslyn hoped the incident served as a wakeup call for Dex, and he left town. Trina agreed it would be for the best, but Josslyn didn't appear to agree. Trina reminded Josslyn that Trina had been in a similar situation with Spencer because Spencer had brought trouble into Trina's life while Trina had made excuses for him. Trina warned Josslyn that getting involved with men like Spencer and Dex could cost a person a lot.

At Pozzulo's, Carver packed up as Sonny emerged from the office. Sonny informed Carver that Selina had been informed that Sonny and Carver would not be working together again, and he advised Carver not to disappoint Selina again. As a silent Carver left, Ava entered. She explained that she wanted to put in a good word for Dex because Dex had saved her life. Ava followed Sonny to his office as Sonny assured her that Dex wasn't in any danger from him.

Ava was curious if it was because Sonny trusted Dex -- or because Diane had revealed that the attacker had been a woman. Sonny acknowledged that the evidence against Dex had been circumstantial, but Sonny had done what he'd deemed necessary to protect his family. To Sonny's surprise, Ava agreed that Sonny had made the right call. Sonny wondered if she'd say that if he hadn't figured things out in time. Ava insisted it didn't matter because Sonny had figured things out, and Dex had been unharmed.

Ava suggested Sonny consider it a test that Dex had passed. Sonny smiled, but he told her it remained to be seen. Ava was certain Sonny had found a keeper with Dex because Dex was both smart and capable. Ava assured Sonny that Dex could be trained to be a trustworthy and valuable associate. She admitted she liked the idea of Dex working for Sonny because Sonny was Avery's father, and Ava wanted their daughter to have both of her parents around for a very long time.

At Dex's apartment, Dex greeted Michael, but Dex was surprised that Michael would risk the visit and exposing their association. Michael informed Dex their arrangement was over, and he handed Dex a check for $50,000 as severance pay. Dex insisted he'd known the risks when he'd taken the job, but Michael stood firm. Michael regretted that he had underestimated Sonny. Michael said he had never imagined that Sonny was capable of having someone tortured with knives. "That is just beyond the realm," Michael said.

Dex was certain he could use what had happened to his advantage, but Michael was reluctant to expose Dex to further danger. Dex asked if Michael still intended to take Sonny down. Michael admitted it was more important than ever, so Dex insisted it would be a waste of time for Michael to start over. Dex was confident he could exploit Sonny's guilt to his advantage, but Michael didn't want Dex's death on his conscience.

Dex explained that the security firm Michael had hired Dex from had sent Dex into combat situations, so Dex had been used to risking his life. Dex acknowledged it was a dangerous career, but it had paid Dex well. Dex said he had never seen the honor in fighting as a corporate soldier-for-hire, but taking down a criminal like Sonny was a different matter. Michael remained apprehensive until Dex admitted that he'd been grateful for Michael and Josslyn's intervention because they had saved Dex from being killed or being cut to ribbons. Dex feared the next guy might not be as lucky.

Michael agreed to give Dex another chance, but on the condition that Dex would stay away from Josslyn. Michael explained that Josslyn would want to help, but Michael didn't want Josslyn to have any role in Sonny's downfall because both Avery and Donna would need their sister. Michael said he was willing to be the bad guy, but he wanted to spare Josslyn. Dex didn't like the idea of lying to Josslyn, so he reluctantly agreed not to see her again.

At Springe Ridge, Esme slipped into Ryan's cell. "Hello, Daddy," Esme said. "Did you miss me?" she asked. Ryan smiled.

The attacker strikes again

The attacker strikes again

Thursday, October 6, 2022

At Kelly's Diner, Trina and Portia sipped milkshakes. Trina lashed out at Curtis, and Portia reminded Trina that Curtis had done a lot for Trina during the criminal trial. Portia told Trina that Curtis had even considered mortgaging the Savoy in order to pay for Trina's appeal of the verdict if Trina had been found guilty.

At the Savoy, Elizabeth joined Finn, Terry, and Yuri on a double date. Finn mentioned that he'd lost someone close to him, which prompted Elizabeth to ask about Finn's past. Later, at the bar, Terry wondered why Elizabeth had asked about Finn's background.

Elizabeth shared that she felt her family might have been responsible for Finn's ex-wife's death, and she doubted it had been a coincidence that her family had been on the Mariana Islands at the same time as Finn and Reiko. Terry encouraged Elizabeth to ask Finn.

Elizabeth pointed out that Finn equated loving someone to rescuing them, and she noted that she was supposed to be Finn's partner instead of his patient. Elizabeth recalled that Finn had done everything in his power to save Hayden, and she wondered if the reason Finn's relationship with Anna had fallen apart was because Anna hadn't needed to be saved. "But neither do I. I can't have all my personal problems cast in the shadow of a woman he couldn't save," Elizabeth noted.

Back at their table, Elizabeth yet again apologized to Finn -- this time for claiming that she had "interrogated" him about his past. Finn claimed that Elizabeth could ask him anything, and he recalled a friend that had died from a poisonous snakebite many years earlier when Finn had been with Doctors Without Borders.

Finn surmised that Elizabeth thought the person he lamented not having been able to save was Reiko. Finn claimed that he'd "shut down" after Reiko had died. Despite Finn's romantic relationships with both Hayden and Anna, Finn claimed that Elizabeth had unlocked a part of him that he'd thought had been lost forever when Reiko had died.

Near the poker room at the Savoy, Selina warned Cody not to cause problems during her poker game. Later, Maxie spotted Cody downing shots of alcohol at the bar. Maxie said that if the life Cody lived required liquid courage, Cody was living the wrong life.

Elsewhere at the Savoy, Chase asked if Curtis missed working in law enforcement. Curtis admitted that he often missed the work, but he said that owning a nightclub felt natural to him. Chase shared that being a singer didn't feel natural and that he'd only agreed to sing because of Brook Lynn. Curtis advised Chase to not hold back in a relationship.

Just then, Portia and Trina entered the Savoy. Trina told Curtis to never go behind her back again. Trina then asked Curtis if they could be friends again, and Curtis agreed. Trina and Curtis hugged.

Nearby, Dante told Brook Lynn that because the police were dealing with a serial attacker, Chase could possibly return to the police force sooner than expected. Brook Lynn whined that Chase's return to the force could spoil her plot to get revenge on Linc.

Dante reminded Brook Lynn that she had been with Chase when Chase had assaulted both Valentin and Linc. Dante encouraged Brook Lynn to give a statement that supported Chase's return to the police force. Later, Curtis introduced Chase, who took the stage and began to sing. Afterwards, the crowd universally applauded Chase's performance.

In Jordan's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan told Robert that having learned the serial attacker was a woman could change the course of their investigation. Just then, Oz appeared in Jordan's office, and he asked if Jordan had found Esme, who had drugged Oz and left him for dead months earlier. Robert's ears perked when he heard Oz mention Esme's name.

Oz said that the police "owed" him for his help in Trina's trial, and he threatened to sue the police if either Jordan or Robert went back on their word to grant Oz full immunity. Robert presented Oz with the immunity agreement, which Oz readily signed. Oz remarked that Robert and Jordan should search for Esme instead of "middlemen" like Oz.

After Oz left, Jordan expressed that she was upset that people like Oz continued to get away with crime. Robert reminded Jordan that she was only human and that the real criminals were still out on the streets. "They're running around, committing violent crimes without mercy. We bring them in... whatever it takes," Robert said assuredly.

At Spring Ridge, Ryan was ecstatic to see Esme. Esme said that she had hidden at a hostel in Canada after a local "sympathetic fisherman" had pulled her out of a lake following her fall off the parapet at Wyndemere. Ryan asked if Ava had pushed Esme. Esme answered indirectly, saying that after her fall, there had been no sirens or search teams. Ryan unexpectedly grabbed Esme by the wrist and accused her of having decided to get even with Ava by "butchering her with a hook."

Ryan suggested that Esme had not been hiding out in a hostel the entire time. Esme claimed that she'd had nothing to do with any of the attacks and added that she had barely known Brando Corbin. Ryan praised Esme for not trying to pretend that she didn't know who had been attacked. "Revenge is fine, Esme, trust me -- I know," Ryan snarled. He demanded that Esme stick to their plan. Esme said that Wyndemere hadn't seen the last of her, and she said she had a new weapon to use. "Adaptation is necessary for survival," Esme explained, before adding that her weapon was "one guaranteed to ensure mass destruction of the Cassadine family and drive Ava into your arms," Esme gloated.

Esme shared the details of her plan with Ryan, who called the plan "genius." They both chuckled evilly. Ryan said that he had worried he'd lost Esme forever, but Esme said she wasn't easy to get rid of. Esme added that the two were closer than ever to getting what they wanted, but she said there was something that needed her immediate attention. Esme left Spring Ridge.

Later, Oz walked alone in a dark, foggy alley. The attacker sneaked up behind Oz, and they raised the hook as Oz started to scream.

PREEMPTION: Due to MLB playoff coverage, General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: Due to MLB playoff coverage, General Hospital did not air

Friday, October 7, 2022

Due to coverage of the MLB Playoff Wild Card series, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, October 10, and picked up where the Thursday, October 6, episode concluded.

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