General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 10, 2022 on GH

After addressing the Guild, Carly received a surprise visit from Bobbie. Nikolas was stunned to discover Esme was alive -- and pregnant. Esme found herself a prisoner at Wyndemere. Victor planted a listening device on Lucy. Martin returned home. Jordan saw a pattern between three of the Hook's victims. Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Brando.
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A memorial for Brando was held. Esme told Nikolas that she was pregnant with his child. Carly made a formal appeal to cancel the plans for the cemetery.
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Esme returns to Wyndemere

Esme returns to Wyndemere

Monday, October 10, 2022

At Pier 55, Oz was placed in a body bag. An EMT noted that there was no identification with the body. Once they were gone, Esme returned to the scene and shrugged that while things had been bad for the victim, they'd been good for her. She opened her wallet and counted her money. She realized that she didn't have enough. "Wyndemere, here I come!" she said.

Family and friends gathered at the Metro Court gardens for Brando's post-funeral reception. Nina and Sonny arrived first. Following close behind, Willow reminded Michael that the day was about Brando. Maxie entered with Dante and Sam, and soon after, Olivia accompanied Gladys and Sasha. Hugs and greetings ensued, and Sasha lovingly touched Brando's portrait.

Sasha was grateful to Nina for the tasteful affair, and Sonny noticed that even Brando's favorite drink of root beer was available to guests. Michael was annoyed and headed off for a drink. T.J. grabbed a club soda for Willow as Nina observed. Sonny toasted Brando and made it clear that he would never be forgotten. Nina eyed T.J. and Willow sitting together, and Willow noticed. She informed T.J. that Nina believed they had been having an affair. She pointed out that Nina judged everyone by her "own shabby standards."

Olivia complimented Nina for putting on a nice reception while Michael assured Sasha that he would always be available to her. Sonny took a seat next to Gladys, who professed that she couldn't be brave like Sasha. Sonny believed that Sasha had been holding it together for Brando's sake. Gladys recalled telling everyone that Brando was dead when she first arrived in town because she'd been ashamed of his addiction, but she'd gotten a second chance. She added that she'd always thought that Sonny had had it all, but he told her that looks could be deceiving and that nothing was guaranteed.

Gladys announced that she wanted to pack and leave town, but Sonny maintained that she had never been a coward and needed to remain for Sasha's sake. He added that he would be there for both of them. He revealed that Brando had come to him many times for answers.

Michael stated that he hoped that Dante would find the killer, unlike their father, who had taken matters into his own hands with Dex. Dante declared that he wanted to put off the discussion, since they were there to honor Brando, but Michael continued to go on about Dex and Sonny. He maintained that Dex had disappeared after leaving the police station with Sonny.

Sasha thanked T.J. and Willow for coming and noted how much it had meant to Brando to be friends with T.J. Willow pulled Sasha aside to talk and apologized for not being around much. Sasha thought that Willow had the perfect life, but Willow replied that her life wasn't perfect. She added that both good and bad things could happen at the same time. The women hugged and agreed that they would always be friends.

T.J. asked Nina why she thought there was something between him and Willow. Nina gave him a warning; she didn't think he would want Michael as an enemy. Gladys thanked Nina for the reception as she stood with Sonny, Michael, Willow, and T.J. Gladys noted that things seemed strained between Sonny and Michael. She didn't want them to make her mistake. Nina urged Michael to get Willow home safe, and Willow turned to T.J. She asked him to drop her off. Sonny wanted to talk to Michael alone.

Sonny shared Gladys' thoughts about it being too late to make things right with Brando. He didn't think it was too late for him to do the same with Michael, and he wanted to do whatever it would take. Michael didn't share the sentiment.

Josslyn knocked on the door at Dex's apartment. He was surprised to see her and asked what she was doing there. Josslyn marched inside and demanded to know why Dex wasn't seeking treatment at the hospital. Dex realized that he had never thanked her for saving him. She told him to button his shirt, but when Dex was unable to due to the injuries on his wrists, Josslyn offered to help. As she buttoned the shirt, Dex watched her with feeling. Josslyn wanted Dex to make sure that Sonny never did anything similar to anyone else again.

Dex made it clear that he didn't want to involve the cops, but Josslyn was emphatic that Sonny needed to be taken down. When Dex noted that she sounded like her brother, Josslyn wondered how Dex would know that. Dex quickly covered and reminded her that he had seen Michael's display toward Sonny in person. Dex still thought that the way Sonny looked after the people he cared about was impressive, but Josslyn found that absurd after the way that Dex had been treated. She wanted Dex to quit Sonny's organization.

"Who says I want out?" Dex asked. Josslyn assured him that she wouldn't rescue him again, and she assured Dex that Sonny would betray him again. She hoped he would see that before it was too late. She ran out of the apartment. "Son of a bitch!" Dex exclaimed.

Dante showed up shortly afterward. He had questions for Dex.

Curtis arrived at Jordan's police department office after receiving a message from her. She handed him an envelope and urged him to look at its contents. She had signed the new divorce papers and had a receipt to prove that she'd sent them on. She wanted Curtis to keep the receipt in order to show Portia that it had been done. Curtis still couldn't understand how Jordan had misplaced the previous papers, although he admitted that their marriage had been over long before that. Jordan confessed that that had not been true for her.

Curtis was astonished, and Jordan admitted that she'd been ready to fight for their marriage. Curtis reminded her that it wouldn't have worked; there had been too many secrets and lies. Jordan was aware that Curtis valued honesty, and he agreed that he had to trust the person he loved. Jordan said that she wanted him to be happy, but he was suspicious of her reply. It seemed to him that she didn't think he'd be happy with Portia.

Jordan knew that Curtis and Portia loved each other and that Curtis had made a home for other family members. She began to mention Trina, but she was interrupted when the phone rang. She learned that there had been another victim of the killer with a hook.

At General Hospital, Ava urged Portia and Amy to wrap up her visit, as she was anxious to leave. Portia sent Amy on an errand, and she urged Ava to take care of herself. She was worried about Ava and the fact that Ava had closed the gallery. They discussed Curtis' suggestion and the new internship for Trina. Ava felt bad that Trina had disdainful feelings toward Curtis. Portia was glad that Ava would be safe at Wyndemere, but Ava disclosed that she would be staying with Nina. She added that Sonny had been looking after them. Portia knew that Ava was still in love with Nikolas, but she hoped that Ava would leave him.

As Portia and Ava headed to the elevator, Amy saw them and announced that there had been another victim. She had recognized Oz. Ava ran onto the elevator.

Soon after, Portia arrived at Jordan's office and was surprised to see Curtis. He told her about the divorce papers as Jordan finished up the phone call. Curtis offered to help on the case, and Portia realized that all of the victims except one had had Trina in common. She explained how it all related, and Jordan agreed. Jordan realized that it was possible that Josslyn had been the target at the time that Brando had been attacked.

At Wyndemere, Victor spotted Nikolas going into his safe and commented that Nikolas' divorce papers would soon be added to its contents. Nikolas was annoyed and made it clear that he would take care of things. Victor was glad that Esme wouldn't be returning, and the men argued over Nikolas' insistence that he had taken the blame for Esme's death. Nikolas recalled his video confession to Ava and declared that he had proven his love for Ava. Victor called him a "damn fool."

Nikolas proclaimed that Victor had never been in love, and Victor lost his patience. He shouted that he'd had passion that Nikolas would never know. Nikolas laughed and stated that Victor had had an obsession with Liesl, and that that hadn't been passion. Outside, Esme reached the front door and struggled to open it with her key. She discovered that the locks had been changed but muttered that it wouldn't stop her.

Inside, Victor and Nikolas continued to argue, but suddenly, they heard the front door rattling. Victor opened it and pulled Ava inside. Ava ordered Victor not to touch her. She claimed that she was there to tell Nikolas about the latest victim and to pick up some of her clothes. Nikolas was curious about her reason, and Ava changed her mind. She asked him to have the staff pack up her things and send them to Nina's. Victor wanted to escort Ava back outside. He told her that it was a "wicked world out there." Once they moved on, a hiding Esme was able to enter the unlocked door.

Esme went straight to the safe and, after a moment, remembered the combination. As she opened the safe, Nikolas walked into the room behind her. "Who the hell are you?" he asked when he spotted the figure dressed in black.

Esme gives Nikolas the shock of his life

Esme gives Nikolas the shock of his life

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

At the Metro Court Gardens, Sonny pleaded with Michael to make things right between the two of them. Michael refused to listen. "We have buried too many people already: Jason, Brando, my father. I don't want it to be us," Sonny said, and his voice broke.

Michael turned to walk away, and Sonny yelled for Michael to stop. Just then, Dante appeared. "Enough! This ends now!" Dante yelled at Michael and Sonny.

Dante asked to speak to Michael. Dante then shared that he had visited Dex, and he accused Michael of having lied to the police because Dex had told Dante earlier that Sonny hadn't kept Dex in the freezer overnight. Dante added that Michael's vendetta against Sonny had gotten out of hand, and he ordered Michael to let it go.

Dante's phone rang, and he announced that there had been another victim of the hook killer. Dante emphasized that there was officially a serial killer in Port Charles.

Later, Michael arrived at Dex's apartment. Michael, having ignored everything that Dante had just told him, said that Dex had done a good thing by having lied to Dante.

In the hallways of Metro Court, Valentin asked for Nina's help to gain access to Victor's room. Valentin said he needed Nina's help for Charlotte's safety, and Nina agreed. Valentin shared that he wanted to put a listening device in Victor's room, and he asked Nina to move Victor to a different suite in order to avoid Johann's suspicions.

In Victor's suite at Metro Court, Lucy acted hysterical when she burst into the room and threw her arms around Victor. Lucy told Victor that she was upset that she'd been unable to compose herself long enough to bring flowers to Brando's memorial service. Victor comforted Lucy, who pretended to feel better with Victor's arms around her.

Nina phoned Victor's room. With Valentin next to her, Nina made up an excuse to move Victor to another suite. Victor agreed to the move, but he opined that something felt off to him. Nina had Champagne sent to Victor's room, and Victor poured a glass for him and Lucy. Victor told Lucy that she hadn't been honest with him, and he asked Lucy to share the real reason she had gone to Victor's room.

In Robert's office, Anna asked Robert for a warrant to arrest Johann, Victor's henchman, to gain information on Victor. Robert felt that Anna was holding something back. Anna asked Robert to trust her, and Robert agreed to issue the arrest warrant. Just then, Eileen Ashby, the deputy mayor Victor had hired to spy on Laura, appeared in Robert's office.

After Anna left, Eileen asked why Anna had been in Robert's office. Robert told Eileen that it was none of her business. A pushy Eileen wondered if Robert and Anna had planned to embark on a "rogue" investigation into Luke's death. Eileen said she would open her own independent investigation to stop Robert and Anna if the two pursued an investigation.

After Eileen left, Robert phoned Anna. In a voice message, Robert said that he could not arrest Johann and that Robert and Anna's mission needed to be aborted immediately.

Later, Anna and Valentin sat on a park bench outside. The two used the device that Valentin had planted in Victor's new suite to listen in on the conversation. Lucy claimed that she wanted Victor because he made her feel safe.

Lucy remarked that Victor seemed certain about his plans, and she asked for Victor to share them with her. Victor started to open up to Lucy, but he stopped when Eileen called. Eileen told Victor that they had a problem.

At Kelly's Diner, Trina told Ava that she was hesitant about going on an overnight trip with Rory because of what had happened on the night at the cabin months earlier. Ava asked if Trina wanted to let Esme's actions at the cabin define Trina's life.

Trina shared that she felt safe with Rory. Ava reminded Trina that any romance was a leap of faith. Trina joked that she wished she had a lightsaber to protect herself from the serial killer, but she added that she would at least be with a cop.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was stunned to find Esme alive. "Hello, lover. Miss me? You look like you've seen a ghost," Esme gloated.

Esme told Nikolas that he and Ava had left Esme for dead. Nikolas was speechless when Esme said that he and Ava would have to try harder to get rid of Esme. Nikolas tried to assure Esme that he had never wanted Esme to die, and he said that the police had reason to suspect Esme of Oz's murder. Esme swore that she had not attacked Oz.

Esme asked if Nikolas truly believed all the things he'd heard about her. Nikolas said that a lot had happened since Esme had disappeared, and he shared that Oz hadn't been the only person who'd been killed recently.

Nikolas reminded Esme that all the stabbing victims had been people who Esme felt had wronged her in some way. Nikolas added that he thought Esme was not only capable of murder but that she'd returned to Wyndemere to seek revenge.

Esme went to leave, but Nikolas tried to force her to stay. Esme claimed that Nikolas had no choice but to let her go unless Nikolas wanted the police to know about Esme's fall off the parapet. Unfazed, Nikolas reminded Esme that she shared a connection with each of the killer's victims. Nikolas reached for his phone to call the police.

"You are not gonna call the cops on us," Esme said, and she started to open her jacket.

"Us?" Nikolas asked.

"Me... and our baby," a pregnant Esme emphatically told Nikolas as she revealed her stomach. Nikolas froze, and Esme smiled.

Nikolas lures Esme into a trap

Nikolas lures Esme into a trap

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

In Jacksonville, Florida, Carly and Drew arrived for the Guild meeting. Drew asked if Carly was ready. "The better question: are they ready for me?" Carly said. Carly and Drew started to take their seats, but Peyton Honeycutt arrived. "Caroline," Peyton said in a tone filled with disdain. Carly informed Peyton that only one person was permitted to refer to Carly as Caroline -- but Peyton was not "him."

Peyton suggested it would have been better if Carly had stayed away, but Carly wasn't intimidated by Peyton or Peyton's attempts to smear Carly in interviews. Peyton insisted she had told the truth, but Drew accused Peyton of being misleading and of going low by dredging up the car crash. Peyton glared at Carly as she accused Drew of being Carly's "guard dog," but Carly clarified that Drew was a friend. Peyton was unapologetic because she had wanted the Guild to know exactly who Carly was. "Oh, they have no idea," Carly said.

Shortly after the meeting was called to order, the Guild committee opened the discussion for the parkway project. Carly introduced herself and revealed that her mother was buried at Sandy Shores Cemetery. Carly explained that she hoped to persuade the Guild to reconsider their plans for the cemetery and to allow those buried at Sandy Shores Cemetery to rest in peace where they were. Peyton argued that the project had been approved, but Carly objected because the families of the deceased hadn't known about the plans to move the cemetery until someone had shown up on their doorsteps, offering money to relocate their loved ones.

Peyton scoffed at the idea that Carly cared about the community, since Carly had run away from Jacksonville as soon as Carly had been able. Peyton informed the committee that Carly hadn't been back in years, and Carly was the type who disrupted decent people's lives then hopped on the next flight out of town. Carly admitted she was not ashamed of her roots because both of Carly's mothers had been raised in Jacksonville. Carly argued that no one was perfect, but they were all a part of the city -- whether they belonged to the country club or not.

Carly acknowledged that she'd made mistakes in her younger years, and she had tried to ignore her past. However, Carly had realized that her past wasn't just a part of who she was; it was a vital part of Carly's story. Carly talked about Virginia's love for the beach, and she implored the Guild not to move her mother to make way for a road that divided Jacksonville and put the burden on working class neighborhoods who were the heart of the city. "Don't pave over Jacksonville's heart," Carly said. The head of the committee promised they would take what Carly had said into consideration. Carly asked if there would be a vote, but the head of the committee explained that it would be done in private and posted to their website.

After the meeting ended, Drew applauded Carly's efforts, but she worried that it hadn't been enough.

At Metro Court, Johann was surprised when he returned to Victor's hotel suite and discovered that Victor had been temporarily moved to another suite.

In Victor's temporary hotel suite, Lucy sat on the sofa while Victor answered a call on the hotel room's phone. It was Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby. Victor warned Eileen that it wasn't a good time, but Lucy jumped up to let Victor know that she would give him some privacy while she freshened up in the bedroom. Victor waited until Lucy disappeared down the hall before he instructed Eileen to make it quick.

Meanwhile, Lucy tried to eavesdrop on Victor's phone call, but she didn't overhear anything useful. She returned to the bedroom where she saw a cordless phone on the nightstand. She carefully picked it up, turned it on, and held it to her ear as Eileen warned Victor that Robert and Anna were still investigating Luke's death. Eileen assured Victor that she would do what she could, but her reach as deputy mayor only extended as far as forbidding Robert from using city resources to investigate Luke's death.

Victor asked Eileen to hold on because someone was at the door. When Victor opened the door, Johann demanded to know where Lucy was. Victor sent Johann to the bedroom. When Johann entered the bedroom, Lucy was seated on a bench at the foot of the bed as she applied lipstick. Lucy snapped her compact shut as she greeted Johann and asked if he had delivered the flowers to Sasha. Lucy was unaware as she followed Johann out of the bedroom that the cordless phone was askew on its cradle.

In the living room, Lucy thanked Victor for his support. She started to leave, but Johann insisted that Lucy stay until Johann had swept the suite for listening devices. Lucy tried to hide her nervousness as Victor flirted and complimented her strawberry-scented lipstick. Moments later, Johann emerged from the bedroom and announced that the suite had been clean. After Lucy left, she took a moment to breathe a sigh of relief in the hallway.

In the park, Valentin and Anna listened to Victor's phone call through their earpieces, but they realized it wouldn't help them because they had no idea who the caller was or what was being said on the other end of the call. Both Valentin and Anna were alarmed when they heard Johann's arrival, so Anna decided it was time to intercede.

A short time later, Lucy approached Valentin and Anna in the park. Lucy assured the pair that Victor hadn't suspected a thing, but Lucy was curious why Johann hadn't found the listening devices. Valentin explained that he had deactivated the devices when Johann had stopped Lucy. Anna was disappointed they were no closer to learning who Victor's accomplice was, but Lucy revealed that she knew who it was. "Deputy Mayor Ashby," Lucy said.

Dismayed at the risk Lucy had taken, Anna decided it was time for Lucy to get out. Anna insisted it was too dangerous. Valentin agreed it was time for Lucy to step away from things. Lucy reluctantly complied. After Lucy left, Valentin and Anna agreed that Lucy had no intention of leaving Victor alone. Anna assured Valentin that she had an idea on how to deal with Lucy, but Anna was curious how long the deputy mayor had been working with Victor. Anna recalled that Laura had told Ashby about Laura's suspicion that Victor had been responsible for Luke's death.

Valentin wondered if Victor had asked the deputy mayor to keep an eye on Laura or if there was more to Ashby and Victor's partnership. Anna suggested they get their answers from the deputy mayor.

In Victor's suite, Victor set a glass of wine on his bedside table, but he stopped short when he noticed the cordless phone was not in its cradle properly. He picked it up, and his fingers touched something sticky. Victor looked at the red substance and took a whiff. "Oh, Lucy," Victor said.

At Dex's apartment, Michael praised Dex for not cooperating with Dante. Dex reminded Michael that it had been the plan, but Dex was curious why Michael had made a scene at the door. Michael explained that it had been for the benefit of Dex's neighbors who might be watching. However, Michael was pleased with how things had played out because he was certain Sonny believed Dex was still loyal. Dex admitted it had been difficult to sell it to Dante.

Michael offered Dex an opportunity to walk away -- and he promised that Sonny would never know -- but Dex refused. Dex was used to the risks because of his days working as a mercenary, and he believed in Michael's cause. However, Dex worried about the cost to Michael and Michael's relationships with his sisters. Dex asked if it was worth it.

Michael insisted Sonny needed to be neutralized -- whether that meant Sonny going to jail or fleeing the country -- Michael didn't care. Michael was prepared to be the bad guy, but he was determined to keep Josslyn away from everything because both Donna and Avery would need their sister when Sonny was taken down. Michael hated lying to his family, but he hoped his siblings would understand and eventually forgive him.

Michael was prepared for the consequences, and he reminded Dex that Sonny had been ready to torture Dex to get a confession for something Dex hadn't done. Michael insisted Sonny needed to be stopped. Dex agreed, and he respected everything Michael had said. Dex acknowledged it wouldn't be easy to keep Josslyn out of it because she was determined to protect Dex from Sonny. Michael suggested Dex show Josslyn that Dex didn't deserve Josslyn's protection.

At Kelly's, Josslyn and Cameron shared a tender kiss in the kitchen. Josslyn admitted it was frustrating that they didn't get more time alone together. Just then, a timer dinged, and Cameron was forced to get back to work. He walked over to the stove and began to assemble sandwiches as he apologized for not making it to Brando's funeral. Josslyn assured him it was fine because she hadn't made it, either. Surprised, Cameron asked why.

Josslyn chose her words carefully as she told Cameron that she had gone to check on someone, but it had been a complete waste of time. Cameron carried orders to the customers. When he returned, he apologized for being busy with work, but he assured Josslyn that he missed her. Josslyn reminded Cameron that they exchanged text messages "3,000 times a day," but Cameron argued it wasn't the same. Josslyn agreed, and she acknowledged that their conflicting class schedules hadn't helped.

Cameron admitted he couldn't remember the last time he and Josslyn had been alone together. Josslyn sensed something was troubling Cameron, and she invited him to speak his mind. He reminded Josslyn the last -- and only -- time they had been intimate had been their first time at the cabin. "Is that a problem?" Josslyn asked. Cameron assured her that he had no problem waiting if she wasn't ready, but he worried that he might have done something wrong.

Josslyn promised Cameron that their first time had been better than she could have imagined or hoped for, but Esme had ruined it, and Josslyn had trouble getting past it. Cameron promised he had no desire to rush Josslyn. Touched, Josslyn assured Cameron that she felt as close to him as ever. Cameron admitted Josslyn was still his favorite person. Josslyn said she felt the same about Cameron.

Later, Josslyn was seated at the counter when Michael entered the diner. Michael greeted his sister, and he explained that he was there to pick up sweet potato pie for Willow. Cameron went to the kitchen to fetch Michael's order, so Josslyn took the opportunity to tell Michael about her visit with Dex, and Dex's refusal to file charges against Sonny. Michael urged Josslyn to let it go, and he told her about his failed attempt to help Dex by sending Dante to talk to Dex. After Michael stepped away to take a call from Willow, Cameron returned with Michael's order. Josslyn explained that she had to leave.

Moments later, Michael returned to the counter, and he asked about his sister's absence. Cameron told Michael that Josslyn had left abruptly. Michael realized Josslyn had left because of Dex. Cameron asked what Michael was talking about, prompting Michael to fill Cameron in about Dex's rescue from Sonny's freezer at Pozzulo's. Cameron was stunned because Josslyn hadn't mentioned it. Michael suggested it would be best for everyone if they kept Josslyn away from Dex.

At Dex's apartment, Josslyn pounded on the door until Dex opened it. Josslyn didn't mince words as she confronted Dex about covering for Sonny. Dex assured Josslyn that he had been grateful for her help, but Josslyn reminded Dex that not everyone had been as lucky as Dex had been. Josslyn couldn't understand why Dex would protect someone as dangerous as Sonny, but Dex explained that working for Sonny was better than risking his life as a mercenary for a corporation.

Dex insisted he had proven himself to Sonny, and Dex had an opportunity for power and advancement in Sonny's organization. Dex realized that Josslyn didn't understand because they had lived different lives, and she had been given way more choices than Dex. Josslyn wasn't satisfied because she believed Dex was tough, smart, and strong enough to do anything he set his mind to. Josslyn warned Dex that Sonny would turn on Dex, but Dex stood firm.

Furious, Josslyn stormed out of the apartment. She stopped in the hallway to compose herself. Just then, her cell phone chimed with a text message. It was Cameron asking Josslyn to meet him after his shift.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny made it clear to Frank that Sonny did not want to be disturbed. Seconds later, Ava barged through the door, demanding to talk to Sonny before Trina ended up dead. Ava told Sonny about Oz Haggerty's murder and how Oz's testimony had set Trina free. Sonny realized that Trina was connected to Ava, Diane, and Oz, but he was curious how Brando fit into things. Ava didn't know, but she apologized because she had forgotten that Brando's funeral had been earlier that day.

Ava offered her condolences because she knew how close Sonny and Brando had been. Sonny explained that Brando had been like a son to him, which had given Sonny solace because of Sonny's troubled relationship with Michael. Sonny opened up to Ava about how he had tried to make peace with Michael. "But he stabbed me in the back," Sonny said. Sonny told her about the trouble with Dex and about Michael's efforts to have Sonny arrested, so she advised Sonny to stop trying to fix things with Michael.

Ava insisted Michael was a grown man who needed to get over it. Ava was certain Michael would eventually forgive Sonny, but Sonny was surprised Ava believed in forgiveness. Ava explained that if the love was real and the person was truly sorry, it was possible to have a second chance. Ava believed Sonny should be left in peace, but Sonny feared nothing would change as long as Michael was stuck on revenge.

Later, Sonny assured Ava that his people would keep an eye on Trina. However, his good mood soured when Ava mentioned returning to Wyndemere. Ava conceded that she and Nikolas had their issues, but they had been working past them. Sonny reminded Ava that she had advised him to give up on Michael. "Temporarily," Ava clarified. She explained that things were different for her because Nikolas wanted to work things out.

Ava was certain the worst was behind her and Nikolas, and it would be smooth sailing ahead. "Good luck with that," Sonny said. Ava turned to leave, but she stopped at the door to advocate for Dex. Ava explained that mentoring Trina had been wonderful in ways Ava had never imagined, and Ava hoped Sonny could find the same with Dex around. She wanted Sonny safe and in power because it was good for their daughter. After Ava left, Sonny called Dex to arrange a meeting.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas stared at Esme's pregnant stomach in disbelief. "Surprise!" Esme said in a tone filled with delight. Esme claimed that Nikolas was the father, but Nikolas accused her of having a fake baby bump. Esme lifted her shirt, and she invited him to feel. She took his hand and guided it to her stomach. "It's my get-out-of-jail-free card," Esme said. Nikolas jerked his hand away, and he denied being the father.

Esme assured Nikolas that Spencer was not the father because it had been months since she and Spencer had been intimate. Nikolas suggested someone else had fathered the baby, but Esme promised he had been the only man she'd been intimate with since he had "seduced" her in the sitting room. Nikolas denied seducing Esme, but she argued that she hadn't forced him; Nikolas had been "ready, willing, and oh, so able." Nikolas demanded a paternity test, so Esme agreed -- provided it didn't hurt her unborn child.

Nikolas poured himself a drink, but Esme ordered him to take it easy because she didn't want her child to have a drunk for a father. Nikolas reminded Esme the baby had bigger problems because its mother was a murderer. Esme denied killing anyone, but Nikolas warned her that the police would charge her for trying to kill Oz and for posting the revenge porn. Nikolas told Esme that she was "screwed," and her pregnancy wouldn't save her from going to prison.

Esme asked about Spencer, but Nikolas refused to discuss his son with Esme. Esme pointed out that Nikolas was wealthy, and she wanted him to protect her the same way he protected Spencer in prison. Nikolas assured Esme that Jordan and Robert could not be bought, but Esme expected Nikolas to hire the best attorneys money could buy to defend Esme. Esme threatened to go to Ava, even though Ava hadn't bothered to check on Esme after Esme had fallen from the parapet.

Nikolas warned Esme not to involve Ava, but Esme was certain the pregnancy would change things for Nikolas and Ava. Esme pointed out that there was a difference between knowing about an affair and seeing the proof of it. Nikolas argued that Ava was a grown woman who was aware that things could happen, but Esme was confident Ava would never forgive Nikolas. "You're right," Nikolas said.

Nikolas was curious who else knew Esme was back. Esme sensed a shift, and she claimed plenty of people were aware she had returned. Nikolas didn't believe her, but he agreed to help her as long as Esme promised to remain out of sight. Esme agreed, but Nikolas clarified that none of the staff could know Esme was in the castle. Esme agreed to Nikolas' terms.

Later, Nikolas ushered Esme into a large bedroom with a bathroom in a closed-off wing of the castle. Esme looked at the covered furniture and thick dust as Nikolas flipped on the lights. She demanded a laptop, but Nikolas explained that the isolated wing didn't have Wi-Fi. He invited Esme to help herself to the books. Esme picked up a book as Nikolas walked over to the door.

Seconds later, Nikolas slipped into the hallway and closed the door behind him. Esme heard the door lock, and she ran over and pounded on the door as she demanded to be let out. Nikolas explained that he couldn't risk Esme hurting anyone else. He slipped the key into his pocket and walked away.

PREEMPTION: Due to news coverage, General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: Due to news coverage, General Hospital did not air

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Friday, October 14, and picked up where the Wednesday, October 12, episode concluded.

Victor sets a trap for Lucy

Victor sets a trap for Lucy

Friday, October 14, 2022

In the cafeteria at the hotel in Jacksonville, Bobbie thrilled Carly with a surprise visit. Bobbie and Carly held hands, and they shared how glad they were to have such a close relationship.

Carly said she had realized that Reese's fatal accident hadn't been Carly's fault and that Drew had helped Carly find closure. Carly fawned over Drew, but she claimed again that the two were just friends.

After Bobbie left, Carly stood face to face with Peyton. Carly asked how the Guild had voted. Peyton said that the beach parkway wouldn't be rerouted and that Virginia's remains would have to be moved.

At the hospital, Britt thought that Cody had ghosted her, but Maxie revealed that Cody had been distracted by the news that Mac might be his father. Britt sympathized with Cody, and Maxie surmised that Britt actually liked Cody. Maxie encouraged Britt to meet with Cody. Just then, Spinelli appeared.

Britt left for the nurses' station after an awkward moment of silence between Spinelli and Britt. Afterwards, Maxie offered to assure Britt that Spinelli didn't have feelings for Britt. Maxie and Spinelli then talked about Georgie and their plans for the weekend.

Maxie said she had plans to attend the symphony with Austin, and she wished that Spinelli had plans of his own. Maxie encouraged Spinelli to use the same energy he'd expended in building Society Setups to find a love interest for himself. Maxie shared that she wanted Spinelli to be happy, and Spinelli said he wished the same for Maxie.

Later, Dante appeared at the hospital to visit Diane. Dante saw Britt, who remarked that Dante was standoffish. "What's your problem? Do you think I'm not good enough for your friend?" Britt asked.

Dante scoffed at Britt's suggestion, and he added that Cody was a good man and a friend. Dante asked Britt not to "jerk Cody around."

Earlier at the hospital, Spinelli had tried to apologize to Sam for having brought her into his potential legal troubles as a result of Society Setups. Sam wanted to talk to Cody, given that Spinelli had confided that Cody was blackmailing him.

At Kelly's Diner, Sam told Cody that blackmailing Spinelli had been a huge mistake. Cody said that he'd kept Spinelli's secret in exchange for getting close to Britt. Sam wondered why Cody was so interested in Britt. Cody flashed back to Dante having told him that Faison was Britt's father.

Cody tried to assure Sam that he wasn't stalking Britt and that he merely found Britt interesting and a "challenge." Cody added that Sam couldn't tell Dante what Cody had done without having to disclose Spinelli's crimes. Sam agreed to take Cody at his word. "But if you hurt Spinelli, you are going to wish you were never born," Sam warned.

At Deception, an irate Lucy told Anna over the phone that she could handle Victor. Lucy abruptly hung up. Victor entered, and he presented Lucy with a diamond necklace. Victor slipped the necklace around Lucy's neck. Just then, Martin entered.

Lucy tried to assure Martin that Victor was only a friend. Martin noticed Lucy's necklace, and he demanded to know what Victor and Lucy had been up to. Martin asked Victor to leave. Afterwards, Martin confessed that he was worried he had lost Lucy's interest.

Lucy assured Martin that he had nothing to worry about, and the two shared a steamy kiss. As she went to leave, Lucy said that she and Martin would have everything they wanted once Lucy dealt with Anna.

At Anna's house, Anna told Robert that Eileen Ashby, Laura's deputy mayor, was involved with Victor. To Robert's dismay, Anna revealed that she had recruited Lucy to try to gain access to Victor's secret plans.

Robert said he had no qualms about using his position as district attorney to take Victor down, and he wondered how long Eileen had been in Victor's pocket. Anna said she wasn't certain, but she noted that Victor had always played the long game and that Victor's operation might have been in the works for years.

Robert recalled his and Anna's past run-ins with the Cassadine family, specifically the pair's battles with Helena, Stavros, and Mikkos. Anna remarked that Robert sounded nostalgic, and she asked if he missed being in the field with her during their WSB days. Robert and Anna agreed that they had experienced fun times together with the WSB.

Anna called Robert "curmudgeonly," and she said that Robert could stand to soften up. Robert wasn't sure what Anna had meant. Anna hinted that Robert had been single for too long, and she remarked that Robert had no love life. Anna added that Robert had walled himself behind his work, and she wondered if Robert missed having a relationship.

Robert shared that he missed waking up with someone next to him. Anna encouraged Robert to break down his wall, and Robert said he would think about dating again. "Just as soon as we take out Victor," Robert said, and he left.

In his suite at Metro Court, Victor revealed to Johann that he had planted a listening device inside Lucy's necklace. At the same time, Lucy entered Anna's home, and Victor listened in on Lucy and Anna's conversation. "After everything I have done for you, this is the way you're treating me?" Victor heard Lucy ask Anna.

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