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Trina couldn't stop thinking about Spencer. Victor pressured Nikolas to divorce Ava. Anna was arrested for shooting Lucy. Cody and Mac took a DNA test. Britt hired Sam to dig up information on Peter's necklace. Elizabeth and Terry headed to Monterey. Chase and Brook Lynn spent the night together. Heather Webber turned up at the hospital. Carly made an important decision.
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Anna was arrested for shooting Lucy. Victor pressured Nikolas to divorce Ava. Heather Webber turned up at the hospital. Elizabeth visited her parents' home.
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Anna is arrested

Anna is arrested

Monday, October 24, 2022

In the parking lot at the police station, Anna opened the trunk of her car with gloved hands and found a gun and some clothing. She recalled the video that she'd seen with Lucy and the suspect and put everything back and covered it up. Dante found her there, and she told him that Victor had been released. Dante had news of his own; he revealed that Holly Sutton had been the woman in the Quartermaine boathouse. Anna was shocked, and Dante explained that Holly's memory of the past two years was "fuzzy." Anna thought it was a sign that Lucy might be found, too.

Carly and Drew made out on the beach in Jacksonville. He suggested that they return to Port Charles, although Carly admitted that she was reluctant to do so because she'd found Drew in Jacksonville. She explained that she'd originally left the town to escape, and while she'd found a lot of what she'd been looking for in Port Charles, she was afraid that she and Drew would change.

Drew replied that his life had been similar, and he'd found a lot of what he'd been looking for in the Navy. He stated that he had still felt a void and had realized that he had been looking for who he was. He maintained that Carly had filled the void, and she agreed that they were solid. She thought that Jacksonville had changed them. As they walked along the beach, Carly declared that because the relationship was something that she was choosing, it was worth it to pursue it.

Carly was afraid of losing Drew because of mistakes or choices that she might make, but he assured her that that wouldn't happen. Carly said that she didn't want to ruin the best thing that had happened to her. Drew called her irreplaceable. They began to kiss again, and Carly talked about how the ocean felt empowering. Drew thought that the past year had shaped him just as Jacksonville had shaped Carly. "Who we become is who we are," Drew said. Carly liked their pairing, and Drew said that he did, too.

Nina met up with Sonny at General Hospital so that they could attend Sasha's guardianship meeting with Martin. They discussed the lack of any word on Lucy. "You cannot bet against Lucy Coe," Sonny said. They found Martin and Sasha in a meeting room, and they all sat down around a table. Martin announced that with Brando's death and no living relatives, the judge had decided that there would be a court-appointed guardian. Sasha was unhappy that a stranger would be looking out for her, and Sonny and Nina wanted to fight it.

Martin made it clear that a court would not appoint either Sonny or Nina due to their past history. The group was determined that they find someone to take over the guardianship. "You're looking at her," Gladys exclaimed as she walked in. She apologized for being late. She reminded Sonny that he had told her to step up, and she wanted to take over for Brando. Sonny told her it would be a big responsibility, and Gladys promised to give it her best shot. Martin agreed to petition the court.

Sonny thought that Gladys would be great, and he proclaimed that they were all in it together. Nina said that she would always think of Sasha as the daughter she'd never known, and she loved her. Martin took a phone call and revealed that there was still no word about Lucy. He admitted to feeling lousy but had taken on the meeting for her. Sasha gave him a hug and told him not to lose hope. Martin departed, and Gladys thanked Sonny for everything before taking Sasha home. Sonny and Nina thought that Sasha would get through it because she had them.

Scott and Felicia were in the Metro Court gardens. He wanted information on Lucy because he needed to tell Serena something. Felicia informed him that she had had no updates, and Scott thought about hiring his own divers. He confessed that it felt like Lucy was still alive. Suddenly, they were taken aback when they spotted Holly and Robert sitting at a nearby table. There were hugs all around as Scott and Felicia ran to the table. Holly disclosed that she couldn't remember anything from the past two years.

Scott and Felicia sat down and got around to revealing the information around Lucy's disappearance. Holly wondered who would have done such a thing. "Why don't we ask him?" Scott said as Victor walked in. Victor walked right over to the table and apologized for interrupting. He asked if Robert had had any updates on Lucy. Scott was perturbed as Victor announced his willingness to help out if needed.

Victor headed to his own table, and Holly was filled in with facts about Victor. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, since he had seemed so nice and was dressed so well. Felicia declared that they believed that Victor had been behind Lucy's disappearance, but Robert stopped her before she said anything else about Victor.

At the police station, Jordan and D.A. Arden argued about Anna being responsible for shooting Lucy. Arden announced that Victor wanted to sue the department for unlawful arrest, but Jordan pointed out that while he was a suspect, he hadn't been arrested. Jordan wanted to call Robert, but Arden didn't think that was a good idea. She thought that Robert should recuse himself from the case. Jordan maintained that all of their evidence was circumstantial.

Arden snapped that Jordan had given Anna special treatment, while Jordan insisted that the video they had seen of the shooting had been doctored. Arden implied that Jordan wasn't handling her job properly with regard to Anna. Arden left, and Mac appeared. He revealed that the divers hadn't found anything. Jordan was sure that Anna had been framed, and Mac agreed but was surprised that Anna had been released. Jordan stated that Lucy had been missing for less than 48 hours, and they had no body.

Mac looked at the video again and was certain that it had been doctored. He and Jordan agreed that while Lucy had been the victim, Anna had been the target. "And you know who's after her, don't you?" Mac asked. Jordan explained how Lucy had been working for Anna but had gone rogue. They were worried that Victor could get away with murder again if they couldn't prove that the footage was fake.

Back at the police station parking lot, D.A. Arden arrived with a cop and announced that she had search warrants for Anna's car as well as her house. She stated that Anna was the prime suspect in Lucy's disappearance. She added that Jordan wasn't judge and jury, and Dante quickly pointed out that neither was Arden. Anna opened the trunk.

Arden, Dante, and Anna walked into the police station lobby. Dante revealed to Jordan and Mac that the gun and clothing from Lucy's shooting had been found in Anna's car. Mac shouted at Arden, while Jordan made it clear that what they'd seen on the video hadn't been verified. Dante whispered to Anna that he had to leave as the others argued. He urged her to play by the rules, but he knew that she had been set up. Mac suggested that Anna get a lawyer while Arden asserted that she had only done her job.

Anna said she couldn't believe that Arden had fallen for it like Victor had known she would. Jordan wanted the evidence analyzed, but Arden wanted Anna arrested. Mac refused and cited the fact that Anna had been framed. He couldn't believe that Arden couldn't tell, and he suggested that Arden was on Victor's payroll. Arden threatened him, and reluctantly, Jordan placed Anna under arrest. She read Anna her rights.

Victor took a phone call at the gardens, learned about the warrants, and told the caller that he would be willing to contribute to Arden if she ever ran for office. At the other table, Robert suggested that he get Holly home to bed, but Holly insisted that she hear more about Victor. Felicia revealed that Luke was gone, and it was believed that Victor had been responsible. Scott deemed it premediated murder. Holly glared at Victor.

Dante rushed in and announced that Anna had been picked up as Lucy's shooter. Scott thought that Arden was always jumping to conclusions. Holly stood up and headed for Victor's table. He stood up to introduce himself, but Holly slapped him. She declared that the slap had been for Luke, and the next one would be for Anna and Lucy. Robert pulled her away, while Dante and Felicia assured Victor that they hadn't seen anything. "Your day is coming, tick-tock," Scott said.

Victor received another phone call. He smiled and told the caller that the "surprise package paid dividends." He asked the caller about the house and confessed to almost feeling sorry for Anna. He thought it a shame that what would be found in the house would put Anna away for life.

Victor issues a grave threat to Nikolas

Victor issues a grave threat to Nikolas

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

At Kelly's, Josslyn continued to rail against Sonny in front of Dex. Josslyn again tried to talk Dex into quitting his job in Sonny's organization. Dex recollected his secret arrangement with Michael to take down Sonny.

Cameron walked in, and he noticed that Josslyn was upset. Dex apologized for having upset Josslyn. When Dex left, Josslyn finally admitted that she had known Dex longer than she had let on, and she claimed she had saved Dex's life from Sonny's goons.

Cameron told Josslyn that he had known Josslyn had rescued Dex because Michael had already told Cameron. Cameron wondered why Josslyn hadn't told him, and she claimed it had been because she didn't want Cameron involved in any of Sonny's dealings.

Cameron remarked that he and Josslyn had been "off base" for months. Josslyn said that Cameron was her best friend. Cameron said he missed having Josslyn as his girlfriend. Josslyn promised that she and Cameron would plan something together, and the two kissed and hugged.

Earlier, at the hospital, Cameron had been worried about an upcoming trip that Elizabeth planned to take with Terry to Monterey. Cameron noted that Jeff and Carolyn lived in Monterey, but Elizabeth thought the chances of seeing her parents were slim.

Cameron confided that things hadn't been going well with Josslyn. Elizabeth worried she had "complicated" things for Cameron with what she'd dealt with. Cameron promised his mom that she wasn't to blame. Elizabeth vowed to spend time with Cameron and his brothers when she and Terry returned.

Also at the hospital, Finn and Terry continued to talk about Elizabeth behind her back, just as they had done for months. Terry told Finn about her plan to take Elizabeth to the medical conference. Gregory and Violet appeared, and Finn chose to continue talking about Elizabeth with Terry before he agreed to spend time with his own daughter.

Later, Elizabeth told Terry that she wanted to know what had happened to Reiko when Finn had been stationed on the Mariana Islands with Elizabeth's parents in 1997. Terry listened to Elizabeth's worries, and she used them to remind Elizabeth that Finn was a "good guy" who was "all-in" on Elizabeth.

Later, Elizabeth appeared in Finn's office. Elizabeth saw that Finn, Violet, and Gregory looked sad. Violet and Gregory left, and Finn said that he had just told Violet about Reiko's death. Elizabeth asked Finn to check on her boys while she was gone. Finn agreed, and the two hugged. Terry appeared, and she and Elizabeth left for Monterey.

At an undisclosed location, Britt and Cody wondered what was inside Peter's safe deposit box. A man returned with the box, and Britt briefly hesitated before she agreed to search the box. Britt was shocked to discover a heavy diamond necklace inside.

Cody said he knew how to tell if the necklace was real, and he used a compact from Britt's purse to scratch the glass with one of the diamonds. Cody noted that real diamonds scratched glass, and he said the necklace was authentic.

Britt wondered about the necklace's origins and how Peter had gotten his hands on it. Britt decided to keep the necklace stored away at the storage facility. Cody's body language indicated that he wasn't pleased by Britt's decision.

At Nina's penthouse, Ava and Nina shared martinis, and the two recalled the events of their day. Nina surmised that something was wrong with Ava, and she asked why Ava was avoiding Ava's problems with Nikolas. Ava said she couldn't decide what to do about Nikolas. Nina assured Ava that she wouldn't judge Ava, regardless of her decision.

Ava admitted that part of her wanted to cut Nikolas out of her life but that she'd reconsidered after Nikolas' offer to confess to a crime. Nina wanted to know what Nikolas had done. "That's just it. He didn't do anything. I did," Ava shared.

Ava said that if the secret ever became public, it could be the end for both Nikolas and Ava. Ava then confided that Nikolas had had sex with Esme. Nina wondered why Ava hadn't made Nikolas pay. Ava said it was because Nikolas would lay down his life for her.

Nina's phone rang, and she promised to continue her conversation with Ava when she returned. After Nina excused herself, Ava went to her purse to retrieve what she thought was Nikolas' letter of confession. Instead, Ava was startled when she saw a letter that had been written on the same stationary. "Missing something???" the letter read.

At Metro Court, Victor and Nikolas argued over whether Nikolas should divorce Ava. Victor called Nikolas' feelings for Ava an "obsession." Victor stated that he wouldn't allow Nikolas to put the Cassadines at risk because of Ava, and he added that he had gone to great lengths to ensure the Cassadines' future.

Nikolas said the Cassadine legacy was in his hands, not Victor's. Victor wanted to know what Nikolas had meant, and Nikolas suggested that the two agree to a mutual exchange of information.

Victor remarked that Nikolas and Valentin were a lot alike because they were each focused on their own desires instead of the greater good. Victor and Nikolas' argument became heated, and Victor accused Nikolas of loving Ava more than Spencer. Victor said that Nikolas had allowed Ava to destroy Nikolas' relationship with Spencer. Victor remarked that Nikolas had not once visited Spencer in Pentonville.

"Because you've been busy fawning over Ava! How can I respect that? Spencer is your son, a Cassadine heir, but you're consumed with that woman. Ava is a delightful human being, but you seem confused about what really matters here: family, the kind you have blood ties with," Victor said.

Victor said he could help mend the relationship between Nikolas and Spencer if Nikolas agreed to divorce Ava. Nikolas accused Victor of using Spencer as a bargaining chip. Nikolas went to leave, but Victor grabbed him by the arm. Victor produced the written document that contained Nikolas' confession to Ava, which stated that Nikolas had been solely responsible for Esme's disappearance.

Nikolas was stunned that Victor had found the confession. "You will do exactly as I say and divorce Ava, or one way or the other, Nikolas, I will take you out," Victor threatened.

Victor takes steps to keep a close eye on Nikolas

Victor takes steps to keep a close eye on Nikolas

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

At the salon, Holly sighed with delight as her feet soaked, and she conceded that Felicia had been a genius for suggesting a little pampering. Felicia smiled because she had been worried that Holly had been humoring her by agreeing to go to the salon. Holly confessed that she had been, but the pedicure had changed her mind. Felicia was pleased because she had hoped it would help Holly after everything Holly had been through. Holly made light of her ordeal, so Felicia asked Holly to stop pretending everything was okay. Holly argued that it was the British way, but she acknowledged that she felt confused, scared, angry, and a little embarrassed because she had always prided herself on being able to take care of herself.

Felicia admitted it frustrated her how Holly, Mac, Robert, and Anna saw themselves as invincible and responsible for saving the world. Felicia conceded that she'd had her moments, too, but Felicia had learned to accept that she was not alone. "And neither are you," Felicia said. Holly appreciated Felicia's concern, but Holly deftly changed the subject by asking about Felicia's life. The distraction worked because Felicia gushed about her family, and she revealed that she had gotten back into private investigation.

The conversation turned to Luke's death, and the investigation into the possibility that Victor had orchestrated it. Holly admitted that she had trouble believing that Luke was really dead, but Holly wanted to help uncover the truth about the cable car crash. Felicia chuckled as she recalled the slap Holly had given Victor. "Trust me, I'm just getting started," Holly said.

At the Port Charles jail, Anna rested on a cot as Mac arrived to check on her. Anna stood up as she admitted that she'd been going stir crazy, while Victor had been getting away with murder. Moments later, Robert walked up. Robert beamed with joy as he shared the news that Holly had returned. Mac was happy for his brother, and Anna was eager for news about her friend. Robert explained that physically, Holly was fine, but she had no memory of the past two years. Anna felt bad for Holly, but Anna was curious if Jordan had called Robert to tell him about Anna's arrest.

Robert confessed that he hadn't received any phone calls because the ringer on his phone had been turned off. Mac scolded his brother for being unprofessional, but Robert explained that he had no idea how it had happened. Anna was desperate to get out of jail, but she conceded that the police had incriminating evidence against her. Mac confirmed that the shell casing recovered from the pier had been the same caliber as the gun found in the trunk of Anna's car. Mac couldn't believe A.D.A. Arden couldn't see the obvious attempt to frame Anna.

Robert revealed that he had to recuse himself from the case, so Anna would have to wait for her arraignment. Anna implored Robert to call Valentin to let Valentin know what had happened. Robert was reluctant, but Anna explained that she was concerned because all her calls had gone to voicemail, and Victor had made Valentin's travel arrangements. She suspected Victor had intended to keep Valentin from interfering in Victor's efforts to frame her for murder. After Robert left to make the call, Anna took the opportunity to warn Mac that Deputy Mayor Ashby was in cahoots with Victor.

Anna explained that Lucy had overheard Victor and Ashby's phone conversation the night before Lucy had been shot. Just then, Robert returned to report that his call to Valentin had gone to voicemail. Anna's concern mounted, but Holly's arrival offered a brief respite. After Holly exchanged greetings with everyone, Holly passed along a message from Felicia for Mac to meet his wife at the hospital. Mac wanted to postpone the DNA test, but both Anna and Robert insisted it was too important for Mac to miss.

Mac left, so Robert and Anna filled Holly in about the damaging evidence against Anna. Robert confirmed that a box of bullets had been found in Anna's home that had matched both the brand and caliber of the casing recovered from the pier. Holly agreed that it sounded like a setup. Anna revealed that she had recognized the trench coat worn by the shooter, which Anna suspected had been taken from her home -- along with Anna's gun -- when the bullets had been planted. Robert admitted that forensics had found gunpowder on the trench coat.

Anna was certain Victor had arranged everything. Holly pointed out that the WSB might intervene, but Anna explained that she'd been digging into Luke's murder privately because the case had been closed when someone had confessed to sabotaging the cable car that had killed Luke. Holly was curious why Victor would target Luke in the first place, so Anna told Holly about Victor's search for the Ice Princess. Shocked, Holly asked how many people had to die for the infamous diamond. "Far too many," Anna said.

Holly recalled that Luke had once mentioned a curse that Helena Cassadine had put on the Ice Princess. "Cassadines are toxic," Robert said. After Robert stepped away to find out about Anna's arraignment, Holly and Anna shared a private reunion. Anna told Holly how devastated Robert had been when he'd been told that Holly had died. Moments later, a furious Robert returned to let Anna know that her arraignment had been pushed back to the following day.

Robert promised to get Anna out of jail. Anna was confident Robert would succeed, and together, she and Robert would go after Victor. "Count me in," Holly said.

At the hospital, Austin greeted Maxie and Georgie. He gave Maxie a quick kiss, while Georgie remained silent and grimaced. Maxie and Austin were eager to take Georgie for ice cream, but Georgie refused to play along. When Austin confessed that his favorite flavor was chocolate, Georgie insisted it was a boring flavor. Maxie warned Georgie not to "flavor shame," but Georgie was unapologetic.

Austin asked what Georgie's favorite flavor ice cream was, but Georgie asked if Georgie's father could join them for ice cream. Before Maxie could reply, Sam walked up. Georgie immediately perked up, greeted Sam with a hug, and invited her to join them for ice cream. Sam had to decline because she had plans to meet Britt. As if on cue, Britt joined the group, but Georgie barely acknowledged her aunt.

Maxie scolded her daughter, and Georgie apologized to Britt. Georgie invited Britt for ice cream, but Britt explained that she had to work. After Britt and Sam walked away, Georgie suggested that Austin stay to help Britt. Fed up with Georgie's rude behavior, Maxie demanded that Georgie apologize to Austin. "Never," Georgie said. Maxie made it clear that there would be no ice cream until Georgie apologized, prompting Georgie to blame Austin for ruining everything.

After Georgie marched over to a bench and pulled out her phone, Maxie apologized to Austin. He assured Maxie that he understood, and he suggested it might be too soon for Georgie. Maxie didn't want Austin to take it personally, but she confided that Georgie had hoped for Spinelli and Maxie to reconcile ever since Spinelli and Ellie had broken up. Austin didn't blame Georgie because Maxie and Spinelli were great co-parents. Maxie smiled, but she admitted that she wished Spinelli would find someone to date because Spinelli was a great guy with a lot to offer, and he deserved to be happy.

Maxie mentioned Spinelli using Society Setups to find a match, but Austin thought Maxie had put too much faith in the dating site's algorithm. Maxie defended the algorithm, but Austin argued that it was the same type used on all dating sites. Frustrated, Maxie confided that Spinelli had designed the software, and Zelda was a front. Maxie insisted it needed to remain a secret, but Austin didn't understand why. Maxie admitted that she didn't understand the details, but Spinelli's algorithm considered the whole person, and the process had something to do with points of data.

Georgie walked up and asked if she and Maxie could go home. Maxie offered Georgie another opportunity to apologize, so Georgie reluctantly complied. Austin graciously accepted Georgie's apology because he understood it was important for Georgie to do special things with just her parents. Austin made it clear that he would not stand in the way of that, but he asked Georgie to think of something that she would like to do with him and Maxie. Maxie smiled when Georgie agreed.

In Britt's office, Britt spoke on the phone with Monica about a patient. Sam sat across from Britt, lost in the memory of Sam's encounter with Cody at Kelly's when Sam had confronted Cody about threatening to sic the NSA on Spinelli if Spinelli refused to set up a fake match between Cody and Britt. Sam pushed the memory away when Britt ended the call and apologized for the interruption. Sam assured Britt it was fine, but Sam was curious why Britt had asked to see her. Britt explained that she knew about Sam's "colorful" past, and Britt was curious if Sam had ever been a jewel thief.

Sam tensed as she asked if Britt was wearing a wire. Britt promised she wasn't trying to entrap Sam, but Britt did want to hire her. Britt told Sam about the box of Peter's personal effects and the key to the safe deposit box. Britt pulled out her phone and showed Sam the photograph of the diamond necklace that Britt had found in Peter's safe deposit box. Sam admitted the necklace might be worth millions if the diamonds were real. Britt assured Sam the gems had been real enough to cut glass.

Sam wondered what the odds were that the necklace had been acquired legally, so Britt conceded it was unlikely, since it had been in Peter's hands. Britt explained that she wanted to hire Sam to find out how Peter had ended up with the necklace. Sam pointed out that Britt still had plausible deniability if she wanted to sell the necklace, but Britt wanted nothing to do with Peter's -- or Faison's -- blood money. Sam admitted that she couldn't pass up the opportunity to investigate possibly stolen jewelry that had once belonged to Peter or Faison.

At Volonino's, Cody was working out on the weights when Dante arrived. Dante apologized for being late, and they briefly bantered about the past when Dante and Cody had been kids and Dante had given Cody a bloody nose. The conversation turned serious when Dante admitted he'd had a rough day because he'd been forced to lock up an innocent woman.

Later, Dante asked about Cody's day. Cody recalled finding the diamond necklace in Peter's safe deposit box and confirming that the diamonds had been real. However, Cody only admitted that he had spent some time with Britt. Dante chuckled because Britt had clearly not heeded Dante's advice to stay away from Cody. Dante explained that he'd been looking out for Cody, but Cody assured Dante it wasn't necessary.

Cody reached into his gym bag when he heard his phone ping with an alert. Cody groaned when he saw the reminder for the DNA test. Cody opened up to Dante about Mac and the possibility that Mac might be Cody's biological father. Dante was stunned that Cody hadn't said something sooner, especially since Dante knew what it was like to find a long-lost father. Cody reminded Dante that nothing was certain, but Dante was curious how Cody felt about the possibility. Cody admitted to being conflicted because everyone praised Mac for being a great guy.

Dante agreed that Mac was a stand-up guy, but Cody remained uneasy. Cody appeared a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of the family he would gain if Mac was his father. Cody admitted it made more sense if someone like Leopold Taub or Cesar Faison was his father, but Dante accused Cody of selling himself short. Dante insisted Cody didn't deserve to have a father like Leopold, but Cody disagreed because Cody wasn't the most upstanding citizen. Dante told Cody about Dante's rocky start with Sonny when Dante had been working undercover and Sonny had shot Dante in the chest.

Dante explained that despite everything, Dante and Sonny had managed to forge a close relationship, and it had been Sonny who had gone to Turkey to rescue Dante from a dire situation. Dante admitted that Sonny was a good man despite Sonny's "questionable lifestyle."

Later, Sam was waiting when Dante and Cody emerged from the locker room. After Cody left, Sam and Dante exchanged a kiss, and they each admitted they had had a crazy day. Sam decided Dante won the prize when he told her about Anna's arrest. Dante was certain it had been a "Cassadine frame-up," and he acknowledged that he was unable to do anything about it at that moment. Sam smiled when Dante decided to focus on them, and he leaned down to kiss her.

At the hospital, Georgie was delighted when she saw her grandparents. Maxie was surprised to see Mac and Felicia until Cody walked in and Maxie realized the reason everyone was gathered at the hospital. Georgie introduced herself to Cody, and she took an instant liking to him when he agreed chocolate ice cream was a boring flavor. Maxie was stunned when Georgie asked if she and Maxie could join Mac and Felicia, and Mac readily agreed. Everyone walked to the elevator, but Cody broke away from the group when he saw Britt at the nurses' station.

Britt noticed Mac and his family gathered at the elevator, and she realized Cody was there for the DNA test. She told Cody that she hoped he got what he wanted, but Cody confessed that he wished he knew what that was.

At Nina's apartment, Ava was furious when she discovered Nikolas' confession had been taken. Nina entered the living room and immediately sensed something was wrong. Ava told Nina about the theft, and Nina immediately assumed Nikolas had taken it. Ava vowed not to let "the weasel" get away with it, but Nina said that it didn't make sense because Nikolas had seemed sincere.

Ava realized that Nina was right, so Ava quickly checked her cell phone. Ava breathed a sigh of relief. She explained to Nina that Nikolas had also recorded the confession on video, and the video remained on Ava's phone. Ava was certain the theft had been Victor's handiwork, and she fired off a text message to Nikolas, asking where "his demon of an uncle" was. Moments later, Nikolas replied.

Ava grabbed her purse, but Nina blocked Ava from leaving because Nina didn't think it was wise for Ava to confront a dangerous man like Victor. Nina reminded Ava that Victor had been responsible for Liesl's abduction, Scott being thrown out of a plane, and possibly Lucy's disappearance. Ava promised not to do anything crazy because Ava knew Victor's secret weapon was to use a veneer of dignity and charm to goad people into a frenzy. Nina pointed out that Nikolas had been responsible for the marriage falling apart because he had slept with Esme, but Ava insisted she would end her marriage to Nikolas on her own terms, not Victor's. Nina warned Ava that Victor would remain a part of Ava's life as long as Ava remained married to Nikolas.

Ava conceded that Victor was obsessed with the image of a united Cassadine family, and it was clear that Ava was no longer a part of that picture. Ava suspected Victor had turned against her because he had realized Ava would not easily fall in line. Nina advised Ava to walk away, but Ava explained that she needed answers first.

After Ava left, Nina called Valentin, but the call went to voicemail. She admitted she was jealous that he was able to visit with Charlotte, and she was eager to hear all about it. However, Nina wanted Valentin to know that things were "weird" in Port Charles because Lucy was missing -- and his father might have been responsible.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Nikolas confronted his uncle about making threats. Victor held up Nikolas' confession as he assured his nephew that the threat had been real. Victor accused Nikolas of being indulged by Helena as a youth because Nikolas had been the "treasured Cassadine heir," but Nikolas denied that his childhood had been easy. Victor insisted that Nikolas had always underappreciated the "privilege bestowed" on Nikolas, and it was time Nikolas expanded his horizons and looked at the bigger picture -- which didn't include Ava because she was both a liability and a distraction.

"Consider it tough love," Victor said. Nikolas argued that he didn't need Victor to save him from himself, but Victor disagreed because sleeping with Esme had not been the actions of a man in control of his life. Nikolas assured Victor that Esme would never get between Nikolas and Ava again, but Victor was unmoved. Victor insisted it was time to move forward, and he reminded Nikolas that the Cassadines could have a global reach if they were united. Nikolas pointed out that the Cassadine holdings were already international, but Victor admitted he hadn't been referring to business or money.

Victor explained that the world was in chaos, and the Cassadines were positioned to bring order to that chaos. "And order begins at home," Victor said. Victor announced his decision to move into Wyndemere to keep an eye on Nikolas. Nikolas objected, and claimed the castle was under extensive renovations, but Victor didn't care.

After Victor walked away to make arrangements, Nikolas spotted Ava. Nikolas realized Ava was upset, so he urged her to leave before she ran into Victor. Ava refused, and she told him about the confession that Victor had taken. Nikolas admitted that he already knew, and he filled Ava in about Victor's threats. Ava wasn't intimidated, but Nikolas warned her that Victor might deal with Ava the way Victor had dealt with Lucy.

Nikolas implored Ava to leave because it was imperative that Victor believed the plan had succeeded. Just then, Victor approached the couple. Ava was surprised when Victor revealed his plans to move into Wyndemere, but Nikolas changed the subject by coldly informing Ava that his attorney would be in touch with hers. Pleased, Victor walked away with his nephew.

At the elevator, Victor praised Nikolas, but Nikolas warned Victor that Helena had once believed she could control Nikolas, too -- and it had not ended well for her.

Cameron and Josslyn visit Spencer

Cameron and Josslyn visit Spencer

Thursday, October 27, 2022

At the Port Charles Grill, Sonny ended a call about Lucy and got back to Nina. She offered to reschedule date night, but he replied that his people were out searching for Lucy. He wanted to enjoy their time together, and they shared a kiss. He suggested skipping dinner and going right to dessert. However, they were interrupted by his ringing phone, and he walked away to take the call. Just then, Victor arrived, and Nina demanded to know what was going on with Charlotte. Victor wondered if she was only so invested in his family because she had none of her own.

Sonny returned and demanded that Victor apologize to Nina. He added that Victor's fingerprints were all over Lucy's disappearance, and Sonny would make Victor pay if he found out that Victor was behind Anna's arrest. Victor excused himself to the bar, and Sonny suggested that he and Nina go home. Later, the two were in bed together when Sonny declared that he loved Nina, and Nina repeated the sentiment.

Josslyn and Cameron waited in the visitors' room at Pentonville until Spencer finally arrived. He was surprised to see them, as he'd made a mess of things. He added that he hated being there, but it had been worth it to try to save Trina. Cameron admitted to a stunned Spencer that Trina had found out that Spencer had believed in her the whole time. Cameron and Josslyn explained how busy Trina had been, and Spencer was just glad she was happy.

Spencer acknowledged that he'd hurt many people, and he hated himself for everything he'd done. Cameron explained that, despite all the conflicts they'd had, he chose Spencer as a friend. Cameron warned Spencer to keep his head down, as they wanted him to get out safely. The guard entered and announced that their time was up, so Spencer left.

Later, Cameron and Josslyn returned to Cameron's, and he assured her that Jake and Aiden were asleep. Josslyn was impressed at his generosity toward Spencer, and she said she couldn't imagine her life without Cameron. He commented that it was getting late, so he should walk her back to her dorm. She suggested staying over, but he admitted that Elizabeth had disallowed that. Thinking better of leaving his brothers alone asleep, he suggested that he take the sofa and she take the bed. She replied that they could both be in bed. "For cuddling," he clarified. "For afterwards," she said, and she kissed him.

Rory and Trina arrived in front of their hotel room, and Trina was excited to have a queen bed all to herself. However, they entered the room and found that there was only one bed when they'd reserved a room with two. Rory called the front desk and found that no other rooms were available, so they would get a cot sent up. When Rory was off the phone, Trina commented on how cool the cosplayers were, as it was like art. The two shared a long kiss. He offered to stop, but she didn't want him to. Suddenly, she heard Spencer's voice in her head, and when she looked at Rory, she saw Spencer's face. Trina gasped and sat up. There was a knock on the door, and a disappointed Rory assumed it was the cot being delivered.

Later, Trina was in the bed, and Rory had taken the cot. He assured her that he was fine, and she thanked him for letting her have the bed. She appreciated the invitation and talked about how good of a time she was having with him. "There's no one else I'd rather be with," he replied. They said their goodnights and went to bed. Unseen by Trina, she got a call from the New York State Department of Corrections. On the other end of the line, Spencer got her voicemail, but he hung up instead of leaving a message.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Brook Lynn was looking on her phone at an email from Dante about her letter of support for Chase. Chase reminded her that it was their date night, so she quickly put her phone away and pledged her undivided attention. She admitted that her favorite part of his new career path was all the time she got to spend with him. While he missed being a cop, he admitted that he didn't miss having to put his life on hold to be on call. Just then, Brook Lynn's phone went off, and he assured her that she could check it. She saw that a radio interview he'd done was about to be streamed, and he gave in to listening to it.

A short while later, Chase and Brook Lynn shared a pair of earbuds and listened to him talk about how amazing Brook Lynn was. In the interview, he'd called her his muse. She ripped the earbuds out and asked if she was really his muse. "How could you doubt that?" he replied, and she kissed him passionately. A short while later, they burst into her bedroom, and he made sure that it was what she really wanted. She couldn't remember a time when she hadn't wanted it, and he replied, "That makes two of us."

Britt was surprised to find Cody still at the hospital, and he admitted that he'd waited for her. She asked how the DNA test had gone, and he confided that it had been torturous to fake how he really felt about the situation. He didn't think that "people like me" could fit in with a family like that. She offered to listen if he wanted to talk, so they left the hospital.

Mac and Felicia sat at the Savoy, and Felicia wondered how he was doing after his hard day. He replied that he couldn't resolve anything that night about Lucy's disappearance, Anna's arrest, or Cody possibly being his son. Just then, Sam and Dante arrived, and Sam commented that Cody had been holding out on them. Mac filled her in, as Dante already knew. Sam and Felicia went to the bar to get a round of drinks.

Felicia asked Sam if she knew anything troubling about Cody, as Felicia wanted to know before Mac and Cody got closer. Sam stammered a vague response until she saw Britt and Cody arrive. Selina eyed Cody from across the room.

Mac and Dante invited Cody and Britt to join them, and Sam and Felicia returned. Britt mentioned her case to Sam, and she ended up explaining to everyone at the table about the necklace she'd found in Peter's safe deposit box. Cody was shocked that Britt was having it investigated. Just then, he spotted Selina and ran off to the bar. Britt had a feeling that Peter had stolen the necklace from Faison, which was why he'd gotten an ultra-safe deposit box.

At the bar, Selina told Cody about another upcoming poker game and asked if he was in. Mac approached, and Selina excused herself. Mac advised Cody to stay away from Selina, as she was a notorious organized crime figure. He assured Cody that if he turned out to be Cody's father, they could decide what it meant for them, as he had no expectations. Sam walked over and advised Mac that Felicia was ready to go. When he was gone, Sam demanded to know why he didn't want her to look into the necklace. Cody replied that she had every right not to trust him, but he liked Britt and loved Dante, so he didn't want to hurt anyone. "That better be the truth," she warned.

Alone at the table, Dante wanted to talk to Britt about the last conversation they'd had about Cody. He told her that he didn't know that they would ever be friends, but for Cody's sake, he wanted to call a truce. "He better be worth it," Britt joked. Sam and Cody returned with a round of drinks, and they toasted to new beginnings.

At home, Mac and Felicia made their way to the bedroom and kissed passionately. "You said you were tired," Mac said. "Some detective you are," she teased, and they made their way to the bed.

Elizabeth sees her father for the first time in 25 years

Elizabeth sees her father for the first time in 25 years

Friday, October 28, 2022

In the kitchen of Carly's mansion, Bobbie said she looked forward to the next chapter in Carly's life. Carly, who had just returned from Jacksonville, said that she'd been in an identity crisis when she'd gone to Florida, and she added that she could no longer keep the Corinthos name. Carly suggested she take Bobbie's family name. Bobbie said it was fitting that Carly take the Spencer name, and the two hugged.

At Elizabeth's house, Cameron thought that he and Josslyn were on better footing after they had spent the previous night together. Josslyn started to leave the house, and she and Cameron were surprised to encounter Finn.

Finn recalled that Elizabeth had asked him to check on Cameron, who invited Finn inside after Josslyn left for Oscar's Meadow. Finn asked Cameron if Josslyn had spent the night. Cameron politely told Finn that it was none of Finn's business.

Finn said he wouldn't tell Elizabeth that he'd seen Josslyn at the house, but he encouraged Cameron to tell his mom the truth. Later, Cameron recalled that Elizabeth was in the same city where Jeff and Carolyn lived. Cameron hadn't known that Finn had been unaware that Jeff and Carolyn lived in Monterey, and he said that people often underestimated his family and what they could "handle."

"People tend to confuse our manners for being weak and fragile. My mom is not weak. When you try to fix her problems or make decisions for her because you think she's the victim, it takes her back to a time in her life when she did feel powerless. And trust me, she does not want to go back there again, even if that means shutting people out. I know your heart is in the right place, but she doesn't need you to be her hero. She's already her own hero," Cameron defiantly told Finn.

Finn thanked Cameron for the conversation, and he left for the hospital.

At Oscar's Meadow, Drew visited a memorial rock for Oscar's Meadow on the anniversary of Oscar's birthday. Drew said that when he had been held captive, he had often closed his eyes and thought of Oscar and Scout. Josslyn appeared with flowers, and she and Drew hugged.

Before Drew left Oscar's Meadow, he thanked Josslyn for being a part of Oscar's life. Josslyn talked to Oscar's memorial stone, and she said that things hadn't been the same between her and Cameron since the sex tape. Josslyn said that Cameron wouldn't "be able to handle" losing Josslyn.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Ned told Michael that Valentin had been missing for several days. Ned asked if Michael had been behind Valentin's disappearance, and he wondered if Michael had called immigration services on Valentin -- as Sonny had done to Jax years earlier. Michael seethed that he was nothing like Sonny.

Olivia left the kitchen to find Brook Lynn to help referee the dispute between Ned and Michael. Olivia was taken aback when she walked into Brook Lynn's room and found Chase naked. Ned and Michael were still arguing when Brook Lynn entered.

Just then, Olivia and Chase walked into the kitchen together. Olivia revealed that she had seen Chase naked. Brook Lynn admitted that she and Chase had spent the previous night together. Brook Lynn joked that everyone at the Quartermaine mansion had seen Chase naked, but Olivia quipped that Monica hadn't, even though it was Monica's house. "Alan gave it to her!" Chase exclaimed.

Olivia offered to drive Willow to the hospital for a prenatal checkup, and the two left. Later, Drew appeared at the mansion. Brook Lynn left, and Drew shared that he had gone to Oscar's Meadow. Drew recalled that Ned and Olivia had been kind to Oscar during Oscar's final days, and he pleaded with Ned to help fix whatever was broken in their family.

Michael pouted that Ned was "too far gone" for Drew to reason with. Ned pointed out that Michael still went by the Corinthos name, and he added that Michael was only a Quartermaine when it was convenient. Ned then lashed out at Drew and said that Drew's nice-guy persona had started to wear thin.

"Wow! Okay, fine, Ned. The gloves are off, and you are not gonna like the moves that I make to get you and Valentin out," Drew boasted. "Really? And how do you plan on doing that when you're facing an insider-trading charge?" Ned asked a shocked Drew.

Drew tried to scoff at Ned's accusation, but Ned explained that, as Michael's mother, Carly had been told about the potential merger of Aurora and ELQ and that it had been the only reason why Carly had purchased Aurora shares. "That's called insider trading, and it's illegal. Martha Stewart went to prison for much less," Ned said.

Ned told Drew and Michael that they were lucky no one had ever looked closely into the matter, and he sternly warned Drew and Michael to never forget what Ned knew. Ned left, and afterwards, Michael told Drew that he thought that Ned was bluffing. Drew was speechless.

In an exam room at the hospital, Britt remarked that certain areas around Willow's lymph nodes appeared inflamed. Britt stepped out of the room to call Terry, who advised Britt to schedule an ultrasound on Willow's liver.

Alone in the room with T.J., Willow asked what Britt was most concerned about. T.J. said that if Willow's liver and lymph nodes were swollen, it could mean that Willow's cancer had advanced to Stage 3, which might limit treatment options.

Later, Olivia encountered Finn near the hospital elevators. Olivia started to get a headache, and she asked if Finn had ever had the feeling that someone had just walked over his grave.

Just then, Olivia was startled by the sight of a blonde-haired woman in chains and an orange prison jumpsuit. "Hello, Olivia!" the woman bellowed out. Olivia gasped and screamed when she recognized who the woman was.

The woman accused Olivia of having let the woman's son rot in prison while Olivia had "traded up" to marry a Quartermaine. The woman laughed maniacally as she was led away by guards. Afterwards, Finn asked Olivia who the woman was. "Don't you know? It's Heather Webber!" a frightened Olivia gasped.

In Monterey, Elizabeth sat in a car parked outside her parents' house. Terry joined Elizabeth in the car, and she announced that Jeff and Carolyn had agreed to meet with Terry at a nearby coffee shop.

Elizabeth planned to break into Jeff and Carolyn's house to search for clues about Reiko's death by going through some of her parents' diaries. At the same time, Terry would meet with Jeff and Carolyn to give Elizabeth enough time to search.

Elizabeth thanked Terry for her help and for having provided the space that Elizabeth had asked for. Terry's phone chimed, and she said that Jeff and Carolyn were at the coffee shop. Elizabeth recalled that it had been 25 years since she had last seen her parents, and she noted that she wasn't the same person she had been in 1997.

Elizabeth flashed back to her first day in Port Charles outside Audrey's house when she had told Sarah, "The stork brought me! Remember?" Elizabeth smiled at the memory.

Elizabeth left the car and managed to break into her parents' home. Once inside, she stared at different family photos on a mantel. Elizabeth recalled some of the things she had said about her parents over the years and how Sarah had taken an opposite view of Jeff and Carolyn as parents by having praised them.

Elizabeth picked up a photo of her and Sarah from many years earlier, and she held it closely against her chest. Elizabeth was startled when she heard the doorknob rattle. An older man with gray hair entered the home. "Elizabeth?" the man called out.

"Dad," said Elizabeth.

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