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Elizabeth confronted her parents, and she learned the details of Reiko's death. Heather was revealed to have a flesh-eating illness. Sam asked Spinelli to run the algorithm on Cody. Victor blackmailed Holly. The Hook sent a letter to Alexis. Curtis and Portia set a wedding date. Liesl noticed that Britt had developed a cough. Valentin received a helping hand from Laura and Kevin.
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Elizabeth confronted her parents and learned the details of Reiko's death. Heather was revealed to have a flesh-eating illness. The Hook sent a letter to Alexis.
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Valentin receives unexpected help

Valentin receives unexpected help

Monday, October 31, 2022

Jordan was ready to take Anna from her cell at the police station to the courtroom. She wondered if Anna really wanted Scott as her attorney, but Anna pointed out that Scott knew that she had been framed. Anna said that she was looking forward to trading places with Victor. Jordan said she hated to cuff Anna, and she hated the way things were going similarly to when Trina had been jailed. Jordan admitted she had known that Trina was innocent, and she felt the same about Anna.

At General Hospital, Finn peered through a room's window and watched as Heather carried on and struggled to free herself from her restraints. She continued to scream for a doctor. Alexis stepped off the elevator and ran into Olivia in the hallway and saw that Olivia was freaked out. Alexis asked what was wrong, and Olivia pointed. Alexis walked in the direction of the point, stood next to Finn, and looked in the window. Alexis asked, "Good God. Who let her out?"

Finn walked over to the nurses' station to look at the computer, and Alexis followed. Olivia, who was still with her back against the wall by the elevator, joined them. Finn said, "Apparently the infirmary [at D'Archam] sent her over here for diagnosis and treatment" Olivia asked if he had the option to refuse to treat Heather. Finn gently replied that it didn't work that way. He explained that he was a doctor, not a judger of people. Olivia warned him to be careful because Heather was lethal.

Alexis told Finn that Heather had a "long and perverse criminal history." Olivia and Alexis proceeded to rattle off Heather's crimes and victims. Olivia wanted Finn to be cautious and to treat Heather quickly before sending her "back into the insane asylum." Gregory arrived and invited Finn out for a meal, but Finn replied that he had a patient. Olivia said she had to tell Robert and rushed off. Alexis wished Finn good luck and wished him "Godspeed." Finn went on his way, and Gregory asked Alexis about her statement. Alexis informed him that Heather was a raging psychopath. They chatted awkwardly, and Gregory asked Alexis why she'd been avoiding him.

Alexis insisted that she hadn't been avoiding Gregory. She added that she'd been busy, but thanks to Gregory, she'd sent another reporter to the courtroom for Anna's arraignment.

Finn walked into Heather's room as Heather shouted for a bedpan. After he introduced himself, Heather realized that she knew him as the man who "the slut" Elizabeth had taken up with "barely five minutes after my Franco was cold." Finn expressed his sympathy for Heather's loss, and the doctor and patient proceeded to bicker and snap at each other. Heather decided that she liked Finn, but she maintained that he was only a "placeholder" for Elizabeth.

Finn went over the records and announced that Heather had a bacteria normally picked up in the rainforest, which fed on skin. He asked if Heather had left D'Archam and suggested that she might have escaped on occasion. Heather remarked that Finn was too good for Elizabeth, and she made it clear that she was never wrong. She suggested he ask Anna or Jeff. From Finn's response regarding Anna, Heather gathered that Anna was in trouble, and she said she was glad there was a God.

Finn suggested that Heather have a different doctor, one without any personal history in common. Heather reminded him that he'd taken an oath, and she referred to Finn and Elizabeth as "the coward and the tramp." When Finn agreed that Heather was right, she asked about which part. Finn replied that it was the oath part. He proceeded to fill a syringe and informed Heather that he was giving her a sedative. Finn said, "You're gonna feel a little prick." Heather replied, "Story of my life."

Finn returned to Alexis and Gregory and remarked that Alexis hadn't done Heather justice. He claimed he needed a walk, and Alexis urged Gregory to accompany his son. She promised to see Gregory soon. Finn explained Elizabeth's trip to Gregory, who could tell that Finn was worried. Finn declared that he would not rescue Elizabeth, who was with Terry, and Cameron had told Finn there was no need to watch his mother. Heather opened her eyes while a nurse was in the room.

In Monterey, Elizabeth studied a framed portrait that she picked up from the mantel at her parents' house. Suddenly, Jeff walked in, and they stared at each other in disbelief. Carolyn followed behind and ran to her daughter to hug her. Elizabeth rolled her eyes and explained that she had jimmied the door to get inside. She said that she'd hoped her parents wouldn't see her, and she was there to find some answers.

Elizabeth, Carolyn, and Jeff made small talk about Elizabeth's kids, and Elizabeth was horrified to learn that her parents had followed her kids on social media. Carolyn said she knew that Elizabeth had a new man. Elizabeth refused the offer of a drink and a seat as Jeff proceeded to list the many reasons why they hadn't visited. Elizabeth didn't want to hear it, and she lashed out at them. She made it clear that her accomplishments in life had nothing to do with them because they'd abandoned her. She pointed out that Carolyn and Jeff had been more interested in saving strangers than their own children.

Elizabeth continued that she'd always waited for her parents to show up, and they never had. She listed all the big moments in her life and said she wanted the lies to stop. Carolyn and Jeff were apologetic and asked what she wanted. The arguing continued, and Elizabeth revealed that she had missing moments in her life and wanted answers. She turned to leave but changed her mind. She said she thought that her parents wanted her to stop digging, so she wouldn't.

Robert arrived at Holly's room with a latte and croissant for her breakfast. Holly was still in her pajamas, and she leaned over to fix his tie before he departed for court. Holly admitted that her second night in town had gone much better than her first, and she was most appreciative of Robert spending the night on the sofa. Robert quipped that she had deserved the bed after slapping Victor. Holly disclosed that she had no plans to back down, and Robert proclaimed that he couldn't lose her again. He added that he had never stopped caring about Holly. He asked if she had remembered anything, and Holly promised to tell him if she did. She announced that she would be going to court with Robert.

Charlotte showed Valentin the chapel at her school in Switzerland. She admitted that she often sat and thought about him. They were accompanied by Victor's guard. Valentin received a phone call and stepped outside. It was Felicia, who disclosed that Anna had been arrested. Valentin realized that Victor had sent him to Switzerland to get him out of the way, but he was determined to return. Felicia urged him to stay because Victor would not be allowed to get away with anything.

Valentin returned to the chapel, and he and Charlotte chatted about her time at school and the people that she had been missing. He wished they could always be together. Charlotte confessed that she wanted to go home, but she didn't think it was a good time. Valentin suggested they go into town for some fun, and he told Charlotte to return to her room to get ready. He urged her not to forget her backpack as he nodded at the guard.

After Charlotte had gone, Valentin told the guard that he wouldn't be needed. He offered the man some money, but the guard tossed it on the floor. Valentin slugged him, and suddenly, the men began to tussle. The guard seemed to have the upper hand until a figure in a black cape hit the guard over the head with a brass candlestick. Quietly, Laura uncovered her head.

In the courtroom, Scott informed Arden that she was wasting her time in prosecuting Anna. Martin arrived and mentioned that he loved Lucy and wanted respect for her. Scott reminded him that he had loved Lucy once. Martin ordered Scott to use the present tense when he spoke about Lucy, and Scott agreed that no one could get the best of her. Martin wished that Laura was there.

Victor arrived and announced that he wanted to see justice done. Felicia was hopeful that Anna would be freed and that the person who had framed her would be exposed. Victor pointed out that the evidence had to be followed, but Felicia promised that the killer wouldn't get away with it. Victor said that if Valentin had believed in Anna, he would have been in court. He thought Valentin's "absence speaks volumes." Felicia thought that someone had messed with the wrong person. Victor exclaimed that Lucy had learned it the hard way.

Olivia ran up to Robert and Holly to tell him about Heather. Robert replied that he had been unaware of Heather being sent to the hospital. Olivia was afraid that Heather would escape because it wouldn't be the first time.

Anna walked in and spotted Victor. Her cuffs were removed. Felicia revealed that Valentin and Charlotte were safe. Victor approached Arden and told her that he hoped Lucy's killer wouldn't go free. He suggested that Arden's job was a stepping-stone. Judge Walsh took his seat, and Arden presented her case. Scott objected and made mention that the evidence had been planted and that everyone knew it. He made a motion to dismiss the case, but it was denied. The judge denied bail due to Anna's past.

Scott vowed to prove that Anna had been framed, and he thought that Arden would look like a "patsy." Victor told Martin that justice was wonderful. Felicia informed Anna that they would fight, and Holly was ready to bust Anna out. Jordan said she was sorry to place the cuffs back on Anna's wrists. Anna and Victor glared at each other.

Elizabeth is shocked by what Jeff tells her

Elizabeth is shocked by what Jeff tells her

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

In Alexis' office at the Intruder, Drew said he needed Alexis' advice on a "legal matter that could ruin more than one life." Without disclosing their names, Drew asked Alexis if he and Carly had engaged in insider trading during the proposed ELQ/Aurora merger. "Hell, yes! A friend purchased stock based on confidential information from the CEO of a company. That is textbook insider trading," Alexis said adamantly.

Drew asked how bad things could get, and he was stunned when Alexis said that both parties could face prison time. Drew said there had been no formal inquiries from the SEC. Alexis said the SEC would have to prove that the CEO of the company and the friend in question had entered into a conspiracy. Alexis noted that it would be hard to prove unless there was a familial or romantic connection between the individuals.

Alexis added that as long as the two individuals involved were just acquaintances, anyone who might try to press charges would have a hard time finding someone to look into the case. Drew left, and afterwards, Alexis started to open a letter. As Alexis stared at the letter, she became stunned when she saw what was written.

Outdoors at a Halloween festival at Metro Court, Nina joined Sonny, Avery, and Donna for trick-or-treating. Nearby, Carly immediately became sour when she saw that Avery and Donna appeared happy around Nina.

Sam called for Avery and Donna to visit Carly, who hadn't seen the girls since returning from Jacksonville. Avery revealed that she and Nina had had a pajama party when Carly had been in Jacksonville. Avery asked if Nina could attend the sleepover. Sam, who sensed that things were about to become awkward, asked Avery and Donna to go with her for candy.

Off to a corner, Sonny had a private conversation with Carly, who mistakenly thought that Nina had spent the night with Donna and Avery. Sonny reminded Carly that Avery was not Carly's daughter, and he clarified that the pajama party had only been an evening of pizza and movies instead of a sleepover.

Carly apologized for having jumped to the wrong conclusion, and she thanked Sonny for having respected her boundaries. "Yeah, about that. Your boundaries aren't working for me anymore," Sonny deadpanned.

Sonny told Carly that boundaries went both ways and that it had become difficult to separate his relationship with Nina from Avery and Donna. Sonny added that if the roles were reversed and Carly was seeing someone, he wouldn't ask her to keep Donna from that person. Carly asked why Sonny was so certain that Carly wasn't already seeing someone. Sonny replied that he wasn't sure, and he didn't seem to care either way.

Carly said she would try to respect Sonny's decision, and she walked toward Sam, who had been chatting with Nina. Carly warned Nina to never talk to her about Donna.

Later, Robert entered the festival, arm in arm with Holly. Sonny spotted Holly, and he marveled that Holly was alive and well. Sonny introduced Holly to Nina, and the two women exchanged pleasantries. Holly said she wanted to get a cup of cider, and she left. Afterwards, Sonny asked Robert how Anna was doing, and he was shocked when Robert said that Anna was scheduled to be sent to Pentonville the following day.

Sonny said he knew the charges against Anna had been orchestrated by Victor, and he offered to help Robert, who asked what Sonny had in mind. Sonny said there was a way to keep Anna from going to Pentonville. Robert said he had things under control, but he didn't seem confident in his words.

Out of sight, Holly placed a call to someone. "I have an update for you. Robert is making moves on Anna's behalf. Right now, he's planning to intervene with the judge and get Anna another hearing. Yes, I'm sticking close to him," Holly told the person.

After she hung up the phone, Holly looked visibly upset that she had been lying to Robert.

Also at the festival, Sam asked Carly to tell her what had happened in Jacksonville. When Carly finished, Sam noted that Drew had gone to Florida to support Carly, and Sam wondered why Carly had barely mentioned Drew's name in their conversation.

Sam told Carly that if there was something more to say about Carly's friendship with Drew, Carly should feel free to tell her. Carly told Sam that there was something Sam should know. Just then, Drew saw the two, and he started to approach.

In the chapel at Charlotte's school in Switzerland, Valentin was surprised to see Laura, who was disguised as a nun. Valentin wanted to find Charlotte and leave immediately. On their way out of the chapel, Valentin and Laura encountered Mattis, a bald and stout man, who claimed to recognize Valentin as Charlotte's father. Laura and Valentin tried to leave, but they were stopped when Victor's goon groaned.

Mattis pulled a gun on Laura and Valentin, and he revealed that he also worked for Victor. When Mattis became distracted briefly by the sound of church bells, Valentin hit him over the head with an object that rendered Mattis unconscious. Valentin said that whoever had rung the bells had been ten minutes early.

Just then, Kevin appeared, disguised as a priest. Kevin helped Valentin hide the bodies of Victor's men. Valentin wondered how many of Victor's people were watching Charlotte. Laura told Valentin about a rear entrance to the building, and Valentin thanked Laura and Kevin for their help. The three headed out of the chapel to find Charlotte.

In her jail cell at the Port Charles Police Station, Anna received a visit from Finn, who asked how Anna was. Finn wanted to help, but Anna said that it was her problem. She asked to see a photo of Violet in a Halloween costume. Anna said that she missed Violet.

Anna asked Finn about Elizabeth. Finn told Anna that Elizabeth was in Monterey and that he'd only learned that Jeff and Carolyn lived in Monterey from Cameron. Finn whined that Elizabeth had left him "out of the loop on purpose."

Anna asked Finn what he would do about it. Finn said he wanted to be there for Elizabeth, but he told Anna he wouldn't confront her. Finn added that Elizabeth needed time on her own, something Finn had blatantly refused to give her for months. Anna asked Finn if she could make a suggestion.

"Whatever reason Elizabeth has for keeping her movements from you, I very much doubt it's to push you away. I think in addition to figuring things out, she might be trying to keep you safe from whatever consequences there might be," Anna said.

In Monterey, Elizabeth told Jeff and Carolyn that she needed answers about their time on the Mariana Islands. Elizabeth said that something had gone wrong on the islands and that her parents' behavior was proof of it.

Elizabeth said that her parents had been absent from her life for 25 years, and she wanted to know why Jeff and Carolyn had suddenly decided to reach out to Jake earlier in the year. Jeff claimed that he had been concerned because Jake had lost his father.

Jeff cavalierly apologized for everything Elizabeth had been through in the past 25 years, and he asked what Elizabeth wanted to know. Elizabeth asked who Reiko Finn was. Jeff and Carolyn's faces suddenly looked sullen and concerned.

Elizabeth asked Jeff to tell her about his relationship with Reiko. Jeff proposed that he and Elizabeth take a walk, but Elizabeth wanted to know why the two couldn't discuss Reiko in front of Carolyn. Jeff admitted that he and Reiko had had an affair.

Elizabeth was surprised to learn that Carolyn had known about the affair. Elizabeth revealed that she was dating the man Reiko had been married to during their time on the islands. Jeff asked Elizabeth to walk her through what she could remember.

Elizabeth recalled that she had been at the top of a flight of stairs and that she'd warned Reiko to stay away from Jeff. She added that the next thing she'd known, Reiko had been unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Jeff said that Elizabeth had walked in on Jeff and Reiko in a "close moment."

Elizabeth looked at Carolyn, and she thought her mother was protecting Jeff. Jeff told Elizabeth to leave the matter alone. Elizabeth asked if Jeff had pushed Reiko down the stairs. Jeff said that he had indeed pushed Reiko down the stairs by accident, but Carolyn yelled for Jeff to stop.

Carolyn said that it was time to tell Elizabeth the truth. Carolyn began to tell Elizabeth what had happened, but Jeff cut her off. "I'll tell her. I was the one that was there. I should be the one to tell her," Jeff said.

"Wait. You didn't push Reiko?" Elizabeth asked.

"No, I didn't. It was you, Elizabeth. You caused Reiko to fall down the stairs," Jeff said.

The Hook makes contact with Alexis

The Hook makes contact with Alexis

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

At the Webber residence in Monterey, Carolyn told Jeff it was time they told their daughter the truth because Elizabeth had started to remember. Jeff agreed, but he insisted that he be the one to tell Elizabeth, since he had been there. "Wait, you didn't push Reiko?" Elizabeth asked. "No, I didn't. It was you, Elizabeth," Jeff said. According to Jeff, Elizabeth had caused Reiko to fall down the stairs.

Elizabeth didn't believe her father because she didn't trust anything that either of her parents said. Jeff started to approach Elizabeth, but she backed away and accused him of being neglectful, disloyal, and willing to throw his own daughter under the bus to protect himself. Carolyn assured Elizabeth that they were happy to see her, but Elizabeth's accusations had hurt. Elizabeth didn't care because Carolyn had been willing to gaslight her own daughter to protect a man. Jeff explained that Elizabeth had seen him and Reiko together, and Elizabeth had waited for Jeff to leave so she could confront Reiko. Elizabeth didn't want to hear what her father had to say, but he pushed forward with his story as he revealed that Elizabeth had followed Reiko to the staircase.

Elizabeth suddenly recalled hearing the surprise in Reiko's voice when Elizabeth had stopped Reiko and ordered Reiko to stay away from Jeff. "I followed Reiko to the stairs. I grabbed her," Elizabeth said as the memories flooded back. Elizabeth remembered how she had accused Reiko of hurting Carolyn, and Reiko warning Elizabeth to stay out of it. The argument had escalated when Elizabeth had threatened to tell Carolyn -- and Reiko's husband -- about the affair. Reiko had grabbed Elizabeth to stop Elizabeth from leaving, and she had warned Elizabeth not to say anything.

The argument had taken a tragic turn when Reiko had lost her footing during the argument. As Reiko had stumbled backwards, Elizabeth had desperately tried to reach out to grab Reiko, but it had been too late. "I did it. It was me," Elizabeth said as her tone filled with sorrow. Jeff assured Elizabeth that it had been an accident, but Elizabeth wanted to know what had happened to Reiko after the fall.

Jeff revealed that Reiko had suffered a concussion and internal bleeding, which had led to a blood transfusion. According to Jeff, the blood from the transfusion had been infected with a virus that had killed Reiko. Carolyn insisted Elizabeth had been a minor, and Elizabeth had been sleepwalking because of sedatives that Jeff had given Elizabeth. Elizabeth confronted her parents about sending her away.

Carolyn defended the decision because Elizabeth had suffered from nightmares, and Carolyn had been afraid that Elizabeth would recall what had happened. Carolyn explained that she had coached Elizabeth to forget, and both Jeff and Carolyn had done everything possible to give Elizabeth a stable environment to avoid triggering the memories. Jeff admitted that parents would do anything to protect their children, but Elizabeth accused her parents of drugging, programming, and kicking their daughter out, all in an effort to protect their own reputations.

At Charlie's Pub, Liesl warned Britt that anything connected to Peter August was toxic by association, but Britt admitted it was too late because she had found a valuable necklace in the safe deposit box. Liesl wondered if it was genuine. "Looks pretty genuine to me," Cody said as he walked up. Scott was not happy to see Cody, but Britt made it clear that she expected everyone to play nice. Liesl asked for a private word with her daughter, and they walked to the bar.

Britt implored her mother to give Cody a chance, but Liesl was reluctant because Cody had punched Scott. Britt assured her mother that Cody regretted his actions, and he'd been going through a lot. "If we were judged by our mistakes, where would that leave you and me?" Britt asked. Liesl conceded that Britt had a point, but she was curious where things stood between Britt and Cody. Britt admitted that she and Cody had been getting to know each other, but Liesl wondered if Britt had told Cody about Britt's diagnosis.

Britt clarified that she and Cody weren't that close, and they were each entitled to their privacy. Liesl admitted that she did care about Cody, but she reluctantly agreed to respect Britt's wishes.

At the table, Cody admitted that sucker-punching Scott had been indefensible. Cody acknowledged that he had been wrong, and he was grateful that Scott hadn't pressed charges against him. Scott was hesitant to take what Cody said at face value because Scott suspected it might be part of Cody's "master con." Cody explained that he wanted a do-over because Scott was important to Britt's mother -- and by extension, Britt -- and because Cody had learned how much Scott and Dominique had loved each other. Scott cleared his throat and admitted it had been a long time before. Cody smiled, and he confessed that he wanted to know more about his mother and his sister, Serena.

Scott's voice filled with pride as he described Serena as a crusader like both Dominique and Lucy, but Serena was worried sick about Lucy. Just then, Liesl and Britt returned to the table. The discussion turned to the search for Lucy, and Cody offered to help. Cody revealed that he was a certified diver, but Scott insisted that Lucy was a tough cookie. He said he was confident that she would be found alive. When the conversation returned to the necklace, Britt revealed that she had hired Sam to investigate the valuable piece of jewelry.

Later, Cody regaled everyone with a story about his cowboy days, and Britt suddenly had a coughing fit. Cody assumed something had gone down the wrong way. "Seems to happen a lot lately," Britt muttered under her breath. Liesl's expression clouded with concern as she watched her daughter.

In the town square, Carly started to tell Sam about what had transpired between Drew and Carly during the trip to Jacksonville. Drew overheard Carly as he walked up, and he quickly cut in and offered to tell Sam himself. Drew claimed that he and Carly had realized what a great team they had made. Drew conceded that he and Carly hadn't accomplished their mission, but they had returned with a renewed sense of purpose. "Right?" Drew asked Carly. Carly smiled as she assured him that he had said everything perfectly.

Moments later, Spinelli greeted everyone. After Spinelli reported that Georgie had run into Scout at the puppet show and that both girls were enjoying the performance, Drew seized the opportunity to pull Carly aside for a private word. Spinelli noticed Sam's troubled expression, so she admitted that she had been waiting for someone to tell her what she already knew. Sam pulled her glance away from Drew and Carly to focus on Spinelli. She was curious if he'd made a decision about shutting down Society Setups, but Spinelli confessed that he hadn't.

Disappointed, Sam reminded Spinelli that he could end up in jail. She also asked if he had considered how Maxie would react when she learned the truth. Spinelli pointed out that most of the matches had been successful, but Sam was not so certain. Sam filled Spinelli in about the necklace that Britt had found in Peter's safe deposit box, and she disclosed that Cody had been present at the time of the discovery. Sam admitted that she was suspicious. Spinelli felt vindicated because he had always known that Cody was trouble.

To Spinelli's surprise, Sam asked if it would be possible for Spinelli to use his software to look into Cody's past. Sam thought it was important for the sake of Sam and Spinelli's loved ones to make certain that Cody was in town for the right reasons. Spinelli agreed.

Nearby, Drew asked if Carly had intended to tell Sam about their relationship. Carly confirmed that she had wanted Sam to hear it from her instead of the grapevine because Sam was a good friend, and Carly wanted to be honest with Sam. Drew explained that Carly couldn't tell anyone because it was imperative that no one learned of their relationship. Shocked, Carly asked if Drew had changed his mind, but he assured her that his feelings were as strong as ever. Drew told Carly about his heated exchange with Ned and about Ned's threat to turn Drew and Carly in for insider trading. Drew shared that Michael had been certain Ned hadn't meant it, but Drew refused to risk it.

Carly laughed at the idea of her being charged with insider trading, but Drew pointed out that she had bought shares of Aurora's stock based on information that had not been shared with the public. Stunned, Carly argued that she had been trying to help Michael hold on to ELQ, but Drew reminded Carly that it didn't matter because it had been illegal. Drew felt bad, but Carly blamed herself because she had ignored Drew's advice not to invest in the merger. Drew assured Carly that it was temporary; they only needed to create some distance publicly between themselves until everything blew over.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis sat at her desk as she went through her mail. She saw an envelope addressed to her at 1402 Quartz Lane, Suite 701, but a red stamp indicated that the letter had been delivered to the wrong address. Alexis pulled out the folded note and read it. She quickly picked up the phone and called Jordan to let the police commissioner know that the Hook had made contact.

A short time later, Jordan and Dante entered Alexis' office. Alexis pointed to her desk as she explained that she had touched the note before she had realized its importance. Dante slipped on a pair of gloves and collected the evidence. He picked up the letter and read it to Jordan. "Dear Editor Davis, you got my attention. Wanna be next? Or are you just curious? Who am I? I'll tell you who I'm not. I'm not hungry for fame, and I'm no deranged lunatic striking at random. Only those who wronged me and mine will meet with my venom," Dante read aloud.

"Leave me be, and you'll have no cause for alarm. I'm off to see the wizard," Alexis said as she recited the end of the letter. Alexis was certain the final sentence had been a reference to Oz Haggerty, who had been stabbed a day after the post stamp on the letter. "It's her," Alexis said. Alexis worried that she had provoked the Hook into killing, but Jordan reminded Alexis that the killer had admitted to having a predetermined plan. Dante showed Jordan the letter. He was certain the killer had used an old typewriter because the letters were misaligned, especially the "O."

Jordan was hopeful that forensics would be able to figure out the make and model of the typewriter as well as lift fingerprints that could be checked against the criminal database. Alexis wondered if it was possible that someone had written the letter, looking for attention, but Jordan shook her head. According to Jordan, the letter had contained information that hadn't been released to the public. Alexis asked Jordan to elaborate, but Jordan refused to discuss an ongoing investigation with a journalist. Alexis respected Jordan's position, but she was curious about the killer's claim that the attacks hadn't been random.

Jordan acknowledged that it had tracked with what she had suspected, but Jordan intended to keep an open mind to all possibilities. Alexis asked if she could publish the letter, but Jordan objected because it might undermine the lead they'd been given. Jordan was also concerned that the Hook would follow through on the threat to go after Alexis. However, Jordan offered to give Alexis an exclusive down the line with information that had not been made public if Alexis kept quiet about the letter. "I have your word on that?" Alexis asked. "Yes," Jordan replied.

After Jordan and Dante left, Alexis called someone. "I need you to get over here right now," Alexis said. A short time later, Gregory arrived. Alexis showed Gregory a copy of the Hook's letter, and she filled him in about Jordan's request not to print the letter. Gregory reminded Alexis that Jordan's priority was to catch a killer, and Jordan might not deliver on the promise. Alexis was willing to take the chance, but Gregory warned Alexis that it might blow back on her. "Big time," Gregory said.

At Carly's house, Trina was seated on the sofa when Josslyn entered the living room with a bowl of popcorn. Trina was excited when Josslyn announced it was light on the butter and had Cajun seasoning. As Trina began eating the popcorn, Josslyn asked about Trina's trip with Rory, but Trina wanted to hear about Josslyn's weekend with Cameron first. Trina was delighted when Josslyn revealed that she and Cameron had been intimate, but Trina's smile faded when she sensed that something was bothering Josslyn. Josslyn admitted that it hadn't been the "magic fix" she had hoped for.

Josslyn assured Trina that Cameron was a wonderful and generous guy, but something had been off between them. Josslyn said she feared that Cameron was unaware of it. Trina advised Josslyn to talk to Cameron, but Josslyn worried that Cameron would feel hurt, and it would put more distance between them. Josslyn admitted that she hoped Trina could help her sort things out, but Trina admitted that she was not in the best position to offer advice. However, Trina insisted they focus on Josslyn, so Josslyn suggested that her relationship troubles might stem from Josslyn not having had enough time to enjoy being with Cameron before everything had fallen apart.

Trina felt bad for Josslyn because Josslyn had been violated, but it had been drowned out by Trina's legal troubles. Trina suggested Josslyn might need more time to heal, but Josslyn was not happy that Esme had left town without paying for her crimes. Trina urged Josslyn not to let Esme ruin what Josslyn and Cameron had, but Josslyn conceded that she couldn't blame Esme for everything. Josslyn explained that even though Cameron had kept Spencer's secret, Josslyn had kept a secret, too, when she hadn't told Cameron about rescuing Dex.

Trina insisted it was all in the past, and she suggested that Josslyn focus on the present instead of trying to recapture what Josslyn and Cameron had once had. Josslyn decided it was good advice. After Trina gave Josslyn a gift bag with presents from the convention for Donna and Avery, Josslyn asked about the trip. Trina opened up about making out with Rory in the hotel room until thoughts of Spencer had intruded. Josslyn was certain that Trina had feelings for Spencer, but Trina insisted Rory was a great guy and someone who wanted a relationship with her. Josslyn told Trina about visiting Spencer and how Spencer had been hurt that Trina hadn't checked on Spencer at Pentonville.

Josslyn assured Trina that Spencer had a good heart, but Josslyn wasn't certain that he deserved someone like Trina. Both Josslyn and Trina decided it would be best if they each followed their heads. Josslyn shifted the conversation to Oscar and her visit to Oscar's Meadow on Oscar's birthday. A short time later, the doorbell rang. It was Jordan.

Later, Drew walked Carly to her front door. After they shared a passionate kiss, Carly entered the house. She stopped short when she saw Jordan, Josslyn, and Trina gathered in the foyer. Jordan explained that new evidence had surfaced that indicated Brando hadn't been the intended target of the killer. "Josslyn was," Jordan said. Carly, Josslyn, and Trina were shocked. Trina was horrified when she realized that all the victims had a direct connection to her.

Holly meets with Victor

Holly meets with Victor

Thursday, November 3, 2022

At Charlie's, Brook Lynn took Chase's picture with a fan, who raved about his performance at the Savoy. When the woman was gone, they sat at a table to await their meeting with Linc and his singer. Brook Lynn suggested that Chase not retire from music after their plan was over, but he just thought his music career was a means to an end. A woman approached them and introduced herself as Blaze, Linc's singer. Linc arrived and thought the two were "a match made in heaven."

A few minutes later, Chase and Blaze were alone at the table, and she was skeptical to hear that he'd first been discovered while singing in the shower. She thought it sounded fake, so he lightheartedly wondered if Blaze was the name on her birth certificate. She admitted that her name was Ally, but she said that everyone needed a "shtick." Blaze and Linc took their leave a short while later. Brook Lynn thought that the best way to neutralize Linc was to make Chase the next big thing, which was exactly what she intended to do.

Trina was horrified to learn that people were getting attacked because of her. Jordan clarified that all the victims had helped prove Trina's innocence, except for Brando, who'd gotten in the way of Josslyn being attacked in the alley. Jordan explained about the letter from the killer, and Trina believed that it was Esme. Jordan assured her that Esme was on their radar, but it was too soon to focus in on one suspect. She advised Trina and Josslyn to be on guard and to think about living at home. Carly added that she wanted eyes on the girls at all times.

"Just when life was starting to get back to normal," Trina said glumly. Josslyn hugged her friend and assured her that they would deal with the situation just like they'd dealt with everything else. Trina left with Jordan, who was taking Trina home. Josslyn couldn't stop thinking about Brando, but Carly insisted that his death wasn't her fault. Josslyn lamented that they were supposed to have a normal year as regular college students. Carly hugged her daughter and insisted that she would never let anyone hurt Josslyn.

Curtis and Portia arrived home after having sampled the tasting menu at the Port Charles Grill. As they sat and relaxed, he wondered when the results of his genetic test would be in. She estimated a week, and she wondered if he was anxious. He replied that he felt better that the test was done, as he wanted to know whether their children could be affected by schizophrenia. Just then, Portia's phone went off, and she found an email from Olivia about an opening at the Metro Court ballroom. However, the date was Valentine's Day of the next year, which Portia thought was way too soon. Curtis argued that they could pull it together, and she finally gave in.

Jordan and Trina arrived, and Trina revealed that she would need to stay at home for a while. She and Jordan explained to Portia and Curtis about the killer's letter. Jordan added that there wasn't enough evidence to merit police protection, but she advised them to be extra cautious until the killer was caught.

At Deception, Maxie told Austin on the phone that she wouldn't make dinner that night. She revealed that Deception was in a "free fall" with everything going on with Lucy and Valentin both missing and all of Sasha's recent troubles. Austin assured her that he had faith in her, and they ended the call. Diane and Sasha arrived, and Sasha was glad to be back at work. Maxie explained to Diane that they needed a way to keep their investors at bay without breaching ethics. Diane suggested that they could pay additional dividends to the investors, and Maxie and Sasha agreed. However, Diane informed Sasha that it wasn't up to her.

At the hospital, Austin ran into a tearful Gladys. He made sure that she was all right, and she replied that nothing had been all right. She revealed that she'd been volunteering in the maternity ward, which helped give her peace. He knew that Maxie was grateful for Gladys' support of Sasha, and the mention of Maxie reminded him that he was supposed to check in on the kids, who were with Mac and Felicia. Gladys was amused that they'd both arrived in town only looking out for themselves, and they'd turned into people who looked out for everyone else. Just then, Mason arrived, and Gladys introduced herself. Austin gruffly told him that they would talk in his office, and they walked away from a puzzled Gladys.

A short while later, Gladys arrived at Deception. Diane explained that the Deception partners would be taking temporary salary cuts and forgoing bonuses in order to keep the investors happy. "There's no way I'm signing off on this," Gladys told her. Maxie wanted to check in on Austin, so she gave the two privacy to figure things out, and Diane followed suit. Gladys insisted that she took her role as guardian very seriously, but Sasha informed her that there would be no company if Gladys didn't approve the decision. Gladys finally relented, and Sasha said she understood that Gladys was only looking out for Sasha's best interests. Gladys admitted that she'd failed Brando, so she wanted to do right by his family.

In Austin's office, he demanded that Mason stop harassing him at work. Mason explained that there was a patient on their way from "up north" who'd had "an accident with a BB gun." He continued that "the family" had been able to stop the bleeding, but the patient needed discreet medical care. "What if I say no?" Austin asked, and he reminded Mason that his debt was paid. Just then, Maxie entered the office.

Robert walked Holly to her room at the Metro Court. He apologized for being overprotective, but he didn't want to lose her again. She reminded him of his meeting with Mac and Felicia to figure out Anna's situation, and he suggested that she help. She answered that she was tired, so she went into her room. She waited at the door for a few minutes until she knew Robert was gone, and she slipped out the door.

A short while later, Holly arrived on the footbridge, and Victor approached her. He asked what news she had for him. She reluctantly revealed that Robert was trying to get Anna in front of a more lenient judge, and Victor thought that that situation was easy to handle. He made sure that Holly's friends didn't suspect her of lying. She assured him that they didn't, and it was torture. "Not as bad as that cell," he replied, and he warned her to be good and do as she was told. She wondered what he would do if she didn't, and he answered, "The same thing I did to Lucy."

Holly informed Victor that Robert wasn't easily deterred, but Victor reminded her that she was there as a distraction for Robert. He mentioned how he'd bought her freedom from Winston Rudge, and if he hadn't, she would have died in that explosion. He promised that Holly would be free as soon as Anna was convicted of murder. "Remember who you left behind," he warned. "If you hurt him, I'll kill you myself," she shot back. He warned her to watch her tone, as "his life is in my hands."

At Maxie's, Felicia returned to the living room and confirmed to Mac that the kids were asleep. Mac wondered what Cody had been like as a kid, and Felicia questioned what Mac hoped the DNA test results would say. Moments later, Robert arrived. He revealed that, while there was no new evidence against Anna, A.D.A. Arden believed she had enough evidence to get Anna convicted. Felicia feared for Anna's safety in Pentonville while she awaited trial. Robert told them about Sonny offering his help, but Robert had turned it down.

Robert mentioned that there had been something off about Holly, and he was worried about her. Felicia replied that they would all be there for her. "Did you tell him?" Felicia asked Mac. Mac finally told Robert about Cody, and Robert hit Mac. "That's for not telling me. You know I hate secrets," Robert said. When Robert was gone, Mac admitted that he had no idea how to reach out to Cody if they ended up being father and son. Felicia assured him that they would figure things out. She wondered if Mac wanted to be Cody's dad. "I do," he answered, and she hugged him.

Diane got into the elevator at the Metro Court and was pleased to see that Robert had gotten in behind her. She offered to buy him a drink for the support he'd given her while she'd been in the hospital. He asked for a rain check, as he was on his way to see Holly. Diane was happy for him, and he replied that he was grateful. She hoped that the reunion was everything he wanted. When he got off the elevator, Diane had tears in her eyes.

Robert arrived in front of Holly's room and received no answer when he knocked. He turned to walk away and bumped right into Holly. She claimed that she'd gone for a walk for some fresh air before bed, and he took her cold hands in his. They shared a kiss, and she admitted that it was unexpected. "There's something I haven't told you," she confessed, and he insisted that she could tell him anything. She informed him that, while she didn't remember much from the previous two years, she knew that the thought of seeing him again was what had kept her going. She was suddenly exhausted and promised to talk to Robert the next day. He kissed her on the cheek, and she went into her room.

At the footbridge, Victor's phone rang. "Did you convince the bank manager to release the information?" he asked. He smiled and looked at a picture of Peter's necklace on his phone. "This might finally be it," he muttered.

Josslyn discovers Carly and Drew's secret

Josslyn discovers Carly and Drew's secret

Friday, November 4, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Willow and Michael enjoyed a rare date night while Wiley had a sleepover with Leo. Michael apologized for missing Willow's recent prenatal checkup, but she assured him that it had been a routine appointment, and the baby was fine. Willow's mind briefly drifted as she recalled asking T.J. during the appointment what Britt had been concerned about. Michael cut through Willow's thoughts as he promised to be by her side at the next checkup. Michael playfully warned Willow that she was stuck with him. After he briefly excused himself, Willow checked her phone, but there were no new text messages or voicemails.

Later, Michael noticed that Willow hadn't touched her food. She admitted that she'd been distracted waiting for the results of her recent tests. Worried, Michael asked about the tests, but Willow rushed to assure him that it had merely been a precaution. Michael reminded Willow that they were a team, but her glance slid to her phone. After the food had been cleared away, Willow broached the subject of marriage. Michael was surprised, but he assured her that he was ready to get married right away. Willow's eyes welled up with tears as she promised that she never wanted to leave Michael, Wiley, or the baby.

Later, Michael and Willow enjoyed ice cream sundaes. Willow told Michael how much she loved him, and he confessed that he'd never known real happiness until Willow. He confessed that he had loved before, but Willow had changed his life. He said she and their children were everything to him. "Till death do us part," Michael said before he affectionately kissed Willow's hand. Moments later, her phone rang. Willow saw that it was Terry, but she let Michael think it was Britt.

After a brief exchange with Terry, Willow agreed to meet the doctor the following day to discuss the results. After Willow ended the call, Michael made it clear that he intended to accompany her to the visit. Willow admitted that she wanted Michael to be there.

In Austin's office at the hospital, Austin announced that he was done with both Mason and Mason's boss because Austin was a different person. Mason laughed. "Sure, you are," Mason said. Just then, Maxie entered the office, but she apologized when she realized that she had walked in on something. "You want to tell her, or should I?" Mason asked his cousin. Austin claimed that Mason had asked Austin to help with some hospital paperwork and Mason's insurance company. Austin explained that he hadn't been comfortable crossing any ethical lines, but he reluctantly agreed to look into the matter for Mason.

Pleased, Mason left. Maxie felt bad for Austin that Mason kept asking Austin for favors, but Austin changed the subject and asked why Maxie was there. Maxie admitted that -- even though she had canceled their date -- she had hoped they could grab something to eat before she headed to work. Austin regretfully declined because he had to take care of something. Maxie assured him that she would grab something from Metro Court's restaurant, and she left. Moments later, his phone rang. After a brief exchange, Austin made arrangements to treat a patient that had asked for him in the E.R.

Later, Austin returned to his office, but his mood soured when he saw Mason kicked back in Austin's chair. Austin ordered Mason to get out, but Mason wanted a progress report on the patient that Austin had treated. Austin assured his cousin that Mason's boss didn't have to worry about any phone calls or paperwork, and Austin promised not to alert the police that Austin had done an illegal procedure on someone with a gunshot wound. However, Austin warned Mason to never speak to Maxie again. Mason laughed because he couldn't understand why Austin pretended to be a "good guy."

Mason reminded Austin that Mason knew the real Austin. Mason was surprised that Austin believed that Austin and Maxie had a future together, since Austin was a lot more "down and dirty" than anyone realized. Mason was certain Maxie would run if she knew the truth, but Austin disagreed. Austin insisted that Maxie had accepted him, and he was confident that she cared enough to accept all the mistakes that Austin had made. "I'd love to test that theory," Mason said. Mason chuckled as he left.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Spinelli stood on the balcony as he spoke to someone about shutting down Society Setups as quickly as possible. Spinelli told the caller that he was fully aware that the revenue had been up, but Spinelli was adamant that the company be shut down. After Spinelli ended the call, he turned and saw Maxie standing in the doorway. Maxie revealed that she'd been waiting for a pickup order, but she was curious about Spinelli's phone call. Spinelli explained that juggling Society Setups had been more than he had bargained for, but Maxie cut him off.

"I know the real story behind Society Setups, remember?" Maxie said. She knew that he had created the algorithm to help mend his own broken heart after Ellie had left him. Maxie knew Spinelli was sad, but she urged him not to give up because Maxie was certain that the right person was out there, and he would find love again. Moments later, Austin called out to Maxie. Austin explained that he had finished up early, and he had hoped to catch Maxie at the restaurant in time to have dinner. Spinelli looked away when Maxie gave Austin a quick kiss.

Maxie confessed to Spinelli that she had told Austin everything about Society Setups, but Spinelli made it clear that he was not comfortable with more people learning about his role in the matchmaking service. Maxie promised Spinelli that Austin could be trusted. After Maxie left to cancel her order and secure a table, Austin asked Spinelli for a favor. Spinelli was not surprised that Austin would try to cash in on the secret, but Austin revealed that he wanted Spinelli to run the algorithm on Austin and Maxie.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis admitted that he feared the killer would not stop until "she" had zeroed in on Trina. Jordan promised both Curtis and Portia that the police would do everything possible to keep Trina safe. Curtis realized that Taggert needed to be told, and security would need to be increased. Jordan advised Portia to follow Trina's lead by carrying on as normally as possible, but Curtis worried that it might impact Curtis and Portia's wedding plans. Jordan was surprised when Curtis and Portia revealed their plans for a Valentine's Day wedding. Jordan acknowledged that her divorce to Curtis had been finalized, and she congratulated the happy couple. After Curtis left to call Taggert, Jordan cut to the chase and asked when Portia intended to tell Curtis the truth.

Portia explained that she needed more time because she needed to know if Curtis had inherited the genetic marker for schizophrenia from Marshall. Portia wanted to spare her daughter unnecessary worry, but Portia thanked Jordan for everything that Jordan had done for Trina and for expediting the divorce papers. Portia explained that there was a lot that Jordan didn't know, but Jordan wasn't satisfied. Jordan reminded Portia that Trina was a sophomore in college, and Portia had had nearly two decades to find out who Trina's father was. Jordan argued that in all that time, Portia had chosen not to pursue it.

Portia made it clear that she didn't need Jordan's approval or support. However, Portia insisted that she was focused on the present, and she just needed time to get some answers. Jordan warned Portia that it was more important than ever for Portia to be honest with Curtis. "Why go into this marriage with a big secret hanging over your head?" Jordan asked. Jordan pointed out that Curtis was prepared to put his life on the line for Portia's daughter, so he deserved to know that Trina might be his daughter.

Before Portia could reply, Curtis returned and reported that Taggert would do whatever was necessary to protect Trina, including rejoining the police force. When Curtis remarked about a father's fierce desire to protect his child, Jordan gave Portia a pointed look. Moments later, Curtis walked Jordan to the door. Jordan promised to have a patrol car keep an eye on Curtis and Portia's home.

After Jordan left, Curtis offered to postpone the wedding, but Portia was certain that Trina would want them to be happy. Curtis agreed. Curtis and Portia settled on the sofa and snuggled together. Portia asked Curtis to promise that everything would be all right. Curtis vowed not to let anyone or anything break up their family. Portia smiled, but her expression turned pensive.

At Carly's house, Josslyn was upset that the normal life she had envisioned for herself and Trina had been shattered because someone had targeted them. Carly tried to comfort her daughter, but Josslyn suddenly realized that no one had warned Cameron of the danger. Josslyn grabbed her phone and called Cameron, but the call went to voicemail. After Josslyn left Cameron an urgent message to return her call because he might be in "serious danger," she sent him a text message. Josslyn grew more anxious when Cameron didn't reply.

Josslyn decided to go to Kelly's to tell Cameron in person, but Carly objected to Josslyn leaving the house when a killer was after Josslyn. Josslyn reminded Carly that Cameron was Josslyn's boyfriend, and Josslyn feared the killer might be waiting to catch Cameron alone. Carly sensed there was something Josslyn wasn't telling her. Josslyn recalled being in Dex's apartment and helping him button his shirt, but she pushed the memory away. Josslyn assured Carly that everything was fine -- except a killer might have targeted both Josslyn and Cameron. Carly promised to take care of everything, but Carly insisted that Josslyn stay put.

On the footbridge, Cameron looked down at the padlocks that Oscar, Josslyn, and Cameron had put on the railing years earlier. Cameron's thoughts drifted to Josslyn, and the night they had made love in his bedroom. However, he turned when he heard something in the distance. "Hey, is anyone there?" Cameron asked as he peered into the darkness. Moments later, Drew stepped forward and greeted Cameron. Drew noticed Cameron's unease, so Cameron reminded Drew that a killer had been targeting people. Drew was curious what Cameron was doing alone on the footbridge.

Cameron admitted that he'd been thinking about Oscar, and Cameron had always felt closer to Oscar on the footbridge. Drew empathized. Drew revealed that he thought about his son daily, but Drew missed Oscar a little less when Drew visited the footbridge. Drew opened up about going to Mt. Kilimanjaro to scatter Oscar's ashes, and how it had felt as if Drew could touch the clouds when Drew had reached the peak. Awed, Cameron decided to add a trip to the famous mountain to his bucket list.

Drew admitted that he had sat on the top of the mountain for a few minutes until it had felt as if he'd been holding Oscar's hand. Drew acknowledged that it might sound "crazy," but Drew had felt Oscar touching Drew's hand in return. Cameron confided that he spoke to Franco almost daily. Drew assured Cameron that it was good to remember the people they had lost. Moments later, Drew's phone rang. It was Carly. She was relieved when he told her that he was with Cameron, but she asked Drew to make certain that Cameron got home safe.

At Kelly's, Sonny and Nina enjoyed an ice cream sundae. Sonny confessed that he was pleased he and Nina no longer had to hide their relationship. Nina agreed, and she admitted that she'd been touched when Sonny had stood up for her to Carly. "I'm a part of your life, so that makes me a part of your kids' lives," Nina said. Sonny admitted that it hadn't been necessary to tell Carly that because of the way that Avery and Donna had responded to Nina. According to Sonny, his youngest two daughters had made it clear that Nina was already part of the family.

Nina noticed Dex outside in the cold, but Sonny reminded Nina that Dex was working, and he assured her that Dex was fine. Nina admitted that she was still getting used to having a bodyguard, but Sonny made it clear that her safety was paramount to him. After a tender kiss, Nina returned to the topic of Sonny's children. She was happy that both Avery and Donna had accepted her, but she noted that Michael and Josslyn had not. Sonny assured Nina that Michael and Josslyn were a "work in progress," but Sonny had no intention of giving up. Nina smiled as she acknowledged that it wasn't Sonny's style to give up.

Sonny noticed a shift in Nina's expression, and he asked her about it. Nina admitted that she was in love with Sonny. Sonny grinned as he leaned close to kiss her, but Nina shoved a spoon filled with ice cream into his mouth.

Outside, Dex was on alert, but his thoughts were on Josslyn. He recalled their talk in Kelly's when she had told him that his choices had disappointed her. When Nina popped outside to offer him a cup of hot chocolate, Dex politely declined because he was working. Nina insisted, but Dex didn't accept the offering until Sonny gave his approval. Nina beamed with joy when Dex admitted that Nina brought out the best in Sonny.

After Sonny and Nina returned to their table, Josslyn walked up, but she stopped short when she saw Dex. Her mood didn't improve when Dex revealed that Sonny and Nina were inside. Josslyn glanced through the window, but she didn't see Cameron working. She decided to wait in the courtyard rather than be around Sonny. Within minutes, Josslyn berated Dex for wanting to work for Sonny. "You have no idea what I want," Dex said.

Just then, Cameron walked up, and he immediately picked up on the tension between Dex and Josslyn. Josslyn ran to Cameron, threw her arms around him, and told him how relieved she was to see him. Dex averted his glance until he heard Josslyn tell Cameron that Jordan believed the Hook had been after Josslyn the night Brando had been attacked. "Wait, the cops think you were the target?" Dex asked Josslyn.

Josslyn explained that all the victims had been linked to Trina's trial. Josslyn reminded Cameron and Dex that Ava had been Trina's mentor, Diane had been Trina's attorney, and Oz Haggerty had exonerated Trina. Josslyn warned Cameron that they were both in danger because both Josslyn and Cameron had testified as defense witnesses. Dex decided that Sonny should be told, but Josslyn objected. Dex asked if her pride was more important than being targeted by a killer.

Moments later, Dex, Josslyn, and Cameron approached Sonny. Dex explained that there was something Sonny needed to know. "Someone is out to kill me and Cam," Josslyn said. After Sonny left to take Josslyn home, Cameron closed up. Dex assured Cameron that he would return after Dex dropped off Nina, but Cameron insisted that it wasn't necessary. Dex reminded Cameron that Sonny had ordered Dex to escort Cameron home, but Cameron was adamant in his refusal. Nina asked if Cameron was sure.

"I'll be just fine," Cameron said. After Dex and Nina left, Cameron recalled how Josslyn and run into his arms. The memory made him smile.

At Carly's house, Carly was surprised when Drew stopped by to check on her. She reminded him that they had agreed to be careful, but Drew admitted that he'd heard the tension in her voice during their phone call. He assured Carly that Cameron was safe, and Drew had dropped Cameron off at Kelly's. Grateful, Carly decided to let Josslyn know, but Josslyn was nowhere to be seen. Carly called out to her daughter, but she was met with silence.

Carly was furious when she realized that Josslyn had slipped out to check on Cameron at Kelly's. Carly called her daughter's phone, but the calls went to voicemail, and Carly's text messages went unanswered. Drew reminded Carly that she would have done the same at Josslyn's age. Carly agreed, but she had hoped that her daughter would have been smarter. Carly grabbed her jacket with the intention of driving to Kelly's, but Drew insisted on taking Carly. Carly argued that they couldn't be seen together, but Drew argued that Josslyn was more important than the SEC.

Carly opened the door, but Sonny and Josslyn were standing on the doorstep. Josslyn was defiant as she assured Sonny that she didn't need a bodyguard. After Josslyn stormed off, Sonny explained that Josslyn had told him about Brando, so Sonny had decided to take Josslyn home while Dex kept Cameron safe. After Sonny left, Carly warned Drew that Sonny would notice if Drew stayed. Drew agreed, but he took the time to kiss Carly passionately. Carly watched Drew walk away and closed the door, unaware that Josslyn had seen everything.

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