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Sonny and Valentin helped Anna escape. Willow received bad news about her cancer and shared the news with Michael. Cody received the results of his paternity test. Britt suspected she had the early stages of Huntington's disease. Cameron ran into Heather. Elizabeth had an encounter with Esme. Nikolas was attacked by the Hook.
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Sonny and Valentin helped Anna escape. Willow told Michael she had cancer. Cameron ran into Heather. Nikolas was attacked by the Hook.
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Valentin returns with a plan

Valentin returns with a plan

Monday, November 7, 2022

As Nina leaned over to clear some leaves off a bench at the park, Sonny sneaked up and scared her. She reminded him that Halloween was over. He told her about wanting to help Carly out after taking Josslyn home, but Carly had had all the help she needed. Nina noted that there had been no new victims in weeks, but Sonny made it clear that the suspect had to be caught. Nina wanted to make things easy for Sonny with his family, and she volunteered to "step back" until the threat from the Hooker was over. Nina said that she knew Sonny's priority was his kids, but he informed her that Carly was aware that he would not be walking away from Nina.

Elsewhere in the park, Willow and Michael sat on a bench and watched Wiley playing in the leaves. Michael apologized for missing Willow's appointment, but she told him that she wanted to focus on the good day while they could. She quickly covered and noted that Wiley wouldn't be an only child for much longer, and she wasn't sure what would happen. Michael told her that there would be times when their children would get along and times when they wouldn't. He added that the kids would have each other and them.

T.J. showed up, and Michael received a phone call that he had to take. T.J. guessed that Willow hadn't told Michael anything about her illness yet, but Willow stated that she had plans to do so after she had the results of her latest tests. T.J. thought that Willow sounded as though she'd given up, but she assured him that she hadn't. T.J. promised that she wouldn't be alone, and they shared a hug. Just then, Nina and Sonny headed in their direction, and Nina shook her head.

Wiley ran over to hug Sonny and Nina, and Willow pulled him away. She told Sonny that she'd arrange a date for him to see Wiley soon, and Nina did her best to get Sonny to leave. Michael rushed over after his call, but Nina announced that she and Sonny were leaving. After they had gone, Michael asked about them, but Willow assured him that Nina had known her place.

Willow received a message that the babysitter had car trouble and would be late. She asked T.J. to take her to the hospital for her appointment and suggested that Michael take Wiley home to wait for the sitter. She confirmed that she would meet Michael at the hospital. Michael looked suspicious.

Sonny told Nina that he was surprised she'd backed off so quickly, but she told him that being around his family was often painful. She divulged her suspicions regarding T.J. and Willow, but Sonny found it hard to believe. Nina explained how she had often seen the couple embracing and whispering along with some tears. She suspected she could be wrong, and Sonny declared that they would stay out of it. He added that Michael didn't need to know. As he walked by, Michael overheard and questioned them.

Elizabeth arrived home with Terry and wondered what she might say to Finn about the trip. She said that she was furious at her parents and felt betrayed. Terry replied that Elizabeth's parents had thought they had been helping her, but what they'd done hadn't been right. Elizabeth felt responsible for Reiko's death, even though Terry tried to tell her that it hadn't been her fault; there had been a multitude of places where Reiko could have been infected. Terry promised to be by Elizabeth's side when she told Finn, although Elizabeth suspected that Finn might be better off without her.

Cameron heard voices and greeted his mother happily. They sat at the kitchen table, and Cameron confessed that Josslyn had stayed overnight. He apologized, and Elizabeth was appreciative of his honesty. Cameron noted that it was better to confess than to let things fester. He announced that he and Josslyn were "back on track," although they'd learned that Josslyn had been the intended target of the Hooker. He explained the situation and the fact that Sonny had some of his men around the house. He asked about Monterey. Elizabeth admitted she'd seen her parents, but she didn't want to talk about it.

At Wyndemere, Esme stood in her locked room and tried to figure out a way to get out through the window. Nikolas walked in, and while she claimed that she only wanted fresh air for the baby, Nikolas replied that he knew otherwise. He assured her that his staff had been paid to look the other way, and Esme could make as much noise as she wanted. Esme reiterated that she was not the Hooker, and Nikolas noted that the attacks had stopped since she'd been locked up. He left and relocked the door.

Esme screamed in frustration and decided to revisit a plan to jump from the window. She decided that she might be able to tie some sheets together. She thought it would be better than nothing.

While Holly sat in Robert's office, she received a text message from Victor, who asked what she'd learned about Arden's case against Anna. She replied that she was "still gathering intel." Victor muttered that his patience was wearing thin.

In the Wyndemere study, Victor finished up a phone call to Johann, telling him that the necklace he was looking for could be their "final act." Nikolas walked in and demanded to know why Victor was there. Victor announced that he would be moving back soon and had wanted to check out his room. Nikolas apologized and stated that he was distracted, while Victor announced that something big was going to happen, and he needed a "united front."

Nikolas exploded and shouted that he was tired of Victor's speeches that gave little in the way of facts. Victor decided that Nikolas had been loyal, after all, and he realized that Nikolas had been distracted by love. He thought that maybe Nikolas was the "real heir apparent" who should be included in his inner circle.

Laura visited Anna at the local jail and assured her that Valentin and Charlotte were safe. Valentin arrived, and he and Anna shared a kiss through the bars. Anna exclaimed that she had been worried, and Valentin announced that Charlotte was home, thanks to help from Laura and Kevin. Laura revealed that Charlotte would be staying at her place. Anna said that Lucy's body hadn't been found, and Laura added that she was aware that Victor had arranged with Deputy Mayor Ashby for the drone to fly over the pier.

Anna insisted that she had not been the one to shoot Lucy, and Laura replied that she would announce that the wrong suspect had been in custody. Valentin vowed to get Anna out, but Anna revealed that she would be leaving for Pentonville that night. Valentin cited that Victor had taken on Luke, Lucy, and Anna, and he wondered what Victor had been trying to protect. Valentin proclaimed that he had a plan, and he and Anna grasped hands.

Back in Robert's office, Holly finished off her text message to Victor just as Robert walked in. She asked if he had any leads in Lucy's case, and she suggested that they work together like old times. Robert frowned. Holly continued to press for details, but they were interrupted when Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby barged in. She snapped that she'd heard that Robert had been trying to get Anna out of prison on bail, and she accused him of trying to pull strings. She warned him that she would have to demand his resignation.

Robert replied that he had recused himself from the case, and he pointed out that he was an elected official, Ashby was not the mayor, and he couldn't resign. Ashby pointed out that the election was in a matter of days, and if she went public, he would not win. She added that she would run the office the way she saw fit until the mayor "graced the city" with her return.

"Well, here I am, Eileen, gracing you," Laura announced as she stepped into the office. Laura made it clear that she wasn't happy with Ashby's falling-out with Robert because she trusted him. She hugged Holly and told her how Robert hadn't given up hope on her return as quickly as others had. She wondered where Holly had been. Robert informed her that Holly had had a lapse in memory, and Laura suggested that Kevin could help. After suggesting it more than once, Holly shouted a resounding no.

Holly apologized, and Laura announced that she wanted to check in with her family. She also wanted Robert to accompany her out into the hallway. Ashby accused Holly of almost getting them caught, and Holly claimed to not know what Ashby was talking about. Ashby revealed that she was aware that Holly was working with Victor, and he was the one who called the shots.

Out in the hallway, Laura wanted details from Robert. She couldn't believe that Holly had just shown up, and she wondered if Holly was even telling the truth. Robert reminded her that Holly was the victim, but Laura declared that Holly had been known to mix it up with unsavory people in the past. Robert said that he trusted Holly, and Laura replied that she trusted Robert. They shared a hug.

Robert returned to his office and announced that he had city business. Ashby left, and Holly guessed that Laura had had her doubts about Holly. Robert thought that Laura was just less inclined to trust people, but he trusted Holly, who thought that was all that mattered.

At General Hospital, Heather was wheeled out into the hallway, clad in a straitjacket. She accosted Finn, who was standing by the nurses' station, and asked why he was scowling. Heather taunted him in sexual terms and admitted that because people thought she was crazy, she had the freedom to say what she wanted. Finn, who had been looking at Elizabeth's name in his phone contacts list, replied that he was actually happy. He said he planned to give the "all-clear" for Heather to go back to D'Archam.

Heather said that she was under the impression that Finn had wanted to ask her something previously. She guessed that he had been flustered by the mention of Jeff Webber's name, but Finn replied that he didn't expect anything coherent from Heather. She told him that years earlier, Jeff had been one who had denied his own shortcomings and never accepted responsibility for his own actions. She suspected that he was still the same. She thought that she had piqued Finn's curiosity and was willing to discuss it further after certain terms were met. Finn told her he wasn't interested and dismissed her, just as Valentin stepped off the elevator.

Valentin told Finn that it was time to move on their timeline, and Finn replied that it had all been handled. Just then, Terry arrived, and Finn welcomed her back. He asked about the medical conference and spa. After Terry provided an answer, Finn informed her that he was aware there had been no conference. He added that he was concerned about Elizabeth. Terry suggested that Elizabeth be the one to give him answers.

T.J. grabbed Willow's hand as they sat and waited in Terry's office. Terry walked in and sat behind her desk. She had the latest scan results and announced that Willow had Stage 4 leukemia.

Elizabeth heard a knock and opened her front door. It was Finn.

A guard showed up at Anna's cell, and she guessed it was time for her to depart for Pentonville. He revealed that she was not going there.

Victor answered another phone call at Wyndemere. He couldn't believe what the caller was telling him: Charlotte was gone. Just then, Laura walked through the door and asked for her welcome home.

The plans for Anna are derailed

The plans for Anna are derailed

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth told Finn about her trip to Monterey. She added that she had learned what had happened years earlier to the woman on the stairs. Elizabeth explained that she had found her father with another doctor when she'd been only 15 years old. She said that the woman had died, and she'd blamed herself for causing someone else's death.

Elizabeth shared that Jeff had prescribed her sleeping pills and that Carolyn had "coached" Elizabeth into locking away the memory because Elizabeth had been sleepwalking and having nightmares. She remarked that her parents had abandoned her and that it had all been for nothing because she had remembered, anyway.

Elizabeth told Finn that the accident had happened on the Mariana Islands when Jeff and Carolyn had been with Doctors Without Borders. Finn immediately recalled that he had been posted in that same region in 1997. "The doctor I argued with, the one who fell down the stairs, it was Reiko," Elizabeth tearfully told Finn.

In Britt's office at the hospital, Sam told Britt that the necklace Britt had found in Peter's safe deposit box had been worth at least $35 million in the 80s. Sam said she hadn't been able to find an official bill of sale for the necklace, but she had found its last known owner: Leopold Taub.

Sam said that a description of the necklace had matched one that had been featured in a profile piece written on Leopold. The article Sam cited claimed that Leopold had allowed the necklace to be worn on the runway during Paris Fashion Week in 1989. Sam added that the necklace hadn't been seen since then.

Britt thought that Faison had probably stolen the necklace. According to a jeweler that Sam had spoken to, four of the gems on the necklace had come from one of the most famous diamonds in the world. "The Ice Princess," Sam revealed.

Also at the hospital, Cody, Mac, and Felicia waited for the results of Cody's DNA test, and the three awkwardly attempted to make conversation. Felicia left to get coffee, and she encouraged Mac to open up to Cody. Mac told Cody about having grown up in Australia, and the two seemed to bond over their love of hiking and camping.

Later, Cody left to speak with Britt. Felicia rejoined Mac, who shared that he felt he and Cody had made progress toward getting to know one another. Nearby, Britt told Cody that the necklace they'd found could be worth $35 million, and she added that Cody might have more of a claim to the necklace than she had.

Britt said that if Cody was Leopold's heir, the necklace would belong to him. A nurse appeared, and she announced that she had the results of Cody's DNA test. Mac and Felicia walked over to Cody, who quickly opened the results of the test. Felicia asked Cody if Mac was his father.

In the foyer at Wyndemere, Nikolas and Victor were surprised to see that Laura had returned to Port Charles. Laura told Victor that she had brought Charlotte home from boarding school and that Valentin had returned home, as well. Victor remarked that he and Valentin had a lot to catch up on, and he left.

Afterwards, Laura told Nikolas that Victor had used Charlotte as leverage and that she'd had to break Charlotte out of the boarding school with help from Valentin and Kevin. Laura warned Nikolas that Victor would destroy anyone who interfered with Victor's agenda, and she added that Victor could turn on Nikolas or Spencer at any moment.

Laura asked where Ava was, and she was saddened when Nikolas said that he and Ava had agreed to a divorce. Laura wondered if Victor had had a hand in the divorce. Nikolas told Laura that the divorce was all his fault because he had cheated on Ava.

Laura was stunned by Nikolas's confession, and she asked what had happened. Nikolas said that he had made a stupid mistake that Ava couldn't forgive. Laura asked if Nikolas had feelings for the "woman" he'd cheated with. "God, no! I wish I had never met her. I have learned my lesson, and the woman in question, she will not be causing any more problems," Nikolas declared.

Laura hugged Nikolas, who said that he was glad Laura was home. Laura left the mansion after vowing that no one would get in her way. Afterwards, Nikolas went to the room where he had kept Esme locked away. Nikolas was stunned to find the sheets that Esme had tied together in an attempt to escape. Esme was nowhere in sight.

Back in the living room of Wyndemere, Esme began to sneak out of the mansion, but she stopped. "No. Nikolas is not going to get away with this," Esme vowed.

At the park, Michael yelled at Sonny and Nina after he claimed that the two had gone to the park for the sole purpose of interrupting Michael and Willow's time with Wiley. Sonny dismissed Michael's latest claim, and he stepped away to listen to a voicemail that Valentin had left about Anna. Nina told Michael that he should show Sonny more respect.

Michael continued to claim that Sonny had abandoned his family. Nina called Michael "a broken record," and she said that Michael lived his life only to look down on other people. "Gee, no wonder Willow turned to someone else," Nina said inadvertently.

Sonny returned just in time to overhear Michael accuse Nina of trying to drive a wedge between Michael and Willow. Michael said that Nina had made up the claim that Willow was cheating on Michael with T.J., but Sonny said that he and Nina had both seen Willow and T.J. together at the park.

Michael told Sonny that Nina enjoyed hurting people who were "stupid enough" to believe her, and he said that Nina was poison. Sonny walked toward Michael and glared at him menacingly. "I would be very careful about what you're about to say next," Sonny cautioned.

Sonny said that he had been patient with Michael for months. Michael barked at Sonny and Nina to stay away from his family, and he left. Nina apologized for having blurted out that she'd seen T.J. and Willow together. Sonny admitted that Michael had developed a way to get under everyone's skin. Sonny assured Nina that he loved her. Nina said she thought Michael had made a mistake by having turned his back on Sonny.

In Terry's office at the hospital, T.J. held Willow's hand as Terry told Willow that her cancer had spread to Stage 4. A somber Terry and T.J. told Willow that they would have to work more aggressively to give Willow the best chance to both deliver her baby and to survive her form of leukemia.

Terry wanted Willow to begin chemotherapy as soon as possible, and she and T.J. added that bone marrow transplants had been successful in treating leukemia patients. Terry added that Willow would need an allogeneic transplant from a donor. Willow wondered if she could find a donor who wasn't related to her. "Because to the best of my knowledge, I have no living relatives," Willow said.

Terry left to order testing for Willow from a database of donors. Afterwards, Willow broke down in tears. She wondered what would happen to her and her baby. Willow put her arms around T.J., who encouraged Willow to keep fighting.

Willow fell to her knees, and she called herself "stupid" for having put off cancer treatments. T.J. passionately defended Willow, and he reminded her that she had been faced with an awful decision. "You were faced with a terrible choice, and you chose to protect your child. That is not stupidity. That's love," T.J. told Willow.

Willow picked herself up, and T.J. tried to reassure her that Michael loved her. T.J. encouraged Willow to tell Michael truth and to let her friends and family be there for her. Willow admitted that she was afraid to die, and she and T.J. hugged again. Just then, Michael walked into the room, and he stared at T.J. and Willow.

Also at the hospital, a police officer escorted Anna to an exam room. Valentin, disguised as a doctor, entered, and he asked the officer to remove the cuffs from his "patient." Anna smiled at Valentin when she saw that he was wearing a fake hospital ID badge.

Alone in the room with Anna, Valentin revealed that he had talked Finn into ordering a legitimate phlebotomy treatment for Anna so that the PCPD would be forced to bring Anna to the hospital. Valentin said that Anna would be the only prisoner on the prison transport van to Pentonville and that one of Sonny's men would be her driver.

Valentin added that Sonny's driver would drop Anna off at a truck stop, where a car would be waiting with a key hidden on the floor and cash in the glove box. Valentin reminded Anna that she would be on the run from both law enforcement and Victor's people, and he pleaded with her to stay safe. Valentin and Anna kissed, and the two promised to see one another "on the other side."

Afterwards, the police officer escorted Anna to the hospital's parking garage. Dex, posing as another officer, donned a black baseball cap and a matching black jacket and pants. Dex introduced himself to Anna, and he said he would be Anna's ride for the trip ahead.

Dex started to unlock Anna's cuffs, but the two were interrupted when another guard brought a different prisoner to him for transport. Anna was alarmed when she saw the prisoner was Heather.

Once inside the van, Heather started to ramble. Up front, Dex was forced to ride with the guard who had dropped Heather off because the van the guard had used to transport Heather had broken down. Heather's guard remarked that Dex had missed the turn for Pentonville. Dex replied that he would drop the guard off at D'Archam with Heather first.

The guard demanded that Dex turn around, but Dex insisted the guard let Dex do his job. The guard made a sudden move, and he reached for Dex's gun. The van began to swerve, and the tires screeched as Dex and the guard fought for control of the gun.

The Hooks strikes again, but Nikolas fights back

The Hooks strikes again, but Nikolas fights back

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth tearfully told Finn that she had argued with his wife Reiko at the top of the stairs prior to Reiko's death, and it had been Elizabeth's fault that Reiko had died. Finn scoffed. "You think Reiko fell because of you?" Finn asked. Elizabeth assured him it was true, and she had confronted her parents about it. Finn questioned Jeff and Carolyn's trustworthiness because Finn recalled that Reiko had claimed the fall had been an accident. Elizabeth explained that Reiko had lied to cover up an affair between Reiko and Jeff.

Finn refused to believe that his wife had cheated on him because he recalled how happy he and Reiko had been. Elizabeth assured Finn that she was sorry for everything. "So am I, Elizabeth," Finn said. He gently caressed the side of her face as his expression filled with sadness. "So am I," Finn repeated. He dropped his hand and walked out without looking back. Upset, Elizabeth called Terry, but the call went to voicemail. After she left a brief message for Terry, Elizabeth recalled how supportive Nikolas had been a few months earlier when she had told him about her blackouts.

Later, Finn sat on his office floor with his back against the door while he gazed at a photograph of him and Reiko with their arms entwined and smiling for the camera. Tears streamed down Finn's face.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone with a trusted associate as he explained that Esme had managed to escape. Nikolas was certain that Esme had merely made it appear that she had shimmied down the bedsheets tied to the balcony, but instead, she had slipped into a nearby room. Nikolas growled with frustration because he had searched the castle without success.

Later, Nikolas entered the living room from the back terrace, but he immediately sensed something amiss when the light switch failed to work, and he found broken glass from a shattered lightbulb on the floor. Alarmed, Nikolas reached for the fireplace poker just as the Hook emerged from the shadows and lunged at Nikolas with a raised hook. A brief struggle, Nikolas was able to knock the hook out of the killer's grip. The killer fled through the terrace and into the night. Nikolas tried to pursue the killer, but he collapsed after only a few steps.

A short time later, Nikolas woke up when he heard the buzz from his cell phone as Elizabeth called. Nikolas stumbled to the fireplace, picked up his discarded cell phone, and turned on the flashlight. Nikolas slowly scanned the darkened room until he spotted the hook on the floor. Nikolas pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, and he gingerly picked up the hook and examined it. He realized it had been taken from his boathouse.

"You should have killed me when you had the chance, Esme. Big mistake," Nikolas said. He called his security team and ordered them to stop anyone from leaving the island because the hook-wielding killer was on the loose on Spoon Island.

On the pier, Esme looked around until she heard approaching footsteps. She quickly ducked behind a large crate as Elizabeth emerged from the alley and stopped on the pier.

At the hospital, Britt, Felicia, and Mac waited as Cody read the results of the paternity test. "You're not my dad, Mac," Cody said. Felicia wanted to see the results for herself, but Mac assured his wife that it wasn't necessary because it wouldn't change anything. "Cody's not my son," Mac said in a tone filled with disappointment. Felicia hugged her husband. As Mac and Felicia turned to leave, Cody asked for a word with Mac.

Britt and Felicia excused themselves to give the two men some privacy. To Mac's surprise, Cody asked if Mac wanted to get a drink somestime. Cody admitted that Britt had spoken highly of Mac, and Cody realized that he could use more than Dante as a friend. Mac didn't want Cody to feel obligated, but Cody assured Mac that he would like to get to know Mac. Mac smiled, and he invited Cody to call him.

Moments later, Mac joined Felicia in the waiting area. Mac was eager to leave, but Felicia wanted to know how Mac felt about Cody not being his son. Mac conceded that he'd been excited at the prospect of having a son, and he would have enjoyed getting to know Cody, but it had not been in the cards. Mac promised that he would be okay because he loved his life. Pleased, Felicia suggested that they video call Robin when they got home. Unfortunately, Mac's phone rang, and he was called to the scene of a crime.

Cody saw Mac leave, so he approached Felicia and asked if everything was okay with Mac. "What's it to you?" Felicia asked. Cody acknowledged that Mac wasn't his father, but he assured Felicia that he still cared about Mac. Felicia's tone softened as she explained that Mac had gotten some upsetting news about a friend. Cody was concerned about Mac, which surprised Felicia since Cody had been ambivalent about becoming a member of the Scorpio family. Cody claimed it was because he wasn't worthy of being Mac's son.

A short time later, Cody approached the nurses' station as Britt rubbed the back of her neck. Cody handed her a cup of coffee as he tried to lighten the mood by offering advice for her stiff neck, but Britt cut him off. She accused Cody of hiding behind "sugary coffee" because he didn't want to admit how he was felt about Mac not being his father. Cody admitted that he had wondered what it would be like to be part of a close-knit family. Britt empathized because she had no idea what she would do without her mother, even though Liesl drove Britt crazy.

Cody assured Britt that he was used to being alone and taking care of himself, so being Leopold Taub's son hadn't changed things. Britt suggested that Cody had dodged a bullet. "Family is a curse," Britt said. After Britt walked away, Cody pulled out the results of the DNA test. The results revealed that Mac was indeed Cody's biological father.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sonny left a voicemail message for Dex, asking for an update on Anna. Dante approached his father in time to hear Anna's name. After Sonny ended the call, Dante asked what Sonny knew about Anna. Sonny admitted that he knew Anna had been headed to Pentonville, and Sonny was concerned about Anna's safety. Dante assured his father that the police were working to get to the bottom of things.

Dante changed the subject by asking if his father wanted to get together soon for a guys' night out. Sonny appreciated the offer, but Sonny knew that Dante and Sam had been focused on blending their families. Dante assured Sonny that everything was good at home, but Sonny sensed there was more to Dante's offer. Reluctantly, Dante admitted that he was worried about his father because of the family turmoil. Sonny was touched by Dante's concern.

Moments later, Dante's phone rang. After a brief exchange, Dante ended the call and explained that duty called.

In Terry's office, Willow's eyes welled up with tears as she admitted that she was afraid, and she didn't want to die. T.J. hugged Willow as she cried on his shoulder. Just then, Michael appeared in the doorway. Willow pulled away from T.J. and asked if the nanny had picked up Wiley. Michael assured Willow that Wiley was fine, but Michael demanded to know what he had walked in on. Willow was shocked when she realized that Michael was jealous. "Do you think I'm cheating on you with T.J.?" Willow asked.

Willow suspected that Nina had planted seeds out doubt in Michael's mind. Willow assured Michael that she and T.J. were not having an affair. T.J. backed Willow up, and he accused Nina of misinterpreting things. Michael wasn't satisfied, so Willow asked T.J. to give her some privacy with Michael.

After T.J. left, Michael assured Willow that he knew she hadn't been unfaithful, but Michael had noticed that something had been off with her for quite some time. Willow admitted that Michael was right. "Michael, I have leukemia," Willow said. Michael was stunned as she told him about her diagnosis and that T.J. had been the first one to suspect it. "I'm so sorry, Willow," Michael said. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight while she cried.

Later, Michael and Willow sat down on the sofa. She assured him that their baby was fine, but she admitted that she was scared. Michael assumed she'd been dealing with her chemotherapy alone, but Willow confessed that she had delayed treatment until the second trimester of pregnancy to give their unborn child the best chance at survival. Michael's eyes filled with tears when Willow revealed that the decision had cost her because her cancer had advanced, and she would need both chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. He assured her that they were a team, but he worried that he might have said or done something that had made Willow question his support.

Willow assured Michael that he had done nothing wrong, but she explained that she had struggled with hearing the diagnosis and what chemotherapy had meant for their baby. Willow explained that she couldn't bear losing another child after Jonah's death, and she had never imagined that delaying treatment for a few weeks would result in her cancer progressing as it had. Michael assured Willow that it had always been her choice, and he would have supported her regardless. Willow's voice cracked with emotion as she confessed that she had wanted her and Michael to enjoy their time with Wiley before things got hard, especially since she might not have a lot of time left.

Michael pulled Willow close and held her as he reminded her that they would face her illness together as a team. Willow apologized for not telling Michael about the cancer sooner, but he assured her that she was not alone. He promised that they would face the challenge together because she was his family.

Meanwhile, T.J. bumped into Sonny in the hallway. After they exchanged greetings, T.J. asked if Nina was with Sonny. Sonny explained that he was alone, but he was curious if T.J.'s desire to talk to Nina had anything to do with T.J. and Willow. Sonny admitted that he had been reluctant to broach the subject with T.J.; however, Willow was the mother of Sonny's grandson, and -- despite their fractured relationship -- Michael was Sonny's son. Sonny also reminded T.J. of Sonny's connection to Molly.

T.J. insisted that Nina's assumptions had been a huge misunderstanding. T.J. explained that he had tried to set Nina straight. He said Willow had done the same on a separate occasion, but Nina had refused to listen or let it go. T.J. was frustrated that Nina had dragged Sonny into it, but Sonny defended Nina. T.J. argued that Nina had been "hellbent" on causing trouble for Michael and Willow, but Sonny promised that Nina's heart had been in the right place. T.J. disagreed.

Sonny admitted that he'd seen T.J. and Willow together on several occasions, and it had been clear to Sonny that something had been going on between T.J. and Willow. "I even said something to Michael," Sonny said. T.J. was hurt. "Is that what you think about me? That I'm a cheater?" T.J. asked. Sonny pointed out that T.J. hadn't denied the affair, so T.J. rectified the oversight by denying a romantic relationship with Willow. Sonny wanted to know what was really going on, but T.J. refused to say.

T.J. asked Sonny to trust him, so Sonny backed down. However, Sonny warned T.J. that Michael would not be appeased as easily.

Somewhere on Route 31, Valentin was parked on the side of the road as he monitored a police scanner. He grew concerned when he realized that something had delayed Anna. A short time later, Valentin heard the dispatcher send police units to Route 31 because the transport van had missed a drop-off and stopped responding. Valentin started his car and took off.

Elsewhere on Route 31, the transport van had skidded off the road and crashed. Both Dex and the guard were unconscious in the front seats. However, Dex slowly opened his eyes when a dispatcher on the police radio asked for the transport van's status. Dex glanced at the unconscious guard and reached out to check the man for a pulse. He was relieved that the guard was alive. Dex slowly slid out of the van from the driver's side, clutched his injured side, and made his way to the backseat on the passenger side to check on Anna, who was sprawled across the bench seat and unconscious.

After checking for a pulse, Dex gently shook Anna awake. Anna slowly roused as Dex unlocked her handcuffs and explained that they had to leave before the police arrived. Anna suddenly realized that Heather was nowhere to be seen. Dex admitted that he hadn't seen Heather since he'd woken up. Horrified, Anna explained that they needed to find Heather because Heather was dangerous. Dex helped Anna out of the van, but they both froze when they were momentarily blinded by the headlights of an approaching car.

It was Valentin. Valentin tried to whisk Anna to his car, but Anna insisted that they find Heather. Valentin explained that it was impossible because Anna couldn't risk being apprehended by the police and shipped off to Pentonville, where Victor's assassins were waiting. Anna realized that Valentin was right, so she agreed to leave. Dex remained behind and checked on the guard. When Dex heard the sound of sirens in the distance, he escaped into the woods. A short time later, Dex was forced to take a break as blood steadily seeped from an injury to his side.

Meanwhile, Valentin pulled off the road, parked his car out of sight, and turned off the engine. Valentin and Anna decided it was best to lay low until it safe to travel the road. Anna worried about Dex, but Valentin was confident that Sonny would take care of Dex. Anna thanked Valentin for rescuing her. "Always," he replied as he kissed her hand. Anna asked if Valentin was ready for what was ahead.

"I think it's going to be a bumpy ride," Anna said. She reminded Valentin that both the police and Victor would be after them.

At the accident scene, Mac informed Dante that the guard had been taken to the hospital, but the man's memory had been foggy, so the guard hadn't provided a good description of the driver. Dante was certain it had been an orchestrated plan to free Anna. Mac agreed, which meant that Anna had plenty of help to go into hiding. "Anna's going to give us a real run for our money," Dante said.

A short time later, Dante called Sonny to let Sonny know about Anna's escape. Sonny pretended to be surprised. However, Sonny was genuinely shocked when Dante revealed that Heather had been in the transport van, and Heather had vanished.

Later, Dante called in a BOLO on both Heather and Anna. Dante described Heather as dangerous, but he clarified that Anna was a fugitive but not a threat. After the call, Dante gave Mac an update on the search for the driver. Dante didn't hold out much hope that the driver would be found because of the vague description the guard had given them.

Josslyn helps Dex

Josslyn helps Dex

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Nina and Ava sat at a table in the Port Charles Grill and clinked their martini glasses together for a toast. After Ava suggested a toast to being roommates and to gratitude, Nina thought that Ava's freedom was a good one. Ava preferred they toast to love, but Nina confessed to having accused T.J. and Willow of having an affair. She claimed to have done it for the good, but Ava accused her of wanting to "stir the pot." Nina admitted she could have been wrong, and Ava suggested she apologize. Nina jumped up right away, and Ava wished her luck.

On the way out, Nina bumped into Victor, who asked about Sonny. Nina assured him that she didn't need Sonny to protect her from the likes of Victor. He looked inside and saw Ava sitting there, and he quickly made a phone call for any updates on Valentin and Anna.

Victor went inside and sat himself down at Ava's table, over her objections. He announced that he thought they could still be friends. He claimed it was better that she and Nikolas were over. Ava assured him it hadn't been finalized, but Victor thought that things could only end badly or very badly. "Don't be so sure," Ava quickly replied. Victor stated that she should consult the late Esme. Ava guessed that Victor had been frantically searching for Lucy, and he claimed that his heart had been yearning for the missing woman.

Michael and Willow separated after embracing on the sofa in Terry's office at the hospital. Michael assured his wife that she wasn't alone, and he only wanted her to be honest. He said that he didn't need her to tell him everything, but when she did say something, he wanted the truth. Willow asked him to hold her. She told him that she had no relatives, and the search for a bone marrow donor had been started. She only knew that she didn't want to tell anyone the news yet because she was afraid the family would treat her differently. Michael agreed but wondered how they'd keep the secret if they would be looking for a donor match.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was Nina, and Michael demanded that she leave. Willow told him it was okay, and Nina revealed that she was there to apologize for what she had done. She and Michael began to have words, and Willow was angry. Nina wanted to make amends, and she asked what she might do to accomplish that. "Drop dead," Willow said.

Josslyn spoke to Cameron on the phone from the Quartermaine grounds, where she was babysitting for Wiley. He offered to stop by after he was finished cleaning up at Kelly's. He walked from the kitchen into the seating area and saw a woman sitting at a table and perusing a menu. It was Heather, who wanted a BLT. Cameron realized who she was and told her the place was closed. He said that he knew that she was Franco's mother and was supposed to be somewhere else.

Heather recognized Cameron and spoke about seeing him when he'd been younger and hanging out with Emma and Spencer. Cameron offered to call someone, but she looked into his eyes and noted that she could see Franco there. Cameron reminded her that he and Franco hadn't been related, but she said that the good were kept alive while the bad got what they deserved.

Cameron made up the sandwich and served it with fries. Heather asked for ketchup, and she lifted the sandwich to take a bite. "I've missed you," she said. She told Cameron that Franco had visited her and talked about Cameron and his brothers. Cameron admitted he missed Franco every day, and Heather said she missed him, too. She asked about Spencer, and Cameron told her that he was in Pentonville. She laughed and noted that they were in the same club, although she said that she considered D'Archam her home. Heather assumed that, with his connections, Spencer had committed a terrible crime if he was in prison.

As Josslyn had been on the phone with Cameron, someone spied on her from outside. After she finished the call, she heard a sound and opened the door. Dex stumbled inside, holding his bleeding side. He refused to answer any questions, and Josslyn could see that he'd been shot. He asked her not to call the cops, and she retrieved some medical supplies. She was thankful that Willow had a stash due to her being a nurse. Dex said he didn't want Josslyn to know anything, and he wanted to stitch himself up. He said that he couldn't go to a hospital.

Josslyn cut Dex's shirt open and gently helped him to undress. She tricked him into letting her pull the shirt off where it had stuck to the wound. She donned a pair of medical gloves, and he stood up in order for her to have a better angle. He was weak and dizzy. Josslyn sewed up the wound, and she kept him talking in order to distract him from the pain. He told her how he'd like to live near water and learn to surf. By the time they finished talking, Josslyn was done.

The wounded area was bandaged, and Josslyn gave Dex a shirt of Michael's to wear. She helped him to dress, and they awkwardly stared into each other's eyes until Dex pulled away and insisted that he could manage himself. "Unbelievable," he muttered. Headlights reflected into the house. Josslyn gathered the bloody clothes and rags.

Shortly after, Michael and Willow walked in, and Michael called out repeatedly for Josslyn, who appeared to be gone. Moments later, she walked through the front door and claimed to have been checking on the dog, Annabelle. Michael asked about the chair in the middle of the living room, and Josslyn quickly replied that she had found his furniture too comfortable for studying. She spotted a small bloody cloth on the floor and dropped her book bag over it. She recapped her evening with Wiley, picked up the cloth and tossed it into her book bag, and left.

As Michael and Willow snuggled on the sofa, Josslyn walked outside and saw a leaf with blood on it. She was concerned that Dex was still bleeding.

At Pier 55, Elizabeth was unable to get a launch to Spoon Island, and she told someone on the phone that she would call Nikolas. She heard a creaking sound and looked up. It was Esme, who told her that Nikolas had lied about everything. She stated that she hadn't fled the country. Elizabeth began to toss accusations at Esme, and she announced that she was calling the police. She told them that she was with the fugitive, and Esme tried to grab the phone. The women struggled, and Elizabeth fell and hit her head. Esme stooped down over her, and Elizabeth's vision was blurry.

Before too long, Nikolas showed up, and Esme insisted that Elizabeth had fallen. He leaned down over Elizabeth and whispered, "Trust me." Nikolas' accomplice grabbed Esme as she shouted that Nikolas would be toast when Elizabeth remembered.

Jordan and Dante were still at the accident scene, hoping for word on the missing Anna and Heather. They learned that the real van driver had been found tied up with his ID missing. Jordan realized that it had all been a set-up in order to free Anna, and while they suspected Valentin's involvement, Jordan suggested that Sonny could be involved. Jordan received a call that Esme had been spotted, and she rushed off to investigate.

Back at Kelly's, Cameron asked Heather how she had gotten there. Heather replied that it had been a field trip, and she asked for a soda. Cameron went to the kitchen to retrieve the requested can and some ice, and he quickly made a phone call to Dante.

As Cameron chatted with Heather, she picked up a knife. She guessed that Cameron had called the cops. She laughed that she was kidding as Dante peered through the window. He burst through the door with his gun drawn and ordered Heather to drop the knife and put her hands up. "What took you so long?" Heather asked. Dante stated that there were people worried about Heather, who told him that she had been on the side of the road and had ended up at Kelly's.

Dante asked about the accident, and Heather claimed to have no knowledge of it. She offered him a bite of her sandwich, and he told Cameron to wrap it up to go. Heather wanted her fries, too. She flirted with Dante, and Cameron handed her a brown bag. When she lamented that she had no money, he told her it was on the house. Heather linked her arm through Dante's and told Cameron not to be a stranger.

Elizabeth ended up in the hospital. As Deanna tended to her, Jordan arrived. Deanna tried to prevent Jordan from questioning Elizabeth and told Jordan that the patient had a mild concussion. Elizabeth assured Deanna that it was okay, and Jordan asked who had done it. Elizabeth told Jordan what she could remember from the pier, including seeing Esme. She added that there had been another person, but she couldn't remember who. She wasn't sure if Esme had attacked her, but she hadn't seen any hooks. She concluded that she had passed out.

Jordan left, and Elizabeth told Deanna that she just had a bump with no symptoms. Deanna declared that Elizabeth would have to stay. Jordan returned and announced that there was a lookout for Esme, who wouldn't get far. She thought that there had been a guardian angel looking out for Elizabeth. Elizabeth recalled seeing Nikolas.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas informed Esme that Elizabeth would never give him up. Esme felt that once Elizabeth's head cleared, she would have the cops head straight to Wyndemere to look for Esme, and Nikolas' days were numbered. Nikolas replied that would hold true for Esme, also.

Esme guessed that Nikolas was trying to figure out how to get rid of her, but she asked about the baby. Nikolas agreed that he couldn't keep her there, especially since she would try to kill him again. Esme declared her innocence in trying to kill him as well as in all the other attacks. Nikolas made a phone call and learned that Elizabeth was okay. He announced that after Esme gave birth, he would be done with her. "We'll see about that," Esme said.

Nina returned to the grill, and Victor stood to leave. He spotted his man outside, and Nina sat down. She told Ava that Willow had been offended and offensive, and Ava felt responsible.

Outside, Victor spoke to his associate, who shared that there was no trace of Anna and no news of Valentin. "There's a family matter of particular importance to you," the man said.

Victor returned to the restaurant and stood at Ava and Nina's table. He exclaimed that the police were on the lookout for Esme, who had been spotted in town. Ava nearly choked on her olive, and Victor departed.

Cyrus gives Laura some very unexpected advice

Cyrus gives Laura some very unexpected advice

Friday, November 11, 2022

In Josslyn's dorm room, Dex was surprised to wake up alone in Josslyn's bed. Dex asked to borrow Josslyn's phone, but she said she wouldn't allow Dex to use her phone to call Sonny. Josslyn agreed to let Dex use her laptop to send Sonny an email if Dex promised that he wouldn't leave the dorm.

Outside her dorm room, Josslyn phoned Trina, and she claimed that the campus was spraying for bed bugs. Josslyn hung up, and she was surprised to encounter Adam. Adam said he was glad Josslyn and Trina were back on campus and that they both deserved a drama-free year of college.

Later, Kiley, Josslyn's resident advisor, knocked on the door. Kiley said she needed to talk because it was important. Inside the room, Dex tried to remain quiet.

At Kelly's Diner, Trina was frightened when Cameron told her that Esme was back in Port Charles. Trina told Cameron that the two needed to be vigilant and safe. Trina asked if Cameron had spoken with Spencer. Cameron noted that Trina knew where she could find Spencer, and he asked what was stopping her from visiting Spencer.

Cameron said he thought that Spencer only wanted Trina to be happy, even if it was with Rory. Trina and Cameron mentioned the letter that Spencer had written to her on the night before he'd been sent to Pentonville. "Was Spencer confessing about playing Esme, or something else?" Trina asked. "For that, you'll have to ask him yourself," Cameron said.

At Pentonville, a worried Laura visited Spencer. Spencer told Laura that he was happy to see her but that she shouldn't have gone to the prison because there was too much happening in Port Charles. Laura said that nothing was more important to her than Spencer.

Laura told Spencer that Esme had been spotted in Port Charles, and Spencer quipped that he hoped that Esme would be "taken down by dogs." Laura was alarmed by the rage in Spencer's voice, and she encouraged him to let go of his anger.

Spencer surmised that Laura wasn't talking about Esme, but rather Nikolas. Laura asked Spencer to tell her what had caused the latest rift between Spencer and Nikolas. "Ask your son. Or, when they find her, you can ask Esme," Spencer deadpanned.

Laura wondered what Esme had to do with the rift between Spencer and Nikolas, but Spencer refused to say. A guard appeared, and he told Laura that her allotted visiting time was over. Spencer thanked Laura for having visited, and he apologized that he'd let her down. Laura said that what Spencer had done for Trina had been the epitome of protecting the people he loved. Laura added that she couldn't be more proud of Spencer.

Spencer left the visitors' room. Moments later, the guard returned with another inmate that wanted to talk to Laura. Laura asked who the inmate was, and she was surprised when Cyrus greeted her.

Laura said that in spite of everything Cyrus had done, she knew he hadn't been the one behind the attempt on her and Martin's lives a year earlier. Cyrus told Laura that it was good to see her, but Laura was uninterested in visiting Cyrus, despite his declarations of concern about both her and Martin. Cyrus swore that he would never hurt Laura or Martin, and he added that he was doing everything possible to make things right with his family. "Starting with my great-nephew, Spencer," Cyrus said.

Things grew heated when Laura demanded that Cyrus stay away from Spencer. Cyrus swore that he had only been protecting Spencer because Pentonville was a dangerous place. Cyrus added that he would make sure Spencer stayed protected, but he added that he couldn't afford Anna the same privilege.

Cyrus strongly encouraged Laura to use her connections as mayor to have Anna sent to another facility if Anna were captured. Laura asked what Cyrus knew. "Does the name Olivia Jerome mean anything to you?" Cyrus asked.

Cyrus revealed that Olivia had said that she couldn't wait to "roll out the red carpet" for Anna, and he added that it was best that Anna stay on the run if it meant that Pentonville was the alternative.

Later, after Laura and Cyrus had left the room, Spencer was surprised when the guard told him he had another visitor. Spencer walked back into the visitors' room, and he was happy to see Trina waiting for him. The two looked at one another, and they both smiled.

At the hospital, Austin retrieved a can of soda for Britt, who started to cough after taking a drink. Austin walked Britt to an exam room, and he wanted to run some tests to make sure that Britt was okay. Britt said she didn't need a test because she knew what was wrong with her. Britt admitted to Austin that she had Huntington's disease.

Britt shared that apart from Austin, only Liesl and Scott knew of her diagnosis. Austin was genuinely sympathetic, and he said he was sorry for what Britt had been going through. Austin tried to encourage Britt, who joked that she could blame her "Britchiness" on the disease.

Britt told Austin that she wasn't the most popular person on staff. Austin said he didn't think people viewed Britt as the same person she had once been, and he added that Britt was respected by her peers at the hospital. Britt seemed touched by Austin's words.

At an undisclosed safe house, Anna and Valentin cuddled on a sofa. The two were startled by a knock at the door. Sonny appeared, and he asked what had happened the previous night. Anna told Sonny about the accident.

Sonny said that Jordan wanted to talk to him at the police station, and he noted that while Jordan couldn't prove his involvement with Anna, it would be the last time he and Anna could have any contact. Anna thanked Sonny for his help.

After Sonny left, Anna told Valentin that he needed to leave because he would be sent to prison if he was found with Anna. Valentin didn't want to leave, but Anna insisted. Valentin asked if Anna had any idea how much she meant to him, and the two kissed.

Anna reminded Valentin that he needed to be there for Charlotte and to keep Charlotte safe. Valentin reluctantly agreed to leave. Before he left, Valentin showed Anna his Cassadine ring, and he asked Anna to hold onto the ring until he returned.

Anna agreed, and she and Valentin held one another as their faces met. Anna said if she left the safe house, she would find Valentin, and the two kissed. "Je t'aime," Valentin whispered to Anna. "└ bient˘t," Anna whispered back.

At the Port Charles Police Station, a middle-aged man barged into Jordan's office. The man introduced himself as Agent Witten from the US Marshals Service, and he demanded that Jordan turn over everything she had with regard to Anna's case. Witten announced that was taking over the case.

Jordan tried to override Witten, but Witten remarked that Anna was both a former WSB agent and the former police commissioner. Witten implied that a failure to relinquish control of Anna's case could suggest impropriety by Jordan and her department.

As Witten searched through the file on Anna, he asked who had aided Anna's escape. Just then, Sonny entered Jordan's office. Witten remarked that Sonny and Anna shared a history, and he added that Sonny would have a friend in the attorney general's office if he cooperated.

Sonny scoffed, and he said that he didn't need a friend. Witten told Sonny that his orders were simple. "If we can't bring her in, we have to bring her down," Witten said about Anna.

Jordan scolded Witten for being combative, and she said that Anna was no danger to the public. Before he left with Anna's file, Witten gave Sonny a business card in case Sonny changed his mind. Alone with Jordan, Sonny ripped up the card. Jordan asked if Sonny thought that Witten had been bluffing with his threat. Sonny said he thought Witten had been serious. Jordan and Sonny admitted that they were on the same page as it pertained to protecting Anna and that Anna was safer on her own for the time being.

Outside Jordan's office, Witten told someone over the phone that they needed to find the person most likely to know about Anna's escape. Witten ended the call, and he reopened Jordan's file on Anna. Witten stared at a photo of Valentin, and he smirked.

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