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Elizabeth learned that Nikolas had Esme locked in the north tower. Finn had an encounter with Jeff Webber. Carly discovered Josslyn's secret. Drew offered to help Willow track down her birth parents. Selina invited Gladys to join the private poker games at the Savoy. Holly was revealed to have shot Lucy. Curtis received good news. Trina paid Spencer a visit.
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Elizabeth learned Nikolas had Esme locked away. Finn had an encounter with Jeff Webber. Holly was revealed to have shot Lucy.
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The results of Curtis' genetic screening are revealed

The results of Curtis' genetic screening are revealed

Monday, November 14, 2022

Marshall cleared his throat as the elevator doors opened at General Hospital. Portia and Curtis were sharing a tender moment and separated quickly. Marshall told them that he was anxious to hear the results of Curtis' genetic screening. Jordan happened to be walking down the corridor at the time and overheard. Portia told Curtis and Marshall that they should discuss the test results in her office for privacy, but Jordan asked to speak to Portia first. Portia commented that she was busy, but Marshall declared that their meeting could wait, and Jordan promised to keep it brief.

As Curtis went off to retrieve the test results, Jordan and Portia went to Portia's office. Portia accused Jordan of sticking her nose into Portia's private family business, and she began to shout at Jordan. Jordan announced that Esme had been spotted on Pier 55, she had informed Trina, and she had wanted Portia to know. Portia noted that Jordan could have mentioned it in front of Curtis, but Jordan replied that it was clear that Portia hadn't said anything to Curtis yet about Trina's parentage. "So, someone else ought to?" Portia asked.

Curtis sat down with Marshall in the hallway and showed him the brown envelope containing the results. He noted that Portia and Jordan had made a show of getting along, and Marshall laughed. He thought that Curtis was lucky if that was the worst of it. Marshall offered to leave, but Curtis told him that he couldn't do that all the time. They headed to Portia's office.

Portia and Jordan were interrupted when Curtis and Marshall arrived. Jordan stated that they were done for the moment, and Portia mentioned that Jordan had told her about Esme. Jordan left, and Curtis revealed that the genetic counselor would be late. He wondered if Portia would be able to translate the test results. She opened the envelope and read the paper over. She explained that there were ten genes tied to schizophrenia, and Curtis had none of them. She thought it was strange, but he was "in the clear." She explained that nothing had been inherited from Marshall.

There was excitement, and there were hugs all around; Marshall said that Curtis was lucky. Portia asked Marshall if he'd ever had a screening, and he said no, only the diagnosis. Portia exclaimed that the genes had been discovered after that time. She said that she had something to take care of, and after she'd gone, Marshall cried tears of happiness. He admitted that he'd been scared. Curtis wanted to make sure that his father stuck around for the good times.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Finn and Alexis attended an A.A. meeting. Finn spoke to the group and confessed that he hadn't attended a meeting for a long time. He guessed that he was making up for it to avoid using or to avoid life. Afterward, Alexis told him that she hadn't attended in two months because she'd been busy with her paper. Finn revealed that his father always talked about the paper and mostly Alexis. She asked him what he'd been trying to avoid.

Finn related that things had been messy, and Alexis offered to listen. She warned him that it wasn't good to hold it back, and if not her, then he should talk to someone else. Finn divulged that he'd learned that Reiko had had an affair, and it had changed the way he'd thought about many things. Alexis was sure that Finn would figure it all out, and she suggested that he talk to Elizabeth. Finn didn't think it would be productive, but Alexis told him that silence could make things worse.

Minutes later, Finn and Alexis bumped into Jordan, who revealed that she had been looking for Elizabeth. She said she had been surprised to hear that Elizabeth might have checked herself out. Finn was surprised and admitted that he wasn't familiar with what had happened. Jordan wanted him to let Elizabeth know that Jordan had been looking for her.

Even later, Alexis spotted Jordan again and maintained that she'd been having difficulty in trying to have an interview scheduled with the police commissioner. Jordan promised to have her assistant arrange a time. After they separated, Alexis phoned Gregory and told him that she thought Jordan had been giving them the run-around. She suggested that it was time they activated their insurance policy.

Portia spotted Jordan and told her about the results of the genetic screening. Jordan asked if Trina was Taggert's or Curtis' daughter.

Finn was surprised to see Jeff Webber looking for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth sat at home and went through piles of family photos and mementos. She ignored the voicemail from her father who requested that they meet. There was a knock at the door, and she opened it to Carly, who barged in against Elizabeth's wishes. Carly wanted to hear about Elizabeth's run-in with Esme, and she announced that she was on her way to see Josslyn. Elizabeth filled her in on the incident, and Carly said she just wanted it all to be over.

Carly sensed that Elizabeth was acting unlike herself, and she asked if Elizabeth was okay. Elizabeth replied that she had never said that she was okay, and she made it clear that she had been in the middle of decluttering. She thanked Carly for stopping by. Carly noted that she always rid herself of the least personal items first, but she noticed Elizabeth's pile of personal mementos on the coffee table. Elizabeth stated that it was none of Carly's business, and she confessed that while there were photos of her parents, they weren't close.

Elizabeth added that she had just seen her parents for the first time in 25 years. As she prepared to burn items in the fireplace, Carly stopped her. She said that she wished she had photos of her and Bobbie, and she thought that Elizabeth might regret making such a move. Elizabeth promised to keep that in mind. She appeared anxious for Carly to go, and Carly mentioned that they'd known each other for a long time. She said she had never seen Elizabeth in a similar state.

Elizabeth claimed to be reevaluating relationships "with anyone I haven't given birth to." Carly offered to talk, but Elizabeth was sure that it wouldn't come to that. She said she appreciated Carly's offer. After Carly was gone, Elizabeth returned to the fireplace and struck a match. Carly peered through the window then looked at a photo of Elizabeth's parents that she'd snagged from the pile.

The R.A. in Josslyn's dorm pounded on the door and demanded to speak to Josslyn. When Kiley didn't get an answer, she announced that she was coming in. Dex was frightened and quickly began to dress. As Kiley was about to unlock the door, Josslyn walked around the corner with a filled plastic bag. Kiley declared that she needed to check out Josslyn's room after Josslyn's complaint of bedbugs. Josslyn assured her that there were no bedbugs, and she had only commented on a rumor she'd heard.

Kiley acknowledged the response and happily departed. Adam walked by before Josslyn could let herself into the room. She admonished him for "ratting" her out. Adam suspected that Josslyn was hiding something, and he was rewarded when they heard a thump. Josslyn told him that she had rescued a cat, and she begged him not to say anything because she needed to find it a home. Adam agreed to keep it a secret, and he asked Josslyn if she could put in a good word for him with Trina. Josslyn told him that Trina was seeing someone, but she would do so if things changed. Adam called Josslyn a good person.

Finally, Josslyn got into her room and found Dex unconscious on the floor. After several attempts, she managed to rouse him. She noted that he was burning up, and she told him they needed to get to urgent care. Josslyn got him up and walking, but he fell into the bed. She promised to get him some antibiotics, and she handed him a bottle of water. She warned him not to move. Dex replied that he owed her, and Josslyn agreed that he did. "Big time," she said. She added that she planned to collect. They touched hands. As Josslyn left her room, Carly rushed up to her.

At Wyndemere, Esme gasped as she awoke and spotted wooden slats across her windows. Nikolas walked in and told her that they had been necessary for security and to muffle any sounds. Nikolas didn't think that Esme should complain, as she'd been well cared for. He noted that he'd provided her with a healthy breakfast, although she would only receive plastic utensils going forward. He stated that no one would look for her there, but if need be, he would send her to the family residence in Greece.

Esme was sure that it was only a matter of time before everything would "blow up" in Nikolas' face. He proclaimed that he would do anything to protect his family. Esme reminded him that she was family, too. "For now," he said. He left the room, and Esme upended the tray of food.

Downstairs, Demetrius announced that Nikolas had a visitor. It was Ava, who wanted to talk about Nikolas' boarder. Nikolas sent Demetrius upstairs, and Ava indicated that it was about Victor. She explained that Victor had told her that Esme was alive and back in town, and Elizabeth had seen her. Ava was adamant that she and Nikolas find Esme before she said anything about them. Nikolas felt that Esme hadn't said anything yet, but Ava was certain that Esme had been trying to figure out how to hurt them.

Nikolas wanted to talk further at Metro Court, but Ava responded that there was nothing more to say. She wanted a plan in place in order to keep Esme quiet. Nikolas promised that he would never allow Esme to hurt Ava or anyone else he loved. "If only you kept your promises as easily as you make them," Ava replied.

Back upstairs, Demetrius found a mess in Esme's room, and he offered to clean it up and to fetch her some lunch. Esme attempted to get Demetrius on her side. She told him it was obvious that Nikolas wasn't well because he had locked her up. She asked him to call the police and to watch out for Nikolas. Demetrius told Esme that she could trust Nikolas. Esme was frustrated after Demetrius left -- until she heard a new sound.

There was a knock on the door, and Nikolas was startled to see Elizabeth.

Spencer was surprised to see Trina show up for a visit at Pentonville. She said that she hoped she wasn't too late. They sat at the table in the visitors' room and made small talk. Trina said she was hopeful that they could salvage something, and she would be waiting for him, since she had gotten the facts. She wanted to fix things between them because Spencer hadn't been honest with her previously. Trina further stated that she knew about Spencer's letter, but she wanted to hear about it directly from him. Spencer announced that he had lied for months, and he had known all along that she had been innocent.

Spencer continued that he had known that Esme had set Trina up, but he had wanted to stick close by in case he could learn something. Trina and Spencer began to bicker over his decisions, and Trina said he sounded like Curtis, who always thought he knew what was best. Trina admitted that while Spencer's intent had been "golden," she would have wanted him by her side. She said that she had been hurt, and she had believed that he had thought so little of her while she had thought so much of him.

Spencer admitted that he had hated what had happened, though he was aware that Trina had been the one to suffer more. Trina said she hated what Spencer was going through. She told him that she had always been clear about her feelings for him, while he had not been clear in return. Spencer claimed to be not good at expressing his feelings, but Trina replied that he could have written them. She proceeded to tell him that she'd been at a comic book convention with Rory. Spencer was glad for her, but he was done. The guard announced that time was up.

Spencer revealed that his grandmother had visited earlier, and he warned Trina to be careful because Esme was back. Trina was grateful to Spencer, even if he had been wrong in the way he'd gone about it. She said she knew what he had meant by it. He said goodbye.

Elizabeth confronts Nikolas about Esme

Elizabeth confronts Nikolas about Esme

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

In Josslyn's dorm room, Josslyn asked for Carly's help with Dex. Carly thought that Dex had an infection, and she agreed to help Dex get the antibiotics he needed. Carly called Brick, who'd been at Metro Court with Sonny and Nina. Brick agreed to help.

Carly left, and Josslyn stayed by Dex's side. Suffering from a fever as a result of the infection, Dex tried to start moving around. Josslyn put her arms around Dex, and she encouraged him to stay in bed. "Thanks, beautiful," Dex told Josslyn.

Dex called Josslyn his guardian angel, and he said that she was so beautiful that it hurt him to look at her. Josslyn remarked that it was a good thing that Dex was delirious because he'd never remember what he'd said. "But I will," Josslyn said to herself.

Earlier at Metro Court, Sonny had introduced Brick to Nina, who was soon called away on hotel business. Alone at a table, Sonny told Brick that he was thinking about giving Dex a promotion. Nina joined Sonny and Brick at the table right when Carly had called Brick to ask for his help. After Brick left, Nina claimed that she had received another alert about hotel business, and she left. Afterwards, Sonny glanced at the email he'd received from Dex.

Later, Carly appeared outside Brick's room at Metro Court. Brick opened the door, and he told Carly that she was as gorgeous as ever and that he would always be there for her. Carly entered, and Brick closed the door. Unbeknownst to Carly, Nina had followed her, and she seemed to have overheard the entire conversation between Brick and Carly.

Outside the gatehouse of the Quartermaine mansion, Leo was sad because of the feud between Drew, Michael, and Ned. Leo asked if Drew was mad at him. Drew comforted Leo, and he assured Leo that no one was mad at him. Leo asked if there was any way Drew and Michael could make up with Ned.

Inside the gatehouse, Willow had decided to search for her biological family. Willow wondered how her family might react if she found them and asked for their help in becoming a donor match. She noted that Harmony had been a member of a commune named "Friends for Peace and Love" when Willow had been born.

Drew and Leo appeared inside the gatehouse, and Leo rushed to greet Willow. Drew told Michael about Leo's worries, and he surmised that Leo was right. "We've been at odds with Ned for months. We gotta fix this," Drew said.

Drew wandered over to the desk where Willow had been, and he noticed the research that Willow had written down about the commune Harmony had been at when she'd claimed to have given birth to Willow. Drew flashed back to months earlier when Carly had told him that Nina might be Willow's birth mother, and he remembered that Carly had later told him that Nina wasn't Willow's birth mother. Drew told Willow that Harmony had been a "conniving liar." Willow asked how Drew had known Harmony.

Drew stuttered that he hadn't known Harmony personally, and he said that he thought it was a good idea for Willow to verify everything she learned about her search. Drew then asked if Willow wanted him to do something that would help her with the search.

Nearby, Leo had walked outside to play in the leaves when he heard a beeping sound. Leo stood up, and he walked over to where the noise had come from. Leo discovered a cell phone -- the one that Dex had left the previous night after he'd been shot. Leo stared at the phone screen, which revealed that Sonny had just sent Dex an email.

In her room at Wyndemere, Esme talked to her baby. Esme admitted that she was "more than a little" afraid of the baby's grandfather, and she rued that Ryan wasn't there to help her plot an escape plan.

Downstairs at Wyndemere, Nikolas was surprised to see Elizabeth, who was angry that Nikolas had left her alone at the pier the previous night after she'd been attacked by Esme. Elizabeth wanted to know why Nikolas had abandoned her. Nikolas said he had gone after Esme because he didn't want Esme to get away. Elizabeth surmised that Nikolas was hiding something. "You know something. Where is Esme?" Elizabeth asked.

Elizabeth started to call the police, but Nikolas stopped her. Elizabeth asked if Nikolas would make her disappear the same way he'd made Esme vanish. Nikolas was hurt by Elizabeth's suggestion. "You're my touchstone, Elizabeth -- the one true friend in my life," Nikolas said.

Elizabeth said that Nikolas should trust her and tell her where Esme was. Nikolas admitted that he was keeping Esme locked in a room at Wyndemere. Elizabeth demanded to see Esme. Esme was startled when Nikolas and Elizabeth entered her room. Elizabeth was stunned to see that Esme was pregnant. Esme yelled for Elizabeth to help her, and she claimed that Nikolas wanted to kill Esme and the baby.

Nikolas said that Esme was the Hook killer, and he added that that was why he'd locked Esme up. Esme said that Nikolas was lying, and Nikolas pleaded with Elizabeth to believe him. Later, Nikolas and Elizabeth returned to the living room. Nikolas tried to reassure Elizabeth that Esme had been lying, and he recalled that all of the Hook killer's victims were connected to Trina's trial.

Elizabeth thought that Nikolas should call the police, but Nikolas refused because of Esme's pregnancy. Elizabeth asked if Spencer knew that Esme was pregnant, and she assumed that Spencer was the baby's father. Nikolas swallowed a large gulp of alcohol, and Elizabeth was in disbelief when she realized that Nikolas had slept with Esme.

Elizabeth's phone chimed, and she said she had to leave. Nikolas rushed after Elizabeth, and he grabbed her by the arm. "Let... me... go," Elizabeth demanded, and she pulled away from Nikolas.

After Elizabeth left the mansion, Nikolas reappeared in Esme's room. Esme asked if Elizabeth had called the police, and Nikolas revealed that she hadn't. "Then it's just a matter of time. You don't really think she'll lie for you, do you?" Esme asked. "No. That's why this ends now," Nikolas said menacingly.

At the hospital, Jeff walked into General Hospital for the first time in over 40 years, and the first person he encountered was Finn, who confronted Jeff about Jeff's affair with Reiko 25 years earlier. Finn punched Jeff in the face.

Finn left for his office, and Jeff followed. Finn told Jeff that the affair had been all Jeff's fault, and he mentioned that Jeff and Carolyn had programmed Elizabeth to forget she had pushed Reiko down the stairs.

Jeff said that he and Carolyn had done what they had thought was best for Elizabeth at the time. Finn screamed that Jeff was solely responsible for everything Elizabeth had been through, beginning with her blackouts following the stairwell incident with Peter the previous summer. Jeff said that he didn't have to justify to Finn how he and Carolyn had chosen to deal with Elizabeth's trauma.

Jeff asked about Finn's relationship with Elizabeth, and he quipped that Finn hadn't been in Monterey when Elizabeth had "needed" someone. Finn scoffed, and he asked where Jeff had been for the past 25 years when Elizabeth had needed her dad. Just then, Elizabeth walked into Finn's office, and she stared at the two men.

Nikolas calls for help when Esme has a medical emergency

Nikolas calls for help when Esme has a medical emergency

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

At Metro Court, Brick was his usual charming and flirtatious self as he invited Carly into his hotel room. After the door closed, Nina rounded the corner. "Well, well, well. I wonder what Drew would think of this, Carly?" Nina said.

A short time later, Nina joined Sonny at their table. It didn't take long for Nina to tell Sonny that she'd seen Carly enter Brick's hotel room. Sonny tensed, and he asked if Brick or Carly had said anything. Nina painted a salacious picture as she told Sonny about Brick's flirtatious greeting. "I'm sure there's a simple explanation," Nina said when she noticed Sonny's stormy expression. Nina quickly changed the subject, but Sonny remained quiet.

Nina regretted telling Sonny about Brick and Carly, especially on the heels of what had happened with Michael, Willow, and T.J. Nina vowed to mind her own business moving forward, but Sonny assured her that she had done the right thing. He tried to focus on their date, but Nina admitted that she wondered why Carly's encounter with Brick mattered to Sonny. Sonny insisted there was nothing between him and Carly except for Donna. Nina believed Sonny, but she also wondered if Sonny would have a problem if Carly dated someone close to Sonny.

Sonny spotted Brick as Brick approach the bar, so he quickly excused himself. At the bar, Sonny greeted Brick and cut to the chase by asking about Brick's visit with Carly. Brick realized that Sonny had gotten the wrong idea about his friendship with Carly. Brick admitted that he enjoyed flirting with Carly, but Brick was adamant that nothing inappropriate had transpired with Carly. Sonny wasn't satisfied, and he asked why Brick and Carly had met. Brick promised that he was loyal to Sonny. Brick offered to tell Sonny everything if Sonny insisted, but Brick didn't want to have to break a promise to Carly.

Sonny agreed to take Brick's word for it because he knew Brick's word was Brick's bond. "But you don't like it," Brick said. Before Sonny could reply, Nina walked up and invited Brick to join her and Sonny for dinner. Brick declined. Seconds later, a waitress handed Brick a takeout order.

After Brick left, Sonny assured Nina that Carly was free to see whoever Carly pleased -- as long as it wasn't someone connected to him. "She's not the only one with boundaries that need to be respected," Sonny said. Nina was curious what Brick had said, so Sonny revealed that Brick had denied an affair. "And you believe him?" Nina asked. Sonny explained that he had known Brick for years, and he trusted Brick completely. Nina sensed some hesitation, but she dropped it when Sonny suggested they order their dinner.

In Josslyn's dorm room, Dex was sprawled out on Josslyn's bed as he groaned in pain. Josslyn told him to take it easy, and she stroked his arm to comfort him. However, she realized that he was hot. "So are you," Dex said in a weak voice. Josslyn smiled and ordered Dex to rest. After she slid a thermometer into his mouth, she reminded him of all the ways that Sonny had failed Dex, including when he had decided, with "zero evidence," that Dex was the hook-wielding killer.

Josslyn didn't understand why Dex continued to work for a man like Sonny. Dex recalled Michael warning Dex to stay away from Josslyn because Michael didn't want Josslyn to know about Michael and Dex's plan to take down Sonny. Dex pushed the memory away. "All I can tell you is I have my reasons," Dex said. Josslyn checked the thermometer, and she grew concerned when she realized that he had a fever. Josslyn warned Dex that she would take him to the hospital if her mother didn't return soon.

After Josslyn fetched a cool cloth for Dex, he confessed that he was amazed that she had stuck her head out for a complete stranger. Josslyn reminded Dex that he had helped her retrieve Avery's bracelet from a Dumpster, so they weren't strangers. Dex praised Josslyn as an engaged big sister, but he didn't know much else. Josslyn offered to tell him about herself, but first she wanted to know more about Dex. Dex confessed that he liked college football and that his favorite team was the Georgia Bulldogs because of a friend from his Army days who had been killed in action.

Moments later, Carly arrived with antibiotics. Josslyn quickly handed Dex a dose of medication and a water bottle. Dex thanked Carly, but she told him that he could show his gratitude by getting some rest, because the sooner Dex's fever broke, the sooner Dex could leave. Josslyn worried about Dex's recovery, but Carly was confident that Dex's fever would break by morning. After Dex fell asleep, Carly admitted that she was concerned about Josslyn's involvement with Dex. Josslyn assured her mother that it hadn't been planned for Dex to recuperate in the dorm.

Carly knew that Josslyn had a big heart, but Carly was curious why Josslyn would go out on a limb for Dex. Josslyn conceded that she barely knew Dex, but Josslyn and Dex had become friends. Josslyn reminded Carly of Ava's attack at the Quartermaine picnic and how Dex had answered Josslyn's cries for help. Josslyn admitted that the traumatic experience had bonded her and Dex. Josslyn shifted gears because she was eager for news about Esme, but Carly revealed that Esme hadn't been found.

Carly advised Josslyn to remain vigilant because Esme was dangerous. Josslyn agreed, but Carly warned Josslyn that Esme was not the only threat that Josslyn faced. Carly pointedly looked at Dex, and she asked what Josslyn knew about the young man. Josslyn revealed that Dex had been in the military, and he was estranged from his siblings. Josslyn promised that Dex had not sought her out for help; she had found Dex by accident. Carly admitted that looking at Josslyn was like looking in a mirror, so Carly appreciated that it was pointless to try to dissuade Josslyn from helping Dex.

Carly hugged her daughter and assured Josslyn that she loved her. Carly explained that she had to get home to Donna, but she instructed Josslyn to lock the door and not to answer it for anyone. After Carly left, Josslyn sat on the foot of her bed and watched Dex sleep.

At Michael and Willow's residence, Drew offered to help Willow find her birth parents. Willow was grateful for the generous offer, and Michael agreed that it was a good idea. After Michael stepped outside to let Leo know that it was time to go home for dinner, Willow told Drew about her discovery that Harmony had lied. Drew suggested that he start his search by locating the people who had been at the commune with Harmony -- and Douglas Miller -- at the time of Willow's birth. Willow warned Drew that it would be a waste of time because it had been her experience that people who lived on communes changed their names and were distrustful of outsiders.

Drew explained that he would frame it as a human-interest story, and he would have a reporter with him. Drew was confident that getting Willow's story out would generate leads. "Somebody gave birth to you, and odds are, they had help," Drew said. Willow confessed that Drew almost gave her hope of finding her birth parents. "Every riddle has an answer," Drew replied. Willow admitted that she was eager to get answers as soon as possible, but he cautioned her that it might take some time.

Moments later, Michael and Leo entered. Michael explained that Leo had found a cell phone, but the battery had been dead. Michael revealed that he intended to charge the phone and contact the owner, and Leo had wanted to help. After Michael and Leo went upstairs to find a charger, Drew reminded Willow that he had been in a similar situation before he had found his birth family. Drew understood how Willow felt, and he hoped that her relatives embraced her the way the Quartermaines had him. Willow hoped that Drew was right, but she was prepared if her family wasn't as welcoming as Drew's family had been.

Leo returned to the living room and announced that he was headed home because he was hungry. After Leo left, Drew chuckled. Drew admitted that he couldn't wait to see what kind of people their children grew up to be. Willow smiled, but her eyes looked sad. A few minutes later, Drew and Willow were talking about Scout when Michael entered the living room. Michael frowned when he saw the phone that he had charged had a notification of an email from Sonny.

Michael explained that he had to step outside to make a call, so Drew took the opportunity to shift gears and thank Willow for trusting him to find her birth parents. Willow warned Drew that he might hit a brick wall because the secret of her birth had been decades in the making, but Drew was confident that someone had the answers they were looking for.

Outside, Michael pulled out his phone and called Dex. Michael frowned when the mystery phone rang because he had no idea how the phone had ended up outside his home or where Dex was.

In Finn's office, Elizabeth demanded to know what her father was doing there. Jeff explained that he had been looking for her. "Why do things on my terms?" Elizabeth asked. Finn brushed past Jeff and asked Elizabeth about being admitted to the hospital the previous evening. She assured Finn that she was fine. She promised to fill him in later, but she wanted to know if Finn was okay because she had noticed her father's busted lip.

Finn admitted that he'd had an "interesting" encounter with Jeff. Annoyed, Elizabeth ordered her father to leave before Jeff made things worse. Jeff's expression turned sad. "I'm sorry you feel that way, Lizzie," Jeff said. "My name is Elizabeth," she angrily replied. Elizabeth accused Jeff of wreaking havoc on everyone's lives and being an unfaithful husband. She pointed to her sister Hayden as evidence of Jeff's affairs, and she blamed her father for the confrontation with Reiko at the top of the stairs.

Elizabeth was certain Reiko wouldn't be dead, and Reiko and Finn would have stayed happily married if not for Jeff. Elizabeth also pointed out that she wouldn't have spent years repressing the memories of what had happened to Reiko. Jeff admitted that he was unable to dispute Elizabeth's accusations. Meanwhile, Finn's phone buzzed, and Finn was forced to excuse himself to check on a patient.

After Finn left, Elizabeth asked if Jeff was there to absolve his guilt. Jeff explained that his encounter with Finn had been an accident, but Jeff acknowledged that the affair with Reiko had been unforgiveable. Elizabeth was surprised when Jeff admitted that a lot had been left unsaid. "Really? Like what?" Elizabeth asked. Jeff assured his daughter that he and Carolyn had only wanted the best for Elizabeth. Elizabeth scoffed, and she reminded him that he had walked out on her 25 years earlier.

Jeff argued that Elizabeth had created a narrative where her parents had been relieved to be rid of their youngest daughter. Jeff promised Elizabeth that it was not true, and no one had blamed Elizabeth for Reiko's death. Elizabeth didn't believe him because her parents had treated her differently than her "perfect" sister Sarah. Jeff insisted that Sarah hadn't been perfect because no one was without flaws. Jeff assured Elizabeth that he and Carolyn had wanted both of their daughters to be happy and healthy. Elizabeth was skeptical because her parents hadn't drugged Sarah.

Jeff admitted that he had made mistakes, and while he didn't expect Elizabeth's forgiveness or understanding, he would be grateful for both. He promised that every choice -- regardless of how misguided or flawed -- had been made out of love for Elizabeth. Elizabeth was taken aback when Jeff admitted that he had always felt the closest to Elizabeth. "Me?" Elizabeth asked.

Elizabeth snidely asked if it was because she had been a "screw-up" like Jeff. "Because you go your own way. You're not afraid to take chances," Jeff said. Elizabeth denied that she and Jeff were anything alike, and she said he had only known her as a child. Jeff was crushed by the rejection, but he admitted that he hoped Elizabeth changed her mind because he wanted a chance to get to know the person that Elizabeth had become. Jeff assured Elizabeth that he wouldn't push her, but he promised that he and Carolyn loved her.

Elizabeth's phone rang as Jeff walked to the door, but she kept her back to her father. After Jeff left, she sat down in a chair and glanced at her phone. Elizabeth continued to ignore her phone as Nikolas kept calling back. She remained in the office until Finn returned. She promised Finn that her father would not bother him again, but Finn was more concerned about Elizabeth's recent hospitalization.

Elizabeth told Finn about her encounter with Esme and her suspicion that Esme hadn't intended to hurt her. Finn was glad that Elizabeth hadn't been seriously hurt, prompting Elizabeth to apologize about Reiko. When Elizabeth's phone buzzed with another call from Nikolas, she sent the call to voicemail. Elizabeth admitted that she wouldn't blame Finn if he wanted to walk away because their relationship had had a spotty track record because of her. Elizabeth feared that it had been too much for Finn.

Before Finn could reply, Elizabeth's phone buzzed again. Frustrated, Elizabeth answered the call and told Nikolas that she was busy. After a brief exchange, Elizabeth agreed to meet Nikolas. She ended the call and explained that she had to leave. Finn wanted to know what was going on, but Elizabeth admitted that she couldn't tell him. Finn was not happy.

In Wyndemere's north tower, Demetrius stood in the doorway as Nikolas tossed a duffle bag to Esme and ordered Esme to pack. Esme demanded to know where she was going, but Nikolas turned to Demetrius and instructed his bodyguard to ready the jet and to make certain "the house" was prepared for guests. After Demetrius left, Nikolas told Esme that he intended to take her someplace that no one would ever find her. Esme refused to leave with Nikolas because she didn't trust him, but Nikolas assured her that she would remain unharmed because she was pregnant with his child.

Desperate, Esme reminded Nikolas that he couldn't leave Spencer, Ava, and Laura behind, but Nikolas was unmoved. Esme asked where her suitcase was from the night that Ava had pushed Esme from the parapet. Nikolas clarified that Esme's own momentum had taken Esme over the parapet, and he revealed that he had burned everything that Esme had left behind. Esme was certain the police would like to know about Ava's role in Esme's fall, but Nikolas reminded Esme that the police would lock Esme up because she was the hook-wielding killer.

"Not this again," Esme said. Nikolas and Esme continued to trade words until Nikolas decided to set two ground rules. He made it clear that lying would not be tolerated. "What's rule number two?" Esme asked. "Don't make me repeat myself," Nikolas answered. Nikolas gave Esme five minutes to pack and walked to the door. However, Esme suddenly doubled over and cried out in pain.

Esme claimed that she felt sharp pains, and she continued to wail as she clutched her stomach. Demetrius returned to report that everything had been prepared, but he ran over to help Esme when Esme begged Demetrius for help. Nikolas was certain that Esme was faking, but Esme warned Nikolas that he was about to find out how wrong he was. Nikolas pulled out his phone and called Elizabeth while Demetrius sat beside the bed, holding Esme's hand as she screamed and writhed in pain.

After Nikolas spoke to Elizabeth, he dismissed Demetrius. Esme accused Nikolas of cruelty by denying her a friend. "As memory serves, you make sex tapes of your friends," Nikolas said. Esme flinched when Nikolas reached out and tucked a wayward strand of hair behind her ear. Nikolas assured her that help was on the way. Esme's pain appeared to subside as she relaxed and thanked Nikolas. Nikolas told Esme that he was certain she was pretending because she knew he cared about the baby.

A short time later, Nikolas thanked Elizabeth for answering his call for help. Elizabeth was not pleased, but Nikolas argued that he was keeping a killer off the streets. Elizabeth pointed out that Esme belong behind bars if she was dangerous, but Nikolas refused to let Esme out of his sight until the baby was born. Elizabeth softened because she realized that Nikolas already cared about his unborn child. However, Elizabeth informed Nikolas that she would only help him once.

Grateful, Nikolas unlocked the door to Esme's suite. Nikolas and Elizabeth stopped short when they saw Esme. Esme was on the floor, and she appeared to be unconscious.

Elizabeth outsmarts Esme

Elizabeth outsmarts Esme

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Sasha and Gladys were sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant when Sonny arrived. Sasha thanked him for the flowers and for remembering that it would have been Liam's first birthday. Sonny commented that Liam would always be in their hearts. He wondered how the guardianship arrangement was going, and Gladys told him about the deal she had to approve for Sasha at Deception to appease the investors. Sonny wondered if Sasha had seen the changes that the new chef had made in the kitchen yet, and he invited her along for a tour.

After the tour of the kitchen, Sonny took Sasha aside and admitted that he'd wanted a "one-on-one" with her to check in about how Gladys was really doing as a guardian. Sasha responded that, after her and Gladys' initial disagreement, Sasha had realized that Gladys was only trying to protect Sasha's share in the company. She commented that it was better than having a stranger as a guardian, and she knew that Gladys was only looking out for her.

Britt took a sip of her drink at the Metro Court bar and immediately had a coughing fit. Brad approached and advised her to do something about the cough, and she snapped at him. She apologized and said that she'd had a bad day, but she knew that "raising hell" with Brad was what she needed. He wondered what was going on with her, but Selina approached, breaking up the conversation. Selina was glad to see Brad enjoying himself after working so hard, and she was glad he had a friend to depend on. Britt pointedly promised that she had Brad's back if anyone ever tried to hurt him. Selina advised the bartender to put their drinks on her tab, and she walked away.

Brad was shocked at the way Britt had talked to Selina, as no one who expected to live long did that. Britt replied that Selina didn't scare her ever since she'd blackmailed Britt. Britt explained that she'd encouraged Brad to work for Selina instead of the hospital because of Selina, and she apologized. Brad insisted that he liked working with his aunt, so she'd actually done him a favor. He knew that she was dealing with something big and asked how he could help her out in return. She replied that it was nothing that alcohol and music wouldn't fix. She grabbed his hand, and the two ran out to go to the Savoy.

Gladys approached Selina at a table and said that it was nice to see a "fellow investor." Selina expressed her sympathy about Brando. Gladys commented that she and Sasha were looking after each other, and the court had made it clear that what was Sasha's was Gladys'. Intrigued, Selina talked about a "private party" she held occasionally at the Savoy, and she wondered how Gladys felt about Texas Hold 'Em. "I'm not disinterested," Gladys replied. Selina handed Gladys a card with information about the game and advised her to keep it private.

Sonny and Sasha approached Gladys and Selina, and he said he hadn't known that they knew each other. Selina replied that they were "potential business associates." "What kind of business?" a suspicious Sonny asked. Selina was glad to see Sasha doing better, and Sasha replied that she was getting help from friends. Selina hoped that Sasha would consider her a friend, as well, and she left as Sonny glared at Gladys. Sasha hugged Gladys for always having her best interest at heart. "Of course. Always," Gladys replied.

At the police station, Dante was talking with an officer when he spotted Sam. She'd decided to visit him at work, but she insisted that the surprise she had for him should be private. They went into the interrogation room, and he was delighted to open the bag she handed him and find "a hoagie from Sal's." As he happily ate, he vented about his assigned investigation into Anna. Sam was surprised when he mentioned that Sonny could be involved, and he asked about any safe houses she could direct him to. Sam believed that would be a waste of time, as Anna would probably be far away.

Changing the subject, Sam and Dante dreamed about winning the lottery and taking the kids on a vacation to Iceland. Instead of spending imaginary lottery money, she suggested that they divert from their construction money and do their home renovations themselves.

Nikolas let Elizabeth into Esme's room, and they found Esme passed out on the floor. Elizabeth examined Esme and divulged that the baby was in distress, so they needed to call an ambulance or risk a miscarriage. Because Nikolas didn't like either of those options, Elizabeth advised him to get a knife from the kitchen so she could sterilize it and do a C-section. "Get your grubby paws off me and my baby!" Esme screamed as she popped up from the floor.

Elizabeth smiled and said she'd known that scaring Esme would cure her. Esme yelled that Elizabeth was supposed to help her, but Elizabeth had no sympathy for Esme since the sex tape. As Nikolas and Elizabeth left the room, Elizabeth was put off by Esme's cries for help. When they were gone, Esme told the baby that Ryan would never forgive her for being outsmarted by Elizabeth. Just then, she realized the baby was kicking. She wondered if the baby would be a soccer player. She began to laugh uncontrollably until she cried.

Downstairs at Wyndemere, Elizabeth wondered what Nikolas' endgame was. Nikolas thought that he would use Elizabeth to tend to Esme until she gave birth, but Elizabeth refused. He informed her that she was "part of this now," as Esme would never stay quiet about Elizabeth's involvement. He revealed that he'd planned to fly Esme to Cassadine Island, where she would live out the rest of her days after giving birth. He begged Elizabeth not to say anything to the police, and when she agreed, he replied that he owed her. Elizabeth insisted that Esme have the baby at Wyndemere, and she would serve as the nurse.

On the phone with Martin, Laura insisted that she was getting some take-out for the two of them, as they were family. She didn't want to get his hopes up, but she revealed that there were a lot of people risking their lives trying to find Lucy.

Inside Haven Bistro, Robert and Holly were glad for some private time together. He talked about how worried he was about Anna, who he hadn't heard from since her escape. Laura arrived and sat down with them while she waited for her take-out order. Laura updated Holly on her discovery of two brothers, and Martin's relationship with Lucy. Laura continued that Martin was convinced of Anna's guilt because of the video "evidence." Holly went on a passionate tirade against gaslighting. When she calmed down, she claimed that she knew what it was like to lose someone, and how many ways there were to lose them. She said she just knew that Anna wasn't responsible.

Laura commented that Holly sounded sure of herself, and she wondered if Holly knew something that they didn't. Holly abruptly excused herself to get some air. Laura was suspicious of Holly, but Robert thought that it was a big jump to think that Holly was working with Victor. Laura knew that Robert loved Holly, but she believed that he knew deep down that Holly was hiding something.

Outside, Holly thought back to Lucy getting shot. She thought back to shedding a wig and the clothes and gun that had later been found in Anna's car. She shivered and shook her head in regret.

Robert confronts Holly as the search for Anna intensifies

Robert confronts Holly as the search for Anna intensifies

Friday, November 18, 2022

At the hospital, Spinelli told Sam that he had found a juvenile arrest record for Cody. Spinelli said that Cody's record hadn't been uploaded to any databases, and he added that he was more than ready to find out what was in the records.

Also at the hospital, Maxie wondered if the recent surgeries Austin had been called away for were a cover for something. Maxie thought Austin had been avoiding her, but Austin swore otherwise. Austin asked how he could put Maxie's mind at ease, and the two kissed. Spinelli appeared just in time to see the kiss. He started to leave after Austin's phone chimed, but Maxie stopped him. "I'm getting pretty sick of this," Maxie said.

Maxie thought that Georgie's distrust of Austin was a direct result of Spinelli's influence. Spinelli said that if Georgie didn't like Austin, she shouldn't have to spend time with him. Austin returned, and Maxie received a call from James's school. After Maxie left, Austin asked if Spinelli had run the algorithm to see if Austin and Maxie were a match.

Spinelli asked why Austin would even need the algorithm, given that Maxie already thought she and Austin were a perfect match. Austin said he needed the algorithm for reasons Spinelli couldn't possibly understand.

In her office at the hospital, Britt received a visit from Sam. Britt asked if Sam had gone to talk about the necklace. Sam was leery of sharing information about the necklace with Cody in the room, but Britt gave Sam her blessing.

Sam shared that based on what she had found, the necklace had been in Leopold Taub's possession, and Cody was likely its rightful heir. Sam added that the necklace could have been obtained by Faison and that if a sales receipt were to surface, the necklace could belong to Britt.

Austin knocked, and he asked Britt to step outside with him. Outside Britt's office, Austin shared that he had contacted one of the top Huntington's disease specialists in the country and that the specialist had agreed to drive from a medical conference in Toronto to meet with Britt. Austin encouraged Britt to attend the meeting.

Alone in Britt's office, Sam told Cody that she knew why Cody had forced Spinelli into matching Britt with Cody. "It's the necklace. That's what you've been after all along, isn't it?" Sam asked.

Sam said that it was convenient that a necklace worth millions had turned up in Britt's safe deposit box not long after Cody had arrived in town. Sam also noted that Cody had used blackmail as a way to get closer to Britt. "That certainly seems like an agenda," Sam said. "No one is squeaky clean. I'm not, you're not, and not even Dante," Cody replied.

Sam asked what Cody meant, but Britt reentered before Cody could answer. Sam left, and Britt remarked that Cody had just inherited "some major coin." Just then, Victor appeared outside Britt's office, and he overheard Britt say that Cody had inherited part of the Ice Princess diamond.

Later, Sam asked Spinelli to hold off on looking into Cody's arrest record. When Spinelli asked why Sam had changed her mind, Sam said that she had her reasons, and she asked Spinelli to promise to leave the matter alone.

At Metro Court, Robert wondered why Holly looked so morose. Holly said that Lucy and Anna were both on her mind. Holly told Robert how much it had meant to her that Robert had never lost hope in finding her, and the two kissed.

Robert asked what had prompted the kiss. Holly said that she had gotten caught up in the moment. Holly changed the subject back to Lucy and Anna. Robert said he knew that Anna was somewhere safe. Robert's phone rang, and he asked the caller to text him the address to Anna's safe house.

Holly spilled her drink, and she asked Robert to bring her club soda. When Robert left, Holly looked at Robert's phone, and she saw the address that had been texted. Robert returned, and Holly left with the excuse that she had made an appointment with Kevin to help treat her memory issues. On an elevator, Holly phoned Victor to ask for a meeting.

Earlier, at Pier 55 on the Waterfront District, Laura ran into Victor. Laura had been on her way to visit Nikolas at Wyndemere, and Victor offered to share a launch. Laura refused. Victor asked Laura to drop her "pointless vendetta" against him. Laura said that when she sorted everything out, she would take Victor down.

Victor claimed that he was saddened by Laura's "stubborn refusal" to let the past be the past. Laura accused Victor of having framed Anna for Lucy's murder. Victor said he wanted Lucy's killer brought to justice. Laura agreed that it was something they both had in common, and she left.

Later, Holly met Victor at the pier, and she reluctantly gave Victor the same address that had been texted to Robert. Victor was surprised by how easily Holly had volunteered the information, and he said that Holly would have to alert the police to Anna's whereabouts herself. Victor left after he received a text.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Mac and Dante overheard Agent Witten tell someone over the phone to keep an eye on Valentin because Valentin could lead the Marshal's office straight to Anna. Mac and Dante returned to the interrogation room. Mac shared that Cody wasn't his son. Dante sympathized with Mac, and Felicia entered with food for Mac and Dante. Dante left to get coffee.

Felicia thought that Mac had been lying about his true feelings about the results of Cody's DNA tests. Mac said he had more pressing issues to worry about, and he referenced that Anna was being framed for murder and that a serial killer was on the loose. Felicia pleaded with Mac to be honest with her about his feelings about Cody's DNA results.

Mac said that raising Maxie and Georgie had been the honor of his life, but he added that the bond Maxie shared with Felicia was an experience he didn't have. Mac admitted that he had gotten his hopes up that Cody was his son. Felicia encouraged Mac to grieve, but Mac said he needed to move on.

Dante returned with coffee, and moments later, Witten entered the interrogation room with Laura. Witten announced that he had a lead on Anna's whereabouts, and he offered to let Mac and Dante ride with him. Mac and Dante left with Witten. Afterwards, Felicia asked how worried she and Laura should be about Anna. "Very," Laura said.

Felicia received a text from Mac, and she shared that Witten's van had pulled up outside the suspected safe house. Felicia added that Witten wouldn't hesitate to "take Anna down" if Anna refused to surrender willingly. Laura hoped that Mac and Dante could get Anna out of the house safely.

Earlier, at the safe house, Anna had been surprised when Valentin had appeared. After Valentin entered, Anna pulled him close for a kiss. Valentin told Anna that it was no longer safe for her to be at the safe house, and he wanted to get Anna out of the country.

Valentin shared that he had arranged for a driver to pick up Anna. Valentin promised that he and all of Anna's friends would work together to bring her home safely. The two kissed and made love on the couch.

Afterwards, Valentin held Anna, and he swore that he would always fight for her. Later, Anna walked down the stairs with a suitcase. She and Valentin heard the sound of an approaching car. The two prepared to say goodbye, and they swore to bring Victor down.

At the same time, in an outdoor area near a house, Witten announced to his men that he had two SWAT agents stationed near the back of the house, and he instructed Dante to get in position to take a shot if necessary. After Witten walked away, an uneasy Dante asked if Mac was ready. "Let's just hope we all make it out in one piece," Mac replied.

Mac and Dante grabbed their guns, and Witten's team entered the house with a battering ram. Once inside, Witten was stunned to find the room empty. Witten yelled for his men to find out how Anna had escaped. Mac asked Witten what he thought had happened. "Either the anonymous caller got it wrong and gave us a bad tip, or they got it right and we got here too late," Witten snapped.

Dante wondered who had called in the tip. Mac said that regardless of who had made the call, Witten had learned not to underestimate Anna.

Alone at the docks, Holly flashed back to the sound of two gunshots. Holly was startled when she turned to see Robert. "You've got some explaining to do," Robert told Holly.

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