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Holly received help disappearing without raising Victor's suspicions. Selina gave Victor a tainted drink. Chase ended things with Brook Lynn. Josslyn decided to go to medical school. Willow collapsed during an argument with Nina. Valentin had a business offer for Sonny. Olivia's plans for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner ended in disaster -- and pizza from Luigi's.
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Holly received help disappearing without raising Victor's suspicions. Willow collapsed during an argument with Nina. The Quartermaines' Thanksgiving dinner ended in a feathery disaster.
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Heather and Ryan receive visitors at Spring Ridge

Heather and Ryan receive visitors at Spring Ridge

Monday, November 28, 2022

Jordan phoned Mac from the hospital and told him to "stay on task" while she monitored Robert. Mac looked over at Kevin and Ava, who were sitting at a table at Metro Court, and headed their way. Mac announced that he and Kevin wanted Ava's help in catching Esme. Ava admitted that while she wanted Esme to "rot," she hadn't seen her and would certainly divulge information if she knew anything.

Kevin explained that Ava knew someone who probably knew where Esme was hiding, and that person was Ryan. He and Mac thought that Ava was someone that Ryan might connect with, and Ava agreed. "You want to use me as bait," she said. She made it clear that Trina was Esme's target, and they had to protect her.

At General Hospital, T.J. told Diane and Jordan that Robert was "sleeping it off" although he was waiting for the results of the tox screen. Jordan declared that she was pretty positive that Robert had been drugged, and T.J. assured her that he'd rush the results. In his room, Robert awakened, and Diane sat by his side. She refreshed his memory and mentioned the tequila shots and the trip to his room with Holly. Diane added that she had given the WSB his message.

Robert suddenly noticed that his briefcase was missing from its handcuff, and he demanded to see Jordan.

Dante paid a visit to Heather at Spring Ridge. As he was let into her room, he found her immersed in painting. "Well, hello again, Detective Handsome. Wanna model for me?" Heather piped up when she saw him. Dante revealed that he was there to question her about the transport crash, but Heather offered to only tell him for a price. Dante admitted that he couldn't make a deal, but he thought that if she provided information, it could only help her later.

Heather refused, and Dante told her she'd have plenty of time to get good at her painting. He knocked on the door for the guard to let him out, and Heather frowned. She banged on the door and asked the guard to allow her to leave in order to make a tiny phone call.

Elsewhere in the facility, a caregiver attempted to read stories of interest from the newspaper to Ryan. He noted that there was nothing new on the hook killer, and Anna was at large.

Laura and Scott chatted while standing at the Perks cart in Rice Plaza. They talked about family, and Laura noted her intention to locate Lucy's real shooter to bring them to justice. Holly sat on a bench nearby and overheard. Laura and Scott made their way to the bench, and Holly exclaimed about seeing a woodchuck floating up into the air. She noted that she was waiting for a ride-share because she had business to tend to. She said she hadn't expected to see so much activity around her.

Scott and Laura were surprised that Holly would have any business the night before Thanksgiving, and they mentioned that the activity was all related to the upcoming holiday parade. Holly replied that some business couldn't wait, but she was certain that Laura could understand that. Laura agreed, although she made it clear that she would be spending time with family. Scott received a phone call and walked away. He was annoyed that it was Heather, who asked him to visit her. She was sure it would be worth his while.

Laura and Holly couldn't believe that Scott decided to see Heather and agreed it couldn't be good. Holly announced that she had to go out of town, and she was in disbelief that her ride had never shown up. She explained that she was doing contract work for government agencies, and Robert didn't know because he wouldn't approve. Laura offered to drive her, and Holly accepted.

Esme let out a scream but quickly apologized to "Ace" in her locked room at Wyndemere. The door opened, and Elizabeth walked in. She announced that she was there to help Esme. She checked Esme's vitals and exclaimed that stress was bad for the baby. Esme reminded her that she was locked in a room, but Elizabeth wanted Esme to take her pregnancy seriously. Esme begged Elizabeth to tell Nikolas to let her go, and she accused Elizabeth of being an accomplice. Elizabeth revealed that Esme would be taken to Greece and the Cassadine estate after the baby's birth and would live in luxury.

Esme didn't believe that she would be taken care of indefinitely and felt she would be disposable. Elizabeth disagreed and maintained that Nikolas was loyal to people that he cared about. She suggested that Esme make sure to see to it that Nikolas cared about her. She added that she would stop by every couple of days, and she handed Esme a bottle of prenatal vitamins. She said that Esme would not be getting out anytime soon.

After Elizabeth had gone, Esme wondered what her daddy would do. She "saw" Ryan sitting on her bed, and she complained and argued about her situation. "Use the baby," he said. He urged her to toss the vitamins out and refuse to take care of herself. Esme thought she could lose her leverage if she lost the baby, but Ryan assured her that the baby was her only leverage. Esme dumped most of the pills and figured that Elizabeth would bring her more. She didn't want to risk hurting the baby but would do whatever it took.

Downstairs, Nikolas left a phone message for Ava and told her he loved her. The doorbell sounded, and he was annoyed to see Victor standing there with his luggage. Victor stated that he had more because he was moving in. Nikolas tried to tell him it wasn't a good time, but Victor stated that there had been a development. He said he needed some extra security, and he wanted to prepare the family for what was to come. Victor continued that Nikolas and Spencer were the only ones he could trust, and he wanted Nikolas to "get the house in order."

Victor poured drinks and handed Nikolas a glass. Nikolas stated that the house wasn't prepared for him yet, and renovations were still underway. "Tonight, the tide turns for this family," Victor said. He didn't want Nikolas to spend the holiday alone. Just then, Elizabeth walked into the room. "How cozy," Victor remarked. He announced that he would pick out his suite in the north tower. "No!" Nikolas shouted. He quickly told his uncle that with renovations, Victor would have to stay in the south tower.

Victor headed out of the room and closed the doors. "What the hell, Nikolas?" Elizabeth proclaimed. She wondered if Nikolas was trying to get caught. She told him that Esme was doing okay, although she hadn't had any prenatal care. Nikolas assured her everything was under control, but Elizabeth had a bad feeling. Out of earshot, Victor phoned his man Gavin and asked about the necklace and Holly's whereabouts.

Victor returned to the study, and Elizabeth left. Nikolas claimed that Elizabeth had shown up to talk because she'd had a rough time. Victor told him to stop lying. He was happy to see Nikolas acting like a single man, although he was perturbed at how long Nikolas' divorce had been taking. Nikolas asked him not to tell Ava anything. He also stated that the divorce needed more time, and Victor hoped that was true. He received a message and left to make a call. He was angry to hear that Holly had disappeared.

Scott visited Heather, and she cried about Franco. She complained about her neck pain after the van accident, and she told Scott that she wanted to sue the city and police department. She thought that if he could get her freed, she would be taken more seriously. She thought it was possible that they could get a lot of money for her distress. Scott was pretty certain that that would never work because of Heather being a "crackpot." She revealed that Dante had stopped by to question her, so she knew that she was valuable. She added that she knew who had helped Anna to escape.

Scott assured Heather that no one would make a deal with her. She continued to try to persuade him, but Scott told her no and "nein." He noted that he had learned "nein" from his German girlfriend. He stated that he had stopped by to see what Heather was up to, and he would tell the cops. Heather snapped that she never forgot her friends or enemies, to which Scott replied that he never did, either. He tapped on the door to be released.

Ava and Mac bumped into Dante when they arrived to see Ryan, and they gave Dante an update. Ava spotted Ryan and wandered over to him. Snidely, she asked him if he was still locked in. The caregiver responded that that was still the case, and he proceeded to try to tell Ava about Ryan's responses. She cut him off and made it clear that she would be the one doing the talking. The caregiver stood up, and Ava sat down. She told Ryan that Esme had been her attacker. "The audacity!" she exclaimed. She wondered if Ryan would like to help her get back at Esme for trying to take what was his.

The caregiver stated that Ryan wanted to know what was in it for him. Ava replied that she would be at every interview, and Ryan would be able to "bask in my presence." She said that he would also get credit for his public service. When Ryan didn't respond, Ava taunted that he was toying with her. She quickly lost her patience and wanted to know if they had a deal. "I can't wait to see you again, my love," the caregiver reported for Ryan. Mac announced that they'd be in touch to schedule an interview. "Never fear, Ava. We'll find Esme together," Ryan said through his nurse.

Heather rushed out of her space with her painting and was horrified when she saw Ryan. She commented that everyone knew who Ryan was, but the caregiver remarked that everyone also knew who Heather was. Ryan and Heather stared at each other.

Back at the hospital, Robert tried to unhook his tubes while T.J. sat with him. Robert was desperate to find the necklace and Holly. T.J. told Robert that he couldn't leave. Diane and Jordan arrived, and Jordan announced that some footage from Metro Court had been reviewed, and Holly appeared to be fine. She asked why Holly would do such a thing. Robert appeared to want to say something, but Jordan received a phone call and left. Diane guessed that Robert had something on his mind. She stated that Holly had stolen the necklace and drugged him. She added that he was in trouble, and her rates were exorbitant. Robert denied everything, but Diane hoped that Holly wouldn't drag him down.

In the car, Laura chatted to Holly about her mother and the fact that Kevin was working. She thought that Holly's memory would return, and she asked what agency Holly was working for. Holly responded that it was classified. Just then, Laura received a phone call from Jordan, but before she could tell Jordan who she was with, Jordan began to talk over the speakerphone. Jordan said that the attacker had the missing necklace that was made with diamonds from the Ice Princess. Holly quickly disconnected the call and trained a gun on Laura.

Laura admitted that she had known that Holly couldn't be trusted. She told Holly to put the gun down. She guessed that Holly was working for Victor. Laura refused to follow any of Holly's directions.

Soon after, Holly and Laura stood on the road by the highway exit. While Holly held her gun in Laura's direction, she grabbed Laura's phone and called Kevin. She tossed the phone on the ground and fled. Laura picked up the phone and told Kevin where she was. She said that she needed help, and Holly had stolen the car. She also wanted Jordan to know that Holly was armed and dangerous.

Holly's escape ends in a fiery explosion

Holly's escape ends in a fiery explosion

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

In the Quartermaine living room, Drew smiled as he greeted Carly and told her that she looked beautiful and smelled amazing. He wondered if she had any idea how much he wanted to drag her outside and kiss her until she couldn't breathe. "I'm game if you are," Carly told him. Before Drew and Carly could slip away, Michael and Willow arrived. After everyone exchanged hugs, Michael thanked his mother for joining them for Thanksgiving dinner, despite her issues with Ned. Carly assured Michael that she would do anything for Wiley.

Willow praised Carly for being a wonderful grandmother, even though Carly didn't look like one. Michael asked if Josslyn would be joining them, but Carly explained that both Josslyn and Trina had decided to forgo the pizza and volunteer at the soup kitchen. Michael warned his mother to be careful around Olivia because Olivia was determined to serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Carly appreciated Olivia's optimism, but Carly was certain the kids would prefer the pizza.

Drew mentioned that the children were occupied with an arts and crafts project in the family room, and he feared that he might have to chisel clay off of Scout when she was done. Michael was certain it would be a happier memory than the previous Thanksgiving. Drew agreed.

Later, Carly gazed out the back door as Drew walked up to check on her. She admitted that she had been thinking about Jason and everything that had happened in the past year. She was surprised she had gotten through it without Jason. Drew pointed out that Carly was thriving and stronger than ever. "No small part thanks to you," Carly said in a soft tone. She reached up and gently stroked the side of his face.

In the foyer, Brook Lynn welcomed Chase, but she was disappointed that he hadn't gotten a "piecaken." Chase assured her that he had tried, but everyone had been out. He handed her gift bag with wine. "Do you have anything for me?" Chase asked. Brook Lynn adjusted his collar and kissed him. After the kiss, Chase recalled his talk with Dante at Kelly's when Dante had revealed that Brook Lynn hadn't written a letter to the review board. Chase pushed the memory away and looked at Brook Lynn.

"That's it?" Chase asked. Brook Lynn smiled and told him to get his mind out of the gutter. However, she promised that they would get to "the rest" later. Chase followed Brook Lynn into the living room, but she noticed that everyone seemed somber. "What's with the mood in here?" Brook Lynn asked. Carly explained that they had been talking about the anniversary of Drew's homecoming.

Brook Lynn smiled with fond remembrance of Drew arriving with pizza. Brook Lynn also realized it had been the first time that Chase had clocked Valentin. When Chase pointed out that the incident had led to his first suspension, Brook Lynn's smile faded. A short time later, Brook Lynn pulled Chase aside and apologized for mentioning Valentin, but Chase used it as an opportunity to make it clear that he missed being a cop. "I know you do," Brook Lynn said.

Chase assured Brook Lynn that he was grateful for everything she had done for him, but he prayed that he was given another chance to get his badge back. Brook Lynn promised that she wanted the same thing for Chase. "But do you? Really?" Chase asked. Brook Lynn frowned. Chase explained that he wanted to be in a relationship where both people trusted and supported each other, even when it was difficult. Brook Lynn assured Chase that she supported him, but Chase argued that Brook Lynn supported the life that she wanted for him, not the life that he wanted for himself.

Nearby, Willow asked if Carly had confronted Nina. Intrigued, Drew was eager to hear more. Carly accused Nina of taking up idle gossip when Nina had run out of homes to wreck. "I sure as hell did," Carly said in answer to Willow's question. However, Carly shifted gears by asking about the baby, which led to a discussion about Willow's decision to search for her biological parents. Drew revealed that Carly had offered to help.

In the kitchen, Olivia taught Leo to properly fold napkins until Leo caught his father sneaking a bite of the dinner. Olivia scolded Ned for not waiting, but Ned was unapologetic for sampling the potatoes. Olivia assured Ned that dinner would be served as soon as "the man of the hour" arrived. Ned and Leo were eager to hear more about the mystery guest, but Olivia refused to share details. Olivia stood firm until Ned reminded her of how eventful Quartermaine Thanksgivings were.

Olivia revealed that she had ordered an organic turkey from a French company named "Dinde Viante," which had a local farm and delivered turkeys fully roasted and ready to eat. Ned admitted that it sounded too good to be true, but Olivia was certain that she had found a way around the curse of Thanksgiving pizza. Ned was curious why Olivia had assumed that the turkey was a male, so she explained that larger turkeys were usually toms. Ned decided that Michael and Drew could have the giblets, but Olivia made it clear that she wanted everyone to get along.

Moments later, Michael guided a deliveryman pushing a large, covered cage into the kitchen. The distinct sound of a live turkey filled the kitchen as Leo covered his ears. Olivia noticed the vile smell, and she demanded to know why Dinde Viante had sent her a live bird. Michael pointed out that the name of the farm literally translated to "live turkey." Distraught, Olivia looked at the paperwork, and her frustration mounted because everything was in French. Meanwhile, Leo took an instant liking to the turkey, whom he named "Mr. Wattle."

After the deliveryman left, Ned offered to fire up the grill, but Olivia decided to call the chef at Metro Court. A short time later, Olivia ended the call and announced that the chef had refused to prepare the turkey, despite Olivia's promise of a generous fee. Ned and Michael decided it would be up to them to prepare the bird for cooking, but Drew and Chase would assist them. Leo realized it was time to free the bird, so he opened the cage. Mr. Wattle ran through the kitchen and out to the foyer as Leo followed.

Later, everyone was gathered outside as they peered into the kitchen through the back door. The kitchen had been destroyed by Mr. Wattle. "This dinner is for the birds," Carly said. Olivia was not amused. Brook Lynn reminded Olivia that many -- including Lila -- had tried to give the family a traditional meal, but each had reached a point where they had accepted that fate had other ideas. Drew looked forward to telling Monica about Mr. Wattle. Everyone chuckled, and Olivia joined in as she accepted defeat.

Everyone agreed that it was time for Luigi's pizza. Chase and Brook Lynn went to work on cleaning up the kitchen. As they finished up, Chase admitted that he had to ask her something, but he wanted an honest answer. Brook Lynn tensed. "Were you ever going to tell me about the CCRB letter that you never wrote?" Chase asked.

In the living room, Olivia asked Leo where Brook Lynn and Chase were, so Leo revealed they were talking "close." Ned smiled. "To be young and in love," Ned said. Olivia assured her husband that they were both. Nearby, Drew and Carly exchanged a secret look. Michael went to grab a slice of pizza, but Olivia stopped him. "First we sing, and then we eat," everyone said in unison. As everyone began to sing, Drew and Carly stood close and held hands without anyone noticing.

At the police station, Laura approached Jordan, Mac, and Robert. Laura was curious if there had been news about Holly, but Jordan was concerned about the mayor after what Laura had endured. Laura promised that she was fine because Holly had been careful not to hurt Laura or to leave Laura stranded for long. "How considerate," Eileen Ashby said in a sarcastic tone. Laura assured Eileen that it hadn't been necessary for Eileen to give up her holiday, but Eileen claimed that she preferred to be kept in the loop.

"What an understatement," Robert said to his brother. Jordan noticed Alexis' arrival, so she excused herself and approached Alexis. Alexis was curious why Jordan had called, prompting Jordan to admit that she wanted a reason not to arrest Alexis for obstruction. Jordan led Alexis to the interrogation room and blasted Alexis for naming Esme Prince as the prime suspect in the Hook slayings. Alexis had no regrets because Jordan had been given an opportunity to make a statement. Alexis reminded Jordan that Jordan hadn't followed through on the promise to give Alexis an exclusive.

Jordan promised that she had fully intended to honor the agreement, but not at the expense of the investigation, because lives were at stake. Alexis agreed, which was why Alexis had brought the killer's letter to Jordan's attention. Alexis pointed out that both she and Jordan had a duty to the city, and Alexis refused to apologize for fulfilling hers.

In the squad room, Mac told Laura and Eileen that he and Robert had tracked the GPS in Laura's car. Eileen was curious if Mac knew where Holly was headed, but Laura cut him off from answering. To get Eileen out of the squad room, Laura gave her an assignment. After Eileen left, Robert asked how much longer they had to put up with a traitor in their midst. Laura explained that she hoped to use Eileen to gain incriminating evidence against Victor.

Later, Eileen hovered in the background as Robert told Laura that Holly had abandoned the car near Baylor Woods, and Holly was on foot. Mac reported that police officers had found a water well in the vicinity. Laura pointed out that the well might be an indication of a nearby dwelling. Eileen quickly pulled out her phone and sent a text message update to someone named Gavin.

"Eileen?" Laura asked. Startled, Eileen turned around and saw Laura standing behind her. Laura asked if Eileen had taken care of Laura's request. "I relayed the relevant information," Eileen answered.

A short time later, Jordan entered the squad room and noticed that Laura was nowhere to be seen. Mac revealed that the mayor was getting the deputy mayor out of everyone's hair. Just then, Felicia arrived with Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. A police officer helped Felicia carry in the food. When Laura returned, she was grateful for the generous bounty that Felicia had provided. However, the festivities were cut short for Jordan, Mac, and Robert when they were called to Baylor Woods because police officers had found a cabin located near the Canadian border.

Laura made it clear that she wanted things to end peacefully. After Jordan, Mac, and Robert left, Felicia asked how Laura had been holding up. Laura confessed that she was more concerned about Robert because Robert had already been worried sick about Anna. Felicia admitted that she was shocked by Holly's actions. Laura suggested that it might be more complicated than the theft of a necklace.

Outside Sonny's penthouse, Dante thanked Sam for joining him because he knew that she would rather be with the children. Sam assured Dante that she didn't mind because they would get to see the children later. Dante promised that they would only stay for a cocktail or two. Sam promised that it was fine because Sonny was Dante's family, which meant that Sonny was Sam's family, too. Dante kissed Sam.

In the penthouse, Sonny emerged from the kitchen as Nina set a vegetable platter on the coffee table. She admitted that the food smelled like heaven. "Not like Thanksgiving," Sonny said. Nina agreed, but she assured him that Thanksgiving was what they made it. Sonny didn't have any regrets about changing the menu, but he asked for Nina's help retrieving the timer from his back pocket. She noticed that his hands were free, but she played along.

Nina was surprised when she found a small box in Sonny's back pocket, and he invited her to open it. It contained a stunning pair of diamond earrings. Sonny explained that it was his way of thanking Nina for being in his life. Touched, Nina thanked him and told him that she loved him. "And I love you," Sonny said. After they shared a kiss, Nina put the earrings on as Sonny watched.

Nina beamed with joy, but her smile faded because she was concerned about Sonny not spending Thanksgiving with his daughters. Sonny promised that he was fine because he had spent the previous day with Avery and Donna. Nina worried that Sonny missed his old house and the family traditions, but he pointed out that the penthouse was his new residence, and -- with Nina in it -- it was a home. After they shared a tender kiss, their guests began to arrive.

After Dante and Sam fetched a drink, Gladys remarked about the aromas from the kitchen. Sonny explained that he had decided to do things differently. Gladys appeared leery about the menu, but Sasha was certain that everything would be delicious. Nearby, Nina thanked Dante and Sam for stopping by. Nina was curious if Dante's friend would make it, but Dante doubted that Cody would be interested in a holiday gathering. After Nina walked away, Sam wondered if Cody didn't like social gatherings -- or questions.

Dante wondered what had prompted Sam to throw shade Cody's way, especially since it hadn't been the first time. Dante and Sam stepped out to the balcony for privacy, and Sam tried to distract Dante with kisses, but he was determined to find out why Sam had an issue with Cody. Sam revealed that she hadn't liked the way Cody had reacted when Cody had learned about Sam's investigation. Dante explained that the necklace was a huge inheritance for someone like Cody, who had grown up with very little. Sam appreciated Dante's defense of a friend, but she questioned if Cody deserved it.

Sam told Dante about Cody's sealed juvenile arrest record, but Dante pointed out that it wasn't unusual, and he admitted that he'd had his own troubles as a teenager. Sam was curious if Dante had gotten into trouble with Cody, but Dante reminded Sam that the summer camp that he and Cody had attended had been designed for troubled teens. Sam suggested that Cody's troubles might not be quite as in the past as Dante believed. The conversation was cut short when they heard a commotion in the living room.

Inside, Gladys recalled previous holidays with Brando, and how Gladys and Mike had taken her young son to the casino buffets and invited Brando to eat all he could. Gladys suddenly realized that Brando might not have enjoyed the outings because of the loud sounds, lights, and smoke in the casinos, but Sasha assured Gladys it was okay because Gladys had done her best. Moments later, Alexis arrived, but things took a turn when Gladys confronted Alexis about the article in the Invader that named Esme Prince as the prime suspect in Brando's murder.

Gladys was furious that Alexis had run the story without letting Gladys and Sasha know first. Dante quickly clarified that Esme Prince was not a prime suspect, and Alexis had been premature in printing the story. Sonny calmed Gladys down, and Alexis apologized. Dante promised Gladys that they would get justice for Brando. "Whatever it takes, Gladys. You have my word," Sonny said.

A short time later, Dante and Sam left to go to the Quartermaines' Thanksgiving dinner. Gladys excused herself to make a phone call, so Sonny checked on Sasha. Sasha admitted that it was another year of marking important firsts. She had done it the previous year when Liam had died, and sadly, it was Brando's turn. Sonny assured Sasha that she was not alone. Sasha was grateful because she was certain that Brando would want to be with family.

Sonny asked about Gladys, and Sasha assured him that she and Gladys had reached an understanding. Meanwhile, Gladys stood in the hallway as she looked at the business card that Selina had given her. Gladys called the Savoy and asked when the next card game was.

In Baylor Woods, a man approached an area cordoned off by the police. A police officer stopped the man, and the man asked what was going on. The police officer informed the man that it was a restricted area, and the man had to leave. The man recalled hearing about a manhunt for a jewel thief in the area, so he told the police officer to stay safe. After the man walked away, he stepped out of view of the police and sent a text message.

Later, Jordan, Mac, and Robert arrived as police officers made preparations. Mac handed Robert a bulletproof vest, but Robert insisted that it wasn't necessary because Holly wouldn't hurt him. "Hasn't she already hurt you?" Mac asked. Mac demanded that Robert put the vest on. Jordan picked up a megaphone to begin negotiations, but Robert explained that he had the best hope of getting through to Holly.

Earlier, Holly looked out the window of the cabin as she listened to news reports about the search for her. She turned off the radio and opened the briefcase to retrieve the necklace. After she spent several minutes admiring the diamond necklace, she put it on. After she walked around the cabin to get warm, she spotted a map. Holly sat down and studied the map until she heard a noise outside. Alarmed, she looked outside, quickly locked the door, and closed the curtains.

Holly checked her loaded gun just as Robert called out to her over the megaphone and told her that the cabin was surrounded. "It's over. There's no escape this time," Robert said. Holly ran to the door and called out to Robert to ask if Laura was okay. Holly promised that she had never intended to hurt anyone, especially Robert. Robert told Holly that he wanted her to walk away unscathed, and he was certain that Holly knew what to do to make it happen.

Holly grabbed the briefcase, and accidently knocked over a kerosene lamp. As she approached the door, she was unaware that a fire had started near the wood-burning stove.

Outside, Mac squeezed Robert's shoulder to offer his brother support. Seconds later, a fiery explosion rocked the cabin. Robert watched in horror as Holly ran out of the cabin, engulfed in flames, and collapsed in the front yard.

Secret alliances are revealed as Holly is whisked away

Secret alliances are revealed as Holly is whisked away

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

At Portia and Curtis' residence, Trina slipped outside, but Marshall was seated at the table with his clarinet. Annoyed, Trina asked if he had pulled guard duty. Marshall explained that he'd been minding his own business and cleaning his clarinet, but he conceded that Curtis had gotten irritated with Marshall for getting in the way in the kitchen, so Curtis had suggested that Marshall keep Trina company. Marshall had figured that Trina's boredom would eventually drive her outside. Trina was disappointed by Curtis' interference, but Marshall promised that Curtis had meant well.

Trina explained that she wasn't trying to get attacked by "a freak with a hook," but she needed some freedom and room to breathe. Marshall empathized. "Been there, done that," he said. Trina rushed to assure him that she hadn't meant to compare her situation to his mental health struggles, but Marshall reminded Trina that her life had become quite restricted. Trina was curious why Marshall never talked about his struggles with mental illness. "Why dwell on yesterday when today is so rich and tomorrow is so bright?" Marshall asked.

Inside, Curtis and Portia argued about what to do with the last piece of pumpkin pie. Curtis wanted to give it to his bartender N'neka, but Portia insisted on sharing it with Terry. Curtis reminded Portia that he had baked the pie, but Portia argued that Curtis had used Portia's sweet potato pie recipe. Curtis agreed to surrender the pie in exchange for a kiss. After the kiss, Curtis and Portia talked about their first Thanksgiving together.

Portia gushed about the food, and she revealed that she had overheard Marshall brag to Stella that Curtis had cooked the turkey. Curtis admitted that he was grateful to have his father in his life, especially since Curtis' brother had never had the opportunity. Curtis vowed to take full advantage of the situation in case the schizophrenia took his father away again. Curtis was curious what the chances were that the schizophrenia would rear back up, but Portia reminded Curtis that she was not a psychiatrist. Curtis admitted that he hoped it was a good sign that Marshall hadn't had an episode since Marshall had been institutionalized.

Curtis suggested that perhaps Marshall had caught a lucky break. Portia assured Curtis that both Curtis and Marshall were lucky regardless, and she hoped that some of their luck rubbed off on Trina because Portia was eager to have Esme brought to justice. Curtis agreed. Portia shifted gears because she was curious where her daughter was. Curtis glanced outside and sighed.

Moments later, Curtis and Portia joined Marshall and Trina on the patio. Curtis let Marshall know that the game was about to start, and Portia joined Marshall as they went inside. Curtis set a plate with the last slice of pie in front of Trina, but she pushed it away. Disappointed, Curtis admitted that he had hoped the pie would help take the edge off of being caught in his net. Trina admitted that she was frustrated that Curtis hadn't respected her boundaries, but Curtis refused to apologize for being concerned about Trina's welfare and wanting to keep her safe.

Curtis promised that his precautions were temporary until the killer was caught. Trina relented. She pointed out that taking two steps forward and one step back was still progress, but she warned Curtis not to squander it. Curtis smiled when Trina reached for the pie.

Inside, Marshall assured Portia that Trina didn't have plans to leave. Portia breathed a sigh of relief and changed the subject by asking Marshall to play the clarinet later in the evening. Marshall happily agreed. Portia took the opportunity to ask Marshall about his struggles with schizophrenia and if it had ever gotten in the way of his music. The question surprised Marshall, but he admitted that the only time his illness had impacted his music had been during the period when he'd been forced to go underground to shield his family from the stigma of mental illness. "Why all the questions?" Marshall asked.

Portia blamed it on curiosity, but she was surprised that Marshall hadn't talked to a genetic counselor. Marshall explained that it had not been an option for him, and he no longer saw the point, since he already had a diagnosis. Moments later, Curtis and Trina entered the living room. Portia was pleased to see that Trina had eaten the pie. Curtis suggested that he and his father go watch the game.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Chase confronted Brook Lynn about the letter that Dante had asked her to write for the review board. Nervously, Brook Lynn reminded Chase that things had been hectic, and she'd been busy. Chase asked when she had intended to tell him. Brook Lynn's expression was filled with guilt, her eyes welled up with tears, but she remained silent. "Never?" Chase asked. Brook Lynn explained that she had planned to tell him once they had taken Linc down. Chase pointed out that Linc's downfall was not a sure thing, but Brook Lynn argued that the letter wouldn't have been, either.

Chase disagreed because Dante had made it clear that Brook Lynn's account of Chase's run-ins with both Linc and Valentin would have gone a long way in getting Chase right with the review board. Brook Lynn argued that Linc could have easily lied, so Chase's best chance at being reinstated was to expose Linc as a "skeeze" and take away Linc's credibility. Chase explained that the timetable would have worked, which Chase would have told Brook Lynn if she had been open about the letter. Brook Lynn insisted that she had made the decision for them because she shared a connection with Chase that she had never shared with anyone else.

Brook Lynn promised that Chase was all that mattered to her. She admitted that she hadn't told him about the letter because she had believed that Chase was happy working with her and would eventually forget about the badge. Chase conceded that the singing had been a pleasant surprise, mostly because of Brook Lynn. "The problem is, I'm not Chase the singer," Chase said. Brook Lynn assured Chase that he could be, but Chase disagreed because he believed that he still had a lot to contribute to the Port Charles Police Department. Brook Lynn insisted that she supported Chase's desire to be a police officer, but she wanted him to give his music career a chance.

Chase argued that it had to be his choice. "And you took that away from me," Chase said. Brook Lynn defended her actions, but Chase wasn't satisfied because she had chosen to remain silent, knowing how much he had wanted his badge back. Chase conceded that he had been in Brook Lynn's shoes with Willow, and he had learned how wrong it was to make decisions for others. Brook Lynn realized that Chase had decided to hang up his microphone, but Chase informed her that his music career wasn't the only thing that was over.

"So are we," Chase said. Shocked, Brook Lynn desperately tried to salvage things, but it was too late. Chase admitted that Brook Lynn was the most exciting person that he had ever met. He said she had made him feel like the luckiest man alive, but she had kept him from a career that he had longed for. Chase insisted their relationship was over, and he stormed out.

At the Savoy, Britt greeted Ava and sat down at the bar. After Britt gave her order to N'neka, Britt asked the bartender to put Ava's drinks on Britt's tab. Ava assured Britt that it wasn't necessary, but she thanked Britt. Britt was served a drink, and Ava asked about Britt's Thanksgiving. Britt announced that she was at the bar to get her groove on. Ava chuckled because Ava had never heard of Thanksgiving being associated with trysts. Britt explained that a person in Britt's position had to seize the day.

Concerned, Ava asked what Britt had meant, but Britt declined to elaborate. Instead, Britt opened up about her love life and that Jason had been Britt's last lover. Before Jason, Britt had had a one-night stand with Jax and a fling with Ava's brother Julian. Britt realized that she hadn't had "relationship sex" since 2014 -- with Ava's husband. As if on cue, Nikolas walked up and greeted his wife. Nikolas suggested that Britt hadn't found anyone because he was a tough act to follow.

"Right, Ava?" Nikolas asked. Ava smiled at Nikolas, so Nikolas told Britt that he'd seen Britt's mother nearby. Britt ignored the hint to leave, and she continued to lament about her life, including missing out on birthday cakes and serenades. "You never had a birthday party?" Ava asked in a surprised tone. Nikolas assured Britt that there was still time, so Britt ordered another round of drinks.

Elsewhere, Liesl spotted Cody, and she dragged him outside for a talk. Liesl acknowledged that Britt was a fundamentally lonely person yearning for what Britt had never had, but Liesl couldn't risk Britt getting distracted with a romantic entanglement because Britt tended to be headstrong and behaved contrary to wisdom. Cody was surprised when Liesl offered to pay Cody six figures to stay away from Britt. Offended, Cody assured Liesl that he only wanted what he was entitled to. "Dominique's inheritance," Liesl said.

Cody admitted that he wanted Britt -- there had even been a time when he had believed that he could have Britt and his inheritance -- but he had misjudged everything. Cody explained that he had blown things with Britt, and he was the type of man who took no for an answer. Cody told Liesl to keep her money because he intended to stay away from Britt. However, Cody was curious what was wrong with Britt that Liesl was willing to pay him to stay away. "Sorry, answers were never an offer," Liesl said.

In the Savoy, Selina stopped at Victor's table and struck up a conversation with him by asking about his Thanksgiving. Victor admitted that it had been a small gathering with just his nephew. Victor glanced at his phone when he received a text message from Gavin reporting that Gavin was en route and confirming that the necklace was the priority, but Holly was expendable. Pleased, Victor turned his attention back to Selina.

Selina agreed that family could be challenging, and she'd been tempted to disavow a few of her own family members. As they chatted, Selina glanced at Nikolas and Ava. Victor assured Selina that Nikolas and Ava's marriage was over because Nikolas and Ava had been an "imprudent match" from the start, and the marriage had never been meant to last. Selina suggested that love rarely lasted, but that alone had never stopped anyone from fighting for it.

At the bar, Britt asked Ava and Nikolas to be her "wingmen," but the evening took an unexpected turn when Britt stood up and stumbled. Selina assumed that Britt had been overserved, so she quickly interceded. Britt insisted that she had only had one drink, but Selina reached for Britt's arm to escort Britt away from the bar. Britt stumbled again as she tried to pull away from Selina, prompting Victor to assist Selina. Like Selina, Victor decided that Britt was drunk. Britt's frustration mounted as Selina and Victor guided Britt to the exit, but Britt managed to break free.

Once again, Britt was unsteady on her feet, despite claiming that she was fine. Victor's eyes narrowed as he realized that Britt wasn't inebriated -- she was sick. Britt's temper flared when Victor made a snide remark about Faison's genes. Britt lunged for Victor, but Liesl appeared and quickly stepped between the two. Liesl slapped Victor and threatened to kill him if he ever touched her daughter again. Cody marched Victor away before things escalated, while Selina silently watched everything unfold.

Frantic, Britt told her mother that Victor knew the truth, and Britt feared that he would tell everyone. Liesl assured Britt that Victor wouldn't dare because there was a special place in hell for men like that. "The ninth circle," Selina said.

After Selina walked away, Liesl decided to take Britt home, but Britt asked why Liesl had never thrown Britt a birthday party. Surprised, Liesl was certain that she had, but Britt shook her head. Britt decided to plan her own birthday bash, and Britt vowed to make it the party to end all others. Britt was determined to go down dancing -- even if she had to dance alone. Liesl helped Britt up the stairs. Nearby, Cody watched Britt and Liesl leave.

At the bar, Ava warned Nikolas that his uncle wouldn't be pleased to see them together, but Nikolas reminded Ava that he had no intention of divorcing her. Ava admitted that she hadn't had any plans of being bait for Ryan, but that had changed when Mac and Kevin had approached her for help because Mac and Kevin suspected that Ryan was the key to finding Esme. Nikolas warned Ava that it was too dangerous for her to be around Ryan, but Ava argued that it would be worth it to protect Trina. Ava explained that she had to do everything in her power to stop Esme, even if it meant that Ava had to pay for Esme going over the parapet. "Or you do," Ava said. Nikolas frowned.

At the cabin in Baylor Woods, Robert watched in horror as the cabin was rocked by an explosion and Holly emerged engulfed in flames. He grabbed a blanket and raced to her aid. Mac was close behind him. Robert's worst fears were realized when he lifted the blanket and saw Holly's injuries. Mac sprang into action and dragged his grief-stricken brother away as the paramedics raced to save Holly. Eventually, a paramedic informed Jordan that Holly had suffered extensive burns and needed to be medevacked out.

Robert insisted on going with Holly, but Mac wanted to drive Robert to the airfield. Jordan objected because she needed Mac to stay and help her with the crime scene.

A short time later, Jordan told Mac that a preliminary investigation suggested that the explosion had been caused by a faulty stove. Mac showed Jordan an evidence bag with a piece of Robert's briefcase that had been recovered from the fire. Jordan wondered where the necklace was. After Mac and his team searched the cabin, Mac reported that the necklace remained missing. Jordan advised Mac that they would need to make certain that no one had walked away with the valuable necklace. Mac agreed, but he reminded Jordan that it was possible that Holly had ditched the necklace or that Holly had turned it over to Victor prior to fleeing.

Mac assured Jordan that he would check with Robert, but Mac warned Jordan that the necklace might have been destroyed in the fire. According to Mac, diamonds turned to ash if the heat was high enough.

Meanwhile, Holly's ambulance had stopped on the side of the road. A paramedic approached the back of the vehicle and opened the door. Felica warmly greeted Robert, who returned her smile. Holly popped up, pulled off the bandages and shook out her hair. Robert asked if Holly was okay. "Right as rain and all fired up," Holly replied.

After Holly had changed into clothes provided by Felicia, Felicia handed Holly a passport with a new identity. Holly felt bad about what she had put Robert and Mac through, but Felicia reminded Holly that it had been necessary. As Felicia, Holly, and Robert discussed the events that had unfolded, it was revealed that Robert and Holly had planned everything that had transpired at Metro Court's restaurant and that Felicia had been waiting for Holly at the cabin. Felicia had given Holly fireproof garments and flame-retardant gel, and Felicia had used her phone to look up how to rig the stove to explode.

Robert acknowledged that luring the police to the cabin had been necessary because they had needed credible witnesses. Holly realized that Ethan's only chance for survival had been for Victor to believe that Holly was of no further use. Robert handed Holly a set of car keys to an "untraceable" car that Holly would drive to Canada. Holly worried about Victor finding her, but Robert assured Holly that it had been taken care of. Felicia explained that Felicia would take Holly's place in the ambulance, but Felicia would be dropped off on the outskirts of Port Charles.

Felicia revealed that records would show that Holly had been flown to a burn clinic halfway across the world for treatment and that Holly was in a coma. Robert was certain that Victor would quickly lose interest in Holly. Holly regretted that Mac hadn't been told about the ruse, but Felicia insisted it had been necessary to give Mac plausible deniability. After Holly and Felicia hugged goodbye, Holly recalled a meeting with Selina.

Holly had met Selina on the piers and given Selina a diamond from the necklace. Selina admitted that she would have preferred the entire necklace, but Holly explained that it had been the only available piece. Holly had handed Selina a small vial and instructed Selina to make certain that Victor ingested the substance. Selina had been reluctant to kill Victor at the Savoy, but Holly had assured Selina that the substance would not kill Victor. Holly had revealed that Victor would only feel the effects of the drug if circumstances arose. Selina had been curious what Victor had done to earn Holly's animosity, so Holly had told Selina that Victor had been holding Holly's son hostage.

Holly had admitted that she would never get Ethan back if Victor was dead, but a dose of the drug in the vial would pay Victor back in kind. Selina had told Holly there was a special place in hell for men like Victor. "The ninth circle," Holly had said. Selina had given her word that she would take care of Victor.

Holly pushed the memory away and focused on Robert. Holly apologized, and she admitted that she wished there had been another way. "This isn't our moment," Holly said. "It never is," Robert replied. Holly turned and started to walk away, but Robert reminded her that she had forgotten something. Holly smiled, ran into his arms, and kissed him passionately.

Afterwards, Robert admitted that he'd been referring to the necklace. Holly pulled the diamond necklace out of her coat pocket and handed it to him. She was curious why Victor was desperate to get his hands on it, so Robert explained that the necklace had been made from the Ice Princess diamond. Holly suggested the infamous diamond had a way of destroying those who coveted it. She told Robert to be careful, but he assured her that he always was. "Except with your heart," Holly said.

Robert and Holly gazed at each other with longing, but Robert was the first to break the spell. "Be seeing you," Robert said in a sad tone. Holly turned and walked away, but she stopped to blow him a kiss. Robert watched as Holly disappeared into the fog.

At the Savoy, Victor was served a drink, compliments of Selina. He nodded his thanks as she watched him from the bar. "My word is my bond," Selina said to herself. Victor took a deep drink and checked his cell phone when he received a text message from Gavin. Gavin reported that Holly had been disabled, and the necklace was missing. Furious, Victor smashed the nearly empty glass on the table.

Willow collapses during a heated argument with Nina

Willow collapses during a heated argument with Nina

Thursday, December 1, 2022

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn greeted Dante at the door and handed him an envelope with a letter for the review board. Dante explained that it was too late because the deadline for the letter had been the previous Friday, and the board had already convened. Brook Lynn decided to address the review board in person because she had pivotal information, but Dante warned her that the board would want to know why Brook Lynn hadn't spoken up sooner. Brook Lynn assured Dante that she would think of something, but Dante warned Brook Lynn that Chase would not want her to lie. Dejected, Brook Lynn entered the living room, so Dante asked why she hadn't written the letter sooner. Brook Lynn admitted that she'd been selfish.

Brook Lynn explained that she had wanted to take down Linc, and she had hoped to make Chase a star. However, she had feared that she would lose both if Chase was reinstated with the police. Brook Lynn acknowledged that she had wanted to keep Chase in the world that they had been creating, but it no longer mattered because she had lost Chase. Brook Lynn was surprised when Dante admitted that he had thought she had been good for Chase because Brook Lynn had put a fire under Chase, and Chase had been happy. Dante assured Brook Lynn that she was smart, fun, and creative, and she could do some good if she ever got out of her own way.

Brook Lynn admitted that she had no idea why she had been unable to see how much Chase had wanted to be reinstated. She asked if there was any way to help Chase, but Dante warned her not to try to pull strings because Chase wouldn't appreciate it. After Dante left, Brook Lynn read the letter that she had written praising Chase as a dedicated police officer and describing her role in the altercations that Chase had been involved in. Frustrated, Brook Lynn decided that she had to fix things, so she made a phone call and asked for help.

At Rice Plaza, Nina and Sasha carried two large boxes to a table. Nina looked around and realized that she and Sasha had been the first to arrive, but Nina was confident the other volunteers would be along shortly. Sasha was flattered when Nina revealed that she had put Sasha in charge of the holiday decorations for the plaza. Sasha assured Nina that she would not let Nina down. After Nina left, Sasha sorted through the boxes until Chase walked up. Chase was curious what Sasha was up to, so she told him that Metro Court had sponsored the Community Decoration Project, and Nina had put Sasha in charge of transforming the plaza.

Chase thought it had been generous of Sasha to take on the project, but Sasha confessed that it helped to stay busy, since the guardianship limited what she could do at Deception. Sasha teasingly invited Chase to help, and he took her up on the offer. He admitted that he needed something to focus on because he had broken up with Brook Lynn. Sasha felt bad for Chase, and she assured him that she was a good listener if he needed to talk. Chase explained that it was complicated, but the breakup had boiled down to Chase and Brook Lynn having different priorities.

Chase opened up about Brook Lynn's desire to make him a pop star, which had conflicted with Chase's desire to get his badge back. He admitted that Brook Lynn had been in a position to help with Chase's law enforcement career, but she had chosen not to. Later, Chase and Sasha were organizing the decorations as Chase conceded that he had no idea if Brook Lynn's letter would have influenced the review board, but it bothered him that Brook Lynn had never bothered to try. Sasha suggested that perhaps Brook Lynn had genuinely believed that Brook Lynn knew what Chase needed better than he did. Sasha clarified that it was not okay, but Chase and Sasha had done something similar when they had decided to help Michael and Willow during the custody fight for Wiley.

Chase accused Brook Lynn of acting in her own self-interest, but Sasha asked if it was possible that Brook Lynn had believed it had been best for the relationship. Chase conceded that Sasha had a point. Sasha thought that both Chase and Sasha's troubles were karma for the things they had done. Chase wondered if she thought he was a hypocrite for judging Brook Lynn. Sasha assured him that she had only been pointing out that they had all made mistakes.

Just then, Dante walked up. Chase was eager for news about the review board, but Dante hadn't heard anything. However, Dante was hopeful that his testimony had made a difference. Chase thanked Dante for his support. Sasha shifted gears and invited Dante to help them decorate the plaza. To her delight, Dante agreed.

After Sasha went to fetch a box, Chase's phone beeped. Chase pulled it out and read a text message. "It's final. The review board turned down my appeal," Chase said. Dante was sorry for Chase. Chase's tone filled with sadness as he realized that he was no longer a police officer -- and never would be again.

At Pozzulo's, Valentin knocked on the open door to Sonny's office and entered. Sonny asked about Anna, but Valentin revealed that Anna had decided to handle things on her own for a while. Sonny was curious why Valentin had stopped by, so Valentin revealed that he had a business proposal for Sonny. Sonny wasn't interested in doing business with Valentin. Sonny explained that his collaboration with Valentin had been for Anna's sake because Anna was important to Sonny. Sonny reminded Valentin that Valentin had threatened Spencer when Spencer had been a child, but Valentin assured Sonny that Spencer had never been in any danger.

Valentin asked if Sonny had ever heard of the Pikeman Security Group. Sonny was familiar with the mercenary group that trafficked in munitions, so Valentin revealed that the group wanted to move "classified merchandise" through Port Charles -- without interference from the government or law enforcement -- and Sonny's facilities would be ideal for the operation. Valentin acknowledged that he would receive a fee, but the group was prepared to pay Sonny $10,000,000 for every successful shipment. Sonny had reservations because it sounded too good to be true, and Sonny was curious how Valentin was connected to the group. Valentin explained that he had occasionally worked as a logistics contractor with Pikeman, and extending the offer to Sonny had earned Valentin a favor.

Sonny wanted to know more about Valentin's agreement with Pikeman, but Valentin would only tell Sonny that it had nothing to do with Sonny or Sonny's organization. Valentin gave his word, but Sonny informed Valentin that Valentin's word meant nothing to Sonny. "Fair enough," Valentin said. However, Valentin advised Sonny that it would be in Sonny's best interest to take Pikeman up on the offer. Sonny made it clear that he did not respond well to ultimatums, but Valentin clarified that he was merely the messenger.

Valentin explained that Pikeman would find someone else, but the group fully intended to move their merchandise through Port Charles because it was a shipping hub with access to the Atlantic and Canadian sea lanes. According to Valentin, if Sonny wasn't interested in working with Pikeman, then Sonny would be considered a liability, and Pikeman had a reputation for removing obstacles. Valentin warned Sonny that there were two choices: Sonny could make a boatload of money, or Sonny could gain a new set of powerful enemies. "Ball is in your court," Valentin said.

After Valentin left, Sonny called Brick. Sonny asked Brick to gather intel on Pikeman Security Group and to get back to Sonny as quickly as possible.

At Carly's house, Carly entered the kitchen and greeted her daughter. Josslyn was seated at the island and focused on the open laptop. After Carly got her daughter's attention, Josslyn announced that she had decided to change her major. Josslyn had applied for medical school. Carly was shocked, and she wondered what had prompted the change. Josslyn explained that she had hated feeling helpless when Dex had been shot, but Carly assured her daughter that Josslyn had done more than most could have.

Josslyn admitted that she feared what might have happened if Carly hadn't secured the antibiotics. It was a position that Josslyn never wanted to be in again, which meant that Josslyn would need training. "Is that the real reason you want to be a doctor?" Carly asked. Carly pointed out that all of Josslyn's encounters with Dex had been charged, and emotions had been running high. Josslyn was surprised at her mother's lack of enthusiasm for Josslyn's desire to become a doctor, but Carly had concerns because medical school was difficult and time-consuming.

Carly insisted it was important for Josslyn to be clear on why she wanted to be a doctor. Josslyn promised that she was not interested in medical school to become Dex's on-call doctor, but Carly wondered if Josslyn wanted to be a doctor because it was safer than admitting that Josslyn had feelings for Dex. Josslyn acknowledged that the situation with Dex had shifted Josslyn's perspective, but Josslyn insisted it was about Josslyn's future. Carly warned Josslyn that Dex had been shot, so the odds were good that Dex would have more violence in his life.

Josslyn promised that becoming a doctor was separate from Dex, and she opened up to Carly about finding Ava after the attack. Josslyn admitted that she would have felt responsible if Ava had died, so Josslyn wanted to know what to do in the event that someone else needed lifesaving help. Satisfied, Carly hugged her daughter.

Carly envied Josslyn because Carly hadn't had the same kind of clarity at Josslyn's age. Carly broached the subject of Cameron, and Josslyn confessed that her feelings for Cameron had changed. Josslyn promised that Dex had nothing to do with the shift, but Josslyn no longer felt the connection that she had once shared with Cameron. Josslyn was adamant that Cameron was her best friend, and it was the reason that she was reluctant to end things. Carly advised Josslyn that waiting would only make things worse for Cameron. Josslyn thanked her mother and decided to go for a run to clear her head.

At the gatehouse, Michael and Willow arrived home. Willow was weak as Michael helped guide her to the sectional sofa. He offered to make some tea, but Willow declined. She sat on the chaise as Michael knelt at her feet and slid off her boots. Willow urged Michael to go about his day as usual because Michael and Wiley's routine gave her a sense of normalcy. Willow lay down to take a nap as Michael draped a blanket on her. He promised to return soon, but he stopped at the door to look at her. "And he says he doesn't hover," Willow said. Her eyes remained closed, but she smiled.

At Dex's apartment, Dex had a dream about Josslyn and their passionate kiss in her dorm room. He jolted awake and sat up, but he winced in pain from the gunshot wound. A short time later, Dex answered the door. As Michael entered the apartment, he handed Dex's phone to Dex. Michael asked how the phone had ended up outside the gatehouse, so Dex filled Michael in about Dex's role in Anna's escape and the gunshot wound.

Dex explained that he had hoped Michael might get Dex patched up or to the apartment. Michael was not happy when Dex admitted that Josslyn had helped, but Michael realized that it had explained Josslyn's odd behavior when Michael and Willow had arrived home. Michael was furious that Dex had made Josslyn an accomplice to a crime, and Michael was concerned that Dex had further complicated things by revealing the truth about Dex's mission. Dex was certain that Josslyn would have said something if Dex had mentioned Michael. Michael agreed, but his mood didn't improve when Dex confessed that Carly had secured antibiotics for Dex.

Livid, Michael made it clear that he had no desire to dismantle Sonny's life at the cost of both his mother and sister. Dex promised that it wouldn't happen again, but Michael wasn't satisfied. Michael warned Dex that Michael would rather call everything off than put Josslyn at risk. "You need to find a way to keep her at arm's length," Michael said. Shortly after Michael left, Dex answered a knock at his door. It was Josslyn.

At the gatehouse, Willow woke up when she heard someone knocking at the door. She was confused when she saw Nina standing on the doorstep. Nina explained that she had a favor to ask of Willow. Willow informed Nina that Wiley was at school, so Nina's attempt to accidently run into him would not work. Nina admitted that she had purposefully stopped by when Wiley was not home. "I was hoping you might want to help out a friend," Nina said.

Willow walked to a sideboard and poured herself a glass of water as Nina told her about the holiday project at Rice Plaza and Sasha's role in getting everything done. Nina admitted that she had thought it might help Sasha to have a supportive friend on hand to get the work done, but Willow told Nina that it was not a good day for Willow. Nina explained that the project had been bigger than both Nina and Sasha had realized, and Nina reminded Willow that Sasha had had a difficult year. Nina suggested that Sasha could use some friends to rally around her, but Willow was unmoved.

Willow pointed out that Nina had not only taken on the project because Nina had decided it was what Sasha had needed, but Nina had put Sasha in charge of it without consulting Sasha about any of it. Nina was confident that she had made the right decision because Sasha had seemed happy when Nina had left the plaza. Willow was curious why -- if Sasha had been doing great -- Sasha needed friends to rally around her. "You are spinning your own narrative like you always do," Willow said.

Willow accused Nina of not having consideration for anyone, and Willow advised Nina to pick a lane about the impact of the project on Sasha. Nina turned defensive. Nina claimed that she had hoped that Willow would be willing to set aside their differences to help a friend. "There goes that narrative again," Willow said. "Willow Tait, you're as selfish as they come," Nina shot back.

Nina insisted that Willow had everything, while Sasha had lost Liam and Brando, suffered several nervous breakdowns, and been put under a guardianship. Nina claimed that Willow's life was perfect because Willow had graduated from nursing school, had plenty of time off from work to take naps, and lived on a beautiful estate in a house with a man and son who loved and adored Willow. Nina also reminded Willow that Willow was pregnant with another child. As Nina ranted about Willow's perfect life, Willow grew increasingly angry until she snapped.

"Shut up!" Willow shouted. Willow repeated it two more times for good measure. Shocked, Nina fell silent. Willow accused Nina of using Sasha as an excuse to get close to Willow and scheme her way back into Wiley's orbit. Willow insisted it had been ludicrous of Nina to think that Willow would look past the lies that Nina had spread about Willow and T.J. Outside, Carly approached the gatehouse, but she slowed when she saw Willow talking to Nina through a window.

When Willow ordered Nina to leave, Carly opened the door and stood in the doorway. Nina threw her hands up in defeat. Seconds later, Willow collapsed.

Things get heated at Pentonville between Victor and Cyrus

Things get heated at Pentonville between Victor and Cyrus

Friday, December 2, 2022

Dante arrived at Pozzulo's and entered Sonny's office. Sonny ended a call with Brick, and Dante took the opportunity to thank Sonny for Thanksgiving. Dante admitted that Michael had been right about Sonny having Dex abducted and beaten, and he admitted that he'd covered for Sonny. He continued that the line between his love for Sonny and his duty as a cop was starting to blur, as he would have pursued Dex's case if it had been anyone else. He concluded that he'd needed Sonny to know that Dante knew what Sonny had done. Sonny replied that he'd never asked Dante to cover for him, and he never would.

Dante wanted to know about Anna's escape, as all the pieces fit together around Sonny. In response to Sonny's silence, Dante only hoped that Sonny had covered his tracks. Dante promised that he wasn't out to get Sonny, but he intended to keep his oath to uphold the law. "I wouldn't expect any less," Sonny responded. Sonny wanted Dante to know that, if Dante had to arrest Sonny one day, Sonny wouldn't love Dante any less. The two embraced, and Dante left.

At Dex's, Josslyn rebandaged his wound and observed that it was healing well. She advised him that he was all set, so he could put a shirt on. He remarked that she'd seen him in less, and she playfully shot back that he'd even slept in her bed. He regretted that he'd been too feverish to do anything but sleep. "There's always next time," Josslyn joked. She advised him to take it easy and limit his activity, as she'd done some research. She promised not to bail on him before he was fully healed, but he countered that that was exactly what she needed to do. Dex thought back to his conversation with Michael about distancing himself from Josslyn, and he told her that she needed to leave and never return.

Josslyn said that she needed to get more bandages and antibiotic ointment for Dex, but he insisted that he could order those things online. She insisted that she knew the danger of associating with Dex, and she informed him that he could do "so much better" than working for Sonny. He said that he was trying to do the right thing, but she demanded honesty. "You want honest?" he asked, and he kissed her passionately. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Sonny announced himself.

Drew arrived at Carly's, and Michael wondered why Drew had wanted to meet there. Drew confided that he wanted to have a confidential conversation about the potential criminal charges against him and Carly for insider trading. Drew thought that it was best to try to mend fences with Ned, and Michael agreed. Drew added that he and Carly needed to stop seeing each other. A surprised Michael admitted that it was the happiest he'd seen his mother in a while. Drew regretted that the relationship could end up being short-lived.

While Michael didn't want to get too involved in Carly's personal life, he admitted that, in his experience, people usually got less time than they thought they would. Drew wondered if Michael was worried about Sonny retaliating, but Michael replied that his rift with Sonny had made him value his family more. He advised Drew not to pass up a chance at something good. Michael excused himself to go home to Willow, and he left.

Carly arrived outside the gatehouse and found Willow screaming at Nina to go away. Carly entered the house as Willow passed out. The two women tried to revive Willow. When Willow finally woke up, they insisted on calling an ambulance, but Willow refused. Carly invited Nina for a "chat" outside, so the two walked out. Willow apologized to the baby for the "bumpy ride" ahead, but she promised to get the baby into the world safely.

Outside, Nina refused to listen to another lecture, as she'd only reached out to Willow on Sasha's behalf. Carly believed Nina, and she diplomatically told Nina that the best thing for Willow and the baby was for Nina to stay away. Nina insisted that she never wanted to hurt them, and she agreed. When she was gone, Carly went back into the house with Willow and insisted that Willow see a doctor. A few minutes later, the two returned to the living room after having checked the baby on the portable fetal monitor.

Michael arrived home, and Carly told him about Willow's fainting spell. Michael promised to make sure that Willow saw a doctor. Carly advised Willow to rest, and she left. Michael got on his phone to contact Terry. A short while later, Willow thanked Michael for the soup, and she confessed to what had happened with Nina. She assured him that Nina wouldn't be returning, but Michael thought that it never would have happened had Nina known that Willow was sick. He believed that they needed to tell people about Willow's leukemia so they could find a bone marrow donor.

Carly arrived home, and Drew kissed her passionately. He told her that they needed to take advantage of the time they had together while they had it. She reminded him that they were supposed to stay away from each other, but he said that he couldn't and kissed her again. Just then, his phone went off, and Carly insisted that he get it. He looked at his phone and shared the good news that he'd gotten a lead on Willow's birth parents.

Sam helped Sasha decorate Rice Plaza, and Sasha appreciated the help. Sam talked about decorating her home, and she hoped that Danny and Rocco didn't claim to be too old to help decorate. Sasha talked about how magical Christmas was for kids, but she abruptly changed the subject. Sam noticed and assured Sasha that she could tell Sam whatever she was feeling. Sasha admitted that she was working on acknowledging her feelings in therapy. Sam said she knew that it was scary to admit true feelings. She told Sasha about her stillborn daughter, and Sasha shared about her dream of taking Liam to see Santa with Brando.

A short while later, Sasha talked about how good it felt to do something useful and positive. "Helping others is a great way to help yourself," she said happily. A few minutes later, Sam was gone, and Nina returned. Sasha could tell that something had happened, and Nina confided that she feared she was just as awful of a person as Willow thought she was. She told Sasha about what had happened with Willow, and Sasha assured Nina that everyone made mistakes. Nina continued that Carly had helped her see that the best thing Nina could do was stay away from Willow.

Dante found Sam at Rice Plaza, and he advised her to pace herself with the decorating, as they still had to decorate the penthouse. Dante talked about Sonny, and how he hoped that his and Rocco's relationship didn't end up as a "minefield" like his and Sonny's had. Sam assured him that as long as Rocco didn't want to be like Sonny, they had nothing to worry about. She told him how much love she saw between the father and son every day. He thanked Sam for everything she'd done for him, and the two shared a kiss.

At Pentonville, Victor told someone on the phone that he needed to know what had happened to the necklace, as it was "pivotal" to his next step. He hung up and joined Nikolas in the visiting room. Spencer was escorted in by a guard, and when he saw that Nikolas was there, he demanded to go back to his cell. Victor insisted that Spencer would need his father's support once he got out of jail. "Not if you keep your end of the bargain," Spencer replied, to Nikolas' confusion. Spencer revealed that if he agreed to keep quiet about Nikolas sleeping with Esme, Victor had promised Spencer his birthright ahead of schedule. He insisted that he would no longer need Nikolas.

Nikolas knew that Spencer had no reason to trust his father, but if Spencer let Nikolas into his life, Nikolas promised that he would never hurt Spencer again. Spencer replied that he would settle for never having to listen to another one of Nikolas' speeches. "I told you this was a bad idea," Nikolas told Victor, and he left. Victor yelled at Spencer to sit down, which Spencer did. However, Spencer didn't care about Victor's disappointment in him, and he called Victor and Nikolas out on disregarding his wishes. He added that Victor was "all-powerful on the outside," but inside Pentonville, he had competition. Just then, Cyrus entered and told Spencer that he was late for their chess game.

Victor was glad that Spencer had friends, but Cyrus introduced himself as family. Spencer was grateful for all of his uncles looking out for him, including Sonny and Martin. Cyrus accused Victor of ordering the hits on Martin and Laura, which prompted Victor to recap all of Cyrus' crimes. "I don't hear you denying it," Cyrus said. "I don't answer to you," Victor spat. "You will if you ever go near my family again, and that includes Spencer," Cyrus stated.

Victor warned that Cyrus didn't want Victor as an enemy, and Cyrus feigned fear at being on Victor's hit list, too. Victor warned Spencer not to let Cyrus manipulate him, but Spencer insisted he would never be manipulated again. Victor reminded Spencer that pawns needed to be guarded, as they wouldn't always have a knight to rescue them, and he left. Cyrus said he was sorry that Spencer had had to learn about Victor that way. Spencer was suddenly no longer in the mood for chess, so he excused himself back to his cell.

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