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Heather reunited with Ryan. Victor arranged for Spencer's release from Pentonville. Jeff owned up to his mistakes. Rory told Trina that he loved her. Sonny gave Dex an ultimatum. Cody announced that he was leaving town. Valentin reunited with Anna. Robert, Laura, and Felicia found a coded message in the necklace.
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Heather reunited with Ryan. Victor arranged for Spencer's release from Pentonville. Robert, Laura, and Felicia found a coded message in the necklace.
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Laura hears the real story about Holly and the necklace

Laura hears the real story about Holly and the necklace

Monday, December 5, 2022

At the gatehouse, Michael told Willow that he thought that people should know about her diagnosis, but Willow argued that she was against it. Michael reminded her that she had just fainted, but she blamed it on Nina. She made it clear that Nina was focused on causing trouble, and Sonny had been supporting Nina. Michael was angry at Sonny, but Willow thought that Michael's anger was costing him. Michael insisted that he was focused on Willow and helping her to fight her cancer, but Willow believed otherwise. Willow thought that Michael had been letting Sonny win, but Michael was smarter than that. Michael decided that he had to run out briefly but would return.

At Dex's place, Dex told Josslyn that he had been trying to do the right thing, and she told him she wanted honesty. He grabbed her and began to kiss her until they were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Sonny, who called out that he knew that Dex was home. Frantically, Josslyn and Dex tried to come up with a plan, and finally, Dex opened the door. Sonny barged in as Dex tried to explain that he'd been in the middle of something. He suggested that he and Sonny meet at Sonny's office instead, which aroused Sonny's curiosity.

As Josslyn hid, Sonny pumped Dex for information pertaining to his movements after he'd been shot. Sonny suspected that Dex was hiding something. Dex tried to explain that he had located a secure spot where someone had taken care of him. He refused to divulge the person's name, and Sonny continued to press. Suddenly, Josslyn emerged from her hiding spot. "It was me," she said. Sonny was less than pleased as Josslyn related that she had been certain that Dex had been shot while working for Sonny. Dex dismissed her, but Josslyn spoke her piece before leaving. She didn't understand why Dex had remained loyal to Sonny. She refused Sonny's offer of a ride.

After Josslyn had gone, Sonny was furious. Dex stated that he hadn't planned to see Josslyn, but she had found him on the grounds of the boathouse. He added that later, she had taken him to her dorm. "Big mistake, Dex," Sonny growled. Dex insisted that he hadn't wanted to stay, but Josslyn had saved his life. "So be it," Dex exclaimed in the event that he lost his job. Sonny replied that Josslyn could not be a habit and that Dex would have to try harder.

In the meantime, Sonny had a job for Dex, if he was up to it. He outlined the possibility of his facilities being used for unofficial exports. Dex replied that he was up for it. "You better," Sonny said. He added that there was no more room for mistakes, and he rushed out of the apartment.

Shortly after, Michael showed up, and Dex revealed that Sonny had just been there. Michael wanted to pay Dex for his work, and he said that Dex could leave town because his job was over. Dex tried to return the money, but Michael said that he would only be focused on his family. Dex told him about the upcoming illegal activity that would be occurring in Sonny's facilities. Dex maintained that they couldn't quit and that it would be a good time to take Sonny down.

Robert stared at a photo of himself and Holly as he sat in his office. There was a knock at the door, and Olivia was there to voice her sympathy about Holly. Robert divulged that Holly had a long road ahead of her for recovery, but she would pull through. Olivia was more concerned about Robert and the fact that Holly had double-crossed him. She thought that Robert had received a "raw deal" because Holly didn't understand loyalty. Robert didn't think that he and Holly had ever been destined to work out, but he thought that she had had some difficult choices to make.

Olivia thought there was more to the story, and she asked if there had been a reason for Holly's betrayal. Robert didn't think it mattered, and Olivia thought that both he and Holly were paying for Holly's deceit. Olivia wanted Robert to know that he wasn't alone if he needed to talk. After she left, Robert returned to his desk, pulled out a secret drawer, and removed the necklace. He sat and stared at it.

As Cody stepped off the elevator at General Hospital, he received a message that Mac wanted to see him at Metro Court. Nearby, Britt and Austin were talking about a birthday party that Britt wanted to have for herself because she'd never had one. Cody asked if he would be invited. Britt glared at him and sarcastically suggested that he spend time grifting his next woman. The two bickered, and finally, Britt told him to cut his losses because the two of them had no future. She walked off with Austin.

Heading into Britt's office, Austin wanted to know what had just happened, but Britt didn't want to discuss it. She said that she wanted her party to be on the Haunted Star because she didn't know how many birthdays she had left. Austin was sure it wouldn't be Britt's last birthday, and she told him that she was "mad as hell" about her condition. She proclaimed that she wanted a big, bad birthday party and admitted that while she feared getting to her death, she didn't fear the actual death itself.

Austin accepted Britt's invite for himself and Maxie for Britt's "final epic turn-up." He gave her a hard time about her choice of words. Britt explained that she didn't want to be a burden and would leave Port Charles right after the party in order to protect her privacy. She refused to talk about Cody. Austin thought that Britt was pushing people away and asked if she was afraid that Cody wouldn't be able to handle things. Britt replied that she didn't even want her mother to handle it, but Austin thought that Britt's friends and family would be hurt if they couldn't be with her.

Britt believed that she was sparing people, but Austin thought she was sparing herself because she was selfish. He quickly corrected himself and said that selfish was harsh. He thought she was proud. He related a story about his father, who had avoided conversation, and then it was too late. He accused Britt of robbing everyone of precious moments with her. He then joked and asked about the dress code, and Britt suggested that he have Maxie choose his clothes.

Drew stopped at Carly's house to let her know that one of his contacts had found a friend of Harmony's from the Peace and Love Commune, and the female firefighter was heading to Port Charles to meet. He was hopeful that the woman, Denise McKenzie, would be able to provide information on how Harmony had obtained Willow. Carly hoped that Drew wouldn't be disappointed, but she stopped him from calling Willow to give her the news.

Carly told Drew about Willow's fainting and suggested that he talk to Denise first. He mentioned how so many people had lied to Willow in the past. He noticed Carly's distraction, and she told him about Nina's accusation of Carly having an affair with Brick. She admitted that that had been the reason for her telling Sonny about her and Drew. As they shared a kiss, Josslyn walked in, and she remembered Dex's kiss. Carly said she was looking forward to when she no longer had to hide kissing Drew. "I hear ya," Josslyn replied.

Drew left, Josslyn went to take a shower, and Carly phoned Olivia to ask for a favor. She wanted to know when Denise McKenzie checked into Metro Court.

Mac, Felicia, and Laura sat at a table at Metro Court. Mac suspected that Robert was brooding in his office. Valentin stopped, and Laura informed him that Holly was "holding her own." Mac accused Valentin's family of being behind all that had transpired, especially where the Ice Princess was concerned. "Where there's trouble, there's Victor," Mac said. He admitted that he couldn't connect Victor directly yet, but Victor had been causing people to make desperate decisions.

Valentin told Mac not to assume where Valentin's loyalties lay, but Mac warned him not to be too close because Victor would be going down. Felicia and Laura exchanged glances. Mac left, and Valentin sat down. Laura noted that Robert had suspected Holly of passing information to Victor because no one had been able to reach Ethan. Valentin thought that he could help, but Felicia quickly shouted out for him not to do that. She stated that everything was not as it seemed, and she suggested that Laura talk to Robert. Laura invited Valentin to get in touch with her for dinner, and she left.

Valentin thought that his contacts could help in locating Ethan. Felicia admitted that Lucy was also a hostage of Victor's after Valentin guessed, and she told him what had been suspected of happening at the pier the day that Lucy had disappeared. Valentin demanded to know where Anna was, as she needed to know. Felicia wrote down a name on a piece of paper and handed it to Valentin. She told him that the person would know how to get in touch with Anna. Valentin opened the paper, and his eyes widened. He ripped the paper and dunked it into his drink. Felicia told him it wouldn't be easy.

Nearby, Mac met with Cody at the bar and bought him a drink. Mac divulged that the necklace was missing and presumed destroyed in the fire. Cody couldn't believe that he'd lost another inheritance, and he told Mac a story about breaking in a wild mustang before getting tossed onto the ground with both a broken wrist and pride. He said that he was back to having nothing, and he wondered about always making wrong choices. Mac told him that money wasn't everything, and Cody was not the same man as his father, whose only good had been to provide Cody with an inheritance.

Cody was about to say something, but Felicia interrupted and said that she wanted to leave. Cody remarked that the DNA test result had been his loss. "Ours, too," Mac replied.

As Robert sat and stared at the necklace in his office, there was another knock on his door. He hurriedly put the necklace away and opened the door. It was Laura, who told him that Felicia had mentioned that there was more to the story. Robert retrieved the necklace and showed it to Laura. He assured her that she had never been in any risk after her run-in with Holly, and Laura wished she had known. He told her that Holly had been worried about her son, and she would be able to rescue him. He said that Victor would lose another hostage, but Laura declared that Victor had to lose everything.

Robert indicated that the diamonds had come from the Ice Princess, and there were secrets. Laura exclaimed that they needed to be uncovered, and Victor had to be stopped.

Drew visited with Willow to make certain that she was behind him one hundred percent in his search for her family. He hoped he wouldn't disappoint her. Willow confirmed that she was behind him and wanted answers.

Valentin stood by the elevator at Metro Court. As the doors opened, Sonny stepped off. The men glared at each other as Valentin got on.

Heather makes Ryan an offer

Heather makes Ryan an offer

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

At the hospital, Stella was happy to receive a good report from her doctor. Marshall appeared, and Portia asked if he had given more thought to genetic counseling. Marshall tried to reassure Portia that he didn't need a reevaluation and that he was at peace. Marshall politely asked Portia to drop the matter, and Stella told Portia to respect Marshall's privacy.

In Jordan's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Curtis gave Jordan an invitation to his and Portia's wedding. Curtis grew angry when Jordan said she couldn't "protect" Curtis' family, an indirect reference to Jordan's suspicions that Trina was Curtis' daughter.

Curtis yelled at Jordan, and he accused her of keeping secrets from him again. Rory entered as Curtis left in a huff. On Curtis' way out, he told Jordan not to forget to RSVP to the wedding. Later, Jordan stared at the invitation for a long time before she eventually used a pen to check the box marked "regretfully declines."

At Rice Plaza, Ava took Trina shopping. Dressed in winter clothes, Ava showed her fondness for Trina when she remarked that she always enjoyed spoiling her "little girl." Rory appeared, and Ava left for a moment. Rory asked Trina to go with him to a nice dinner for their three-month anniversary, which Trina seemed to have forgotten.

Trina thanked Rory for having always believed in her innocence, and they finalized plans for dinner. Rory left, and Ava rejoined Trina. Ava said she envied Trina. Trina said that Ava was a beautiful woman, but Ava replied that beauty was overrated and that she would happily settle for "a guy like Trina had." Ava listed all the qualities she saw in Rory, but she noticed a distant look in Trina's eye.

Ava asked Trina to tell her what was on her mind, and Trina admitted that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Spencer. Ava remarked that Spencer was still weeks away from being released from Pentonville, and she added that complicated men created chaos. Ava thought it was best if she and Trina avoided those kinds of men altogether.

Earlier at Rice Plaza, Eileen had whispered to Victor that the necklace had been destroyed in the fire. Victor had screamed that it was unacceptable, but he added that his plans were still intact. Victor reminded Eileen that her job was to keep Laura distracted, and Eileen replied that she had pulled the necessary strings.

Victor walked away, and he spotted Ava. The two talked about love, and Ava accused Victor of having never experienced true love. Victor said that when Ava was free from Nikolas, perhaps there would be hope for Victor and Ava.

Ava said that her marriage to Nikolas wasn't over, and she asked what Victor would use to hold over Nikolas' head, since Esme was still alive. Victor remarked that he wouldn't need to coerce Nikolas into a divorce if Nikolas had moved on. Victor walked away, and on his way out of the plaza, Eileen whispered to him that a favor she had called in had been handled. A pleased Victor left the plaza.

At Pentonville, Cyrus noted that Spencer had kept his distance since Victor's last visit. Spencer said that Cyrus had been out of line for having suggested that Victor was responsible for the attempt on Laura and Martin's lives, and he defended Victor.

Cyrus said he hoped his bond with Spencer would continue after Spencer's release from prison. Cyrus then produced a small ring-sized box, and he slid it across the table. Spencer said that he was uncomfortable taking a gift from Cyrus, who revealed that the gift was for Trina.

Spencer thought the gift, a matching pair of turtle doves, was a good idea. Still, Spencer surmised that he had caused Trina enough damage and that the best thing to do was to stay away from Trina forever. Cyrus encouraged Spencer to take the gift and to follow Spencer's heart. Just then, Victor entered the room, and he scowled at Cyrus.

Cyrus started to leave, but Victor asked him to stay to hear an announcement. "I have some news about my great-nephew's future," Victor exclaimed.

Elsewhere at the plaza, Alexis had tried to get Finn to open up to her about where things stood between Finn and Elizabeth. Finn said that the man Reiko had slept with was Elizabeth's father. Finn added that there was more to the story than just adultery, but he didn't divulge Elizabeth's full involvement. Finn claimed he had "stopped trying" with Elizabeth. Alexis asked if Finn loved Elizabeth. Finn refused to answer.

Talk turned to Alexis' coverage of the killer, and Finn speculated that Esme had gone to see Nikolas at Wyndemere on the night Elizabeth had been attacked at the pier. Finn said he didn't trust Nikolas, and he told Alexis that he was bothered that Elizabeth trusted Nikolas -- Elizabeth's friend of over 20 years.

Alexis wondered why Esme had been on the pier, as well as where Esme might be. Alexis' phone chimed, and she left to tend to business at the Invader. Finn remarked that Alexis had given him another piece of the puzzle that he had overlooked, and he left for Wyndemere.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas had phoned Elizabeth to check on Esme. Elizabeth was worried when she found Esme "unconscious" on the bed after learning that Esme's prenatal vitamins had all disappeared. Elizabeth thought that Esme might have swallowed the entire bottle of vitamins, and she said that Esme's stomach would need to be pumped. Just then, Esme jumped up, and she yelled for Elizabeth not to go near her.

Esme said she had thrown the bottle of vitamins away, but not before she had taken one. Elizabeth took that as a sign that Esme cared about the baby. Esme swore that she wasn't the Hook killer, and she told Elizabeth to ask Nikolas what had really happened on the night Esme had gone over the parapet.

Esme mentioned Ava's name. Elizabeth wondered what Ava had to do with anything, and Nikolas yelled for Esme to shut up. "Don't be shy. Tell Elizabeth how you and Ava thought you were rid of me forever until you discovered that I was carrying the heir to the Cassadine throne," Esme said.

Elizabeth was taken aback by Esme's claims, and she asked Nikolas what Esme had meant. Nikolas told Elizabeth that he would explain everything later, and he asked Elizabeth to go to the hospital to get more vitamins. Elizabeth thought Nikolas was trying to get rid of her. Nikolas said that Esme had shown signs of wanting to be a mother for the first time, and he wanted to seize the moment. Elizabeth sternly told Nikolas that their conversation wasn't finished, and she left.

Alone in the tower, Nikolas warned Esme that she had made a mistake. Esme said that Nikolas didn't scare her, and she thought that Elizabeth was too dedicated as a nurse to let something happen to Esme. Nikolas asked what Esme wanted.

Esme stated that one year for Christmas, a neighbor had taken her to choose a tree to chop down. Esme talked about how much the occasion had meant to her as a lonely child, and she pleaded with Nikolas to take her with him to find a tree that she could choose to have delivered to her room.

Nikolas waited until Esme had finished, and he coldly walked out of the room. Afterwards, Esme envisioned Ryan in the room with her. "Ryan" asked what Esme had planned with her idea to pick out a Christmas tree. "Don't worry, Daddy. I know exactly what I'm doing," Esme said confidently.

Downstairs at Wyndemere, Nikolas heard a knock at the door. Nikolas opened the door, and he saw Finn.

At Spring Ridge, Heather was stunned that Jeff had gone to visit her. Heather reminded Jeff that they shared a son together in Steven Lars. Jeff told Heather to stay away from his family, and he mentioned Heather's run-in with Cameron at Kelly's. Heather said that Jeff didn't care about his family, and she recalled that Jeff had "cut and run" from his family years earlier.

Just then, Ryan was wheeled into the room. Jeff glanced at Ryan, and he asked if Ryan was who Jeff thought he was. "The one and only," Heather remarked. Jeff again warned Heather to stay clear of his family, and he started to leave when Heather reached for his hand. Heather tried to flirt with Jeff, who seemed repulsed by Heather's advances.

After Jeff left, Heather approached Ryan. "If you could speak, I imagine we'd have quite a lot to discuss," Heather whispered to Ryan, who blinked his eyes once in response. After Heather walked away, Ryan balled his hand into a fist.

Later, at the hospital, Elizabeth stopped in her tracks when she spotted Jeff, who started to approach her.

Valentin and Anna's reunion is cut short

Valentin and Anna's reunion is cut short

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

In Pentonville's library, Spencer and Cyrus were startled when Victor sauntered in. Victor was all smiles as he revealed that he had called in some favors and secured Spencer's immediate release. Victor conceded that the release was conditional, but Spencer would be going home. Cyrus commended Victor's efforts on Spencer's behalf, and Victor smiled with satisfaction. Victor promised that he only had Spencer's best interests at heart.

Delighted by the turn of events, Spencer thanked Cyrus for everything, and Cyrus reminded Spencer that Spencer was family. Cyrus invited Spencer to visit or write because Cyrus was eager to know what Spencer intended to do with the gift that Cyrus had given him. Spencer looked at the small gift box in his hand, but Victor hustled Spencer out the door to prepare for the release.

After Spencer left, Victor dropped all pretense of civility. Victor vowed to protect Spencer from Cyrus' efforts to poison Spencer's mind with lies. "One of us is clearly false, and we both know it's not me," Cyrus said. Annoyed, Victor insisted that Cyrus' influence over Spencer was at an end, and Victor hoped that Spencer never laid eyes on Cyrus again. "But, if he does, even your guard won't be able to save you," Victor said.

At Robert's office, Robert welcomed Laura and Felicia. As he closed the door, he assured both ladies that they could speak freely because the office had been swept for bugs, which was done on a regular basis. Robert asked about Eileen Ashby, prompting Laura to explain that the deputy mayor believed that Laura was at a meeting with campaign donors. Laura had also taken the precaution to keep Eileen busy by having Eileen attend a rezoning meeting. Felicia shifted gears by confessing that she had told Valentin that Lucy was alive, and Valentin had promised to find Lucy.

Robert admitted that it had been a dangerous move, but it also meant that Robert, Felicia, and Laura would be free to focus on taking Victor down. Robert wanted Victor to pay for Luke's death and for coercing Holly into stealing the necklace. Laura told Robert and Felicia about the research that she had done online and how diamonds were used for a myriad of things. Felicia pulled a jeweler's loupe out of her bag to take a closer look at the diamond necklace in the hopes of uncovering something useful. Minutes later, Felicia announced that a series of numbers and letters had been inscribed into one of the diamonds.

Laura theorized that it might be a serial number, so Felicia used Robert's computer to search a database for registered diamonds. When the search didn't yield any results, Laura suggested that the inscription might be a code of some kind. "Or something a whole lot more dangerous," Robert said. Laura recalled that the original Ice Princess diamond had been the largest uncut diamond in the world, and there had been a formula in the base of the diamond. Robert realized that there might be other codes engraved in parts of the diamond, as well.

A knock at the door heralded a police officer who handed Robert a file that Robert had requested. The police officer took an opportunity to thank Felicia for the Thanksgiving dinner that Felicia had provided for the police officers on duty. Felicia gathered her things and followed the police officer out. After Felicia left, Laura admitted that she had horrible memories of the Ice Princess. Robert suggested that perhaps Victor wasn't after the diamond, but rather a message hidden inside of it. Laura and Robert agreed the best way to stop Victor was to crack the code before Victor was able to.

Meanwhile, Felicia asked if the police officer knew where Mac was. He revealed that Mac was in an "all-hands-on-deck" meeting. Intrigued, Felicia asked what the meeting was about, so the police officer confided that Agent Witten had a lead on Anna's whereabouts.

In County Kerry, Ireland, Valentin entered a country house and called out to Tiffany Donnelly, but he was met with silence. Moments later, a woman slipped up behind him and gently caressed the back of his neck. Valentin smiled as he turned. "Hello, stranger," Anna said. After a passionate kiss, Anna fetched Valentin a blanket and apologized for the lack of heating in the 19th century manor. Valentin worried that he had taken too big of a risk seeking out Anna, but she was confident that no one would think twice about Valentin traveling to Europe, since he had done it often for business.

Anna was eager for news because she had heard about Holly. Valentin and Anna sat down on the sofa and snuggled under a blanket as Valentin filled Anna in about Lucy. Anna was relieved that Lucy was alive, but she wondered why Victor hadn't killed Lucy. Valentin suggested that Victor had kept Lucy alive as leverage. Anna agreed, but she didn't understand why Victor wanted the necklace, since the necklace was made from a fragment of the original diamond. Valentin admitted that he had no idea what his father's endgame was, but Valentin was determined to find Lucy and clear Anna's name.

Anna was touched, but she reminded Valentin that she wasn't a damsel in distress in need of being rescued by a knight. Valentin assured Anna that he knew she was capable of saving herself, but he reminded her that she had a target on her back. Anna suggested that she and Valentin work together as a team. A short time later, Felicia called Valentin. After a brief exchange with Felicia, Valentin ended the call and announced that Agent Witten was on his way.

Valentin and Anna quickly gathered their things, but they stopped short when they opened the door. "You," Valentin said in a shocked tone.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas told Finn that it wasn't a good time for a visit, but Finn promised to make it quick. "This is about Esme Prince," Finn said. Nikolas tensed, but he invited Finn inside. Finn explained that Elizabeth's encounter with Esme on the docks had made Finn realize that Esme might have found a place on Spoon Island to hide. Nikolas feigned shock as he reminded Finn that Esme didn't have any friends at Wyndemere.

Finn argued that Esme had lived on Spoon Island, so she would have been familiar with all the secret ins and outs of the castle and island. Nikolas reminded Finn that Nikolas had a full staff working in the castle and on the grounds, but Finn insisted there were lots of places to hide. Nikolas was forced to change tactics when Finn threatened to go to the police with his theory. Nikolas asked Finn to wait while Nikolas talked to his staff. A short time later, Nikolas returned and reported that no one had seen any sign of Esme.

Nikolas assured Finn that everyone had been alerted, and Nikolas intended to take safety precautions on the chance that Finn was right. Nikolas promised to let Finn know if anything changed, and Nikolas assured Finn that Nikolas had Elizabeth's best interests at heart. Finn admitted that he wanted to believe Nikolas, but Finn couldn't. After Finn left, Nikolas saw the empty bottle of prenatal vitamins on a table in the foyer. He picked up the bottle and entered the living room as his thoughts drifted to Esme's warning that Elizabeth was a dedicated nurse who would not let Nikolas get away with attempted murder.

Nikolas also recalled Esme telling him that everything would unravel once the police were involved and that he would take both Ava and Elizabeth down with him. Nikolas pushed the memory away and quickly stashed the bottle behind a sofa cushion when he heard Victor arrive home. Nikolas was stunned when Spencer followed Victor into the living room. Victor explained that Spencer had been released from jail -- but with conditions. Spencer admitted that he was required to stay out of trouble for the remainder of the sentence, or Spencer would be sent back to jail. Victor was pleased that the family would be under one roof for the holiday.

Outside the Port Charles Grill, Sam was happy that she and Dante had a rare evening off at the same time. After a quick kiss, Dante and Sam entered the restaurant, but they stopped when they saw Cody at the bar. Cody raised his glass of beer and offered a toast to his new friends. A man and woman seated next to Cody played along, but their expressions were uneasy. As soon as Dante and Sam approached Cody, the couple gathered their drinks and walked away.

Dante and Sam were surprised when Cody announced that he had decided to leave town. Cody explained that there was nothing to keep him in Port Charles. "Not anymore," Cody said. Cody followed Dante and Sam to a table, and Dante asked about Cody's decision to leave. Cody drunkenly reminded Dante that the inheritance Cody had hoped to claim had gone up in smoke, and Cody accused Britt of being "ridiculous and unreasonable." Dante was curious why Britt was upset, but Cody admitted that he had no idea except that it had to do with Britt inheriting something from Faison.

Cody explained that he had assumed that Britt had been referring to the necklace, so he had offered to take it off her hands, but he'd been wrong. Cody admitted that he had no idea what had been troubling Britt, but it was "heavy." Cody was ready for another round of drinks, but Dante decided to go to the bar to fetch Cody a cup of coffee. Cody invited Sam to speak her mind, since he was certain that she was pleased about his decision to leave. Sam admitted that Cody leaving town sounded like a good idea because Cody had tricked Britt into a relationship in order to get his hands on the necklace. Cody insisted that the necklace had been his birthright, but Sam reminded Cody that he had a criminal record, which suggested that he was not new to doing shady things.

Cody and Sam's conversation was cut short when Dante returned. Moments later, Sam received a text message, so she excused herself to take care of it. Dante took the opportunity to try to persuade Cody to stay in town, but Cody believed his run of bad luck was karma for the lies that Cody had told. However, Cody assured Dante that Dante's friendship had meant a lot to Cody during their childhood, and he warned Dante that they both would be in a world of hurt if anyone found out what had happened in 1996. "The past is the past," Dante said in a low tone.

Cody was surprised when Dante admitted that he knew Sam had uncovered Cody's sealed juvenile record, but Dante was confident that everything would settle back down. A few minutes later, Sam returned. Dante announced that the rideshare he had ordered for Cody had arrived. Cody thanked Dante. After Cody left, Dante told Sam that Cody had been going through a rough period, and Dante believed it would help if Sam stopped mentioning Cody's juvenile record. Dante explained that dredging it up wouldn't help Cody get on the right path.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was surprised when she ran into her father. Jeff explained that he had been looking for Elizabeth at work because he had wanted to let her know that he would be leaving town in the morning. Terry walked up, and she immediately picked up on the tension between Jeff and Elizabeth. Jeff greeted Terry, and he admitted that it seemed like Terry was always running interference for Elizabeth. Jeff confessed that he was happy that Elizabeth had Terry looking out for her. Jeff asked Elizabeth for a few minutes of her time before he left.

A short time later, Elizabeth led Jeff into Terry's office. She advised her father to keep it brief, so Jeff assured his daughter that he fully intended to respect her boundaries. Elizabeth was shocked when Jeff revealed that he had paid Heather a visit to warn Heather to stay away from Cameron. Jeff promised Elizabeth that Heather was not a danger to her family, but the talk with Heather had made Jeff face some things about himself that he hadn't been proud of. "I'm listening," Elizabeth said.

Jeff explained that he was not proud of how he had handled things with Elizabeth because he had lied to the people he had cared about. Jeff acknowledged that he had denied his own wrongdoing, and he had made Elizabeth think that everything had been her fault. Jeff promised that he and Carolyn had done what they had thought best, but he had realized that in sending Elizabeth away, he had been running away from his own problems. Jeff saw how wrong it had been. "And I'm sorry," Jeff said.

Elizabeth admitted that she had no idea how to feel about Jeff's admission because she had been waiting a lifetime for her parents to admit that what they had done to her had been wrong. "It was such a betrayal," Elizabeth said. She accused her father of protecting himself -- not her. Jeff tearfully agreed, and he confessed that he wished he could take it all back. Elizabeth explained that nothing could take away the damage that her parents had done to her. She hoped that her father's realization helped him heal, but she admitted that it wouldn't help her.

Elizabeth pointed out that she had built a life without her parents, and she had endured traumas, violations, weddings, funerals, and the births of her children without her parents by her side. Elizabeth reminded Jeff that she knew what it was like to be a parent, so she knew how hard it was for a parent to see their child in pain. She accused her parents of taking away her opportunity to heal from a horrible moment in her life and for leaving her without a family and completely untethered from the world. She insisted that it had left room for the tragic mistake to return to haunt her 25 years later. Elizabeth admitted that she wanted to lash out at the world, but instead, she had to deal with the memories and face her actions.

Elizabeth acknowledged that she had to learn to live with her choices, and Jeff would have to learn to live with his. Jeff realized that there was nothing left to say. He promised Elizabeth that he and Carolyn had only wanted to protect their daughter and that they loved both of their daughters and their grandsons. Jeff apologized for the pain that he had caused Elizabeth, and he assured her that he would be there if she wanted to reach out to him.

Elsewhere, Britt called the Haunted Star and arranged to rent the ship for a New Year's Eve birthday bash. A short time later, Britt was at the nurses' station when Terry walked up. Britt invited Terry to the birthday party, and Terry happily accepted when Britt promised that it would be the party of the century. The conversation shifted to their working relationship, and they both agreed that Monica had made the right decision by naming both Terry and Britt as co-chiefs of staff. Terry excused herself when she saw Finn walk to the elevator.

Terry caught up to Finn at the elevator, and she asked if he had talked to Elizabeth. Finn confessed that things were still strained between him and Elizabeth. Just then, Jeff exited the elevator. Jeff greeted Terry, but he kept on walking when he realized that Terry had been talking to Finn. Finn realized why Terry had been concerned about Elizabeth.

Minutes later, Finn entered Terry's office. Elizabeth ran into Finn's arms and hugged him. The bottle of prenatal vitamins that she had picked up for Esme was clutched in her hand.

At the nurses' station, Britt told Terry that Terry would make a great chief of staff if Monica would ever let Terry fly solo. Alarmed, Terry asked if Britt intended to resign. "Nothing lasts forever," Britt answered.

Jordan questions Ryan

Jordan questions Ryan

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Anna and Valentin opened the door to leave the house but found Martin on the doorstep. He entered and said that he'd known that Valentin would lead him to Anna. Anna reluctantly told him that they had reason to believe that Lucy was alive. Martin demanded to go with them to help them crack the case, but Valentin thought that Martin would just slow them down. Just then, they heard a car, and Valentin saw a car with no headlights pulling up the driveway. Anna demanded Martin's keys, and he handed them over.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Agent Whitten identified himself. Outside, another agent reminded Whitten that they had no warrant, but Whitten was willing to "take the heat." Martin, who was alone in the room, opened the door, and the agents burst inside. Whitten demanded to know why Martin was there, and where Anna was. Martin explained that Tiffany, the owner of the house, was a client, so he'd gone there for a break, and he had no idea where Anna was.

Martin wondered if the agents had a warrant, and learning that they didn't, he invited them outside to obtain one. One agent left, but Agent Whitten warned, "Standing in my way is a bad move," and he put a hand on his gun. Martin didn't believe that Whitten would start shooting, and Whitten replied that it would be his word against Martin's. Just then, Valentin emerged from hiding with his hands up. He insisted that he'd gone there to find Anna, and Martin had followed him. Suddenly, there was a gun in Whitten back, and Anna demanded that he stand down. Valentin took Whitten's gun, and Anna knocked Whitten out. Valentin and Anna had to go, but Martin wondered how they would deal with all the agents outside.

Moments later, the agents outside heard Martin yelling for help from in the house. Martin told them that Whitten had just collapsed. "Stop them," Whitten slurred, raising his head, but Martin pushed it back down to wait for an ambulance. A short while later, Whitten was sitting on the couch, and he demanded that Martin be arrested. Outside, Anna and Valentin were proud of Martin's effort. They were glad that they got to go after Victor together, and they went on their way.

At Wyndemere, Victor was ecstatic that Spencer would be home for the holidays, and he suggested a big family dinner. Spencer pointed out Nikolas' silence and figured that Nikolas didn't want him there. He assumed that it was because of Ava, but Victor clarified that Nikolas and Ava were divorcing. Nikolas insisted that he wanted Spencer there, but their relationship was too volatile for cohabitation. Spencer didn't believe Nikolas, but he didn't want to stay where he wasn't wanted. Victor offered to take Spencer out for dinner, so they left with glares towards Nikolas. "Damn you, Esme!" Nikolas yelled, clearing a table out of anger.

In Terry's office, Finn and Elizabeth finally pulled apart from their embrace. She told him about her conversation with Jeff, and that he'd left the ball in her court for communication. He thought that she could drop the guilt about Reiko, but she couldn't talk to him about Reiko. She felt responsible, and she didn't feel like they could get past it. He loved her, and he wanted to fight for their future. Just then, her phone rang, and she decided to ignore the call from Nikolas. Finn commented that he didn't trust Nikolas, especially after the strange vibe Nikolas had given off when Finn had gone to Wyndemere looking for Esme.

Nikolas desperately left Elizabeth a voicemail telling her about what had happened with Spencer and Victor, and he asked her to call him back.

At the Port Charles Grill, Trina commented that she hadn't been out in public a lot, and it was starting to wear on her. Rory promised that she was safe with him, and she was too beautiful to hide out at home. They talked about the new exhibit at the Chuck, and Trina offered to give him a private tour. She wondered what he was doing for Christmas, and he revealed that he was working, but he was getting together with his family on Christmas Eve. He invited her along, and after initially being reluctant, Trina answered, "Count me in." Later, Trina talked about how special he made her feel, and he replied that he loved her. Not hearing, she asked him to repeat what he said. He repeated it louder just as Spencer entered the restaurant with Victor.

At Spring Ridge, a guard let Sonny into a room and warned that it would have to be locked behind him. Sonny entered the room and greeted Heather. "Are you here to kill me?" she asked in terror. He talked about the prison van crash, and that he'd heard about her offering a description of the driver to the cops. He explained that Anna was a friend, and he wanted to make sure that the cops couldn't find her. She described Dex and insisted that she would recognize him immediately if she saw him. "That's unfortunate," Sonny said.

Sonny informed her that prison was violent, and "things can happen." Heather immediately backtracked and talked about how she wasn't good with faces and mixed people up all the time. She added that she probably had nothing to offer the police. Sonny thanked her and advised her to take care of herself, as no one else would, and he left.

At Spring Ridge, Jordan met with Ryan and his interpreter. She asked if he knew where Esme was, but Ryan said through the interpreter that there was "no deal" unless Ava was there. Just then, Ava arrived and apologized for being late. "I'm here now. Get blinking," she stated. Through Jordan's questioning and Ryan's interpreter, she learned that Ryan claimed to know nothing about Esme. She showed him the letter allegedly written by the hook killer, and he believed the letter was genuine, but that it hadn't been written by Esme. He pointed out the use of the phrase "me and mine," citing Esme's claims of being a lone wolf.

Through the interpreter, Ryan wondered why Ava was still wearing her wedding ring, as she and Nikolas were over, and he begged her to "come back to me." She spat that her marriage was none of his business. Sonny emerged from the hall, and Jordan walked over to talk to him. Ava took the opportunity to gloat about the love between her and Nikolas, and that she'd never cared for Ryan.

Jordan wondered why Sonny was there, and he claimed that he'd met with the warden about funding a continuing education program. Jordan was skeptical, but she returned to Ava and Ryan, followed by Sonny. Jordan announced that they were done with Ryan for the night, so he could go back to his room. Jordan updated Sonny, and she said that it was too soon to focus exclusively on Esme, and that they had another lead to work with. Jordan thanked Ava for her help and left. Ava admitted to Sonny that seeing Ryan again was harder than she'd thought it would be, and she told him about the "gossip" Ryan had heard. Sonny advised Ava not to let Ryan get in her head, and also to cut Nikolas loose, as he was "bad news."

Back in his room, Ryan wondered aloud where Esme was, and what she'd gotten herself into. Just then, he heard his door unlocking, so he got back into his locked-in position. Heather entered the room and cooed, "Hello, lover."

Ryan makes a shocking announcement to Heather

Ryan makes a shocking announcement to Heather

Friday, December 9, 2022

At Pozzulo's restaurant, Dex entered Sonny's office to ask about the deal that Sonny had arranged with a third party who wanted to use Sonny's facilities. Sonny asked what was more important to Dex: working for Sonny or making time for Josslyn.

Dex said that Josslyn had guaranteed his freedom, and he explained that he was merely thankful for her help. Dex claimed he would learn from his mistakes. Sonny replied that some mistakes were too big to make, and he opened a desk drawer that contained a gun.

Sonny said that Dex was at a crossroads in life, and he encouraged Dex to figure out what truly mattered. Sonny then gifted Dex the gun, and he explained that he had set up a meeting with the third party. Sonny wanted Dex to take the gun to the meeting, "just in case."

At Sonny's penthouse, Josslyn stopped by to pick up Donna. Josslyn bickered with Nina, and she continued to harp that Sonny was a terrible person. Nina told Josslyn about Willow having fainted earlier. Nina remarked that she and Carly had been able to be civil toward one another, and she asked if Josslyn could do the same. Josslyn refused.

Nina thought back to her time with Sonny in Nixon Falls, and she said that she hadn't just kept the truth about Sonny from Carly; she had also kept the truth from herself. Nina's words caused Josslyn to flash back to having kissed Dex. Josslyn then yelled that she was nothing like Nina. Nina said that Josslyn had high standards and was honest to a fault. Nina asked about Cameron. Josslyn replied that it was none of Nina's business.

Later, Sonny entered with Dex, and he wondered why Josslyn was there. Josslyn went to get Donna, and Sonny jokingly quipped that there was no broken glass in the house after Josslyn and Nina's run-in. Nina replied that it was because Josslyn had other things on her mind.

At the Port Charles Grill, Spencer spotted Trina with Rory. Spencer told Victor that he had lost his appetite. Rory rambled on about his feelings for Trina, and he gave her a bottle of perfume. Trina looked up from her chair and saw Spencer standing behind Rory.

Trina asked how Spencer had been granted an early release from Pentonville. Spencer admitted that the main reason had been his family name. Rory tried to interrogate Spencer about Cyrus, but Spencer refused to answer. Spencer left Trina and Rory's table. Shortly afterwards, Victor said that Spencer had made a mistake. "You're a Cassadine, Spencer. And Cassadines never quit," Victor said as he caught Spencer glaring at Trina.

Victor told Spencer to never let anyone cause Spencer to regret his freedom. Spencer groused that he had appeared just in time to overhear Rory tell Trina that Rory loved her. Rory received a phone call from Jordan, and he excused himself from Trina to take the call outside. Victor told Spencer that opportunity was only lost on those who failed to see it. That caused Spencer to leap to his feet and to rush to Trina's table. "Can we start over?" Spencer hastily asked Trina.

Trina said that a fresh start was unlikely. Spencer responded that he and Victor would have gone elsewhere if Spencer had known that Trina and Rory were at the restaurant. Spencer confessed that he had heard Rory tell Trina he loved her.

Outside the restaurant, Victor approached Rory, and he vaguely asked if Rory knew when to stay the course and when to call it a day. Rory walked back into the restaurant, and Spencer said goodnight to Trina as he rejoined Victor. Rory looked furious when he asked Trina what Spencer had wanted.

Rory whined that it was unfortunate that his and Trina's "big night" had been interrupted, and he and Trina left hand in hand. Nearby, Victor said that if Trina chose Rory over Spencer, it would be Trina's loss. Spencer left to use the restroom, and he left the gift box that contained the two turtle doves from Cyrus behind on the table. Victor picked up the box, and he put it in his pocket.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was surprised that Finn had gone to Spoon Island. Finn said he was convinced that Esme was hiding on the island. Finn badmouthed Nikolas, and he said that Nikolas was hiding something. Elizabeth conceded that Nikolas was likely hiding something, only because Victor was living at Wyndemere. Finn stood up to call Jordan about his suspicions. "No! You can't!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

Elizabeth reminded Finn that he was a doctor and not a detective. Finn once again refused to respect Elizabeth's wishes after she had asked him to let the subject go. Finn rushed Elizabeth out of the room, anyway. Once outside, Finn remarked that Elizabeth had forgotten something, and he went back into the room and discovere a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

Finn recalled having seen a similar bottle of vitamins at Wyndemere, and he demanded to know why Elizabeth had the vitamins. Finn asked if the bottle belonged to Elizabeth, who told Finn to let the matter go. Finn refused, and he said that he would go to Wyndemere to get the answers he wanted if Elizabeth refused to tell him. "Please don't," Elizabeth said. "Please don't what, Elizabeth? Please don't what? Are you pregnant?" Finn shouted.

At Spring Ridge, Heather lovingly ran her hands over Ryan's body, and she recalled the first time she had met Ryan. According to Heather, she had hiked the Cascade Range as a "regular nature girl on a journey" years earlier when she had smelled smoke from a cabin in the middle of the mountains. Heather said she had found Ryan chopping wood with a hatchet. "You always were handy with a blade," Heather marveled.

Heather recalled that she had introduced herself to Ryan as "Hazel" during the night at the cabin and that Ryan had introduced himself as "Richard." Heather added that she and Ryan had been "soul mates for a brief interlude," and she asked if the memory had started to return to Ryan, who Heather affectionally referred to as "Richie."

Heather continued to recall her past with Ryan, and she said the two had been a pair of timber wolves that had been too wild for "those poor, pathetic sheep out there." Heather stated that she knew better than to believe that Ryan was really paralyzed.

As Heather continued to goad Ryan, she pressed her face inches from his before Ryan startled her. "You left me without so much as a goodbye. You broke my heart. I don't think you've ever been hurt as badly. But that can be arranged," Ryan said menacingly to Heather.

Heather marveled that Ryan could speak, and she said she knew that Ryan wouldn't hurt her. Ryan said he had often wondered if he had imagined Heather. Heather continued to be suggestive toward Ryan, and she slapped him suddenly and without warning.

Ryan asked what had prompted the slap. Heather replied that the slap had something to do with Franco. Heather said that Ryan had victimized Franco, and she concluded that one bad deed deserved another. Ryan said that Heather wouldn't dare expose his secrets.

Heather told Ryan that she'd always known their paths would cross again because what they had shared was "kismet." Heather said she wouldn't expose Ryan's secret and that she only meant to put Ryan on notice to not add Heather to Ryan's list of victims. "Heaven forbid," Ryan scoffed. "Heaven isn't your final destination. Or mine," Heather said matter-of-factly.

Heather apologized to Ryan for having walked out on him, and she wondered how their lives might have been different if she had stayed. "I owe you one," Heather said. "According to my math, you owe me two," Ryan shot back.

Heather asked what Ryan had meant. "Let's just say that when you left me, never to return, you didn't just stomp on my heart and walk out of my life. In the years since, I've learned that when you left... you were carrying the child that we created," Ryan said to a stunned Heather.

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