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Heather and Ryan vowed to find their daughter -- Esme. The Hook claimed another life when Rory succumbed to his injuries. Elizabeth told Finn that she was pregnant with Nikolas' baby. Nikolas gave Ava divorce papers. Spencer punched Dex. Carly paid a price for throwing a wrench into Drew's search for Willow's mother. Liesl told Nina about Britt's diagnosis.
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Rory died following an attack by the Hook. Elizabeth told Finn she was pregnant with Nikolas' baby. Nikolas gave Ava divorce papers. Heather and Ryan vowed to find Esme.
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Elizabeth tells Finn she is pregnant

Elizabeth tells Finn she is pregnant

Monday, December 12, 2022

At Spring Ridge, Ryan informed Heather that he had been aware that she'd left him while she had been carrying their child. He added that he even knew it had been a girl. Heather was shocked and confessed that she had gone to "great lengths" to hide it from him. She maintained that they wouldn't have been capable of being parents. Ryan revealed that their daughter had been visiting him for months. "Guess it was meant to be," he said.

Ryan was certain that Heather had known that Esme had had an internship at Spring Ridge. He explained that she had found him with something of his that had belonged to a former girlfriend. He admitted that he had always wondered what had happened to his "special chain of keepsakes." Heather admitted that she had stolen it, and Ryan was perturbed. He declared that he would hold Heather responsible if anything landed in the wrong hands. Heather asked if that was a threat.

Heather insisted that she would keep the chain in her hands, where Ryan had once felt safe. She explained that she had been wearing the chain when she'd given their daughter up. The baby had grabbed the chain, and all the keepsakes had fallen to the ground. Heather had thought that she had retrieved all of them. Ryan stated that Esme had used that keepsake to find him. Heather wanted to hear all about their daughter.

Heather added that she had wanted to protect Esme because the world was full of terrible impressions of Heather. Ryan spoke about a strong young woman and shared that he and Esme had a special relationship, but she was missing. He revealed that Ava had sent Esme over the parapet at Wyndemere although he'd seen Esme since. He assumed that Esme had been unable to get word to him, and she had mentioned some business with the Cassadines. "We will make them pay," Ryan declared.

Heather noted that Ryan was stuck in the wheelchair, but he stood up. "People tend to underestimate me," he said. Heather smiled broadly and rushed to Ryan's arms. She was delighted, and she wondered what else Ryan might be able to do. They agreed that they had to find out what had happened to Esme and punish those responsible. They drew close, and Ryan stroked Heather's cheek.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas showed up in Esme's room to grant her a wish. She was happy that she might go outside to chop down a tree, but Demetrius carried a pint-sized tree into her room. She was angry, but Nikolas acknowledged that he would never allow her to go out to run away. He reminded her that she was a vessel until their child arrived.

Downstairs, Spencer rushed inside and searched for a bottle of whiskey. He found sherry instead. "Bleh," he said. He took a swig from the bottle when he recalled his conversation with Trina at the Port Charles Grill. He continued to drink until Nikolas appeared. Spencer announced that Victor had insisted that they stay at Wyndemere. Nikolas replied that it wasn't healthy for them to share living space. He spied the bottle, and Spencer quickly said that he didn't want a lecture. He admitted to losing his appetite and running out on his dinner with Victor.

Nikolas offered to listen to Spencer and said that he loved his son. Spencer thought that Nikolas was a "distinct minority." Nikolas began to name the people who loved Spencer. "She said we're not even friends anymore," Spencer blurted out. He told Nikolas about seeing Trina and "Deputy Do-Gooder" at the restaurant and "making eyes" at each other. He admitted that he knew why Trina had rejected him, and he admired her for finding someone with the courage to confess his feelings.

Spencer said he felt like he was still in prison, and he knew when there was no hope. Nikolas reminded him of a childhood book when the baby bird had been saved. "Hold onto hope," Spencer recalled. Nikolas thought it was a good lesson. He didn't think it was too late, but Spencer was sure that Trina and Rory loved each other. Nikolas revealed that it was hope that got him through the darkest times, even though he kept making mistakes. He thought that he and Spencer both had persistence as a quality, and they didn't give up on those they loved. He said he knew that Spencer loved Trina.

Back in Esme's room, she decorated the tree with toilet paper garland that she had on hand. She said she felt locked up and alone. She wanted help from her father, and soon after, Demetrius walked in. He handed a box to her. She opened it up and found some ornaments. She cried that it meant a lot to her, and he hoped she would stop crying. Esme told her baby that its grandfather had shown her the way.

In Terry's office at General Hospital, Elizabeth told Finn that she was pregnant after he spotted the bottle of prenatal vitamins. "Another man's baby," he said. Elizabeth was sorry, and Finn didn't believe her. Elizabeth sighed. She told him that it had happened after her return from Monterey when she'd needed someone to talk to. He was angry and reminded her that he had always stood by her. He asked who the father was. "Nikolas," Elizabeth replied.

Finn stormed out of the office and into his own. Elizabeth followed, as Finn struggled with his rage. He finally upended a tray full of glass items onto the floor. She told him that she had just found out. Finn assumed that Ava didn't know. He guessed that congratulations were in order, and he promised he wouldn't bother Elizabeth anymore. He stated that he would call the commissioner about Esme being at Wyndemere.

Elizabeth insisted that Esme was not on Spoon Island, and she knew because she had been spending lots of time there. Finn thought they'd been taking things slowly and told Elizabeth that she was good. He was furious. Elizabeth said that she had never wanted to deceive Finn, but he declared that he'd been a fool. Elizabeth told Finn that he didn't have to talk to her again. She cried that her boys didn't know, and she didn't want Finn to tell anyone. He replied that he would never hurt her sons, and he walked out.

Trina wandered around her house and picked up the bottle of perfume that Rory had given her. She thought about their conversation until there was a knock at the front door. It was Ava, and Trina was glad that Ava was there to stop her from making a huge mistake. Trina told her about the three-month anniversary dinner, and she confessed that her heart had been taking her down the path to more heartbreak. Ava exclaimed that she had lots of experience, and Trina should also rely on her head. She wanted Trina to have happiness. "Even if it leads to Spencer?" Trina asked.

Ava related that she'd heard about Spencer being out of prison. Trina admitted that she couldn't pretend to have feelings for Rory, even with all the hurt that Spencer and Esme had caused. Ava suggested that Esme might not be the Hook killer. She told Trina about Ryan's thought on it after the meeting that had been held with Jordan. Trina was concerned that that made the killer anonymous again, but she figured that Esme might have left town.

Ava proclaimed that she couldn't tell Trina what to do, only to listen to her heart. She thought that her own heart was loud and clear about Nikolas, but she didn't know if she would listen. After Ava had gone, Trina thought about her friend's advice. "Welcome home," read the text she decided to send to Spencer.

Carly arrived at Metro Court just as Drew met up with Denise in the lounge area to discuss Willow's childhood. Before Carly could make her way to observe, Willow called out to her. Willow announced that she was there for a date night dinner with Michael, but she received a call from him to tell her that he couldn't make it. She asked Carly to join her instead.

Carly and Willow sat at a table, and Carly asked about Willow's condition during her first pregnancy. She quickly apologized, and Willow explained that she didn't like to talk about it because she had had no support from anyone at that time. Carly grabbed Willow's hands as Willow expressed her gratitude for Michael's family and the one she had "yet to discover." She asked Carly about the search that Drew had been conducting, but Carly replied that it was "the Drew Show." Willow hoped that he would have some news for her because she had been losing sleep over losing time with her biological family.

Willow also expressed how kind Carly had been to her and how happy she was that her kids would have Carly as a grandmother. She thought that so much could go wrong. Carly asked if Willow was okay, and Willow replied that she had been thinking of her new baby. She hoped it would be healthy and happy. Carly said she was sure it would be strong and healthy. Carly wanted Willow to call her if she ever felt scared, and Willow noted that not calling Carly had been Nelle's loss. Carly didn't think things would have been different with Nelle even if she had known that Nina was her mother.

In the outer area, Drew and Denise sat down to talk. Denise stated that the people in the commune had been lost, and he asked if Willow's mother had been the same. Denise recalled Kali, as she had known baby Willow, to have been sweet, which had been remarkable, considering where she'd come from. She told Drew about the pregnant woman, Joan, who had joined the commune and then abandoned her baby. She had been sweet but troubled. The commune leader, Josiah, had asked Harmony and her husband Doug to take the baby.

Drew asked about the baby's father, but Denise didn't know anything about him. She was glad to hear that Willow had had a good life, and she added that Willow's biological mother had died of an overdose. The conversation drew to a close, and Denise decided to stick around to enjoy a colorful drink from the bar. She confirmed that Drew had been paying for her visit.

Drew made his way to Willow and Carly's table with an update, and Carly insisted on leaving them alone. Drew thought he should verify the information first, but Willow wanted to hear it. He told her what he'd learned.

Carly found Denise and asked how the conversation with Drew had gone. "Exactly as you wanted it to," Denise replied.

At Wyndemere, Spencer received Trina's text message, and he smiled at Nikolas. He announced that he wouldn't have to drink anymore. "Hold onto hope," Spencer said. Just as he went off, Ava arrived at the door. It was Nikolas' turn to smile.

Elizabeth and Nikolas wonder about their next move

Elizabeth and Nikolas wonder about their next move

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

At Sonny's penthouse, Nina found a drawing with the word "MOMMY" written in crayon. Sonny appeared, and he said that he was glad that Donna and Nina had started to grow close. Nina recalled that Josslyn had stopped by to harp about Nina spending time with Donna. Nina wondered if spending time with Donna was worth it.

Nina shared that because Nelle had been taken away from her at birth, she had a hole in her heart that she would always try to heal. "The more time I spend with Donna, the more I'm afraid the lines could be blurred," Nina said.

Sonny understood Nina's concern, but he didn't think she had anything to worry about. Nina still insisted that she should keep her distance from Donna. Sonny agreed to follow Nina's lead, but he said there was nothing he would like more than for Nina to have a close relationship to Donna. Sonny added that he was falling more in love with Nina every day and that he didn't care what anyone thought. He and Nina kissed.

In a private room of Metro Court, Denise told Carly that Drew no longer had a reason to search for Willow's birth mother. Carly asked about Willow's biological father. Denise remarked that the check Carly had given her would only cover one deceased parent and that another would cost Carly more money.

Denise threatened to expose Carly's lie and to tell Drew and Willow the truth. Carly gave Denise another check, and she said that Denise was an awful person. "It could be worse. I could be paying someone to lie about someone else's parents being dead. At least I own who I am and what I'm doing. Trust me, your life would be a lot easier if you looked in the mirror and did the same," Denise told Carly.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Drew shared that it appeared Willow's biological mother had died. Drew encouraged Willow not to give up hope. An upset Willow left to go for some air. Outside on the patio, Willow struggled to control her emotions. Drew found Willow, and he noticed tears in her eyes.

Willow said that Drew had no idea how important the search for her biological parents was, and she added that a "Hail Mary" wasn't going to happen. Drew flashed back to conversations he'd had with Willow at the Quartermaine estate in recent months when Willow had looked pale. "Oh, my God. You are sick, aren't you?" a concerned Drew asked Willow.

Willow shared that she had Stage 4 leukemia, and she added that she didn't know how much time she had unless she could find a family member for a bone marrow donation. Drew put his arms around Willow to comfort her.

Willow said that although she was receiving chemotherapy, it wasn't enough. Drew was sympathetic, and Willow asked Drew to promise that he wouldn't tell anyone that Willow was sick. "Not even Carly," Willow emphasized.

Drew promised he wouldn't tell a soul about Willow's secret, but he added that he wouldn't give up the search for Willow's family. The two left the patio to go back inside, where they found Carly.

Carly "apologized" that Willow's birth mother was dead, and she said that Willow had all the family she needed in Port Charles. Willow thanked Drew, and she left. Afterwards, Carly remarked that she hadn't realized how important it was for Willow to find her birth parents. "Neither did I," Drew replied.

At the hospital, Maxie was mad that Britt had decided to throw a New Year's Eve party without having consulted Maxie. Maxie calmed down long enough to thank Britt for a hand-delivered invitation, and then she told Britt that Austin had alienated all her friends.

Maxie recalled that Spinelli had been right not to trust Peter, and she added that it was hard for her to trust her own judgment of people. Just then, Maxie and Britt observed Austin trying to get his hands on the results of the algorithm Spinelli had run on Austin and Maxie. The results landed at Maxie's feet, and she asked what they were.

Britt was stunned to learn that Spinelli was behind Society Setups. Maxie was furious at both Spinelli and Austin, who admitted that he had blackmailed Spinelli into running the algorithm. Maxie and Austin went into an exam room, and she told Austin that there was something he needed to understand. Maxie recalled that for three long and painful years, someone she'd thought she'd loved had lied to her and done horrible things.

Maxie added that Spinelli was her best friend, as well as Georgie's father, and that Austin blackmailing Spinelli was a major red flag. Maxie said that anyone who was meant to be with her wouldn't have done what Austin had done by having blackmailed Spinelli, and she stormed out of the room.

Out by the nurses' station, Austin tried to chase after Maxie, who announced that she was leaving with Spinelli. After Maxie and Spinelli left, Austin asked Britt if she had any advice, but Britt had none. Austin opened the results of the algorithm, and he stared at them.

At Charlie's Pub, Alexis and Gregory shared cocktails before Finn appeared at the bar. Alexis asked Gregory to give her a chance to talk privately to Finn, and Gregory agreed. Finn then told Alexis that things were at last long over between him and Elizabeth.

Finn claimed it wasn't his place to tell Alexis all of Elizabeth's secrets. Alexis said she was there for Finn if he wanted to talk. Finn replied that perhaps Alexis had already "gotten through" to him.

Finn left the pub, and afterwards, Gregory said that his family was in Alexis' debt. Later, outside Charlie's, Ava encountered Finn. Ava asked what was on Finn's mind. Finn told Ava to have a good night, and he walked away.

At Wyndemere, Ava wanted to discuss the fate of her marriage to Nikolas. Nikolas said that while he wanted Ava to move back in, the timing was wrong because Spencer had just moved back in, as well. Ava said she hoped Nikolas would "press pause" on their plans for divorce. Just then, Elizabeth arrived in the foyer.

A surprised Ava wondered why Elizabeth was at Wyndemere and why Elizabeth had her own set of keys to the castle. Elizabeth made up an excuse about Nikolas having volunteered his family's history for a school project that Aiden was working on. Ava bid Nikolas goodnight, and she left.

Alone in the living room, Nikolas shared that he and Elizabeth would have to be careful because Spencer had moved back into the mansion. Elizabeth replied that that wasn't their only concern, and she handed Nikolas the bottle of prenatal vitamins.

Elizabeth said that Finn had seen the bottle of vitamins at both the hospital and at Wyndemere. Elizabeth recalled that Finn had wanted to send the cops to Wyndemere in search of Esme, but she said she had stopped him. Nikolas asked how. "Congratulations! You're gonna be a father again... to my child," Elizabeth said with a smile.

Elizabeth recalled that she'd had to "explain" to Finn why she had ordered prenatal vitamins that weren't for a patient, and she said she'd had to keep him away from Wyndemere. Elizabeth added that her lie had also explained why she had kept returning to Spoon Island. Nikolas wondered how Elizabeth could fake a pregnancy, and she replied that her decision was only meant to buy her and Nikolas some time to figure out their next move.

Elizabeth told herself that she had been "so awful" to Finn and that she had caused him a lot of pain. "I have to tell Finn the truth about everything," Elizabeth said. Nikolas implored Elizabeth to not tell Finn anything, reasoning that Finn would send the cops to Wyndemere. Nikolas added that if Elizabeth were found as an accomplice, she could serve time away from Cameron, Aiden, and Jake.

Elizabeth wondered how she had become the kind of person who would have agreed to go along with Nikolas' plan. Nikolas reasoned that sometimes sacrifices had to be made for the greater good. Nikolas asked if Elizabeth trusted Finn to not say anything to anyone about Finn's suspicions about Esme and his belief that Elizabeth was pregnant with Nikolas' child.

Elizabeth said that she hoped Finn wouldn't betray her the way Elizabeth claimed she had betrayed him, but Finn wasn't their only problem. Elizabeth added that Ava would find out about their supposed affair.

Nikolas said that Ava could never find out and that there had to be another way. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that he had said that sacrifices had to be made for the greater good. "Can you really keep this up with Esme and reconcile with Ava at the same time?" Elizabeth asked.

Rory decides to follow a lead on the Hook

Rory decides to follow a lead on the Hook

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

At Volonino's, Nina asked if Sonny was ready to show her his moves. "I did that last night," Sonny said. "And then some," Nina replied. She wrapped her arms around him, but her smile faded when she saw Liesl hitting a punching bag. Nina decided to check on her aunt, while Sonny approached Dex.

"Meeting is set for tomorrow. Are you ready?" Sonny asked. Dex opened his jacket to show Sonny the gun Dex had been given. "Ready as I'll ever be," Dex replied. Pleased, Sonny told Dex to take the afternoon off.

Nearby, Nina led her distraught aunt to a bench. Once the gloves were removed, Nina's concern mounted when she saw Liesl's bruised knuckles. Nina ran over to ask if Sonny had any ice packs available. Sonny was surprised that the gloves hadn't protected Liesl's hands, but Nina admitted that it seemed as if her aunt wanted to be in pain. While Sonny fetched the ice packs, Nina returned to Liesl's side.

Nina offered to call Scott, but Liesl admitted that Scott was out of town. Liesl wanted to be left alone, but Nina explained that "Jay" wouldn't want Nina to walk away. "My precious Nathan," Liesl said in a tone filled with grief. Nina confessed that she'd been thinking a lot about her brother because of Christmas. Nina wondered if the same was true for Liesl. "A mother should have more time with her child," Liesl replied.

Nina reminded Liesl that James looked more like his father every day and that Nathan lived on in his son. "But Britta won't," Liesl replied as fresh tears flowed. Alarmed, Nina asked what had happened to her cousin, but Liesl insisted that it wasn't Liesl's story to tell. Nina promised to keep the secret, but Liesl was reluctant to share Britt's diagnosis. Meanwhile, Sonny returned with the ice pack, but he sat down on a nearby bench as Nina implored Liesl to share the burden. "Britta is sick. She has Huntington's disease," Liesl said.

Stunned, Nina asked about Britt's symptoms, so Liesl told Nina about Britt's trouble swallowing and the muscle spasms. Liesl warned Nina that it would only get worse. Liesl questioned if she had the strength to watch Britt waste away. "You're going to find the strength because your daughter is going to need you," Sonny said. Liesl was furious that Sonny had eavesdropped, and she accused Sonny of taking pleasure in seeing Liesl brought to her knees. Sonny assured Liesl that she was wrong because he had gone through something similar with his father.

Liesl's anger evaporated as she recalled that Mike had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Sonny admitted that it had been a crushing diagnosis. He opened up to Liesl about the progression of the disease and the brief flashes of his father's former self. Sonny explained that those moments had been a gift. Later, Liesl hugged Nina goodbye, and she reminded Nina not to tell anyone.

On her way out, Liesl stopped to thank Sonny. After they exchanged a hug, Liesl left. Nina approached Sonny and told him how wonderful she thought he was. Sonny insisted that he felt compelled to help when he saw someone suffering like he had with Mike. Nina kissed Sonny.

At Carly's house, Josslyn and Trina entered the kitchen as they talked about Trina's date with Rory. Josslyn was eager to hear all about it, but Trina was curious if Josslyn was aware that Spencer had been released from jail. Josslyn was happy for Spencer, but she reminded Trina that they had been talking about Rory. Trina told Josslyn about Rory's declaration of love and Spencer's unexpected arrival at the restaurant. Trina worried that Rory was moving too fast, especially since Trina and Rory hadn't been intimate yet. Josslyn agreed that it was quick, but Josslyn was curious how Trina had felt about Rory's declaration.

"I felt scared," Trina admitted. Trina rushed to assure Josslyn that Rory was sweet and considerate, and he made Trina feel special. However, Trina conceded that she was not in love with Rory. "Not yet, at least," Trina said. Josslyn wondered if it was time holding Trina back or Trina's feelings for Spencer. Trina was adamant that she was not in love with Spencer because she was unable to trust him, but Trina acknowledged that she felt a part of herself wake up whenever Spencer was around.

Josslyn recalled her recent encounter with Dex in his apartment when he had kissed her, but she kept the memory to herself. Instead, Josslyn asked if Trina intended to end things with Rory. Trina admitted that she was conflicted because she felt drawn to Spencer in a way that she wasn't to Rory, but Trina had agreed to meet Rory's parents at Christmas. Trina didn't want to hurt Rory, but she realized it wasn't fair to keep dating Rory when she didn't return his feelings. Josslyn suggested that Trina avoid Spencer, but Trina argued it wasn't a sustainable solution. Trina clarified that she didn't want to end things with Rory to be with Spencer, but Trina was reluctant to ruin Rory's holidays.

Josslyn advised Trina to be honest with Rory and to let Rory decide if he wanted to remain in a relationship with Trina, knowing that Trina wasn't in love with him. Trina agreed it was the best solution, but Trina considered waiting until after the holidays. "Cam deserves to know the truth," Josslyn blurted out. Josslyn quickly realized her mistake and brushed it off as an innocent mistake. Trina decided that she needed to be honest with Rory if there was any hope for Trina and Rory to have something real.

At Kelly's, Cameron handed Dante a coffee as Spencer entered. Cameron was delighted to see Spencer. After Cameron and Spencer exchanged a hug, Spencer told Cameron and Dante about the early release. Dante hoped that Spencer had learned his lesson, so Spencer assured Dante that Spencer planned to follow the rules because he had no intention of going back to jail. Dante suggested that Spencer return to work at Kelly's, but Spencer admitted those days were behind him. After Dante left, Cameron asked how "reentry" had been, prompting Spencer to fill Cameron in about the terms of Spencer's early release.

Cameron was surprised when Spencer mentioned running into Trina the previous evening. Spencer admitted that the encounter hadn't gone well, but he shifted gears because Spencer wanted to know how things were with Cameron. Cameron confessed that he'd been busy with school, work, and soccer, so Cameron had barely had time for anything, including Josslyn. Concerned, Spencer asked if things were good between Cameron and Josslyn, but Cameron assured Spencer that the relationship was great. Spencer was relieved because there had been too many changes lately.

The conversation shifted to Esme and the possibility that Esme might have been behind the hook attacks. Spencer was surprised when Cameron expressed doubt about Esme's guilt. Cameron acknowledged that Esme had knocked his mother to the ground, but it wasn't proof that Esme had killed anyone. Spencer smiled because Cameron always saw the good in people, including Spencer. Spencer admitted that his friendships with both Cameron and Josslyn were the only things that made sense.

Cameron asked if Spencer had plans to apply to Port Charles University, but Spencer explained that it wouldn't be possible until the next fall semester. To Cameron's surprise, Spencer talked about traveling to Europe to ski the Alps once Spencer had completed his sentence. Cameron reminded Spencer of Trina, but Spencer argued that Trina seemed happy with Rory. Moments later, Dex entered the diner and made his way to the counter. Spencer immediately noticed a change in Cameron.

Cameron explained that Dex was a "wannabe gangster" who worked for Sonny, and Dex had been on hand to help Josslyn when Ava had been attacked. Cameron filled Spencer in about Sonny's concern that Dex might have been behind the hook attacks because Dex had been at several crime scenes. Cameron conceded that he didn't know all the details, but Josslyn had enlisted Michael's help to rescue Dex at Pozzulo's, and the incident had turned Josslyn completely against Sonny. Spencer insisted that his uncle would never hurt Josslyn, but Cameron warned Spencer that Josslyn and Sonny were further apart than ever. Spencer suggested that Josslyn's anger was rooted in the divorce, but Cameron insisted that Josslyn hated Sonny because of what had transpired between Sonny and Dex.

Spencer defended his uncle, and he accused Dex of manipulating Josslyn. Just then, Dex loudly asked if anyone worked there. Reluctantly, Cameron approached Dex and took Dex's order. After Cameron disappeared into the kitchen, Spencer walked up and introduced himself to Dex as Sonny's nephew. Spencer informed Dex that working for Sonny meant that Dex also worked for Spencer, but Dex admitted that it was news to him.

Outside, Josslyn arrived with an arm full of toys for the toy drive. Cameron had been sweeping the stoop, so he opened the door for Josslyn. Cameron and Josslyn entered the diner in time to hear Spencer tell Dex to stay away from Josslyn. Josslyn was not pleased, but she wanted to unload the presents before she dealt with Spencer. Dex stepped forward to help Josslyn, but Spencer held out a hand to block Dex as he instructed Dex to let Cameron help Josslyn. Annoyed, Josslyn assured everyone that she didn't need help.

Dex asked Cameron to cancel his order. Spencer insisted that Dex pay Cameron for the order, anyway, but Cameron explained that it wasn't necessary. Dex assured both Spencer and Cameron that Sonny paid well as Dex pulled out a wad of cash and peeled off a bill. Spencer's temper flared, and he punched Dex in the face.

In Jordan's office, Jordan invited Rory to take a seat. She revealed that she had heard that Rory had responded to a domestic violence call, and he had stayed with the victim in the Emergency Room for two hours. Rory rushed to assure Jordan that it had been the end of his shift, but he had wanted to make certain that Rachel Landry had received treatment. Jordan commended Rory for taking the extra step because Rachel had stopped by to let Jordan know that Rachel would press charges. Jordan credited Rory's support for Rachel's decision. "Nice work, Officer Cabrera," Jordan said.

Jordan told Rory to keep up the good work. As Rory stood to leave, Jordan asked if he intended to attend the holiday party. When Rory asked if he could bring a guest, Jordan smiled knowingly. Jordan told him that he was fortunate because Trina was a special person. "Don't I know it," Rory replied. Seconds later, Dante arrived to give Jordan an update about "the Hook case." Rory asked if he could sit in, so Jordan agreed.

Dante revealed that the poison used on the hook had been identified as venom from a sea krait -- a highly venomous semi-aquatic snake found in South Asian islands. Jordan realized the snake had been smuggled into the country. Dante agreed, which had prompted him to look up arrest records over the past ten years of exotic animal smugglers. Dante revealed that five smugglers were in Port Charles. Rory pointed out that it had been two months since the killer had struck, but Jordan reminded Rory that serial killers rarely stopped.

Jordan explained that the killer might have been arrested for something else, or the killer had left town. "Well, whoever she is and wherever she is, she's got to be stopped and brought to justice," Dante said. Rory offered to drop the file off at Dante's desk, since Rory was on his way out. Jordan thanked Rory because she had something else to discuss with Dante. After Rory left and closed the door, he pulled out his phone and took a photograph of the page with the names of the smugglers in Port Charles.

At a coffee shop, Maxie was on the phone with her mother as she assured Felicia that they could reschedule a coffee date soon. After she ended the call, Maxie sighed with frustration and rubbed her forehead. Cody walked up and admitted that she had sounded sincere, but it was clear that Maxie was troubled. Cody offered to listen if Maxie wanted to talk, but she reminded him that he was not obligated, since they weren't family. Cody admitted that he liked to think that he and Maxie were "friendly."

Satisfied, Maxie revealed that Austin had blackmailed Spinelli. She explained that she was upset because Austin should have talked to her about his doubts instead of making things worse by forcing Spinelli to help. Maxie couldn't understand why men always took the most difficult route when honesty would be easier. Cody looked sheepish as he pointed out that he was not in a position to offer relationship advice, prompting Maxie to ask about Britt. Cody confessed that Britt wanted nothing to do with him, but Maxie was certain that Britt would have a change of heart because Britt had forgiven him in the past. Cody decided to shift the focus back on Maxie when he asked if she wanted to forgive Austin.

Maxie confessed that she was terrified that Austin was not the person that she had believed Austin to be. Cody reminded her that everyone showed the best version of themselves in the beginning, but Maxie argued that a person had to be their authentic self in order for a relationship to go the distance. Cody was certain that no one wanted the real Cody. "That's a cop-out," Maxie said. Maxie urged him not to give up on Britt because Maxie was certain that Britt just needed time.

At the hospital, Britt and Brad discussed the plans for her birthday celebration on the Haunted Star. Britt wanted the party to be epic, and Brad assured her that people would talk about it for years. However, Brad was curious why Britt had left Cody off the guest list. He assumed it was because of what had happened with the necklace. Britt realized that Brad hadn't heard the news that Society Setups had been "a fraud," and Zelda had been a front for Spinelli. Britt decided that the joke had been on Cody because Cody had lost both the necklace and the girl.

Brad was disappointed in Cody, but the conversation returned to Britt when Brad expressed concern about Britt working too much. Britt deflected by discussing plans for the party. As Britt listed all the things that she had to do before the party, she mentioned a meeting with her lawyer. Alarmed, Brad asked why Britt needed to see her lawyer. Britt chose her words carefully as she claimed that the fiasco with the necklace had made her appreciate the importance of a will.

Brad was taken aback when Britt announced that she had decided to leave everything to him. Britt explained that she hoped Brad would use the inheritance to get away from Selina and start fresh. Britt wanted Brad to have independence, but he admitted it was depressing to think that he might spend decades running errands for his aunt. "Not unless you are planning on dying tomorrow," Brad said in a joking tone. Britt softly told him that it wasn't the plan, but it was always good to be prepared.

Brad told Britt that it meant the world to him that she wanted him to be her beneficiary. Britt insisted that Brad deserved it because he had been there for her when no one else had been, he knew her better than anyone else, and he was her best friend. Brad told her that they were more than best friends -- they were family. Brad and Britt exchanged a hug, and both were misty-eyed when they pulled apart. Brad grew concerned when Britt suddenly dropped her phone, but she blamed the clumsiness on spending too much time at the gym that morning.

Brad assured Britt that he was happy to help her with the party, but he was curious about the magnitude of it. Brad reminded Britt that she had never mentioned her birthday in the past nor had she celebrated it. "Why is this one such a big deal?" Brad asked. Britt claimed that the party was an excuse because she wanted to be more than the woman who had fallen into Metro Court's pool and the sucker taken in by Cody's con. Britt wanted people to see her in all her glory. Brad promised that Britt would get that, and he vowed that the party would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

At the police station, Trina stopped by Jordan's office, looking for Rory. Meanwhile, Rory checked his phone as he approached an apartment door. He was about to knock when he realized that the door was slightly ajar. "PCPD," Rory called out. When there was no reply, he cautiously entered the apartment. Seconds later, the door slammed shut.

Rory is attacked by the Hook

Rory is attacked by the Hook

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Sam met up with Maxie at the café, and Maxie thought that Sam was the best person to help give her some perspective. She told Sam about what had happened with Austin and Spinelli. Maxie continued that Austin had been great when they'd first met, but she no longer trusted him. She thought that Spinelli and Georgie had had the right idea, as they hadn't liked Austin from the beginning. Sam advised her to re-evaluate and act accordingly. "At least my life isn't up in flames, so that's progress," Maxie cracked.

Nikolas arrived at the gallery, startling Ava. He told her that he would always love her, and she replied wistfully, "If only that was all it took to fix things." She invited him to join her for takeout, but he admitted that he was only there to deliver divorce papers, and he handed them to her. She believed that something had driven him to go ahead with the divorce, and she demanded to know what it was. After some badgering, he blurted out that he'd had an affair with Elizabeth.

Ava wanted details of the affair, but Nikolas would only tell her that Elizabeth was pregnant. He was determined not to fail another child. He advised her to look at the very generous offer. Ava saw a letter opener on the table and picked it up. She swung at him, but only pinned the papers to the wall. "That's what I think of your offer," she murmured. "You could have killed me!" he exclaimed. "Remember that," she shot back. He apologized, as he'd never wanted to hurt her. "God have mercy on you because you'll get none from me," she said coldly, and he left.

Josslyn arrived at Kelly's with an armful of toys for donation, and Dex offered to help her, but she insisted that she could do it herself. Feeling Spencer's animosity, Dex advised Cameron to cancel his order, and he would go elsewhere. Spencer demanded that Dex pay for his order. Dex smugly took out a roll of cash and told Spencer that Sonny paid him well. Spencer punched Dex, who fell on the floor. Dex popped back up, and Spencer dared Dex to punch him.

Cameron separated Spencer and Dex, and Josslyn couldn't believe that Spencer was already causing problems, freshly out of prison. Spencer explained that Cameron had told him that Dex had put Josslyn in danger, and he yelled at Dex to leave. Josslyn assured Dex that he didn't have to listen to Spencer. "You have no clue what I do or don't have to do," Dex snarled, and he stormed out. Cameron didn't want Spencer to hurt people on his behalf. Spencer believed that he was no longer needed there and stormed out. Cameron suggested that, with all the craziness around them, he and Josslyn go somewhere nice, just the two of them.

Rory arrived outside an apartment and knocked. The door opened when he knocked, so he announced himself and went in. The door slammed shut behind him, and a hook appeared. From outside the apartment, Dante heard a gunshot and called for backup. He announced himself and kicked in the door to the apartment. He found a man bleeding on the floor and checked for a pulse. Just then, Rory emerged, bleeding, from another room. He fell on to the couch and croaked to Dante, "The Hook."

Trina entered Jordan's office and asked if she'd seen Rory. A few minutes later, Jordan ended a phone call and informed Trina that Rory was probably around the station somewhere, as his shift had just ended. Jordan advised Trina to stick around because Rory would love to see Trina. "Not for long," Trina muttered. She excused herself to go to Kelly's, and she left. A few minutes later, Jordan's phone rang, and she learned of Dante's call for backup.

Jordan arrived at the apartment a short while later with two officers. Dante explained that he had to have just missed the killer, and the woman could have jumped out the window. Jordan advised an officer to set up a perimeter to look for the killer. She didn't think Rory could wait for the ambulance, so Dante and the other officer carried Rory out of the apartment. Jordan put in a call for the medical examiner and crime scene unit to get to the apartment.

At the hospital, Portia showed Elizabeth some of her options for wedding dresses. However, Portia was unsure about getting married in February, when the hook killer was still on the loose. Just then, Finn entered, and Portia greeted him. He excused himself and walked away. Elizabeth begged Portia to give everyone something to look forward to. Portia reminded Elizabeth that she and Finn hadn't yet RSVPed. Elizabeth insisted that she wouldn't miss it, but she couldn't speak for Finn, as they'd broken up.

Gregory found Finn at the hospital and insisted on taking him to dinner. He knew that Finn hadn't been doing well, and he revealed that Violet had also picked up on it. Finn admitted that he and Elizabeth had broken up. Gregory wondered if Finn wanted to salvage the relationship, but the conversation was interrupted. Jordan arrived with Rory, Dante, and the other officers, and Portia, Finn, and Elizabeth got Rory onto a stretcher. Dante revealed that they'd need the antivenom, as Rory had been attacked by the Hook.

At Volonino's, Curtis helped Alexis out with the punching bag. He explained that they needed to "establish a winning mindset" before they tried to catch a serial killer. A short while later, Alexis emerged from the locker room after having changed. Curtis told her that the PCPD had been "tightfisted" with information about the hook killer, and Alexis wasn't sure what else they could do. Curtis confided that he'd learned from Trina that Ava had witnessed Jordan getting help from Ryan establishing a profile.

Dex arrived at the gym, and Curtis excused himself to shower so they could go talk somewhere more private. Dex thought about Josslyn as he beat up the punching bag. Curtis returned a short while later and eyed Dex, deeming him far enough away to talk to Alexis. As Curtis explained that Ryan didn't think that Esme was the killer, his phone rang, and he answered it to Jordan. Having not been able to get ahold of Taggert, Jordan asked Curtis to pick up Trina and take her to the hospital, as there had been another attack. While he talked to Jordan, Alexis got a text from Gregory that read, "911 at GH." As they ran out, Dex thought about Josslyn more as he worked over the punching bag.

Spencer ran into Trina as he exited Kelly's. He sarcastically talked about how he wasn't supposed to stick up for anyone anymore. Whatever he'd done, Trina said she was sure that his heart had been in the right place, and he probably just needed to work on his execution. He figured he could do that the next time he was in town. He revealed that he was leaving as soon as the terms of his prison release were met, as Port Charles was no longer a home. He said, "I'm going to move on, and I'm going to disappoint strangers" instead of the people he loved.

Just then, Curtis arrived with news that Cameron and Josslyn had to hear, too. The three went into Kelly's, and Curtis informed the kids that they needed to go with him to the hospital immediately, on Jordan's orders, as she wanted eyes on all four of them. He revealed that there had been another attack. Trina asked who had been attacked, and Curtis reluctantly answered that it was Rory.

At the hospital, Alexis asked Dante if the hook killer had struck again. Jordan ordered Dante to go get cleaned up, so he left. Jordan stated that an officer was fighting for his life after a cowardly and brutal attack, and she would do anything she could for justice. "I'll be damned if we lose another one of our own, and you can quote me on that," she added, and she walked away. Gregory approached with coffee for Alexis and wondered how she'd heard that the hook killer had struck again. She responded that she had been with Curtis when Jordan had called him.

In the operating room, Finn, Portia, and Elizabeth worked on Rory. Finn ordered Elizabeth to administer the antivenom, but she reminded him that it was in short supply. Finn replied that the poison would kill Rory if the injuries didn't, so she injected the antivenom into the I.V.

Jordan informed Dante that Mac was at the apartment, and Dante offered to see if Mac needed help. Jordan wanted him to stay at the hospital, as he needed to see things through for Rory's sake. Trina arrived with Curtis, Josslyn, Cameron, and Josslyn, and she asked how Rory was doing. Just then, Portia approached and divulged that Rory had lost a lot of blood, and he was bleeding internally. Trina wanted to see him, but Portia added that he was very weak. Just then, Rory was being wheeled out, and Trina ran over to him. He took his oxygen mask off and groaned that he knew it had been too soon to tell her how he felt about her, but he wasn't sorry for doing it. "When you know, you know," he said, and he passed out.

Trina mourns Rory's death

Trina mourns Rory's death

Friday, December 16, 2022

In a small cabin in Zaanse Schans, Netherlands, Anna worried that she and Valentin still weren't close to finding Lucy. With night having fallen, Valentin said there was nothing they could do for Lucy until the following morning. Anna proposed that she and Valentin go to bed, and the two started to kiss.

Anna and Valentin sipped vintage Bordeaux wine by a lit fireplace. Valentin revealed that he hadn't chosen their location by accident, and he added that the cabin wasn't far from Amsterdam. Valentin remarked that he knew a jeweler who might be able to tell him and Anna where Lucy might be.

Valentin said they would reach out to the jeweler the following day. Anna asked what they would do in the meantime. "We're going to keep each other warm," Valentin said, and he pulled Anna into a steamy kiss.

Anna and Valentin made love, and afterwards, they held each other in bed. Anna said she liked the "fantasy" of her and Valentin staying in the cabin if their circumstances were different. Anna shared that after Robin had moved to California, the concept of home had been lost on Anna. "But wherever I am with you, it feels like home," Anna whispered to Valentin, who returned Anna's words with a kiss.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava pushed play on the video that Nikolas had recorded months earlier in which he had confessed to having killed Esme. Ava made a phone call, and she instructed the person on the other end to listen to the video. Afterwards, Ava told the person to go to the gallery immediately.

Soon afterwards, Victor appeared. Ava asked if Victor would join her for a drink. Victor wondered what he and Ava were toasting to, and Ava said that Victor's wish had come true and that Nikolas was divorcing Ava.

Ava asked if Victor knew about Nikolas' affair. Victor said he knew that Nikolas had slept with Esme, and he admitted that he had thought that Nikolas might have been "carrying on" with Elizabeth. Ava then told a stunned Victor that Elizabeth was pregnant with Nikolas' child.

Victor said that if Nikolas was capable of jumping from Ava's bed to Esme's to Elizabeth's, the divorce was for the best. Ava played the video again, and after it finished, she told Victor that the recording would be made public in a divorce court if Victor or Nikolas tried to fight her.

Victor smugly told Ava that Elizabeth had seen Esme alive after the recording of the video, and he referenced the night that Esme had attacked Elizabeth on the Waterfront District. Victor managed to turn the tables on Ava when he said that Nikolas would have only confessed to a murder Nikolas hadn't committed if Nikolas had believed that Ava had been the one who had tried to kill Esme.

Ava said that Esme's fall over the parapet had been an accident. Victor quipped that a court wouldn't believe Ava's innocence, especially once the court learned that Esme had fallen only a short time after Ava had learned of Esme's affair with Nikolas.

Victor asked what Ava really wanted. Ava produced the divorce papers that Nikolas had already agreed to, but she told Victor that Nikolas would have to "sweeten the pot." Victor was confident they would come to an arrangement, and he said he was sorry that Ava's "love story" with Nikolas had ended. "No, you're not. This is just the ending you wanted," Ava sniped.

Victor left, and afterwards, Ava held a martini glass in her hand. "To true love," Ava toasted. Ava threw the glass against the wall.

At the hospital, Elizabeth, Portia, and Finn rushed to save Rory while Cameron and Josslyn tried to comfort Trina. Moments later, Portia solemnly told Trina that Rory had died. Trina started to sob. Portia tried to dissuade Trina from seeing Rory one last time, but Trina insisted. Dante then escorted Trina into Rory's room.

Elizabeth retrieved a hoop earring that had been in Rory's possession. Alone in the room, Trina told Rory through tears that she was glad she had known him. Trina stepped out of Rory's room, and she told Curtis and Portia that she needed to be alone.

After Trina left, Cameron asked if he and Josslyn could go somewhere to talk. Josslyn refused. Spencer asked if Cameron was okay, and he recalled that he had just seen Rory with Trina at the Port Charles Grill earlier. Spencer said that he had been envious of Rory, and he added that he felt like a jerk. "It's not your fault that you love Trina, too," Cameron reminded Spencer.

Afterwards, Trina visited the hospital chapel. Josslyn appeared moments later, and she tried to comfort Trina. Trina continued to weep, and she asked why she hadn't been able to give Rory what he had wanted after Rory had told Trina that he'd loved her. Josslyn lit a candle for Rory, and she put her arm around Trina. Curtis appeared, and he told Trina that Portia was anxious to take Trina home. Trina left after she and Josslyn hugged.

Near the nurses' station, Dante checked on Jordan after she had just phoned Rory's family with the news that Rory had died. Dante produced the earring that Elizabeth had retrieved. Jordan told everyone gathered that the lab work had indicated that traces of snake venom had been found in Rory's body. "Which means that Esme is potentially at it again," Dante said. "No, that's impossible!" Elizabeth said sharply.

Jordan asked why Elizabeth would believe that Esme hadn't been behind the attack on Rory. Elizabeth said that neither she nor Cameron believed that Esme was the killer. Spencer added that just because Esme had struggled with Elizabeth previously at the pier, it didn't mean that Esme was a serial killer. Just then, Laura appeared. Elizabeth whispered to Laura to ask if Laura had spoken to Nikolas.

Laura, who had been with Nikolas as he'd waited for a launch to Spoon Island, told Elizabeth that Nikolas was likely on his way back to Wyndemere. Elizabeth said she had to leave, and she frantically raced out of the hospital to the surprise of everyone nearby.

After Elizabeth had left, Jordan told Dante to make sure the earring was sent to forensics. Jordan found Finn sitting on the floor in his office. Jordan said there would be a coroner's report on Rory. Finn stared at a drawing from Violet. Jordan tried to comfort Finn, and she encouraged him to go home to be with Violet. Finn told Jordan that he was sorry for her loss. Jordan thanked Finn for his kind words, and she left.

At the nurses' station afterwards, Cameron reminded Josslyn that she had wanted to tell him something important. Josslyn said that what she had to tell Cameron "isn't important" because she was unable to think about anything other than what had happened to Rory. Josslyn blithely kissed Cameron on the cheek, and she left.

Spencer returned after he'd had a heart-to-heart conversation with Laura. Cameron asked if Spencer had told Laura that Spencer had planned to leave Port Charles. "No, because things have changed. Whatever I can do, I want to be there for Trina. And I'm not going anywhere until Esme is found," a determined Spencer told Cameron.

Earlier at the hospital, Laura had told Spencer that he wasn't responsible for the things Esme had done, and she added that Spencer was a better person than he thought he was. Laura added that Spencer had turned his life around. "I believe in you, even if you don't believe in yourself right now. I love you," Laura said softly to Spencer.

Later, while she waited on a launch, a frantic Elizabeth tried to call Nikolas. Elizabeth implored Nikolas to call her back because she worried that Nikolas was about to fall into a trap.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas entered Esme's room. Nikolas was surprised by how much Esme had decorated the Christmas tree that he'd had delivered. Nikolas complimented Esme, who said the only thing missing from the tree was an angel on top. Esme turned, and she was startled to see that Elizabeth had walked into the room.

Esme asked if Elizabeth would like to help continue decorating the tree, but Elizabeth rushed out of the room. Outside Esme's room, Nikolas asked what was bothering Elizabeth. "Has Esme left her room at any point tonight?" Elizabeth asked.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that Esme hadn't gone anywhere. "Why?" Nikolas asked. "Because a cop is dead, stabbed to death by a hook. Nikolas, don't you see what this means? I gave up Finn, you gave up Ava. We sacrificed everything to protect everyone from Esme because we thought she was the hook killer, and now, we know she can't be," a panicked Elizabeth said.

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