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Valentin and Anna met with Andre Maddox. Heather offered to help Mac spy on Ryan. Esme set an escape plan into motion. Martin and Laura visited Cyrus. Britt made plans to leave town after her party. Dex reported to Michael about Sonny's business deal with Pikeman Security. Spencer apologized to Ava. The Hook targeted a new victim.
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Valentin and Anna met with Andre Maddox. Heather offered to help Mac spy on Ryan. Britt made plans to leave town after her party. The Hook targeted a new victim.
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Heather offers to help the police for a price

Heather offers to help the police for a price

Monday, December 26, 2022

At General Hospital, Cody looked in on the new baby that he had helped to deliver. A nurse told him that he had a beautiful daughter, but he revealed that he had helped to deliver Britta Noel, who had been named after a special woman. Soon after, Mac, dressed in full uniform, approached Cody and congratulated him. Cody confessed that he had tried not to pass out, but Mac insisted that he'd heard otherwise. Cody replied that he had been scared. Mac noted that Cody always said that he didn't deserve compliments, and Cody replied that he didn't.

Mac said he was sorry that Cody wasn't his son because he would have talked some sense into him in the past. He wished that Cody had had a good father. Cody hoped he would have listened because he might not have done something that he would always regret. Mac noted that it was not the first time that Cody had mentioned that, and he asked if Cody wanted to talk.

As Britt sat and read her birthday party invitation out loud, Terry arrived and said that she had received a message to meet with Britt. Britt replied that she had received a message to meet with Terry. The women were perplexed until Austin showed up to discuss the "business of saving lives." He talked about a new piece of equipment that would be a "state-of-the-art diagnostic tool" that would cost the hospital six figures. Terry quickly told him that the hospital couldn't afford it, but Britt thought they should recommend it to the board.

Terry was confused about Britt's change in demeanor, but Britt chalked it up to her delivering the miracle baby during Christmas when so many things could have gone wrong. She added that life was a miracle that shouldn't be taken for granted. Terry agreed to go along with Britt, but after Britt departed to work on her party, Terry ordered Austin to stay. She wanted the truth because Britt was never that nice. She wanted to know what was wrong. Terry proclaimed that she cared about Britt, who had made her a better doctor and person. "I know what you mean," Austin replied.

Brad spotted Maxie, who was going over Britt's party menu as the party planner. Brad announced that Britt wanted his opinions on the party, also, and Maxie was horrified. As they waited for Britt, Brad made it known that he had designed a special cocktail for the party and was calling it "the Britch." He and Maxie bickered about their standing with Britt. Maxie maintained that she was family, but Brad snapped that he was "chosen family." He added that he was also Britt's best friend and drinking buddy.

Maxie and Brad discussed the many reasons why Britt could be having the party, and they tried to arrive at a theme. Brad went from a "Foam Party," which Maxie quickly pooh-poohed, to a disco party. Britt finally arrived and told them that the party planning was to bring people together, and she wanted them to work as friends. Brad wondered why it was so important, and Britt told them that one day, they'd look back on how much it had meant and how they could look out for each other after she was gone. Britt said that it was too late for things to work with Cody and that she would miss Brad, although she would never be far away.

Brad and Maxie were confused by Britt's talk, but she had to leave them. She made it clear that the party was to be the best birthday ever. After Britt had gone, Maxie and Brad agreed to a cease-fire to plan the party. They were surprised when they agreed on something.

Heather yelled for a doctor in an examination room, and Dante entered in his dress blues. "Detective Dreamboat," Heather flirted. She told him that she could help to find the Hook killer, and she thought that Dante could help her. When Portia arrived to conduct an exam, Dante left. He phoned Robert to tell him that Heather had been dropping hints on the killer, although it came with a price tag.

Portia wanted to conduct the "court-appointed evaluation" to determine whether Heather should be returned to D'Archam. Heather asked Portia if she was related to Trina, and she went on about the trial after learning that Portia was Trina's mother. Heather asked if Trina ever talked about Esme.

Dante approached Mac and Cody, and Mac left to check in on Heather. Dante and Cody stood in front of the nursery window, and Dante confessed that he had been the one to tell Mac about Cody's involvement in the baby's delivery. Dante was also grateful for Cody being responsible for getting him and Sam "face to face" because Dante hadn't realized how much he'd needed that. Cody wished that he'd been a better friend to Britt, and he admitted to using her to get to the prize. He pointed out that Dante was a detective with a healthy relationship and kids, while Cody was still chasing shiny objects. He exclaimed that on Christmas, he and Britt had focused on something higher and had made a good team. Dante suggested that they could do it again.

Many people were gathered at Rice Plaza for a police department memorial service for Rory. Trina told Marshall and Curtis that Rory's family had conducted their own funeral. Laura and Robert were adamant that the killer would pay the price. Spencer and Sam joined the group, and Spencer said, "This ends when we find Esme." Trina faintly shook her head in Spencer's direction, and he clarified that he meant "we the people."

Laura said she thought it was important for the police to do their job, and Spencer confirmed that he was a Cassadine and not a cop. He commented that he wouldn't stick his neck out. Curtis suggested that Spencer stay in his lane. Spencer walked away, and Trina rolled her eyes. When Robert received Dante's call, he announced that he had to leave but would tell Laura and Sam if he learned anything.

Laura said she knew that things had been tough on Trina. Trina replied that Rory wouldn't be forgotten, and the killer would be found. A reporter from the Invader approached to ask Laura some questions. Spencer and Trina stepped aside, and Spencer suggested that it was time to put their plan into action. Trina said that she was ready to make Esme pay. Laura, Spencer, and Trina posed for a photo together for the reporter.

Sam stood with Curtis and Marshall, and she mentioned that she hadn't known that Spencer and Trina were on speaking terms. Curtis chimed in that he hadn't, either, and when Laura received a call, he wandered over to Spencer and Trina. "Nice photo. Do you want to tell me what this is really about?" Curtis asked. Spencer claimed that they had only wanted to hear what Laura had been saying.

Marshall asked Sam about Spencer and Trina, and she suggested that he ask them. Marshall was clear that Spencer had better not take advantage of Trina, but Sam didn't think he would because he'd been through a lot, as well.

Laura wanted to talk to Spencer, and Curtis told him to stick with Josslyn and Cameron. Trina reminded Curtis of his boundaries. She said she was grateful that Curtis cared, but she knew what she had to do. Marshall offered to get Trina home safely. He told her there were no boundaries with a grandfather.

When Trina told Marshall that he wasn't her grandfather, he clarified that he would soon be her step-grandfather. He added that Spencer was still a Cassadine and to be careful. She replied that she had learned her lesson, but as she went off with Marshall, she and Spencer shared barely noticeable smiles. Marshall continued that Spencer was a "proven liar," but Trina firmly replied that some lies were morally justified, and she had learned that from Marshall.

Spencer told Laura that he wanted to be worthy of her faith and wanted to be a good man. Laura stated that he had hurt Trina once, and she was more vulnerable. Spencer was insistent that he would never hurt Trina or anyone else again.

Robert showed up in Heather's room at the hospital, and Heather remembered him. She took offense when Robert mentioned the evaluation of "Loony Tunes." Portia told him that Heather was ready to be returned to D'Archam, based on her evaluation, but Heather urged Robert to pull up a chair so that they could help each other. She told Robert the many reasons that she preferred to go to Spring Ridge over D'Archam if she was unable to have freedom. She said that she'd gotten to know Ryan better.

Mac stepped off the elevator and ran into Portia, who told him she was going to put together the paperwork to get Heather out of the hospital. Mac walked into Heather's room, and Robert told him that Heather would be able to get Ryan to talk. Robert made it clear to Heather that she was a threat to herself and others and belonged in D'Archam. Heather argued that Ryan was far worse and was in Spring Ridge, although Mac pointed out that Ryan was a vegetable. "You really believe that?" Heather asked. She quickly added that she could help to locate Esme because Esme and Ryan were "two psycho peas in a pod."

Heather thought that she would be the best hope to find the killer. Mac was adamant that he wouldn't cut a deal. Robert reminded him that they were short on leads, but he wondered why Ryan would give up Esme. Heather vowed that she would take Esme's place in Ryan's life and be his friend. Robert made it clear that he had to talk to people, but Heather was certain that the "one-handed man" knew how to find Esme.

Once out of Heather's room, Mac and Robert discussed whether they should trust Heather, and Mac was sure that Heather would say anything. Robert thought it was worth the risk, and he noted that nothing was in writing. He maintained that there was no way that Heather would get what she wanted.

Austin found Britt in her office, and he accused her of saying goodbye to everyone without saying it. He said that people wanted to know the truth. Britt insisted she was busy. Soon after, there was another knock at the door. It was Cody.

A cop arrived to check Heather's cuffs. He received an alert on his phone and mentioned that it was a news alert from the Invader. He left his phone after a nurse called him away to sign papers, and Heather picked it up. She spotted the news story from Rice Plaza along with the photo.

Curtis stepped off the elevator and spotted Portia. He assured her that Trina was with Marshall, although he was worried that Trina had one too many friends with Spencer around.

Dante found Sam at Rice Plaza and told her his about his regret in not being able to do more to save Rory. Sam hoped that Dante would always come home safely to her and the kids.

Sonny and Dex attend a mysterious meeting

Sonny and Dex attend a mysterious meeting

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Michael comforted a pregnant Willow, who wasn't feeling well. Wiley wanted to go sledding, but Willow said that she and Michael had to go to a doctor's appointment. As Carly and Drew walked in, they heard Wiley yell at Willow.

Michael brought Wiley upstairs, and he returned moments later to say that he had told Wiley to never again talk to Willow in such a harsh tone. Carly and Drew were there to babysit, and Michael and Willow left for the hospital.

Drew hoped to find a man named Josiah, who Drew believed was crucial to finding Willow's birth parents. Carly tried to pretend that the search was a waste of time. Drew's phone rang, and he left the room to take the call.

Carly stared at the photo of Josiah, and she seemed to recognize him at once. "Well, hello, Josiah," Carly said to herself. "Yep, that's definitely him," Carly added a short time later after having stared more intently at the photograph.

Carly sneaked the photograph into her purse as Drew reappeared in the living room. Carly claimed she had gone to retrieve lip balm from her purse. Drew flattered Carly, and he kissed her. Drew then asked how long Wiley would be down for a nap. Carly had to talk Drew out of wanting to have sex in the same house with Wiley.

Drew returned to the subject of Willow's parents, and he surmised that the man in the photograph might have answers. Drew said he couldn't stop searching because of the promise he had made to Willow, but Carly wanted the two to take a break. Carly suggested that she and Drew use the key that Drew had given her for Christmas to go somewhere alone.

The two kissed, and Carly again had to pull herself away to stop Drew's advances. Afterwards, Drew called someone on the phone. "I wasn't able to determine Josiah's identity, so I'm going to need you to question every Josiah in the area. And do not stop until you find the right one," Drew said determinably.

Later, Willow and Michael appeared outside the newborn unit at the hospital. Michael told Willow that he loved her, and he added that Wiley and their unborn child loved Willow, as well. "The four of us, we have a long life ahead of us, full of joy, hope, laughter. And I need you to not lose sight of that, okay?" Michael said. Willow replied that she wouldn't.

In Britt's office at the hospital, Britt said she wanted nothing to do with Cody, but she agreed to listen to him, anyway. Cody admitted that he had not had good intentions toward Britt when they had first met at the Metro Court pool. Cody admitted that he had known that Faison had once been associated with Leopold Taub and that it was the reason Cody had initially wanted to know Britt. Cody added that he had blackmailed Spinelli into matching Cody and Britt through Society Setups. Britt said that she wasn't surprised by Cody's underhandedness.

Cody said he hoped that Britt would give him another chance, and he admitted that he had been searching for the necklace when he and Britt had found it. Cody whined that the joke had been on him because he had lost both Britt and the necklace.

Britt admitted that a part of her wanted to get back whatever she and Cody had lost, but she kept saying, "I can't." Cody grew aggravated, yelled at Britt, and demanded that she tell him what was keeping them from being together.

Britt said only that it had meant a lot that Cody had gone to see her -- even if it didn't change anything. Britt and Cody said goodbye, and Britt left the room in tears. Alone in Britt's office, Cody seemed to struggle with his own emotions.

At the nurses' station at the hospital, Brook Lynn told Maxie that she wasn't feeling well. Maxie surmised that Brook Lynn felt bad about Brook Lynn's breakup with Chase. Brook Lynn admitted that she had sabotaged her relationship with Chase. "How delusional was I to think that I could hold on to him?" Brook Lynn asked.

On a bench nearby, Maxie consoled Brook Lynn, who said that she was having "super weird" symptoms. Brook Lynn said that she had lost interest in things she had previously loved as well as having tightness in her chest. Brook Lynn added that she had had random crying fits. "You're not sick, Brook Lynn. You're in love," Maxie said.

Brook Lynn soon agreed that she was in love with Chase. Brook Lynn wondered if she had ever truly been in love before, and she decided that she hadn't. Brook Lynn wondered if Chase had been in love with her, too. Maxie recalled the times that Chase had stepped up for Brook Lynn, and she surmised that Chase cared about Brook Lynn, even if he wasn't in love. Maxie added that there was a silver lining. "If you really love Chase, you've got to win him back," Maxie said.

At Metro Court, Sasha told Gladys about how Britt had helped deliver the "miracle baby" at the Quartermaine mansion on Christmas. Sasha expressed her gratitude for how much Gladys had helped her. Chase interrupted to say hello to Sasha, and Gladys left to powder her nose. Alone at the time, Sasha gushed that Chase was famous because of his recent success as a singer.

Chase asked how the holidays had been for Sasha. Sasha admitted that her first Christmas without Brando had been a struggle, but she added that she had felt blessed to have been surrounded with friends and family like Sonny, Gladys, Nina, and others. Chase said he hoped that Sasha included him in her list of friends. Sasha thanked Chase for being a friend. Chase offered to be there for Sasha if she ever needed to talk.

Chase added that Sasha seemed to be in a more stable place than she had been over the previous year. Sasha confirmed that she felt better than she had in a long time. Chase asked if Sasha's guardianship would be over soon. Sasha was hopeful that the guardianship would end soon, but she admitted that Gladys had done "such a good job" as a guardian and that it had brought the two women closer than ever.

Chase was happy for Sasha. Sasha put her hand on Chase's arm, and she assured Chase that she was always in his corner. "Right back at you," Chase said, and the two smiled at one another.

Sasha asked why Chase had changed his mind about agreeing to sing at the Gingerbread Jam on Christmas Eve. Chase disclosed that Brook Lynn had submitted a letter on his behalf to the review board, and he added that the board had decided to revisit his case. Sasha was happy for Chase, and she asked if it changed things between Chase and Brook Lynn.

Chase said that he and Brook Lynn were over. He added that he had told Brook Lynn their relationship was strictly professional and that they would never be in a romantic relationship again. Sasha thought that Chase and Brook Lynn could still work things out, but Chase remained skeptical. Sasha told Chase that he deserved the best, and Chase said the same to Sasha. The two hugged.

After Gladys left, Selina appeared. Selina remarked that Gladys owed money after a pair of recent poker games that Gladys had lost. Selina asked when Gladys intended to pay. Gladys asked for patience, and Selina agreed. Gladys said that she was low on cash, and Selina suggested that the two could work something out.

Selina took Gladys by the hands, and she quipped that Gladys had dug a deep hole. Gladys offered Selina a pair of earrings, and Selina accepted. Selina agreed to let Gladys back into another poker game in an effort to win back money. Selina warned that Gladys' line of credit was good for only one game. "After that, all bets are off. Pun intended, hmm?" Selina asked, and she began to laugh.

Afterwards, Gladys rejoined Sasha at their table. Sasha stood up to check on a friend. After Sasha left, a waitress returned to the table with a check for Sasha and Gladys' lunch. Gladys opened her purse, which contained a credit card in Sasha's name. Gladys stared at the credit card, seemingly conflicted.

Nearby, Britt met Selina in the same area at Metro Court where Gladys had been cornered earlier. Selina remarked that Britt was late to their meeting. Britt said vaguely that she intended to hold up her end of a bargain with Selina. "After tomorrow night, you have my word, I will never see Brad again," Britt said.

"You've given me your word before, and you've gone back on it. How do I know that won't happen again?" Selina asked. "You have that information over me, right? If I double-cross you, you can release it," Britt replied.

Selina then handed Britt a small folder, and she remarked that it contained everything Britt had asked for. Britt opened the folder, and she found a phony passport and driver's license under the name Rita Jenkins. "All the documents you disappear," Selina said gravely.

In a suite at Metro Court, Sonny, Dex, and Frank met a middle-aged man with graying hair named Roman Hume. Sonny told Roman that no one did business in Port Charles without following Sonny's rules. Sonny wanted to know what Roman's superiors were most concerned about, and Roman said the group's main concern was discretion. Roman added that he and his group needed to know that the details of their operation wouldn't be leaked. Dex listened intently.

Sonny said there would be no problems as long as innocent civilians weren't harmed. Roman produced a briefcase, which revealed large sums of cash. Sonny and Roman shook hands, and Roman handed the briefcase over to Sonny. Sonny, in turn, gave the briefcase to Frank, who left the room.

Alone in the room with Sonny, Dex remarked that he had noticed that Roman was ex-military. Sonny asked how Dex had known. Dex replied that he knew ex-military members when he saw them. Sonny remarked that the company Roman worked for, Pikeman, dabbled in military contracts.

Dex asked if Pikeman was short for Pikeman Security Group. Sonny marveled that Dex seemed to know about the company. Dex shared that the company was a group that Dex and his unit had been known to steer clear of. "You worried about me, Dex? Don't be. We're gonna get everything under control, and the payoff is gonna be huge. You'll see," Sonny told Dex, who seemed uncertain.

Anna and Valentin receive help from Andre Maddox

Anna and Valentin receive help from Andre Maddox

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

In Zaanse Schans, Netherlands, Valentin and Anna entered a café. Valentin feared it might be a setup, but Anna assured him that the person they were meeting was both a work colleague and a friend. Moments later, Andre Maddox arrived. Andre and Anna exchanged a warm hug, but Andre and Valentin were not pleased to see each other. Anna reminded both men that taking down Victor was more important than any past conflicts between Valentin and Andre.

After Andre, Anna, and Valentin sat down, Anna explained that she needed to know about Andre's association with Victor. Andre revealed that he had been under the impression that his research had been sanctioned by the WSB, and he had only later learned that the project had been corrupted by Victor and Helena Cassadine -- and Liesl Obrecht. When Anna asked about Andre's communications with Victor, Andre told her that periodic updates on the research had been given in Paris. However, Andre admitted that the exact location remained a mystery because he'd been blindfolded during the drive to the facility. According to Andre, the route had always been the same, and he had sensed that the building had been off a main boulevard rather than a side street.

Andre also disclosed that he had entered the building through a secured underground elevator. Anna told Andre about Victor's attempt to frame her for Lucy Coe's murder. Anna was certain that Lucy had been taken to Victor's secret bunker in Paris. Andre grew concerned when he realized that Anna intended to rescue Lucy with Valentin's help. Andre offered his services because he didn't trust Valentin. Anna pointed out that each of them was dangerous and a threat to the common good, but they were also each trying to be better.

After Andre left, Valentin admitted that he didn't trust anyone who ended up involved with the Cassadines, but Anna pointed out that Valentin had no room to talk. Valentin argued that he'd been born into the family, so he hadn't been given a choice. Anna assured Valentin that Andre wanted to help because Andre had his own reasons to despise the Cassadines. "Besides, wouldn't you want to help someone who said they were going to bring down Victor?" Anna asked. "I would if it was you," Valentin answered.

In Britt's hotel suite, Britt looked at a framed photograph of her and Brad smiling for the camera. She put the photograph, an empty martini glass, and a bracelet with her name engraved on it into a large suitcase. "Well, I guess this means I have plenty of room for clothes," Britt said as she looked at her meager mementos. Seconds later, Liesl knocked on the door. Britt quickly closed the suitcase and hid it in the short hallway leading to the bathroom. Britt opened the door and asked why her mother was there instead of at the Haunted Star as they had planned.

Liesl explained that she was there to help Britt get ready for the party. Liesl smiled when she saw the garment bag, but her smile faded when she noticed that Britt's party dress was wrinkled. Liesl decided to hang the dress in bathroom, but she stopped short when she saw the large suitcase in the hallway. Britt announced that she intended to take a trip after the party, but Liesl wondered why Britt hadn't mentioned the trip earlier. Britt claimed it was a last-minute decision, but she had gotten a good deal. Britt also pointed out that she was an adult and did not need permission to travel.

Britt managed to deflect her mother's suspicions by mentioning the party. Liesl apologized for never throwing Britt a birthday party. According to Liesl, she had thought Britt would be better off and that it would make Britt stronger to do without "such trivialities." Liesl regretted that she hadn't seen how much it had hurt Britt, and Liesl was surprised that Britt had turned out as wonderful as Britt had. Britt assured her mother that her drive, strength, and "vastly superior skills" were because of Liesl's influence.

Liesl explained that a mother should be someone who inspired their child, not someone their child had to survive. Britt insisted that she and Liesl were who they were, and they both had changed for the better. Liesl disagreed. "I have betrayed your trust," Liesl said. Liesl revealed that she had told Nina about Britt's diagnosis, and Sonny had overheard. Britt was not pleased, but Britt understood that the diagnosis had taken a toll on Liesl. Liesl reminded Britt that she was Britt's mother, and Liesl would always be there for her child.

Liesl insisted that any pain she had felt was worth it to have Britt as a daughter. Touched, Britt reached for her mother's hand. Britt assured Liesl that there was no one more fierce, protective, and loyal than Liesl. Britt admitted that she understood why Liesl had always protected Liesl's heart because no one felt as deeply and passionately as Liesl. "It is an honor -- and adventure -- to be your daughter," Britt said. Liesl admitted that she was blessed to have a beautiful and brilliant daughter like Britt.

Britt and Liesl's conversation turned to Britt's career as a doctor. Britt pointed out that she would not be able to work much longer, so Liesl promised to be there for Britt when Britt faltered. Liesl also vowed to help Britt soar again, and she assured Britt that Britt would not be alone because Liesl would be at Britt's side through everything. "Ich liebe dich, mama," Britt said in German. "I love you too, mein Britta," Liesl replied. Britt and Liesl exchanged a loving hug.

Later, Liesl was impressed when Britt walked out in a black sequined cocktail dress. Liesl sang her daughter's praises, and she insisted on taking a picture with Britt to remember the special moment. Britt whispered to herself that she didn't need a photograph to remember. Britt walked up behind her mother and smiled as Liesl snapped the picture.

At Pentonville, Laura greeted Martin as he entered the visitor's room. He thanked her for helping him out when he had landed in jail in Ireland. Laura admitted that Martin had gotten a lucky break because the WSB had let him off with just a fine. She assured her brother that it hadn't been necessary for him to stop by, but Martin refused to let Laura face their brother alone. Moments later, Cyrus was ushered into the room. Cyrus was excited to see his brother, and he warmly greeted both of his siblings.

"The Lord has truly blessed me this day, Cyrus said. Laura cut to the chase and asked why Cyrus had wanted to see her. Cyrus warned Laura that she had a serpent in her garden. "Can we skip the biblical metaphors and just tell me the name of the snake?" Laura asked. According to Cyrus, strings had been pulled to secure Spencer's early release, and the strings led directly back to Laura. Cyrus claimed that he was concerned about his sister's political future, but Laura wasn't fooled.

Laura revealed that Spencer had told her about Victor's visit and that Cyrus had been present. Cyrus conceded that he knew Victor had arranged for Spencer to leave jail early, but Cyrus warned Laura that appearances mattered more than the truth. Martin asked if Cyrus was suggesting that Victor would try to frame Laura for arranging Spencer's early release. Cyrus explained that it was possible because Eileen Ashby had been secretly working for Victor. Cyrus noticed Laura's lack of surprise. He realized that Laura had already known and likely intended to use Eileen against Victor.

Cyrus commended Laura for the bold move, but he warned Laura that it might backfire if Eileen accused Laura of issuing the orders to get Spencer released. Laura frowned because it had sounded like a threat to her. Cyrus clarified that it had been a warning, and that he was eager to help her take Victor down. Cyrus explained that Victor had interfered with Cyrus' family, and Cyrus had no intention of turning the other cheek because Cyrus was determined to protect his own. Martin was skeptical, but Cyrus insisted that they would be stronger if they worked together.

Cyrus explained that he had resources that Laura didn't, and Cyrus had people who could do things that Laura couldn't. "You mean that I won't," Laura said. Cyrus conceded that Laura was a fair person. "Don't you think it fair that Victor pay for Luke Spencer's death?" Cyrus asked. Laura accused Cyrus of trying to use her to get rid of Victor. Undaunted, Cyrus assured Laura that he would be waiting when she needed him.

In Wyndemere's north tower, Esme looked over her small Christmas tree. She decided the decorations were definitely a fire hazard, but she would need the spark to set it off. Just then, she heard the key turn in the lock. She threw herself on the bed just as Nikolas marched into the room. Nikolas' mood turned stormy when he noticed that she had barely touched her food. He warned her that her plan wouldn't work because the baby needed nourishment.

Esme complained of heartburn, but Nikolas wasn't moved. He instructed her to order whatever she could stomach, or Nikolas would get a feeding tube for her. Nikolas warned Esme not to push him. After he stormed out and locked the door, Esme smiled. "Oh, I'll push Nikolas -- right off a cliff," Esme said. A short time later, Demetrius entered the room. Esme was curled up on the bed, and she made a point of sounding sad and listless. Demetrius grew concerned, and he tried to cajole her into eating by offering to fetch a steak for her.

Esme thanked Demetrius for his kindness, and she admitted there was something that she would like. Esme explained that her happiest memory had been the previous New Year's Eve because Spencer had surprised her with a special candlelit dinner. Esme asked Demetrius to join her for dinner because she was lonely and wanted some company, but Demetrius reminded her that it wouldn't be appropriate because he was her guard. Esme argued that he could keep an eye on her over dinner. Reluctantly, Demetrius agreed to think about it.

Meanwhile, Victor called out to Spencer when Victor spotted Spencer about to walk out the front door. Spencer entered the living room, but he insisted that he couldn't stay because Spencer had something to take care of before Britt's party. Victor was surprised that Spencer had plans to attend the party, so Spencer reminded Victor that Britt had been a close friend during Spencer's younger years. Victor shifted gears and asked Spencer to join the family for brunch the following day. Spencer made it clear that he had refused to be around Nikolas because Nikolas had taken advantage of Elizabeth.

Victor reminded Spencer that Spencer had no idea what had transpired between Nikolas and Elizabeth, but Spencer was unmoved. Victor was startled when Spencer announced plans to move out and cut ties with Nikolas. Spencer assured Victor that Nikolas had applauded the decision and praised Spencer for being his own man. Just then, Nikolas appeared in the doorway. To Victor's surprise, Nikolas confirmed that it was best for Spencer to move out of Wyndemere.

"Well, now, that's a pretty ludicrous thing to say," Victor said. Spencer decided it was his cue to leave. After Spencer walked out, Victor asked why Nikolas wasn't fighting for Spencer. "Do you really imagine that a new baby will give you a second chance?" Victor asked. Stunned, Nikolas asked how Victor had learned about the baby. Victor admitted that Ava had told him. Relieved, Nikolas told his uncle that Elizabeth had miscarried.

Victor was saddened by the news, but Nikolas was curious when Victor had talked to Ava. Victor revealed that Ava had asked to see Victor to discuss the terms of her divorce with Nikolas. Nikolas wondered why Ava would reach out to Victor, so Victor suggested he had been a better alternative than Nikolas because Nikolas had betrayed Ava too many times. Victor warned Nikolas that Ava was out for blood, and he admitted that Elizabeth was a better match for Nikolas because Elizabeth seemed "malleable."

Nikolas scoffed because it was clear that Victor didn't know Elizabeth. Nikolas made it clear that he trusted Elizabeth, and she was no pushover. Victor warned Nikolas not to make the same mistake that Nikolas had made with Ava by trusting Elizabeth with Cassadine family secrets. Nikolas hid his smile as he assured Victor that it wouldn't happen. Satisfied, Victor reminded Nikolas that Elizabeth might be a trusted a friend, but she was not family.

Victor changed the subject by offering to handle Nikolas' divorce negotiations because Victor and Ava had developed a rapport. Nikolas agreed because Nikolas wanted to focus on sorting out the mess that he had made of his life. Victor assured Nikolas that Nikolas was on the right path, and Nikolas was meant for much better things. "So is Ava," Victor said under his breath.

At Kelly's, Ava and Trina sat down at a table as they talked about Rory's memorial service the previous day. Trina opened up about her feelings for Spencer and about Trina's decision to be honest with Rory before Trina had learned about the attack. Ava insisted that Trina had nothing to feel guilty about because Trina couldn't help how she had felt. Ava was curious if Trina had talked to Spencer about Trina's feelings. "Oh, God, no -- and I certainly can't now," Trina said.

Ava agreed that it was for the best to remain silent because Trina needed time to grieve. Trina admitted that she would not be able to heal until Rory's killer was caught. "This has to end. Esme needs to be stopped," Trina said. Trina explained that she wanted justice for all the victims, including Oz Haggerty. Trina pointed out that she might have ended up in jail if it hadn't been for Oz's testimony. Ava assured Trina that the police were doing everything to find the killer, but Trina's thoughts drifted as Trina recalled Spencer's visit and the agreement she had made with him to draw Esme out.

When Ava noticed that Trina was distracted, she asked what Trina had been thinking about. "I'm going to follow my heart and do what's right," Trina said. Moments later, Trina saw Spencer walk in. Ava followed Trina's gaze, and she urged Trina to protect Trina's heart. Spencer approached the table and greeted both Trina and Ava. When Spencer asked to speak to Ava, Trina excused herself to call Josslyn.

Ava assumed that Spencer wanted to discuss his trust fund, but Spencer admitted that she was wrong. Ava warned Spencer that she would not help him with Trina, so Spencer clarified that he wanted to apologize. Spencer admitted that he had put Ava "through hell" because she had broken a promise to him. Spencer acknowledged that he had always accused Ava of not being good enough for his father, but Spencer had been wrong. Spencer confessed that he had realized that Nikolas was not the man that Spencer had believed his father to be. "And I'm sorry," Spencer said.

Spencer regretted that he had targeted Ava because no one deserved what he had put her through. Spencer realized that he and Ava would never be friends, but Ava cut him off. "Spencer, Nikolas let us both down," Ava said. Before Spencer could reply, Ava changed the subject and asked about Britt's party. Ava was surprised when Spencer revealed that he had invited Trina to the party because it would be better than Trina sitting at home and missing Rory.

Spencer explained that he just wanted to help Trina get through the loss. Ava told Spencer that he would have to be a better man than his father, and she warned Spencer there would be trouble if he let Trina down. After Ava left, Trina and Spencer assured each other that they each remained committed to their plan to lure Esme out of hiding.

Britt's party -- Britch Fest -- begins

Britt's party -- Britch Fest -- begins

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Michael met with Dex on the dock, and Dex told Michael all about Sonny's meeting with Pikeman Security Group. "This is how we bring Sonny down," Michael stated. Dex warned him that things could get "messy" if Pikeman could tie the presence of evidence back to them, but Michael believed he could get evidence into the right hands without exposing them. Dex wondered if Michael was prepared for Sonny to go to prison for a long time. "It's fine with me," Michael replied.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth gave Nikolas a list of things Esme needed, and he appreciated everything Elizabeth was doing. "I'm not doing it for you," she snapped, and she headed upstairs. Just then, the doorbell rang, and he answered it to Laura. He told her it wasn't a good time, but she entered the house, anyway. She told him about visiting Cyrus, and learning some information from him had made her wonder what else she didn't know, especially about Nikolas. She demanded to know what he'd done to alienate Spencer, and she suspected it was about the person Nikolas had had an affair with. He didn't want to discuss it, but she insisted, as it had affected the entire family.

Elizabeth entered Esme's room, and Esme wasn't happy to see her. As Elizabeth examined Esme, Esme begged Elizabeth to help Esme get out of Wyndemere, as she feared that Nikolas would kill her after she gave birth. Elizabeth insisted that she wouldn't let anything happen to Esme or the baby. Esme was concerned about complications, and Elizabeth reassured her. She said that she would ask Nikolas for a portable ultrasound machine so Esme could have a picture of the baby. Elizabeth again urged Esme not to worry, and she left the room.

A short while later, Demetrius served Esme with a candlelight dinner. When she was done eating, she expressed how sorry she was that Demetrius couldn't join her, but she toasted to his kindness. She wished him a happy New Year, and he took the tray and left. She pulled one match out of her pocket and said, "Happy New Year to us."

"I'm leaving now!" Elizabeth called out as she arrived downstairs. Laura greeted her and proposed that they catch up soon, and Elizabeth agreed. Laura sensed the awkwardness between Elizabeth and Nikolas until Elizabeth left. "Tell me it wasn't Elizabeth," Laura begged, and she scolded her son. She was worried about Spencer, and Nikolas informed her that Spencer's release was contingent on Victor's guardianship. A shocked Laura knew that Victor would try to use Spencer, and she vowed to do anything she could to take Victor down. Nikolas pleaded with her not to, as that would result in Victor taking down Nikolas with him. "Leave it alone, or you'll lose your son," he warned.

Trina arrived on the deck of the Haunted Star for Britt's party, and Spencer was mesmerized. He proposed a selfie and suggested they could post throughout the night to drive Esme crazy. Sonny and Nina arrived, and Sonny was disappointed that Spencer hadn't visited since his release. He was happy to see his nephew, and the two embraced. Nina expressed her sympathy for Trina's loss of Rory, and they talked about what a good guy Rory had been.

When Sonny and Nina were gone, Spencer took his coat off and put it on Trina, and she reminded him that no one was watching. Trina feared that the hook killer could be someone they'd never expected, but Spencer thought that Esme was the likeliest suspect. Trina apologized for telling Spencer that they weren't friends and insisted that she hadn't meant it. Spencer was glad to hear it, as he had few. He talked about how Britt had always stuck by him, and how much they had in common, like pushing people away when they needed them most. She suggested that they go in, but he asked for five more minutes. As they got closer, they invented a story about how they'd gone out for air, and old feelings had resurfaced.

Terry arrived at the party and waded through the people to find Finn. She joked that the party didn't seem like his scene. He asked about Yuri, and she revealed that he was sick.

Britt and Liesl arrived, and Britt was impressed to take a drink off a tray being carried by a shirtless man. Liesl went to see Scott as Maxie and Brad approached. Britt expressed how great of a job they'd done with her party. Austin walked over, and Maxie excused herself and Brad to check on Britt's next surprise. Austin reiterated that it wasn't a good idea for Britt to run away and that she had time to rethink the plan. She revealed that she would be slipping away near the end of the party.

Sonny and Nina entered, and Nina thanked him for accompanying her to the party, as she wanted all the time she could get with Britt. She talked about how small her family was, and he understood. Nina commented on the big price he was paying to have her in his life. He remembered Nina saying that she didn't want to get too attached to Donna, but he wanted her to latch on to him, Donna, and Avery. He advised her that she had more family than she knew, and they shared a kiss.

Maxie and Brad wheeled someone heavily covered up out into the middle of the dance floor, and the person shook off the clothing to reveal a drag queen. The drag queen called Britt to the center, and everyone began to dance. Across the room, Austin instructed a waiter to get the mole on his back checked out, and the waiter walked away. Liesl laughed as she approached. She thanked him for being a good friend to Britt, and she hoped he would continue.

Terry asked Finn if Elizabeth was all right, but he told her that he was the wrong guy to ask. He informed a confused Terry that he and Elizabeth had broken up. Just then, Elizabeth arrived, and Finn walked away. "Anything to tell me?" Terry asked when Elizabeth approached.

Liesl got Britt off the dance floor and advised her not to overtire herself. Britt told Liesl to stop worrying and have fun. Sonny and Nina approached, and Liesl excused herself back to Scott. Britt asked Nina to stop looking at her "like the walking dead," as she was having a great time. Sonny thought the party was a great idea, as Jason would want Britt to get all she could out of life.

Just then, the drag queen got up onstage and announced that Britt and Brad's favorite pastime was karaoke, and she called them up to the stage. A song began to play, and Britt and Brad sang "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. They finished the song to a huge ovation. During the noise, Terry demanded to know why she'd had to find out from Finn that he and Elizabeth had broken up. Elizabeth grabbed a shot off a passing tray and downed it.

The drag queen asked the "boys" to show Britt what they had. They emerged from the back in a line with a huge cake, plates, and flatware. Maxie knew that Britt hated the birthday song, but she wanted Britt to make a birthday wish. When the cake was set down. Britt tearfully looked around at her loved ones.

Esme makes a bold escape attempt, and Josslyn sees the Hook

Esme makes a bold escape attempt, and Josslyn sees the Hook

Friday, December 30, 2022

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Michael and Willow rang in the New Year alone after having put Wiley to bed. Michael and Willow toasted with sparkling cider, and they looked forward to spending New Year's Eve together the following year. Willow asked what would happen if she weren't around to enjoy another year.

Willow shared that she felt she was living the happiest time of her life, in spite of her cancer diagnosis. "There was a long time when I was alone, and now my life is so rich and so full beyond anything I could have ever imagined. And most of it came from you," Willow told Michael.

Michael left the room momentarily, and he returned with his great-grandmother's wedding ring. Michael said that the ring belonged to Willow, and he dropped to one knee. "Willow Tait, will you marry me?" Michael asked.

Willow said that she would marry Michael, who slipped the ring onto Willow's hand. The two kissed as the final seconds of 2022 counted down.

At the Haunted Star, topless dancers brought a birthday cake to Britt. Britt's friends asked that she make the traditional birthday wish. Before Britt could offer a wish, Austin whispered that Britt still had time to change her mind and stay in Port Charles. Britt ignored Austin, and she blew out all but a few candles on her cake.

Nina finished blowing out the candles for Britt, and Brad said it was time for Britt to cut the cake. Britt's hand began to tremble, and Terry volunteered to cut the cake for Britt. Afterwards, Liesl took the stage and announced that she planned to sing the song she had performed at the 2014 Nurses Ball: Liza Minnelli's "Willkommen" from the film Cabaret. Liesl performed the song off-screen to thunderous applause from the crowd.

Scott took the stage, and he grabbed a microphone. Sonny jokingly pleaded with Scott not to sing. Scott laughed at Sonny's joke, and he said there was one thing missing. "Presents?" Britt asked, and the rest of the audience erupted into cheers.

Maxie took the microphone from Scott, and she announced that some of Britt's closest friends had worked together to give Britt a special birthday present. Britt opened a gift box, and she saw a remote control. Brad called for the topless dancers to bring in a TV. Liesl told Britt to hit play.

As music played, a video montage showed a series of photos of Britt from her childhood through her adult years. The montage featured photos of Britt with Brad, Maxie, Nina, Finn, Austin, and other friends and co-workers at the hospital.

After the video ended, Brad demanded that Britt give a speech. Britt thanked everyone for the video, and she whispered a special thank you to Austin. Afterwards, Spencer found Britt, and he hugged her and sang happy birthday. Spencer introduced Britt to Trina, and he recalled how special Britt had been to him.

Britt "joked" that if Trina was truly Spencer's friend, Trina should make sure Spencer never turned out like Britt. Spencer looked Britt in the eye, and he solemnly said he would be proud to become the person Britt was. Britt and Spencer shared a warm hug, and Britt mouthed to Trina that Spencer was "the best."

Afterwards, Spencer asked what Britt had said about him over his shoulder. Trina teased that she would never tell, and Spencer and Trina began to dance. Sonny and Nina spotted Spencer together with Trina. Just then, the emcee announced that the countdown was about to begin. The emcee encouraged everyone to grab the person they loved and to get ready to ring in 2023 with a kiss.

Finn started to leave. Austin asked where Finn would go. Finn recalled that the emcee had said that everyone should be with someone they loved, and he announced that he would go home to ring in the New Year with Violet. Austin and Finn wished each other a happy New Year.

Austin then saw Britt, who put her arms around him. Britt thanked Austin for having kept quiet about Britt's plans for wherever she intended to go after she left Port Charles. Just then, the emcee commanded everyone's attention. As the emcee started the final countdown to the New Year, Austin and Britt stared into one another's eyes.

After the final seconds of 2022 counted down, Britt quietly walked out of the Haunted Star as "Auld Lang Syne" started to play over the speakers. Several Port Charles residents then shared a kiss. Liesl pulled Scott into a kiss, and Nina and Sonny kissed. Nearby, Spencer and Trina wished each other a happy New Year.

Also nearby, Elizabeth hugged Terry, and the two wished each other a happy New Year. Elizabeth and Terry toasted that 2023 had to be a better year than 2022 had been. Maxie and Brad asked if Austin had seen where Britt had quietly disappeared to. Austin only remarked that Britt knew how to make an exit.

Earlier, on the deck of the Haunted Star, Elizabeth told Finn that she wasn't carrying a baby. Elizabeth claimed that she had had a miscarriage. Finn said he was sorry for Elizabeth's loss, and he claimed that Elizabeth's children would never hear from him that she had been pregnant. Finn wished Elizabeth a happy New Year, and he left to go back inside as Terry walked out to find Elizabeth. Terry put her arms around Elizabeth, and the two hugged.

Also outside on the deck of the Haunted Star, someone hid behind a large crate and watched Spencer and Trina. Trina told Spencer that their plan to lure Esme out of hiding was a dangerous game.

Trina soon heard the sound of jingling, and she asked what Spencer thought the sound had been. Spencer remarked that it had probably been the wind. Just then, a masked person cloaked in black appeared in the background with the hook in their hand. The person raised the hook. Just then, Maxie appeared at the entrance, and she demanded that Spencer and Trina step inside.

At Kelly's Diner, Sam told Dante that she preferred to have a quiet evening instead of attending the party on the Haunted Star. Dante was glad that he and Sam were alone in Kelly's. They were interrupted by Josslyn, who said that she'd gone to Kelly's to finally talk with Cameron.

A waitress from behind the bar told Josslyn that Cameron wouldn't be back until after midnight, and Josslyn started to leave. Dante encouraged Josslyn to join him and Sam at their table, and the three talked about their New Year's resolutions.

Dante remarked that there wasn't enough proof that Esme had been behind the hook attacks, and he cautioned Sam and Josslyn not to jump to conclusions. Dante remarked that Sonny had once thought that Dex had been behind the attacks. Dante's comment started Josslyn on her latest minutes-long rant against Sonny.

Afterwards, Sam asked if she could make an observation. "I think you're smart. But being hung up on Sonny, it's a waste. You have better things to do with your time," Sam said.

Josslyn thanked Sam. Dante invited Josslyn to watch the fireworks together, but Josslyn said she wanted to get to Britt's party before the end of the year. The three hugged, and they wished each other a happy New Year.

After Josslyn left, Sam and Dante stood outside Kelly's. Sam admitted that she hadn't wanted to share Dante with anyone that night, and the two kissed to ring in the New Year.

Later, Josslyn stood on the deck of the Haunted Star. The hook killer slowly approached Josslyn. The attacked raised the hook, and Josslyn reacted in horror.

At Wyndemere, Laura asked if Nikolas had fallen so far that Victor was his only way back. Nikolas insisted that he only had himself to blame for his problems. Nikolas said that he felt it had been his life's work to disappoint Laura. Laura assured Nikolas that nothing he could do would make her stop loving him.

"The Cassadines have been trying to take you away from me since the day you were born, and I am not gonna let them win," Laura insisted. "Mother, I love you. For fighting for me and for whatever bit of soul that I have left. But it's not just about me," Nikolas said.

Nikolas said he regretted that he had ever returned to Port Charles, and he surmised that he would have done everyone a favor if he had "stayed dead." Laura pleaded with Nikolas to never believe that, and she recalled how heartbroken she had been when she had thought that Nikolas had died.

Laura added that it was never too late for Nikolas to start over, and she vowed that she would back Nikolas with every resource she could muster. "If you could have a clean slate... wipe it clean and start over, would you do it?" Laura asked. Nikolas asked if it was really possible. Laura emphatically said that it was possible. "It is never too late! It can start tonight. All you have to do is decide... do you belong to Victor? Or do you belong to yourself?" Laura asked Nikolas.

Later, Nikolas walked Laura into the foyer at Wyndemere, and he promised he would think about what Laura had said. Nikolas vowed that he would "disentangle" himself from Victor if there was truly a way. Laura grew animated as she strongly challenged Nikolas to stand up to Victor.

"Throw Victor out. Throw him out, change the locks, and then you stand back and dare him to do his worst. Because you are not just a Cassadine. You are my son, and you are Spencer's father. And as long as we stick together, we are going to be just fine," Laura said adamantly.

Laura put her arms around Nikolas, and she said she loved him.

Upstairs in the tower, Esme produced a match and told her baby that she would teach him how to start a fire one day. Esme stared up at a fire alarm that was mounted on the wall, and she said that starting a fire was her only chance of hatching an escape. Esme admitted the decision could backfire and that it could kill both her and her baby.

Esme lifted an ornament from her tree, and she slipped it into her jacket pocket. Esme cryptically told Ace that she was with him, "from womb to tomb." Esme then lit the match, and she smiled as she inched the match closer to the Christmas tree.

Downstairs, after Laura had left, Nikolas heard the sound of the fire alarm go off. Nikolas rushed upstairs. Esme stood in front of a roaring fire. Esme stared at the locked door to her room, and she said that perhaps starting the fire hadn't been such a great idea, after all.

Nikolas appeared outside Esme's door, and he rushed inside the room with a fire extinguisher. As Nikolas began to use the fire extinguisher, Esme ran past Nikolas on her way out of the room and toward a hopeful escape.

After leaving the room, Esme ran out onto the parapet. Soon afterwards, Nikolas appeared, and he glared menacingly at Esme. Nikolas yelled that Esme had taken her best shot, and he added that he had extinguished the fire and that the only way out of Wyndemere was off the parapet. "Or did you forget what happened last time?" Nikolas asked. "I haven't forgotten," a cryptic Esme replied.

Esme stood near the edge of the parapet. Nikolas pleaded with Esme not to jump, and he vowed that Esme could have whatever she wanted when she got to Cassadine Island in Greece. Nikolas asked Esme to take his hand. Instead, Esme stood up on the rail of the parapet with her back facing the freezing waters below.

Nikolas ordered Esme to step down from the parapet. Esme coldly looked at Nikolas. "I've survived the drop from the parapet once before... and I'll do it again," she said. Esme then fell backward. "NO!" Nikolas screamed as Esme fell.

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