General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 2, 2023 on GH

Britt tangled with the Hook. Liesl was heartbroken when Britt died in her arms. The Hook was revealed to be Heather Webber. Esme resurfaced and was promptly taken into custody and transported to the hospital for hypothermia. Josslyn and Dex made love. Cameron was crushed when Josslyn ended their relationship. Willow received good news.
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While saving Josslyn from the Hook, Britt was poisoned and later died in Liesl's arms. Esme resurfaced and was hospitalized. Cameron was crushed when Josslyn ended their relationship. Heather Webber was revealed to be the Hook.
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PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Monday, January 2, 2023

Due to ABC Sports coverage of NCAA college football, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, and picked up where the Friday, December 30, 2022, episode concluded.

The hook attacker is revealed

The hook attacker is revealed

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

At Kelly's Diner, Sam and Dante drank hot cocoa. Dex appeared, and Dante asked about any "residual friction" between Dex and Sonny. Dante asked if Dex wanted to retract his statement about Sonny. Dex said he didn't, and he left. "Are you trying to build a case against your father?" Sam asked Dante afterwards.

Dante said that he had been struggling with what Sonny had done to Dex. Sam said that Dante had always known about Sonny's criminal activities, and she wondered why he viewed things differently than in the past. Dante said that he'd always been able to find a way to use discretion when it concerned Sonny, but only as long as it was within the lines of the law. Sam admired Dante for how he handled himself as a cop, and she praised him for not being "a bully with a badge."

Dante said that Sonny was a criminal by nature, and he added that Sonny could have gone legitimate years before. Sam defended Sonny, and Dante admitted that he had stayed up some nights, thinking of having to one day lock up Sonny. Sam asked if Dante had ever helped Sonny cover up a crime. Dante claimed he hadn't, and Sam surmised that Dante had always done his duty with regard to Sonny.

Dante's phone rang, and he left for the hospital.

At Pier 27 on the Waterfront District, Britt was prepared to leave Port Charles. Britt flashed back to Liesl saying that Britt would never have to be alone.

Nearby, on the Waterfront District, Josslyn encountered the hook attacker. Josslyn shoved the attacker to get away, but she tripped and fell. The attacker approached with the hook raised at Josslyn, but Britt appeared. Britt shoved the attacker out of the way. "Back off, bitch!" Britt screamed at the attacker.

Britt yelled for Josslyn to run, and the attacker pinned Britt against a wall. Just then, Dex appeared, and he fired a shot at the attacker. The shot caused the attacker to run. Britt yelled for Dex to shoot the attacker again.

Afterwards, Dex got Josslyn to her feet. Josslyn thanked Britt for having saved her life. Britt said that Dex had saved both her and Josslyn. Britt started to phone the cops, but Dex asked her to wait. Dex then left the pier with Josslyn.

Three police officers interviewed Britt, who was alone on the pier. She pointed to the actual hook the attacker had dropped on the ground. Britt said that she had chased the Hook away. Britt told the officer that another woman had been on the pier, but she lied and said that she hadn't known the woman or where the woman had gone.

After they left the pier, Dex took Josslyn to his apartment. Dex poured them both a glass of scotch, and Josslyn said she owed Dex for having saved her and Britt's lives. Dex said that he had shot the attacker with a gun that Sonny had given him.

Dex produced a shell casing, and he said there was no evidence to tie the gun back to Sonny. Dex said that he had prayed that Josslyn wouldn't die when he had found her on the docks. Dex added that he had been afraid that he would never get to kiss Josslyn again. The two kissed and started to undress. Josslyn and Dex then had sex.

Inside the Haunted Star, Drew said that he had gone to thank Britt for having helped him escape Cassadine Island over a year earlier. Drew praised Liesl for having raised a "brave and gallant" lady in Britt. Liesl was touched by Drew's words.

Drew left to find Carly. Liesl told Maxie that she cursed the day she had met Faison, but she added that she was happy that she had given birth to Britt and to Nathan. Liesl said she wished she had made better choices as a mother, and she added that her greatest shame was not giving Britt the love that Britt had warranted as a child.

Maxie said that she wanted her kids to feel success and to figure out how to have purpose in their lives. Liesl said she could see why Nathan had loved Maxie.

Carly and Drew joined each other outside on the pier. Drew recalled that he had spent the previous New Year's Eve on the bridge with Carly. Drew admitted that he had realized a future with Carly was possible then. Drew added that he had stopped being angry and that he had started to focus on living his life in the present. Drew added that he saw a great future when he looked into Carly's eyes.

Carly said she felt the same way and that she could never have imagined being with Drew when he had returned to Port Charles. Carly kissed Drew, who produced a bottle of Champagne. Drew and Carly toasted to resolutions in the New Year.

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Spencer and Trina snuggled up next to each other -- both to stay warm and to give the appearance that they were a couple. Spencer was happy that Britt had had a nice party, and he recalled that Britt had felt like the perfect stepmother to him when Nikolas and Britt had been engaged years earlier. Spencer added that Britt had always understood him.

Spencer admitted that he was happy that Nikolas and Britt had never married because it would have hurt too much when they'd broken up. "You never expect anything good to last, do you?" Trina asked Spencer.

Spencer admitted that he had lived a life of privilege as it pertained to materialistic things, but he added that his mother had died on the day he'd been born and that Nikolas had been an inconsistent father. Spencer said the only constant in his life had been Laura. Trina said that Spencer could still find something good to hold on to. "When you say it, I almost believe it," Spencer said warmly as he stared into Trina's eyes.

Spencer leaned in to kiss Trina. Before they could kiss, Spencer and Trina were startled when they saw a shivering and frightened Esme appear on the deck. Spencer asked what had happened to Esme and where she had been. Esme collapsed before she could answer. Spencer rushed to cover Esme and to check her pulse. Trina gasped when she noticed that Esme was pregnant. Spencer put his coat around Esme, and he said they need to get Esme to a hospital.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas brought Elizabeth up to speed on Esme's escape. As Nikolas fumed, he told Elizabeth how Esme had jumped off the parapet. Nikolas added that he had gone down to the waters to search for Esme and that he hadn't found her. Elizabeth said she didn't think Esme could have survived the fall.

Elizabeth grew panicked over the crimes she had committed, but Nikolas said that no one would ever know about their crimes. Nikolas added that no one had even known that Esme had been at Wyndemere except for Demetrius, Esme's bodyguard. Elizabeth was adamant that she wouldn't continue to cover up her and Nikolas' crimes.

Just then, Spencer phoned Elizabeth from the hospital. Spencer told Elizabeth that Esme had washed ashore on the deck of the Haunted Star and that Esme was being treated for hypothermia. Elizabeth stared at Nikolas as Spencer delivered the news.

Later, Dante appeared at the hospital. Dante questioned Spencer and Trina about Esme's appearance. Elizabeth and Nikolas stepped off the elevator, and Dante asked why the two had gone to the hospital. Nikolas said that he had been with Elizabeth when she had gotten the phone call from Spencer.

Just then, a doctor came out of the room, and he announced that Esme was recovering from hypothermia. Dante asked to be allowed inside Esme's room, and the doctor agreed. In Esme's room, the doctor gave Dante a bag of Esme's belongings. Dante noticed the silver ornament from Esme's Christmas tree. Dante asked Esme if she could tell him what had happened to her.

Later, on the docks, the hook attacker reappeared, and she revealed a cut on her right wrist. The attacker took off her mask, and the masked woman was revealed to be Heather Webber.

Back inside the Haunted Star, Britt returned, and she announced that she had decided to stay with Liesl. Britt said that she had realized her reasons for leaving Port Charles were less important than her reasons for staying. Britt and Liesl shared a warm moment, and Britt poured a toast of Champagne for her and Liesl. "To my birthday, to the New Year, and to us, mother and daughter," Britt said.

Liesl asked Britt to take off her coat and to stay. After Britt removed her coat, Liesl noticed that Britt's dress had been torn. Liesl looked at a cut near Britt's left shoulder. "Are you bleeding?" Liesl gasped.

Britt suddenly grew woozy, and she collapsed on the floor.

Liesl is devastated when Britt died in her arms

Liesl is devastated when Britt died in her arms

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

At Kelly's, Cameron unlocked the door and invited Scott inside. Scott was curious why Cameron wasn't out celebrating New Year's Eve like other people Cameron's age, so Cameron reminded Scott that it was technically January 1. "My point exactly," Scott said. Scott wanted to know why Cameron hadn't rung in the New Year with Josslyn.

Later, Cameron handed Scott the last brownie. Scott sat at the counter, but he decided to wait to enjoy the dessert until Liesl arrived. Cameron asked if Scott had seen Josslyn at Britt's party, but Scott admitted that he hadn't because Scott had left the party early to attend to a client. However, Scott seized the opportunity to encourage Cameron to enjoy life because it was too short. Scott even offered to help Cameron financially, but Cameron assured Scott that it wasn't necessary. Cameron promised that he looked forward to having a New Year's Eve do-over with Josslyn.

In Dex's apartment, Dex held Josslyn in his arms as they snuggled under a blanket on the sofa. Dex asked how Josslyn was doing. "On a scale from one to ten? Eleven," Josslyn answered. "Me, too," Dex said. After a passionate kiss, Dex admitted that he'd been referring to the attempt on her life. Josslyn confessed that she felt both lucky and uneasy, but she also felt safe when she was with Dex.

After another passionate kiss, Josslyn pulled away. She warned Dex that she would never be okay with him working for Sonny. Josslyn explained that she refused to lie to herself again by telling herself that Sonny was an honorable man and justifying Sonny's behavior. Just then, Josslyn's phone jingled with a notification. Dex handed Josslyn's phone to her, and she saw a text message from Cameron.

Josslyn quickly pulled on her dress, prompting Dex to remind her that it was too dangerous for her to take off without a guard. Josslyn explained that it wasn't fair to let Cameron go into the New Year thinking that she and Cameron were still a couple. Dex wondered if she regretted sleeping with Dex. Josslyn assured him that she didn't, but she conceded it had been wrong to give in to her feelings for Dex while she was committed to another. Josslyn insisted that she owed Cameron the respect of a conversation.

Dex pulled on his jeans because he refused to let Josslyn leave while the Hook was still on the loose. Josslyn objected because she worried about Cameron seeing Dex, but Dex promised to stay out of sight. A short time later, Josslyn and Dex entered Kelly's courtyard. Josslyn hesitated when she saw Cameron through the window, chatting with Scott. She admitted that she had no idea how to tell Cameron that it was over.

Inside the diner, Cameron promised that he would seize the day. Cameron's smile brightened when he saw Josslyn enter. However, it quickly faded when Josslyn told him that they needed to talk. Scott decided that it was his cue to leave. After Scott left, Cameron and Josslyn sat down, and Josslyn tearfully confessed that things had changed between them. "And I can't ignore it anymore," Josslyn said.

Cameron admitted that he was confused, but Josslyn insisted they had grown apart. Cameron conceded that he'd been busy with work, his brothers, and soccer, but Josslyn explained she hadn't been referring to his schedule. "It's about me and what I feel," Josslyn said. Cameron reminded Josslyn that relationships evolved and grew, and they had both been through a lot in the past year. Josslyn agreed, and she admitted that she had told herself that, too.

Cameron confessed that he thought things had been fine between him and Josslyn, but she argued that he knew they had been struggling because they had talked about it. Cameron explained that he'd had a different impression because they'd been intimate, but Josslyn admitted that having sex hadn't fixed things. When Cameron suggested they try to work through their issues, Josslyn told him that it was too late. "That sounds final," Cameron said. "It is," Josslyn replied.

Cameron's eyes filled with tears when he realized that Josslyn had stopped by with the intention of breaking up rather than fixing things. Josslyn assured Cameron that she wanted to remain friends, but Cameron asked if she still loved him. Reluctantly, Josslyn admitted that she was not in love with him. Cameron told her that it would be impossible for them to be friends because he was still in love with Josslyn, and he was unable to go back to being just friends. Josslyn was surprised when Cameron demanded that she leave.

After Josslyn walked out, Cameron threw a towel in anger. His anger quickly turned to sorrow as he sat down and cried.

At Nina's apartment, Ava welcomed Laura. Laura explained that she had wanted to see Ava because Laura was desperate to save Nikolas, and Laura had hoped that Ava might be able to shed some light on why Nikolas was afraid of Victor. "What does Victor have on my son?" Laura asked. Ava recalled the violent encounter with Esme on the parapet, and Esme's fall. However, Ava pushed the memory away. "I wish I could tell you," Ava said.

Laura assured Ava that Nikolas regretted his choices. "And, well, if I'm being perfectly honest, I have a few regrets, too," Laura said. Laura apologized for repeatedly encouraging Ava to work things out with Nikolas. Ava insisted that Laura had nothing to be sorry for because Nikolas alone had been responsible for the demise of his marriage.

Later, Ava chuckled as she recalled how horrified Laura had been when Laura had learned about Nikolas' marriage to Ava. Laura acknowledged that she had been concerned about her son. The conversation turned to Kiki as Ava admitted that things might have been different if Ava hadn't been grieving. Laura refused to allow Ava to beat herself up because Ava had been there for Avery, and Ava had set a great example by not accepting anything less than what Ava deserved. Ava appreciated the support, and she thanked Laura for always being kind.

Laura confessed that she'd never seen Nikolas happier than he had been with Ava. Ava admitted that she felt like a failure because she was headed for divorce. Concerned, Laura asked how Ava had been holding up. "Vodka helps, "Ava said. Ava also revealed that she was "mad as hell" at Nikolas. Worried, Laura wondered what Ava intended to do about it, but Ava didn't answer.

A short time later, Laura gathered her things as she prepared to leave. Laura asked Ava to let her know if Ava thought of something that might get Nikolas out from under Victor's thumb. Ava glanced at her phone when it buzzed with an incoming call. As Ava answered the call, she told Laura that Nikolas had impeccable timing. Laura stood by the door as Ava had a brief exchange with Nikolas. After Ava ended the call, Ava announced that Esme had been apprehended.

In Esme's hospital room, Esme slowly opened her eyes. Dante introduced himself and asked Esme what had happened to her. Esme seemed confused as she looked around the room, so Dante explained that Esme had suffered hypothermia. Dante resumed his questioning by asking where Esme had been for the past six months, but Esme wanted to know why he had kept referring to her as "Miss Prince."

A short time later, T.J. entered Esme's room to check on her. Esme shivered as T.J. asked a nurse to arrange an ultrasound for Esme. Alarmed, Esme asked why she needed one, so T.J. reminded her of the baby. Esme whipped the covers off and saw her rounded belly. "I'm pregnant?" Esme asked. Nearby, Dante frowned. T.J. assured Esme that she was safe, but Esme tearfully claimed that she couldn't remember anything.

Near the nurses' station, Spencer asked for a private word with his father. After Nikolas followed Spencer down a hallway, Trina glanced at Elizabeth. "Yikes, that seemed -- um -- tense," Trina said.

A short distance away, Nikolas asked what Spencer wanted to know. "If my psycho ex-girlfriend is carrying your kid," Spencer replied. Nikolas asked Spencer to keep his voice down, but Spencer warned his father that Nikolas would not be able to keep Esme's pregnancy a secret. Spencer promised that Esme would blow Nikolas out of the water once Esme woke up. Just then, Spencer and Nikolas saw a nurse enter Esme's room. Nikolas returned to Elizabeth's side, and she asked him to follow her.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Trina walked over to the waiting area. Trina asked what Spencer and Nikolas had talked about, but Spencer dismissed it as nothing. He deftly changed the subject by pointing out that their plan to lure Esme out of hiding had worked. To Spencer's surprise, Trina admitted that she was skeptical that Esme was the Hook because Trina didn't think Esme was capable of overpowering Brando or Rory in a fight while "very pregnant." Spencer had no idea if Trina was right, but he vowed not to let Esme ruin the rest of their lives.

In a quiet corner of the hospital, Nikolas told Elizabeth that he regretted not moving up his plans to take Esme to Cassadine Island. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that they had more important things to worry about if Esme told Dante about being held captive at Wyndemere. Elizabeth wondered if she should call Scott or her sons to warn them that she might be arrested. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he wouldn't let that happen, but she reminded him that he would be locked up next to her. Nikolas decided to make a quick phone call.

Nikolas stepped away and called Ava. He advised her to meet him at the hospital because Esme had been arrested. Nikolas explained that he and Ava would need to get their stories straight. Meanwhile, Dante exited Esme's hospital room. Spencer, Trina, and Elizabeth swarmed around Dante and asked about Esme. "She claims she doesn't remember anything," Dante said. Spencer immediately accused Esme of lying.

After Dante walked away to call in an update, Spencer and Trina returned to the waiting area. Nikolas approached Elizabeth, and she told him about Esme's amnesia. "What the hell is her angle now?" Nikolas asked. Elizabeth admitted that she believed Esme because Esme could have easily cleared her name for the Hook murders by revealing that Esme had been Nikolas' prisoner.

Meanwhile, Spencer told Trina that Esme's memory loss was another one of Esme's long line of tricks. Trina wasn't convinced, but Spencer promised that Esme was lying. Moments later, Laura and Ava arrived. Laura greeted her son, while Ava approached Trina. Ava was surprised when she saw a nurse enter Esme's room with a fetal heart monitor, so Trina revealed that Esme was pregnant. When Dante returned, Ava warned Dante to take everything that Esme said with a grain of salt because Esme was a "conniving liar" -- and a murderer.

Nikolas asked for a private word with Ava, but Ava demanded to know if Esme was pregnant with Nikolas' child. Nikolas insisted on discussing it in private. Laura was curious what was going on, so Ava told Laura about Esme's pregnancy. Reluctantly, Nikolas confirmed that he was the father. Furious, Ava slapped him.

On the Haunted Star, Liesl grew concerned when she noticed that Britt's dress had been torn and that Britt had a small gash on her chest. Britt took a few steps and suddenly collapsed. Alarmed, Liesl ran over to check on her daughter. Liesl asked if it was the Huntington's disease, but Britt blamed her wooziness on too much alcohol. Liesl didn't believe Britt because Britt's breathing was labored. Liesl decided to call for help, but Britt objected. "No, it's too late," Britt said.

Britt crawled to the sofa and rested her back against it. Liesl insisted on taking Britt home and cleaning the wound, but Britt refused to budge. "Humor me," Britt said. Britt wanted her mother to have a drink for Britt's birthday. Liesl picked up a glass of Champagne. "To many more nights like this," Liesl said. After Liesl emptied the Champagne flute in one gulp, she sat down and talked about her regrets, including her lack of affection.

Britt gently patted her mother's knee. Britt started to say something, but a coughing fit seized her. Liesl was horrified when she saw blood on the hand that had covered Britt's mouth. Liesl dropped to her knees and begged Britt to tell her what had happened, but Britt continued to cough. Liesl called for an ambulance. After Liesl ended the call, she returned to Britt's side and explained that the ambulance would take ten minutes to arrive because of the holiday.

Britt weakly admitted that she had returned because Britt had wanted more time with everyone. Liesl assured Britt that Britt would get that. Britt's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she had not wanted to die alone. Liesl tearfully promised Britt that it wouldn't happen because she would drive Britt to the hospital herself. Liesl tried to get Britt on her feet, but Britt was too weak to stand. Liesl grew desperate, but Britt explained that she'd been poisoned by the Hook.

Liesl was devasted as she realized that Britt was succumbing to the effects of the poison. "You can't save me," Britt said. Liesl reminded Britt that the hospital had an antidote, but Britt insisted that it was too late. "I'm glad I'm with you -- in the beginning and the end," Britt said. Britt's voice grew weaker as her breathing became more labored. "There must be something I can do," Liesl said in a tone filled with despair.

Britt asked her mother to hold her. "Like you wanted to hold Nathan," Britt said. Tears streamed down Liesl's face as she lovingly wrapped her arms around her daughter. As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, Liesl talked about Britt's childhood, and how Britt had learned to talk before Britt had been able to walk. Liesl admitted that Britt had been an incredibly intelligent child, and she recalled an incident when Britt had managed to open Liesl's briefcase in just a few minutes.

Liesl regretted that she had been annoyed instead of celebrating Britt's creativity with the pen that Britt had gotten her hands on. Liesl wept over all the kisses that she should have given her daughter. "Meine schöne Tochter," Liesl said in German. Liesl suddenly realized that Britt had grown still in her arms. Fresh tears fell as she lovingly kissed the top of Britt's head. "I love you, sweetheart." Liesl said. "Mama loves you," Liesl promised.

Later, Scott found Liesl at the hospital, and he instantly realized that something was wrong. Liesl tearfully told him that her daughter was gone. After Liesl entered Britt's hospital room, Scott called Nina.

In Britt's hospital room, Liesl sat at her daughter's bedside. Liesl admitted that she had been grateful to have been Britt's mother, and she asked Britt to give Nathan a message. Liesl leaned down and whispered into Britt's ear. Afterwards, Liesl tenderly kissed Britt's forehead and stroked her daughter's hair. "Godspeed, Britta," Liesl said. "Until we are all reunited," Liesl whispered.

Heather learns that Esme is pregnant

Heather learns that Esme is pregnant

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Curtis joined Portia at the Haven Bistro. He revealed that Trina had called him, worried about Portia after Britt's death. He promised to stand by her, and he presented her with a calathea plant he'd gotten at the florist, where he'd learned that the plant symbolized new beginnings. She talked about all the bad things their family had been through, but she believed they'd emerged stronger. Neither could wait to be married, and they shared a kiss.

Felicia arrived at the stables, looking for Cody. She told him that Mac had been trying to reach him, and she tearfully informed him of Britt's death. She told him what they knew, and Cody lamented that Britt had never gotten a break. Felicia commented that it sounded like him, and it was no surprise that they'd "hit it off." He regretted that he hadn't been straight with Britt and that she'd never know that all he'd wanted was her. He thanked Felicia for telling him in person. She hugged him and left.

Heather entered Ryan's room at Spring Ridge, and he demanded to know where she'd been the night before. She replied that her favorite guard had covered for her while she'd slipped out for a walk. Ryan commented that Britt had been killed by the Hook, and he realized that Heather was the killer. Heather reasoned that someone had to protect Esme from the people who wanted to hurt her. Ryan believed that Heather needed to confess so that Esme could go free. He grabbed her arm, and she cried out in pain. "Let's just say I took one for the team last night," she explained. Heather insisted that she'd done everything a good mother would do.

Ryan informed Heather that Esme was pregnant, and Heather was ecstatic to become a grandmother for the first time. She insisted upon making up for lost time and being there for Esme, but Ryan reminded her that it was impossible. She murmured that she just needed to find another hook, as hers had been "snagged." She advised him to look forward to the family reunion, kissed him on the forehead, and left the room.

Outside of Britt's hotel room, a reporter asked Maxie questions about Britt's "tragic death." Brad stormed in, yelling at the man, and Nina demanded that he leave her hotel. He snapped a few photos as she pushed him, and he was gone. She thanked Maxie and Brad for meeting her there and informed them that the funeral home needed something for Britt to wear. Brad commented that Britt would love to hear people talking about her like a hero, and he suddenly got angry that she was gone. Maxie reminded him of how Britt had wanted them to be friends, and she suggested that they honor Britt that way by choosing her last outfit together.

Nina, Maxie, and Brad entered Britt's room and found the closets empty. A few minutes later, Nina got off the phone and revealed that some of Britt's things had been shipped to wherever she'd been planning to go for vacation, and a lot of her clothes had been donated to charity. Maxie and Brad discussed how odd it was that Britt had acted like she hadn't been returning. Nina advised them to sit, as she knew something that they didn't.

Nina told Maxie and Brad about Britt's Huntington's, and they wondered why Britt hadn't told them. Brad insisted that he would have stood by her, and he only needed her. "We all do," Nina added. Nina hugged them and left, and Brad and Maxie discussed what to do. Brad refused to let Maxie choose a boring dress, but Maxie didn't want Brad to dress Britt in "fast fashion trash." The two left the hotel, squabbling over the outfit.

Austin entered Britt's office and found a crying Liesl packing it up. Austin gently advised her that it didn't need to happen right then, but Liesl thought that it was the least she could do to keep Britt's things safe. Austin took a box from her and promised that no one would take anything without asking him first and that he would make sure everything got to her. She thanked him for his birthday gift to Britt, and she wondered if Britt knew how much she'd been loved. Austin chose to believe that it had changed her mind about leaving for good, and Liesl realized that Britt had planned on going away to die. Austin was sorry that Liesl had had to hear it from him.

Austin continued by talking about the great last week Britt had had, including delivering a baby at the Quartermaine mansion and throwing an epic birthday party, all culminating in saving a life. He was sad that she was gone, but he believed that she'd picked a "badass way to go." He didn't believe the killer would go unpunished, and he commented that the suspect was in the hospital under guard. When he was gone, Liesl picked up Britt's lab coat with her badge on it. A short while later, Nina entered Britt's empty office. She texted Liesl, asking where Liesl was.

At the hospital, Esme woke up and asked for the handcuffs to be taken off, but Elizabeth replied that she wasn't allowed to. She asked if Esme remembered anything, but Esme answered that she only remembered waking up in the hospital. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Kevin entered. "I remember your face," Esme said, but when Kevin introduced himself, she didn't recognize his name. Elizabeth left to give Kevin time to talk to Esme.

Kevin sat down next to Esme's bed, and he explained how he knew Esme, but Esme didn't remember who Spencer or Nikolas were. He mentioned that Esme had previously cared for his brother Ryan, but they were interrupted when Martin barged into the room. He demanded that Kevin "cease and desist" by court order. He advised Esme that he was her lawyer, and she was to talk to no one. Kevin left as Martin tried to get Esme to eat. He asked Elizabeth for privacy, but Esme didn't want her to go. Esme asked about what she'd supposedly done, and Martin mentioned murder, which cause Esme to pass out.

Elizabeth asked Martin for a minute with Esme, so he left the room. "If you're faking, I'll know, so don't try," Elizabeth murmured. Esme's eyes shot open, and she insisted that she only remembered waking up in the hospital. Elizabeth advised her to rest, but Esme wondered if Elizabeth believed her. A short while later, Esme was alone and staring at her plate of food. A doctor entered, and Esme asked for something stronger to help her sleep. "Yes, that can be arranged," Liesl replied with a smile.

At the PCPD, Nikolas asked for a phone call, as he didn't want Spencer to find out from anyone else about Britt's death. Dante peppered Nikolas with questions about his involvement with Esme, and he suggested that Esme had had help. "Who would have more reason to help than the father of her baby?" Dante wondered. An angry Nikolas refused to answer any questions, and Dante advised him not to leave town.

A short while later, Kevin arrived to talk to Dante, and he informed Dante of what had happened with Martin. Dante wondered about Esme's memory loss. Kevin replied that he needed more time to observe her and talk to a neurologist, but he did believe that she had significant memory loss. He wasn't sure if it would be permanent, so he warned that they might never know where she'd been. Dante didn't believe that she was in any shape to kill anyone, so he wondered who the hook killer really was.

An irked Martin muttered angrily about the judge who'd assigned him to Esme's case. Nikolas arrived at the hospital and told him not to blame the judge, as Nikolas had pulled some strings. He revealed that Esme was carrying his baby, so "Who better to trust her with than family?" Nikolas promised to double Martin's normal fee until Esme gave birth, and then he would triple it. Elizabeth approached as Martin agreed to the deal. "Esme is in good hands with Uncle Martin," Nikolas said loudly.

Willow receives unexpected news from Dr. Randolph

Willow receives unexpected news from Dr. Randolph

Friday, January 6, 2023

At the hospital, Nina looked at a box of Britt's belongings as she helped pack up Britt's office. Sonny appeared, and he asked if Liesl had known that Esme was at the hospital. Nina grew panicked, and she and Sonny raced out of the room in search of Liesl.

Nearby, in Esme's room at the hospital, Esme asked what Liesl wanted. Liesl accused Esme of having killed Britt the previous night, and she produced a syringe. Liesl gagged Esme, and she said that it was Esme's turn to die. Esme struggled against the gag and moved her table so that Liesl noticed that Esme was pregnant.

Liesl taunted Esme, and she said that Esme's death would be more merciful than Britt's had been. Nina rushed into the room, and she gasped when she saw that Liesl stood over Esme, who had just been given the contents of the syringe. Nina asked what Liesl had done.

Liesl revealed that she had given Esme a sedative, and she reached for a pillow to smother Esme. Nina and Liesl fought for the pillow. Nina said that killing someone wouldn't be what Britt would have wanted, and she asked if Liesl would kill a mother and her baby just to exact revenge. "Not the baby," Liesl said cryptically.

Nina asked if Liesl wanted to spend the rest of her life in prison. Liesl said that she didn't care. "Well, I care. James, Maxie, Scott, they all care! Don't throw your life away!" Nina pleaded.

After leaving Esme's room, Liesl assured Nina that she had only given Esme a sedative. Later, at Nina's penthouse, a tired Liesl left to get some rest. Nina discovered a trophy and a photograph of Britt and Brad in the box of Britt's possessions. Underneath the photo and the trophy, a close-up of a document that detailed Willow's chemotherapy treatment was shown. Nina clutched the trophy, but she didn't notice the document.

By the nurses' station, Nikolas told Elizabeth that he wanted to talk to Esme. Elizabeth said that Nikolas needed to stay as far away from Esme as possible because Nikolas' face could trigger Esme's memories.

Later, Sonny appeared at the nurses' station, and he asked Elizabeth if she had seen Liesl. Elizabeth replied that she hadn't seen Liesl since the previous night at the Haunted Star. Just then, Nikolas approached Sonny.

Nikolas wanted to know if Sonny had spoken to Spencer, since Spencer and Britt had been close. Nikolas then told Sonny that Esme was pregnant, and he revealed that he was the baby's father. Sonny lunged at Nikolas. "You sick..." snapped Sonny.

Afterwards, Sonny left the hospital to find Spencer at Kelly's. Nikolas told a police officer that he didn't want to press charges against Sonny for the attack. Soon after, Elizabeth asked what had happened to Nikolas, who revealed that Sonny had punched him. Nikolas added that he had told Sonny about having had sex with Esme. "Do you have a death wish?" Elizabeth asked incredulously.

Elizabeth scolded Nikolas for having stood outside Esme's door. Elizabeth grew snarky, and she said that if she and Nikolas went to prison, Victor would love nothing more than to mold another Cassadine child into Victor's image. "That cannot happen," Nikolas said sternly. "Then we need to hold... tight," Elizabeth retorted as she walked away.

Later, Elizabeth entered Esme's room. Esme was startled, and she asked Elizabeth not to hurt her. Esme tried to tell Elizabeth about the encounter with Liesl, but Elizabeth said that it sounded like Esme had had a bad dream.

In the kitchen of Carly's mansion, Josslyn was surprised to find Dex standing next to Carly. Dex and Carly told Josslyn that Britt had died as a result of the hook attacker. Josslyn said she was the reason Britt had died, and she revealed that she had been the intended target of the attacker.

Carly asked why Josslyn hadn't stayed on the docks with Britt, and Dex said that it was because of him. Carly demanded answers from Dex, who said the reason they had left was because Dex had been carrying an unregistered gun that Sonny had given him. Josslyn walked outside with Dex, and she said her only regret about the previous night had been that they had left Britt alone.

Back in the kitchen, Josslyn told Carly that she had broken up with Cameron. Josslyn said that the only thing the attack had done was to make it "clear" that she had to break up with Cameron. Carly comforted Josslyn, and they hugged.

At Kelly's Diner, Spencer told Cameron that Esme had been found and that she was pregnant. Spencer added that Nikolas had slept with Esme months earlier, and he also stated that Esme claimed to have amnesia.

Cameron asked if Spencer thought Esme was faking her amnesia. Spencer said he wasn't sure, but he added that he, Cameron, Trina, and Josslyn should get together to figure out what to do next. Cameron said that Spencer would have to meet with Trina and Josslyn separately. Spencer asked what Cameron hadn't told him. "Joss and I broke up," Cameron said. "Is this because of that jerk Dex?" Spencer asked.

Cameron wondered why Spencer had mentioned Dex. Spencer said that it was because he didn't have a lot of faith in others. Just then, Sonny entered after having left the hospital. Sonny pulled up a chair, and he asked Spencer and Cameron if he could talk to them. Sonny then told Cameron and Spencer that Britt had died.

Spencer was heartbroken over Britt's death. Cameron put his arm around Spencer to comfort him as Sonny recalled the details of how Britt had died. Spencer stood up, and he left the table to process his grief. Spencer returned, and Dex entered the diner. Dex approached Sonny, who told Dex to give him a minute. Dex glared at Cameron, who stood up to get back to work.

Alone at the table, Spencer opened his heart to Sonny. Spencer said the last thing he wanted was to go back to Wyndemere to see Nikolas. Sonny said there was an easy fix, and he invited Spencer to go home with Sonny. Spencer left the diner with Sonny, and Dex continued to stare strangely at Cameron.

In the stables of the Quartermaine mansion, Willow told Michael that she believed her strength was returning following her first round of chemotherapy, and she vowed she would fight the leukemia. Drew remarked that Willow and Michael seemed to be doing better. Willow asked how the search for her parents had progressed.

Drew asked if Harmony or Doug had stayed in touch with someone named Josiah at the commune in Colorado. Willow revealed that Harmony had taken her to visit someone named Josiah after they had left the commune. Willow said she couldn't remember much about the visit.

Willow said that Shiloh had made Harmony cut all ties with Josiah when Willow and Harmony had joined the Dawn of Day cult. Drew encouraged Willow to stay positive because he said he was worried that Michael and Willow were losing hope. Willow vowed that she was determined to stay alive to see Wiley and her unborn daughter grow up together.

Moments later, Willow received a call from Terry, who shared that there was a bone-marrow donor who matched Willow. Willow told Michael and Drew the news. Drew smiled, and Michael and Willow hugged.

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