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Willow made a decision about her treatment, and she forgave Carly. Sonny confronted Carly. Ava agreed to support Spencer's bid for custody. Esme was remanded to Spring Ridge, where she met Heather. Valentin and Anna closed in on Lucy, but a trap was set. Cameron found Josslyn and Dex together at her dorm. Carolyn paid Elizabeth a visit. Mason pressured Austin by threatening to harm Georgie.
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Willow made a decision about her treatment. Esme met Heather at Spring Ridge. Cameron found Josslyn and Dex together. A trap was set for Anna and Valentin.
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Nina and Willow react to shocking news

Nina and Willow react to shocking news

Monday, January 16, 2023

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis told Portia that telling Trina to stay away from Spencer could have a reverse effect. Portia heard a knock at the door. Taggert appeared, and he announced that he had been reading the news. Taggert wanted to know if he needed to worry about Trina.

Portia and Curtis told Taggert that Trina and Spencer were friends again. Taggert was upset, but Portia said that Curtis had convinced her to give Trina some space to figure things out for herself. "No offense, but you're not my daughter's father," Taggert told Curtis.

Curtis shared that Trina hadn't appreciated Curtis or Portia "butting in" on Trina's personal life. Taggert said that he knew the Cassadine family too well to let Trina become involved with them, and he left.

Afterwards, Portia told Curtis that Taggert was merely "territorial" when it concerned protecting Trina. Curtis said he would keep his parental advice to himself until he and Portia had their own child. Curtis told Portia they had their entire future ahead of them, and he said he would love to continue the Ashford name and have a child of his own. Portia forced a smile in response.

In Sonny's penthouse, Spencer told Diane that he wanted custody of Esme's baby. Spencer asked about a sibling gaining custody, and Diane quickly deduced that Nikolas was the baby's father. Diane noted that it wasn't easy to convince a court to take a child away from both its parents.

Spencer recalled that Michael had once gained custody of Avery from Sonny years earlier. Diane remarked that the case Spencer had referenced had been short-lived, and she assumed that Spencer wanted more than short-term custody of Esme's child. Spencer confirmed that if he had his way, Esme's baby would never know either of its parents.

Diane noted the anger in Spencer's voice, and she said that a judge would hear it, as well. Diane questioned Spencer's motive, and she asked if it was in the best interest of the child or if Spencer was merely seeking revenge against Nikolas and Esme.

Diane reminded Spencer that he had just been released from Pentonville, and she said she couldn't guarantee that Spencer would win. Diane warned that it would be a long and arduous road ahead. Spencer said he understood, but Diane was skeptical.

"Do you know what the most terrifying thing about wildfires are? Once they get started, once they're lit, they are nearly impossible to control. And every time a case like this comes into a courtroom, it's like a wildfire has been lit within a family. Look at Sonny and Michael, or more recently, Michael, Nina and Willow," Diane said.

Diane encouraged Spencer to think things through before he called her again. "Once this wildfire is lit, it's gonna rage with unforeseen consequences," Diane warned.

In the hospital chapel, Nikolas told Elizabeth that Victor had learned about Esme's captivity in the North Tower at Wyndemere. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he had left her involvement out of it, and he said his family was in immediate danger.

Elizabeth said that Victor's ploy to hold evidence over Nikolas' head was "disgusting," and she surmised that Victor had the power to destroy both her and Nikolas. Nikolas promised that he would do whatever he needed to shield Elizabeth from any of the blame for Esme's kidnapping. "But right now, it's not Victor we need to worry about talking. It's Esme," Nikolas said.

Elizabeth didn't think Esme would recover her memories anytime soon, and she added that knowing there was a memory a person couldn't access was a double-edged sword. Nikolas said that he and Elizabeth were both in the clear as long as Esme couldn't remember. Elizabeth started to leave, and Nikolas asked if Elizabeth had ever learned why she had been suffering from memory loss months earlier.

Elizabeth shared that Carolyn had repressed Elizabeth's memories from childhood. Nikolas was in disbelief, but Elizabeth noted that she felt somewhat similar to Esme in not knowing what had happened with regard to her memory. Nikolas asked what Elizabeth's parents had been so desperate for Elizabeth not to remember.

Nikolas apologized for what Elizabeth had been through. Elizabeth said she was sorry that Victor was threatening Nikolas, who quipped about the irony of having to rely on Esme to avoid both the police and Victor. Elizabeth remarked that they were both at the mercy of Esme's memory when it came to their self-preservation.

Elizabeth added that her self-preservation was stronger than her empathy, and she wished there was a way to ensure that Esme never regained her memory. "But that's next to impossible," Elizabeth said mostly to herself as she left the chapel. Afterwards, Nikolas stood in the chapel alone. "Never say never," he said.

In Esme's room at the hospital, Esme was startled to find Laura by her bedside. Laura asked how Esme had appeared in the hospital with hypothermia. Esme claimed she couldn't remember. Esme was then taken aback when Laura said she was the grandmother of Esme's baby.

After Laura explained that Esme had stayed with Laura and Kevin, Esme remarked that Kevin had looked familiar to her when he had gone to visit Esme in the hospital. Esme recalled that someone else had also gone to visit her. Laura showed Esme a photo of two men on her phone, and Esme revealed that the youngest of the two men had visited her. "That's him. That's my baby's father," Esme said, and she smiled warmly when the photo was revealed to be of Spencer.

Esme said that she knew not many people in town liked her and that it was strange not knowing if she was guilty of the accusations that were leveled against her. Just then, Dante entered the room. Dante showed Esme a photo of a Christmas ornament, and he recalled that Esme had had the ornament in her possession when she had appeared in the hospital.

Esme said the ornament hadn't looked familiar. Dante tried to give Esme his card, and he asked Esme to give him a call if she remembered anything. "No. Why would I help the police build a case against the girl I used to be?" Esme curtly asked.

Outside Esme's room, Dante marveled to Laura that Esme's first instinct had been to protect herself. Laura asked if the Christmas ornament had any connection to the hook killer. Dante said that the police were pivoting away from the theory that Esme was responsible for the hook attacks. Laura breathed a sigh of relief, but she noted that Esme still faced charges related to revenge porn.

Laura asked Dante if Esme would be granted bail or held in a facility after Esme's discharge. Dante wasn't sure, but he assured Laura that Robert would be in contact to find out the answer to Laura's question. Laura said she wasn't sure there was a "right answer," no matter how they chose to deal with Esme.

Laura added that the police couldn't let a guilty woman go without consequences, but she admitted that she didn't know how to prosecute a woman who couldn't recall the crimes she was alleged to have committed. Dante said he didn't envy Laura, who recalled that both of her grandsons' lives had been affected by Esme's actions. Laura asked how they could get restorative justice for everyone who was a victim of Esme's crimes. Dante asked if Laura thought that Esme was faking amnesia.

By the nurses' station, Carly told Sonny and Drew that Nina had volunteered her bone marrow to help Willow. Carly said that she hadn't guilted Nina into being a donor. Sonny asked what Carly had to feel guilty about. "What have you done, Carly?" Sonny asked.

Just then, Dante appeared. Dante said he had heard about Willow, and he offered to get tested. Carly asked Drew to escort Dante to the lab, and Drew agreed. Alone, Carly admitted to Sonny that Nina was Willow's mother.

Sonny demanded to know how Carly had known. Carly said she had learned the truth from Harmony. Sonny recalled that Harmony had been dead for months, and he asked how long Carly had known that Nina was Willow's mother.

Carly tried to deflect, and she claimed the details didn't matter, but Sonny stood his ground. "The details matter, because they matter to Willow, they matter to Nina, and they sure as hell mattered to you, because you kept your mouth shut," Sonny said.

Sonny wanted to know why Carly hadn't revealed the truth sooner. Drew returned, and Sonny asked if Drew had known that Nina was Willow's mother. Drew swore he hadn't known. Carly snapped, and she asked if Sonny had forgotten what Nina had put Willow through. "You know what? You can fool Drew all you want. You're not gonna fool me. You weren't protecting Willow! You were doing this because you wanted to get back at Nina!" Sonny told Carly.

Michael appeared, and he told Sonny and Carly to stop arguing. Drew tried to calm Michael down. Carly asked why Nina's first instinct had been to enter Willow's room after everything Nina had done. Sonny said that Carly had no right to question Nina after everything that Carly had done. Carly told Sonny to go to hell.

Michael told Sonny that they needed to talk in private, and the two left together. Alone, Michael told Sonny he couldn't believe that Carly had hidden the truth about Nina being Willow's biological mother. Sonny asked how he could help Michael and Willow. Michael asked Sonny to deal with his feelings toward Carly and Nina separately. Sonny vowed that he would do as Michael asked.

Sonny asked how Michael was holding up. Michael grew emotional, and he said he didn't care about himself and that his only concern was Willow. "You're looking out for her best interests. You're there for her as a partner, as a father. You're doing all the right things, son," Sonny warmly told Michael.

By themselves near the nurses' station, Carly told Drew that she could handle Sonny's anger, but she grew sad at the way Michael had looked at her earlier. Drew thought they all needed some time to process things. "If it affords Willow more time, it will have all been worth it," an emotional Carly said.

Earlier, in Willow's room, Willow had yelled for Nina to leave. Willow asked Michael to have Nina escorted out, but Michael said that Willow needed to hear what Nina had to say. Nina apologized for all the ugliness and bad feelings she had caused, but she swore that things were different. "Because now I know that... you're my daughter," Nina said softly.

Willow looked at Michael, who confirmed that Nina was telling the truth. Willow asked Michael and Nina for details, and Nina explained that she hadn't known that she had been pregnant with twins years earlier. Nina said that Madeline Reeves had given Nelle to the Bensons and Willow to Harmony.

"It's true, Willow. I thought I lost my only child, and you thought that there was never going to be a chance for you to have a relationship with your real mother. Maybe this is a way for both of us to get something we never had before," a teary-eyed Nina said.

Willowasked Michael for a few moments alone with Nina, and Michael stepped outside where he went to talk to Sonny. Alone in Willow's room, Nina said she was overjoyed to learn that Willow was her daughter, and she hoped that she and Willow would build a new relationship.

"We can look back on all of this with a new sense of wonder about how we've come so far. We can tell that story to Wiley, and then we can tell that story to the new little one," Nina gushed. "You won't be telling either of my children those stories, Nina. I asked Michael to leave to spare you some dignity. But make no mistake: the fact that we have a blood type changes nothing between us," Willow coldly told Nina.

Willow said that she would never accept Nina as her mother. Nina tried to plead with Willow, and she said that a crime had been committed against both her and Willow. "I couldn't save your sister, Willow, but I am saving you," Nina declared.

Nina said she would likely be Willow's closest match for a donor because she was Willow's mother. Nina added that she would go to the lab to get tested, and she grew emotional as she noticed that she and Willow had the same eyes. "This might not ever change your mind, but you are my daughter. And if I have the power to save your life, I'm not gonna let anything stop me. Not even you," Nina said to Willow.

Nina rushed out of the room. Later, Michael reappeared by Willow's side. "Why her? Why couldn't it have been anyone else besides Nina?" Willow asked Michael.

Back by the nurses' station, Nina caught Sonny's gaze, and she exclaimed that she had a daughter. Nina then grew sad that Willow wanted nothing to do with her. Sonny hugged Nina as she fell into his arms.

Nina receives an important call from the hospital

Nina receives an important call from the hospital

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

In Paris, France, Anna was dejected that her and Valentin's search for Lucy hadn't yielded the results they had wanted. Valentin encouraged Anna to look on the bright side. "We're in Paris, and we're together," Valentin said softly as the two kissed.

Anna admitted she felt guilty for having gotten Lucy involved in her attempt to bring down Victor. Just then, Valentin answered a knock at the door. A young French boy named Antoine appeared, and Valentin invited him inside. Antoine said in French that his father had been complaining about an American woman who wouldn't stop talking. Antoine revealed that the woman had uttered the words "Ciao" and "Ta" often. Anna and Valentin quickly deduced that the woman in question was Lucy, and they smiled at the realization.

Valentin thanked Antoine for the information, and he gave him currency to stay quiet. After Antoine left, Valentin revealed that Antoine was the son of one of Victor's bodyguards. Anna and Valentin were ecstatic to know that Lucy was still alive and putting up a fight. The two strategized about how to rescue Lucy. Valentin joked that he and Anna should "perform a Shawshank" and pop up from the sewers to rescue Lucy. "Not the sewers. The catacombs," Anna replied.

Anna stared at a tablet that contained blueprints of the catacombs near Victor's fortress. Valentin said he knew people that had accessed the fortress before. Anna kissed Valentin. "Let's go get Lucy out of there," Anna exclaimed.

At the hospital, Victor visited Esme, who wasn't sure who Victor was. Victor ecstatically told Esme to call him "Uncle Victor." Esme encouraged the police officer who had been assigned to her room to allow Victor inside. Alone with Esme, Victor marveled that Esme's memory was still a blank.

Esme said that given the awful things she stood accused of, it might be better if she never regained her memory. Victor asked Esme about her immediate plans once she left the hospital. Esme replied that she would go to court and that she hoped to avoid prison.

Just then, Martin entered. Victor reminded Martin and Esme that the police had no physical evidence to tie Esme to any of the hook killings. Martin grew angry, and he asked Victor to step out of the room. Martin called Victor an "unrepentant sociopath," and the two began to argue over Lucy's disappearance.

Martin implied that if he couldn't focus clearly on Esme's case because of his distraction over Lucy's disappearance, Esme might have to have her baby behind bars. Victor accused Martin of attempting a "quid pro quo."

Later, Victor placed a call to a henchman named Gavin in France. Victor asked about their "guest," and he warned Gavin that Anna and Valentin might be headed Gavin's way.

In Ryan's room at Spring Ridge, Heather was startled when Ryan leaped from his wheelchair. Ryan was angry that no one else had died from the hook attack since Esme had been in police custody. Heather revealed that her "friendly security guard" had been fired and that she no longer had easy access in and out of Spring Ridge.

Ryan wondered how he was supposed to reunite with Ava and his family if Esme was sent to prison. Heather said she only cared about Esme, and she added that she hadn't been able to be a mother to either Steven Lars or Franco. Heather said that Esme represented her last chance to be a mother. An emotional Heather said she had never had the chance to meet Esme. "You mark my words. I will set my daughter free if it is the last thing I do... by busting out of here," a determined Heather said.

Ryan asked how Heather planned to escape. Heather produced a makeshift shiv, and she said that getting out of Spring Ridge was easier than slipping back in. Ryan was impressed by Heather's ingenuity. Heather announced that she planned to break out and to hook "that smug little Josslyn Jacks once and for all" to exonerate Esme. Ryan doubted that Heather had thought things through. Heather flippantly told Ryan that she would send him a postcard, and she left.

Later, Heather hid behind a corner wall at the police station. Heather heard the sound of footsteps approaching, and she spotted Esme being escorted by an officer. Heather managed to get a glimpse of Esme as she was escorted by the officer.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Willow told Michael that she didn't want to deliver their baby prematurely. Michael grew agitated, and he said that Willow having the baby a month before its due date would not pose a great risk to the baby's overall health. Michael added that the more Willow waited, the more her leukemia would progress and pose a threat to Willow's life.

Michael left Willow's room to go for a walk with Chase, who had joined Sasha at the hospital for emotional support. In Willow's room, Sasha confirmed that she knew that Willow had leukemia. Sasha was stunned when Willow said that Nina was Willow's birth mother. Willow incredulously said that she was "better off with Harmony" as a mother. Sasha asked if Willow was thinking about refusing a transplant merely because Nina was the donor.

Willow thought that Nina would "leverage" her bone marrow as a way to gain visitation to Wiley. Willow continued to rant about Nina, but she claimed she wouldn't refuse a transplant from Nina. After Michael reappeared, Sasha told both Willow and Michael that she was there if either of them needed to talk.

Alone in the room, Michael apologized for having argued with Willow earlier. Willow said that she had decided she would bring their baby into the world if Terry thought it was too risky to delay Willow's leukemia treatment. Michael was visibly relieved, and he and Willow told one another that they loved each other. "Of course, none of this matters if Nina's not a match," Willow offered.

In Sonny's penthouse, a frantic Nina called the hospital to learn if she was a bone marrow match for Willow. Nina told Sonny that she was ecstatic to know she had another daughter, and she was happy that her bone marrow could save Willow.

Nina said that she would never forgive Carly for having kept the secret of Willow's maternity. As Nina grew teary-eyed, Sonny admitted that he was "mad as hell" at Carly. Nina cried, and she wondered how Carly could have kept quiet long enough to watch Nina's relationship with Willow deteriorate.

Sonny encouraged Nina to never give up hope on a relationship with Willow, and he noted that he and Michael had shared a warm moment the previous night. Sonny said that he had seen the son he'd thought he had lost forever.

Sonny brought Nina a cup of coffee. Nina stared at a photo of Madeline, and she recalled how much she hated Madeline. Nina worried that Willow would view her the same way that Nina viewed Madeline. Sonny shared that he could relate because of how he had viewed his abusive stepfather, Deke.

"We have a hole inside of us. Our souls were ripped out from people we thought that we could trust. You've hurt people... right? Yeah, I've hurt people. That's because we feel too much. We love too much. We fight too hard because we react quickly. We drive the people we love away. We are too much," Sonny said solemnly.

Nina said that Sonny was never too much for her, and Sonny shared that he felt the same about Nina. The two held one another closely. Later, Nina received a call from the hospital. Nina grew excited as she told Sonny that she was a potential donor match for Willow. Nina prepared to go to the hospital, and Sonny asked if he could join her. Nina replied that she wouldn't have it any other way, and the two kissed.

A trap is set for Valentin and Anna

A trap is set for Valentin and Anna

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

In Paris, France, Valentin and Anna kissed on the sofa in their hotel suite until someone knocked on the door. Valentin realized that it was his contact, so Anna jumped up to open the door. Moments later, a beautiful blonde woman entered. Anna watched as the woman approached Valentin and kissed him with intimate familiarity. After the kiss, Valentin introduced Anna to Renee Laveque. Anna confessed that Valentin hadn't done Renee justice. "I was expecting a little sewer rat," Anna said.

Renee bristled, but Valentin smoothed things over by explaining that he had praised Renee's vast knowledge of the catacombs. Valentin was confident that Renee would be able to help find a way into Victor's compound. Renee smiled as she linked arms with Valentin and fondly reminisced about their past. Anna's mood didn't improve when Renee made it clear that she and Valentin had been lovers. Valentin tactfully removed his arm from Renee's grip and explained that it was imperative for them to get to work because a woman's life was at stake, and they needed access to Victor's compound to extract a prisoner.

Renee agreed to help Valentin and Anna, but Renee insisted on making arrangements first. Renee pointedly kissed both of Valentin's cheeks and left. Annoyed, Anna wiped the lipstick off Valentin's face. Valentin fetched a glass of wine and handed it to Anna as he assured her that Renee was nothing to him. Anna believed him, but she also knew that Valentin and Renee had a past. Valentin acknowledged that Renee had been an integral part of the "smash-and-grab robberies" throughout Europe, which he had engineered, but for Renee, it had been about the thrill of the thefts, while Valentin had been in it for the money.

Anna wondered if Renee could be trusted because she questioned Renee's motivation for helping. Valentin warned Anna that Lucy's life was at stake, and there wasn't time to find someone with Renee's unique skills.

Meanwhile, Renee approached one of Victor's henchmen in an alley. She handed him a wad of money and promised more. Renee told the man to ask Victor what it would be worth to Victor to have both Valentin and Anna handed over. A short time later, Renee returned to the hotel room and announced that everything had been arranged. Anna conceded that Renee was everything that Valentin had said. However, Anna's expression remained neutral as she kept her eyes on Renee.

Valentin insisted that they move quickly before Victor learned about their plans and moved Lucy. "It's now or never," Valentin told Anna. "Then now it is," Anna replied. Renee smiled with satisfaction.

At Spring Ridge, Esme complained to the guard that she did not belong there, but the guard told Esme to have a seat until Esme's room was ready. After the guard walked away, Esme sat down and dropped her head into her hands. "It's going to be all right, sweetheart," Heather said. Esme looked up as Heather smiled down at her and reiterated that everything would be okay. Frowning, Esme asked who Heather was.

Heather started to answer, but she caught herself and said that she was a friend. Esme admitted that it had seemed as if Heather had known her, but Heather easily covered for the slip by introducing herself to Esme. Heather told Esme that Esme had to have been loved by the person who had named her because Esme's name meant "loved." Esme was skeptical because that person was nowhere to be seen.

Heather told Esme that the person might be closer than Esme imagined, but Esme argued that no one had been in court with her when the judge had accused Esme of being a "menace to society" and sent her to Spring Ridge. Heather assured Esme that things could have been worse if Esme had been sent to Pentonville. Heather shifted gears by inviting Esme to sit with her while the two got to know each other. Heather offered to teach Esme how to make a friendship bracelet, but Esme wasn't interested because it was clear that Esme didn't have any friends. Heather offered to be Esme's friend, but Esme was leery.

Heather smiled with pride, and she applauded Esme for being distrustful. "Shows you got good breeding. You must come from good people," Heather said. "If you say so," Esme replied. Esme wondered why she should trust Heather. "That's my girl," Heather said. Esme questioned the phrasing, but Heather insisted that they needed to stick together. Heather seized the opportunity to explain that every place had its "riffraff," and Spring Ridge was no different.

Heather warned Esme to steer clear of Ryan Chamberlain, but Esme questioned why she should because Kevin Collins had told Esme that his twin was harmless. Heather insisted that Ryan was as "sick as they come," so Esme should stay away from him. Esme frowned, and she asked why Heather was at Spring Ridge. "I loved too much," Heather said. Heather revealed that one of her sons was in prison, and the other had died. She admitted that she had a daughter who had been taken away as a baby.

"Wish someone would take mine," Esme said in a tone filled with frustration. Heather was not pleased, and she warned Esme never to say such a thing again. Heather explained that getting her daughter back and keeping her daughter safe and happy was all that Heather lived for. Heather grabbed Esme's hand, but Esme jerked away. Alarmed at the change in Heather, Esme called out to the guard and asked if her room was ready. Esme turned away from Heather, but Heather apologized.

According to Heather, seeing Esme "in the family way" had pushed Heather's buttons. Heather was curious if Esme knew the baby's gender or if Esme had picked a name, but Esme grew increasingly uncomfortable. Esme reminded Heather that she had just met Heather, and Esme made it clear that whatever decisions Esme made about the baby were none of Heather's concern. Heather smiled because she was certain that Esme cared about the baby almost as much as Heather cared about her daughter.

Esme marched over to the guard, and the guard agreed to take Esme to Esme's room. Heather followed, but she was forced to stop in the doorway as Esme and the guard proceeded down the hallway. Heather promised to be there when Esme needed her. Heather returned to the table to fetch the friendship bracelet that she had made for Esme.

At Kelly's, on his phone, Spencer read a news alert from the Invader about Judge Holloway remanding Esme to Spring Ridge until after Esme's trial. He put his phone away when Ava entered. Ava assumed that Spencer had asked to see her to discuss the future of his family estate. Curious, Spencer asked what was going on with Wyndemere, so she told him about her plans to make the castle the grand prize in her divorce from Nikolas. To Ava's surprise, Spencer didn't care because Wyndemere was a reminder of bad things.

The conversation turned to Esme and the baby. Spencer explained that it was up to Spencer and Ava to make certain that Nikolas never had an opportunity to ruin another life the way that Nikolas had ruined Spencer and Ava's lives. Ava admitted that there had been a time when she had believed in her marriage, but Spencer reminded Ava that Nikolas had cheated on her with Spencer's ex-girlfriend. Ava assured Spencer that she was over Nikolas. Pleased, Spencer acknowledged that he had once believed that Ava had been "the root of all evil" and that breaking Nikolas and Ava up would fix things between Nikolas and Spencer, but Spencer had realized that the real problem had never been Ava -- it had been Nikolas.

Spencer told Ava that even if Esme was not the hook-wielding killer, Esme was no more fit to raise a child than Nikolas. Spencer conceded that he was not the baby's father, but the baby was Spencer's "half-sibling." Ava was surprised when Spencer revealed his plans to file for custody of Esme's baby, but Ava was certain that Diane wouldn't have taken the case unless Diane believed there was a chance that Spencer might succeed. Ava was curious how Trina had felt about Spencer's plan, but she quickly realized that he hadn't told Trina. Ava warned Spencer that he couldn't renew his friendship with Trina and keep Trina in the dark, so she urged him to be honest.

Spencer argued that he didn't need Ava's advice, but he couldn't go up against Nikolas alone. Ava agreed because Nikolas wouldn't hesitate to resort to dirty tricks to gain custody of his child. Spencer was confident that he was ready, since he had learned from his father. Ava admired Spencer's initiative, and she agreed to help him.

At the nurses' station, an amped-up Nina explained that she was there to be tested because she had been a match for Willow Tait. After the nurse asked Nina to wait and stepped away, Sonny gently advised Nina to slow down because she was still processing everything. Nina assured him that she could deal with everything, but she agreed that she was still trying to wrap her mind around Willow being her daughter. Sonny told Nina that he refused to believe that she would lose her daughter just when Nina had found her. He vowed to move heaven and earth to make certain that both Willow and her baby survived, but Nina pointed out that it was all on her and whether she was a bone marrow match for Willow.

In Willow's hospital room, Willow told T.J. that she had talked to Dr. Navarro about having the baby early. T.J. was pleased, but he was curious what had changed Willow's mind about delivering early. Willow explained that she wanted to be around to raise her children, and the odds were better if she gave birth early and had the transplant. Moments later, T.J.'s phone beeped. "Nina just arrived for her follow-up test," T.J. announced.

After T.J. left, Michael slid onto the bed with Willow and wrapped his arms around her. She admitted that she was still having trouble believing that Nina might be the key to saving their family. Michael confessed that he wished that they had known sooner. Just then, Michael looked up and saw his mother standing in the hallway. He quickly joined Carly, but he left the door open. Carly explained that she had returned because it had been the coward's way out to leave. Michael revealed that Nina had been scheduled to undergo testing, and he didn't want anything to upset Willow.

"And the last thing she needs is me," Carly said. Carly turned to leave, but Willow called out to her. "We've learned the hard way that keeping silent does the most harm," Willow said. At Willow's request, Carly entered the room. Carly immediately apologized to Willow, and she insisted that she would never have kept silent if she had known about Willow's cancer. Michael resented the suggestion that Willow was somehow to blame, but Carly rushed to assure both Michael and Willow that she would have done exactly as Willow had done to save the baby.

Willow assured Carly that it had been the hardest decision that Willow had ever made. Carly admitted that she was in awe of Willow's courage, and she promised that she would have told Willow about Nina if Carly had known. "Even if it was Nina? The woman who took everything from you?" Willow asked. Carly clarified that Nina hadn't taken anything from Carly because Sonny had made his own choices, and Metro Court was just "real estate." Carly insisted that she still had her family, and both Willow and the baby were a part of that family.

Carly was adamant that she would never have knowingly put Willow and the baby at risk, but Michael reminded his mother that Carly had kept the truth from Willow. Carly admitted that she had thought that she had been protecting Willow, but Michael didn't believe her. "Just call it was it was. It was revenge," Michael said. Carly denied it, but Michael's frustration mounted. Willow decided it was time for her to speak with Carly alone.

After Michael left, Carly sat down and told Willow not to hold back. "Don't worry, I won't," Willow said. Willow admitted that she had always known that Carly had her back, and Willow had never thought for "one minute" that Carly would hurt Willow, Michael, or Wiley. Willow confessed that she understood why Carly had thought she had been protecting Willow from Nina, but Willow explained that it hadn't been Carly's choice to make. Willow insisted that Carly had owed Willow the truth. Willow promised that she was not made of glass -- Willow had survived losing a child.

"You're right. I did the very thing that I'd hate if it were done to me," Carly said. Carly agreed that she hadn't trusted Willow to stand up for herself. "Do you think you could find it in your heart to forgive me?" Carly asked. "I already have," Willow answered. Overcome with emotion, Carly reached for Willow's hand and dropped her head on the bed. "Thank you," Carly tearfully said. Carly apologized again, and she told Willow that she loved Willow as if Willow were her own daughter.

Carly saw the fatigue in Willow's expression, so she stood to leave. Willow asked Carly to stop by the gatehouse and give Wiley a hug. "I truly pray that Nina comes through for you and your baby," Carly said. "So do I, Carly. So do I," Willow replied.

At the nurses' station, T.J. greeted Nina and Sonny. He explained that, as Willow's friend, he would be supervising the blood tests because he wanted to make certain that everything was expedited. Nina took an opportunity to apologize to T.J. for falsely accusing him and Willow of having an affair, but T.J. reminded Nina that all that mattered was helping Willow. Sonny and Nina followed T.J. and a nurse to an examination room.

After several vials of blood were filled, Nina asked why the bloodwork had been necessary, since the cheek swab had confirmed that Nina was a match. T.J. explained that the swab had only confirmed that Nina might be a match, but the blood tests would be definitive. Nina assumed the next step would be Willow getting a transplant, but Sonny asked T.J. for a moment alone with Nina.

After T.J. and the nurse stepped out of the room, Sonny asked what he could do to take care of Nina. "Be happy for me," Nina said. He assured her that he was, but he couldn't stop thinking about how Carly had kept the secret from Nina and Willow. Nina made it clear that she had no intention of forgiving or forgetting what Carly had done to her, but Nina's priority was saving Willow. Nina explained that she had waited her whole life to be a mother; however, her relationship with Sasha had been a cruel lie, and she hadn't known the truth about Nelle until after Nelle had died.

Nina beamed with joy because she finally had an opportunity to be a mother. Nina pointed out that -- despite how Willow felt about Nina and their history -- Willow needed Nina. Sonny assured Nina that Willow was lucky to have Nina for a mother, but Nina insisted that she was the lucky one because she needed Willow just as much. Moments later, T.J. returned to finish things up.

A short time later, Sonny entered Willow's hospital room. Willow admitted that she had asked to see him because she wanted to know how Nina was doing. Willow admitted that she didn't know if she would get a happy ending, but Sonny refused to consider that Willow might die. He reminded her that she had a beautiful daughter to raise. Willow pointed out that there were no guarantees, so she had a request. Willow asked Sonny to find a way to make peace with Michael because -- if she died -- Michael would need his father. Sonny promised to do what he could.

In the chapel, Michael prayed for Willow to be saved, and he begged God to let Nina be a match for Willow. Michael looked up when he heard the door open. Carly stood in the doorway. She offered to leave, but he reminded her that Willow could use the prayers. Carly reached out to her son. Michael tensed, and she dropped her hand. "What about you? Is there room in your heart for me?" Carly asked. Michael admitted that he knew what his mother wanted to hear, but he couldn't deal with Carly at the moment because all that mattered to him was Willow.

After Michael left, Carly remained in the chapel. A few minutes later, Sonny entered.

In the examination room, Nina asked T.J. how long the tests would take and when Willow could have the transplant. T.J. explained that nothing could happen until Willow gave birth. According to T.J. once Willow completed a round of chemotherapy, stem cells would be taken from Nina and injected into Willow's bloodstream. T.J. revealed that if all went well, Willow would begin producing healthy new blood cells. "All has to go well," Nina said.

Meanwhile, Michael returned to Willow's hospital room. He told her about his visit to the chapel and his talk with Carly. Michael confessed that he wasn't sure if he could forgive his mother. Willow hugged Michael.

Sonny confronts Carly over her lie

Sonny confronts Carly over her lie

Thursday, January 19, 2023

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis and Portia continued to plan their wedding. Marshall walked in, and Curtis said that it would mean a lot to him and Portia if Marshall would play a clarinet solo at the wedding.

Marshall eventually admitted that he didn't trust himself to perform a solo act. Marshall claimed he hadn't been able to perform since his diagnosis, and he said that he feared an anxiety attack if he attempted to perform at the wedding.

Marshall was afraid that performing solo could trigger a schizophrenic episode. Curtis said that he respected Marshall's choice. After Curtis stepped away, Portia told Marshall that she felt he had been misdiagnosed. Portia asked why Marshall didn't want to get retested. Marshall said that it was because it was too late.

At Kelly's Diner, Cameron told Spencer that he wanted to forget about his breakup with Josslyn. Just then, Josslyn entered the diner, and she claimed that it was nice to see Cameron, who doubted Josslyn's sincerity. Cameron excused himself, and Spencer chided Josslyn for having the audacity to show up at Cameron's job.

Spencer asked Josslyn why she and Cameron had broken up. Josslyn tried to ignore Spencer, who refused to back down. Josslyn eventually left to order food somewhere else. Afterwards, an irate Cameron told Spencer not to fight Cameron's battles.

Spencer said that he didn't want to see Cameron sad, but he deduced that something was "off" about the breakup. Spencer said that Josslyn's excuse that she and Cameron had grown apart was "breakup 101." Spencer added that Josslyn wasn't being truthful to Cameron.

Cameron tried to shoulder all the blame for the breakup, and he claimed that what Josslyn had said about growing apart was true. Cameron said he had no reason to not trust Josslyn, and he hoped that they would find their way back to each other.

At the hospital, Michael told Dex to stay on top of their plan to bring down Sonny. Dex happily agreed to keep Michael updated on their plans. Michael quipped that it was good to know that Dex was on his side.

Josslyn appeared, and she handed Michael a slice of pie to give to Willow. Josslyn was stunned when Michael revealed that Nina was Willow's birth mother. Michael then told Josslyn that Carly had known for months that Nina was Willow's mother.

Josslyn was quick to justify Carly's actions, but Michael derided Carly's decisions. "Mom was making choices for Willow that she had no right to make. Choices that jeopardized her life. I don't think I can ever forgive her for that," Michael claimed.

Michael said that the decision hadn't been Carly's to make, and he worried that Carly's actions could have deadly results for Willow. Before she left, Josslyn asked Michael not to confront Carly.

Later, Michael encountered Carly, who asked how Willow was. "Why do you ask? It's obvious you don't give a damn about her," Michael said.

Later, while Cameron continued to praise Josslyn to Spencer at Kelly's, Josslyn boarded an elevator at the hospital with Dex. The two held hands as they prepared to go somewhere private.

Earlier, in the hospital chapel, Sonny had confronted Carly about having kept Willow's maternity a secret. Carly claimed she didn't owe Sonny or Nina an explanation. Sonny asked about the baby and Wiley. "You don't think you owe them an explanation if their mother dies because of the secret that you kept?" Sonny asked.

Carly claimed that, months earlier, Nina had "tortured" Michael and Willow in court over Wiley's visitation, but Sonny refused to back down. Sonny said that Nina had deserved to know she had a daughter. Carly claimed her actions had never been about Nina, and she claimed her lies had been to protect Willow.

"Okay, you can dress this up however you like. This PR job that you're doing in your head. 'Oh, it's gonna hurt Willow. It's gonna hurt your family. Nina was a horrible person.' You can lie to yourself, but you're not gonna lie to me. We both know you're not protecting anyone! Nina suffered, and you like it!" Sonny yelled.

Carly continued to try to deflect blame, and she called Sonny someone she "used to know." Sonny admitted that he had changed. "You know what that means? That we don't have to keep doing the same things that we always have," Sonny said.

In a hospital room, Austin was surprised to find Nina alone. Nina told Austin that Willow was her daughter and that she was waiting on the results of the bone marrow test. Austin wondered why Nina wasn't with Willow, and he offered to help if Nina ever needed anything. Outside Nina's room, Austin phoned someone, and he said that Nina needed the person's help.

Moments later, Liesl appeared in Nina's room. Nina said that she was Willow's mother. Liesl was happy, but she wondered why Nina appeared unhappy. Nina said she was upset because Carly had kept Willow's maternity a secret. Liesl was furious at Carly's actions. Nina said that what Carly had done was cruel, and she added that she felt helpless in hoping that her bone marrow could save Willow.

Nina said that she was desperate for the results of the bone marrow test, and she added that she would never have spent so much time fighting Michael and Willow in court if she had known she was Willow's mother. "I could kill her," Nina said about Carly with an angry menace.

Liesl sympathized with Nina, who owned up to her mistakes and said she would have to find a way make things up to Willow. Nina added that Carly had been after her even before Nina had gone to Nixon Falls. "Well, I'll tell you this. I have had enough of it! I am gonna make Carly suffer for this!" Nina swore.

Liesl warned Nina not to strike back, and she added that Willow, Wiley, and the baby took precedence over any feelings for revenge that Nina might have for Carly. Liesl added that she was grateful to have had a second chance with Britt, and she encouraged Nina to do the same with Willow.

Moments later, Sonny appeared in Nina's room. Nina and Liesl hugged, and they said goodbye to one another. Alone with Sonny in the room, Nina shared that Liesl had told her not to give up on Willow.

By the nurses' station, Liesl asked if Esme was still at the hospital. Austin said that he couldn't answer Liesl's question, and he asked if Liesl would be okay. Liesl said she would be fine. "Once I track down Ms. Prince," Liesl said after Austin was out of earshot.

Victor serves Nikolas with divorce papers

Victor serves Nikolas with divorce papers

Friday, January 20, 2023

At Wyndemere, Victor revealed that he and Ava had finalized the details of Nikolas' divorce because Nikolas had been "preoccupied." Nikolas said he couldn't believe that Ava wouldn't be returning home to Wyndemere. Victor quipped that Ava would be returning to Wyndemere. "You just won't be here," Victor said smugly.

Nikolas was taken aback when Victor said that he had promised to give Spoon Island to Ava during the divorce. Nikolas said he wouldn't go anywhere because Victor couldn't take away Nikolas' home. Victor recalled that he had a storage unit containing evidence that Nikolas had held Esme captive against her will.

Victor warned that his patience with Nikolas was nearing an end. Nikolas retorted that he had sheltered Victor on Cassadine Island for years after everyone had thought Victor had died in the explosion at Creighton-Clark years earlier.

Victor said he had big plans for the Cassadine family but that Nikolas kept interfering. Nikolas called Victor's bluff about the "plans." Victor then gave Nikolas his harshest warning yet. "The next time you defy me, Nikolas...will be your last," Victor said menacingly.

Before Victor left, he gave Nikolas the finalized divorce paperwork. Victor told Nikolas to have the deed signed before Victor returned.

In a private room at the hospital, Austin examined Ava. Austin remarked that Ava seemed distracted, and Ava jokingly asked if there was a way for her heart to be removed. Austin and Ava bonded over having just broken up with people.

Austin said he could recommend a plastic surgeon to help with the scar that Ava had received months earlier from the hook attacker. Before Austin left, Ava said that it would be a shame if Austin didn't have the heart he had.

Later, Austin found Mason sitting smugly behind the desk in Austin's office. Mason said that Austin had defied a direct order from their boss by having refused to treat a patient. Austin yelled that he was finished taking orders from Mason and their boss.

Austin recalled that he had lost a friend in Britt and that Maxie had broken up with him. Because of that, Austin wondered if he had anything left to lose. Mason casually offered Austin a lollipop, but Austin refused. "You know, I'm starting to take that personally. Maxie's daughter wouldn't take one, either," Mason said.

Mason revealed that he had seen Georgie and her siblings at a playground earlier in the day. When Mason threatened to visit Georgie again, Austin grabbed Mason by the collar. Just then, Ava reappeared at the door. "Am I interrupting?" Ava asked.

At Kelly's Diner, Violet and Finn saw Cameron, who exchanged a warm hug with Violet. Cameron had to assure Violet that he and Elizabeth still liked Finn. Violet then asked Finn if he didn't like Elizabeth anymore, right as Elizabeth appeared. Elizabeth hugged Violet, who said that she had questions about his and Elizabeth's relationship. Elizabeth offered to help Finn explain things to Violet.

Nearby, at the counter, Elizabeth asked how Cameron was coping with his breakup with Josslyn. Elizabeth mentioned that Josslyn's family had been going through a nightmare. "What nightmare?" a confused Cameron asked.

Cameron left to find Josslyn. Afterwards, Elizabeth brought brownies to Violet and Finn's table. Elizabeth told Violet that Cameron and Josslyn weren't dating anymore, and she explained why she and Finn hadn't been seeing a lot of each other.

Finn said that sometimes people realized they weren't meant to be together -- like he and Anna had realized. Elizabeth had to assure Violet that it didn't mean she and Finn didn't "like one another." Violet asked if that meant that Elizabeth and Finn might get back together. "Not this time, sweetheart," Finn said.

Finn added that Elizabeth would always be Violet's aunt because of Hayden, and they swore they would all be friends and continue to love Violet. Violet asked if Elizabeth would go camping with Finn, Gregory, and Chase when the weather warmed. Elizabeth said she thought it was a good idea.

Elizabeth and Violet hugged, and Finn and Violet left. Alone at the diner, Elizabeth stared at her phone when she heard a voice. "Hi, Lizzie," a woman said. A startled Elizabeth turned around. "Mom?" Elizabeth said as she saw Carolyn.

In Josslyn's dorm room, Josslyn told Dex that she hated what Michael and Willow were going through but that she felt "really bad" for Carly. Josslyn compared Michael's situation with Willow to what she had gone through with Oscar. Josslyn then claimed that the only people to blame for all her family's woes were Sonny and Nina.

After Josslyn finished harping about Sonny and Nina, she said she wished that Dex would quit Sonny's organization. Dex said that he planned to not be working for Sonny within six months. Josslyn asked why Dex couldn't quit sooner. "There's something I have to finish first," Dex said, and he asked Josslyn to trust him.

Dex told Josslyn that she was allowed to take a breather, and they had sex again. Afterwards, the two said they were hungry for sushi. Later, Dex answered a knock at the door. Cameron was there, and he saw a shirtless Dex in Josslyn's room.

At the hospital, Carly told Michael that Willow's feelings had been her only consideration for why she had kept the truth about Nina being Willow's biological mother a secret. Carly refused to apologize for having kept the secret. Michael said that Carly had "played God" with Willow's life.

Carly tried to reason that Willow needed "protecting" from Nina. Michael said that the past 24 hours hadn't changed his mind about Nina, and he admitted that he might have done the same thing Carly had if Harmony had confessed the secret to him.

Carly tried to hide behind how much Nina had hurt their family, and she claimed that keeping the secret had been her only option. Carly apologized, and she said that Drew was "really disappointed" in her. Michael asked Carly not to give up hope with Drew. Carly asked if she should hold out hope for Michael, too. Michael claimed that Sonny had chosen Nina over his family repeatedly. Michael eventually said that he needed Carly in his life, and the two hugged.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Portia asked Marshall about the possibility of being retested for schizophrenia. "Enough! Why can't you just mind your own business?!" Marshall yelled at a stunned Portia. Marshall immediately apologized for his outburst, and Portia promptly accepted.

Curtis appeared, and he asked what had prompted the yelling. Marshall shared that Portia felt that Marshall might not have schizophrenia, after all. Portia reasoned that Marshall hadn't had an episode in nearly 40 years, and she said that it could mean that Marshall had never had the illness at all.

Portia concluded that Marshall's life and behavior didn't fit with any clinical diagnosis for schizophrenia. Marshall reminded Portia that she wasn't a psychiatrist, but Curtis suggested that perhaps it was time for Marshall to see one.

Marshall was hesitant to accept Curtis and Portia's advice, but Curtis pleaded for Marshall to reconsider. Marshall grew emotional when he said that his disease had ruined his life and had forced him to abandon his family. "If I was misdiagnosed, it means all those sacrifices -- it was all for nothing," Marshall said through tears.

Marshall retold how he had walked away from his family, and he sobbed when he recalled Thomas' death. Curtis and Portia sympathized. An emotional Marshall questioned whether he had "wasted" his life or if it had been stolen from him.

Portia said the prospect that Marshall had been living under misdiagnosis was "terrifying," but she encouraged Marshall to think about how freeing it might be if Marshall didn't have schizophrenia. "Please, Marshall. For your family," Portia asked. Curtis and Portia continued to plead, and Marshall seemed to be reconsidering his stance.

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