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Nina learned that she was not a match for Willow. Terry gave Willow hope. Carly and Drew reconciled. Valentin and Anna rescued Lucy. Victor received shocking news about his son. Sam promised to track down Maggie Fitzgerald. Trina learned about Spencer's plans for Esme's baby. Selina turned the heat up on Gladys. Cameron found Josslyn and Dex together.
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Nina was not a match for Willow. Valentin and Anna rescued Lucy. Trina learned about Spencer's plans for Esme's baby. Cameron found Josslyn and Dex together.
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Cameron confronts Josslyn

Cameron confronts Josslyn

Monday, January 23, 2023

In Austin's office at the hospital, Ava quipped that Mason looked familiar. She remembered that Mason had been at the Quartermaine estate on the night she'd been attacked. Ava flashed back to having witnessed Mason and Austin's argument on the night she had been attacked.

Austin hurried Mason out of the room. Afterwards, Austin asked how much of his and Mason's conversation Ava had overheard before she had entered. Ava said that she had heard enough to know that Austin didn't like Mason. Austin tried to warn Ava not to get involved in his troubles with Mason.

Austin gave Ava the number of a specialist who could help with the scar Ava had gotten from the hook attacker. Ava shared some of her background as a member of the Jerome family, and she asked Austin about his family. Austin recalled that Jimmy Lee had been a great father and that he would have wanted Austin to stand his ground.

Austin escorted Ava out, and with a warm and friendly goodbye, the two wished each other good luck. After Ava left, Mason appeared outside in the hallway, and he watched as Ava walked away.

In Josslyn's dorm room, Cameron saw a shirtless Dex together with Josslyn. Cameron asked if Dex was the reason that Cameron and Josslyn had broken up. Cameron started to leave, but Josslyn rushed to the door and asked Cameron to stay. Dex left after Josslyn walked him outside.

Back inside the room, Josslyn asked why Cameron had gone to see her. Cameron said that he had heard about Willow's cancer and that he had wanted to check on Josslyn because of what Josslyn had said about their friendship. Josslyn apologized, but Cameron suggested that Josslyn was only sorry that she'd been caught.

Josslyn said she hadn't done anything wrong, and she added that she didn't owe Cameron anything. Cameron asked if Josslyn had at least waited until after their breakup to sleep with Dex. Josslyn admitted that she had slept with Dex before the breakup. During their conversation, Josslyn also told Cameron that she had been attacked by the hook attacker on New Year's Eve.

Josslyn recalled that Britt had saved her life and that Dex had appeared on the pier shortly afterwards. Cameron asked what the hook attack had to do with Josslyn's involvement with Dex. Josslyn said that it hadn't been until Dex had arrived on the pier that the attacker had run. "Right. And you were so grateful to him that you just had to have sex with him!" Cameron said.

Josslyn denied that she had slept with Dex out of gratitude, but Cameron replied that he didn't want to know the reason. Cameron asked Josslyn to admit that she had lied, but Josslyn claimed that she had changed. Cameron accused Josslyn of having broken up with him so she could continue to sleep with Dex without having to feel "guilty." "I'm sorry that I got in the way of your hook-up," Cameron said.

As Cameron expressed his disgust, Josslyn told Cameron that he couldn't tell anyone about her affair with Dex.

In Sonny's penthouse, Spencer was on the phone, making plans with a Realtor to find a new home. Sonny asked Spencer for an explanation, and Spencer revealed his plans to hire Diane and to gain custody of Nikolas and Esme's baby.

Sonny said that Spencer couldn't take care of a baby. Sonny added that it had taken him a long time to learn how to become a father. "When you raise a child, it stops becoming about you. It's all about them. So, you gotta ask you think you're ready to raise a child?" Sonny asked a thoughtful Spencer.

Spencer admitted that there was a lot he didn't know, but he said he wanted to spare the baby "from being betrayed by my father, from being abandoned when it becomes inconvenient." Just then, Frank opened the door, and Dex appeared. Dex demanded to speak with Sonny. Spencer was angry that Dex had interrupted a conversation with Sonny. "My uncle and I are having a family discussion. So, errand boy, go polish a fender! Pick up somebody's dry cleaning! Okay?!" Spencer yelled at Dex.

Sonny told Dex to wait outside. Before Spencer left, Sonny said that he was proud that Spencer wanted to protect Spencer's baby brother or sister. "I just want you to know...if you take this on, it's gonna be a fight with your father," Sonny warned.

Spencer thanked Sonny for his advice, and he left. Afterward, Dex reappeared in the penthouse. Sonny asked what Dex had to tell him.

At Dante and Sam's apartment, Sam wanted to go with Dante to visit Heather at Spring Ridge. Sam said she hoped to talk to Esme about Maggie Fitzgerald, Esme's nanny, to hopefully trigger a memory from Esme. Sam added that she suspected that Esme's father lived in New York State and possibly Port Charles, and she wondered if Esme's father had been responsible in some way for the hook attacks.

At Spring Ridge, a tall, intimidating woman named Ramona grabbed Esme. Ramona threatened Esme for having sat in a chair that Ramona had laid claim to. Just then, Heather arrived with a handmade shiv that she pointed at Ramona, who quickly promised to leave Esme alone.

Afterwards, Esme apologized for having been short with Heather in their previous encounter at Spring Ridge. Heather gave Esme a friendship bracelet, which Esme accepted. Esme admitted that she was afraid, and she wondered if she was the hook killer. Heather said that if Esme had killed people, it had been for a good reason: protecting Esme's child.

Esme jumped from her seat when she felt her baby kick. Heather reached out to touch Esme, who recoiled. Heather said that the baby was lucky, but Esme scoffed because, she reasoned, the baby's mother would be in prison. "You are not going to prison. Trust me. Soon enough, the cops are gonna realize there is no way you could have been the hook killer," Heather said assuredly.

Just then, Sam and Dante walked in, and they noticed Heather and Esme deep in conversation. Dante asked Heather to speak to him in private, and Sam stayed to question Esme. Sam said that she didn't think Esme was the hook killer, and she added that Esme deserved to know who she was and what had happened.

Sam asked if Maggie's name meant anything, but Esme said she couldn't remember having heard the name. Sam said that Maggie had mentioned in a letter that Esme's biological father could be somewhere in New York State. "Do you want me to try to find him?" Sam asked.

Sam assured Esme that there would be no charge for helping to search, and she added that it was a win-win for everyone. Esme agreed, just as Dante and Heather approached. Esme said that she hoped Sam could find out everything she could about Esme's nanny. "What's this about a nanny?" Heather asked. Esme then told Heather that Maggie might know who Esme's father was.

Earlier, at a separate table, Dante reminded Heather that she was only at Spring Ridge because Heather had promised to give Robert intel on Ryan's connection to Esme. Heather said that Ryan asked about Esme every day. Heather added that she could arrange for Esme and Ryan to bump into each other, and she surmised that Ryan was bound to tell Esme something. Heather said that the police would want to know if Esme had had a partner in crime.

Dante told Heather that she had one week to get solid information out of Ryan, or else Heather would be returned to D'Archam. Heather said confidently that she and Ryan had "a very special connection."

At Wyndemere, Laura visited Nikolas, who had been staring at his divorce papers. Laura was shocked when Nikolas said that he planned to give Wyndemere to Ava as part of the divorce, and she wondered why Nikolas had agreed to it.

Laura told Nikolas that Esme had been remanded to Spring Ridge to await trial. Nikolas said that he planned to sue for full custody of Esme's baby. Laura shared that she doubted Esme would be charged with the hook killings and attacks. Nikolas said he didn't want Esme to have any part of the baby's life.

Laura shared that she thought Esme deserved a chance to be a mother. Laura recalled having visited Esme in the hospital, and she said that Esme seemed to think that Spencer could be the father of the baby. Nikolas thought it was another trick by Esme, but Laura shared that she felt Esme truly had amnesia.

Nikolas said he hoped that Esme's memory never returned. Laura started to ask why when her phone rang. Laura excused herself to answer the call in the foyer of the mansion. "I'm on my way," Laura told the person.

At Kelly's Diner, Carolyn said that she had gone to Port Charles to consult on a psychiatric patient. Carolyn said that she also hoped to reunite with Elizabeth, who reluctantly agreed to let Carolyn join her at the table. Elizabeth asked why Carolyn had stayed married to Jeff, given how many times Jeff had cheated. Elizabeth asked if Carolyn had loved Jeff more than she had loved Elizabeth.

Carolyn claimed that she had done what she'd thought had been best in an "impossible situation." Elizabeth said that she knew what it felt like to do something "unforgivable." Carolyn asked if Elizabeth had done something, but Elizabeth replied that she would never confide anything to Carolyn.

Carolyn said that she would be in Port Charles for a few days for a "conference." As she left, Carolyn said it was her experience that few things were truly unforgivable.

Later, Laura joined Elizabeth at the diner after revealing that she had rushed over after having received Elizabeth's call. Elizabeth shared that Carolyn was in town, and she added that Carolyn had said she had gone to Port Charles to consult about a patient. Elizabeth remained skeptical of Carolyn. "After everything she and my dad have done, can I really risk trusting her?" Elizabeth wondered.


At the same time that Elizabeth posed the question to Laura, Nikolas opened the door to someone at Wyndemere. "Thank you so much for coming," Nikolas said to the person, who was revealed to be Carolyn.

Anna and Valentin make a startling discovery

Anna and Valentin make a startling discovery

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

At the Savoy, Sam met Maxie for drinks. The two spoke about Britt's upcoming memorial. Maxie said that Britt should have had more time, and she expressed her hope that the police would arrest the hook killer.

Sam shared that she and Dante had been working on the investigation together, and she told Maxie that she had just visited Esme at Spring Ridge. Sam shared that she and Dante planned to go to London to track down Maggie, Esme's nanny. Maxie suddenly turned the discussion to Sam's love life with Dante.

Sam said that falling in love with Dante had been the "easiest, most natural thing" she had ever done. Sam added that she had worried about Dante having moved in with her, but she surmised that she and Dante fit well together as a family. Maxie claimed that Sam's way of thinking was "dangerous."

Maxie claimed that Sam and Dante's "bliss" from living together could leave little time for a love life. Sam admitted that Maxie might have a point, and she added that she looked forward to her first trip together with Dante as a couple.

In Sonny's penthouse, Dex told Sonny that he had been with Josslyn on the night that Britt had been attacked. Sonny noted that Britt had been attacked on New Year's Eve, and he asked what had taken Dex so long to tell him about the encounter. Dex claimed he had waited because of Sonny's focus on Nina and the revelation that she was Willow's mother.

Dex said that he had taken Josslyn to his apartment after the hook killer had attacked Britt, but he didn't tell Sonny about having had sex with Josslyn. Dex offered to return the gun that Sonny had given him, but Sonny told Dex to keep it. "As long as you can look me in the eyes and swear to me that you're telling me everything," Sonny said.

Dex claimed that he had told Sonny everything. Sonny said that Dex was doing a good job and that the sky was the limit for him.

In Josslyn's dorm room, Josslyn begged Cameron not to tell anyone about her relationship with Dex because of what she feared Sonny might do. Cameron expressed his reluctance to help Josslyn or Dex. "What goes around, comes around. You got with Dex by cheating on me, and I am looking forward to the day that he turns around and cheats on you, because that's what you deserve, Josslyn Jacks," an emotional Cameron said.

Cameron added that his friendship with Josslyn was "dead and buried." Josslyn continued to try to hide behind her "friendship" with Cameron, and she asked him to stay quiet about Dex. "Does he mean that much, and I so little, that you're willing to compromise yourself and expect me to do the same?" Cameron asked.

Josslyn said that her friendship with Cameron might need to take "a timeout," and she hoped that Cameron would want a friendship with her again one day. Cameron asked what would happen if he decided he could never forgive Josslyn. Josslyn quipped that she would have to tell Dex about Cameron's response before Sonny heard of it.

Josslyn claimed that Sonny might decide to kill Dex if Sonny learned of his relationship with Josslyn. "Don't you dare make this my fault! You screwed me over, Josslyn. I don't owe you a damn thing," Cameron said.

Before he left, Cameron said that Josslyn's secret was safe with him. Josslyn tried to thank Cameron, who was in no mood for any of Josslyn's words. "Don't you dare thank me for being a better person than you are. Unlike you, I don't betray the people that I care about," Cameron said pointedly, and he walked out.

Afterward, Josslyn called Dex to complain that Cameron had said "some pretty harsh things" about her. Josslyn said that Cameron had agreed to keep her relationship with Dex a secret. Dex said that he had told Sonny about the events of the night that Britt had been attacked, and he surmised that he and Josslyn were "all good."

At the same time that Dex finished his phone conversation with Josslyn, Sonny told someone over the phone to follow up on Dex.

At Kelly's Diner, Elizabeth told Laura that it was hard to trust Carolyn's motives. Laura offered to talk to Carolyn on Elizabeth's behalf, but Elizabeth declined. Elizabeth called Laura "the mom I always wish I'd had." Laura was touched by Elizabeth's words. Elizabeth wondered if she could let go of the past and forgive her parents.

Laura vowed to support Elizabeth, regardless of the decision, and she surmised that there was something else on Elizabeth's mind. Elizabeth remarked that she didn't want to involve Laura, and she added that she was a grown woman and that she had to take responsibility for her own decisions. Laura said that she was already involved if whatever Elizabeth was struggling with involved Nikolas.

Laura asked if Nikolas had imposed on his friendship with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth confessed that the choices that she had made had been of her own free will. "You can always change your mind. Elizabeth, whatever it is, you can tell me," Laura said.

Elizabeth told Laura that she had merely wanted to repay Nikolas for his friendship after Nikolas had been there for Elizabeth after Franco's death. Elizabeth started to tell Laura of Nikolas' "plan," but she was interrupted when Cameron walked into the diner. Cameron stopped their conversation long enough for Elizabeth and Laura to wonder if Cameron was okay after his breakup.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asked Carolyn to help suppress Esme's memories forever. Nikolas said that it was important to both him and Elizabeth that Esme never regain her memories. Carolyn refused to go along with Nikolas' request.

Nikolas and Carolyn argued over each other's motives, but Carolyn stood her ground, and she refused to help Nikolas. Nikolas recalled that he and Elizabeth had been friends for over 20 years, and he added that he had stood by Elizabeth during important life events, such as when she had graduated nursing school, when she had given birth to each of her three children, and when Franco had died.

"For all those times, I was there to hold her hand, to wipe her tears away, to celebrate her victories. I was there for all of them. You were there for none of them. So, don't you dare take that sanctimonious tone with me, lady, because that flag won't fly," Nikolas said bluntly.

Nikolas added that if Elizabeth needed anything from him, all she had to do was call. Carolyn said that Nikolas was only trying to save himself. Nikolas admitted that Carolyn was right about him wanting to save himself. "But I also want to save Elizabeth, too. Can you say that?" Nikolas asked before Carolyn stormed out of Wyndemere.

In Paris, France, Anna and Valentin arrived at an ancient monastery to meet with Renee. Anna and Valentin planned to search the catacombs with the hope of finding Lucy. Renee appeared, and she tried to distract and seduce Valentin inside the catacombs by reminding him of their past. Before Renee could continue, Anna reappeared after having taken a wrong turn in the catacombs earlier.

Soon afterward, Valentin and Anna stumbled upon an iron fence in the dark. The two shined their flashlights through the fence.

"Oh, my God," Valentin muttered, as he and Anna caught sight of Lucy, who was bound and gagged.

Valentin and Anna save Lucy and turn the tables on Victor

Valentin and Anna save Lucy and turn the tables on Victor

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

In Josslyn's dorm room, Josslyn's thoughts drifted to the confrontation with Cameron when she had asked him not to tell anyone about her and Dex, and Cameron had assured her that her secret was safe with him because he didn't betray the people he cared about. When someone knocked on the door, Josslyn pushed the memory away and answered the door. It was Carly. "I screwed up," Josslyn tearfully confessed.

After Carly comforted her daughter, Josslyn asked about Willow. Carly reported that there hadn't been any change, and they were still waiting to find out if Nina was a bone marrow match. Josslyn regretted not staying at the hospital, but Carly wanted to know why Josslyn was upset. "I hurt Cam all over again," Josslyn said. Josslyn's eyes filled with fresh tears as she admitted that she had lost Cameron's friendship. "Cam came over here tonight -- and a I wasn't alone," Josslyn said.

Josslyn opened up about leaving the hospital with Dex and returning to the dorm. Josslyn admitted that the interlude had helped, but everything had taken a bad turn when Cameron had shown up. "I'm not sorry that I was with Dex, but I'm sorry that I hurt Cam like that," Josslyn said. Josslyn told her mother about the confrontation, and she confessed that she'd been sleeping with Dex since New Year's Eve. "Now, Cam thinks I'm a liar and a cheater, and I broke up with him for Dex," Josslyn said.

Carly gently reminded her daughter that two things could be true; Josslyn's feelings for Cameron had changed, and Josslyn had found a connection with Dex. "I should have broken up with him weeks ago," Josslyn said. Josslyn admitted that she had kept putting it off in part because she hadn't wanted to hurt Cameron. "And now I ended up hurting him even worse," Josslyn said. Josslyn revealed that she had also been forced to ask Cameron to keep everything a secret because Sonny would kill Dex if Sonny found out.

"You're right," Carly said. Carly agreed that Dex had risked his life to be with Josslyn, but Carly also pointed out that Dex risked his life working for Sonny. "That doesn't seem to bother Dex. Does it bother you?" Carly asked. Carly talked about meeting Jason for the first time. "He also didn't have a problem with risking his life. In fact, I think he liked it," Carly said. Carly admitted that Jason had been dangerous, but he had made her feel safe.

Carly said she had always known that she could count on Jason, and she wondered if Josslyn felt the same way about Dex. Josslyn nodded. "Yes," Josslyn said. Carly warned Josslyn that Josslyn was headed down a very difficult road, so Josslyn had to be certain it was what she really wanted. Carly acknowledged that Josslyn was like Carly, so Josslyn had to figure things out for herself. "But my life can be divided between what happened before I met Jason and everything that happened after," Carly said.

Carly was certain the same would be true for Josslyn and Dex. "I can't un-meet him. I can't un-care about him. What's going to happen between me and Dex has already started, and I don't want it to stop," Josslyn said. Resigned, Carly implored Josslyn to promise to never lie to Carly. Carly vowed to always have her daughter's back, even if she didn't agree with Josslyn's choices. Josslyn reminded Carly that Carly had enough to deal with, but Carly was adamant that nothing was more important than being Josslyn's mother.

Josslyn agreed, but she was concerned because it was clear that Carly still missed Jason. "Every day," Carly said. "But Drew helps?" Josslyn asked. Carly explained that Drew had felt betrayed because she had lied to him. Josslyn suggested that Carly had kept the secret about Willow and Nina for the same reason that Josslyn had kept her feelings about Dex a secret from Cameron. "Why inflict unnecessary hurt?" Josslyn asked.

Carly pointed out that Willow and Cameron had been hurt despite Carly and Josslyn's best intentions. Josslyn agreed, which was why Josslyn believed it was better to tell the truth. "It's less painful than defending a lie," Josslyn said. Carly was impressed with her daughter's wisdom.

At the gatehouse, Drew let Wiley win an arm-wrestling match between them. Proud of his victory, Wiley asked if he could call Carly to share the news of his win with his grandmother. Drew's thoughts briefly drifted to his trip to Jacksonville, when he and Carly had spent time on the beach. Drew returned to the present and reminded Wiley that it was time for bed, but he assured Wiley that Wiley could call Carly later. Seconds later, someone knocked on the door. It was Olivia.

Olivia set a covered dish on the table and announced that Wiley had been invited to a sleepover at the main house. Wiley was overjoyed, and he scampered off to fetch his favorite pajamas and some toys. Drew thanked Olivia for extending the invitation, but she suspected that Drew had needed a break. Drew appreciated the understanding because he had grown close to Michael and Willow. Drew opened up about his concern for Willow, but Olivia reminded him that there was hope for a donor.

Drew was startled when Olivia revealed that she knew that Nina was Willow's biological mother. She reminded him that news traveled fast in the Quartermaine family, and she hoped that Nina was a match. Drew's grumbled that he was certain that Willow would have been on the road to recovery if not for Carly. Surprised, Olivia asked what Carly had done. Reluctantly, Drew revealed that Carly had known the truth for months. He filled Olivia in about Carly's efforts to undermine his search for Willow's birth family, but he admitted that Carly had spoken up as soon as Carly had learned about Willow's cancer.

However, Drew insisted that all that mattered at the moment was Willow. Olivia agreed, but she asked if Drew and Carly's "friendship" could survive the betrayal. Olivia believed that she and Drew were alike because they both hated secrets, and they preferred for everything to be out in the open so that they could deal with things head-on. Drew conceded that -- on some level -- he understood the choices that Carly had made. "Of course, I still care, but it doesn't change the fact that she still lied to me," Drew said.

Olivia reminded Drew that Carly had kept the secret in an effort to protect Willow. "Her motives could not be further from selfish," Olivia said. Drew explained that understanding Carly's motives and trusting Carly were two different things. Olivia agreed, but she reminded Drew that he had always known who Carly was. "And you chose her, anyway," Olivia said. Drew acknowledged that Olivia was right, but he admitted that he couldn't see a future for him and Carly because Carly had no regrets about the decision to keep the secret.

Olivia explained that Carly would always protect her loved ones at all costs, but Drew insisted that he couldn't be in a relationship where lying was okay. Olivia acknowledged that only Drew could decide what he wanted from a relationship. Shortly after Olivia and Wiley left, Drew answered a knock on the door. It was Carly.

At Kelly's, Spencer and Trina ran into Laura in the courtyard as she was leaving. After they exchanged greetings, Laura asked Spencer and Trina to check on Cameron because he might need his friends to lean on. Spencer assured his grandmother that he would look after Cameron. After Laura left, Trina asked Spencer why Laura was concerned about Cameron. "Joss stabbed him in the back," Spencer said.

Trina was filled with questions as she and Spencer entered Kelly's and approached the counter where Cameron was working. Cameron quickly realized that Trina hadn't heard the news. "I kept my mouth shut for once," Spencer said. Cameron, Spencer, and Trina sat down at a table as Cameron told Trina about the breakup. Stunned, Trina asked why Josslyn had ended things. "She said that we grew apart," Cameron said. "Yeah, allegedly," Spencer added in a tone filled with skepticism.

Spencer admitted that he suspected there had been more to the breakup than Josslyn had claimed. "And judging by that look on his face, I'd say that I'm probably right," Spencer said. Trina looked at Cameron, but Cameron angrily insisted that he could only go by what Josslyn had told him. Cameron advised Trina to talk to Josslyn. His temper flared when Trina asked if Cameron and Josslyn could try to work things out.

Cameron told Trina to drop it. Annoyed, Spencer called Cameron out on his attitude, but Cameron wanted to know why Spencer and Trina were together if Esme had been found. "Isn't there enough BS to go around already?" Cameron asked. After Cameron stormed off, Trina thanked Spencer for sticking up for her. She suggested that they give Cameron some space. The conversation turned to Britt's memorial service.

Spencer admitted that he wasn't ready to say goodbye to Britt, so Trina offered to go to the memorial service with him. Spencer was grateful, but he admitted that Cameron had been right because there was no longer a need to pretend to be a couple. Trina disagreed because the police no longer suspected Esme of the hook attacks, which meant that the killer was still targeting people close to Trina. Spencer agreed it would be best to continue their charade.

Trina told Spencer about her argument with Portia, but Spencer reminded Trina that Portia was concerned because she cared about Trina. "A lot of people do," Spencer said. Trina seized the opportunity to ask if Spencer had spoken to Nikolas, but Spencer admitted Nikolas had hurt him too many times. "I hate him for it," Spencer said. Spencer said he wanted nothing to do with his father, but Trina urged Spencer to reconsider because it would jeopardize Spencer's relationship with his new sibling. Spencer admitted that there might be another way.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Laura and Charlotte approached the bar and greeted Martin. Laura explained that she and Charlotte had decided to enjoy a girls' night out, since Kevin had to work late. Charlotte invited "Uncle Martin" to joined them for dinner, but he declined because he didn't want to intrude. Disappointed, Charlotte hoped he changed his mind. "You look like you could use a friend," Charlotte said.

After Charlotte left to wash her hands before dinner, Laura assured her brother that she and Charlotte could provide Martin with a distraction. Martin confessed that he was in a bad place because of Lucy. Laura urged Martin to have faith in Anna and Valentin, but Martin was curious if Laura had given their brother's offer to help take down Victor any consideration. Laura warned Martin that Cyrus always had an agenda. Martin agreed, but Martin had had a recent encounter with Victor that had served as a harsh reminder why Lucy remained missing. Laura promised that Anna and Valentin would bring Lucy home, but Martin argued that Laura couldn't guarantee anything.

Laura revealed that she had heard from Valentin at Christmas, and Valentin had assured Laura that Valentin and Anna had made headway. Martin wasn't satisfied because he feared that Lucy's chances of survival were diminishing each day. Martin admitted that he might have found another way. "By representing Esme Prince?" Laura asked. Martin explained that he hadn't had any choice in the matter, but Laura argued that Esme had done horrible things to their family.

Martin confessed that Nikolas had been responsible for Martin being assigned the case, and Nikolas had offered to triple Martin's rate to keep the case. Martin revealed that he had agreed because he had noticed that Nikolas and Victor had been "as thick as thieves" lately. Martin was unapologetic about using Esme as long as it helped him find Lucy. Laura warned Martin to be careful because Victor was a dangerous man.

In a nearby alcove, Victor was on the phone with his henchman. "She might just be my best hope of bringing my son back to me," Victor said. Victor instructed Gavin to call with frequent updates because he expected a speedy resolution. Victor turned when he heard a noise. Charlotte stood in the alcove. Victor quickly put his phone away as he greeted his granddaughter. He blamed Laura for blocking him from visiting with Charlotte, but he was eager to know how Charlotte had been doing.

"I'd be a lot better if I knew where my father was," Charlotte said. Victor was curious why Charlotte thought that he had done something to his son, so Charlotte informed her grandfather that she was not na´ve. She said she knew that Victor had sent her to the boarding school in Switzerland to keep her separated from her father. Victor insisted that Valentin had made his own choices. "I'm very sorry if those choices keep him away from you for a long time," Victor said.

However, Victor promised to unite the family in the near future. "We'll be skipping that reunion," Laura said. After Laura and Charlotte walked away, Victor's phone rang. It was Gavin.

In the restaurant, Martin joined Laura and Charlotte for dinner. Charlotte admitted that she was worried about her father, but Laura reminded Charlotte that they had heard from Valentin at Christmas. Charlotte explained that she worried that she would never see her father again because of Victor. Laura promised that Valentin would move heaven and earth to get back to Charlotte. Martin agreed, and he assured Charlotte that she was not alone. Charlotte smiled with gratitude.

Laura excused herself, and she returned to the alcove. "Leave Charlotte alone," Laura said. Victor wasn't intimidated. He told her that she could try to turn his family against him, but she would never succeed. "Charlotte will come around if she ever wants to see her father again," Victor said.

In the catacombs of Paris, France, Valentin and Anna were surprised when they found the cell where Lucy had been chained to a wall. Lucy was shocked when she saw Valentin and Anna through the grate, but Lucy's words were muffled because of a piece of cloth that had been shoved into her mouth. Renee offered to show Valentin and Anna to the door into Lucy's cell, but Anna pointed out that there would be guards watching the door. Valentin and Anna decided to remove the rusty grate, since it was a better option.

Minutes later, Valentin and Anna successfully removed the grate. After they crawled into the cell, Anna ran over to free Lucy from the handcuffs securing Lucy to the wall. Lucy was terrified of Anna because Anna had tried to kill Lucy. Anna explained that she had been framed, and she promised to tell Lucy everything when they were safe. "I'm sorry, but she's not leaving, and neither are you," Renee said. Renee aimed a gun at Valentin and Anna as she called for the guards to enter.

Two men entered Lucy's cell, and both Valentin and Anna were ordered to drop to their knees with their hands behind their heads. Gavin pulled out his cell phone and called Victor. Victor asked to be put on speaker. Moments later, Victor greeted his son, but Valentin demanded to know if Victor had deadly intentions. Victor feigned hurt over the idea that he would make Charlotte an orphan. Victor claimed that he still had hope that he and Valentin could have a good relationship.

"Although, it probably never stood a chance with her in the picture," Victor said. Alarmed, Valentin asked who Victor had been referring to. Victor ignored the question, and instead, Victor instructed Gavin to take Valentin and Lucy. "Get rid of Ms. Devane," Victor added. Valentin objected, but Victor ended the call, and Gavin put the phone away.

Meanwhile, Renee had searched Anna's bag, and she questioned Anna about a small black canister that had been stashed in Anna's bag. Meanwhile, Anna had covertly pressed a button on her wristwatch. Seconds later, an explosion ripped through the catacombs. Valentin smugly revealed that Anna had never trusted Renee. Anna informed Renee that the waterline had been rigged to explode, and soon, the chamber would be flooded.

As the sound of rushing water grew louder, Valentin and Anna sprang into action. Anna punched Renee in the mouth and knocked Renee to the ground, while Valentin neutralized one of the guards.

A short time later, Valentin, Anna, and Lucy emerged from catacombs in the church where Valentin and Anna had started their expedition. They were all wet and gasping for breath, but each held a small black canister in their hands. Lucy credited the small oxygen tanks for saving their lives because she was certain they would have perished like Renee and the guards had without them. Lucy was eager to call Martin, but Valentin and Anna explained that it was impossible. "As far as the world knows, we are all dead," Valentin said. Anna explained that it had to stay that way.

Spencer and Trina grow closer

Spencer and Trina grow closer

Thursday, January 26, 2023

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Carly apologized to Drew for having deceived him during his search for Willow's birth mother, and she hoped that Drew would forgive her. Drew and Carly talked for a bit, and Drew agreed to forgive Carly. The two kissed, and Carly asked Drew to go home with her.

Later, in Carly's bedroom, Carly said that she had wanted to be intimate with Drew for months. Drew shared that he'd felt the same way. Drew and Carly began to undress one another, and they made love for the first time.

In Nina's penthouse, Sonny encouraged Nina to take time to eat. Nina was too anxious to learn if she was a bone marrow match for Willow to enjoy food. Sasha appeared at Nina's door, and she encouraged Nina not to give up hope for Willow, both as a donor match and as a mother. Nina said that Willow and Michael had been "hellbent" on destroying her and Sonny.

Sonny said that Willow had asked him and Michael to reconcile. Sasha was hopeful that it would lead to peace between Michael, Willow, and Nina, too. Just then, Nina's phone rang, and she announced that it was the hospital lab calling.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Ned and Brook Lynn checked on Michael and Willow. Alone, Willow asked how Brook Lynn had been. Brook Lynn admitted that she had been struggling after her breakup with Chase. Willow said that Brook Lynn shouldn't give up on a life with Chase, and the two held each other's hands.

By the nurses' station, Ned said that in spite of their ELQ disagreements, Michael would always be family "first, foremost, and forever." Michael appreciated Ned's warm gesture. Just then, Sonny and Sasha joined Ned and Michael.

Nina appeared in Willow's room, and she said through tears that the hospital had determined she was not a match for Willow. Willow closed her eyes, and she started to cry. At the same time, Sonny, Ned, Brook Lynn, and Sasha tried to console Michael.

Later, in Willow's room, Willow told Michael that they were out of options, since Nina wasn't a match. Michael held Willow, and he tried to comfort her.

Outside the hospital, Sonny followed a distraught Nina to her car. Nina screamed in painful aggravation. "I won't survive losing another child. I won't," Nina said through tears, as Sonny put his arms around her tightly.

At the Savoy, Selina complimented Cody for having done his part in the poker game. Nearby, Mac and Felicia entered. Mac said that he had warned Cody about Selina. Mac and Felicia joined Cody at the bar. Cody was flattered that the two had asked about him. Cody said he had been doing everything to keep his mind off Britt.

At a table nearby, Selina joined a nervous Gladys. Selina said that Gladys had been losing more money and that it was time to cover her debt. Gladys pleaded with Selina for more time, but Selina revealed that Gladys owed $175,000. "When can I expect payment?" Selina deadpanned.

Gladys said she didn't have that much money. Gladys offered Brando's garage as payment, and she said that Sasha would agree to the deal. Gladys left, and Cody approached Selina. Cody asked Selina for Gladys' last name, and he added that he thought he and Gladys might have a mutual acquaintance. Selina remarked that Gladys' last name was Corbin and that she was involved with Deception.

At the Metro Court bar, Nikolas handed Ava the signed divorce papers. Nikolas said that Ava had left him with nothing. Ava told Nikolas that he was "weak," and she added that she couldn't believe she had once loved him. Nikolas asked if Ava truly felt their love was gone forever after everything they had meant to each other.

Nikolas said that Ava would one day realize their marriage had been compromised by "outside sources," and he said that there was more to the story. Nikolas added that his and Ava's story wasn't over and that he would be waiting for Ava when the time was right. Ava shot back that she would never believe or trust Nikolas again.

Ava removed her wedding ring, and she slammed it onto the counter of the bar as she left. Nikolas picked up Ava's ring, and he stared at it.

At Kelly's Diner, Spencer asked how Trina felt about him raising Nikolas and Esme's baby. Spencer told Trina of his plan to hire Diane to pursue full custody. Trina was skeptical, but Spencer surprised her when he said that Ava supported him. Spencer asked Trina for her thoughts. Trina shared that she didn't think Spencer was ready to be a father.

Trina added that Spencer would be learning at the expense of the baby and that some people wouldn't want to be with someone raising a baby at his age. Spencer asked Trina if she would consider being with someone raising a baby. Trina was flummoxed, and she said she wouldn't know without being in that situation.

"Fine. But what about the situation that you're in with me? Is me going after this child going to impact whatever is going on between us?" Spencer asked.

"What do you mean, 'whatever is going on between'?" Trina asked.

"I just mean that everything with what we've been doing, with trying to, um, 'catch the killer' by pretending to be friends, potentially even more... But what are we doing, though? Are we playing the game, or is the game playing us? Be real, Trina. We're hanging out. There's no cameras around. We text each other constantly. But we don't publicize it. It's a lot of behind-the-scenes effort for pretense, don't you think?" Spencer said softly and somewhat seductively.

"It may not just be play-acting for me," Trina said softly.

Spencer assured Trina that he would never hurt her the way he had before. Trina shared that she believed Spencer and that she had told Portia that Spencer had changed. Trina added that she would make her own choices with who she was friends with and that Portia had no say in the matter.

Trina stated that she was glad that she and Spencer didn't have to pretend they weren't friends, and she added that Spencer had been there for her. Spencer tried to compare himself to a golden retriever by remarking that he was "trusting and steadfast." Trina quipped that dogs were obedient. "Anyway, I just really hope that you feel the same way," Trina said. "You have no idea," Spencer replied.

Spencer said that he was determined to go through with his plans for the baby and that it would mean the world to him to have Trina's support. Trina said that she was proud of Spencer for having stepped up.

"Thanks. You haven't seen anything yet, but you will. I'm not like my father. When I make a commitment to someone, I stick to it. And I'm ready to do just that," Spencer said confidently, and he and Trina began to stare longingly into each other's eyes.

Anna, Valentin, Robert, and Felicia ponder their next move

Anna, Valentin, Robert, and Felicia ponder their next move

Friday, January 27, 2023

In Carly's mansion, Carly and Drew woke up in bed together. Carly asked if Drew had any regrets. Drew said his only regret was that he and Carly couldn't go public with their relationship because of their fears about insider-trading charges after the failed ELQ/Aurora merger the previous year.

Drew and Carly turned the conversation to something else, and they made love again. Afterwards, Carly's phone rang, and she answered a call from Sonny, who shared that Nina hadn't been a match for Willow. Carly worried that Willow wouldn't find a donor.

In Nina's penthouse, Nina told Ava some of the reasons that she was angry with Carly, especially because Carly had withheld information on Nina's two daughters. Ava sympathized with Nina but noted that Carly had not known that Nelle was Carly's daughter until after Nelle had died. Nina said that "Saint Carly" would always be forgiven and protected. "But I'm gonna tell you this. I don't care if the whole world forgives Carly. I'm not, ever. And I am not going to rest until that woman pays for what she did to me," an angry Nina said.

Ava said she understood Nina's anger, but she felt it was easier for Nina to be angry at Carly than to accept the possibility of losing another child. Nina grew sad, and she remarked that she couldn't save Willow. Nina started to talk in the past tense, but Ava reminded Nina that Willow was still alive.

Nina said she wouldn't survive losing another daughter, and Ava put her arms around Nina to comfort her. Ava said that Nina had to hold on to hope. Nina said that Ava had become a good friend to her. "No giving up?" Ava said. "No giving up," Nina replied, and the two made a pinky swear.

After Nina left, Ava told Demetrius over the phone that she wanted Nikolas out of Wyndemere by the following day.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Terry said that Willow could use stem cells from her baby's umbilical cord to help fight the bone marrow cancer Willow had. Willow said she wouldn't do anything that might jeopardize the baby. Terry consulted with Dr. Navarro, and she assured Willow that there was minimal risk to the baby being born so close to its due date. Terry added that agreeing to have the baby was Willow's best shot to fight the cancer, and she asked if Willow would consent.

Just then, Carly and Wiley entered. Wiley hugged Willow, and he asked when Willow would be home. Willow said she hoped it would be soon. Carly produced a card that Wiley had drawn for Willow, who gushed over Wiley's work.

Outside Willow's room, Michael assured Carly that their mother-son relationship was fine. Later, in Willow's room, Willow told a relieved Michael that she had decided to accept Terry's suggestion and that it was time to have the baby. A nurse agreed to page Terry right away. Michael and Willow held hands, and Michael said the two would one day tell their daughter that she had saved Willow's life.

Later, Carly walked toward the elevator, and she started to cry. Drew spotted Carly, who shared that she thought Willow would be okay. Drew and Carly hugged. Unbeknownst to Carly, Nina turned the corner, and she saw Drew and Carly hugging.

At Metro Court, an angry Victor yelled at one of his henchmen to find Valentin. Afterwards, Alexis greeted Victor, and she asked how things were going with Nikolas. Victor called Nikolas "an utter and total disappointment." Victor then shared that Nikolas had handed Wyndemere to Ava as part of the divorce settlement.

Not long afterwards, Laura stormed up to Victor, and she said that Victor had gone too far. "I was just contacted by the Paris authorities. Valentin is dead," Laura said in front of Alexis and Victor.

Laura said that after a portion of the catacombs had collapsed, the French authorities had recovered three bodies. Laura added that one of the bodies had been identified as Valentin. Alexis asked about Anna, and Laura said that Martin had seen Anna leave Ireland with Valentin. Laura said that the authorities didn't have confirmation as to whether Anna had died with Valentin.

Victor showed concern for Valentin, but Laura sniped that Victor didn't care about anyone but Victor. Victor said he needed to make some calls, and he stormed off. In a private corner, Victor told someone that he wanted answers immediately and that Valentin wasn't supposed to have been harmed.

Back at Alexis' table, Alexis remarked that Victor had seemed truly shaken up when Laura had said that Valentin had died. Laura breathed a sigh of relief, Alexis smiled, and both complimented each other for having lied to Victor.

Later, Alexis spotted Victor alone in a chair. Alexis played her part, and she said that it was "unfathomable" that Valentin was gone. Alexis offered "condolences" to Victor. "Screw these reports. I refuse to accept that my son is dead," a steadfast Victor said.

Earlier, at Metro Court, Martin had stepped onto an elevator, and he flashed back to fond memories of his time together with Lucy. When the elevator door opened, someone grabbed Martin.

Later, Robert and Felicia escorted a blindfolded Martin to a remote cabin in the snow. Inside the cabin, Martin was overjoyed when he saw that Lucy was alive. Lucy ran into Martin's arms, and the two shared a warm and overdue kiss. Martin said he was glad that things were finally over. "Not quite. There's still the small matter of my death," a man's voice said. The man was revealed to be Valentin.

Lucy and Martin continued to kiss and show public displays of affection. A curmudgeonly Robert quipped that Lucy and Martin should get a room, and the two proceeded to go upstairs. Alone upstairs, Lucy assured Martin that she was okay after her ordeal and that she couldn't wait to make up for lost time with Martin.

Lucy shared that her last thought before she'd gone into the water on the night she'd been shot had been that she hadn't wanted things to be over -- including her life with Martin. Martin kissed Lucy, and he said he didn't know what he would have done without her. The two kissed and fell onto bed together.

Anna, Valentin, Robert, and Felicia remained downstairs. Felicia said that she was glad Lucy was alive and that Anna couldn't be accused of murder. Anna said that she wasn't sure if she was ready to reveal the truth because of all the trouble they had gone through to convince Victor that Anna and Valentin were dead.

Felicia shared that other people besides Victor were upset that Valentin was "dead," and she asked if Valentin was willing to have that on his conscience. Anna and Valentin said that Laura would know what to say to Charlotte.

Robert chuckled when he recalled that Laura was mayor, given Laura's past. "Sometimes, I just can't believe it. Little Laura on the run from Frank Smith, holding the Cassadines at bay with a machine gun. And here we are, the epitome of law and order!" Robert said. "Look who's talking, Mr. District Attorney," Felicia joked.

Robert joked that the mighty had fallen. Anna asked Robert about the necklace that contained diamonds from the Ice Princess. Robert shared that Victor believed that the necklace had been destroyed. Anna was relieved, and she said that they were getting closer to making Victor pay for what Victor had done to Luke.

Felicia told Valentin that she trusted him as long as Anna did, and she "welcomed" Valentin into their group. Valentin received a call from Laura, and he confirmed to everyone that Victor had believed the lie that Valentin had died. Robert wondered what their next move should be. Anna suggested they ramp up the pressure, and she asked for ideas. "Don't worry. I have plenty," Felicia said assuredly.

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