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Willow delivered a healthy baby girl. Harmony tried to usher Willow into the light. Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Britt. Spencer blackmailed Nikolas. Elizabeth confessed to Finn. Stella realized that Curtis might be Trina's father. Charlotte secretly met with her father.
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Harmony tried to usher Willow into the light.  A memorial was held for Britt. Spencer blackmailed Nikolas. Stella realized Curtis might be Trina's father.
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Willow is prepped to give birth

Willow is prepped to give birth

Monday, January 30, 2023

At Marta & Chloe, Maxie and Sasha bonded over manicures. Maxie mentioned Britt's memorial, and Sasha said it felt that all she did was say goodbye to people. Maxie asked how Sasha felt about having Gladys as a guardian. Sasha shared that Gladys wanted to sell Brando's garage. Maxie helped weigh the pros and cons of selling the garage.

Sasha and Maxie both talked about their grief for Brando and Nathan, respectively, and Sasha asked how Maxie had learned to keep going. Maxie said that over time, Sasha would realize that her love and memories for Brando would stay with her forever, the same way Maxie's had with Nathan.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Stella returned from a vacation, and she said she had a surprise for Portia. Stella wanted to take Trina and Portia to lunch, but Trina noted that she planned to attend Britt's memorial. Stella offered to drive Trina to the hospital, and Trina accepted.

Later, Trina revealed that when she had been in high school, she had learned about an unknown relative she had in Port Charles. Trina said she had deleted her account on a genealogy site out of fear of what she might learn. Stella remarked that Jordan had mentioned finding more family members before Stella had left for her vacation.

Trina recalled that Jordan had also asked her about having additional family. Stella and Trina left for the hospital. Alone together, Marshall told Curtis that he had consented to tests for genetic counseling. Curtis was both surprised and happy with Marshall's admission, and he said that he was proud of Marshall.

Marshall said that he was tired of being afraid of his mental illness and that he wanted to share everything with his family. Curtis pleaded with Marshall to never feel like he had to keep secrets. Marshall said that Curtis was the reason he'd consented to the counseling. Curtis vowed that they would get through the results of the tests together.

At the hospital, Portia was giddy about her wedding until Jordan stepped off the elevator. Jordan said that she had gone to the hospital for Britt's memorial. Jordan asked about Trina. Portia was short and terse with Jordan, who said that she had had a conversation with Taggert that concerned Portia, Trina, and Curtis.

Jordan shared that Taggert was worried about the security at Portia's wedding, and she added that the wedding could be an easy target for the hook killer to attack again. Portia used that as an excuse to accuse Jordan of having gone behind her back to "undermine" Portia. "Oh, oh, I see. There's the judgment I was looking for... Whatever decisions I make for my life are my business. I have made that perfectly clear to you, Jordan," Portia raged.

Jordan noted that Portia seemed overly stressed, and she added that it might do Portia some good to unburden herself. "So you can have Curtis all to yourself?" Portia sniped.

Portia continued to berate Jordan and hurl baseless accusations at her. Jordan flashed back to numerous times she had helped Portia's family, including having pulled the fire alarm at the hospital that had allowed Portia to illegally awaken Oz from a coma. "You don't know the things I've done. If I was going after him, trust me -- I would have said something to Curtis months ago," Jordan shot back.

Just then, Trina and Stella arrived after having overheard Jordan. Stella pressed Jordan for details, and she thought that Jordan had perhaps forgotten to file divorce papers. Portia was on the verge of erupting again, but Jordan reassured everyone that she had filed them. Jordan left, and Portia said that she was glad to see Stella and Trina.

Later, Stella asked Jordan a question alone. "Trina told me about a genealogy test that she took in school right about the same time I took mine. But something feels off about it... She also said that you spoke to her about the genealogy test. And I wonder if that's because there's something suspicious about it, too?" Stella asked.

At the remote cabin, Anna told Valentin and Felicia that they would have to lay low. Valentin worried about the effect his absence would have on Charlotte. Felicia left after saying she needed to go to the pharmacy to treat her "allergies." Anna and Valentin quickly realized that Felicia had made up an excuse to leave, and the two kissed.

Felicia returned, and she said she had a surprise. Charlotte appeared, and she rushed into Valentin's arms. Anna thanked Felicia for what she had done for Charlotte. Charlotte told Valentin that she had confronted Victor about Valentin's disappearance.

Valentin thanked Charlotte for believing in him, but he made her promise to never confront Victor again. Valentin promised he would always put Charlotte first. Charlotte quipped that Anna had to be a special person for Valentin to have run away with her. "She is. But not as special as you," Valentin said, and he kissed Charlotte on the forehead.

Later, Valentin thanked Felicia for having brought Charlotte to the cabin. Nearby, Charlotte thanked Anna for having taken care of Valentin. Anna and Charlotte shared a warm hug.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Michael was confident that Willow's stem cell transplant would work. Michael left the room for a bit, and Sonny entered. Willow announced that she would give birth that day. Michael returned, and he explained to Sonny how the doctors would treat Willow's leukemia.

Outside Willow's room, Drew and Carly hugged. Carly told Drew that they had to be careful to not be seen in public. Carly said she didn't think anyone had seen them. Unbeknownst to Drew and Carly, Nina had stumbled upon them and overheard their conversation. "My, aren't you two cozy?" Nina quipped after announcing her presence.

Nina said she was surprised at how quickly Drew had forgiven Carly, but she scoffed that it made sense, given how quickly she said everyone tended to forgive Carly. Carly and Nina started to argue until Sonny approached. "Is there a problem?" Sonny shouted.

Drew said there was no problem and that he and Carly were leaving. Off to a corner, Drew asked Carly if she thought that Nina had seen them together. Carly said that Nina had no self-control, and she reasoned that if Nina had seen them together, she wouldn't have been able to keep quiet. Carly added that she and Drew would be okay if they stopped showing public displays of affection.

Nearby, Sonny gave Nina an update on Willow's condition. Sonny said he thought that Willow was putting on a brave face for Michael. Later, in Willow's room, Nina asked if she could speak to Willow alone for a few minutes. Michael and Willow agreed. Nina surmised that Willow was afraid, and she offered to lend her ear for Willow to share anything that was on her mind.

Willow said she wasn't ready to open up to Nina, but she appreciated Nina's overtures. Terry entered, and she announced that it was time to prepare Willow for her C-section. Nina wished Willow good luck, and she left the room.

Out in the hallway, Sonny asked Nina how things had gone with Willow. Nina said that Willow didn't want to have anything to do with her. Sonny hugged Nina, who stared at Drew and Carly over Sonny's shoulder.

Nina complained that Drew had already forgiven Carly. Sonny tried to encourage Nina to let things go, but Nina said she thought that Sonny was letting Carly off the hook for her lie. Sonny said that fighting didn't help anyone. "Sometimes, wars are unavoidable," Nina said cryptically.

Sonny asked what Nina had meant, but Nina claimed that she was only focused on helping Willow and Michael. Carly and Drew spotted Willow being wheeled to the elevator, and the two rushed over to wish Willow good luck. Drew said that they would all be waiting for Willow as soon as she returned. Drew, Carly, and Michael looked, as did Sonny and Nina, as the elevator door shut.

Willow gives birth before flatlining in the operating room

Willow gives birth before flatlining in the operating room

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Trina greeted Josslyn. Trina said she had gone to the hospital to support Spencer during Britt's memorial. Josslyn said she hadn't been aware that Trina had learned about Josslyn and Cameron's breakup. Trina revealed that she had heard about the breakup from Cameron.

Josslyn claimed that the breakup had been "rough" on her. Trina surmised that Josslyn had had no other option but to break up with Cameron. Josslyn said she wished that Cameron could "understand" her. Trina shared that Spencer believed there was more to the breakup than Josslyn's claims that she and Cameron had grown apart. Josslyn said that Spencer wasn't wrong.

Trina pressed Josslyn for details, but Josslyn deflected the conversation back to Trina and Spencer's friendship. Josslyn asked if Trina truly believed that Spencer had changed. Trina asked why she shouldn't forgive Spencer. Josslyn said that while she and Cameron had forgiven Spencer, their feelings for him hadn't been romantic. Trina then asked if Josslyn and Cameron could stay friends. Josslyn said that the decision was up to Cameron. Trina and Josslyn hugged, and they parted ways.

In the hospital chapel, Spencer prepared for Britt's memorial. Ava entered, and she asked if Spencer had sought Trina's advice and approval about gaining custody of Nikolas and Esme's baby. Spencer confirmed he had, and Ava said she could help Spencer increase his chances of gaining custody.

Ava produced a piece of paper, and she said there was a website address written on the paper that contained a video that would give Spencer the upper hand on Nikolas. Ava added that what was on the video couldn't be unseen, and she warned that Spencer might become Nikolas' "sworn enemy." Spencer replied that he couldn't allow Nikolas to be a father to another child.

Spencer thanked Ava, who slipped the paper to Spencer as Trina entered. Trina and Ava exchanged pleasantries, and Ava left. Trina asked what Ava had just handed Spencer. Spencer said he wanted to tell Trina everything because he didn't want there to be secrets between them. Trina thought the website sounded "sketchy," and she asked if Spencer was sure he wanted to see whatever was on the video.

Trina encouraged Spencer to do things the right way. Spencer said he wouldn't necessarily use whatever was on the video, but he added that he had to look in order to "save" the baby from being raised by Nikolas. "Who's going to save you?" Trina asked. "I thought that was your job," Spencer joked to an amused Trina.

Spencer said that he had to watch whatever was on the video because the most important thing was to protect the baby. "Fine, but you're not watching it alone," Trina said in a friendly but matter-of-fact way.

Spencer and Trina left the chapel to find an empty bench on the second floor of the hospital. Spencer tapped his phone, and the video of Nikolas' bedside confession to Ava started to play. Spencer and Trina watched as Nikolas said that he had grabbed Esme in a fit of rage and pushed her to her alleged death.

At Spring Ridge, Nikolas brought Carolyn to visit Esme. Nikolas introduced himself and Carolyn to Esme. Carolyn asked Esme a series of questions, including one about Esme's earliest memory. Esme shared that her first memory involved having seen Spencer and Trina on the Haunted Star. Carolyn said she thought that Esme was suffering from dissociative amnesia, caused by trauma and stress.

Esme wanted Carolyn's help to regain her memory, and Nikolas mentioned clinical hypnosis. "If hypnosis can help, then I am all in. I need to remember who I am so I can help raise your grandchild, right?" Esme asked Nikolas.

Carolyn abruptly stood up, and she wished Esme the best. Nikolas chased after Carolyn, who remarked that Nikolas hadn't told her that Esme was pregnant. Carolyn chided Nikolas for being "unethical." Nikolas shot back he should call Elizabeth if Carolyn wanted to talk about ethics. Carolyn stormed off.

Afterwards, Nikolas asked what had made Esme believe that Spencer was the father of her baby. Esme recalled that Spencer had only said he might be the baby's father. Nikolas said that Spencer wasn't the father. A despondent Esme said she had hoped that she'd found her baby's family. "You have. That baby is more loved and wanted than you can imagine...because it's mine," Nikolas told a startled Esme.

In a private room at the hospital, Stella demanded answers from Jordan about the genealogy test. Stella remembered that Jordan had asked Trina to take the test in high school. Stella also recalled that Trina had said she had deleted her account after learning that she had a close match in Port Charles. Stella jumped to the wrong conclusion and asked Jordan if she thought that Curtis and Portia were related.

Jordan quickly clarified that Curtis and Portia weren't related. Stella was relieved, and she said that nothing could derail Curtis and Portia's wedding. Jordan remained quiet, and Stella asked why Jordan had grown so silent. Jordan said that the matter was between Stella's family and not Jordan's.

"My family? This isn't about Curtis and Portia, it's about me and Trina. If she was my first match, am I a distant relative of her father?" Stella asked before thinking things over. "No, that can't be right, because the indicator says it's a closer relation. And if I'm not related to Portia or Taggert, how could I possibly...unless Taggert isn't Trina's father, and Curtis is," Stella said.

Jordan confirmed she had suspected that Curtis might be Trina's father for years, but she added that no one knew with certainly that Curtis was Trina's father. Stella asked if Jordan would tell Curtis. Jordan said that it wasn't her place to say anything. Stella grabbed her things, and she said she would tell Curtis.

Jordan tried to back Stella off, and she repeated that it wasn't their place to tell Curtis. Stella refused to listen. "I will not stand by and watch the woman who's lying to my nephew's face walk down the aisle and marry him! No way, no how!" a defiant Stella declared.

At Metro Court, Drew met with Curtis to be fitted for his tuxedo for Curtis' wedding to Portia. Drew mentioned Willow, and he brought Curtis up to speed on the fact that Nina was Willow's biological mother. Curtis recalled that Nina had hired him years earlier to help track down Nina's biological child. Curtis was taken aback when Drew said that Carly had known and that she had waited months to reveal the truth.

Drew said he wasn't okay with Carly's actions, and he tried to change the subject. Curtis shared that he was happy that Drew was his best man, and Drew said that he would always stand by Curtis. Curtis said he would always stand by Nina, prompting Drew to remark that the conversation had shifted back on to Carly and Nina.

Curtis expressed that he wasn't happy with what Carly had done to Nina. Curtis said he was glad that Drew and Carly hadn't gotten romantically involved in light of Carly's actions. Drew thought Curtis had made a bold statement, but Curtis said that if someone had kept a life-altering secret from him, there would be no getting past it.

In the operating room at the hospital, Elizabeth and Austin assured Michael and Willow that Willow and their baby were getting the best care possible ahead of the C-section. Moments later, Dr. Navarro told Willow that she was going in to retrieve the baby. The baby started to cry, and Michael remarked that it was a healthy baby girl.

Elizabeth and Austin confirmed that the baby looked healthy. Michael and Willow grew teary-eyed, and they were relieved to have a seemingly healthy child. Michael left to observe the baby in the NICU. Outside the NICU, Michael watched his and Willow's baby. Josslyn joined Michael, who said that everything had gone great.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Elizabeth walked back to the nurses' station. Carolyn appeared, and Elizabeth asked what she could do for her. "Nothing. My hope is to do something for you," Carolyn said.

Also by the nurses' station, Ava told Austin that she had made an appointment with the plastic surgeon that Austin had recommended. Ava said that with any luck, her scar from the hook attacker would vanish. Austin apologized for Ava having walked in on his latest argument with Mason earlier. Ava told Austin not to worry about it, given that Ava knew about family dynamics. Just then, Austin's phone chimed, and he left in a hurry.

Back in the operating room, Willow's blood pressure started to drop. Dr. Navarro pleaded with Willow to stay alert and conscious. Willow started to flatline, and Dr. Navarro announced that Willow was going into V-tach and would need to be defibrillated.

As Dr. Navarro began to defibrillate, a bright light appeared over Willow's face. Willow turned, and she heard the voice of a woman dressed in black. "Don't be afraid, Willow. You're not alone," the woman said, and she reached out her arms.

The woman came into full view, and she was revealed to be Harmony.

Harmony tries to usher Willow into the light

Harmony tries to usher Willow into the light

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

At Spring Ridge, Esme was shocked by what Nikolas had told her. Concerned, Nikolas asked Esme to say something. "My boyfriend's father is also my baby's father. That's a lot," Esme said. Nikolas agreed that it was a complicated situation, but he promised to answer her questions to the best of his ability. He also assured her that she could trust him.

Nikolas lied with ease as he painted a watered-down version of his relationship with Esme. He claimed that she had trusted him and that they had shared an undeniable connection. According to Nikolas, he and Esme had given in to temptation because they had both been vulnerable -- Spencer had broken up with Esme, and Nikolas' marriage had been in shambles -- but they had both known it was wrong. Esme wanted to know why Spencer had told her that Spencer might be the father, but Nikolas dismissed Spencer as a troubled kid who hadn't intended any malice.

Nikolas steered the conversation to Esme's legal troubles. He produced a legal document and pen that he asked Esme to sign, to safeguard their child until Esme was free to be a mother. Esme was reluctant to sign it without talking to a lawyer, but Nikolas assured her that it was "a mere formality." Esme refused because she felt overwhelmed and needed time to process what Nikolas had told her, so he agreed to return in the morning to collect the signed papers. After Nikolas left, Esme sat down and looked over the general consent to terminate parental rights. "Why don't I want to sign this?" Esme asked as she set the pen down.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stood behind the nurses' station as she informed her mother that there was nothing that Carolyn could do for her. Elizabeth started to walk away, but she stopped when Carolyn revealed that she would be returning to California. Surprised, Elizabeth asked what had changed. Carolyn explained that she'd had a change of heart after meeting with the patient. Carolyn admitted that she wanted nothing to do with the case or the person who had requested her help. "And neither should you," Carolyn said.

Elizabeth was stunned when her mother confessed that Nikolas had reached out to Carolyn for help. Carolyn explained that Nikolas had used his friendship with Elizabeth to rope Carolyn into something that might possibly be illegal. She told Elizabeth about Nikolas' request to keep "someone" from remembering. "And that someone is Esme Prince, right?" Elizabeth asked. Carolyn nodded, and she filled Elizabeth in about the trip to Spring Ridge. "I refuse to hurt someone else," Carolyn said.

Carolyn warned Elizabeth that Nikolas was not Elizabeth's friend, and Carolyn was certain that Nikolas did not have Elizabeth's best interest at heart. Carolyn apologized for not being honest with her daughter from the start, but she hoped to one day earn Elizabeth's forgiveness. Carolyn started to walk away, but Elizabeth called out to her mother. To Carolyn's surprise, Elizabeth thanked Carolyn for telling her. Carolyn's eyes welled up with tears. "You're very welcome, Elizabeth," Carolyn said. Elizabeth smiled because Carolyn hadn't called her "Lizzie."

A short time later, Nikolas exited the elevator. Elizabeth stopped short when she saw him. Nikolas made eye contact with Elizabeth, but he tensed when he noticed her stormy expression.

In the hospital's conference room, Stella claimed that she couldn't bless the marriage, knowing that Portia was lying to Curtis by not telling him that he might be Trina's father. Before Jordan could reply, Portia entered the room. Startled, Stella began to stammer, but Jordan easily distracted Portia by mentioning Portia and Stella's plans to pick up Portia's wedding dress. Jordan excused herself to attend Britt's memorial service, so Portia asked Jordan to pass along Portia's condolences to Britt's family. Portia regretted that her wedding plans had pulled her away from the service.

Later, a young woman led Portia and Stella to a private changing room in a bridal shop. After Portia and Stella declined refreshments, Portia asked the young woman to fetch Stella's dress first. Portia admitted that she had butterflies, prompting Stella to ask why Portia was so nervous. Portia blamed it on the excitement of the wedding, and she asked how many weddings Stella had been a part of. "Enough to know they are never the same," Stella said.

Portia admitted that it seemed like Stella was no longer happy about the wedding. Stella was evasive, but Portia reminded Stella that they were about to be family. Portia confessed that there had been a time when Portia had believed that her career and Trina were the only things that had mattered, but everything had changed when Portia had reconnected with Curtis and they had built a wonderful new life together. Portia explained that the wedding wasn't just about Curtis and Portia; it was about all of them. "Those are beautiful sentiments, Portia," Stella said.

To Stella's surprise, Portia retrieved a small box from Portia's bag and handed the gift to Stella. Portia explained that the bracelet had been in Portia's family for several generations, and she hoped that Stella would wear it to the wedding. Uncomfortable with the gift, Stella closed the box. "I'm sorry," Stella said. Stella explained that she couldn't accept the gift because it was a family heirloom that should go to Trina. Portia admitted that she hoped that Stella would gift the bracelet to Trina on Trina's wedding day.

Portia's eyes filled with tears as she implored Stella to accept the gift. Stella relented because she didn't want to ruin Portia's happiness. Stella realized that Portia had been right because Portia would not only be marrying Curtis, but his family, "flaws and all." Portia insisted that Stella was "flawless," but Stella disagreed because Stella had kept the truth about Marshall from Curtis and Thomas for years. Portia argued that Stella had believed that it had been the right thing to do, but Portia was curious if Stella would make the same choices again.

"Honestly, I don't know," Stella answered. Moments later, the young woman returned with a garment bag. Stella took the bag and slipped into the next room to change. She emerged wearing a knee-length black dress with light-colored lace trim around the neckline and lower parts of the sleeves. Delighted, Portia decided the bracelet would be the perfect accessory for the dress. She grabbed it and put it on Stella's wrist. Stella smiled uncomfortably as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Now I know everything is going to be perfect for my wedding day," Portia said.

In a quiet corner of the hospital, Spencer smiled with satisfaction as he conceded that Ava had been right about the video. "This changes everything," Spencer said. Trina's expression was troubled because she wondered why Nikolas would record himself confessing to a crime. She was certain there had to be a reason, but Spencer argued that it didn't matter. He pressed play on his phone, and the video continued with Nikolas detailing how he had pushed Esme over the parapet. "My father actually tried to kill Esme," Spencer said.

Trina was curious what Spencer intended to do with the information. He admitted that he would use the incriminating recording to force his father to sign over custody of Esme's baby. Trina wondered what Spencer would do if Nikolas refused, but Spencer was confident that his father had no other option, since the confession was evidence of a crime. Trina remained uneasy, but Spencer reminded her that Nikolas was the one who had pushed Esme over the parapet. Trina pointed out that they both knew that Esme was a monster, and the incident hadn't been premeditated.

"It was a moment of rage," Trina said. "And that makes it okay?" Spencer asked. Trina clarified that she hadn't been excusing what Nikolas had done, but Spencer might destroy his father's life because Nikolas' confession might potentially send Nikolas to jail. Spencer asked if Trina were suggesting that Spencer let Nikolas get away with attempted murder. Trina explained that before Spencer used the confession as leverage, Spencer should ask himself why Nikolas had made the recording.

Trina admitted that she questioned what had driven Nikolas to record the confession and Ava's motivation for sharing the incriminating video with Spencer. Trina warned Spencer that the confession might not be true; it might just be part of another game between Ava and Nikolas. Spencer told Trina that it was a risk he was willing to take for the sake of his sibling. Trina assured Spencer that she cared about the baby, but she was worried about Spencer. He explained that he felt compelled to protect his sibling from Nikolas and Esme, and he would use any weapon that he could find. Trina suggested that Spencer could cut out the middleman by going straight to the police.

On the tenth floor, Sonny and Nina sat in a waiting area. Nina was desperate for news about Willow because her mind kept going to worst-case scenarios. "What is taking so long?" Nina asked. Sonny suggested that Nina focus on the good news. "Our shared grandchild," Sonny said. Nina smiled.

Just then, Curtis walked up. After everyone exchanged greetings, Curtis revealed that Drew had filled him in about Nina and Willow. Nina confirmed that Willow was her daughter. Curtis was thrilled for Nina, and he gave his friend a warm hug. Afterwards, he assured Nina that he would be at Britt's memorial service to support Nina. Nina was grateful.

Curtis and Nina talked about Nina's long search for her child and how Valentin and Sasha had deceived Nina. Nina assured Curtis that it was water under the bridge, and that she considered Sasha family. "Almost-daughter," Sonny said. Sonny was certain that Curtis would soon know what that was like when Curtis married Portia. "From your lips," Curtis said.

Curtis made it clear that he expected both Nina and Sonny to attend the wedding. Sonny and Nina promised that they would be there. Pleased, Curtis assured Nina that he would see her at the memorial service. After Curtis walked away, Nina's expression turned anxious because they hadn't heard from Willow's doctors. Sonny assured Nina that they would get an update soon.

Meanwhile, Jordan was on the phone as she explained that it was important for her to attend Britt's memorial service. Jordan wanted Britt's family to know that Britt's death hadn't been in vain. As Jordan ended the call, Curtis walked up. He admitted that he had overheard what she had said. Curtis commended Jordan for attending Britt's memorial service because it took courage to face Britt's family. Jordan explained that Britt's family was entitled to answers, but she regretted that she didn't have better ones to give them.

Curtis warned Jordan that Liesl might be difficult, but Jordan empathized because Liesl had lost a child. Jordan admitted that she would feel the same in Liesl's shoes. "So would I," Curtis said. Jordan changed the subject by mentioning her encounter with Portia and Stella. Curtis started to talk about his upcoming wedding, but he stopped when he realized that it was insensitive to talk to his ex-wife about his wedding.

Jordan assured Curtis that she wanted him to be happy. She started to say more but caught herself. Curious, Curtis asked if something was troubling her. She shook her head and told him that she genuinely hoped that he and Portia had a happy ending.

In the hospital's chapel, Spencer and Trina resumed their earlier conversation. Spencer explained that using the video to force Nikolas' compliance would be easier than going to the police. Trina suspected that Spencer was reluctant to involve the police because Spencer still loved his father. Spencer argued that his only objective was to protect his sibling and to give the baby the kind of chance that Spencer had never had. Trina acknowledged that Spencer had suffered terrible losses, but he had also lived a privileged life. "Remember that," Trina said.

Before Spencer could reply, the door opened. Jordan stood in the doorway, but she offered to leave if Spencer and Trina needed privacy. "I think you and Jordan have something to discuss," Trina said to Spencer. After Trina left, Jordan entered the chapel. "We do?" Jordan asked.

Outside the chapel, Curtis greeted Trina, but he frowned when he noticed her troubled expression. "Is everything okay?" Curtis asked.

In the NICU's waiting area, Josslyn gushed about Michael's beautiful daughter, and Michael admitted that his daughter was perfect. Seconds later, Carly rounded the corner. "Where's my favorite new person on the planet?" Carly asked. Michael grinned as he pointed to the window of the room where his daughter was. Michael and Josslyn joined Carly at the window as they looked in on the baby.

Michael admitted that he couldn't wait for Willow to see their daughter. He checked his phone, but there hadn't been an update from Dr. Navarro. Carly assured her son that it wouldn't be long. Josslyn was eager to know the baby's name, but Michael admitted that he and Willow hadn't made a final decision. He revealed that he and Willow had been referring to their daughter as "Walnut" since the first sonogram.

Moments later, Bobbie fetched Michael and handed him a sterile gown because it was time for him to hold his daughter. Michael followed his grandmother into the room. He smiled with joy as Bobbie handed his infant daughter to him. In the hallway, Carly and Josslyn watched. Josslyn snapped a photo with her phone. "She's so little," Josslyn said.

Meanwhile, Michael vowed to protect his daughter, and he promised her that a lot of people were eager to meet her -- starting with her mom. In the waiting area, Carly's phone rang. It was Sonny. Sonny explained that Willow's doctors had been looking for Michael. "What happened?" Carly asked.

Later, Bobbie assured Carly that Willow would get the best treatment the hospital had to offer. "Michael cannot lose her," Josslyn said. Carly hugged Josslyn, and Bobbie wrapped her arms around both women. A short time later, Carly decided to check on Michael, but Josslyn advised her mother against it because Sonny and Nina would be there. Josslyn reminded Carly that Michael had asked Carly to stay with the baby.

Bobbie walked up and handed both Carly and Josslyn a sterile gown because it was their turn to visit with the baby. As Carly, Josslyn, and Bobbie were gathered around the baby's bassinette, Carly smiled because four generations of Spencer women were in the room. Josslyn told her niece that the baby had been lucky to be born into an "amazing sisterhood." Carly hoped the baby had the gift that could give Willow life.

In the operating room, the alarms blared. "What's going on?" Austin asked. Dr. Navarro explained that Willow had started to hemorrhage. As the doctors raced to save Willow's life, Willow was bathed in a white light. The voices in the operating room receded as Willow heard Harmony call out to her. "Don't be afraid, sweetheart," Harmony said. Harmony stood in a swirling dense fog with her arms outstretched to Willow.

"You're not alone. Mama's here," Harmony said. The fog slowly began to envelop Willow, who stood in the mist as Harmony approached her. Willow accused Harmony of lying because Harmony was not Willow's mother. Harmony argued that she could not have loved Willow more if Willow had been her own child. Willow disagreed. "I know what love is -- and isn't," Willow said.

"You think Nina loves you? Nina loves only Nina. You know that better than anyone," Harmony said. Harmony insisted that she had been there for Willow, and she reminded Willow of their early years. Harmony switched to referring to Willow as "Kali," Willow was not pleased. Willow corrected Harmony, but Harmony insisted that Willow would always be "my Kali." Willow was adamant that her name was Willow, and that she was Michael's fiancée and the mother to his children.

Harmony assured Willow that names would not matter where they were going. "There's nothing to tie you to the past -- or the pain," Harmony said. Harmony pointed to a bright light and asked if Willow felt its warmth. She reached out her hand and invited Willow to take it. Harmony promised to take Willow to a better place filled with peace, tranquility, and love.

"Take my hand," Harmony said. "What about my family?" Willow asked. Harmony pointed out that she was Willow's family, and she asked Willow to trust her. Willow placed her hand in Harmony's, and Harmony smiled. "That's my girl," Harmony said. Willow started to follow Harmony, but she stopped when she heard Michael's voice calling out to her.

In the waiting area, Michael asked if there had been news about Willow, but Sonny shook his head. He reassured Michael that Willow was a fighter. "That kind of runs in the family," Sonny said. After Michael sat down, Sonny assured Nina that God wouldn't bring Nina's daughter into Nina's life only to take her away. Nina prayed aloud for God not to let Willow die because Willow had two children who needed their mother.

Michael watched Nina. Moments later, Michael quietly spoke from the heart to Willow as he told Willow that her family needed her. Just then, Austin approached. Austin admitted that it had been "touch and go" for a time, but Willow had pulled through. Everyone was relieved.

Later, Michael sat at Willow's beside in the ICU. He held her hand and urged her to wake up so they could give their daughter a name.

Britt's memorial is held, and Heather makes a bold plan

Britt's memorial is held, and Heather makes a bold plan

Thursday, February 2, 2023

At the hospital, Scott escorted Liesl into the empty room that had been Britt's office. Liesl said that nothing could dull the pain in her heart after losing Britt. Brad appeared with a paper bag, and Liesl said that Brad had been a good friend to Britt.

Brad said he wished that he had been as near to Britt as Britt had been to him. Liesl asked what had prompted Brad's remark. Brad said it was because Britt hadn't told him that she had been suffering from Huntington's disease. Liesl said that Britt hadn't needed Brad's pity and that she had needed him to laugh with her.

Scott and Liesl left for the chapel. Brad stayed behind, and he opened the paper bag. Brad retrieved a pint of ice cream, which he placed on Britt's old desk. Brad produced two spoons, and he toasted the spoons together. Brad ate a scoop of ice cream, and he joked that he hoped there were plenty of "hot guys in heaven."

Brad grew emotional, and he said he would never do anything without thinking of Britt. Brad picked up the ice cream, and he left one of the two spoons on Britt's old desk before he left for the chapel.

In Finn's office at the hospital, Laura told Finn that she wanted to take Violet ice-skating with Jake and Aiden. Laura said she was sorry that things hadn't worked out between Finn and Elizabeth, and she remarked that Elizabeth could use a friend. Finn wondered what Nikolas had done "this time."

Nearby, Elizabeth confronted Nikolas for having brought Carolyn to Port Charles. Elizabeth was angry that Nikolas had misused her trust in an attempt to have Carolyn erase Esme's memories. Nikolas said that he and Elizabeth could end up in prison if Esme regained her memories of being held captive at Wyndemere.

Elizabeth said that Nikolas had gone too far. Nikolas said that it was too late to change anything and that he and Elizabeth were both tied to their crimes together. "Not anymore," Elizabeth said as she glared intently at Nikolas.

Elizabeth said that Carolyn had proven herself to be more trustworthy than Nikolas, and she added that she had realized she couldn't be around Nikolas any longer. Nikolas said that he was only trying to protect himself and Elizabeth. Elizabeth said the only person she needed protecting from was Nikolas, and she walked out.

Nikolas followed Elizabeth out into a hallway, and he grabbed her by the hand. Just then, Laura and Finn appeared. Finn yelled for Nikolas to take his hand off Elizabeth. Laura asked if Elizabeth was okay. Nikolas said that he would never hurt Elizabeth. Elizabeth asked if she could speak to Finn in private.

In Finn's office, Elizabeth said she felt she had lost her best friend in Nikolas. Finn said he still cared about Elizabeth, who said that Finn deserved the truth. Elizabeth admitted that she had never been pregnant with Nikolas' baby.

After Finn and Elizabeth had left, Laura told Nikolas that the two needed to talk. Laura said that it scared her to see what Nikolas had become. Nikolas asked Laura to clarify what she felt he had become. "A man who is careening from one bad decision to the next and hurting anyone who tries to help you," Laura said.

Nikolas "apologized" that he wasn't the son that Laura wanted. Laura said that the son she wanted was still inside Nikolas. "I've seen you behave like the man that I am proud of, a man who would never give up on his own son, no matter how hard Spencer tried to push you away. A man who defied Helena Cassadine when she tried to groom you to become the next 'Cassadine Heir.' Dig down deep into that core of goodness and strength that I know is there and that has somehow eluded you. Because I need to believe that it's not too late," Laura pleaded.

Nikolas sat on a bench, and he said that perhaps Laura was right when she'd said it wasn't too late. Nikolas said that he was finished listening to Victor and that he would instead focus his energy on being a good father -- both to Esme's baby and to Spencer. Nikolas remarked that he wanted to attend Britt's memorial for Spencer's sake. Laura and Nikolas then left for the chapel together.

In the hospital chapel, Spencer asked Jordan what would happen to Nikolas and Esme's baby if both the baby's parents were in prison. Jordan asked why Nikolas would be in prison and if Spencer had any evidence that Nikolas had committed a crime. Spencer refused to disclose that he had evidence against Nikolas.

Sonny entered the chapel. Spencer thanked Sonny for attending the memorial. Sonny asked if Spencer still planned to pursue custody of the baby. Spencer said he had become even more convinced that Nikolas shouldn't be anywhere near the baby.

Afterwards, mourners began to file into the chapel for the start of Britt's memorial. The memorial began with Nina thanking everyone for attending. Nina quoted Sun Tzu: "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night. And when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." Nina said the quote was an apt description of Britt -- "Unexpected and unforgettable."

Brad followed Nina, and he recalled that he had met Britt ten years earlier. Brad recalled Britt's nickname, "the Britch," which made everyone chuckle. Brad stated that Britt had been selfish and destructive but that she had proven she had changed, given the number of people in attendance at her memorial. Brad said that Britt would always be his best friend.

Scott followed Brad, and he said that Britt's biggest secret had been that she had a big heart. Scott said the world had lost a special person when it had lost Britt. Terry took the stage, and she recalled that Britt had been a fierce advocate for patients, as well as a brilliant doctor. Terry said that Britt's work deserved to be honored by the hospital, and she asked everyone to follow her out of the chapel.

In the hallway, Terry stood in front of the wall that commemorated the people that had dedicated their lives to General Hospital, including Steve Hardy, and Alan, Edward, and Lila Quartermaine. Terry said that it was fitting that Britt join them, and a newly minted portrait of Britt was revealed to have been added to the wall.

Back in the chapel, Trina stayed to ask if Spencer was okay. Spencer remarked that Nikolas hadn't gone to Britt's memorial, despite having once been engaged to Britt. Trina told Spencer that the memorial wasn't about Nikolas or Spencer, only Britt. Spencer recalled how special his relationship with Britt had been, and he said he didn't know if he would ever meet anyone like Britt again. Trina took Spencer by the hand to comfort him.

Later, Laura and Nikolas entered the chapel. Laura apologized for having missed the memorial. Nikolas tried to apologize to Spencer, who cut Nikolas off. Spencer asked Trina to step outside so that he, Laura, and Nikolas could discuss "family business."

Spencer said that Nikolas had managed to disappoint him even more than Spencer had expected. Spencer added that he would make sure that Nikolas couldn't hurt Spencer's baby brother or sister the same way Spencer said he had been hurt.

At Spring Ridge, Heather picked up the general consent to terminate parental rights document that Nikolas had given to Esme. Heather remarked that Esme was about to sign away the rights to her baby. "Nikolas Cassadine!" Heather exclaimed with shock as she read the name of the baby's father aloud.

Heather warned Esme that the Cassadines were "ruthless," and she implored Esme not to sign the document. "Esme, you need to listen to me. From one mother to another, men lie all the time. And you can't trust a single one of them," Heather said.

As Heather finished speaking, Ryan was wheeled into the room. Esme saw Ryan, who she mistook for Kevin. Esme wondered what had happened for "Kevin" to be at Spring Ridge. Heather told Esme that the man was Ryan, and she escorted Esme to a different table, where they would be out of Ryan's field of vision.

Heather asked why Esme was so eager to give up her baby. Esme said she wasn't eager to give up the child and that the baby was the only thing that made her not feel alone when she went to sleep at night. "That's beautiful... and exactly why you can't sign those papers. Because, trust me, you'll never get over it if you give up your child," Heather said.

Esme promised that she would wait until morning to make a decision. Heather then walked toward Ryan, and she whispered that Ryan had known all along about Nikolas and Esme's affair. Heather was furious as she recalled that Nikolas was trying to "steal" her and Ryan's grandchild. "And what's worse... the cops are onto you," Heather said.

Heather said that Dante and Sam had gone to Spring Ridge in search of someone named Maggie. Ryan stared menacingly, and Heather surmised that Maggie knew who Ryan was. "Well, then. There's really only one thing left that we can do. We gotta bust out of here. Esme? Of course, she's coming with us!" Heather said.

Nikolas confronts Ava after a surprise revelation

Nikolas confronts Ava after a surprise revelation

Friday, February 3, 2023

In Finn's office at the hospital, Elizabeth told Finn that she had never been pregnant. Finn asked why Elizabeth had lied. Elizabeth said that she had felt guilty after what had happened to Reiko years earlier and that she had gone to Nikolas as a friend. Elizabeth recalled that Nikolas had needed her help -- with Esme.

Elizabeth told Finn everything about her involvement with Nikolas and Esme, including how Nikolas had thought Esme had been responsible for the hook killings and that he had locked Esme in the tower at Wyndemere. Elizabeth started to ramble, and she pleaded with Finn to say something.

Finn told Elizabeth that she was an accomplice to a kidnapping. Elizabeth said that everything she had done and sacrificed had been for nothing once Esme had escaped. Elizabeth started to whimper and weep in front of Finn, and she continued to blame herself for how "deeply" she thought she had hurt Finn.

Elizabeth said that Nikolas had gone too far for having brought Carolyn to Port Charles to erase Esme's memories, and she added that she could never trust him again. Elizabeth continued to whimper, and she said that she had "lost everything." Elizabeth added that she had wanted to tell Finn the truth before she turned herself in to the police.

In Dex's apartment, Josslyn visited Dex. Josslyn was worried about what would happen if Willow never regained consciousness. Dex pulled Josslyn into his arms on the couch. Dex assured Josslyn that Willow was in the best care possible. Josslyn said she felt "powerless," and she segued into Britt's memorial.

Josslyn claimed she had survivor's guilt over Britt's death, and then she said she felt guilty about her breakup with Cameron, too. Dex said he had "messed up" Josslyn's life. Josslyn took Dex's hand to reassure him he hadn't. Dex asked if Josslyn regretted being with him. Josslyn said she regretted not having told Cameron that her feelings for him had changed, and she said she wouldn't make the same mistake with Dex.

At the Savoy, Brook Lynn congratulated Chase and Blaze on their singing performance. Blaze stepped away to meet some fans, and Brook Lynn stared affectionately at Chase. Brook Lynn told Chase that watching him made her happy. Brook Lynn and Chase found themselves holding each other's hands before Chase pulled away. "We can't do this anymore," Chase said.

Chase said that he would return to the police force if the review board decided to reinstate him. Chase added that he had to be finished with his and Brook Lynn's plan to take down Linc and get Brook Lynn's songs back before the board returned with an answer. Brook Lynn thought that Chase meant that he was finished with her.

Chase told Brook Lynn to stop putting words into his mouth, and he said that music wasn't his passion. Brook Lynn said that she had ruined any chance of a relationship -- professional or otherwise -- with Chase. Chase reminded Brook Lynn that she had put her wants and needs ahead of their relationship. Brook Lynn said there would be nothing left between her and Chase when the review board returned with a ruling, and she rushed away from Chase.

Blaze returned with a drink, and she proposed a toast to her and Chase's newfound success. Chase told Blaze that music wasn't for him. Blaze said that working with Chase had reminded her of why she had pursued a singing career in the first place. Blaze added that she had thought about quitting before she had met Chase.

Blaze grew serious, and she said that working with Linc had made her question her decisions. Blaze added that singing with Chase was the only thing that made her career bearable. Just then, Linc appeared, and he insulted Blaze's choice of outfit. Linc then left to find Brook Lynn.

Chase encouraged Blaze to walk away from Linc, but Blaze shared that she felt trapped. "Excuse the pity party, but when you leave the business, I'll be all alone. Or... not alone," Blaze said as she and Chase turned in time to see Linc touch Brook Lynn inappropriately under the table.

Moments earlier, Linc had recalled that Brook Lynn had agreed to sign the nondisclosure agreement in exchange for the rights to her remaining songs. Brook Lynn quipped that Linc was afraid to get "MeToo'ed." Linc produced a pen and paper, and he said that all Brook Lynn had to do was sign on the dotted line.

At Kelly's Diner, Ava and Austin met unexpectedly by the door as snow began to fall over Port Charles. Inside, Ava offered to buy Austin dinner, and she said she felt generous because of her divorce. Austin congratulated Ava for getting Wyndemere in the divorce, and he asked why Ava had left her marriage to Nikolas. Ava said she had left Nikolas to protect herself.

Austin complimented Ava for standing up for herself, and he quipped that it seemed to be a strong suit of Ava's, given that she had stood up to Mason in Austin's office at the hospital earlier. Ava recalled her past, and she said there had been a time that she would have "gone in for the kill" anytime someone had crossed her.

Austin asked what had changed. Ava said it was because she had married Nikolas and that "Ava Cassadine" had made excuses in the name of love. Austin shared that he didn't think relationships like the one Ava had had with Nikolas ended in a mere signature on a dotted line. Ava said that she had done something to make it clear to Nikolas where they stood. "And what could come of crossing me," Ava said.

Austin told Ava that he was sorry she hadn't met her match romantically, but Ava said she was used to taking care of herself and that she would continue to do so. Ava left for Wyndemere, and she and Austin bade each other goodnight. After Ava left, Mason appeared from the shadows outside Kelly's, and he stared at Ava.

Mason placed a call to someone about Ava, and he said that he would "report back" on Ava. Unbeknownst to Mason, Austin appeared to have overheard Mason.

In the hospital chapel, Spencer lashed out at Nikolas. Laura tried to broker peace between the two, but Spencer told Nikolas that he was seeking full custody of Nikolas and Esme's baby. Spencer said that Nikolas had broken his heart repeatedly, and he added that he refused to let his sibling suffer the same fate.

Laura pleaded with Spencer to realize that every parent made mistakes. Nikolas said that he "owned" everything he had done to Spencer, but he thought that Spencer had gone too far in having threatened to take the baby away. Spencer claimed that he wasn't out for revenge, and he revealed that he had discussed his case with Diane.

Nikolas said that he would do everything in his power to make sure a judge granted him custody, and he told Spencer not to fight him. Spencer smugly boasted that Nikolas no longer had a choice. Laura continued to plead with Spencer, who started to recite word for word the confession that Nikolas had given to Ava months earlier in the hospital. "This I solemnly swear," Spencer concluded as Nikolas realized that Spencer had seen the video of the confession.

Nikolas quickly deduced that Ava had been the one to share the recording with Spencer. Spencer taunted Nikolas that he could go to Jordan with the video. Nikolas asked how Spencer could have joined forces with Ava, given that Ava had once been Spencer's "sworn enemy." Spencer issued Nikolas an ultimatum. Nikolas grabbed Spencer, and he started to shake him. "For all your talk of wanting to be your own man, you are every bit a Cassadine!" Nikolas said, and he left the chapel.

By the hospital exit, Laura chased after Nikolas, and she warned him that walking away would be a big mistake. Laura said that Nikolas had to face Spencer, and she added that both men had done horrible things to each other. Nikolas started to weep, and he said that Ava had not only taken his home but his son, too. Laura put her arms around Nikolas, and she begged him to take a moment to calm down.

Laura said that Spencer was on the verge of making a mistake he would regret, and she begged Nikolas not to turn his back on Spencer because Spencer needed him. Laura put her arms around Nikolas. "You're the best mother I could ever have. I will always love you," Nikolas said through tears to Laura, who had also started to cry.

Nikolas left the hospital. Afterwards, Laura stood alone, and she started to weep. Spencer appeared, and he asked where Nikolas had gone. "I don't know. What have you done, Spencer?" a worried Laura whispered.

At the same time, Ava stood alone in the living room at Wyndemere. Ava heard a loud knock at the door, and she went to answer. When Ava opened the door, she saw a furious Nikolas.

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