General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 6, 2023 on GH

Ava received a helping hand from Austin. Finn urged Elizabeth not to confess. Portia welcomed her father and brother. Willow and Michael named their daughter. Willow received devastating news about her cancer. Alexis offered Gregory a job. Chase was determined to take Linc down.
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Austin caught Ava hiding Nikolas' body. Willow learned she had only weeks left to live. Curtis gave Portia a pre-wedding surprise.
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Ava is forced to take drastic measures to stop Nikolas

Ava is forced to take drastic measures to stop Nikolas

Monday, February 6, 2023

At the Savoy, Linc told Brook Lynn that she had to do one last thing for him before he would agree to let Brook Lynn out of her contract. Linc continued to grope Brook Lynn as Chase and Blaze looked on from a distance. Chase made his way to Brook Lynn's table, and Brook Lynn signed the non-disclosure agreement that Linc had given her. Linc said that he would make sure Brook Lynn got a copy.

Afterwards, Chase said that it had taken all he had in him not to punch Linc for having groped Brook Lynn. Chase surmised that Linc didn't just give things away, and he asked what else Linc had wanted in return for Brook Lynn's signature. Brook Lynn said that she had agreed to write a dozen commercial jingles for Linc.

Brook Lynn said that Chase deserved to follow his dreams -- as a detective. Chase watched as Linc touched Blaze's face nearby, and he said that was concerned about Blaze because he had grown to care about her. Chase reiterated his desire to take down Linc with Brook Lynn's help.

Later, Chase asked Blaze when they would record another song together. Linc seemed surprised, but he said that they would all make a lot of money. Linc proposed a toast. "Here's to everyone getting exactly what they want," Linc said. Chase, Brook Lynn, Linc, and Blaze all toasted.

Outside Kelly's Diner, Austin grabbed Mason by the collar. Austin warned Mason not to threaten Ava. Austin told Mason that he and Ava were just friends. Mason scoffed at Austin's threat, and he said that Austin thought of himself as a "knight in shining armor." Austin said he knew that Mason played mind games.

Mason quipped that he and Austin had learned from the best. Austin shot back that he had grown up and changed. "You are so boring like this! Boring and predictable," Mason said, and he left. Afterwards, Austin used his phone to call Ava, but the call went to voicemail.

At the hospital, Trina bumped into T.J., and the two talked briefly about Curtis and Portia's upcoming wedding. Trina admitted that she had gone to check on Spencer. As they walked, Trina recalled that she had been asked to leave the chapel, and she said she'd been able to tell that Spencer and Nikolas had been on the verge of a big fight.

T.J. reminded Trina that Portia, Curtis, Taggert, and others didn't like Spencer. Trina acknowledged that T.J. was right, and she asked him not to reveal that she had gone to look for Spencer. T.J. agreed, and Trina thanked him for having listened to her.

In Finn's office at the hospital, Elizabeth told Finn that she would turn herself in to the police. Finn grabbed Elizabeth's hand, and he told her that he wouldn't let her turn herself in. Finn claimed that he was "fighting" for Elizabeth, who continued to express that she didn't feel "worthy" of his affections.

Finn brought up Elizabeth's boys, and he asked who would take care of Aiden and Jake if Elizabeth went to jail. Finn told Elizabeth to sleep on the decision. Elizabeth said she wouldn't make any promises. Finn said that Elizabeth wouldn't be alone if she turned herself in. The two hugged, and Elizabeth thanked Finn for having cared about her, in spite of her claim that she didn't deserve it.

Also at the hospital, Laura demanded to know what Spencer was holding over Nikolas. Laura remarked that Spencer had seemed to threaten Nikolas in the chapel earlier. Spencer tried to dismiss Laura, who refused to let Spencer dismiss her. Spencer refused to share what he knew about Nikolas, and he said that it would be Nikolas' own fault if he went down.

Laura thought that Nikolas had done something illegal. Spencer said that Laura should drop her concerns for Nikolas, but Laura refused. Spencer even said that Nikolas would have done everyone a favor if he had stayed dead. Laura was appalled and taken aback by Spencer's remarks.

Spencer tried to clarify that he didn't want Nikolas to die, but he remained adamant that he didn't want Nikolas in his life. Laura recalled that Spencer knew what it was like not to have a father, and she asked if Spencer would want his sibling to feel the same way he had once felt.

Spencer said he would be the only father the baby would ever need, and he said he was capable of taking care of the child because he would watch "YouTube tutorials." Laura scoffed that Spencer was capable of taking care of a baby. "Well, despite his many mistakes, he is still my son. And I will never give up on him, but I need your help, Spencer," Laura said of Nikolas.

Spencer said that Laura was asking too much. "Nikolas Cassadine was born with every luxury, every privilege, every opportunity to be the kind of man, the kind of father, that a son could look up to. That man has squandered every opportunity in his life, every privilege, including your love for him. If it's salvation that he seeks, it is going to have to come from someone else," Spencer said direly.

"It's not Nikolas' fault. It's mine. I should have stayed on the island and raised him," Laura said, and she got up to leave.

At Wyndemere, an angry Nikolas confronted Ava for having gone to Spencer with the recording of Nikolas' confession. Nikolas recalled that he had been willing to take the blame for Ava for having pushed Esme off the parapet, and he asked how Ava could have sided with Spencer, given everything Spencer had done to her. Ava said that she agreed with Spencer that the baby deserved better than Nikolas.

Nikolas said that Ava was only acting out of revenge. Ava confronted Nikolas for his "affair" with Elizabeth. Nikolas admitted that he had never slept with Elizabeth. Ava didn't believe Nikolas, who shared that the reason Elizabeth had lied was because she had helped Nikolas keep Esme hostage at Wyndemere. Ava was stunned to learn that Nikolas had held Esme hostage.

Nikolas recalled that he had thought that Esme was the hook killer and that he hadn't wanted his baby to be born in prison. Nikolas added that he had appealed to Elizabeth's friendship but that it had ultimately destroyed their friendship forever. Ava was confused as to why Elizabeth had made up the story of the affair.

Nikolas recalled that Finn had grown suspicious that Esme had been hiding on Spoon Island, and Finn had gone to Wyndemere, where he had spotted the bottle of prenatal vitamins -- the same vitamins he had seen with Elizabeth at the hospital. Nikolas said that an affair had been the first thing Elizabeth had thought of to throw Finn off the trail. "Esme was a one-time mistake, and Elizabeth was just my friend. There was never anyone else but you," Nikolas said.

Ava wondered why Nikolas would wait so long to tell her the truth. Nikolas said it had been to keep Elizabeth from going to prison and that he had simply gone along with Elizabeth's story that she was pregnant. Ava seemed to sympathize with Nikolas, but she said it was too late to change anything between the two of them.

Nikolas said that he had held out hope that one day he and Ava could get past all their flaws and bitterness to get back to the life they had once had. Ava asked if Nikolas was sincere. Nikolas said that he had meant every word and that it might have come true if Ava hadn't conspired with Spencer. Nikolas asked what Ava thought he should do to get back at her.

"Eye for an eye. That's your way, isn't it, Ava? Since you've obviously forgotten what it feels like to lose a child, someone needs to remind you. So, brace yourself, my love. Because that someone is me," Nikolas threatened.

Ava scoffed when Nikolas threatened to take Avery. Nikolas said that he had Victor by his side, along with all of Victor's nefarious resources. "When Avery is gone, I guarantee you will feel an emptiness in your soul, like I will, for the rest of your life. That's a promise. And I'll start now," Nikolas said.

Ava told Nikolas that she couldn't let him take Avery. "Don't worry. I'll tell Avery that you said goodbye," Nikolas said menacingly.

Nikolas turned his back to Ava, who picked up a miniature gargoyle statue off a table and struck Nikolas over the back of the head. Nikolas collapsed.

Austin offers to help Ava

Austin offers to help Ava

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

At Kelly's Diner, Laura told Eileen that Anna had died in the catacombs in Paris. Laura added that Charlotte was bereft over Valentin's death. Eileen said that she wasn't feeling well, and she left in a hurry. "Mission accomplished," Laura said after Eileen had left.

Also at Kelly's, Taggert met with Jordan for dinner on the night before Curtis and Portia's wedding. Taggert thought that Jordan wasn't over Curtis, but Jordan clarified that she wasn't over protecting Curtis. Taggert asked what Jordan had meant. Jordan said that protecting everyone was second nature to her. Just then, Laura walked over to Taggert and Jordan's table. Laura mentioned that she had heard that Stella was too ill to officiate the wedding.

Jordan remarked that Stella had seemed off earlier that evening. Laura left, and Taggert said that he couldn't imagine Stella missing Curtis' big day. Jordan said she would check on Stella. Taggert said that Curtis was a good man. Jordan said that Portia was also a good woman but that sometimes people got "caught up" in things. Taggert sensed that he knew what Jordan felt the need to protect Curtis from. "It's because of Portia's lie," Taggert said.

Taggert clarified that he had been referencing Portia's affair with Curtis years earlier. Taggert said he blamed himself for his and Portia's failed marriage, and he mentioned that Portia had been lonely and neglected because Taggert had never been home. Jordan said she was certain that Portia would do anything not to lose Curtis.

At the Savoy, members of the Ashford and Robinson families gathered for Curtis and Portia's rehearsal dinner. Curtis surprised Portia when he announced that he had flown Portia's father, Sterling, and her brother, Zeke, in for the wedding. Zeke gave Portia a brooch that was from his great-grandmother. Portia said that everything would be perfect for her and Curtis' wedding. Curtis said there had been a glitch.

Curtis explained that Stella hadn't felt well and that she wouldn't be able to officiate the wedding. Laura appeared, and she greeted Curtis with a hug. Curtis told Laura that he and Portia had a favor to ask. Laura instantly quipped that she would be happy to officiate the wedding.

Curtis and Laura left to get a drink, and Portia seemed unnerved. Portia phoned Stella, and she left a voice message to ask if Stella was okay. Afterwards, Sterling found Portia, and he said that Portia was every father's dream.

Earlier at the Savoy, Drew had greeted a distracted Elizabeth. The two friends chatted briefly, and Drew asked how Elizabeth's boys were doing. Elizabeth recalled that Cameron was experiencing his first real heartbreak after his breakup with Josslyn. Drew thought that Cameron would be okay as long as Elizabeth was there for him. "But what if I can't be?" Elizabeth asked.

Drew told Elizabeth that she could always confide in him. Elizabeth said that time was fleeting and that tomorrow wasn't promised. Drew seemed unsure of what Elizabeth had meant. Later, Laura found Elizabeth at the bar, and she asked if something was wrong. Laura surmised that Elizabeth had Nikolas on her mind.

Also at the Savoy, Trina had asked Marshall about Epiphany. Marshall said that Epiphany had passed her MCATs and that she was looking at medical schools on the West Coast. Marshall said that Epiphany might be leaving Port Charles.

Elsewhere at the Savoy, T.J. and Molly talked about their marriage and their respective careers. T.J. said that Jordan and Curtis had started to lead separate lives when they had let their careers take focus, and he said he didn't want the same thing to happen to him and Molly. "If we don't work out, then I am joining a nunnery," Molly jokingly replied.

T.J. asked Molly to promise that they would both "be vigilant" about not letting their careers take priority over their relationship. Molly promised, and the two kissed. Trina rushed up to T.J. and Molly. "How close is the D.A. to nailing Esme Prince?" Trina asked Molly.

Molly shared that Esme's lawyers could plead out Esme's case, argue for reduced penalties, or even ask for a dismissal of charges. Trina remarked that Esme would be free to live her life and raise her baby if charges were dropped.

Later, Curtis asked Trina to dance. As Trina showed off her dance moves. Spencer entered the room, and he smiled immediately when he saw Trina.

Earlier, in the hospital chapel, Spencer had been surprised to find Victor, who said he wanted to give his condolences to Liesl. Victor told Spencer that Valentin had drowned in Paris, and he lectured Spencer again about the importance of family.

Victor asked Spencer to promise that he was committed to their family and to the future. Spencer said he was, and Victor placed his hand proudly on Spencer's arm. Spencer then told Victor about his plan to take custody of Nikolas' baby. Victor was taken aback that Spencer would make a move against Nikolas, given everything that Victor had just said about the importance of family.

Spencer said that he didn't care what Nikolas wanted. "Neither do I. I knew I was right to put my trust in you, Spencer. Well played. This custody move is a stroke of genius," Victor said boastfully.

Victor congratulated Spencer on a "masterful move." Spencer said his motives hadn't been to get Nikolas to "fall in line" but to cut Nikolas out of their lives completely. Victor said that it would take Nikolas losing everything, including his baby, to force him "back into the fold."

Spencer said that his plans served a higher purpose. Victor patted Spencer's arm, and he shared that he had hope again after having gone to the chapel in a state of grief. Victor watched as Spencer walked out of the chapel.

After Spencer left, Eileen entered. Eileen shared that Laura had told her about Anna and Valentin's "death," and she said she hadn't signed up for what she was involved in. Eileen sniped that she was no longer at Victor's disposal. "That is not your decision to make. You cross me, Eileen, and getting caught will be the least of your worries," Victor threatened.

At the cabin, Felicia told Valentin and Anna that Charlotte was home safe at Kevin and Laura's house. Anna wondered what their next move against Victor should be. Felicia shared that Victor truly believed that Valentin was dead. Felicia added that Anna and Valentin were "ghosts," and she asked what ghosts did best. "They exorcise. And how do they exorcise? With a vigorous haunting," Felicia said.

Felicia recalled that years earlier, she, Robert, and Sean had devised a plan to outwit Ryan by "haunting" him in order to get a confession. Anna thought that a similar plan for Victor was worth a try, but Valentin said the plan would never work on Victor. Anna shared that she had already recorded a message. Felicia said that she had adjusted their plan. "I'm talking target. It's not Victor," Felicia told an intrigued Valentin.

At the same time, Eileen got in her car at the hospital. Eileen stared ahead, and she heard the sound of static on her car radio. Eileen tried to adjust the volume knob when she heard a voice. "You're next. You're next, Eileen. You're next, you're next, you're next!" the voice said. The voice was Anna's.

At Wyndemere, Ava struck Nikolas over the back of the head with a miniature gargoyle statue. Nikolas fell to the ground. Ava checked on Nikolas, who was already unconscious. Ava said that she hadn't meant to hurt Nikolas or for things to have gone so far, and she pleaded with Nikolas to wake up.

Ava heard a knock at the door, and she was surprised to hear Austin's voice calling her name. Ava closed the living room doors before greeting Austin at the front door. Ava tried to usher Austin away, but Austin stressed that it was important that he and Ava talk. Ava invited Austin to wait in the sitting room upstairs.

Later, in the stables, Ava dragged Nikolas' body, and she sat him up against a wall in an undisclosed room before locking the door. Ava told an unconscious Nikolas that she was sorry and that she had loved him. After Ava fastened the closed door with a padlock, she looked up and found Austin standing nearby.

Ava asked if Austin would call the cops, and she explained that Nikolas had threatened to take Avery away, so she'd struck him. Ava said that everyone would think she had killed Nikolas out of revenge when she had merely tried to protect her daughter. Austin thought that Ava's actions had seemed like a motive for murder instead of a defense.

"No! You don't understand. I killed Nikolas. It doesn't matter if I meant to. It doesn't matter what any court might rule. I will be condemned and sentenced by Victor Cassadine!" a panicked Ava said.

Ava asked Austin to give her time to leave town with Avery. Austin surprised Ava when he said that he wouldn't report Ava's crime to the police or anyone else. Ava asked why Austin would help her. Austin replied that it felt like the right thing to do, and he recalled that Ava had helped him with Mason when she hadn't had to.

Austin added that Victor could never find out what Ava had done. Ava asked how she could keep Nikolas' death a secret from Laura and Spencer. "I'll help you," Austin said readily.

Austin and Ava discuss their next move

Austin and Ava discuss their next move

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

At the Invader, Alexis greeted Finn. He admitted that he had stopped by because he needed "hypothetical legal advice." Alexis cautioned Finn that their conversation would not be protected because she was no longer an attorney, but he assured her that he understood. "What kind of charges could someone be facing if they were an accessory to a felony? Asking for a friend," Finn said.

Finn explained that a friend of his had made a big mistake, and he worried that a confession would ruin his friend's life without making anything better. Alexis admitted that it depended on the circumstances, so Finn revealed that his friend had gotten "roped into helping" someone who had committed a crime, but they had not been a part of the planning. Alexis acknowledged that it sounded like the friend had been an accessory after the fact, which was a misdemeanor at worst. Finn perked up, but Alexis dashed his hopes when she explained that it depended on the crime and any potential victims.

Alexis suggested that it would be best for Finn's friend to get ahead of things by going to the police voluntarily because the friend might be able to work out a deal with little or no jail time in exchange for testifying against the person who had committed the crime. Alexis advised Finn to have the friend reach out to Diane or Martin because Finn's friend was on a slippery slope. "Yeah, that's what I was afraid of," Finn said. Moments later, Gregory arrived. Finn greeted his father but quickly left.

Surprised by Finn's hasty exit, Gregory asked if he had interrupted something important. Alexis explained that Finn had a lot on his mind, but she didn't elaborate. Gregory let it drop because he wanted to know if there had been any news about the Hook. Alexis had nothing new to report but said she intended to keep the pressure on the police. Gregory invited Alexis out to lunch to brainstorm ideas, but Alexis was curious why Gregory wasn't teaching a class. She admitted that she had noticed how little Gregory talked about the classes that he taught, which she found unusual for a professor.

"What's your point?" Gregory asked. Alexis suggested that he no longer enjoyed teaching and might be ready for a change. "This again?" Gregory said. He reminded Alexis that they had already discussed him becoming a journalist, but Alexis clarified that she was offering him a job.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth looked at a photograph of Cameron and Aiden with their arms around her, but her thoughts were on Finn's advice to sleep on things before making a decision about going to the police with her confession. When someone knocked on the door, Elizabeth set the photograph down and answered the door. Laura greeted Elizabeth, but Laura's expression was filled with concern as she asked if Elizabeth had heard from Nikolas. Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't seen Nikolas since their argument at the hospital. "I think my friendship with Nikolas is over," Elizabeth said.

Surprised, Laura suggested that Elizabeth and Nikolas simply needed time to cool off, but Elizabeth disagreed. Laura told Elizabeth about Spencer's plan to sue for custody of Nikolas and Esme's baby and how Spencer had uncovered something "unforgivable" that Nikolas had done. Elizabeth appeared alarmed until Laura admitted that Laura had no idea what the secret was. Elizabeth asked how Nikolas had reacted to Spencer's decision. "I have never seen him so devasted," Laura said.

Laura admitted that it had seemed as if Nikolas had lost everything. Elizabeth and Laura retreated to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and Elizabeth opened up about her argument with Nikolas. Elizabeth didn't share any incriminating details about what she and Nikolas had argued about, but Elizabeth accused Nikolas of acting as if he had been "inconvenienced" by Elizabeth's pain. Laura empathized with Elizabeth, but Laura also felt bad for Nikolas because Elizabeth had always been a positive influence on him. "Not always," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth acknowledged that she was not as perfect as Laura believed. Laura sensed something else was troubling Elizabeth, but Elizabeth kept the focus on Nikolas. Laura conceded that Nikolas had been spiraling, but she assured Elizabeth that it was not Elizabeth's responsibility. "It's not yours, either," Elizabeth said. Laura disagreed because Nikolas was Laura's son. "I'll never give up on him," Laura said.

At Wyndemere, Ava had a nightmare about walking up next to Nikolas. Horrified, Ava reminded Nikolas that she had "bludgeoned" him, but Nikolas vowed that death would never part them. Ava woke up screaming, but she quickly realized that she was alone in bed. However, Ava frowned when she felt something on her hand. She pulled her hand out from under the covers and saw it was covered in a red substance. Alarmed, Ava pulled back the covers and screamed with terror when she saw a pool of what appeared to be blood on Nikolas' side of the bed.

Ava bolted upright in bed. Her breathing remained heavy as she realized that all of it had been a bad dream. However, she quickly tensed when she heard a noise in the hallway. Seconds later, Austin entered the bedroom to check on Ava. Startled, Ava asked if Nikolas was dead. When Austin confirmed it, Ava insisted that Nikolas had forced her hand by threatening to snatch Avery. Austin nodded in agreement, but Ava wanted to know what Austin was doing in her home. Austin reminded Ava that she had asked him to spend the night and keep watch over her.

Ava made it clear that she was uncomfortable with Austin in her bedroom, so he rushed to assure her that he had only been concerned because he had heard her cry out. "Get out!" Ava yelled. Austin warned Ava that they would have to talk about what would happen next, but Ava argued that he was free to leave because no one knew that he had been there. Austin agreed, but he reminded Ava that people would eventually notice that Nikolas was missing.

Ava explained that she would tell people that she and Nikolas had argued, and that Nikolas had stormed off when she had refused to give in to Nikolas' demands to return Wyndemere. Austin praised Ava for sticking close to the truth. Ava relaxed, and she thanked Austin for helping her. She assured him that he could leave without looking back. "If only it was that easy," Austin said. Austin admitted that he had stopped by Wyndemere in the first place because Mason was after her.

"Mason's a thug," Ava said. She assured Austin that she wasn't concerned about Mason, but she realized that things might have gone differently if Mason had shown up the previous evening. Austin was certain that Mason would have used Nikolas' death against Ava. Austin was curious if Nikolas' son would cause trouble, so Ava assured Austin that Spencer wouldn't be a problem. "But Elizabeth might be," Ava said. Ava filled Austin on about Esme's imprisonment in the north tower and how Elizabeth had helped Nikolas.

"Wow. Didn't know she had it in her," Austin said. "Still waters with that one," Ava replied. Austin pointed out that it would be in Elizabeth's best interests to remain quiet, but Ava explained that Elizabeth's conscience tended to "flare up" at the most inopportune times. Ava reminded Austin that he was free to walk away, but the sound of the doorbell seemed to suggest otherwise.

Moments later, Ava opened the door to Laura, who had stopped by looking for Nikolas. Ava led Laura into the living room. A few minutes later, Austin quietly slipped out the front door, unnoticed.

In the living room, Ava stuck to her story that she and Nikolas had argued and that Nikolas had stormed off. Ava was surprised when Laura revealed that she knew Ava had helped Spencer blackmail Nikolas. Laura acknowledged that she had no idea what Spencer was holding over Nikolas, but Laura wondered if it was a good strategy for Ava and Nikolas to continue to tear into each other. "How's that going to end?" Laura asked. Ava recalled the deadly confrontation with Nikolas, but she pushed the memory away.

"I didn't want this," Ava said. Laura believed Ava, but Laura said she could not rest until she heard from Nikolas. Laura explained that Nikolas had lost Ava, and he'd had a falling-out with Elizabeth, so Laura feared that Spencer's threat had been the last straw for Nikolas. Laura revealed that Spencer had "lorded" the secret over Nikolas, and Laura hadn't been able to shake the feeling that something horrible might happen. "I feel like I'm going to lose my son for good," Laura said in a tone filled with sadness.

Laura pointed out that there was nothing to stop Nikolas from throwing in with Victor. Ava tried to ease Laura's worry by assuring her that Nikolas was more apt to leave town because Nikolas had felt as if there had been nothing left for him in Port Charles. "For what it's worth, I don't think that he will throw in with Victor," Ava said. Laura hoped that Ava was right. "I'm probably overreacting," Laura said. Ava admitted that Laura was acting as any mother would.

As Ava walked Laura to the door, Laura asked Ava to send a text message if Ava heard from Nikolas. Ava agreed, but Ava admitted that Nikolas had made it clear that he never wanted to see Ava again. Ava agreed it was for the best. "All we seem to do these days is hurt each other," Ava said. Laura wished that things had gone differently between Ava and Nikolas. Ava agreed. "More than anything," Ava said.

In Willow's hospital room, Michael looked up when his mother entered. Carly quietly asked how Willow was doing. Michael told his mother that he was eager for Willow to wake up so he could tell Willow about their daughter. Carly was surprised that Willow hadn't seen the baby yet, but Michael explained that Willow had been asleep leaving the operating room. Just then, Willow began to stir in the bed.

Michael rushed to Willow's bedside as Willow's eyes fluttered open. Carly quietly slipped out of the room to give them privacy. Willow immediately asked about the baby, and Michael assured her that their daughter was perfect and eager to meet her mother. Willow begged Michael to fetch their daughter, so Michael made a quick phone call. Afterwards, he assured Willow that a nurse was on the way with the baby.

While Michael and Willow waited, they talked about the baby's delivery. Willow revealed that she recalled seeing the baby before the baby had been taken away. Michael told Willow that she had hemorrhaged, and her heart had stopped. Willow was shocked because she remembered hearing Michael call out to her. "You told me to come home," Willow said. Stunned, Michael revealed that he had said those words in the waiting room while he'd been praying for Willow to return. "And I did," Willow said.

In the hallway, Carly greeted Sonny, and she shared the good news about Willow. After Sonny sent Nina a quick text message with the update, he and Carly talked about the possibility of their granddaughter saving Willow. A few minutes later, a nurse arrived with the baby. Sonny and Carly spent a minute with their granddaughter before the nurse entered Willow's hospital room.

Carly gushed about the baby's beauty and intelligence. Sonny invited Carly to go into Willow's room, but Carly was determined to give Michael and Willow some time alone with their daughter. Sonny confessed that he was reminded of Donna's eventful birth, and Carly agreed. Carly recalled how afraid she and Sonny had been that Donna's spina bifida diagnosis would limit their daughter and present challenges. "But she's perfect," Sonny said.

Carly confessed that she was happy that Michael had an opportunity to be a part of the baby's life from the start, since Michael had been cheated out of the first year of Wiley's life. Sonny admitted that he hated to think of the pain that Michael had endured. "Because of Nelle," Carly said. Sonny reminded Carly that Nina "never knew Nelle."

On the NICU floor, Nina watched as a nurse tucked Michael and Willow's daughter into a bassinet. Liesl walked up and looked over Nina's shoulder. "Is that her?" Liesl asked. Nina smiled as she nodded. Liesl recalled when Britt had been born. "She was vocal and disapproving from the start," Liesl said with pride.

Nina admitted that she was surprised to see Liesl, but Liesl explained that she had been eager to meet her "grand-niece." Liesl asked about Willow, so Nina revealed that Willow was still asleep. Nina vowed to stay away from Willow unless Willow asked because Nina did not want to upset her daughter. Just then, Scott arrived on the pretext of seeing the baby. Liesl suspected that Scott had been checking up on Liesl, but he was unapologetic because he knew the hardest part of funerals was when everything was over and everyone went back to their lives.

Liesl smiled with gratitude, but she assured Scott that she rejoiced for Nina, and she was eager to meet Nina's granddaughter. Nina checked her phone when it buzzed with a notification. Nina beamed with joy when she read Sonny's text message and announced that Willow was awake. Scott was happy for Nina and Liesl, but he excused himself when he received a call on his phone.

After Scott walked away, Liesl grumbled that it wasn't fair that Carly was able to celebrate the moment with Michael and Willow, while Nina remained the outcast. Liesl insisted that Carly was not any better than Nina or Liesl, and it was unfair that Carly was "beloved" and Nina was "shunned." Liesl admitted that she would love to drag Carly's skeletons out of the closet, so Nina revealed that Carly and Drew were hiding their romance. Intrigued, Liesl advised Nina to find out why.

Later, Liesl passed Finn as he arrived at the hospital. Finn called out to Liesl and offered his condolences. Liesl thanked him for not attending Britt's memorial service. Liesl explained that others had been hypocrites who had only given Britt her due after Britt had been gone. However, Liesl asked Finn to do something about Elizabeth. Liesl complained that Elizabeth had pulled Scott away from Liesl because Elizabeth had needed help with another "life crisis" that Elizabeth had been ill-equipped to deal with.

In Willow's hospital room, Michael handed the baby to Willow. After the nurse left, Willow bonded with her daughter, while Michael snapped pictures on his phone. Michael suggested that they settle on a name before they introduced Wiley to his new sister. Willow admitted that she had known their daughter's name from the moment that Willow had first seen the baby. A short time later, Carly poked her head into the room. Michael pulled out his phone and noted that Carly had waited fourteen minutes and twelve seconds to see the baby, so Willow owed Michael $20.

Carly pretended to be hurt, but Michael made amends by formally introducing Carly to her granddaughter -- Amelia Grace Corinthos. Michael handed the baby to Carly, and he suggested that the baby needed rest. Willow knew Michael was really concerned about Willow, but Willow was not ready to take her eyes off of Amelia. Carly assured Willow that Willow would have the rest of her life to look at Amelia.

Meanwhile, Nina greeted Sonny outside Willow's hospital room. They talked about the baby until Sonny received a text message from Willow that had been sent from Michael's phone. Sonny showed Nina the attachment -- a photo of Willow and the baby with "Amelia Grace" typed at the bottom of the photo. Nina smiled and hugged Sonny. Moments later, the NICU nurse left Willow's room with the baby. Michael stepped into the hallway.

Sonny and Michael exchanged a glance during an awkward silence, until Michael spotted Austin. Michael called out to Austin and asked if there had been any news about the stem-cell harvest. Austin explained that Dr. Randolph was on her way. Michael noticed Sonny and Nina watching, so he asked Austin to step into Willow's room.

In Willow's hospital room, Michael asked Austin for an update, but Austin wanted to wait for Terry. Willow cut the tension by asking if Austin had met Amelia. Austin assured Willow that he had, so Willow explained that she was ready to move forward with the treatment because her children needed her. Carly and Michael noticed Austin's somber expression. "Austin? Is there something wrong?" Michael asked.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth thanked Scott for stopping by, and she expressed her gratitude that he was a part of her sons' lives. Worried, Scott cut to the chase because he wanted to know why Elizabeth had asked for his professional help. "I'm in trouble," Elizabeth said. She revealed that she had committed several crimes.

Willow learns she might have only weeks to live

Willow learns she might have only weeks to live

Thursday, February 9, 2023

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis offered Gregory a job. Gregory was reluctant because he said he didn't want to walk away from teaching. Alexis said she knew that Gregory still wanted to teach but also become a member of the Invader. Alexis asked Gregory to give it a try, and Gregory agreed.

At the hospital, Liesl spoke to Finn about Elizabeth. Finn surmised that Scott had gone to Elizabeth's house. Liesl said that she had grown to care about Elizabeth because of Scott, and she asked Finn to tell her what was on his mind so that she could be an "ally" if Elizabeth was "in over her head."

Moments later, Scott appeared. Finn said he still cared about Elizabeth and her boys, but Scott said that Elizabeth had enough on her plate. Finn persisted, and he asked if Elizabeth was in trouble. "That's between a lawyer and his client!" Scott snapped at Finn, who raced out of the hospital, en route to Elizabeth's doorstep.

Earlier, at Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth told Scott about her involvement with Nikolas. Just then, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth answered the door, and she saw Ava standing outside. Ava told Elizabeth that the two women needed to talk.

Scott warned Elizabeth to stay quiet about her involvement with Nikolas. After Scott left, Ava said that Nikolas had told her the truth about the made-up affair between Elizabeth and Nikolas. Elizabeth apologized to Ava, and she said that she had decided to turn herself in. Ava flashed back to her argument with Nikolas, including having locked Nikolas' body in the stables, and she seemed to try to dissuade Elizabeth from getting the police involved.

Elizabeth said that she had helped Nikolas of her own free will. Ava said that she believed that Nikolas had left town, and she added that only Elizabeth was left to pay for any crimes that had been committed. Elizabeth was surprised that Nikolas would leave Port Charles. Ava said she "doubted" they would see Nikolas again, and she told Elizabeth not to ruin her life because of Nikolas' decisions. "Why do you care so much what I do? What's it to you if I turn myself in?" Elizabeth asked sincerely.

Ava claimed that she only wanted both women to move on with their lives. Elizabeth insisted on "owning" her involvement in Nikolas' kidnapping of Esme. Just then, Elizabeth opened the door to Finn. Ava left, and Finn asked what Ava had wanted. Elizabeth shared that Ava had said that Nikolas had left town.

Outside Elizabeth's house, Ava placed a call to Austin, and she said she needed to meet with him. "We have a huge problem," Ava said.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Terry joined Willow, Michael, and Carly. Terry said that the hospital hadn't been able to harvest enough stem cells from Willow's cord blood for Willow to undergo a stem cell transplant procedure. Terry added that the transplant was no longer an option for Willow.

Michael asked what was next. Terry recommended a bone-marrow transplant, and she said that the best thing to do was to wait for a donor match. Willow asked how much time she had. Terry grimly said that she thought Willow had only "weeks" to live.

Terry and Austin left Willow alone in the room with Michael and Carly. Carly told Willow and Michael that she loved them, and she left the room. Willow told Michael that she needed to be alone. Michael kissed Willow on the forehead, and he stepped out of the room.

Alone in the room, Willow flashed back to fond memories of her time with Michael, including the night that she had agreed to marry Michael. Willow looked at her wedding ring, and she began to sob. Moments later, Michael returned to Willow's room, and he encouraged Willow not to give up. Willow stopped Michael, and she said she wanted to have a conversation. "About your life without me," Willow said.

In the hospital lobby, Sonny and Nina waited for news on Willow's condition. Sonny encouraged Nina not to give up hope that she and Willow could have a relationship as mother and daughter. Nina vowed to keep trying with Willow.

Donna appeared. Sonny lifted Donna into his arms, and he introduced her to Amelia through the glass doors of the NICU. Soon afterward, Nina spoke aloud to Amelia, and she vowed to do everything she could to keep Amelia safe. Nina told Amelia through the glass that she would always be there for her.

After she had stepped out of Willow's room, Carly told Sonny that Willow didn't have much time. Carly left with Donna to get hot chocolate. After Carly and Donna left, Nina asked Sonny what Carly had said about Willow. Sonny repeated that Willow didn't have much time.

Nina said that Willow didn't deserve what had happened to her. Nina said that she had done horrible things in her life, and she wondered if Willow's struggles were "cosmic payback." Sonny shared that he had done plenty of things he wasn't proud of, but he said that neither he nor Nina would give up on Willow.

Liesl and Scott appeared, and Liesl surmised that something was wrong with Nina. Liesl asked if anything had happened to Willow. Nina told Liesl, who spotted Terry. "I understand my niece's daughter needs a bone marrow donor. Take me to get tested," Liesl pleaded.

Portia receives a surprise visitor on her wedding day

Portia receives a surprise visitor on her wedding day

Friday, February 10, 2023

At Wyndemere, Ava told Austin that they had to move Nikolas' body. Ava and Austin started to leave for the stables when a man's voice called out for Ava. Just then, Spencer appeared. "I want to know what went down between you and my father last night," Spencer said.

Spencer told Ava that Nikolas hadn't answered any of his calls or texts since he had confronted Nikolas with the video confession. Ava said blithely that she didn't think Nikolas would be a problem anymore for Spencer, and she added that Nikolas had left town and perhaps the country.

Spencer seemed hurt that Nikolas had left without having said goodbye. Spencer's phone chimed, and he said he had to leave. Afterward, Ava told Austin that the two had a body to move. "That's not gonna happen," Austin deadpanned.

Austin said that he and Ava needed to be methodical and to use caution, given that Spencer had just walked in on them. Austin suggested that he and Ava wait until dark to move Nikolas, and he encouraged Ava to attend Curtis and Portia's wedding as she had planned. Ava reluctantly agreed. "You know, I know why I have experience in these extreme situations. Remind me to ask why it all comes so naturally to you," Ava said.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth told Finn that Ava had said that Nikolas had disappeared. Finn thought that Nikolas being gone should sway Elizabeth's opinion on whether to turn herself in. Elizabeth had to remind Finn that she had already stated that she alone would make the decision on whether to turn herself in.

Elizabeth recalled that she and Nikolas had believed that Esme was the hook killer and that Britt had died while Esme had been locked up at Wyndemere. Elizabeth blamed herself for Britt's death. Finn tried to draw a correlation between Britt's death and the guilt Elizabeth felt over Reiko's death.

Elizabeth said that a lot of her and Finn's issues had been exacerbated by Finn's need to be her hero. Elizabeth added that she had to handle trauma in her own way. "And I did just that. And now, I want you to trust me to handle this the way that I see fit. So, for the sake of our family that we will always share, I'm asking you not to fight me, please," Elizabeth begged.

Finn groused that he didn't like or agree with Elizabeth's choice, but he claimed he would support her regardless. Elizabeth thanked Finn, who claimed that he had never tried to be a "hero" to her. Finn asked Elizabeth to call Scott and coordinate her surrender to the police "the right way." Elizabeth agreed, and she added that she would attend Curtis and Portia's wedding as planned.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Sonny and Nina discussed whether they should leave for the night. Nina said she didn't want to leave Willow, even if Willow wanted nothing to do with her.

In Willow's room, Willow told Michael that she needed him to accept that she was going to die. Willow said she would not be at peace if Michael didn't agree to talk to her about what she wanted for him, Wiley, and Amelia. Willow asked Michael to promise that her family would be okay and that he would someday move on. Michael said through tears that he didn't want to move on.

Willow said she needed peace of mind and that Michael was the only one who could provide it. Just then, a nurse entered to check Willow's vitals. After the nurse left, Nina appeared at Willow's room. "What do you want?" Willow snapped.

Nina apologized that she hadn't been a donor match for Willow, who sniped that not everything was about Nina. Nina produced a necklace that had been given to her years earlier as a link to Nina's two daughters. Nina said that she knew Willow wanted nothing to do with her, but she added that the necklace was rightfully Willow's. Willow turned her back to Nina, and she rolled over. Nina placed the necklace on a stand next to the bed, and she gracefully walked out of the room.

Later, Michael reentered Willow's room. Michael said that he would never give up hope on Willow, but he agreed to make preparations if it would give Willow peace of mind. Michael asked where the two should start. "Finally, an easy question. You can start by marrying me, Michael Corinthos," Willow said.

Back in the waiting area, Nina asked Sonny if they could leave together. Nina said she didn't have time to get dressed for Curtis and Portia's wedding. Sonny surprised Nina when he said that he'd had Frank bring Nina's dress to the hospital. Nina was surprised, and she hugged Sonny.

Also at the hospital, T.J. told Jordan that he wanted Stella to attend the wedding. T.J. asked how Jordan felt about the wedding, given her past marriage to Curtis. Jordan asked T.J. to wish Curtis well for her.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis, Drew, and Marshall appeared in their tuxedos. Drew proposed a toast, and Curtis left to get scotch. Alone together, Marshall confided to Drew that he was worried about causing a scene at the wedding, and he cited his history with mental illness. Marshall asked Drew to promise to escort Marshall out if he caused a scene, and Drew agreed.

Later, T.J. entered, and he told Curtis that Jordan had sent her best wishes to Curtis and Portia. T.J. then proposed a toast to Curtis. Curtis, Drew, Marshall, and T.J. all toasted and drank.

At All Saints Chapel, Laura was happy to see Taggert, and the two shared a warm reunion. Laura said that she was officiating the wedding because Stella didn't feel well. Later, Curtis, Drew, Marshall, and T.J. arrived at the chapel. Taggert approached Curtis, and he said the two men should talk.

Taggert said he could see that Portia and Trina had a bright future with Curtis, who thanked Taggert for his words. Taggert added that Curtis was a good man, and he extended his hand. Curtis and Taggert shook hands.

In a separate room at the chapel, Portia dressed and prepared for her wedding. Portia told Trina that there would be an extra seat at the wedding in case Trina wanted to invite Spencer. Trina thanked Portia, and she jokingly said that she would think about it. Moments later, Portia returned in a white wedding dress that Trina, Josslyn, and Terry all admired.

Terry and Josslyn left, and Trina stayed in the room with Portia. Trina and Portia said that they were blessed to have each other as mother and daughter. Portia said that every choice she had made in her life had been with Trina in mind, and she added that Trina would always be the love of her life.

Trina left, and she joined Josslyn in the main chapel, Trina told Josslyn that she had a date for the wedding. Josslyn asked who Trina's date was. Just then, Spencer entered the chapel. Spencer and Trina locked eyes, and Trina chuckled in delight.

Moments later, Portia heard a knock at her door. Portia was surprised to open the door to Jordan. "What are you doing here?" Portia asked. "Stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life," Jordan said.

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