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Portia and Curtis were married; however, Portia's lies caught up with her, and she was forced to admit the truth to Curtis, Trina, and Taggert. Heather and Ryan put their plan into motion and fled Spring Ridge with Esme. Ryan took Ava and Felicia hostage. Dante and Sam tracked down Maggie Fitzgerald. Michael and Willow told Carly about their plans to get married. Victor reminded Eileen that he called the shots. Austin was attacked by someone wielding a hook.
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Portia was forced to admit the truth to Curtis, Trina, and Taggert. Heather and Ryan fled Spring Ridge with Esme. Dante and Sam tracked down Maggie Fitzgerald. Austin was attacked by someone wielding a hook.
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Curtis and Portia's wedding begins

Curtis and Portia's wedding begins

Monday, February 13, 2023

In Devon, England, Sam and Dante entered a cabin in the English countryside ahead of their search for Maggie Fitzgerald, Esme's nanny. Sam and Dante kissed and fell onto the bed. The two started to make out, but Sam insisted they hold off on making love.

Sam suggested that she and Dante tell Maggie the truth by saying that Esme was in trouble and in need of help. Dante said that it sounded strange to hear Esme described as a lady in trouble. Sam agreed, but she said she was convinced that Esme truly had amnesia.

Sam surmised that Maggie was worried that Esme had gone "off the grid." "Okay, let's go find Maggie and tell her about Esme and see what happens," Dante said. As they left the room, Dante invited Sam for a pint first, and she agreed.

In a hospital elevator, Liesl pulled the emergency button, and she blasted Carly for having denied Nina and Willow a chance to bond. Liesl asked Carly to help Nina reconcile with Willow. Carly blamed Nina for the divide between Willow and Nina. Carly added that she couldn't build a bridge between Nina and Willow, but she offered that she might be able to build a bridge between Liesl and Willow.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Michael agreed to marry Willow, who said she refused to spend whatever time she had left in the hospital. Michael agreed that Willow should be allowed to go home, and he asked where he and Willow should get married. Willow suggested the Quartermaine mansion.

Michael asked Willow if she would agree to a transplant if one were to become available. Willow agreed. Just then, Carly entered. Willow told Carly that she and Michael would get married.

Carly promised to give Willow "the most perfect wedding." Michael left, and Carly said that she needed to ask Willow for a favor. Moments later, Liesl appeared. Liesl said that Willow was from a strong family that came through for each other.

Outside Willow's room, Dex told Michael that they would soon have the evidence to take Sonny down, and he mentioned an upcoming shipment from Pikeman Security. Michael asked when the shipment would happen, and Dex replied that it would be in two weeks -- the same time that Michael had agreed to marry Willow.

Earlier, outside All Saints Chapel, Josslyn had yet again griped about Dex working for Sonny. Josslyn then gave Dex the latest update on everything that was going on in her life, including Willow's health. The two held hands, and Spencer and Trina approached. "What are you doing here?" Spencer snapped at Dex.

Spencer asked if Dex was with Josslyn. Spencer threatened to tell Sonny that Dex was being intrusive. Josslyn asked Spencer what his problem was. Spencer sniped that he didn't like Dex or the way Josslyn defended him. Trina told Spencer to stop, but Spencer added that he doubted that Josslyn would be as protective of Dex if Dex was "just another of Sonny's goons."

Just then, Sonny approached, and he asked what the commotion had been about. Josslyn accused Spencer of being an "entitled, insecure ass." Trina thanked Sonny for providing security for the wedding, but she added that Taggert had provided his own security. Trina, Spencer, and Josslyn went inside the chapel. Afterwards, Sonny told Dex about the assignment with Pikeman Security.

Inside the chapel, everyone had gathered for Curtis and Portia's wedding. Curtis told Drew that he and Portia were a "sure thing," and he thanked Sonny and Nina for attending the wedding. Later, Drew told Nina that she looked nice, and he asked if Nina had seen Amelia. Nina said she had, and she asked if Carly would be joining Drew. Drew said that he had no date to the wedding, and he excused himself.

Nearby, Elizabeth greeted Laura, who put her arms around Elizabeth. Elizabeth said she always felt that everything would be okay whenever she was around Laura, and she added that she intended to enjoy every minute of the wedding.

In a separate room at the chapel, Portia yelled for Jordan to stay out of her business. Jordan surprised Portia when she said that Stella knew that Curtis was Trina's father. Portia then realized that Stella had refused to officiate the wedding because she knew the truth.

Portia screamed at Jordan, and she claimed that all her transgressions were Jordan's fault. Portia tried to reason that if anyone could keep a secret, it was Stella. Jordan doubted that Portia could keep the secret forever. Portia accused Jordan of wanting the secret to come out only so that Jordan could have Curtis all to herself.

Jordan begged Portia to tell Curtis the truth. "Don't you get it? I want this marriage to work, which is why I am begging you to tell him the truth! Tell Curtis that Trina might be his daughter! If you do it now, before the wedding, it gives you a fighting chance. But if Curtis finds out later, on his own, you'll lose him, Portia. Just like I did," Jordan warned.

Jordan left. Alone in the room, Portia flashed back to when she had explicitly told Curtis that Taggert was Trina's father. Just then, Portia heard a knock at the door. "Babe? Can we talk?" Curtis said from the other side of the door.

Curtis told Portia that it was almost time for the wedding to begin. Trina appeared, and she overheard Curtis tell Portia that the two had the chance to "get things right this time." Portia began to sob, and she seemed on the verge of telling Curtis the truth, but Curtis had walked away.

Portia left the room and stood outside the chapel. Trina and Sterling greeted Portia. Portia asked Trina to always believe Portia loved her, "no matter what." Trina was confused by Portia's behavior, and she remarked that she and Portia weren't saying goodbye. Terry then told Portia that it was time for the wedding to start.

Trina walked down the aisle as everyone stood. The "Bridal Chorus" started to play, and Sterling walked Portia down the aisle as everyone looked on and smiled. Portia was escorted to Curtis, who took her hands in his.

In front of everyone gathered, Laura recalled that she had been with Curtis on a night when Portia had been in grave danger. Laura said that Curtis had been willing to risk everything to protect Portia and Trina from harm. Laura said that moments like the one she had described made it clear that Curtis and Portia had a strong bond between them.

"So, before we get the ball rolling here, I do have to ask the question that we all know the answer to, but I have to ask it anyway: Can anyone here show just cause why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony? If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace," Laura announced.

Curtis stared lovingly at Portia, who looked unsettled.

Curtis and Portia are married

Curtis and Portia are married

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

In Devon, England, Sam and Dante entered a pub. A barmaid asked if she could help the two, and Dante ordered drinks. Sam and Dante each sipped from a pint of ale. Sam said that she and Dante hoped to find a lady named Maggie Fitzgerald. The barmaid made a curious face, but she denied knowing who Maggie was.

The barmaid said that she had once known a nanny named "Marjorie" that had been a walking encyclopedia during trivia nights at the pub. Sam asked if "Marjorie" had left a clue as to her whereabouts. Sam said that it was important to find Maggie, and she mentioned Esme's name. "Esme?" the barmaid repeated. "Did Maggie -- or, um, Marjorie -- ever mention her?" Dante asked.

The barmaid asked why Dante and Sam were so invested in "this Esme person." Dante said that Esme was in trouble in the US, and Sam added that Maggie would want to help if she knew the kind of trouble that Esme was in.

The barmaid remained suspicious, and she asked how she was supposed to know that Sam and Dante weren't the reason that Esme was in trouble. Dante and Sam said the barmaid would have to trust them in good faith. Sam said that Maggie was the closest thing Esme had had to a friend, and she hoped that Maggie could tell them about a possible mother or father that Esme had.

The barmaid claimed that she had never heard "Marjorie" mention anyone named Esme. Sam and Dante asked the barmaid to contact them if she learned anything. Outside the pub, Sam told Dante that the lady had been "lying through her teeth." Dante wondered aloud why the barmaid would lie.

Back inside the pub, the barmaid retrieved a box that was filled with stacks of letters addressed to Maggie Fitzgerald and which bore Esme's name as the sender. "Oh, Esme. I warned you not to go and look up your father. What have you gotten yourself into now?" said the barmaid, who was revealed to be Maggie Fitzgerald.

At Spring Ridge, Heather presented Ryan with a Valentine's Day card. Heather said the card wasn't Ryan's only gift. "Chocolate-covered strawberries?" Ryan joked. "Oh, no. Something much sweeter: a way out of here for the four of us," Heather said.

Heather clarified that Esme's baby was the fourth person in their group. Ryan realized that Esme didn't know about Heather's escape plan, and he grabbed her by the wrist. Heather assured Ryan that Esme would be told when the time was right. Heather talked casually about an RV, and Ryan asked her for the plan.

Heather said that Ryan wouldn't be driving, given Ryan's alleged locked-in syndrome. Heather added that Ryan should "sit back and enjoy the ride." Heather then presented Ryan with a Valentine's Day present: a shiv. Heather said that Ryan could be his former self again once they were outside Spring Ridge.

Ryan thought that Heather was setting him up, but Heather continued to try to earn Ryan's trust. Heather grew sentimental as she spoke of having an "All-American family." Ryan said there was something that Heather hadn't counted on, and he asked what would happen if Esme refused to go along with their plan.

Heather said that Esme had no one else to trust, and she added that no one would ever hurt Esme again once they left Spring Ridge. "Let me throw in just one little wrinkle to the itinerary... I need to make one stop before we take off," Ryan said.

In her hotel room, Stella flashed back to her conversation with Jordan and the realization that Curtis was Trina's father. Stella heard a knock, and she opened the door to Jordan. Jordan noticed that Stella had been reading her Bible.

Stella questioned if she was doing the right thing by not attending Curtis and Portia's wedding and by keeping Portia's secret. Stella scoffed when Jordan said that Portia was "good people." Jordan said she only wished that Portia had been up-front with Curtis from the start.

At All Saints Chapel, Laura asked if anyone objected to Curtis and Portia's wedding. Portia flashed back to Jordan's conversation with her before Portia had entered the chapel but remained silent. Curtis and Portia both said, "I will."

Laura asked Curtis and Portia to recite their vows. Curtis recited his vows, and he told Portia how grateful he was to have her in his life. "Portia, I vow to love you with all my heart, to give you all I have and all I am to make our lives and the lives of the people we treasure better. This is my vow to you," Curtis said earnestly.

Portia recited her vows, and she told Curtis that he had saved her and Trina's lives. "Honey, your courage, your kindness, your conviction, all of it, it literally leaves me breathless. No one can make me laugh like you do or cry like you do. You just make me want to do and be better. And you have no idea how thankful I am to you for that. Honey, you are part of me, and I can't imagine a world without you in it. And, um... that's... why I..." Portia trailed off.

Everyone gathered started to grow concerned, and Curtis asked Portia what was wrong. Portia stuttered that it had simply dawned on her that she was marrying into Curtis' family, and she said that the road they had taken wouldn't stop with their wedding. Portia added that wherever the road led them, they would be together.

Curtis placed a ring on Portia's finger, and he pledged to love her always. Portia placed a ring on Curtis' finger, and she said that there was no end to her love for him. Laura then pronounced Curtis and Portia husband and wife. Curtis kissed Portia, and the chapel erupted in cheers and applause.

Later, at Metro Court, Drew used a microphone to announce Curtis and Portia. The newlyweds walked hand in hand as soft music started to play. As they danced, Curtis told Portia that he was excited to start the next chapter of their lives together. Curtis and Portia finished their dance, and Sterling danced with Portia as the father-daughter dance began.

Nearby, Taggert asked Trina to dance with him. Afterwards, Curtis asked if he could dance with Trina. As they danced, Curtis told Trina that he was grateful to count her as family. At the same time, across the room, Sterling grew concerned over Portia. "Honey, what's wrong?" Sterling asked.

Portia said that she was merely emotional because it was her wedding day. Nearby, Sonny started to dance with Nina, Terry danced with Yuri, and T.J. danced with Molly. Josslyn told Spencer that she didn't think he was "good enough" for Trina, but she encouraged him to dance with Trina, anyway. Spencer approached Trina, and he asked her to dance. "I thought we wouldn't pretend to be friends in public anymore," Trina said. "Oh. I was never pretending," Spencer said confidently.

As they danced, Spencer said he recognized the look on Trina's face. Spencer asked what Trina was thinking. Trina said she could tell that Curtis had been thinking about Stella, and she said that it was wrong that Stella wasn't at the wedding.

Moments later, Drew gave his best man's toast to Curtis. Drew said that Curtis was loyal, and he toasted to the "best of the best" ahead for Curtis and Portia. Everyone cheered, and Curtis and Portia both drank Champagne. Drew asked for Trina to show herself. Everyone looked around for Trina, who had left with Spencer.

Back in Stella's hotel room, Stella heard a knock at the door. She opened the door to Trina and Spencer.

Ryan and Heather reach a point of no return

Ryan and Heather reach a point of no return

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

In Devon, England, Dante and Sam returned to their countryside cottage. Sam was certain that they were close to finding Esme's parents, but Dante warned her that they couldn't get ahead of themselves because they didn't have any proof. Sam suggested that Dante return to the pub and push the barmaid for answers, but Dante had other ideas. He kissed Sam, but she pulled away and asked if he was trying to distract her. Dante denied it, but he admitted that questioning the barmaid could wait until morning. Sam disagreed, and she worried that Maggie would be tipped off and have time to disappear if Dante waited.

Sam explained that she was certain the barmaid had known more than the woman had let on. Dante realized that Sam would not let it drop, so he invited her to join him. Sam declined because she believed that Dante would be more effective on his own. Sam revealed that she intended to spend her time "cyber-sleuthing" to see if Maggie had taken a teaching job in the area. After Dante left, Sam went to work on her laptop, but her online search didn't yield any results. The search was put on hold when someone knocked on the door.

Miss Bletchly apologized for disturbing Sam, but the proprietress asked if Sam and Dante wanted coffee or tea with breakfast. Sam assured Miss Bletchly that coffee would be fine, but it quickly became clear that something else was on the woman's mind. Miss Bletchly nervously admitted that she had seen Dante leave earlier, and she was concerned that he might be disappointed to find that the village closed early. Sam explained that Dante liked to take long walks at night because it helped him sleep. Satisfied, Miss Bletchly turned to leave, but Sam decided to ask the woman about Maggie Fitzgerald.

Miss Bletchly admitted that she was observant, but not good with names. Sam explained that Maggie had been a nanny, and she might have worked with children in the village. Miss Bletchly recalled that the barmaid at the pub had mentioned being a nanny. Surprised, Sam asked if Miss Bletchly had been referring to the tall woman with curly red hair. "Yes, that's her," Miss Bletchly said. Miss Bletchly revealed that the barmaid's name was Margaret, and Margaret had once been a nanny in America.

At the pub, Margaret stuffed the letters that Esme had sent to Maggie Fitzgerald into her purse. She picked up her phone as a man walked in and ordered a lager, but Margaret informed Cyril that the pub was closed for the night. Disappointed, Cyril turned to leave, but Margaret asked when the next train to London left. Cyril revealed that the express train departed "a quarter past the hour." After Margaret walked him to the door, she turned the sign in the window to closed and locked the door.

Margaret returned to the bar and checked her phone. She realized that she had 30 minutes until the train left, so she called the pub's owner and informed Archie that he would need to open in the morning because she was sick. After she ended the call, she poured herself a drink, cleaned out the cash register, and fetched a hastily packed suitcase. Margaret walked through the bar, but she stopped in her tracks when she unlocked and opened the front door. Dante stood in the doorway.

At Spring Ridge, Heather was furious that Ryan wanted to include a stop to see Ava in the escape plans. "The heart wants what it wants," Ryan said. Heather wasn't amused. She told Ryan to get his head in the game because Dante and Sam remained a threat. Ryan seemed unconcerned, but Heather resented Ryan's obsession with Ava. Heather complained that she had done all the work without any appreciation from Ryan. Ryan said little until Heather mentioned getting close to Felicia. Outraged, Ryan demanded that Heather explain herself.

Heather reminded Ryan that he'd been present when Felicia and Mac had paid Heather a visit. Ryan relaxed when Heather assured him that it had been her only encounter with Felicia. Heather insisted that she had protected Ryan, but he clarified that he could take care of himself. Heather laughed at the idea that Ryan posed a danger to anyone, and she taunted him about his lack of strength. Ryan quickly proved Heather wrong when he jumped out of his wheelchair and easily pinned her to the wall by pressing his forearm against her throat. Ryan held the deadly shiv to Heather's jugular.

Heather was delighted. "He's back! Ladies and gentlemen, the Ryan Chamberlain we all know and love," Heather said. "The Ryan Chamberlain we need," Heather added. Heather admitted that she was certain "the hour is nigh" for them to escape. She stopped at the door, pulled a wad of gum out of her mouth, and shoved it into the door latch. Heather smiled as she invited Ryan to feel free to exercise his legs.

Meanwhile, Esme sat in the lounge. She tried to read a book about pregnancy and parenting, but she quickly gave up. Heather walked up and easily picked up on Esme's frustration. Heather assured Esme that Esme had no reason to worry about being a mother because Esme knew more than Esme realized. Esme argued that she was in prison, and Esme didn't see any rocking chairs around. "I don't know what's going to happen to us," Esme said in a sad tone as she cradled her stomach and looked down at her rounded belly.

Heather assured Esme that everything would be taken care of. "What does that mean?" Esme asked. Heather explained that she had simply meant that everything would work out because the baby's father was rich, and he would not let Esme and the baby languish in Spring Ridge. Just then, a guard announced that it was time for everyone to return to their cellblock. Heather offered to accompany Esme. Esme was reluctant, but Heather promised to show Esme a shortcut.

A few minutes later, Esme stopped in an empty hallway and demanded to know where Heather was taking her. Heather promised it was a shortcut, but a guard suddenly rounded the corner. The guard demanded to know what Heather and Esme were doing, and Esme explained that Heather had claimed it was a shortcut to their cellblock. The guard grabbed Heather's arm to escort Heather to her cell, but Heather jerked her arm out of his grasp. The guard saw a set of keys drop out of Heather's pocket.

As the guard confronted Heather about the set of keys, Ryan silently crept up behind the guard and plunged the shiv into the man's back. The guard collapsed to the ground. Esme was horrified by what had unfolded. Ryan stepped over the body and greeted Esme. "Hey, Esme. Road trip?" Ryan asked.

At Metro Court, Stella reluctantly invited Trina and Spencer into her room. Trina looked around and noticed that there weren't any signs of Stella being sick. Stella confessed that she had exaggerated things. "I just needed a quiet evening," Stella said. Shocked, Trina admitted that she couldn't imagine Stella skipping the wedding for such a flimsy excuse. Stella claimed that she'd had good reason for not attending the wedding, and Stella was certain that Portia would agree.

Trina didn't understand, but Stella insisted that it wasn't for Trina to understand. Trina was undaunted because she was certain Stella was hiding something. "Aunt Stella, what are you not telling me?" Trina asked. Spencer admitted that he had learned from experience that the longer a secret was kept, the more damage it did. Stella appreciated Spencer's advice, but she pointed out that he was not family. Chastised, Spencer apologized.

Trina reminded Stella that she and Stella were family. Stella agreed, so Stella admitted that she hadn't been able to attend the wedding. "Not in good conscience," Stella said. Alarmed, Trina asked if it had something to do with Curtis and Portia's affair 20 years earlier -- or if Stella was afraid that Portia would be unfaithful again. Stella explained that she had kept the secret about Marshall from Curtis for 40 years, and Stella had vowed that she would never keep a secret like that from her nephew again. Spencer offered to leave, but Trina asked him to stay.

Trina asked Stella if there was something about Curtis that Portia didn't know. Stella clarified that there was something that Portia needed to tell both Curtis and Trina. Trina wanted Stella to explain, but Stella insisted that it wasn't her place. Stella warned Trina that the truth would be hard for Trina to hear, but Stella believed that Trina would be better off in the end. Stella asked Spencer to be there for Trina. "Yes, ma'am," Spencer said.

Stella asked if she could hug Trina. After Trina nodded, Stella wrapped her arms around Trina and offered Trina words of encouragement. Stella insisted that Trina was a strong young woman, and Stella was certain that Trina would get through what was ahead. After Trina and Spencer left, Stella picked up the Bible and asked aloud if she had done the right thing. "Please tell me I didn't destroy my family," Stella said.

In the hallway, Spencer stopped Trina and asked if she had any idea what Stella had been talking about. Trina admitted that she had no idea, but she intended to find out.

At the reception, Drew invited the guests to join him as he raised his glass in honor of Curtis and Portia. After everyone drank from their glasses, Drew invited Trina to give a toast. However, it quickly became clear that Trina was not present. Portia was disappointed, but Molly gained everyone's attention by gently striking her crystal flute with a spoon and calling for Curtis and Portia to kiss. The guests joined in on the chant, so the newlyweds happily complied.

After Curtis and Portia kissed, Curtis told his guests that they would resume toasts later. However, Elizabeth asked to say a few words. After Elizabeth's heartfelt toast, the guest clapped. Josslyn took the opportunity to mingle and record video messages on her phone for the happy couple. When it was Ava's turn, Ava advised the newlyweds to get everything in writing.

After Josslyn walked away, Nina and Sonny approached Ava. Ava praised Nina for the ballroom's transformation. Nina smiled brightly, but she excused herself to track down the caterer about the lack of food. "She's overcompensating," Ava said. Sonny explained that Nina was worried about Willow, but Nina didn't want her troubles to spoil the wedding. Ava admitted that she was impressed with Nina's brave front.

Ava was surprised when Sonny asked Ava to keep Nina distracted. He admitted that he appreciated that Ava was a good friend to Nina. Just then, Nina returned with a plate of food for Sonny. He took the plate and excused himself because he wanted to check on Laura. After Sonny walked away, Nina asked what Ava had thought about Drew's speech. Nina opened up to Ava about Drew and Carly's attempt to hide their romance, but Ava dismissed it as unimportant. Nina was certain there were "less than legitimate reasons," for the deception, so Ava conceded that Ava wasn't an expert.

Nina felt bad because she realized that it was a touchy subject, since Ava had just ended her marriage to Nikolas. Ava admitted that everyone was better off if Nikolas never returned to Port Charles.

Nearby, Sonny asked if he could join Laura. Laura happily invited Sonny to sit at her table. Sonny praised Laura for a job well done standing in for Stella, but their conversation quickly turned to Spencer. Laura admitted that she liked Trina's influence on Spencer, and Sonny agreed because Nikolas had failed Spencer. Laura told Sonny that it meant the world to her that Spencer had Sonny in his life. Sonny was touched, but he reminded Laura that Spencer was Sonny's last connection to Courtney, and Sonny loved his nephew. Laura confessed that she wished Spencer had had the same kind of relationship with Nikolas.

Elsewhere, Molly and T.J. were eager to try the wedding cake, so Curtis and Portia decided it was their cue to cut into the cake. The guests gathered, and Portia warned Curtis not to smear cake in her face. Curtis smiled as he assured his new bride that it had never been his intention. After Curtis lovingly fed Portia a piece of cake, the guests lined up for their own slice of wedding cake. T.J. decided to check in with Marshall.

Marshall confided that he wished that he could do more for his son, but T.J. promised that it was enough that Marshall was there for the wedding. T.J. urged Marshall to stop worrying, and he gave his grandfather a warm hug. After T.J. walked away, Marshall pulled the small plastic container for the genetic testing from his pocket and looked at it.

Elsewhere, Finn praised Elizabeth's toast to Curtis and Portia. Elizabeth admitted that she had made the toast because she had realized that it might be her last chance to tell everyone how she felt.

Nearby, Portia looked around for Trina. Curtis offered to search for Trina, but Portia pointed out that he was the man of the hour. Moments later, Josslyn walked up. Portia asked if Josslyn knew where Trina was, so Josslyn claimed that Trina had sent a text message earlier to let Josslyn know that Trina and Spencer had stepped out for some fresh air.

A short time later, Drew joined Marshall backstage. Marshall was nervous, but Drew offered Marshall words of encouragement. "You got this," Drew said. Drew walked out to the stage and introduced Marshall. Curtis and Portia were stunned when Marshall joined the band on stage and began to play. Curtis was moved to tears as he listened to his father's music. When the song ended, everyone applauded.

Later, Curtis and Portia walked Portia's father and brother out. After an emotional goodbye, Portia and Curtis returned to their guests. Portia remained concerned about Trina's absence, so Josslyn offered to look for Trina. Portia decided it was a good time to toss the bouquet, since Portia had no desire for her daughter to catch it.

As the ladies gathered on the dance floor, Sonny noticed Ava slipping out instead of trying to catch the bouquet. "I'd rather crawl on broken glass," Ava said. "You're not the only one leaving," Sonny said. Ava followed his line of vision. Laura's expression was concerned as she put her phone away and left the reception. Sonny explained that Laura was worried because Nikolas hadn't returned Laura's calls. Sonny admitted that he wouldn't care for a second if he ever laid eyes on Nikolas again.

Meanwhile, Portia tossed her bouquet. It went sailing over the heads of the ladies gathered on the dance floor and landed at Trina's feet. Portia was happy to see her daughter. "Trina, we've been trying to find you," Portia said. "And I've been trying to find answers," Trina replied.

Ava and Felicia face unexpected danger

Ava and Felicia face unexpected danger

Thursday, February 16, 2023

At Metro Court, Sonny left his table with Nina to take a call regarding Pikeman Security. While on the phone, Sonny told Brick that he needed to know who was buying whatever Pikeman was selling. Afterwards, Sonny returned to his and Nina's table, and the two agreed that it was time to go home.

Nearby, Terry pushed Elizabeth to get back into a relationship with Finn. Elizabeth said that she wished things could be different. Later, after Terry had left with Yuri, Elizabeth told Finn that her house was empty because Cameron, Aiden, and Jake were away. Finn wanted to get coffee with Elizabeth, and she agreed.

At Curtis and Portia's wedding reception, Curtis asked if everything was okay with Trina. Trina said that she had been with Spencer, but what was on her mind had nothing to do with him. "It has everything to do with you... You really want to do this here, Mom?" Trina asked Portia.

Trina added that Portia had been hiding something important, and her attitude toward Portia sharpened. Taggert stepped in to scold Trina for her tone toward her mother. Portia asked Trina to go someplace private where the two could talk. Curtis wondered if he should join them, but Portia said that it was a "mother-daughter" matter. Portia said that she would tell Curtis everything later.

After Trina and Portia left, Taggert said that he knew something had been "off" with Trina. Curtis, Taggert, and Marshall walked over to confront Spencer. Curtis demanded to know where Spencer had been with Trina and what it had to do with Trina being upset with Portia.

Spencer explained that he had accompanied Trina to Stella's hotel room because Trina had felt that she could convince Stella to attend the wedding. Spencer added that Stella had never been sick. Curtis quipped that Spencer had started to work his nerves, but Spencer said that Curtis would have to talk to Trina. "Look, gentlemen, this concerns very, very personal family information, to which I am not privy. So, if you'll excuse me," Spencer said.

After Spencer left, Curtis hurriedly dialed Stella, who didn't answer. Marshall quipped that it didn't make sense for Stella to lie and to stay away from the wedding. Taggert asked Curtis if he felt that Trina and Portia had been gone long enough.

In a private room near the reception, Trina recalled that she had gone to see Stella and that Stella hadn't been sick. Trina added that Stella hadn't wanted to be at the wedding.

"And judging by the look on your face, you knew that already. I didn't understand. Stella was so excited that she flew back from England early. Then, all of a sudden, she's ghosting the wedding. When I asked her, she said she couldn't come in good conscience, that there's something you're keeping from me and Curtis. Stella said the secrecy and lies need to come to an end, but when I pushed her, she said I needed to ask you. So, I'm asking, Mom. I'm asking the mother that I've looked up to my entire life. What are you keeping from me?" Trina said.

Portia took Trina by the hand, and the two sat down on the bed. Portia recalled her affair with Curtis years earlier and that she had gone back to Taggert after the affair had ended. Portia stated that she had discovered she was pregnant only weeks after she had returned to Taggert. Trina grew visibly shaken and upset. "No! I understand that you had an affair, and you got pregnant. Are you saying... Curtis is my father?"

Portia said that it was possible that Curtis was Trina's father. As Trina began to cry, Portia recalled that she hadn't seen the point in finding out if Curtis was Trina's biological father when she had been pregnant. "You're a doctor! You didn't see the point?! You let me live my whole life as a lie!" a shaken Trina shouted.

Portia said that Taggert was still Trina's father in every way that mattered, but Trina yelled that Portia hadn't had the right to keep her father's identity a secret from her. Portia claimed that she hadn't wanted to "upset" Trina and that she had wanted to spare Trina the pain. "No! No! No! You wanted to spare yourself!" Trina screamed.

Portia continued to try to rationalize her actions, but Trina refused to believe her. "I can't even look at you right now! I don't know who I am anymore. I sure as hell don't know who you are," Trina said.

Trina started to leave, and she opened the door to Curtis and Taggert, who each saw that Trina and Portia were crying.

At Metro Court, Mac and Felicia enjoyed a Valentine's Day dinner. Felicia asked Mac if there had been any developments in the investigation of the hook killer. Mac said that he and Robert had hoped Heather could get Ryan to open up about the killings.

Mac told Felicia that he knew in his gut that Ryan was involved in the hook attacks. Felicia replied that she might have a way to get Ryan to give answers, and she volunteered to talk to Ryan. Mac refused to go along with Felicia's suggestion, and he said the case was too dangerous for her.

Felicia smiled, and she said there were other ways to catch Ryan. Mac and Felicia kissed, and they told one another to be careful. After Mac left, Felicia phoned Anna. Felicia said she would be late in getting to the cabin because she had a stop to make.

At the pub in Devon, England, Maggie asked Dante to leave. Dante said he couldn't leave until he had answers. Moments later, Maggie approached Dante with a heavy object in her hand. Dante turned around in time to grab the object from Maggie, who raced toward the exit. Maggie opened the door to Sam. "Maggie Fitzgerald. We need to talk," Sam said.

Maggie pleaded with Sam and Dante not to hurt her. Sam asked what -- or who -- Maggie was afraid of. Sam and Dante told Maggie that Esme was pregnant and in prison. Sam added that Esme had had an accident and had lost her memory. Dante said that Maggie might be the only person who could help Esme.

Maggie mentioned Esme's father. Maggie said that since she had last seen Esme, she had lived in fear that Esme's father would go after Maggie. Maggie confirmed that she knew who Esme's father was, and she asked what Esme had been accused of. Sam said there was a serial killer that had been terrorizing Port Charles. Dante asked Maggie to tell him and Sam the name of Esme's father.

Maggie said that Esme's father was "the devil incarnate" and that she had warned Esme to stay away from him. Dante and Sam again asked Maggie for a name. "His name is Chamberlain. Ryan Chamberlain," Maggie told a stunned Sam and Dante.

At Spring Ridge, Esme screamed in horror after she witnessed Ryan brutally stab the security guard in the back with a shiv. Heather covered Esme's mouth with her hand, and she tried to assure Esme that everything would be okay. Esme tried to get away from Heather, who said that Esme had to do whatever Ryan said.

Ryan returned wearing the uniform of the security guard he had stabbed, and he told Heather and Esme that it was time to leave. Ryan then told a stunned Esme that he was her father. "Noooooo!" a horrified Esme screamed.

At Wyndemere, Ava texted Austin to say that it was time to move Nikolas' body. When Austin appeared, he remarked that Ava seemed unsettled. Austin suggested that it might be better if he and Ava waited until the following day to move Nikolas' body, but Ava insisted otherwise.

Ava said that she had to get rid of Nikolas' body before Elizabeth could go to the police. Just then, the doorbell rang. Ava told Austin that she would meet him in the stables after she "got rid of" whoever was at the door. Ava then opened the door to Felicia, who asked to go inside. "It's about Ryan Chamberlain," Felicia said.

Felicia noted that Ava had worked with the PCPD to get information from Ryan, and she remarked that the police had reason to believe that Ryan was responsible for the hook killings. Ava thought that Ryan was still a "vegetable," but Felicia suggested that Ryan had been using someone to commit the hook attacks. Felicia suggested that she and Ava work together to get Ryan. Ava said she would help.

At the same time that Felicia had gone to Wyndemere, Mac had driven his car and discovered something by the side of the road. Mac exited his vehicle, and he saw two women standing. Mac asked if the women were okay, and he was taken aback when he saw that the two women were Heather and Esme.

Mac ordered Heather and Esme to put their hands in the air. "You don't understand. He made us do this," Heather said. Unbeknownst to Mac, Ryan had crept up behind him, and he knocked Mac unconscious. "Now, that felt good! Hello, Mac! What a delight to find you here!" Ryan exclaimed.

Heather ushered Esme to Mac's car. Ryan wanted to finish off Mac, but Heather managed to talk Ryan into leaving. Ryan remarked that they had one more stop to make.

Back at Wyndemere, Ava hurried Felicia to the door in order to get back to her plans to dispose of Nikolas' body. Ava opened the door, and she and Felicia were taken aback. Ryan stood at the door, and he glared menacingly at both women.

Portia confesses everything to Curtis and Taggert

Portia confesses everything to Curtis and Taggert

Friday, February 17, 2023

At Metro Court, Victor and Spencer greeted one another. Victor regretted that he would never see Valentin again, and he added that he hoped to mend the rift between Spencer and Nikolas. Spencer said he doubted that Victor would hear from Nikolas. Spencer recalled that he had told Nikolas about his plans to sue for custody of the baby. Victor excused himself to take a call from Eileen, who shared that Esme had escaped from Spring Ridge. Victor ordered Eileen to keep him posted.

Victor told Spencer about Esme's escape. Spencer's mind immediately went to Trina, and he wondered if Esme had been faking her amnesia. Victor said he doubted that Esme would go after Trina, but Spencer said he wouldn't take any chances, and he hurriedly left in search of Trina. After Spencer left, Victor placed a call to someone. "My nephew Nikolas has left town, and I am not about to lose any more family. Find him," Victor ordered.

In a private room at Metro Court, Taggert saw that Trina was upset, and he rushed to hold her. Curtis asked Portia to tell him what had happened. Portia said that what she had to say concerned everyone there. "Mom says I may not be your daughter," Trina said to Taggert.

Curtis recalled that Portia had looked him in the eye and said that it was "impossible" that Trina was his daughter. Facing questions from both Taggert and Curtis, Portia admitted that she didn't know which man was Trina's father. Trina left the room in tears.

Taggert followed Trina outside Metro Court, and he slipped his jacket over her bare shoulders in the cold winter air. Taggert told Trina that they would figure things out together. Trina said that Portia had been lying to them both for Trina's entire life, and she asked if it bothered Taggert. "No, because you have been, and you always will be, my daughter. My baby girl. I'm here, okay? I'm not going nowhere," Taggert said, and he put his arms around Trina.

Trina asked if Taggert had ever suspected that he wasn't her father. Taggert said he had never thought Trina wasn't his daughter. Trina wondered how Taggert had ever forgiven Portia for having cheated on him. Taggert said that it took two people to ruin a marriage and that he had made Portia feel as if she weren't important.

Taggert added that he had forgiven Portia because he hadn't wanted to lose Trina. Trina marveled that Portia had always preached about honesty to her. "This whole time, she was the liar. I will never forgive her, Trina swore.

Later, Taggert rolled his eyes when he saw that Spencer had found them. Spencer said he had something important to tell Trina. Trina told Taggert that she wanted to leave, and she raced toward Spencer. "Get me out of here," Trina told Spencer.

Back in the room, Portia tried to deflect blame onto Curtis by saying that he had wanted nothing to do with her after their affair. Curtis said that he'd had a right to know if he was a father. Portia continued to try to justify her actions, and she admitted that she had been afraid to lose everything.

Portia said through tears that she had told herself that Taggert was Trina's father and that she had done what she'd thought was best. Portia claimed that Curtis had "despised" her. Curtis said he had never despised Portia, and he asked why Portia hadn't told him the truth after she had moved to Port Charles.

Portia said that she had been in agony over whether to tell Curtis the truth. Portia said that she had lived with constant anxiety and guilt, and she added that she hadn't wanted to jeopardize her future with Curtis. "What kind of life could we have had with that kind of lie between us?" Curtis wondered.

On the highway, Jordan discovered Mac by the side of the road. Laura appeared, and she greeted Mac, who was put on a hospital stretcher. Laura asked for the names of the two inmates that had escaped Spring Ridge, and Mac told Laura that the escapees were Heather and Esme. Laura wondered if Heather and Esme had had help from a third party. Jordan said that she would call Spring Ridge to follow up.

Later, Laura, Jordan, and Brewster, the warden at Spring Ridge, appeared at the hospital. Brewster told Laura and Jordan that one of the guards was missing. Just then, Eileen approached, and she wondered if the guard had been Heather and Esme's accomplice. Laura said that it was too early to assign blame.

Laura asked why Eileen was at the hospital. Eileen said she had heard about the attack on Mac and that she had gone to see if she could help. Laura asked Eileen to deal with reporters that were camped outside the hospital.

Eileen stepped away to place a call to Brewster to ask for updates. While she listened for Brewster, Eileen's phone emitted a strange static sound. Eileen then heard the sound of Anna's voice: "You're next," Anna said repeatedly. Eileen panicked, and she asked if Brewster had heard anything strange. Brewster replied that he hadn't heard whatever Eileen claimed to have heard.

Earlier, at the cabin, Anna had said that she and Valentin needed to continue to deceive Eileen. Valentin received a text from a contact of his, and he remarked that he and Anna would be "ready" when Eileen used her phone. Moments later, Anna had used her voice to taunt Eileen with the words, "You're next."

Afterwards, Anna said that Valentin's contact had paid off. Valentin complimented Anna on the message she had left Eileen, and the two kissed. Anna recalled that Felicia had said she would be late to the cabin that evening. "I'm beginning to think there's a problem," Anna said.

Back at the hospital, Jordan called Dante in England, and she asked if he had located Maggie. Dante confirmed he had, and he added that Esme had thought her father was Ryan. Jordan told Laura the news, and both were taken aback.

Detective Bennett appeared, and he informed Laura and Jordan that the corrections officer at Spring Ridge had been found dead in Ryan's room. "So, Ryan Chamberlain's on the loose, too? How is that possible?" Jordan asked.

Laura and Jordan entered Mac's room. Mac was worried because Felicia hadn't answered her phone. Mac added that Ryan could have been faking his paralysis all along. Jordan noted that Heather had learned to communicate with Ryan. Laura thought that Ryan and Heather had been planning an escape. Mac's phone rang, and he was both angry and worried to hear Ryan's voice. Ryan told Mac that Felicia was with him, and he threatened to kill Felicia if he saw the police.

After Ryan hung up, Laura encouraged Mac to stay positive. Laura noted that Felicia was strong and knew how to fight back. "That's what I'm afraid of. Chamberlain's been obsessed with Felicia for decades. When he fixated on Ava, I thought she was safe, but apparently not," Mac said.

Laura said she had an idea, and she added that she thought she knew where to look for Ryan and Felicia.

At the pub in Devon, England, Maggie poured coffee for her, Sam, and Dante. Maggie said that Esme had become obsessed with finding her birth parents after her adoptive parents had died. Maggie said that she had helped Esme track down a woman who had commissioned a brooch made from emeralds. Maggie noted that the woman had been Connie Cooper, Ryan's first victim.

After Dante's phone conversation with Jordan ended, Maggie panicked when she realized that Ryan was no longer in custody. Maggie frantically told Sam and Dante that the police had to find Ryan before he could kill again.

At Wyndemere, Felicia screamed when she realized that it was Ryan at the door instead of Kevin. Ryan pulled a gun on Felicia and Ava, who said that she'd known that Ryan had been faking his locked-in syndrome. Ryan taunted Felicia with the fact that he had Mac's gun and that Felicia didn't want to know what he had done to Mac's body. "I might have gotten carried away," Ryan boasted.

Felicia said through tears that Ryan was lying and that Mac was fine. Ava asked Ryan what his plans were, since they were on an island. Ryan threatened Avery, and he delighted in taunting Ava that he had killed Kiki. Ryan said that he couldn't think of anyone else who might rescue Ava. "Except for that waste of space Nikolas. Oh, I'd love to see him again. When is hubby expected home, anyway?" Ryan asked.

Ryan noted that Ava didn't seem confident that Nikolas would appear. Ava asked who had helped Ryan escape. Ryan said the person had been "a chip off the old block, you might say." Later, Ryan told Ava and Felicia that it was time to leave, but Ava said that she and Felicia wouldn't go anywhere with Ryan. "Then I think we might have a problem," Ryan said.

Unbeknownst to Ryan, Austin had entered the foyer of Wyndemere, and he overheard Ryan's threats to Ava and Felicia. "There's not enough room on the boat for all of us, so one of you is coming with me, and the other is never leaving this room. Now, who's ready to say goodbye?" Ryan said to Ava and Felicia.

In the foyer, Austin reached for his phone to call for help. Before Austin could call someone, a woman carrying a hook quietly slipped in the front door. The woman raised the hook and lowered it in Austin' s direction.

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