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Mac shot and killed Ryan. Esme gave birth to a baby boy whom she named "Ace." Austin survived a brush with death. Heather confessed to all the hook attacks. Curtis stormed out on Portia. Spencer and Trina shared a passionate kiss. Josslyn discovered Dex's secrets except for the name of Dex's boss. Scott and Elizabeth went to the police station to talk to Robert and Jordan.
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Mac shot and killed Ryan. Heather confessed to all the hook attacks. Curtis stormed out on Portia. Spencer and Trina kissed. Josslyn discovered Dex's secrets.
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Heather offers to share Ryan's secrets with Ava

Heather offers to share Ryan's secrets with Ava

Monday, February 20, 2023

In the bridal suite at Metro Court, Portia assured Curtis that she loved him, but she admitted that she'd been afraid to risk the life that they had built over something that might not have been true. "What kind of life could we have had with that kind of lie between us?" Curtis asked. Portia reminded him that they loved each other, and their love was unconditional. "Honesty is not a condition; it's fundamental," Curtis said. He admitted that the events of the day -- and the past 20 years -- had made him realize that he did not know the woman he had pledged his life to.

Portia tearfully explained that she had done it for Trina, but Curtis argued that he and Portia had planned a life together. Portia insisted that she had been in an impossible situation because hurting her daughter hadn't been an option. Curtis assured Portia that he cared about Trina, but he was hurt that Portia had remained silent, knowing how often Curtis had been told by Marcus and Trina that Curtis was not Trina's father. Curtis also resented Portia for denying him a child, knowing that he had longed for one. Portia admitted that she had worried about hurting Trina because Marcus had been Trina's world.

However, Portia promised that she had also thought about Curtis and how devastated he would have been when he'd realized that he had missed out on years, holidays, and special milestones with Trina. Curtis pointed out that Portia's views had changed since Marshall had turned up because Portia had encouraged Curtis to move on from the past and focus on the kind of future that Curtis and Marshall could have. Portia argued that the situations were different, but she wanted the same for Curtis and Trina if it turned out that Trina was his daughter. Curtis asked if Portia had ever intended to tell him if Stella hadn't found out. "Probably not," Portia answered.

Hurt, Curtis asked how Stella had learned the truth. Portia became evasive, but Curtis insisted that he deserved the truth. "I think Jordan must have told her," Portia said. Curtis was stunned. Portia implored Curtis to give them a chance, and she promised that it would never happen again, but Curtis reminded Portia that she had said the same thing decades earlier when he had found out that she had been married. "It's starting to seem like a pattern," Curtis said. He decided to get some fresh air, so Portia asked if he intended to return. "I can't answer that," Curtis said.

Across town, Spencer and Trina entered the Jerome Gallery. Trina admitted that she felt comfortable at the gallery because she had been happiest there. She invited Spencer to leave, but he insisted on staying with Trina while Esme was on the loose. Spencer and Trina discussed whether or not Esme had faked the amnesia. Trina pointed out that if Esme had faked the memory loss, Esme was a danger. However, Trina doubted that Esme would go after Trina rather than disappearing.

Spencer agreed, but he wanted to be cautious for Trina's sake. Trina was certain that Spencer was also worried about Esme's baby. Spencer didn't disagree, but he steered the conversation away from him because he wanted to know why Trina had been upset. "My dad might not be my biological father," Trina said. Spencer was surprised, but he imagined that Portia was going "through hell." Annoyed, Trina told him that her mother deserved it.

Trina admitted that she was finally able to relate with Spencer's troubles with Nikolas. Spencer tried to lighten the mood by pointing out there was a bright side -- Portia was not as bad as Nikolas. Trina chuckled because it was a low bar to clear. "But she cleared it," Spencer said. Trina acknowledged that -- despite the screw-up -- Portia would always be there for Trina. After Spencer fetched two bottles of water, he handed one to Trina and admitted that it was "weird" that they were in the same place where they had met. Trina smiled, and she confessed that she hoped Ava would reopen the gallery again.

After Spencer and Trina toasted to the gallery, Trina playfully pointed out that it was a little odd that Spencer had been nostalgic about dousing her in fake blood. Spencer reminded Trina that it had not been meant for her, but he admitted that he wouldn't have changed their meeting for anything in the world. Touched, Trina told Spencer about her talk with Taggert when her father had assured her that nothing would change. Trina admitted that it already had because she no longer knew who she was. Spencer assured Trina that he knew who she was; she was the girl who liked classic sitcoms and books about "gorilla feminist artists" and who mocked his love for gingersnaps.

Spencer reminded Trina that she had refused to "rat" him out -- even when Trina's freedom had been on the line. He also recalled that Trina had once told him that his name and his DNA didn't define him. Trina smiled as Spencer described her as the sweetest, smartest, and bravest person that he knew. As he drew close to her, Trina threw her arms around him and kissed him. Moments later, Spencer pulled away, smiled down at Trina, and kissed her passionately.

At the Invader, Alexis greeted Gregory as he entered her office. She picked up a big bottle of apple cider that had been chilling in a bucket as she admitted that she was eager to celebrate his new job with the Invader. Gregory warned Alexis that she might want to wait for the celebration because he had bad news. He revealed that the university considered it a conflict of interest for him to join the newspaper's editorial board. Alexis was not pleased, but her rant was cut short when the phone on her desk rang.

It was Smoltz calling to report that two people had escaped from Spring Ridge. Alexis informed Smoltz that she was aware of the escape, but she needed names. After she instructed Smoltz to call her back when he had information, she ended the call. Gregory reminded Alexis that Smoltz was a reliable reporter, but she insisted that Smoltz was a "reliable scandal monger." Seconds later, Alexis' phone dinged with a text message from Smoltz.

After Alexis read what Smoltz had sent her, she told Gregory that Smoltz might end up with a byline on the front page of the morning edition. Gregory was shocked when Alexis revealed that Ryan Chamberlain, Heather Webber, and Esme Prince had escaped from Spring Ridge and that Ryan had killed a guard. Gregory wondered how Esme had gotten wrapped up in the escape. Alexis admitted that she wouldn't be surprised if Esme had orchestrated the escape. She told Gregory about Esme's history with Ryan during Esme's days as a volunteer at Spring Ridge, but Gregory reminded Alexis that Esme had amnesia.

Alexis suggested that Esme had faked the amnesia, and Ryan had enlisted Heather's help because of Heather's knack for escaping. Gregory wondered why Heather would want to help Ryan and Esme, especially since Heather would likely end up back at D'Archam if caught. Alexis didn't have an answer, but she insisted that Ryan, Heather, and Esme each had a propensity to kill. Gregory argued that the police no longer considered Esme a suspect in the Hook attacks, but Alexis was certain that Ryan and Esme were connected to the attacks. "They just didn't do it alone," Alexis said.

Alexis fetched the letter that the Hook had sent to her and handed it to Gregory. She reminded him that the killer had had a designated hit list and that all the victims had been people who had wronged Esme. Gregory read the part of the letter where the killer had talked about punishing people who had wronged "me and mine," and he pointed out that it had sounded too personal to be a hired killer. Alexis suggested that Ryan and Esme had recruited someone who cared about Esme. Alexis told Gregory about Sam and Dante's trip to England to talk to Esme's nanny.

Alexis decided to call Sam, but it went to voicemail. After Alexis left a brief message for Sam to return the call, Gregory decided to leave Alexis to her musings. However, he asked to get a sneak peek of the story before the morning edition. After Gregory left, Alexis looked at the letter. A few minutes later, she picked up the phone. "This is Alexis Davis. Get me the warden," Alexis said.

At General Hospital, Laura was on the phone, while Jordan approached Mac near the elevator. Mac assured Jordan that he was fine, but he was worried about Felicia because he was certain that Ryan had turned off Felicia's phone, which meant that Mac was unable to track it. Laura walked up and revealed that she hadn't been able to reach Ava. Jordan told Mac and Laura that Detective Bennett had been dispatched to the piers because Mac's car had been located near Pier 55. Mac was certain that Laura's hunch about Ryan heading to Wyndemere was right.

A short time later, Laura, Mac, and Jordan arrived at Pier 55, where Detective Bennett and several police officers where gathered. Mac was eager to head to Spoon Island, but Jordan reminded Mac that they had to proceed with caution because of the hostages. "If we go in with guns blazing, then we're putting Felicia's life at risk," Laura said. Jordan warned Mac that acting in haste without a concrete plan would only put everyone in more danger. Laura was certain that Mac would agree if he hadn't been worried about Felicia.

Just then, Detective Bennett walked up to let Jordan know that the cell phone that she had asked him to check on had pinged off a cell tower on Spoon Island. Mac was more certain than ever that Ryan was at Wyndemere. Before walking away, Detective Bennett told Laura that Kevin had arrived, so she asked the detective to let her husband through. Moments later, Kevin walked up. Laura pulled her husband aside and told him about Ryan's escape and the hostage situation on Spoon Island.

Laura and Kevin discussed Heather's involvement, and both agreed that Ryan had recruited Heather to aid in the escape. Kevin was confused about why Ryan had taken an interest in Esme, so Laura told him about Sam and Dante's trip to England. "Esme is Ryan's daughter," Laura said. Kevin was taken aback, but Laura wondered if Esme had known that Ryan had been faking locked-in syndrome. Kevin was certain that Ryan's diagnosis had been real, but he conceded that Ryan had since recovered.

Laura and Kevin agreed that Esme's amnesia was real, which meant that Esme was also a hostage. Just then, Mac and Jordan walked up to ask Laura about getting onto the island without compromising the hostages. Laura recalled a tunnel that Valentin had once used to try to flee with Charlotte that went from the island to the mainland. Mac produced a small computer tablet and pulled up a map of the tunnels on Spoon Island that the police had on file. Laura was surprised, but Mac explained that it had been necessary because of the trouble that the Cassadines had stirred up over the years.

Laura took the tablet and went to work mapping out a route through the tunnel. Kevin noticed Laura's troubled expression, so she admitted that she couldn't shake the feeling that she had been missing something. She was certain that there was a danger that they hadn't anticipated. Kevin admitted that it was likely, since both Ryan and Heather were on the island.

Later, Mac and Jordan prepared to enter the tunnels. Laura remained uneasy because she recalled that Ava had once said that Ryan had been adamant that Esme was not the Hook. Laura wondered if Ryan had been protecting his daughter -- or if Ryan knew who the real killer was. After Mac pulled on a bulletproof vest, Laura wished Mac and Jordan luck. Kevin warned Mac and Jordan that Ryan would stop at nothing to protect Esme, so Mac reminded Kevin that Mac would stop at nothing to protect Felicia.

After Mac, Jordan, and Detective Bennett left, Alexis approached the police barricade. Laura instructed the police officer to let Alexis through, so Alexis approached and explained that she had been looking for Jordan. Laura refused to tell Alexis anything until Alexis agreed that it would be off the record. Once Alexis agreed, Laura told Alexis about the hostage situation on Spoon Island. Alexis revealed that she had information about the Hook.

Alexis explained that all the victims had been linked to Trina Robinson and Esme Prince and that the hit list had been to avenge Esme. Laura acknowledged that the police had suspected as much, but there hadn't been any concrete proof. Laura was curious if Alexis knew why anyone would want to avenge Esme. "I don't know why, but I know who. I know who the Hook is," Alexis said.

In Wyndemere's foyer, Austin had his back turned to the door as he pulled out his cell phone to make a call. He looked up just as Heather plunged a hook into his side. "Sorry, doc. Wrong time, wrong place," Heather said. Esme appeared behind Heather and let out a bloodcurdling scream when she saw Austin bleeding profusely.

In the living room, Ryan pointed a gun at Ava and Felicia. "What's the problem Ryan?" Felica asked in a taunting tone. Ryan informed Felicia that there would not be enough room for all of them in the boat, so Ava or Felicia had to die. "Now, who's ready to say goodbye?" Ryan asked. Felicia warned Ryan that he would not get away because Mac knew that Ryan was on the island. "You trapped yourself, Ryan," Felicia said.

Ryan, Ava, and Felicia were startled when they heard a horrified scream in the foyer. Seconds later, Austin stumbled through the door and collapsed on the floor. Heather dragged a distraught Esme into the room. "Oh, my God," Ava said as she looked at Austin. Ryan was furious that Heather and Esme hadn't stayed at the launch, but Esme suddenly collapsed. Alarmed, Heather checked on Esme, but Ryan approached his daughter and handed the gun to Heather with instructions to keep an eye on Ava and Felicia.

Heather wondered what had caused Esme to faint. "I imagine it was your dexterity with a hook," Ryan said. He quickly determined that Esme would be fine. "You're the lunatic that's been killing people with a hook?" Felicia asked. "Guilty as charged, your highness," Heather said. Felicia asked why Heather had done it, so Heather asked why Mac was a police officer. "To protect and serve," Felicia answered. Heather claimed that she had killed for the same reason.

Austin groaned, so Ava ran over to check on him. Ryan decided it was time for Felicia to die, but Heather insisted that they leave before the police arrived. Meanwhile, Esme regained consciousness and tried to bolt for the back door, but Ryan quickly blocked her path and aimed the gun at her. "Please. Don't," Esme said. Felicia took the opportunity to grab a fireplace poker and bash Ryan in the back of the head. Ryan fell to the ground, and Esme darted out the door. Ava tried to grab the hook that Heather had discarded, but Ryan was able to quickly regain control of the situation.

After Ryan gave Heather the gun with instructions to watch Ava and Felicia, Ryan went in search of Esme. "Any last words, ladies?" Heather asked. "Bang!" Heather shouted before she burst out laughing. To Ava and Felicia's surprise, Heather offered Ava and Felicia an opportunity to leave because Heather had no desire to be a part of Ryan's "stupid little games." Felicia refused to leave without Austin, but Ava reminded Felicia that they could send help for Austin once they had reached the mainland.

Heather decided that Ava should stay. "To finally end this unholy obsession between you and Ryan once and for all," Heather said. Ava insisted that it was one-sided and all on Ryan, but Heather wondered if Ava wanted to know what Ryan had done to win Ava back. Heather revealed that Ryan had been responsible for destroying Ava's life, and Heather was certain that Ava would want to "handle" Ryan herself if Ava knew what Ryan had done.

On the beach, Ryan ran over to Esme, who had collapsed. She tried to scoot away from him as she told him to get away. Ryan assured Esme that everything would be okay. "Daddy's here," Ryan said. Ryan asked Esme to let him help her, but she told him that her water had broken. "The baby is coming," Esme said in a weak voice.

Ava shoots Ryan

Ava shoots Ryan

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

At the Savoy, N'neka was surprised to find Curtis drinking from a bottle on his wedding night. N'neka slipped away to call someone, and she told them to get to the bar. Moments later, Marshall appeared, and he asked Curtis to put the bottle down. Marshall added that he wouldn't leave until he and Curtis had talked things out.

Curtis told Marshall about Portia's lie, and he lamented that Jordan and Stella had also known the secret. Marshall said that he truly believed Portia had only kept quiet out of fear. Curtis told Marshall not to excuse what Portia had done, and he said that some things were unforgivable. Marshall encouraged Curtis to forgive Portia, and he remarked that Curtis had a wife and possibly a daughter to go home to.

At the Jerome gallery, Spencer and Trina shared their first kiss. The two held onto one another closely. "Spencer, don't stop," Trina whispered.

Spencer asked if Trina had any idea how long he had wanted to kiss her. Trina said that she had wanted to kiss Spencer, too, even when everyone had warned her to stay away from him. Spencer said that he hadn't been able to stay away from Trina. The two continued to kiss before Spencer broke off. "No. I'm sorry. You mean too much to me. I won't..." Spencer said. "Why not?" Trina asked.

Spencer asked if Trina was sure that their kiss was what she had wanted, and he said that Trina meant too much to him to not make the moment perfect. Spencer added that he didn't want to take advantage of Trina, and he noted that Trina was hurting because of Portia's secret. Spencer said that he needed Trina to see the good in him.

Trina laughed innocently, and she quipped that she didn't know if she liked Spencer's attempts to be noble. Spencer offered to take Trina home, but Trina said her home was the last place she wanted to be.

Spencer asked where he should take Trina, and he offered to get Trina her own private room at Metro Court. Trina politely refused, and she said she needed a place where she could "slam a bunch of doors and yell from the top of my lungs" without having the police called on her. Spencer handed Trina her coat, and he told her he knew a place where she would be safe.

On the Waterfront District, Alexis told Laura and Kevin that she knew who the hook killer was. "It's Heather Webber," Alexis said.

Alexis explained that she had called D'Archam and learned that Heather had had access to a specific typewriter that she had used to type the letter to Alexis. Alexis thought that Laura and Kevin knew something she didn't, and she asked what it was. Kevin confirmed that he and Laura believed that Ryan and Heather were Esme's parents.

Kevin added that he didn't believe that Esme had been faking her amnesia. Laura recalled that she hadn't liked Esme's exterior personality when she had first met her, but that she sensed that Esme had been vulnerable deep inside. Kevin added that Ryan could have easily manipulated Esme.

Laura received a briefing from an officer nearby, and she relayed that Jordan and Mac had secured Wyndemere. Laura said she had to leave for Spoon Island, and Kevin left with her.

Moments later, Alexis spotted Spencer and Trina on the pier. Spencer asked what had happened to cause so much police presence. Alexis said that Esme was on Spoon Island and that she wasn't alone. Spencer was stunned when Alexis told him that Ryan and Heather were Esme's parents.

At Wyndemere, Heather told Ava that Ryan had had help in destroying her life. Felicia encouraged Ava to leave with her, but Ava wanted to hear Heather's story. Heather told Ava that Ryan had inserted himself into Ava's home and marriage. Ava demanded to know what Ryan had done.

Heather said that it wasn't her story to tell, and she encouraged Ava to "end it" with Ryan. Heather then gave Ava a gun. Felicia pleaded with Ava to forget about both Ryan and Heather. "Heather may be psychotic, but she's right about one thing: Ryan Chamberlain started this. And I'm gonna finish it," Ava declared.

Ava left, and moments later, the police appeared. Felicia told Mac and Jordan that Ava had gone after Ryan. Detective Bennett placed Heather under arrest. Austin awoke from the floor, and Jordan asked what had happened to him. Austin recalled that Heather had stabbed him with the hook. Heather told Mac that the hook she had used on Austin hadn't been contaminated with a poison or toxin.

Felicia told Mac and Jordan that Ava had gone after Ryan, and she wondered what Ryan had wanted with Esme. Heather spoke up, and she said that Ryan was Esme's father. Mac asked Felicia to leave the island with Austin, who had told Felicia to go with him because he wanted someone's company.

Just outside Wyndemere, Esme told Ryan that her water had broken. Esme screamed for Ryan to get away from her. Ryan told Esme that he was the only person she could trust, and he encouraged Esme to remember how close they had been before Esme's amnesia. Esme seemed horrified to learn she had ever been in contact with Ryan, and she added that Ryan was crazy.

Esme screamed for help. Just then, Ava appeared, and she pointed a gun at Ryan. "Get away from her. Now! Or I will blow your head off," Ava said to Ryan.

Esme begged Ava for help, and she said that her water had broken. Ava was startled when Ryan said that Esme was his daughter. Ryan recalled that he had gotten Esme into the boarding school in France, where Esme had learned from Ryan how to manipulate Spencer and eventually Nikolas.

Ryan approached Ava, who said that she would kill Ryan if he took another step forward. As Ava kept the gun on Ryan, Esme quietly slipped away out of Ryan's sight.

Ryan said that he had had to take "strong measures" when Ava had fallen in love with Nikolas. "So, when Spencer's efforts didn't destroy my marriage, you ordered Esme to seduce my husband, didn't you?! ... First, you took Kiki. You murdered my daughter. And then you took Nikolas, and you'll keep doing it! You will keep taking unless somebody stops you!" Ava screamed at Ryan.

Ryan turned, and he noticed that Esme had left. "What's the matter? You lose something? And tell me, how does it feel? How does it feel, Ryan, to lose the one thing you truly love?" Ava asked.

Ava shot Ryan in the arm, and she asked if Ryan was in pain. "I could tell you a little something about real pain. The kind of pain that comes from losing a child. My daughter. My firstborn. Now your daughter's gone. She ran from you... I needed Kiki. I needed Nikolas. And they're both gone because of you!" Ava said.

In the heat of the moment, Ava blurted out that she had killed Nikolas. Ryan was overjoyed to learn that Ava had killed Nikolas, and he claimed that it was all worth it because Ava and Ryan could be together. "You killed him! And now we can be together! There's nothing that stands between us!" a delusional Ryan exclaimed.

Ryan said that his life was in Ava's hands, and he vowed to take Esme and Ava to live somewhere together. "You're right about one thing. Your life is in my hands... 'Til death do us part," Ava said, and she pointed the gun at Ryan's chest. Ava pulled the trigger, but the chamber was empty.

Back inside the mansion, Laura and Kevin offered to help Jordan with anything she needed. Kevin said that he thought Heather would want to help. Heather confirmed that she was Esme's mother. Kevin noted that Ryan would do anything to hold onto Esme. Just then, a panicked Esme burst into Wyndemere. Esme ran toward Laura and threw her arms around Laura for help and comfort.

Ryan Chamberlain's reign of terror ends

Ryan Chamberlain's reign of terror ends

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

At Metro Court, Portia was on the phone with her brother. She asked Zeke not to tell their parents about what had happened, and she thanked him for not judging her. She ended the call when she heard a knock at the door because she hoped it was Curtis. It was Taggert. Portia invited him into the room, and he noticed her sweatshirt with "Just Married" emblazoned on the back. Portia revealed that it had been a gift from Trina -- and Curtis also had one -- to wear on the plane to their honeymoon destination.

The conversation quickly turned to Portia's decision to keep the truth about Trina's possible paternity a secret. Portia was surprised that Taggert wasn't furious, so he explained that he had forgiven Portia's affair with Curtis a long time before. However, Taggert was hurt that Portia hadn't been honest about Trina. "Do you really think I would have loved Trina any less if I thought that she wasn't mine?" Taggert asked. Portia tearfully told him that she'd been afraid of testing things, and she had worried that the truth would destroy the loving bond that Taggert and Trina had shared.

Taggert acknowledged that he would have been mad if Portia had been honest from the start, but he assured her that he would have heard her out. He admitted that he had been able to put himself in Portia's shoes, so he understood the choices that she had made. Taggert was disappointed that Portia hadn't given him the opportunity to show her that his bond with Trina was more than DNA. He assured Portia that Trina was his daughter in every way, but Portia's lie had made Trina question that. "Which is exactly what I was trying to avoid," Portia said.

Portia asked about Trina, and Taggert explained that Trina was in pain and confused. Portia was curious if Trina was interested in taking a DNA test, but Taggert admitted that Trina hadn't mentioned it. "But let's get one thing perfectly clear -- I am Trina's dad. Point-blank. Period," Taggert said. Portia agreed, and she acknowledged that Taggert had always been there for their daughter. To Portia's surprise, Taggert disagreed.

Taggert reminded Portia that he had hurt Trina deeply when he had faked his death, and it was Portia who had helped him to heal the rift with Trina. Portia assured him that he'd been a good father to Trina. "And you're a good mother who made a terrible mistake," Taggert said. He promised that he, Portia, and Trina would always be a family. "Nothing and no one will ever change that," Taggert said.

Portia thanked Taggert for his generosity, and she reminded him that Trina would need him more than ever because Trina was furious with Portia. Portia worried Trina would never forgive her, but Taggert disagreed.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth thanked Finn for the ride home. Finn noticed that her sons weren't home, so he offered to stay and keep her company. Elizabeth gently accused Finn of wanting to keep an eye on her because he was afraid that she would go to the police. Finn didn't deny it. He confessed that her speech at Curtis and Portia's reception had been beautiful, but it had sounded wistful to him. Just then, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth was surprised when she opened the door and found Scott on her doorstep.

Scott reminded Elizabeth that they had unfinished business. Alarmed, Finn asked if Elizabeth's talk with Scott could wait until morning. Before Elizabeth could reply, Finn's phone rang, and Finn was forced to step into the kitchen to take the call. Scott was annoyed that Finn clearly knew about the crimes that Elizabeth had committed, but Elizabeth warned Scott that she didn't want Finn involved. "He's just being a friend," Elizabeth said. Scott clarified that Finn's knowledge of the crimes had made Finn an accessory after the fact.

Finn returned from the kitchen and explained that he was needed at the hospital because there had been another hook attack. Shocked, Elizabeth told Finn to go, but Finn asked her not to do anything rash. "Tomorrow is a new day. Things may look differently," Finn told Elizabeth. After Finn left, Elizabeth informed Scott that she had made a decision.

Later, Scott looked up from his notes. Elizabeth asked if Scott could broker a deal for her. Scott was furious that Nikolas had left Elizabeth holding the bag, but Elizabeth was focused on making things right and setting a good example for her sons. She admitted that she trusted Scott because he was not just a grandfather to her sons but also the closest she had to a father. Moved, Scott vowed to get Elizabeth out of the mess that she was in. "That's good enough for me," Elizabeth said.

In Austin's hospital room, Austin asked Felicia for an update, but she admitted that she hadn't heard any news about Ava. Austin worried that the police might mistake Ava for the threat because Ava had a gun, but Felicia assured him that Mac would make certain that Ava was safe. Austin was impressed with Felicia's optimism, so she admitted that she always hoped for a good outcome. She pointed out that Austin had been lucky because he had survived the attack. Austin smiled, and he admitted that he was grateful for friends like Felicia and Ava.

Felicia seized the opportunity to ask Austin why he'd been at Wyndemere. Austin reminded Felicia that he had treated Ava the previous summer when Ava had been attacked. "A little late to do a follow-up house call," Felicia said. Austin's mind drifted as he recalled Ava warning him that Nikolas' body had to be moved before Elizabeth went to the police. Austin pushed the memory away as he realized that the island would be crawling with police. Felicia assured Austin that it was a good thing.

Moments later, Finn knocked on the door. Finn revealed that he had news about Austin's blood work, but Austin assumed the hook hadn't been poisoned, since Austin was alive to tell the tale. Finn confirmed that Austin was right, so Felicia excused herself to give Finn and Austin privacy. As Finn checked Austin's vitals, Austin admitted that he was worried about a friend. "Yeah, I know the feeling," Finn said.

On pier 55, Trina looked at Alexis in confusion because Trina thought that Esme's parents were dead. Spencer clarified that Esme's adoptive parents were dead, but Esme's nanny had implied that Esme's biological father was alive. Spencer suddenly realized that Esme had wanted to volunteer at Spring Ridge because of Ryan Chamberlain. However, Spencer was certain that Esme had not known about Heather because Spencer had dangled the possibility of taking Esme to her biological mother in exchange for Esme exonerating Trina. Spencer insisted that Esme wouldn't have been tempted by the offer if Esme had known that Heather was her mother.

Alexis wondered how Esme had felt about Heather seeking retribution in Esme's name. Spencer and Trina had no idea what Alexis was talking about, prompting Alexis to reveal that Heather was the Hook, and Heather had orchestrated everything, including the transfer to Spring Ridge and writing the letter to the Invader. Trina was furious that Esme's "crazy mother" had avenged Esme by going after Esme's enemies, but Trina's concern turned to Ava because Ava was trapped on Spoon Island with Esme, Heather, and Ryan. Spencer was equally concerned about Esme's baby.

At Wyndemere, Kevin, Laura, Mac, Jordan, Heather, and a police officer were gathered in the living room. Laura feared the worst because there had been no sign of Ryan, but Jordan assured Laura that everything had been done to find Ryan. Mac also offered assurance by reminding Laura that the police had surrounded the island. Kevin warned Mac that -- if Esme was indeed Ryan's daughter -- Ryan would see Esme as a possession. "It's like an extension of himself," Kevin said. Kevin also cautioned Mac about Ava because Ryan would do anything to hold on to her.

Meanwhile, Heather remained silent as she sat on the sofa and listened to the conversation. Laura refused to wait around while Ryan did his worst. Just then, the front door burst open, and Esme ran in. Esme was hysterical as she threw herself into Laura's arms. Worried, Laura tried to determine if Esme was hurt. Esme groaned in pain and revealed that she was in labor. Laura and Kevin immediately helped Esme to the sofa, while Heather jumped up to make room for her daughter. Jordan was about to call for paramedics to be sent to the island, but Detective Bennett entered the living room and reported that shots had been fired on the northwest corner of the island.

Mac ran out the door, while Jordan asked Detective Bennett to call for paramedics and to keep an eye on Heather because Heather was the Hook. After Jordan and the police officer left, Detective Bennett called the paramedics. Meanwhile, Kevin decided to wash up so he could help Esme. Laura assured Esme that Esme was in good hands because Kevin was a doctor. Esme continued to cry out in pain as her contractions drew closer, but she demanded that Heather leave because Esme didn't want Heather to see the baby. Heather immediately objected, and she insisted that she had just as much right to be present as Laura.

Esme argued that Laura was the baby's grandmother. "So am I," Heather shouted. Horrified, Esme looked at Laura. Laura conceded there had been evidence that suggested that Heather was Esme's biological mother. Esme screamed through another contraction. Afterwards, Esme yelled at Heather to get out. Laura instructed Detective Bennett to take Heather away. "You're mine, and you will always be mine," Heather shouted as Detective Bennett dragged Heather away.

Later, Kevin and Laura had moved Esme to the floor. Laura gave Esme words of encouragement, but Esme grew increasingly weaker as her labor progressed. As Kevin prepared to deliver the baby, two paramedics arrived. One of the paramedics knelt next to Kevin, and Esme began to push. A few minutes later, Esme gave birth.

On Spoon Island's beach, Ava kept the gun aimed at Ryan as she told him that she held his life in her hands. "Till death do us part," Ryan said. "Till death do us part," Ava replied. She pulled the trigger, but it quickly became clear that the gun was empty. Ryan smiled victoriously. "You're not done with me yet," Ryan said.

Ryan assured Ava that a shoulder wound would not keep them apart because he had forgiven her for worse when she had stabbed him in the back. Ryan insisted that he understood Ava's "carnal impulses" because she was a passionate woman, and it was why he had never given up on her. "We're alike, you and I. We belong together," Ryan said. He reached out to stroke the side of Ava's face, but she shoved him away and cried out with fury.

Ryan's temper flared as he took a menacing step toward Ava, but a shot rang out. Seconds later, Ryan collapsed from a gunshot wound to the chest. Ava turned and saw Mac standing behind her with his gun still raised. Mac rushed past Ava and checked on Ryan. Ryan lifted his head and looked at Mac. "It had to be you," Ryan said with his dying breath.

Mac returned to Ava's side just as Jordan and several police officers arrived. Jordan checked Ryan for a pulse. "He's dead," Jordan said. A shocked Ava looked at Mac. "It's over," Mac told Ava. Ava asked if he was sure. "I'm positive," Mac said.

Jordan wanted to know how Ryan had died, so Mac explained that Ava had shot Ryan in the shoulder, and Mac had fired the fatal shot when Ryan had advanced on Ava. Satisfied, Jordan stepped away to make some phone calls. "Why didn't you tell her that I --" Ava asked. Mac cut Ava off and told her that there would be questions and determinations in the days ahead, but Ryan would not claim another victim. "Ryan Chamberlain's reign of terror has come to an end," Mac said.

Later, Mac and Jordan watched as Ryan's body bag was zipped closed. Mac confessed that he felt a knot in his chest rather than relief. Jordan explained that Mac would need time to process what had happened, but she reminded Mac that Ryan had posed a clear and constant threat. Mac admitted that Ryan had made Felicia's life a nightmare, and Mac had no doubt that Ryan had intended to kill Felicia before the night was through. Jordan was confident that Heather's crime spree had ensured that Heather would never see the light of day again, but Jordan was curious what Esme's role had been in the events of the night.

On pier 55, Trina was relieved when she saw Ava approach with a police officer. Ava revealed that Ryan was dead. "What about Esme?" Spencer asked. Before Ava could answer, a police officer whisked Ava away. Spencer urged Trina to accompany Ava to the hospital. Trina was reluctant to leave until Alexis assured Trina that Spencer would not be alone. After Trina left, Spencer's tension mounted when Alexis mentioned that Laura was at Wyndemere.

A short time later, Jordan, Detective Bennett, and Heather arrived from Spoon Island. Spencer overheard Heather rant about being pulled away from her daughter when Esme was about to give birth. Heather promised that Jordan would be hearing from Heather's attorney. However, Heather's tone changed when she saw Spencer. "You were next," Heather told Spencer. After Detective Bennett marched Heather to the car, Spencer asked Jordan if it would be possible for him to go to Wyndemere.

At Wyndemere, Esme held her newborn as paramedics prepared to take her to the hospital. Spencer entered the castle, but he stopped short when he saw Esme and the baby. Laura ran over and greeted her grandson. "You have a new little brother," Laura said. Spencer approached Esme and looked at the infant. "He looks like a Cassadine," Spencer said.

Esme admitted that Nikolas had told her the truth about the baby's paternity, but she promised Spencer that she was no longer the person who had done terrible things. Esme insisted that she loved her son, and she would do anything for him. Laura promised to catch up with Esme at the hospital, so Esme asked Spencer to let Nikolas know about the baby because Esme had no idea how to reach Nikolas. "That makes two of us," Spencer said.

Meanwhile, Ava and Trina arrived at the hospital. After Ava told Felicia that Ryan was dead, Ava and Trina sat down to wait for a doctor. They talked about Ryan, and Trina urged Ava not to feel guilty for being glad that Ryan was dead. Trina offered to call Nikolas for Ava, but Ava told Trina that there was nothing that Nikolas could do for Ava. Trina admitted that the Heather's arrest meant that Trina no longer had to worry about what was hiding in the shadows. "Seems like today, everything just came to light," Trina said.

After Trina left, Ava went to check on Austin, but a nurse blocked Ava from entering his hospital room. The nurse advised Ava to return in the morning because Austin needed his rest.

Elsewhere, Finn bumped into Alexis at the elevator. She asked about Austin, and Finn let her know, without compromising Austin's privacy, that Austin would make a full recovery. Alexis noticed that Finn seemed eager to avoid her, and she suspected that it had something to do with the friend that Finn had talked to her about. Finn admitted that he remained concerned because the friend had made a decision, but it was out of his hands.

On Spoon Island, Kevin stepped outside for some fresh air. Mac walked up, and Kevin asked if there was news about Ryan. Mac quietly asked Kevin to follow him, but Kevin wanted an answer. "Just tell me," Kevin said. "I had no choice, Kevin," Mac replied. Kevin realized that Ryan was dead. "Show me," Kevin asked.

A short time later, Mac and Kevin arrived at the beach. Kevin walked over to Ryan's body bag. "I knew it. I could feel it," Kevin said. He knelt down, unzipped the body bag, and looked at his dead twin's face. "It's real this time," Kevin said.

Nearby, Felicia ran over to Mac and hugged him tight. Mac assured his wife that she was safe, and Felicia tearfully asked if it was true that Ryan was really dead. Mac looked over at Kevin, so Felicia walked over and quietly put her arm around Kevin. Kevin pointed out that it was the end of a long nightmare for her. "But he was your brother," Felicia said.

Kevin looked down at Ryan. "I hope you find the peace you never could in this life, brother," Kevin said as tears filled his eyes.

Sonny tells Michael he's had enough

Sonny tells Michael he's had enough

Thursday, February 23, 2023

At their penthouse, Sam and Dante were glad to be home from England. The two were relieved to hear that Ryan was dead and that Heather had been captured as the hook killer. Dante blamed himself for not having connected Heather to the killings sooner.

Cody appeared at the door, and he told Dante that Sasha had gone to confront Heather at the police station. Sam said that Heather's penchant for mind games could be harmful for Sasha. Dante left for the police station. Afterwards, Sam asked why Cody cared so much about Sasha. Cody said that he didn't want Sasha to be Heather's next victim.

Sam made coffee, and Cody was surprised that she hadn't kicked him out after Dante had left. Sam said that Cody had proven how much he had cared about Britt, and she added that she was touched Cody had shown concern for Sasha. Cody said that he wished he and Britt had never found the necklace that had belonged to Faison.

Sam recalled the history of the Ice Princess diamond, and she said that nothing but misery had ever been caused by the diamond. Cody said that greed had gotten the best of him repeatedly in his life. Sam sympathized, and she recalled that she had once been driven by greed, too, before having realized there were more valuable things in life. Cody thanked Sam for her perspective, and the two bade each other farewell.

Outside the penthouse, Cody stared at Mac's number on his phone.

Earlier, at the Port Charles Police Station, Heather had been escorted past Cody in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. Sasha told a police officer that she had gone to see Heather, and she claimed she was Heather's lawyer. "That murdering bitch killed my husband. I'm gonna see to it that she's brought to justice," Sasha vowed to Cody after the officer left.

Detective Bennett brought Heather into the interrogation room with Sasha. Heather believed that Sasha was her attorney, and she offered an insanity defense by claiming that she had a tendency to "forget days at a time." Heather also insinuated that Ryan had been responsible for her actions.

Dante appeared, and Sasha told him that Heather had just demonstrated how she planned to get away with murder by providing an insanity defense. Sasha said that she had done her research on Heather and that Heather had a history of exploiting her mental illness.

Dante agreed that Heather had mastered working her way through legal loopholes. Heather protested that she had been Ryan's victim. Sasha didn't believe Heather, and she recalled being with Brando in his final moments. Sasha said that Heather had brutally murdered Brando, but Heather quipped that she hadn't known anyone named Brando.

Sasha said that she would make sure the jury knew about Brando, and she vowed to use podcasts, talk shows, and other platforms to rail against Heather's injustices. After Sasha left the room, Heather told Dante that she was ready to confess.

In Dex's apartment, Dex told Josslyn how much he enjoyed waking up next to her. The two shared that their feelings for one another were more than casual, and they kissed. Dex left to get breakfast. When he was on his way back inside the apartment, Josslyn overheard Dex give specific details about the upcoming Pikeman shipment.

Josslyn said she had heard Dex say that he could be sent to federal prison if the Pikeman deal soured. Dex said that Sonny would be the one arrested on federal charges, and he admitted that he was working to take Sonny down.

Dex said that he had been hired by an employer to find evidence to incriminate Sonny. Josslyn demanded to know who Dex was working for. Dex said he couldn't tell Josslyn the name of his employer, but he stated that there were violations of the National Security Act that he hoped to convict Sonny of.

At the hospital, Drew told Nina that Willow had decided to leave the hospital. Nina surmised that Willow had given up. Nina and Drew disagreed over Willow's decision to leave the hospital. Nina blamed Carly for having kept Willow's maternity a secret. Drew smiled condescendingly at Nina, and he smugly boasted that Nina only had herself to blame for not being able to see Willow.

Drew listed Nina's past misdeeds, and he said that Carly had owed nothing to Nina. "Wow. You're just as self-righteous and unfeeling as Carly. I see it now. And when payback comes, you'll be just as deserving," Nina warned Drew before walking off.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Carly welcomed Michael and Willow home. Wiley remarked that Willow was always tired. Michael took Wiley to the kitchen mansion to make pizza. Afterwards, Willow started crying again, and she wondered how much longer she could keep lying to Wiley.

Carly sympathized with Willow, and she suggested that Willow had had no choice but to delay cancer treatment. Carly praised Willow for having put the baby's life ahead of Willow's own life. Willow cried that she didn't want to leave her family, and Carly held her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny told Brook Lynn that he needed to find a way to convince Willow to see Nina. Brook Lynn said that she was happy to talk to Michael on Nina's behalf. Michael appeared, and he asked what Sonny wanted.

Brook Lynn left to give Sonny and Michael some privacy. Michael guessed that Sonny had gone to the mansion on Nina's behalf. Sonny was surprised to learn that Willow had left the hospital. Michael said that they still hoped to find a donor for Willow, but he added that time was running out. Sonny said that it was even more important for Willow and Nina to connect, but Michael refused to ask Willow to connect with Nina.

Sonny then snapped at Michael that he'd had enough. "You know what, I've done everything to reach you. Everything! I'm done! If you can't have any compassion for Nina, even when her child is dying, then what happens next is on your head," Sonny said loudly, and he stormed out of the mansion.

Dex tells Josslyn his plans for Sonny

Dex tells Josslyn his plans for Sonny

Friday, February 24, 2023

At Dex's apartment, Josslyn asked Dex to reveal the name of his employer. Dex refused, but he said that Sonny would soon be involved in illegal arms trafficking. Josslyn said that Dex was trapped as long as he stayed in Port Charles. Dex said that he preferred to stick with his original plan to gather enough evidence to send Sonny to prison. Josslyn told Dex to do whatever he had to do and to watch his back. The two kissed before Josslyn left.

At the hospital, Esme dreamed that Heather had tried to steal her baby. Laura entered Esme's room, and she said that Heather was in police custody. Esme asked about her baby, and Laura shared that the baby was doing fine. Esme thanked Laura for helping her deliver the baby, and she said that it would be best if the baby was kept from Esme. Laura asked why Esme felt that way. Esme reasoned that she could be dangerous, given that her parents were both serial killers.

Laura told Esme that Ryan was dead. "Good. He was a monster, and I'm glad he's dead. I was terrified of that man. Heather kept saying that she would protect me, but she's so crazy. I'm the offspring of two monsters, so I must be a terrible person. Oh, my God. I did all of those things that I'm accused of -- the making of the revenge porn and trying to kill that man," Esme said.

Laura asked if Esme had remembered doing those things. Esme said that her memory was still blank, but she wondered how she couldn't be evil, given who her parents were. Mac entered, and he questioned Esme about the escape from Spring Ridge. Esme shared that Heather had never seemed afraid of Ryan, and she added that Heather and Ryan had probably planned the escape together.

Mac congratulated Esme on the birth of her son. Esme asked Mac to tell her what would happen to her and "Ace." Mac was surprised that Esme had referred to her baby as Ace. "It just came out. It sounds right to me for some reason. 'Ace.' Where did that come from?" Esme wondered.

Also at the hospital, Spencer was ecstatic to introduce Sonny to Esme's baby. Spencer told Sonny that Nikolas had disappeared, and he asked if Sonny thought Nikolas had felt overjoyed when Spencer had been born. Sonny assured Spencer that Nikolas had been happy, and he asked if Spencer had changed his mind about suing Nikolas for custody of the baby.

Just then, Ava appeared after answering questions from Mac about why Austin had been on Spoon Island. Spencer gushed as he spoke about the newborn baby. Ava shared that she had gone to see Spencer, and she stated that Esme and Ryan had known about their familial relationship to one another. Ava clarified that Ryan had sent Esme to the boarding school in France. Spencer initially scoffed at Ava's notions, but Ava reminded Spencer that it had been Esme's idea to stalk Ava.

Spencer recalled that Esme had encouraged him to get revenge on Ava, who asked if Spencer had ever thought why Esme had cared so much. Ava surmised that Spencer and Esme had had everything at their fingertips when they had been young adults living in Europe. Spencer noted that Esme had been determined to get to Port Charles. Ava quipped that Ryan's plan had worked because she and Nikolas were divorced, and Spencer was more estranged from Nikolas than ever.

Spencer said that regardless of whether he had been manipulated by Esme and Ryan, he had still done Ryan's dirty work. Spencer added that he had driven Nikolas away. Ava put her hand on Spencer's, and she pleaded with him to believe that Nikolas would still be in Port Charles if not for Ryan.

Nearby, Laura greeted Sonny, who shared that he was relieved that Ryan was dead and that Heather was in police custody. Laura said she was glad that Spencer had chosen to focus on the baby because he needed something positive. Sonny agreed, and he said that Spencer needed the baby as much as the baby needed Spencer.

Later, Laura and Sonny found Spencer with Ava. Laura, who had received a text from Spencer, asked what was wrong. Spencer said that he had "messed up," and his voice grew soft when he said that he and his newborn brother no longer had a father.

Spencer added that Ryan had managed to win, even in death. Laura told Spencer that Nikolas would be found, and she vowed to make things right between Spencer and Nikolas. Laura said that Spencer wasn't alone because he had both Laura and Sonny to lean on. Ava grew uncomfortable as she listened to Laura talk about Nikolas, and she walked away. Sonny noticed that Ava had left abruptly.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Robert congratulated Jordan for having captured the hook killer. Dante announced that Heather was ready to confess. Scott walked into the police station, and he told Robert about a client with important information on the hook attacks, as it concerned Esme. Robert was skeptical, and he said he needed more information. Scott said that his client was a good person that had simply become mixed up in some bad business.

At Elizabeth's house, Cameron asked if Elizabeth was as "freaked out" to learn about the identity of Esme's parents as he was. Cameron wondered if Esme was faking her amnesia. Elizabeth made breakfast for Cameron, and she asked if he had heard from Josslyn. Cameron said that Josslyn wasn't the person he'd thought she was.

Elizabeth asked if what Josslyn had done to Cameron was unforgivable, and Cameron replied matter-of-factly that it was. Elizabeth said that people made mistakes all the time. Cameron asked if Elizabeth was still talking about Josslyn. Moments later, Elizabeth received a phone call, and she told Cameron that she had to leave. Elizabeth reached for Cameron's hand, and she told him that she loved him.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Heather told Dante and Jordan that she would talk to them on one condition. Dante and Jordan both balked at Heather's suggestion. Heather then said that she was responsible for all the hook killings and attacks, including the attack on Nikolas the previous fall at Wyndemere. Jordan and Dante were surprised to hear Heather mention Nikolas' name.

Jordan recalled that a keepsake from one of Ryan's victims had been found on Rory. Heather said that she had taken a chain of trophies from Ryan years earlier as "insurance" in case Ryan ever decided to come after her. Heather added that she had worn Ryan's chain during the hook attacks.

Dante noted that the sound of the chain matched the sounds Josslyn and Brando had reported hearing when they'd encountered the hook killer. Jordan expressed her surprise that Heather would confess to six murders and to four separate attacks. Heather clarified that she had only killed five people: Brando, Oz, Rory, Britt, and the person who had supplied her with venom.

Dante said that he knew Heather and Ryan had planned to escape for months. Heather said she hadn't initially known that Ryan wasn't locked-in, and she claimed that she'd been forced to go along with his plans. Heather said that she could always recant her statement if the police didn't grant her condition, and she added that no one would believe a crazy person such as herself, anyway.

Outside the interrogation room, Dante told Jordan that he thought Heather had told the truth. Robert walked over, and he said that Scott had a client that claimed to know Esme's whereabouts when she had gone missing. Just then, Scott introduced his client. "Elizabeth Baldwin?" Robert said as he, Dante, and Jordan looked on in surprise.

Back at the hospital, Mac reentered Esme's room. "Esme? Are you sure about this?" Mac asked. Esme slowly nodded that she was. Mac motioned to an officer, who escorted a prisoner into the room in chains and handcuffs. The prisoner was Heather.

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