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Trina was convinced that Esme's amnesia was genuine. Heather reached out to Esme. Dex took a bullet for Sonny. Liesl told Willow that the transplant had been delayed. Cody confided in Dante. Sasha discovered that Gladys had sold Brando's garage. Victor received troubling news. Alexis saw Gregory lose his balance.
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Trina was convinced Esme's amnesia was legit. Dex took a bullet for Sonny. Liesl told Willow the transplant had been delayed. Victor learned that he had a pathogen in his system.
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Sonny and Dex find themselves in a shootout

Sonny and Dex find themselves in a shootout

Monday, March 13, 2023

In the kitchen at Carly's mansion, Bobbie told Josslyn about her plans for the Nurses Ball. Bobbie mentioned having musical acts perform -- including Cameron. Josslyn said she didn't think Cameron would be interested because of their breakup.

Bobbie said that Port Charles had lost a lot of people in the past year, including Anna, Lucy, Valentin, and Britt. Josslyn mentioned Luke, and she reached for Bobbie's hand. Bobbie said that part of her still couldn't accept that Luke was dead, but she reasoned that if Luke were still alive, he would have reached out.

Bobbie said that Luke would never have let her, Tracy, or his kids grieve him for so long. Josslyn asked if Bobbie felt unsettled by Luke's death. "Your Uncle Luke was larger than life. And there is no way I will ever believe that he died in some random accident. Someone out there is to blame," Bobbie said with conviction.

At the hospital, Victor chatted briefly with a doctor about his recent bout of impotence. Victor left the room, and he spotted Elizabeth. Victor pressured Elizabeth for answers about Nikolas. To Victor's surprise, Elizabeth gloated that she had made a deal with the PCPD in exchange for immunity. Elizabeth added that she had told the police about Victor's role in the cover-up of Esme's kidnapping.

Victor demanded to know everything Elizabeth had told the police. Elizabeth said that she had told the police that Victor hadn't had any qualms about helping Nikolas destroy evidence. Elizabeth told Victor that their conversation was over, but Victor grabbed Elizabeth by the arm. Just then, Carly appeared. "Hey, back the hell off, Cassadine," Carly said as she grabbed Victor by the arm and spun him around.

Victor and Carly exchanged barbs. As Victor started to walk away, he told Elizabeth that he hoped the "Esme situation" didn't return to haunt Elizabeth. Elizabeth told Carly that she hadn't needed Carly's help and that she'd had things under control. Carly asked what Victor had meant when he'd mentioned Esme.

Elizabeth recalled yet again how Nikolas had kept Esme prisoner at Wyndemere and how she had helped. Carly said she would have done the same thing as Elizabeth, and she mentioned Jason's name again. Carly said that one of the reasons Elizabeth "frustrated" Carly was because the two were "so much alike."

Carly lectured Elizabeth, and she said Elizabeth had never learned to be careful who to reward with loyalty. Elizabeth said that the ordeal with Nikolas and Esme had changed her perspective, and she even said that she almost saw how her parents had thought they had been protecting her. Elizabeth added that the anger she'd had for her parents had subsided and that she could "almost hold on to all the good memories."

Carly then pulled out the photo of Jeff and Carolyn that she had stolen from Elizabeth's house, and she handed it to Elizabeth with a wide smile. Elizabeth asked where Carly had gotten the picture. Carly recalled that she had taken the photo from Elizabeth's house months earlier.

Elizabeth said that what Carly had done had been "such a violation," and yet she immediately thanked Carly for having committed the violation. Carly asked Elizabeth to call her if she ever needed help, and she added that the two women respected each other enough. Elizabeth smiled at Carly, who walked away.

Nearby, Victor told someone by phone that he might be in legal trouble, thanks to Elizabeth. Victor said he needed the person to find out what Elizabeth had said to the police. Victor returned to an exam room. The doctor appeared, and he announced that the hospital had found something alarming in Victor's bloodwork.

The doctor said he would bring Finn on board for a consult. "The bloodwork shows that there is a pathogen inside your bloodstream," the doctor told a stunned Victor.

At Metro Court, Ava asked Nina what she would do with the information that Carly and Drew had engaged in insider trading. Nina admitted that it was tempting to bring Carly down, but she was skeptical that Carly and Drew could be sent to prison.

Nina said that her desire for revenge had already cost her plenty, and she wanted Ava to promise not to tell anyone about it. Ava pulled out her phone, and she started to dial a number. Nina asked what Ava was doing. "I'm not gonna tell anybody. I'm not gonna call anybody. But... you are. That's the number for the SEC, and you're gonna call. Isn't this what you want? What are you waiting for?" Ava asked Nina.

Nina said that she was trying to take the high road. Nina and Ava were interrupted by Drew, who had gone to the restaurant from the Quartermaine mansion after a brief visit with Scout. Drew said he was happy that Liesl had provided bone marrow for Willow. Drew shared that he had lost a child to cancer, and he asked if he could offer Nina some advice. "While you're trying to take care of Willow from a distance, don't forget to take care of yourself," Drew said.

Nina and Ava were touched by Drew's words, and Nina again told Ava that she wouldn't report Carly to the SEC. Nina added that Carly had been the main source of support for Willow during Willow's cancer battle. Nina said she hoped that she and Willow could have a mother-daughter relationship in the future. Ava quipped that it had to be nice to know that Nina still had a "bombshell" about Carly and Drew.

Also at Metro Court, Felicia approached Laura and Kevin. Laura said that she and Kevin had decided it would be best for Kevin to have a private moment to scatter Ryan's remains. Kevin accepted a call from a patient, and he excused himself.

Laura shared with Felicia that Kevin had spoken about having been separated from Ryan when they'd been children and their parents had divorced. Laura added that Kevin was upset about Lucy's death. Felicia said that Mac was equally upset about Anna's, and she offered that it was time to tell their husbands the truth. Laura said that she felt things were up about to "blow up."

Laura's phone rang, and she answered a call from Drew, who asked if she would meet him. Later, Drew told Laura why he had wanted to meet with her. Drew said that he wanted to buy Charlotte's voting stocks in ELQ, and he continued to press her for an answer. Laura said that she didn't think she could agree to Drew's request.

Back at their table, Kevin rejoined Felicia. Felicia noted that she had tried to reach out to Kevin for several days. Kevin said he hadn't known what to say to Felicia.

Kevin told Felicia that he felt torn by his grief over Ryan. "Mac did what he had to do. My brother was a killer. He had to be stopped. My head knows that. My heart is grieving, and I can't explain that. Because I look at the people that my brother terrorized. Many of those people are people that I love. I don't want to mourn him," Kevin said as his voice started to tremble.

Felicia tried to console Kevin, and she said that he was mourning the child that Ryan had been before his mother had sexually molested him. Felicia confided that she had gone to the morgue to see Ryan's body so that she might be able to forgive him. Felicia broke down in tears when she said she hadn't been able to forgive Ryan. Kevin told Felicia to never be ashamed for how she felt about Ryan. "Exactly. Don't you think it's time to take your own advice, Doctor?" Felicia asked Kevin.

Mac appeared, and Felicia left to give the two men time alone. Mac shared that he thought that a part of Kevin blamed him for having killed Ryan. Kevin said he didn't blame Mac, and he added that he had avoided Mac and Felicia because he had seen the relief on their faces. Kevin shared that he felt the same sense of relief, but he still felt guilty. "Be that as it may, Ryan was my brother in birth. But my brother in life... the one I could count on, my best friend... that's you," Kevin said.

Mac stood up to embrace Kevin, and the two men hugged with tears in their eyes. Felicia spotted the two, and she had tears in her eyes, as well. Afterwards, Mac said that Cody had been the one to suggest he and Kevin have a talk. "More evidence we got him all wrong when he first came to Port Charles," Mac said of Cody.

Earlier, in the stables on the Quartermaine estate, Cody had snatched the paper that contained his DNA results from Mac's hands. Cody claimed that he had donated plasma to the hospital for extra cash because he had been short on money. Mac sympathized with Cody, and he offered to help Cody find additional work. Cody said that he was the last person who deserved Mac's help.

Mac asked what Cody had meant, but just then, Dante appeared. As Mac started to leave, Cody encouraged Mac to reach out to make things right with Kevin. Afterwards, Dante noted that Cody had seemed intent to get rid of Mac. Dante remarked that Mac was a good person. Cody exploded that he didn't deserve to have Mac in his life. "Not after what I've done to him," Cody said.

Dante asked Cody what he had meant, and he said that he didn't think whatever Cody had done had been anything related to a past con. Cody asked if Dante could keep a secret. Dante assured Cody he could, and he asked how bad the secret was. Cody then handed Dante the results of the DNA test. Dante stared at the results. "So, Mac really is your father?" Dante noted.

At a warehouse, Dex jumped on top of Sonny after having spotted the shooter from above. Sonny fired shots at the shooter as Dex yelled for Sonny to stay down. Tony, one of Sonny's guards, approached from outside the warehouse with a gun. "My guys are here. There's more on the way. You want to live? Put your rifle down and give yourself up," Sonny barked.

The sniper fired again. Sonny told Dex that he was almost out of bullets. Dex told Sonny to run toward Tony at the door, and he added that he would take out the shooter. As Sonny made his escape, Dex and Tony fired at the shooter from their respective angles. In the crossfire, Dex was struck in the left shoulder.

Sonny returned, and he fired at the shooter, who collapsed. Sonny asked how Dex was, and Dex replied that he was glad that Sonny had returned. Later, Tony said that the shooter was only incapacitated instead of dead. Dex asked if Sonny thought the shooter had worked for Pikeman.

"I don't think they'd want to risk jeopardizing the deal. Too much at stake. But I'll tell you what. I'm gonna find out who this guy is working for," Sonny vowed.

Victor receives disturbing news

Victor receives disturbing news

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

At the warehouse, Sonny asked the shooter who he was working for. Brick and a concierge physician appeared, and Sonny said that the doctor needed to make sure the shooter stayed alive until Sonny received some answers.

Moments later, the doctor told Sonny that the shooter was dead. Sonny asked the doctor to examine Dex's shoulder. In a corner, Brick whispered to Sonny that Dex seemed to have the worst luck, and he asked how Dex was always in the line of fire.

Brick deduced that the shooter had been a professional, and Sonny said he needed Brick to find out who had hired the shooter. Brick searched through the shooter's belongings, and he noted that the shooter's phone contained only one contact number and a single message: an address and a time.

Brick noted that all the shooter had on him was a key fob and a matchbook. Dex examined the matchbook, and he noted that it bore the logo of the Highsider Bar. Brick left to try to get more information about the weapon the shooter had used.

Afterwards, Sonny instructed Dex and Tony to get rid of the body. Just then, Dex grew wobbly, and he fell backward. Sonny sat Dex on a crate, and he handed him a bottle of water. Sonny asked how Dex had known to push Sonny out of the way. Dex replied that he'd seen something out of the corner of his eye.

Brick reappeared, and he said the shooter wasn't listed on any registry Brick could access. Brick added that there had been no serial numbers on the gun and that it had been untraceable. Sonny asked Brick for the bottom line. "A guy who doesn't exist, with an untraceable rifle. I'd say you have a very, very powerful enemy," Brick said.

Brick said the shooter had been contracted by an outside agency. "Whoever it is, they're gonna be very, very sorry," Sonny vowed.

At the hospital, Finn told Victor that Victor had contracted a rare pathogen that had a very specific mission. Finn added that the pathogen had achieved its mission. Victor asked how he had been exposed to the pathogen.

Finn asked tongue-in-cheek if Victor had any enemies, and he added that what Victor had was not accidental. Finn noted that the bloodwork had indicated that Victor had contracted the pathogen in November or December. Victor asked about treatment, and Finn said that the damage caused wasn't known to be reversible.

At Metro Court, Drew tried to pressure Laura into selling him Charlotte's shares of ELQ. Laura said that it was too soon to make any decisions that concerned Charlotte's inheritance, and she added that whatever happened with Valentin's shares was not up to her. Drew politely thanked Laura for her time.

Also at Metro Court, Felicia was happy that Mac and Kevin had reconciled their differences. Mac told Felicia that Cody had encouraged him to talk to Kevin. Mac shared that he and Cody had bonded before Cody had "clammed up."

Mac recalled that Cody had said he'd sold his plasma for money, and Mac had also seen Cody with Selina. Felicia asked if she and Mac could help Cody financially. Mac said that Cody wasn't their responsibility because he wasn't family. Felicia shared that she felt that Cody was family.

Laura appeared, and Mac and Felicia encouraged her to join them. The three spotted Victor, who asked for a glass of scotch at the bar nearby. Victor flashed back to his conversation with Finn, and he recalled that Finn had said that Victor had likely contracted the pathogen from something he'd ingested.

Mac approached Victor, and he asked why Victor had avoided calls from Mac's office concerning Nikolas' disappearance. Mac asked Victor where Nikolas was. Victor said he didn't have a clue as to Nikolas' whereabouts. Victor started to leave, but he spotted Laura. Victor flashed back to Laura saying that she would take Victor down. "It was you... yeah, had to be you," Victor said as he approached Laura.

Victor called Laura "vindictive," and he said that she was determined to strip him of his power and to humiliate him. Laura said that there would be more than Laura to blame whenever Victor's life fell apart. "But you're the one that will pay most dearly. Mutually assured destruction, Mayor Collins. You struck the first blown, and now we both have everything to lose," Victor warned.

In the stables at the Quartermaine estate, Dante asked why Cody had lied to Mac about his DNA test. Cody admitted that he'd lied in an attempt to get the money that had been tied to Britt through Faison. Cody griped about his inheritance and how it had gone to Serena instead of him.

Dante said that if Cody wanted to move forward with Mac, he should fess up to his lie. Dante thought that Cody should tell Mac the full truth. Cody said he wouldn't tell Mac anything. Dante grew angry, and he asked why Cody would deprive Mac of knowing he had a son. Cody said that Mac would be better off not knowing.

Dante told Cody to stop punishing himself, and he added that Mac was a great person with a great family. "Do the right thing," Dante told Cody. "Maybe saying nothing is the right thing," Cody countered, and Dante stormed out of the stables.

At the cabin, Anna suggested that she and Valentin plant fake codes into the unredacted report concerning the necklace made from the Ice Princess in an effort to fool Victor -- a report Eileen had assured the two she could obtain. Anna and Valentin started to kiss before Lucy entered from upstairs. Lucy ranted that she was the only person that could save the Nurses Ball.

Lucy mentioned that she had been the Mistress of Ceremonies at the Nurses Ball since the 90s. "Instead, I am stuck here with the two of you! No offense, but this I just totally unfathomable!" Lucy raged.

After Lucy left the room, Anna told Valentin that Lucy wasn't wrong. Anna stated that Lucy wasn't the only person who was sad about not attending the Nurses Ball, and she recalled fond memories with Robin at the event. Anna added that the Nurses Ball would go on with or without them because it was bigger than any one person.

Lucy rejoined Anna and Valentin, and she grew emotional when she said she needed the Nurses Ball to be special. Anna said that it was the mission of the Nurses Ball that was the most important thing to celebrate.

Anna said that Lucy would have to sit the Nurses Ball out because they all had to make sacrifices. Lucy tried to reason that the Nurses Ball needed her, and she and Anna started to bicker. Anna shouted that she and Lucy were only in their predicament because Lucy hadn't followed Anna's orders months earlier when Anna had told Lucy to stay away from Victor. Lucy huffed, and she stormed away.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Bobbie, Maxie, and Brook Lynn met to discuss plans for the Nurses Ball. Carly entered, and she overheard the three women bickering. Bobbie told Carly that the Nurses Ball would need a new home. Maxie added that if they didn't find a new venue, the Nurses Ball wouldn't take place.

Carly noted that Olivia would need Nina's approval to host the Nurses Ball, since Nina was the new co-owner of Metro Court. Maxie doubted that Nina would object. Carly said she wished they could all find a way to avoid Nina. Just then, Nina entered, and she asked what Carly was trying to keep from her "this time."

Carly implied that Nina's "hatred" of her could jeopardize the Nurses Ball, a notion that Nina scoffed at. Nina clarified that Metro Court would host the Nurses Ball. Nina asked for a few moments alone with Carly, and Bobbie and Maxie left the room.

Alone, Nina said that she wanted to talk to Carly about Willow. Nina added that Willow had shared an update on her health with Nina, and Nina recalled that Willow had promised to keep Nina in the loop about her health going forward.

Drew entered the room. Carly and Nina continued to snipe and bicker at one another. Before Nina left, she told Carly that Carly was no longer the gatekeeper of information. "And it would serve you well to have this in the back of your mind: I know a lot more than you think I do," Nina said to Carly, who started to go after Nina before Drew held her back.

Kevin and Laura make an offer to Esme

Kevin and Laura make an offer to Esme

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

At Spring Ridge, Kevin and Laura entered the visitors' lounge. "Are you sure about this?" Kevin asked his wife. "Yes," Laura answered. Laura explained that with Nikolas missing, they couldn't abandon his child. "I couldn't agree more," Spencer said. Kevin and Laura were surprised to see Spencer standing by the coffee bar. Laura warned Spencer that he couldn't be there because she had promised Esme, but Spencer refused to leave.

Moments later, Esme rounded the corner with the baby. Esme's smile faded when she saw Spencer. "What is he doing here?" Esme asked. Kevin assured Esme that Spencer was not with them, but Laura tried to smooth things over by explaining that Spencer had wanted to check on his little brother. Laura promised that Spencer would leave, but Spencer objected.

Spencer ranted that his brother didn't belong in Spring Ridge. Laura managed to put enough distance between Spencer and Esme so that she could whisper to her grandson that she was trying to gain Esme's trust, and his presence wouldn't help. For Esme's benefit, Laura loudly demanded that Spencer respect Esme's wishes. "This is not over," Spencer told Esme. After Spencer left, Laura apologized to Esme. "Finally, someone who means what they say. Thank you," Esme replied.

Esme explained that she'd had no idea who to trust when she had woken up in the hospital without her memory. Laura assured Esme that both Nikolas and Spencer loved the baby, but Esme suspected that Ace was just one more thing for Nikolas and Spencer to control. Kevin admitted that it wasn't a fair assessment, but Esme was unapologetic. "I'm just trying to be a good mother," Esme said. Suddenly, Esme questioned if Laura was trying to do the same by taking Ace away from her for Nikolas and Spencer.

Laura admitted that she didn't blame Esme for having doubts, and Kevin conceded that it was a healthy sign that Esme's defense mechanism was intact. He reminded Esme that he was her uncle -- and the baby's "granduncle" -- and he hoped that Esme would grow to trust him. Laura promised that she didn't want to take Ace away from Esme, but Laura questioned if prison was the best place for the baby. Esme turned defensive, and she accused Laura of being no better than Spencer.

Laura promised that her only concern was for the baby, especially if Esme ended up transferred to Pentonville, because it was a lot worse than Spring Ridge. Kevin suggested that Esme could use the time during her incarceration to figure things out, so Esme could make a fresh start for her and the baby when she was released. Laura assured Esme that there were options, but Esme asked what other option she had than for Spencer to take the baby. "Us," Kevin answered. "All you have to do is ask," Laura said.

Esme admitted that Kevin and Laura were the only people that she could trust her baby with because they had helped deliver Ace. "But it's just too complicated," Esme said. According to Esme, she saw Ryan whenever she looked at Kevin, and Laura was a constant reminder of Nikolas and Spencer. Esme admitted that it was overwhelming, and her instincts told her to keep Ace with her. Laura was disappointed, but she didn't push Esme. After Esme returned to her room, Laura tearfully admitted that it was clear that Esme loved the baby.

At Sonny's penthouse, Dex winced as he pulled his shirt on over his bandaged bicep. Moments later, Josslyn called. She was curious if he had received her text messages the previous evening. Dex's mind went to the shootout in the warehouse, but he pushed the memory away and explained that he had been working late. He quickly ended the call when he heard someone at the door.

In Kelly's courtyard, Josslyn and Trina exchanged greetings, and Trina asked if Josslyn had any idea what was going on. Josslyn admitted that she didn't, but she was glad that Trina was there with her.

Inside Kelly's, Cameron was working when Josslyn and Trina entered. He was pleased to see them, and the two friends followed Cameron to the counter. Cameron admitted that he had news, but he wanted to wait until Spencer joined them. "I really don't want to have this conversation more than once," Cameron said. Trina decided to share some gossip about a set of twins at Port Charles University who had been dating the same guy, but the guy had been unaware that he had been dating twins. Trina and Josslyn were shocked when Cameron revealed that the guy was a friend of his, and the guy had always known the truth because of a mole on one of the twins.

Cameron grew quiet when he suddenly recalled walking in on Josslyn and Dex in her dorm room. Just then, Spencer arrived, and the conversation shifted to Spencer's trip to Spring Ridge. Cameron was stunned that it had been legal for Esme to take the baby to prison with her. Spencer talked about Laura's plan to play nice with Esme, but they all agreed that Esme didn't know the meaning of the word. Cameron smiled because it felt like old times. "I'm going to miss that," Cameron said. Cameron took the opportunity to announce that he would be attending Stanford in time for the spring semester.

Josslyn was thrilled for Cameron's opportunity to play soccer for Stanford, but Spencer was certain that Cameron was leaving town for another reason. Spencer blamed Esme for driving Cameron away, but Josslyn accused Spencer of tarnishing the moment. Josslyn insisted that Cameron's scholarship was a huge achievement, but Spencer argued that Esme had set out to drive their friendships apart. "And now, she gets some magic do-over because she's claiming to have lost her memory," Spencer said. Spencer's anger mounted as he complained about people defending Esme, because he was certain that she would destroy his brother's life.

"It's enough! It needs to stop," Spencer said. After Spencer stormed out, Cameron went back to work. A short time later, he saw Josslyn sitting at the counter. Josslyn explained that Trina had left, but Trina had promised to see Cameron before he left town. Josslyn started to leave, but Cameron called out to her and told her that he would miss her. "I'm going to miss you, too," Josslyn said.

Cameron reminded Josslyn that they had been friends their entire lives. "Stay away from Dex Heller," Cameron said. He promised that he wasn't throwing shade, but he wanted her to be happy. Cameron pointed out that Josslyn sneaking around with Dex was not who she was, and she hated Sonny's life. Cameron warned her that it was inevitable that Dex would get hurt, because he was a part of Sonny's world. Josslyn remembered nursing Dex in her dorm room.

"Are you done?" Josslyn tearfully asked. "Not even close," Cameron said.

Meanwhile, Esme returned to the visitors' lounge, looking for Ace's pacifier. She was startled when she saw Trina holding the pacifier. "Looking for this?" Trina asked.

At Sonny's penthouse, Dex relaxed and put his gun away when Sonny arrived home. Sonny explained that he had picked up bandages and antiseptic, but Sonny was curious who Dex had been talking to. Dex told Sonny that it had been a spam call, and he deftly steered the conversation to the attempt on Sonny's life by asking if Sonny had learned anything new about the shooter. Sonny assured Dex that he was working on it, but Sonny didn't elaborate. Instead, Sonny asked if Spencer was home. Dex hadn't seen Spencer, so Sonny decided to address the tension between Dex and Spencer.

Sonny advised Dex to find a way to coexist with Spencer because Sonny loved his nephew. Dex promised to do his best and not overstay his welcome. Moments later, Kristina arrived for a visit with her father. She noticed that Dex had stepped in front of Sonny in a protective manner. "Well, Dad, how bad is it?" Kristina asked. Sonny didn't deny that everyone was on alert, but he assured his daughter that it was nothing that he couldn't handle. Dex decided to take the bag of supplies from Sonny, but one of the bandages tumbled onto the floor.

Kristina saw Dex wince as he leaned down to pick up the bandage, but she beat him to it. "Cut yourself shaving?" Kristina asked Dex. "Something like that," Dex replied as he took the bandage from Kristina. After Dex returned to his bedroom, Kristina told her father that she had a business proposition for him. Kristina revealed that she wanted to open a restaurant. Sonny was confident that Kristina was up to the task, but he was curious what had prompted the decision. Kristina admitted that watching her sisters map out their futures had made her want more for herself.

Nearby, Dex lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping on Sonny and Kristina. Sonny asked Kristina if she was happy at Charlie's Pub. She assured him that she was, and she enjoyed her volunteer work at the youth center. Sonny reminded Kristina that launching a restaurant would be an all-consuming endeavor, and she would have to give up a lot of her free time, including her work at the youth center. He urged her to think things over carefully. "Are you going to be as happy as you are now?" Sonny asked.

"Probably not," Kristina said. Kristina admitted that she loved her life as it was. "I guess there's your answer," Sonny said. Kristina smiled. A short time later, Sonny walked Kristina to the door because she had to open Charlie's Pub. Sonny told his daughter that he was proud of her, and he loved her. Kristina hugged her father and thanked him for the "pep talk." After Kristina left, Dex entered the living room and asked if everything was okay.

Sonny admitted that he loved Kristina, and his eldest daughter was most like him, so they understood each other. Dex admitted that Kristina was lucky. "No, I'm the lucky one," Sonny said. A short time later, Spencer arrived home. Spencer glared at Dex as he demanded to know what Dex was doing there. Sonny entered the living room and informed Spencer that Dex would be staying at the penthouse.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Gregory apologized for keeping his sons waiting. Finn teased his father by asking what had been more important than Finn and Chase, so Gregory playfully assured Finn that nothing was more important than his sons. "Are you sure?" Chase asked. Chase admitted that lately, it had felt as if Gregory's family was second. "I think what my brother means to say is 'second to whom?'," Finn said. Finn pointedly looked over his shoulder at a table where Alexis and Sam were seated.

"What's the deal?" Chase asked. Chase admitted that it was clear something had been going on between Gregory and Alexis. Finn suspected that Alexis had tried to correct Gregory's grammar again, but Gregory was not amused. "That woman needs to mind her own business," Gregory said. Gregory glared at Alexis, but Chase wanted to know why his father was mad at Alexis. Gregory would only reveal that Alexis hadn't acted like a friend, and she hadn't respected Gregory's boundaries.

Finn wanted to know what line Alexis had crossed, so Gregory revealed that he had taken the semester off from teaching, and Alexis had felt entitled to know about Gregory's plans. Gregory assured his sons that it was just a break, and he looked forward to having some time to himself. Finn and Chase encouraged their father to talk to Alexis, but Gregory was resistant. Finn noticed the time and announced that he had to get back to the hospital. Chase admitted that he had an appointment.

Meanwhile, Alexis announced that she was no longer interested in breakfast. "What changed?" Sam asked. Sam pointed out that Alexis had been famished five minutes earlier. Rather than answer, Alexis glowered at Gregory. "Did he hit on you?" Sam asked. "Worse. He lied to me," Alexis said.

Alexis told Sam about the job offer to Gregory, and Gregory's excuse for turning it down. "Friends are supposed to be honest with each other, no matter how painful or how embarrassing," Alexis said. Sam agreed, but Sam was curious why Gregory refused to work with Alexis, since he no longer worked for PCU. Alexis admitted that she had confronted Gregory, and he had accused her of interfering. "He's not entirely wrong," Sam said.

Alexis admitted that she would agree, except that Alexis was certain there was more going on than Gregory had let on. Alexis tried to change the subject, but Sam wouldn't let her. Sam suggested there was unfinished business between Alexis and Gregory, and she urged her mother to finish it. After Sam left, Alexis approached Gregory. He met her halfway. Gregory revealed that he had told his sons about stepping away from his job at PCU, but nothing else.

Alexis assured Gregory that she had told Sam that she was concerned about him -- nothing more. Alexis admitted that she cared about Gregory, and she didn't want their friendship to end. Gregory suggested their conversation was a good start, but he suddenly lost his balance. Startled, Alexis watched as Gregory reached out to steady himself by gripping a table. Gregory tried to brush the incident off, but Alexis wouldn't let him. "Have you been drinking?" Alexis asked.

At the hospital, Elizabeth greeted Portia at the nurses' station. Portia told her friend that they had a lot to catch up on. "I'm so sorry," Elizabeth said. Portia realized that Elizabeth had heard about the rift between Portia and Curtis. Elizabeth mentioned her impending meeting with the review board. "Quite the pair, aren't we?" Elizabeth asked.

Portia and Elizabeth went to Portia's office. Portia opened up to her friend about not telling Trina and Curtis that he might be Trina's biological father. Elizabeth empathized because she knew what it was like to do the wrong thing for the right reason. Portia explained that nothing would change the fact that Trina would always see Marcus as her father, but Elizabeth was certain that Trina had room in her heart for Curtis, too -- if Curtis turned out to be Trina's biological father. "I hope so," Portia said.

The conversation turned to Elizabeth's troubles and her meeting with the review board. Elizabeth told Portia about helping Nikolas when he had imprisoned Esme in Wyndemere's north tower. Elizabeth admitted that it had been wrong of her not to go to police, especially when it had been clear that Esme had not killed Officer Cabrera. Portia didn't blame Elizabeth. Portia admitted that she had convinced herself that the truth would cause more of a mess than to be honest after 20 years. "We come up with these justifications -- it makes no sense," Portia said.

Portia offered to be a character witness for Elizabeth, but Portia doubted it would help her friend. Elizabeth assured Portia that it wasn't necessary, but it helped knowing that Portia was a friend. Portia and Elizabeth left the office, but Elizabeth stopped in the hallway when she saw Finn. Portia wished Elizabeth luck. After Portia left, Finn asked how Elizabeth was feeling. Elizabeth admitted that she was nervous, so Finn assured her that he was there for her. "As a friend -- whatever you need," Finn said.

Trina makes a decision about Esme

Trina makes a decision about Esme

Thursday, March 16, 2023

At Spring Ridge, Esme looked everywhere for Ace's pacifier. "Looking for this?" Trina asked, and Esme turned to see that Trina had it in her hand. They sat down at a table, and Esme, who knew who Trina was, was horrified at what she'd allegedly done to Trina and her friends. She insisted that all she wanted to do was raise her son. She demanded to know if Spencer had sent Trina, but Trina answered that Spencer didn't know she was there. Trina added that everyone just wanted what was best for Ace, as being raised in Spring Ridge probably wasn't the best option.

Esme didn't think going to prison for something she didn't even remember doing was fair. "I wish we could all forget, too," Trina replied. It was time for Ace's nap, but before putting him down, Esme wondered if she'd "passed the test." Trina acknowledged that she had visited Esme to judge for herself if Esme was lying about her memory loss. A short while later, Esme returned to the main room without Ace and sat down. A guard handed her some mail, and she dropped it in horror when she saw that it was a letter from Heather. She picked it up, slowly opened it, and began to read it.

At Kelly's, Cameron reminded Josslyn how she'd always hated life around Sonny's business, and he warned that that was what her future with Dex would be like. She insisted that Dex would be different and urged Cameron not to worry about her. He made her promise that she would be fine, and she did. "Are we good?" she asked. He said he just wanted her to be happy, and she said she wanted the same for him.

Just then, Josslyn's phone rang, and she answered it to Trina. Trina shared that she had something important to tell Josslyn, Cameron, and Spencer, so she asked them to meet her at Sonny's. Josslyn tried to ask what it was about, but Trina hung up immediately.

At Sonny's, Spencer demanded to know why Dex was there. Sonny informed Spencer that Spencer and Dex were both guests, and Spencer needed to watch his tone. Spencer reasoned that he was just in a bad mood, and Dex had been a convenient target. Sonny had to go, but he ordered Spencer to lay off of Dex. Dex emerged from his room when Sonny left, and Spencer accused Dex of sneaking around with Josslyn.

There was a knock at the door, and Dex was surprised to answer it to Josslyn and Cameron. "Show the guests inside!" Spencer commanded Dex, and Josslyn and Cameron entered. Spencer asked for privacy with his friends, so Dex went to his room. There was another knock, and Spencer let Trina in. Trina explained that she'd gone to see Esme. She informed her friends that she wanted to go to Robert and have the charges against Esme dropped.

Trina explained to her shocked and horrified friends that, with Esme being a "poor, young, single mother" who didn't remember anything, the jury could feel sorry enough for her to let her off. Trina continued that if Esme ever reverted to "old Esme," she couldn't be tried for the same crimes again, and Trina thought that that was too big of a risk. The four agreed that they would be all right with Esme being free again, at least for Ace's sake.

A few minutes later, Trina hung up the phone and announced that Diane had some time. Spencer couldn't believe that he was hoping for Esme's freedom, if only for his brother's sake. Trina believed that Esme wasn't a threat to anyone at that moment, and Spencer hoped she was right.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Alexis wiped up Gregory's spill, and she wondered if he'd been drinking. He insisted he hadn't been, but she called him out on slurring his words. They went to a more private corner of the restaurant to talk, and she said it seemed something was off. She assured him that she was his friend and that he could talk to her. He was insulted and excused himself to go to an appointment, but she demanded his keys first.

Gregory angrily insisted to Alexis that he wasn't "a drunk like you" who could never admit when she was wrong. He handed his keys to her. She offered to drive him, but he told her that he would call a car. She said that the keys would be in her office for him the next day. However, he ordered her to leave them with the concierge, as he never wanted to see her again, and he stormed out.

Alexis returned to Sam at their table and told her about her interaction with Gregory. She thought that his behavior had been "completely out of character" and that something wasn't right with him. Sam returned to the table a few minutes later, having confirmed with the waitress that Gregory hadn't been served any alcohol. Alexis still believed he was lying, which was something addicts did "a lot."

Liesl arrived at Nina's and updated Nina that she still hadn't heard from the hospital. Just then, her phone rang, but it was Scott. She ignored the call. Liesl still believed that Scott had chosen Elizabeth over her, but Nina advised her aunt not to shut out people who loved her. A short while later, Sonny arrived, and a puzzled Nina lingered at the door after he entered. She asked why there were two bodyguards outside her door, but Sonny assured her that they would talk about it later. Liesl's phone rang again, and she answered it to Terry. A few minutes later, Liesl informed Nina and Sonny that she was going to be Willow's stem cell donor, but there was a problem.

Later, Liesl was gone, and Nina and Sonny discussed Liesl's donor status. Nina had had no idea that Liesl was on anticoagulants, and she hoped that Willow could hang on until after the medication was out of Liesl's system. Nina asked again about the bodyguards. Sonny told her that something had happened, but he was handling it. He reminded her that she didn't want to know about anything involving the business, but she replied that she wasn't so sure about that anymore.

In the Quartermaine living room, Maxie tried to hold a meeting about the Nurses Ball with Carly, Michael, and Willow, but Carly was too distracted by Amelia. Maxie called for a break, as she couldn't compete with Amelia's cuteness. She figured that she would go check on Olivia, and then they could get back to business.

Brook Lynn was descending the stairs when the doorbell rang, and she called out that she would get it. She opened the door to Chase, who was there to meet Amelia. They reminisced about when Bailey had been that small. Maxie emerged from the living room and thought she was interrupting something. Chase replied that he was just there to see the baby, and Maxie directed him into the living room. When he was gone, Maxie asked Brook Lynn what was going on.

In the living room, Chase was happy to meet Amelia, and he said that Michael and Willow were lucky. He immediately realized that "lucky" was a bad word for what they were going through, and he apologized. Willow insisted that the word was accurate, and she named all the positive things in her life.

A few minutes later, Maxie descended the stairs and figured that she would head out. Maxie advised Brook Lynn to be honest with Chase, and Maxie left. Chase emerged from the living room, and Brook Lynn told him, "I want you." She covered by claiming that she wanted Chase and Blaze to perform for the Nurses Ball, as she was in charge of the musical acts. Chase answered that he was in, whether or not Blaze was.

In the living room, Carly took the opportunity of both Amelia and Willow napping to ask Michael how he was doing. Michael admitted that he sometimes had to leave the room for a few minutes to pull himself together so that he could be who Willow needed him to be. "I can't lose her. We can't lose her," Michael cried to his mother, and she pulled him into a hug.

The doorbell rang again, and Brook Lynn let Liesl in. Liesl needed to talk to Willow, so Brook Lynn directed her to the living room. When Liesl was gone, Brook Lynn observed that Liesl didn't look happy. She hoped that it wasn't bad news, as Willow and Michael couldn't take another disappointment. Chase squeezed her hand in comfort. He promised to ask Blaze about performing. When he left, Brook Lynn sadly watched him go.

In the living room, Liesl explained that she'd been cleared to donate, but the harvesting of her stem cells would have to be on hold until her anticoagulant medication was out of her system. She apologized for the delay, but Willow was grateful for Liesl's sacrifice. Liesl admitted that she'd been with Nina and Sonny when she'd gotten the news, so they knew, as well. Willow informed Liesl that she'd agreed to keep Nina in the loop, and Liesl was grateful for that.

A short while later, Liesl was gone, and Michael asked Carly to tell everyone the news. When Carly was out of the room, Michael asked how Willow really felt, and she insisted that she was fine. Later, Carly was back when Amelia woke up, and Carly offered to take her. Willow asked Carly to get Wiley from upstairs instead. Carly murmured to Michael that she would always listen if he wanted to talk, and she left the room. A short while later, Michael informed Willow that Wiley had to be cleaned up first. Willow assured Michael that she would hang on for as long as necessary and that her family gave her strength.

Nina walks in on Sonny with Carly

Nina walks in on Sonny with Carly

Friday, March 17, 2023

In the district attorney's office, Diane visited Robert just as Eileen left. Eileen texted Victor to say that the two needed to talk. After Eileen left, Diane suggested that Robert delay criminal charges against Esme.

Diane reasoned that the worst-case scenario would be if Esme were to walk away "scot-free," and she added that it would be better to delay the charges and to introduce them when Esme could no longer claim she had memory loss. Robert was skeptical, but he eventually agreed. Diane left after she extended an invitation for Robert to join her some time at the hatchet range.

At the cabin, Laura told Lucy and Valentin that she thought Victor had started to unravel. Laura noted that Victor had lost control of his family and that she had learned he was suffering from a medical issue. "The kind that makes a man realize he's not as powerful as he used to be," Laura said delicately.

Lucy pleaded with Laura to let her leave so that she could be involved with the planning of the Nurses Ball. Laura tried to assuage Lucy. Valentin grew impatient, and he told Lucy to accept their situation. Laura said she had something that might make Lucy feel better, and she handed her a letter from Martin. Lucy gushed, and she headed upstairs -- supposedly to read the letter.

Afterwards, Laura offered to bring Charlotte to the cabin for a visit. Valentin said that he didn't want to take the risk, but he expressed his gratitude to Laura and Kevin. Valentin asked if Laura had heard from Nikolas. Laura said that she believed Nikolas had left town.

Laura surmised that Victor had shifted his focus onto Spencer and Charlotte. Valentin recalled that he and Laura had had many battles, and the two admitted they had once believed they could never form an alliance. Laura said she felt they had the upper hand on Victor.

At the hospital, Victor told his doctor that he needed an urgent course of treatment for his erectile dysfunction. The doctor mentioned a prescription, and he left for the pharmacy. Afterwards, Victor opened the door to Eileen.

Victor warned Eileen not to visit him unless she had something to use against Laura. Eileen handed Victor her phone, and he stared intently at a photo Eileen had taken in Robert's office. "So, a necklace made from the Ice Princess still exists. And Robert has it," Victor marveled.

Victor noted that Robert had made sure to keep the recovery of the necklace a secret, and he wondered what else was being hidden. Eileen shared that the necklace was stashed in an evidence locker at the PCPD. Victor commended Eileen for her work, and Eileen said that she hoped Victor was finished with her. Victor said Eileen would have to bring him the necklace if she wanted to be free of him.

Later, at Metro Court, Victor phoned someone, and he ordered them to check on Holly. After he hung up, Victor sipped from a glass of scotch at the bar. Behind him, the elevator doors opened, and a disguised Lucy stepped off the elevator, wearing thick glasses and her hair pulled back in a bun.

At the same time, Eileen returned to Robert's office. Robert asked if Victor had "bought it," and Eileen revealed that he had. Eileen added that Victor had had questions about the night that Holly had supposedly been killed. Robert said that he had already alerted the proper authorities to cover their tracks. "Let's move on to phase two," Robert said.

In Dex's apartment, Dex was startled to find Josslyn inside after he had unlocked the door and drawn his gun. Dex warned Josslyn not to sneak in again. Josslyn asked how Dex had injured himself. Dex recalled that he and Sonny had been ambushed and that Sonny wanted Dex to stay with Sonny.

Josslyn told Dex to remove his shirt, and she asked to see his wound. Dex flirted with Josslyn, and the two kissed. Later, Dex said that Sonny had likely saved his life. Josslyn noted that it almost seemed as if Dex admired Sonny.

At the Crimson office, Nina stared at a photo of her and Sonny. Nina flashed back to Sonny saying that Nina didn't want to know about his business. Nina heard a knock at the door, and she was ecstatic to see Phyllis.

Phyllis and Nina gushed over Amelia. Nina remarked that her and Sonny's children had shut them both out of their lives. Phyllis said it was good that Nina could rely on Sonny, but Nina claimed that she was "reevaluating" things with Sonny, and she referenced his ties to the mob. Phyllis asked Nina what had changed.

Nina said that there were sides to Sonny that had only recently emerged -- a reference to Sonny's mob life. Phyllis asked if Nina's relationship with Sonny was sustainable, since Nina was awakening to the realities of Sonny's line of work.

Nina said that she and Sonny were good together, but she added that she wasn't sure she could wrap her head around being in constant danger. Phyllis said that not everyone was built for Sonny's world and everything that it entailed. "Like Carly was?" Nina asked.

At Sonny's penthouse, Donna was happy when Carly took her to visit Sonny. Carly asked why Sonny had messaged her earlier. Sonny said that there had been an "incident." Carly asked who the enemy was "this time."

Sonny didn't divulge the specifics, but he vowed to stop the threat. Carly said that both she and Sonny knew that Sonny couldn't keep the promise. Sonny swore that he would do everything to protect his family. Carly countered that Sonny couldn't control everything.

Sonny said that he would find out who had been behind the attack and put a stop to it. Carly asked if there was anything she could do to help. "You just need to stay out of it. I can deal with anything, as long as you and the girls are safe. Okay?" Sonny said. "Okay," Carly whispered softly.

Just then, Nina stepped into the penthouse. The smile on Nina's face faded when she saw Carly with Sonny.


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