General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 20, 2023 on GH

Curtis and Jordan shared a close moment. Esme and Ace moved in with Laura -- and Spencer. Valentin told Drew and Carly about the plan to take down Victor. Maxie discovered that both Lucy and Anna were alive. Elizabeth faced the hospital's ethics committee. Sonny took steps to protect his loved ones. Gregory told Alexis that he was sick. Michael and Josslyn discovered each other's secrets.
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Curtis and Jordan shared a close moment. Valentin told Drew and Carly about the plan to take down Victor. Maxie discovered Lucy and Anna were alive.
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Sonny makes a promise to Nina

Sonny makes a promise to Nina

Monday, March 20, 2023

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow asked Drew to walk her down the aisle at her and Michael's wedding. Drew said that he would be honored. Willow thanked Drew for everything he had done for her.

Afterwards, Brook Lynn visited Willow, who worried that she would die soon. Willow noted that her wedding to Michael was ironic because her last marriage had been to Chase when she'd thought that Chase was going to die.

Brook Lynn asked if Willow regretted having married Chase. Willow said she regretted the pain she had caused Chase, and she caught the look on Brook Lynn's face. "You still love Chase, don't you?" Willow asked.

At Dex's apartment, Dex wondered if he owed his loyalty to Sonny because Sonny had saved Dex's life in the warehouse. Josslyn sensed that Dex was torn on his decision. Dex said that he would feel bad if Sonny was sent to prison based on evidence that Dex had gathered. Josslyn told Dex to leave her out of his decision. Dex said that it was too late, and he pulled Josslyn into a kiss.

Dex and Josslyn had sex. Afterwards, Dex said that Josslyn was the only thing that mattered to him. Dex added that he would stay employed with Sonny long enough to gather evidence on Sonny, and he again alluded to his boss. Josslyn quipped that she would like to know who Dex's boss was. Moments later, the two heard a knock at the door. "Dex? It's Michael. Open up," Michael said.

At the cabin, Anna and Valentin grew panicked when they realized that Lucy had left. Anna suggested that she would leave and bring Lucy back. Valentin asked if Anna was out of her mind, and the two started to argue. Valentin said that Anna had "screwed up" by having involved Lucy in their plans. An angry Anna stormed out of the room. Back inside, Valentin fumed, and he turned over a coffee table.

At Metro Court, a disguised Lucy overheard Bobbie and Maxie patting themselves on the back for how well they were planning the Nurses Ball. Lucy grew incensed when she overheard Bobbie and Maxie claim they had planned the ball better than Lucy had. Bobbie continued to dismiss what Lucy had done in planning past Nurses Balls.

Maxie was called away by a staffer, and she left for the Deception office. Nearby, at the Metro Court bar, Victor was happy to see Spencer. Spencer said that he needed Victor's help with Esme's baby because Esme planned to raise the baby in prison. Victor said that he was sure something could be worked out.

Just then, Bobbie interrupted Victor and Spencer. Bobbie yelled at Victor for having Luke killed. Bobbie pleaded with Spencer to believe that Victor had been responsible for Luke's death, and she added that Laura also knew that Victor was guilty.

Spencer told Bobbie that he was sorry for her loss, but he added that he had chosen to give Victor the benefit of the doubt. Bobbie left, and Spencer reminded Victor that he needed Victor's help in gaining custody of Esme's baby. Spencer added that Victor would have his "full support" if Victor helped him.

Upstairs in the Deception office, someone grabbed Maxie from behind. Maxie was startled when she learned the person was Lucy. Maxie was relieved to learn that Lucy was alive, but she blasted Lucy for having "ambushed" her.

Maxie shouted at Lucy, and she asked how Lucy had been presumed dead -- and who Lucy was hiding from. "Me. If she's got any sense," Anna said as she appeared. Maxie marveled that Anna was also alive. Anna ordered Lucy to leave with her.

At Sonny's penthouse, Donna warmly hugged Nina. Sonny told Donna that she would have to leave with Carly instead of having a sleepover. Carly hurriedly left with Donna. "What just happened?" Nina asked Sonny.

Sonny said that until he could eliminate the threat to his life, neither Nina nor his children would be visiting him. Nina protested, and she asked Sonny to reconsider his position. "Just because you may be willing to accept the danger doesn't mean that I have to accept it for you," Sonny said.

Sonny recalled that Lily, his first wife, had died due to a car bomb that had been meant for Sonny, and he said he couldn't go through that pain again. "The reason I'm asking you to go is because I love you. And I don't know what I would do with myself if I asked you to stay and something happened," Sonny said.

Nina agreed to keep her distance, but she asked Sonny to promise that they would have a future together. Sonny replied that Nina was his future, and the two kissed. As Nina started to leave, she looked back at Sonny, and she smiled.

Later, on the footbridge, Carly was surprised to see Valentin, who had been lost in thought after his argument with Anna. Carly said that Valentin would have to "convince" her to stay quiet about the fact that Valentin wasn't dead. Valentin said he was trying to prove that Victor had murdered Luke.

Carly was skeptical, but Valentin shared that Luke was only part of a larger story, and he added that Victor had framed Anna for Lucy's murder. Carly asked why she should trust Valentin. Valentin recalled that he and Drew had been held captive by Victor in Greece, and he suggested that Drew might trust him.

Just then, Drew appeared on the footbridge. Drew said that he wanted to hear the plan to take down Victor.

Drew agrees to help Valentin take down Victor

Drew agrees to help Valentin take down Victor

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

At Sonny's penthouse, Dante visited Sonny, who said that Nina was upset. Dante asked for details, and Sonny shared that Nina had started to experience the realities of Sonny's line of work.

Dante wondered why Nina had been upset. Sonny recalled that he had been a different man in Nixon Falls, and he said that Nina had made him a better man in a lot of ways. Sonny wondered if Nina still wanted to be in his life. Dante asked if Sonny still wanted the type of life he led if Nina wasn't a part of it.

Sonny remarked that he couldn't leave his business -- at least not alive. Dante recalled that Sonny had prioritized family over the business since Sonny had returned from Nixon Falls. Sonny vowed that his situation with Nina wasn't permanent. Dante swore that he would stick by Sonny, and he added that it wasn't about Dante being a cop and Sonny being an "alleged" mobster. "It's about being father and son," Dante said, and he and Sonny shared a warm hug.

At Dex's apartment, Josslyn deduced that Michael was Dex's mystery boss. Michael told Dex that the job was over and that Dex would have to leave Port Charles. Dex said that Michael couldn't force him to leave.

Josslyn praised Michael for his plan to take Sonny down. Dex told Michael that he and Josslyn were in a personal relationship. Dex added that someone had tried to kill Sonny in a warehouse, and he boasted that Sonny trusted Dex more than ever.

Josslyn claimed to care more about Dex's survival than seeing Sonny go to prison. Michael warned Josslyn to make sure that Sonny never learned that she and Dex were together if she wanted Dex to survive. After Michael left, Dex said he would find a way for him and Josslyn to meet in private. Josslyn and Dex kissed, and she left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn told Willow that she was still in love with Chase. The doorbell rang, and Brook Lynn opened the door to Chase, who had brought flowers for Willow.

Brook Lynn left to give Chase and Willow some privacy. Chase told Willow that he hoped to rejoin the PCPD and that the only reason he had started singing was because of his plan to expose Linc. Willow said that Chase's plan was really about Brook Lynn.

Willow claimed that she had realized that life was too short to focus on lies, and she remarked that Chase hadn't been able to take his eyes off Brook Lynn earlier. Chase admitted that he still harbored feelings for Brook Lynn, but he added that Brook Lynn had hurt him. Willow asked if being right was worth being without Brook Lynn. Michael entered, and Chase wished the two good luck with their wedding.

In a nearby room at the mansion, Brook Lynn flashed back to a series of memories with Chase -- both good and bad. Brook Lynn said aloud that she had blown things with Chase and that perhaps she should write a song.

Later, Chase appeared, and he noted that Brook Lynn was writing a new song. Chase then opened up to Brook Lynn. "I love a lot of things about you. Talking with you. Spending time with you. I miss that, Brook Lynn. I miss us," Chase admitted.

On the footbridge, Valentin revealed that he, Anna, Robert, Felicia, Lucy, and Laura were working to take down Victor. Valentin told Drew about the necklace that contained diamonds cut from the Ice Princess, and he added that their plan to bring down Victor would involve Victor incriminating himself from fake codes engraved into the necklace. Valentin asked Drew to help, and Drew agreed.

Valentin left, and Drew told Carly that Victor's lust for power and control was enough for Drew to know that Victor posed a serious threat. Drew added that Victor had to be stopped and that he believed Valentin and the others needed Drew's help. Carly said that Drew was doing the right thing, but she added that she didn't want to lose him the same way she had lost Jason.

Carly pleaded for Drew to stay safe, and she asked him to promise to return home if he had to leave town. Drew said he would, and he and Carly kissed.

In the Deception office, Anna and Lucy screamed at one another over Lucy having left the cabin. Anna reminded Lucy that Victor was planning something potentially "catastrophic." Anna surprised everyone when she agreed that Lucy was the only person that should plan the Nurses Ball. Anna then told Maxie to do everything Lucy instructed Maxie to do. Anna and Lucy left.

Later, Anna and Lucy returned to the cabin. Anna scolded Lucy again for having almost blown their covert operation. Lucy apologized, but Anna was taken aback to learn that Lucy had been in the same room as Victor at Metro Court earlier.

Valentin appeared, and he said the near encounter between Lucy and Victor underscored the need to stay at the cabin until their plans were finalized. Lucy asked for her burner phone, and Anna handed it to her. Lucy apologized for any trouble she had caused, and she ran upstairs to text Maxie with ideas for the Nurses Ball.

Afterwards, Valentin recalled having gone for a walk after his argument with Anna. Valentin mentioned his run-in with Drew and Carly on the footbridge. Anna was excited to learn that Drew had agreed to help the group take down Victor. Anna and Valentin both started to apologize profusely for their argument.

Valentin took Anna into his arms, and he said that he couldn't lose her. "Let's not lose each other through all of this. Let's bury Victor instead," Anna said.

Brook Lynn admits a painful truth to Chase

Brook Lynn admits a painful truth to Chase

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase watched as Brook Lynn sat at the piano. When she looked up, he smiled and asked if she had been working on a new song. Brook Lynn brushed it off as "garbage," but Chase praised her music. Brook Lynn accused him of "just being nice," but Chase admitted that he loved her music -- and a lot of other things about her. "Really?" Brook Lynn asked.

Chase confessed that he had missed spending time with Brook Lynn, and he wanted to do something about it. To his surprise, Brook Lynn revealed that there was something that he needed to know. She reminded him of their breakup, but he countered that she had persuaded the review board to reconsider his appeal. Brook Lynn asked if Chase had forgiven her for lying. He conceded that it would take time to trust her again, but he wanted to try. Brook Lynn suggested that he was simply emotional after his visit with Willow.

Chase clarified that he wanted to be with Brook Lynn because he couldn't stop thinking about her, and he had missed what they had shared. "Don't you?" Chase asked. Brook Lynn warned Chase not to minimize what she had done, because it had been selfish. Chase argued that there had been more to it because she had needed his help to take down Linc before Linc could harass and control another artist the way that Linc had Brook Lynn. Chase told Brook Lynn about Blaze's willingness to put up with Linc for the sake of Blaze's career. Chase praised Brook Lynn for being brave by helping others, but she admitted that she had lied to him about how she had gotten her music back from Linc.

Brook Lynn confessed that she had signed a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for her music, which meant that she would be unable to corroborate any accusations against Linc. Chase was stunned. She insisted that she had done it to get out from under Linc and to give Chase the freedom to return to the police force. "If that were true, why wouldn't you just tell me sooner?" Chase asked. He angrily accused Brook Lynn of lying about writing advertising jingles because Brook Lynn knew it was wrong. "But you were right about one thing. You're not the person I thought you were," Chase said. Brook Lynn watched as Chase stormed out.

At the nurses' station, Gregory asked to see Dr. Park. After a nurse checked the computer, she reminded Gregory that he had an appointment the following month. Gregory explained that he needed to see the doctor right away because his symptoms had worsened, and he had been experiencing new ones. "Dad?" Finn asked from across the counter. Gregory tensed until it became clear that Finn hadn't overheard his exchange with the nurse. Finn assumed that Gregory was at the hospital to support Elizabeth while she waited to hear from the ethics committee.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth asked Terry for news about the meeting. Moments later, Portia walked out of the conference room, so Elizabeth and Terry followed her to the nurses' station to get an update. Portia explained that she had talked about Elizabeth's knowledge and skill with patients. Portia also revealed that Finn had already addressed the committee, and the committee had received letters from Patrick Drake, Robin Scorpio-Drake, and Griffin Munro.

"And Epiphany," Elizabeth said. Portia admitted that the committee hadn't mentioned a letter from Epiphany, but Elizabeth explained that her union representative had reached out to Epiphany. Terry and Portia suggested that Epiphany might have been delayed because Epiphany was still meeting with professors at Johns-Hopkins and likely shadowing a resident. Elizabeth realized that Terry and Portia had a point, but she worried that Epiphany's silence might send a bad message, since Epiphany had been -- and still was -- Elizabeth's mentor.

After Portia left to grab a coffee, Elizabeth told Terry that she was not the least bit surprised that Epiphany had been accepted to Johns-Hopkins to study medicine. Elizabeth was certain that Epiphany would be a great doctor. Terry agreed, and Elizabeth admitted that Epiphany's courage to follow her dreams had been inspirational. "It gives a person a reason to hope, right?" Terry said. Before Elizabeth could reply, Finn and Gregory walked up. Elizabeth was touched by everyone's support.

Finn admitted that Elizabeth had been right not to listen to him when he had urged her not to go to the police. Elizabeth confessed that regardless of the committee's decision, it was better than keeping a guilty secret. Everyone looked at Terry when her phone chimed with a notification. Terry announced that the committee was ready to hear from her. After Terry entered the conference room, Elizabeth grabbed a folder and told Finn that she intended to check on an anxious patient -- while she still had a job. "It won't come to that," Finn said.

As Gregory watched Elizabeth walk away, he admitted that he was impressed with her composure. Finn confessed that he was tempted to address the committee again, but Gregory doubted that Elizabeth would appreciate it. Finn agreed, and he admitted that he was trying a different approach. "Listening to her. Following her lead," Finn said. Gregory acknowledged that being overprotective was a dominant trait in their family, so he was proud of Finn for proving that change was possible. Finn and Gregory walked over to a seating area and the conversation turned to Alexis.

However, Gregory's mood soured when Finn's phone rang. It was Alexis, but Finn let the call go to voicemail. Gregory assumed that Alexis had called Finn to discuss Gregory, but Finn pointed out that Finn and Alexis had been friends for years. Gregory realized that Finn was right, but Gregory decided that it was his cue to leave.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned to the nurses' station. She showed Finn the rose that her patient had given to her. Finn smiled, and he asked her about her statement to the committee. Elizabeth acknowledged that she had been nervous at first, but she had quickly realized that the focus of the meeting had been the health and safety of the patients, so she had been truthful about her motivations for helping Nikolas. Elizabeth explained that the story never got easier, but the more she told it, the less it haunted her.

Finn told Elizabeth that she should be proud of herself, but she confessed that she was still scared. Just then, Terry walked out of the conference room. Elizabeth asked for an update, so Terry revealed that the committee had moved to deliberations.

At the Invader, Diane entered Alexis' office as Alexis scolded a reporter for not properly vetting an article. Alexis instructed Natalie to fix it before it landed them in court. Natalie asked if she should talk to Gregory, but Alexis shot down the idea. After Natalie walked out, Diane spoke up. "Well, that wasn't uncomfortable," Diane said in a sarcastic tone. Alexis was unapologetic, and she asked why Diane had stopped by.

Diane reminded Alexis of their dinner plans, but Alexis admitted that she had forgotten. Concerned, Diane pointed out that it wasn't like Alexis to forget. "What's up?" Diane asked. Alexis grumbled about reporters forgetting to check facts and clear things with the legal department, so Diane suggested that the reporters -- and Alexis -- missed Gregory's calm guidance. Alexis acknowledged that she had wanted Gregory on the editorial board. "But that ship has sailed," Alexis said.

Diane seized the opportunity to ask if Alexis had confronted Gregory about not working at Port Charles University. Alexis confirmed that she had, but she didn't elaborate. Diane pushed for an answer until Alexis confessed that she was concerned about Gregory's well-being. "I think he may have a drinking problem," Alexis said. Shocked, Diane asked if Alexis had any proof that Gregory was an alcoholic or evidence that he'd been fired because of his drinking. "No," Alexis replied.

Alexis told Diane about her encounter with Gregory when he had stumbled and slurred his words. Diane suggested that it might have been an isolated incident, but Alexis argued that it had been 11:00 am, and Gregory hadn't been served by the bartender. "Well, then, he probably wasn't drunk," Diane said. Alexis argued that Gregory had likely arrived inebriated, but Diane countered that, even if Alexis was right, it didn't make Gregory an alcoholic. Alexis explained that it had been a culmination of things that had led her to question Gregory's sobriety. Diane insisted there could be numerous explanations for Gregory's behavior, but Diane acknowledged that Alexis was uniquely qualified to help if Gregory had a drinking problem.

Alexis doubted that Gregory would reach out to her for help, so Alexis debated if she should talk to someone close to Gregory. Alarmed, Diane advised Alexis against it because Alexis wasn't even certain what was going on with Gregory, and it would open Alexis up to accusations from Gregory of spreading unfounded rumors. Alexis promised not to say anything about Gregory being fired from PCU, but she intended to explain why she was worried about him. Diane offered to reschedule dinner, but she urged Alexis to reconsider reaching out to Gregory's family.

Alexis insisted that Gregory was a friend who had been supportive and honest. Alexis admitted that Gregory had made her better at her job, and she intended to repay him by being a good friend to him. Diane reminded Alexis that good friends needed to know when to back off, but Alexis asked if Diane would try to protect her if Alexis was about to be hit by a car. "I absolutely would," Diane said. However, Diane pointed out that the situations weren't remotely similar. "And deep down, you know it," Diane said.

A short time later, Alexis praised Natalie for the revisions to the article. As Natalie left the office, Gregory entered and shut the door. Gregory cut to the chase and questioned why Alexis had called Finn. Alexis started to explain, but Gregory cut her off and accused her of ignoring his wishes.

Outside Kelly's, Trina read a text message on her phone from Spencer, letting her know that he hoped to take his baby brother to Laura's. Trina sent a text message wishing Spencer good luck, but she stopped short when she bumped into Curtis as he was leaving Kelly's. They exchanged a stilted greeting, but it was followed by an awkward silence. Trina admitted that she had no idea what to say to him, so Curtis confessed that he didn't know what to say, either.

With the tension broken, Curtis and Trina sat down on a bench as she explained that she'd been too busy with school to make a decision about a DNA test. Curtis assured her there was no rush. The conversation turned to Portia as Trina opened up about not being able to forgive her mother. Trina explained that she had always been able to talk to her mother about anything, but the secret had changed everything. Curtis empathized because Portia had promised him that there would be no more secrets. "So, she blindsided me, too," Curtis said.

Trina admitted that she couldn't trust her mother, so Curtis told Trina about the years that he had missed out on with his father. Curtis acknowledged that Trina had every right to be upset, but he was curious how long Trina was willing to go without talking to Portia. Trina's eyes welled up with tears. Curtis explained that, despite his anger over the past, he was thankful for the time that he'd had with Marshall. He admitted that he and his father were stronger because they had pushed past the distance between them.

Curtis admitted that he had loved Portia, and he had loved and wanted to be a part of her family. Trina smiled and wiped away a tear. She confessed that she had wanted Curtis to be a part of her family, too. Trina hugged Curtis, but she pulled away when she saw her mother standing in the courtyard. Portia turned to leave, but Trina called out to her. Portia apologized for intruding, so Trina explained that she had bumped into Curtis, which had led to them talking. Portia hoped that she and Trina could have a chance to talk, too, but Trina told her mother that it wasn't a good time.

After Trina left, Portia explained that she had stopped by for some coffee. Curtis turned to leave, but Portia asked him about Marshall's meeting with the genetic counselor. Curtis advised her to talk to Marshall because he wasn't comfortable sharing his father's private information, but Portia reminded Curtis that they were family. "At least, I hope we still are," Portia said. Curtis explained that everything was still too fresh and painful for him.

Portia said she felt bad for Curtis, but she reminded him that they were still married. She apologized for lying to him, but she admitted that the distance hadn't helped. Portia suggested marriage counseling, but Curtis' temper flared. He yelled at Portia that she didn't get to set the terms when she had lied to him repeatedly. Curtis made it clear that he wasn't interested in learning "communication strategy" from a therapist, so Portia backed off. Portia promised that she would do whatever was necessary to earn Curtis' trust back because she wanted to fight for their marriage.

"Is there hope for us, Curtis?" Portia asked. "I'm afraid it's more complicated than that," Curtis said. He explained that the trust had been broken, and he didn't think their love could fix it. "It can if you just give it a chance," Portia said. She implored him to remember what they had meant to each other, but Curtis walked way.

At Charlie's Pub, Jordan was glad when she ran into Nina at the bar. Nina panicked and asked if something had happened to Sonny, but Jordan frowned and assured her that she had wanted to talk to Nina about another matter. Nina blamed her nervousness on stress because of everything that had been going on with Willow. Jordan felt bad for troubling Nina, but Nina invited Jordan to join her. Jordan sat down and revealed that she was concerned about Curtis. Nina admitted that Curtis was still processing everything, but she was curious why Jordan hadn't talked to Curtis directly.

Jordan admitted that she had been trying to stay away from Curtis because she had figured out Portia's secret prior to the wedding. Nina was curious why Jordan hadn't told Curtis, so Jordan revealed that Portia had accused Jordan of meddling and trying to get Curtis back. Nina insisted that Portia had put Jordan in a terrible position. "By not saying anything, I did the one thing that destroyed our marriage," Jordan said. Nina argued that it hadn't been Jordan's responsibility to tell Curtis the truth because Jordan and Curtis' marriage had been over for two years, and Jordan had moved on.

"You have moved on from Curtis -- haven't you?" Nina asked. Jordan assured Nina that she had, but Nina asked if Jordan had been dating. Jordan argued that she worked constantly, and she would be lucky if her phone didn't blow up with emergency calls on her night off. Nina realized that she had touched a nerve. Jordan explained that what she had shared with Curtis had been special. "Once in a lifetime," Jordan said. Jordan admitted that she couldn't imagine feeling that way again, and she acknowledged that she would always love Curtis.

Jordan reminded Nina that there was a difference between being in love and loving someone. Jordan explained that she and Curtis had been family, so they would always love each other. Just then, Jordan's phone buzzed. It was work. After Nina left and Jordan stepped around a corner to take the call, Curtis entered and approached the bar. He ordered a drink and looked up in time to see Jordan.

At Spring Ridge, Spencer put his phone away and thanked his grandmother for letting him stay with her. He admitted that Sonny's place had become crowded. Laura assured Spencer that she was happy to have him stay, so he talked about the bedroom for his brother. Laura warned Spencer not to get ahead of himself because Esme might hate their idea. Spencer insisted there was no better place for his brother than with his family.

Esme entered the visitors' room, but she was not pleased when she saw Spencer. Esme demanded to know what Spencer was doing there, prompting Laura to reveal that the charges against Esme had been dropped. Esme stared in disbelief at Laura, while Spencer clarified that the district attorney could refile the charges at a later time. However, he assured Esme that she would be free to raise her son.

After Esme recovered from the shock, she announced that she had no intention of leaving Spring Ridge. Spencer reminded Esme that Spring Ridge was a prison, not a motel, but Esme explained that she had no memory of life beyond the hospital and Spring Ridge. "Where are we supposed to go?" Esme asked. Laura assured Esme that Spencer had arranged for Esme to stay in a room above Kelly's. Spencer added that he would cover the rent until Esme found a job and could support herself.

Esme bristled when Spencer explained that the baby would stay with Spencer at Laura's house until Esme was on her feet. Esme objected. Laura assured Esme that they were simply offering Esme options, but Esme had the final say. Esme refused to be parted from her son, and Spencer accused Esme of being the same old selfish person that she had been before the amnesia. Laura quickly interceded by tactfully suggesting that Esme have a say in matters. "Tell us what you need," Laura said. Esme warned Laura that Laura wouldn't like it.

Later, Trina stopped by Laura's place to check on Spencer and the baby. Spencer admitted that things hadn't gone as planned. Before he could explain, Esme entered the living room with Ace in her arms and Laura trailing behind them.

Gregory admits that he is sick

Gregory admits that he is sick

Thursday, March 23, 2023

At the hospital, Elizabeth confided her fears about getting fired from the hospital to Finn. Terry emerged from the committee meeting and informed Elizabeth that they were making their decision. Just then, Terry's phone went off, and she ran off. Finn understood if Elizabeth needed to be alone, but she assured him that there was no one else she'd rather have by her side. A few minutes later, Terry returned, having gotten a notification that a decision had been reached. A committee member approached Elizabeth and informed her that they would not be taking disciplinary action against her.

Elizabeth, Terry, and the committee member sat down, and he explained that the committee believed that Elizabeth had cooperated with Nikolas in order to provide necessary medical care to a pregnant woman. He continued that they had reason to assume that involving the authorities could have caused Nikolas to cause harm to Esme, so Elizabeth might have saved Esme and Ace's lives. He concluded that she was a clear asset to the hospital, and he wished her luck before he left. Terry followed the man so she could talk about another matter, and Elizabeth hugged Finn and thanked him for his support.

Terry returned a short while later, and she and Finn talked about how many people had vouched for Elizabeth, and they hadn't even needed to hear from Epiphany. Terry happily said that she would see Elizabeth at work the next day and walked away. Elizabeth texted Epiphany, as she had some good news to tell her mentor. A few minutes later, Finn and Violet stepped off the elevator, and Violet invited Elizabeth and her sons out to dinner with them. "All of my favorite people!" Elizabeth marveled, and they left the hospital, hand in hand.

Portia stepped off the elevator at the hospital and bumped into Marshall, who was there for a follow-up with his doctor. She asked what had happened with his genetic testing, as Curtis had told her that it was private information. Marshall was disappointed, and he invited her somewhere to talk. She led him to the break room, and he informed her that he had no genetic markers for schizophrenia. He inferred that she knew more than what she was saying, and he reminded her that keeping things to oneself did more harm than good.

Portia thanked Marshall for his concern, but she'd burned bridges already. He advised her to "build new ones." She suggested that he contact his original medical team for information. "If any of them are still around," he commented. When Portia was gone, Marshall took out his phone and made a call. He knew that Stella had been avoiding him since the wedding, but he needed a favor. He wanted to know if Stella still had all of Irene's papers and if his medical records were among them.

Portia bumped into Terry and asked if a decision had been made about Elizabeth. Portia was relieved to hear that Elizabeth had been reinstated. "It's about time we had some good news," Terry said, and she walked away from a melancholy Portia.

Gregory arrived in Alexis' office and immediately admonished her for calling Finn when he'd specifically asked her not to involve his sons. She insisted that she was worried, and she cared because he was her friend. He advised her that, if she was really his friend, she needed to stop prying. She reasoned that she was trying to help, but he didn't want any help. She wondered why he'd gotten fired, and he disclosed that he'd quit. After some more needling from Alexis, he admitted, "I'm sick."

A shocked Alexis gently inquired if she was allowed to ask what was wrong, but Gregory refused to answer, as he'd already said more than he'd intended. Alexis knew that Finn would get him the best care, but Gregory revealed that no one else knew. She wanted to help him somehow, and he replied that she could help him by giving back his keys, which he'd expressly asked her to leave with the concierge at the Metro Court hotel. Alexis promised that nothing he'd told her would leave the room. "I hope you mean it," he spat, and he grabbed his keys from her and left.

At Kelly's, Maxie, Sasha, and Gladys were talking about the Nurses Ball when Cody entered. Maxie introduced him to Gladys, but he replied that he'd already met her at the Savoy. Sasha wondered why Gladys had been there. "Same reason as me -- ladies' night," Cody answered, but Sasha and Maxie were clearly suspicious. Maxie jokingly asked if Cody had gotten lucky. He replied, "Luck comes and goes, right, Gladys?" and Gladys choked on her food.

Maxie had a question for Cody, so she dragged him outside to talk. Distracted by Sasha and Gladys inside, Cody was zoned out while Maxie talked. She slowly explained about Magic Milo and the Magic Wands, and he agreed to do it. A grateful Maxie gave him a hug. Her phone went off, and Cody took advantage of Maxie's distraction and looked in on Sasha and Gladys.

Inside Kelly's, a rattled Gladys decided to "settle up and go." Sasha stopped her and suggested that the two of them get "glammed up" and walk the red carpet at the Nurses Ball together. She offered to buy Gladys a new dress for the occasion, but Gladys tried to talk her out of it. Sasha also mentioned that guardians usually had a court-approved salary, so Sasha wanted to start paying Gladys for managing Sasha's money.

Maxie and Cody returned, and Maxie happily announced that Cody would be taking part in the Magic Milo performance. Maxie and Gladys sat down at another table to talk, so Sasha and Cody sat at their own. Cody asked how things were going, and Sasha replied that she and Gladys were working through their recent lack of communication. She mentioned paying Gladys a salary, and Cody wondered if that was a good idea. He told a confused Sasha that if she had Gladys on her payroll, "trust but verify."

Maxie commented to Gladys that the better she knew Cody, the more she liked him. She admitted that he had flaws, but she liked that he didn't pretend otherwise. Maxie wondered if something was going on between Sasha and Cody, and Gladys hoped not. Just then, Gladys' phone went off, and it was a text from Selina. Selina invited Gladys to the Savoy to play a game that night with Gladys' "favorite poker buddies."

Curtis arrived at Charlie's and sat down at the bar with a drink. Jordan returned from the bathroom and spotted him. She sat down next to him, and he warned her that "this might get ugly." He explained that he'd had a good talk with Trina, but she still didn't want to do a DNA test. He was also afraid that it was too late to do anything about his marriage, but Jordan suggested that he forgive Portia. Curtis thought that would make him a hypocrite, as he hadn't been able to forgive Jordan for something much smaller.

Curtis wondered why Jordan hadn't fought harder for their marriage. She replied that his happiness had meant more to her than her own. "Because I pushed you away," he said regretfully. He wondered if they would still be together if he'd handled things differently. "We would," she answered, but she didn't see a point in rehashing it. The two got closer and closer until an officer approached and informed her that her ride was there. She said goodnight and left.

Trina arrived at Laura's, and Spencer let Trina in. Trina wanted to see how the baby was settling in, but Spencer warned that things hadn't gone exactly as he'd hoped. Trina was shocked to see Laura enter the room with Esme and Ace. Laura explained that it was a recent development, but they'd all agreed that Esme and Ace living there was the best solution. Trina hoped that Esme knew how lucky she was to have Laura, and she hoped everything worked out. She had to go, and Spencer offered to walk her out.

Esme had to put Ace down, and Laura joined her. They returned a few minutes later, and Esme commented that she loved the song Laura had sung to Ace. Esme couldn't imagine her own parents singing to her. Laura thought it was fortunate that they hadn't raised her, and she was sorry that Esme didn't have more happy childhood memories. Esme vowed to do everything right by Ace and give him everything she hadn't had. Just then, Ace began to cry, so Laura went to get him. She returned with him and handed him to Esme while she went to warm up a bottle. "I don't know what's keeping your brother," Esme said to Ace.

Outside the apartment, Spencer apologized to Trina for springing the new living arrangement on her. She understood that it was the only way to keep Ace close. He figured that being in close quarters would also enable him to see if Esme started reverting to the "old Esme." Trina reminded him how he'd been fooled in the beginning, but he reasoned that it was easy to settle for an imitation until one knew the "real thing." They got closer and closer until the apartment door suddenly swung open, and Esme was standing there. Spencer thanked Trina for stopping by. She stepped into the elevator, and the two shared a long look as the doors closed.


Esme wonders if she can trust Laura

Esme wonders if she can trust Laura

Friday, March 24, 2023

At the safe house, Eileen was brought inside in a hooded mask. Anna and Valentin ordered Eileen to set up a meeting with Victor. The two presented Eileen with a fake necklace in an attempt to incriminate Victor. Eileen protested, but she called Victor to set up the meeting. Victor ordered Eileen to meet him at his suite at Metro Court.

Anna and Valentin wanted Eileen to wear a wiretap. Eileen asked for Anna and Valentin's promise that she would be free once she delivered the necklace. Anna said that none of them would be free until they knew what Victor was after.

At Laura and Kevin's home, Laura tried to broker peace after she overheard Spencer sniping at Esme. Spencer heard a knock, and he opened the door to Victor. Victor said he had gone to visit the baby. Laura asked Victor to leave, and Spencer encouraged Victor to meet him in the hallway for a private conversation.

In the hallway, Spencer chided Victor for having visited Laura's home, but he added that he would never keep his baby brother away from Victor. Spencer said that he still needed Victor's help to keep Esme away from the baby, and he asked if they could meet elsewhere.

Later, in Victor's suite at Metro Court, Spencer said he was worried that Esme could disappear with the baby. Victor asked if Spencer trusted him, and Spencer replied that he knew Victor would do anything for their family. "Then understand this. There's no way in hell Esme is raising a Cassadine heir. Not while there's a breath left in my body," Victor said ominously.

After Spencer left, Eileen appeared in Victor's suite with the fake necklace. Eileen was in a hurry to leave, but Victor ordered her to stay. Victor then produced a special lens, and he began to examine the necklace.

Back at Laura and Kevin's house, Laura brought coffee to Esme, and she said she hoped that Esme felt safe in the home. Laura mentioned Cameron, and Esme said she was happy that she hadn't ruined Cameron's life. Esme expressed regret for having caused harm to the people she had hurt.

Laura said that she believed in redemption, and she asked if Esme could accept that Laura wanted what was best for Esme. Esme said that she didn't know who to trust, and she wondered who would trust her in turn. Laura proposed that she would leave Esme and Ace alone at the house with no one to look over Esme's shoulder. Esme was surprised when Laura handed her cash "in case of an emergency." Laura bade Esme farewell, and she left.

Afterwards, Esme spoke to Ace, and she wondered aloud what would stop Laura from throwing her out. Esme stared at the money Laura had left her, and she seemed conflicted. Esme said that while Laura might be on the "up and up," Esme wasn't ready to find out. Esme grabbed her and Ace's belongings, and she opened the door to leave. When Esme opened the door, Cameron stood outside.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Trina told Marshall that the house no longer felt like home to her. Trina shared that she was happy that Cameron had been accepted into Stanford. Marshall alluded to Spencer, and he asked Trina what was troubling her.

Trina mentioned that Spencer was living with his ex-girlfriend, and she added that she still didn't trust Esme. Marshall questioned Trina's friendship with Spencer, and he asked why Trina needed Spencer's friendship.

Trina said that Spencer had become more than just a friend, and she noted that their relationship had evolved. Marshall asked why Trina hadn't told anyone, and he wondered if Trina was still uncertain about her feelings.

Trina prepared to leave, and Marshall promised that he would always be there if she needed someone to talk to. Marshall added that if Spencer's life remained dramatic, it might be time for Trina to "exit stage left." Just then, the doorbell rang. Marshall scowled when he saw Spencer at the door, but Trina smiled.

At Kelly's Diner, Sonny congratulated Cameron on his scholarship to Stanford. Sonny asked to speak to Josslyn alone, and the two headed outside. Sonny asked Josslyn to keep an eye out for her loved ones. Josslyn said she knew that someone had been targeting Sonny, and she claimed to be "heartbroken" that Avery and Donna had started to notice the added security around them.

Back inside the diner, Cameron warned that if Dex wasn't good to Josslyn, Cameron would have Sonny place Dex on a meat hook again. Dex said he would never hurt Josslyn, who reentered the diner with Sonny. Sonny wished Cameron good luck at Stanford, and he and Dex left.

Afterwards, Cameron told Josslyn that she was still his friend. Josslyn said she wouldn't have left Cameron for Dex if her feelings for Dex weren't serious. Cameron bade Josslyn goodbye.

Laura appeared, and she claimed that Josslyn had been Cameron's first love. Laura added that her grandson would "just have to get over" his hurt feelings over Josslyn having cheated on him.

Later, Sonny met with Selina at an undisclosed location. Selina asked if Sonny had any leads on who had been responsible for the attack at the warehouse. Sonny remarked that the sniper had been spotted at the Highsider Bar, which Selina owned. Selina said she couldn't help Sonny. "Can't? Or won't?" Sonny asked.

Sonny remarked that Selina had disappointed him for the second time, and he recalled that Selina had bought Brando's garage without having told Sonny. Selina admitted that she should have told Sonny, and she offered her apologies. "Let me tell you something, Selina. You mess with my family, you mess with me," Sonny threatened.

Selina said she understood, and she added that the shooter's connection to the Highsider was as much a concern to her as it was to Sonny. Selina said her people never did business at the Highsider, but she said she was certain that someone knew the shooter. Selina vowed to make inquiries. Before she left, Selina said she hoped Sonny knew how much she valued their association.

Selina added with some conviction that Sonny's enemy was one that he and Selina both shared. After Selina walked away, Dex asked Sonny if Selina could be trusted. Sonny didn't reply.

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