General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 27, 2023 on GH

Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Epiphany. Elizabeth received a final gift from Epiphany. Cameron headed off to college. Eileen paid a high price for betraying Victor. Emma Drake flew in for a surprise visit. Lucy was unable to stay away from the 2023 Nurses Ball. Trina figured out Josslyn's secret. Liesl was cleared to donate her bone marrow.
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Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Epiphany. Cameron headed off to college. Eileen paid a high price for betraying Victor. Trina figured out Josslyn's secret.
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Cameron brings a surprise guest to his going-away party

Cameron brings a surprise guest to his going-away party

Monday, March 27, 2023

Outside Kelly's Diner, Maxie enlisted Josslyn's help for the Nurses Ball. Maxie said that all performers at the Nurses Ball would receive a plus-one invitation. Just then, Josslyn beamed when she saw Dex appear. Maxie rambled at length before going inside for coffee.

Dex and Josslyn chatted briefly, and later, Josslyn left to attend a going-away party for Cameron. Maxie returned, and she encouraged Dex to attend the Nurses Ball because "anything could happen." Dex smiled warmly as Maxie left.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Marshall told Spencer that the two men were overdue for a chat. Marshall asked Trina for some time alone with Spencer, and Trina excused herself. Afterwards, Marshall said that things had changed because Spencer and Trina were more than friends.

Spencer surmised that Marshall only saw Spencer as the man who had hurt Trina. Spencer said that he hated himself for having hurt Trina, and he sympathized with Marshall's concern that Spencer didn't deserve Trina. Marshall surprised Spencer when he said that Spencer should stop beating himself up for past mistakes.

Marshall said that he appreciated Spencer for standing up to fight for his baby brother. Spencer was surprised by Marshall's words, and he thanked Marshall. Spencer said he hoped that Marshall would believe that Spencer would be a better person. "Trina is willing to go to great lengths for you. I better see her faith in you rewarded," Marshall said, and he pointed a finger sharply in Spencer's direction.

Trina returned, and Marshall bade her and Spencer goodnight. Afterwards, Trina asked if Marshall had put Spencer's feet to the fire. Spencer said that Marshall had given him something to think about, including a new perspective on his relationship with Trina.

Spencer recalled that Marshall had said that Spencer needed to keep an eye out for what was most important to him. Trina said that Spencer deserved to be happy. Spencer replied that Trina made him happy. "And the only thing I know for certain is that I want you in my life," Spencer said with a smile. "Well, that's a relief, because I have no plans for going anywhere," Trina said. Spencer and Trina kissed.

Marshall reappeared, and he was surprised that Spencer and Trina were still there. Marshall put his arm around Trina, who thanked Marshall for what he had said to Spencer. Marshall warmly told Trina that he always had her back, and he watched as she and Spencer left together.

At Laura and Kevin's house, Esme was surprised to run into Cameron as she attempted to leave with Ace. Esme said she didn't remember Cameron, who said that he had been one of the victims of Esme's revenge porn plot. Esme invited Cameron in, and she tried to apologize. Cameron said that he didn't need Esme's "fake apologies."

Cameron surprised Esme when he said that he was part of the reason why Esme was free. Cameron added that he and Trina hadn't wanted to see Esme go to prison, in part because of the baby. Cameron added that Spencer was willing to wait until Esme was brought to justice.

Esme thanked Cameron for his honesty, and she said she didn't feel she could trust anyone. Cameron said that just because Esme wasn't able to remember the terrible things she had done, it didn't mean that others could forget.

Esme wondered what would happen if she never regained her memories, and she asked if she would always be "the town pariah." Cameron replied that he had known someone who had also been the town pariah -- Franco. Cameron recalled that Franco had faced his mistakes, made a new life for himself, and found love.

Esme was surprised when Cameron said that Franco was Esme's deceased half-brother through Heather. Esme rued that the one family member who might have understood her was gone. Cameron said that he was happy to tell Esme about Franco. Cameron then revealed that he was leaving town, and he added that he had been accepted into Stanford.

Esme quipped that she had just started to like Cameron, and she added that she didn't think there was anything going for her in Port Charles. Cameron told Esme that she couldn't prove she had changed if she were to skip town, and he remarked that he needed to leave.

Cameron asked if Esme would be okay. Esme said that Cameron didn't have to act like he cared about her, and she said that she would be fine. "You can go," Esme insisted. Just then, Cameron seemed to be struck with an idea.

At Charlie's Pub, Elizabeth planned the going-away party for Cameron. Laura entered, and Elizabeth shared that knowing Cameron was leaving was difficult. Laura changed the subject, and she said that she and Elizabeth needed to talk about Nikolas.

Laura wished that Elizabeth had trusted her enough to tell her what Elizabeth and Nikolas had done to Esme. Elizabeth said that Laura was the mayor and that she hadn't wanted to make her an accessory. Elizabeth added that she valued Laura's opinion of her and that she didn't want Laura to be "ashamed" of her.

Laura held Elizabeth's hands, and she said that she was proud of Elizabeth for her courage after Nikolas had presumably left town. Laura said that she didn't know what to do about Nikolas anymore, and she added that Nikolas had made the choices he'd made. "And now, we are left to deal with the consequences," Laura said.

Elizabeth said that she was grateful to still have her job after the hospital had learned about her involvement in keeping Esme at Wyndemere. Laura wondered if Elizabeth felt guilty for not paying a higher price. Elizabeth said that she had let a lot of people down, including Laura, Cameron, and Epiphany.

Elizabeth noted that she hadn't heard back from Epiphany, and she added that she couldn't help but feel there was a deeper reason for Epiphany's silence. Laura hugged Elizabeth, and she said that Elizabeth hadn't disappointed anyone.

Josslyn entered the pub, and she apologized to Elizabeth for having hurt Cameron. Elizabeth said she had faith that Cameron and Josslyn would remain friends.

A short while later, Spencer and Trina entered. Trina handed Elizabeth a gift for Cameron, while Spencer spoke to Laura in a separate corner. Spencer grew alarmed when Laura said that she and Kevin had left Ace alone with Esme. Laura said that Esme was "perfectly capable" of taking care of Ace, and she reminded Spencer that Esme was not a prisoner.

Just then, everyone's heads turned when the door to the pub opened. Cameron walked inside, and he carried the baby's car seat in one hand. Cameron held the door open to Esme, who walked in with Ace in her arms as everyone stared in bewilderment.

At the safe house, Valentin told Anna that if everything went well, the two would go home that night. Anna said the first thing she planned to do was book a plane ticket to the Bay Area to visit Robin, Emma, and Noah.

Valentin shared that he wanted to take a road trip with Charlotte as a way to reconnect before he returned to work at ELQ. "It's interesting. After all these months together, it seems that when we go home, we're not going to be spending so much time in each other's lives," Anna said with a tinge of sorrow.

Valentin asked what Anna would like their future to be. Anna said that Victor had been in her and Valentin's way since the two had decided to pursue a relationship. Anna said she was worried that with Victor out of their way, Valentin might grow restless for a new adventure. "You are my greatest adventure. You're the only one I need," Valentin said softly as he stared into Anna's eyes.

Later, Anna remarked that Eileen should have been back at the safe house. Anna stood up to place a call to Eileen.

In his suite at Metro Court, Victor said that Eileen deserved answers, and he handed her the necklace. Eileen quipped that the necklace was worth millions, but Victor insisted she take it. Eileen was confused, but Victor said that he had only needed the code from the necklace and not the necklace itself.

Victor recalled that many years earlier, he and his brothers had "developed a means of putting the world back to rights" by "mitigating the harm humanity has done." Victor said that Mikkos had only been motivated by power and money. He added that he had tried to make Mikkos see reason, but Luke and Laura had shown up and "ruined everything."

Victor added that they were all running out of time, and he said that he and his family had developed a "contingency" in case their original plan had been thwarted. Victor said that Mikkos had had the code engraved on the back of the diamond, which Victor had.

Eileen asked how Victor planned to crack the code. Victor noted that it had taken him decades to track down a decryption key, and he surmised that he had everything he needed to complete what he had long set out to do. "Saving the world and ensuring a place for my family and their progeny," Victor stated.

Victor added that saving the world would happen at a cost. Eileen asked what Victor meant. "I can ensure the future for my family, but countless other souls will have to pay the price -- possibly for generations to come," Victor said direly.

Eileen tried to inquire about the "cost" that Victor had mentioned, but Victor stonewalled her questions. Victor attempted to use a flash drive on his laptop to decrypt a program by using the codes he had found on the necklace, but he stopped suddenly.

Victor barked that the program should have revealed a set of coordinates. Victor surmised that something had been tampered with, and he asked where Eileen had found the necklace. Eileen vowed that she had retrieved the necklace from the PCPD.

Eileen asked if it was possible that Mikkos had done something with the key. Victor admitted that it was possible that Mikkos had betrayed him. "Perhaps the code was never meant to reveal the coordinates to anyone but Mikkos. That selfish bastard! Taking his secret to the grave. Damn it!" Victor said, and he threw the flash drive from his computer onto the floor.

Eileen glared at the flash drive on the floor. Victor groused that he had gone too far with his plans and that he wouldn't be turned away again. Just then, Eileen's phone rang, and she answered a call from Anna.

Eileen told Victor that the call was from the District Attorney's office. On the other end of the line, Anna told Eileen to leave Victor's room. Eileen stared at the flash drive on the floor again, and she told Anna that she wouldn't leave.

Eileen meets a tragic end

Eileen meets a tragic end

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

In a locker room, Maxie was on the phone, assuring the caller that she would squeeze in four more seats for the sold-out show. After Maxie ended the call, she walked over to Bobbie and Sasha, who were praising Brook Lynn for recruiting a wonderful list of performers for the Nurses Ball. Bobbie was confident that everyone would put their egos aside and accept whatever order they decided for the performances. Maxie was forced to excuse herself when she saw an incoming call from Lucy. Meanwhile, Bobbie, Brook Lynn, and Sasha wondered which act would be best to let the audience know that they were in for the night of their lives. As if on cue, Chase arrived for the final rehearsal.

Felix approached Chase and questioned where Blaze was. Chase explained that Blaze hadn't been able to make it, but he promised to go over everything with her. Nearby, Sasha noticed the sudden change in Brook Lynn, so Sasha asked what was going on between Brook Lynn and Chase. Brook Lynn recalled how upset Chase had been when she had told him about her agreement with Linc. Brook Lynn pushed the painful memory away. "I blew it," Brook Lynn said.

In a quiet hallway, Maxie reminded Lucy that they had agreed to communicate through text messages only. Lucy assured Maxie that she had no intention of micromanaging things, but Lucy had an idea how she could be a part of the planning without anyone being the wiser. A short time later, Maxie returned to the locker room, while Lucy listened to Maxie's conversations through the phone buds in Maxie's ears.

Bobbie, Sasha, Brook Lynn, and Maxie discussed who should step in as Mistress of Ceremony for the ball. Lucy was horrified when she heard Sasha suggest that Bobbie fill the role. "NO!" Lucy screeched into Maxie's ear. Irritated, Maxie tried to ignore Lucy's complaints as Sasha explained that Bobbie had worked at the hospital the longest, and Bobbie was the co-chair of the Nurses Ball. Lucy told Maxie that anyone except Bobbie would be acceptable because the ball needed to end with a bang, not a whimper. "Stop it!" Maxie blurted out.

Surprised, everyone looked at Maxie, so Maxie apologized for yelling. Maxie explained that she kept hearing Lucy's chatter in her head, telling her that the ball wouldn't be good. Sasha assured Maxie that Maxie was doing great. Felix added that he was certain that Lucy would agree that Bobbie should be Mistress of Ceremony. Maxie agreed, and she promised to tell the "annoying voice" in her head to shut up. Maxie tapped her earbud, and the call with Lucy was disconnected.

Bobbie agreed to host the ball. "If anything can bring Lucy back from the grave, it would be seeing me up on the stage instead of her," Bobbie said. Nearby, Felix checked with Chase about the lighting for Chase and Blaze's song. Chase explained that it was a love song, so he suggested that Felix keep things simple, but Felix argued that nothing about love was simple. Felix called Brook Lynn over. "How do you feel about love?" Felix asked.

Brook Lynn's eyes locked with Chase's eyes as Felix asked Chase about the type of love song that Chase intended to sing. Chase claimed that it was a happy love song, but Brook Lynn suggested that love songs were full of yearning. Brook Lynn pointedly said that love could take a wrong turn. "Then where are you?" Brook Lynn asked. "Hoping to be found again," Chase answered.

Elsewhere, Maxie answered another call from Lucy. Lucy promised to be quiet, but Maxie admitted that she was tired of Lucy's constant criticisms, because everyone had been working hard. Lucy agreed, but Lucy insisted that Bobbie couldn't take her place. Maxie clarified that no one intended to take Lucy's place because they had agreed that different staff members would introduce the various acts throughout the night. Lucy warned Maxie that it was a terrible idea, but Maxie advised Lucy not to call back, or Maxie would block the number.

Later, Maxie, Bobbie, and Sasha agreed that the Nurses Ball would be special and worthy of the hospital's 60th anniversary. At the safe house, Lucy decided that the Nurses Ball needed her.

In Victor's hotel suite, Victor vowed that he would not be denied. Just then, Eileen's phone rang. When she saw that it was Anna, she answered the call and carefully explained that she was in a meeting and needed more time. "Time's up. Get out now," Anna said. Eileen glanced at the decryption key on the floor as she insisted that she couldn't leave. Worried, Anna asked if Victor was holding Eileen against her will. Eileen explained that she couldn't talk, but she promised that she would have all the answers soon. "And we won't have to meet again," Eileen said.

After Eileen disconnected the call, she apologized to Victor. Seconds later, Eileen's phone buzzed again, but Eileen put the call on silent. Victor assured Eileen that she could leave, since she had done her part, but she admitted that she didn't want to leave him when he was unhappy. She smiled seductively as she started to loosen his necktie, but a knock at the door put a stop to her plans. It was Victor's henchman. Victor's henchman reported that he had the information that Victor had been waiting for.

Victor and his goon disappeared into an adjoining room, so Eileen took the opportunity to pick the decryption key off the floor and slide it into her pocket. A few minutes later, Victor and his goon returned. Eileen explained that she had to get back to work because she had a zoning meeting, but Victor reminded Eileen that she worked for him. "You're not done yet," Victor said. Victor handed her the box with the necklace and instructed her to return it to the evidence room before anyone discovered that it was missing. Victor explained that he needed time to crack the code, but he promised that Eileen would be done with everything soon.

In Metro Court's lobby, Robert saw Victor's henchman enter the elevator. Diane exited the same elevator before the door closed and she immediately spotted Robert. She warmly greeted him and asked what he was doing there so late. Robert claimed that he had been stood up. "I don't buy that for a second," Diane said. She couldn't imagine anyone standing Robert up. Just then, Robert's phone rang. Diane told him to have a good night and walked away.

Robert answered the call. It was Anna. Anna advised Robert that Eileen was still in Victor's room, and she urged Robert to help Eileen. "I'm on it," Robert said. After he disconnected the call, he walked over to the elevator. He was surprised when Diane walked up. Diane explained that she was meeting Alexis for dessert because Alexis had been working late. Robert and Diane entered the elevator, but Robert hit the button for a different floor than the restaurant.

Robert claimed that his contact had asked him to meet in her room, but Diane was suspicious. Diane questioned why Robert had been waiting in the lobby instead of going to his contact's hotel room. Robert was saved from answering when the elevator door slid open. He quickly made his way to Victor's hotel room, but Diane followed him because she knew that Victor had been staying on the same floor. Robert urged Diane to get back on the elevator, but she refused to budge until Robert gave her an answer.

Robert admitted that he was there to rescue Eileen from Victor. He banged on the door and announced himself to Victor, but there was no reply. Robert and Diane realized that Victor had left. "Let's hope he didn't leave a corpse behind," Robert said. Robert warned Diane that he intended to kick the door in, so he urged her to leave. To his surprise, Diane walked away without argument.

Robert pulled out a credit card, but Diane returned and handed him a pass key that she had collected from a maid. Diane informed Robert that the city owed her $40. Robert smiled and took the key card from Diane. Moments later, Robert and Diane entered Victor's suite, but no one was there. Diane wanted to know why Robert was after Victor. "He killed Luke Spencer," Robert said.

At the secret hideout in the woods, Valentin asked Anna if Victor was onto Eileen. Anna admitted that she wasn't certain, but Anna's calls to Eileen had gone to voicemail. A short time later, Felicia arrived. Lucy complained about Maxie avoiding her phone calls, but Felicia defended her daughter. After Lucy marched off to call Maxie again, Felicia noticed Anna's concerned expression. Anna explained that Eileen had delivered the counterfeit necklace to Victor, but Eileen had been avoiding Anna's calls.

Valentin admitted that it was hard to say if Victor was onto Eileen, but Valentin was concerned that Eileen had gone rogue. Anna feared that Eileen had put them -- and their whole operation -- in jeopardy. Felicia wondered if Eileen had double-crossed them, so Anna explained that Eileen might have decided to go after the decryption key. Felicia pointed out that it would put them a step ahead of Victor, since they had the real Ice Princess necklace with the codes. "I don't know. People who think they're one step ahead of Victor Cassadine have a tendency of getting stabbed in the back," Valentin said.

As Valentin, Anna, and Felicia waited to hear from Robert, Valentin pointed out that Victor couldn't do anything with the decryption key, since they had the real necklace. Anna worried that Victor might decide that Eileen stood in the way. A short time later, Robert called and reported that Victor and Eileen had vanished.

On the footbridge, Eileen asked Victor why they were there, so he explained that he had wanted privacy. Victor's henchman suddenly shoved Eileen against the railing and searched her pockets. When he found the decryption key, he handed it to Victor. Victor asked why he shouldn't kill her. "Because I know things," Eileen said in a tone filled with desperation. Victor was stunned when she revealed that Valentin, Anna, and Lucy were alive and hiding out in Port Charles.

Victor demanded to know why Eileen had tried to steal the decryption key, so she admitted that Valentin and Anna had the real necklace. Eileen begged Victor to give her a chance to make amends, so Victor decided to take her up on it. Victor ordered Eileen to call Anna.

At the hideout, Anna was relieved when she answered Eileen's call. Eileen explained that she had been unable to get her hands on the decryption key and that she was done helping Anna. Eileen claimed that she intended to flee the country and get as far away from Victor as possible. After Eileen abruptly disconnected the call, Anna admitted that Eileen had sounded terrified, and she hoped that Eileen was halfway to Canada. Felicia warned Anna that Victor might grow suspicious if Eileen suddenly disappeared. "At least we have the real necklace. As long as we have that, we still stand a chance," Anna said.

On the footbridge, Eileen reminded Victor that she had done as he had asked. Victor assured Eileen that she would not have to worry about Anna again. Before Eileen could react, Victor shoved her over the railing. Eileen screamed as she fell to her death.

At Charlie's Pub, guests were surprised when Cameron arrived with Esme and the baby. Spencer was annoyed, but Laura tactfully welcomed Esme to the party. Esme explained that Cameron had insisted that she accompany him, so Elizabeth assured Esme that everyone was welcome. Elizabeth admitted that it was nice to see Esme out of Spring Ridge. "Well, I don't respond well to being locked up -- as you know," Esme said in a snide tone. Cameron warned Esme not to make him regret inviting her.

"And do not talk to my mom like that," Cameron said. Cameron wanted Esme to apologize to his mother, but Elizabeth assured Cameron that it was okay because it had been Esme's truth. Elizabeth apologized to Esme for everything that she had put Esme through, but Esme remained silent. Cameron was not pleased , so he advised Esme to acknowledge his mother's apology if Esme had been sincere about being a better person. Esme apologized, but she suggested that it would be best for her and the baby to leave because it was clear that no one wanted Esme there.

Cameron explained that Esme needed to make an effort and show everyone that she was a changed person. He promised there was a life for Esme in Port Charles if she tried. Elizabeth took the diaper bag from Esme. Esme followed Elizabeth to a nearby table while Cameron filled Laura and Spencer in about Esme's attempt to flee town with the baby. Furious, Spencer decided to have a word with Esme, but Laura warned Spencer that it wasn't the time or place. Moments later, Scott arrived for the party.

At the bar, Josslyn asked Trina where Jake and Aiden were. Trina explained that Cameron's brothers had planned a special farewell breakfast for the day of Cameron's departure. Josslyn looked over at Esme. "Memory or no memory, she's still bad news," Josslyn said. Spencer and Cameron walked over, and Spencer grumbled about Esme. Cameron suggested that Spencer, Josslyn, and Trina give Esme a chance, since Esme was a blank slate.

Spencer was taken aback that Cameron wanted him to be nice to Esme, but Cameron clarified that he hadn't said that. "But we can at least tone down the overt hostility," Cameron said. Nearby, Elizabeth checked her phone for messages. "Epiphany, why aren't you calling me back?" Elizabeth said in a soft voice filled with concern.

Elsewhere, Scott questioned Laura about taking in Esme, but Laura had no regrets because Ace was Laura's grandson. Laura turned the conversation to Scott's troubled relationship with Liesl. He admitted that he had gone to Liesl's apartment, but Liesl had thrown all of his suits into the hallway. Scott had been appalled to see people trying on his clothes. Elizabeth overheard Scott, and she apologized for causing the rift between Scott and Liesl. Scott assured Elizabeth that she was not to blame.

Scott asked about Elizabeth's hearing with the ethics committee. Elizabeth told him that she had been reinstated, but she feared that she might have lost a friend. Elizabeth checked her phone, but there were no new messages, so she opened up to Scott and Laura about Epiphany's ongoing silence. Laura was certain that Epiphany was simply busy visiting the Johns-Hopkins campus, but Laura was confident that Epiphany would call Elizabeth as soon as Epiphany returned home.

At Esme's table, Josslyn questioned what Esme remembered, but Esme insisted that she had no memory before waking up in the hospital. Esme claimed that she hoped she never remembered because she didn't want to be the person that she had been. Esme explained that all that mattered was being a good mother to Ace. Later, Cameron checked to see how Esme was doing, and she admitted that she should be the one leaving town, not Cameron. Cameron reminded Esme that she had nowhere to go, and he assured her that she could have a life in Port Charles if she gave it a chance.

Meanwhile, Spencer recalled his conversation with Victor about Esme, and Victor's vow that Esme would never raise a Cassadine heir while there was breath in Victor's body. Spencer shook the memory off when Cameron assured Spencer that things weren't that bad because their grandmother would never let anything happen to Spencer's brother. Spencer denied that he had been thinking about Ace. Spencer shifted gears because he would miss having Cameron around to keep him in line. Cameron reminded Spencer that Josslyn and Trina would fill the void.

After Scott gave a short speech wishing Cameron well in Stanford, the party broke up. Esme decided to leave with Laura. Cameron assured Esme that she could trust his grandmother. A short time later, Cameron approached Elizabeth at the bar. They were the last ones to leave. Cameron admitted that he hated that he was leaving, but he couldn't wait to get to Stanford. Elizabeth assured her son that he would love college, and she told him that she would miss him. After they hugged, Cameron left.

Elizabeth pulled out her phone and called Epiphany. "Hello, this is State Trooper Carlson," a man said. Startled, Elizabeth explained that she was looking for Epiphany. "I'm very sorry, but I have bad news about your friend," the trooper said. Tears filled Elizabeth's eyes as she sat down.

Loved ones gather to say goodbye to Epiphany Johnson

Loved ones gather to say goodbye to Epiphany Johnson

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

At the secret hideout, Anna's eyes filled with tears as she read an announcement about Epiphany's memorial service. Anna set the tablet down when she heard a knock. Her spirits immediately lifted when Emma greeted her grandmother with a warm hug. A smiling Felicia followed Emma into the cabin. Emma sat down on the sofa and explained that she had wanted to visit Anna before heading to Epiphany's memorial service. Anna asked about Patrick and Robin, so Emma revealed that her parents had been unable to get away from work.

Felicia revealed that Emma had decided to book a flight on her own and fly to Port Charles. Anna smiled and hugged Emma.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis was dressed for the memorial service as he entered the living room. He saw his father deep in thought as Marshall stared out a window. A short time later, Portia entered the living room, and she asked how Marshall was doing. Marshall admitted that it didn't make sense that Epiphany was gone. Portia agreed, and she talked about helping Epiphany study for the MCATs. Portia credited Marshall for pushing Epiphany to follow her dreams. Marshall recalled persuading Epiphany to take the leap of faith, but he pushed the memory away.

"If it wasn't for me, Epiphany would still be here," Marshall said. Curtis asked what his father was talking about, so Marshall pointed out that Epiphany wouldn't have been on the road if Marshall hadn't encouraged her to go to medical school. Portia insisted that Marshall had reignited Epiphany's dream, which Epiphany had attained. "Think about how amazing that is?" Portia asked. She pointed out that -- before Epiphany had passed -- any semblance of the self-doubt and regret that Epiphany had carried for decades had been lifted.

Portia insisted that Marshall had given Epiphany a gift, and Portia was certain that Epiphany would not have wanted it any other way. Grateful, Marshall hugged Portia. Curtis mouthed "thank you" to Portia.

Outside the hospital, Laura greeted Robert. After a hug, Laura admired the building. "Look at this place. Caring for the people of Port Charles for 60 years," Laura said. "These walls -- they've seen everything," Robert replied. Laura nodded in agreement. Her tone was sad as she admitted that it would be a difficult day. "General Hospital has lost one of its best," Robert said.

Laura pointed out that she and Robert were still standing, but Robert chuckled. "Barely," Robert said. Laura reminded him that they had to keep going, and she was certain that Epiphany would want it that way. Robert agreed. Just then, Diane walked up. Robert and Laura were surprised to see Diane, so Diane revealed that she was the executor of Epiphany's will, and Diane had one final task to attend to before the memorial service. Laura admitted that she wouldn't be able to stay long because she had to fill in for the deputy mayor, who had been indisposed.

Diane asked in a conspiratorial tone if there had been any update on Eileen's whereabouts. Robert quickly explained that Diane had given him a helping hand the other night, and he assured Laura that Diane could be trusted because Diane was a friend. Diane chuckled, and she excused herself. After Diane left, Laura noticed that Robert seemed happier, and she wondered if it had anything to do with Diane.

Inside the hospital, Spinelli stood before the memorial wall, looking at photographs of all those who had left an indelible mark on the hospital. Sam walked up and stood next to him. They exchanged a sad smile, and Sam reached for his hand.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth passed the nurses' station as she carried a large arrangement of red roses to the chapel. Deanna stood behind the desk with a sorrowful expression. Bobbie tapped Deanna on the shoulder, and Deanna turned. As Bobbie hugged Deanna, Deanna began to cry. However, Bobbie spotted Carly pushing Willow's wheelchair, so she broke away from Deanna and approached Willow. Bobbie reminded Willow that the transplant was two days away, but Willow insisted on attending Epiphany's memorial service.

Willow explained that Epiphany had been a huge support when Willow had made the decision to attend nursing school, so Willow wanted to pay her respects. Willow recalled talking to Epiphany about pursuing a degree in nursing and Epiphany's offer to help. After the memory faded, Willow admitted that she didn't think she had ever told Epiphany how much she had appreciated Epiphany's kindness. Willow was determined to light a candle for her friend, and she asked both Carly and Bobbie to help. "We're with you -- always," Carly said.

Later, Robert and Laura entered the hospital. Felicia and Emma walked in behind them, and Emma called out to her grandfather. Robert happily hugged Emma.

In the locker room, Felix went to his locker, opened it, and immediately slammed it shut. He dropped to the floor and began to sob. A short time later, Brad entered and found Felix seated on a bench, looking despondent. Brad wasn't surprised to find Felix in the spot because Felix had always "wallowed" in the locker room when Felix had been sad during their brief romance. Felix argued that he had earned the right to be sad because Epiphany had been Felix's best friend.

Felix remembered Epiphany telling him that he could do better than Brad. However, his attention turned back to Brad when Brad told Felix that no one was ever really gone. "As long as you hold on to her," Brad said. Brad placed his hand over Felix's heart. "In here," Brad said.

In an examination room, Liesl announced that she had been officially cleared to donate her bone marrow to Willow. Nina was thrilled, but her joy quickly faded because it was a sad day. Nina asked if her aunt intended to attend the memorial service, but Liesl explained that she had no desire to be a hypocrite. Liesl acknowledged that she and Epiphany had butted heads, but Liesl was not happy that Epiphany was gone. However, Liesl was glad that Epiphany had died honorably.

"Just like Britt," Nina said. "We should all be so lucky," Liesl replied. Moments later, Nina and Liesl left the exam room, but they bumped into Diane in the hallway. Diane revealed that she had been looking for Liesl because Epiphany had given Diane a specific set of instructions to give to Liesl. Diane handed Liesl a slip of paper and explained that it was a time-sensitive matter. Surprised, Liesl informed Diane that Liesl and Epiphany had despised each other.

Diane explained that Epiphany had only trusted Liesl with the request. Liesl unfolded the paper and read it. Nina noticed her aunt's smile, and she asked Liesl what the note said. Liesl remained silent, but she continued to smile.

On the hospital's rooftop, Milo Giambetti found Sonny alone. Sonny was happy to see Milo, so Milo asked if Sonny wanted company. Sonny opened his arms, and Milo hugged his friend as tears filled Milo's eyes. Afterwards, Sonny admitted that he wished their reunion had been under different circumstances. "Epiphany was one of a kind. I'm so lucky that I got to have her in my life," Milo said. Sonny reminded Milo that Epiphany had been lucky, too.

Milo became lost in thought as he recalled talking to Epiphany about his feelings for her. Milo and Epiphany had been at Volonino's gym, and Epiphany had been hurt because Milo had made her feel as if she had not been good enough. Milo had apologized, and he had confessed that he had been worried that he had not been good enough for Epiphany. Milo explained that he had asked Epiphany out because she had been more beautiful on the inside than the outside. "I wouldn't change a thing," Milo had said. As the memory faded, fresh tears filled Milo's eyes.

Sonny asked if Milo was okay, so Milo told him that he was grateful for the memories. Milo shifted gears because he wanted to know what had been going on with Sonny. Milo promised to return if Sonny needed him, but Sonny pointed out that Milo was one of the lucky few who had gotten out. "And lived," Sonny said. Sonny wanted to keep it that way. A short time later, Sonny and Milo entered the hospital.

Milo stopped when he saw Diane talking to Nina and Liesl. Diane ran over and hugged Milo. After Diane linked her arm with Milo's, they stepped away for privacy. Diane asked about Max, and Milo assured her that his brother was doing well. Diane offered Milo her condolences.

Nearby, Nina told Sonny how sorry she was for his loss. Nina knew that Sonny and Epiphany had had a special friendship. Sonny confessed that Epiphany's death had hit home about how precious life could be. "That's why we have to be careful," Sonny said. Nina was surprised that had been his reaction to Epiphany's passing because the news had made Nina want to be close to her loved ones.

Nina acknowledged that she and Sonny couldn't spend a lot of time together until things settled down, but she wanted to attend the memorial service with him -- if he wanted company. "I'd like that very much," Sonny said. A short time later, Sonny, Nina, and Milo ran into Curtis, Portia, and Marshall. After Sonny and Marshall offered each other condolences, Sonny introduced Marshall to Milo. Milo told Marshall that Epiphany had spoken highly of Marshall. After Milo followed Sonny, Nina, and Portia to the chapel, Marshall asked Curtis about Milo. Curtis revealed that Milo had been Epiphany's ex-boyfriend.

In the candlelit chapel, Elizabeth set a large arrangement of red roses on the dais. She looked around the room where several arrangements of red roses had been set out. In the corner of the chapel was a large framed portrait of Epiphany displayed on an easel. Elizabeth's expression filled with sadness. Later, guests began to trickle in as Elizabeth stood before a large board filled with photographs of Epiphany throughout her life. Finn walked up to check on Elizabeth, but she was worried about the placement of the picture board.

Finn assured Elizabeth that everything was perfect, and he admitted that he had been impressed with how quickly she had pulled the celebration of Epiphany's life together. Elizabeth reminded him that she hadn't been given a choice, since Epiphany had requested in the will for Elizabeth to organize everything. Elizabeth pointed out that Epiphany's will had been written before Elizabeth's transgressions with Nikolas had been revealed. Elizabeth felt guilty that Epiphany hadn't been able to focus on Epiphany's future at Johns Hopkins.

Finn and Elizabeth talked about Epiphany's tragic death during the drive home, when Epiphany had stopped to help at the scene of an accident. "She was being the Epiphany we all knew and loved. I just wish I could have made it right with her," Elizabeth said. Finn wrapped his arms around Elizabeth and hugged her. Later, Elizabeth told Finn that she had decided to skip the readings and leave more room for people to speak.

Finn promised Elizabeth that everything was beautiful. She insisted that it needed to be perfect because she wanted to make it up to Epiphany. Elizabeth admitted that she wished she knew what Epiphany had been thinking before she had died. "Maybe I can help with that," a woman said. Elizabeth smiled at the woman, and she asked if the woman had been a friend of Epiphany's. The woman revealed that Epiphany had been her guardian angel.

"Your dear friend Epiphany died saving my life," the woman said. The woman cradled a bandaged arm as she apologized for intruding, but Elizabeth was eager to hear about what had happened. The woman explained that she was a nurse, and she had been driving home after a shift. According to the woman, the roads had been a mess, and visibility had been awful, so the woman hadn't seen a downed electric line until the very last second. The woman explained that she had swerved to avoid the downed line, and her car had crashed into the pole.

The woman said she had barely managed to crawl out of the car, but there had been a fire and a lot of smoke. The woman revealed that Epiphany had arrived on the scene, immediately sprung into action, and called 9-1-1. The woman credited Epiphany for saving her life by attending to the woman's grave injuries. The woman explained that Epiphany had promised to stay by the woman's side until the paramedics had arrived. The woman revealed that once she had arrived at the hospital, she had been told that Epiphany had collapsed at the scene and died from smoke inhalation and complications.

Elizabeth told the woman that Epiphany had had a preexisting heart condition. "And she didn't even think twice about risking her own life to save a stranger?" the woman asked. Finn explained that Epiphany had been a healer. The woman offered to leave, but Elizabeth insisted that she stay for the service because Epiphany would have wanted it. After the woman walked away, Marshall approached Elizabeth and asked who the woman had been. Elizabeth told him that the woman had been one of the countless people who owed their life to Epiphany.

Later, Elizabeth thanked everyone for attending the service to honor Epiphany. She talked about the impact that Epiphany had had on the people gathered, and she described Epiphany as firm, tender, pragmatic, and someone who had been full of compassion for the nurses that had worked under her. Elizabeth admitted that Epiphany had been her mentor, her best friend, and someone they had all considered family. Elizabeth's thoughts drifted as she remembered Epiphany insisting on taking Elizabeth out for a drink the night before Elizabeth's wedding to Franco. Elizabeth pushed the memory away. Elizabeth admitted that she had been filled with gratitude to have known and been loved by Epiphany.

Deanna spoke next. She talked about how helpful Epiphany had been. Deanna said she had arrived at the hospital with credentials in nursing, but Epiphany had taught Deanna how to be a nurse. Portia followed Deanna. Portia spoke about Epiphany risking everything to protect Trina and Trina's father. Portia admitted that Epiphany had become a good friend and a member of Portia's family.

Sonny talked about Epiphany's kindness when Epiphany had helped him through some of his darkest moments. Sonny's thoughts briefly drifted to Epiphany helping with physical therapy and how happy she had been when he had finally been able to stand on his own. "If that's the measure of true friendship, then Epiphany was my best friend," Sonny told the mourners. After Sonny sat down, Emma spoke about how Epiphany had been a part of the hospital for as long as Emma could remember.

Carly was the last to speak. Carly admitted that Epiphany had been a truth teller, and if Epiphany had liked someone, then they were worth knowing. Carly explained that Epiphany had allowed for growth, and Epiphany had believed that people could change. Carly confessed that she had been one of those people, and Epiphany had rescued Carly countless times. A short time later, Diane announced that Epiphany had had one final request. Diane asked everyone to follow her to the rooftop.

After everyone filed out of the chapel, Elizabeth sat alone and looked at the portrait of her friend. Moments later, Elizabeth's phone rang. It was Monica. "Am I disturbing the memorial?" Monica asked. Elizabeth explained that the service had just ended. Monica felt bad that she had missed it, but she hadn't been able to back out of her commitment because Monica had been the keynote speaker. Elizabeth was certain that Epiphany would have understood.

Elizabeth was shocked when Monica revealed that a few days earlier, Diane had dropped off a letter that Epiphany had written with the intention of hand-delivering to the ethics committee. Monica read the letter to Elizabeth, which spoke of Elizabeth in glowing terms as a talented and dedicated nurse. In the letter, Epiphany had said it had been a privilege for Epiphany to watch Elizabeth grow from a rookie to a leader amongst her peers. Epiphany acknowledged that Elizabeth had made a mistake, but Elizabeth had taken full accountability. Elizabeth was stunned when the letter concluded with the admission that Epiphany had intended to recommend Elizabeth take Epiphany's place as head nurse when Epiphany stepped down.

Monica revealed that she intended to honor Epiphany's final request and present the idea to the board at the end of the month. "Having another Hardy/March run the tenth floor sounds right, don't you think?" Monica asked.

On the rooftop, Diane read a brief letter written by Epiphany. "Even in the darkest times, I held on to the joy whenever I could, so be sad if you need to be. But I would much rather go out with a bang," Diane read aloud. Diane directed everyone to look up.

Elsewhere, Liesl smiled as she lit the fuses of several large fireworks. "Safe travels, my worth adversary," Liesl said as bright fireworks illuminated the night sky.

At the hideout, Anna stood outside as she watched the fireworks show.

As flashbacks of Epiphany Johnson were shown, Sonya Eddy's voice sang, "You're Not Alone."

Eileen resurfaces

Eileen resurfaces

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Felicia and Ava sat down together at Kelly's and caught up after their traumatic experience with Ryan and Heather. Ava commented that Esme had yet to pay, but she would leave that to the authorities. Felicia wondered if Austin was keeping Ava company, as he'd been with Ava a lot. Ava replied that they'd just gone through something traumatic together. Felicia hoped that they had peace of mind, since Heather was locked up. Ava answered that she would have peace of mind once Esme was dealt with. Ava had to go, but she promised to see Felicia at the Nurses Ball that night.

At Elizabeth's, Finn helped Elizabeth finish setting up for breakfast. The doorbell rang, and Laura entered. Jake and Aiden ran down the stairs and announced that Cameron was on his way downstairs. The boys stood with Elizabeth, Laura, Finn, and Violet, and they all yelled, "Surprise!" when Cameron arrived downstairs. Laura revealed that his family wanted to give him a proper sendoff, and Cameron declared that he was the luckiest.

As the family started to fill their plates with food, a sad Elizabeth went into the kitchen, followed by Finn. He let her know that he would be there for whatever she needed. A short while later, Finn was gone, and Laura was in the kitchen with Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that she was happy and proud of Cameron, but she already felt like a part of her was missing. Laura assured her that it was a joy watching one's children become adults.

Later, Cameron got a text from Scott, who had gotten held up in court. Laura knew that Scott was serious about going out to visit Cameron. Cameron expressed how grateful he was to have Laura and Scott as grandparents. Laura replied that having Cameron as a grandson was a privilege, and she couldn't wait to see what he did next.

Elizabeth thanked Finn for attending with Violet, and he was glad that they could be part of each other's lives. Violet announced that she, Jake, and Aiden had gotten Cameron something, and Jake turned a small posterboard around to reveal a hand-drawn portrait of the four. Cameron loved the portrait. A few minutes later, Cameron asked Finn to look after Elizabeth, and Finn agreed. Cameron hugged Violet, and she and Finn left.

Jake and Aiden wondered how often Cameron was going to visit, as Jake wanted to turn Cameron's room into an art studio. Cameron promised to visit as much as he could. The brothers talked about how much they would miss Cameron, as he was a great big brother. Cameron advised them to call if they ever needed anything, but Aiden thought it wouldn't be the same. Elizabeth was touched to see the three embrace.

When Jake and Aiden were gone, Cameron decided that he couldn't leave, as the family still needed him. Elizabeth wanted him to pursue his dreams. She added that he had always stepped up for the family, so it was time for him to step up for himself. He said he felt selfish, but she urged him to live his best life, and she tearfully hugged her son.

At the pier, Dex assured Sonny that the coast was clear. Just then, Selina entered with one of her guards, who was carrying a large bag. She revealed that the bartender at the Highsider was the only one to recognize the shooter. They'd been directed to the shooter's hotel room, which Selina's men had searched. They'd retrieved the man's belongings, which the guard dropped at Sonny's feet. She hoped that Sonny's faith in her was restored. She advised him to call if he needed anything else, and she left.

Sonny figured that they would go through the bag back at his office, so he was going to call Frank to get the car. Just then, Dex spotted a body in the water. He took off his jacket and shoes, and he dove in. When Dex returned to the pier with the body, Sonny realized that it was Eileen. A short while later, Dex was gone, and the cops were there. Jordan asked how Sonny had happened upon the body. He answered that he'd been taking a walk when the body had washed up, and Jordan was suspicious of that. He threatened to call Diane, so Jordan dropped it.

Laura arrived just as Jordan's phone rang, and she walked away to answer it. A tearful Laura asked what had happened. Sonny guessed that Victor had gotten to Eileen. Laura realized that she needed to prepare a statement for the press. Horrified, she confided that if Victor had caused Eileen's death, then Anna, Valentin, and Lucy were in danger. Sonny promised to check it out and left. Jordan returned, and Laura asked what had really happened. Jordan revealed that, while they wouldn't know until the medical examiner's official report, the ME suspected that Eileen had died from a fall. Jordan wondered if Eileen had had any reason to take her own life, but Laura replied that Eileen had been all about survival.

Josslyn and Trina were rehearsing for their Nurses Ball performance when Maxie walked in on them. Maxie was not optimistic about how the ball would turn out, but the girls reassured her. When she was gone, Josslyn asked about Spencer. Trina revealed that they were not going to the ball together. She continued that things between them were fine but complicated. She felt like they needed to take things slow, and Josslyn thought that that was a good idea.

Trina wondered if Josslyn was seeing anyone and offered to fix her up with someone. Josslyn finally admitted that she was seeing someone, but she apologetically stated that she couldn't say who yet. She promised to tell Trina everything when she could. Trina advised Josslyn to call if she ever got into any trouble. Just then, Dex arrived, and he and Josslyn flirtatiously talked about the Nurses Ball. When Maxie pulled him out of the room to go to wardrobe, Trina knew that it was Dex that Josslyn was seeing.

Anna was cleaning her gun when Valentin entered the room. She informed him that she was just being prepared, as the situation seemed to be "deteriorating." There was a knock on the door, and the two drew their guns. Anna opened the door and let Drew in. He explained that Felicia had sent him, as Maxie had needed her help. He maintained that he had taken every precaution to make sure he hadn't been followed. He revealed that Victor had disappeared, and Anna feared the Victor was onto them.

Drew continued that Eileen hadn't been to her apartment in some time, as he'd gone there and found her "very hungry, very thirsty dog." He mentioned that he'd taken the dog to the Quartermaines', but he didn't think that Eileen had left willingly. There was a knock on the door, and Sonny identified himself. Anna let him in, and he revealed that Laura had sent him to warn them that Eileen was dead. Anna knew that Victor would be after them.

Spencer and Esme arrived at the hospital with Ace, as Esme believed that he was sick. As Spencer filled out the paperwork for Esme, he wondered when she was going to drop the act she was putting on. She replied that she was tired of trying to prove that she wasn't the person she had been. Spencer commented that she might have lost her memories, but she hadn't lost her personality. He advised that she couldn't hide behind Ace forever.

A short while later, Spencer, Esme, and Ace waited in an exam room for a doctor. She wanted them to get along for Ace's sake, but Spencer couldn't forget everything she'd done to him and his friends. Austin entered, and he and Esme realized that they knew each other. She was worried that he would hold what Heather had done against her. He formally introduced himself and insisted that he would not. Austin wondered what was going on with Ace, and Esme explained that he'd been fussier than usual, and he'd been crying when he needed nothing. A few minutes later, Austin assured her that it was just colic. He promised to return with a probiotic and samples of better formulas, and he left the room.

Spencer had something to take care of, but he promised to return to take Esme and Ace home. She muttered that she couldn't count on anyone but herself. She piped up that she needed to handle things for herself and look for a job. She refused to ever give Ace up, and Spencer left. A few minutes later, Esme proposed a quick visit to the vending machine, and she carried Ace out of the room. As she left the room, Ava stepped off the elevator right in front of her.

Spencer arrived in the park. Someone approached him, and Spencer thanked them for meeting him. "I understand you're finally willing to do what needs to be done?" Victor questioned.

Spencer agrees to Victor's ''plan''

Spencer agrees to Victor's ''plan''

Friday, March 31, 2023

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Carly yelled at Nina as she asked what had happened to Willow. Nina recalled that Willow had felt weak, and she offered to call for help. Carly demanded to know why Nina had stopped by. Nina shared that she had only gone to drop off some Deception products.

Carly continued to antagonize Nina, and the two argued yet again over what was best for Willow. Willow said that she had plans to watch the Nurses Ball on TV with Michael and Wiley, and she left to prepare snacks. After Willow left, Nina told Carly that she thought it would be best to put their differences aside for Willow's sake.

Carly remained hostile to Nina, and she remarked that Sonny's life was always in danger. Carly boasted smugly that Nina was a long way from Nixon Falls. Nina said she wouldn't discuss her relationship with Sonny. Carly shot back that Nina had bitten off more than she could chew with Sonny, and she gloated that Nina hadn't been the first woman who had done so over the years.

Carly added that Sonny needed someone who knew the "good, bad, and ugly" about his line of work, and she asked if Sonny shared his entire life with Nina. Nina said that her relationship with Sonny was different from the one that Carly had had. Carly remained smug, and she said that Nina's relationship with Sonny appeared to be nearing the beginning of the end.

Willow returned, and after noticing the tension between Nina and Carly, she asked if everything was okay. Nina assured Willow that everything was fine, and she asked how Willow felt about the transplant that was scheduled for the following day.

Willow admitted that she was nervous about the possibility that her body could reject the transplant. Nina said that Willow had gone too far to be disappointed. Carly said that the following day would be a fresh start. Nina added that Willow wouldn't be alone.

At the safe house, Valentin said that he and the group had to leave immediately. Sonny said that if the group left, they would be signing their death warrants. Sonny asked Anna and Valentin for time to make arrangements for a new safe house.

Anna said that the group needed to find Victor before Victor found them. Drew asked who Victor trusted in Port Charles. Anna remarked that Victor was close to Spencer. Valentin said that Spencer was no match for Victor, but Sonny said he was confident that Spencer would do the right thing as it pertained to Victor.

Sonny added that he would let Anna know when he found a new safe house. Anna thanked Sonny, who said that Victor would pay for what he had done to Luke. Sonny added that Victor had to be stopped before he could do any more harm to Spencer. "And I'm going to make sure of that," Sonny said as he and Drew left together.

Afterwards, Valentin comforted Anna, who blamed herself for Eileen's death. "There's only one person who's going to pay for all of this. He's my father, and he will pay -- somehow," Valentin said.

At Metro Court, a reporter named George broadcast a news segment from the red carpet on the eve of the Nurses Ball's festivities. Maxie claimed that the Nurses Ball would be its best ever. As Maxie spoke, Lucy watched the broadcast on a TV at the safe house. Lucy phoned someone to say that she needed a car.

After chatting with George, Felicia met Maxie on the red carpet. Felicia said that Maxie had to find a replacement for the Magic Wands act. Felicia's phone rang, and she left to answer it. Maxie was startled when Lucy sneaked up behind her. Maxie asked what Lucy was doing there. "What I was born to do!" Lucy said boastfully.

Maxie scolded Lucy for having escaped the safe house again. Just then, a man who appeared elderly approached with a walking cane. The man claimed to have lunch plans with his niece, and he mentioned that the garden patio was deserted.

Maxie said the garden patio was closed because of the Nurses Ball, and she asked Felicia to escort the man to the main restaurant upstairs. The man left with Felicia. Afterwards, Maxie asked why Lucy was unable to stay away from the Nurses Ball.

Lucy admitted that she knew people saw her as "vapid, silly, and selfish," and she grew emotional as she gave a long and impassioned speech about what planning the Nurses Ball meant to her. "The Nurses Ball, when I'm putting on that show, that's the one time of year that everybody takes me seriously -- despite all my business success. When I'm running that show, I feel like I have a purpose, like I'm fulfilled, like I'm needed, and I'm useful," Lucy began.

"It's magic, and it's so incredible that every single person in Port Charles is somehow putting on the show, or performing in the show, or donating to our cause. It's like that one moment we all come together. You know there is nothing else like it," Lucy added as she fought back tears.

Maxie agreed that the Nurses Ball was special, and she added that it was mostly due to Lucy. Maxie said she knew someone who would be perfect for the Magic Wands. Lucy tried to press Maxie for a name, but Maxie kept Lucy in suspense.

In the woods, Spencer told Victor that Laura believed everyone should wait to gain Esme's trust. Spencer said that he was through with waiting. "Then I need to hear you say it. I need to hear you say the actual words," Victor said cryptically. "Let's move forward with your plan. Esme must be dealt with," Spencer said firmly.

Spencer said he thought that Esme might leave Port Charles. Victor said that he and Spencer needed to find damning evidence against Esme so that the district attorney would have no choice but to prosecute her. Victor alluded to "plans" for a case against Esme, and he added that his first choice was to "take Esme out altogether."

Spencer said that his friends needed to see Esme brought to trial for the crimes she had committed against them. Victor said they would need to find evidence against Esme before Esme could leave town. Victor added that if the evidence wasn't enough to arrest Esme, he would go with his first instinct to eliminate Esme. "Whatever happens to Esme, Baby Cassadine will remain in the family fold," Victor swore.

Spencer noted that he was supposed to pick Esme and Ace up from the hospital, and he prepared to leave. Victor said he would put their unknown "plan" into motion and that he would give Spencer a time and location to meet. Victor added that he planned to dispose of his phone.

Spencer remarked that Victor's recent behavior had been odd, and he noted that Victor had avoided the Metro Court in favor of meeting him in the woods. Still, Spencer thanked Victor. "I owe you one, and I won't forget it," Spencer said as he left. "Oh, I'm counting on that," Victor said after Spencer walked away.

One of Victor's goons appeared, and he quipped that Victor hadn't told Spencer that Victor planned to leave Port Charles. Victor said that the custody fight for Ace would soon be irrelevant. "My great nephew is giving himself all kinds of anguish over something that will never see the light of day. If he only knew the truth of my real plan, then he'd never go along with it. If I have to keep lying to the lad, then so be it. I need Spencer on board," a sinister Victor said.

Back at Metro Court, the elderly-looking man with the walking cane stepped over the velvet rope of the red carpet after Maxie and Felicia had walked away. The man tossed the cane to the side before he pulled out his phone to place a call.

On the other end of the line, Victor asked if the man had any information for him. The man said that he had tailed Felicia and that he had spotted Lucy at Metro Court. The man added that Lucy had left in a luxury car. Victor thanked the man for his information. Afterwards, Victor told his goon that Lucy had proven herself invaluable. "I've got them! Anna and Valentin can hide no more," Victor declared.

At the hospital, Ava told Esme that Ace looked just like Nikolas. Esme apologized for having seduced Nikolas, and Ava asked if Esme was also sorry for the other things Esme had done. Ava said that she was truly sorry that Nikolas wasn't there to help Esme raise her child. Esme said that she was happy that Nikolas was gone.

Esme recalled that Nikolas had tried to get her to sign away her rights to the baby, and she quipped that both women were better off without Nikolas. Ava said that Esme didn't know anything about Ava's marriage to Nikolas. Esme swore that she had changed and that she intended to make up for all the wrong things she had done.

Ava said she would never forget what Esme had done, and she added that she felt the "old Esme" would one day resurface. "The moment you remember who you really are, I will recognize it. And I will finish what you started," Ava threatened.

Austin appeared, and he handed Esme a bag with formula and vitamin samples for Ace. Esme thanked Austin, and she turned to Ava. Esme vowed that she had changed for good. Esme walked away, and she waited near the hospital entrance for Spencer.

Later, Esme complained that Spencer had taken too long to return to the hospital. Esme asked what had been more important to Spencer than his brother. "Nothing," Spencer said confidently as he and Esme stepped onto the elevator together.

Back inside the hospital, Ava reminded Austin that the two were covering up a crime, and she added that they were constantly looking over their shoulders. Ava said that she and Austin needed a good explanation for why Austin had been at Spoon Island on the night that Heather, Ryan, and Esme had appeared. Ava had an idea, and she asked Austin if he had a tuxedo.

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