General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 3, 2023 on GH

The 2023 Nurses Ball kicked off. Victor tracked down Valentin and Anna. Anna was shot. Liesl was abducted. Gladys framed Cody for stealing a valuable bracelet. Linc was arrested. Milo Giambetti made a special appearance during the ball. Laura found Esme unconscious and Ace missing.
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The 2023 Nurses Ball kicked off. Victor tracked down Valentin and Anna. Anna was shot. Liesl was abducted. Linc was arrested.
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The Nurses Ball begins, and Victor has sinister plans

The Nurses Ball begins, and Victor has sinister plans

Monday, April 3, 2023

Backstage at the Nurses Ball, Bobbie and Maxie excitedly announced that the ball was about to begin. Maxie received a call from Lucy at the safe house and promptly hung up on her. Bobbie and Maxie left for the red carpet.

Afterwards, Chase approached Brook Lynn backstage. Chase complimented Brook Lynn for having encouraged each of the performers to sing to the best of their ability. Linc approached, and Chase left to change into his tuxedo. Linc continued to harass Brook Lynn. Linc grabbed Brook Lynn's wrist, and he warned that she would lose everything if she broke the nondisclosure agreement she had signed.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Michael and Willow watched the red carpet ceremonies on TV. Drew entered in a tuxedo. Michael said that Carly and Josslyn needed him there to stand up for the two grown women. Drew had to remind Michael that Carly and Josslyn didn't need anyone to run interference for them, and he left. Michael and Willow watched the event in each other's arms.

On the red carpet, Sydney Val Jean returned as the emcee of the red carpet ceremonies. Sydney said that the night ahead was dedicated to Epiphany and Lucy. "And remember, at the Nurses Ball, anything can happen," Sydney boasted.

In a dark vehicle parked at an undisclosed location, Victor watched Sydney's remarks from a laptop. As Sydney said that anything could happen, Victor's smile widened. "Oh, you have no idea!" Victor said to himself.

The first people to walk down the red carpet were Bobbie and Maxie, who wore the same matching black, sequenced dresses as Sydney. Maxie said that she and Bobbie had followed the example set by Lucy, who grew teary eyed as she watched the event on a TV at the safe house. Lucy scoffed when Sydney said that it would be the "best Nurses Ball ever."

Next to follow on the red carpet were Carly and Josslyn. Carly boasted that she had always gotten whatever she had wanted, and she added that she didn't expect that to ever change. Josslyn acknowledged that she mostly got whatever she wanted, too.

Sonny was the next to appear on the red carpet. Sonny smiled when he saw Carly. Sonny introduced Dex to Sydney as his bodyguard. Sydney asked Sonny where Nina was, and they seemed surprised when Nina entered arm in arm with Curtis. Sydney complimented Nina on looking "flawless," and she boasted that Curtis ran the "hottest night club in Port Charles."

Spencer was the next person to walk down the red carpet in a tuxedo. Victor boasted from his car that Spencer was what the future would look like. Sydney asked if someone would be joining Spencer. Just then, heads turned as Trina appeared on the red carpet in a gorgeous pink dress. Sydney said that Trina looked "nothing short of spectacular." "Took the words right out of my mouth," Spencer added.

Sydney asked if Spencer and Trina were together. The two clarified that they were "good friends." Ava appeared on the red carpet with Austin. Ava said that she was single, and she added that she was fortunate to be able to attend the Nurses Ball after the tumultuous year that she'd had. When asked for comment, Austin remarked that he considered himself the lucky one.

Jordan appeared on the red carpet, and she remarked that she was happy to be off the clock. Portia was the next to appear, and she joined Jordan in the hallway at the end of the red carpet.

Dante and Sam followed Portia, and the two walked the red carpet together. Dante saved Sam from a fall after Sam tripped. Sam said that she was lucky to have someone to catch her fall, and the two largely ignored Sydney. Drew appeared, and he gave a brief interview with Sydney before Chase and Finn appeared.

Elizabeth approached, and Finn stared at her. Chase left, and Finn stayed behind solely to follow Elizabeth. Finn asked if he could escort Elizabeth, and she agreed. Sydney wrapped up her presentation from the red carpet while reminding everyone that the Nurses Ball was about raising money for HIV/AIDS research.

After the red carpet, Sonny and Nina complimented each other in the hallway on how well the two looked. The couple fondly recalled their dances in Nixon Falls.

Nearby, Trina joined Josslyn, who remarked that Spencer and Trina had been giving each other looks on the red carpet. Josslyn yet again warned Trina about the possibility of being hurt by Spencer. Trina dismissed Josslyn's latest complaint.

Elsewhere, Bobbie harped about Nina again when she saw Nina with Sonny. Carly said that Sonny was dealing with a "situation." Bobbie said that Carly deserved someone to treat the way she "deserved." Carly smugly boasted that Bobbie might get her wish.

Maxie used a PA system to welcome everyone to the Nurses Ball. The doors to the Metro Court's ball room then opened, and the attendees filed in.

Back in his car, Victor was told by a henchman that they had traced the car that had driven Lucy to and from the safe house. "Well, now we know where to find Lucy Coe. And where we find Lucy, there we find Anna and Valentin. Time to teach them a lesson, don't you think?" Victor said rhetorically.

The henchman handed Victor a gun, and he remarked that Victor was the boss. "Yes, that's right. I am. It's showtime, folks!" Victor said with an evil grin.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Due to ABC News coverage, General Hospital was preempted nationally. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, April 5, and picked up where the Monday, April 3, concluded.

Valentin makes a romantic gesture

Valentin makes a romantic gesture

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Victor's henchman approached Victor's limousine. The henchman reported that Lucy had been dropped off by a rideshare at "Marigold and Chestnut." Victor doubted that Lucy had been foolish enough to be dropped off at the hideout's front door, but he was confident that it was close. Victor instructed his henchmen to discreetly search the area. However, Victor didn't want anyone to make a move on Valentin and Anna's safe house until Victor gave the order.

Victor's henchman joined Victor in the limousine as Victor spoke to "Ambrose" on the phone. Victor was pleased when Ambrose reported that everything was in place. "Now, it's just a matter of time," Victor said. After Victor disconnected the call, he explained that Ambrose had been given a special mission backstage at the Nurses Ball. According to Victor, he intended to take someone with him when Victor left town.

Victor's henchman reported that they had eyes on the hideout, so Victor instructed him to have the men surround the house. Victor made it clear that he needed Valentin and Anna alive. "Lucy Coe is just a nuisance. Eliminate her," Victor said. Victor made a quick phone call. Afterwards, Victor smiled. "Now," Victor said.

At the secret hideout, Valentin and Anna ran into the living room when they heard Lucy cry out. Lucy pointed to the television as she announced that the Nurses Ball was about to begin. Anna and Valentin sat down with Lucy to watch the ball, but Lucy became emotional. Lucy insisted that she was proud of everyone, but it broke her heart that she couldn't be there. Valentin reminded Lucy that their lives depended on them staying away from the ball. Annoyed, Lucy assured him that she was well aware of what was at stake.

After Lucy grabbed her flute of Champagne and marched to her bedroom to watch the Nurses Ball, Anna confessed that she felt bad for Lucy. Anna opened up about how the ball had always made her feel closer to her daughter, Robin. Anna acknowledged that going to the Nurses Ball would jeopardize their safety, but she wondered if Victor was really looking for them. "One hundred percent," Valentin said. Valentin was certain that his father would stop at nothing to get his hands on the Ice Princess necklace.

Later, Valentin entered the living room, carrying a toy grand piano that he had found in the attic. He joined Anna in front of the fireplace and suggested that they have their own ball. Anna was touched when he serenaded her with a love song that spoke from his heart. As Valentin sang, Anna became lost in a fantasy where she wore a glittering ballgown as she and Valentin danced in a candlelit room. After the song ended, they shared a tender kiss. The fantasy was shattered when Anna's phone pinged with a text message from Sonny reporting that Victor had checked out of Metro Court.

Moments later, Lucy appeared in the doorway. Lucy praised Valentin's performance, which she had overheard when she had slipped out of her room for a snack. Anna asked how Lucy had been holding up, so Lucy began to talk about the chaos on the red carpet. Confused, Valentin and Anna wanted how Lucy had known what was going on at Metro Court. Lucy was forced to admit that she had slipped out earlier.

Lucy blamed her reckless decision on Maxie being in over her head, but Lucy promised that she had only gone as far as the lobby, and she had taken precautions with the car service. Valentin and Anna realized that they had been compromised. "We have to leave now," Anna said. A short time later, Valentin opened the door and stepped outside while he waited for Anna and Lucy. Lucy defended her choices, but Anna ignored her as she dragged Lucy outside. Anna suddenly screamed for Valentin to move when she noticed a small red dot from the laser of a gun pointed at the center of his chest.

At Metro Court, Maxie, Bobbie, and Brook Lynn were backstage as they prepared to kick off the Nurses Ball. Maxie asked Bobbie to make certain that everyone was ready for the opening number. As Bobbie walked away, Nina approached. Maxie warned Nina that she didn't have time to chat because there was a lot left to do. "Save the drama for the llama," Nina said in a teasing tone. Maxie wasn't amused, so Nina told Maxie to "break a leg."

At Sonny's table, Gladys admired her sparkling bracelet. Sonny was curious where Gladys had gotten the expensive piece of jewelry. Sasha explained that the bracelet had been on loan for a photoshoot, so Sasha had decided to let Gladys borrow it for the night. Gladys thanked Sasha for the beautiful gown and jewelry because it had made Gladys' first Nurses Ball special. Sasha insisted that no one had helped her more than Gladys had. Sasha conceded that she still had difficult days, but she was ready to start her life. Sonny was confident the court would soon revoke Gladys' guardianship, and Sasha would be back on her feet.

At Dante and Sam's table, Cody was curious who had paid for the evening's festivities. Sam explained that vendors donated generously and that all the money raised would go to charities devoted to HIV and AIDS. Sam admitted that she had been impressed that Cody had agreed to perform. "Every once in a while, I do the right thing," Cody said. Cody's eyes locked on Gladys across the room.

A short time later, Cody caught up to Gladys as she made her way to the restroom. He snidely asked if she intended to head to a pawn shop to see how much she could get for the bracelet. Gladys resented the question, but she admitted that the bracelet wasn't hers. "Yeah, Brando's garage wasn't yours, either, and you sold that," Cody said. Annoyed, Gladys informed Cody that it was none of his business, so he agreed to leave Gladys alone if she told Sasha the truth.

"And if I don't?" Gladys asked in a defiant tone. "I'll tell Sasha that you can't stay away from the poker tables, and you're using her assets to settle your debts," Cody replied.

Nearby, Sam noticed Sasha looking around the room. Sasha admitted that she had been looking for Gladys. Later, Sasha found Cody at the bar. She mentioned his performance and asked if he was ready for the spotlight. Cody joked that he and the spotlight were old friends. Gladys ran over when she saw Cody and Sasha together, and she asked what they had been talking about. "Old friends," Cody said.

At Curtis' table, Nina tried to broach the subject of Portia, Trina, and Jordan, but Curtis was unwilling to discuss his troubled relationships. Curtis suggested that he and Nina just sit back and enjoy the festivities. Nina agreed.

At Austin and Ava's table, Ava advised Austin that it would be best for them to act casual and enjoy the evening. Austin nervously glanced over at Mac, but he followed Ava's advice.

All eyes turned to the stage as Maxie and Bobbie walked out and welcomed everyone to the 2023 Nurses Ball. After a round of applause, Bobbie thanked everyone for attending, and she reminded the audience that the purpose of the ball was to find a cure for HIV and eradicate AIDS. Maxie promised that the night would be spectacular because they had turned things up a notch to celebrate General Hospital's 60th anniversary. "So, expect some surprises," Maxie teased.

T.J., Felix, Deanna, Amy, some nurses, and some doctors performed "Lovely Day."

At Elizabeth's table, Chase told Elizabeth that she looked stunning. Finn stood next to his brother and smiled. Elizabeth admitted that she looked forward to Chase's duet. She shifted gears and thanked Finn for saving her on the red carpet. Finn assured her that he had been glad to be of assistance, but an awkward silence followed. Elizabeth smiled politely and told both Finn and Chase to enjoy the evening.

As soon as Finn and Chase reached the bar, Chase asked what had happened between Finn and Elizabeth at Cameron's goodbye party, but Finn refused to tell him. Later, Finn was standing at the bar when Chase walked up and made another attempt to find out where things stood between Finn and Elizabeth, but Finn seemingly ignored his brother until Chase tapped Finn on the shoulder. Startled, Finn pulled an ear pod out of his ear and explained that he had been listening to a voicemail message from Violet. When Chase repeated his question, Finn popped the ear pod back in. "Good talk," Chase said and marched off.

Finn's eyes found Elizabeth across the room. They exchanged a smile, and Elizabeth made her way to the stage. After Maxie introduced Elizabeth, Elizabeth talked about the tragic loss of Epiphany Johnson. A photograph of Epiphany appeared on a large screen behind Elizabeth. "So, tonight we dedicate this ball to our friend. Epiphany, we love you, we miss you, you will never, ever be forgotten," Elizabeth said.

At the bar, Spencer confessed to Trina that he regretted not arriving with her on the red carpet. Trina feared that he saw her as an accessory. "No, you're no one's accessory," Spencer said. Trina was curious why Spencer hadn't asked her to attend the ball with him. Instead of answering, Spencer reminded Trina that they had both told Sydney that they were just friends. Trina pointed out that they had been put on the spot while on live television. "What were we gonna say?" Trina asked.

"Did you mean it?" Spencer wondered. Trina turned the question around on Spencer, but Sonny walked up before Spencer could answer. Sonny complimented Trina, and he asked for a moment to speak to Spencer privately. After Trina walked away, Sonny asked Spencer to answer him honestly. "Where is Victor?" Sonny asked. Spencer explained that he had expected his uncle to attend the Nurses Ball, but he hadn't seen him. Sonny was curious if Spencer was aware that Victor had checked out of Metro Court. Spencer was stunned, but Sonny asked if Victor had mentioned leaving town.

A short time later, Dex was standing at the bar when Josslyn walked up. "You look amazing," Dex said. Josslyn beamed, but Dex reminded her that they shouldn't be seen together. Josslyn pointed out that they were just two people waiting for the bartender. Dex smiled as he slid his hand across the bar and stroked Josslyn's fingers.

Meanwhile, Spencer caught up with Trina in the hallway. He apologized for the interruption, and he admitted that he had wanted to talk about their kiss. Spencer confessed that he had hoped it was something they both wanted to do again. "Yes," Trina said. Emboldened, Spencer asked Trina to clarify that they were together. "Yes, together," Trina said in a shy tone. Spencer was delighted, but the moment was ruined when Josslyn walked up and let Trina know that they had to get ready for their performance. "Damn it, Joss, you have the worst timing," Spencer said.

At the bar, Dante checked in with Sonny. Sonny talked about losing Epiphany, and how devastating the news had been. Sonny fondly recalled that Epiphany had been able to put anyone in their place. "Jason, me, and even Carly. I miss her," Sonny said. Dante assured his father that he was there if Sonny needed to talk. Sonny hugged his son.

At Jordan's table, Jordan raised a glass and praised T.J.'s performance. Molly chimed in, but Jordan noticed that neither Molly nor T.J. was drinking alcohol. T.J. explained that he and Molly were abstaining from alcohol because they were trying to get pregnant. Jordan was overjoyed.

In Blaze's dressing room, Linc let himself in. Startled, Blaze asked him if he ever knocked. "Where's the fun in that?" Linc asked. Blaze told him that she had to change. "Don't let me stop you," Linc replied.

A short time later, Brook Lynn knocked on the door and entered the dressing room. She was not pleased when she saw Linc. Linc ignored Brook Lynn's scowl as he asked how his favorite "former songbird" was. He was curious if the dressing room had been the scene of the crime when Nelle had slit Brook Lynn's throat, but Brook Lynn demanded to know where Blaze was. Just then, Blaze walked out from behind the changing partition.

Linc started to talk, but Brook Lynn had had enough of him. "Get out," Brook Lynn shouted. Unapologetic, Linc claimed that Blaze had needed help with her zipper, but Brook Lynn refused to let him stay. Linc argued that he was Blaze's manager, but Brook Lynn stood firm until Linc left. Afterwards, Brook Lynn asked if Blaze was okay. Blaze insisted that she was fine, but Brook Lynn didn't believe her.

Brook Lynn offered to accompany Blaze to all meetings with Linc that weren't in public. Blaze thanked Brook Lynn, but Blaze pointed out that Linc was Blaze's manager. Brook Lynn reminded Blaze that Blaze and Chase were collaborating, so Brook Lynn had a vested interest in the meetings with Linc, since Brook Lynn was Chase's manager. "That's a stretch," Blaze said. Brook Lynn argued that it was better than going alone.

Blaze agreed to think about it. Just then, Chase knocked on the door and entered. He immediately picked up on the tension in the room and asked about it. Blaze excused herself and rushed out, so Chase asked Brook Lynn why Blaze had been upset. Brook Lynn assured him that Blaze was fine and to leave it alone. "Do you want her to live her life the way that you do -- everyone for themselves?" Chase asked.

Brook Lynn insisted that she didn't want to be alone, but sometimes life worked out that way. She assured Chase that she regretted signing Linc's nondisclosure agreement, and she knew it had been a selfish choice to make when she had signed it. Brook Lynn acknowledged that she had let Chase down, and -- worse -- the women who were left to deal with Linc. Chase explained that what had hurt him most was that she had let herself down. Before Brook Lynn could reply, Blaze returned. Blaze asked Chase if they could rehearse one more time before their performance, so Brook Lynn excused herself.

Backstage, Maxie barked orders. Amy handed Maxie a bottle of water and praised Maxie for the wonderful job that Maxie had done, but Maxie became alarmed when she noticed that one of the three chainsaws was missing.

Meanwhile, Bobbie introduced Josslyn and Trina. The young ladies sang "The Middle." Afterwards, the audience applauded. Elizabeth approached Portia and praised Trina's performance. Portia agreed that Trina had done a fantastic job. Elizabeth was curious if Portia had made any progress with Trina. "Just a little," Portia said. Elizabeth was certain that Portia and Trina would repair their relationship. Portia agreed because Portia had no intention of giving up on her daughter.

Backstage, Bobbie congratulated Josslyn on a great performance. After Bobbie returned to her hosting duties, Linc approached Josslyn and told her that she had talent. "In my hands, you could go all the way to the top," Linc said. Josslyn thanked Linc for the compliment, but she admitted that she wasn't interested in a career in music. Linc gently stroked the side of Josslyn's arm as he tried to change her mind. Nearby, Brook Lynn stopped short when she saw Linc with Josslyn.

Elsewhere, Spencer gushed about Trina's performance. Trina smiled as Spencer hugged her. Carly walked up and congratulated Trina. Afterwards, Carly looked around and asked where Josslyn was.

Victor finds Anna and Valentin

Victor finds Anna and Valentin

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Backstage at the Nurses Ball, Brook Lynn looked on as Linc got close to Josslyn and told her that she was a born performer. Brook Lynn marched over and spilled a drink on Linc. She sweetly apologized, and when she went to help him clean up, she stomped on his foot. Brook Lynn advised Josslyn that Carly was looking for her, so Josslyn left. Linc was livid that Brook Lynn had interrupted while he'd been recruiting new talent, and he stormed off to go track Josslyn down.

Mac, Felicia, and Bobbie talked about how proud they were of Maxie for running the Nurses Ball, and they reminisced about their own performances in past years. Minutes later, Mac ran into Jordan, who asked if he could "talk shop" about Eileen. She revealed that Eileen had definitely been killed by her fall. He decided to check into Eileen's known associates, and Jordan advised that he start with Victor.

Outside the ballroom, Sasha and Cody had a drink together, and he asked how things with Gladys were. She didn't know what he meant, and he referenced Gladys selling the garage without telling Sasha. Sasha explained that, while she was still a little bothered by it, Gladys had had good reasoning. Gladys listened in as Cody made Sasha realize that she didn't know any details of the sale, including the new owner. Gladys interrupted the conversation and informed Cody that Dante was looking for him, so Cody left. Gladys made sure Sasha was all right, as she'd heard that Cody wasn't reliable.

Cody sat down with Dante and Sam, and he wondered why Dante had wanted to see him. Dante didn't know what Cody was talking about, and Cody revealed that Gladys had given him a message about Dante wanting to see him. Dante admitted with a laugh that he tried to avoid Gladys, and he muttered something about not being able to choose relatives. Sam wondered why Gladys would do that.

Portia sat down with Finn and Elizabeth. She observed that Trina was having a good time, and she didn't want to put a damper on the night by trying to force a conversation. Elizabeth promised that things wouldn't always be like that. Finn related that he'd been estranged from his father for many years, but Gregory hadn't given up on trying to reconnect. He didn't think that Trina would take as long to figure out that she needed Portia.

Deanna appeared in the spotlight with the microphone, excited to announce the next performer. She talked about the next performer having given up her career as a public defender in order to follow her dreams in music. Deanna introduced Danielle Ponder, who sang her song "Someone Like You."

After the performance, Maxie thanked Danielle for performing, and she commented that Danielle had blown everyone away. Danielle said she was happy to lend her voice to the cause. Carly slipped backstage, excited to meet Danielle. She commended Danielle on her courage to follow her dreams, and Danielle intuited that Carly knew a thing about following dreams herself. "I've never regretted it," Carly replied, and Danielle agreed.

Back at their table, Gladys confided in Sasha that she'd overheard Maxie talking about how Britt had dumped Cody after finding out that he was "no good." She was concerned, as Sasha was just getting her life back on track, and she didn't want Sasha to get "derailed" by a con man.

Dex was ordering a shot at the bar as Spencer strolled out of the ballroom. Spencer demanded to know why Dex was drinking on the job, as he was supposed to be guarding Sonny. As he talked down to Dex about being an employee, a stunned Josslyn and Trina approached. Dex mumbled that he was due onstage soon and left. Spencer justified the way he'd been talking to Dex by explaining that Dex was there to protect Sonny.

Trina lashed out at Spencer for acting like "an ugly, entitled jerk lording your privilege around." She stormed off, and Josslyn observed that he'd again hurt Trina. She told him that he'd done nothing but cause misery since his return, so she advised him to go back to Europe and stay there. When she was gone, a man approached Spencer with a message. He informed Spencer that Victor would be contacting Spencer soon. "Be ready when he does, and do exactly as you're told," the man said, and he left.

Dex approached Cody, who was sitting with Dante, Sam, and Jordan. "Cody, it's time," Dex said. "Time for what?" Sam wondered. "You'll see," Cody replied, and he followed Dex out of the ballroom.

Backstage, Sonny approached Bobbie. He revealed that he wanted to start a scholarship fund in Epiphany's name for nursing students. He handed her an envelope to add to his donations for the Nurses Ball in Stone's name. She opened the envelope and looked at the check. While she'd never been all right with the way he'd treated Carly, she reasoned that he'd always been very generous. She thought that Stone would be proud.

"Wish me luck," Finn told Elizabeth and Portia, and Elizabeth wondered why. He commented that there were things one would do for family that they wouldn't do for anyone else, and he got up from the table. Maxie handed him a microphone, and he stepped into the spotlight. He talked about being amazed at how much the city showed up for the hospital. He welcomed Chase and Blaze to the stage, and they sang "Arrest Me."

After the performance, Blaze announced that their new single would be out soon. Linc took the opportunity to get onstage, which made Blaze noticeably uncomfortable. He hugged and kissed her, and he talked about how amazing Blaze was. Brook Lynn stormed onto the stage and demanded that the "creep" get his hands off Blaze. She talked about how Linc latched on to young talent in order to exploit them financially and sexually. Ned rose from his seat, but Olivia held him back.

Brook Lynn continued that Linc had told her that he would kill her career if she didn't sleep with him, and she'd signed an NDA forbidding her to talk about it. However, she was breaking the NDA because she refused to remain silent about the sexual predator Linc was. Linc believed that no one could corroborate her story, and Maxie got up onstage to clear the disturbance. Linc called her a jealous has-been who needed to make up stories to feel relevant.

Just then, a crying Blaze grabbed the microphone and insisted that she knew Brook Lynn was telling the truth because Linc had done the same thing to her. Mac jumped out of his seat, and Gladys took the opportunity to slip out of the ballroom, unnoticed. Chase tried to get Linc off the stage, but Linc reminded Chase that he was no longer a cop. "I'm a cop," Dante said as he stepped up, and he escorted Linc out of the ballroom to applause for causing a public disturbance. Spencer sat down with Sonny and Sasha, and Brook Lynn sat down with Ned and Olivia as Gladys' bracelet's bodyguard slipped out.

Gladys creeped around backstage but hid when she heard Dex and Cody talking about their nerves for their act. When their voices faded away, she entered the dressing room and found suits hanging up. She found the one marked "Cody." She took her bracelet off and slipped it into Cody's jacket pocket.

Nina appeared in the spotlight and thanked everyone for being there. She was excited to announce the next performers, Georgie, James, and Liesl. The kids put on a magic show with Liesl as their assistant. She first took out an empty tube. James tapped on it with his wand, and he pulled a long string of streamers out. He handed them to Liesl, and she put them around her neck.

Next, Georgie announced that they would make water disappear as Liesl wheeled out a cart with a pitcher and two cups. Georgie poured the water into one of the cups, and she asked what Liesl's favorite color was. "Blue!" Liesl replied, and as Georgie poured the water from one cup to another, the audience was amazed to see that it was blue. James tapped the cup with his wand, and when he turned the cup over, no water spilled out.

Next, Georgie announced that they would make their assistant disappear. Liesl wheeled out a large box and opened the door. She got inside, and Georgie closed the door. When she tapped on the box and opened the door, all that remained of Liesl were the streamers from around her neck. Georgie closed the door and tapped again on the box to make Liesl return, but when she opened the door, Liesl was nowhere to be found.

Outside, the man who'd given Spencer the message from Victor closed an unconscious Liesl in his trunk. He got into the car and drove away.

In the safe house, Lucy, Anna, and Valentin ran back into the house. Valentin turned the lights off, and he and Anna drew their guns. Anna demanded that Lucy escape through her window like she had so many times, but Lucy didn't want to leave them. Valentin ordered Anna to go with Lucy, but Anna refused. Lucy finally agreed to go, and she promised to get help. When she was gone, Victor's men got into the house, and Anna and Valentin shot at them.

A few minutes later, Anna and Valentin were standing with their hands in the air as Victor entered. One of his men returned and reported that Lucy was gone, and her bedroom window was open. Victor figured he would deal with Lucy later. Valentin warned that they were in the suburbs, so a neighbor had probably already called the police. After all the trouble he'd gone through, Victor refused to leave without getting what he was there for. He demanded that Valentin give him the real Ice Princess necklace.

Victor went on about how much he'd helped Valentin in life from behind the scenes, only to be repaid with rejection, lies, and manipulation. He decided to give Valentin one more chance to redeem himself and "step up as a Cassadine." He again demanded the necklace. Valentin revealed that no other Cassadine cared about whatever Victor's "grand plan" was, and he informed Victor that he was wasting time and energy. He stated that he did not have the necklace, so Victor decided to take a different approach.

One guard grabbed Valentin and held him back, and another grabbed Anna with his hands around her head. Victor threatened that if Valentin did not give up the necklace, he would have his guard break Anna's neck, leaving her paralyzed for life. He wondered how long Valentin would love her when she couldn't stand.

A few minutes later, Valentin returned to Victor with the necklace, and Victor satisfactorily inspected it. "We could have done this together, father and son," Victor said wistfully. He revealed that he'd had to choose another heir to carry on the Cassadine name. He continued that Valentin's betrayal had broken his heart, so it was only fair for Victor to return the favor. He took out his gun and shot Anna.

Lucy crashes the Nurses Ball

Lucy crashes the Nurses Ball

Friday, April 7, 2023

At the safe house, Valentin rushed to save Anna after Victor had shot her. Victor left, and Valentin dialed for help. Valentin pleaded with Anna to stay awake. On the ground and in severe pain, Anna said she didn't know how she had been so lucky to have met Valentin. Valentin said that plenty of people would disagree with Anna.

Anna said that people didn't know Valentin's heart the way she did. Anna told Valentin that she loved him. Valentin heard the sound of ambulances approaching, As Anna closed her eyes. Valentin pleaded with her to wake up.

At the Nurses Ball, everyone wondered where Liesl had disappeared to. On-stage, Maxie introduced the Magic Wands act, which featured Milo, T.J., Cody, Dex, Yuri, and others. The group performed a dance version of "Devil in Disguise" to loud applause.

Backstage after the Magic Wands act, Maxie asked if Nina had seen Liesl. Sonny appeared, and Nina told him about Liesl's disappearance. Nina grew worried as she recalled that Liesl had been scheduled to have the stem cell transplant the following day. Nina added that Willow couldn't afford to wait. Sonny assured Nina that they would find Liesl and that everything would be fine.

At a table near the stage, Sasha asked Gladys where the expensive bracelet had gone. Gladys feigned that she had been robbed. A security guard appeared, and he asked when Gladys had last seen the bracelet. Gladys flashed back to moments earlier when she had slipped the bracelet into a coat backstage.

Gladys and Sasha headed backstage, and the security guard announced that the bracelet had been found. Just then, Cody appeared. The security guard said the bracelet had been found in Cody's tuxedo jacket. Gladys falsely accused Cody of having stolen the bracelet. Cody insisted that someone had planted the bracelet.

Mac appeared, and the security guard asked Mac to arrest Cody, who swore that he hadn't stolen anything. Cody pleaded with Mac and Sasha to believe him, but Gladys said that Cody had followed her. Cody admitted that he had followed Gladys, but he continued to maintain his innocence. Mac placed Cody under arrest. As Mac started to escort Cody to the Port Charles Police Station, Sam asked what was going on. Cody told Sam that he had been framed and that he was innocent.

Back on the stage, Carly took to the microphone to honor Bobbie's 45 years at the hospital. A montage played of Bobbie through the years, including when Bobbie had told Monica that Monica was likely in remission from breast cancer, when Bobbie had donated B.J's heart to Maxie, as well as when Bobbie had comforted Elizabeth on the morning after Elizabeth had been raped.

After the series of flashbacks, Bobbie received a standing ovation from the audience. A large mural of Lucy appeared on-stage, and Bobbie prepared to pay tribute to Lucy. Bobbie recalled that she and Lucy had never been friends, and she referenced some of the ways the two women had clashed over the years.

Lucy stood backstage, and she grew incensed at Bobbie's remarks. As Bobbie spoke unflattering words about Lucy, Lucy grew more irate, and she rushed toward the stage. Lucy crashed through the mural of herself, and everyone was stunned that Lucy was alive. Bobbie welcomed Lucy home, and everyone gave Lucy a standing ovation. Lucy beamed as everyone applauded.

At a table by the Nurses Ball stage, Josslyn lied to Trina when she said that she wasn't seeing Dex. Josslyn yet again labeled Spencer "entitled," but Trina observed that something else was bothering Spencer. Trina vowed to find out what was wrong.

Soon after, Spencer found Trina. "Please tell me I haven't already screwed up the best thing that's ever happened to me," Spencer asked Trina. "Okay. Tell me, Spencer, what is going on with you?" Trina asked.

Spencer said that Dex was not a good guy. Trina countered that whatever was going on between Josslyn and Dex was none of Spencer's business. Spencer recalled that Cameron was his best friend, and he said his friendship with Cameron made it Spencer's business. Trina said that Cameron had nothing to do with why Spencer had sparred with Dex, and she lectured Spencer again about his "entitlement."

Spencer apologized, and he said that he was trying to do better. Trina told Spencer that he should apologize to Dex. Just then, Spencer received a call. "Are you really going to answer that call right now?" Trina asked.

Spencer said the call was from Victor, and he stepped away to answer. Victor told Spencer to meet him at the Haunted Star, and he cautioned Spencer to tell no one. Spencer left the Nurses Ball to meet Victor.

At Laura and Kevin's house, Esme watched the Nurses Ball on TV with Ace. Laura entered, and she noted that Ace looked tired. Laura reached for Ace, but Esme told Laura not to touch him. Esme quickly apologized for having snapped at Laura, and she said that she felt everyone was trying to stake a claim to Ace.

Laura's phone rang, and she grew alarmed by what she heard over the phone. Laura told Esme that she had to leave immediately.

At the hospital, a distraught Valentin told Laura and Robert that Victor had shot Anna in the abdomen. Valentin said the bullet was still inside Anna. Laura assured Valentin that Anna was strong. Robert asked about Lucy. Valentin shared that Lucy had managed to escape the safe house.

Robert and Laura pressed Valentin for any clues that Victor might have left. Valentin recalled that Victor had mentioned that he had chosen a "new heir" to the Cassadine throne. Just then, a surgeon appeared, and he told Valentin, Laura, and Robert that Anna was in critical condition. The surgeon added that his team would attempt to remove the bullet, but he said the damage to Anna could cause severe organ damage.

Laura stepped away to call Esme, and she pleaded for Esme to pick up the phone. Back by the nurses' station, Robert said that it was Valentin's fault that Anna had been shot. Felicia appeared, and she told Robert not to take out his frustrations on Valentin. Valentin conceded that Robert was right, and he recalled that Victor had only shot Anna to get back at Valentin.

Later, at the hospital, Jordan marveled that Valentin was alive, and she asked where Victor was. "I don't know. But I do know that whatever insane plan he has been hatching, he will be unleashing on all of us very soon. So, we need to stop him," Valentin cautioned gravely.

On the Haunted Star, Victor learned from a henchman that Holly was not at the burn clinic in Switzerland. Victor said it was proof that the fire had been staged and that Holly was alive and searching for Ethan. Victor said it was time to "offload" Ethan "at a profit."

Victor asked the henchman to make sure the staterooms of the ship were appropriately prepared for their guests. Later, Spencer appeared, and he swore that he had followed Victor's instructions to the letter. Spencer asked for an update on Ace, and he asked if there was something Victor needed. Victor praised Spencer for having done as Victor had asked. Spencer asked Victor what was next. Just then, the sound of the ship's engines began to be heard.

At the same time, Laura returned home to find that her home had been ransacked and that Esme appeared to have been knocked unconscious. Laura didn't appear to see any sign of Ace.

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