General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 10, 2023 on GH

Victor revealed his master plan. Trina and Spencer hatched a plan to radio for help. Laura figured out where Victor might be headed. Valentin was overjoyed that Anna survived her brush with death. Cody enlisted Sam's help. Michael and Willow decided to move up their wedding. Sonny knew the truth about Josslyn and Dex's relationship.
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Victor revealed his master plan. Trina and Spencer hatched a rescue plan. Anna survived her brush with death. Cody enlisted Sam's help.
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Victor prepares to leave Port Charles with Spencer

Victor prepares to leave Port Charles with Spencer

Monday, April 10, 2023

Backstage, after the Nurses Ball, Sonny revealed to Josslyn and Dex that he had known for months that the two were together. Sonny said that he accepted the relationship, and he promptly moved on and said that he had a job for Dex.

Nearby, Carly and Nina panicked at the realization that Liesl was missing. Sonny appeared, and he said that he had sent Dex to search for Liesl. A moment later, Drew appeared, and Sonny told Nina and Carly that Anna and Valentin were alive and that Sonny had provided them with the safe house. Drew then shared that Anna was fighting for her life at the hospital after Victor had shot her.

Sonny and Drew realized that Victor was no longer interested in staying in Port Charles. Dex returned, and he produced a charm bracelet that he'd found in the crawl space under the trap door where Liesl had been.

Nina said that the bracelet had belonged to Britt and that Liesl had carried it since Britt's death. Nina surmised that something had happened to Liesl because Liesl wouldn't have been careless with Britt's bracelet.

Carly said that she felt that Michael and Willow needed to know that Liesl was missing, and she and Drew left for the Quartermaine estate. Afterwards, Nina said that she had to find Liesl. "And you're going to help me," Nina told Sonny.

Nina added that she wanted Sonny to do "whatever it took" to find Liesl. Sonny asked if Nina was "absolutely sure." "God help me, I am," Nina deadpanned.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Michael told Willow what she had missed after Willow had fallen asleep at the Nurses Ball. Before Michael and Willow could head upstairs for bed, Carly and Drew appeared at the door. Willow surmised by the look on Carly and Drew's faces that something was wrong.

At Trina and Josslyn's dorm room, Portia called for Trina to answer. Josslyn appeared, and she invited Portia inside. Portia recalled how much had changed since Trina and Josslyn had first moved into the dorm.

Portia spotted a notebook that contained a message from Spencer in which he had written that every day with Trina was a gift. Portia asked if Josslyn approved of Spencer and Trina's relationship. Josslyn called Spencer a "jerk," but she added that if anyone could make Spencer want to "be better," it was Trina.

Portia smiled, and she asked Josslyn to tell Trina that Portia missed Trina. Before Portia left, Josslyn said that she knew Spencer would never knowingly hurt Trina. "'Knowingly.' And that's the part that scares me," Portia said as she left.

Afterwards, Josslyn grew concerned as she stared at her phone. Josslyn wondered aloud why Trina hadn't texted her back, since the two had made plans.

At Laura and Kevin's house, Laura was distraught to find Esme unconscious. Esme slowly came to, and she recalled that a man had forced his way inside the home. Esme added that the man had taken Ace. Esme bawled in Laura's arms as Laura vowed to find Ace.

After Laura called the police, Dante entered with a uniformed officer and a medic. Dante asked who had taken Ace. Esme said she felt it was Nikolas, but she clarified that she hadn't seen Nikolas. Dante and Laura told Esme that she needed to go to the hospital for observation. Esme pleaded with Dante to find Ace.

Afterwards, Dante told Laura that the police were searching through surveillance footage to see if they could spot the person who had abducted Ace and knocked Esme unconscious. Later, Dante pulled up the surveillance footage on a laptop, and he and Laura watched as a man in a black hoodie with a gun in his back pocket stepped onto the elevator.

Later, Laura and Dante spotted the man getting back onto the elevator with Ace in his arms. The man in the hoodie turned toward the elevator camera, and Laura said she knew the man. Laura stated that the man was Ambrose, Victor's bodyguard.

At the hospital, Robert, Felicia, and Valentin brought Jordan up to speed on the events that had led to Anna's shooting, including that Anna, Valentin, Lucy, and Holly had all faked their deaths. Valentin blamed himself for Anna's shooting. Jordan asked what Victor had wanted so badly that he would kill for. Robert revealed that Victor wanted the necklace that had been made from the Ice Princess diamond.

Jordan received a phone call about Ace's abduction, and Robert and Felicia quickly surmised that Victor was connected. Jordan left to visit Esme in a nearby hospital room. Esme had been having a bad dream about the man who had taken her baby. Esme cried as she asked Jordan why the man had taken Ace.

In a waiting area nearby, Felicia comforted Valentin, who said that his family was "toxic." Valentin blamed himself for Anna's shooting. Felicia said that Valentin was different from the rest of his family and that Anna had seen the good in Valentin. Felicia told Valentin that he couldn't lose hope, for Charlotte's sake. Just then, Valentin looked over his shoulder, and he saw Charlotte.

Valentin wept as he pulled Charlotte into his arms. Valentin tried to remain positive for Charlotte, who surmised that Victor had shot Anna. Charlotte said that she hated Victor, but Valentin told Charlotte that Victor wasn't worthy of her hate.

"Your life is your own, mon petit, then it marches by. Please don't spend it hating. I don't want that for you. You're better than that... You're going to have such a life, you are, with people to see and places to go, and I just want it to be so full that there's no room for thoughts of Victor," an impassioned Valentin pleaded.

Valentin vowed that Victor would be stopped "one way or another." Valentin excused himself to speak to Robert nearby. Robert shared that Anna was still fighting. Valentin told Robert that he wanted Victor found. "But I also want him dead. And then I want to dig a hole and bury him with my bare hands," Valentin said angrily.

On the Haunted Star, Spencer demanded to know where Victor planned to take the two men. Victor tried to charm Spencer, who realized that they were leaving Port Charles. Spencer told Victor that he planned to get off the boat, and he started to leave before Ambrose stopped him.

Spencer recalled that he had done everything that Victor had asked of him. Victor said that he wasn't abducting Spencer. "I'm saving you!" Victor exclaimed.

Spencer asked what he needed to be saved from. Victor recalled that he had stepped up to the plate for Spencer when Nikolas had "abandoned" Spencer. Victor and Spencer argued, and Spencer said that perhaps Laura had been right about Victor.

Victor shouted that Spencer had more family than just Laura and Nikolas. Spencer demanded that he be allowed to leave the ship, and he was shocked when Victor yelled for Ambrose. Just then, Ambrose and a dark-haired woman named Jane appeared with Ace. "See? Your family is all here!" Victor said.

Spencer said that Esme would have never given Ace to anyone without a fight. Victor launched into a lengthy diatribe about the Cassadine family's "superiority" to others. "Esme is back there with all the other mediocre people of Port Charles, and we are here because we're different. We're Cassadines! We deserve better. So, for you, for me, for our entire family, it's full steam ahead," Victor concluded.

Spencer tried to talk Victor out of his plans to leave Port Charles. Victor mentioned Trina, and he told Spencer that it was time to make Spencer's family a priority. Victor vowed that Spencer would forget Trina, but Spencer appeared to grow even angrier.

Spencer offered to make a deal with Victor, and he said that he would go wherever Victor wanted if Victor would allow Ace to go home. Victor replied that Ace was already "at home" and that Spencer was, too. "As long as we have each other, we have everything we need," Victor told Spencer.

Unbeknownst to everyone onboard, Trina had stowed away on the ship, and she poked her head out from behind a curtain to catch a glimpse of Victor with Spencer. Trina went back behind the curtain, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

Spencer and Trina kiss on board the Haunted Star

Spencer and Trina kiss on board the Haunted Star

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

At Metro Court, after the Nurses Ball, Nina told Scott about Liesl's disappearance. Sonny said that his people were doing everything they could to find Liesl. Scott said that every bone in his body told him that Liesl was in trouble, and he recalled that Victor had thrown Scott from an airplane in 2021 as part of his plan to abduct Liesl.

Scott noted that Victor had been obsessed with Liesl for years. Nina asked if Sonny believed that Victor had taken Liesl. Sonny vowed to find out, and he left. Afterwards, Scott showed concern for Nina when he realized that Liesl had been scheduled to donate her stem cells to Willow the following day. Nina said she was worried that she might never get the chance to be a mother to Willow. Scott tried to assure Nina that Willow would be okay.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Drew and Carly told Michael and Willow about Liesl's disappearance. Michael and Willow said they felt that Liesl was in trouble. Drew gave Willow another pep talk to encourage her.

Carly and Drew left. Michael told Willow that it was okay to express her emotions. Willow asked Michael for a cup of hot cocoa. After Michael left, Willow lowered herself to the floor, and she started to sob with a hand over her mouth. Michael returned, and he saw that Willow had been crying. Willow fell into Michael's arms, and she said she had been "so close to forever."

Outside the gatehouse, Carly whined that she felt helpless to support Willow. Carly then complained that someone might see her and Drew together. Drew said that he didn't care because he wanted to hold on to the good things in his life.

At the hospital, Dante and Jordan believed that Victor was responsible for Liesl and Ace's disappearance. Robert recalled that Victor had always had an obsession with Liesl, and he added that he thought Victor had decided to leave Port Charles with "a few passengers on board." Robert said that Victor had grown restless and sloppy.

Nearby, Sonny asked Diane to represent the man who had tried to kill Lucy backstage at the Nurses Ball. Sonny reasoned that the man was their only hope of finding Victor.

Later, in the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Robert tried to get a confession out of the man who had tried to kill Lucy. Diane appeared, and she said that she could offer the man a better deal than Robert.

In the lobby afterwards, Robert asked what Diane had planned. Diane offered a mutual exchange of information, so Robert told Diane that one of Victor's goons had kidnapped Ace. Robert asked how the "garbage bag" who had tried to kill Lucy had ended up as Diane's client. Diane only told Robert that he would have to trust her.

Back at the hospital, Sonny approached Dante and Jordan, and he offered his help in their search to find Victor. Jordan wondered if Nikolas' disappearance had been related to Victor's departure, and she referenced that Ace had also been kidnapped. "Lucy, Anna, Obrecht, now Ace. We've got to stop Victor," Sonny said.

Dante and Jordan said they felt that Victor might try to make his exodus a "family affair" that could involve Alexis, Sam, Kristina, and Molly. Dante phoned Sam, and he revealed that Sam, Alexis, and others were all fine and that they had promised to stay vigilant. Laura approached, and she told Sonny that Spencer might also have been abducted by Victor. Sonny vowed that he and his people were already "on it."

Later, Sonny received a call from Diane. Diane revealed that if the man who had tried to kill Lucy hadn't been apprehended, he would have joined Victor on a "voyage." Sonny thanked Diane, and he hung up. Jordan asked if Sonny had something to share. Sonny replied that he knew where they could find Victor.

In Esme's room at the hospital, Laura insisted that Nikolas hadn't kidnapped Ace and that Victor had. Esme said that she had always been suspicious of Victor since she had woken up in the hospital after having dived off the parapet at Wyndemere.

Laura told Esme that she feared Spencer was in as much trouble as Ace. Esme surmised that she and Ace weren't safe in Port Charles, and she said that she would take Ace far away from town once Ace was returned safely. Laura encouraged Esme not to make any hasty decisions.

Laura added that Esme's fears and anxieties were heightened because of the stress and trauma Esme had experienced. Laura shared that the doctor wanted to keep Esme overnight for observation. Laura offered to pick Esme up from the hospital the following day, but she surmised that Esme was still skeptical.

Laura continued to try to assure Esme, and she vowed to bring Ace home and to make sure that Victor was punished. Esme asked if Laura would promise to find Spencer, as well, and Laura said she would. "Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow when you pick me up," Esme agreed. Laura and Esme hugged.

On the Haunted Star, Victor told Spencer not to worry about losing custody of Ace, because Ace wouldn't be returning to Port Charles. "None of us will," Victor added cheerfully.

Spencer said that Victor wasn't making sense. Trina hid nearby and listened out of sight. Victor told Spencer that he had chosen Spencer to "carry out my life mission." Spencer begrudgingly left for his state room after a rude escort from Ambrose. Afterwards, Victor complained that Spencer would need more persuasion, even after everything Victor claimed he had done for Spencer.

Another henchman approached, and he stated that there was another guest on board. Moments later, the henchman produced Liesl, who was fighting and cursing in German with a bag over her head. Victor told Liesl that she was "as saucy as ever," and he recalled their past. Victor then said that he had brought Liesl to the Haunted Star for a reason.

Trina overheard Liesl lash out at Victor, who shared that he planned to finish the job that he and Mikkos had started 40 years earlier. Liesl protested, and she lunged at Victor's throat. As she did, Trina ran from behind a curtain.

After Trina made her escape from the main room of the ship, Liesl and Victor continued to spar. Victor said the two didn't have to be antagonists, and he added that Liesl's family -- including Scott -- would be safe and unharmed if Liesl agreed to work with Victor.

Liesl told Victor that he suffered from delusions of grandeur and that it had led him to many failures, including his tenure as director of the WSB and the explosion at Crichton-Clark years earlier. Liesl added that Victor's current scheme would also blow up in his face. Victor grew angry, and he ordered his henchman to get Liesl out of sight.

Nearby, in his state room, Spencer watched as the door to his room opened slowly. Spencer grabbed a large glass bottle, and he prepared to attack the suspected intruder. Spencer was stunned when he saw the person was Trina.

Spencer hugged Trina, and he held her closely. Trina revealed that Victor had brought Liesl on board the Haunted Star. Spencer wondered what Victor's plans were. Trina encouraged Spencer to leave the ship with her immediately, but Spencer said he couldn't because he had to ensure that Ace would be safe.

Trina recalled that Victor had told Liesl that the ship was "untraceable" and a "ghost ship." Trina added that no one knew she was on board and that she might be their only hope of ever returning home. Spencer offered to go with Trina, but Trina said that Spencer had to stay in the state room to buy Trina some time to find an escape.

"Trina, I am in awe of your bravery, but for once, I really need you to be a coward and not a superhero," Spencer told Trina as he stared deeply into her eyes.

Spencer recalled that Britt had died while trying to be a hero. "Will you promise me that you'll be careful? I mean it. I can't stand to lose you, too," an emotional Spencer said as he placed his hand softly on the side of Trina's neck. "You can't get rid of me if you tried," Trina said, and she smiled softly back at Spencer.

Spencer and Trina leaned forward, and with their arms around one another, the two held each other close and shared a warm kiss for several seconds. Afterwards, Trina looked back at Spencer before she left the state room. Spencer stared back, and he appeared to be agonized with worry as he sank onto the bed.

Cody gets a helping hand from Sam

Cody gets a helping hand from Sam

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

At the police station, Dante reported to Jordan that the Coast Guard had picked up a signal from the Haunted Star's transponder, but the transponder had been tracked to a buoy in the sea. Jordan was certain that someone had seen the ship, but Dante was skeptical because Victor had taken steps to keep the Haunted Star hidden. Jordan and Dante's conversation was cut short when Gladys arrived to give her statement about the stolen bracelet. Dante explained that they were busy, and he suggested that Gladys return at a later time. Gladys claimed that the jeweler who had loaned Sasha the valuable bracelet wanted Cody to pay for the crime. Jordan cautioned Gladys about rushing to judgment. "Innocent until proven guilty, remember?" Dante said.

After Dante entered the interrogation room, Jordan told Gladys to take a seat. Annoyed, Gladys reminded Jordan that the police were supposed to take statements while things were still fresh in the minds of the witnesses. "Who knows what I might forget about Cody's crime," Gladys said. A short time later, a police officer took Gladys' statement.

In the interrogation room, Dante asked if Cody ever planned on growing up. Cody scoffed, but he was adamant that he was innocent. Dante suggested that Cody reach out to Mac, but Cody refused. Cody explained that he had already called someone. Just then, Sam entered the interrogation room. Dante glared at Cody, prompting Sam to explain that Cody had called, desperate for help, because Cody had no one else to turn to.

Dante asked Sam to persuade Cody to hire a lawyer, but she promised that she had everything covered. Sam urged Dante to focus on the search for Victor. After Dante left, Sam asked how she could help Cody. Cody wanted Sam to bail him out, but she reminded him that he would need to be arraigned first. Cody admitted that he'd been through the process in the past, but he assured Sam that he was not a flight risk.

Cody explained that he had been set up, and he told Sam about his theory that Gladys had planted the bracelet in his pocket. Sam was curious why Gladys would want to frame Cody. "Let's just say that Sasha needs to be really careful about whose hands she puts her life in," Cody said. Sam pushed for more information. Cody would only tell her that Gladys was in trouble, and it could affect Sasha. Moments later, a police officer entered to take Cody to court, so Sam admitted that Cody hadn't given her any reason to trust him. Cody reminded Sam that Dante trusted him.

"Doesn't he?" Cody asked. Sam didn't reply as she followed Cody out of the interrogation room. Gladys saw Cody in handcuffs, so she ran over to Sam to let Sam know that Cody was not to be trusted, and she was certain that Cody had spent time in prison. Sam informed Gladys that Cody would make bail. Gladys was stunned when she realized that Sam intended to help Cody.

Meanwhile, Jordan told Dante that it appeared as if Victor had vanished into thin air. Dante realized that he knew someone who might be of assistance.

At Port Charles University, Carly stopped by Josslyn and Trina's dorm room just as Josslyn was leaving. Carly explained that she had tried to call, but Josslyn revealed that she was on her way to babysit for Michael and Willow. Carly was forced to break the news that Willow's transplant had been delayed. Carly and Josslyn entered the dorm room as Carly filled her daughter in about Liesl's abduction. When Carly mentioned Dex finding Liesl's bracelet, Josslyn confessed that she had something to tell her mother.

Carly assured Josslyn that she already knew that Sonny had found out about Josslyn and Dex's relationship. Josslyn admitted that she was grateful that Dex had saved Sonny life because Sonny hadn't been happy about Dex lying. Confused, Carly asked what Josslyn was talking about. Josslyn told her mother about the attempt on Sonny's life in the warehouse. Carly made it clear that she expected Josslyn to let her know if the man Josslyn was dating got shot. Josslyn apologized, and she turned the conversation back to the race to save Willow.

Carly assured Josslyn that the police were searching for Victor. "But Josslyn, we're gonna have to prepare ourselves," Carly said. Josslyn admitted that she was reminded of what she'd gone through with Oscar, when she had prayed for a miracle to save him. "What if that miracle never comes?" Josslyn asked. Carly hugged her daughter. Afterwards, Carly suggested that she and Josslyn visit Willow.

Just then, Dante knocked on the door. He explained that he was looking for Trina, so Josslyn admitted that she hadn't seen Trina since the previous evening. Dante's interest was piqued when Josslyn mentioned that Trina had been a no-show for a party that Trina and Josslyn had planned to attend. Carly's expression filled with concern as Dante realized that no one had seen Trina since the Nurses Ball. Josslyn checked her phone, and she quickly discovered that her text messages to Trina had not been delivered. Dante used Josslyn's phone to call Trina, but the call went straight to voicemail.

Josslyn feared that Victor had also snatched Trina, but Dante reminded Josslyn that they didn't know anything for certain. He asked her to keep her phone on and to call him if she heard from Trina. After Dante left, Josslyn and Carly talked about the possibility that Victor had kidnapped Trina. Carly assured her daughter that Dante would have the entire police force searching for Trina.

In the hallway, Dante called Jordan to let her know that there hadn't been any sign of Trina. He told Jordan that he intended to go to the hospital to talk to Portia, so Jordan decided to meet him there.

At the gatehouse, Brook Lynn opened the door to Sasha. Michael and Willow were seated on the sofa, and Amelia was in Willow's lap. Sasha was curious where Wiley was, so Willow explained that Wiley was playing with Annabelle II. The conversation quickly turned to Liesl's abduction, but Michael was confident that Liesl would be found in time. He explained that he and Willow were enjoying some time at home to relax because their lives would soon be filled with hospital visits for Willow's transplant and cancer treatments.

"And then happily ever after," Michael said. Brook Lynn and Sasha's expressions clouded with sadness as Michael and Willow shared a tender kiss. Moments later, Michael decided to call Dante and ask for an update. After Michael left the room, Brook Lynn took his place on the sofa. Brook Lynn admitted that she was impressed with how Michael had been holding things together. Willow acknowledged that Michael had been her rock. "But?" Brook Lynn asked.

With some urging from both Brook Lynn and Sasha, Willow opened up about her fears and the reality of her situation. She realized that the police might not find Liesl in time to save Willow, but Willow also recognized that Michael was filled with hope. Sasha knew from her own experience that blind hope could get in the way of saying goodbye. "Exactly," Willow said. Willow explained that she didn't want Michael's last memories of her to be of her desperately waiting for the transplant.

Willow wanted Michael to remember them as a loving family. Willow's eyes filled with tears because she realized that Amelia would not remember her at all and that Wiley would forget because he was so young. Willow explained that she wanted Michael to be able to show their children a photo of her and to say how happy she had looked and that she had loved them. Sasha promised that they could make that happen, and Brook Lynn agreed. Willow insisted that they couldn't wait until after the transplant to throw a big wedding. "We're out of time," Willow said.

Later, Brook Lynn and Sasha assured Willow that they would take care of everything, but Willow confessed that she hadn't discussed it with Michael. Willow felt bad because she had been the one to insist that they wait until after the transplant to get married, and she worried that moving things up might be the same as admitting that she had given up hope. Brook Lynn reminded Willow that Michael was a survivor, and he loved Willow more than anything. Sasha was certain that Michael would understand. "Understand what?" Michael asked.

In the hospital's waiting area, Valentin was eager for news about Anna. Felicia reminded him that the surgeon had warned him that the surgery would take time. Valentin wasn't satisfied, so he decided to find someone who could give him an update. After Valentin walked away, Laura admitted that she empathized with Valentin because her grandsons had been abducted by Victor, but all she could do was wait and pray.

Nearby, Valentin called out to Portia when he saw her approach the nurses' station. He explained that he had been waiting all night for news about Anna, but Portia assured him that someone would talk to him shortly. Valentin's frustration mounted, and he insisted on finding out what was going on with Anna. "Something's gone wrong, hasn't it?" Valentin asked. Portia reminded Valentin that she was not Anna's doctor, but Valentin demanded answers.

"Valentin, that's enough -- or you'll have to answer to me," Curtis said in a stern tone. Portia smiled. Valentin glared at Curtis and informed him that it didn't concern Curtis, but Curtis disagreed because Portia was his wife. Curtis insisted that Valentin show Portia respect. Portia tactfully offered to see what she could find out about Anna's surgery.

Later, Laura was curious when Curtis had last seen Trina. He admitted that it had been the previous evening, but he offered to call Trina because she might be able to help with the search for Spencer. Laura thanked Curtis. Moments later, Portia returned to report that Anna was out of surgery and had been taken to the ICU. Valentin was anxious to see Anna, so Felicia assured him that he could visit with Anna first. Valentin apologized to Portia for his earlier outburst.

After Portia walked away, Curtis caught up to her. He tried not to worry Portia as he asked when she had last spoken to Trina, but Portia realized that he was asking for a reason. Curtis admitted that Trina might have been the last person to see Spencer before Victor had abducted Spencer. Portia decided to call Trina, but the call went straight to voicemail. Alarmed, Portia sent Trina several text messages, but none went through to Trina's phone. Just then, Jordan and Dante walked up. "No, no, no. Not Trina," Portia said.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Laura confided that she felt unsettled, and that everything that had been happening was strangely familiar. "Like déjà vu?" Felicia asked. Laura admitted that it had been more than that. Laura had a flashback as she told Felicia about the first time that Laura had been held captive on the Haunted Star, which had been known as the Titan at the time. As the memory faded, Laura admitted that it felt as if history had repeated itself with her grandsons.

Laura suspected that the key to what was going on was locked in the past. Felicia offered to help Laura figure things out. Felicia pointed out that Victor finally had what he had been after -- the Ice Princess necklace and the decryption key. Felicia was curious where Victor might have taken Spencer and Ace. Laura was certain that Victor would find a place that was isolated and where he had pull with the local authorities. Laura recalled that the Cassadines had had hideouts in Panama, Ecuador, and a remote place in Venezuela that had been cut off from everything by tropical rainforests.

Laura revealed that the only way to the secret hideout was by boat. Felicia thought it was a promising lead, but Laura argued that it was a theory, and they had no real evidence to back it up. Felicia assured Laura that she knew exactly who could help them get what they needed.

In the ICU, Anna was on a ventilator as Valentin stood in the hallway, looking into her room through a window. When Deanna walked out, Valentin asked if he could speak to Anna's surgeon. Deanna explained that Anna's surgery had been long, and the surgeon would not be available for a while. However, Deanna revealed that Anna's surgeon had authorized Deanna to let Valentin know that the bullet had been removed, and it had missed Anna's major organs and arteries. Deanna also told Valentin that Anna had lost a considerable amount of blood, and she had gone into cardiac arrest, but the doctors had been able to get Anna's heart back to sinus rhythm and complete the surgery.

Valentin worried that it was not a good sign that Anna was still unconscious. After Valentin entered Anna's hospital room, his voice filled with emotion as he reminded Anna that she was a fighter. "I need you to do this," he told her as he sat beside her bed. "Wherever you are, come back to me," Valentin said as his eyes welled up with tears. Valentin held Anna's hand as he admitted that he'd been negotiating with God and making promises.

Valentin vowed that Victor would pay for hurting Anna. He promised that no matter what it took, he would take his father down. Valentin dropped his head on the bed by Anna's hand as he implored her to wake up. Anna's eyes fluttered open.

On the Haunted Star, Trina slipped into Spencer's stateroom. Spencer was relieved that she was safe, but he asked why she had risked returning to him. Trina revealed that she might have found a way off the ship. Trina explained that she had hidden in a supply closet, where she had found numerous maps of the ship. Spencer smiled when she told him that she had taken the time to study the maps, and she had found the communications room. Spencer's smile faded when she told him that she had gone to the communications room, but she had been forced to turn away when a guard had appeared.

Trina explained that Victor kept a skeleton crew on guard during the overnight hours, and the guards went on a smoke break at virtually the same time. Spencer tensed when he heard Victor's booming voice in the hallway, so he ordered Trina to hide.

In the hallway, Victor frowned when he noticed that the deadbolt to Spencer's stateroom was unlocked. He burst into the stateroom and found it empty. Victor ordered Ambrose to search the ship for Spencer. Moments later, Spencer walked out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. Spencer feigned surprise to find his uncle in the stateroom. Meanwhile, Trina was hidden under the bed, but her purse had dropped next to the bed.

After Spencer changed into clothes, Spencer angrily accused his uncle of kidnapping and of stealing the ship. Spencer demanded to see his brother, but Victor advised Spencer to check the attitude. "My son knows what I'm capable of when crossed," Victor said. Victor admitted that he didn't want Spencer to learn the same lesson the hard way. Spencer spotted the purse as Trina tried to reach for it, so he kept his uncle distracted. Victor offered to order breakfast to be delivered to the stateroom so they could continue the discussion, but Spencer suggested that he and his uncle have breakfast in the dining room.

Spencer insisted that he was tired of being cooped up in the stateroom, and he wanted to see his brother. Victor compromised by offering to have lunch with Spencer in the dining room, but Spencer questioned why Victor had him locked up when Victor believed that Spencer was destined for great things. Spencer suggested that Victor feared him. "Are you afraid of what I might do?" Spencer asked. Victor wasn't intimidated, but he agreed to arrange for breakfast in the dining room.

After Victor left the stateroom, he stopped in the hallway when Ambrose walked up. Victor threatened to toss Ambrose into the sea with a heavy weight tied to him if Ambrose left the deadbolt unlocked again.

In Spencer's stateroom, Spencer helped Trina as she grabbed her purse and crawled out from under the bed. Trina feared that they were trapped on the ship, but Spencer assured her that they weren't. Spencer explained that Victor had made a terrible mistake. Spencer and Trina decided that Spencer would create a diversion to keep Victor occupied while Trina slipped into the communications room and radioed for help. Spencer shifted gears because he wanted Trina to know that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Trina kissed Spencer. "This is not the end for us. We got this," Trina said.

Victor reveals his master plan

Victor reveals his master plan

Thursday, April 13, 2023

At the hospital, Portia shared her concerns with Curtis about not being able to reach Trina. Just then, Jordan and Dante arrived, and Portia was alarmed at their approach. Jordan thought it would be better for them to talk in Portia's office, so Jordan followed Portia and Curtis. Once in Portia's office, Jordan revealed that, while they didn't know for sure, there was reason to believe that Trina was with Spencer, Victor, Liesl, and Ace on the Haunted Star. She assured them that the Coast Guard was working on tracking the ship via satellite. She promised to keep in touch, and she left.

Curtis hugged a crying Portia, and he assured her that he'd seen firsthand how tough Trina was in difficult situations. He figured that, if she was there, she would be finding a way out. Portia admitted that her mind was going to "the scariest places," and she feared that the cops wouldn't find Trina in time. Curtis promised that Trina would return home, even if he had to go get her himself.

Valentin looked up at Anna and was shocked and happy to see that her eyes were open. "Welcome back," he said tearfully. A short while later, a doctor finished examining Anna. She stated that Anna was still at risk for complications, but she was on track for a full recovery. Anna sincerely thanked the doctor, and the doctor left the room. Anna revealed that she'd seen the faces of all her loved ones, including Valentin, before she'd blacked out, and she believed that was what had helped her fight. "I'm not ready to leave yet. You're stuck with me," she joked, and Valentin promised to hold her to that.

Anna wanted an update about Victor, and Valentin told her about the hostages he had on the Haunted Star. She understood about taking his family, but she wondered why he'd taken Liesl. She questioned how anyone would stop Victor. Valentin told her that she would be focusing on recovery, as he refused to let her jeopardize her health. He confided how terrified he'd been to lose her, and he asked her not to do anything to put herself at risk. She promised, and they shared a kiss.

Sonny stepped off the elevator at the hospital and found Laura. She updated him on Anna, and he vowed to make Victor pay. Dante approached and revealed that Victor's list of victims was growing. Laura talked about how she had tried to warn Spencer about Victor. Just then, her phone rang, and she walked away to answer it.

Dante and Sonny talked about how they needed to get Liesl home for Willow's sake. Dante commented that they still had Victor's goon in custody, but he wasn't talking. Sonny suggested that the man would talk to him, but Dante couldn't allow that. Sonny refused to be in another situation where a loved one was dying and he couldn't do anything about it. Dante reminded Sonny of all the good Sonny had done for Mike and Stone before they'd died, and he suggested that Sonny could do the same for Willow. He thought that perspectives changed in hard times and that Sonny should reach out. Dante had to go to work, so he hugged his father and left.

Jordan bumped into Laura at the hospital, and Laura insisted that Jordan not hesitate to ask for anything. Jordan replied that she knew that Laura had been working to take Victor down since he'd arrived in town, as Robert and Felicia had confirmed it. She added that she'd been kept out of the loop for too long. "I want in," Jordan said, and she believed that their best chance at nailing Victor was if they all worked together.

Michael entered the room where Willow, Sasha, and Brook Lynn were talking about the wedding. Willow informed Michael that she wanted to get married by the next day at the latest. She explained that her time was running out, and she wanted to make sure that they had as much time together as possible. Michael replied that he would marry her whenever and wherever she wanted. Brook Lynn suggested that they wait until the next day, so things weren't as frantic, and they agreed. Amelia began to fuss, so Michael asked Brook Lynn and Sasha to put her down for a nap. When they were gone, Willow made sure that getting married the next day was what he wanted.

"Of course," Michael replied. Willow reasoned that she didn't want Michael to think that she was giving up, but he said he wouldn't blame her for feeling hopeless. She went on that she wanted love and joy in what could be her final days. Sasha and Brook Lynn returned, and Sasha asked what she could do to help. Willow asked her to call all the vendors about the date change, and Sasha agreed. She hugged Willow and left, and Michael followed her out.

Willow asked Brook Lynn to check on Michael, so Brook Lynn went outside. She found Michael alone, crying, and she reminded him that he was allowed. Brook Lynn thought it was time for Michael and Willow to share their feelings with each other. She reminded him that she was there for whatever he needed. Just then, Michael's phone went off, so Brook Lynn left him to take the call.

Michael answered the call to Sonny and said that it wasn't a good time. Sonny just wanted a minute of Michael's time to say his piece, and he added that Michael didn't even have to respond. He wanted Michael to know that he'd been thinking about Michael and how much Willow's situation was tearing him up. He said he knew how it felt to be strong for everyone while he only wanted to curl up in a ball. He told Michael that he would be there if there was anything Michael needed. Sonny wondered if Michael wanted to talk, but Michael had to go. "I hear you," Michael said quietly, and he hung up.

In Spencer's stateroom on the Haunted Star, Spencer assured Trina that it was "not the end of us. We're just getting started," and Trina was glad that they were on the same page. There were footsteps outside the door, and when the door opened, Trina was nowhere to be found. "It's about time!" Spencer yelled at Ambrose. When the two were gone, Trina carefully left the stateroom. Minutes later, she had sneaked all the way to the radio room, but she hid when two guards entered the room. She begged Spencer to start his diversion soon.

Victor was eating breakfast when Liesl was escorted out. He was hoping that she would "play nice," and he reminded her that there were guards all over the ship, just in case she was thinking about causing trouble. Ambrose escorted Spencer in, and Spencer was surprised to see Liesl there. He also demanded to know where Ace was, but Victor promised that Spencer could see him after breakfast. Spencer and Liesl sat with Victor at the table, and Spencer demanded answers from Victor.

Victor started that he was willing to protect his family at any cost and to ensure the future prosperity of the Cassadines. Liesl wondered why she was there, as she didn't care about the Cassadine legacy. Victor replied that she would help him usher in a "new era for humanity." He continued that, since he'd been young, he'd been horrified by the damage humans had done to the planet, as there would be nothing left for future generations. He revealed that Mikkos had agreed, and they'd devised technology to reverse "mankind's mistake." Liesl chuckled as she remembered how the device that controlled the climate had turned out.

Victor continued that he and Mikkos had devised another set of tools to fall back on, and they'd hidden them in bunkers. He continued that only Mikkos had known the locations of the bunkers, but he'd engraved a code on the Ice Princess to locate them. "Is that why you killed Luke?" Liesl questioned. Victor answered that sacrifices had to be made for the greater good, and plenty of people agreed with him. He went on that only extreme measure could reverse the damage to the planet, and Spencer asked for an explanation.

Victor explained that the population of the planet had almost doubled in the previous 40 years, but it could be fixed. He revealed that there was a pathogen stored in a bunker that would reduce the population to "manageable levels." Liesl and Spencer both protested, but Victor figured that someone had to have the courage to make hard choices. Spencer refused to let him get away with it, but Victor responded that no one could stop him. "Not even you," he warned.

Victor continued that Liesl was there to ensure that the Cassadines were all "properly inoculated." Liesl refused to help, but he threatened "dire consequences" if she didn't comply. "You can say that again," Spencer said, and he grabbed a knife from the table and held it to Liesl's throat as Victor's guards emerged with guns drawn.

Trina radioes for help as Victor calls Spencer's bluff

Trina radioes for help as Victor calls Spencer's bluff

Friday, April 14, 2023

At the gym, Chase hoped for a second chance to rejoin the police force. Chase noted that the Civilian Complaint Review Board would meet later in the day for a hearing. Gregory tried to encourage Chase to forgive Brook Lynn, but Chase said that Brook Lynn had "sold out" by agreeing to the non-disclosure agreement with Linc. Gregory noted that Brook Lynn had broken the agreement by outing Linc at the Nurses Ball.

Gregory surmised that Chase had made up his mind, and he said he thought he had raised his sons to give people second chances. "So, when does Alexis get hers?" Finn asked Gregory.

Chase admitted that Finn had a point, and he said he didn't see why Gregory couldn't be friends with Alexis anymore. Gregory flashed back to his argument with Alexis over his health, and he said that Alexis had overstepped.

Finn encouraged Gregory to give Alexis a second chance, while Chase prepared to shower ahead of his meeting with the review board. Before he left, Chase mentioned Alexis in passing when he said the PCPD was searching for Victor, Alexis' uncle.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Brook Lynn complimented Maxie on Maxie's new dark-brown hair. Brook Lynn said that she had invited Maxie over to talk about Willow and Michael's wedding. Maxie was surprised when Brook Lynn said that Michael and Willow wanted to be married within 24 hours.

Maxie agreed to plan the wedding, and she said they needed something special to "elevate" the ceremony. Maxie suggested a special song for Michael and Willow that Chase would perform. Brook Lynn said she doubted that Chase would perform.

Maxie encouraged Brook Lynn not to give up hope on a relationship with Chase. Brook Lynn noted that the Civilian Review Board meeting was later that day. Brook Lynn said she owed it to Chase to help him get his badge back, and she posited that there was something more she could do.

Later, at the Port Charles Police Station, Chase appeared in a suit and tie as he waited for his hearing with the review board to begin. Just then, Brook Lynn burst through the door. "Right on time," Brook Lynn said.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis asked why Sam had bailed Cody out of jail earlier in the day. Sam said she had stepped in partly because she doubted Gladys' story that Cody had stolen the necklace. Alexis pressed Sam for more details, but she agreed to back off when Sam insisted that she had things under control.

Sam was surprised that Alexis had backed down without an argument. Alexis flashed back to her argument with Gregory. Alexis told Sam that she had reached out to Gregory but that Gregory hadn't responded. Sam said she thought that Gregory would eventually come around to Alexis.

Alexis said she hoped that Gregory would talk to Finn and Chase about Gregory's problem. Sam realized that Gregory had confided in Alexis what was bothering him. Alexis said she doubted she would ever see Gregory again. Sam asked if Alexis would be okay, and Alexis promised that she would be fine.

Later, Alexis flashed back to Gregory having told her that he was sick. Alexis heard a knock at the door, and she was surprised to see Gregory in her office.

In Portia's office at the hospital, Portia found it impossible to focus on work, given Trina's disappearance. Portia stared at a photo of her and Trina, and she began to sob. Just then, Portia's phone rang, and she was ecstatic to hear Trina's voice.

Trina said that she had sneaked on board the Haunted Star, and she asked for Portia's help. Portia ran out of the room to find Jordan, Laura, and Curtis in the lobby nearby. Portia found the trio, and she put Trina on speakerphone. Trina told Portia, Jordan, Curtis, and Laura that she was calling from a satellite phone on the Haunted Star. Trina said that Victor didn't know she was on the ship.

Trina noted that she was in the communications room of the ship, but she added that she didn't know what any of the controls did. Laura recalled that the ship had been a wedding gift to her, and she asked Trina to look for a radar screen with coordinates in the control room. Trina read the coordinates to the group.

Jordan asked Trina to find another set of numbers, and Trina read them aloud. Trina heard the sound of voices approaching. Before Trina hung up on the phone, she told Portia that she loved her. Portia said that she loved Trina, too.

A short while later, Jordan returned, and she said that the police were trying to locate the coordinates that Trina had provided. Laura and Curtis tried to assure Portia that Trina would be fine and that their nightmare would soon be over.

On board the Haunted Star, Spencer stunned Liesl when he held a knife to her throat. Liesl pleaded for Victor to do something. Victor cavalierly leaned back in his chair, sipped coffee, and told Spencer to "have at it."

Spencer warned Victor that he wasn't bluffing, and he vowed to do anything to save Ace from Victor. Victor said that Spencer would only seal Ace's fate if Spencer killed Liesl. Victor called Spencer's bluff, and he said he would take the risk of not getting the pathogen from Liesl. Victor added that Spencer would be putting Ace at risk.

A group of guards appeared with their guns drawn, and Spencer let Liesl go. Spencer and Liesl were then tied up and forced to sit at Victor's table. Victor said that Spencer had "disappointed" him, and he said that Spencer was as "weak" as Nikolas. "You betrayed me, Spencer. You have to face the consequences," Victor said direly.

Spencer shouted that Victor wanted to "unleash hell on all of humanity," including the people that Spencer loved. Victor ordered his guards to take Liesl back to her stateroom, and he said that he would send her information about the pathogen.

Afterwards, Spencer suggested that he and Victor work together. Victor said that it was too late and that Spencer had left him no choice. "You can't kill me, Uncle Victor. Whether you like it or not, you need me just as much as you need Liesl. With my father and Valentin out of the picture, I... am... your... heir," Spencer said emphatically.

Victor said that his family had forgotten what it meant to be a Cassadine. Victor then said that he would raise Ace and "educate" him. "Over my dead body," Spencer said with force. "That can be arranged," Victor replied.

Victor clarified that he didn't really want to kill Spencer and that it would pain him to harm a family member. Victor warned that he couldn't allow Spencer's transgressions to go unpunished, and he called Spencer his "prisoner."

Victor said that he would no longer afford Spencer the privilege of food. "You're gonna starve me?" Spencer asked. "Oh, trust me. This won't hurt you nearly as much as you've hurt me," Victor said before ordering Spencer to be taken to his cabin.

As Spencer was led away, he caught a glimpse of Trina peeking out from behind a curtain. Back in the communications room, two guards noted that one of the walkie-talkies was missing.

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