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Tracy returned to Port Charles. Nina had Martin anonymously report Carly and Drew for insider trading. Michael and Willow were married. Anna reached out to Andre Maddox for help. Liesl agreed to Victor's terms. Laura, Valentin, Drew, and Curtis joined forces to hunt down Victor and his hostages.
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Michael and Willow were married. Tracy returned to Port Charles. Nina had Martin anonymously report Carly and Drew for insider trading.
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Laura and others get a lead on Victor's location

Laura and others get a lead on Victor's location

Monday, April 24, 2023

At the hospital, Molly started to cry at the prospect of never becoming pregnant after she told T.J. and Alexis that she likely had endometriosis and that it might mean she couldn't have children. Alexis said that Molly was getting ahead of herself. A short while later, T.J. returned as Alexis left. T.J. vowed that he and Molly would get through the ordeal, and the two kissed.

In Anna's room at the hospital, Anna and Valentin sympathized with Portia's concern for Trina, and they sought to assure her that Trina would be okay. Anna said that Victor was smart, and she added that Victor likely viewed Trina as "leverage" to use against Spencer. Because of that, Anna said, she didn't believe Victor would hurt Trina.

Nearby, in the hospital lobby, Laura, Drew, and Curtis told Robert that Victor was likely headed to an island off the coast of Greenland. Robert confirmed that a ship was parked in a cove near Greenland. The four surmised that the ship had to be the Haunted Star.

Robert said that he had spoken to the WSB and that the agency had refused to act because of jurisdictional issues. Robert asked for time, but Laura said she wouldn't wait. "The hell with the WSB. I'm getting our families home now," Laura declared.

Laura arranged for a charter plane and helicopter to take them to the Haunted Star. Robert wanted to travel with Laura, Drew, and Curtis, but Laura said that Robert needed to stay in Port Charles as a "backup." Robert begrudgingly agreed.

On a flight to Port Charles from Venezuela, Felicia credited Tracy for having saved Ethan's life. Tracy said she had only gotten involved because Victor had killed Luke. Tracy and Felicia both found it absurd that Luke could have died in a freak accident in Switzerland. Tracy said that she had visited Jennifer Smith to question her about Luke's death. Tracy said she believed Jennifer's story that Jennifer had been framed.

Tracy chastised Felicia for not having involved her in the group's plans to take down Victor. Felicia tried to console Tracy, who was still angry about Luke's death. Tracy laughed out loud when Felicia said that it was good that Tracy was returning to her family. "Ha ha! Have you seen my family?" Tracy scoffed.

Also on the plane, Holly and Ethan caught up on each others' lives. Ethan told Holly that he planned to leave for Australia instead of staying in Port Charles. Ethan said that he and Holly would have to be careful, and he wondered if it was wise for Holly to return to Port Charles. Holly said that she had "unfinished business" in town.

Holly asked Ethan for stories about Victor from when Victor had held Ethan captive. Ethan finished telling Holly what she had asked for. Afterwards, a pilot announced that the plane was preparing to land in Port Charles. Holly and Ethan hugged, and they vowed that their worries were only temporary.

A short while later, in Robert's office, Diane barged in on Robert to present him with a dry-cleaning bill for the damage to her outfit that his car had caused. The two were about to kiss when Holly entered the room. Robert was surprised to see Holly, while Diane had a puzzled and seemingly angry look on her face.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned, Olivia, Carly, Michael, and Brook Lynn gathered on the morning of Michael and Willow's wedding day. Ned phoned Valentin, and he demanded that Valentin answer for having faked his death. Ned said that in the eyes of the shareholders, Valentin had perpetuated fraud.

Ned concluded that Valentin should either return to work or step down as CEO. Both men grew impatient. Valentin refused to step down, and he hung up the phone. Afterwards, an angry Ned told Michael that after Michael's wedding, he wanted to talk about potential changes at ELQ.

Drew entered, and he gave everyone an update on the location of the Haunted Star. Drew vowed to do everything he could to rescue everyone. Before leaving, Drew promised Carly that he would return safe, and the two kissed.

After Drew left, Ned praised Michael for his devotion to ELQ. Nearby, Olivia grew weepy when she saw Ned and Michael growing closer. Carly encouraged everyone to remain positive about the day ahead. Olivia gave a speech about how powerful the Quartermaine family was, if they stuck together. Just then, the group heard the sound of a door being slammed loudly.

Ned opened the living room doors, and Tracy entered in a huff. "What on earth was Monica thinking, planting daffodils all the way up the driveway? It looks like the Easter bunny threw up out there. Thank God I am home to put things to rights," Tracy said before she noticed Carly and others in the house.

Back at the hospital, Laura, Drew, and Curtis met near the elevator with their luggage, and they prepared to head to an airstrip. The three boarded the elevator, and the doors started to close when an unseen hand pushed them back open. Valentin appeared, and he said that he had changed his mind after having previously stated he would stay in Port Charles. "Is it too late to hitch a ride?" Valentin asked.

Nina makes a potentially life-altering phone call

Nina makes a potentially life-altering phone call

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In Robert's office, Robert rushed to hug Holly as Diane stood confused. Holly said that she had helped free Ethan with help from Tracy. Robert and Holly continued to ignore Diane, who grew impatient. Diane spoke up, and she said that she resented having been used as a "stooge" in the ruse to fake Holly's death.

Holly apologized, but Diane lashed out at both Robert and Holly before leaving. Afterwards, Holly asked about Anna and Laura. Robert shared that Laura had left town with Drew and Curtis to find Victor.

Holly said that Victor was spinning out of control. Holly asked if Anna could have visitors, and she said that she needed to apologize to Anna. "And... you both need to hear what Ethan told me," Holly said.

In Anna's room at the hospital, Alexis visited Anna. Alexis showed Anna a text from Valentin in which he said he would trust Anna with Charlotte's welfare in the event that Valentin didn't return home.

Anna lamented that she couldn't join Valentin in the search for Victor. Alexis recalled that she had once thought that Valentin was evil, but she said that she had learned to trust him. Alexis added that Valentin had become "one of the good Cassadines" because of Anna. Anna said that she and Valentin had both changed each other.

Alexis received a text from Diane, and she said that she needed to leave because Diane was upset. Alexis and Anna bade each other farewell.

Later, Anna was surprised when Holly followed Robert into the room. Holly apologized for her part in having framed Anna for Lucy's shooting. Anna said that Holly had been given little choice.

Robert was anxious to have a "strategy session" with Anna and Holly concerning Victor, and he mentioned Valentin. Anna said that Valentin had left in the search for Victor, and she surmised that Robert and Holly were holding something back. Holly shared that Victor had planned to "revive a technology that the Cassadines had developed in the 80s." Robert and Anna both grew concerned.

At Charlie's Pub, Diane ranted to Alexis about Holly having interrupting Diane and Robert. Alexis was surprised that Holly was alive. Diane complained that Holly had returned before Diane could have another date with Robert. Alexis encouraged a Diane not to "give up" on Robert.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy thanked Ned, Michael, Brook Lynn, and Olivia for having welcomed her home. Tracy then turned to Carly. "What is she doing here?" Tracy demanded.

Carly said that she had been invited, and she asked who had invited Tracy. Tracy replied that she didn't need an invitation because it was her house. "It's Monica's house. Alan gave it to her," everyone said in unison. Tracy snapped that Alan had been an "idiot," and she referred to Carly as "A.J.'s worst mistake."

Tracy asked what she had walked in on. Michael said that he and Willow were planning to marry later that day. Tracy quipped that "serial marriage" ran in the family -- a reference to Carly's numerous weddings to Sonny. Ned recalled some of Tracy's past marriages, including to Larry Ashton and Paul Hornsby. Tracy admitted that she had experienced her share of failed marriages.

Tracy asked for news about what she had missed since she had last been in town. Michael told Tracy about Willow's leukemia, and he said the couple wasn't losing hope. Tracy offered to help Michael, who thanked Tracy and left.

Tracy was surprised to learn that Drew had been given her room at the mansion. Brook Lynn ushered Tracy out into the foyer, where it was revealed that Tracy had been responsible for Chase's return to the PCPD. Tracy told Brook Lynn not to forget that Brook Lynn owed her. As she headed upstairs, Tracy snapped for Brook Lynn to bring her luggage.

In the gatehouse of the Quartermaine estate, Willow explained the ring-bearer process to Wiley. Carly entered, and she told Willow that Tracy had returned home. Willow mentioned Drew, and she surmised that something was wrong.

Michael entered, and he and Carly told Willow that Drew wouldn't be able to walk Willow down the aisle because Drew had left to find Victor and to bring Liesl home. Willow said she wanted Carly to give her away, and Carly agreed.

In Sonny's penthouse, Sonny told Nina that he wanted the two to go on an island vacation. Nina thanked Sonny, but she surmised that Sonny's motive was due to the fact that Nina hadn't been invited to Michael and Willow's wedding. Nina flashed back to her argument with Carly at Wyndemere.

Nina said that she truly wanted the wedding to be the happiest day of Willow's life. Nina started to ramble about ELQ, and she cut herself off after realizing she had muttered Drew and Carly's names. "What about Drew and Carly?" Sonny asked.

Nina explained why Drew and Carly bothered her. Sonny said that Nina had to let go of her resentment toward the two. Sonny said that he and Nina were the only two who mattered. Nina said she agreed, and she and Sonny kissed. Nina encouraged Sonny to get dressed because she didn't want him to be late for the wedding.

Nina asked Sonny for photos from the wedding. Sonny added that he would bring Nina a slice of wedding cake for good luck. Nina replied that she didn't need luck because she had Sonny. The two started to make out before Nina again told Sonny to get dressed for the wedding.

After Sonny left, Nina reached for her phone and placed a call to Martin. "I just need to know... have you had the conversation with the SEC about Carly and Drew?" Nina asked.

At the same time that Nina phoned Martin, Willow told Michael at the Quartermaine gatehouse that things could get "doubly heartbreaking" for Carly if something were to happen to Drew.

Meanwhile, Nina told Martin that she hadn't changed her mind. "Just the opposite. I want you to go all out and expose Drew and Carly for engaging in insider trading. Just make sure to keep my name out of it," Nina added.

Nina vows to make Carly pay

Nina vows to make Carly pay

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

At the penthouse, Nina ended a phone call with Martin as Sonny entered the living room, dressed for the wedding. "Why were you talking to your lawyer?" Sonny asked. Nina claimed that she had asked Martin for help with something because she didn't want to bother Scott when Scott was worried about Liesl. Nina added that she had wanted to set up a trust fund for both Wiley and Amelia, since it was the only way that she could spoil her grandchildren. Sonny assured Nina that she would have an opportunity to be a part of her grandchildren's lives. "Have faith," Sonny said.

When the conversation turned to Michael and Willow's wedding, Nina decided to fetch something from the bedroom. Meanwhile, Ava and Avery arrived. Avery was dressed up for her role as flower girl. Nina returned to the living room and complimented Avery. After Sonny took Avery to the kitchen for a quick snack, Ava asked Nina about a small blue box in Nina's hand. Nina opened the box and revealed a stunning bracelet that she had picked up for Willow. Ava was impressed with the expensive piece of jewelry, but she warned Nina that it was too extravagant and would cross the boundaries that Willow had set.

Nina defended the gift, but Ava admitted that it gave the impression that Nina was trying to bribe her way into Willow's life. Nina insisted that it was her daughter's wedding day, and she couldn't do nothing. "You can if you want to have a relationship with Willow in the future," Ava said. Ava urged Nina to honor Willow's wishes. When Sonny and Avery returned, Nina quickly handed the box to Ava. Sonny gave Nina a kiss and a hug goodbye, and Avery promised to save Nina a piece of cake. Ava assured Sonny that she would stay with Nina.

After Sonny and Avery left, Ava promised that Nina had done the right thing. "Why does it feel so wrong?" Nina asked. Nina debated whether to return the bracelet or hang on to it in the hopes that Willow would one day accept the gift. Ava advised Nina to wait to make a decision. Later, Nina assured Ava that it wasn't necessary to stay, but Ava refused to leave because she knew that Nina was hurting. Nina appreciated Ava's support, especially since Ava was worried about Trina.

Ava reminded Nina that there was not much that Ava could do, and the authorities were searching for Trina. Ava also took comfort in knowing that Trina was smart and capable. To Nina's surprise, Ava questioned Nina about the confrontation between Nina and Carly at Wyndemere. Nina blamed Carly for the lack of a productive conversation, but Ava warned Nina that Carly was not going anywhere. Nina wondered if she would ever get a chance to be a part of Willow's life, because time was not on their side.

Nina raged against Carly because Nina believed that Willow would have had a transplant months earlier if Carly had told the truth. "So, this is on Carly," Nina said. Nina's fury mounted as she revealed that Carly had insisted that Nina only had herself to blame for Willow's rejection. Nina acknowledged that she had made mistakes -- and she assured Ava that she was willing to face any challenge necessary in order to have a relationship with Willow -- but she resented Carly having a close relationship with Willow and being a part of Willow's wedding day. "Life is just not fair sometimes," Ava said.

"Well, Ava, I intend to balance those scales," Nina said. Ava was disappointed because she had hoped that Nina and Carly might reach an understanding. Nina insisted that she had tried, but Carly had refused to let go of what had transpired in Nixon Falls. However, Nina was determined that she would not be the only one who faced the consequences for her actions. Worried, Ava asked Nina to clarify. "I might not be able to do anything for Willow, but I can make damn sure that Carly gets what she deserves," Nina said.

At the gatehouse, Carly entered the living room, wearing a blue floral sundress. She smiled when she saw Michael and Willow on the sofa because they looked like a couple in love. Michael chuckled because he and Willow were in love. A short time later, Josslyn arrived. After everyone exchanged greetings and hugs, there was a knock at the door.

Maxie -- flanked on either side by Chase and Dante -- stood on the doorstep. Maxie announced that there had been a last-minute plane cancellation for the hair and makeup artists, but Maxie had asked Brook Lynn and Sasha to fetch what they needed from Deception. Michael decided that it was his cue to fetch his suit and the kids so that Willow could get ready for the wedding, but Willow told him to leave Amelia because she was napping.

Later, Josslyn returned to the living room, wearing a light-colored floral dress. Meanwhile, Maxie, Brook Lynn, Sasha, and Carly watched as Willow put the finishing touches on her makeup. All the ladies agreed that Willow looked beautiful. Maxie's good mood soured when Willow broke the news that there had been a change in the guest list. However, Maxie perked up when she learned that Drew had gotten a lead on Victor. Maxie hoped that Drew returned home with Liesl for Willow and for both Georgie and James's sakes.

"And then I'll be able to get my transplant," Willow said. Sasha admitted that it would be the best wedding gift ever. Josslyn noticed her mother glance at the phone, so she quietly checked on Carly. Carly promised that she had faith that Drew would find Victor and bring all the hostages home safe. With a little prodding from Josslyn, Carly confessed that she was worried about Drew.

Maxie was curious who would walk Willow down the aisle, so Willow revealed that Carly had agreed to step in for Drew. After Carly sent Maxie, Brook Lynn, and Sasha to the main house to take care of wedding preparations, Carly and Josslyn confessed that they were eager to welcome Willow to the family. Moments later, Bobbie and Donna arrived. Bobbie asked if Willow was ready to become one of them. Willow smiled.

Bobbie explained that it was time to mark the occasion. Donna handed Willow a black box. "First, something old," Bobbie said. As Willow opened the box, Bobbie revealed that the exquisite bracelet had been a gift from Luke to Bobbie. Bobbie was certain that Luke would have liked Willow because Willow was true to herself, and she had courage. "Okay, something borrowed," Carly said.

Carly retrieved a hair comb from her purse, and she put it in Willow's hair. Carly revealed that the comb had been a gift from Bobbie, and Josslyn would one day wear it to her own wedding. "And something blue," Josslyn said. Willow opened the box that Josslyn handed to her. Inside the box was a set of sapphire earrings. Willow was overcome with emotion. Worried, Carly asked how Willow was feeling. "Like a Spencer," Willow said.

Josslyn realized that Willow needed something new, but Carly insisted that Amelia filled that bill. Willow thanked Carly, Josslyn, Bobbie, and Donna. After Willow fetched Amelia, Bobbie decided that it was time for a family photo. Josslyn set the timer on the phone, and everyone gathered on the sofa to pose for photos. Willow admitted that she had always dreamed of having a family like the one they had. Carly promised that they would never let Willow go.

In the Quartermaine mansion, Chase handed Michael a bottle of alcohol -- a gift from Ned. Michael wanted to wait for Ned to join them, but Chase explained that Ned was helping Olivia in the kitchen. Dante took the bottle and poured a drink for each of them. After Chase and Michael picked up their glasses, Dante offered a toast to Michael and Willow's happiness.

Later, Chase took the empty glasses to the kitchen, so Dante decided to share a special gift with Michael. It was a set of cufflinks that had once belonged to their grandfather Mike. Dante regretted that he hadn't been with Mike at the end, but Dante wanted his brother to have a piece of Mike with him on Michael's wedding day. Dante also thanked Michael for inviting Sonny to the wedding. Dante suggested that Michael and Sonny could get past things if they both bent a little. Michael was silent.

"Am I wrong about the thaw?" Dante asked. Just then, Sonny entered the living room. Avery was right behind her father. Michael greeted his little sister, and he complimented her dress. Moments later, Maxie, Brook Lynn, and Sasha returned from the gatehouse. Avery asked about her sister Donna, so Sasha agreed to take Avery to the gatehouse. Meanwhile, Maxie received a text message about a missing centerpiece. Maxie asked Brook Lynn to help.

After Brook Lynn left, Dante asked if everything was okay between Michael and Sonny. Sonny assured his sons that he was there to support Michael and Willow. Sonny asked about Willow, so Michael admitted that she was in good spirits and well rested. Sonny could tell that Michael was troubled. Michael admitted that he hoped Liesl was found in time.

In the foyer, Brook Lynn plowed into Chase. Chase asked if there was an emergency, so Brook Lynn told him about the missing centerpiece. She started to leave, but Chase stopped her because he wanted to know why she had left after the hearing with the review board. Brook Lynn claimed that she had needed to pick up Leo, so Chase thanked her for being there. He admitted that it had meant a lot to him. "Don't mention it," Brook Lynn said. She quickly ran off.

Chase entered the living room in time to hear Michael's admission. "Don't lose faith, Michael," Chase said. Chase insisted that Willow deserved to have fate on her side.

In Anna's hospital room, Anna reminded Holly and Robert that Cassadine technology from the 1980s had been deadly. Anna worried that Laura, Valentin, Drew, and Curtis were walking into a trap. Holly revealed that the guards had led Ethan to believe that Victor's plans had been decades in the making. "God help our friends if they're swept up in that. God help all of us," Holly said. Robert asked if Ethan had learned anything else.

Holly told Robert and Anna that the guards had implied that only those who were close to Victor would be safe. "What the hell does that mean?" Anna asked. Robert feared that it did not bode well for them. Anna, Robert, and Holly discussed Victor's plans, which they agreed would have devastating consequences for the rest of the world. Holly suggested that Victor might have a bomb, and Anna agreed that it fit Victor's doomsday scenario. Robert had doubts because he questioned what Victor hoped to accomplish with a bomb.

The conversation turned to Victor's hostages and how Liesl fit into Victor's plans. Anna was confident that Liesl hadn't been a willing participant because Liesl had turned her life around since her days working with Faison. Robert agreed with Anna. Anna pointed out that Liesl had lost two children, so all Liesl had left were Nina and James. Anna also reminded Robert that Liesl had agreed to donate bone marrow to Nina's daughter, which made it less likely that Liesl was in cahoots with Victor.

Robert suggested that Liesl's abduction had taken careful planning, which indicated that Liesl somehow played a pivotal role in Victor's plans. Anna pointed out that Liesl's skill was in the lab, which meant that Victor's plan was far more sinister than detonating a bomb. "It's a biological agent," Anna said. Robert realized that Victor needed Liesl's expertise to activate the weapon. Holly conceded that Victor was perfectly capable of biological warfare, so Robert suggested that the code in the Ice Princess necklace was either coordinates to a safe haven or the biological agent itself.

Horrified, Anna implored Robert to call and warn Laura. Robert stepped out of the hospital room to make the call. A short time later, he returned to report that he had been unsuccessful because Laura and Valentin's phones had been out of the area. Anna urged Robert to keep trying, and she asked him to alert the WSB because Laura and Valentin would need help.

In a Cassadine bunker somewhere in Greenland, Victor approached a door as a guard informed him that the main power had been turned on. Pleased, Victor looked at the door. "Here it is. Everything I've ever worked for lies behind this door," Victor said. Victor ordered one of the guards to open the door. The guard used a large crowbar to break the lock. A short time later, Victor entered an old abandoned laboratory. He flipped on the lights, ordered one of the guards to fetch the prisoners, and instructed the remaining guard to open a large freezer.

Later, Victor was frustrated by the guard's lack of progress with the freezer. However, Victor cheered up when Liesl, Spencer, and Trina were led at gunpoint into the lab. "This is the future," Victor said. He turned his attention to Liesl as he informed her that she would soon be performing "scientific wonders." Liesl looked around at the dusty lab and informed him that she couldn't be expected to work in such poor conditions. Victor assured Liesl that she would have everything she needed.

Just then, the guard announced that the lock from the freezer was off. Delighted, Victor helped the guard open the lid of the freezer. Nearby, Liesl, Spencer, and Trina agreed that Victor needed to be stopped. Victor smiled with satisfaction as he retrieved a small metal cylinder from the freezer. "It's all here. At last, the power to set the world right," Victor said. Victor revealed that the cylinder contained the pathogen that Victor and Mikkos had developed, but there was one more step to complete.

"That's where you come in, my dear Liesl," Victor said. Victor explained that he needed Liesl to make certain that the pathogen was still viable, and that the antidote was effective. Eager to get to work, Victor started to open the cylinder, but Liesl stopped him. "You fool! What are you doing?" Liesl asked. She reminded him that the pathogen might kill them, but Victor revealed that pathogen could only be activated by UV light, which was why it had been stored in a bunker. Liesl informed Victor that she needed a controlled environment and protective clothing, but he made it clear that it was not an option.

Later, Liesl finished studying a slide under a microscope. Victor asked if the pathogen was viable, but Liesl told him that it had degraded. She assured Victor that she had "triple-checked," but Victor called her bluff. He threatened to send Liesl outside with a sample to test its effectiveness. "You bastard," Liesl said. Reluctantly, Liesl confirmed that the pathogen was intact. However, she pointed out that she would need to test it on a human subject.

Spencer and Trina objected to being Liesl's test subjects, but Victor told them that he didn't require their consent. Disgusted, Trina asked how Victor could sentence millions of people to death. "I'm doing this for the greater good," Victor said. Spencer argued that it was mass murder. Spencer begged Liesl to ignore Victor's demands, but Victor offered to release Liesl and return her to Port Charles with enough doses of the antidote to save her family if she complied.

Liesl agreed to Victor's terms. "No!" Spencer shouted. Spencer lunged for his uncle, but a guard intervened and aimed a gun at Spencer. Victor advised Liesl to work fast because Willow was running out of time.

Michael and Willow get married

Michael and Willow get married

Thursday, April 27, 2023

At Sonny's, Nina confided to Ava that, through Martin, Nina had given the SEC a heads-up about Carly and Drew's insider trading. Nina felt good about it, but Ava wondered how long that would last. Nina reminded Ava that she'd dared Nina to call the SEC, but Ava insisted that she'd been trying to use reverse psychology. Nina listed all the reasons Carly deserved to face consequences, but Ava knew that it was just for revenge. Nina denied it, and Ava hoped it was worth it, as she believed Nina would lose Sonny over it.

Nina thought that if Sonny found out, he would understand, as he'd seen the way Carly had treated her. Ava advised that she'd learned the hard way about Sonny and Carly's "toxic loyalty" for one another. She warned that secrets had a way of surfacing. Nina suddenly realized that if Willow found out, she would never forgive Nina. Nina reasoned that nothing would probably happen, as it was an anonymous tip to bureaucrats. Ava disagreed and thought it wouldn't be long before the SEC went looking for Carly.

At the gatehouse, Bobbie, Carly, and Josslyn marveled over how beautiful Avery and Donna looked. Josslyn went outside to take a phone call as Carly and Bobbie put the girls' flower crowns on. Josslyn told someone on the phone that she had just been thinking about how much she wanted them there. When she went back into the house, Carly asked Josslyn and Bobbie to take Avery, Donna, and Amelia to the main house.

When only Carly and Willow were left in the house, Willow said that Carly was the mom Willow wanted to be, but Carly assured Willow that she already was. Carly wondered how Willow was feeling, and Willow admitted that she was scared that the wedding was an end instead of a beginning. Carly talked to Willow about living for the moment and how grateful she was that Willow and Michael had found each other. They embraced, and Carly decided that it was "dress time."

Olivia was bustling around the kitchen when Tracy entered and asked what was going on. Olivia explained that she thought making the food herself gave the wedding a nice "personal touch," but Tracy scoffed at what she saw as a picnic. Brook Lynn assured Tracy that everything was going to be very elegant. Maxie entered and made sure that everything was moving along in the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Ned warmed up his voice, to Tracy's annoyance. He reasoned that he didn't want to disappoint after having been asked to sing at the ceremony. Tracy cracked that nothing would derail the "highbrow wedding." Brook Lynn proposed that they go greet guests, and she dragged Tracy out of the kitchen. Ned implored Olivia to take deep breaths, and Olivia wondered how long Tracy would be staying. Just then, Avery and Donna went running through the kitchen to get outside, and Josslyn followed after them moments later. Ned was blown away at all Olivia had done for Michael and Willow, but she reasoned that she'd had help. Maxie returned and asked if anyone had heard from Willow.

In the living room, which was serving as the ceremony space, Michael explained Wiley's job to him as Chase and Sasha helped with the chairs. Sonny watched with pride. Behind Sonny, Dante opened the front door to Sam and Kristina, and Dante greeted his daughter. Sam was still in disbelief that she'd been asked to officiate the wedding. Michael and Wiley emerged, and Wiley ran over to Sonny, who thought that Wiley would be the best ringbearer.

Molly and T.J. arrived, and Kristina proposed some family photos. She finally convinced a reluctant Michael, and the two posed with Dante and Sonny. Molly took several photos after Kristina suggested that Michael smile. Bobbie and Josslyn entered with the girls, and Kristina wanted a picture with all the kids, too. Molly teared up at the sight of the kids, but she took the photos. Kristina invited Josslyn into the picture, but Josslyn turned her down. "Suit yourself," Kristina replied coolly.

As Molly and Kristina looked through the pictures, Sam asked T.J. if Molly was all right. He insisted that she was fine, but he was glad that she had the support of her sisters. Kristina asked about Molly's appointment, and Molly replied that it was private. Kristina was concerned, so Molly confided that getting pregnant could end up being more difficult than she'd hoped.

Brook Lynn and Tracy entered the ceremony space while arguing about the food. Brook Lynn bumped into Chase, and Tracy pointed him out as the person Brook Lynn had been hiding from. Tracy talked about how grateful Chase should be to Brook Lynn for helping him get his badge back, but Brook Lynn quickly ushered her away to find their seats. Just behind them, Dante made sure that Michael was feeling good. Michael replied that, no matter what happened, it was the happiest day of his life.

Maxie opened the front door, and Carly wheeled Willow into the house. Wiley ran over to his mother and said that she looked pretty, and she called him handsome. Sam walked into the ceremony space to make sure that Michael was ready. He thanked her for officiating, and she said she was honored to have been asked. Sam expressed how happy Jason would have been for Michael and Willow. Maxie entered and announced that they were about to begin, and everyone took their seats. The music began, and Sam asked if Michael was ready to start the rest of his life. "So ready," he replied.

Chase and Brook Lynn opened the doors, and Wiley walked down the aisle with the rings. He took his seat with Kristina and Sonny in the front row. Avery and Donna walked down the aisle, scattering rose petals, and they took their seats on the other side of the aisle in the first row. Josslyn was next, and she made her way to Willow's side of the room. Everyone stood, and a beaming Carly walked Willow down the aisle to Michael.

Sam started the ceremony by talking about how surprised she'd been to have been asked to officiate the wedding. She talked about her history with Michael and how she'd had some experiences with Willow that had given her insight into what kind of person Willow was. Josslyn read Shakespeare's Sonnet 116. Next, Ned got up to get his guitar to play a song. A few minutes later, Sam prepared to start the vows, but Michael interrupted. He talked about how thankful he was for Willow, and how happy he was that he would get to call her his wife. Willow talked about how their first wedding had been a "legal maneuver," but she was happy to be doing it for real "this time."

Sam asked if Michael would take Willow to be his wife, and he said, "I do." Sam asked if Willow would take Michael to be her husband, and she said, "I will." Wiley got up and handed the rings to Michael, and Michael and Willow exchanged rings. Sam pronounced the couple husband and wife. "I can take it from here," Michael said, and he and Willow kissed while the guests cheered and blew bubbles.

Michael picked Wiley up, and they and Willow had a family moment. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Tracy offered to answer the door. Olivia announced that the reception would be in the solarium, and most of the guests followed her out. Tracy returned to the living room with two men in suits, and she revealed that they were from the SEC. Michael stated that they would have to wait, as it was his wedding day. One of the agents revealed that they were there for Drew and Carly.

A friend returns to Port Charles to help Anna

A friend returns to Port Charles to help Anna

Friday, April 28, 2023

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, two men from the SEC told Carly that they had reason to believe that she and Drew had engaged in insider trading. The agents produced a photo of Carly and Drew embracing in a hug, and they asked where they could find Drew.

With Diane beside her, Carly told the agents to "go to hell." An agent recalled how Carly had become a person of interest in the eyes of the SEC, and he said that they were within their rights to hold her as a person of interest for 24 hours. The agents left to give Carly time alone.

Out in the lobby, Sonny appeared. Carly asked if Sonny had been the one to tip off the SEC. Sonny said that the only people on his side who knew about Carly's involvement in the merger were trusted allies, and he excused himself. Moments later, the agents reappeared in the lobby to say that Carly was free to go.

An agent said the SEC had received a tip about Drew boarding a flight from San Diego to Maui. After the agents left, Carly wondered why the SEC would think that Drew was en route to Maui. Just then, Carly noticed that Sonny had reappeared.

Sonny confirmed that he had staged Drew's phony flight itinerary, and he said that he still thought of Carly and Josslyn as family. Carly closed her eyes, and she seemed grateful for Sonny's help. Diane returned, and she surprised Carly when she said that all of Carly's assets had been temporarily frozen by the SEC.

Nearby, Dante told Josslyn that he had the feeling that Sonny had been responsible for the hit on Drew's location. Josslyn rolled her eyes when Dante said he hoped that Sonny's actions could one day "make things right" with Carly and Josslyn.

Earlier, at the Quartermaine mansion, Willow smiled from ear to ear before saying that her only worry was about what the insider trading charge meant for Michael. Willow encouraged Michael to ignore her and to visit Carly at the police station. Willow told Michael that nothing was his fault. Michael encouraged Willow to go upstairs to enjoy food and Champagne, and Willow left the room.

Ned tried to comfort Michael, who snapped that things had happened exactly as Ned had hoped. Michael huffed that Ned had confronted Michael and Drew with the threat of tipping off the SEC months earlier, but Ned swore that he would never send Michael's mother to prison, especially given that Willow was sick. Ned said that Michael was "dangerously close" to saying things he couldn't take back whenever the truth was revealed. Willow returned with Brook Lynn. The two listened as Michael continued to accuse Ned of "selling out" his family to ensure that Ned stayed in power at ELQ.

Ned stormed out of the living room with Brook Lynn. In the foyer, Ned was angry that Michael had accused him of tipping off the SEC. Brook Lynn sided with Michael and Drew, and she scolded Ned before abandoning him in the foyer.

Back in the living room, Willow continued to smile and reassure Michael. Michael's phone rang, and he learned from Carly about Sonny's involvement in protecting Carly and Drew. Michael told Willow that Sonny had "really stepped up" for her. Willow noted that Sonny had also stepped up for Michael.

At an unknown warehouse, Brick told Dex that he had gone to the warehouse because Sonny had been delayed. Brick received a call from Sonny. With Brick's back turned, Dex slipped away to a nearby rack and pressed the record button on a hidden video camera.

Later, Brick announced that they had company. Two guards from Pikeman entered. Dex asked the guards where their boss was. The guards, in turn, asked Dex the same question. Sonny appeared with Frank. "I'm here. We gonna get this started or what?" Sonny asked as the hidden camera rolled.

At the hospital, Scott asked if Portia could use some company, since the two were in the same situation with regard to their loved ones on board the Haunted Star. Portia welcomed Scott's company, and she said that work was the only thing keeping her sane. Scott sympathized with Portia, and he said he hadn't slept in days. Scott said he felt he had been kept in the dark by Anna, Laura, and others.

Scott surmised that Holly's return to Port Charles had been connected to Luke's death, and he recalled that Luke had helped end the Cassadines' plot in 1981. Scott ranted about the Cassadines, which prompted Portia to harp about Spencer again. Portia let it slip that Curtis was involved in the search for the hostages. Scott asked Portia to tell him what she knew. Portia encouraged Scott to speak to Anna. Scott thanked Portia, and he left for Anna's room.

In Anna's room at the hospital, Anna told Holly that she had called in a favor. The two heard a knock at the door, and Anna smiled when Andre Maddox appeared. Anna introduced Holly and Andre to one another. Andre revealed that when he'd been doing psychological evaluations for the WSB, he had gained access to the complete dossier on the Cassadines. Holly referenced the Cassadines' "crazy weather machine."

Jordan entered, and she was surprised to find Andre in the room. Jordan grew impatient as she recalled that Laura, Curtis, and others weren't answering their phones. Anna asked Jordan to give the group time to bring the hostages home before they all "ran out of time." Jordan asked what Anna meant.

Andre closed the door. Anna told Jordan that they believed Victor had been searching for a weapon of mass destruction. Holly said that she thought she knew the type of weapon Victor coveted. "The end of civilization," Holly said direly.

Holly used a tablet to pull up the original dossier on the Cassadines from 1981. Anna noted that the tablet contained psychiatric evaluations of Mikkos, Victor, and Tony Cassadine. Anna said that Victor had been different from his brothers in that he truly believed he could fix the world, whereas Mikkos had only wanted to control it.

Anna said that Victor had always believed the machines the Cassadines had developed in the 80s could be used to help curtail the world's population. Holly mentioned Demeter as it pertained to Greek mythology. Holly told Anna that there was another weapon that hadn't yet been accounted for.

Anna looked at the tablet, and she marveled when she learned about an engineered virus that only a small portion of the population would be immune to. Anna announced that, according to the dossier, roughly 80 percent of the world's population wouldn't be immune to the pathogen.

Holly started to phone the WSB, but Andre said they couldn't share their theory with the bureau. Andre reasoned that if the WSB learned there was a large-scale biological weapon in Greenland, the agency would do everything in their power to neutralize the threat. Anna said the WSB had to make a choice between saving eight people versus eight billion. "They'll just bomb it and wipe that island off the map...killing everyone," Anna realized as Holly and others looked on in horror.

Holly noted that the WSB's agenda was to focus on "the greater good" instead of the few passengers on board the Haunted Star. Anna surmised that they still had some time before the WSB could be alerted. Andre thought the idea was risky because Victor could still release the pathogen.

Anna asked if everyone in the room was in agreement to wait for Valentin and his crew to bring the hostages home. Andre offered his help, and he and Holly left the room. Alone with Jordan, Anna asked for one more favor. "The bureau is probably going to run this investigation through your department. And if they find out the location of the island or what Victor's really up to..." Anna trailed off.

Jordan said that she would run interference for as long as she could. "I get what's at stake. We have to keep this under wraps. People would panic if they knew Victor Cassadine had a biological weapon," Jordan said.

Unbeknownst to Jordan, Andre and Holly had left a small crack in the door to Anna's room. Scott had approached, and he overheard Jordan's remark that Victor had a biological weapon. Scott's face grew wrinkled and concerned.

Somewhere in Greenland, Laura, Valentin, Drew, and Curtis landed as snow fell heavily on the icy ground of the island. Drew said he thought the four were less than an hour by foot from the Haunted Star.

Valentin and Drew left to find a signal for Valentin's satellite phone. Curtis stayed with Laura, who recalled that she had been Trina's age when she had first encountered the Cassadines. Laura noted that the Haunted Star had been a wedding gift from Helena and that Helena had cursed the ship -- as well as Luke and Laura's marriage.

Laura said that the Cassadines had continued to find new ways to torment her and her family. Curtis agreed with Laura that it was time to end the Cassadine curse "once and for all."

Valentin and Drew returned. Valentin said he had picked up a satellite signal and that the group was a half-mile from the Haunted Star. Valentin, Drew, Laura, and Curtis started to walk when they came across footprints in the snow. The group heard a voice, and they hurriedly retreated behind a rock wall as two men approached.

Unbeknownst to the two men, something lay frozen on the ground nearby. The two guards turned to head back, but the sound of Valentin's satellite phone rang nearby. "Did you hear that?" one of the guards asked the other.

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