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The reading of Victor's will was eventful. Spencer was given evidence of Esme's crimes. Michael told Carly that he had evidence to take down Sonny that she could use as a bargaining chip with the SEC. A DNA test determined that Curtis was Trina's biological father. Anna was arrested for treason. Laura and Valentin made plans to go to Chechnya in search of Nikolas. Mason resurfaced.
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Victor's will reading was eventful. Spencer was given evidence of Esme's crimes. A DNA test determined Curtis was Trina's biological father. Anna was arrested.
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ENCORE: Robert is told to brace himself for a major shock (October 20, 2022)

ENCORE: Robert is told to brace himself for a major shock (October 20, 2022)

Monday, May 29, 2023

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital broadcast an encore episode in place of a new episode. The episode that aired originally aired October 20, 2022, and featured Holly's unexpected return to Port Charles. You can read our recap of that episode here.

Trina and Curtis receive word about the DNA test

Trina and Curtis receive word about the DNA test

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sam brought Scout to spend the night with Drew. Drew gave Scout a harmonica that had belonged to Oscar. Scout told Drew that she loved him, and the two hugged. Scout headed outside. Afterwards, Drew told Sam that he could face prison time for the insider trading charges.

Sam offered to dig up dirt on Ned. Drew thanked Sam for her offer, but he asked her to stay out of things for Scout's sake. Just then, Olivia appeared with Scout. Sam hugged Scout, and she said goodnight to everyone. Olivia encouraged Scout to get a cookie from the kitchen. "If you want to stick around for Scout, I've got some information that you need," Olivia told Drew afterwards.

At Metro Court, Robert told Diane that Holly had left town. Olivia approached, and she asked Robert about a potential deal that would make Carly give up Sonny in exchange for immunity from the Justice Department for Carly's role in the insider trading charge.

Diane asked Robert if there was any truth to the rumor, and she proposed that if Robert remained silent, it would mean that there was truth to the rumor. Diane then repeated the question to Robert, who stood up and left for the bar.

Diane followed Robert, who chided Diane for representing Sonny. Diane pulled the conversation back onto Holly. Diane said she had thought Robert and Holly had been meant for each other. Robert grew bittersweet when he said that he had thought the same thing. Before he left, Robert said that Diane should try to reach him at his office the next time she wanted to "pump" him for information.

At Laura and Kevin's house, Spencer bonded with Ace, and he chatted by phone with Trina. Spencer and Trina both said they missed one another. Laura welcomed Alexis and Ava into her home as the gathering for Victor's will-reading began. An elderly gentleman named J.B. entered. J.B. said that he was the executor of Victor's will.

Laura heard another knock at the door, and she welcomed Martin into the home. Martin revealed that he had gone to the reading on Valentin's behalf. Everyone took their seats, and J.B. produced a laptop that featured a recorded video message from Victor. "Hello, everyone. And welcome to the reading of my will," Victor said cheerfully.

Victor announced that he had bequests for everyone gathered, and he started with Ava. Victor bequeathed a rendering of Ava's "first true love," and J.B. handed Ava a photo of a gargoyle. Alexis was next, and Victor thanked her for having invited him into her home at Thanksgiving. Victor bequeathed to Alexis a Matryoshka doll that he said dated back to the Romanovs.

Victor added that he had also bequeathed a deck of tarot cards to Sam. Alexis tossed the cards on a table. Victor proceeded to Charlotte, and he bequeathed to her an engraved necklace that featured the Cassadine crest. To Valentin, and to others Victor claimed had betrayed him, Victor bequeathed what he said was a rare piece of antiquity that had been unearthed on Cassadine Island in Greece.

Victor said that it was "the last surviving piece of a once-majestic statue of the sun god, Apollo." Laura chuckled when she noticed that the item was a small object, no more than a few inches.

Ava noted that Spencer was the only person who was left in Victor's will. J.B. resumed the video, and Victor explained that Spencer would know what to do with what Victor had bequeathed to him. Spencer was handed a small, white cardboard box, and he smiled as he looked at it.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Portia was grateful when Curtis returned home. Marshall announced that he had made gumbo for Curtis and Portia. The doorbell rang, and Marshall opened the door to Stella. Stella worried that she wasn't welcome, but Marshall, Curtis, and Portia convinced her otherwise. "I'm glad to see you two are together in spite of me," Stella said to Curtis and Portia.

Portia assured Stella that Stella wasn't to blame for Portia's lie about Trina's paternity, and she invited Stella to stay for dinner. Stella encouraged Curtis and Portia not to give up. Just then, Curtis received a call from Trina at the hospital. After Curtis hung up, he told everyone that the DNA results were in.

At the hospital, Sonny asked Carly, Michael, and Josslyn to put their differences aside and to stick together as a family for Willow's sake. Michael agreed, and he left to visit Willow. Josslyn left to meet Trina, who awaited the results of the DNA test.

Trina wondered where she would live in the summer after the dorms closed for the semester, and she expressed reservations about spending the summer at Portia and Curtis' house. Josslyn suggested that Trina move into Carly's mansion with Josslyn and Carly.

Trina asked about Spencer. Josslyn claimed that Spencer would be welcome. Trina noted that Spencer and Dex hated one another, and she said that the two men had been in another fight recently. After learning that Spencer had been punched, Josslyn gloated that Dex knew how to defend himself.

Trina worried that Spencer would continue to antagonize Dex. Before Josslyn left to return to her family, she and Trina hugged. A short while later, Trina received an alert on her phone, announcing that the results of the DNA test were in.

In the hospital waiting area, Sonny told Carly that he wouldn't allow Donna to grow up with Carly in jail. Sonny said that he had Diane "working on" Robert on behalf of Sonny and Carly. Carly thanked Sonny as Michael reappeared.

Sonny told Michael about his engagement to Nina. Michael said he wasn't surprised by the news. Sonny left a short while later, and Michael demanded to know what Carly had thanked Sonny for earlier.

At the same time, Sonny placed a call to Nina. Sonny shared that Willow's transplant seemed to be going well. Sonny added that he had told Michael about his and Nina's engagement, and he said that Michael hadn't seemed hostile.

Back in the waiting area, Carly told Michael that there was a rumor that the Justice Department would offer her a plea deal if she agreed to give them evidence that would send Sonny to prison. Michael asked if Carly would take the deal. "You know better," Carly said sternly.

Michael asked Carly to reconsider, and he recalled out loud the deal the government had proposed. Unbeknownst to Carly, Josslyn had returned. Josslyn asked what Carly was waiting for, and she told Carly to take the deal.

Trina learns that Curtis is her biological father

Trina learns that Curtis is her biological father

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

At the Invader, Alexis stopped outside her office when she heard Gregory trying to comfort a distraught Esme. Esme began to hyperventilate as she realized that she might get fired on her first day on the job, but Gregory gently advised Esme to take a deep breath. Alexis entered the office and asked what was going on. Esme immediately began to apologize, but Alexis wanted an explanation for the flurry of text messages that Alexis had received. Alexis was also curious how Gregory had gotten involved.

Gregory explained that he'd been made aware of a "minor snafu," so he had decided to help put out a few fires. Alexis grew alarmed when Gregory revealed that Esme had inadvertently forwarded a source's email to the global address book. Esme admitted that she had been overwhelmed with the multiple responsibilities of her new job, and she'd been worried about Ace being left with people who wanted to take him away from her. Gregory assured Alexis that everything had been taken care of and that things were fine. Satisfied, Alexis reminded Esme that Esme was expected to handle sensitive information with care.

To Esme's surprise, Alexis chose not to fire her. However, Alexis ordered Esme to clock out for the day. Grateful for the second chance, Esme promised that Alexis wouldn't be sorry. After Esme left, Alexis asked Gregory for the truth. He revealed that he'd been able to minimize the damage because the source had used an anonymous email address. Relieved, Alexis admitted that she'd been surprised to see Gregory. Gregory apologized for going radio silent on Alexis after he had told her about his ALS diagnosis. He revealed that he'd been worried that he had dumped a massive burden on her, which had scared her off.

Alexis explained that she had wanted to respect Gregory's privacy, so she'd been reluctant to reach out, for fear of crossing his boundaries. Alexis admitted that -- with Sam's help -- she had realized that letting him know that she was thinking about him would not be intrusive. Gregory confessed that her text message had made him realize that he needed a friend, and he promised to be more open with Alexis moving forward. Alexis suspected that he had turned down her job offer because he'd been afraid of people finding out about his illness, so he confirmed that she was right. However, he confessed that he'd also worried that he hadn't been up for the challenge.

Alexis pointed out that Gregory's handling of Esme's fiasco had proven that he was. Gregory smiled as he asked if the position was still open.

At Laura's apartment, Spencer asked Victor's lawyer what was in the box. Ava looked at the small box in Spencer's palm. "Is it ticking?" she asked. Spencer reminded her that digital detonators didn't tick. "Spencer, after everything we've been through with your uncle, you don't have to open that," Laura said. Ava advised Spencer not to keep whatever was inside the box, but the conversation was cut short when Anna arrived.

After Laura introduced Anna to J.B. Brown, Anna asked what she had missed. Laura revealed that Victor had found a way to be present from beyond the grave. Spencer decided to open the box later because he was eager to get the reading of Victor's will over with. After Anna sat down, J.B. pressed play, and Victor's recorded video resumed on J.B.'s laptop. Victor talked about Nikolas, whom Victor had credited with helping when Victor had needed it. Victor also fondly recalled how he and Nikolas had helped each other build new lives. Victor explained that his gift to Nikolas was a "home away from home," but it would be placed in Spencer's care until Nikolas returned.

J.B. handed Spencer an envelope. Victor's speech turned to Anna. According to Victor, Anna would receive the greatest gift from Victor because Anna had been a formidable opponent. Victor explained that he and Anna had been in the business long enough to know that eventually, their sins would catch up with them. "So, I leave you the truth," Victor said.

Finally, Victor addressed Laura. He acknowledged that Laura had won. "You are the sole survivor of the great game we began all those decades ago," Victor said. To Laura, Victor bequeathed peace for the rest of her life -- with Victor's respect and admiration because she'd been a worthy adversary. Victor reached for a tumbler of alcohol and raised it. "Congratulations," Victor said.

After J.B. gathered his things and left, Spencer opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper, but it was written in Russian. Laura asked Anna to translate it. Anna scanned the document and revealed that it was a deed to a house, but she was unable to translate more than that. After Spencer took the document from Anna, Laura noticed that Anna seemed troubled. Ava was curious what Victor had meant by giving Anna the truth, but Anna brushed it off as one of Victor's mind games.

After Anna left, Laura wondered why Victor would leave Nikolas a home. Ava suggested that Victor had wanted to give Nikolas a home because Nikolas had lost Wyndemere to Ava in the divorce. Spencer announced that he had looked up the address on the deed. "It's in Chechnya," Spencer said. Laura wasn't surprised, since the Cassadines had originally been from Russia. Laura suspected that it was an old ancestral home. The conversation was cut short when Esme arrived home.

Esme became upset when she saw that Ace had been put down for a nap without his favorite blanket, so she went to check on her son. "Can you believe her?" Spencer asked his grandmother. Laura reminded Spencer that Esme had been through a lot with Ace and that it had been Esme's first day on the job. Laura's thoughts turned back to the property that Victor had left Nikolas. "I wonder if this is where Nikolas has gone to hide?" Laura asked. When Esme walked out, Laura decided to tell Esme about her suspicion that Nikolas was in Chechnya.

Ava reminded Laura that there was no proof, but Laura was certain it was a clue. Ava warned Laura that it might be a wild goose chase, and she reminded Laura that Chechnya was a dangerous place. Laura argued that she'd been in worse places, but Laura had to check if there was a possibility that she could bring her son home.

Meanwhile, Spencer had retreated to his bedroom. He sat on his bed and opened the small box. Inside were the two white doves that Spencer had intended to give to Trina. Spencer realized that Victor had kept the gift, but he wondered why. Spencer lifted the lining of the box and discovered an old key had been hidden in the bottom of the box.

At Portia and Curtis' house, Portia filled Stella in about Trina's decision to have a DNA test to find out who Trina's biological father was. Stella realized that Curtis was eager to get to the hospital because the DNA results were in. Marshall promised to save Curtis a bowl of gumbo. "I can't believe it. In minutes, I'll find out if I'm gonna be a father," Curtis said. Stella assured Curtis that they would love him regardless of what they results said. Portia decided to stay home, but Curtis urged Portia to reconsider. He was certain that Trina would want her mother to be there.

After Portia and Curtis left, Marshall invited Stella to join him for dinner, but Stella was worried about Curtis, Portia, and Trina. She insisted that their family needed their support, but Marshall pointed out that giving Curtis, Portia, and Trina space to figure things out was exactly what their loved ones needed. Stella regretted that she had run away from the wedding because she had deserted Curtis when he had needed her most. Stella feared that she had lost Curtis forever, but Marshall reminded Stella that she had raised Curtis to be a good man and a forgiving person.

Marshall thanked Stella for being there for his sons when he couldn't be, so she thanked Marshall for stepping up for Curtis when she couldn't. Marshall insisted that family helped each other. Stella smiled, and she admitted that she was ready for Marshall's gumbo. Marshall and Stella sat down and held hands as he invited Stella to say grace. Stella thanked God for their family.

At the hospital, Trina waited by the nurses' station while a nurse fetched the results of the DNA test. Moments later, Taggert arrived. Trina ran into her father's arms. She thanked him for getting there so fast, but he assured her that he would always be there for her whenever she needed him. He also admitted that he was glad to get some time alone with her. Trina confessed that she had called Curtis, so Taggert asked how Trina was doing. Taggert and Trina sat down on a nearby bench as she told him that her emotions were all over the place, but she was mostly worried about the future.

Trina opened up to Taggert about her concerns that things would change between them if the results showed that Curtis was her biological father. Trina knew that she and Taggert would always love each other, but she was afraid that getting to know Curtis and his family would hurt her father too much. Taggert assured Trina that his love for her would never change because she would always be the baby that he had held and the little girl whose skinned knee he had patched up. He promised that they would always be a part of each other's lives, and she would always be a part of his family, even if she was a part of another family.

As Taggert and Trina shared a tender hug, Curtis and Portia arrived. When Trina saw her mother and Curtis, she told them that she was still waiting for the results. Moments later, the nurse returned and handed Trina the DNA test results. Trina took a deep breath and opened the results. "It says that Curtis is my biological father," Trina said. Taggert rushed to assure Trina that it was okay, but Trina made it clear to everyone that she had never been looking for a replacement father.

Trina told Curtis that she cared about him, and they would need to figure things out moving forward; however, she hoped that he could respect her wishes. Curtis promised that he had no desire to take her father's place. Taggert pointed out that Trina could do worse than having two dads, especially one who was a good man like Curtis. Taggert decided to leave and give Trina and Curtis some space. After Taggert entered the elevator and the doors closed, he was overcome with emotion and began to weep.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sonny was on the phone with Nina. He admitted that he wished that she was there with him because Nina should be with her daughter. Nina was touched by Sonny's support, but she promised him that she was not giving up. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to be with the people I love," Nina said.

In the hospital's waiting area, Josslyn urged Carly to call Diane and take the deal to testify against Sonny. Josslyn insisted that it was a "no-brainer" because Carly didn't belong in prison. "But Sonny does," Josslyn said. Carly conceded that Sonny had hurt all of them, but Carly explained that it was time to move past what had happened. Carly clarified that she didn't expect anyone to forgive and forget, but they needed to move on. Carly also made it clear that she refused to let someone else pay for her mistakes.

Just then, Sonny walked up. He let Carly and Michael know that he had to leave, but he asked Michael to let Willow know that he would visit Willow the following day. Michael asked if Sonny was going to see Nina, and Sonny confirmed that he was. After Sonny walked away, Josslyn accused Sonny of choosing Nina over his own family. Carly reminded Josslyn that Nina was Sonny's fiancée, but Josslyn was unmoved. Josslyn warned Carly that Donna would end up living with Sonny -- and Nina -- full-time if Carly was sent to jail.

Josslyn couldn't understand why Carly would continue to sacrifice herself for Sonny after all that Sonny had done to Carly. Annoyed, Michael reminded Josslyn that it was their mother's choice, and they needed to respect that. Josslyn snidely accused Michael of knowing all about making choices that hurt innocent people. Alarmed, Carly looked at Michael. Carly started to question Michael about Josslyn's comment, but Carly's phone rang. It was Pilar. Carly excused herself to take the call from the nanny, but she warned both of her children that she wanted to know what was going on.

After Carly walked away, Michael told Josslyn that she could be angry at him but to leave their mother out of it because Carly had enough to worry about. Josslyn claimed that she didn't want to drag their mother into what Michael and Dex had been doing. "You know, maybe it's a good thing you didn't turn Sonny in," Josslyn said. Josslyn suggested that Michael use the video to help Carly, but Michael reminded Josslyn that they had no idea if the Justice Department wanted to make Carly an offer. Josslyn argued that Carly could take the offer to the Justice Department, but Michael pointed out that he'd had his reasons for not using the incriminating video recording of Sonny.

"And how do those reasons compare to our mother going to prison?" Josslyn asked. Before Michael could respond, Carly returned. T.J. was with Carly, and he had news about Willow's transplant. T.J. explained that the transplant had been completed, and Willow would need to remain in the hospital until her new bone marrow began to produce cells. T.J. revealed that it could take two to six weeks -- or more -- but he was confident that Willow would make a full recovery. Carly, Michael, and Josslyn were delighted by the news.

After T.J. left, Carly told both of her children to put an end to the friction between them because there was nothing more important than being there for family. Josslyn patted Michael on the shoulder as she assured Carly that they would do what was best for the family. "Right, Michael?" Josslyn asked. Michael looked at his sister and walked away without responding.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Nina was happy to see Sonny. They walked to the bar as they talked about Willow. Nina explained that she hoped that keeping her distance from the hospital would lead to her getting a chance to have a relationship with Willow at a later date. However, Nina wanted to discuss happier things. She was eager to make plans for the wedding, starting with selecting a date that would give Willow plenty of time to recuperate in case Willow wanted to attend. Sonny assured Nina that he was fine with whatever Nina wanted.

Moments later, Sonny saw Anna, so he called out to her. Anna walked over, and Nina seized an opportunity to hug Anna and thank Anna for rescuing Liesl because it had saved Willow's life, too. Anna assured Nina that it had been nothing. "Anna, it's everything," Nina said. When Anna asked about Willow, Sonny revealed that Willow had received her bone marrow transplant. Just then, both Sonny and Anna noticed Agent Hursley and another agent enter the restaurant.

Sonny asked if Anna was okay. "Probably not," Anna said. Agent Hursley approached Anna, flashed his badge, and informed her that she was under arrest. Anna demanded to know what the charges were, but Agent Hursley explained that he couldn't tell her until they were in a secure location. Sonny offered to call Diane, but Anna declined. Anna realized that there were WSB agents blocking all exits, so she held out her hands, and Agent Hursley slapped on a pair of handcuffs. Sonny and Nina watched as Agent Hursley marched Anna to the elevator.

Anna is accused of treason

Anna is accused of treason

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Trina and Josslyn arrived at the Metro Court pool, and Spencer gave them a hard time for being late. They bickered until Josslyn finally excused herself to get a towel. Spencer commented that it was like "old times," except that Cameron was missing. They spotted Josslyn kissing Dex near the entrance, and Trina pleaded with Spencer not to make things weird. He continued to insult Dex, but Trina warned that he would lose Josslyn as a friend if he kept it up. Spencer believed that Josslyn would choose him over Dex. Trina looked over at a shirtless Dex and laughed at Spencer.

Josslyn and Dex approached, and Dex stuck out his hand to Spencer and asked, "No hard feelings?" After a slight pause, Spencer shook Dex's hand. Dex and Josslyn walked off to get drinks for everyone, and Spencer couldn't believe he was being forced to spend time with the "thug." Trina warned that starting another fight with Dex would probably look bad in Spencer's custody fight for Ace, so he agreed to "play nice." Josslyn and Dex returned with the drinks. Spencer apologized for swinging at Dex, and Dex apologized for hitting Spencer. He offered to teach Spencer how to block, so the two went off as the girls laughed.

A short while later, Spencer and Trina were enjoying their time in the pool as Josslyn explained to Dex that Spencer had embarrassed himself trying to prove he was tougher than Dex. Dex said he just wanted her friends to like him. He was surprised that she wasn't at the hospital, and she explained that the doctors were optimistic about Willow. She wanted to talk to him about Michael, so they went off somewhere more private to talk. She told him about the offer for Carly to turn Sonny in in order to get her charges dropped. While Carly didn't want to do that, Josslyn thought that she could do it for Carly if Dex would just give her the evidence.

Trina appreciated Spencer making an effort with Dex, but he insisted that he was only doing it for her. Spencer didn't want to pry, but he offered to listen if she needed to talk. She replied that she wasn't sure how to feel about the DNA results, but she figured that things could be worse. Trina asked about the will reading, and Spencer told her about the key to a safe deposit box Victor had left him. A short while later, Trina got out of the pool and insisted that they go use the key to find out what Victor had left. Realizing that she wouldn't back down, Spencer followed her out of the pool.

At home, Portia bumped into Curtis and admitted that she was still adjusting to him being home. She wondered what had made him decide to stay after getting the DNA test results, but the conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. Portia opened the door to Stella, who thought it was time to "clear the air" with Curtis. Portia offered to stay, since she was part of the situation, but Stella assured her that they would be find. Portia reluctantly left.

A few minutes later, Curtis returned to the living room with coffee for both him and Stella, and he asked Stella to explain why she'd kept information to herself. She replied that she'd convinced herself not to interfere, since Portia and Curtis had been so happy. She hoped that he could forgive her, as he needed his family for support since learning that he had a daughter. After taking things slowly, he hoped to develop his own special relationship with Trina. Stella asked what had made him decide to go home. He replied that he'd had a "situation" with Jordan that had made him realize that he wanted to give his marriage a chance. Stella wondered how Jordan had taken the news, but he revealed that he hadn't talked to her. She insisted that he needed to talk to Jordan "now."

Jordan arrived at the hospital with coffee for herself and T.J., and she commented that he'd forgotten about their coffee date. He apologized and cited his rough morning and the fact that Molly had spent the night at her mother's. They sat down on a bench, and T.J. told Jordan about their "fertility issues" and the ensuing fight. She knew that the couple would work things out, especially since Molly was approaching. Jordan promised to get together with them soon and walked away. Neither T.J. nor Molly had slept well the night before, and they apologized to each other. Molly confided that she'd realized how many ways there were to start a family if he was open to it, and the two embraced.

Jordan was finishing up a call with the station about Anna's arrest when Portia approached. She asked if Jordan had talked to Taggert recently, as she believed he needed a friend. Jordan promised to talk to Taggert, and she wondered how Curtis was doing. Portia replied that she really didn't know, but he was talking to Stella. She revealed to a shocked Jordan that Curtis had moved back home.

Anna was waiting in a conference room at the WSB when Agent Hursley entered. She demanded to know why she was under arrest, and he showed her the front page of the Sun. There was a picture of Anna with a headline that read "Anna Devane: Double Agent." Another agent entered with Martin, and he revealed that Valentin had called him to help Anna. With her lawyer present, Hursley divulged that Anna was being accused of treason. Martin asked to talk to Anna alone, so the agents left.

Anna explained that the WSB had known about her involvement with the DVX for years, but Martin countered that the public didn't. She continued that it was ancient history, and she'd had a clean record since. She figured that the only difference was that Frisco had been replaced, and the WSB wanted to distance itself from her actions to "cover their asses." After arguing about whether or not he had the knowledge to represent her, she finally agreed, and Martin called the agents back in.

Anna demanded to know why she was suddenly in question after years of loyalty. Hursley only answered that his hands were tied, and the new head of the WSB no longer wanted to turn a blind eye to her history. He warned that if she disputed the charges, they would be forced to take a closer look at her colleagues -- like Robert. She replied that she would need assurances if she did what he was asking her to do, but he answered that he didn't negotiate with double agents.

Anna wondered what would happen if her file was incomplete and she had evidence of operations that would embarrass the WSB far more than they could hurt her. Hursley questioned if that was a threat, so she yelled, "If anything happens to Robert -- or any of my loved ones -- I'm taking the WSB down with me!" After a pause, he stated, "Your friends are safe," and he left the room. A confused Martin asked if she was going to be charged or not. "Not," Anna replied. She revealed that the WSB wanted her resignation, so she would no longer, and never again, be an agent.

Laura was reading the paper when there was a knock on the door. She let Valentin in, and he commented that Martin had filled him in on the reading of Victor's will. Laura added that Victor had left "the truth" for Anna, which she hadn't understood until she'd read the paper that morning. Laura figured that Victor had stolen her file from the WSB years earlier in order to make it public in the event of his death. Laura handed him a pouch that held Charlotte's bequest, a necklace with the Cassadine crest. Valentin was glad that Victor was no longer around to influence the younger generation of Cassadines. Valentin hoped that Charlotte would help create a new legacy for the family.

A short while later, Laura returned with coffee for both her and Valentin, and she mentioned the property in Chechnya that Victor had left to Nikolas. Valentin responded that he'd seen it a long time before, and it had been in the family for around 200 years. She thought that Nikolas might be there, and she wanted to go get him. Valentin warned that it wasn't a safe part of the world, and he decided that he would go with her. He added that he knew a little Russian. She thanked him, and he waved it off, telling her only to let him know when they were leaving.

Sonny and Ned get into a heated dispute

Sonny and Ned get into a heated dispute

Friday, June 2, 2023

At the hospital, Ava told Austin that Laura believed Nikolas was in hiding in Chechnya. Austin told Ava that Laura would grow suspicious if Ava tried to stop Laura from visiting Chechnya, and he reasoned that he and Ava had time to delay Laura's trip. Ava thanked Austin for reassuring her.

Austin asked if Ava had heard from Mason. Ava said she hadn't. Austin opened the door, and he and Ava saw Mason. "Did you miss me?" Mason asked smugly.

Mason said that he had been keeping tabs on both Ava and Austin, and he boasted that he had incriminating evidence against both of them. Mason said it was time for Ava and Austin to show their "appreciation," and he said that both would be behind bars if not for Mason.

Mason said he needed Ava to do something for him, and he used the phrase "we" in regard to Ava's "connections." Ava asked what Mason had meant by "we," and she scoffed that she had any connections outside the art world. "It's not about your art, Ava. It's about your family," Mason said.

At a storage facility, Spencer opened the safe deposit box that Victor had left him a key to. Spencer spotted a black tablet device as well as an envelope. Spencer noted that the envelope contained a prescription that had been filled by Esme and that it was for the same drug that had almost killed Oz a year earlier.

Spencer told Trina that it was the same drug that Esme had given Trina at the cabin over a year earlier. Spencer apologized to Trina for not having told her much sooner that she had been drugged. Trina accepted Spencer's apology, but she was visibly upset as she recalled how Esme had falsely framed Trina for revenge porn.

Trina said she was glad to have proof that Esme had drugged her. Spencer spotted a letter in the envelope that Esme had written to Maggie Fitzgerald. The letter contained a confession from Esme that stated she had drugged Oz. Trina smiled as she realized that she and Spencer had evidence that incriminated Esme.

Trina and Spencer powered on the tablet. The two stared at a still photo of Esme and Oz together on the docks the previous summer. Spencer and Trina noted that the photo appeared to show Esme paying Oz for the burner phone she had used to frame Trina.

Spencer and Trina were happy that they had found a "smoking gun" to use against Esme. "Spencer, this is it. You've got everything you need to get custody of your baby brother," Trina said excitedly. Spencer smiled warmly at Trina.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Jordan told Curtis that she was angry and hurt that he hadn't waited to give her an answer on where the two of them stood after their kiss at the Savoy. Jordan asked if Curtis had only used her to help deal with his grief over his marriage to Portia.

Curtis said that he had feelings for both Jordan and Portia. Curtis claimed that it wouldn't be fair to either Jordan or Portia if he walked away from Portia without putting in "the hard work." Jordan asked where Curtis' decision left her, and she told Curtis that he needed to be honest with both women.

Curtis asked Jordan to give him more time to make a decision about what he wanted. Jordan grew angry with Curtis, and she said that perhaps subconsciously, she hadn't resumed dating because she had been holding out hope for Curtis.

Curtis responded that he wanted to find out where he stood with Portia so that he could also find out where he stood with Jordan. "I know where we stand. I hope you find what you're searching for, Curtis. And I hope you and Portia can be happy, whether it's together or apart... I have to let go, finally. Two years was too long to put my life on hold. I can't wait a minute more," Jordan said, and she left.

At the Metro Court pool, Sonny told Dante about his engagement to Nina. Dante was happy for Sonny, and he wished his father well. Sonny spotted Ned, and he accused Ned of having turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC for insider trading. Sonny and Ned both grew angry and yelled at one another before Dante, Sam, and Olivia interfered.

Olivia and Dante chided Sonny for confronting Ned, who swore that he hadn't contacted the SEC about Carly and Drew having engaged in insider trading. Ned said that he had only threatened to call the SEC on Drew out of anger, and he added that he considered Carly family because she was Michael's mother and Olivia's friend.

Olivia asked Sonny to believe her, and she was adamant that Ned hadn't turned Carly and Drew in. Ned and Olivia walked away. Afterwards, Dante told Sonny to tread carefully with Ned, and he reminded Sonny that Carly's actions bore responsibility. Sonny told Dante and Sam that the government had an agenda, and he suggested that the government was attempting to use Carly to get to Sonny.

Nearby, Olivia apologized to Ned for not having believed him sooner, and she asked for his forgiveness. Ned kissed Olivia, and they were happy as they left together.

In the kitchen at Carly's mansion, Michael tried to persuade Carly to turn Sonny in to the authorities in exchange for immunity. Carly reminded Michael that what she did wasn't his or Josslyn's decision to make. Michael gave Carly a flash drive that contained the video of Sonny allegedly violating the National Security Act.

Carly asked how Michael had obtained the video. Michael admitted that he had spent the past year attempting to send Sonny to prison, but Carly said that the video wouldn't change her mind. "This footage can never see the light of day. Who else knows about this?" Carly asked.

In Dex's apartment, Josslyn begged Dex to email her the video of Sonny. Dex said he no longer had the footage and that he had given the video to Michael. Josslyn was upset that Dex hadn't kept a recording of the video.

Josslyn eventually said she realized that the situation she and her family were in wasn't Dex's fault. Dex noted that he and Josslyn had never put a label on their relationship. Dex added that no one had gone to the lengths Josslyn had for him. Dex called Josslyn "special" and "once in a lifetime," and he admitted that he was in love with Josslyn. Josslyn and Dex kissed.

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