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Ned discovered Nina's secret, but a terrible accident stopped him from sharing the news with Drew. Michael told Carly about Dex's mission. Carly decided to destroy the flash drive. Elizabeth was promoted to head nurse. Jordan had a one-night stand with Portia's brother. Spencer decided to hold on to Victor's evidence against Esme.
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Ned had an accident before he could share Nina's secret. Michael told Carly about Dex's mission. Elizabeth was promoted to head nurse. Jordan had a one-night stand with Portia's brother.
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Carly pleads with Michael to see reason

Carly pleads with Michael to see reason

Monday, June 5, 2023

At the hospital, Portia was elated to receive a surprise visit from her brother, Zeke. Zeke said that he had gone to check on Portia, and he teased her about switching allegiances from the 49ers to the Buffalo Bills. Portia mentioned Trina, and she harped about Spencer again. Portia asked Zeke to "talk some sense into" Trina.

Portia squealed when Zeke agreed. Zeke said that he was staying at Metro Court, and he alluded to having business in town. Portia was called away on work, but she agreed to meet Zeke for lunch the following day. Before Zeke left, Portia thanked him for being on her side. The two siblings hugged.

At the Metro Court pool, Chase and Brook Lynn tried to enjoy time alone, but Tracy interrupted them. Tracy told Chase to fetch her a drink. Chase left, and he saw Jordan nearby. Chase asked how Jordan was doing, and the two chatted briefly.

Tracy scolded Brook Lynn for not having gleaned more information about the patent for the Deceptor product that Deception had launched. Brook Lynn wanted to know what Tracy's real interest in Deception was. Chase returned with Tracy's drink, only for Tracy to tell him to bring her pâté.

Later, while sitting alone, Jordan heard a voice. "Is this seat taken?" a man asked. Jordan warned the man that she wasn't good company. "I'll take my chances," said the man, who was revealed to be Zeke. Zeke sat down, and he smiled at Jordan.

At Dex's apartment, Dex and Josslyn made love after the two admitted they were in love with one another. Afterwards, Josslyn said that her offer to leave town with Dex still stood -- even if it meant leaving her family behind. Josslyn told Dex that she loved him and wanted him in her life, and the two kissed.

At a storage facility, Spencer asked Trina to let him turn the incriminating evidence they had found against Esme over to the police. Spencer said that they needed to downplay where they had found the evidence, given that Victor had provided it.

Trina grew angry, and she vehemently disagreed with Spencer. Spencer suggested that Esme could hire a lawyer that would discredit the evidence based on Victor's past. Trina said she didn't believe Spencer. "Tell me what you're keeping from me, or I'm out," Trina demanded.

Spencer admitted that Victor might have falsified the evidence. Spencer added that months earlier, he had asked Victor for help in getting sole custody of Ace. Spencer recalled that Victor had promised to "find" new evidence.

Spencer encouraged Trina to leave without him, and he said he would turn the evidence in himself. Trina reasoned that Spencer would go back to prison if the evidence was proven false. "So, we agree that we're going to destroy all this evidence?" Trina asked. "Yes, yes. Of course," Spencer said.

Trina received a text from Taggert, and she noted that she wasn't ready to call Curtis her father yet. Spencer said he believed that everything would work out. Trina said she felt the same way. Spencer said that he would get rid of the evidence and return the key to the bank. Trina and Spencer kissed.

After Trina left, Spencer slowly placed the incriminating evidence against Esme back in the safe deposit box. Spencer closed the lid. "Just in case," he muttered.

In Austin's office at the hospital, Mason told Ava that her connections to Sonny were the biggest value she had to Mason and his boss. Ava said she didn't know anything about Sonny's business. Mason said that all Ava had to do was maintain a good rapport with Sonny.

Ava scoffed at Mason, and she said she had made too many inroads with Sonny to jeopardize her relationship with Avery. Austin warned that Ava would be more at risk if she didn't listen to Mason.

Mason told Ava to work to get Sonny to confide in her. Ava said that Sonny would never truly confide in her. Mason told Ava to mention the Pikeman company to Sonny. Ava said she didn't know what Pikeman was.

Mason warned Ava that he was more than a "hayseed," and he reminded Ava and Austin that he knew where Nikolas was. Mason said that Ava and Austin would have to answer to people more powerful than Mason if they thought of getting rid of him.

Mason left. Afterwards, Austin warned that Mason was only a messenger. Ava wanted to know who the "big, bad boss calling the shots" was. Austin surprised Ava when he yelled for her to stop. Austin said that Ava already knew too much, and he slammed the door to his office as he left.

In the kitchen at Carly's mansion, Carly told Michael to destroy the flash drive. Carly vowed that she would never turn against Sonny, and she added that if Sonny were to go to prison, Dex would, as well. Michael hinted that Dex wouldn't go to prison. Carly asked Michael to tell her what he was withholding from her.

Carly realized that Dex had been working with Michael to take down Sonny. Michael admitted that Josslyn also knew about his and Dex's plans for Sonny, and he continued to plead with Carly to turn against Sonny.

Carly said that Sonny would go to prison for the rest of his life, and she asked what would happen to Sonny's territory, given that Jason was dead. Carly noted that Sonny's absence would create a vacuum for rival families, and she added that families such as the Wus and others would step in.

"They're all gonna want to prove that Sonny's finished, that he no longer has power, including power to protect his family. If Sonny goes to prison, we all become targets -- especially me, because I know the most about the business," Carly said.

Michael quipped that Carly was making a lot of assumptions. Carly yelled for Michael to listen to reason. Carly recalled that she and Jason had risked their lives when Sonny had been presumed dead two years earlier, and she added that a rival family would have taken over and killed everyone, including Michael's whole family.

"You want your father to go to prison? Do you?! I know he has disappointed you, Michael. He has disappointed me. Destroying him isn't going to heal us. And someone will die!" Carly said as her voice broke.

Michael placed the flash drive on the counter, and he said it was in case Carly changed her mind. Following the tense conversation, Michael and Carly said they loved one another, and Michael left.

Jordan and Zeke have sex

Jordan and Zeke have sex

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

At the Metro Court pool, a concerned Brook Lynn worried about what Tracy had planned for Deception. She told Tracy that she would not do anything that would hurt Lucy, Maxie, or Sasha. Brook Lynn told Tracy that Deception had done well under the leadership of Lucy, Maxie, Sasha, and Brook Lynn. Tracy replied that everything would soon change, and she walked away.

Brook Lynn wondered what Tracy had meant. Chase appeared, and he asked what was going on with Tracy. Brook Lynn said she wished she knew.

At the Deception office, Lucy and Maxie boasted that the Deceptor product was outperforming expectations. Lucy proposed a toast, and she and Maxie sipped Champagne. Lucy surprised Maxie when she said that it was time for Maxie to find a bigger home. Maxie agreed to look at house listings with Lucy.

As Lucy and Maxie viewed listings, the two found a spacious home that contained four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a walk-in closet. Maxie gushed over the house, but she had doubts that she could afford it. Lucy encouraged Maxie, and she said that Maxie could afford the house if Maxie continued to work to develop new products for Deception. Lucy and Maxie toasted to the idea.

In an isolation room at the hospital, a nurse named Clara told Willow that Willow's mom had been camped outside the room "24/7." Willow told Clara about Harmony, whom Clara assumed was Willow's biological mom. Willow bemoaned that Nina was her biological mom, and she said she wanted nothing to do with Nina.

Willow compared Harmony to Nina, and she implied that she had been better off with Harmony as a mother. Clara suggested that the universe wanted Willow and Nina in one another's lives. Willow disagreed, and she said that Nina had made "too many mistakes." Clara noted that Willow had forgiven Harmony. Willow said that Nina, in contrast to Harmony, was "unforgivable."

Clara asked how Willow would feel if Willow learned that Nina had died unexpectedly in an accident. Willow claimed that things were "so much more complicated" with Nina. Clara shared that her relationship with her own mother hadn't been perfect, but she added that she would do anything to be able to see her mom again. Clara received a page concerning another patient, and she left.

In Kevin's office at the hospital, Laura told Kevin that she had decided to look for Nikolas in Russia. Laura shared that she felt Nikolas was in trouble and needed help. Laura added that the Cassadines owned a property in Chechnya.

Laura was surprised when Kevin agreed to go with her to Russia. Laura asked about Spencer, Esme, and Ace. Kevin said that Spencer and Esme were both adults that would have to figure out how to get along. Kevin proposed to have Alexis check on Spencer and Esme while he and Laura were in Chechnya.

Laura agreed with Kevin's idea, and she said they had to find someone who spoke Russian and knew "how things work in that part of the world." Laura added that she knew who to ask. Laura placed a call to Yuri, and she said she needed his help in finding someone who could act as a translator and guide.

Afterwards, Laura was both thrilled and relieved to share that Yuri had agreed to help her and Kevin. "For the first time in weeks now, I actually believe there's a chance I will see my son again," Laura said as she rushed to hug Kevin.

Also at the hospital, Portia examined Esme, who complained of a sore throat. Esme shared that she had a job at the Invader. Portia played warm and fuzzy to Esme, and she hinted that Esme had "resources" other than working for the paper. Portia suggested that Esme would be better off if Esme were to leave Port Charles.

Esme dressed, and she met Portia outside the room. Portia handed Esme a prescription, and she told Esme to take care of herself and Ace. Esme thanked Portia, and she said she would think about what Portia had said about leaving town.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Drew congratulated Curtis on being Trina's biological dad. Curtis noted that he had moved back in with Portia. Curtis bemoaned that he "had to try" to work things out with Portia, and he lamented that Jordan was upset with him.

The conversation turned to the insider trading investigation. Drew told Curtis about the government's proposal to have Carly flip on Sonny in exchange for immunity. Drew shared that he thought Carly might be considering testifying -- against Drew.

The conversation turned back to Curtis and Jordan's kiss. Curtis claimed that the kiss had confused him and had brought back feelings that were "better off buried." Before Drew left, he said he hoped things would work out for Curtis and Portia. Curtis and Drew agreed to help one another if the other needed help.

Outside the house, Drew placed a call to someone. Drew told the person that he wanted to talk about a potential "deal."

At the bar at the Metro Court pool, a confident Zeke introduced himself to Jordan. Jordan apologized if she had seemed rude in her introduction, and she started to open up to Zeke. Without mentioning names, Jordan told Zeke that she had kissed her ex, who had gone back to his wife. Jordan asked if she could buy Zeke a drink.

Zeke and Jordan started to laugh over conversation. Jordan asked where Zeke was from, and she said she would have remembered a face like Zeke's. "All right, well, you got me. I'm new to Port Charles. But this place is starting to look better by the minute," Zeke said softly to Jordan, who smiled warmly at Zeke.

A short while later, a Metro Court staffer cleared glasses at the bar. The staffer noticed that a wedding ring had been placed inside one of the glasses.

At the same time, Jordan and Zeke started to passionately make out in a suite upstairs. Jordan and Zeke undressed each other. The two kissed and put their arms around one another. As they lay on bed together, Jordan and Zeke prepared to have sex.

Elizabeth receives a big promotion

Elizabeth receives a big promotion

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

At the nurses' station, Portia invited Elizabeth to join her for drinks after work because Portia could use a night out with her "best friend." Elizabeth revealed that she'd been helping Bobbie all day, and it wasn't fair that the hospital expected Bobbie to pull double duty as head nurse and chief surgical nurse. Portia empathized, and she hoped -- for Bobbie's sake -- that Epiphany's replacement was found soon. Both Portia and Elizabeth agreed that the new head nurse would have big shoes to fill.

Moments later, Terry and Finn walked up. Elizabeth immediately sensed trouble based on their expressions. "What's going on?" Elizabeth asked. Terry explained that she and Finn had received a briefing from the board about Elizabeth's future with the hospital. Finn took pity on Elizabeth, so he encouraged Terry to get to the point. Terry broke out in a smile as she revealed that the board had voted to offer Elizabeth the position of head nurse.

Finn assured Elizabeth that it was a real offer and that Monica had supported the decision because of Elizabeth's years of dedicated service and Epiphany's glowing recommendation. Terry revealed that Monica had wanted to share the good news with Elizabeth, but she had been called away. Elizabeth was ecstatic, and she asked when she could start. Terry explained that they would have to settle on salary terms and complete paperwork, but Elizabeth could start the following week.

Portia and Finn followed Terry to the elevator while Elizabeth made a phone call. At the elevator, Terry revealed that the board had allocated enough money for Terry to hire a second in command, but both Portia and Finn made it clear that they were not interested. Portia explained that she preferred patients over paperwork.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth walked over to the memorial wall and called her grandmother to share the exciting news. After the phone call with Audrey, Elizabeth smiled as she glanced at the photograph of Epiphany. Next, Elizabeth looked at the photograph of Steve Hardy. "Well, Grandpa, I did it." Elizabeth said. "I hope that makes you proud," she added.

Portia and Finn joined Elizabeth at the memorial wall, and Portia told Elizabeth that Terry had promised to meet them at Metro Court to celebrate Elizabeth's new job. Elizabeth invited Finn to join them, but he declined. However, he assured Elizabeth that he was happy for her. After Elizabeth and Portia left, Finn returned to the nurses' station, but his thoughts drifted to Elizabeth. A smile spread across his face.

In the hospital's elevator, Drew recalled his conversation with Carly when they had agreed that their best course of action was to dig up dirt on Tracy and use that as leverage to force Ned to call off the SEC investigation. Drew glanced at his phone, but he didn't see any messages from his attorney.

In Willow's hospital room, Michael wore a sterile hospital gown, cap, and face mask as he sat at Willow's bedside. He greeted her when she woke up, and he asked how she was feeling. Willow admitted that she was both exhausted and excited because her illness might be behind them. Just then, Drew appeared in the hallway and knocked on the window as he raised his cell phone to his ear. Willow picked up the room's phone when it rang.

After Drew and Willow exchanged greetings, Willow told Drew that she had to remain in isolation until the doctors were certain that her new bone marrow was functioning. Willow acknowledged that she was blessed, and she thanked Drew for everything that he had done to help her. Willow realized that she might have had a different outcome if the SEC had intercepted Drew before he'd had a chance to bring Liesl to Port Charles.

After Drew left, Willow asked what was troubling Michael. Michael was reluctant to tell her, but Willow insisted. Michael told her about his talk with Carly and that Carly might be able to use the flash drive as leverage with the SEC. Willow reminded Michael that it was out of his hands and that it was Carly's choice to make. Willow was certain that Carly would not act out of malice or anger, and she vowed to support Michael and his family because they had been there for Willow during her battle with leukemia.

A short time later, Terry entered the room to run a few tests on Willow. Michael told Willow that he loved her, and he stepped into the hallway.

In Zeke's hotel room, Jordan and Zeke made love. Afterwards, Zeke admitted that the evening had taken an unexpected turn. Jordan suggested that it was exactly what they had each needed, prompting Zeke to ask if Jordan had forgotten about the kiss with her ex. He quickly apologized for the intrusive question, but Jordan assured him that it was fine because it had been a good reminder for her to think less and just have fun. "No strings attached," Jordan said. Jordan and Zeke leaned in for a kiss, but Zeke's phone chimed.

Zeke explained that he had to take the call because his client had been trying to reach him. Jordan slipped out of bed and got dressed while Zeke talked to Drew. After Zeke and Drew agreed to meet at the pool, Zeke ended the call. Jordan questioned if Zeke had arranged the phone call to give himself an excuse to cut their evening short, but Zeke assured Jordan that she was wrong. To prove his point, he asked for her phone number. Instead, she handed her phone to him and invited him to type in his number.

Zeke smiled, typed in his number, and returned the phone to Jordan. "I guess I will see you when I see you," Zeke said. After Zeke got dressed and left, Jordan saw that he had left his key card on the nightstand. She picked it up and left the room.

At the pool's bar, Zeke and Drew greeted each other, and they briefly reminisced about meeting at Portia and Curtis' wedding. Zeke was curious if Drew had told Curtis that Drew had hired Zeke, but Drew explained that Curtis had enough on his plate. Drew admitted that the case might not even go to trial because Drew had decided that he wanted Zeke to work out a deal with the SEC. Zeke was relieved that Drew had decided to take his advice and testify against Carly, but Drew quickly clarified that he intended to turn himself in and take full responsibility for the insider trading.

Stunned, Zeke asked why Drew was determined to fall on his sword. Drew explained that the SEC would try to get Carly to flip on Sonny, which would tear their family apart and hurt Carly and Sonny's young children. Zeke reminded Drew that Drew had a daughter, too, but Drew admitted that things were different with Scout because Scout hadn't remembered Drew when Drew had returned from his time as Victor's captive. Zeke warned Drew that it would take time. Satisfied, Drew told Zeke to get the deal in place but not to finalize it.

"I still have an ace up my sleeve that might make this whole thing go away," Drew said. Zeke asked if he wanted to know what Drew was planning. "Probably not," Drew said. Zeke warned Drew that a federal judge could always decide that the deal was too lenient and overturn the agreement. "That's a risk I'm going to have to take," Drew said. After Zeke left, Drew called Tracy and asked her to meet him at the hotel's pool.

In the restaurant, Zeke was pleasantly surprised when he bumped into Jordan as he made his way to his room. "Forgot something?" Jordan asked as she handed him his key card. Zeke teased that he might have intentionally left it behind in the hopes that she would track him down. Zeke invited Jordan to join him for a nightcap, but she decided to take a rain check.

At the elevator, Jordan exchanged a brief greeting with Portia and Elizabeth as they arrived at the restaurant. As Jordan waited for the doors to close, Portia ran over and greeted Zeke with a warm hug. Jordan was shocked when she overheard Portia introduce Zeke as her brother.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Ned and Olivia were seated at a table. Ned confessed that he was happy that Olivia finally believed him. They talked about Olivia's change of heart, and she admitted that she had noticed his commitment to being honest with her since their reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Nina noticed Ned and Olivia together, so she approached their table and struck up a conversation. Nina was surprised when Ned explained that he and Olivia were celebrating because Olivia no longer believed that Ned had reported Drew and Carly to the SEC. Nina asked what had changed Olivia's mind, so Olivia said that she had looked into Ned's heart. Nina's smile faltered when Olivia revealed that Sonny had started to see things Olivia's way, too.

At the bar, Valentin left Anna a voicemail message asking her to call him. Valentin ended the call when he saw Martin walk up to the bar. Valentin asked if Martin knew where Anna was, but Martin advised Valentin to give Anna some space to sort things out. He assured Valentin that Anna was not in danger, and Martin was confident that Anna would be in contact with Valentin soon. Just then, Valentin's phone chimed with a text message from someone named Hume who wanted Valentin to call about an urgent matter.

Martin assumed that the text message had been from Anna, but Valentin revealed that it was business. Martin started to question Valentin about the text message, but Nina walked over and greeted Martin. Valentin seized the opportunity to excuse himself and leave, so Martin and Nina walked out to the terrace to speak privately.

At Ned and Olivia's table, Ned questioned Nina's odd behavior. Olivia brushed it off as Nina simply wanting Olivia and Carly to be at odds and sowing seeds of division. Olivia steered the conversation back to Ned and the tension between Ned and the family. Olivia advised Ned to be the bigger person and find the information that Drew needed. She assured him that it would help turn down the heat a little between Ned and his cousins and help Ned get back to what was important -- family.

On the terrace, Martin confessed that it was important for him to keep things off the record because he couldn't risk having his cell phone records and computer subpoenaed. Alarmed, Nina asked why that might be a possibility. Martin revealed that the Feds were leaning on him to give up her identity. Horrified, Nina reminded Martin that he had assured her that she could remain anonymous.

Martin explained that it was no longer just a financial matter because the FBI had gotten involved. Martin revealed that the Feds intended to use the SEC charges to pressure Carly to flip on Sonny and that both parties would petition to have Nina's identity unmasked during the discovery phase. "You know what they say. All's fair in love and war -- especially when it comes to RICO charges," Martin said.

In the doorway, Ned was shocked as he listened to the exchange between Martin and Nina. Ned quickly ducked out of sight before his presence was discovered.

In Sonny's office at Pozullo's, Dex reported to Sonny that everything was set at the warehouse. Sonny thanked Dex, but Dex sensed that Sonny had other things on his mind. Sonny opened up about Olivia's defense of Ned. "I'm starting to believe her," Sonny said. Sonny conceded that Ned was capable of selling out his family, but not while Willow was sick, so Sonny suspected that Carly had been a means to an end, and Drew had been collateral damage.

Sonny admitted that the Feds had gone after him in the past, using people he cared about, and it was one of the downfalls of the life he had chosen. However, Sonny assured Dex that there were also benefits. Sonny pointed out that they were able to bend the rules. "Like when you punched that superior officer in the military," Sonny said. Dex confessed that it hadn't been a proud moment, but Sonny argued that Dex had stopped the man's abuse. "That's what we have in common," Sonny said.

Sonny talked about how Dex had broken the trust between them, so Dex wondered why Sonny would waste his time on Dex if Sonny didn't trust him. "Because I see great potential in you," Sonny said. Sonny also claimed that he could give Dex what Dex wanted. "What's that?" Dex asked. "A place where you belong," Sonny answered.

Sonny told Dex that -- in order to succeed -- Dex would have to commit. "You're all in now. You understand?" Sonny asked. "Yes, sir," Dex said. Pleased, Sonny dismissed Dex. A short time later, Dex announced that Valentin was there to see Sonny. As Valentin entered the office, Sonny invited Dex to stay.

Valentin revealed that he had spoken to Hume, who had informed Valentin that Pikeman was ready to make arrangements for a second shipment. Annoyed, Sonny reminded Valentin that the agreement had been for Pikeman to find out who had sent the sniper. Valentin doubted that Pikeman had been successful -- and admitted that would not be a good look for them. "Neither is calling my bluff," Sonny said. Sonny agreed to discuss arrangements for the second shipment, but he refused to move a single crate until he had a real conversation with Pikeman about the threat that Sonny was facing.

Valentin agreed to relay Sonny's message. Satisfied, Sonny told Dex to go home. After Dex left, Sonny asked about Anna. Valentin admitted that he had no idea how she was doing because he hadn't heard from her. Sonny reminded Valentin that Sonny had known Anna a long time. Sonny explained that Anna was reluctant to burden her loved ones when she was hurting. Valentin assured Sonny that he understood that, but Valentin wasn't used to being in a relationship where they were both "that person." Valentin shifted gears because he had noticed an expensive ring on Nina's finger.

Sonny smiled as he confirmed that he and Nina were engaged. Valentin congratulated Sonny. "She's an amazing woman. You be good to one another," Valentin said.

At Carly's house, Josslyn entered the kitchen as Carly looked at the flash drive. "What is that?" Josslyn asked. "You know damn well what this is," Carly said. Josslyn started to deny it, but Carly warned Josslyn not to lie to her. Carly explained that she knew everything that had been going on with Josslyn, Michael, and Sonny. Carly confronted Josslyn about the plan for Dex to gather intel on Sonny to be used to send Sonny to prison.

Carly held up the flash drive with the evidence to drive her point home. "Okay, but I don't have anything to do with that," Josslyn said. "I know that Dex was hired by Michael to infiltrate Sonny's organization," Carly told Josslyn. Josslyn resented Michael telling Carly, but Carly revealed that she had figured things out on her own because of the tension between Josslyn and Michael. Josslyn explained that she hadn't been mad at Michael for planting Dex in Sonny's organization, but rather because Michael had refused to use the evidence to finish Sonny when he'd had the chance.

Josslyn insisted that Dex was stuck, but Carly had the power to change everything. "What are you talking about?" Carly asked. Josslyn urged her mother to use the flash drive to save herself and Drew. She pleaded with Carly to have the "courage" that Michael had lacked. Josslyn conceded that she wanted to save Dex from being trapped in Sonny's world, but she also wanted her mother to be free.

Carly told Josslyn that Josslyn's "bloodlust" toward Sonny had gone too far, and it needed to stop. "It's too much," Carly said. Josslyn argued that Sonny had ruined their lives, and he had hurt Carly. Carly agreed that Sonny had hurt her and the family, but Carly was adamant that Sonny couldn't go to prison. Josslyn tearfully asked why. "It's better him than you, right?" Josslyn said.

Carly reminded Josslyn that Sonny's world wasn't cut and dried, which Josslyn had once understood. Carly questioned Dex's influence on Josslyn, but Josslyn explained that she no longer bought into the fantasy that Sonny used his power for good and that he would always do right by Carly. Josslyn admitted that all she saw when she looked at Sonny was the pain he had caused and the times they had been caught in the crossfire. "Not true, Josslyn," Carly said. Josslyn told her mother to tell that to Dex, Willow -- and Morgan.

Josslyn immediately regretted her harsh words. "I'm sorry," Josslyn tearfully said. Carly dropped the flash drive on the floor and stomped on it until it was crushed. Carly admitted that she should have done that as soon as Michael had given her the flash drive. Josslyn was shocked, but Carly assured her daughter that she understood. Carly knew that Josslyn was lashing out at the people Josslyn cared about because they had shown themselves to be human and reckless with Josslyn's heart. Carly admitted that it was a page from her own playbook.

Devastated, Josslyn accused Carly of condemning Dex. "He's done for," Josslyn said. "He's not," Carly replied. Carly asked Josslyn to stay with Donna. Josslyn asked where her mother was going. "I'm going to take care of everything," Carly said. A short time later, Dex entered the kitchen. Dex immediately realized that something was wrong. "It's over. There's no way out for us now," Josslyn said.

At the hospital, Carly exited the elevator and approached Michael.

There is an accident at the pool

There is an accident at the pool

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Dante led Valentin into the interrogation room and asked Valentin for help with Anna. He clarified that it was personal and off the record. He continued that he wanted to clear Anna's name and prove that the documents Victor had provided had been doctored. Later, Valentin was gone, and Sam entered the room and found Dante reading the article about Anna. She gently told him that he was supposed to have been home two hours before. He apologized and told her about how he was trying to help Anna. He didn't know how she was going to build her life back again, and Sam reminded him that he'd done it.

Sonny was waiting on Anna's doorstep when she finally arrived home. She invited him in, and she poured a drink for herself when they got inside. She advised him to go ahead and call her a hypocrite, but he insisted that he wasn't there to say that. He remembered some of the headlines about his life and how he'd already been in hell from grief. He was there to express his sympathy for her situation.

Anna clarified that, while there was context that the media had left out, the article was factually true. He related that he'd "allegedly" done things that he'd actually done, too -- some with reasons and others that he regretted. He didn't think that a person should be judged by the worst things they'd done. He assured her that he would always consider her a friend, and she sincerely appreciated it.

When Sonny was gone, Anna sat in the dark on her stairs with her drink. Valentin let himself into the house and wondered why she wasn't taking his calls. She replied that she just wanted to smash her phone. He sat down next to her and turned on a light. She tearfully admitted that she'd turned her phone off because she was too much of a coward to face Emma and Noah. Valentin held her as she cried.

In the hospital stairwell, Carly asked for Michael's opinion on Dex. She admitted that she'd smashed the flash drive, as it would put everyone, especially Sonny and Dex, in danger. She assured an irate Michael that she had a better use for Dex. Michael explained that Dex didn't crack under pressure, and he had multiple commendations from his time in the military. Carly divulged that she wanted to pay Dex to keep working with Sonny, as Sonny had no one to be his right hand, but Sonny could never know. A reluctant Michael questioned what would happen if Dex wasn't willing to do that. Carly replied that he could just disappear, as doing so sooner rather than later would hurt Josslyn less. Michael agreed to give Dex the choice.

At home, Josslyn handed Dex the pieces of the flash drive and explained what had happened. He put them in his pocket and informed her that he was going to physically destroy them, as he wanted nothing left to imply that he'd been collecting evidence against Sonny. Josslyn thought that Dex could ask Sonny to be let go, but Dex admitted that he didn't want out. He liked everything he had in town, especially her, and "it's starting to feel like home."

Josslyn reminded Dex that he didn't have to work for Sonny in order to stay, but he couldn't think of anything he'd rather do. She said she didn't think there was anything wrong with a good, honest living. However, Dex reasoned that working for Sonny paid a lot better, and he was good at it. He thought that staying with Sonny was his best option, but he would quit if staying would cost him Josslyn. She replied that she didn't want to put conditions on their relationship and make his resent her. "Remember, your life is kind of important to me," she teased. "I remember," he said, and he kissed her.

At the Metro Court pool, Tracy wondered why Drew wanted to meet with her outside of the house. He replied that it was better to blackmail her with no one to overhear. She laughed about the stand-up guy he portrayed himself as and challenged that he had no leverage over her. He answered that he knew that she'd coerced Brook Lynn into going back to Deception, which he was sure Lucy would like to hear about. An attendant passing by heard Lucy's name and offered to go get her. Tracy yelled at the young man for eavesdropping, and she demanded that he close the pool down to everyone but her and Drew.

When the attendant was gone, Drew called Tracy's outburst "rude and pointless," but she advised him to focus on his own problems. Drew thought that Tracy could convince Ned, who was connected to the SEC, to make the investigation go away. Otherwise, he threatened to tell Ned that she'd put Brook Lynn at risk by roping her into corporate espionage.

On the terrace at the Metro Court restaurant, Ned accused Nina of turning Carly and Drew in to the SEC in order to "take Carly down." She denied it, but he informed her that he'd overheard her conversation with Martin. She insisted that he'd misinterpreted the conversation. Ned told her that when Sonny found out, their engagement would be over, but she was better off without Sonny, anyway. He refused to take the fall for her and advised her to find a way to clean it up. Just then, an employee approached Nina and informed her that Tracy had demanded that the pool be closed down for her and Drew. Ned commented that he needed to talk to Drew, and he ran off, followed by Nina.

A few minutes later, Ned ran into the pool area, saying that he had something to tell Drew. However, he tripped on a pile of towels and fell into the pool, hitting his head on the way down. Drew immediately dove into the pool and pulled out Ned, who had been facedown in the water. Nina watched in horror as Tracy called 9-1-1 and Drew performed CPR on an unconscious Ned.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Chase and Brook Lynn sat down at a table as he told her all the great things about his new truck. He thought it would be perfect for camping, but Brook Lynn reminded him that she was a city girl. She suggested some alternatives, all music related, and he wondered why she'd gone back to Deception when her heart was still in the music business. She insisted that she loved it and that Lucy and Maxie needed her. She figured that she could do music part-time. He wondered what had changed. She replied that she'd found a new passion: "You."

Olivia approached Chase and Brook Lynn's table, and Brook Lynn invited her to join so that she could hear all about Chase's new truck. Olivia, whose brother owned a garage, sat down and excitedly talked about the truck with Chase. He added that he'd gotten a nice amount of money while singing, so he'd thought he'd treat himself. Just then, an employee walked over to Olivia and told her about a "slip-and-fall" accident by the pool.

The EMTs rushed into the pool area, and Chase, Olivia, and Brook Lynn arrived seconds behind, horrified to see that Ned was the victim. As the EMTs worked on Ned, Olivia introduced herself as Ned's wife and insisted that she would ride in the ambulance with them. Tracy accused Drew of attacking Ned and demanded that Chase arrest him for assault.

In Sonny's office, Nina poured herself a drink as she thought about her and Sonny's engagement. Sonny arrived, and she talked about how far they'd gone as a couple, including how angry he'd been at her after they'd returned from Nixon Falls. He related that everyone had done things they regretted, but they couldn't live in the past. He urged her to think about the future they would have together, which she wanted more than anything. "Tonight, I just want you," she said, and she hugged him.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air due to news coverage

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air due to news coverage

Friday, June 9, 2023

Due to ABC News coverage of the unsealing of federal indictment against Donald J. Trump, General Hospital did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption. Regular programming resumed on Monday, June 12, and picked up where the Thursday, June 8, episode concluded.

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