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Anna began to connect the dots to Pikeman. A mystery person set fire to Anna's home. Trina had a visit with Curtis. Finn asked Elizabeth to be Violet's guardian. Cody was shocked by the state he found Sasha in. Olivia offered to plan Nina and Sonny's wedding. Sam talked to Dante about renting his house to Maxie.
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Anna began to connect the dots to Pikeman. Trina had a visit with Curtis. Eddie took an interest in Carly. Olivia offered to plan Nina and Sonny's wedding.
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Anna tries to connect the dots

Anna tries to connect the dots

Monday, August 7, 2023

At the Metro Court pool, Scout told Sam that she missed Drew. Gladys appeared, and she seemed to taunt Scout with the fact that Drew was in prison. Sam threatened to throw Gladys into the pool if she continued to gloat about Drew in front of Scout. Sam asked what had really happened to Sasha on the day Cody had been stabbed.

Sam and Gladys started to argue. Gladys claimed that she was the only person who could help Sasha. Sam scoffed, and Gladys stormed off. Afterwards, Sam learned that, in order to see Sasha at Ferncliff, she would have to obtain Gladys' permission.

Scout noticed that Sam looked upset, and she asked if she had done something to upset Sam. Sam assured Scout that she hadn't done anything wrong. Sam put her arms around Scout, and she said that someone else had done something wrong.

At Marta & Chloe, Cody surprised Diane when he said that he wouldn't press charges against Sasha. Cody told Diane that something was off about Sasha. Cody promised to give Diane concrete evidence -- if she would grant him access to visit Sasha at Ferncliff. Diane noted that she had no power to authorize a visit. Cody said that he would find another way, and he added that Gladys wasn't trustworthy.

At Ferncliff, Sasha asked a nurse named Mandy to speak to Gladys. Sasha then asked Mandy to contact Cody. Dr. Montague had entered, and he scolded Mandy for not having consulted him about who Sasha was allowed to make calls to.

Montague coldly dismissed Mandy. After Mandy left, Montague continued to manipulate Sasha. Sasha said she believed the pills that Montague had given her had caused her to hallucinate that she had seen Cyrus at the pool. Montague produced a plastic bag of pills that he feigned had been found in Sasha's purse.

Sasha refused to believe that she had taken the pills. Montague produced a syringe that he claimed would help flush the drugs out of Sasha's system.

Outside, in the lobby, Cody told a receptionist named Janice that he was Dante. Janice insisted that Cody provide his driver's license as proof of identity. "The only way you're getting in here is if you have an ID or you're a patient," Janice said firmly. Cody seemed to be struck with an idea, and he left.

At the same time, Gladys received a call from Montague, who gloated that Sasha was doing "just fine." Montague flashed a creepy smirk before he looked in on Sasha. Inside her room, Sasha was shivering. "Please. I don't want to be here. I want to go home," Sasha said through tears.

At Metro Court, Nina told a wedding planner that she and Sonny were thinking of having a Valentine's Day wedding. Olivia approached, and she complained to Nina about Ned believing that he was Eddie Maine. Nina said that Ned loved Olivia. Olivia scoffed that Sonny had once loved Carly. "Now, he's marrying you," Olivia said.

Olivia said that she hadn't intended for her words to sound hostile. Nina encouraged Olivia to keep trying with Ned. Nina offered to cover for Olivia at work, but Olivia said that she needed to focus on something other than Ned. Olivia then surprised Nina when she said that she would plan Nina and Sonny's wedding.

Olivia told Nina to have the wedding at Metro Court, and she claimed that it would be "selfish" if Nina were to deny the hotel the publicity a wedding would bring. Nina said she agreed with Olivia. Olivia thought that Valentine's Day was a good date for the wedding. "I could plan Harry and Meghan's wedding in less time," Olivia boasted.

Nina was touched by Olivia's offer, and she reached her hand across the table to place on top of Olivia's. Nina thanked Olivia for her gesture.

Nearby, Sonny met with Brick. Brick revealed that Betty had been previously employed at a trucking company in Pautuck. Brick gave Sonny a rundown of Austin's background before presenting Sonny with a photo of Gordon. Brick said that Gordon had worked for the same trucking company in Pautuck.

Brick then presented Sonny with a photo of Mason. Brick said that the trucking company had been bought two years earlier by a well-hidden LLC. Brick added that there was no record of Mason's occupation. "Blackmail," Sonny responded.

Sonny clarified that Mason was blackmailing Ava, and he said that Ava had killed Nikolas. Sonny added that Mason had Nikolas' body and that Sonny had to protect Ava for Avery's sake. "He lives until we get that body back," Sonny said of Mason.

Sonny and Brick joined Nina and Olivia. Sonny joked that Nina and Olivia always seemed to be up to something. Nina shared that Olivia had agreed to help Sonny and Nina plan their wedding. Sonny said that he was touched by Olivia's gesture. Brick quipped that Sonny lived a charmed life. Sonny smiled tenderly at Nina.

At Laura and Kevin's house, Valentin visited Spencer with news that Laura and Kevin were still searching for Nikolas. "Maybe you can't find him because he's dead," said Esme, who had been eavesdropping nearby with Ace.

Valentin said that he had no evidence that Nikolas was dead. Spencer recalled that he had spent three years grieving Nikolas, only to learn that Nikolas had faked his death. Spencer called Nikolas a coward, and he added that Nikolas was "better off gone." Valentin asked Esme if he could hold Ace, and she agreed.

Valentin admired Spencer for how he had taken care of Ace. Spencer said that Esme had taken equally good care of Ace, and he called Esme a "good mother." As Valentin gushed about Ace, Esme smiled at Spencer.

Spencer thanked Valentin for having helped stop Victor in Greenland months earlier. Spencer added that he wouldn't have been able to stand losing Trina. Valentin tried to downplay his role in helping take down Victor. Spencer noted that he was trying to pay Valentin a compliment, and he added that he had been wrong about Valentin.

Valentin said that with Victor gone and Nikolas missing, the Cassadines had a chance to reinvent themselves as a family. Valentin noted that Spencer, Alexis, Sam, Kristina, and Molly were all good people. Spencer and Valentin shook hands as Spencer said that he would keep his nose clean if Valentin would do the same.

After Valentin left, Esme thanked Spencer for having said that she was a good mother. Esme encouraged Spencer to take some photos with Ace. Spencer obliged, and soon, Spencer had taken a selfie of the three of them all smiling. Spencer said that he should send the photos to Laura. Esme briefly ran her fingers through Spencer's hair.

In Robert's office, Anna rushed in to ask where Robert stood with the WSB. Robert said that he no longer had much contact with the agency since he had been elected as district attorney. Robert and Anna recalled that Frisco was no longer the head of the WSB, and they wondered about the new regime's motives.

Anna asked what Robert knew about Pikeman. Anna flashed back to a debriefing in London in which an agent named Walsh had asked her to explain why she had "gone rogue" regarding her role in the WSB's search for Victor in Greenland.

During the conversation with Walsh, it was revealed that Anna had spotted something with the Pikeman logo on it. Robert asked why Anna was really asking about Pikeman. Anna thanked Robert, and she rushed out of his office. "I haven't done anything," a confused Robert said to himself after Anna left.

A short while later, Diane visited Robert. Robert was surprised when Diane said that Cody wouldn't press charges against Sasha. Diane invited Robert to attend an automobile show with her. Robert excitedly agreed. Diane rambled about cars, and she seemed to use it as an allegory to hint that Robert should reconsider dating.

Diane surmised that Robert no longer seemed enthused, and she said that she would take Alexis instead. Robert scoffed that Alexis didn't appreciate cars. Diane quipped that Alexis at least appreciated spending time with her, and she left.

At Anna's house, Anna used a Sharpie to write names on a piece of paper to try to connect the WSB to Pikeman, Sonny, Robert, and others in her circle. Anna flashed back to Walsh saying that Anna had sought out Valentin's help. Anna scribbled "VALENTIN" in all capital letters in the middle of the page.

Anna wondered what Valentin's connection was to Pikeman. Just then, Valentin entered. "What's going on?" Valentin asked Anna. "I think I know who shot at me -- and I think you know them, too," Anna told Valentin, who seemed to freeze.

Valentin tells Anna about his involvement with Pikeman

Valentin tells Anna about his involvement with Pikeman

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

At Anna's house, Anna recalled that Valentin had asked her to deliver a message to Sonny only moments before the shooting at the Metro Court pool. Anna pleaded with Valentin to tell her why he was involved with Sonny -- and who the third party was that had used Valentin. "A defense contractor... Pikeman," Valentin admitted.

Valentin clarified that he wasn't working with Pikeman, but he acknowledged that he'd had "dealings" with them many years earlier. Anna surmised that there was a specific reason that Pikeman had chosen Valentin as an intermediary to gain access to Sonny's organization, and she asked why Valentin had agreed.

Anna said that Valentin would have had to know that any involvement from Pikeman would be illegal. Valentin said that he had only agreed to help Pikeman because he had thought the company might help him bring down Victor. Valentin added that Pikeman was directly connected to the WSB.

Valentin said that he had been at the WSB when Pikeman had first recruited him years earlier. Valentin added that there had seemed to be a "revolving door" for former WSB agents to find employment with Pikeman. Anna surmised that the direct connection between the WSB and Pikeman had started when Victor had been in charge of the WSB in 2014.

Anna recounted that Valentin was a former WSB agent who had asked another former agent to deliver a message to Sonny. "And then, a couple of minutes later, shots were fired, either for him or me. And the rifle used happened to be, at one point, in the custody of the Bureau," Anna noted.

Anna said that it was "stunningly obvious" that the WSB and Pikeman were behind the shooting. "I was the target, and I refuse to be a sitting duck. So, if you've got anything else that you've forgotten to tell me, now would be a really good time to do so before they take another shot. Because honestly, the next time, they might not miss," Anna said as her voice rose.

Valentin said that he had told Anna everything about his involvement with Pikeman. Valentin added that it "killed" him to know that he had placed Anna in danger. Anna said that there was a missing piece and that she would find out what it was. Anna stormed out of the house.

In Cyrus' room at the hospital, Martin told Cyrus that he had given away all of Cyrus' money, per Cyrus' request. Austin lurked just outside Cyrus' room. Martin was cynical when Cyrus vowed that he had changed. Martin said he also doubted that Cyrus was truly penniless, but he said he would have to take Cyrus' word.

Martin told Cyrus to take care of himself, and he left. Outside Cyrus' room, Martin spotted Austin. Martin expressed worry that Cyrus could be in danger of having another heart attack so soon after the fight at Pentonville. Austin claimed he didn't know Cyrus, and he stuttered that he was certain that Cyrus would be fine.

Just then, Austin received a text from Mason, who demanded another meeting in Austin's office. In Austin's office, Mason threatened Austin. Austin told Mason to leave. Mason said that Austin should respect his family. "You never know when they can turn on you," Mason said.

Later, near the elevator, Cyrus was handcuffed to a wheelchair as two guards prepared to escort him back to Pentonville. Austin appeared, and he slowed down when he caught a glimpse of Cyrus being wheeled into an elevator. Cyrus and Austin stared at one another for several seconds. Cyrus smirked faintly at Austin the entire time. Austin seemed ill at ease as the elevator doors shut.

At Ferncliff, Sasha hallucinated that Cody had entered her room and was screaming at her. Sasha then envisioned that she saw Cyrus taunting her with more drugs. Sasha screamed.

Out in the lobby, Brook Lynn approached Janice after Cody had enlisted Brook Lynn's help to visit Sasha. Brook Lynn tried to gain access to Sasha as Cody hid out of sight. Janice said that she recognized Brook Lynn from her work with Chase and Blaze, and she grew excited.

Janice said that she was Chase's biggest fan. Brook Lynn used Janice's love for Chase's music as a distraction while Cody sneaked past the desk to gain entry into Sasha's room.

A short while later, outside Sasha's room, Janice said that Brook Lynn's visit would have to be supervised for everyone's safety. Inside the room, Sasha stared coldly at Cody. Sasha screamed at the top of her lungs for Cody to leave her alone. An orderly raced in and rushed Cody out of the room.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia told Tracy that Ned had been out club-hopping the previous night. Tracy surprised Olivia when she said that it was time to have Ned committed. Ned eavesdropped, and he overheard Olivia say that she couldn't agree to commit Ned. Tracy tried to persist, but Olivia flatly refused.

Tracy stormed off. Afterwards, Ned told Olivia that he appreciated her not having him committed. Olivia said that she wanted Ned to get help, but Ned continued to insist that he was Eddie Maine. Olivia said the Quartermaines needed Ned back. Ned said that he needed music to survive. Olivia asked Ned to work on music with Brook Lynn.

Olivia gave "Eddie" a tour of Brook Lynn's workstation, and she encouraged him to give it a chance. Ned played a piano solo for Olivia, and he flashed back to Tracy asking Olivia to put him in a psychiatric facility. Ned sang that he didn't know who to love or who to turn to again. Olivia applauded with a tear in her eye after Ned finished. Ned asked Olivia for a drink of water. When Olivia returned, Ned had left.

At the hospital, Finn and Elizabeth were awkwardly flirting with each other near the nurses' station when Gregory stepped off the elevator. Gregory noted that Finn was smiling. Finn asked why Gregory had gone to the hospital. Gregory claimed to be doing research. Finn received an alert on his phone, and he left to visit a patient.

Tracy appeared, and she said that she had been worried about Gregory after their dinner at Metro Court. Gregory accused Tracy of "prying" into his private life. Nearby, Finn gave Elizabeth a literal box of fungus that he had secured for a class project for Jake. The two overheard Gregory and Tracy arguing.

Elizabeth apologized to Finn -- this time for Tracy's behavior toward Gregory. Finn explained Tracy to Elizabeth, despite Elizabeth having known Tracy longer than Finn. Nearby, Tracy said that she needed to speak to a doctor about having Ned committed.

Gregory argued with Tracy, and he lectured her about what he thought was best for Ned. Tracy said that she hadn't asked for a lecture. Tracy added that she knew what she had to do, and she walked away. Gregory spotted Finn, and he grumbled about Tracy. Elizabeth called the encounter between Tracy and Gregory "uncomfortable."

Portia comes between Spencer and Trina

Portia comes between Spencer and Trina

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis yelled about a politician that had gotten away with a crime. Alexis told Gregory that she wanted to break something. Gregory said he had an idea, and he and Alexis headed to the throwing club.

Alexis and Gregory were excited as they threw axes for the first time. Gregory started to stumble, and he had to sit down. Gregory admitted that his pain was growing worse each day. Gregory lamented his ALS diagnosis as he vented to Alexis.

Gregory said that he hadn't been able to stop obsessing about his future. Gregory grew emotional, and he claimed that everything had been taken from him. Alexis rushed to put her arms around Gregory, who had slowly started to sob.

Gregory said that he had found himself avoiding Chase and Finn because of his worry that he couldn't hide his symptoms. Alexis encouraged Gregory to tell Finn, given that Finn was a doctor. Gregory said he didn't want to burden Finn.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan asked Dante for updates on the Metro Court shooting. Dante shared that the working theory was that Anna or Sonny had been the shooter's target.

Dante said that the WSB appeared to be washing its hands of Anna. Jordan asked how Anna was handling things. Dante shared that Anna was having a tough time, despite insisting that she was fine. Jordan said that she owed it to both Anna and Curtis to help. Jordan left, and Dante stared at a file.

In Curtis' room at the hospital, Marshall tried to cheer Curtis up with a game of Go Fish. Marshall's visit appeared to lift Curtis' spirits momentarily. Curtis said that he dreaded entering a rehab facility once he was discharged from the hospital because he thought it would signal that he had given up hope of ever walking again.

Marshall said that Curtis didn't have to go through the struggle alone. Curtis said that seeing Portia only reminded him of the life he wouldn't have. Jordan surprised Curtis with a visit. Marshall left so that Curtis and Jordan could talk.

Jordan teased Curtis about his love of Go Fish, and she asked if he had remembered anything from the night of the shooting. Jordan asked Curtis to let her know if he remembered anything. Curtis agreed.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Portia was thrilled when Trina said that she was moving back in. Portia said that it was the best news she had received in a long time. Spencer appeared with some of Trina's belongings, and Portia's face froze.

Portia feigned a smile at Spencer before Trina left to head upstairs. Spencer started to follow Trina before Portia cut him off and said that she would "take it from here." Portia was condescending to Spencer, and she noted that the pool shooting might have been intended for Sonny, who she noted was Spencer's uncle.

Spencer said that he was nothing like Sonny or Victor. Spencer admitted that he was "far from spotless," but he said that he only wanted Trina to be safe and happy. Portia refused to allow Spencer to say goodnight to Trina, and she said that she would tell Trina that Spencer had had to "take off."

Spencer reluctantly agreed. Trina returned downstairs. Portia said that Spencer had left. Trina asked Portia what her plans were, given that Curtis was paralyzed. Portia said that she wanted to have the house made "handicap-accessible," and she added that she hoped Curtis would let her back into his life.

Trina said she hoped Curtis would let her back into his life, as well, and she added that she had been feeling sad and disconnected. Trina said that she had gone home because she had missed Portia.

In Olivia's office at Metro Court, Carly surprised Olivia with a visit. After an awkward moment, Carly told Olivia that she was sorry for what had happened to Ned. Nina appeared, and she said that she had stopped by to thank Olivia for "earlier this morning." After Nina left, Carly asked Olivia what Nina had meant. Olivia told Carly that she had volunteered to help plan Sonny and Nina's wedding.

Olivia said that she wanted to plan the wedding to take her mind off Ned's condition. Carly asked how she could help. Olivia and Carly proceeded to rekindle their friendship, and the two hugged. Carly recalled how she and Olivia had met, and the two recalled several important moments in their friendship.

Carly said that becoming Olivia's friend was one of the best decisions she had made. Olivia asked about Drew. Carly said that she was frustrated because there was nothing she could do for Drew. "You want to get out of here?" Carly asked. Olivia asked where Carly wanted to go. "You'll see," Carly said.

At Sonny's penthouse, an excited Sonny called Dante to ask if he was watching a boxing match on TV. Dante said that he was at work, and the two agreed to talk later. Nina appeared, and Sonny raved about the fight he had just watched.

Sonny quickly deduced that Nina wasn't interested in boxing. Nina said that anything that made Sonny smile made her happy. As Sonny and Nina cuddled, Nina recalled having just left Metro Court. Nina noted that she had seen Carly. Sonny said he didn't want Nina to feel that she had to "avoid" running into Carly.

Nina said that she had gone to Olivia's office to talk about setting a wedding date. Sonny said that he would go to a courthouse or to Las Vegas to marry Nina if he had to. Sonny and Nina started to kiss with their arms around each other. The couple agreed to pick a date for the wedding the following day.

Trina sees Curtis

Trina sees Curtis

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Someone was watching Anna's front door as Dante rang the doorbell. Anna let him in and asked about his progress on the shooting, and he replied that he hadn't yet been able to rule anything out. Anna revealed that she had some new information for him that was solid but could be relevant. She told him about Pikeman and Valentin's long-ago association with them. She also talked about how the new WSB director had gotten rid of everyone associated with her or Robert.

Anna also confided in Dante about the folder labeled with the Pikeman logo in possession of the WSB agent who had debriefed her. Dante wondered if it could just be a coincidence, but she wasn't convinced. She added that the WSB had always taken risks because they paid off. Dante promised to check with his contacts at the PCPD to try to help her connect everything. He promised to keep her in the loop and thanked her for doing the same. Anna walked him out, and the person watching her house hid from them.

Sam arrived at Maxie's with wine and ice cream. Maxie talked about how excited she was to catch up with Sam until she heard Georgie and James fighting from their bedroom. Maxie called them out into the living room, and they continued arguing. Maxie ordered Georgie to Maxie's bedroom and followed her there. While Maxie was gone, Sam obliged James's request for a bowl of ice cream. When Maxie returned, she announced that Georgie would be sleeping in Maxie's room that night. James thanked Maxie and ran off to his own room.

Maxie talked about how badly she had to move, as the kids were driving her crazy. She lamented that she was always outbid. Sam had an idea, and she suggested that Maxie move into Dante and Lulu's house. Maxie sadly wondered if Dante would be all right with that, and Sam believed that, if he rented it to anyone, he would be happy to rent it to Maxie. A short while later, James was asleep on Maxie's lap, and Sam revealed that Dante would be there soon to pick her up. Maxie asked about Sam's sisters, and Sam said that she was proud of both Molly and Kristina.

Marshall arrived home, and Portia excitedly told him about Trina moving back in. She ran upstairs to get Trina, but she returned with a note from Trina saying that Trina had to go out but would be back soon. Marshall broke it to Portia that he thought he should move out as he'd been planning to do before Curtis had been shot. Portia was against the idea because she still needed him. He promised that he would do anything for his family, but he wanted to give them space.

Portia confided that she blamed herself for Curtis getting shot, as he'd only been there to make amends with her. Marshall assured her that she wasn't responsible for a stray bullet. She countered that years of lying had led to that point, but he urged her to move forward. He reminded her that Curtis would need her, and he assured her that everything would be all right.

Kristina, wearing a facial mask, was watching a murder documentary at Alexis'. Alexis arrived home, and each jumped at the presence of the other. Kristina explained that she was there because her Internet was out, and she needed to finish her show. She observed that Alexis had been out late, and she hoped that her mother had had fun. As she made her way upstairs, Alexis answered that she had. Alexis returned a few minutes later in her pajamas, and she revealed that she'd gone axe-throwing with a friend. She commented about how basic yet satisfying it had been.

Alexis recognized a pile of financial and business books as the ones Sam had given to Kristina. Kristina commented on how Sam had never given her anything like that before. Alexis knew that it was because Sam was trying to apologize for hurting Kristina's feelings. Kristina acknowledged that Sam had been right in her "strong points." She appreciated the gift and thought that the books had helped her already. She talked about how important the project was, and she insisted that she would finish it.

Trina arrived at the hospital and spotted Finn. She explained that Curtis was headed to rehab the next day, so she needed to see him that night. She knew that Curtis had refused to see her, but she wondered what Finn would say if it were him and Violet in the same situation.

Curtis was asleep in his hospital room and jerked awake after a dream about the shooting. He uncovered his legs and sighed. Elizabeth entered and revealed that he was in great shape to go to the rehab facility the next day. "Never better," he commented sarcastically. She warned him that it wouldn't be easy, but he was strong and would adjust to his situation.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth bumped into Trina in the hall and wondered if there was anything she could do to help Trina. Trina replied that Finn was working on something for her. Just then, her phone went off, and she smiled.

Finn entered Curtis' room, and Curtis assumed that the visit wasn't for medical reasons. Finn related that he wished he could cure Curtis, but there was something he could do to help. He opened the door, and Trina entered. Curtis didn't appreciate the ambush, and Finn left. Trina knew that Curtis didn't want her there, but she'd needed to see him to apologize before he went to rehab.

Trina regretted taking sides after finding out about Curtis kissing Jordan. She prayed that things would work out between her parents, but he would be her father regardless. He admitted that he'd pushed her away when he shouldn't have. She remembered his first words after waking up from surgery: "I need my daughter." She promised that she was there and not going anywhere, and she hugged him.

Deanna took a phone call at the nurses' station. She called Finn over and revealed that it was a call about his patient. Finn took the call and told the caller to book an operating room and that he would be right there. He rushed out as Elizabeth returned.

Carly and Olivia arrived at the Highsider, and Carly commented that the bar reminded her of Jake's. Olivia wasn't enthused with it, and she was horrified when she touched something sticky. She ran off to wash her hands, and Carly ordered their drinks. Carly was shocked when Ned approached her and asked if one of the drinks was for him. She responded that she was waiting for her friend, and he replied that he could be a "very good friend." He thought they should go somewhere less noisy to talk, but he was interrupted by Olivia's return.

Olivia pulled Carly aside and asked if Ned was trying to hit on her. "It's lonely over here!" Ned called out to Carly, and he began to sing to her. Carly offered to figure out what Ned wanted and get back to Olivia. Carly returned to Ned, and they talked about the Quartermaines. He admitted that he wasn't fond of Olivia, and Carly stomped on his foot, claiming that she'd seen a roach. She thought he needed to help the family understand who he was so they could learn to accept it. He was skeptical that they could accept it. She assured him that she knew someone who'd gone through something similar, and their family had learned to love him.

Across the bar, a drunk and handsy Mason approached a "lonely and hot" Olivia. She demanded that he get his hands off of her or she would make him sorry. "I'd like to be sorry with you," he slurred, and she pushed him away from her. Ned ran over and pulled Mason away from Olivia. He punched Mason, who fell to the floor.

Mason got back to his feet and pushed Ned against the bar. They continued to fight until Mason punched Ned, and Ned fell unconscious to the floor. Mason claimed Olivia for himself as the "victor." Meanwhile, the bartender slid a bottle down the bar to Carly, who hit Mason over the head, and he fell unconscious to the floor. Olivia woke Ned, who sat up and asked, "Did I get him?"

A shadowy figure puts Anna in danger

A shadowy figure puts Anna in danger

Friday, August 11, 2023

On the roof of the hospital, Finn told Elizabeth that he had lost a patient earlier that night. Finn said the patient had been the father of one of Violet's classmates. The patient's death prompted Finn to again ask Elizabeth to be Violet's guardian.

Elizabeth agreed to be Violet's guardian in the event that something were to happen to Finn. The two stared at the stars and made wishes.

In the bedroom at Sonny's penthouse, Sonny and Nina put their arms around one another and prepared for sleep. The two were asleep when Sonny's phone rang. Nina awoke a short while later to find that Sonny had left.

At Wyndemere, Ava received an urgent call from Nina. Nina said that Sonny had left without leaving a note. Ava said that Sonny was a "mobster who doesn't work nine to five." After Ava and Nina's call ended, Avery asked if she could sleep next to Ava.

Ava comforted Avery, and she encouraged the child to make new friends at a camp that Avery was scheduled to attend the following day. Avery said that she already had a new friend, and she mentioned Betty. Ava's face showed alarm.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Sam told Dante that Maxie wanted to rent Dante and Lulu's old home. Dante said that it was a great idea, and he gave his blessing. Dante and Sam started to kiss while in bed, but their moment of intimacy was interrupted when Dante received a call from Chase.

In the lobby of the Port Charles Police Station, Ned and Carly appeared in handcuffs after the fight at the Highsider Bar. Olivia tried to explain what had happened, and she recalled that Mason had behaved inappropriately toward her.

Chase announced that the bar had agreed not to press charges, but he added that someone still had to sign paperwork in order for Ned, Carly, and Olivia to be released from police custody. A short while later, Dante appeared, and he received a rundown on the incident from Chase. Ned surprised everyone when he said that he had called Sonny, who had just appeared in the lobby.

Dante offered to sign paperwork for Olivia, who insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong. Dante noted that Leo was already confused by Ned's memory loss. Olivia agreed to leave with Dante. Sonny offered to sign for Carly. Carly refused, and she said that she wouldn't leave with Sonny.

Chase tried to assure Carly that it was only a formality for someone to sign her out of custody. Sonny asked why Carly was being "stubborn." Sonny and Carly started to argue. Carly told Sonny that it was her life, and she insisted that she didn't need his help. "Suit yourself," Sonny calmly told Carly. Sonny signed paperwork for Ned, and the two men left. Chase offered to bring coffee to Carly, who waited for Josslyn.

Back at Sam and Dante's penthouse, Dante slipped out of his clothes, and he crawled back into bed next to Sam. Dante told Sam that he was happy to be home with her, and the two started to kiss. Dante and Sam ran their hands over one another's bodies, and they made love as soft music played.

At the same time, at Sonny's penthouse, Nina appeared restless and worried as she tried to get comfortable in bed. Nina sat upright, and she stared at her engagement ring.

In Austin's office at the hospital, Austin was taken aback when he saw several red marks on Mason's neck. Austin surmised that Mason was "hiding" from someone, and he demanded that Mason explain the marks. Mason claimed that he had met a woman who had been "feisty" toward him at a bar.

Mason mentioned Betty's involvement with Sonny and Ava. Mason quipped that Austin needed to "rein Ava in." Austin said that Mason had Avery in the palm of his hand. Mason seemed content, and he added that Betty was a "good little operative."

Outside Anna's house, someone watched from behind the bushes as Anna left to go for a jog. Not long after Anna had left, a small figure wearing black leather shoes entered the home. Using matching leather gloves, the person proceeded to douse Anna's home with kerosene. The person struck matchess and tossed them on the floor. Anna's house was set on fire.

When Anna returned home, she opened the doors to find her house ablaze. Anna stepped back outside, and she phoned the authorities. Anna told them to hurry because the fire was spreading rapidly.

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