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Security footage revealed that Charlotte had secretly entered Anna's hotel suite. Anna warned Sonny that he'd likely been the sniper's target at Metro Court pool. Drew was rushed to the hospital when Cyrus took steps to neutralize Drew. Gregory told Tracy about his ALS diagnosis. Willow returned to work in time to help Sam. Cody made a full confession to Sasha. Molly learned that Andrea was pregnant.
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Security footage revealed Charlotte had entered Anna's hotel suite. Cyrus took steps to neutralize Drew. Gregory told Tracy about his ALS diagnosis. Molly learned Andrea was pregnant.
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Valentin and Nina make a startling discovery

Valentin and Nina make a startling discovery

Monday, September 18, 2023

In the Metro Court restaurant, Blair accused Martin of having given her idea for the Deceptor to Lucy. Blair added that she would make Martin pay. Martin revealed that Blair had had an affair with David Vickers in Llanview, and he wondered why he should be the one to pay. Blair said that Lucy would lose everything before Blair left.

At Chase's apartment, Brook Lynn told Chase that Maxie had fired her. Brook Lynn said that she had betrayed Maxie, Lucy, and Sasha. Brook Lynn added that she should have trusted Chase enough to tell him the truth. Chase said that Brook Lynn had been desperate for Chase to get his job back, and he added that he didn't want to spend time living in the past.

Chase blamed Tracy for what Brook Lynn had done. Brook Lynn said that Chase was lucky to be from a family that wasn't the Quartermaines. Chase said that he was happy to have Brook Lynn in his life, and he added that he was the luckiest person he knew. "I'm pretty lucky, too," Brook Lynn said, and she and Chase kissed.

At the hospital, Marshall told Stella that they needed to speak in private. Off to a corner, Marshall told Stella that Curtis was thinking of selling the Savoy. Stella was adamant that Curtis shouldn't sell the club.

Marshall told Stella about Selina's offer to buy the Savoy. Stella and Marshall agreed that Curtis couldn't lose the club. Marshall walked Stella to the elevators, and he complimented her for being a crucial part of their family. Stella and Marshall agreed that they were lucky to have the family that they shared.

Nearby, Finn told Alexis that Gregory still hadn't told Chase about having ALS. Alexis assured Finn that he was a good son to Gregory. Finn said that Gregory's diagnosis was "tearing (Finn) up inside." Alexis told Finn that he wasn't alone, and she said that they would be in the fight together with Gregory.

Afterwards, Elizabeth told Finn that T.J. had mentioned Gregory's neurological doctor. Elizabeth said that the doctor's focus was on treating ALS "by the book" instead of "by the patient." Elizabeth said that she thought the doctor wasn't the right choice for Gregory.

Finn said that he couldn't start dictating Gregory's treatment. Elizabeth heaped praise on Finn before she encouraged him to get involved with Gregory's case. Finn agreed, and he said that he was counting on Elizabeth's help with research for a new doctor.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Gregory noted that it was late and that Esme should probably head home. Esme said that she didn't feel like going home. Gregory offered to listen to Esme, who whined that everyone still saw her as the "old Esme."

Gregory worked to cheer up Esme, and he encouraged her to focus on short-term progress. Gregory asked Esme to find something that made her smile each day. Gregory said that he had developed the same philosophy for himself, and he and Esme started to laugh together.

Alexis had approached, and she overheard the end of Gregory and Esme's conversation. Esme had agreed to leave when Gregory stumbled. Esme asked if Gregory was okay. Alexis brushed aside Gregory's stumble, and she said that she would see Esme the following morning.

After Esme left, Alexis thanked Gregory for having lifted Esme's spirits. Gregory said that it had felt great to help Esme. Alexis asked how Gregory felt physically. Gregory said that his doctor had made it clear that he was deteriorating, but he added that he intended to live his best life.

In Anna's suite at Metro Court, Anna reiterated to Valentin that the person behind the attacks on her was making things personal and wanted to leave her with nothing. Valentin said that the message that had been left for Anna on the bathroom mirror had been a direct threat.

Valentin said that he would check for security footage that the hotel's cameras might have captured. Valentin vowed that he and Anna would find whoever had trashed the room.

At the Crimson office, Lucy asked Nina for an update on Sasha. Nina said that she was waiting for an update from Gladys and that Cody had escaped Ferncliff with Sasha. Lucy claimed to care about Sasha, but she immediately shifted her focus onto Sasha's replacement at Deception.

Nina fumed at Lucy for putting Deception ahead of Sasha's well-being. Lucy said that the "timing for Sasha's predicament" was bad. Nina ordered Lucy to leave as Valentin entered. Valentin asked Nina to pull up any security footage of Anna's suite from the past three hours, and he recalled the break-in at Anna's suite.

Nina used a laptop to pull up the footage. As she did, Valentin spotted something that Nina hadn't. Valentin asked Nina to rewind the footage. Afterwards, Valentin told Nina to freeze the tape. Valentin put his hand to his mouth as he and Nina gasped at something they saw on the laptop screen. "Oh, my God. can't be," Nina whispered as she and Valentin sat in shock.

Back in Anna's suite, Anna had a series of flashbacks about Valentin, including Dante having said that Valentin had lied about his whereabouts on the night of the fire. Anna picked up her phone. "Hello. I'd like to report a break-in," Anna told someone over the phone.

Nina and Valentin learn who broke into Anna's suite

Nina and Valentin learn who broke into Anna's suite

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

At Curtis and Portia's house, Trina brought a video game for her and Curtis to play together. Portia's phone chimed, and she said that she had to step out for a while. After Portia left, Trina referenced the Savoy, and she encouraged Curtis to return to work. Curtis expressed reservations before he asked what was new in Trina's life.

Trina was excited as she told Curtis about her planned trip to Manhattan with Spencer. Trina added that she hadn't told Portia about the trip, and she expressed reservations about telling Portia. Curtis said that the most important thing was how Trina felt about Spencer. "I think I'm in love with him," Trina softly admitted.

Curtis asked if Spencer felt the same way. Trina said that neither she nor Spencer had told each other that they were in love. "Maybe I'm not ready to say 'I love you' first, or maybe I'm waiting for Spencer to say it. I don't know," Trina mused.

Curtis asked if Trina had doubts about Spencer. Trina shook her head. "No doubts. I just feel impatient and annoyed and disappointed at times. He just does the stupidest things... but then he also does the sweetest things," Trina recalled.

Curtis recalled that he hadn't been a fan of Spencer initially, but he said that his feelings had changed when he and Spencer had been in Greenland. Curtis noted that he had seen the way Spencer "lit up" every time Trina was in the room. Trina said that, over time, she had grown to believe she could count on Spencer emotionally.

Curtis said that Trina and Spencer were from "two different worlds," and he compared their backgrounds. Trina said that Spencer wasn't like most men who came from riches. Curtis asked how Trina was dealing with Esme's presence in Spencer's life, in addition to Spencer and Esme co-parenting a child.

Trina admitted that there was a lot she still didn't know. Trina said that no one knew what the future held. Curtis agreed, and he highlighted his paralysis and Epiphany's death as examples. "Sometimes, you've just got to live in the moment," Curtis offered. "Well, what do you think, Curtis? Is this my moment?" Trina asked.

At the Savoy, Marshall and N'neka groused that it was the club's slowest night in months as they watched from behind the bar. By contrast, Selina entered in a boastful mood as she introduced a friend named Zion. Selina spoke of a new club that had opened downtown, and she gloated that the new club was always crowded.

Selina suggested that Marshall reconsider her offer to buy the Savoy. After Marshall sternly refused, Selina quipped that the club wasn't the same without Curtis. Selina told Zion that it was best to leave Marshall to his misery, and she laughed as she left.

A short while later, Portia appeared. Portia revealed that N'neka had called her about an emergency at the club, and she asked N'neka for details. N'neka said that there had been tension between Marshall and Selina during their conversation. N'neka warned that Selina wasn't someone to toy with. Portia agreed, and she said that Marshall didn't realize how dangerous Selina was.

Ned/Eddie and Olivia appeared, and they quipped that the Savoy was a "ghost town." Marshall approached, and he and Eddie talked about music. Eddie grew excited when he told Marshall about the song Eddie had been writing. Marshall offered to lend his clarinet. Eddie said that he might take Marshall up on the offer.

Marshall encouraged Eddie to debut the song at the Savoy the following week. Marshall admitted that the crowd at the Savoy was slow, and he said that "the return of Eddie Maine to the stage" might be just what Curtis needed to feel like returning to work. Marshall encouraged Eddie and Olivia to think about his offer.

After Marshall left the table, Eddie recalled that Marshall had referred to Olivia as Eddie's "beautiful date." Eddie asked if Olivia thought that the two were on a date. N'neka brought drinks, and Eddie and Olivia toasted to Marshall's challenge to perform at the Savoy. Nearby, Marshall sought to reassure Portia that he wouldn't allow Selina to buy the Savoy.

At the cabin in the woods, Cody found a bottle of dangerous prescription pills in the coat that Cody had stolen from Montague during the escape from Ferncliff. Cody noted that Montague had planned to give Sasha the pills before she had escaped. Sasha asked if Cody, Dante, and Sam thought that Montague had planned to kill her.

Dante admitted that it was possible. Sam wondered what Montague's plan had been. Dante said that Montague could be charged with criminal malpractice and attempted murder. Sam asked how the four of them could prove Montague's guilt, and she noted that it was their word against Montague's.

Sasha noted that Montague had never given her a prescription for the pills, and she blamed herself for having ever trusted Montague. Cody and Dante sought to assure Sasha that she wasn't at fault. Sasha said that Cody was the only person facing criminal charges, and she wondered how the group could prove Cody's innocence.

Dante mentioned Mac, but Cody wasn't sure the group could rely on Mac's goodwill. Sam asked Cody to give her and Dante 24 hours to figure out their next step. Sam promised that she and Dante would be in touch the following day. Sasha and Cody thanked Sam and Dante for everything they had done to help.

After Sam and Dante left, Sasha said that all she and Cody could do was wait to see what Sam and Dante discovered. Cody said that there was another option that he and Sasha could consider. "You and I could just disappear," Cody suggested.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Sonny and Dex met with a middle-aged Pikeman employee named Hume. Hume opened a briefcase, and he offered its contents to Sonny as an "apology." Inside the suitcase were large bundles of cash. Sonny asked if the money was truly for an apology -- or a down payment on another deal.

Hume called the money a "peace offering," but Sonny flatly refused to accept the cash. Sonny demanded that Hume find the leak in the Pikeman organization that had tried to send Sonny to prison. "Because I am not going to let the Feds use Pikeman to get me!" Sonny yelled.

Hume left, and Sonny asked for Dex's opinion on what had just happened. Sonny noted that he could see that Dex's mind was always spinning. Sonny surmised that, because Dex wasn't the boss, Dex's mind had access to people and places that Sonny didn't. "So, you want to be able to move up in my world? I have to be able to trust your judgment. So, tell me what you see," Sonny said.

Dex shared that he believed Pikeman was running a parallel operation that might be considered "rogue." Dex added that he didn't think it made sense for Pikeman to leak to the authorities that the company had a deal with Sonny. Sonny was impressed by Dex's insight, and he thanked Dex for sharing.

Dex said that he thought Sonny's best option was to cut all ties with Pikeman. "Well, that's the problem, isn't it? Pikeman is not taking no for an answer," Sonny said. Sonny added that he had only "bought time" with Pikeman during Hume's visit and that he had to figure out how to move forward with his next step.

At the Crimson office, Valentin and Nina sat in disbelief as they rewound security footage that revealed that someone had slipped into Anna's room. Valentin asked Nina not to show the footage to anyone. Nina looked worried as Valentin left.

In Anna's suite at Metro Court, Anna was startled by a knock at the door. Anna opened the door to Charlotte, who asked to see Valentin. Anna invited Charlotte inside. A short while later, Valentin entered. The three heard a knock, and Valentin opened the door to officers from the PCPD. Charlotte looked nervous.

Anna told the PCPD to proceed with normal procedure and to let her know what they found. After the officers left, Valentin asked Charlotte to use the house phone to book a new suite at the hotel for Anna. Anna asked Valentin if he had been able to access the security footage that Valentin had promised to try to look into.

Valentin said that the footage from the floor of Anna's suite was missing. "So, someone forged a key card to get in here, and then they wipe the surveillance tape? So that they could ransack a room, destroy my clothes, and write an intimidating message on the mirror?" Anna recalled.

Charlotte said that the front desk wanted to speak to Valentin. Anna said that she would deal with the front desk, and she encouraged Valentin to drive Charlotte back to Dante and Sam's penthouse. Valentin agreed, and he stared uneasily at Anna after he had escorted Charlotte out of the room. "Ready, Papa?" Charlotte asked with a brief smile once she and Valentin were out in the hallway.

Back at the Crimson office, Nina seemed frozen as she stared at the security footage from outside Anna's suite. Nina watched as the person who had used the forged key card to gain access to Anna's room was revealed. The person was Charlotte. "Oh, Charlotte. What have you done?" Nina whispered to herself.

Nina agrees to keep Valentin's secret about Charlotte

Nina agrees to keep Valentin's secret about Charlotte

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

At the hospital, Tracy ran into Brook Lynn, and she asked why Brook Lynn had been avoiding her calls. Brook Lynn made it clear that she had no desire to see or talk to Tracy because Tracy had blackmailed Brook Lynn, and she had cost Brook Lynn her job. Tracy accused Brook Lynn of throwing a temper tantrum, and she insisted that she hadn't done anything that Lucy wouldn't have done to Tracy. Annoyed, Brook Lynn explained that she was hurt because she had looked up to Tracy. Tracy argued that everything she'd done had been for Brook Lynn's own good, and Brook Lynn should be grateful.

Stunned, Brook Lynn asked how dragging her into corporate espionage had been for her own good. When Tracy didn't elaborate, Brook Lynn admitted that moving in with Chase had given her a new perspective, and Tracy's spiteful lawsuit had made it possible for Brook Lynn to pursue her passion of music full time. "Absolutely not. Music was your father's downfall. I will not let that happen to you," Tracy said. Brook Lynn reminded Tracy that Tracy had lost her leverage. Brook Lynn hoped that it had been worth it because it had also cost Tracy a granddaughter.

At the nurses' station, Gregory asked Elizabeth if Dr. Bronson was available. Elizabeth walked over to the computer to check, but her thoughts turned to her conversation with Finn when she had expressed reservations about Dr. Bronson. Just then, Finn walked up, so Elizabeth pushed the memory away and quickly told him about Gregory's desire to see Dr. Bronson. After Finn and Gregory exchanged greetings, Finn asked for a private word with his father. After they walked to a bench, Finn broached the subject of Gregory's ALS treatment and Elizabeth's concerns about Dr. Bronson.

Finn suggested that Gregory might benefit from a new neurosurgeon who focused on helping a patient live life to the fullest instead of a doctor who predicted when things would fail. Gregory realized why he'd seen Finn and Elizabeth exchange a secret look earlier, and he asked if Elizabeth had put Finn up to talking to Gregory about a new doctor. Finn denied it, but Gregory decided to ask Elizabeth directly. "Elizabeth? I understand that you have reservations about my doctor," Gregory loudly said as he approached the nurses' station. Elizabeth stepped from behind the desk, and she apologized to Gregory for overstepping.

Finn explained that he'd been grateful to Elizabeth for speaking up, and he asked his father for permission to find another neurosurgeon. To Finn's relief, Gregory was receptive to the idea. After Finn walked away to take care of something at the nurses' station, Gregory thanked Elizabeth for supporting his son. Gregory acknowledged that a new doctor might not make a difference, but it might help Finn. "I'm so glad he has you in his life," Gregory said.

Meanwhile, Tracy walked up to the nurses' station. "I can't tell, are you the cat or the canary?" Finn asked. Tracy groaned, and she admitted that she could use one of their backgammon games because she needed a win. Finn warned her that she might be disappointed because he had picked up a few pointers. Tracy frowned when she saw Gregory, and she wondered what he was doing at the hospital so late. Finn suggested that she ask his father, but Gregory had spotted Tracy and walked over to greet her.

Tracy admitted that she could use a drink because she'd been stuck in a board meeting, and Brook Lynn was mad at her. Gregory offered to buy Tracy a soda, so Tracy accepted. After Gregory and Tracy walked over to the vending machine, Finn confessed to Elizabeth that seeing his father being charming and witty almost made him believe that everything was normal. Elizabeth assured Finn that he was doing his best for his father. Finn was grateful for Elizabeth's support and to have her by his side. Smiling, Elizabeth reached for his hand.

Meanwhile, Gregory handed Tracy a can of ginger ale, but she noticed that he had trouble lifting the tab on his can of soda. She asked if he was all right. Gregory confessed that he wasn't and that it was time that Tracy knew. "I've been diagnosed with ALS," Gregory said.

At Maxie's house, Felicia was reading a book about patient advocacy when James entered the living room and asked what his grandmother was doing. She explained that she'd been studying, but James thought she was too old for homework. Mac chuckled and reminded his grandson that no one was too old to learn because life was a journey, and there were always new things to learn. James perked up, and he proudly held up a rope with a slipknot that Cody had taught James to make. Mac was impressed, and Felicia confessed that Cody was full of surprises.

James showed off his skills with a few other knots that Cody had taught him. James was eager to visit Cody and feed the horses, but Mac revealed that it would have to wait until Cody returned. James turned his attention back to Felicia because he was curious about her studies. Felicia told James about her desire to be a patient advocate, but James admitted that being a doctor would be better. Felicia asked if James wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. "No, I want to be a policeman like Daddy and Grandpa," James said.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Scott and Lucy. Scott held up a bottle of alcohol and announced that he and Lucy had stopped by for game night because Lucy had been "down in the dumps." James was excited to play a game, but Scott explained that the games were for adults only. Felicia reminded James that it was time for bed, and she offered to read him a story and tuck him in.

After Felicia and James left the room, Mac asked if Lucy needed cheering up because of the lawsuit, but Lucy didn't want to think about it. Scott assured Lucy that she had a fantastic attorney, and there was little else that Lucy could do. Lucy disagreed; she suggested that she could kill Tracy. Maxie arrived home in time to hear what Lucy had said, so she told Lucy to get in line.

Later, Felicia returned to the living room as Maxie and Lucy discussed different ways to poison Tracy. Mac reminded both Maxie and Lucy that he was a police officer, but they didn't care. Felicia scolded Maxie and Lucy for fantasizing about ending someone's life, but Lucy was unapologetic because Tracy had been a thorn in Lucy's side for years. Maxie was equally unrepentant because Tracy had cost Maxie a best friend, and Maxie might not be able to keep the house if Tracy won in court. Felicia was confident that both Maxie and Lucy would land on their feet, but Maxie argued that it wouldn't be easy.

Maxie was frustrated that Tracy was demanding 75 percent of Deception. Lucy agreed, and she mentioned Tracy's counteroffer. Stunned, Maxie demanded to know when Lucy had intended to tell her. Lucy explained that Tracy had been willing to settle for 51 percent of Deception in exchange for Lucy's one percent voting share in ELQ. Maxie was furious that Lucy hadn't run it past her, but Scott defended Lucy's decision to reject the offer. Mac sided with Maxie.

Maxie and Lucy continued to have a heated exchange until James entered the living room and complained about the raised voices. Maxie apologized, and she sent James to his room with the promise to tuck him in. After James returned to his bedroom, Maxie accused Lucy of being selfish. Lucy ran out the door, so Scott followed Lucy. Once they were alone, Mac reminded Felicia that Maxie had lost "so much" in life and their daughter had worked hard to make Deception a success. "So has Lucy," Felicia said.

Outside, Lucy asked if she was a victim of karma. Scott assured Lucy that -- if she had been -- she would be the Queen of England. Lucy smiled. "And you have always been my knight in tarnished armor," Lucy said. Scott assured her that things would work out, and he gave her a comforting hug.

In the cabin in the woods, Cody assured Sasha that he had been serious about them disappearing. He reminded her that she might end up back at Ferncliff if they were caught, but Sasha pointed out that they didn't have any identification, cell phones, or Internet access, and they were both escaped "mental patients." Sasha recapped their recent crimes, and Cody confessed that he regretted not hurting Montague worse. Cody blamed himself for how bad things had gotten because he hadn't been honest from the start.

"How were you dishonest?" Sasha asked. Cody revealed that he'd known that Gladys had been indebted to Selina and that Gladys had sold Brando's garage to pay off Selina. Sasha asked why he hadn't said anything, so he was brutally honest as he explained that he'd been afraid of jeopardizing his arrangement with Selina because she had paid him well to make certain that certain players won and that others either lost quickly or racked up a larger debt. He confessed that quitting hadn't been an option, but he had remained silent even after he'd known that Gladys had been playing Sasha.

Sasha admitted that she had a different view of the past because Cody had repeatedly warned her not to trust Gladys, and Sasha had stubbornly refused to listen. Cody argued that he hadn't given her the whole truth because he'd been trying to "cover [his] own ass." Sasha was curious what had changed Cody's mind. Cody explained that after she had stabbed him, he'd seen in her eyes that she hadn't been in her right mind. He admitted he wasn't proud of his past, but he wouldn't have been able to live with himself if he hadn't helped her.

Sasha was grateful that Cody had rescued her from Ferncliff, but she was even more thankful that he had believed in her. Cody suggested that they get some rest, since they weren't leaving. Sasha refused to let Cody sleep on the chair again, so he made a bed on the floor next to her bed. A short time later, Sasha decided that they should switch, but Cody pretended to be asleep.

At Pozzulo's, Anna entered Sonny's office and explained that Gabe had let her in. Sonny was curious what he owed the pleasure of her visit to, so she asked if his offer of protection was still open. Anna told Sonny about her ransacked suite and the threatening message on her bathroom mirror. "I guess I'm the target of a personal vendetta. Someone's toying with me," Anna said. Sonny agreed that it sounded like someone had been trying to get under her skin.

Anna admitted that the fire at her house had shaken her, and she suspected that the person behind the troubling incidents had been in her hotel suite other times because she had noticed that a pile of mail had been moved. Anna confided that it frightened her that she had no idea how many times the stalker had invaded her personal space, but each incident had felt like a warning. Sonny asked if Anna had checked the hotel's security footage, but Anna revealed that the footage was missing. "Is that what Valentin told you?" Sonny asked. Anna assured Sonny that Valentin had been with her the entire time, but Sonny suggested that Valentin might have hired someone.

Anna pointed out that Sonny's lack of trust in Valentin hadn't stopped Sonny from taking advantage of Valentin's assistance in business. Sonny agreed, but he reminded her that they had Valentin to thank for bringing Pikeman into their lives. Sonny and Anna walked over to the bar, and Anna checked her phone. She saw a missed call and voicemail message from Valentin, but she put her phone down. Anna admitted that she didn't think the fire, ominous messages, and vandalized suite had been connected to the shooting at Metro Court because the incidents directed at her had been personal, while the shooting had been public.

Anna believed that the dichotomy of the patterns indicated that there were two different perpetrators. "Are you telling me that the shooting was a warning from Pikeman?" Sonny asked. "And possibly the WSB," Anna said. Sonny was surprised that Anna suspected that Pikeman and the WSB were linked, so she suggested that they both stay vigilant. Sonny assured Anna that his men would stay out of sight, but she decided to turn the offer down.

In Olivia's office at Metro Court, Nina watched the security footage of Charlotte entering Nina's suite. Moments later, Charlotte knocked on the door and entered the office. Valentin was right behind his daughter. "Look who I found," Valentin told Nina. Nina smiled as she warmly greeted Charlotte, and Charlotte seemed happy to see Nina. When Nina asked what Charlotte was doing at the hotel, Charlotte admitted that she had wanted to see her father. Valentin seized the opportunity to ask Charlotte about her activities earlier that day.

Charlotte claimed that she'd been with Jake. Valentin and Nina exchanged a look of concern, but Charlotte pulled out her phone and showed them photos that she'd snapped of Jake, and she told them how he'd nearly fallen into a fountain. When Charlotte asked if Nina had been busy with work, Nina carefully explained that she'd been researching something, but she hoped to never see it again. Valentin pretended to notice that it was getting late, so he suggested that Charlotte spend the night at Nina's place. Nina readily agreed, and Charlotte was excited. Valentin and Charlotte agreed to wait for Nina in the lobby while she finished up.

After Charlotte walked out, Valentin looked at Nina. "Get it off the server," Valentin said. Nina brought up the security footage, but she seemed to hesitate.

A short time later, Valentin and Charlotte followed Nina into her apartment. Charlotte looked forward to spending time with Nina and telling ghost stories. Nina took Charlotte to get Charlotte settled into the guest room, so Valentin called Anna and left a voicemail message explaining that he had dropped Charlotte off at Nina's apartment to spend the night.

Later, Charlotte was tucked in for the night, while Valentin sat on the edge of her bed. He apologized for not finding a house for them. "You and me. And Anna," Charlotte said. Charlotte told her father that she hoped he found a house for them soon because she missed him and wanted them to be together more than ever. Valentin gave Charlotte a tender kiss on her forehead and told his daughter that he loved her.

Moments later, Valentin entered the living room. He thanked Nina for letting Charlotte spend the night because he didn't want Charlotte near Anna. Nina reminded him that they couldn't be certain what had unfolded in Anna's suite, but Valentin remained uneasy. He admitted that he had no idea how to handle the situation. Nina promised that she would always be there for Valentin and Charlotte.

After Valentin left, Nina called Sonny to let him know that she would be spending the night at her apartment with Charlotte. Sonny asked about the missing surveillance video. "Yeah, it's -- it's very unsettling that someone was able to bypass all the security measures at Metro Court," Nina said. Sonny told Nina that it might have been the work of a professional or someone with a lot of help.

Meanwhile, Charlotte pulled a deck of gold tarot cards from her backpack and slowly flipped them over and spread them out on her blanket.

At Metro Court, Anna stood in the bathroom and looked at the mirror. Moments later, Valentin entered the bathroom and stood behind her.

Willow does Sam a favor

Willow does Sam a favor

Thursday, September 21, 2023

At the Quartermaines', Eddie was trying to finish his song when Brook Lynn entered the room. She told him about an important meeting she had that day that could make her a music manager once again. She talked about how talented Blaze was, and he thought that Blaze would sign with Brook Lynn if the singer was smart. Brook Lynn suggested that she could represent Eddie, too, but he told her about the song he was supposed to finish but couldn't for his performance at the Savoy that night. She replied that he couldn't go wrong with classics, but she would be there regardless. She suggested that Olivia might want a personal invitation, so he left to invite Olivia. Brook Lynn called Blaze and said how much she was looking forward to meeting with Blaze.

At Nina's, Nina informed Valentin that Charlotte was still sleeping. He revealed that he'd made arrangements so that he could keep a more watchful eye on his daughter. Nina warned him that he would have to eventually confront Charlotte. Valentin feared that Charlotte could have been the one to set Anna's house on fire, but Nina couldn't believe that. Valentin stated that he really had no idea what Charlotte was up to when he wasn't around.

In her office, Olivia was thinking about her time with Eddie the night before, when there was a knock on her door. Anna entered and asked about the security footage from outside her suite from the night before, and Olivia was shocked to be hearing of a break-in. Olivia got on to her computer to look for the footage but found it missing. When Anna was gone, Olivia put in a call to Nina about the break-in. She wondered if Nina had accidentally deleted the security footage, but Nina couldn't talk and abruptly hung up.

A short while later, Olivia was yelling on the phone to the security company when Eddie arrived. "Bad time?" he asked when she hung up the phone. She apologized that he'd had to hear that. She wondered if he'd finished his song, and he thought that it would "come to me eventually." He told her about his gig at the Savoy, and she excitedly hugged him. They pulled apart slowly, and she sheepishly went back to her desk. She assured him that he would be great, but she had a lot of work to do.

A smiling Willow entered the hospital in scrubs. She went over to the nurses' station and hugged Deanna, who was very happy to welcome Willow back. Just then, the phone rang, and Deanna offered for Willow to take her very first call. Willow happily answered the phone.

Sam stepped off the elevator at the hospital just as her phone rang. She and Dante talked about how long it would take him to get a subpoena for Gladys' bank records and Sasha's toxicology reports. Sam didn't think it was fast enough. Just then, she spotted Willow, and she told Dante that she might have a way to get Sasha's toxicology report.

Sam approached Willow and was glad to see her back. Willow wondered if she could help Sam with something, and Sam revealed that she needed a favor on behalf of Sasha. Without going into too much detail, she told Willow about Sasha and Dr. Montague. She asked for a copy of Sasha's toxicology report from the day she'd stabbed Cody. Willow made her way back to the station and logged on to a computer. She pulled up the report, looked around to make sure no one was watching, and snapped a picture of it on her phone. She sent it to Sam and remarked on how bad the report was.

A short while later, Sam was gone, and Deanna asked how Willow's first day was going. "It was a perfect day to return to work," Willow replied.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Dante left Anna a voicemail to call him back, as he had just heard about the break-in. Valentin entered the room and asked to talk to Dante about Charlotte. He advised Dante that he'd taken steps to make sure that he and Charlotte would live together full-time again. He expressed how grateful he was to Sam and Dante for taking her in for a while, and he acknowledged that he had a lot of time to make up for. Dante asked if he and Sam could visit once in a while, and Valentin said he knew how important family was to Charlotte. Dante also asked for Valentin's thoughts on Anna's break-in. Valentin replied that whoever it was had been trying to "unsettle" Anna, and it had worked.

A short while later, Valentin was gone, and Sam joined Dante in the interrogation room. Sam showed Dante the toxicology report on her phone. She explained that two drugs had been in Sasha's system the night she'd stabbed Cody. She continued that the fluoxetine was an antidepressant that had already been prescribed to Sasha, but the dextroamphetamine taken in combination with the fluoxetine could cause symptoms that looked like a psychotic break. She figured that Dr. Montague had given it to Sasha, knowing it would put Sasha over the edge. Dante wondered how they could prove it.

Diane joined Robert at the Metro Court restaurant for a "working breakfast," and he revealed that he might have found a way to help Drew. He told Diane that Judge Kim was pushing for a promotion, and he'd ruled harshly on Drew because of Drew's association with Sonny and Carly. "Once again, all roads lead to Sonny," Diane sighed. Just then, Robert saw Anna arrive, and he interrupted their conversation. He ran over to Anna, and Diane watched as he hugged Anna. He told her to sit, and he would be back in a minute.

Robert returned to Diane and apologized for having to cut their breakfast short. "I've got it from here," a disappointed Diane stated. He promised to make it up to her, but she insisted that it wasn't necessary. He returned to Anna and handed her a wrapped gift. Getting on the elevator, Diane watched as Anna opened the gift and found a digital picture frame. She cried as the pictures went through a slideshow. She hugged Robert and thanked him profusely. Just then, Valentin arrived and locked eyes with Anna.

At Kelly's, Carly accepted the charges on a phone call from Pentonville, and she happily greeted Drew. She wondered if he had any information for Sonny, and as Cyrus listened in on Drew's end, Drew advised her that he was working on it. They caught up about their kids, and Carly added that Diane was working on a way to get him out. His time was up, so he said goodbye to Carly and hung up.

Just then, the guard approached Drew and made sure that Drew had been serious about getting his son an internship with Aurora. The guard confided that Austin had gone to visit an inmate named Bobby Lennon, who'd been in solitary after getting beaten up by some guards when he'd attacked one. "That's all I got," he said, and Drew walked away. Cyrus emerged and commended the guard on a job well done. He promised that the guard's son would be well taken care of.

Later, Cyrus found Drew in order to give him a warning. Cyrus claimed that the warden was "on a tear," as she was up for a big job and couldn't have anything happen that would make her look bad. He advised Drew to keep his head down and stay invisible.

Charlotte emerged from the guest room at Nina's and asked where Valentin was. A short while later, Nina and Charlotte arrived at Kelly's. Carly asked if Charlotte wanted her usual, and Nina was surprised to learn that Charlotte had a usual. Charlotte explained that she always had the same thing when she ate there with Jake. She excused herself to go wash her hands in the bathroom, and Nina took the opportunity to ask Carly about Charlotte's time at the diner. Nina learned that Charlotte was usually there with Jake, although she'd been there alone a couple times.

Charlotte returned and asked if they'd been talking about her. Nina covered that she'd only been talking about how it seemed like Charlotte had grown up overnight. Carly thought that Charlotte reminded her of Lulu at the same age, and she reminded Charlotte that she was a Spencer, too. Nina and Charlotte sat at the counter, and Charlotte talked about how much she missed her mother. She was also looking forward to living with Valentin full-time again. Nina wondered if that included Anna. "Yeah. That's okay," Charlotte responded.

Diane entered Kelly's and approached Carly. She revealed that Robert had given her some insight about Judge Kim and what to do about it.

Drew is attacked at Pentonville

Drew is attacked at Pentonville

Friday, September 22, 2023

In Trina's dorm room, Trina heard a persistent knock at the door. Trina yelled for the person to go away, but she smiled helplessly when Spencer announced himself. Trina said that she had an art essay that was due the following Tuesday. "Oh, Tuesday! So, in other words, you have plenty of time for a little bit of fun," Spencer said as he pulled Trina into his lap. Trina and Spencer kissed on Trina's bed.

Trina said that Spencer was distracting her. Spencer told Trina that she would have time to finish her class project after the couple returned from their planned weekend trip to New York City.

Spencer excitedly pleaded for Trina to leave with him right away, but Trina insisted she stay. "Listen, if I don't finish this paper before we go, I'll be thinking about it all weekend. And I want this weekend to be about us. The only thing I want to be thinking about is you and me and... us being together," Trina said warmly.

Spencer relaxed on Trina's bed as Spencer said that he had planned a fantastic weekend for the couple. Spencer revealed that he had secured Broadway tickets to Moulin Rouge, as well as dinner reservations at Essence. Trina was ecstatic, and she said that she couldn't wait for her and Spencer's trip to begin.

Trina said that she couldn't finish her essay unless Spencer left. Spencer asked when Trina would be ready. Trina teased that Spencer had already delayed her by an hour due to his visit. "Are you really saying you're sorry I showed up?" Spencer asked.

Trina smiled as she strode slowly toward Spencer, and she placed her arms around his neck as she reached up to kiss him. Spencer held Trina by the waist as the kiss continued for several seconds longer. Afterwards, Spencer quipped that Trina's kiss was the last thing that would cause him to leave.

Trina promised that she and Spencer would have similar moments together in New York. "You don't play fair," Spencer quipped. "No, I don't," Trina said lovingly before she closed the door. "Okay, but type fast, Trina Robinson! New York City awaits!" Spencer said enthusiastically from outside the dorm room. Inside the room, Trina's smile widened.

At the hospital, Curtis told Portia about Trina's plans to spend the weekend with Spencer. Portia surprised Curtis when she said that there was nothing she could do to stop Trina. Portia claimed to have learned that she couldn't pressure Trina. Curtis promised that he and Portia would talk later, and he left for an appointment.

Afterwards, Esme appeared with Ace. Portia heaped praise on Esme for being a good mother. Esme said that she was surprised by Portia's kindness toward her. Portia said that Esme was different from the person Esme had been prior to her amnesia. Esme said that she was grateful for Portia's help and kind words.

Portia told Esme to let her know if Esme needed something. Curtis returned after Esme had left. Curtis told Portia that his appointment had gone well. Portia said that she appreciated Curtis having told her about Trina's trip with Spencer.

Nearby, T.J. rambled to Jordan with both excitement and worry about the baby he and Molly expected to have. Jordan reassured T.J. that he and Molly would figure things out as parents.

At the courthouse, Alexis and Molly met with Andrea, who announced that she was pregnant. Molly was excited. Alexis cautioned Molly not to get ahead of herself. Alexis asked for Molly's permission to share the news of the pregnancy with Sam and Kristina. Molly agreed, and she and Andrea left to celebrate.

At Charlie's Pub, Kristina was starstruck when she recognized Blaze, who shared that she was looking for a new business manager. Kristina said that she had also sung, and she recalled having performed at the Nurses Ball. Blaze asked Kristina to tell her more about herself. Kristina seemed flattered by Blaze's interest in her.

A short while later, Blaze watched a video on her phone of Kristina performing at the Nurses Ball. Blaze praised Kristina for the performance. Kristina thanked Blaze for the compliment, and the two women smiled at one another.

At Pentonville, two inmates sneaked up on Drew and attacked him as he stood in a shower stall. Drew fought one of the men off before another grabbed Drew by his throat and proceeded to choke him. Drew tried to fight, but he was overtaken by the two inmates, who proceeded to kick Drew long after he had collapsed.

The inmates left Drew unconscious in the shower. A short while later, Cyrus found Drew. Cyrus checked for a pulse, and he yelled for a guard. Cyrus told a guard that Drew was barely breathing, and he added that Drew needed to be transported to the hospital immediately.

At Carly's mansion, Diane implied that Judge Kim had been biased in his sentencing of Drew. Diane told Carly that the authorities could conceivably release Drew from Pentonville in exchange for incriminating evidence against Sonny. Carly said that she wouldn't send Sonny to prison. "Not even if it means saving Drew," Carly added.

Diane said that there was likely no evidence that Judge Kim had been biased in his sentencing, and she cautioned Carly to have "realistic expectations." Diane said that she needed to see if there was precedent for a judge delivering a "politically motivated sentence" -- and if that sentence had been overturned.

As Diane prepared to leave, she received a call from someone. Diane's face showed alarm. Carly surmised that something was wrong. After the call ended, Diane told Carly that Drew had been attacked at Pentonville. Diane said that Drew was being rushed by ambulance to General Hospital. "I have to get to him. Right now," Carly said as she hurried to leave.

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