General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 9, 2023 on GH

Sonny and Nina were married. Michael learned that Nina had reported Carly and Drew to the SEC. Lois returned to Port Charles. Dex and Josslyn enlisted Spinelli's help to search for Ava. Portia accepted a promotion. Spencer and Esme learned that Nikolas was alive. A judge granted Cyrus' request for an early release.
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Sonny and Nina married. Michael learned Nina tipped off the SEC. Spencer and Esme discovered Nikolas was alive. Cyrus was released from jail.
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Sonny has a surprise for Nina

Sonny has a surprise for Nina

Monday, October 9, 2023

At the Deception office, Lucy and Maxie met to discuss the state of Deception in the wake of Tracy's lawsuit. Scott argued that Lucy should keep her one percent stake in ELQ. Maxie grew frustrated with Lucy and Scott, and she stepped out.

Lucy told Scott that she and Maxie had become best friends. Lucy worried about Maxie's financial future. When Maxie returned, she apologized for having snapped at Lucy. Scott surmised that the two had work to do, and he left.

Lucy said that she had an idea. Soon afterwards, Maxie gathered the office staff together. Maxie said that she and Lucy had news for the employees. Lucy thanked everyone gathered for their hard work, and she said that she had a decision to make: to take a 25 percent stake in Deception -- or to retain 49 percent.

Lucy gave an impassioned speech in which she said that Deception was a family and that she wouldn't allow anyone to take anything from her or the employees. When Lucy finished, the employees all clapped. Maxie and Lucy hugged.

A short while later, Scott reappeared with Champagne. "You know, Lucy, this decision is crazy. But it's my kind of crazy. So, let's celebrate," Scott offered as he produced Champagne glasses.

At the same time, a woman with long nails and flashy rings on her fingers sat staring at a headline from the Sun that gleefully touted Brook Lynn's firing from Deception.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis met with Carly to discuss Drew's case. Alexis said that Judge Kim tended to side with certain special interest groups. Carly said that she had met with a customer at Kelly's that was a pilot, and she added that the pilot had told her that he'd flown a private jet to the Caribbean with a group of people that had included Judge Kim.

Alexis learned from someone by phone that Judge Kim had been on vacation on the dates that Carly had provided. Carly asked if it was enough to force Judge Kim to reduce Drew's sentence. Alexis thought that Judge Kim would want to boast about his accomplishments, and she said she couldn't wait to interview him.

At Chase's apartment, Chase told Brook Lynn about having learned of Gregory's ALS diagnosis. Chase said that he'd been researching ALS before looking at photos of Gregory on his phone. Chase wondered how someone as young as Gregory could be inflicted with ALS.

Chase wondered what he would say once he saw Gregory. Brook Lynn asked if she could step out for a bit. Chase said that he would gather his thoughts. Brook Lynn and Chase kissed, and they declared their love for one another.

In an area outdoors, Finn told Gregory that Chase had learned about Gregory's diagnosis by mistake from Tracy. Gregory said that he shouldn't have waited to tell Chase, and he called himself a "coward." Finn said that Gregory was a good father and that Gregory would do whatever Chase needed.

A short while later, at Chase's apartment, Chase had started to cry as he stared at photos of Gregory. Chase heard a knock, and he opened the door to Gregory.

At Pentonville, Cyrus met with Warden Garten in private. Garten told Cyrus that she was permanently leaving Port Charles for a job in Texas. Cyrus asked who was replacing Garten as warden. Garten said that she didn't know, and she added that Cyrus was "on [his] own."

Before Garten left, Cyrus asked for an update on Drew. Cyrus recalled that Drew had saved his life. "Rest assured: Drew Cain will be taken care of -- and this time, for good," Garten said cryptically.

Aboard Sonny's private plane, Nina was taken aback when Willow and Michael appeared after Sonny had promised a surprise. Nina was thrilled that Willow and Michael had agreed to attend the wedding. Kristina praised Nina for being "super organized," and she asked if Willow was the same way.

Willow said that she was also well organized, and she suggested she put her skills to use by helping Nina with the wedding. Nina was touched by the offer, and she asked if Willow and Kristina would help ready Nina for the wedding. Kristina and Willow agreed. Nina smiled heartily at Willow.

Nearby, Michael told Sonny that he had agreed to attend the wedding because families should celebrate big moments together. A short while later, Michael returned to Willow, who shared that she was looking forward to the wedding. Seated close by, Sonny and Nina celebrated that they would soon be married. "You have made me the happiest woman on earth," Nina told Sonny.

PREEMPTION: Due to breaking news, General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: Due to breaking news, General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Due to ABC News coverage of a Presidential Address regarding the, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, October 11, and picked up where the Monday, October 9, episode concluded.

Lois Cerullo returns to Port Charles

Lois Cerullo returns to Port Charles

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

At Curtis and Portia's house, Spencer walked Trina to the door. Trina told Spencer that their weekend in New York City had been perfect. "Every single second," Trina emphasized as she flashed back to her and Spencer making love for the first time. Spencer and Trina kissed for several seconds.

Trina encouraged Spencer to head home to spend time with Ace. Spencer told Trina that he would be in touch with her the following day. "You'd better," Trina muttered to herself after Spencer was out of sight. Once inside the house, Curtis greeted Trina, who gushed with excitement about her trip with Spencer.

Trina presented Curtis with separate New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets hats as a gift from her trip. When Curtis bemoaned that he could no longer play basketball, Trina said that she felt guilty for enjoying her life, given that Curtis' life had been upended.

Curtis said that he wanted Trina to enjoy her life. Marshall entered, and Trina smiled widely when he asked if Spencer had treated her well in New York. Trina hugged Marshall, and she assured him and Curtis that they had nothing to worry about in regard to Spencer.

Marshall noticed Trina's necklace. Trina said that the necklace was a gift from Spencer as a way to remember their trip. Trina added that Spencer himself was "pretty unforgettable" as she patted the necklace.

Marshall spotted the Knicks and Nets hats Trina had presented. Curtis offered Marshall his choice of hats. Marshall chose the Knicks hat. Curtis was left with the Nets hat. Trina left to return to the dorm.

Afterwards, Marshall asked if Curtis truly felt that Spencer was good enough for Trina. Curtis said that he couldn't tell Trina what to do. "Or who to be with," Curtis added. Marshall nodded his head in approval. Marshall asked if there had been any progress on finding the person who had shot Curtis. Curtis said there had been no updates.

At Laura and Kevin's house, Laura and Kevin returned home from Switzerland. Esme rambled about having to take care of Ace by herself, and she said that she was exhausted. Esme complained that she had been lonely. Laura asked where Spencer was. Esme didn't answer. Laura enjoyed time with Ace.

Spencer entered, and he smiled widely at Laura and Ace while noting that they were two of his favorite people. Spencer produced a toy that he had bought for Ace in New York. Esme reappeared, and she noted that Spencer was back. Spencer told Kevin and Laura about his weekend with Trina. Kevin said that he was happy for Spencer, who offered to put Ace to sleep with Esme.

After Spencer and Trina had left the room, Laura expressed her relief that Spencer and Esme were getting along well. Kevin cautioned Laura when he noted that Esme seemed isolated. "And all she has is her work at the Invader. She doesn't seem to have a group of friends. It's bound to cause friction," Kevin warned.

When Spencer and Esme returned, Laura and Kevin shared that they had learned that Nikolas was alive. Spencer grew quiet, and he soon heard Ace crying over the baby monitor. Esme left to check on Ace. Kevin sensed that Spencer and Laura needed time alone, and he headed upstairs to make some calls.

Spencer grew emotional when he said that Nikolas had abandoned him again, and he said he hoped that Nikolas stayed away. Laura said that Spencer didn't mean what he'd said. Laura wrapped her arms around Spencer as she sought to reassure him. Spencer left to check on Ace. Laura called Valentin to ask about Charlotte.

At the hospital, Stella said that Felicia would make a great addition to the staff. Felicia said that she admired Stella for the way Stella communicated with patients' families. As Felicia and Stella talked, Portia approached. Portia asked if she could speak to Stella in private. Felicia excused herself.

Portia told Stella that Terry had offered Portia the position of co-chief of staff. Portia said that she had turned down the offer, but she expressed doubts about the decision. Portia shared that she had only been hesitant to accept the offer because of Curtis. Stella said that Portia shouldn't put her life on hold, and she encouraged Portia to take the job.

Also at the hospital, Finn asked Elizabeth on a date. Elizabeth said yes. Terry appeared, and she said that Amy had told her that two people had had sex in the showers at the hospital.

Elizabeth admitted to having kissed Finn in the showers, but she made it abundantly clear that she hadn't had sex with Finn. Portia appeared, and she asked to speak to Terry. Elizabeth left to check on a patient. Afterwards, Portia told Terry that she had changed her mind about accepting Terry's offer of the co-chief of staff position.

At Chase's apartment, Chase opened the door to Gregory. With tears in both men's eyes, Chase told Gregory that he loved him. Gregory apologized for not having told Chase about his ALS diagnosis sooner.

Gregory said that it hadn't been fair to Chase, and he apologized. Chase told Gregory that it was okay. Finn joined Chase and Gregory. The three talked about Gregory's condition. Chase asked how he and Finn could help.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned/Eddie dreamed that he had been performing naked on stage and that Olivia and a dark-haired woman had been staring at him. Eddie awoke, and he told Olivia about his dream. Eddie said that it hadn't been the first time he'd had the dream. Olivia encouraged Eddie to seek help from Kevin, but Eddie declined.

In the living room of the mansion, Brook Lynn scolded Tracy for having told Chase about Gregory's illness. Tracy said that it had been an honest mistake, but Brook Lynn doubted Tracy's sincerity. They heard a repeated knock at the door.

Already angry, Brook Lynn yelled as she opened the door. "What?!" Brook Lynn shouted loudly. Unbeknownst to Brook Lynn, Lois was at the door. "Whoa! Is that any way to greet your mother?" Lois asked. Lois smiled at Brook Lynn as they shared a warm embrace.

Brook Lynn complimented Lois on her hair and fashionable acrylic nails before Tracy interrupted. Lois said that she had gone to Port Charles after learning that Brook Lynn had been fired from Deception. Brook Lynn told Lois that she had been manipulated into committing corporate espionage. "Manipulated by who? Who would do that to you?" Lois asked as Brook Lynn glared at Tracy.

Tracy left the room. Lois expressed disgust for Tracy. Brook Lynn said that she had let her friends down and that she had deserved to be fired. Lois disagreed, and she said that only Tracy was to blame.

Just then, Olivia appeared. Lois and Olivia were overwhelmed with joy at the sight of one another, and the two friends screamed at the top of their lungs with excitement as they threw their arms around each other. At the same time, in the kitchen, Eddie asked if Tracy had heard Lois and Olivia's hysterics. "Of course, I heard it. People in New Delhi heard it... It's a Bensonhurst invasion," Tracy said sourly.

Eddie asked what Tracy had meant. "Well, Olivia was bad enough, and now there's two of them," Tracy quipped. Tracy encouraged Eddie to see for himself. Back in the living room, Olivia agreed to give Lois a complementary room at Metro Court.

After Brook Lynn flashed back to Tracy having blackmailed her, she said that Lois should stay at the Quartermaine mansion. "I think Tracy would love having you here," Brook Lynn said sarcastically. Olivia encouraged Lois to stay at the mansion, and Lois eventually agreed.

Lois asked if Ned still believed he was Eddie Maine. Olivia and Brook Lynn were silent, confirming that it was true. Lois told Olivia that their neighborhood in Bensonhurst hadn't changed at all, and they recalled old times. Lois added that her parents were both fine, and she scolded Brook Lynn for not visiting more often.

Just then, Eddie entered the living room. Eddie stared at Lois, and he said that he knew her. "I should hope so. I'm your ex-wife, and I'm Brook Lynn's mother," Lois said. Eddie surprised everyone when he said he felt he knew Lois from somewhere else.

Sonny and Nina's wedding begins

Sonny and Nina's wedding begins

Thursday, October 12, 2023

On Sonny's island in Puerto Rico, Kristina and Michael discovered Sonny writing his vows ahead of Sonny's wedding to Nina. Sonny said that he and Nina had slept in separate beds the previous night because they didn't want to jinx the wedding.

Kristina said that she was happy that Sonny and Nina had eloped. Sonny thanked Kristina for having gone to the wedding, and he recalled that she had been one of the first people in his family that had been receptive to Nina.

Also on the island, Nina flashed back to having discovered Sonny in Nixon Falls in 2021. A series of flashbacks appeared on-screen as Nina recalled happy moments with Sonny -- including when they had admitted that they had fallen in love, as well as Sonny's proposal months earlier.

Donna approached Nina, and she said she was happy that Nina was marrying Sonny. Donna was thrilled when Nina asked her to be the flower girl at the wedding. Nina said that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, and she asked Donna to make sure that Sonny didn't see her.

In a cabin on the island, Willow dreamed that Harmony was trying to warn her about someone, but she couldn't make out Harmony's words. Willow awoke, and she saw Wiley and Michael. Michael said that it was time to dress for the wedding.

A short while later, Sonny and Michael stood outside. Sonny said that he had told Carly about the wedding and that Carly had accepted Sonny's decision to elope. Michael said he was glad that Sonny and Carly had made peace, and he added that it was best for everyone to move on.

Michael said that the ocean reminded him of Morgan. Sonny said that he thought of Morgan every day. Michael said he thought that Morgan would be happy for Sonny. Michael added that he was happy for Sonny, as well. Michael and Sonny hugged.

In the living quarters, Kristina and Willow met Nina to help ready her for the wedding. Nina was ecstatic to be surrounded by Willow and Kristina. To keep with the theme of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," Kristina handed Nina a set of earrings as something to borrow.

Kristina then handed Nina a new shawl that Maxie had recommended. "This covers the old and the blue," Willow said as she handed Nina a turquoise necklace that had once belonged to Harmony. Willow said that Harmony had given her the necklace on Willow's 16th birthday.

Willow said that, according to Harmony, turquoise was supposed to bring peace, luck, and protection." 'I love this. I love it. I will love it for the rest of my life, "Nina said, on the verge of tears. Nina thanked Kristina and Willow. As she hugged Willow, Nina seemed to look upward when she whispered, "Thank you."

Several moments later, back outside, Kristina smiled after receiving a text from Blaze. Blaze told Kristina to have fun at the wedding, and she suggested that she and Kristina hang out when Kristina returned to Port Charles.

Sonny stood nearby amid a plethora of floral arrangements, and he began to pray. "It's my wedding day. We both know it's not my first. I'm just praying that it's my last. When Nina came into my life, I didn't know who I was. She made me feel whole again, and I started to believe that, even if I didn't remember my past, my present life would be enough.

"And then a miracle happened. I remembered who I was. I remembered my children, my grandchildren. But I could not shake the feelings that I had for Nina. I love her with all my heart," Sonny said. As he folded his hands in prayer, Sonny spoke again. "Please, Lord, help me make this day special. Help me make Nina happy in the way that she deserves," Sonny concluded.

Back in the living quarters, Nina phoned Ava, and she wondered why Ava still wasn't answering her phone. Nina said in a voice message that she was in Puerto Rico and that it was her wedding day.

Nina grew sentimental as she left a voicemail for Ava. "I was just thinking about you, and I just wanted to let you know -- this is the happiest day of my life. And I wanted to thank you, Ava. Thank you for being my friend, for being so supportive. You're always there for me, and I wish you were here right now to share all of this with me. But I tell you what, when I get back into town, we are going to have a drink, and we are going to talk about everything. I love you. I miss you. I'll see you soon," Nina said.

A short while later, Sonny greeted a priest as Kristina, Michael, Donna, Wiley, and Willow stood nearby. Michael instructed Wiley on what to do as the ceremony's ring bearer. Just then, Michael received a text. "I know who's responsible for turning in Drew Cain. Call me," the text read. Michael's eyes widened.

Michael put his phone away to stand next to Sonny as best man. Michael nodded to the priest that Sonny was ready to begin the ceremony. Donna appeared in a light pink dress, and she tossed red rose petals onto the ground before Sonny kissed her on the forehead.

Wiley followed Donna with the rings. Willow followed Wiley in a sleeveless, tropical-themed dress. Kristina followed Willow in a sleeveless, light blue dress, and she placed her arms around Sonny for a hug.

The "Bridal Chorus" started to play, and Sonny turned to see Nina in a white, one-shoulder gown with flower embellishments. Nina carried a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Sonny and Nina smiled at one another affectionately.

At the dorm, Dex and Josslyn were overjoyed to see one another. Dex told Josslyn about Sonny and Nina having eloped. Dex said that Carly knew of the wedding and that Sonny had invited Kristina and Michael to attend. Josslyn started sobbing when she said that she felt "left out" and "all alone in this grudge now" against Sonny.

Dex and Josslyn heard a knock, and Pilar appeared. Pilar asked if Josslyn had heard from Ava. Pilar added that she felt something was wrong, and she noted that she hadn't heard from Ava since the previous night. Dex said that he and Josslyn would keep an eye out for Ava, and he encouraged Pilar to contact Dante.

After Pilar left, Dex said he believed that Ava was in danger. Dex texted someone, and he said that he would leave to search for Ava. Josslyn said that she wanted to help. Dex agreed, and he and Josslyn left together.

At the courthouse, Cyrus was led into the courtroom in chains as Austin stood nearby. Cyrus revealed that a judge was considering granting him an early release from Pentonville due to his age and health. Cyrus thanked Austin for speaking on his behalf. Austin said that he hadn't been given a choice.

Scott appeared, and he announced that he was representing Cyrus. Scott said that it would be difficult to convince the judge that Cyrus was no longer a threat to society. After the proceedings had started, a judge asked why Cyrus was worthy of a release from Pentonville.

Scott said that Cyrus had "found God" and that Cyrus was no longer a menace to society. After an impassioned plea from Scott, Warden Garten and Austin gave testimonials in support of Cyrus' release.

In a dark basement at an unknown house, Ava yelled out for help. Mason descended a flight of stairs, and he told Ava that no one was on the way to help her. Mason taunted Ava by saying that the basement had a rat infestation. Mason added that Ava would stay in the basement until he received further instructions.

Ava vowed to herself that she would find a way out, and she soon spotted a nearby crate. Ava used a pair of crates to climb to a window above. Mason reappeared, and he gloated that the window was nailed shut and that there were bars on the outside. "You're not leaving until the boss says you do," Mason said.

Back at the courthouse, Cyrus was seen being led out of the courtroom, still in chains. "Bless you," Cyrus said as he spotted Austin. Austin promptly used his phone to call Mason. Austin ordered Mason to let Ava go. "Oh, you know by now neither one of us is calling the shots," Mason said as he glared menacingly at Ava.

Sonny and Nina are married

Sonny and Nina are married

Friday, October 13, 2023

At Curtis and Portia's house, Stella was pleased by Curtis' attitude as he lifted weights. They heard a knock, and Stella opened the door to a grinning Selina Wu, who held a gift basket. Stella tried to dismiss Selina, but Curtis invited Selina in. Selina said she hoped Curtis had "come to his senses" and that he was ready to sell the Savoy to her. Selina made Curtis an offer, and she asked for his answer.

When Portia entered, Stella opened the door for Selina to leave. Selina said that she would be in touch with Curtis, and she left. Curtis asked why Portia was home early. Portia shared that she had been named co-chief of staff at the hospital.

Curtis and Stella were thrilled by Portia's news. Stella suggested that the family celebrate over dinner. Curtis agreed, and he left to shower. After Curtis had left the room, Stella told Portia to throw away the gift basket Selina had delivered. "Trust me, you don't want nothing that woman has to offer," Stella said of Selina.

In Austin's office at the hospital, Dex asked if Austin had seen Ava. Austin lied when he said that Ava had mentioned taking a trip to New York. Dex thanked Austin for his time. As Austin turned to leave, Dex surprised Austin with a punch to the gut.

Dex placed Austin in a chokehold. "Sonny has a daughter with Ava Jerome, so he cares about her. If he finds out you had something to do with hurting Avery's mother, I'll be back. And I won't be asking questions," Dex threatened.

At Wyndemere, Josslyn told Giles that she was looking for Ava. Giles said that no one had seen or heard from Ava since the previous night. A short while later, Dex appeared. Josslyn said that Giles had found a broken martini glass near the fireplace. Dex asked Giles for security footage from the previous night. As Dex watched the footage, he spotted a man in all black clothes with a hood over his face.

Dex saw that Ava had left Spoon Island on a boat the man had used. Dex said that he would need to see the harbor security cameras from the time the boat had left. Josslyn said she had an idea. Moments later, Josslyn and Dex met with Spinelli.

Spinelli agreed to help Dex and Josslyn find Ava. Spinelli, Dex, and Josslyn watched as the man from the security footage removed his hood. Dex pointed at Spinelli's computer screen. "I know that guy. That's Austin Gatlin-Holt's cousin Mason," Dex said.

At Pentonville, Cyrus was surprised to receive a visit from Laura. Laura said that she'd heard about Cyrus' application for early release. Cyrus asked if Laura was there as his sister or as mayor -- and if Laura would oppose his potential early release. Laura said that putting in a good word for Cyrus was out of the question.

Cyrus noted that he had given away all his money, but he deduced that Laura didn't believe him and that she had little faith in him. Laura said she hoped that Cyrus was sincere. "You don't seem to doubt the generosity of your friend Sonny Corinthos when he gives away his dirty money," Cyrus said bluntly.

Cyrus noted that Sonny had received reverence from certain people in Port Charles, including those in positions of power. Laura admitted that she had an unconventional friendship with Sonny. Laura added that she'd had no idea that her friendship with Sonny upset Cyrus so much.

Cyrus said he hoped that he and Laura could build a bond stronger than the one she had with Sonny. Laura seemed puzzled by Cyrus' words. A guard approached, and he said that Cyrus' visiting time was up. Laura wished Cyrus good luck. Cyrus thanked Laura for her visit, and he said he hoped to see her again soon.

Back in Austin's office at the hospital, T.J. noticed that Austin's voice was hoarse after Dex had placed Austin in a chokehold. Mason entered, and he said that he needed to speak to Austin. T.J. seemed suspicious as he left the office.

Austin recalled that Dex had visited him earlier to ask about Ava. Austin said that Dex had vowed to pay Austin another visit if something happened to Ava. Austin noted that Cyrus hated Sonny, and he said that he didn't understand why.

Mason shared that he thought Cyrus' grudge against Sonny had started years earlier when Cyrus had learned that Laura was his sister. "I'm just telling you, that's when Cyrus would mention Sonny more and more. Then he would rant on and on about Corinthos and the life he had," Mason said.

Mason surmised that Cyrus wanted the same respectability that Sonny had earned. but he added that he felt things ran deeper than Cyrus' jealousy of Sonny. Austin warned that he would "spill [his] guts" if another of Sonny's men returned. Mason was confident that his and Austin's boss would handle Sonny.

On Sonny's island in Puerto Rico, Sonny turned to see Nina in a white, one-shoulder gown with flower embellishments. Nina walked down the aisle as the "Bridal Chorus" played. Sonny and Nina smiled widely. A priest thanked everyone gathered, and he noted that Sonny and Nina had agreed to say their own vows.

Sonny began. "When I looked in your eyes, I felt like I didn't need to write my vows, because I can always speak from my heart to you. I want to thank you for trusting me, for loving me, and for seeing a better man in me than I ever saw in myself. I appreciate your kindness and your strength and your willingness to fight for our love, even though everybody was against us.

"And when we doubted whether we should be together, we did everything we could to get through that, and here we are. And I'm convinced even more now that we belong together, because how I feel right now, in the moment, how I always feel with you, you make me secure. I know you love me, and I love you that much more. And I always will," Sonny vowed.

Nina began her vows to Sonny. "To be honest, I never imagined that I would be here right now with you. It's actually the last thing that I ever expected or wanted. I fought it for a very long time. I kept telling myself that we would never work. And as I was doing that, my heart just kept falling deeper and deeper in love with you.

"I couldn't fight my heart anymore, could I? Or you. Your charm, your humor, your compassion, your courage, your loyalty, your dance moves. I mean, what more could a person ask for in someone they love? And then I saw you parent your children... how you fiercely love, how you are willing to fight for them, for their protection. I've always wanted a family since I was a little girl.

"My daughter is finally part of my life, and the two of us a part of your family. You have given me so much. You have given me a family. And I want to give you something: I am gonna surround you with love for your entire life. I promise you that. And we can leave all our mistakes in the past, and I will walk with you, hand in hand, right beside you, loving you... for the rest of your life," Nina vowed.

When Nina finished, a tear was visible in Sonny's eye. The priest noted that Sonny and Nina's vows had been from the heart. Wiley produced the wedding rings, and Sonny and Nina placed them on one another's fingers. "With this ring, I thee wed," Sonny and Nina repeated.

The priest spoke again. "Having made your vows, each to the other, in the presence of God and these witnesses, you are now husband and wife. What God has joined, let no one put asunder," he declared.

Donna exclaimed that the newlyweds were supposed to kiss. Sonny and Nina proceeded to kiss, and many guests smiled. Kristina was the first to hug Nina and to welcome her to the family. Donna hugged Sonny, who said that he would always love her. Donna turned to Nina. "Can I call you Mama Nina now?" Donna asked.

Nina reached down to hug Donna, and she said that she would love nothing more. Nina smiled affectionately at Sonny as she hugged Donna. Willow congratulated Sonny, and the two hugged. Sonny said that Nina was the best thing to ever happen to him, and he said he wanted Willow to know that she meant everything to Nina.

Willow turned to Nina and congratulated her. Nina was touched, and she said that it meant a lot to her that Willow had attended the wedding. Nina and Willow hugged. Michael approached Sonny, and they hugged. Michael then turned to Nina, and he congratulated her. "Welcome to the family," Michael said somewhat begrudgingly as he kissed Nina on the cheek.

Sonny and Nina danced their first dance as husband and wife. Nearby, Michael received a call after Sonny had started to dance with Donna. Wiley asked Nina to dance with him. Nearby, Michael spoke on the phone. "I can't talk long. So, you have the name of the person who turned Drew Cain in to the SEC?" Michael asked.

On the other end of the line, a man in a black suit sat in an office with his back facing the camera. "The SEC was contacted by a lawyer named Martin Grey, acting on behalf of a client," the man said.

Michael said that Martin was just a "go-between," and he asked for the name of the person who had told Martin to contact the SEC over Drew and Carly having committed insider trading. Michael's eyes widened, and he turned slowly to stare at Nina.

Soon afterwards, Donna and Wiley were anxious for Sonny and Nina to cut the wedding cake. Michael stared intently at everyone gathered. As Sonny fed Nina a slice of cake, Michael's stare turned into a scowl. Sonny and Nina kissed before the couple sipped Champagne.

At the same time, Cyrus stood near the prison gate at Pentonville in street clothes. A guard said that Cyrus was free to leave. Cyrus stepped out into the open air, and he basked in the sunshine. The prison gate wheeled closed. Cyrus turned back to take another look at Pentonville before he stepped into a waiting automobile.

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