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Michael received confirmation that Nina had tipped off the SEC. Ava was rescued. Dante shot Mason. Sasha announced plans to start over in Texas. Laura was certain that Victor had turned Charlotte against Anna. Finn and Elizabeth made plans for a romantic getaway. Lois told "Eddie" about her past with Ned.
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Michael received confirmation Nina tipped off the SEC. Dante shot Mason. Laura was certain Victor had turned Charlotte against Anna. Lois told "Eddie" about her past with Ned.
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Michael demands information from Martin

Michael demands information from Martin

Monday, October 16, 2023

In Puerto Rico, Sonny, Nina, and Kristina shared drinks, and Kristina wondered what had made them want to elope. Sonny replied that he just wanted Nina to be happy, so he'd suggested his island. Nina chimed in that she'd caved in in less than a minute. Kristina marveled over how Sonny had never given up on Michael, who had left it up to Willow whether or not to attend the wedding. Nina called Willow's attendance a turning point in their relationship as mother and daughter, and she owed it to Sonny.

A short while later, Kristina was gone, and Sonny and Nina watched the ocean and talked about their perfect wedding and honeymoon. Sonny wondered about the significance of Nina's bracelet, and she told him about the gift from Willow. Nina spotted a shooting star, so Sonny advised her to make a wish. She replied that she didn't need to wish for anything, as he'd given her everything she'd ever wanted. He responded that she'd changed his life in ways he was just beginning to understand. They wished each other a happy wedding day and embraced.

Michael, Willow, and Wiley arrived home, and they were happy to see Amelia. Willow smiled as Wiley told Amelia about the wedding, but Michael was distracted by his phone. A short while later, both kids were upstairs, and Willow talked about going back to the island soon, maybe for a family trip with Sonny and Nina. Michael promised they would go back, whether Sonny and Nina wanted to join them or not. Michael had to go to his meeting and said goodbye to Willow.

Later, Willow gave Wiley dinner, and he talked about how fun the wedding had been. He continued to talk about it during dessert, and Willow was glad that he'd had a good time. He said that he'd had a lot of fun, and he loved his grandma and grandpa "so much." A short while later, Wiley was asleep, and Willow thought back to her time with Nina during the wedding.

Sam arrived at Kelly's and caught up with Carly about Drew. Sam revealed that she was also there to check in with Carly, since Sonny and Nina were getting married that day. Carly insisted that she'd moved past Sonny and loved Drew, but she acknowledged that "it stinks." The two caught up about Sasha, and they were glad that Sasha was finally free of Gladys. Carly thanked Sam for checking in, and Sam hugged her and left. Carly flipped the sign on the diner to closed.

At the Metro Court, Lucy and Maxie talked to Blaze about Deception. Lucy believed that Blaze would be the perfect fit for the new face of the brand. Blaze admitted that she was flattered but surprised. Lucy informed her that they needed an answer by the end of the week, and Blaze promised to have her manager reach out. She had a plane to catch, so she excused herself and left. While Maxie believed that the meeting had gone well, she thought that they should have warned Sasha. Lucy reassured Maxie that Sasha would still be a partner in the company, but they needed a fresh new face.

Martin approached just as Maxie's phone went off, and she excused herself to answer it. Lucy told Martin what was going on with Deception, and she admitted that she was having a hard time with the settlement with Tracy. She vowed to never forgive Tracy, but she had faith in karma. Martin invited her to relax with him in his room, but he was interrupted by a phone call. He answered it to Michael, who demanded to see Martin at Aurora to give Martin one chance after his "serious mistake."

A short while later, Martin was gone, and Maxie returned. Maxie reminded Lucy that hiring a new spokesmodel was a major business decision that they should probably run by Tracy. Lucy protested and said that Tracy wasn't her boss, so she didn't need permission. She had a good feeling about Blaze, and Maxie thought that they needed to tell Sasha as soon as possible.

Kristina took her drink with her outside to the chapel and watched the ocean. "Fancy meeting you here!" Kristina heard someone say, and she was surprised to see Blaze. Blaze explained that her grandmother lived there, and she had previously worked at the hotel, which was where Blaze was staying. She'd gone to the chapel to light a candle for her grandmother, and she'd found Kristina as if it was fate.

Sasha was packing up her things when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door to Cody, who asked for the story behind the boxes around the apartment. Sasha invited him in and explained that she was leaving Port Charles. She found it too painful to stay, so she was moving to Austin, Texas, to get away from her mistakes. He thought that she was being too hard on herself. He started listing off all of his mistakes, but Sasha justified every one. He finally told her that he'd lied to Mac's face about not being Mac's biological son, as he didn't believe that he deserved such a great man as a dad.

Sasha believed that any man would be proud to call Cody his son, especially after what he'd done for Sasha. He wondered when she was leaving, and she replied that the movers would be there the next morning. There was another knock on the door, and Sasha opened the door to Maxie. Maxie asked about the boxes, and an upset Cody told Maxie what was going on. Cody left. Maxie understood what Sasha was going through, and she promised to support whatever decision Sasha made. Sasha was glad that Maxie had stopped by and wondered why she was there. "I missed my friend," Maxie claimed.

Martin arrived at Michael's office and informed Michael that he didn't like being summoned or threatened. Michael knew that Martin had turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC, but Martin reminded Michael that he wasn't obligated to answer anything Michael asked about it. He added that Carly was really the guilty party who belonged in prison, and he didn't understand why Drew had taken the fall for her. Michael continued that Martin's client had caused pain and damage to the family, so he was giving Martin a chance to reveal the source and make amends.

Martin replied that the answer Michael wanted was covered under attorney/client privilege. Michael knew that, so he threatened to turn the entire issue over to Sonny to handle in his own way. Michael demanded confirmation of the name, or Sonny would hear about it. "Nina Reeves," Martin finally muttered. Michael dismissed Martin, and Martin left. Michael took his phone out and played back the recording of their conversation.

Lois recalls her past with Ned/Eddie

Lois recalls her past with Ned/Eddie

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

In the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion, Lois insisted there was no way that Ned/Eddie couldn't remember her. A montage of flashbacks of the couple appeared on-screen, including Eddie and Lois' wedding in New York in the 90s, as well as the revelation soon afterwards that Eddie was Ned Ashton.

Brook Lynn and Chase appeared. Lois was thrilled to meet Chase. Eddie asked Lois to tell him about his and Lois' past. Lois agreed, and she recalled that she had grown "infatuated" with Eddie. As Lois told her story, she asked if she was jogging Eddie's memory. Eddie said that he still didn't remember anyone.

Lois and Eddie soon started to quarrel over Eddie's inability to remember the past. "This Eddie Maine, he's forgotten all the terrible things my Eddie put me through. But this Eddie Maine has also forgotten all of the wonderful, wonderful times that we had. And you're a poorer man for that, and I pity you," Lois said.

Already aggravated, Eddie said that he didn't need Lois' pity, and he stormed off. Lois apologized to Chase for letting her anger go too far. Chase quipped that he knew where Brook Lynn got her spirit from. Chase told Lois about meeting Brook Lynn for the first time and how he had admired her from the beginning.

Also at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was surprised when Gregory visited. Gregory thanked Tracy for having inadvertently told Chase about Gregory's ALS diagnosis. Tracy encouraged Gregory to sit, and she offered him a drink.

Tracy and Gregory sipped scotch before agreeing to play backgammon. Later, as Gregory prepared to leave, he thanked Tracy for their time together. Tracy and Gregory agreed to play one another again, and the two hugged.

After Gregory had left, Tracy appeared in the kitchen. Tracy said that she was the only reason Brook Lynn and Chase were together. "Because you blackmailed my daughter to get what you wanted," Lois spat at Tracy, who smirked.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Josslyn told Dante that Ava hadn't been seen since the previous evening. Josslyn asked for Dante's help, and he agreed to search for Ava. After Dante left the station, Josslyn sought to assure Avery that Ava was okay.

At the same time, Mason had driven Ava to a wooded area outdoors. Ava pleaded with Mason not to kill her. Mason casually produced another lollipop, and he chuckled at the dilemma Ava found herself in. "Ava, you're full of it. I'm not gonna let you go. We're going to sit here, quietly... and wait for my orders," Mason said.

At the hospital, Cyrus thanked Austin for having testified at Cyrus' hearing. Austin asked Cyrus to tell Mason to release Ava, and he insisted that Ava wasn't a threat. After Austin left to visit a patient, Cyrus phoned Mason to instruct him to take Ava home. Mason glared menacingly at Ava after Cyrus' order.

"To hell with the boss's orders," Mason said after Cyrus had ended the call. Mason reached into the car to grab Ava, who yelled for Mason to let her go. Just then, they saw the headlights of an approaching car. Dex stepped out of the car, and he pointed his gun at Mason. Dex ordered Mason to release Ava.

Ava told Dex to shoot at Mason. Dex didn't fire his weapon. Instead, Mason shot at Dex, but he missed. Ava managed to free herself from Mason's grip. Dex charged at Mason, and they fought on the ground near the edge of a cliff. As Mason tried to push Dex over the cliff, Dante appeared. Dante fired two shots at Mason.

Dex went to Ava, and he removed handcuffs from her. Nearby, Dante noted that Mason had been shot but that he was still alive. Dante asked Ava why Mason had abducted her. Ava said that Mason had been "following orders." Dante asked if Ava had gotten a name from Mason. Ava said she hadn't, but she vowed that Mason's boss would be sorry once she learned their identity.

In Drew's room at the hospital, Drew told Carly that he was well enough to return to Pentonville. Carly worried that whoever who had tried to kill Drew in Pentonville might finish the job. Drew encouraged Carly not to worry.

Carly and Drew heard a knock at the door, and they were stunned when Cyrus entered. Cyrus revealed that he had been granted his release from Pentonville earlier that day, and he added that he had stopped by to check on Drew, given that Drew had saved Cyrus' life. Cyrus told Carly that he had been the one that had found Drew unconscious in the prison shower. Cyrus left a short while later.

Carly expressed outrage that Cyrus was out of prison while Drew was scheduled to return to Pentonville. Just then, Carly received a call from Josslyn, who said that something had happened and that Carly needed to head home right away.

At the same time, on the hospital elevator, Austin demanded to know from Cyrus if Ava was okay. Cyrus said that Austin was in no position to make demands. "It's best to remember who's in control here," Cyrus said before stepping off the elevator.

Dante receives bad news about his job

Dante receives bad news about his job

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis invited Portia to join him in bed, but he said that he wasn't ready for physical intimacy. Curtis said that he couldn't love Portia the way she wanted, and he added that he didn't know if he ever would be able to.

Portia noted that Curtis' doctors had said that he could still function sexually. Curtis said that it was "humiliating" and "infuriating" to think of himself struggling to make love to Portia. Portia vowed repeatedly that she wouldn't give up on Curtis, even if the couple never occupied a bed in the same manner they once had.

Portia said that Curtis opening up about his insecurities and vulnerabilities made her feel even closer to him. Portia kissed Curtis. As Portia stood up to leave, Curtis said that he loved her.

In the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion, Lois and Tracy argued over Tracy having blackmailed Brook Lynn. Lois said that Tracy had used Brook Lynn to go after Deception to satisfy Tracy's greed. Tracy surprised Lois by what she said next. "I got that company for Brook Lynn," Tracy said.

Tracy added that she was giving Brook Lynn the company "lock, stock, and barrel." "Because I don't want her to waste her life on music and then have nothing to show for it like you did," Tracy said.

Lois said that Tracy didn't have the right to make career choices for Brook Lynn. When Tracy said that she owned 51 percent of Deception, Lois told Tracy to keep the majority stock because Brook Lynn wouldn't want any part of a company that had been bought through "lies and betrayal."

Tracy said that Brook Lynn might surprise Lois because she had "Quartermaine genes." Lois said that Brook Lynn wouldn't relinquish her integrity over a company. "Newsflash: she already has. Maybe she's a little more like her grandmother than you care to admit. And guess what? You have to live with it," Tracy said.

On Sonny's island in Puerto Rico, Nina thanked Sonny for their wedding. Sonny and Nina lay in bed together, and they kissed. Nina remarked that the island was "an oasis of tranquility." Sonny said that he liked the sound of the waves and the breeze as it filtered through the palm trees. "And the only thing better than that is sharing it with you," Sonny said as Nina caressed his face.

Nina said that it was nice to see Sonny unwind, and she asked him for a favor. Nina specified that she wanted Sonny to forget about his problems and stresses. "Can you just be here in the moment with me while we're on our honeymoon? Can you just... love me and nothing else?" Nina asked innocently. Sonny wrapped his arms around Nina, and they kissed.

A short while later, Sonny and Nina were interrupted by a call from Carly, who shared that Mason had kidnapped Ava. Carly added that Ava's kidnapping wasn't the only news she had, and she added that Cyrus had been released from Pentonville. Sonny clenched his fist in anger.

Sonny told Carly that he would fly back to Port Charles the following morning. After the call ended, Nina asked Sonny what was going on. "Of course, it was him all along," Sonny realized. Nina asked who Sonny had been referring to.

Elsewhere on the island, Kristina and Blaze got to know one another over frozen margaritas. Blaze praised Kristina's work at Charlie's Pub and in launching the LGBTQIA+ shelter. Blaze mentioned that she had been named the new face of Deception, but she wasn't sure if she should accept the offer.

A short while later, Sonny approached. Kristina introduced Sonny to Blaze, who congratulated Sonny on his wedding to Nina. Sonny gushed that the wedding had been fantastic, but he added that something had arisen and that he would have to fly back to Port Charles the following morning.

At the hospital, Sam presented Drew with a gift from Scout -- a plaque that had been awarded to Scout at her swim team's banquet. Drew claimed he wished he could have joined Scout at the banquet, and he told Sam to tell Scout that he loved her.

Also at the hospital, Austin pleaded with Mason to wake up. When Mason opened his eyes, Austin asked where Ava was. A doctor entered, and he said that Mason would require surgery. Austin asked for a moment alone with Mason. Afterwards, Austin demanded to know where Ava was.

As Dante approached the room, Jordan ordered Dante to go home. Jordan told Dante that the Pautuck Police Department was livid at Dante for having shot a civilian in their jurisdiction. Dante was surprised when Jordan announced that Dante was being placed on administrative leave. Dante left the hospital.

At Carly's mansion, a frantic Ava asked Carly and Josslyn if Avery was okay. Josslyn told Ava that Avery was fine. Ava headed upstairs to visit Avery. Josslyn hugged Dex after he said that Mason had tried to push him over a cliff.

Ava returned from upstairs after being relieved to see that Avery was okay. Josslyn assured Ava that Avery didn't know anything about Ava's abduction. Carly told Ava that she was welcome to spend the night at the mansion. Ava thanked Carly.

Ava told Josslyn and Dex that she appreciated their help in saving her from Mason. Ava recalled that Mason had "snapped" when he'd tried to kill her. Josslyn handed Ava a strong drink. As Ava sat alone in the dark, sipping her drink, she deleted a series of calls and voicemail notifications from Austin.

Nearby, Josslyn said that Dex was a hero for saving Ava. Dex admitted that Dante had saved his life, and he thanked Josslyn for sending his location to Dante. Dex said that Josslyn was the reason he was still alive. Josslyn and Dex kissed.

Later, at Sam and Dante's penthouse, Dante found Sam asleep in their bed. Dante apologized for waking Sam, who surmised that something was wrong. Dante shared that he had been placed on administrative leave. "I shot someone tonight, and they might not make it," Dante said. Sam put her arms around Dante.

Sam learned about Ava's abduction, and she wondered who would want to hurt Ava. Dante said that he didn't know. Sam and Dante put their arms around one another as they prepared to fall asleep.

Alexis begins her interview with Judge Kim

Alexis begins her interview with Judge Kim

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Trina was getting some work done at the gallery when she caught sight of her dove figurine, and she thought about her weekend with Spencer. Just then, Spencer arrived with coffee for them. He informed her that Laura was back in town, and he updated her on the search for Nikolas. Spencer decided that he didn't want Nikolas to return, as Nikolas would throw off the entire routine that he, Esme, and Ace had going. He believed that Ace was better off without Nikolas' influence. "But you're fine with Esme's?" Trina asked.

Spencer figured that the question was irrelevant, since Esme was Ace's mother, but Trina reminded him of all the things Esme had done to them. Spencer vowed that he would never forgive Esme, but he conceded that she had been a good mother. Trina believed that them "playing house" was a "dream come true" for Esme, but Spencer promised that Esme was no threat to them. Trina just wanted Spencer to think about his -- and their -- future, since their relationship was more serious.

Laura arrived at Valentin's, and he went right into his concerns about Charlotte. Laura was in disbelief until he told her about the security footage showing Charlotte breaking into Anna's room. He disclosed that he also believed Charlotte had been responsible for Anna's house fire. Valentin could only think that Charlotte resented the time he'd spent with Anna instead of her. Laura realized that Victor could have had something to do with it, and Valentin agreed that Victor had weaponized Charlotte while she'd been at boarding school. Laura told him that they needed to get Charlotte out from under Victor's influence.

At the hospital, T.J. congratulated Portia on being named co-chief of staff. He hated to give her bad news on her first day in the new position, but he informed her that Cyrus had been released from prison.

Maxie and Felicia entered a conference room at the hospital and sat down with the breakfast Maxie had gotten for them. Maxie talked about how proud she was of her mother for starting a new career. She talked about the recent problems at Deception and about the settlement, which included replacing Sasha as the face of Deception. Maxie didn't blame Sasha for wanting to start over elsewhere, but she would miss her friend. She commented that Brook Lynn had already ruined everything and that their friendship was over. "It's doesn't have to be," Felicia said, and she reminded Maxie that she'd also made mistakes. She urged Maxie to forgive Brook Lynn and to tell Sasha not to leave.

Anna arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and approached Jordan's table. She asked to move to a more private or sheltered table, as the one Jordan was at was too out in the open. When they'd been moved to a different table, Jordan assured Anna that she understood why Anna was on edge. Anna wondered if Jordan would go back to being commissioner, since Laura was back. Jordan admitted that she was torn, as she thought that she could serve Port Charles better in the mayor's office. She said the thought of working with Laura full-time was appealing, but there was nothing like "getting your hands dirty on a case."

Just then, Portia arrived and immediately tore into Jordan for not warning her that Cyrus had been released from Pentonville. A few minutes later, Jordan was on the phone, demanding to know why nobody had been informed of Cyrus' release. When she ended the call, she reported that he'd been released because of "hardship" because of his heart attack. Portia ranted that he'd just exploited the justice system. Jordan believed he would stay away from Portia and her family, as he wouldn't want to jeopardize his release or his hopes of a reconciliation with Laura.

At the hospital, Finn bumped into Elizabeth and thanked her for getting Gregory to see Dr. Kramer, as Gregory really liked the doctor. He also apologized for canceling their dinner plans the night before, and he assured Elizabeth that Violet was feeling much better. He proposed spending the weekend together, because a friend of his had offered up his cabin in the mountains. "Let's go," Elizabeth agreed. A happy Finn excused himself to get to surgery, and he left. Elizabeth called her grandmother and asked her to watch the boys that weekend. She was glad to hear that her grandmother really liked Finn, because she liked him a lot, too.

Before getting ready for his surgery, Finn called Chase to ask him to watch Violet that weekend, and he told his brother about the trip with Elizabeth. Later, Finn found T.J. and asked to push back a consultation that they'd scheduled for that weekend. T.J. noticed how happy Finn had been, and he hoped that it continued. Finn asked about the surrogacy, and T.J. happily reported that he and Molly were excited for the first ultrasound.

Gregory entered Alexis' office, and she was diligently working on her notes so she could do her part to help free Drew. She asked if he was ready for battle, but he didn't realize he would be there with her while she interviewed Judge Kim. She insisted that she needed her co-counsel to "butter him up" so that she could "go in for the kill" with the research, and he agreed. Just then, her phone rang, and she learned that the judge had arrived. She explained to Gregory that she would escort Judge Kim to her office, and it was "showtime!"

A few minutes later, Alexis led Judge Kim into her office and introduced Gregory. She explained that he had an extensive background in journalism as well as experience in writing about the judiciary system. Gregory was impressed by Judge Kim and thought some of his decisions were very interesting. They sat to begin the interview, and Judge Kim explained that he'd gotten his start in the Assistant D.A.'s office in New York. He thought being on the bench was more satisfying, especially concerning constitutional matters. He believed that the meaning of the constitution did not change over time, and Alexis remarked that the billionaire Asher Alexander felt the same. The judge replied that he'd never met the man. However, Alexis knew that Judge Kim had flown to St. Thomas with the billionaire on his private jet to go deep sea fishing.

Drew is taken back to Pentonville

Drew is taken back to Pentonville

Friday, October 20, 2023

Valentin walked into the house with Charlotte, who was confused as to why he'd taken her out of school early. He replied that he had a surprised for her, and she was happy to see Laura sitting in the living room. Valentin said that he had some errands to run, so he left Laura and Charlotte to catch up. Laura was happy to have some alone time with her granddaughter, and Charlotte related that she didn't feel as alone since Laura was back.

Laura revealed that she had also been a lonely kid, but Charlotte could always talk to her. She confessed that she'd made some big mistakes that Lesley had saved her from, and she wanted to be like that for Charlotte. She offered to listen if there was something Charlotte needed to share, but Charlotte only hugged Laura and told her how much she'd missed her grandmother.

Anna, alone at the Metro Court restaurant, expressed her appreciation to her bodyguard. She made sure that he hadn't seen anything suspicious when her friends had been there, and he assured her that there had been no indication of a threat to her. She returned to her table, and Valentin arrived. She talked about how trapped and alone she felt sitting alone in her suite. He suggested that she stay with one of her many friends in town, but she didn't want to put anyone else in danger. She wanted to shut down whoever was after her, even though she believed it was her own fault. Valentin countered that Victor's will had triggered someone to act against her on Victor's behalf.

Spencer arrived at the hospital and found Esme, Ace, and Kevin. He questioned why Esme hadn't told him about Ace's appointment. She replied that they'd had a cancellation, so she'd jumped on it, and Kevin had driven them. She said she had assumed that he was with Trina, and she hadn't wanted to interrupt. She added that she was Ace's mother and capable of looking after him on her own. She followed a nurse to an exam room and told Spencer that she preferred to go back alone.

Kevin gently reminded Spencer that he didn't have any parental rights over Ace. Spencer countered that someone needed to fill the void left by Nikolas, and he understood that he was only Ace's brother. Kevin warned him that, since Spencer and Esme only had Ace in common anymore, he would one day have to accept a reduced role in Ace's life. A short while later, Esme and Ace returned, and she gushed about how well Ace was doing. Spencer suggested that they celebrate at Kelly's, and the three left as Spencer glared at Kevin.

Robert was surprised to bump into Diane at the yoga studio. After some light banter, Robert admitted that he didn't want to be just friends with her, and he suggested that they pick up where they'd left off. "Absolutely not," she stated. She remembered how she'd been used and how he'd treated her when Holly had been around. She suggested that they "wipe the slate clean," and he accepted. She warned him that if he ever tried to be involved with anyone else again, she would cut him off completely, and she left.

At the hospital, Elizabeth entered Drew's room to check on him. He revealed that he was feeling "too good." He asked about the boys, and she talked about how happy Cameron was at Stanford, Aiden's new baking business, and Jake dating Charlotte. Just then, the guard entered and revealed that it was time for Drew to go back to Pentonville. Elizabeth thought she could delay it, but Drew refused. She offered to call Carly, but he didn't want Carly to see him be hauled out of the hospital. A short while later, Elizabeth watched as the guard wheeled a chained Drew into the elevator, and they were gone.

Cody sat down with Dante at Haven Bistro as Dante filled out the paperwork for his administrative leave. Cody lamented that doing the right thing always had the wrong outcome. He told Dante about Sasha leaving. While Dante thought it was a good idea for Sasha, he wondered if Cody had told her that he wanted her to stay. Cody admitted that he'd made things about himself by telling her about Mac being his biological father. Cody thanked Dante for all Dante and Sam had done for him. Dante suggested that Cody tell Mac the truth, but Cody didn't want to see the hurt in Mac's face when he realized that Cody had been lying to him.

In Alexis' office, she called Judge Kim out on the fact that he was lying about having met Asher Alexander. She wondered if he'd neglected to put the deep-sea fishing trip and other gifts on his tax returns. He figured that he shouldn't be surprised by the ambush, as he remembered her reputation at an attorney, "when you could still practice. No wonder you were disbarred." Gregory asked if the judge was going to deny his involvement with the billionaire, but the judge declared the interview over. Alexis reminded him that she could use anything he'd said there in an article, but she would reconsider if he commuted Drew's unfair sentence. "You belong in prison right next to Drew," the judge said angrily, and he left and slammed the door behind him.

Alexis lamented how she'd fumbled the interview because of her lawyer's ego, and it would affect someone she cared about. Gregory thought she had done a great job, and he believed that she was being too hard on herself. Just then, her phone rang, and she listened to the caller. She thanked the person for the information and asked them to keep her posted. When she hung up, she reported to Gregory that a friend from the federal building had informed her that Judge Kim had asked the clerk to pull Drew's file, and he was going to reconsider Drew's sentence. "Nice work, counselor," Gregory said.

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