General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 23, 2023 on GH

Michael had an explosive showdown with Nina. Carly received bad news about Drew. Finn and Elizabeth went to Vermont for a romantic getaway. T.J. saw Austin smothering Mason. Portia vowed to find the doctor who had helped Cyrus get released. Esme admitted that she had developed feelings for Spencer. Sasha had a change of heart.
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Michael had an explosive showdown with Nina. T.J. saw Austin smothering Mason. Esme admitted feelings for Spencer. Sasha decided to stay in Port Charles.
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Selina tries to make amends with Sonny

Selina tries to make amends with Sonny

Monday, October 23, 2023

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Sam was surprised when Cody stopped by to thank her for helping him and Sasha. Sam was overjoyed when Cody presented her with a softball that had been signed by the U.S. Women's National Team. Cody was touched when Sam talked about the life and family she and Dante were building together.

Cody said that he had thrown away his chance at a family when he had lied about Mac not being his father. When Sam asked why Cody had lied, Cody said he thought that Mac was too good a person to be "saddled" with a son like Cody.

At Sasha's apartment, Sasha worked to put the last of her belongings into boxes as she prepared to leave Port Charles. Sasha heard a knock, and she opened the door to Dante. Sasha invited Dante inside. Dante said that he had been through a similar situation as Sasha's three years earlier when he had chosen to leave town.

Dante added that running away from problems only made things worse. Sasha said that her and Dante's circumstances were different, and she noted that she had lost both Brando and Liam. Sasha said that perhaps Dante was right in that she was running away, but she asked if Dante could blame her.

Dante said that he didn't blame Sasha, but he noted that Sasha had plenty of friends in Port Charles that could help her deal with the traumas she had experienced. Dante added that everyone would miss Sasha if she left Port Charles, and he said that he wished Sasha the best in the future -- regardless of her decision.

At the Deception office, Tracy scolded Lucy and Maxie for their decision to make Blaze the face of Deception without having consulted Tracy. Lucy said that it was none of Tracy's business. Tracy reminded Lucy and Maxie that she owned 51 percent of Deception, and she insisted that Sasha remain the face of the company.

Lucy asked what Tracy stood to gain. Tracy insisted that it was merely the right thing to do, and she asked where Lucy's empathy for Sasha was. To Lucy's chagrin, Maxie agreed with Tracy. Tracy ordered Lucy to tell Sasha that Deception had decided to reinstate Sasha's contract.

After Tracy left, Maxie admitted that she liked what Tracy had said about Sasha, and she added that she wanted to work with Sasha again. Maxie worried about what she and Lucy would tell Blaze if Sasha accepted the offer to return to Deception.

At the hospital, Portia fumed when Cyrus greeted her. Portia warned that she would seek a restraining order to keep Cyrus away from her and Trina. Portia recalled that Cyrus had held her and Trina at gunpoint two years earlier. When Cyrus asked Portia for forgiveness, Portia angrily told Cyrus that his apologies were meaningless.

Portia added that Cyrus' release from Pentonville was a "travesty." Cyrus was adamant that he had changed, and he said he was grateful to Laura, Jordan, and Curtis for having stopped him two years earlier. Portia grew more agitated, and she reiterated her threat to call the police if Cyrus approached her again.

At Metro Court, Lois told Brook Lynn that not everyone was happy Brook Lynn had chosen to return to the music industry. Brook Lynn said she didn't care what Tracy thought. Lois surprised Brook Lynn when she revealed that Tracy intended to give Deception to Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn was skeptical, but Lois said she didn't think Tracy had an ulterior motive. Brook Lynn said there was "no way in hell" she would ever accept Deception as a gift from Tracy. When Brook Lynn said that she would confront Tracy over her offer, Lois smiled and said that she had a better way to handle things.

Also at Metro Court, Kevin and Mac met for lunch. Mac recalled how Cody had recently helped Sasha. Mac said that Cody's actions had reminded him that he had gone to similar lengths to help Dominique years earlier. Kevin mentioned Scott, who had stepped off the elevator just in time to overhear his name.

Scott learned that Kevin and Mac had been talking about Cody. Scott recalled that he and Cody had considered suing the WSB months earlier, and he wondered why Cody had changed his mind. Mac reasoned that Cody didn't want the charges to be brought into the public spotlight after what Cody and Sasha had been through together.

Kevin and Mac were taken aback when Cyrus approached and referred to Scott as Cyrus' attorney. Scott clarified that he wasn't Cyrus' lawyer. Cyrus whispered that he might have use for more of Scott's legal help. Nearby, Mac told Kevin that he wished Scott had "stuck to chasing ambulances" instead of involving himself with Cyrus.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Sonny told Dex that there was no doubt in his mind that Cyrus was Austin and Mason's boss. Sonny heard a knock, and he opened the door to Selina, who congratulated Sonny on his wedding to Nina.

Sonny asked why Selina hadn't seen fit to inform him of Gladys' spiraling gambling debts. Selina said that she hadn't seen a reason to bother Sonny. Sonny pointed out that Selina should know how to distinguish allies from enemies. Selina said that her alliance with Sonny was "vital" to her interests.

Selina mentioned that Gladys had sold her Brando's garage at a bargain price. "I'm surprised. Didn't it ever occur to you to inform me, your ally in this situation? If I was the suspicious type, I would think that maybe you were trying to get information or leverage on me. And if that were the case, you and I would have a big problem," Sonny said threateningly.

Selina apologized to Sonny for not having apprised him of Gladys' debts. Selina asked how she could make amends to Sonny. When Sonny noted that Cyrus had been released from Pentonville, Selina said that she was aware. A moment later, Selina was seen exiting Sonny's office.

Afterwards, Sonny told Dex that Selina had agreed to have her organization monitor Cyrus. Sonny said that he was confident Selina would notify him if Cyrus were to make any overtures to her. Dex asked if Selina could be trusted. "The only thing I trust is that Selina will serve her own business interests. That's why I have to keep her close," Sonny said.

Laura confronts Scott

Laura confronts Scott

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

At Metro Court, Lucy groused to Scott that she was about to sign over 51 percent of Deception to Tracy. Laura approached, and she asked to speak to Scott at once. In a private corner, Laura confronted Scott for his decision to represent Cyrus.

Laura asked how Scott had been paid to represent Cyrus, given that Cyrus had said that he had given away all his money. Scott recalled that Cyrus had mentioned a fund that helped with prisoner reform. Laura realized that the fund was one that Cyrus had donated money to, and she accused Cyrus of only helping himself.

Laura asked if Scott had truly believed that Cyrus deserved to be released. Scott admitted that Lee Baldwin would be disappointed in him, but he said that he had to keep his law practice afloat. "Do you want me to be chasing ambulances for the rest of my life?" Scott growled. Laura received an alert on her phone, and she left. When Scott returned to his table, he found that Lucy had also left.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis shared photos of Spencer and Trina's trip to New York City with Portia. Portia surprised Curtis when she said that she was okay with Spencer and Trina's relationship. "Trina cares about Spencer, and it seems that Spencer genuinely cares about Trina. She's old enough to make her own decisions without her mom constantly butting in," Portia claimed.

A short while later, after Portia had left for work, Laura visited Curtis. The two were thrilled to see one another. Laura apologized for having been away from her job as mayor when Curtis had been shot. Curtis said that it was ironic that he had survived catastrophe in Greenland only to be paralyzed in Port Charles.

Curtis added that it was possible he might be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and he vowed to make the best of things regardless. Laura said that she had wanted to reach out to Curtis but hadn't felt she could adequately express how much Curtis meant to her. Laura added that she had had a special place in her heart for Curtis for many years, and she said that their friendship was an unbreakable bond. "And nothing will ever change that," Laura said as she and Curtis held hands.

At the hospital, Austin grabbed Cyrus from behind and pulled him into a small closet. Austin held a scalpel to Cyrus, and he accused Cyrus of trying to have Ava killed. Cyrus calmly asked Austin to drop the scalpel, and he asked that Austin allow Cyrus to visit Mason's room.

In Mason's room, T.J. said that Mason should make a full recovery. When T.J. said that Mason would likely head to prison, Mason gloated that he had escaped worse situations. After T.J. left, Cyrus and Austin appeared. Cyrus confronted Mason for having disobeyed Cyrus' orders to release Ava.

Cyrus threatened that the pain that Mason had felt when he'd been shot would pale in comparison to the pain he would feel if he ever betrayed Cyrus again. Cyrus asked if Mason understood. "SAY IT!" Cyrus screamed. "I understand... and I believe it," Mason relented. Cyrus then turned to Austin, and he asked if the two understood one another. Austin nodded that they did, and he left.

Out by the nurses' station, Portia encountered an upset T.J., who told her about his encounter with Mason. Portia told T.J. to steer clear of Mason. T.J. said that Mason likely reminded him of "some other creep." A short while later, Cyrus stepped off the elevators. Cyrus spotted Portia from behind, and he quietly left the hospital.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois surprised Brook Lynn when she said that she had invited Chase to join them. Brook Lynn accused Lois of only inviting Chase to help change her mind about Tracy's offer to give Deception to Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn said she would never speak to Lois again if Lois mentioned the offer to Chase.

After Yuri introduced Chase, Lois asked Brook Lynn to play one of Blaze's songs, and she pushed Chase to sing along. Chase and Brook Lynn sang together. Afterwards, Lucy angrily burst into the mansion to demand to speak to Tracy. Brook Lynn said that Tracy had gone to New York City for the day. Lucy yelled that Brook Lynn was just as responsible for Lucy's woes at Deception as Tracy.

Lucy seethed as she signed her 51 percent stake in Deception over to Tracy. "There! There! Are you happy? I hope you are so satisfied, and please, please tell your grandmother she can kiss... no, no, I'm too much of a lady," Lucy said before storming out. Brook Lynn and Chase stood in silence after Lucy had left.

In Michael's office at Aurora, Michael played the recording of Martin admitting to having called the SEC at Nina's request because Carly and Drew had committed insider trading. Martin appeared, and he told Michael to think twice before forwarding the recording to Sonny. Michael claimed that Nina had "destroyed" Carly's life and that Nina was solely responsible for Drew being in prison.

Martin mentioned Nina's past history of crimes, most of them from 2014, and he told Michael to think about what Nina might do if Michael tried to remove Willow and Wiley from Nina's life. Martin warned that Nina could vow to make Michael's life a living hell.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Nina presented Sonny with a photo frame that contained pictures of Donna and Wiley from the wedding. Nina said that she had bought similar frames for Willow and Carly to feature Wiley and Donna, respectively. Sonny noted that Nina couldn't stop staring at Wiley's photo. Nina said that it was no one's fault that she had missed out on spending time with Wiley.

When Sonny said that Carly had been partly responsible for Nina having missed out on spending time with Wiley, Nina said that both she and Carly had made mistakes. Sonny and Nina kissed as Nina prepared to leave for work. After Nina left, Michael appeared. Michael overheard Sonny tell someone over the phone that he had never been as happy as he was with Nina.

After Sonny hung up the phone, Michael said there was something important that he had stopped by to talk to Sonny about. Sonny said that he had something to show Michael first. Sonny handed Michael the picture frame that Nina had given him of Wiley. Sonny then proceeded to tell Michael that Nina had changed his life, and he added that Carly was equally as happy with Drew as Sonny was with Nina.

Michael said that Drew was the reason he had gone to visit Sonny. Sonny suggested that he contact Nina to use Crimson to help sway public opinion in Drew's favor. Michael tried to talk Sonny out of asking Nina for her help. Sonny said that he was happy that Michael had gone to the wedding. "I love (Nina), you know? I want this to last forever -- like you and Willow," Sonny said.

Michael said that he needed to return to work. Sonny remembered that Michael had stopped by to tell him something important. Michael said that he would handle the matter on his own. Sonny said that Michael could go to him anytime, and he added that he loved Michael. Sonny wrapped his arms around Michael, and they hugged.

Outside Sonny's office, Michael called Crimson to ask if Nina was in her office. "No, no, no message. Are you expecting her back soon? Good. I'll speak to her when I see her," Michael told someone by phone before he left.

Back at Metro Court, Nina spotted Martin alone at the bar. Nina said that Martin had let her down. He apologized. When Martin realized that Nina hadn't been referring to his admission to Michael but instead to a business matter, he failed to tell Nina that Michael knew she had instructed Martin to contact the SEC over Drew and Carly having committed insider trading.

Michael has an explosive showdown with Nina

Michael has an explosive showdown with Nina

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Dante stopped by the Quartermaine stables to check on Cody. Dante told Cody about his visit with Sasha and that she had been packed and ready to leave. Cody admitted that he believed that Sasha had made the wrong decision, but Dante understood her desire to start fresh in a new place that didn't hold any bad memories. Dante assured his friend that Sasha had seemed to be okay, but he was curious how Cody had been holding up. Cody curtly replied that he was fine, but he had to get back to work. To Cody's surprise, Dante offered to help.

Cody tossed Dante an apple for Trigger, and the two men walked over to the stall. Dante fed the horse an apple, while Cody brushed Trigger's coat. Cody suspected that Dante was worried about Cody because Cody had screwed up. Dante explained that he'd been concerned about a friend because Cody had been through a lot and Sasha had left town. Cody reminded Dante that it had been Sasha's choice to make, but Dante was certain that Cody had feelings for her.

Cody admitted that it was true. Pleased with Cody's honesty, Dante suggested that Cody tell Mac the truth about the paternity test, since Cody had already shared the truth with Dante, Sam, and Sasha. Dante was certain that -- deep down inside -- Cody wanted Mac to know that Mac was Cody's father. Cody denied it, and he explained that Mac didn't need to be stuck with Cody for a son because Mac already had a tightknit family. Dante argued that Mac clearly trusted Cody because Mac had bent the rules to help Cody take down Montague. Dante also believed that Mac had been proud of Cody for saving Sasha, and he would be proud to have Cody for a son.

Cody was touched, but he insisted that he was a loner. Dante put Cody to the test by inviting Cody to join Dante, Sam, and the kids for a Sunday game. Cody readily accepted, and he admitted that he was lucky to have a friend like Dante. After Dante left, Cody fed Trigger a carrot as he explained that Dante had a different life than Cody, and he was unable to see that it didn't pay to invest in people. Just then, Cody heard a noise behind him. When he turned, Sasha stood in the doorway.

At the hospital, Liesl told Willow about her trip to a spa in Gdansk, where Liesl had spent each day hiking for miles and indulging in daily ice baths and colonics. Horrified, Willow asked if Liesl had paid for that. "Only $10,000 a week. It was heaven," Liesl said. Willow admitted that Liesl looked great. Smiling, Liesl revealed that she was back to her old self, and she would love to return to the spa with both Willow and Nina.

Willow suggested that Nina might not want to go anywhere without her new husband. "What?" Liesl asked. Willow quickly realized that Liesl hadn't heard the news, so she explained that it had been a last-minute decision for Nina and Sonny to elope. Liesl's hurt faded, but she asked questions. Willow was forced to admit that a small wedding party had accompanied the newlyweds. Willow was certain that Nina would have invited Liesl if Liesl hadn't been away at the spa, but Liesl had her doubts.

To Willow's surprise, Liesl decided to move on because Liesl had learned during her time in Gdansk not to spend time lamenting the past and to stay in the present and be thankful and curious about what was going on in "the here and now." Willow agreed that it was a good philosophy, so Liesl changed the subject and asked how Willow was doing. Willow assured Liesl that things couldn't be better because Willow and Michael had grown closer, and things had improved with Nina. Willow confided that she was hopeful that she and Nina could develop a relationship.

Liesl thought that everything sounded perfect, but Willow reminded her that Drew was still in prison. Liesl agreed that Drew's incarceration was an injustice because he had saved both Liesl and Willow's lives. However, Liesl sensed that something else was troubling Willow, so Willow opened up about the troubling dreams of Harmony. "Classic Freudian," Liesl said. Liesl explained that Willow's mind was trying to tell her to stay alert and protect herself from her deepest fear.

"That the uncertainty and struggle you've been through will return," Liesl said. Liesl insisted that it was a "false dream" and she advised Willow to ignore it because Willow's future -- including with Nina -- was bright and beautiful.

At the local coffee shop, Trina and Ava shared a happy reunion. Trina asked how Ava was doing, so Ava promised that she was fine. Trina grew emotional as she said that she couldn't lose Ava, but Ava assured her that she wouldn't. Trina was curious why Mason had abducted her friend, but Ava evaded the question by saying that it didn't matter as long as Mason was in custody and got the punishment that he deserved. They briefly talked about the harrowing moments when Dex and Dante had rescued Ava, but Ava confessed that she wanted to put the past behind her for Avery's sake.

Trina was impressed with Ava's strength, but Ava wanted to hear about Trina's trip to New York City with Spencer. Trina lit up as she told Ava about visiting museums and viewing the artwork. Trina credited Ava with teaching her to appreciate art. "You changed my life forever, Ava," Trina confessed. Ava argued that Trina had always had a great eye. As they continued to talk about their love for art, Ava admitted that Trina was an extraordinary young woman.

Trina confessed that she loved her mother -- and both of her fathers -- but she considered Ava a "second mom." Touched, Ava admitted that she was grateful that Portia had been open to letting Trina work with Ava because not everyone would have. Trina assured Ava that Portia knew that Ava was important to Trina. Ava teared up as she mentioned losing Kiki. Ava explained that she didn't have many in her life who truly cared about her who didn't have an agenda, but Trina was one of them.

After the tender moment passed, the conversation turned back to Trina's romantic getaway. Trina showed Ava the necklace that Spencer had given to Trina. When Trina said that she and Spencer were back to reality, Ava realized that Trina had been referring to Esme. Trina conceded that Spencer had a lot to work out. Ava reminded Trina that everything would work out if it was meant to be.

At Kelly's, Carly greeted Maxie and James and offered to take their order. James ordered an ice cream sundae followed by a grilled cheese sandwich because he wanted "backwards dinner." Maxie decided to follow suit, so she ordered a slice of chocolate pie followed by a chicken Caesar salad. After Carly delivered their food starting with dessert, Maxie asked James about what he planned to wear for Halloween. James announced that he wanted to wear a costume to school and another costume for trick-or-treating. Maxie warned James that he didn't need two costumes.

Before James could reply, Liesl walked up. "Of course, he does because Halloween is the most important holiday of the year," Liesl said. "Oma!" James said with excitement as he jumped up and hugged his grandmother. Maxie smiled and told Liesl that they had missed her. James offered Liesl the leftover half of his grilled cheese sandwich, but Maxie reminded him that the agreement had been for him to finish the entire sandwich.

James was not happy, but Liesl reminded him that he had to listen to his mother. Maxie spotted Lucy in the courtyard and quickly excused herself. Liesl sat down and told James that she could go as an Alpine maiden or a NASCAR driver for Halloween. James chose the latter.

In Kelly's courtyard, Martin and Lucy greeted each other with a hug and kiss. After they sat down, Lucy asked why he had asked to meet at Kelly's instead of Metro Court because she could have used a glass of wine after. Martin explained that he had hoped it would be more intimate, but he was curious where she had run off to earlier. Lucy apologized for leaving Martin standing. She revealed that she had decided to go to the Quartermaine mansion to sign the contract giving Tracy 51 percent of Deception because she had wanted to shove it down Tracy's throat, but Tracy hadn't been there.

Martin suggested that it had been a blessing, but Lucy complained that not only had Tracy blackmailed her out of controlling interest in Deception, but Tracy had also tried to derail Lucy's creative vision. Tracy filled Martin in about Tracy's decision to reinstate Sasha as the Face of Deception. Martin was surprised that Lucy had objected. Lucy assured him that she adored Sasha, but Lucy claimed that it would be more profitable for everyone if a new Face of Deception was chosen, especially since Sasha had decided to leave town. Martin suggested that Lucy owed it to Sasha to let her know that it was an option.

Lucy bristled, and she insisted that she had found the perfect choice to replace Sasha. Lucy assured him that Blaze was beautiful and a fantastic singer, and she was confident that Blaze would increase sales with a performance on the Home and Heart Channel. Lucy explained that her idea would save Deception, and Tracy would have nothing to do with it. Lucy's smile faded when Maxie walked out. "Tracy is right," Maxie said. Maxie conceded that Blaze would be a fabulous choice if Sasha wasn't the Face of Deception.

Lucy argued that Sasha had decided to move to Texas, but Maxie pointed out that Lucy had been instructed to call Sasha. Maxie reminded Lucy that Sasha had been important to getting Deception off the ground, and they owed Sasha another chance.

In Sonny's office, Sonny filled Brick in about Dante and Dex saving Ava from Mason. When Brick mentioned Cyrus' release, Sonny revealed that it was one of the reasons that he'd cut his honeymoon short. Brick revealed that he had discovered that the judge who had granted Cyrus' release was on the board of a foundation to reduce recidivism. Sonny was certain that Cyrus had donated to the foundation to earn his freedom, but Sonny was determined to figure out what Cyrus' next move was. Brick handed Sonny a document and explained that Cyrus was Mason and Austin's boss, as Sonny had suspected.

Brick and Sonny discussed Cyrus' role in Sonny's recent trouble with the law, and Sonny revealed that he had spoken to Selina and reminded her who was in charge. Sonny instructed Brick to do a deep dive into Cyrus' finances. Moments later, Carly entered the office to talk to Sonny. Brick and Carly exchanged hugs, and Sonny explained that Carly had been the one to alert him that Cyrus had been released. Carly revealed that she had stopped by because she had called Pentonville to arrange a visit with Drew, but she had been told that Drew could not have any visitors. Sonny decided to make a phone call to find out what was going on.

After Sonny left the office, Carly invited Brick to stop by Kelly's for a visit. Brick admitted that he would never get used to calling another woman Mrs. Corinthos. Carly chuckled and accused him of being a shameless flatterer. She was curious how many Mrs. Corinthoses he'd known. "A few," Brick said. He insisted that Carly would always be number one, but she assured Brick that she wished Sonny and Nina happiness.

"Well, I wish Sonny happiness," Carly admitted. As they talked, Brick mentioned how Carly and Jason had successfully thwarted Cyrus while Sonny had been away. "You mean when his new wife let us all believe he was dead?" Carly asked. She immediately regretted her words, but Brick assured her that he'd heard nothing. Carly asked Brick to look after Sonny, and they shared another hug.

Moments later, Sonny returned and revealed that Drew had been moved to solitary confinement for his own safety. Brick suggested that Pentonville either didn't know or didn't want to know who had attacked Drew. Sonny assured Carly that Drew would be safe as long as he remained in solitary confinement, but Carly argued that Drew wouldn't be safe until he was out of jail. Sonny reminded Carly that Alexis had been working on it, so Carly filled Brick in about Alexis' discovery of impropriety by the judge who had sentenced Drew. Sonny promised to help get Drew out of jail, and he vowed to figure out what to do about Cyrus.

At Crimson, Nina was in an upbeat mood as she greeted Michael. Michael mentioned seeing Sonny earlier, and Nina assured him that she would do everything in her power to make certain that she and Sonny had a happy life. Michael said little, so she shifted gears and told him that she had been sorry to see Michael and Willow leave the island soon after the wedding. She suggested that Michael, Willow, and the kids join her and Sonny when they returned to the island for an extended stay. "I don't see that happening," Michael said. Nina assumed that it was a scheduling issue, so she assured him that they could pick a date that worked for everyone.

Michael clarified that it was not in his family's best interest and that they wouldn't be spending much time with Nina in the future. Confused, Nina asked about the new understanding they had reached when Michael and Willow had attended the wedding with Wiley. Michael explained that it had been what his father had wanted, and Willow had agreed. Nina insisted that Michael had seemed genuinely happy for Sonny and Nina at the wedding. Nina was certain that it hadn't been an act because she had felt the animosity between them fall away.

Furious, Michael confronted Nina with her secret. He pulled out the recorder and played Martin's confession. "Where did you get that?" Nina demanded. Michael suggested that she should be more concerned about what he intended to do with the recording. Resigned, Nina asked what Michael wanted, since it was clear that he hadn't shared the recording with Sonny earlier. Michael warned her that the option was not off the table, but she was quick to remind him that she hadn't done anything illegal. "Unlike your mother and Drew," Nina said. She demanded to know the price for Michael's silence.

"I want you to stay away from Willow forever!" Michael shouted. "But that's only going to make her suspicious," he said. Michael informed Nina that she was not to go near Willow or the children without his permission. Nina was outraged, and she reminded him that they'd had a wonderful time on the island, but Michael refused to let Nina off easy. "Me get off that easy?" she asked. "Your mother kept both of my daughters from me!" Nina shouted.

Nina reminded Michael that she hadn't known that Nelle was her daughter until after Nelle had been dead. "But did Carly know? Yes, she did," Nina said. Nina claimed that she might have been able to help Nelle, but Michael argued that no one could have helped Nelle. Enraged, Nina reminded him that Nelle was Wiley's mother and her daughter. "So, watch it," she warned. Nina accused Carly of putting her through hell again because Carly had waited until Willow had been "literally dying" to reveal that Willow was Nina's daughter.

Nina acknowledged that people might be "a little angry," but she refused to accept Michael's terms. "I'm not going to ask your permission to see my child," Nina said. She claimed that she had turned Carly and Drew in because she had wanted Carly brought to justice. Nina admitted that it had been an impulsive decision, but she would explain it to Willow. Michael looked at Nina with disbelief, and he asked if she had any idea what Drew meant to Willow. "I know he helped her," Nina answered.

"He saved her life," Michael said. He pointed out that Nina had sent the man who had saved her daughter to prison, where Drew had been beaten nearly to death. He wondered if Nina truly believed that Willow would forgive her for that. Nina argued that she had never intended for Drew to get hurt. "Bad things always do happen when it comes to you, Nina," Michael said. He reminded her that Sonny had been trying to keep Drew protected behind bars, and he would not be pleased to find out that his new wife had put Drew in jail and cost Carly everything.

Nina was confident that she could explain everything to Sonny, but Michael reminded her that she had stood by and said nothing while Ned had been falsely accused of tipping off the SEC. Nina grew desperate, but Michael was unwavering because he was determined to protect his family from Nina. He told her to stay away from Willow and the children unless she had his consent, and he ordered her to return Carly's half of Metro Court to Carly. Stunned, Nina pointed out that Carly couldn't afford to buy it, but Michael advised her to make it happen. Nina insisted that it was too much. "Take it or leave it," Michael said. Before Nina could reply, Willow knocked on the door and entered the office.

Sasha decides to stay in Port Charles

Sasha decides to stay in Port Charles

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Elizabeth made her way to Finn's office and found him getting a haircut. Amused, she promised to talk to him later. A short while later, they bumped into each other. He explained that he wanted to look nice for their trip, but he hadn't had time to go out and get his hair cut. She had work to do, so she excused herself and walked away. Later, she returned to his office and wondered what she was supposed to pack. He promised that the cabin had already been stocked, and they wouldn't be doing anything "crazy." They haggled over what time to leave, and he finally settled on picking her up at 7:15. She refused and said that taking her car would make more sense, since it was bigger. They decided to split the driving.

Later, Elizabeth entered the elevator and found that Finn was inside. She asked him to remind her to get some apples to take home for Aiden, as she had promised to get them for him so he could make pie. Finn figured that with Gregory, Chase, and Brook Lynn all watching Violet, she wouldn't even miss him. "No responsibilities, no work, just us," he said, and she liked the sound of that. They shared a kiss as the doors opened, and they went opposite ways. A short while later, they bumped into each other again, and each revealed that their work was done. "See you at 7:30!" she said as she ran off, and he called after her that they were leaving at 7:15.

Cody talked to Trigger, the horse, in the stables about how much it sucked to be left behind. He heard the door open, and he turned to see Sasha there. She revealed that she had decided to stay. She explained that, on her way through town to the airport, she'd thought about the many good things about Port Charles and the people she had there who cared about her, and she'd decided to stay. "You can put me at the top of that list," Cody said as he took her hand.

Sasha continued that she'd have to stay at the Metro Court until the movers were able to take her things back to her apartment. She revealed that she hadn't returned any of Maxie's calls because she feared that her job at Deception was in jeopardy. Cody knew that Maxie was a good person, especially since she'd raised a great son. Sasha figured that Cody felt close to James because they were family. She added that Mac cared about Cody, even though he didn't know they were related, so she thought that Mac would be ecstatic to know the truth. Later, Sasha helped Cody feed Trigger.

Portia arrived home, and Curtis thanked her for making sure he'd had some time with Laura. Portia poured herself a glass of wine, and Curtis wondered what was wrong. They talked about Cyrus, and Portia told Curtis about her run-in with him at the hospital. She thought that Trina would have to move home. "I know who to call," Curtis said.

Jordan bumped into Stella at the hospital, and Jordan revealed that she'd been cleared by her nephrologist. Stella wanted to buy Jordan coffee to celebrate, but Jordan was willing to settle for an update on Curtis. Stella revealed that Curtis had made a lot of progress, and Jordan wished she had an update for him. Just then, a breathless Felicia approached and informed Stella that she'd made a big mistake. Just then, Jordan's phone rang, and she walked away to answer it.

Felicia went on about how confident she'd been after finishing her training, but that day had been a disaster. She told Stella that she'd helped a patient complete forms for insurance approval of an MRI. She'd thought they'd been done correctly and that it had been approved, but it turned out that the patient would owe thousands of dollars that they didn't have out of pocket. "Write a check," Stella said, and she quickly assured Felicia that she was joking. She took the forms from Felicia and promised to see what she could do about it.

Curtis informed Portia that he'd called Jordan, as Cyrus needed to be on the PCPD's radar in regard to their family. Portia decided to call Ava so that Trina wouldn't work at the gallery alone anymore. They wondered what doctor would testify on Cyrus' behalf, and Curtis suggested that they leave it to the PCPD "for now." Jordan noticed that Curtis was back at the books for the Savoy, and he lamented that the club had had its worst quarter yet. She assured him that things would get better since he was back. She suggested that he put the books down and think about dinner. He wanted to take her out to dinner, so they got ready and went out.

Jordan sat down next to Felicia at the hospital and assured her that if anyone could fix things, it was Stella. Stella returned and revealed that the insurance company wouldn't budge on charging the patient. A glum Felicia decided that she would pay for it, since it was her responsibility. Later, Stella gleefully told someone on the phone that she owed them "big time," and she hung up. Felicia wondered who to make the check out to, but Stella disclosed that things had been taken care of. She explained that the patient had agreed to let the hospital use their MRI results in a major project that the hospital was sponsoring. She knew the person who coordinated results for clinical trials, so she'd made some calls and fixed it. Felicia called Stella a lifesaver and hugged her. Later, Stella helped Felicia navigate the complicated forms.

Dante arrived at Sonny's office and handed him a card. Sonny opened the wedding card and found two tickets inside for ringside seats for a boxing match. Dante figured that it was just as much a gift for Nina, as it would get Sonny out of the office for a few days. Dante apologized for not being at the wedding, and Sonny told him about how Michael had stood by him. Sonny added that he would never forget who he'd asked to be his best man. Each expressed how much the other meant to him.

Sonny ended up being glad that Dante had stayed behind, as Dex had told him about what had happened with Ava. He wondered why Dante had been put on leave, and Dante replied that the "procedural" stuff would clear itself up. Sonny was more concerned about Cyrus being released from prison, and Dante warned Sonny not to do anything he would normally want to do. "Yes, detective," Sonny replied. The two embraced, and Dante left as Sonny looked at the tickets.

Willow entered Nina's office and wondered if she was interrupting something between Michael and Nina. Michael revealed that they had just been discussing something that regarded Willow, and he asked if Nina wanted to tell her. Nina claimed they'd just been talking about the wedding and going back to the island. Willow related that she was there to talk about going back to the island, as it was all Wiley could talk about. Michael suggested that, with the holidays coming up, they should shoot for the next year. Michael urged Nina to give Willow the gift that Nina had told him about, as it would save her a trip to the house. Nina handed Willow the gift, and Michael offered to walk Willow to her car. Willow wanted to stay and catch up with Nina, so he glared at Nina and left.

Willow opened the gift and loved the framed photo of Wiley that was inside. She hoped that the wedding would serve as a new beginning for them all. A distressed Nina thought back to her run-in with Michael. She talked about all the mistakes she'd made and how she wished she could take them back. Willow answered that they couldn't change what had happened, but they could learn and do better. "I'm willing if you are," she concluded. Nina was thankful to have Willow in her life. Willow noticed that Nina was wearing the bracelet, and Nina talked about how much she cherished it.

Willow related that she'd been dreaming of Harmony, who was always trying to warn Willow about something. She apologized if talking about Harmony made Nina uncomfortable, but Nina insisted that it was all right. Nina had lost a lot in her life and feared that she would lose Willow, but Willow insisted that she wasn't going anywhere. Later, Willow was gone, and Nina was looking at her bracelet when there was a knock on her door. Sonny entered with dinner and a bouquet, and he wanted to celebrate their first night back in town. They ate dinner in her office and shared a kiss.

Carly arrived at Kelly's and thanked Josslyn for covering. She explained that Drew had been transferred back to Pentonville, but she hadn't been allowed to see him, as he'd been put in solitary confinement. She added that it was for his protection, as his release hadn't progressed yet. Michael arrived, and Josslyn informed him that it was "time to put out the Q signal." Carly didn't want him any more involved, as it was too close to the insider trading incident.

Carly explained to her children about Alexis' article about Judge Kim and how the judge could be reconsidering his sentence. She wanted to lay low until she saw what the judge's next move was. She insisted that she still wanted to know the whistleblower's name. Michael responded that he was still working on it and would keep her posted. Willow arrived and talked about Nina and the wedding but immediately apologized to Carly. Carly insisted that it was fine. Willow added that she was proud of how Michael had stepped up and accepted Sonny and Nina. A short while later, Michael, Willow, and Josslyn enjoyed milkshakes together.

Austin tries to smother Mason

Austin tries to smother Mason

Friday, October 27, 2023

Near a cabin in the woods in Vermont, Elizabeth and Finn tapped maple trees for fresh syrup. Finn kissed Elizabeth before they headed inside the cabin. Elizabeth suggested she start dinner. Finn kissed Elizabeth again, and they said that dinner could wait.

In Josslyn and Trina's dorm room, Josslyn studied with Adam to prepare for a midterm exam. Adam seemed smitten with Josslyn, and he flattered her with praise for her study techniques. Josslyn seemed impressed by Adam as they continued to get to know one another, and she suggested that they grab a snack.

Just then, Dex appeared after having knocked. Josslyn and Dex hugged as Adam watched with a hint of sadness on his face. Adam suggested that he and Josslyn continue studying, but Josslyn insisted that she needed a break. Dex said that he had plans to put Sonny's speedboat away for the winter, and he offered Josslyn a ride.

When Adam asked if he and Josslyn could continue studying later in the evening, Josslyn said that she had plans. Adam and Josslyn agreed to study together at another time. After Josslyn and Dex left, Adam stood in the hallway outside the door. Adam stared at Josslyn and Dex as the couple walked away together happily.

At the Jerome Gallery, Trina was upset when Cyrus entered. Cyrus said that he hadn't tried to seek out Trina, who told Cyrus to leave. Cyrus tried to apologize to Trina for having kidnapped her and Portia two years earlier. Trina held firm, and she again ordered Cyrus to leave.

Just then, Spencer entered. A worried Spencer, who hadn't learned that Cyrus had been released from Pentonville, asked why Cyrus was at the gallery. Cyrus tried to flatter Spencer, and he said that he didn't blame Trina for not trusting him. "Oh, stop with this disgusting act. I don't buy it," Trina said adamantly.

Cyrus pleaded for Spencer to believe him, and he recalled that he had tried to protect Spencer when the two had been at Pentonville together. Spencer agreed that Cyrus had looked after him, but he said that what Cyrus had done to Trina and Portia was unforgivable.

As a tear formed in her eye, Trina said that she would never forgive Cyrus. Trina added that she would call the police if Cyrus approached her again. Spencer said that it was time for Cyrus to leave. On his way out, Cyrus told Trina that he owed her a debt. Trina yelled for Cyrus to "get the hell out" as Spencer escorted Cyrus out.

Afterwards, Spencer ran to Trina, who had started to sob. Spencer held Trina in his arms to comfort her. Spencer brought a bottle of water to Trina, who vowed that she wouldn't allow Cyrus to make her a victim again. Spencer praised Trina for how she had handled herself in front of Cyrus.

Trina asked Spencer to promise not to tell anyone that she had lost her temper with Cyrus, and Spencer agreed. "But clearly, you can take care of yourself. Though, if you ever need backup, just know that I'm right here, okay?" Spencer said. "I know you are," Trina said softly as she placed her arms around Spencer. They hugged.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Esme eavesdropped on Laura and Alexis' entire conversation. During the conversation, Laura told Alexis that Nikolas was alive, but she added that he didn't want to be found. Laura asked how severe the charges would be against Nikolas for having kidnapped Esme, if he were to return to Port Charles. Alexis said that it would be up to Robert to decide.

Alexis added that the only evidence the authorities might have would be from Elizabeth. Alexis stated that she didn't think Nikolas would be prosecuted unless Esme were to regain her memory. The conversation turned to Cyrus' release from prison. Laura said that it would be a long time before she trusted Cyrus.

A short while later, after Laura had left, Esme asked Alexis for a raise. Esme said that she wanted to move out of Laura and Kevin's apartment because it was too crowded. When Alexis asked if Esme was being completely honest in her reasons, Esme made an admission. "I am starting to... have feelings for Spencer," Esme said slowly.

In Mason's room at the hospital, Mason grew angry at T.J. for not allowing Mason more pain medicine. When T.J. noted that Mason was receiving the correct dosage of pain medicine, Mason began to insult T.J. As Mason started to ramble, T.J. remembered where he knew Mason from. "Wait. No, no. I know who you are. You were one of the men that was holding me captive when I was abducted," T.J. said.

Mason admitted that T.J. was right before claiming that his admission had been the result of the pain medication he was on. "You know what you did. And you're going to pay for it, you sick son of a bitch!" T.J. vowed before storming out of the room.

In Jordan's office at the Port Charles Police Station, a visibly upset T.J. burst in to tell Jordan that Mason had been part of the group of men that had abducted T.J. on Cyrus' orders in 2020. T.J. said that Mason had said something distinctive that had triggered T.J.'s memory from when he had been abducted. Jordan surprised T.J. when she said that the police couldn't prosecute Mason for his role in T.J.'s abduction.

Jordan said that she didn't think there was a strong enough case to bring to Robert's office, given that T.J. had been blindfolded and disoriented during the abduction. Jordan added that there was no corroborating evidence to support T.J.'s claim.

Jordan said that she believed T.J., and she noted that Mason would still face prison time for having tried to kill Ava. "That is great. That -- that is so great for Ava. I'm happy that she's getting her justice. But what about mine? Where's my justice?" T.J. pleaded. Exasperated, T.J. threw his hands in the air before leaving.

Back in Mason's room at the hospital, Mason told Austin that he would tell the police that Austin had helped Mason kidnap Ava. Austin asked why Mason would want to take Austin down with him. Mason taunted Austin. "You have been a pain in my ass for years. Always being so high and mighty, thinking you're better than me. Why? Because you got some fancy piece of paper from a college. Well, I want to see how high and mighty you are when we're sharing a prison cell," Mason gloated.

Austin left the room, only to return a short while later. Alone with Mason, Austin quietly closed the blinds inside the room. Austin said that he was "done begging for things" in his life, and he slowly slipped on a pair of medical gloves. "Besides, Mason, who would I be begging? Right? I mean, there's no one in this shell of you that's even remotely human, so there's no reasoning with you," Austin said.

Austin noted that Mason would never help him. "Not on your life," Mason said angrily. "Well, then, I guess it's just time. It's time for me to help myself," Austin said with resignation. Austin proceeded to turn off the hospital monitor next to Mason's bed. Austin then grabbed a pillow from a chair nearby, and he approached Mason. "You don't have the guts," Mason said.

At the same time, T.J. had returned to the hospital, and he slowly approached Mason's room. Through the slits of the closed blinds, Austin was seen trying to smother Mason with a pillow. Mason struggled and flailed under the pillow.

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