General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 30, 2023 on GH

Tragedy struck when Anna shot an intruder, unaware that it was Charlotte. Drew was released from Pentonville. Ava was stunned to learn that Nikolas was alive. T.J. stopped Austin from killing Mason. Willow continued to have dreams about Harmony. "Eddie" had a flashback of Ned and Lois' wedding. Sasha agreed to remain the Face of Deception.
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Anna shot Charlotte. Ava learned Nikolas was alive. Drew was released from Pentonville. Eddie remembered Ned's wedding.
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Ava learns about Nikolas' whereabouts and confronts Austin

Ava learns about Nikolas' whereabouts and confronts Austin

Monday, October 30, 2023

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Sonny smiled widely when he received a surprise visit from Lois. Sonny and Lois shared a warm hug. When Sonny asked why Lois had returned to Port Charles, Lois told Sonny about Brook Lynn and Tracy's falling-out at Deception.

Lois referenced Sonny's wedding to Nina, and she said sarcastically that Carly had to have been thrilled by the news of the wedding. Sonny said that he and Carly merely tried to get along. Lois shared stories with Sonny from their old neighborhood in Bensonhurst, and they talked about old times over a plate of biscotti.

Sonny mentioned Ned/Eddie, and he asked for Lois' opinion. Lois said that she didn't know what to make of Eddie's condition. Sonny then showed pictures of his grandchildren to Lois, who gushed that Brook Lynn and Chase would make "beautiful children" together.

Lois told Sonny that he was different in many ways but also the "same old Sonny" in other ways. Lois said that Sonny seemed more confident and centered in his life. When Lois said that she was still hungry, Sonny offered to have his chef make something for the two of them. "Sonny! I'm Gloria's daughter. Don't insult me like that!" Lois said.

A short while later, Lois returned after having made pasta for her and Sonny. Lois said that the restaurant's kitchen needed work, and she teased that Sonny should be grateful he had a friend as honest as Lois. "Did I tell you how happy I am that you're back?" Sonny asked Lois. "I'm happy to be back," Lois said with a smile.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy told Brook Lynn to stop hiding from her. Brook Lynn remained standoffish, but Tracy insisted that Brook Lynn would warm to Tracy's plans for Brook Lynn at Deception. After Brook Lynn left, Eddie asked if threats and blackmail were the most effective way to influence Brook Lynn.

Eddie suggested that Tracy learn to take no for an answer from Brook Lynn. Tracy insulted Eddie for living his life as a singer. Olivia entered, and she told Tracy to stop badgering Eddie. Tracy asked Olivia to have Eddie committed for intensive psychotherapy. "Unless, of course, you are starting to prefer Eddie over Ned," Tracy wondered.

Olivia vowed that she wouldn't have Eddie committed. As Olivia and Tracy bickered. Eddie seemed relieved when Olivia said that she would make peace and accept Eddie as himself. Tracy grew more agitated with Olivia, and she stormed out of the room.

Afterwards, Eddie surprised Olivia when he said that he appreciated Olivia for having defended him from Tracy and for accepting him. Olivia said that she wouldn't force Eddie to be someone he wasn't. "You're a spectacular musician. You're a wonderful, kindhearted man. But I am never gonna stop missing my husband," Olivia added.

At Charlie's Pub, Austin sat alone with a drink at the bar when he was joined by T.J., who said that they needed to talk about Mason. Austin said that he was grateful to T.J. During a flashback, T.J. was revealed to have rushed in to stop Austin from smothering Mason. Austin thanked T.J. for having saved Austin from throwing his life away.

T.J. said that Mason had done something terrible to him, but he didn't mention the kidnapping. T.J. asked if Austin had had any other alternatives but to try to smother Mason. Austin said that he could have turned Mason in to the police, and he added that it would have saved a lot of grief for everyone if he had. T.J. nodded, and he left.

At a table nearby, Sam, Dante, Sasha, and Cody met for friendly banter. Cody said that he and Dante had been researching a home project for Sam and Dante's penthouse. Sam teased Dante when she said that she knew how to operate a stud-finder. Cody offered to help with the home project.

Sasha said that she wanted to help, as well, but she noted that she had no experience in carpentry. Sasha added that she was willing to take direction. After some twisting from Cody, Sam and Dante agreed. Sam, Dante, Sasha, and Cody all raised glasses, and the four of them toasted to a fresh start.

At Café Chérie, Blaze joined Lucy and Martin at a table. Lucy had vowed not to rescind her offer to Blaze to become the new face of Deception. After Blaze appeared, Lucy was surprised when Blaze turned down the Deception offer. Blaze added that Lucy should keep Sasha as the face of Deception.

Back at Charlie's Pub, Brook Lynn and Blaze met to finalize Blaze's new recording contract. Brook Lynn encouraged Blaze to read the fine print of the contract, and Blaze insisted that she would.

Brook Lynn noted that she and Blaze needed an official witness, and she asked Kristina to help. Kristina watched as Blaze signed the contract and shook hands with Brook Lynn. Kristina returned a moment later with bottles of beer as a gift to help Brook Lynn and Blaze celebrate.

Back at Café Chérie, Lucy fretted with worry about whether Sasha would be "camera ready" as the face of Deception. Lucy blamed Tracy for Lucy's woes at Deception. Lucy added that she wouldn't take things lying down. "You know what I'm going to do? I need to show Tracy exactly who she's dealing with," Lucy said as she stood up to leave.

Lucy met Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion to say that she agreed to Tracy's request for Sasha to remain the face of Deception. Tracy noted that she had already made the decision days earlier. "And you should know that's the last decision you get to make for Deception. My dream. My vision. And it's my company," Lucy said. "That I own 51 percent of," Tracy said with a grin after Lucy was out of sight.

At the Jerome Gallery, Laura and Ava hugged as Ava welcomed Laura home. Laura told Ava that she was glad that Ava was safe after Ava had been kidnapped. Laura said that she had learned that Nikolas was alive and that he had made several recent financial transactions in Europe. Laura asked if Ava was okay after Ava said that she needed a moment to absorb the news about Nikolas.

Laura added that she believed Nikolas and Ava had truly loved one another, and she said that perhaps Nikolas and Ava would have another chance at happiness if Nikolas returned to Port Charles. "If Nikolas ever did love me, he doesn't anymore," Ava insisted.

Laura said that she had to leave, and she added that it was good to see Ava back at the gallery. Ava agreed to talk with Laura again soon. After Laura left, Ava reached for her chest, and her breathing grew shaky. Ava then seemed to be struck by a thought, and she reached for her phone to call Austin. "My gallery. Now," Ava demanded.

A short while later, Austin entered the gallery. Austin said that Ava was "beautiful." Ava quickly surmised that Austin was drunk, and he confirmed it. Ava told Austin that she had just learned that Nikolas was alive. Austin stuttered as he tried to feign surprise.

Ava said that something had occurred to her. "For months now, I've been following orders from you and Mason and your mystery boss. Because if I didn't, well... you would deliver Nikolas' body to the police. But if Nikolas is alive and well in Switzerland, then... I just need to know one thing: did you know about it?" Ava asked.

When Ava posed the question again, Austin falsely claimed that he had had no idea that Nikolas was alive. Austin added that Mason was a liar, and he pleaded weakly for Ava to believe him. "Do you know what really scares me? I really want to believe you," Ava said.

Back at Café Chérie, Laura met with Martin, and the two shared a warm embrace. Laura asked what she and Martin should do about Cyrus' release from Pentonville. Martin admitted that he hadn't been able to stop himself from worrying after he had learned of Cyrus' heart attack. Laura asked if Martin truly believed that Cyrus' religious conversion was genuine. Martin said that he wasn't sure.

When Laura said that she was skeptical, Martin suggested that perhaps Cyrus was "playing possum" in regard to his poor health. Laura said that she agreed. "His heart attack might have brought him closer to God, but it definitely bought him his freedom. And that kind of makes me think that our brother is just as shrewd as he ever was," Laura said.

In Mason's room at the hospital, T.J. visited Mason, who asked if T.J. had gone to finish Mason off. T.J. had harsh words for Mason. "I don't ever condone murder, even for someone as despicable as you. Sure, Austin would have most likely been caught, and it would have wrecked the rest of his life. But the biggest reason I stopped him was that would be letting you off way too easy," T.J. said.

T.J. added that that Mason would spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted. "And, sure, it'll be for what you did to Ava, not what you did to me. But as long as you're locked up forever, I see that as a win," T.J. said before leaving.

In Vermont, Finn told Elizabeth that he hoped the night ahead would be about just the two of them. By a fire, Elizabeth and Finn heaped praise on one another. They kissed and made love. Afterwards, Elizabeth said that it was "magical."

Cyrus argues with Spencer and Laura

Cyrus argues with Spencer and Laura

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

At Pozzulo's, Laura told Sonny that she had proof that Nikolas was alive. Sonny claimed that Nikolas had sunk to a new low. Laura said she felt there had been extenuating circumstances for why Nikolas had left Port Charles months earlier.

Sonny recalled having been abandoned as a kid, and he said that he knew what Spencer was going through. Sonny agreed when Laura asked him to help Spencer. Laura said she feared that Spencer might do something he would regret.

Laura talked about Spencer's adulation of Ace, and she said she worried that it could damage his relationship with Trina. Sonny received a text, and he promptly told Laura that she needed to leave because she had a visitor at home.

At Laura and Kevin's apartment, Esme was startled after opening the door to Cyrus. Spencer soon entered. Cyrus said that he wanted a chance to get to know Ace. Spencer was visibly displeased to see Cyrus, and he told Esme to leave for work.

After Esme left with Ace, Spencer accused Cyrus of having an ulterior motive for stopping by. Cyrus insisted that he had intended no harm with his visit, and he said that he found it disheartening that Spencer was "unwelcoming," given that Cyrus had protected Spencer while the two had been inmates at Pentonville in 2022. Spencer said that he owed Cyrus, but he added that Cyrus was still a dangerous person.

Spencer recalled that Cyrus had held Trina and Portia at gunpoint and that he had shot Curtis in 2021. "And then you want to know why I'm leery when you come around? It's because you're a threat, and I don't want you anywhere near my little brother," Spencer said pointedly.

Cyrus admitted that his past deeds had been "heinous." Spencer scoffed when Cyrus claimed repentance. "You can believe whatever you want, Spencer. But don't you forget -- people gave you a second chance after you got out of prison. I'm only asking for the same courtesy," Cyrus said intensely as he pointed his finger at Spencer.

Just then, Laura appeared. Laura asked Spencer for some time alone with Cyrus. After Spencer left, Laura harshly scolded Cyrus for having stopped by unannounced and uninvited. When Cyrus mentioned that he had seen Ace, Laura said that Cyrus had no business being allowed near children. "Oh, but I do when they're related to me. And like it or not, dear sister, they are my family, too," Cyrus said.

Cyrus wondered how he could prove himself, and he asked Laura for a chance. Laura said that Cyrus would have to respect her boundaries if he wanted to see her, Spencer, and Ace. "That means you don't come over here unless I call you and I invite you," Laura said sternly. Laura added that her visit with Cyrus was over, and she opened the door for him to leave. Cyrus said that he would await Laura's call.

In Josslyn and Trina's dorm room, Trina dreamed that Cyrus had kidnapped her and that Spencer had stood callously by and allowed it to happen. Trina awoke, and Josslyn rushed to comfort her. Trina told Josslyn about her dream, as well as Cyrus having visited her at the Jerome Gallery the previous day.

Trina recalled that Cyrus had apologized to her, and she added that it had been a relief to confront Cyrus. Trina said that the scariest part of her dream was that Spencer had merely stood by when Cyrus had kidnapped her. Trina noted that Cyrus had protected Spencer while the two had been in Pentonville, and she said that it was unnerving to think that Spencer might feel grateful toward Cyrus.

A short while later, after Trina had left, Adam appeared for a study session with Josslyn. When Adam said that he planned to head to the library later that night, Josslyn noted that it was Halloween. Adam nervously stammered that he wasn't particularly interested in Halloween. Adam had a twinkle in his eye when Josslyn invited him to go to Kelly's with her instead of the library.

At Kelly's Diner, Maxie was excited when she learned that Carly was hosting a kids' Halloween party at the diner later that night. They rambled about their kids. Nearby, Anna joined Felicia for coffee. Anna revealed that she hadn't slept at all because of the target on her back. Felicia encouraged Anna to move into Maxie's old apartment.

A short while later, Trina appeared. Trina asked if she could help Carly with decorations for the Halloween party in an effort to get Trina's mind off Cyrus. Carly agreed. Spencer entered, and he learned that Trina wanted his help in decorating for the party. Spencer was enthusiastic when Carly handed him a box of decorations.

As Spencer decorated the diner, Trina noted that he seemed distracted. Spencer recalled the day he had been released from Pentonville and how far apart he and Trina had been at the time. "Now, we're a lot closer, and you love me. And... I don't know. I feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world," Spencer said earnestly. "You are the luckiest guy in the world," Trina said with a smile before she and Spencer kissed.

At Maxie's old apartment, Felicia and Maxie welcomed Anna to her new home. Anna thanked them for their help. Later, Anna phoned Sonny to tell him about her new place of residence. Anna added that she no longer felt she needed Sonny's bodyguard. Sonny encouraged Anna not to let her guard down, but Anna insisted that she needed her privacy and that she wanted to get her life back.

At Perks Coffee, Charlotte argued with Valentin for not allowing her to go trick-or-treating without his supervision. Valentin insisted that he accompany Charlotte, who protested that she wanted to be alone with kids her own age. When Valentin said that he wouldn't change his mind, Charlotte asked if Valentin didn't trust her.

Valentin recalled how often Charlotte had bounced between homes over the past year, and he said that he was worried for her. Valentin proposed a compromise, and he told Charlotte that he wanted her to see Kevin because he believed there was something she wasn't telling him. Charlotte reluctantly agreed, and Valentin consented to allow Charlotte to go trick-or-treating without his supervision. Charlotte grew excited, and she wrapped her arms around Valentin.

Valentin took Charlotte by the hands, and he said that she was the most important person in the world to him. Charlotte recalled how much she had missed Valentin when she had been away at boarding school. "I missed you so much. You have no idea. But look, none of that matters now. I'm back where I belong -- with you. And nothing is going to change that," Charlotte vowed.

Charlotte stepped away to buy pastry. Valentin phoned Laura, and he shared that Charlotte had agreed to talk to Kevin. Laura agreed to help facilitate things with Kevin on her end. Valentin told Laura that he was worried about Charlotte. "I think she really needs help," Valentin said. Unbeknownst to Valentin, Charlotte had returned. Charlotte appeared to have overheard Valentin's comment to Laura.

In Vermont, Elizabeth painted a portrait of an outdoor setting. Elizabeth recalled that painting had been a mainstay in her life for many years. Finn suggested that Elizabeth return to painting on a regular basis.

Finn told Elizabeth that he had loved her "for the longest time." Elizabeth said nothing in response. Later, they made love. Elizabeth resumed painting afterwards. Finn said he would rather stare at Elizabeth painting than a book he'd been reading.

Lucy finds a buyer for Spoon Island, but there's a catch

Lucy finds a buyer for Spoon Island, but there's a catch

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Anna went to Valentin's house to share some news with him. After he invited her inside, she commented on the Halloween decorations. He admitted that he'd gone all out in the spirit of the season because it had been a while since he had celebrated Halloween with Charlotte. Anna noticed the wonderful aroma, so he revealed that Charlotte was in the kitchen, baking, because she had found a newfound rivalry with Jake's little brother Aiden, and it had lit a competitive fire under Charlotte. Meanwhile, Charlotte stopped in the doorway when she saw Anna, but she pasted on a smile and warmly greeted Anna.

When Anna asked Charlotte about taking up baking, Charlotte explained that she'd been inspired by the delicious creations that Jake had brought to school. When Charlotte mentioned going trick-or-treating with her friends later, Anna realized that she would need to pick up some candy to hand out. Charlotte was overjoyed to learn that Anna had moved into Maxie's old apartment. Anna showed Valentin her new apartment key as she filled him in about the move. "I'm so glad you have a place of your own," Charlotte said.

After Charlotte fetched a batch of pumpkin bars from the kitchen and served them to Valentin and Anna, they both praised her baking. Charlotte offered to send the batch in the oven home with Anna as a housewarming gift. Moments later, the smoke alarm went off. Charlotte ran to the kitchen, but she soon returned to report that the oven was on fire. Valentin and Anna raced into the kitchen to put the fire out.

Later, Valentin and Charlotte arrived at Kevin's office for Charlotte's first session. She apologized for starting the fire by turning on the broiler instead to the oven, but Valentin assured her that it had just been a minor kitchen disaster, and she had nothing to worry about. "It's not like you burned the house down," Valentin pointedly said. Charlotte looked down and appeared uncomfortable. Moments later, Kevin opened the door and greeted Charlotte.

After Valentin left, Kevin and Charlotte sat down. He asked if she felt comfortable talking to him, and he assured her that their conversations would be confidential. Charlotte asked if that meant that Kevin wouldn't tell her father what they had talked about. Kevin conceded that he might share his general findings with her father, but the details of their sessions would remain private. Kevin reminded her that they were family, and he only wanted to help Charlotte. Satisfied, Charlotte agreed to talk to Kevin, but she assured him that there was nothing going on with her. She blamed Valentin's concerns on her father overthinking things.

When Charlotte mentioned boarding school, Kevin suggested that they start with her experience at the school. A short time later, Kevin and Charlotte left his office as Charlotte told him about her efforts to bake pumpkin bars. Valentin was curious how the session had gone, so Kevin suggested that he and Charlotte meet the following week. To Valentin's relief, Charlotte readily agreed. After Charlotte and Valentin left, Kevin returned to his office to record his notes. He noted that Charlotte displayed a maturity beyond her years, and that she was both insightful and evasive.

According to Kevin, Charlotte had already mastered the art of camouflage by presenting only what she thought people wanted to see and hear. He suggested that Valentin and Charlotte's relationship seemed "almost symbiotic" and that Charlotte was as protective of her father as Valentin was of her.

Meanwhile, Valentin and Charlotte returned home. Charlotte noticed that the place still smelled like the fire, but Valentin assured his daughter that he would air out the house before her friends arrived. After Valentin left the room, Charlotte recalled Victor's letter warning her that Anna was not who she seemed and for Charlotte not to trust Anna. Charlotte reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out Anna's apartment key.

In Robert's office, Scott tried to persuade Robert to drop the charges against Scott's client, but Robert refused because Robert had video evidence of the client's guilt. Robert advised Scott to tell his client to drop the intimidation tactics, but Scott demanded to see the damaging footage against his client. Diane had overheard the heated exchange while eavesdropping through the door, so she entered the office and suggested that Scott make a tactical retreat. "Well, well, well. Lady Justice herself coming to the rescue of Crocodile Dundee. Now there's a first," Scott said in a surly tone.

Diane pointed out that Scott had made his argument, and Robert had rejected it. Realizing that he was outnumbered, Scott left. Diane asked why Robert had let Scott get under his skin. "History," Robert muttered. He quickly changed the subject and asked why she had stopped by. Diane revealed that she had two tickets to a fundraiser that she had considered inviting him to. Robert readily agreed to attend the animal advocacy fundraiser, and he asked if he should wear a tuxedo. Diane appreciated his enthusiasm and confirmed that it was a black-tie event, but she decided to have a little fun by contacting him with the rest of the details later that evening.

After Diane left, Robert looked up the number to a local tuxedo rental place. He called Freddy's Formal and asked what time they closed. After he ended the call, Anna walked in. She explained that she needed help moving into Maxie's apartment.

A short time later, Robert and Anna carried a heavy footlocker to her front door. After they set it down, Anna revealed that Robin had been holding the footlocker for her, but it had been left behind in Robin's storage unit when Robin and Patrick had moved. Robert asked what was in the footlocker, so she told him that it was her personal paperwork from her early days with the WSB. "Files and journals and even draft mission reports," Anna said.

Anna explained that she had hoped the contents might yield a clue that would lead her to the person who had been targeting her. Robert noticed Anna checking her pockets. She continued to check as she admitted that she appeared to have lost her apartment key. A short time later, the building's superintendent unlocked Anna's door, handed her a key with instructions to return it once she had a copy made. After the man left, Robert and Anna carried the footlocker into the apartment.

Robert watched Anna open the footlocker, which had been crammed full of papers. Anna confessed that the contents were off the grid and no one knew of its existence, but Robert questioned if she could be sure of that.

At the local café, Ava met with Lucy. Lucy revealed that she had big news for Ava, so Ava asked Lucy not to keep her in suspense. Lucy smiled as she announced that she had found a buyer for Spoon Island and Wyndemere, but Ava would have to act fast in case the potential buyer changed their mind. Ava immediately had questions, including if Lucy knew who the buyer was. Lucy was forced to admit that the offer had been made by a holding company, but Lucy assured Ava that it was how things were done "these days." Ava was not impressed, and she asked if Lucy had checked into the holding company's financial records to confirm that the buyer could afford the $25,000,000 asking price.

Lucy promised that she was in the process of verifying everything, but Ava demanded that the buyer put the full asking price in escrow, or there would be no sale. Frustrated, Lucy reminded Ava that she might lose the sale because it was standard practice to only put a portion of the asking price in escrow. Ava refused to budge on the issue because she had the luxury of being able to wait for a buyer who would meet her terms. Ava advised Lucy to do as Ava asked if Lucy wanted to collect her hefty commission.

Shortly after Ava left, Scott arrived. He wanted to know what had been so important that Lucy had pulled him away from business. Lucy checked her phone as she grumbled about the real estate business, fussy sellers, and slimy buyers. Scott reminded Lucy that he was a trial lawyer, not a real estate lawyer. Lucy gave her full attention to Scott and explained that she needed help breaking the contract with Tracy. Scott told Lucy that it would not be possible, but Lucy argued that she couldn't stand the thought of Tracy owning 51 percent of Deception and sabotaging Lucy's creative vision. Lucy was certain that there was a loophole that Scott could exploit.

Scott warned Lucy that it wouldn't solve her problem because Tracy would reinstate the lawsuit if Lucy found a way to void the contact. He pointed out that Tracy had the upper hand financially, and she would be able to ride things out until Deception went bankrupt. Lucy admitted that she couldn't let that happen because both Maxie and Sasha needed Deception to succeed. Lucy suggested that she could always pivot back to real estate. "Like a rat!" Scott accused. Lucy denied that she was deserting a sinking ship because she would never do that to Maxie and Sasha.

As Scott and Lucy talked about her options, Lucy cut off a small piece of muffin. She suddenly smiled as an idea occurred to her. Lucy explained that all she needed was a two percent share of Deception to gain control of the company.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Leo was dressed as Albert Einstein as he and Lois challenged each other with difficult multiplication problems. Both Lois and Leo effortlessly solved the equations. "Eddie" walked in, but he immediately turned around and left when he realized what Lois and Leo were playing. "Scaredy-cat," Lois called out. Lois and Leo decided to switch things up by seeing who could solve a sudoku puzzle first.

Later, Brook Lynn entered the living room and asked if Lois and Leo were still at it. "Of course," Lois said. Lois and Leo looked at each other and said in unison, "It's infinite fun." They broke out into laughter as Brook Lynn walked out. The sudoku challenge continued until "Eddie" returned. He asked if "math class" was over, but Lois shushed him. "Solved it!" Leo shouted victoriously. Lois reluctantly congratulated Leo and handed him the prize money.

After Leo scampered off, Lois talked about Leo's impressive math skills. When she mentioned thinking that knowing the length of the Brooklyn Bridge was impressive, "Eddie" had a sudden flashback to Ned and Lois on their wedding day, standing on the Brooklyn Bridge. Shaken by the vision, "Eddie" asked Lois if they had gotten married on the famous bridge. Lois revealed that she and Ned had gotten married in a church, but they had gone to the Brooklyn Bridge after the wedding. Stunned, "Eddie" quickly excused himself.

Leo returned and asked where "Eddie" had been going. Lois admitted that she had no idea. "Double or nothing?" Leo asked as he handed Lois a piece of paper with a new sudoku puzzle. Lois happily agreed. However, she asked Leo to stop the timer when she heard "Eddie" singing in the kitchen. Lois promised Leo that she would be right back.

In the kitchen, "Eddie" sat down with his guitar and a notebook. He started singing as he worked on his song, unaware that Lois had walked up. When he stopped to jot something down on the notebook, Lois walked up and told him that he still had it. She asked him to finish the song, but he explained that he was still writing it. Just then, Leo called out to Lois to let her know that the clock was still ticking. Lois explained that she had to get back to Leo, but she encouraged "Eddie" to keep working on the song.

In the foyer, Brook Lynn was not happy when she saw Tracy. Tracy sarcastically wondered why Brook Lynn wasn't out hustling for a new musical protégé. "What's it to you?" Brook Lynn asked. Tracy assured her granddaughter that everything that happened under the roof concerned her, so Brook Lynn admitted that she had stopped by to see Leo's costume. Tracy wasn't surprised to learn that Leo had dressed as Albert Einstein.

Brook Lynn changed the subject by letting her grandmother know that Lois had told her about Tracy's intention give Deception to Brook Lynn. However, Brook Lynn made it clear that she did not want the company. Tracy was surprised because Brook Lynn had seemed happy working at Deception. Brook Lynn conceded that she had been happy until Tracy had sabotaged Brook Lynn's friendships by blackmailing her. Tracy suggested that Brook Lynn's friends might have incentive to mend fences if Brook Lynn was their boss, but Brook Lynn argued that it was clear that Tracy knew nothing about friendships.

"Maybe not, but I know about family and loyalty and the sacrifices we make to take care of one another," Tracy said. Brook Lynn confessed that working at Deception hadn't been her passion, but Tracy insisted that passion didn't pay the bills. Brook Lynn insisted that money wasn't everything. "No, but it's far from irrelevant, and you would be foolish to think otherwise," Tracy said. Tracy promised that she had not intended to sabotage Brook Lynn's friendships, but she was worried about her granddaughter. Tracy pointed out that Lois had worked hard in the music industry, but she had nothing to show for it. Brook Lynn defended her mother by listing Lois' impressive accomplishments.

Tracy explained that she wanted Brook Lynn to have something real, stable, and lasting. Tracy believed that Deception would give Brook Lynn all those things. Brook Lynn insisted that accepting the gift would be like admitting that her dreams were a failure, and it would rob her of her confidence. Tracy promised that it was the last thing that she wanted; she wanted to lift Brook Lynn up. Brook Lynn warned Tracy that even when their family gave, they took, but she just wanted peace and quiet in her life.

Tracy agreed to back off. Relieved, Brook Lynn told her grandmother about signing a contract with Blaze. Tracy admitted that she had heard of Blaze and that she was confident that Brook Lynn would make Blaze a household name. Surprised, Brook Lynn told Tracy that she would do her best.

Kelly's courtyard was decorated for Halloween as someone approached the door where a sign announced that Kelly's was closed. Inside, Carly was busy decorating for a party. Her back was turned to the door when she heard it open, so she told the person that they were closed. "Trick or treat," Cyrus said. Carly tensed and turned. Cyrus complimented the Halloween décor, but Carly ordered him to leave. She made it clear that he was not wanted in her establishment, but Cyrus was undaunted.

Cyrus feigned disappointment, and he recalled working with Carly in the past. "What do you want?" Carly demanded. She was shocked when he admitted that he wanted a job as a cook. He assured her that he had experience, but Carly flatly refused to consider hiring him. Cyrus pretended to be surprised that she would discriminate against ex-felons. "Drew will be one eventually," Cyrus said.

Carly made it clear that she refused to hire Cyrus because she knew what he was. "You're a monster," she said. Cyrus promised that he had turned over a new leaf, but she didn't believe him. "You're a predator and you're dangerous, and those spots don't change," Carly said. Cyrus smiled because Carly was every bit the fierce woman he remembered, but he insisted that he had changed. He said Drew could confirm it because the old Cyrus would have let Drew die. "But I saved him," Cyrus said.

Shortly after Cyrus left, Ava arrived with Avery. "Mama Carly," Avery yelled as she ran into Carly's waiting arms. They exchanged a warm hug, and Carly asked Avery to twirl for her so that Carly could admire Avery's mermaid costume. After Carly got Avery settled at a table, decorating a pumpkin cookie, Carly asked how Avery had seemed. Ava assured Carly that Avery had been excited about the party and hadn't said anything about missing out on trick-or-treating. Pleased, Carly revealed that Sonny and Nina would be by later to pick up Avery because Donna and Avery would be spending the night at the penthouse.

Ava admitted that Wyndemere would have been the perfect setting for the party. Carly agreed, and she suggested that they could host one there once the girls were older. Ava confessed that it wouldn't be possible because she had put the island and castle on the market, and Lucy had found a buyer.

Port Charles celebrates Halloween

Port Charles celebrates Halloween

Thursday, November 2, 2023

At the Kelly's Halloween party, Wiley, Willow, and Michael arrived dressed as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, and they greeted Carly. James, who was dressed as a cowboy, ran off with Wiley. Maxie chimed in that she was glad that James had someone to hang out with. Donna, dressed as Little Bo Peep, and Scout, dressed as a scarecrow, arrived with Sonny and Nina. In a corner of the restaurant, Avery and Aiden talked about how nicely he'd decorated the cookies. Sonny hugged Avery, who wanted to show off her costume to Willow.

Sonny caught up with Aiden about Cameron, and Aiden revealed that Cameron was really interested in his new girlfriend, Yuki. In front of Nina, Wiley was telling James about the island, and Michael watched as Nina assured Wiley that they could go back soon. Avery, Donna, and Scout sat with Willow and talked about their costumes. Michael joined Carly in the back and asked if there was any word on Drew. She replied that she'd heard nothing, and it was driving her crazy.

Maxie congratulated Sonny and Nina on their marriage. Nina wished that Maxie had been there, but a simple wedding had been exactly what Nina and Sonny had wanted. Maxie could see how happy they were, so she was all right with it. Outside, the girls and boys argued over who was better. Michael and Willow emerged from Kelly's and found that the kids were having a "gender war" over cornhole. Michael reasoned that every person had their own skills and talents that made them a good team member. Carly proudly remarked to Willow that Michael was the rock of the family.

Nina emerged from the restaurant, and Wiley asked her to be on his cornhole team. Maxie approached Carly and asked her to keep an eye on James while Maxie ran an errand. Maxie promised that she or Felicia would be by to pick him up after the party, and Carly happily agreed. Wiley boasted to James about Sonny's private jet, but James thought that Wiley was lying.

James and Wiley approached Sonny, and Sonny told James about the jet. He offered to take James somewhere "within" reason, and he and Wiley suggested places, finally settling on the Montreal Biodome. Wiley wanted Nina to accompany them, but she glanced at Michael and told Wiley that she would be busy with the magazine. Sonny promised that they could do something with Nina another time, and she urged them to take lots of videos.

Josslyn helped Trina with her costume, and Trina wondered why Josslyn wasn't going to the party. Josslyn replied that Dex had to work, and she needed some "me time," anyway. Spencer, the Big Bad Wolf to Trina's Little Red Riding Hood, arrived at the dorm, and he kissed Trina. He told her about Ace's first Halloween and concluded, "Now I'm all yours." When they were gone, a shaken Adam approached the room, and Josslyn invited him in.

Adam revealed that he'd only gotten a 92.5 on their test, which wouldn't get him into any medical school he wanted to go to. Josslyn replied that she'd gotten an 89, which was better than she'd thought. He wished that he could be relaxed and level-headed like her, as he had a panic attack over anything less than a 95. She urged him to stop being so hard on himself, because he was smart and capable and would be a great doctor. He thanked her, as he'd needed to hear that. Her phone went off, and she announced after reading the text that she would be going out, after all.

A short while later, Dex arrived at Josslyn's room in no costume, and she opened the door in an Alice in Wonderland costume. When they left for the party, Adam emerged from around a corner and watched them go. Later, Josslyn and Dex returned, having arrived at the party at the same time the cops had been busting it up. Adam approached, and Josslyn told him the story. She closed her door and said that she needed to get out of the costume. Dex helped her out of the dress, and they shared a kiss.

In his own room, Adam looked at his grade on his computer. "Stupid," he muttered as he anxiously pulled at his hair.

Trina and Spencer arrived at the gallery, and Trina was happy for the quiet after the party. Spencer took his phone out to connect it to the gallery speakers, as he wanted to dance with her. She took the phone and did it for him. They were soon slow dancing in the middle of the gallery floor, and they shared a kiss.

At home, Sasha looked at her bank account online and called it "a horror show." There was a knock on the door, and she opened it to Cody, who wore a cowboy hat. He revealed that he had candy for her to give away, but she figured there would be no trick-or-treaters at her place with the lack of decorations. He told her that he would be right back, and he ran out. A short while later, Cody had decorated the apartment and front door, and he'd gotten a witch's hat for her to answer the door in. She appreciated him checking up on her, but he countered that he was making it easier for her to check up on him.

Sasha remarked that she was glad Cody had brought candy, as with the state of her finances, it would be the only food in her apartment for a while. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Sasha opened it to Maxie. Maxie talked about how happy she was that Sasha was staying, as it would make launching Deception's new campaign much easier. Sasha was shocked that she would still be the face of Deception. Maxie replied that Tracy had insisted on it, but she was glad that Tracy had. Sasha agreed and hugged Maxie.

Maxie excused herself to pick up James, and she left. Sasha wondered why Tracy would stick with her, and Cody suggested that Sasha was the best for the job. There was another knock on the door, and Sasha headed toward it with the bowl of candy.

Charlotte straightened out the decorations outside the house and pulled Anna's keys out of her pocket. Valentin emerged from the house and reminded her that her friends would be there soon. Later, there was a knock on the door, and Jake, Georgie, and Danny entered the house. Sam entered behind them, and Valentin thanked her for taking the kids there. She told the kids about the party at Kelly's, but Charlotte answered that the party was more for little kids.

In her apartment, Anna looked through the books and files in the box. "So many years of secrets," she observed. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Anna opened it to Felicia, who had a housewarming gift for Anna. Anna was delighted to unwrap the gift and find a mug with the Union Jack on it. Anna commended Felicia on being able to just figure things out, and she knew that Felicia would be a perfect patient advocate. As the two went to the kitchen to make tea, Felicia told Anna about how Felicia had nearly sunk her career.

When they returned to the living room with their team, Anna assured Felicia that her heart was in the right place, and she wouldn't be a "rookie" forever. Felicia wondered if she'd interrupted something, and Anna explained that she was looking through her old WSB documents to try to figure out who was after her. Just then, her phone rang, and she answered it to Valentin. She urged him not to worry about her, as she was always armed. He revealed that he was taking four teens trick-or-treating, which would be the most dangerous mission of his life.

A short while later, Felicia offered to help Anna sift through all the books and papers, but Anna said she needed to do it herself. She promised to call if she found something unexpected. Felicia had to go pick up James, so she hugged Anna and left. Anna locked up after her. Later, she had finished looking through the books and picked up a file folder. She opened it and gasped. "My God, that's it!" she exclaimed.

Valentin returned inside the house and noticed that Charlotte was missing. Moments later, Charlotte emerged as a cheerleader, which surprised everyone. Valentin left to go get the car, and Danny wondered why Charlotte had a backpack, as they wouldn't be getting that much candy. She replied that she had a sweater in case it got cold. Valentin returned to get the kids out of the house and asked Charlotte to lock up behind her. Alone at the rear, she took Anna's keys from her backpack. Jake returned and asked her what the keys were. "The key to getting everything I want," she responded.

Sam arrived at the party at Kelly's, and Scout insisted that Sam be on her cornhole team, as only Drew was better than Sam. Avery and Wiley took turns choosing teams, and Aiden insisted that he would be "Switzerland." The teams played an exciting game of cornhole. When the game was over, James said goodbye to Carly, and he thanked Aiden for helping with the desserts. He ran outside and found both Maxie and Felicia there for him, and he told them all about Sonny's jet and the upcoming trip.

Sam was ready to leave with Scout and Aiden. Scout asked Carly for extra candy, as she wanted to save it for Drew for when he returned home. Carly hugged Donna and Avery before Sonny and Nina left with them. Donna remarked that she'd had the best day, and she was glad that it hadn't been too scary. Wiley hugged Carly and then Nina, and Willow commented to Michael that Wiley really loved his Grandma Nina.

Anna shoots an intruder -- Charlotte!

Anna shoots an intruder -- Charlotte!

Friday, November 3, 2023

At Molly and T.J.'s apartment, Alexis was pleasantly surprised to learn that Molly and Kristina had made peace after months of arguing. Molly and Kristina said that they were happy they had moved past their feelings. They hugged.

Alexis, Kristina, and Molly sat down for Chinese food. As they recalled old times, Alexis said that she was proud of her daughters. The three expressed disbelief at how "ridiculous" Drew's sentence had been for having committed insider trading. Alexis said there were rumors that Judge Kim would reconsider Drew's sentence.

Kristina implied that an exception should have been made for Drew merely because Drew had served in the military. Alexis said that everyone "had to hope for a miracle" for Drew. Alexis and Kristina stood up to leave soon afterwards. Alexis, Kristina, and Molly hugged one another, and they wished each other a goodnight.

At Kelly's Diner, Sam was a sounding board for Carly, who complained about how unfair it was that Drew had been sentenced to three years in prison for having committed insider trading. Sam defended Drew and Carly's actions.

Sam praised Carly for being nice to Nina. Carly claimed that Nina hadn't changed at all, and she asked why anyone would ever trust Nina again. In the same breath, Carly and Sam recalled that they had once been bitter enemies that had since grown close. Carly and Sam wished one another a happy Halloween.

After Sam left, Carly was overjoyed when she turned to see Drew standing outside the diner. "Is it really you?" Carly asked when Drew entered. Carly and Drew kissed. Drew noted that Carly had been his first stop after his release from Pentonville earlier that night. They said that they loved one another.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Willow had another dream in which Harmony warned that there was someone who Willow couldn't trust. Willow told Michael that she hadn't been able to make out who Harmony was warning her about.

Willow said she thought Harmony was trying to say that someone close to Willow was lying. Michael flashed back to having confronted Nina for having told Martin to inform the SEC that Drew and Carly had committed insider trading.

Willow grew excited as she talked about how well she and Nina were getting along. Willow added that she hoped to take Nina up on her offer to visit Montreal. Michael groused that he hadn't thought Willow would be interested in the trip. Willow said that the trip would be another positive experience for their family to share.

Willow asked if it bothered Michael that she was beginning to believe that she and Nina could have a true relationship. Michael claimed that all he cared about was his family's happiness.

At Laura and Kevin's penthouse, Laura and Kevin sipped wine. Laura asked Kevin to give her a hint about what Charlotte had said during Charlotte's therapy session. Kevin said that Charlotte hadn't told him much except that she was protective of Valentin. Kevin noted that Valentin had been the one constant in Charlotte's life.

Laura said that she thought Victor had filled Charlotte's head with lies and distortions about Anna. "Victor has convinced Charlotte that she should hate Anna. That she should hurt Anna," Laura said with worry.

At Maxie's old apartment, Anna spotted a name from one of her storage files. Anna phoned Robert, and she told him to wait for her to join him in his office. As Anna prepared to leave, she reached for a gun from a nearby drawer.

In Robert's office, Anna showed Robert a file that she said was evidence of a "colossal screw-up" from many years earlier. Included in the memo was a list of names. Anna identified one of the names as a man named Forsyth.

Anna vaguely told a story of how Forsyth had been a member of the intelligence community, and she said that she had witnessed an incident many years before. Anna deduced that Forsyth was the person that had been targeting her.

Somewhere in Port Charles, Valentin made Charlotte, Jake, Danny, and Georgie promise that they would all stay together as the kids prepared to go trick-or-treating. Valentin seemed uptight as he gave instructions.

After the kids departed, Charlotte slipped away from the group. Charlotte unzipped her backpack, and she stared at its contents. Charlotte changed into a black, robed costume with a matching hood that resembled the Hermit from the tarot cards that Victor had given her.

Nearby, Jake, Georgie, and Danny all panicked when they couldn't find Charlotte. Jake left to search for Charlotte. Soon afterwards, Danny and Georgie told Valentin that Charlotte was missing and that Jake had gone to search for her.

At the same time, Charlotte had managed to pick the lock to Maxie's old apartment after making sure that no one was home. With the lights out, Charlotte used a flashlight to move about the room before opening the chest that contained Anna's files. Charlotte flashed back to Victor's letter warning that she couldn't trust Anna.

As Charlotte shined her flashlight onto a file, Anna approached from outside. Anna had started to unlock the door when she discovered that someone was inside. Anna slowly stepped back, and she calmly reached for her gun. At the same time, Charlotte's flashlight went dark. Anna slowly opened the door, and she pointed her gun. "Freeze!" Anna yelled. When Charlotte turned, Anna fired.

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