General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 13, 2023 on GH

Austin was shot and left bleeding on the ground. Finn was sued for malpractice. Andrea revealed that she had miscarried T.J. and Molly's baby. Nina offered to sell her half of Metro Court to Carly. Drew had a business proposal for Michael. Cody was named the male Face of Deception. Anna made a troubling discovery.
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An unknown assailant shot Austin. Andrea miscarried. Finn was sued for malpractice. Nina offered to sell her Metro Court ownership to Carly.
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Ned remembers something about Nina

Ned remembers something about Nina

Monday, November 13, 2023

In Charlotte's room at the hospital, Elizabeth told Charlotte that Valentin had been at Charlotte's bedside all night. Charlotte asked if Anna had stopped by. Elizabeth didn't answer. Elizabeth helped Charlotte to her feet, and she helped Charlotte walk. Near the elevator, Jake appeared with a bouquet of white roses.

Charlotte smiled when she saw Jake, and she noted that roses were her favorite. Elizabeth invited Jake to accompany her and Charlotte on their walk. Jake asked how Charlotte felt. "Better -- now that you're here," Charlotte said with a smile.

A short while later, Elizabeth left to find a vase for the roses and to give Jake and Charlotte some time alone. Afterwards, Charlotte told Jake that Anna had shot her intentionally. Jake asked why Anna would shoot Charlotte. "I don't know. Maybe the cops will come up with an answer," Charlotte said.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Anna met privately with Dante and Jordan. When Dante and Jordan agreed that everything Anna told them would be off the record, Anna disclosed that Charlotte had been stalking her for months.

Jordan wondered why Valentin hadn't told Anna the truth months earlier. Dante surmised that Valentin had to believe that Charlotte had set fire to Anna's home. "Well, there's one thing that Charlotte definitely didn't do. She didn't take a shot at Anna at the Metro Court pool," Jordan said.

Jordan's statement confirmed Anna's belief that Sonny had been the shooter's target. Anna insisted that she didn't want Charlotte to be prosecuted. Anna added that she wouldn't trust Valentin again. "I have to talk to Charlotte. I need to understand why she was after me. But I have a feeling that's not going to be easy," Anna said.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned and Olivia awoke in bed together for the first time in months. They kissed and made love. Afterwards, Ned said that he was anxious to return to ELQ, which he noted had been neglected for months.

Olivia inadvertently mentioned Nina as she spoke of her work at Metro Court. When Ned heard Nina's name, he flashed back to having overheard Martin assure Nina that no one would learn that Nina had told Martin to tip off the SEC about Drew and Carly having committed insider trading.

Ned shared the memory with Olivia, and he recalled having confronted Nina at the Metro Court pool months earlier. Olivia called Nina a "lowlife" for having tried to convince Ned to keep the secret that Nina had asked Martin to tip off the SEC. Ned said that he wanted to tell Drew and Carly the truth, but Olivia asked him to wait.

Olivia said that she had never seen Sonny happier than he was with Nina, and she added that Drew had been released from prison. Olivia asked if Ned could forget what he had remembered. Ned said he wanted to clear his name. "Are you forgetting that everyone accused me of making that call to the SEC? Hell, even my own mother thought I did it -- although she actually applauded the move," Ned said before agreeing to temporarily hold off on the revelation for Olivia's sake.

Downstairs, in the kitchen of the mansion, Brook Lynn told Lois that Blaze wanted to explore new musical genres. Yuri suggested that Blaze lean into country music. A short while later, a clean-shaven Ned, in a business suit, entered next to Olivia. "You're not Eddie," Yuri immediately noted.

Lois and Brook Lynn were struck by Yuri's observation, and they asked Ned to confirm it. "It's me. I'm back," Ned said with a smile. Brook Lynn and Lois hugged Ned. Lois asked how Ned had regained his memories. Ned recalled how Olivia had saved him from the water. Everyone was touched by the story.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Michael made a sour face when Wiley asked to see Nina after school. Willow noted that Wiley had a tee-ball game, but Wiley remained persistent. After Wiley ran upstairs to grab something, Willow noted that Michael hated that Wiley wanted to spend time with Nina.

Michael ranted about Nina, and he said that she hadn't changed. Willow said that she thought that Nina had learned from her past mistakes. Wiley returned downstairs. Willow and Wiley left together.

At Kelly's Diner, Carly and Nina were civil as they discussed Charlotte's shooting. Martin entered after Carly had left for the kitchen, and he turned to walk away as soon as he saw Nina. Nina followed Martin outside. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't have you disbarred for violating attorney-client privilege," Nina said.

Martin feigned that he hadn't been avoiding Nina, who reminded him that he had gone back on his word. Martin feebly tried to defend himself, and he claimed that Michael was a "formidable enemy." Nina noted that Michael was blackmailing her in an effort to control her access to her daughter and grandchildren.

Martin encouraged Nina to call Michael's bluff and to tell everyone that she had told Martin to tip off the SEC about Carly and Drew's criminal activity. "I'm not worried about Carly or Drew. I'm worried about Sonny and my daughter. My family. This might be the last straw. They might not ever want to see me again, and that would destroy me," Nina admitted.

Martin said that Nina needed friends, and he told her not to add enemies. When Martin left, Carly appeared outside after Drew had stopped by to visit. Nina said that she was happy that Drew had been released from Pentonville earlier than expected. When Carly turned to head back inside, Nina asked her to wait.

Nina asked if Carly was interested in buying back her half of Metro Court from Nina. Willow appeared, and she rambled about Wiley before noting that she had interrupted a conversation. Carly told Willow about Nina's offer. Willow said that it was "terrific news" and that Nina should talk to Michael about it.

In Michael's office at Aurora, Michael was excited to see Drew, who praised Michael for how he had run Aurora. Drew said that his first order of business at Aurora would be "taking over ELQ."

Drew blithely said that he planned to take advantage of Ned's state of mind to gain control of ELQ. "Ned can keep doing whatever he's doing and strum his guitar. But we gotta figure out a way to take ELQ back," Drew said cheerfully.

Michael noted that the last time ELQ and Aurora had tried to merge, Drew had been sent to prison for committing insider trading. "This time, there's gonna be no insider trading because this time, the only two people that are gonna know about this are you and me," Drew bragged.

At the same time, Ned told Olivia about the crisis that ELQ had been mired in for months. Olivia noted that Michael had decided to "step in and help out" at ELQ. "All the more reason to get back into the office -- so I can run ELQ, and Michael can turn his focus back on Aurora," Ned said before leaving.

At the hospital, Chase learned that Gregory had suffered a fall the previous day. Gregory said that his neurological doctor had recommended he begin using a cane. Chase pleaded for Gregory not to shut him out.

Gregory admitted that he was clinging to denial and that a part of him still couldn't believe he had ALS. Chase gave an emotional speech in which he recalled that Gregory had always been his hero. Gregory had a tear in his eye as Chase placed his hand in Gregory's. "I've got you, Dad," Chase said.

Ava counsels Trina and tries to encourage her

Ava counsels Trina and tries to encourage her

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

At the Invader office, Spencer tried to talk Esme out of moving out of Laura and Kevin's penthouse with Ace. Esme said that she and Ace needed to "get away" from Spencer, who noted that he and Esme didn't have to be in a romantic relationship for Spencer to commit himself to Ace.

Esme asked what type of commitment Spencer was willing to make. Spencer offered to take care of Esme financially and to share parenting responsibilities with her. Esme claimed that she was "putting (her) life on hold" by living with Laura and Kevin, and she claimed that she was "desperate" to start her life again.

Before leaving the room, Esme said that she would do what was best for her and Ace. Afterwards, Spencer called someone. "Pick up. Pick up. Please, call me. I need you. Things have gone from bad to worse," Spencer said in a voice message.

At the Jerome Gallery, Trina told Ava about her fight with Spencer. Trina admitted that she had been avoiding Spencer since the fight. Ava was surprised that Spencer had believed that Trina would take kindly to an ultimatum. Trina recalled that she had spoken up on how she had felt about not being a priority in Spencer's life.

Ava said that Trina had been more than generous in regard to how much time Spencer had devoted to Esme and Ace. Trina wondered if it was wrong of her to believe that Spencer was too attached to Ace. Trina noted that she and Spencer had been closer than ever when they had been in New York City. Trina added that she felt she and Spencer were "doomed to fail." Ava said she still believed that happy endings were possible. "And Trina, you are just at the beginning," Ava said.

Just then, Trina received a text from Spencer. Trina said that she didn't want to talk to Spencer and that she was tired of arguing. "And I'm not giving in to his ultimatum," Trina added. Ava asked if Trina had told Spencer what Trina had just told Ava. When Trina admitted that she hadn't, Ava asked if Trina still loved Spencer.

Trina smiled as she said yes. Ava encouraged Trina to share her point of view with Spencer. "Oh, sweetheart. Sit down with him. Talk to him and keep cool and don't point fingers. Just tell him how you feel and why you feel that way. And then listen to him and be respectful of how he feels," Ava encouraged Trina.

Trina thanked Ava, and they hugged. "I knew you would tell me the right thing, even if it was hard for me to hear," Trina said. "What are friends for, huh? Now, maybe you should reply to Spencer's text?" Ava asked before Trina reached for her phone.

At Sonny's penthouse, Carly demanded to know why Nina had offered to sell her half of Metro Court back to Carly. Sonny said he didn't know, and he didn't seem to care. Carly huffed that she would find out Nina's motivation.

Carly said she wasn't sure that she wanted to buy back her half of Metro Court because, she claimed, Kelly's was a "better fit" for her. The conversation shifted to Cyrus. Carly noted that Sonny no longer had Jason for protection. Sonny told Carly not to worry about it. As Carly left, Sonny said that she should think about accepting Nina's offer.

At Valentin's house, Valentin and Nina met to talk with Laura about Charlotte. When Laura entered, she suggested that she and Valentin meet alone. Valentin explained why Nina should stay. Laura then told Valentin and Nina that Victor had convinced Charlotte that Anna was a threat.

When Laura referenced the letter that Victor had written to Charlotte, Valentin headed upstairs to search Charlotte's room. Valentin spotted a book on a shelf. As he opened the book, Valentin found a set of tarot cards, along with Victor's letter.

When Valentin returned downstairs, Laura read the letter aloud. Valentin said that Victor had found the "perfect revenge." Laura noted that, because of Victor, Charlotte believed Anna had intentionally shot her. "She believes that Anna wanted to kill her, and she wants Anna arrested for it," Laura added.

In Austin's office at the hospital, Austin was standoffish when Dante asked about Mason. Dante noted that it was illegal to treat third-party patients for injuries that stemmed from criminal activities. Dante added that Austin could be charged as an accessory after the fact.

When Dante mentioned Ava's kidnapping, Austin blurted out that he had been the one to "save" Ava from Mason. Austin tried to walk back the comment, and he claimed that he had been referring to the night when Heather and Ryan had tried to attack Ava and Felicia at Wyndemere nine months earlier.

Dante asked Austin about his personal relationship to Ava. Austin said vaguely that he and Ava were close. Austin deflected the blame for Ava's kidnapping onto Mason. Dante said that Mason had only been following orders, and he told Austin to identify Mason's boss so that Austin could save himself.

In Mason's room at the hospital, Cyrus instructed Mason to say that Mason had acted alone in Ava's kidnapping. Mason said that he had had no choice but to try to kill Ava. Cyrus recalled that he had already threatened Mason not to betray him.

Mason said that he could cut a deal with the police -- if he gave up Austin. Cyrus said that he didn't want Austin to be implicated. Cyrus said that Mason would be well protected in Pentonville. "And who knows? You might be eligible for release a lot sooner than you think -- provided you do exactly as you are told," Cyrus said.

A short while later, a nurse handed Austin a post-it note that someone had left. "Don't be foolish. It can be deadly," the note read. Austin looked up in time to see Cyrus grinning nearby. Cyrus winked at Austin before stepping onto the elevator.

Also at the hospital, Terry told Finn that he and the hospital were being sued for malpractice by the wife of a deceased patient. Terry said that Finn would still be able to practice at the hospital -- with restrictions. Terry told Finn to hire an attorney.

Terry and Portia spent the rest of their shift talking about what a good doctor and good person Finn was. Terry said she hoped the lawsuit wouldn't "take down" the hospital. Near the nurses' station, Finn told Elizabeth about the lawsuit. Elizabeth held Finn's hand as she assured him that he had done nothing wrong.

Andrea shares heartbreaking news with T.J.

Andrea shares heartbreaking news with T.J.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

At the Home & Heart studio, host Haven de Havilland greeted Maxie, Lucy, and Scott, and she assured them that she was glad that the issues with the Deceptor had been resolved. Haven asked about the rumor that there had been an issue with "intellectual property theft," but Lucy insisted that everything was "super dandy" and that there had been no issue. Haven switched gears by asking about Sasha, and she made a veiled remark about Sasha powdering her nose in the bathroom. Annoyed, Lucy called Haven out on the innuendos and informed the host that Sasha was back to herself and doing great.

Lucy reminded Haven that the show had reached out to Deception, begging for another sales shoot, so Lucy had brought the company's lawyer to make certain that Haven didn't stir up any trouble. After Haven walked away, Lucy sent Scott to deliver a warning to the host. Scott approached Haven on the set, and he explained that he would file a lawsuit against Haven and the show if Haven tried to pull another dirty trick on Sasha to boost ratings. Haven assured Scott that the previous producer had gone rogue and had been fired for trying to send Sasha into a meltdown, but he warned Haven that he wouldn't hesitate to slap Haven with a lawsuit if anything happened.

Lucy stepped up and told Haven that Scott was known throughout courthouses everywhere for being the king of punitive damages. Haven insisted that what had happened to Sasha had been a "minor glitch," and it wouldn't happen again. Haven was curious what had been keeping Sasha. Lucy walked over to Maxie and asked her to let Sasha know that they were ready, but Maxie was distracted with her phone. Maxie explained that she would text message Sasha, but Maxie had to deal with a "minor hiccup" first.

Maxie found a quiet corner backstage and placed an urgent phone call. A short time later, Cody arrived. He was frustrated that Maxie had pulled him away from work, but she was unapologetic. Meanwhile, Sasha informed Haven that she was only there to promote a product, not to have her past exploited. Haven assured Sasha that there wouldn't be any problems. Satisfied, Sasha promised to be professional as long as Haven was.

After Sasha changed clothes and had her hair and makeup done, she joined Haven on the set. Nearby, Scott told Lucy that he hoped there were some shenanigans on the set because the lawsuit would be easy money for him. Horrified, Lucy scolded Scott because -- for Sasha's sake and Deception's -- they needed the relaunch to go off without a hitch. Just then, Maxie walked out with Cody and introduced him as the new male Face of Deception. Haven immediately objected to having Cody on her show because he had threatened to streak on live television the last time that he'd been on her set, but Maxie reminded Haven that Cody hadn't followed through with the threat.

Maxie pointed out that Haven needed the Deceptor because it was the show's best-selling item. Maxie made it clear that she wouldn't hesitate to find another shopping show if Haven refused to agree to her terms. After Haven relented, Cody joined Sasha and Haven on the set, and the trio began to film. Sasha introduced Cody and asked him to tell the audience about his career as a stuntman, and she used that as a springboard to show the audience how the Deceptor wand helped improve rugged skin. Nearby, Lucy beamed with delight because Sasha and Cody were "golden" and had natural chemistry. Maxie smiled with pride.

After the taping concluded, Lucy took pleasure in gloating that the show had been a success. Haven reluctantly agreed because they had sold out of the Deceptor in record time, so she asked to have Sasha and Cody back for another show. Lucy smugly informed Haven that she would get back to Haven. Meanwhile, Cody overheard Sasha admit to Maxie that she couldn't continue to work with him. "I have feelings for him," Sasha confessed.

In the hospital's stairwell, Austin asked why Cyrus had wanted to meet. Cyrus told Austin that Mason had decided to take a plea deal, but Austin didn't consider it good news, since Mason had threatened to blame Ava's kidnapping on Austin. Cyrus revealed that Mason intended to take full responsibility for the kidnapping, but he would deny the murder charges because Mason's attorney was confident that Mason would be eligible for parole in as few as ten years. Austin was skeptical, but Cyrus claimed that he had faith in God, and he trusted Mason to keep his word. "That means you'll be in the clear," Cyrus said. Austin disagreed because Dante had been asking questions, so Austin suggested that Cyrus find a way to get the detective off his back.

Austin turned to leave, but Cyrus demanded that he wait. "Did I say we were done?" Cyrus asked in a menacing tone. Cyrus reminded Austin that it was only because of Cyrus' goodwill that Austin was free. Austin confronted Cyrus about Ava's kidnapping and how Austin had been forced to testify at Cyrus' parole hearing. "I'm the victim," Austin insisted. Cyrus was shocked that Austin viewed himself as the victim, but Austin reminded Cyrus that he had lied under oath to save Ava.

Cyrus was disappointed by Austin's lack of gratitude and loyalty because Cyrus had put Austin through medical school and had supported him during his residency. Cyrus demanded a return for his money, but Austin argued that he had spent years paying Cyrus back and doing him favors. Austin reminded Cyrus that Cyrus had agreed that Austin would be free if Austin testified. Cyrus agreed, and he pointed out that Austin was free to live his life. "Unless and until I need your services," Cyrus added. Austin pointed out that Cyrus was a man of faith and should live up to the bargain that he had made, but the tactic fell flat.

When Austin offered to repay Cyrus every penny, Cyrus' temper flared. "I gave you the very life you're living!" Cyrus shouted. Cyrus warned Austin to tread with caution because the only thing that stood between Austin and Mason was Cyrus. When Cyrus threatened to plant evidence against Austin in the murder of Gordon Stevens, Austin tensed. Cyrus reiterated that Austin's fate depended on Austin's concept of gratitude, so Austin agreed to do whatever Cyrus asked. Pleased, Cyrus walked away.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Diane ordered an Arnold Palmer spiked with bourbon, but she checked with Alexis first. Alexis assured her friend that it was fine, and she ordered her own Arnold Palmer minus the bourbon. After the server walked away, Alexis suggested a round of rock, paper, scissors to see who would get to vent first, since they both had things on their mind. Diane agreed, but Alexis' interest was snagged by something across the room. When Diane checked, she saw Molly and Kristina greet each other with a hug before sitting down at a nearby table. Diane was happy to see the reconciliation. Alexis smiled, and she credited the surrogate's pregnancy with helping to mend the rift.

However, Alexis conceded that it wouldn't last because Molly and Kristina were "scratchy" on occasion. The conversation turned to Charlotte and the shooting. Diane was relieved when Alexis shared that Charlotte would make a full recovery, but Diane also had tremendous compassion for Anna because Anna hadn't known that the intruder had been Charlotte. Diane admitted that she couldn't imagine what Anna had been going through, and she completely understood Robert's desire to support his ex-wife. Alexis realized that Diane was troubled that Robert was once again focused on a woman from his past instead of Diane. "And that hurts your feelings," Alexis speculated.

Diane clarified that she was attracted to Robert because he was loyal, principled, "and ridiculously stubborn," but he wouldn't be the man that she'd been drawn to if he didn't help Anna. Diane admitted that things had changed since her blowup with Robert over the summer, and she knew that he'd made her a priority. Diane suggested that the situation with Anna was merely a "detour on the highway of love" rather than a dead end. Alexis questioned Diane's driving metaphors, but Diane merely smiled. After dinner, Diane picked up the tab and thanked Alexis for lending a sympathetic ear, but Alexis reminded her that they were best friends. When Diane's phone rang with a call from Robert, Alexis excused herself.

Across the restaurant, Molly handed Kristina a thick folder filled with contracts as she explained that she had jotted down notes on Post-its attached to the contracts, and she had emailed Kristina with more detailed notes. Kristina thanked her sister for looking over the contracts because it was nice to have a lawyer double-check everything. As the sisters chatted, Kristina reminded Molly that their lives would be changing in a big way in 2024, between Kristina's youth center and Molly's baby. To Kristina's surprise, Molly confessed that she had considered quitting her job because she wanted to focus on her baby.

Molly explained that an 80-hour work week wouldn't leave much time for a newborn, but Kristina questioned if Molly was ready to give up her career. Molly acknowledged that she loved practicing law, but she hadn't realized how much she had wanted children until she'd been told that she couldn't have them. Molly explained that she'd settle for a less demanding job because both T.J. and the baby were more important. Kristina assured Molly that -- son or daughter -- the baby would be lucky to have Molly for a mom.

After Molly and Kristina left, Alexis saw the server pick up a tablet that Molly had left behind. She walked over and assured the server that she would return the tablet to her daughter.

At the hospital, Andrea approached T.J. at the nurses' station and asked to speak to him privately. T.J. led Andrea to an exam room. She apologized for bothering him at work, but he assured her that it was fine. However, he could tell that she was upset. "I am. It's about the baby," Andrea said. T.J. decided to call Molly because he wanted her to be a part of the conversation, but Andrea blurted out that she had lost the baby. T.J. looked blindsided as Andrea explained that she had woken up with cramps and heavy bleeding, so she'd gone to Mercy Hospital, where the doctors had confirmed the miscarriage with bloodwork and an ultrasound.

Later, T.J. went to Portia's office. She immediately sensed that something was wrong, so he told her about the miscarriage. Portia felt terrible for T.J. and Molly, but T.J. admitted that he had no idea how to break the news to Molly. T.J. conceded that -- in the beginning -- he'd had misgivings about proceeding with the surrogacy because he had feared that he and Molly had been moving too fast, but all that had gone out the window when he had learned about the pregnancy. Portia reminded T.J. that Molly would need to hear the news from T.J. because she would be as devastated by the miscarriage as he was.

Portia assured T.J. that he and Molly would get through it together, and she urged him not to let the loss build a wall between them. Later, T.J. called Molly at her office. She explained that she had to work late, but he asked her to meet him at home because it was important.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis was meditating in the living room when his father walked in. Marshall greeted his son and asked about Curtis' new interest. Curtis admitted that he had decided to start meditating because he had done some research about the benefits, but he was quick to admit that he was still new to it. Curtis was surprised when Marshall revealed that he had been meditating for years. Curtis wondered if it had given his father clarity, so Marshall shared that during one of his lonelier moments, he'd been meditating when he'd suddenly had a clear image of Curtis and Thomas as children in the neighborhood park.

According to Marshall, the image had been incredibly vivid, and it was the reason that he'd returned to Port Charles and his family. Touched, Curtis admitted that he didn't know whether to thank meditation for bringing Marshall back into his life or Marshall for having the courage to return to his family. Curtis decided that either way, he was glad that his father was back.

Later, Portia arrived home and greeted her husband with a kiss. After she settled on the sofa, Curtis told her that he had discovered that he and his father had meditation in common. Portia wasn't surprised that Marshall meditated. Curtis sensed that something was troubling Portia, but she would only share that she had gotten some bad news. Curtis didn't push her, so she thanked him for their daughter because they were lucky to have Trina. Curtis nodded in agreement and smiled, but he was curious what had prompted the comment. Portia explained that she'd had a shift in perspective, and it had made her realize how empty her life would be without Trina.

Sasha and Cody admit their feelings for one another

Sasha and Cody admit their feelings for one another

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Ava was at the gallery when Austin arrived. She tensely asked how Mason was doing, and Austin told her that Mason might be offered a plea deal. Ava commented that Mason would probably have to give up their boss, Cyrus, but Austin replied that the plea deal was just a rumor. Ava noticed that he hadn't denied that Cyrus was their boss, and she yelled at him for making her do things in Cyrus' name. She also mentioned that she knew Nikolas was alive, and she demanded to know why he hadn't told her that. He promised that everything he'd done had been to protect her, and he felt that the less she knew, the better.

Ava talked about how much of a fool she'd been for believing Austin's lies, but he insisted that he had real feelings for her. He explained that Cyrus had arrived in Pautuck years before and had gone into what had seemed like legitimate business with Austin's family. Cyrus had given Mason a job and had paid for Austin's medical school. After that, Cyrus had felt like he owned Austin. He continued that Cyrus had forced him to testify for Cyrus' early release from Pentonville in order to release Ava from Mason's grip.

Austin went on that Cyrus had used Austin's feelings for Ava as leverage, and Austin had only wanted to save Ava. She suggested that he could have gone to Sonny or the cops, but he was too much of a coward. She reminded him that Josslyn, Dante, and Dex had saved her, as she would be dead if it had been left up to Austin. "I hate you," she sobbed. "Yeah, I know," he replied. He apologized for dragging her into the mess. She screamed at him to get out, and he left.

Josslyn arrived in front of her room, and Adam approached. He asked if she wanted to study for the next week's test, but she declined because she was tired. He became more and more insistent about her helping him study until he grabbed her. Dex rushed in and pushed Adam away, telling him to back off. Adam apologized, and cited how stressed he was. Josslyn advised him to calm down and find someone to study with whose schedule meshed better with his. She insisted that he was smart and capable, and he could study by himself. "No worries, it's cool. See you later," he said, and he walked away.

In Josslyn's room, she talked about how bad she felt for Adam, as he was getting crushed by pressure from his parents. She added that not everyone did well under pressure like Dex did. Just then, her phone went off, and she lamented that Spencer was blowing up her phone because Trina wouldn't talk to him. She cared about them both, but she didn't want to get in the middle.

In Adam's room, he was on the phone with his dad. He assured his father that he had a great group of friends that he studied with, and he insisted that he knew how important the semester was. He promised he was doing everything he was supposed to be doing and that he was no longer "doing that." When he was off the phone, he took a bottle of pills out of his drawer and took a pill. He put the bottle back and sat down to study.

Molly arrived home and asked T.J. what was going on. T.J. revealed that Andrea had had a miscarriage, and he told Molly the story as she cried. There was a knock on the door, and Alexis announced herself, as she'd grabbed Molly's tablet from the Metro Court restaurant. Molly opened the door and immediately fell into her mother's arms. A few minutes later, T.J. had revealed the news, and Alexis promised that she would be there for whatever they needed. Molly asked Alexis to tell her sisters, and T.J. said he couldn't bear to tell anyone in his family but Jordan. Alexis promised to take care of everything, and she left.

A short while later, T.J. remarked that Molly hadn't put her tablet down since Alexis had left. He wondered if she wanted to talk, but she revealed that she'd been deleting all evidence of every search she'd done for baby-related things. She knew she'd gotten ahead of herself, and she promised that she would wait until the baby was in her arms "next time." T.J. broke it to Molly that if they wanted to try for a baby again, they would have to look for a new surrogate, as Andrea didn't want to go through it again.

Anna arrived at Sonny's office, and he got her a drink. She warned that he would need to ramp up his security, as she believed he'd been the target of the Metro Court shooting. She disclosed that the person responsible for the things happening to her couldn't have done it, and he knew that she meant Charlotte. Anna related that she wanted Charlotte's name nowhere near the investigation, as the girl needed help, not prosecution. She also confided that Valentin had known that Charlotte had been the culprit ever since her hotel room had been broken into. She added that Valentin keeping silent had destroyed them, and she hadn't talked to him since he'd broken the news to her.

Sonny knew that Anna wouldn't have taken a shot if she'd known about Charlotte. She related that she'd been ready to shoot the person she'd thought it had been, and she told Sonny about Jamison Forsyth, who she had incriminating evidence about. Sonny wondered if she still thought the man could be a threat. Later, Anna was gone, and Sonny put in a call to Brick. He asked Brick to do a "deep dive" on Jamison Forsyth.

Anna arrived back at her apartment and slowly let herself in. She saw the bloodstain on the rug and was instantly transported back to the moment she'd shot Charlotte. She went into her bag but found it empty. Panicked, she went over to her trunk of documents and dug around, not finding what she was looking for.

Dante arrived home as Sam was going through materials for their upcoming renovations. He revealed that he had an update on Charlotte, and he told her what was going on. A shocked Sam couldn't believe it because, as a former con woman, she could usually tell when she was being conned. Talking it out, they theorized that Charlotte was trying to punish Anna for getting away with her crimes while Valentin had faced punishment for some of his own. Just then, Dante's phone rang, and it was Anna. She asked him to meet her at her apartment, and she insisted that it was important.

A short while later, there was a knock on the door. Sam, alone in the penthouse, opened the door to Alexis. Alexis broke the news about the baby, and the two embraced.

Dante arrived at Anna's, and Anna told him all about the incriminating documents she'd had on Forsyth. She said that she'd shown some to Robert. She said she had gone back to her apartment on Halloween to look for more, but she obviously hadn't been able to do it. She had looked through her documents that night, and she disclosed that they were all gone.

At Home & Heart, Cody listened in as Sasha informed Maxie that she could no longer work with Cody. She told a surprised Maxie that she had feelings for him. Maxie revealed that Cody had feelings for Sasha, as well. "What?" Cody exclaimed as he rounded the corner. He apologized for intruding, as he'd heard his name. Sasha realized that she should have chosen a better time to talk to Maxie. After an awkward beat, Maxie decided to let them work things out, as she needed to go talk to Haven, anyway. She advised them not to make the mistake of talking themselves out of something both were clearly feeling, and she walked away.

Cody revealed that he did have feelings for Sasha. He told her that he enjoyed the time he got to spend with her, and he always wondered when the next time was that he would get to see her. She asked him to stop talking, because, while he was being sweet and reassuring and she appreciated everything he'd done for her, she was still mourning Liam and Brando. She didn't want to make the mistake of rushing past her grief again, and she wanted to be a "whole person" again before being with someone else.

Cody wondered if Sasha meant "no, never" or "no for now." She clarified that she meant "no for now," but she didn't know how long that would last. She said it wasn't fair to ask him to wait for something that might never happen, as he deserved better. Cody responded that he'd already made the decision to wait for her, but if nothing ever happened between them, that was all right, too. He confided that he wasn't a hopeful person, but she gave him hope that better things were on the way for him. He promised to say no the next time Maxie asked him to model, and he walked away with a smile.

Haven informed Maxie that she wanted to have Sasha and Cody on the show again. While she hadn't initially wanted Cody on, she'd realized that Sasha and Cody had a special kind of chemistry that connected with the audience. Haven doubted that Sasha would do as well without Cody, anyway. Maxie insisted that Deception stood behind renewing Sasha's contract, and Sasha could definitely handle things solo. She continued that there were big plans in the works.

Austin is shot in the chest

Austin is shot in the chest

Friday, November 17, 2023

At Kelly's Diner, Carly, Michael, and Willow discussed Nina's offer to sell half of Metro Court back to Carly. Michael offered to give Carly the money to buy it. Carly said that she couldn't accept Michael's money -- or Nina's offer. "As badly as I want my hotel back, it won't feel like mine if I don't get it back on my own," Carly said.

At Metro Court, Sonny and Nina discussed Nina's offer to Carly. Nina said that it was a business transaction. Sonny said that Nina wasn't na´ve enough to believe the offer was that simple, given how Carly and Nina's bickering had affected his family.

Sonny said he hoped that Carly would take Nina's offer so that everyone could move on from the past. Sonny added that he appreciated Nina's offer, even if Carly didn't accept. "Because you are the bigger person, and you are the one trying to make peace with our family," Sonny said.

In the mayor's office, Laura asked if Jordan was interested in being Laura's full-time deputy mayor. Jordan said that it wasn't an easy decision to make, given that she had spent her life in law enforcement. They heard a knock at the door. Cyrus appeared, and he asked if Laura could spare a minute.

Neither Laura nor Jordan was happy to see Cyrus, who shared that he had found employment as a dishwasher at the Port Charles Grill. When Cyrus left, Laura shared that she didn't know what to make of Cyrus' claim that he was a changed man. Jordan said she didn't believe that Cyrus had changed. Jordan accepted Laura's offer to be deputy mayor.

At the dorm room, Spencer arranged to have a large quantity of flowers delivered to Trina in an attempt to earn her forgiveness after their fight. "It smells like a flower shop -- or a funeral. I'm not sure which," Spencer quipped.

Josslyn confirmed that Trina was furious at Spencer, who regretted the fight. Josslyn asked if Spencer would choose Trina over living with Esme and Ace if he were forced to decide. "I don't know. I guess I was fooling myself to think that this scenario could continue on like this forever," Spencer bemoaned.

Josslyn said that Spencer's situation with Esme, Ace, and Trina couldn't continue. Spencer thought for a moment before he spoke again. "I love Trina so much. The more time that we spend together, the deeper the connection I feel with her. She's so smart. She's so passionate. She's so real. She's a beautiful person, and I never want to hurt her, Josslyn. And I would never want to give her up," Spencer declared.

Josslyn said that she understood Spencer's desire to take care of Ace, but she noted that Spencer living with Esme and Ace, while also dating Trina, was neither fair nor realistic to either Trina or Spencer. Josslyn said that Trina deserved better.

Spencer said he refused to accept that Esme could "take" Ace from him. Josslyn said that Spencer wasn't considering who could be hurt. "You are an adult now. You have to slow down and realize that you are not going to get everything that you want. This time, you really do have to choose," Josslyn told Spencer.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Trina was visibly upset as she returned home for the evening. Curtis and Marshall encouraged Trina to open up to them, and they promised to stay open-minded when Trina mentioned Spencer. Trina told Curtis and Marshall about her fight with Spencer. At the same time, Trina's phone chimed repeatedly with text messages from Spencer.

Curtis said that Trina needed to be clear with Spencer about what she wanted -- and what she was willing to tolerate. When asked by Marshall, Trina insisted that she didn't want to break up with Spencer. Trina added that she didn't want Spencer to share a home with Esme and Ace. "Because Spencer is Ace's brother. He's not his dad," Trina correctly noted.

Curtis asked if Trina could blame Spencer for wanting to play a pivotal role in Ace's life. "Yes! This whole thing is just so messy. Esme is Spencer's ex-girlfriend, and I know she doesn't remember that part of her life, but I do -- and there's still that history of them being a couple together. And now, they're taking parenting classes together, they're living together, and I'm just not comfortable with it. I've been patient, and I've been understanding, and I've reached my limit. I'm done!" Trina said.

Marshall said that Trina would have to relay the same message to Spencer. Marshall asked if Spencer was the first person that Trina had ever been in love with. Trina recalled that she had developed strong feelings for Cameron after Oscar had died in 2019. "But that was a long time ago, and what I felt for Cam is nothing like how I feel for Spencer. He's the real deal, and I thought that he was going to be my future. But... I think I might have been wrong," Trina said morosely.

Trina said she thought that family couldn't be more significant than a person's primary relationship. Curtis used Portia as an example of his primary relationship, and he asked if Spencer was Trina's first priority. Trina said that she didn't like the sound of the question and what it implied.

Curtis tried another approach, and he asked who was the first person Trina texted each morning, as well as the last person she texted at night. Trina admitted that it was Spencer. "There you go. And now you have your answer -- and you have your question for Spencer. Because... is it the same for him?" Curtis wondered.

At the hospital, Robert and Felicia were concerned that Anna hadn't reached out to them that night. Robert and Felicia deduced that Anna was hiding from them. Robert wondered why Anna would try to hide from him.

Felicia said that Robert couldn't fix things for Anna and that Anna would have to find her own way to move past Charlotte's shooting. Robert mentioned Valentin, and he said that he had always warned Anna that her relationship with Valentin would end in disaster. Robert worried that Anna believed he would say, "I told you so."

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Austin asked Dante for anonymity and immunity in exchange for disclosing the name of his and Mason's boss. Dante said that Austin was in no position to make a deal. "I don't think you really understand the risk I took coming here. If my boss finds out that I'm here before you get a chance to bring him into custody, I'm a dead man," Austin said.

Austin vowed that he could prove the identity of his and Mason's boss to the police. Austin claimed that he wasn't a bad person, and he added that he had been coerced into doing things he knew weren't right. "So, thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally do the right thing," Austin told Dante before leaving.

A short while later, Robert appeared after having received a call from Dante. Dante shared that Austin had left to retrieve evidence that would identify Austin and Mason's boss in exchange for immunity. "I think, at this point, he's just scrambling, trying to save his own skin. But he is motivated to put his boss away -- before his boss knows that he's turned on him. I say we give him a deal," Dante suggested.

Robert noted that the district attorney's office hadn't been able to make a case against Austin for Ava's kidnapping. "So, you get a name and evidence of guilt, he can have immunity," Robert said of Austin.

At the same time, at Austin's house in Pautuck, Austin was startled to find someone waiting for him inside the home. "What are you doing here?" Austin asked the person. Just then, the sound of gunshots were heard emanating from inside the house.

Moments later, Austin was shown on the floor with what appeared to be a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. A person in expensive black shoes and black slacks was seen leaving the home.

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