General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 20, 2023 on GH

Gloria Cerullo made a surprise visit on Thanksgiving. Robert and Anna spent Thanksgiving with Emma. Valentin and Laura confronted Charlotte. Spencer told Trina that he was ready to take a step back from Ace. Sonny gave Cyrus an ominous warning. Carly declined Nina's offer to buy Nina's half of Metro Court. Curtis enlisted Jordan's help.
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Valentin and Laura confronted Charlotte. Gloria Cerullo made a surprise visit. Robert and Anna spent Thanksgiving with Emma.
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Spencer promises Trina that he will let go of Ace

Spencer promises Trina that he will let go of Ace

Monday, November 20, 2023

At the dorm room, Trina opened the door to Spencer, who fell backward into the room. Spencer revealed that he had slept outside the dorm room all night with the hope of getting Trina's attention. Trina wasn't flattered by Spencer's gesture.

Spencer apologized, and he admitted that it had been wrong of him to give Trina his ultimatum. Trina said that Spencer had brought up a good point in their fight, and she added that Spencer needed to decide what and who his priorities were.

Trina said that Spencer's focus and energy on Ace -- and by extension, Esme -- had made Trina feel that she was "on the sidelines." Trina voiced that she didn't want to be around Esme, and she reminded Spencer that Esme had tried to destroy Trina's life. "That was the old Esme," Spencer weakly offered.

Trina said that she was the one who still had to live with the memory of what Esme had done, even if Esme no longer remembered. "She still looks like the same person, and that is difficult for me," Trina said. Spencer responded that Esme and Ace were a "package deal," and he asked what Trina wanted him to do. "You want me not to make you choose. But you never asked me what my choice would be," Trina noted.

Spencer asked what Trina had chosen. "I choose to put myself first. Not to go along with this dysfunctional situation that is bound to blow up. If you're going to stay with Esme and Ace, you're gonna do it without me," Trina said with absolute conviction.

With resignation in his voice, Spencer finally admitted that he needed to let go and to realize that he was Ace's brother and not his father. Spencer added that Trina had been right all along and that he hadn't been able to see it. Spencer said that he needed to stop trying to control Ace and Esme, and he added that it was best for Esme and Ace to move into their own place.

Trina asked if Spencer truly believed what he was saying "I'm trying to. And it might take me a little while to get there, but I will. And I know one thing for certain -- that I don't want you to come second to anyone. And from now on, I'm gonna make you my one and my only priority," Spencer promised Trina.

Spencer continued. "You're your own person, Trina. You have every right to be who you want to be and to make the choices that you want to make, to live the life that you want to live. But I really, really hope that there's a place in it for me," Spencer said almost pleadingly as he stared into Trina's eyes.

At the hospital, Josslyn told Elizabeth that Adam had been hyperventilating in class that morning. Adam protested when Josslyn said that he needed to be seen by a doctor. When Adam grew more animated, Elizabeth and Josslyn tried to encourage him to remain calm. Elizabeth escorted Adam to a room in a wheelchair.

Moments later, Elizabeth told Josslyn that Adam had been examined by a doctor and that he had been cleared to leave. Elizabeth said that Josslyn had a bright future as a doctor because of how she had handled Adam's situation.

In an exam room, Josslyn expressed concern for Adam's well-being. Adam admitted to Josslyn that he had taken an amphetamine to help him study. Josslyn grew more concerned, and she asked why Adam was torturing himself. Adam snapped at Josslyn, and he said that attending medical school and being a doctor were all he had ever dreamed about. Josslyn asked if it was Adam's dream -- or his parents' dream.

Back at the dorm room a short while later, Adam apologized to Josslyn for having snapped at her. Josslyn pleaded for Adam to give himself a break. Adam agreed that he would try, and he thanked Josslyn for her help.

Josslyn then opened the dorm room and found Spencer and Trina sharing a kiss in one another's arms. Trina confirmed that she and Spencer had officially made up. "Because somebody realized that he was wrong," Trina playfully quipped at Spencer. Spencer thanked Josslyn for her help and advice.

At a recording studio, Kristina and Brook Lynn supported Blaze, who was set to begin a new recording session. Blaze told Kristina that touring was lonely and that she was tired of being alone. Kristina wondered how Blaze could be lonely. Blaze said she had a feeling that Kristina knew about loneliness. Blaze soon began performing a song. Kristina received a text, and she told Brook Lynn that she had to leave because of a family issue. Brook Lynn was impressed with Blaze's song.

At the Invader office, Finn told Alexis that he was being sued for malpractice. Alexis said that the hospital's attorneys would "throw (Finn) under the bus." Finn yelled that he wasn't responsible for the death of the patient in question. Alexis said that Finn's career was in jeopardy unless he found the right attorney.

By phone, Alexis asked Diane to represent Finn. Alexis claimed that a grieving family suing Finn was the equivalent of "David vs. Goliath" -- and that Finn was "David." Alexis rejoiced when Diane agreed to help Finn.

After Finn left, Kristina visited Alexis. Kristina learned that Andrea had miscarried and that Molly and T.J. had lost the baby. Alexis and Kristina hugged.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth did her best to reassure Finn that everything would be okay for him. When Finn mentioned that Diane had agreed to represent him, Elizabeth recalled times when Diane had represented Jason. "I can't tell you how many times (Diane) represented Jason in court, and she always won," Elizabeth fondly recalled.

At Metro Court, Carly eavesdropped on Nina conducting business over the phone. Trish spotted Carly, and she rambled that everyone missed Carly. Nina asked if Carly had gone to discuss Nina's offer to sell half of Metro Court back to Carly. They sat at a table to discuss Nina's reasons for the offer.

Nina flashed back to Michael having yelled at Nina while berating her and demanding that she sell her half of Metro Court back to Carly. Carly thought that Nina only wanted to sell in an effort to make inroads with Willow. Carly said that she was refusing to accept Nina's offer. Carly added that Nina should "take the win" by keeping Nina's half of Metro Court -- and impressing Willow.

At the Aurora office, Drew bemoaned that Ned was no longer suffering from memory loss because it meant that he and Michael had to devise a new strategy for ELQ. Michael said that he and Drew had to do what was best for ELQ, given Valentin's absence and Ned's erratic behavior. Ned entered for a face-to-face meeting.

Ned flashed back to having confronted Nina for instructing Martin to contact the SEC about the fact that Drew and Carly had committed insider trading. Ned said that he had remembered what he had gone to tell Drew months earlier before Ned had tripped at the Metro Court pool.

Just then, Michael answered a call from an ELQ employee in Sydney, Australia. Michael touted a transaction that would "celebrate breaking ground" in Sydney later that month. Ned recognized the name of the employee Michael had spoken to. Michael shared that he had reached a deal for ELQ with a company called RCD.

Ned said that Michael had gone behind his back. Michael retorted that the deal was already completed. Ned protested that Michael had had no authority to act on ELQ's behalf, given that Michael was only a company shareholder. Drew yelled at Ned and accused him of having abandoned ELQ.

Drew smugly laughed at Ned before saying that Ned should thank Michael. Ned said that Michael was a "shark" that had waited until Ned and Valentin were no longer in the picture before making a power play. Drew gloated that Michael had done a better job than Ned would have done.

Drew continued to gloat, and he accused Ned of being jealous of Michael. Ned angrily told Michael to "stay the hell out of ELQ," and he left. Afterwards, Drew claimed that Ned was a "loose cannon," and he resumed plotting how to take over ELQ.

Charlotte makes a confession to Nina

Charlotte makes a confession to Nina

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

At the Deception office, Maxie praised Cody for the success of his and Sasha's photoshoot. Sasha eavesdropped nearby. Maxie laid out plans for a future shoot, but Cody said that he wasn't interested -- even after Maxie had handed him a handsome check.

As Cody turned to leave, Sasha appealed to Cody to accept Maxie's proposal. Sasha said that she wanted to proceed with Maxie's idea. Maxie grew excited after Sasha's announcement. Cody seemed resigned to Maxie's plan.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis told Jordan that he wanted her help in investigating who was responsible for the shooting that had left him paralyzed. After some convincing from Curtis, Jordan agreed. Jordan added that she wanted to join Curtis in his investigation. Curtis agreed to Jordan's request.

At Kelly's Diner, Carly rambled about Nina to Drew. Drew placated Carly, who claimed that she wasn't going to continue dwelling on the past. Drew and Carly complimented one another and boasted that they lived "amazing" lives.

Drew whined that Ned had pushed him "one step too far" at ELQ. Carly sympathized with Drew and blamed Ned. Drew said he still believed that Ned had tipped off the SEC over Drew and Carly having committed insider trading because, Drew claimed, Ned had acted on "raw emotion like anger and spite."

At Metro Court, Diane told Finn that she was representing the family that was suing him. Before leaving, Diane said that the hospital's lawyers would sacrifice Finn to save the hospital's reputation.

When Gregory entered, Finn told him about the malpractice lawsuit. Finn claimed that the suit could be the end of his career. Gregory said that Finn wasn't responsible for the patient's death. Finn thanked Gregory for his support.

Also at Metro Court, Anna read the letter that Victor had written to Charlotte. Anna told Valentin that Charlotte needed "intensive deprogramming." Anna disagreed when Valentin said that he, Anna, and Charlotte could move forward together.

Anna said that Valentin had known that Charlotte had been threatening her and that he had said nothing. Anna added that Valentin had no faith in her, and she yelled that Valentin couldn't be trusted. Valentin admitted that he had been wrong not to tell Anna the truth. Valentin said that he had been afraid that Anna would leave him.

Anna said she believed that Valentin had always doubted them as a couple. Anna added that Valentin's deception had led to her shooting Charlotte. Valentin said that Charlotte would recover. Anna said that it didn't absolve her of the shooting. Anna added that Charlotte would never emotionally recover from the shooting.

"Every time she sees me, she will be reminded of that night. And I'm afraid that every time I see you, I'm just going to be forced to relive it. So, I think that if I'm going to have any peace in my life, I need to see you as little as possible. I'm sorry," Anna said through tears as she walked away. Valentin lowered his head.

In Charlotte's room at the hospital, Nina presented Charlotte with riding gloves. Charlotte said she believed that Nina truly cared about her. When Nina mentioned Victor's letter, Charlotte insisted that Victor had been right about Anna. Nina asked Charlotte to confide what she had done to try to make Anna leave Port Charles.

Nina assured Charlotte that everyone made mistakes, and she asked Charlotte to trust her. Charlotte admitted that she had painted the word "murderer" on Anna's door, and she added that she had vandalized Anna's suite at Metro Court. When Nina asked if Charlotte had done anything else to Anna, Charlotte insisted she hadn't.

Nina vowed that she would love Charlotte -- regardless of anything Charlotte did. Nina then asked if Charlotte had had anything to do with the fire at Anna's house. Through tears, Charlotte swore that she hadn't set the fire. Nina wrapped her arms around Charlotte, and she promised that everything would be okay.

At the Port Charles Grill, Cyrus looked up from scrubbing the restaurant's floors to see Sonny towering over him. Sonny said that Cyrus hadn't changed. Sonny threatened Cyrus not to cross him, and he warned Cyrus to stay away from his business and family, including Sasha, Ava, and Carly.

Sonny added that he had eyes on Cyrus. "You step over the line... I will make sure no one ever sees you again," Sonny threatened. Before he left, Sonny warned Cyrus not to visit Laura unannounced. "Don't show up at the City Hall -- it embarrasses her -- or at her house. It's her choice if she wants to see you. But just don't go there uninvited. Are we clear?" Sonny asked.

Cyrus nodded, and he said that he and Sonny understood one another. Sonny left.

Elizabeth warns Anna to stay away from Charlotte

Elizabeth warns Anna to stay away from Charlotte

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

At the hospital, Anna waited until Elizabeth had left Charlotte's room before she sneaked in. Charlotte grew hysterical, and she screamed in fear of Anna. Anna tried unsuccessfully to convince Charlotte that she wasn't a threat.

By the nurses' station, Elizabeth and Valentin had been talking about Charlotte when they heard Charlotte scream for help. Elizabeth and Valentin rushed to Charlotte's room and found Anna standing near Charlotte. Valentin rushed to put his arms around Charlotte, who had started to sob. Elizabeth ordered Anna to leave the room.

Outside Charlotte's room, Elizabeth pointedly reminded Anna that she had instructed Anna to stay away from Charlotte. Anna tried to protest, and she said that she'd wanted Charlotte to know that she hadn't intended to harm her. "Yeah, well, you've done just the opposite," Elizabeth quipped.

Anna continued to protest, but Elizabeth remained unwavering. Elizabeth added that it was "unthinkable" for Anna to try to visit Charlotte when Anna had been adamantly told not to. Valentin appeared, and he asked Elizabeth if she would wait with Charlotte. Elizabeth agreed, and she left for Charlotte's room. "What the hell are you doing?" Valentin asked Anna once Elizabeth was out of sight.

Anna said that she was trying to undo the damage that Valentin and Victor had caused. Anna and Valentin began to argue vehemently. Valentin ordered Anna to stay away from Charlotte. Anna said that Valentin blamed her for Charlotte's shooting. "No. I blame myself," Valentin said sternly, and he walked away.

Back in Charlotte's room, Elizabeth promised a frightened Charlotte that Anna wouldn't return. Elizabeth apologized to Valentin shortly afterwards, and she said that she would make sure that the staff knew that Anna was not allowed access to Charlotte. Valentin said that it wasn't Elizabeth's fault, and he added that the incident had been solely on Anna.

"What was (Anna) thinking?" Elizabeth asked with bewilderment. "I'm starting to believe that Anna doesn't like anyone thinking that she's wrong." Valentin said before returning to Charlotte's room. Charlotte worried that Anna would return. Valentin vowed that Charlotte was in no danger from Anna. "I know you believe that, but you're wrong, Papa. You're wrong," Charlotte insisted.

At the county morgue, Dante and Chase learned from a medical examiner that a man had been killed after having been struck by a vehicle traveling at high speed. Dante suggested that the man had been struck by the vehicle on purpose.

Chase learned by phone that the victim had been carrying three separate IDs. Chase added that the IDs were all legitimate, and he said that he would run the man's fingerprints through every database he had access to. When Chase returned a short while later, he said that the man's fingerprints aligned with the man's UK identification. "Jameson Forsyth," Chase said of the man's identity.

After she'd left the hospital, Anna joined Dante at the morgue. Anna learned about the man that had been struck by a vehicle. Dante noted that Anna had worked for the WSB, and he asked if she wanted to try to identify the man's body.

After the body had been identified, Anna confirmed that one of the victim's aliases had been Jamison Forsyth. Anna said that she hadn't seen Forsyth in 30 years. Anna reasoned that Forsyth had stolen the classified documents from her apartment. "The question is -- who killed him? And where is the evidence now?" Anna wondered.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Nina hugged Curtis as they met for the first time in months. Curtis asked Nina for "complete access" to Metro Court as part of his investigation into the shooting at the pool months earlier. Nina handed Curtis a key that would grant him access to the rooms he needed, including the suite from which the shots had been fired. Curtis asked for security footage from the day of the shooting.

Curtis asked Nina if he could use her work password to access footage that only Nina and Olivia had access to. Nina agreed, and she handed Curtis a hand-written note with her security ID and passcode. Curtis acknowledged that Nina was going out on a limb for him, and he said that her support meant a lot to him.

Nina told Curtis that she was happier than she had ever been in her life, but she admitted that she was "scared to death" because she had never had as much to lose. When Curtis deduced that something was bothering Nina, Nina admitted that there was tension between her and Michael.

Curtis volunteered to speak to Michael on Nina's behalf, but Nina insisted that she needed to handle things on her own. Curtis said he knew that Nina wasn't telling him everything, but he agreed not to push. "I just want you to know that, if you need help with Michael or anything, I'm here. No questions asked," Curtis said.

Nina thanked Curtis. "And if I need extra love and support, you will be the first person that I call," Nina said with a lump in her throat. Nina affectionately extended her hand to Curtis, and the two friends held hands.

At Sasha's apartment, Sonny was happy to learn that Sasha had returned to work. Sonny said that he wanted to know how much money Gladys had stolen from Sasha, and he added that he felt responsible because Gladys was a member of his family. Sonny told Sasha that he wanted to reimburse "every dime" she had lost.

Sasha insisted that she didn't need the money back. Sasha added that the ordeal she had been through had taught her that she was a survivor that was stronger than she had ever realized. Sonny was impressed by Sasha's answer, but he still believed he should pay off his debt. Sasha reminded Sonny that it wasn't his debt.

Sasha encouraged Sonny to take whatever amount of money Gladys had stolen and donate it to charity. "Something that supports mental health. Make the donation in Brando and Liam's name. We can call it even. What do you say?" Sasha asked. Sonny extended his hand. "Deal," Sonny said with a smile as he and Sasha shook hands.

At the mayor's office, Laura asked Martin what they should do about Cyrus. Laura said she thought that she and Martin had an obligation to try to support Cyrus in being a productive member of society. Martin admitted that he wanted to believe in Cyrus. They heard a knock, and Jordan entered. Martin left.

Jordan asked Laura to give her blessing to Jordan and Curtis' investigation into the shooting at the pool. Laura agreed, and she said that it was important to learn who the shooter was. Laura promised that Jordan would encounter no red tape from her administration and that both Curtis and Jordan had her full support.

At the Invader office, Gregory told Alexis that Diane was representing the family that was suing Finn for malpractice. Alexis hailed the news as a "disaster" and said that Diane never lost a case. Gregory noted that Diane was not Clarence Darrow.

Alexis continued to ramble about how awesome Diane was before placing a call to someone. A short while later, Martin appeared. Alexis introduced Martin to Gregory, and she pleaded for Gregory to hire Martin to represent Finn. Alexis and Gregory presented Martin with what they had learned about the case from Finn. Afterwards, Gregory seemed to imply that he would hire Martin as Finn's attorney.

A surprise guest visits the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving

A surprise guest visits the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 23, 2023

At Valentin's house, Laura and Valentin brought Charlotte home from the hospital. Charlotte headed upstairs to her room. Laura told Valentin that they needed to have a difficult conversation with Charlotte. Charlotte returned in time to overhear Laura, and she asked what Laura had meant.

Charlotte continued to insist that Anna had deliberately shot her, and she wondered why Valentin couldn't see what Anna had done. Valentin said that Charlotte had set fire to Anna's house, but Charlotte swore that she hadn't been responsible. Valentin said that he knew how Victor had manipulated Charlotte, and he mentioned the letter he had found in Charlotte's belongings, as well as the tarot cards.

Charlotte grew angry at Valentin for having gone through her things. Charlotte stormed outside. Valentin wanted to follow Charlotte, but Laura encouraged him to allow Charlotte to be on her own. Laura vowed that she and Valentin would get Charlotte through her ordeal. Laura said that she had to leave due to mayoral duties. As Laura headed out, Valentin thanked her for her help with Charlotte.

At Metro Court, Robert loudly and cheerfully yelled for Anna to open the door to her suite. After Anna agreed, she told Robert that she was having a "pity-party Thanksgiving." Robert said he had a surprise that would thrill Anna. Anna agreed to get dressed, and she vowed that she would soon kick Robert out of her suite.

When Anna returned moments later, she and Robert heard a knock at the door. Anna was thrilled when she opened the door to Emma Drake. Anna and Emma hugged as Robert smiled widely nearby. Emma said that she had missed Anna.

Emma added that Noah Jr. had developed bronchitis and that Robin and Patrick had stayed behind to take care of him. Emma and Robert wrapped their arms around one another's shoulders, and Anna joined them for a group hug. "Nicely done," Anna told Robert of his surprise.

Over tea, Emma said that she felt horrible for Anna after Charlotte's shooting. Off to a corner, Anna told Robert that she and Valentin were over. Anna asked about Emma's internship at UC Berkeley. Emma raved that she had "action grandparents."

Robert and Anna were touched by the compliment. Anna, Robert, and Emma shared a video call with Noah Jr. Afterwards, Anna teased that Noah Jr. was beginning to look like Patrick. Robert said that he had made reservations for Thanksgiving dinner for him, Anna, and Emma at the Metro Court restaurant. Anna and Emma smiled.

At Alexis' house, Sam and Kristina met Alexis for Thanksgiving. Sam said that Dante had scored tickets to a football game and that she felt the game would be a nice distraction for Danny after Charlotte's shooting. Molly, T.J., and Jordan entered. Everyone shared a holiday toast. Kristina slipped away to call Blaze. In a voice message, Kristina said she would love for Blaze to join her for Thanksgiving.

Soon afterwards, Blaze appeared with a bouquet of flowers. Kristina and Blaze smiled warmly at one another. Alexis approached, and she said that she was glad that Blaze could join them. Nearby, Molly tried to distance herself from talk of the baby that Andrea had lost by talking about work. Alexis was touched when T.J. said that he had chosen neurology as his field of medicine.

On the patio outdoors, Sam and Molly shared a warm moment under a blanket before T.J. appeared. Sam headed inside as T.J. cradled Molly in his arms. Back inside, Kristina was touched when Sam said that she was proud of Kristina. Sam gave a heartfelt speech praising Kristina. Sam and Kristina then shared a tender hug.

Alexis announced that dinner was almost ready, and she praised everyone gathered for having stuck together during a difficult year. Alexis proposed a toast. "Here's to the Davis family. Past, present, and future," Alexis said with her arm around Sam. "To family," everyone toasted.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia predicted that Thanksgiving Day with the Quartermaines would be "another disaster." Lois tried to cheer up Olivia, and she said that she had a surprise in store for everyone. Lois received a text, and she headed to the front doors of the mansion to welcome the surprise.

When the doors opened, Lois and Olivia smiled widely as Gloria Cerullo entered. "Who'd have thunk I'd been back having Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines?" Gloria said cheerfully as Lois and Olivia celebrated.

Ned and Brook Lynn were thrilled when they saw Gloria. Gloria and Lois said that they were in charge of preparing dinner, and they promised that Thanksgiving would be different for the Quartermaines in 2023.

Sasha appeared, followed moments later by Cody and Leo. Leo pointed at Sasha, and he teased that she was Cody's girlfriend. Cody told Sasha that he hadn't meant for her to feel uncomfortable by Leo's remark. Sasha swore that everything was okay.

Ned said that he hadn't smelled genuine Thanksgiving food in the Quartermaine mansion since the 90s. "Oh, ye of little faith," Lois and Gloria said at the same time. Leo yelled that Lois and Gloria had jinxed things.

Sasha and Cody felt awkward when Gloria referred to them as "gorgeous young lovers." Gloria recognized Sasha from Sasha's TV appearances, and she said that Sasha had a "knight in shining armor" in Cody. When Leo recalled Thanksgiving at the mansion a year earlier, Cody noticed Sasha quietly slipping out the door.

In the stables, Cody found Sasha alone with Ferdinand, the alpaca. Sasha recalled the grief she had felt for Brando at Thanksgiving a year earlier, and she shared that she felt as though she was staring at a faded photograph while the rest of the world moved on. Cody tried to flatter Sasha with praise, but Sasha said that praise made her feel disloyal to Brando and Liam. "Like I'm leaving them behind," Sasha clarified.

Sasha said that she hadn't felt closure after Brando's death. Cody said that he didn't want to make Sasha's life complicated, and he vowed that he had no ulterior motives. Cody added that Sasha would always have Brando and Liam in her heart. Sasha seemed touched by Cody's words.

Back inside the mansion, Gloria seemed worried when her phone rang with a call from someone named "Uncle Pete." Lois vowed that nothing would derail the family's plans for Thanksgiving dinner. At the same time, Gloria was visibly pained as she stared down at her phone again.

Gloria asked Lois to join the rest of the family nearby to "rally the troops." Lois agreed, and she flattered Gloria with praise. When Lois stepped away, Gloria resumed staring at her phone, and she drank from a glass of sherry.

In the living quarters of the mansion, Ned expressed doubt that the Quartermaines would finally have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Lois said that she could almost imagine Edward's face, and she vowed that the family had finally rid themselves of the "Quartermaine curse." "Ma!" Brook Lynn yelled at Lois.

Ned said that Lois had just "summoned the family gremlins," and he referenced Brook Lynn and Olivia's superstitions. Lois dismissed the remarks with the wave of a hand. Just then, everyone gathered heard the sound of a fire alarm. "Here we go again," Leo groused. The expectant diners suddenly seemed discouraged.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Friday, November 24, 2023

Because of the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air due to ABC sports coverage of college football. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Thursday, November 23, episode concluded.

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